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Draken’s lips sealed against Mikey’s neck, teeth nipping at the sensitive flesh right below his ear. It made Mikey arch and Draken was rewarded with a mewl. “Happy birthday, Mikey,” he said, one hand tenderly caressing the other side of the guy’s neck. The hand kept him close as rough kisses trailed down from his ear and to his shoulder blades. 

Mikey felt light-headed. His body became loose like putty in his hands as he was coming unraveled. These new sensations and emotions conquered his thoughts and reduced him to a blubbering mess.

His lips parted in an ‘o’, back arching up, hips grinding into Draken’s body. Tense fingers curled into claws on Draken’s back, scraping over hard muscle. A low grunt fell from the boy’s lips, stifled by the neck he was bruising. Selfishness consumed him, as he committed to possessively claim his friend because it finally seemed right. Nothing was tying them down or deterring them from loving one another.

But things had changed. They both knew it, and they were both too afraid to address it. Things went unsaid and fights weren’t discussed. Emotions were festering, and Mikey lulled Draken into the sense that the insatiable encounters they had every other month made the headache worth it. He wasn’t about to leave him, they both knew it. If Draken thought too hard, he could see the pity in Mikey’s eyes every time they parted ways, promises of “next time” and “I’m not sure” holding him like a vice.

He was weak as hell, doing what he could to bring Mikey back to him. Mikey reveled in it. The attention was addictive, despite it making him sick in the end. The school year was coming to a close, desperation was flooding each day they spent together and Mikey was taking advantage. Each one had their own selfish reasons for faking normalcy.

Draken hadn’t missed a birthday since they first met. Going out of his way to provide Mikey with some way to celebrate each year. But each year got worse and the pair grew more detached, with Mikey all but refusing the kind gestures.

Draken repeated himself, “Happy birthday Mikey.” Did Mikey even understand him the first time?

“You too.”

“You too?”

“Ugh, what? What are you saying, Ken-chin-“

“You just replied ‘you too’ when I said, ‘happy birthday.’”

“Oh… really?”

“Oh my god… I think I broke him.”

“Wait, what? Shut up.”

Draken peppered hickeys across the boy’s collarbone, alternating between tender, feather light touches and rough pinches with his teeth. 

“What’s. Two. Plus. Two,” a kiss punctuating each word. “Quickly,” he added with a playful tone. But he wasn’t going to make it an easy question to answer. Mikey moaned as Draken lifted his left leg, changing the angle to grind against him. He wanted Mikey to feel how hard he was, teasing him for the fun of it, knowing the boy was drunk off of him. 


Draken paused, taken back by his friend’s answer. Teeth bit into his bottom lip, trying to stifle a cackle, but he couldn’t help himself. He dropped his head on to Mikey’s chest to muffle a laugh, shaking his head. “What?”

“What?!” Mikey cried. His plump pink lips turned down in a pout. 

“Two plus two is twenty-two? Maybe we should stop. At this rate, you won’t pass next semester. I can’t have you getting held back.” 

“What the hell?” 

Draken shrugged, shifting to push their foreheads together. “Hinata could always tutor you. Can’t have you failing, maybe we should wait some more?” Draken proposed, using sex as an incentive, doing his own manipulation by dragging their sexual relationship out for almost three years.

“That’s not fucking fair? We’ve been waiting for so long. I’m tired of being a virgin!” Mikey’s lips pinched down at the corners, red cheeks puffing up in the most childish display of frustration. His eyes narrowed, trying to see if he could telepathically strangle the blond, but as it turns out, he still doesn’t have the super powers he wished for. 

“What’s bad about being a virgin? There’s no need to rush.”

“But we aren’t rushing?”

“I tried to lose my virginity in 1st year… but the ladies at the massage parlor gave me advice that I’m very grateful for. They said, ‘Sex is better with someone you care for. If you rush… it may disappoint you.’ They told me to build a healthy relationship with sex. I could see it in their eyes, they were being genuine and speaking from the heart.”

The boy still respected his friend despite all their fucked up issues. Their eyes met as he struggled to convey his trepidations. Then he realized he shouldn’t be treating this like he would if he was begging Draken to give him a snack, or to drive him around the city at 3am. If it was anyone else, Draken wouldn’t give a fuck, neither would Mikey. But they aren’t just “anyone” to the other. If they were going to blur the boundaries of friendship, they wanted it to be the right time. 

Mikey’s face relaxed. The spoiled rotten tone left his voice. “I love you, Ken-chin… And I’m not just saying that to get you to fuck me,” he said with confidence disguising the partial lie. “I’ve always loved you… I just didn’t realize in what way until later. I repressed it for so long, for the sake of… O-of.” But Mikey couldn’t finish speaking the name. He threw his arm over his eyes and groaned.

Since when did faking remorse get so difficult?

“Hey, I understand you. Don’t talk if you don’t want to. We’ve already discussed this a thousand times. The agreement is to be happy because that’s the life she’d want for us.”

Mikey gave a nod, sighing as he gazed at the unfamiliar ceiling. His friend was right. They’d talked about it and decided feeling shame wouldn’t help them heal and move forward. The pair waited out of respect for their loved one, Emma.

“Okay, come on, get dressed,” said Draken, moving off of Mikey to stand up. “Surprise, we’re going out to eat.”

“Is this a date?” asked the birthday boy with a tilt of his head. 

“Mm no, just a birthday celebration… Oh yeah, and the guys are going to meet us there.”

The blond pouted, sitting up to swing his legs over the edge of the queen bed. The hotel was nice, and they had an excellent view. He looked out the window to see a violet sky; the sun posed to sink behind large buildings that formed the skyline. To be honest, the last thing he wanted to do was leave this building. He didn’t want to go.

He’s been avoiding the former gang members of Toman for the previous few years, constantly finding excuses to explain why. However, he remained in contact with Draken and Mitsuya, since the two were close. He attempted to create distance between Mitsuya, but the Twin Dragons’ matching tattoos must have created some type of blood bond between the them. 

Mikey stood up and headed to the window, pressing his hands on the cool glass. His eyes looked down at the street below, people watching as his mind thought of how to brat his way out of this dinner. He could try to be upfront with Draken, because his former right hand would listen if he was blunt about it. But that could fuck up their night. The dinner was supposed to be the highlight of the surprise birthday plans, along with the hotel room, of course. Apparently, the boys were asking for him, but just too weary to press any. They’d slowly given up over the course of a year, no longer bothering. But Draken was persistent, trying to mend things with help from Mitsuya.

“I just want to order something and stay in.”

“What? Mikey, the dinner-”

“Don’t feel like it. What should we order?” he inquired, turning around on his heel to give Draken a childlike smile.

“If we don’t go out, it won’t seem like your birthday. Angry and Hakkai were looking forward to this… but it is your day. If it’s what you want, then I’ll-“

“It’s what I want,” Mikey said, shutting down the discussion with a heavy tone. 

The teenager relented with a shrug of his shoulders and scratched his temple. Now what?

He moved to the side table to pick up his flip phone, he opened it to send a quick text, “no celebration 4 bday 2nite, sry ttyl.” Damn, he’d have to mend the group later. There’s a chance they’ll end up giving up after tonight, but there’s a chance that’s exactly what Mikey would want. His connection to his ex-underlings was almost non-existent. If it wasn’t for their photographs, one could question if they were ever close at all. Tonight seemed like a perfect time to reconnect, but Mikey was dead-set on remaining distant until they planned to open the capsule. 

Mikey’s eyes softened, repressing the feeling of guilt so that he wouldn’t become vexed. Fuck them. They weren’t needed in his future. Better people were surrounding him now, people that were pushing him to accomplish new goals. Well, once he figures out what these goals were. What he knew, is that they didn’t have it in them to handle the shit he was moving into. They’d be a hindrance. He didn’t need any emotional liabilities that could compromise his mental state anymore.

Mikey met eyes with Draken in the window's reflection. Even from here, he could tell it ticked the boy off. One side of Draken’s lips pulled up, nose wrinkled, and his eyebrows drew simultaneously in a scowl like he was about to bark and growl or some shit. The short blond turned around to press his back to the window, turning from the lights of the night and sounds of people probably heading to dinner. He wished to enjoy what he already had right here. There was nothing outside this hotel suite that could fulfill him quite the same. 

His lips curved up in a devilish smirk, eyes roaming over Draken’s frame. The blond was ideal. Tall with broad shoulders, a lean build with firm muscles, and a beautiful jawline that deserved to be kissed. Mikey’s favorite look was when his abs covered with sweat and blood. He looked so fucking hot and deadly. But in a comforting way because he knew he could command and direct the violence he’s capable of. He owned Draken in a manner that felt like an inseparable bond. When he was younger, he believed they were soulmates. Maybe that’s true. But ultimately he loves Draken because of the way he’s like a killer dog on a leash, so loving and loyal. A loaded pistol at his side, efficient in protecting his life, ready for him with a pull of a trigger. 

Mikey loved him still. He loved him so fucking much. Maybe it is true. That they are soulmates. 

He battled over the past few years, pulling him along, uncertain if he’s prepared to risk Draken’s life for his selfish gang shit. Takemichi said he ended up on death row in two of his futures. The correlation that linked the two timelines was that Draken followed Mikey into an irredeemable life. 

Death row. There was no escaping it, and no predicting what will cause it. Takemichi never elaborated. How the hell was Mikey supposed to prevent him from that fate? So, maybe Mikey loved him too much and couldn’t force him into a glorified bodyguard or hitman. 

He took a step forward, then another one, making his way over to the bed. He climbed up, opposite the side of where Draken was standing next to the night stand. The blond arched his back as he slowly crawled towards his absolute best friend. The one he entrusted his body, heart, and soul with. 

Draken stared down at him, face blank and unreadable. Was he still pissed that Mikey was being a shitty excuse for a friend? The teenager raised up on to his knees, fingers curling into a fist as he clutched on to Draken’s buttoned shirt and tugged him down for a kiss. 

It was slow at first, just testing to see if there was anger hiding behind that steady glare. There was no resistance, and his lips were relaxed and careful. Mikey titled his head to deepen it, feeling confidence in his chest. The teen’s hands rested on Draken’s chest, fingers slowly undoing his buttons. He felt a large hand, with rough calluses, cup the sides of his neck, thumbs tickling his jaw with feather light strokes. He couldn’t help but smile against Draken’s lips, but that quickly caused things to go south as the hands on his neck tightened and pushed space between them. 

“What the hell, Mikey stop distracting me! This is how you want the night to go? Fuck our friends right- Do you even still call them friends?”

“Yeah, fuck our friends,” he mumbled, pressing forward again to ghost his lips on to Draken’s exposed collarbone as he finished undoing his button down. 

“You- You know that’s not what I meant. What happened to the considerate Mikey that we loved so much? The guy who’d break the speed limit just to go hanging out at 3am on a playground?”

“He’s where Toman went. Into the dirt,” Mikey said smoothly as he pushed the button down and the oversize black and white cardigan off his friend’s shoulder.

“What happened to that unconditional love? Wasn’t that a promise between us- for better or for worse… You’ve changed. They all talk about it.”

“You think I give a fuck? Shit is dead, but that’s okay. I still have you, and I’ll see them at the shrine in a few years. They’ll get over cancelled dinner plans.”

Draken’s jaw tightened. “You know what- No peeking, close your eyes,” he called, before he stepped away from Mikey to walk to the tiny hotel fridge. He bent down and opened it, using his body to conceal the contents inside.

Mikey obeyed, placing both palms over his eyes as he shifted to sit on the bed with his legs crossed. 

“Okay, open them.”

In front of him, Draken was holding the cutest little cake. It was white with strawberries along the bottom. On top sat a Manji made of gold icing and it read, “Happy Birthday Mikey!” And beneath in smaller print, “under the heavens…”

“Make a wish, or don’t.”

Their eyes met as Mikey swiftly leaned in to blow the puny flame flickering on top of the elegant gold candle. 

“… dude, did you even make a wish? You can’t blow it out that quickly, dumbass!” 

“You gave me the option not to make a wish. Plus, I don’t need a cake to make wishes. I make shit happen for myself.”

“You’re such a pain. The guys all got their money together to buy this! Do you even care-”

“Can I have a slice?”

Draken paused, mouth hanging open after he was cut off. He huffed, turning to set the cake down next to a lighter, a knife, and a set of plates. 

“They were planning to come over and eat the cake with us,” said Draken in a subdued tone, cutting two big slices to place on a pair of plates. He walked over with forks and napkins and sat down on the bed with his friend before giving him his piece. “But fuck them, right?” He grumbled as he took a bite. “It’s been a few years… But they’ll always care about you.”

Mikey didn’t respond, not knowing how to be honest without ruining the night. He quietly ate his slice of cake, eyes concentrating on carefully picking up each bite with his fork. There wasn’t much he wanted to say. The tension between them swelled as the silence dragged out. Neither one knew how to approach the other. 

Draken didn’t want to drop the subject, nor did he want to spoil this chance with Mikey. And Mikey didn’t want to drop the subject because he knew it would piss off Draken. To ease the hostility, Mikey took the initiative to put their plates up. He received a tight thank you and nothing else. Afterwards, the shorter blond went to lie down on the bed, his eyes focusing on the textured pattern of the ceiling, while he thought of a way to get Draken horny again. 

But the shrill ringtones of their phones broke the silence. Their eyes snapped to each other before they moved in unison to pick up the devices next to them. Both of them frowned at their phones, knowing the other was getting called for the same reason. 

Mikey pressed his finger on the power button to turn it off immediately. Draken simply snapped his phone closed before laying it down. 

But the sound of his ringtone kept going off, and when it did, it was replaced with vibrations, signifying he was being bombarded with text messages. He cursed under his breath, wondering if the group considered he had to pay per text. “Ken-chin, turn it off. It’s annoying me.”

“Well answer them, they’re calling for you.”

Mikey glared and rolled to snatch the phone from his hand. He swiftly held the button and silenced his friend’s phone. Draken pounced on him, grabbing the smaller boy’s left wrist down on to the bed in a firm grasp, forcing him to let go of the phone. 

“It’s my birthday, Ken-chin. Let it go. You guys are making this into a big fucking deal.”

“I understand it’s your birthday, but there’s still a way you should treat people, Mikey. Using your birthday as an excuse is a pathetic, cheap way to avoid reflecting on how you act. You’re such a fucking brat! I don’t know how such a shrimpy kid like you ended up like this. Your friends gave everything to you, and you pushed them aside like trash!” Yelled Draken as he held Mikey down into the bed with a hand around his throat. He pressed his weight onto the boy’s torso, holding him down. “Say something!”

Mikey gave a little cough at the pressure on his windpipe, but he cracked a smirk as he shifted his hips to roll against Draken. The teen’s eyes widened as he felt the hard press of Mikey’s dick on his ass. “Takemitchy would hate to see you being rough with the b-day boy.”

”Stop acting like you care.”

“H-Hit me,” Mikey hissed out. “You’re pissed off right?”

“What? You’re insane.” Draken said, grip loosening. 

“If you’re so mad fucking hit me.”

Draken tightened his grip once again, pulling his left arm back, fist forming before he slammed it down into a punch. Mikey’s eyes hardened in a challenge, and he didn’t fucking flinch as a fist was buried into the mattress next to his ear. He couldn’t do it, he couldn’t punch Mikey. His jaw clenched before he did it once more, harder. “You’re so fucking stubborn.”

“You love it. You’re my bitch, admit it.”

With that Draken punched him, the sound of skin hitting tender bone sounded in the room, all the frustration of the night powering it. Mikey let out a grunt as his cheekbone and nose crunched, taking the brunt of the hit.

“Go to the shower,” Draken spit as he climbed off of his friend, if he could even call him that. “I’m tired of this, let’s just get it over with I want to go home.”

Mikey starred in a state of disarray, blood dripping from his nostril. He stumbled up from the bed before he hastily striped out of his clothes, never breaking eye contact with the other. Fully exposed, he walked past Draken with his chin held high, brushing their arms together. Draken let out a breath he didn’t realize he had been holding once he heard the shower start. He groaned, throwing his arms down in frustration.

The door is right there. Nothing to stop him. If he had any self-respect, he would walk out right now. Mitsuya, Chifuyu, Angry, and the rest would side with him and understand why he cut Mikey off. Despite the way Mikey would get a detached, dead look in his eyes, there were still moments where he’d smile, and everything would feel okay. How did their lives end up this way?

That day Takemichi forced them to talk outside of his apartment really stuck with Draken. Maybe it stuck too well. He never wanted to be in that mess again. There was value in forgiving and forgetting for the sake of preserving a friendship. Especially one like theirs. Everyone is capable of love in some capacity. But love is rare to find, and rarer still to find a love so deep. 

He debated if he should demean himself to one so selfish. He understood the relationship was souring, and it terrified him. But the alternative option, to end it all, seemed so much worse. Shit. He cursed under his breath, hastily shoving his pants down in a rush before heading to the bathroom, feeling shame wash over himself.

The hot water had already caused condensation on the mirrors by the time Mikey heard Draken enter the bathroom. He wasn’t nervous, just annoyed and a little anxious to face his friend. He decided ‘fuck an apology’, it was time to kill off this childhood friendship.

As the shower door opened, it surprised him to see a look of defeat on Draken’s face. He was expecting burning anger still. But Draken never had it in him to be mad for long. He had been tamed. The taller boy crowded him, forcing him to make room in the shower.

At this moment, Mikey hated their height difference. It was intimidating, the way Draken overshadowed him in the small space. This wasn’t the same as a bathhouse. No, this was completely different because Mikey’s dick was hard, but the tall blond ignored its presence against his thigh. 

How was he being so calm and collected? 

Reaching up on tip-toes, the shorter blond tried to place a kiss on Draken’s cheek, but he wasn’t being met halfway. Instead, he pressed clumsy lips onto the base of his neck. Draken snorted, watching the shorter of the two struggle.

“Turn around,” said Draken, speaking low as he pushed the blond into the bathroom wall. Mikey’s chest felt cold and uncomfortable pressed against the cool tile. He shivered as he felt the hands gripping the side of his ribs slowly slid down to brush over his hipbone. “You’ve been playing with yourself?” Asked Draken. 

Mikey gave a nod as he pressed his forehead against the wall, trying to focus on the warm water on his skin. 

“Good, spread your legs,” Draken commanded, nudging his friend’s feet with his own. He obeyed without a word, arching his back swaying his hips from side to side. He smacked the blond’s ass. A little grunt resonated off of bathroom walls. Before Mikey had time to react, he felt warm fingers slip between his cheeks, a finger sliding into his body with no resistance. His face felt hot, eyes squeezed closed at the sensation. He added another finger and gave the blond no time to focus. Draken hovered over his friend, watching to make sure he was okay as he moved his fingers. He licked his lips before bending down to place a kiss on Mikey’s shoulder.

“You’re wet. Did you get ready before you came here?”

Mikey nodded, fingers curling into the tile of the shower. “Y-Yeah I used a lot of lube. Fuck me now, I didn’t want to wait,” he said, avoiding eye contact. 

“That’s not how this works, be patient.”

Mikey rolled his eyes, pouting his lips out to blow hair out of his face in a huff. His hips pushed back against his friend’s hands, trying to get him deeper. It wasn’t a new feeling. Much to his embarrassment, Draken suggested he explored what he liked on his own when he first asked his friend about sex advice. For a teenager, Draken was knowledgeable, but he supposed it could be because of his upbringing. Feeling someone else touching him was a completely unique experience. Now he felt like he could never satisfy this craving on his own. 

Right when he going to demand more, Draken pulled away from him. The only touch was a hand lingering at his ass, fingers kneading the what little ass Mikey actually had. The water was shut off before he could protest and Draken left the shower, snatching a towel to dry off before passing it to Mikey. 

His cheeks became hot as he gave his body to Draken, letting his friend guide him out of the bathroom. Mikey was picked up under his arms and placed down on the edge of the bed with great care. They shared an easy kiss, lips lingering together before separating, Draken sinking to the floor. He felt those same lips on his upper thighs, finding their way back to familiar scars etched into his skin. There were no fresh marks of red, just faded shadows of struggles passed. It brought back memories of when things were a little different, and they talked more and shared more. Back when it wasn’t two kids struggling, entangled in a toxic relationship after they grew up way too fast and weren’t able to cope fast enough.

Draken continued to caress him around his scars, settling in between pale thighs. The teen watched in awe, as his dick swallowed down the blond’s throat. The feeling was wet, and his spine tingled as a powerful tongue pressed against the head of his dick, swirling around the tip as Draken bobbed his head. Obscene, wet sounds filling the room as Mikey gasped, his hands quickly going to grab the back of Draken’s head. Shit, it’s too early for him to cum. There’s no way the invincible Mikey was going to cum after a five-second blowjob. The hand working the base of his dick, and the hot wet heat sucking in unison, made him see static. 

A string of expletives left his lips as he writhed, but Draken shifted to put Mikey’s right leg over his left shoulder and pressed his hand over his friend’s abs. His fingers spread out, using his strength to effortlessly pin him on the bed. Mikey cried out; Ken-chin’s muscular forearm trapped him down. He felt his orgasm rushing in, but Draken pulled off him, his right-hand tightening at the base of his dick to help bring him back down.

The blond panted, fingers making a mess of the damp blond hair he was desperately clutching, holding on to for dear life. It felt like small jolts of pleasure were still rolling through his body, while he was in a blissful state. A bottle of lube was grabbed from the bedside table, cap flipped open, and a health amount of lube was pressed on to Draken’s fingers. The bottle was tossed on to the bed as a few strokes were given to Mikey’s twitching, leaking dick.

With his friend’s body loosened and relaxed, Draken switched gears to slip two fingers into the his tight ass. He curled them forward, skillfully searching for the sensitive spot that made Mikey’s jaw tighten and his entire body twitch.

A loud gasp was choked out, and an arrogant grin spread across Draken’s face. His large palm pressed back into the teen’s abs, trapping him as fingers stimulated his g-spot, skilled mouth throating his pretty wet cock again. Mikey cried out, head tossed back as his thighs tightened around Draken’s head as he sped up. A third finger was added, scissoring and working him open with skill as time floated by. It was too much, his stomach quivered, trill voice echoing in the room.

“I want to try!” Mikey yelped, forcing himself to break free. It took energy to sit up and push the head away that was driving him to his orgasm way too soon. He was going to play it off, but his flushed pink chest, heaving in and out, betrayed him. Putting on a confident act was pointless. It made his cheeks hot with embarrassment to know he was lying on the bed, hair a wreck, with such wonton sounds leaving his throat while Draken watched him come undone.

Mikey was used to being coddled and spoiled, but he wanted to return the pleasure in some way. But he wanted to treat his friend to similar pleasure.

The large teenager shrugged and laid in the center of the bed, looking like a god among the crisp white comforter. His dick rested heavily on his abs, looking painfully hard and so fucking delicious. How was his dick so proportional to the rest of his body? It made sense, but damn. Mikey chewed his lip, understanding this is why Draken suggested he practice at home. He crawled after him, dropping on his stomach to rest over his partner’s thighs. Gently, timid hands grasped the dick that had been his subject of all his wet dreams. A pink tongue ran soft licks up his shaft, admiring how it curved. From his understanding, a curve was good.

Carefully, both his hands stroked his thick cock, experimenting and thinking back to what he knew felt good on himself. But Draken used his mouth, so fuck it, he would too. A velvety soft tongue continued licking up his shift before pink plush lips circled around his tip. He already knew it wasn’t fitting down his throat.

“It’s okay, don’t worry about it. Maybe you can try again later?”

“What?” Mikey asked, looking a little offended. His mouth hung open in shock at the audacity.

Draken looked bored and gave a shrug. “Get on top,” he uttered, heavy eyes looking at Mikey, thumb gently caressing his cheek, trying to sooth him. 

“O-Okay, want me to ride you?” he asked, enthusiastically throw his leg onto the other side of his friend to straddle him. All he got was a curt nod. It made him self-conscious. Fuck, things were going downhill. He took a deep breath, watching as his friend got the lube to rub over his thick length. Doubt crept into his mind before returning to the present by a pair of hands wrapping around his waist, encouraging him to lift his hips.

He helped Draken by holding his dick, rocking back on to it.

“I-It’s not going in,” Mikey grumbled, lips pouting in frustration. 

“What do you mean, just move down on it? Wait, let me hold it for you,” Draken said, trying his best to assist his friend. “Wait, get on to your feet and squ- Yeah, like that.” A pair of hands pressed into his abs, as Mikey tried to steady himself.

“It isn’t working!”

“It’s right there! You’re just tensing up.”

“How do I un-tense then, since you know everything!”

“Let’s just change positions, this is too advanced for you.” Before the blond could ask him what the fuck he meant by that, he got lifted off the bed. Pale legs instinctively wrapped around a long torso, arms bracing by tightening around his friend’s neck so that he wouldn’t get dropped.

The edge of the bed seemed like a parlous place, and to make it worse, a fluffy pillow was placed down for him. It was awkward getting into position, but gentle hands guided him and helped him to lie back. Ass exposed and presented. Draken licked his lips, not being able to help himself as he leaned down and spread his partner’s ass. A flat tongue pressed across his hole in a slow lick, and then another one. Mikey’s eyes widened, hands gripping the bedsheets at his sides. “Fuck,” he whined.

“Are you ready?” asked Draken as he gave his dick a few long, slow strokes, making sure there would be plenty of lube to help. Mikey gazed up at his friend, eyes cloudy and full of bliss. All he could manage was a nod and a wiggle of his hips. Having a pillow under the small of his back was a little weird, and the angle seemed pointless, but he understood his partner wouldn’t have suggested it if it were pointless. 

“I want to hear you, Manjiro.”

“Please, fuck me Ken-chin,” he whined out, reaching his left hand out, making needy grasping motions. Mikey’s hand was met with another, fingers tangling together as Draken pushed it into the mattress above his head. He lined himself up and as he slowly pushed in, two soft groans filled the air. The tall blond was hypnotized by the way Mikey’s body opened up for him. His eyes drank in the sight before him, like a man starved of water seeking substance in anything else to keep him alive. Pale legs, made of lean muscle, spread for him and only him. Mikey’s picturesque dick, still shining from his spit, resting in the curves of his abs. Fuck, he was hot. 

“W-What were we fighting about?” Draken asked, taking a steady breath as he pushed into the tight heat. 

“I don’t know… I forgot. Do you remember?” Mikey replied, his voice raised half a pitch higher. He felt weightless, like he was having an out-of-body experience. Draken felt so good, better than all of the wet dreams he’s had, and better than those lonely nights he spent imagining this moment. But as he pressed in more, he started to feel fuller. Mind wondering how he could possibly take it all to the base. His dick could barely fit down his throat for a blowjob, it was so fucking embarrassing, but Draken claimed he could. Whispering sweet, filthy encouragements with every inch.

“No, I forgot too.” It was a lie. He doesn’t think he’ll ever forget the bullshit that Mikey does, but to save their relationship and this night, he’d swallow his emotions. 

Mikey’s face scrunched up, a high sound falling off of his lips. It was like his body was made for Draken, everything felt perfect as he took his dick so well. But it burned as Draken pulled out, and Mikey dug his nails into the back of the hand that he was holding. “Deeper, more Ken-chin.”

Mikey cried out, holding on to Draken as the feeling in his stomach tightened. The sensation went through his body like tingling waves, stimulating his nerves to the core. All he could hear was his moans, and the sound of the bed hitting the wall in a steady but frantic rhythm. 

“H-Hit me again.”



“J-Just let me adore you for one fucking second. Please,” he hissed, “Don’t even think about talking back.”

“Look at me, Manjiro,” Draken moaned, his fingers tightening with Mikey’s hand.

Their eyes connected, and he was all Mikey could see. He encompassed him, their noses touching as time seemed to slow down. Fuck, Mikey loved him. He felt an otherworldly feeling clinching his heart as he realized this was his fucking soulmate. This fucking tall ass blond, with the cool dragon tattoo, one of the baddest motherfucker he’s ever known. It hurt. 

His lip quivered, and he felt his eyes tingling before tears fell. He tried his hardest to keep it in, but his body quivered from the lust and the love consuming him. And another one, and he was full-on crying, a pained, lovesick expression on his face that said so much. His raw throat cracked in a moan mixed into a soul aching sob. 

Draken understood. He understood like he does most of the time, but not all the time. In this moment, he felt like he knew his friend, again. Like… actually fucking knew him. But he had to face it. He is suspecting that the end was rushing at them like their orgasms stirring. The total accumulation of all the heart swelling emotions they’ve built over the years, fixing to come crashing over them… Whatever Mikey was slowly becoming to him: Friend, soulmate, fucking dickhead abusive manipulative pain in the ass, ex-lover. He didn’t want it to end.

From his quirks, to his thoughts, to what he keeps buried in his heart. He still didn’t know it all, because somehow this hard ass teenager protected and hid his trauma so fucking well. But in that moment, he knew, he accepted all the fucking love taking him over completely, drowning him. His body was shaken to its core mentally and emotionally, as he physically felt what it meant to make love to someone. 

As his orgasm ripped through him like a grand finale, he zoned in on the man. Draken surged in, capturing his lips into a bruising kiss. Perfect in every way. Their lips fitting together, tongues in synch, fitting together and it all felt so right. So fucking perfect, it scared the hell out of Mikey. He needed to get out. 

Draken swallowed all of Mikey’s moans, all of his cries, trying to keep him together and here with him with a fervent kiss. Mikey’s dick throbbed between them, covering their abs in cum as Draken kept the angle just right to keep hitting that one spot in such a way it almost felt like torture. But Mikey guesses loving this hard might as well be a new form of torture if it always felt like this. Draken guided him through his orgasm in a way that almost pissed Mikey off; there’s no way he was a virgin. He resolved that he’ll find out and kill however has or will experience this type of fucking from Draken. 

“Fuck, I love you so fucking much,” Draken groaned, voice was shaky as hell. As Mikey came, his body got impossibly tight around his dick and the vice grip made his toes curl. 

Mikey couldn’t help but smile as he felt the boy’s thrusts get harder, more offbeat. The blond’s arm that had Mikey’s left leg hooked over it shifted so that his hand found its way to the teen’s hip. His hand gripped his waist hard, testing Mikey’s flexibility as he worked to drive his dick deeper into the tight, wet heat. 

Mikey’s hand went up to cup Draken’s cheek, a gentle thumb lightly moving to caress his face. Each roll of those powerful hips knocked a sound off of his lips, and he almost felt like he could come again. 

“Come in me,” he said in a high-pitched moan, his right leg tightening around Draken’s waist, pulling his hips flush against his ass. “Please come in me, Ken-chin,” he repeated, whining as his other arm found its way over Draken’s shoulder. His nails dug back into his back, remembering the soft groan the male had let out before. 


Draken cried, face scrunching up as he buried himself deep in Mikey as he fell off the edge to let his pleasure take him. Mikey’s eyes rolled back, teeth biting into his lip as he tried not to smile. But he couldn’t help a soft little moan as he felt the dick throb with his friend’s release.

Draken pulled out, watching the thick cum drip out of Mikey’s ass and onto the sheets. “You look so pretty like that,” he said smirking, a hand giving a few spanks to the back of his thighs.

The room fell back into relative silence as the couple worked to get their breathing under control. Draken rolled to collapse on the bed next to Mikey, chest rising and falling with a light layer of sweat covering his skin. Mikey’s arm fell over his eyes as he gathered his thoughts. What now?

“Were you really a virgin?” he questioned, needing to put an end to their comfort.

Draken didn’t mean to cackle, but the question was unexpected. Why the hell was that Mikey’s first thought? “Want me to tell the truth or lie?”

“Lie to me.”

“I was still a virgin.”

His partner shot up to glower at the blond, wanting to wipe that dumb smirk off of his face. A familiar pressure took hold of his chest. He suspected that his friend had been in a relationship during a few of their rougher periods, so why did he feel like this? Mikey took care not to show any extra emotions than what was necessary. Preventing any hint of heartbreak or betrayal from tainting his voice. “Who was it? I’ll fucking kill them.”

“Whatever, stop trying to pick a fight. So… I kinda want to stay, we ordering food?”

There was no response as the other got up from bed, reached his arms up to stretch. Draken sat up, hand chasing after the tantalizing sight. He ran his fingers down Mikey’s figure, admiring the cute dimples resting at the small of his back and the nonexistent curve of his ass. Damn… who would’ve thought he’d actually miss a flat ass.

Mikey pulled on his clothes and covered his slender waist with an oversized crewneck.

“I have an important meeting tonight, no time.”

“So you really only came here to have sex?” Draken asked, quirking an eyebrow as the short blond moved out of reach to search for his clothes. His hand fell back into his lap, deciding to not give chase.

And here it comes. It always ended like this, and for once, he was hoping it would be different. “Was that always the plan? You could’ve just told me-”

“Would you have agreed if I did, Ken-chin?”

There was an extended pause. Draken’s chin dropped, his eyes focusing on Mikey pulling on his shoes. “You gonna call me in the morning? Or are you going to fuck and leave?” He asked, but he already knew the answer. 

“Want me to tell the truth? Or lie?” Mikey asked, voice bitter and curt. It felt like a verbal spit in the face.

“Thank you for the birthday celebration, Ken-chin,” he said, tossing a hand up in a careless wave, not sparing Draken any more niceties.

With that, he gave up. Mikey avoided those calm eyes as he turned towards the door, snagging his cellphone and keys. He hardened his heart as he moved to leave. Damn, he wanted to shower and scrub his skin raw. He needed to remove the dried tears on his cheeks and the feeling of large hands that linger on his skin. Did he actually cry? This was supposed to end his infatuation with Draken. This was supposed to be closure, a harsh severing of their emotional ties, to erase the years of yearning that impaired his mind and weakened his resolve.

They were soulmates, and he fucking despised it. It drove him to become a worse person, desperately trying to show he was unworthy of this unconditional devotion. To dismantle himself and rebuild into the wicked man, Takemitchy foretold him to be. His descent into the underworld was final. There was no turning back because Bonten will rise to unveil themselves. Those around him were waiting patiently, but there were loose ends. These loose ends were dangerous. He could feel it. A corner of his heart wanted to be selfish. To be absolutely despicable. It wanted to sink its teeth into Draken, who gave him so much, and pull him along. The friend who was delusional and refused to open his eyes to see the vile creature hiding within Mikey. He wanted to consume the poor, desperate bastard and devour him whole.

And Draken was begging to be devoured, not wanting to be forgotten.