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When It Starts

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Kureno sat outside looking at the bright moonlight in the night sky, Akito sat beside him, her head resting on his shoulder, her pale skin looking brighter than the moonlight. Kureno stroked her short hair gently, her cheek rubbing against his arm twice, looking at him, and he knew she was tired.

They went back to the spacious room and lay together in the usual way, always crammed together in the same bedding.The room, the quilts, the pillows, the smell of them was all over the place.Shigure doesn't like to go near this room, and it's her small room that he often goes to, the one she stays in when she needs him. It's not that she doesn't need Shigure anymore, but when she has Kureno with her, Shigure prefers to stay away from them, and she thinks Shigure will never leave her.

They were tucked in together, Akito curled up in Kureno's arms, his hand resting lightly on her waist. It had been a few years, and the relationship had changed a little with habit, her smell, her body, no longer that of a childish little girl. Her true nature was not really so bad, he just wished she would stop crying, it made him sad, so sad that he wanted to pity her.

Kureno kissed Akito on the bangs of her forehead, reassured, she opened her eyes and closed them again, burying herself in his widening arms, grabbing the top of the man who would no longer fly away, clinging to him, reminding herself that she was an important presence, that she was needed.

All the softness and vulnerability in Kureno's arms suffocated him, he kissed her again on the forehead and she looked up at him once more.It was as if something began to resonate between them, and they kissed each other in a hug, their bodies pressed closer together.Akito noticed that his body was stronger than before, that she could feel a little of the new, albeit shaved, beard on his chin, and that his legs were so long and his palms so large, the hands of a brother who would always take care of her. And Kureno knew that she had grown, that the thinness of her body against his made him feel how soft her breasts were, how small her waist was, how fragrant she smelled, that she was a woman with mature curves, but in his arms she was still a small, fragile sister.

He rolled over her and kissed her deeply, she rolled him under her and kissed him again, until they tumbled onto the tatami. Their hearts were beating fast, they both felt the same way, the desire was burning and they both wanted to pour it into each other, they both knew exactly what they were doing.

Akito sat up and began to unbuckle her obi, Kureno straightened up and quickly unbuttoned all the buttons.Before they could even look at each other's bodies, their lips quickly joined again.Kureno stroked her silky skin, Akito wrapped her arms around his neck, he rubs her small breasts while her kimono slowly slides down, revealing the graceful curves of her womanhood.

Her gasps were so sweet and soft, the little Akito who was always happy and angry in front of him, the little Akito who was always clinging to him for affection, but even so, he was not the most special person in her mind. There was no feeling, only the fusion of bodies, everything was wordless and hurried, until Kureno's lust had reached its climax and he lay down beside her to sleep. Only this time, he did not stay with her until she fell asleep first.

The next day they got up and ate breakfast together as if nothing had happened. Then Akito put down the dishes , she asked him not to follow her today.



Akito was alone in the room, puzzled, when she remembered to go and pull him back in, she didn't understand, she had to ask him what was going on, why was he suddenly so cold. She pulled on her collar and stepped over the haori she had thrown on the tatami floor and walked out of the room.

Her heart was beating faster and faster, more and more restless, he had disappeared so quickly that she could not find him in all the directions and corners she knew. She was anxious, she tried to calm down, but that's what she's not good at. She thought about it, and she went to the place where she hoped he would stay alone as usual, smile and give her a look of disbelief back, telling her that it was just a prank on his part.

However, all she found there was the book he had left behind, the book he had just read, with a camellia flower on it. She picked it up and found that a petal had split, and that it had been lovingly thrown there before being completely torn to pieces, which it almost was. Akito began to run aimlessly, bumping into one of the maid and they fell together, but Akito quickly straightened up and sat on top of her, grabbing her by the collar and shouting at her, ordering them to find him immediately.

She had a bad feeling, a feeling that churned deep in the pit of her stomach, churning faster and faster, and then, for reasons she didn't know, her body involuntarily moved towards the place where she had the most intuition, coming alone to the place where she was most uneasy. Finally, she found him when she spotted a panicked maid and the familiar clothes thrown on the floor by the door.


Akito was shocked by all the unpleasant sights that met her eyes. She backed away, her body trembled, she held her mouth shut to stop herself from vomiting, she kept shaking her head in denial, her eyes wide and her brow furrowed in unbelievable anger, until she hit the pillar behind her as she backed away and saw Shigure just sitting up slowly, he didn't say anything, but then Ren smiled and the shock hit her deep inside. She grabbed her hair and cried out as she turned and fled from Ren and Shigure's sight.

"Ah-la-ah-la, this is when I should ask... Aren't you going to go after her?" Ren lay on her side, her long hair curled around her fingertip as she played with it. Shigure just silently picked up his clothes and curled up in the corner, maybe it was better if he didn't go after her this time. He didn't want to hear Akito's screams and curses from outside, his heart was already broken by her.

Akito ran, shouting and screaming, and everyone who heard the sound rushed to her side. Suddenly she tripped and fell to the ground, her body convulsing with uncontrollable nausea, she vomited in pain, and the people around her who cared about her were not the ones she wanted. She wept with anger, why hadn't Shigure come after her? Why had he betrayed her? Why did he choose that woman? She punched and kicked everyone around her, shouted furiously and broke away from the maids before she could be sedated by the doctor who was arriving.

She kept running, not knowing where she was supposed to be going, she ripped off her vomit-stained kimono and flung it to the ground, followed by a black suit jacket that wrapped around her naked body from behind.

Kureno embraced Akito from behind, she struggled and hissed, and Kureno's arms ached from the grip, but he did not let her go. He picked her up and as her legs swung through the air, she punched Kureno in the back with her fists, but Kureno just let her do it. If taking it out on him would relieve her anger, then he would hope that she would stop crying after that.



Akito awoke suddenly with a nightmare, Kureno slumbering beside her, her eyes aching, the soreness of them making her heart swell with anger again, she lifted the covers and snatched the haori neatly folded beside her, opened the door and went out, she walked with great strides down the corridor, pulling on the black haori, its hem fluttering, as depressing as the blue-black of the unlit sky, even from a nightmare, this was still a nightmare.

With a hoarse throat she called to the morning maid and told her to bring Shigure to the place she had specified at once anyway, Shigure came to her quickly and without a second thought.

Akito glared fiercely at the man, clenching her fists and pinching her long nails into her palms, but Shigure just looked at her quietly, he really didn't seem to have anything to say. Wasn't he supposed to give an explanation? Was he just taunting her with his feelings?

There was no fighting or beating, Akito just pointed a finger in her direction and ordered him to get out of the house immediately. Shigure finally smiled, and that was the answer she gave him. With a sigh and a shake of his head, he turned and waved goodbye to her , left in the other direction she had pointed. Akito stood frozen in place, stunned that he had left like that. Her twisted expression behind him was a painful sadness, her hand dropped helplessly, a tiny bruise in her palm, pain bleeding deep inside her.

She looked at his back, farther and farther away, more and more blurred, she wanted to catch him, he shouldn't have left so easily, she wanted to move her legs, to pull him in, to tell him not to go, to let him love her again... Yea, didn't he love her so much? Hadn't he sworn to her? Why had he changed? He had become something she didn't recognize anymore ....

Akito sat on her knees on the tatami floor, unable to move, her tears already dried up.



Shigure frowned. The closer he got to her room, the more shrill and high-pitched her voice became, and she just kept on crying, saying nothing to Kureno, who only soothed her quietly, with the same sympathetic eyes. Shigure's clothes were in disarray as he leaned his back against the pillar, listening to her incessant cries, he slowly slid down to sit on the floor, sighing and tapping the back of his head against the pillar a few times.His decision to be ruthless soon softened as she ran out and kept going berserk. He forced himself back into human form and went after her, but he found her already in the arms of another man, still the same man.

They stayed there until the sky gradually dimmed.Akito snuggled into Kureno's lap, tired of crying, her throat aching from her cries, her face and the trousers on Kureno's lap wet, but she wouldn't let him go, her little body twitching in fits and spurts as she fell asleep, Kureno stroking her face sadly, wondering why she was crying again.

At that moment the sliding door was opened, Kureno looked at Shigure with some surprise while he crouched down beside Akito, waving away Kureno's hand as he wiped away the tears from the corners of Akito's eyes as she cried and slept like a child. Shigure gently picked her up, carefully placed her on her bed, combing her messy hair and checking her for any injuries... Although he understood that what was really hurting her was her heart.

Shigure pulled the covers up to cover her and kissed her forehead, her eyelids twitched and her lips opened slightly as if she felt something, but Shigure quickly got up and left her side, he would not stay by her side at the moment. Before walking out the door, he finally met Kureno's eyes, and Kureno marvelled at the look of jealousy and hatred, a look he would begin to remember forever in Shigure's eyes.

At that moment, Shigure regretted that he knew he was a childish man. He was selfish, weak, incompetent and poor. He kept convincing himself that Akito already belonged to him, that all he wanted was her back, to be held by her, to be truly loved and possessed by her, but ....

Blind connivance and gentle, corrupt Sohma values will only get her deeper and deeper, fundamentally everyone here has already tortured her to the point of no return .... Everyone is selfish and has given up on her too .... Although Shigure is selfish too, his selfishness is for Akito's sake, he needs her to come to her senses, become a person who truly knows how to love and be loved.

Even as cunning as he is, he is the most sober of all. He will not forgive her betrayal, but he does not condone his own naivety either. The twisted bond of the zodiac needs someone to break it up and truly make the bond that will set everyone truly free again.

And Shigure, he is the only one who can do this.