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Dancing kings

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It was a typical college day for Professor Kao. He had finished his afternoon classes and was back in the staff room going through the assignments the kids had submitted. 

"Tsk... this was an easy one.", Kao marked the answer wrong. 

"Hey, Kao!", P'Sun broke his concentration closely followed by an exciting-looking Lemon. 

"Yes P'?"

"We are grabbing a coffee at the cafeteria, do you want to come with us?"

"Um, I still have some papers to mark..."

"It will be a great refreshment, P'Kao.", Lemon was the new assistant professor who had joined this academic year.

"You can do it when you come back or take it back home.", P'Sun suggested winking.

"You know na, I can't take it home.", Kao shook his and put away the papers.

P'Sun and he had almost started at the same time which made them the closest friends in this college which were full of older professors. Lemon joined their gang this year after working as a teacher elsewhere. P'Sun knew why Kao avoided taking work home but yet he loved teasing him about it.

Kao craned his and rounded his shoulders to shrug off the tiredness which was set in when P'Sun offered to give a short massage on the way. A few students watched them and shipped them together but it didn't bother the professors, they went to the cafe a grabbed a cup of coffee each, and walked to the booth set up by the students for the annual fests.

"P'Sun, P'Kao, please register for the prom night."

"Nah... I can't dance", P'Sun was first to reject. 

"You mean Mork can't dance right?", Kao murmured.

"So can't Pete.", P'Sun snipped back.

"Anyways Tu will be home alone, I definitely can't."

The students perked up listening to a foreign name. They always saw these professors together so the gossip was around of them being together. 

"Professor, but it is open for everyone. You guys will be here for the supervision anyways.", a cute girl named Sanwan pushed forward.

"It is organized by our department.", Non, a boy from Kao's class spoke up. 

"This will be the last event of our annual fest, please do join us?", they made cute faces to support their cause. 

Kao glanced at Sun and raised his eyebrow in thought. 

"Some other teachers will so be here on duty that day but they'll leave early."

Kao wanted to say no but some more students joined them and they pleaded together. he reluctantly signed it with his name and a plus one. They paid the amount and left.

"How will you convince Pete to dance?", P'Sun asked after they were out of their students' earshot. 

"I'm worried about Tu, where can we drop her if this is finalized?"

"You can take her with you here or drop her off at my place, Mork and I would love some company too."

"Thank you for the offer P'Sun, I'll ask Por and Sandee if they are willing to take her otherwise I'll drop her at your place."

"Do that."

"Are you done with...", they continued walking back to the staff room discussing the grading and homework. 

It was late in the evening, so Pete had offered to pick Kao on the way. When Kao walked out of his faculty building he was surprised to see his husband's car waiting. He knocked on the window as Pete was busy frowning on his phone and waited for him to unlock it.

"Hi!", Kao greeted getting in. Pete grunted in response and reserved to start driving. 

"How was your day?", Kao asked noticing his grumpy mood.

"Good until someone ruined it...", he said the last almost in a whisper but Kao caught it. 

"Is everything okay?"

"Yup great.", Kao chose to stay silent after that. Brooding Pete was something which was common to him but it always slightly throbbed him when he distanced himself. The rest of the drive passed in awkward silence. They pulled outside their house and Pete threw his phone on Kao's lap. He tentatively picked it and saw the university's social media. There were pictures of him and Sun laughing outside the booth, them buying coffee, and Sun pressing his shoulder while walking. It was captioned with this will be our forever ship. 

"What was he doing so close to you?", Pete growled boring into his sides

"We were just out together getting coffee and the students might have taken it for fun."

"Then what about this?", he showed another photo with Kao's name and a plus one.

"I wanted to talk to you about this...", Kao trailed off looking at Pete's cold eyes.

"I have not been possessive of you lately, doesn't mean that I'm not possessive of you Kao.", he then leaned in to capture Kao's lip in a rough kiss. 

"Ugh, Pete.", Kao tried to push him but it was to no avail. He would be lying if he said he didn't miss this. Pete started trailing kisses down his jaw and ended up giving him a hickey. He pulled away looking smug with his creativity. Kao moved the rearview mirror to check the damage. 

"This was unnecessary.", he groaned.

"Why then you can go out with P'Sun?"

"He is married, Pete! You know that you have met Mork.", Kao got out of the car and slammed the door behind him.

"Wow, now people are shipping you with other married men, uh?", Pete followed his husband's lead and did the same.

"I wear my ring every day, I don't know why do they get such ideas."

"I can't believe you let them ship you."

"Think whatever you want.", Kao unlocked the door and walked in to greet Tu who was watching the TV with her grandfather.

"Sawasdee Kha Por, Tu."

"Kao! How was your day?", Por asked smiling.

"Hectic as usual but thank you for picking Tu today."

"Its okay, I love spending time with her. Where is Pete?", Kao wanted to plop down on the sofa but decided to wash up first.

"He is here being grumpy as usual."

"I'm not being grumpy!", Pete shouted from the kitchen.

"You know what I mean but Por please stay for dinner, we are making yellow curry today."

"Sure, I would love that.", with that both of them went back to watching TV.

"You come with me.", Pete pulled Kao with him when he entered the kitchen to drink water.

"What is it now?", Kao's voice was muffled.

"Will they be okay?", Tu asked her grandfather.

"I'm surprised you are still not used to this but they will be okay."

Fifteen minutes later, Kao returned down to make dinner and Pete joined him with constant nagging. 

"I have something to say.", Kao started saying after they finished dinner.

"I'm not letting you go to P'Sun.", Pete hissed.

"Pete and I will be a little busy for the next couple of weeks, Por, can you please pick Tu and take her home till then?"

"Sure, I get bored at home anyways, I would the company.

"Me too!", Tu said willingly.

"Where are we going to be busy?", Pete asked confused.

"Actually there is a prom dance in my university for this year's fest. The kids wanted me to enroll but I was not sure if Pete would agree or not. They kept on insisting so I put our names there. We will have to practice a little for that so we'll be a little busy with that."

Pete felt guilty for doubting his husband but he was also happy to know that there was nothing among the colleagues.

"That's great Kao! You are the most loved teacher there.", Por was smiling.

"We are the youngest there so the kids connect with us well.", Kao chuckled.

"Even I want to watch you dance!", Tu exclaimed.

"Baby, you don't want to see the stampede.", Kao jokes, and everyone laughed except Pete. 

Later that night the grumpy was husband was extra sweet to make up to his mistakes.


They started their practice right after the day they announced. 

"The step count will be 1,2,3 and 1,2,3 and 1,2,3", said the instructor on TV.

"Not the waist, a little upwards.", Kao moved Pete's hand a little upwards.

They tried moving in sync but Pete ended up stamping on Kao's toes after every step. They stopped after Kao's toes started hurting. Kao was lying on the sofa and Pete saw thisan opportunity to attack. They ended up having sex on the sofa instead of practicing on the first day. 

The next few days passed by in a similar pattern, they either ended up stamping on each other or were way out of sync or Pete was just too hungry to dance (real hungry for the food). It was their fifth day of practice and both were still trying the box step. 

Kao knew it right then that this was not going to work without help. The next day was thankfully Saturday and he decided to call the cool gang for help. He talked to Sandee and her asked her for assistance. 

The cool gang was to rescue on Saturday morning. They decided to keep Tu home so June can babysit her while the couple could teach some moves. 

They had gathered in the living after making sure June and Tu won't trouble them anymore. 

"So what did you do last week?", Sandee asked.

They exchanged sheepish glances and scratched their heads. 

"Nothing! Just as expected.", Sandee shook her head.

"We tried to do many thing but it was not possible."

"I don't want that details of that, thank you.", she fake gagged, "Come on now, show up."

They got into positions and the soft music started. Pete took the first step and Kao followed, they moved and they had almost got the box step. Just when they were about to end Pete stepped on Kao's toes making him groan.

"Tsk Tsk", Sandee shook her head again.

"When is the dance?", Thada asked amused.

"In about a week?"

"We have a lot of work to fo boys, get to work."

Sandee took the matters in her and showed them how to dance with Thada as her partner. Pete and Kao were left in awe with the way they swayed smoothly to the rhythm. The right lifts and dips made their dance more intriguing. Pete was determined to dance like that but Kao was was worried how will they be able to do among a crowd. 

"Let's split up and see who needs more improvement.", Sandee suggested 

They both took a chance to dance with Thada as he was the one leading Sandee. Kao's dance was slow but he was not stamping on Thada's feet, he was a little unsure with his steps. Whereas, when Pete started dancing, Thada and he squabbled more than they danced.

"Ugh... Pete you need more practice. Take it a little slow will you?"

Pete nodded and stood beside Kao again. Sandee started counting the beats for them as they tried to dance again.

"1,2,3... Pete to your right now and Kao left.... 1,2,3... Pete back and Kao forward.... 1,2,3... and stop."

"Lets try it with music now?"

They nodded positively and Sandee picked a soft waltz music for them. They finally had the hang of the full dance. The song ended and the dancing queen by ABBA came up. Pete and Kao glanced at each other before they started jumping around to the beats. Sandee tried to change the song but her phone was not responding. Kao pointed at her and pulled her to dance with them. Thada too joined them and their dance practice changed into a party in moments.

"What are you guy doing?", June came downstairs after listening to the commotion of them singing and saw everyone dancing. Everyone froze in their place except Pete who still grooving around with his back to June.

"Why didn't anyone tell me about the party?", That made Pete turn around for the first time while other were thinking how to react and the song changed to "best day of my life" by American authors started playing. 

"Come join us now!", Pete grabbed him and Tu joined too. The part started again in full groove. They danced till the balls of their feet started hurting. Sandee, Tu and Kao were lying on the sofa while other were lying on the floor panting after their dancing session enjoying the air con.

"Kao, I hope you have cooked lunch already, I'm starving!". Sandee asked.

"yeah, let me just heat it up.", Kao said and he got but fell back on the sofa holding his back groaning.

"Kao?", Sandee stared at him confused.


"Kao, are you okay?", Pete rushed to his side listening to that.

"my back...ughh.."

"Where?", everyone was worried with his condition.

"back cramp.", Kao clenched his teeth and kept still for it to subside.

"I'll take him upstairs, Sandee can you heat up the food  for everyone?"

"Papa, is it hurting?", Tu asked looking worried.

"Its okay baby, go with aunt Sandee."

"Yeah...",Sandee, Thada and June took Tu with them to  the dining room to give the couple some privacy.

"I don't want to more.", Kao said through gritted teeth.

"Lie down, I'll give you a massage."

Pete helped in easing out the cramp till finally Kao was able to stop hissing in pain. He was able to sit up and walk till the dining room. 

"Are you okay now?", Thada asked concerned.


"Will you be okay till the big day?", June was mocking them.

"Most probably, I'll take some painkillers today."

"I'll take him to the doc tomorrow.", Pete chipped in.

"But today was so fun, lets do it again sometime.", Tu spoke eyeing her papa naughtily. 

"We're never doing that it again!", Kao said sternly.

Later that night, when they were tucked away in the bed spooning each other. Pete asked,

"Are you okay Babe?", he was rubbing circles on Kao's waist.


"Maybe we can try some other positions next time."

"If you mention that again, I'll make you sleep on the sofa for a month straight."

Pete chuckled lowly, "I'm kidding babe."

"Because of you damn horniness, I was stuck with a cramp. It fucking hurts okay?"

"I'm sorry naaa..", Pete kissed the back of his ear.


The day of dance arrived before they knew it. Kao had left early as he was one of the coordinators that day and his husband was going to follow when the party was in full swing. 

The hottest couple of the the night was announced and people were busy gushing over them till a handsome man descended down the the stairs. The girls wanted to rush to him but they saw the band on his hand and some who tried were immediately rejected. 

The guy didn't talk to anyone, he just stood at the punch counter drinking the slightly spike punch and eating the snacks. His navy blue suit hugged him at right places making him emit an aura of power. His eyes finally found the person he was looking for and they turned dark at the scene.

Kao was across the room being pesterd by a kid for a dance. 

"Babe, may I have this dance with you?", Pete asked smirking making the kid startle a little.

"Pete!", Kao was flustered.

"What? Can I not call my husband babe?"

"We are at my workplace."

"They are kids."

Kao sighed but reluctantly agreed. 

That night there were two couples who had the spotlight, one was the student couple who had won the award and second was the husbands.