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fruity pruity

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“So will you do us a favor?”


“Tell your group to hurry up with the plan.”


“Kill the archons. Well, attempt to kill them already.” 


“Then I’ll love you again.” 



Sucrose woke up, “Sucrose? Are you awake?” Eula knocked on Sucrose's door. “Y-yes I’m awake.”  


Sucrose quickly changed her clothes and ate her breakfast. She quickly walked to her class, trying to avoid someone .


“Sucrose, are you okay? You seem to be zoning out a lot.” Albedo asked the poor girl. Albedo, the twins and Sucrose were in the student council room. Kaeya was sick today and needed to see the doctor, Dainsleif went boom shakalaka. “O-oh well yes I’m okay it’s just…” Sucrose didn’t know what to say. She remembered her friend's words loud and clear but was that really her friend? Her face, body, even her voice was the same, it's just… she didn’t seem like the same person. “Uhm… last night I had a dream where Barbatos was well… how do I explain this.” Sucrose mumbled. “Take your time.” Albedo said. “Well, I was there hanging onto this wall? Basically like I was attached to a roof and then at first I was just hanging there and then I saw all the archons and this random guy. After that Barbatos started to torture him but then after…” Sucroses memories started to flash, she remembered that traumatic experience. “After? What happened after?” Albedo asked. “T-they showed me a video of Fructose d-dying a-and uhm they said that they k-killed her and…” Sucrose began to sob, her eyes started to water like a waterfall. “Ah! Sucrose are you okay? What happened?” Aether quickly ran from across the student council room. “I-it’s just…” Sucrose cried, “Breathe in… breathe out. Concentrate your mind.” Albedo tried to calm her down, honestly that didn’t really work well but yeah E for effort. “Sucrose, if you aren’t ready then you don’t have to talk about it. We can always wait until you’re comfortable.” Lumine hugged Sucrose trying to comfort her in some way. “So, we’ll be waiting for your answer.” Lumine's voice was soothing. “Okay.” 



“Hey little miss Lisa.” Kaeya was meeting with Lisa in a café nearby. “Aha, it seems some things never change.” Lisa laughed. “So? What would you like to talk about?” Lisa questioned. She placed her tea on the table waiting for Kaeyas answer. Kaeya simply looked her in the eyes and said, “It has something to do with Celestia.” Lisa noticed that Kaeya was getting serious for once. “Oh my, are you sure this is the best place to talk about Celestia? Customers, waiters and waitresses could be listening to us.” Lisa mentioned. Her voice was concerned, it had been a long time since she talked about Celestia. Also the first time she talked to Kaeya about this subject. “No, it’s perfectly fine.” Kaeya assured, still this made Lisa even more suspicious. “I’ll just get straight to the point. Yesterday night Sucrose had a dream where she was up in Celestia with all the archons and there was this man I think named Roger? Barbatos tortured the man and made Sucrose watch but then after that they made her watch a video of two of her friends dying. These friends were pretty much Sucrose's' will to live. But anyway, after that Barbatos pretended to be one of Sucrose's friends and told her to try and murder the archons.” Kaeya claimed. “You don’t seem to be lying. So? How do you know about this information?” Lisa interrogated. She could believe the fact Barbatos tortured someone, but this was Sucrose’s dream. She would understand if this was Albedo but Sucrose? Sounds like bullshit. “To put it simply, Venti told me.”


“Venti? Why would he tell you that? Isn’t he under the rule of Barbatos?” Lisa felt even more confused than ever before. “When I asked him he just told me to use this information. And then left before I could get more of an answer.” Kaeya shrugged. “Whatever, so what are you asking me to do?” Lisa asked. Lisa felt like strangling someone right now, but not Kaeya. She just wanted to murder someone. “I want you to get all the information on how the man was tortured.” Kaeya requested. He smiled at Lisa just after saying his request. “Oh lord, there’s just so much knowledge I can get. Alright then, you transfer 1 million mora into my bank account and I will do it.” 


“Man you do like to take money do you? Transferred.” Lisa checked her phone, the one million was sent per-usual. “Thank you, I guess for now we should return to school?” Lisa assumed, she seemed pleased. “Actually, I told Dain and Albedo about it earlier and requested a day off for the both of us. So you don’t have to worry about that right now.”


“Oh, what a smart one you are.” Lisa chuckled as she left the café, leaving Kaeya sipping his coffee. 



“It seems I’ll have to get a little astrologist for this job don’t I?” Lisa smirked as she scrolled through her contacts. 


Mona Megistus