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One Day, Please?

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"Yachiyo, it's time to get up."

"It's too early!"

"It's eight already. How is it early?"

"Too early..."

"Yachiyo, for the love of god."


Akira hadn't expected this to be what she had to deal with today. She had just come to get Yachiyo up for class since they hadn't come out of their room yet. She didn't think they'd fight her about it.

That ended with her literally dragging them out of the bed. Yachiyo was now sitting on the floor with a pout.

"Get up. Class starts soon." Akira stated.



"Not until you apologize." Yachiyo huffed.

"Stop being so difficult!"

Yachiyo frowned at her raised voice and got up.

"What is the issue?" Akira questioned, "You're not like this."

"I just don't wanna go to class..." Yachiyo mumbled.

"You are. Come on. Get dressed."


"Either me or Michiru will try." Akira stated, "Your choice."

"Fine. I'll get ready..."

"Five minutes." Akira said and then left the room. Yachiyo knew she was right outside waiting. They better get dressed then.

They really just didn't feel like going to class today. No reason why. It wasn't like they had any issues in class. They weren't trying to avoid anyone. They just were not in the mood today. But, they did need to attend class. Ditching class wouldn't look good on an edel.

Yachiyo quickly changed into their uniform. Once done, they grabbed everything they needed and left the room. Akira was indeed waiting right outside the door for them. She looked them over for a moment.

"Why don't you wear the school jacket?" Akira questioned.

Yachiyo shrugged, "Dunno. Just didn't feel like it one day and decided not to wear it properly ever?"

"Wear it."


"Put it on today."

"Why?" Yachiyo questioned in confusion.


"Akira! That's not an answer!" Yachiyo pouted, "I am not wearing it. Let's go."

Yachiyo started walking away.

"If you wear it all day maybe I'll do something special for you."

That caught their attention and made them stop. Akira walked over to them.

"You won't tell me what it will be, will you?"


Yachiyo debated their options. If they wore their jacket then they'd get something in return. But, they didn't know what that something was. Was it worth it if they didn't know? It probably was. Akira wouldn't say that and then do something really small in return. And it wouldn't hurt to wear it for one day.

"Fine. I'll wear it." Yachiyo agreed, "But only when classes start."

"Very well." Akira accepted the compromise.

"Let's go then." Yachiyo frowned.

They took a slow walk to the school. Yachiyo was trying to delay having to wear the jacket. They didn't know why. It shouldn't be that big of a deal to wear it for one day, but it was. Probably because they had never done it before. Everyone would notice. They didn't really like the thought of all that attention being on them.



"When can I take it off again?"

"Once the last class is over."


As they reached the door, Yachiyo untied the jacket around their waist and put it on. They fiddled with it for a long time to get it to feel right. Every way they put it didn't feel right. What was so different about this jacket compared to all the others ones they have worn before?

"Are you ready yet?" Akira asked.

"I guess so." Yachiyo replied.

They entered the school. Thankfully it seemed most students were already in their classrooms and not out in the hall.

"See you later."


They went their separate ways to class. Yachiyo felt nervous as they stood at the door to their classroom. Hopefully no one would say anything. There was no reason they should, but they still felt nervous about it.

Yachiyo took a deep breath and entered the classroom. The teacher wasn't there yet. That was good. At least they made it on time.

Yachiyo went and took their seat next to Mei Fan. Mei Fan gave them a very confused look.

"What's with the outfit change?"

"Akira was insistent I should wear it." Yachiyo replied in a mumble, "Said she'd do something if I wore it all day."

"I didn't know you were so easy to bribe." Mei Fan teased.

Yachiyo blushed and looked down at their desk, "It's not that..."

"Then what is it?"

"Well... I was being difficult this morning so... this will make it up to her... right?"

"So that's why you're so late."


They fell quiet as the teacher walked into the room. All conversation stopped and the lesson began.

Yachiyo found it hard to pay attention. They were struggling to feel comfortable in the jacket. They were constantly playing around with it, pulling it in different directions, fiddling with its sleeves. Everything but paying attention in class.

When class ended, Yachiyo had no clue what they had gone over. That wasn't a good thing.

"Mei Fan~" Yachiyo hummed and turned to look at said girl.

"Yes?" Mei Fan looked over at them.

"Can I borrow your notes later? I got lost at one point and missed stuff." Yachiyo hoped she couldn't tell that was a lie.

"Sure." Mei Fan didn't seem to notice.

"Thank you."


Yachiyo was very glad when classes ended. Without another word they immediately took off the jacket and tied it back around their waist as usual. Mei Fan watched them, barely holding back laughter.

"I didn't realize you hated the jacket that much." Mei Fan commented.

"I'm not used to wearing it." Yachiyo defended, "It bothered me the entire time."

"You're crazy."

"That's nothing new, is it? Come on, let's head to practice."


They set off to get ready for practice. They got there first.

"You wanna do anything or just wait for the others?" Mei Fan asked.

"They shouldn't be long."

"By the way... how is Akira-san gonna know that you wore the jacket all day?" Mei Fan asked.

"She'll probably ask you to confirm." Yachiyo replied.


As if on cue Akira came in.

"Michiru not with you?" Mei Fan asked.

"She wanted to talk to the teacher." Akira replied.


"So." Akira looked at Yachiyo, "Did you do it?"

"Yep~" Yachiyo hummed, "I wore it all day. Mei Fan can confirm."

"I doubt you'd lie about it."

"Eh?" Yachiyo stared at her with wide eyes, "You're just gonna trust my word?"

"I'd hope I can trust you to tell me the truth." Akira replied.

"Of course. I don't lie often." Yachiyo huffed.

"Then we'll see about the promise later tonight."


A few seconds later Michiru came. She nodded to Yachiyo and Mei Fan.

"So, what are we doing till Shiori is done class?"

"Practicing whatever. I believe you two have a play to perform solo soon, don't you?"

Yachiyo and Mei Fan nodded to that.

"Then perhaps you can work on that. Akira, can we talk in the hall for a minute?" Michiru didn't wait for an answer and drug her into the hall.

Mei Fan and Yachiyo exchanged glances. They were both very confused by what Michiru was doing.

"What do you think is up?" Yachiyo questioned.

"Maybe it has something to do with what Michiru spoke to the teacher about?" Mei Fan guessed.

"Possibly. Well, guess we should do something before they get back in."

"Yeah. You wanna critique each others' performances?"

"Why not. It'll be helpful."

That was what they did until Michiru and Akira returned to the room. They had taken an awfully long time out there to talk. So much so that Shiori had arrived now.

Now with the five of them, they started their actual practice for the day.




"You promised me something... Where is it?"

It was getting very late now. Akira had yet to give Yachiyo anything and call it the reward. Yachiyo had enough waiting now and was starting to try and demand it out of her.


"You promised! I want it now!"

There was one issue with that. Well, for Akira there was. They weren't alone. She had planned to do it when they were alone. That meant when they went to bed. Not now. Not in front of the others.

"Not now."

"Please?" Yachiyo frowned at her and gave her a pleading look, "Akira~"

"No. Later."

"But, Akira!"

"Jeez, Yachiyo. Certainly demanding of her, aren't we?" Michiru said.

"She promised me something if I wore my jacket all day and I want it now!" Yachiyo huffed.

"You are so spoiled." Michiru snickered.

"I am not."

"You are." Akira agreed.

Yachiyo gasped and gave her an offended look, "Akira!"

"Whose fault is it, though?" Mei Fan chimed in, "Akira-san is the one spoiling them. Isn't she more at fault?"

"When you put it that way..."

"I'm pretty sure you are just as spoiled." Yachiyo shot back, "Mei Fan and Shiori are always pampering you, aren't they? Who are you to judge us?"

Michiru went silent. She didn't have a good argument now. What Yachiyo said was very true. She really couldn't judge when she let them do all of that to her.

"Anyway, Yachiyo, the surprise is for when we're alone. You'll have to wait." Akira stated.

"Or, we go to my room now?" Yachiyo winked at her.

"So impatient." Akira sighed.

"Please, Akira? I've been waiting all day for it." Yachiyo continued to beg.

"Can't you wait?"

"No. I want it now!"

"Fine. If you insist we can head up now." Akira was done arguing about it with them. They weren't going to give up until they got it.

She did feel a little bad about making them wait this long to get anything from her. She did make that promise very early in the day. They had been waiting a long time for it. She might as well let them have it now.

The moment she stood up, Yachiyo grabbed her by the arm and pulled her toward their bedroom. Akira rolled her eyes. Yachiyo really wanted this reward.

"Give me the reward now!" Yachiyo demanded the moment they were alone.

"Let's sit on the bed then." Akira said.

Yachiyo nodded excitedly and sat on their bed. Soon enough, Akira joined them. Yachiyo watched her expectantly. Akira leaned over and kissed them on the cheek.

"I love you." Akira whispered in their ear.

She didn't give Yachiyo a chance to reply. She pinned them down onto the bed and pulled them into a deep kiss. Yachiyo's eyes were wide with shock for a moment, before they relaxed and reciprocated the kiss. Yachiyo wrapped their arms around Akira's neck.

"May I continue?" Akira asked as she pulled back to breathe.

Yachiyo nodded, "Yes... I definitely like this reward."

"Good to hear. I don't plan to stop for a while."