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RWBY Watches Hunters of Justice

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A/N: Yeah~! I'm doing another Crossover Reaction Fanfiction! And it's based on 'Hunters of Justice' by trestwho. Been reading his work, and I ultimately liked it! The Justice League was one of my favorite childhood stories when I was just a kid, and reading it brought back so many memories, plus it's even better when you add RWBY into the mix. Overall, I just had to make a reaction fic out of this! With trestwho's permission, I have been given the green light to make the fic!
I hope you enjoy this fic, and please support my friend, trestwho, with his original works.


It's been two years after the Fall of Beacon, the death of Pyrrha, and when everything changed. Especially the lives of Team RWBY, JN_R, as well as the new addition Oscar.

After many trials of hardship, revelations, battles, betrayals, and secrets were revealed. Ruby Rose, along with her friends, finally reached the Kingdom of Atlas to protect the Relic of Knowledge. After learning from General James Ironwood about his plans to build a new tower on Amnity Arena to re-establish communication and reveal Salem throughout Remnant.

From there, they were introduced to the Ace Operatives or Ace-Ops. Led by Clover Ebi, Vine Zeki, Elm Ederne, Harriet Bree, and Marrow Amin, followed by the other members. As well as the return of Penny Polendina thanks to the help of her father, Pietro Polendina, much to the joy of her friends.

Since then, the young Hunters have been given new equipment, upgraded weapons, unique attire, and fresh haircuts.

Right now, they're currently training, taking on missions, and safeguarding as much Dust as they can to finish and making sure the Happy Huntresses do not intervene despite their good intentions for Mantle.

Everything was going accordingly well since then. However, little did anyone realize a particular mischievous outsider will change all that for better or worse.

With the Ace-Ops…

The members of the Ace-Ops have recently completed a mission from outside of Mantle, one of them being involved in the tower's construction.

"Another complete mission team." Clover happily says as he guides his team towards a Bullhead while the pilot waits for them.

"Job well done, everyone," Vine comments as he held his hands behind his back as he follows his leader.

"Yeah! Chalk up another victory for the Ace-Ops!" Elm raises her fist as she follows along with the group.

"We finished much faster than the last one," Harriet smirked, feeling a sense of accomplishment of her team's achievement.

"Does everything have to be a competition for you?" Marrow sighs as he follows the group last.

As the Ace-Ops nearly reached the Bullhead, the ship's doors began to open, getting ready for their pickup. As they closely approached, the unexpected happened.

A flash of light illuminated the area, startling everyone around it. As soon as the light faded away, the five members of the Ace Operatives who were close to Bullhead have disappeared, leaving only the pilot alone as his jaws were gaping at the unexplainable scene he just witnessed.

Atlas Academy, Ironwood's office, a couple of hours later…

Inside the headmaster's office, General James Ironwood sat behind his desk talking to his Scroll.

By his side are Penny Polendina and Winter Schnee, who silently watch their superior doing his work. However, the expressions on their faces held an amount of concern for some reason.

"Continue the investigation. I want every inch of the area thoroughly looked at." James ordered through his Scroll as he received a 'yes sir' from his Scroll, closed it, and placed it away. The General sighs as he rubs his temples to calm himself down. "How long till the others arrive." He says as he looks up to his Specialist.

Winter Schnee straightened herself and checked the time on her Scroll. "They should be here any moment now." Just as she finished her answer, the doors of the office opened. They all turned to see that Team RWBY, JNR, Qrow, and Oscar entered the room.

"So, what's the emergency, Jimmy? Must be serious if you suddenly contacted all of us to come and meet here." Qrow says, earning a slight frown of disapproval from Winter but stayed silent.

The General sighs, then stand up. "I know this is sudden, but we have recently encountered a... disturbing situation."

"What do you mean?" Ruby says with concern while the others reacted the same while also being serious.

"It's regarding the Ace-Ops... there missing." James hesitantly said, earning a shocked look from the others from the revelations.

"Missing…?" Jaune whispers in horror before speaking louder. "How?"

"We don't know." Winter shakes her head as she stayed as professional as possible, but she was worried about her allies' well-being deep down. She then uses her Scroll then a video screen appears. "This is a video of the previous mission they completed."

The screen shows the Ace-Ops walking up to the Bullhead. They were talking among one another without a care in the world. As they nearly approached the entrance of the Bullhead, a bright light completely blocks the entire screen. As the light fades, the Ace-Ops were gone.

Everyone aside from James, Winter, and Penny were shocked and bewildered at what they've seen.

"Wh-What just happened…?" Oscar stuttered, trying to comprehend what he and the others had seen.

"We don't know…" Penny sadly says she shakes her head. "For all, we know it's some form of teleporting Semblance."

"My men have been investigating for two hours now," James said, earning another shock from the group.

"They've been gone for two hours?!" Weiss says in surprise.

"Yes, they–" Before the General could start his sentence, Winter's Scroll ringed. She quickly looked at her Scroll, her eyes slightly widen, then immediately answers.

"Report." The Specialist orders as she quietly listens to whoever is answering on her Scroll. "What?!" She silently shouts, earning a look from everyone. "What happened? How long was this!?... Bring a squad and immediately investigate the area at once!" Winter orders as she closes the Scroll then turns to the General. "General! It happened again!"

Everyone was shocked again after learning the same phenomenon has repeated.

"Who has disappeared?" James narrowed his eyes as he calmly ordered his Specialist to answer.

"Robyn Hill." Once more, everyone was shocked that this time it was someone that everyone in Mantle admires.

"Robyn Hill?" Yang slowly echoed. "As in the leader of the Happy Huntresses?"

"The same." Winter answers. "The same thing happened to her when she was giving a short speech to the citizens of Mantle. Then suddenly, a flash of light shot around the area, when it vanished, she was gone. Leaving behind the faction that was accompanying her."

"That doesn't make any sense." Weiss cupped her chin as she was thinking. "If this was some kind of enemy assault, I could understand the Ace-Ops, but why include Robyn Hill when she's not a part of what’s really going on?"

"Perhaps it's–" Before Penny could properly start her sentence, her Scroll began to ring as well. "Oh! I'm sorry." She sheepishly said as she answered her Scroll. "Salutations! This is Penny Polendina. How may I help you?"

Some of the kids chuckled at Penny's positive take, which lightens the mood a bit. However, it dropped the moment they saw her shocked expression.

"W-What?" She whispered in both shock and horror. "When did this happen…? okay… okay… thank you for telling me… bye." Penny shuts her Scroll off then looks down to her feet, looking hurt, scared and confused.

"Penny… what happened?" Ruby came up to her friend, trying to comfort her.

Penny takes a few deep breaths and looks up at her friend. "It was a call from one of my father's patience. He said that my father and Ms. Calavera disappeared by a flash of light."

"W-What?!" Ruby shouts in shock, along with everyone else.

"Doctor Polendina is missing?!" James shouts in disbelief.

"Just what the hell is going on!?" Nora shouts.

"What would the purpose of kidnapping these people even achieve?" Ren says, trying to figure out the motive of all this.

"You think Salem is involved in this?" Blake suggested. Everyone stayed silent as they slowly process the possibility in their minds.

The General sighs as he broke the silence. "Whenever she's somehow involved in this is too soon tell. Right now, we must prioritize locating all the missing individuals."

Everyone nodded in agreement. But before the General could say anything to give them their instructions, the very same light flashed before them, eliminating the entire room, blanketing everyone in it as soon as the light disappeared and everyone inside the headmaster’s office had vanished.

Somewhere in a pocket dimension…

The light flashed inside the unknown area. As soon as it disappeared, all the residents from the office appeared. As soon as everyone came back to their senses, they all looked around, shocked and bewildered at their surroundings.

"W-What happened!? Where are we?!" Ruby squeaked as she frantically looked around the area. All she could see was white. White. And more white.

Before anyone could say anything else, they heard a familiar voice. "General Ironwood!"

Everyone turned their heads in the direction of the sound of someone shouting, and to their surprise, it was Clover along with the Ace-Ops, Pietro, Maria, and Robyn.

"Father!" Penny shouts as she rushes towards Pietro giving her a gentle hug. Being Android, she didn't want to hurt him.

Pietro returned the hug towards his daughter. "Oh, Darling… it's so good to see you again."

"Ebi!" The General stated as he walks up towards his men along with Winter and Qrow, making the said Specialist stood straight along with the other Ace-Ops.

"General… it's good to see a familiar face." The leader of the Ace- Ops smiles towards his superior. "As you can see, we are all fine and well."

The General smiles being glad that his men are safe.

"Madam Calavera." Along with her friends, Ruby walks up to the elder, checking to see how she is faring. "Are you ok?"

"Oh, don't you kids worry about me. I'm still kicking and breathing here." Maria says with a smile showing that she is also relieved to see the children.

"Um, excuse me?" Everyone turns to look at Robyn, who was waving her hand to get everyone's attention. "Hate to interrupt your reunions and whatnot, but could anyone please tell me what the heck is going on here?"

"I can explain that." A deep voice suddenly said, making every trained Hunter pull out their weapons and put themselves on guard. Teams RWBY and JNR stayed close to Maria to protect her, while Penny did the same and stayed close to her father.

"Who are you?! Are you the one who bright us to this place?" Weiss shouted, demanding answers.

"Yes. I was the one who brought you all here."

"Why? What could you possibly achieve in kidnapping all of us?!" Winter shouted, not letting down her guard at all.

"It's not what I want to achieve… it's what you all want to achieve." The voice answers, making everyone blink in confusion as they looked at one another.

"Who are you?" Ruby slowly asks as she looks around the area. The voice chuckled, making everyone tense. "My apologies, you already asked me that question twice already."

The area around them begins to shake, making everyone grow even tenser than they've been before.

"I am a being that none of you can ever comprehend…" The voice begins to introduce itself. "I am a being who holds power none of you has ever seen before…" A few of the Hunters begin to have beads of cold sweat on their faces. "I am one but many that rivals among countless among my people…" The Hunters gripped their weapons tighter as they prepared themselves for whatever would appear before them as the area began to shake more violently, but that didn't stop them from losing their balance.

"I! AM!" Everyone could only hold their breaths as they prepare the coming from their mysterious kidnapper. Then suddenly, the quaking on the strange place immediately stopped catching everyone off-guard. But that didn't stop. They suddenly heard a loud popping noise right in front of them, making the jump a bit. And to their additional surprise, they could only freeze at where they stand while their eyes wide like saucers and their jaws dropping at the viewed the most bizarre being right before their eyes.

"Mr. Mxyzptlk!" The being shouted with a huge grin on his face. The named behind is an imp-size bold male wearing a purple suit and an oversized green bowtie and wearing a tiny purple bowler hat on his head, and additionally, his voice sounded high, nothing like the deep voice he was using before.




Everyone was dead silent as they finally had the full view of their kidnapper. Everyone watches in silence as they take in all the information in there as they gaze upon the small floating humanoid creature who hasn't dropped his grin at all.

"What… are you…?" Thankfully it was Ruby Rose who broke the silence.

The imp just tilted his head in confusion. "I'm Mr. Mxyzptlk."

"No! That's not what she meant!" Jaune shouts as he points his sword towards him. "You look like something that popped out from a cartoon or something!"

"Awe, shucks! You're making me blush." Mr. Mxyzptlk gushed as he places his hands on his cheeks as he takes Jaune's words as a compliment, which freaked him out a bit.

"Enough of this!" James shouted as he begins to lose his patience. He pointed Due Process towards the imp, getting everyone's attention. "Why did you bring us here? What is your objective?

Answer now!" The general shouts demanding answers while he was careful not to mention the existence of Salem to certain people such as Robyn.

"Sheesh... you sure are the demanding type, are ya? Ironwood." The imp crosses his arm as he tilted his head with a readied brow as he looks at the General.

The said General was taken back at how he knows him as well as the others. "Wha–! How do you–?"

"Oh, I know who you all are!" The being said as he slowly circles the group while he flouts while the said group still hasn't dropped their guard.

He then begins to point each one among the group with a goofy smile. "Team RWBY, Team JNR, Ace-Ops, Wizard boy, Robo girl, Doctor, Specialist, Drunk Bird, Blind Reaper, General Paranoid, and Happy Huntress Thief!"

Everyone blinks at the nicknames the imp gave them. Granted, some were familiar with the titles but were also confused and somewhat offended by the nicknames.

"How do you know us?" Winter stepped in as she ignored the nicknames as she tried to get more information.

"Oh, I know all looooooooot about you people." Mr. Mxyzptlk said as he stopped and circling them as he smirked and raised a brow at them. "Aaaaaaaaaand, I know about all your secrets."

Everyone perked up at what the imp said. Some were where more alter than before. Some were confused. One mainly wanted answers while a specific group in Ruby's group began to have cold sweat in what they just heard.

"S-Secrets…?" Blake muttered, trying to do her best in hiding her troubled expression, but her cat ears betrayed her since there

sticking up straight.

"Yes… secrets! " The imp emphasized as his smile smirk grew. "Like a certain woman named Sa–"


Everyone gasped in shock at what they just witnessed. Before the small floating man could say anything else, he was shot right between his brows by a bullet showing a bullet hole on his head. Shot by the James Ironwood.

The imp dropped to the ground like a ragdoll, much to everyone's horror.


"Holy shit!"

"I think I'm going to be sick…"

"I did not need to see that!"

"You… you killed him!"

"Jimmy, what the hell?!"

"General, why did you do that?!"

James narrowed his eyes at the corpse as he places his weapon back in his holster. "He was a threat that needed to be eliminated."

Everyone was shocked by what he said. Granted, those who know the truth couldn't risk the imp in mentioning the name of their enemy, but still, that was crossing the line. The Specialist and Ace-Ops were also troubled by that answer. Invariably, they agreed with his logic in not mentioning classified information regarding their shadow war, especially towards an outsider such as Robyn Hill.

They may not like the decision, but they will follow their leader's command for the sake of their duty. Heck, even a few of them also considered attacking the imp when they had the chance.

"Threat…?" Robyn marched up to the General with a scowl on her face, but his Specialists blocked her. "I may not know what the hell is going on, but that didn't justify you in killing him in cold blood!"

"I don't expect you, of all people, to understand what I need to do! I did what I have to do for the safety of the people!" James and Robyn glared at one another as tensions begin to rise. Everyone stayed where they are wondering how this will play out.

"Yeah, James! That wasn't very nice of you! I mean, I wasn't even finished with my sentence."

Everyone jumped as they turn to see that Mr. Mxyzptlk was floating among the group staring at James. Everyone jumped back, startled to find the dead imp among them without them even realizing it.

"Sweet Brothers! You're alive!" Marrow shouts.

"That's right!" The imp proudly puffs his chest as he places his hands on his hips.

"Wait… if you're here… then what the hell is that?" Qrow points at the supposedly dead body that was lying on the ground.

"Wait a minute…" Nora narrows her eyes as she daringly walks up to the body.

"Nora! What are you-!" Ren shouted at his childhood friend, but before he could ask what she was doing, she already contacted the body.

Nora blinked when she took a closer look, then carried it and showed it to the others. "This isn't a body… this is just a doll." She showed them the lifelike doll of Mr. Mxyzptlk. It looked exactly like the original it even had the same smirk on its face. The only difference is that it still had the bullet hole on its head, and its eyes are just X-shaped stitched on where the eyes should be.

"Lifelike, isn't it?" The imp laughed as he floats in the air. He held his stomach and started kicking around. Despite everyone's relief that no one died, they still can't help but feel annoyed by that prank.

After when the laughter ended, he takes a deep breath and sighs. "Right… where was I again?"

"Oh, I don't know…?" Robyn said as she begins to grow angry. "Like, WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?!"

Everyone flinched at her loud volume, but at the same time, they too want to know what's going on. "Okay, okay, sheesh… indoor volume." The imp covers both his ears with his index fingers then takes them out. "But before we do… how about putting those all away, okay?"

Everyone blinked as they looked down at their hands, not realizing that they're still holding their weapons. Understanding what the imp was referring to, they all looked sheepishly and then placed their weapons away.

"Good. Good." The mysterious imp nodded. "Just for the record, I won't say anything about your so-called secrets you all have deep down inside you all. That's ya'lls problems." He cryptically said, earning a silent gulp from a specific few with a more profound secret that they were keeping.

"Oh! And by the way, Jimmy, you can shoot me as much as you want, but I ain't going down that easily!" Mr. Mxyzptlk laughed as the General frowned, not saying anything.

"Now, for the reason why you're all here." This made everyone perked up. "You're all here cause I'm giving you Remnantians an opportunity of a lifetime!"

'Remnantians?' Everyone all thought at once, wondering what made the imp call them like that. Was it because they're residents of Remnant? None could say.

"By the looks on your faces, it tells as if I'm not from around here… well, you're right! That's because I'm not! I'm from an entirely different world, a different dimension!"

Again, this shocked them even more. They want to deny that kind of possibility. Still, after what crazy nonsense they've gone through, thanks to the revelations of Gods, Relics, Magic, Maidens, Salem, and Ozpin. The more experienced people had no choice but to believe in the imp's words.

"And what of opportunity would that be?" Maria questioned as her artificial eyes raised a brow, curious about what the imp is giving them.

Mr. Mxyzptlk smiled as he raises both his arms wide. "Why, to give you all the fighting chance, ya need to save Remnant!"

Everyone listening was shocked. This being who mysteriously kidnapped them is giving them a chance to better themselves for the sake of Remnant?

"Hang on a minute." Robyn said, getting everyone's attention while she was having a hard time processing all this. "I'm finding this very hard to believe… what do you mean for the sake of Remnant? What's going on? And I'm pretty sure everyone here knows a lot more than what I can gather."

Everyone looked at one another, thinking of what they can say to the outsider of the group. But they were cut off when Mr. Mxyzptlk popped right in front of her.

"W-What?" She stuttered as she took a step back.

The imp didn't say anything. He simply smiled and offered his hand towards her. Everyone was confused by the gesture while Robyn blinked as she looked at the hand, then at Mr. Mxyzptlk, seeing his face telling her that he already knows about her Semblance.

She hesitantly took his hands then began asking her questions. "Are you really from another world?"

"Yes." The imp answered. Then suddenly, both their joined hands turned glowed green, much to everyone's surprise. "Lie Detection. This is your Semblance." The imp answered, making Robyn slightly frown that her ability was found out so quickly.

"A lie-detecting Semblance… now that's handy." Yang smirks as she crosses her arms.

"Anything else you le to ask?" Mr. Mxyzptlk asks the leader of the Happy Huntresses, making her hesitate a bit.

"Are you really going to help us?"

"Yes." The hands glowed green.

"Why us?"

"Because you are important people than you can ever imagine." The hands glowed green.

"Last question… why are you doing all this?" This was the question everyone wanted to know. Why is this alien from another world doing all this?

"Because I'm bored!" The imp laughed as their hands once again glowed green-much to everyone's shock at his honestly.

He lets go of Robyn's hand floats up higher till everyone looks up. "I'm bored with the same old things that are happening in my life. I mean, sure, I do take some joy in messing, I mean playing with a few friends of mine."

'You just said messing…' Everyone deadpans in their heads.

"And then I was exploring through dimension, and then I found Remnant!" Getting everyone's attention. "Then I found you people, and boy did you catch my attention!"

"Is that a good thing or a bad thing?" Marrow whispers to Vine.

"I'd rather not know the answers." He whispers back, earning a slow nod from the dog Faunus.

"I mean, look at you all! So much action!" Mr. Mxyzptlk instantly turned into a miniature version of Rambo holding guns in the air as he fires them around, much to the Remnantians shock. "So much drama!" He then transforms into an actor dressed in a suit as he acted so dramatically.

"How are you doing that?" Harriet mutters in both awe and shock.

"Magic!" Mr. Mxyzptlk answers as he turns into a miniature Dumbledore. Everyone was shocked by that confession.

"But enough about me!" The imp changes back to his original attire. "This is all about you, and boy, are you all in a pickle!"

Everyone flinched in what the imp said. Again, they all know that things in Remnant are not the same after the Fall of Beacon. They can expect what they can expect, but what is more critical is what they can do to change all that.

"So, what do you have in store for us?" Elm asks as she crosses her arms, feeling a bit excited about what to do.

"Yes!" He points out as he lowers himself to their eye level. "I want all of you to bear witness to a possibility that could have happened. A possibility that your lives would forever change in a way that none of you could ever possibly imagine."

"What is this? Are you going to let us watch something out of the multiverse or something?" Marrow guessed.

"That's right!" Mr. Mxyzptlk clapped. "I should expect nothing less from the comic-book lover of the Ace-Ops!"

Everyone, including the Ace-Ops, not knowing that secret, looked at Marrow with a raised brow while being mused at how the dog Faunus was nervously fidgeting while his tail wagged as he chuckled nervously.

"Wait… so… you brought us all here to watch ourselves?" Nora tilted her head.

"Yes and no." The imp answered. "Let's just say your alternate selves ended picking up the short end of the straw."

"And what makes you think we will agree to this." Clover asked.

"Oh, don't say that, lucky boy." The imp answered as he crosses his arm. "I know you're no stranger in wanting to learn new things."

"It's scary that you know these things." The leader of the Ace-Ops cringed a bit.

"Not as scary in what I'm going to show you guys."

"Again, why do we need to watch this?" Jaune asked, wanting to clarify the question.

"Don't you want to see your partner alive in a different timeline?" Mr. Mxyzptlk asked, making him and all his closest friends freeze, knowing precisely who he is talking about. Even those from Ozpin's circle widen their eyes on the said girl they were familiar with.

"P-Pyrrha…?" Jaune muttered in a hopeful tone in his voice.

"Yup." Mr. Mxyzptlk said. "It's not just that, not only will you be able to see your old friend again, but you'll see and learn so many things that will change your perspective of everything! But of course, it's your choice, after all."
Everyone looked at one another, trying to figure out how to answer the imp's proposal.

"If we take your offer…" Pietro spoke for the first time. "How long will this take? I mean, we do have lives we have to take, you know."

"Oh, don't you worry. In this dimension, time moves differently. Out there, time moves very slowly, and in here time stagnates, and at the same time, your time does the same, so you Remnantians don't need to worry about growing old or whatnot."

"That is very convenient." Penny said as she took every single piece of information she can.

"So… do we stay or…" Oscar asked as he looks around at the others as they looked at one another.

"I'll stay." Everyone looked at Ruby as she was the one who answered the questions.

"Ruby… are you sure?" Weiss walked up to her partner as she asked her.

"I'm sure." Ruby nodded then looked to her friends with a determined look. "We all are doing the best we can to be ready for what's to come but deep down… I know that we need more help…"

Her friends looked at one another and looked down, knowing well what she meant, including the secret they were keeping against Ironwood and his group. While the others were in deep thought as they heard her explanation.

"And besides…" Everyone focused back on the young reaper as she fidgets a bit with a slight smile on her face. "I also want to see Pyrrha again."

And with that, Weiss, Blake, Yang, Jaune, Nora, and Ren also smiled, wanting to see their beloved friend again.

"Okay… I'm with you, Ruby." Weiss said with a smile.

"I'll go wherever you go," Blake answered.

"No way, I'm leaving you behind, Rubes," Yang said to her sister.

"I also want to see Pyrrha too." Jaune joined them.

"Yeah! I want to see what kind of adventure she and our others do." Nora said in excitement.

"Indeed. It would be good to see her once more." Ren nodded in agreement.

As RWBY and JNR agreed to stay, the others also decided to stay as well.

"So, you staying, kid?" Qrow asked Oscar, to which he nodded. "I am. You?"

"What kind of uncle would I be if I leave my nieces here?" The Huntsman chuckled.

"General?" James looked turned to Winter along with the Penny and the Ace-Ops as they wait for his answer.

He takes a deep breath and sighs. "Normally, I would decline, but after listening to what… Mr. Mxyzptlk said I believe this is a good opportunity for us if we are to be a step ahead against our enemies."

"So, does that mean we stay?" Clover asks for confirmation.

"Yes, we stay." By his command, his people salute him by his order.

"So, you staying, Doctor?" Maria asks Pietro.

"Of course! No way I'm leaving my daughter here, and besides, seeing another timeline is very intriguing." The Doctor said, earning a laugh from Maria.

"You're right! You get to live once. No way I'm giving up a chance like this!" Pietro nods to the former Grim Reaper's answer. She then turns to Robyn, who was still in deep thought. "What about you, girl? What's your answer?"

The leader of the Happy Huntress looks down at the elder then she sighs. "Honestly, I don't know why I am here… I do want some answers, but this is probably something way out of my league." She then pauses a bit then looks at the others who are still talking among one another. "But seeing how these people and yourselves are taking it better than I am. It just makes me feel that I am missing out on some important stuff. So why not? If this is how I'm going to find the answers I need, then who am I complain." Maria laughs at her answer.

"Well!" Mr. Mxyzptlk shouts, getting everyone's attention. "I take it you all made your decision." They all nodded, showing that they had all made their decision.

"Okay!" The imp snaps his fingers, and in an instant, everyone was sitting down in chairs, and their surroundings have changed, which looks like a cinema room, right in front of them is a large cinema screen.

"Woah…" The younger Remnantians said in awe.

"I know, right!" He says as he begins to floating away.

"H-Hey! Where are you going?" Oscar asks, noticing the imp taking a distance.

"Going to do my own thing and leave you guys with the rest."

"What!? So you're just leaving us?" Winter said.

"Oh, you babies…" Mr. Mxyzptlk rolled his eyes and snapped his fingers again. At that moment, something appeared on their laps. Upon closer looks, it was a manual saying, 'Guide in staying in your unique Pocket Dimension!'

"Read that, and you find what you need! Welp! Good luck, and enjoy the show!" With that, Mr. Mxyzptlk disappears with a popping noise.

As soon as he did, the cinema light slowly turned dim, and then the cinema begins to turn on. As it starts, the people of Remnant could only wonder what they will witness and how it will affect them as they watch.

To be continued…

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