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every breath we drew was hallelujah

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"Your Majesty, breakfast is ready" One of Dazai's maids, Naomi probably, snapped him out of his reverie.

"I'll go right away." Having to take care of an entire kingdom gave him a headache. Couldn't he just leave all the work to Kunikida? That was probably not a good idea, the blonde's screams would only increase his migraine.

Saving the paperwork for later, he went to the dining room to have breakfast, he deserved a break.

But a certain melody stopped him.

Someone was using the ballroom.

"You are doing horribly wrong." A terribly familiar hoarse voice caught his attention.

It was Akutagawa Ryuunosuke, his right hand man and one of his best soldiers. He had been married a few months ago, leaving his position to settle down properly.

Dazai was very intrigued. He hadn't met the husband of that man and the truth was that he was curious to know how would be the person who agreed to marry such a nice man.

"I'm sorry ..." He replied a sweet voice that only increased Osamu's desire to know who owned him.

And curiosity killed the cat.

Lit by the sun peeking through the windows, was a creature that appeared to be an angel sent from heaven itself.

The angelic being wore a sheer white robe that matched his long white hair. His sunset eyes sparkled the same way as his wedding ring.

So that was the man who captivated the grumpy Ryuunosuke. He couldn't really be surprised, the beauty of him took even Dazai's breath away.

In contrast, his husband was dressed in black from head to toe, his face could also be considered beautiful if he didn't always have a frown and Osamu had a hard time understanding how such a wonderful creature had married a rabid dog like Akutagawa.

"Dazai-san!" Ah. Talking about the devil.

His subordinate seemed to noticed his arrival, putting all his attention on the brunette as if God himself had come down to earth.

Osamu could not help but fixate on the disappointed look of the beautiful young man who accompanied him when he was removed from the attention of his husband.

"Ah, Akutagawa-kun what a surprise. Who is the lovely young lady? A new maid?" Dazai was joking with the youngest ones, he wanted to confirm something.

And, as he expected, the dark haired man illuminated expression turned grim. Not a drop of love peeked out of those eyes cold as the steel of his sword.

The handsome albino seemed to want to say something, but a scathing look from his husband silenced him.

"My apologies, Your Majesty. Allow me to introduce Nak ...- Akutagawa Atsushi."

Atsushi, what a fitting name. Compassionate warrior. He could see the fire burning in those sunset eyes, waiting to burn everything in its path.

Osamu wanted nothing more than to watch it burn.

"Nice to finally meet you, Atsushi-kun." He take the delicate-looking but calloused hand from hard work and kiss it. The shorter man flushed beautifully while his husband flushed with anger.

"The pleasure is mine, Your Highness." He removed his hand from the brunette's lips and bowed awkwardly. Cute.

"Do you need anything, my Lord? We are practicing for the Spring Dance, but I can help you." An urgent Akutagawa volunteered, desperately seeking Dazai's approval not caring for the sadness in his husband's eyes.

"How nice of you Akutagawa-kun, but I don't want to interrupt your adorable wedding dance." He said goodbye to the raven's disappointment and the albino's relief.

Curious, curious.

And maybe the cat died out of curiosity, but in the end he got the cream.


For a while he didn't cross paths with the beautiful young man, but that did not stop him from seeking more information about that man.

Nakajima Atsushi, 22 years old, slave and orphan.

His family sold him to pay they debt and the young man entered the Akutagawa house as a servant until Ryuunosuke fell in love with him at first sight, his feelings were reciprocated and they were married.

That information was bullshit.

What really happened was that the young and inpetuous Akutagawa had gotten drunk and slept with that servant and, to cover him, his family forced them to marry. It was obvious that the albino did love him, but the raven probably just desire him.

What a waste.

If Dazai found him first, he would treat him like the delicate creature that he was, a human being so beautiful that he seemed sent from heaven itself to care for and love him to his last breath. It was a pity that he was married.

If he were only in couple, he wouldn't mind ruining a beautiful relationship, but the marriage was different. "You shall not covet your neighbor's wife, and blah blah blah." Or something like that. Although Nakajima wasn't exactly a woman ...

Still, as beautiful as he was, Osamu didn't feel like going against his God. He was quite small and tantrum without the brunette doing anything, he had no need to anger him even more.

And, with that conviction, he headed for the springs.

It was night, spring was approaching, and the weather was warm and pleasant for a swim in the light of the full moon. So late at night, he didn't think there would be anyone in that place.

He was wrong.

Shining in the whitish light, like an angel on earth, was Nakajima himself.

His hair shine like silver as delicate drops trickled down his slim back and delicate waist.

But when their eyes met his, Dazai forgot how to breathe.

He never seen such pain in such beautiful eyes.

Sinking into the water, Osamu thought that after all, no one had ever taught him not to take what was not his.

"Love me even though it's a lie." That young man whispered painfully and Dazai did not let go of him until the sun rose over the horizon observing that sinful act among those transgressors.

If it was because of the albino in his arms, Osamu didn't mind taking the forbidden fruit. Nothing in the world was worth as much as those painful sunset eyes.


Dazai didn't like mistakes. He never made mistakes.

So when he was reunited with albino, it bothered him that their sweet night together was called a 'mistake'.

He could understand that it was not for Osamu himself, at the end of the day it could have been anyone else who gave love to Nakajima. He was so desperate to be loved that he would give his all for a loving word of lie that his husband did not provide.

Even so...

He tasted of the apple and could not return to the state of blissful ignorance. He wanted more. He needed more.

And fortunately, it was the albino who came desperately into his arms.

"I'm pregnant." And it is not from my husband, it was not said but it pleased Osamu.

Now he should just get rid of a little mistake ...


Akutagawa was an excellent soldier. Too bad he wasn't an excellent husband too.

For the past few weeks, Atsushi was extremely nervous. He tensed every time he touched him lightly and he almost burst into tears when he told him that he loved him before he went to war.

Akutagawa knew that he was not a good husband, but he hoped that at the end of this war he would be able to withdraw and settle down with his husband. Maybe start a little family, have some crops, chickens, a couple of cats.

And maybe that would have happened if he had been a good husband. If he hadn't pushed his husband into the arms of another man. A man who commanded him to the front lines.

To die.

'God, let my blood punish my killers, but don't hurt Atsushi any more.' It was the last thought of him.

Akutagawa had not been a good husband. And when he wanted to be, it was too late.


King Dazai's wedding was splendid, and the groom extremely handsome. No human being born and unborn was equal to Atsushi Dazai.

He would look even more charming if he smiled but Osamu knew him would get over it soon. He would give all his love, care and affection to that young man until he forgot to have loved Akutagawa Ryuunosuke.

The Kingdom celebrated for several days the soon birth of the baby of the Kings and all was peace until the prophet of God appeared to Osamu.

"You know that you have sinned." Kouyou looked at him heartlessly.

"I know and I am prepared for any punishment." Even death didn't seem so terrible after tasting the fruit of love.

"Now your whole reign will be violent and restless, you will have no peace in your whole life." The beautiful woman began and Dazai already guessed it. He was prepared for everything that little God wanted to send him.

"That is all?" He ask at the long and heavy silence of the woman.

"You have impregnated a married man only to murder his husband. That innocent blood will not go unpunished." Ozaki looked at him with pity for a few seconds and Osamu was scared. "You will not die, certainly that would not be a punishment for you. But the unborn girl will."

And he left along with Dazai's happiness.


Seven days. Seven days earlier, his little Masako had been born after a long and painful labor.

In all those days Dazai had not come to see her. Instead, he withdrew from her in solitude praying and fasting for the life of that little girl.

"Your Majesty, your little daughter ..."

But it was in vain.

Getting up, he ate, bathed, and was reunited with his desolate husband. He cried all this time so that his little daughter could live, now that she had died there was no point in praying anymore.

He had a kingdom to care for and a husband to love.