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Etherian Dreams

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I'm just going to put this here as to say from past me to redo this chapter a little. Once I get {BIG}

And that the writing or at least the grammar gets better (I hope) as it goes on.

Thank you for those jumped on this cracked crossover and actually liked it. Means alot.

Anyway, hope you enjoy the story! And for more chapters to come!


Watching over the Whispering Woods and it’s borders between it and Brightmoon wasn’t the most exciting position to be part of, but it was necessary. Especially with the increase in Horde attacks and the number of refuges escaping burning villages and encampments.

Doubling guards on routes both busy and barren would help in terms of keeping escaping refugees safe and escorting them to safer encampments closer to Brightmoon’s keep. As well as see and predict possible Horde movements.

But that would also mean thinning numbers that could be used elsewhere, but the woods itself made it more manageable. The canopy of thick vines, twisting branches, massive trees and other unknowable forces that made up and surrounded the wood are what kept the Horde from aggressively moving through it and assailing Brightmoon.
That, and what the rumours would have you believe…

And how anyone who goes in, never come back out. Be it Horde or Rebel alike.

Sometimes, when one would travel near the edge of it, you would hear the whispers of the lost calling out for help or whatever they had said before they had entered to whomever could hear them. Only becoming more twisted the further one went in.

So, hearing the cry of a child was not to uncommon, as sad as it was. This time it was different somehow. It was a child no doubt, but it came out clearer than most of the cries from the wood. Especially when it came out as bunch of unrecognizable sounds or stranger still, possible words of some unknown language.

But no would know it was the cry of a lost child from a place that never existed on Etheria. But another world unlike anything they knew.

This is the story of a powerless boy and his journey through a strange, ancient world still full of life.


The universe wasn’t fair to Izuku Midoriya.

Not only was he born without a Quirk, but on top of that his friendship(?) with Kacchan instantly began degrading (faster) when he found out about it and the bullying only worsened from that point forward. Only 8, Three years over when a quirk SHOULD appear and already wishing for his non-existent quirk to activate. To do... something.

Every night he hoped that something would happen. That he would wake with his quirk and become the hero he always dreamed of.

Then he started dreaming of something else.

A thick forest where barely any sunlight reached the ground. Tiny voices calling out to him that he never understood or sounded like nothing he's heard of before. However, he could only guess they wanted him to come deeper into the twisting treeline or warnings not to. He never did go further, thinking it was only some strange nightmare. That he should really stop watching those creepy documentaries about lost villain files before bed.

Every other night then on however, he would see the forest and the picture became clearer with each visit. He could make out the colour of the grass he stood on, the turquoise vines twisting around the trunks of the ashen grey trees, how tall some of trees really were, the massive roots that upturned the earth around some of the trees were as if reaching out to someone. To him.

Each time he would turn away and he’d wake up never to see that dream for the second time he went back to sleep. Only for him to show up at the edge of the forest again another night and his curiosity only grew from then on.


Months had gone by and Midoriya began writing and sketching what he saw in those dreams in a spare notebook he had lying around whenever he wasn’t busy with school or taking notes on heroes. He thought about bringing it to school with him just in case he had a theory about the forest or another idea what the voices could be saying.

He went against that thought as it could be mistaken as one of his hero journals in the heat of moment and accidentally write in it instead of the proper notebooks he had chosen for quirk theory and other hero profiles.

Or possibly Kacchan would burn it for a laugh, most likely mock him for keeping a “bullshit dream journal you damn Deku!” and then toss it somewhere and he couldn’t exactly look up the information about what the forest tried to whisper to him that night unlike any hero fan forum.

Not without lack of trying when he had time off from school or from making hero profiles to find any footnotes about any “weird looking whisper forest” that looked like the one in his dreams or searching “is it weird to dream about strange forests?” only to find (bad) horror stories, 'what dreams meant' lists and the odd tourist attraction nearby.

His curiosity and excitement of the forest only grew more with each night as it became more and more clear and how unique it was. Taking in as much detail as he could as what felt like only minutes maybe seconds at a time as he became more adjusted to standing next to the forest.

Then he tried to reach his hand out, only for his hand to press against a strange force. Just as he was about to pull away, a strange pull tried to bring him back in. Struggling at first, scared, Izuku managed to pull away and woke shortly after. Izuku began to wonder if this was his quirk. To see far away places in his sleep. But that didn’t explain the whispers or the pull when he reached out.

Travel? Instant teleportation through his dreams? Some sort of omni-sight? It could be any of them. The only way to know for sure is that he would have to go past the point of no return and enter the forest in order to find out.

In the meantime, he began to try and understand the occasional repeated word or two and create really rough translations to quickly jot down the morning after before school.

So far, he had “Us” “Danger” and seemingly the most important word, A name, “Etheria”. As it was the most repeated word second only to “Danger” of all he could make out (as of yet).

Was that the place he saw called? ‘Etheria’? What danger did the forest need help with, why was this looping message if it even was a message/warning?

The more answers he thought he found; only more questions were raised. The most important being why him. Why a useless, quirkless kid is getting these dreams.

He had to know. He had to find out why.


It had been weeks since he tried reaching out to the forest. Sitting at his desk in the middle of the night on a weekend trying anything that could help him crack this, but his theories were hitting a wall.

No matter long he tried to comprehend the frustrating gibberish that the forest was whispering he had only gotten those three words and even then, they might’ve been a stretch of what they actually meant.

But most of all, he was scared. Scared that it might just be that, a dream. A stupid dream that was never meant to mean anything, only making sense because his brain is filling blanks for him, only hearing what he wants to hear.

He couldn’t help thinking what the other kids or even the teachers would think of him if he told any of them. They would definitely throw it back in his face saying that he’s crazy and/or that it was a way to cope with his lack of a quirk. And that was the nice version. Izuku couldn’t tell his mother, she would support him no doubt but in a “anything you say honey”, not a “I believe you” way and that was when he realized.

He had no one to talk too about any of it…… or anything for that matter. No friends, no dad, only his mom. And that this was in fact crazy.

A very tired, very frustrated green haired boy grabbed the notebook from his desk containing everything he had on the forest. Sketches, theories, everything and translations of the three (stupid) words he had. In his bout of frustration, threw it across his room only for it to flutter harmlessly down beside him on the floor.

Izuku blankly stared at the book below him, slowly picking it up and holding it, almost tempted to crumpling it up with whatever energy he had left. Small tears began to form at the edges of his eyes, finally realizing that this whole thing was a stupid waste of time.

Wiping away the tears, arms falling to his sides and notebook still in hand, he yawned and went to bed hoping to never see that stupid forest again.


Only to be placed at the exact same spot every time he came here. Izuku looked angerly at the edge that taunted him for weeks, possibly even months. Even here he was still holding the notebook, the hours wasted when could have- oh, what was the point.

He looked at the notebook one last time before throwing it into the forest. Expecting the dream to end then and their, instead his anger turned into surprise and then curiosity as he saw the notebook pass through that same sort of invisible force he found weeks ago and gently land in a small clearing beyond. He slowly reached towards edge only to recoil at the last second.

What if… What if this is that point of no return he thought of weeks ago? If he did this, there would be no turning back. He would finally get the answers he so desperately wanted. But but what if he got stuck? Would he be trapped in his dream world forever?

He would leave his mom behind just for the smallest chance to see beyond the edge? Or would he simply wake up when he crossed the veil, and the dreams would end there for good.

He…He had to know.

He pressed his hand against it, the veil shimmering at his touch. the whispers grew louder and more twisted as he pushed against the veil. He pushed his whole body against it, trying to ignore the growing whispers around him until finally, with one final push forward, broke past the force. Past the veil of no return. Izuku looked back seeing the veil shimmer away into nothing before turning back to his notebook sitting in that clearing he threw.

His entire body shook with nervous fright and his mind being unsure about it all, but he had to see where this would take him. To finally see beyond.

“Please be right…” Izuku gulped, took one step forward and everything went black.