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We Go To Work (To Make It Work And To Work It Out)

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The disaster that was my boss’ wedding. Who would have thought? Never in my wildest dreams did I imagined that I will be planning a wedding - not for myself but for other people and it started a while ago.

“Hi. This is First from News Now 24/7. Is it true that the heir to Chivaaree Group will be wedded in 6 months?” a pause.

I sighed. Is News Now 24/7 a news agency or a convenience store? I am on the verge of quitting and losing my mind over this whole situation and this stunt that we are trying to pull.

“We will just-”

“Don’t you think that this announcement is too sudden?” He cut me off.

“Just please wait for the press release at 1pm. Thanks” I put down my phone.

Saying that I hate the press is an understatement right now. Since a blind item got out of a gossip portal this morning, my phone has not stopped ringing!

“Tay?!” That would probably be Neen. One of our bosses, she’s not really bossy at all but when it comes to Bright, it is a totally different story.

I mean, Bright - my boss, could have done better. Dodging family dinners is his forte. He probably has a postgraduate degree on cancelling lunches with his own mom.

I sighed. I sigh a lot today. And I look like shit already.

“Tay.” I hurriedly walked towards my boss’ office while trying to fix my tie.

“You called?” I looked at Neen.

“Send an email to the Opas-amkajorns” she ordered

“We are sending an email?” I look at my boss who is now a mess.

Then my phone pinged.

Not another message from the press. I hurriedly grabbed my phone.

“Oh, it’s from the Opas-iamkajorns!” I announced.


Good day.

This is New Thitipoom, executive assistant to the COO of Opas-iamkajorn Enterprises.

I need to remind you of your schedule in the coming months for the preparations. Attached is the pdf of the said schedule.

If you have any inquiries or further questions regarding the schedule. Please feel free to send me a message through this email address.
I will also get in touch with Tay Tawan, your secretary, from time to time as I also need his and your inputs.
Thank you.

My boss also says that you do not need to worry about a thing. We will handle it.

New Thitipoom
Executive Secretary
Office of the COO
Opas-iamkajorn Enterprises

I looked at my watch, it is exactly 1:00pm. This New Thitipoom did not come here to mess up. But I am not so sure about the “We will handle it” part.

“Maybe he is just very detail-oriented as an executive secretary.” Earth suggested over our very late lunch.

“Maybe he is just really into his job” Mew added.

“He sent like a thousand e-mails in the span of 2 hours?” I said while sipping on my lemonade.

As if on cue, I heard my phone ping.

“Is he that one?” Earth nudged

“I am 300% sure he is”



About that catering service provider that I emailed you about, I think we will cancel. I heard that Ms. Neen has allergies with cheese? Please confirm if my research is right.

I will highly appreciate it if you cooperate.

Thanks Mr. Tawan.

New Thitipoom
Executive Secretary
Office of the COO
Opas-iamkajorn Enterprises


“You haven’t replied to any of his emails?” Earth commented like I killed a person

“You are better than that Tay.” Mew looked seriously disappointed now.

Okay, now I feel like a terrible person.

So I did what I should be doing then, reply to his emails.


I am so sorry if I haven’t replied to any of your emails. Sorry if you have felt that I am ignoring you. Trust me, I am not.

My boss said that we will chip in ideas from time-to-time.

If you need inputs on anything just ask away or you can send the samples to our building or our residences.

I promise that we will comment on them immediately.

And to answer your last question - yes, Ms. Neen has allergies with cheese products. Also, I have already attached a list of the family’s allergies along with this email together with their preferred dishes that I managed to observe over time.

Thank you for your efficiency New.

Tay Tawan
Head Secretary - General Manager’s Office
Chivaaree Group of Companies

I received nothing after that. Maybe because of his efficiency, my input has been insignificant? You should have tried harder Tay!

The merger and wedding announcement was everywhere. It is on both the 6 o’clock and the 10 o’clock news. The next day, it was on every single business section of the newspaper. It was even on the entertainment section for some reason. On the Sunday following the announcement, even lifestyle magazines had picked the story up.

I really do not get how the rich live with this kind of life.

To say that I have grown up with my boss will be ridiculous to say but I did - I have grown up with Bright.

What I had before college was what everybody else calls “intelligence”. My family was far from being rich so I tried trying harder. For some stroke of luck, I did land a scholarship under the Chivaaree Group of Companies. The catch is, I have to work for them during semester breaks. Let’s just say, that is how I met my now boss, Bright.

“Tay, do you think we should turn this shirt inside out or is it now inside out? Is it on its proper side?” Bright asked when we were assigned at the back operations.

The shirt in question is a reversible one. I wanted to face-palm at that moment.

“Bright look at the tag” I plainly said.

“Oh! Thanks man! Have I told you that you are the best summer co-worker out of all our co-workers here? I will buy you lunch when our salary arrives'' Bright smiled at me.

I only see Bright during summers though. But from what I understand, I get to be where Bright is all the time. But for mid-semester breaks, I am alone but I had been rotated from the factories up to the malls and before I graduated from university, I was assigned to the main offices. I was a staff at the office of Bright’s mom for quite some time.

“You must be Tay” She offered a hug

“Yes ma’am” She hugged me.

“I saw your grades yesterday. You are a good student. People are saying you might graduate with Latin Honors. That is very nice. What an asset to the company you are.”

I just smiled.

I am glad that she is happy.

“What do you say about eating dinner with us? I will make one of our employees fetch your mom”

And just like that - I was an extended family member to the Chivaarees. I mean, that was what Bright’s mom said. Plus, I am almost always in their family gatherings whether I like it or not.

“I mean, Tay, how about dating? I haven’t seen you tow a plus one on our Sunday lunches” A line that will forever haunt me whenever I eat with the Chivaarees.


“You do not have anyone again this time?” A classic line from Bright’s brother.

“Just let him be. Feel comfortable & free Tay. Do not mind everyone asking for your date”

Neen is always the kindest.

“Tay, remember that we will always reserve an extra seat for you. It is either you bring your mom. But I totally prefer that you bring someone dear to you. I want you to be happy” I will always feel the warmth & concern.

Only if they know the amount of workload that Bright comes with.

“Have you dated anyone?” Bright at 7:30 in the morning while we are printing files for a meeting.


“You sure?” He teasingly asked. He earned a spat on his hand for that.

“You are the meanest” I said

“Sorry Tay”

Our dynamics plays in between him being the boss to us, treating each other like we are still on our summer jobs and being like siblings more than him and his brother.

“But I totally have. I have dated before”

“Hmmm-mmm” He nodded and thought for himself for a while with the printer squeaking in his office.

“So what happened?”

“I have become very busy. I did not had time for them”

“Is it because of the company? You can tell me if my work is also burdening you already.”

“I mean that is a part of it, but that is not all”

“Would you want to be married then?”

“Yeah. I think so.”

“That’s good to hear. I will surely attend your wedding” Bright said.

Looking back, that incident happened a week before the announcements. He must be thinking about the merger and his marriage.

“Hello? Have I reached the correct number now?” A frustrated voice is over the other phone line


“Oh! Thank Heavens! Is this Tay Tawan?”

“Yes! Oh my god, are our lines on whack again?”

“Yeah. I got mistransfered 5 times!” I heard him plop down.

That must be exhausting, dialing 5 times.

“I told you to reach me through my mobile” I said in my defense

“My battery got drained because I left my laptop at home”

“So, our agenda this week?”

This is what we have managed to come to terms with. Monday lunches are half eating our lunches while we brainstorm on what we should tackle for the wedding, on that week. Both Win and Bright agreed to have us plan their wedding after work every other day.

“We should definitely start with the wedding planner!” New suggested

“Yeah. We should. So do you know of any wedding planners?”

“I was thinking if we could still contact the wedding planner of Ms Neen during their wedding 2 years back?” New asked

I remember Earth wanting to strangle that particular wedding planner. He said he was not dealing with a wifezilla but a wedding planner-zilla during those times.

“I am afraid that we will not do that” I said, recounting how Earth managed to pull up a smile while the bouquet arrived 10 minutes before the wedding of his boss.

“Why? That would be easier since your side have already worked with them before” New explained

“I do not want to work with a wedding planner-zilla. My co-workers’ words not mine” I answered

“Hmmm… Well, we better scour the entire city for a suitable wedding planner that will want to take us in. I think that is our agenda for the week, Tay.”

New? Have you seen New? I can clearly hear a voice from the background

“That would be Win. I got to go. Email me for any developments on our wedding planner hunting.” And the line was off.

We later learned that day that giving a wedding planner a lead time of 5 months is a deal breaker.

It’s Tay Tawan, Right? Although I would really want to plan the wedding of the decade, your 5 months is too short for the crowd that we are expecting.

I am so sorry Mr. Tawan, I just can’t

That is waaayyyy too short for lead time

Nope. I can’t.

I really love to handle the biggest wedding in the business world for the year but I can’t. I am too fully booked this year already.

And I hate to be defeated - yeah, this is not a competition but I put it upon myself to be competitive all the time, but on a Thursday evening at exactly 8:00 pm New is so excited.

“TAAAAYYYYYY!!! I have solved our problem!”

Yep. He beat me on this one.

“...and upon rumbling about the wedding planner to Win when we were walking to a meeting, he said that it was okay to go with this one” He elaborated.

“Great. That is great news.” I am maybe slightly disappointed with myself

“See, Tay, I know that we haven’t met in person and all but I can sense your disappointment through my phone.” I heard him chuckle

I do not know how to have a decent comeback for that.

“Tay, take it easy man”

“Okay. Fine.”

“How about we eat lunch together tomorrow? I need to relay details to you anyway.”