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‘No! Claudia!’
Myka watched Claudia disappear from view – her heart skipping a beat. The thought of the damage that the young apprentice-agent would do herself if she hit the floor from this height made her stomach drop. She heard the splash at the same moment she looked over the railing to see her disappear below the surface of the frothing orange liquid. Relief flooded through her – but the realisation of what Claudia had actually fallen into tore a hole straight through it. She turned for the stairs and was at the side of the huge, white vat just moments later, helping the soaking girl to climb out. The Boiling Point energy drink, tainted by Godfred’s Spoon, was already taking effect. Within moments the heat her body was generating had dried her hair and most of her clothing.
Things moved quickly after that. They half carried Claudia to the factory’s lab and HG started working on a way to stop her from combusting. Myka poured another bucket of ice into the bath and wished, with all her heart, that the trembles coursing through the young woman’s body were because of the cold and not the intense heat that was making her face twist with discomfort. Her face and arms were marred by patches of strange pulsating blisters and Myka didn’t want to think about what was happening on the inside. The ice might have slowed down the process a little but it was obvious that they didn’t have much time. She prayed that HG would have something soon – she was strangely confident that if anyone could save the young apprentice, she could.
HG’s scent drifted to her and she half turned as the raven-haired woman appeared at her side, concern etched on her face, ‘Any change?’
Myka shook her head and looked back at Claudia, ‘No she’s burning up … we’re fighting a losing battle.’ Myka worried at her bottom lip, ‘She doesn’t have much time … I hope you have something.’
HG nodded, there was real concern in her eyes, ‘I hope so too.’ She moved closer to the tub of ice. With gentle fingers, she tipped the young woman’s head up. ‘Claudia I’m afraid this won’t taste very good …’ she said as she dropped several drops from a pipette into her mouth. She straightened and screwed the lid back on the bottle, looking almost nervous as she turned to Myka, ‘I know one mission won’t change your mind. I’m not expecting miracles over night …’ she lifted her dark eyes, ‘Just keep an open mind?’
The sound of Claudia coughing drew Myka’s attention and she moved quickly to help the girl sit up. They shared a few words as Myka smiled. Relief, gratitude and sheer delight flowed through her and she turned to share it all with HG but the woman was gone. Myka was left feeling strangely empty and alone.


Claudia had wanted to share the driving but Myka had refused. Half an hour into the journey and the young woman’s head was resting against the window, her breathing deep and steady. Myka reached over to gently hold her wrist and check her pulse. It was strong and steady. She took a deep, satisfied breath and focused on the road ahead.
HG’s scent still lingered. It wasn’t like anything she had smelt before. Musky and deep. Myka was pretty sure the other woman didn’t wear perfume so it was HG’s personal scent that she couldn’t shake. It wasn’t surprising considering how close the two of them had been. A smile lifted the corners of her mouth as she remembered the way HG’s arm had encircled her and lifted her into the air. The woman was slim but it had taken real strength to lift them both on the end of her grappling-hook. She had felt the muscles for herself while she had been holding as tightly as she could. Thoughts of imminent death being replaced by I’m flying! Myka laughed softly to herself as she remembered the look of indignation that had flashed across HG’s face when she had suggested the grappling-hook was old-fashioned. She wondered if HG had considered the comment to be directed at her. Old-fashioned was certainly not a term that could ever be used to describe the beautiful, raven-haired woman. Myka paused her thoughts. Beautiful? Was that a word she would choose for HG? It was the first word that had flashed through her mind the first time she had set eyes on Leena – the young B&B owner was beautiful. But her beauty was so different from HG’s porcelain features, that Myka wondered if the word could even be used for both of them. And that stopped her right in her tracks. Was she really considering which adjective would best describe HG Wells? The woman who had held a Teslar under Pete’s chin and then tricked them into sticking themselves to the ceiling of her home. The woman who had killed Macpherson – even though she seemed keen to argue the righteousness of her actions. The woman who had saved not just her life but Claudia’s as well. Myka was under no illusions that HG had an agenda – even if it was just to be reinstated at the Warehouse – but agenda or not, the young girl beside her was alive thanks to HG’s incredible mind. Perhaps then, weighing up all sides of her recent time with HG, the most appropriate adjective to describe HG would be enigmatic. Myka sighed and smiled to herself as she thought, ‘She is beautiful though.’

‘It was great to see HG …’
Myka jumped, turning sharply at the sound of Claudia’s voice.
Claudia was surprised by her reaction and raised her hands defensively, ‘… sorry, sorry … I know she’s the bad guy but she kinda saved my life so …’ The look on Myka’s face made the words dry in her throat. She mumbled something and started to pick at a non-existent thread on her jeans.
‘No, no,’ Myka said quickly, laughing self-consciously, ‘I was glad to see her too … she saved both our lives …’ she laughed again, ‘… you just surprised me, that’s all – I thought you were asleep.’
Claudia yawned and stretched, leaning forward to survey the road ahead. ‘Yeah, nearly drowning in energy drink really takes it out of ya – ironic, huh?’
Myka smiled at the young woman’s easy humour.


With Artie’s words of consternation ringing in her ears, Myka excused herself and went to her room. She unpacked her things and then stood in the middle of her room, holding HG’s grappler. Coming to a decision, she grabbed her keys and headed out. As she passed Claudia’s door she heard the rapid typing of keys and hoped that the young woman had taken her advice and was applying for college. Although she could just as easily be hacking into some elicit department of the government … but Myka hoped it was her first thought. That young woman had far too much intelligence and talent to go to waste. She smiled at the door and headed down the stairs. As she went, she wondered what HG had been like at Claudia’s age and couldn’t help but wonder if, time difference not withstanding, they might actually have been quite similar.

Less than half an hour later and she was standing in one of the Warehouse aisles, re-reading the note that HG had left with the grappler. She smiled and tucked the note into her pocket, feeling something brush against her fingertip. She frowned and closed her fingers over the unfamiliar object. It felt like a strip of metal. Cold to the touch. She was just pulling it from her jean’s pocket when the metal suddenly warmed her fingers. The warmth turned quickly to heat that spread through her fingers and up her arm. The heat seemed to pause then, as if unsure where to spread next. A moment later and she felt a flush of warmth across her chest. A moment after that and she was running down the aisle, heading back to the office to get out of the Warehouse. There was some where she had to be.

The roads were dark and quiet as she drove away from the Warehouse, heading in the opposite direction to the B&B. She drove on autopilot – manoeuvring the vehicle safely while the whole time her mind and body were being pulled to some unknown destination. Conscious thought alluded her. All she had was the sense of attraction, of being pulled inexplicably towards … she didn’t know where. Didn’t care. All that mattered was that she get there and get there soon.

Her destination turned out to be a pleasant looking hotel on the outskirts of a city she vaguely recognised. It was getting late, only a few guests milled around the lobby as she crossed the white, tiled floor. The bar was even more deserted. A single patron was the barman’s only customer. She was sitting on a stool at the bar, her finger lazily circling the top off her glass. Her raven hair was like a curtain around her face as she watched her finger’s journey around the rim. Myka crossed the room. Her heart was pounding against her ribs and her blood rumbled in her ears. But then She looked up and Myka was pinned by those dark, bottomless eyes. She froze for a moment, caught mid-step. But then that heat rushed through her body once more and galvanised her into action. She closed the distance between them in just a few steps. And then her hands were either side of her face, pulling her mouth to hers. Their lips met with a fiery passion that both surprised and delighted them both.
HG groaned as she opened her mouth to Myka’s tongue while her heated fingers gently pressed against her cheeks. She lifted from the stool, her hands encircling Myka’s waist and pulling her closer, pressing their chests together. Myka kissed her with a hunger that sent a bolt of passion to HG’s very core and she felt her head swim with desire.
Reluctantly, HG pulled back from the kiss, breathless and panting. They locked stares for the barest of moments before HG grabbed Myka’s hand and pulled her towards the elevator.

Myka’s back slammed against the back of the elevator, head tipping back as HG’s thigh slipped between her legs. HG’s lips found her neck at the same moment as her thigh pushed up and Myka gasped loudly, her hand coming up to send her fingers through HG’s wonderfully soft hair. HG continued to nuzzle her neck, her own hand pushing up between them to grip Myka’s breast. Myka pushed herself down against HG’s thigh and was rewarded with a jolt of pleasure that made her legs quiver. She felt HG laugh softly against her neck before her teeth grazed the flesh, setting off another set of quivers.
The door behind then slid open and HG stepped back, her eyes glinting with amusement and the promise of much to come. Myka threw herself forward, capturing her lips again as they stumbled backwards out of the elevator. Somehow HG managed to get them to her door and fumbled in her pocket for the key-card. After three fumbled attempts, the lock eventually disengaged and the pair almost fell into the room.
Myka scrabbled to remove her jacket, dropping it to the floor as HG grabbed her shoulders and pushed her against the wall. Her hands lifted to Myka’s shirt and she fumbled with the first button for a moment before groaning deep in her throat and yanking the material open in a spray of buttons. Her eyes widened at the sight of smooth breasts lifted by the black cotton of a simple, yet wonderfully sexy, bra. She moved her mouth to the smooth skin and kissed and nibbled the flesh, her hands steadying Myka as her legs sagged.
‘Bedroom?’ HG asked with a small laugh.
The word seemed to stop Myka and she pulled back slightly, eyes concerned. ‘HG …’ she said softly, ‘… I … I’ve never … done this before.’
HG’s own eyes widened with surprise, ‘You’re not a … you have … I mean …’
Myka gave a small self-conscious laugh, ‘I’m not a virgin … I’ve just never … with a woman.’
‘Oh,’ HG laughed with apparent relief as she gently took Myka’s hand, ‘then allow me to show you what you’ve been missing …’

The bed was large and HG stripped the covers with one swift yank, leaving just the sheet and the pillows. She stripped Myka slowly, taking her time and enjoying the sight and touch of every inch of skin as it became exposed. When she was standing before her, wearing just her bra and panties, HG took half a step back to admire the womanly curves and athletic lines. At that moment, she didn’t honestly believe she had seen anything to beautiful … or arousing. he moved closer, hands trembling now as she reached round to unfasten Myka’s bra clasp. Myka closed her eyes and held her breath as the material was gently removed. An instant later and HG’s lips were closing around her nipple, her tongue bringing it quickly to almost painful hardness. Myka’s fingers stroked through HG’s hair as she moved her mouth to the other nipple. This time, as her tongue circled the sensitive bud, she gently pushed Myka backwards, guiding her gently onto the bed. She lay across the bed, one leg bent, foot resting on the edge of the mattress. HG stripped down to her bra and panties, sensing that Myka would be more comfortable if they were similarly undressed … for now anyway. She stood for a moment, studying the woman laying in front of her who stared up at her with half-lidded eyes. ‘God, darling,’ she breathed, ‘you are beautiful.’ She moved slowly, laying her body over Myka’s, kissing her passionately before she moved to her neck and kissed her way down until she was hovering over her heaving breasts. ‘I’m going to make you come completely undone …’ she breathed as she sucked at her breasts and then moved lower. Her lips left a hot trail across her taut abdomen while her fingers slipped beneath the elastic of her panties. Myka held her breath as she felt the material being pulled down her legs and then off. ‘Beautiful …’ HG’s breath was hot against her groin and her hips bucked gently, her leg falling to the side as she opened herself willingly. HG’s fingers stroked up the inside of either thigh, their destination quite clear. Myka gave a small gasp at the first touch of fingertips against her labia followed by a louder one as her lips were gently parted. And then HG’s tongue was delving between them and Myka was crying out as her hips bucked upwards. HG’s tongue was hot and wet and the taste of Myka’s own wetness made her groan with delight. She licked between her labia lips, circled her clitoris and sucked gently at the bud of nerve endings. Her arm encircled Myka’s thigh and her thumb rested gently against her clitoris as she slipped her tongue lower. She circled the hot entrance for a few delightful moments before slowly sliding her tongue inside. Myka cried out, forearm falling across her mouth to stop any further cries. HG shivered at the way Myka clenched around the probing organ. She didn’t tease. Didn’t string it out. She wanted Myka to come and she wanted her to come now! She probed deeply, her movements guided by the quivers and murmurs from Myka. Fingers twisted in her hair and she shuddered at the pleasant sting that raced across her scalp. Her thumb pressed hard against Myka’s clitoris and the sound of her cry was accompanied by a rush of juice as her thighs shuddered uncontrollably. Her cry, muffled by her arm, sent a jolt of pleasure right between HG’s thighs.
HG lifted her head and stared up the beautiful, quivering body. Her mouth followed her gaze, kissing away salty droplets of sweat as she moved up her body. Her lips reached Myka’s breast and her lips closed over a swollen nipple at the same time as her fingers pressed between the wet folds further down. Myka gasped loudly, her hips bucking upwards. HG smiled against her breast, teeth grazing her nipple and drawing another, delicious gasp. She slipped a single finger into the wet entrance, eyes flicking up to meet Myka’s as she lifted her head. She let the question show in her eyes and Myka bit her bottom lip as she slowly nodded. Her head fell back as HG slid another finger into her. A slow, gentle glide that made Myka groan and bite her lip harder. HG crooked her fingers as she moved her mouth to her other breast, leading with her teeth. She bit, slightly harder as she pushed the tips of her fingers against the sensitive spot that drove women wild. Myka’s eyes widened in surprise, her mouth falling open. HG sucked the hard bud and rubbed her fingertips back and forth. She felt Myka’s leg move, perhaps involuntarily, begging for more. HG was quick to oblige and pulled her hand back sliding a third finger in with the others and pressing her palm against her clitoris. A slow, hard circle with her hand and then she slowly withdrew before plunging back in. Her mouth moved to Myka’s neck, biting and sucking as her hand started to pump faster and harder. Myka’s hips bucked uncontrollably and this time she didn’t try to muffle her cry of climax.
HG kept her fingers inside Myka while the quivers eased and her ragged breathing settled a little. Myka’s eyes slowly opened as HG lifted above her, bringing their lips together. A rush of hot air met her open mouth as she started to move her fingers again, twisting her hand so she could press her thumb against her clitoris. She pressed hard against the bud, firing up deeply embedded nerve endings that sent ripples of pleasure running throughout her body.
‘Oh … God …’ Myka gasped with disbelief against HG’s lips. This wasn’t possible. She couldn’t possibly climax again! Lights were still dancing in her vision and her ears still rang but … oh God … the way HG was touching her. No one had ever made her feel like this. She had never made herself feel like this and Myka was more than capable at looking after herself. Or at least she thought she had been proficient until about fifteen minutes ago. HG’s mouth was back at her breast and her fingers were sliding and turning inside her, pressing that spot inside that made her legs quiver. With two orgasms still firing her nerve endings, the rise of the next seemed impossible but inevitable. Her heart was hammering against her ribs, her lungs heaving for breath. The pleasure was intense … no, it was more than that. The first orgasm had been intense … the second even more … but a third? Her eyes suddenly widened as the pleasure continued to build and there was a sudden flash of anxiety.
‘HG …’ she whispered, her voice tremulous.
‘What’s wrong, darling?’ there was a look of concern in her eyes as she reluctantly lifted from the sweet lips.
‘I … I …’ she swallowed with difficulty, ‘… I can’t take much more …’
HG’s smile was devilish as she moved her lips back to capture Myka’s in a kiss that was all passion and promise, ‘Trust me …’ she whispered in response, her tongue flicking across Myka’s, ‘… you can take so much more … and I have plenty to give …’ Her fingers twisted and Myka’s cry was almost a scream as her body bucked and shuddered.
HG rode the convulsions as Myka groaned and whimpered. Her orgasm seemed never ending and she gasped, ‘God, HG, I can’t stop!’ HG’s lips were at her neck, biting gently, her tongue pushing between her teeth and then flicking up to press just below her ear. Her fingers pushed into her, hard and fast. She could feel her wetness, could feel herself contracting and swelling around the thrusting fingers. And then she was exploding over and over. The breath caught in her throat as her vision wavered and she fell limp.

Myka came round a few moments later. HG was lying beside her, her fingertip tracing random patterns across her chest. Their eyes met and Myka felt her breath catch at the raw arousal she saw there. HG was breathing heavily, her face and neck flushed. Myka was suddenly nervous and it must have shown on her face because HG smiled and moved her lips to hers. The kiss was soft and wonderful but Myka could tell that HG was holding back. Her hand moved round to slide through the raven tresses. Her hand was firm as she pulled her closer, deepening the kiss and trying to make the same promises that HG had made – and delivered upon. Her hands went to HG’s shoulders and she bent her leg. HG chuckled as they rolled over, Myka’s leg slipping naturally between her thighs. HG pressed herself against the firm, toned skin and closed her eyes. The pressure against her core made her quiver as Myka moved slightly.
Myka was suddenly nervous again and her hands trembled as she slowly slid the bra straps down HG’s arms. She pulled the cups down, exposing smooth, voluptuous breasts and hard nipples. She licked her lips and slowly lowered her mouth. HG held her breath. Her lips closed over the hard bud and she quivered with delight at the feel of it between her lips. Her tongue flicked out and slowly circled the bobbled flesh. HG groaned loudly, bowing her back to push her breast against the nervous lips. Myka’s trembling fingers stroked the side of her breast, moving up to run along her neck and jaw. HG turned her head to plant a kiss against Myka’s palm and then flicked her tongue out, adjusting her position so she could gently suck on her finger. Myla groaned and her teeth nibbled the bud in her mouth, making HG whimper softly. The sound was electric and Myka moved quickly to the other breast, trying and quickly succeeding in causing HG to make the noise again. She pressed her thigh against the wet material covering HG’s sex, sliding it up and down in small, hesitant moves. HG groaned and tipped her head back, exposing her throat to Myka’s lips.
‘Ohhh … darling …’ HG crooned, her hands stroking gently through Myka’s hair.
‘I’m so … nervous …’ Myka admitted, her breath hot against HG’s heated skin, ‘… I’m not sure what …’ she cleared her throat but still couldn’t find the right words.
HG gently took Myka’s hand that had come to rest across her breast, her nipple pushing into the smooth palm. She held her hand atop Myka’s for a few moments, gently circling both their hands and teasing the nipple beneath. She moved to the side, encouraging Myka to extricate her leg from between her thighs. Then she spread her legs, bent one knee and slowly guided Myka’s hand to where she was in desperate need of being touched. Nails scraped gently over her abdomen and she quivered, eyes closing as she imagined the feel of those nails scrapping down her back … or perhaps digging into her breasts. She sighed at the image and then opened her eyes. Myka was watching her intently and she smiled, ‘Darling?’
‘I want to make sure I’m doing it right …’ she admitted, voice barely above a whisper.
HG took a breath and pushed her hand lower, fingertips grazed the elastic of her panties. ‘Trust me …’ she said in a rush of air as the fingertips slid beneath the material, ‘… just touch me and … ahhhhh!’ her words became a deep, sexy sigh as Myka’s fingers pushed through tight curls. A single finger slipped through the soaking folds of her sex and HG bucked upwards, groaning loudly. The sound galvanised Myka and she slid her hand free. HG’s sigh of disappointment was quickly followed by an expectant smile as Myka roughly pulled her panties down her legs. She left them around her ankles, the tight elastic a pleasant, restrictive feeling that made her smile sexily. Another time, perhaps? she thought and then all thoughts abandoned her as Myka slipped two fingers between her labia lips. Her throbbing clitoris seemed to swell painfully at the touch and she had to bite her lip to stop from crying out. She opened her eyes to watch as Myka gently explored, her face an image of concentration. HG couldn’t stop the small chuckle that escaped her and made Myka look up sharply.
‘Sorry, darling,’ she chuckled again, ‘you just look so … studious.’
Myka returned the chuckle with a self-depreciating smile, ‘I’ve just never …’ her attention returned to her exploring fingers as she opened her fingers and spread the swollen lips, revealing HG’s soaking opening. She licked her lips and slowly, hesitantly moved down. She pressed her tongue to the tip of HG’s aroused and swollen clit, making her whimper. The first taste of her was exquisite and she closed her eyes, savouring the taste and heat. She let her tongue roam lower, finding HG’s entrance even wetter and hotter. She dipped her tongue inside and exhaled the breath she didn’t realise she had been holding. The heat of her breath and the first touch of her tongue to her vagina made HG cry out with delight, her hips lifting off the bed and pulling Myka’s tongue further in. Myka instinctively pressed her hands to HG’s hips, holding her down as she explored the soaking pussy with her tongue and mouth. She worked on pure instinct, licking and sucking at HG’s sweet , delicious pussy. The sounds that echoed down from her were encouraging and she started to press harder as her hands roved upwards to cup and knead the flesh of her breasts.
‘Oh … Myka …’ HG breathed. The way she said her name was so damn sexy that suddenly Myka couldn’t think of anything else but bringing her to climax. The world disappeared. Nothing else existed but HG and the sounds she was making. Nothing mattered but bringing those sounds to the crescendo they were quickly building towards. Her desire was so great, so strong that she clenched her fingers, nails digging into the flesh beneath. HG cried out sharply and Myka quickly released her fingers, mumbling an apology. HG’s hands slapped down over hers before she could move them any further, ‘Please! Oh, God!’ Myka didn’t question it, didn’t wonder … she just gave HG what she wanted. Bending her fingers again she dug her nails into the sensitive flesh. HG screamed. A deep, pleasure-filled scream of delight that made Myka’s pussy throb. She thrust forward, pushing her tongue as deeply as she could and shivered at the rush of juice that flowed over her tongue. HG gasped and groaned, her hips bucking uncontrollably. Her hands dropped from Myka’s to grip the sheet, twisting it in her fists as she climaxed. The moment her hands were free, Myka drew one down to replace her tongue. She wasn’t gentle. Didn’t hesitate. She closed her thumb and pinkie finger across her palm and then slammed three fingers into HG’s welcoming pussy. Another delicious scream erupted from HG and Myka twisted her hand, pressing the base of her thumb against her clitoris. She withdrew and then slammed her hand forward again. She moved the fingers of her other hand to HG’s nipple and twisted it as she thrust over and over. A quick adjustment and she lowered her mouth to capture her clitoris again. HG’s climax was loud and intense. Her body bucked and writhed and it was all Myka could do to keep up with the wild ride.
When she eventually fell limp, Myka slowly lifted her head and was met by dark, tear-filled eyes. She climbed quickly up her body, kissing away tears even as she felt her own roiling down her cheeks. HG’s hands sunk into her hair, pulling her close as her breathing hitched. Myka’s hands gripped her shoulders as they held each other as tightly as their shaking, quivering muscles could manage.

They stayed like that for a long time. Long after the tears had stopped. Long after their breathing had settled. Myka moved slowly but didn’t move far – just far enough to half drop onto the mattress beside HG, her leg and arm still laying across her sweat soaked skin. HGs’ hand slid from her hair and dropped over Myka’s, her other ran slowly up and down her back. She pressed her lips to HG’s neck and the woman turned, lips meeting. The kiss was gentle and lovely. Myka sighed into it. HG gently pushed Myka’s sweat soaked hair from her face and smiled as they kissed again.
The gentle kisses soon became more, harder, more insistent. ‘What are you doing to me?’ Myka groaned between kisses. How could she be getting aroused again? This was just damn insane! HG carefully pulled back and sat up, moving onto her knees. She gently rolled Myka until she was lying on her front. ‘Where are you going?’ Myka asked as she felt, rather than saw HG climb from the bed.
‘Hush, darling, just give me a minute.’
Myka pulled her arms beneath her and rested her head against her forearms. She closed her eyes and drifted pleasantly in a semi-aroused state. She heard HG moving but paid little attention.
HG’s hands on her hips made her sigh softly. She tightened her grip and Myka felt herself being pulled up. She drew her legs under her and lifted onto her knees, head moving from her arms to rest against the bed. She gasped as a rush of air across her pussy told her where HG’s mouth was. Fingernails drew pleasant lines up her thighs before HG’s thumbs gently parted her labia to let her tongue circle her entrance. Myka groaned, the sound coming from deep in her throat. She felt HG move and then something pressed at her entrance. She half lifted her head as something smooth, hard and – very pleasurable – slowly slid into her. Myka held her breath, unable to do anything but savour the feel of the phallus. HG’s hands held her hips, gently pulling her back at the same time. The breath escaped her in a rush as she felt HG’s thighs pressed against hers. She lifted herself up, flattening her hands beneath her and straightening her arms. She looked over her shoulder, HG was watching her carefully. They locked stares and then HG slowly pulled her hips back. Myka’s head dropped as she sighed, the delightful friction making ripples run up her spine. She felt HG’s fingers press into her hips a moment before the phallus was slowly slid back in. The slow, deliberate movement of the strap-on was incredible and Myka was caught between never wanting the slow sensations to end and needing to feel it thrust into her. It wasn’t long before desire won out and Myka gasped, ‘HG …’
‘Are you sure?’ HG asked, clearly knowing what Myka was requesting.
She swallowed, head nodding, ‘Please … oh, please …’
HG increased the speed of her thrusts steadily, allowing Myka time to get used to the movements of the phallus. Even so, it wasn’t long before she was slamming into her, fingers gripping her hips and pulling her back. Myka thrust back in time with each thrust. The sound of HG’s flesh slapping against her buttocks was a sexy accompaniment to her groans and whimpers.
‘Yes!’ Myka suddenly screamed, pushing back against HG’s thrust. Her hair flew wildly as her head flew back, lips pulled back in a grimace as she held herself rigid but for the violent quivers that shook her frame. A sob escaped her as she relaxed, her arms giving out as she fell forward. HG went with her, laying over her back, pressing her breasts against her skin. Her hand reached round and she squeezed a finger between Myka’s thighs, seeking out her clitoris. She teased the flesh gently enough to stretch out Myka’s climax, making her whimper and sigh.
Satisfied that Myka had caught her breath, HG moved her hands back to Myka’s hips and pulled her back as she knelt. Myka went willingly until she was resting on HG’s thighs, the phallus still deep inside her. Slowly she sat up, the movement driving the phallus even deeper. HG lifted her hands to Myka’s breasts and pulled her back against her chest. Myka’s head fell back against her shoulder and she groaned as HG slowly rocked her hips.
‘Oh, God, HG …’
HG smiled as she moved her lips to Myka’s neck, increasing the speed of her movements. Myka gasped, hands reaching behind her to grip HG as she cried out. One of HG’s hands dropped from breast and gently pushed Myka’s thighs apart. Two fingers pressed against her clitoris as Myka started to climax. And then suddenly, HG was rubbing firmly and quickly over the sensitive bud. Myka’s eyes flew wide, mouth dropping open. She had never been touched liked this and the sensations were incredible and new. HG’s hand was a blur across her flesh and Myka actually heard herself scream as she felt her pussy flood and a spray of juice arched out from between HG’s fingers. She quivered as her eyes fluttered and she fell back against HG who gently cradled her as she fell sideways.

Minutes, maybe hours later, Myka slowly moved off the bed and stood, gesturing at the device slung low on HG’s hips. ‘Put that on me …’ her eyes flicked to the soaking patch on the sheet, ‘… I want to see if I can make you do that!’


Myka’s eyes flickered open, Her head was resting on a soft pillow, her body covered by a thin sheet. She slowly unfurled her body and rolled over. She was disappointed but not surprised to see that she was alone. She stretched lazily and couldn’t stop the smile that lifted the corners of her mouth. She felt too damned good to question anything that had happened and so didn’t bother. Instead, she climbed unsteadily from the bed and went in search of the shower.
After dressing, she stood for several moments just staring at the bed. A pleasant quiver ran through her body and she sighed softly, slipping her hands into her pockets. She frowned as her fingers brushed over the smooth metal strip, forgotten during the events of the previous night. The metal was cold now but the memory of the heat that had flowed through her fingers made her lift it from her pocket and hold it in her palm. A movement from the other side of the room made her eyes flick up. On the small bedside table, an identical strip of metal rattled gently. Myka slowly lifted her own piece and the other strip flew across the room to snap neatly against it’s partner. She turned the iron magnets over in her hand for a few seconds before slipping them into her pocket and headed out of the room.


The sun was starting to appear over the horizon as she drove back to the Warehouse. Thankfully it was early enough that Artie was still in his personal quarters upstairs. Myka moved quietly to the computer and sat down to search the Warehouse database. It didn’t take long to identify that the magnets had been created by William Gilbert, a seventeenth century scientist. Myka leant forward to read the Warehouse manifest. The magnets had been acquired by Warehouse agents over three hundred years before but had gone missing from Warehouse 12. The magnets created a strong sense of attraction between whoever held them, drawing two individuals together even across great distances.
‘Well, that explains how I ended up at the hotel …’ Myka said thoughtfully as she leant back, rereading the manifest. Memories of the previous night sent a rush of heat between her legs and she groaned softly. There was nothing in the manifest to explain the intense arousal she had felt the moment she had seen HG. ‘I guess that was all you,’ she smiled softly as she pictured HG. She turned the magnets over in her fingers and couldn’t stop herself wishing that HG had kept one of them.