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Don't Wake Me Up...

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He had no idea why he had to do this.

Okay, maybe that wasn’t entirely true, but as Clark looked to his side and saw Jimmy watching the woman with grizzly blond hair and wearing her American flag outfit walk over in their direction, her eyes going to the press passes around their necks, he had some semblance of why he had been chosen.

Simply put, he was probably the only reporter at the Daily Planet who’d be ‘neutral’ in this interview.

He knew Lois would have tried to dig too deep or ask too personal questions that would make anyone angry. He should know. And then there was her abrasive attitude; while that made her a good reporter, it also made her less bearable to be around as she never ‘turned off’ reporter mode.

Though why Cat wanted to do this was beyond him as she was a gossip columnist and didn’t do interviews. He suspected it had more to do with the fact she was a fan, his estimations coming from the fact she’d often hum some of the lyrics to Kesha’s songs.

Not that he knew what the lyrics to her songs were, really!

But a good reporter does their research first as to ask or not ask questions that would be too uncomfortable to answer. So he’d listened to a few of the blonde’s songs as he did his research to come prepared. He had always found it rather ironic that he respected privacy as it was a reporter’s job to uncover things.

That was after all what made Lois so good at her job.

When the blonde reached them, she and Clark sat down to the chairs that had been placed there earlier. He cleared his throat and decided to get on with the interview, though there was this nagging feeling that he’d seen her somewhere before. But then again it was probably on the television somewhere. “Thank you for doing this Miss Sebert, though I wonder why you chose the Daily Planet to cover this concert interview.”

“Your last name’s Sebert?” Jimmy questioned, sounding astonished.

The blonde looked unperturbed at this. “Did you really think I didn’t have a last name?” she asked dryly. The photographer blushed and looked down at his feet while Kesha looked back at Clark. “I chose the Planet because I enjoy the articles it has and…” she moved forward in her seat and a strange expression came over her face.

“Miss Sebert, is there something wrong?” Clark asked worried as she was staring just a little too intently at him.

“Huh? Oh yeah, everything’s fine.” The blonde nodded. “It’s just that…you have really nice eyes.”

“Thank you?” The phrase came out as more of a question than a statement.

“You know who else has really nice eyes?” Kesha continued. “Superman.”

Jimmy tilted his head as Clark stiffened. “How could you have gotten close enough to see his eyes?”

“He saved me once.” Kesha replied bluntly. “I’m sure he didn’t recognize me and really, it was rather refreshing.” She said sounding a little wistful.

‘I think I know which articles she enjoys reading about so much.’ Clark thought as he adjusted his glasses and decided to get the interview back on track. “Miss Sebert…”


Sitting in her hotel room, Kesha thought about the reporter and how much he looked like Superman. It was so weird that he looked just like him. She hadn’t been lying when she said Superman had saved her, as her tour bus had been on the bridge of Metropolis when one of those psycho bad guys showed up and started to go nutso.

She had thought she was going to die when the bus had been one of the vehicles the psycho flung around, only hers had been sent flying off the bridge. So imagine her relief and surprise when the bus stopped moving and it was set back onto the bridge. She’s watched in awe as the man kicked the psycho’s ass and hauled him away.

Finding out that articles written about Superman weren’t rare, but what was rare was the fact only the Daily Planet seemed to write them, specifically by this Lois Lane person.

Though when she’d gotten her reply for her request for an interview from the Planet, she’d expected this Lane woman to be the one coming, not the handsome man and the lanky kid who’d taken pictures to put in the article about her and her concert. She briefly wondered if the kid had taken any of her when she’d been onstage before pushing the thought aside for the man discovery.

“Clark Kent…eerie looking double, or really Superman?” she mused aloud.

One thing she was sure of though was that she’d have until the end of her tour in Metropolis to find out.