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Seventeen One shots

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With his back pressed against the bathroom door, Wonwoo tried to remove the other away from him. “Mingyu, we can’t do this here. The others will hear us” he told Mingyu who is trailing kisses along his jaw. Removing his lips from Wonwoo’s jaw, he shook his head disagreeing just as he was about to say something a knock was heard.

“Can you please hurry up all the other bathroom are occupied” shouted Seungkwan from outside the door.

“It busy just go wait at the other bathroom”, Mingyu yelled back. Mingyu rolled his eye as Wonwoo glared at him. “Fine”, Mingyu quietly said.

Knowing they won’t get any privacy, Mingyu opened the door and dragged Wonwoo by his hand they passed Seungkwan as they exited and Mingyu led Wonwoo away from the members to the woods. Once Mingyu was sure they were far enough from the members. Mingyu, without waiting another minute, pulled Wonwoo close to him and placed his lips against Wonwoo neck marking him up. Mingyu lifted up Wonwoo hoodie, which was his, and feel the soft skin of his stomach; Wonwoo let out a tiny moan at the touch of the warm hands. Mingyu trailed his lip up from Wonwoo neck along his jaw and onto his lips Wonwoo opened his mouth inviting Mingyu in. Mingyu accepted eagerly, pushing himself against Wonwoo, feeling their hard clothed cocks rub against each other. As their clothed cocks made contact, both letting out a heady groan. He reluctantly broke his lips away from Wonwoo.

“I want these Off. Now” said Wonwoo breathlessly. He started unbuttoning Mingyu pants, pulling down his pants and underwear in one go until they were halfway down his thigh. Mingyu was hard, very hard. Wonwoo wasted no time and knelt.
“And I thought you was against this but here you are kneeling in front me” Mingyu chuckled as he looked down at Wonwoo.

“Oh, shut up”, Wonwoo muttered and took Mingyu into his mouth immediately. Mingyu let out a stifled groan as he felt Wonwoo’s warm mouth engulf him. He threw his head back and shut his eyes, enjoying the feeling of his boyfriend sucking his cock. He started running his hands through Wonwoo’s soft short black hair, encouraging him. Not that Wonwoo needs any encouragement. Wonwoo wrapped his slim delicate hand around the base he couldn’t fit in his mouth, while he moved his head up and down on Mingyu’s cock. He loved giving Mingyu head and pleasing him. He focused on the head of Mingyu’s cock for a bit, swirling his tongue around it, sucking up the precum that had started to form there.

“Ugh, Wonwoo” Mingyu moaned, bucking his hips forward slightly. Wonwoo pulled off his cock with a pop. Mingyu let out a disappointed sigh as he did so.

Wonwoo chuckled “You can’t be the only one to get off, that not fair.”

“I know, I know, I just enjoy your mouth on my cock so much” said Mingyu, pulling Wonwoo to stand back up. his hands started working Wonwoo’s pants. He pulled them down, halfway down the thigh and turn him around, so he was standing right in front of him. He took one hand and placed it on Wonwoo’s shaft, slowing stroking up and down. Mingyu liked teasing Wonwoo when it came to sex. He didn’t speed up his pace straight away. Wonwoo knew this and it sometimes frustrated him. He lightly nudged Mingyu’s rib to make him go faster. However, Mingyu stopped instead; Wonwoo let out a small whine as he turned to look at Mingyu.

He saw Mingyu slightly back away from him and bend down to reach into his pants pocket pulling out a packet of lube.

Mingyu reached out and grab Wonwoo pulling him against his body, he wrapped his arm around his Wonwoo’s body. Mingyu groped his ass, while attacking Wonwoo’s neck, until it was circling his asshole. Wonwoo hissed, hips bucking.

“More, Mingyu, please.”

Mingyu obliged, squeezing a small amount of lube on his index finger. He returned his finger to Wonwoo’s asshole, circling it slowly. He finally inserted one finger into Wonwoo hole, causing Wonwoo to let out a groan and throw his head against Mingyu tanned define chest. Mingyu slid his hand between them to stroke Wonwoo cock, whilst his other hand worked his asshole open. He gradually inserted a second and third finger, with Wonwoo moans getting louder and louder with each additional finger. Mingyu was slightly thankful they were outside where they can be loud as they want instead of trying to do it quietly inside.

“Mingyu, I need you. Now. Fuck me, Mingyu, please.”, Begged Wonwoo.

Mingyu liked hearing Wonwoo beg. How could he deny him what he is begging for, especially when he wants to do it too. He removed his fingers from Wonwoo’s ass, rubbing his fingers on his cock to cover it with it and to get some of the excess lube off. He placed his hands on Wonwoo’s hip and spun him around. He put one hand between Wonwoo’s shoulder blades and pushed him down until he was bent over, ass sticking out, his asshole ready to go. Mingyu lined up his cock with Wonwoo’s hole. He nudged his head against the hole, teasing Wonwoo. He finally stopped teasing Wonwoo and push in with one forceful thrust. Wonwoo let out the biggest groan, bending over even further. Mingyu felt so good inside him. He couldn’t control the sounds coming out of his mouth as Mingyu continued to furiously fuck into him. Wonwoo gripped his thigh as the thrusting got more furious. Wonwoo reached down to grab his own cock, but Mingyu beat him to it and smacked his hand away. Before Wonwoo knew it, he was coming hard untouched. He gripped onto the hand that was around his waist as he came, crying out in waves of ecstasy.

“I’m about to—ugh Wonwoo”, Mingyu panted, before coming furiously inside him. As their orgasm died down, Wonwoo hissed as Mingyu pulled out. They both looked at each other and couldn’t help but laugh. Wonwoo looked down as he felt Mingyu cum oozing out of him trailing down his thigh, he slid his hand down his thigh to gather the cum. He brought his hand close to his lips as he looked at Mingyu and took one slow lick over his fingers, savoring the taste of Mingyu on his tongue. Mingyu bit his lip, eyes darkened at the sight. They pulled each other into a slow, open-mouthed kiss. After a couple of minutes, they fixed themselves up.

“Do you think anyone saw or heard us?” chuckled Wonwoo as he looked around.

“Well, if they did, they got a great fucking show.” smiled Mingyu, kissing Wonwoo.