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Happy Pride, Bitches!

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"Darling, if you keep that up, we are so going to be late. And as much as I love this attention, I cannot be late," Lena says in between moans trying to get Kara to unlatch from her neck. After a few beats, "Wait a minute, are you trying to leave a hickey on purpose?! Kara!"

Kara blushes profusely at being caught red-handed. "Can you blame me? You are about to be in the spotlight, and I want them to know that you aren't available."

"I think the front page of every gossip column, blog, and fanfiction in this state has alerted the public that I'm unavailable. What is this really about?"

Kara blushes even a brighter shade of red and ducks her head down to avoid eye contact with her girlfriend, as if Lena won't notice.

"Kara Zor-el. Spill it," Lena takes on her CEO tone, which of course never phases the flustered reported.

"Imaybekindawantedpeopletoknowthatweareperfectlyhappyandhaveagoodrelationship," Kara spits out as quickly as possible. Thankfully, Lena learned a long time ago flustered Kara speak.

"Is this about the negative comments online, darling?" Lena says softly with concern written all over her face. With the increased fidgeting, Lena knows she found her answer. "Oh sweetie," Lena embraces her girlfriend in a tight hug, "They mean nothing. Them saying those nasty things aren't going to make me love you any less. And it definitely doesn't impact how happy I am in our relationship."

"I know," Kara huffs. "It's just hard to ignore them sometimes. And at an event like this, you know they will have more to say."

"I know it's hard to ignore the bad, but you saw how many good comments there were, too. There were so many more good. I need you to talk to me about this when its bothering you. We knew that the publicity would be difficult, but we will keep supporting each other."

"Have I ever mentioned how much I love you?"

Lena backs out of the hug enough to make eye contact with those perfect blue eyes, "You do more than mention, baby. I love you. I love what we have. And if it makes you feel better, I will make sure everyone sees the hickey today. Now, I need to finish getting ready. We are going to be soooo late."

Lena moves to brush past Kara to finish getting ready, but Kara pulls her back in for a fierce and passionate kiss (that may or may not have turned into a minor make out session). Lena breaks the kiss with the annoying need to breathe but leaves her forehead connected to Kara's. She lets out a little giggle, as if trying to dispel the raw heat and intensity of the situation.

"Darling," Lena drawls, "we have to go. I'm the keynote speaker. Quit making it so tempting to just stay and screw each other's brains out."

Kara once again blushes profusely at the crudeness, which makes Lena chuckle again as she moves to finish getting ready. Lena put on some ripped black skinny jeans with a white v-neck tshirt and tied a flannel jacket around her waist. She finishes the look with her favorite pair of converse.

"Babe! Oh my Rao! Why do you never dress like this?"

"Probably because I'm too busy running L-Corp and need to be dressed in business formal."

"Well, you should definitely wear this more often," Kara says while raking her eyes up and down her girlfriend.

"Stop that or we will never leave," Lena warns in a flirtatious manner with her eye brow arched.

Kara gives a slight smirk with the less than innocent images running through her head. She shakes her head slightly to pull herself back into the moment. "I have an idea about that. What if I fly you there? Make a grand entrance with the support of Supergirl?"

Lena pauses briefly when moving to the kitchen to grab a bottle of water and pack her purse for the afternoon. "Are you sure you want to do that? I mean, people will make assumptions. Not to mention, they will be expecting my girlfriend to be present in support. If Supergirl shows up and not Kara Danvers, it could be a scandal."

"I'm sure. I won't say anything so people can speculate on what Supergirl being present means, but Supergirl should take a stance. After I drop you off, I'll change and join you after your speech is finished. No one will notice."

"Only if you are sure. This is going to open you up to further criticism online in your other life. We can always take my car and be a little late. This is probably going to be the most forgiving crowd I will ever have the honor of addressing."

Kara approaches her girlfriend and lightly squeezes her shoulder. "I'm sure, Lee. I want to do this."

Lena lightly kisses her in response, "Alright, darling. Let's go."

Kara whips off her glasses and her supersuit materializes. She scoops up her girlfriend in her arms and flies them to the stage just a few minutes late for Lena's speech. Supergirl drops off Lena by the podium and briefly waves to the crowd. Naturally, they whoop and cheer at the sight of Supergirl before she flies off behind the cityscape. Sneakily, she returns to the side stage as Kara Danvers.

Lena sees her girlfriend at the side stage and decides to break off script. "I'm so sorry for being late everyone. Thank you for your patience. Before I start my speech though, I hope you will join me in giving a warm welcome to my loving and supportive girlfriend, Kara Danvers. Come on, darling, come up on stage."

The crowd erupts at the announcement. Kara looks stunned and and surprised as she slowly approaches her girlfriend. Kara gets fidgety and a nervously plays with her glasses as she takes Lena's outstretched hand.

"Can you all believe how lucky I am?" Lena asks the crowd with the brightest smile on her face. "She is the light of my life and my home in this world. We are all here to celebrate each other and our community; and I couldn't do that without this woman, right here. Happy pride, bitches!" Lena quickly pulls Kara into a passionate (but PG-13) kiss.

The crowd hollers, cheers, and waves pride flags at the display of affection. Photographers capture the moment as quickly as possible, picking up the detail of the hickey on Lena's pale neck.

As they pull away, Lena whispers away from the microphone, "How was that for showing them all how happy we are?"

"It is perfect, babe," Kara whispers back and gives another brief, chaste kiss. "Thank you."

After Kara moves off stage again, Lena gives her planned speech while, more than once, glancing over at her girlfriend adoringly. At the end of her speech, Lena rushes off stage to envelope Kara in a fierce hug. The couple spend the day wandering around the festivities hand-in-hand with brief make out sessions in between. So many people stop them to take selfies and ask for autographs between the Pulitzer winning reporter and CEO of a multibillion dollar company.

By the end of the day, they both feel so accepted and loved and supported by their community. They know that they are role models for others, whether they are out and proud or still working on figuring out who they are. Once they return home, they cuddle and watch Disney before falling asleep in each other's arms.