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of sour kisses and fluffy ears

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“Jinnie, can I go watch the other stage while you’re here?” Seungmin pulls at the sleeve of Hyunjin’s jacket to get his attention.

It’s Sunday and they’re in the middle of an open field music festival with three different stages all happening at the same time. Seungmin’s been dreaming of going to this concert for almost half a year, the excitement never dying down ever since they bought the tickets. Frankly, Hyunjin wasn’t anywhere near as excited about this as Seungmin was, simply because he doesn’t know any of the groups performing here that well, but he is absolutely unable to say no to his boyfriend, especially when Seungmin starts to wiggle his tail to get what he wants.

So far, the festival has been very enjoyable: they haven’t heard live music in a while, and attending a show like this together is always a great idea.

Now, however, Seungmin wants to go to see a different stage, and he made it clear that he wants to go there alone, which already worries Hyunjin, but he tries not to show it, instead giving Seungmin a quick nod.

Seungmin’s face instantly lights up with a bright smile, ears twitching happily as he leans in to press a kiss to Hyunjin’s cheek. He promises to be careful and says that Hyunjin can call him in case he doesn’t come back after this DAY6 band he loves so much finishes performing, and then he’s on his way, leaving Hyunjin to watch him until he disappears somewhere in the crowd.

Hyunjin sighs, feeling somewhat uneasy about this, but reminds himself that it’s all worth it as long as Seungmin smiles at him like this, yet no matter how hard he tries to switch his attention back to the band currently performing on stage, he can’t help but worry.

Seungmin is a dog hybrid, which isn’t such an uncommon thing in the world anymore, but he is a very curious and friendly guy, and sometimes those qualities lead him to trouble. The problem is, Seungmin usually doesn’t even understand that people are trying to use him, take advantage of how sweet he is, which is the reason why Hyunjin tries to be by his side whenever he can.

Being a dog hybrid, Seungmin is always happy to have Hyunjin with him, unlike Minho, who is very independent and values his alone time more than anything in the world, so, in most cases, it’s not that hard for Hyunjin to keep an eye on his boyfriend. Sometimes, however, he is unable to do so, and on those days Hyunjin only lets himself fully relax once he sees that Seungmin is back home safe and sound.

When Seungmin states that he wants to go somewhere alone, Hyunjin doesn’t press, because he’s learned that on such occasions Seungmin either wants to collect his thoughts in peace or knows that going there with him will make Hyunjin feel bored or even uncomfortable. Throughout the years they’ve been together they managed to establish a system that works like a clock, understanding each other without having to say much, and now Hyunjin simply knows that Seungmin wants to fanboy over DAY6 alone because he doesn’t want to be seen like this.

To Hyunjin, it is a little odd, because he’s seen all sorts of Seungmin’s emotions and, if anything, he finds endearing the unique way Seungmin expresses those, but Seungmin is still sometimes ashamed of his dog instincts that make him “look and act stupid”, as he says.

Hyunjin never stops trying to show Seungmin just how beautiful that is, and they’ve made big progress on that, because now Seungmin isn’t ashamed of how clingy he gets sometimes anymore, and yet they still have a long journey for him to reach the self-acceptance stage.

Despite the itching urge to go after Seungmin to make sure that nothing bad happens, Hyunjin manages to take his feelings under control and instead focuses on the performances happening in front of him. It’s the first time he sees this band, but finds himself enjoying their songs because of the sweet lyrics, and, once their stage is over, Hyunjin applauds so enthusiastically that his palms almost start to hurt.

He walks out of the crowd and quickly checks his phone for any new messages or missed calls from Seungmin, but there is nothing to see, so he guesses that DAY6 aren’t done with their set-list yet and decides to surprise Seungmin by buying him a bunch of colorful lollipops that he’s been eyeing the whole morning.

He chuckles as he imagines Seungmin’s adorable reaction to those, and the old man that is selling lollipops notices it and gives him another one for free, saying that love is a beautiful feeling. Hyunjin thanks him with a polite smile, bowing slightly to show his respect and gratitude, and goes to find a bench where he can wait for his boyfriend to return.

He sends Seungmin a short text telling him where to find that bench, but his message stays unread even half an hour later when Hyunjin gets bored of scrolling through twitter and opens the chat again. It makes him frown, but he pushes his worries away, instead fishing one of the lollipops out of his backpack: a green one that promises him the sour taste of apples.

This lollipop promise seems to be the only fulfilled promise in Hyunjin’s life today: the candy turns out to be so sour that he eventually gives up on finishing it, wincing from the taste as he throws it into the trashcan. Seungmin really loves those, be it sour or disgustingly sweet, and he always gets happy whenever Hyunjin randomly buys those for him – he says that way they taste better than when he buys them himself.

Hyunjin really doubts that, but never dares to argue because arguing with one childishly excited Kim Seungmin feels like a crime. Seungmin’s ears almost never fall down when he’s around Hyunjin, a sign that he loves and enjoys Hyunjin’s company, so getting his boyfriend upset because of something so trivial would really make Hyunjin feel like a criminal.

Hyunjin checks his phone once again, this time noticing that it’s already been two hours since they parted ways, and that makes him start nervously biting his lips. On the one hand, the festival is supposed to last until the very late evening and they were planning to spend the whole day here anyway, so it’s not like he really should be panicking over those two hours, but on the other hand, Seungmin and him have an agreement that in big crowds Seungmin is supposed to keep him updated at least every hour.

It’s not that Hyunjin doesn’t trust his boyfriend, because he has no rights to actually be following Seungmin like a jealous creep, it’s just safer for both of them and, more importantly, it’s what Seungmin himself asked for.

In the beginning of their relationship, when hybrids were only starting to truly assimilate into the human society and were still considered rare, Seungmin’s been through quite a few unpleasant situations simply because Hyunjin wasn’t there to protect him. After that, they established an agreement that whenever Seungmin stays out of sight for a long period of time, he either sends Hyunjin a message or makes a quick call to keep him updated about his surroundings.

So far, it’s been very effective, because now Hyunjin knows where to find him in case something bad happens, and Seungmin isn’t afraid of walking on his own anymore. Right now, however, Seungmin’s silence is becoming more and more disturbing with each passing second, and at some point Hyunjin gives in to that feeling of worry and eventually goes to where the stage that had DAY6 performing is located.

He bumps into some people on his way there, apologizing to each and every one of those, and feels utter confusion once he gets close to the stage and sees that there’s already a different band performing there – just like he predicted earlier. Hyunjin tells himself that it’s all okay, that Seungmin must’ve just got curious to see another band and lost track of time, overwhelmed by all the emotions he experienced today.

However, no matter how much he looks into the crowd, trying to spot a familiar head with brown ears twitching in excitement, Seungmin is nowhere to be seen.

Frowning, Hyunjin starts to think of other places where Seungmin could go after the concert, but nothing comes to mind other than the original entrance: he figures there are no better options anyway and runs there, this time barely paying attention to the people around.

Hyunjin nearly starts laughing in relief when he finally does see Seungmin, who is chatting lively with Felix and Changbin, with Felix clinging onto him like a small fluffy kitten and Changbin looking at both of them fondly.

It is also Changbin who notices Hyunjin’s presence and waves at him, greeting him with a fist bump when Hyunjin walks up to them while Felix gives him a tight hug, complaining for everyone to hear that Hyunjin hasn’t texted him in an entire month. That is actually a lie, but Hyunjin doesn’t pay much attention to it – Felix loves to exaggerate things, so it’s not new to hear stuff like this.

Seungmin blushes when he realizes just how much time has passed and both his ears and tail drop down as he opens his mouth to say something, but Hyunjin doesn’t want him to be worried about anything now, so he starts a conversation with their friends before Seungmin gets to apologize.

“I thought you couldn’t make it to the festival today?” he asks, and Seungmin takes it a sign to keep this talk for later.

It is true: originally, they were planning to attend the festival all together, but then Changbin had to take a few additional shifts due to a complicated situation at work and they thought of selling the tickets, or at least that’s what Changbin told him back then. Felix explains that they did, in fact, have to sell their tickets, but just a few days ago things got back to normal and they decided to proceed with the plan since Changbin really wanted to see some of the bands live.

“We didn’t get a chance to tell you about it,” Felix looks a little guilty as he says that. “It was done in a rush and, well, we thought you both were busy too, since we haven’t properly talked for so long.”

“I bet you just wanted to steal Seung while I wasn’t around to stop you,” Hyunjin jokes, earning himself a smack on the shoulder from Seungmin.

Changbin laughs at that, saying he prefers cat boys more, and this has Felix pouting at him and jokingly telling him to go and fight with Jisung to get himself a true cat boy then. Hyunjin watches in amusement how Changbin stutters for a second but quickly comes up with a witty response, assuring Felix that he doesn’t need to be a cat hybrid to still be the epitome of a cat boy.

He then asks how the pair met with Seungmin and what their plans are for the rest of the evening, doing all the talk for Seungmin, who still looks slightly guilty. The sight pains Hyunjin, so he pulls Seungmin into his embrace and leaves a gentle, discreet kiss on his shoulder as he quietly whispers that everything is okay: after that, Seungmin slowly starts to relax in his arms like butter melting in the sun.

“We bumped into him almost immediately after we got to that stage to watch DAY6,” Felix responds as he lightly pushes Changbin with his elbow to get him talking too instead of just silently admiring the freckles on his face.

“Yeah,” that gets Changbin back to reality. “We were actually expecting to see him there, but I thought you’d come there too, so we only approached him once the performance was over. I’ve got some work to finish before the week starts, so I’m afraid I can’t hang out with you any longer, but I guess Felix can stay, right, Lixie?”

“I would love to,” Felix almost whines to show that he truly means it. “But I already promised to meet up with Chan this evening, and you know how rarely he has free time. But you can tag along if you want to, I’m sure he’ll be happy to see you two!”

Hyunjin smiles at the idea: Chan is like a loving older brother for all of them but they don’t get to meet as often as they’d all like to since Chan seems to always be busy with producing, and when he has those rare days off, the rest of them are usually working instead.

Still, no matter how tempting getting to finally catch up with Chan and have a wholesome evening with friends is, Hyunjin shakes his head and tells Felix that there’s always some other time. Felix looks a little sad upon hearing that, but Hyunjin can feel that Seungmin isn’t enjoying the day anymore and wants to get them both home as soon as possible – Seungmin is clearly in need of reassuring words and warm cuddles along with some sweet kisses, and Hyunjin is more than willing to provide those once they’re alone.

“I could give you a lift then?” Changbin suggests, nodding to his left, where, as Hyunjin guesses, he parked their car.

Though it is the best offer they could possibly get today, Hyunjin doesn’t instantly agree to this, instead looking at Seungmin and wordlessly asking him to make the decision: no matter what, Seungmin’s comfort is always Hyunjin’s first priority.

They took the subway to get here since they don’t have a car of their own yet, and, though Hyunjin recently bought a new motorcycle for himself, Seungmin isn’t a fan of danger and high speed, so he rarely gets on it – and Hyunjin respects that. Now that it’s almost time for people to get off work, however, Hyunjin doesn’t see subway as a good option because despite being very friendly and sociable Seungmin can easily get anxious in a big crowd, especially after such a tiring (in a good way, but still) day that was already packed with lots of people.

“What do you think, Seungmin?” Hyunjin eventually asks in words, because Seungmin doesn’t react, too caught up in his own mind.

“Huh? Oh, right, that would be nice,” Seungmin responds with a small smile, trying to cover up the fact that something bothers him.

Of course, it doesn’t work, not only because Seungmin is a dog hybrid, and dogs are literally unable to hide their bad or good mood, but also because they all know him too well to believe this forced cheerful smile of his. The drive home is mostly silent, with Seungmin hiding his face in the crook of Hyunjin’s neck and Hyunjin gently petting his head right between the ears, and once they get back to the quiet of their shared apartment, Seungmin volunteers to reheat some food for dinner.

Hyunjin can see it clearly that his boyfriend is feeling down because of something, but he knows it well enough that Seungmin needs his time and space, so he doesn’t pressure him into talking right away. After all, he feels a little overwhelmed after the festival as well, so he lets them both have some quiet time as they eat their dinner, but when Seungmin says he’ll also do the dishes, something he usually hates doing, Hyunjin knows that the conversation can’t be pushed for later anymore.

Hyunjin still lets Seungmin get on with the dishes, even helps him put on the pretty green apron that is normally on him because Seungmin prefers to cook, earning a shy smile at that. Three minutes later, however, he walks up to Seungmin and carefully wraps his arms around Seungmin’s waist, making him place the dirty mug back into the sink and pulling him close as he also rests his chin on Seungmin’s shoulder.

A tiny, barely audible sigh slips from Seungmin’s lips at the action and then he places both his hands over Hyunjin’s, a little unsure, hesitant, but that is enough for Hyunjin – even though Seungmin’s hands are wet and cold, the gesture means a lot to him in this situation. He closes the water tap and takes the towel to help Seungmin dry his hands: obviously, he could do it himself, but Hyunjin knows just how much Seungmin likes to be taken care of, how much he loves it when Hyunjin does such little things for him without him asking for it.

“Listen, pup,” Hyunjin begins quietly. “I know it may be hard for you to talk about it, but I think we both understand there is something bothering you right now.”

Seungmin keeps silent for a few moments, but then he nods slowly and blushes, almost making Hyunjin coo at how sweet his boyfriend is. He feels happy that Seungmin trusts him enough to share some of his deep worries or insecurities, glad that they were able to establish a connection like this – it didn’t happen without the effort from both sides, but they do have it now.

“You’re right,” Seungmin admits, looking away, but his ears twitch slightly, giving away his desire to be held.

“Let’s have this conversation on the couch, okay?” Hyunjin asks and takes Seungmin’s hand in his, intertwining their fingers. “We can cuddle as we talk and then I’ll make sure to give you all the kisses in the world if you want me to.”

“Can I have one kiss before that?”

Seungmin looks so innocent and small when he says it that Hyunjin finds himself unable to resist capturing his lips in a slow kiss, with which he tries to convey all the things that can’t be said in words.

When they settle on the couch, with Seungmin resting his head on Hyunjin’s chest and hugging him with both his arms and legs, Hyunjin still chooses to give him some more time and instead asks about the festival. The question is a little dangerous and he knows that it may instantly get Seungmin feeling all guilty again, but Hyunjin also knows that excitement is almost always the prevalent feeling when it comes to Seungmin: he focuses on the good things sooner than he remembers about the bad ones.

His predictions come true once again because Seungmin starts to talk about the performances he liked most and shares his feelings on the bands they saw together as well as on today’s DAY6 performance – Hyunjin is not surprised at all to hear that they were “just incredible, showstopping even”, much like always. Seungmin giggles when he mentions that Wonpil forgot the lyrics for his favorite song and got the crowd sing it for him instead, and he almost fully relaxes when Hyunjin carefully brings up what happened after that stage.

“You just lost track of time, right?” he whispers, rubbing Seungmin’s back in a way that helps him stay calm when he’s nervous.

“Yeah,” Seungmin mumbles into his chest. “I was still high on emotions after the performance and then I saw Lix and Changbin and totally forgot that I was supposed to text you. I’m sorry for always giving in to those stupid dog instincts, Jinnie, I’m so sorry!”

“Hey, hey, what do you mean by that, baby?”

Hyunjin feels utterly confused to hear that, because what he expected was that Seungmin would simply feel bad for worrying him, but it turns out that things are a lot deeper than he thought. Now this is something that’s going to need more work, Hyunjin thinks to himself as he carefully sits up and pulls Seungmin up as well, searching for the answer in his eyes before Seungmin averts his gaze, looking shy all of a sudden.

Hyunjin’s always known that being a part of a human society is difficult for Seungmin and for all other hybrids, and he also always tried to make his life easier, but this is something new for him.

There were times when Seungmin felt utterly ashamed of his dog instincts – like being overly excited about going for a walk or always wanting to cuddle and even being so friendly to everyone, but he never apologized for being who he is before. Hyunjin frowns at that and now it’s him who feels guilty for not noticing it earlier, but then Seungmin lightly presses his index finger between his eyebrows to get rid of that frown and Hyunjin can’t hold back a fond smile.

“I’m so tired of not being able to control those!” Seungmin then whines, burying his face in Hyunjin’s shoulder again. “Because of that, I always bring trouble and worry to you and my friends, and I bet it gets really annoying, but you’re just too kind to point that out. I’m trying to behave like a normal person, but it just doesn’t seem to work!”

Those words make Hyunjin blink in confusion: he’s never thought Seungmin was annoying, not even once, and has no idea why Seungmin’s brain would give him such an idea. Though you can’t control it when your brain decides to play tricks on you, Hyunjin believes there has to be something, even if it’s a tiny thing, that triggers those thoughts, and so he tries to quickly think of a time when he could’ve given Seungmin that impression, but nothing comes to mind.

He keeps slowly rubbing circles on Seungmin’s back and leaves a feather-like kiss between his ears before he decides to ask Seungmin about it.

“What makes you feel this way?” he hopes that the question isn’t overwhelming for Seungmin. “You don’t have to tell me right away, it’s okay if you need some time.”

“Thank you,” Seungmin mumbles, the sound coming out slightly muffled.

Hyunjin just nods, but then realizes that Seungmin can’t see that right now and hums as Seungmin gets a little more comfortable on his shoulder. It’s quiet for a few minutes, and Hyunjin really appreciates the fact that it’s Sunday and they don’t have to rush anywhere, instead having the opportunity to sit down and talk like this.

He can sense that this has been bothering Seungmin for a while now and today’s situation simply served like the last straw that got him to finally voice his feelings, but stays patient despite the strongest urge to get to the core of it and help Seungmin get to his bubbly self again.

Holding Seungmin in his arms like this always feels like the coziest thing in the world for Hyunjin, because Seungmin likes to be the small spoon, likes to feel small, loved and protected, so he always curls up against Hyunjin in a way that allows him to feel like this.

Dog hybrids are perhaps the most common along with cat hybrids, and, while most dog hybrids share the same instincts, they still have their unique personalities just like all humans do. Some people forget about that, generalizing all hybrids and totally ignoring the fact that not all of them love exercising and going on long walks, that not every dog hybrid likes to cuddle for hours on end, and that still remains a big problem in their society.

Hyunjin, like all of his friends, was lucky enough to grow up in a respectful and open-minded environment, so he always treated hybrids as equals and with time learned how to avoid asking personal or sensitive questions. To him, it doesn’t matter that Seungmin is a hybrid, though he obviously can’t hide the fact that he loves Seungmin’s reaction to hearing the word “pup” from him (and, frankly, Seungmin would really resemble a puppy even if he wasn’t a dog hybrid), what matters is what Seungmin likes and dislikes.

Hyunjin knows that Seungmin likes spending time with people he cares about, that he easily gets excited over the things he is into, he knows that Seungmin likes being held as much as he likes sweet languid kisses and late night walks at the river, knows that Seungmin is always craving approval and praise – and that he’s so much more than his instincts. Hyunjin’s learned all that over time and, if he had a chance, he would give Seungmin the whole world, because he loves Seungmin for who he is as well as he enjoys all those things too.

Seungmin doesn’t need the whole world, yet Hyunjin is beyond happy to constantly show him that he deserves it anyway.

“I don’t know,” is what Seungmin eventually says, and if Hyunjin wasn’t so focused on the conversation he’d probably be confused by this. “I sometimes wish I was like Minho, quiet and independent, so that I wouldn’t annoy anyone with my needy side.”

“But I love you,” Hyunjin tells him in a quiet voice, making Seungmin look up at him. “You’re beautiful the way you are, and you’re never, never annoying or bothering me, you hear that? I hoped you knew that from my actions, but I now see that I should’ve also told you that more often, I love every single tiny detail about you, and I’m always happy to go on hours long walks and to cuddle all day because I enjoy that too. I’m not doing this just because you want this, no, pup, I genuinely enjoy it myself.”

“Really?” Seungmin asks, biting his lips nervously as he stares at Hyunjin’s face. “Even... even when it’s three in the morning?”

The question makes Hyunjin laugh fondly: there are times on their days off when Seungmin wakes him up in the middle of the night and wordlessly tugs him to go outside.

At first, Hyunjin wants nothing more than to return to the softness and warmth of their bed, but Seungmin’s mischievous smile and sleepy kisses on empty streets quickly make him forget about that, so he always comes back home with a bright smile of his own. He thinks that it already says a lot, because, unlike Seungmin, he’s a sleepyhead who doesn’t like to sacrifice even a minute of his precious sleep, but with Seungmin it’s just so worth it that he finds himself unable to complain.

Hyunjin kisses the tip of his nose and then nods, watching in amusement how Seungmin’s fluffy ears react to this, completely giving him away.

“I’m still afraid that one day you may get tired of me...” Seungmin admits then but quickly starts panicking. “No, no, wait! I didn’t mean that you’re that bad person, Jinnie-”

Hyunjin shushes him with a kiss, hoping that this can be a good distraction for Seungmin’s brain. He knows where Seungmin is coming from with that fear, it isn’t a secret that some people, even in this year, see hybrids as cute pets and get their trust only to play with their feelings and leave afterwards.

This is what once happened with Minho, Seungmin’s best friend, and, frankly, Hyunjin is really surprised that after being hurt like this Minho still decided to put his trust in another human. But then again, none of the relationships are perfect, and you can’t predict that something is going to happen just like you can’t magically make your partner believe you.

“Why would I? I know I can’t promise you forever, but what I can do is assure you that my life is colorless without you, so, for as long as you’ll have me, I’ll keep getting on your nerves.”

“Hyunjin!” Seungmin pretends to be angry, but fails and starts giggling the very next second.

“It’s me who should be worried that such a lovely boy will one day decide to search for someone better,” Hyunjin jokes, showering Seungmin with kisses all over his face again.

“Why would- Jinnie, stop, it tickles!” Seungmin fake-complains, but it is clear as day that he’s actually enjoying it. “Why do you even love kissing me so much?..”

“Because you’re beautiful and sweet, oh, and I love seeing you blush so cutely. Actually, that reminds me!”

He reluctantly untangles himself from Seungmin, who pouts at the loss of warmth, but quickly comes back into the room holding his backpack with an almost proud look on his face. Seungmin looks at him in confusion while Hyunjin rummages through it in search for the lollipops he bought earlier, and, once he sees those, his whole face lights up as he jumps from the couch and gives Hyunjin a tight hug, leaving chaotic kisses everywhere he can reach.

Hyunjin chuckles, feeling the familiar fuzzy feeling inside when Seungmin smiles at him genuinely, and fails to resist the desire to steal a quick peck before giving Seungmin his lollipops. He perfectly understands that their conversation isn’t over yet, but knowing that he managed to still turn this evening into a good memory for Seungmin with such a small thing makes him smile as well.

“Careful, those are too sour,” he warns Seungmin, who only chuckles at that. “Right, why do I always forget that this category doesn’t exist for you?”

“You don’t forget,” Seungmin murmurs as he already unwraps the lollipop and tastes it. “If you did, you wouldn’t keep buying those for me.”

“Oh… if you say so.”

“Can you make some tea? For, you know... better digestion,” Seungmin asks with an innocent smile.

The request has Hyunjin looking at him in confusion, but, even though it sounds a bit suspicious to be true, he simply shrugs and leaves Seungmin alone with his candies. It takes him less than eight minutes to come back into the room, but he’s surprised to see that in that short time Seungmin not only already finished his first lollipop but also turned on their golden fairy lights, so the room greets him with a cozy glow.

Hyunjin knows that Seungmin didn’t really need the tea, so he places their mugs on the table and joins Seungmin on the couch, raising his eyebrows in question. Seungmin instantly crawls onto his lap and circles his arms around Hyunjin’s neck, smirking when Hyunjin understands what exactly he’s up to.

“You planned this,” Hyunjin doesn’t ask, he states that. “But you know how much I don’t like sour candies!”

“Yeah, but I really want to kiss you right now because I’m too embarrassed to thank you in words and I just thought that this romantic atmosphere and some sour-flavored kisses would be enough, and I’m already rambling, Jinnie-”

Hyunjin doesn’t let him go on, interrupting him by capturing his lips in a kiss that simultaneously tastes like that sour lollipop and something as sweet as honey, because that’s what all kisses with Seungmin taste like. Seungmin, despite having planned it, still sighs when Hyunjin’s lips are on his, but kisses back just as eagerly, soon fully relaxing in his embrace.

Hyunjin finds himself once again wondering how can a single person have so much warmth and love inside, but he quickly forgets about those thoughts when Seungmin deepens the kiss, bringing in more of the sour taste and leaving Hyunjin feel a little lightheaded when they pull away. Seungmin then kisses his cheek, whispering a quiet “thank you” before diving into another kiss, this time with both of them smiling.

Seungmin doesn’t need to say much for Hyunjin to understand what he’s trying to convey through those kisses, and, honestly, he wouldn’t have it any other way: as long as Seungmin feels comfortable and content, Hyunjin is happy.

When Seungmin’s fluffy tail brushes Hyunjin’s arm because Seungmin is so immersed in kissing him that he is unable to control himself anymore, Hyunjin knows that things are only going to get better from now on – but he doesn’t miss the chance to tease Seungmin about it later.