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Movie Night

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That night, Edgar and Wendy are watching the movie while Jason and Eve went to stay at their grandfather Ken's place...

Edgar and Wendy are fully naked together, preparing to have sex. Wendy is on all fours, Edgar inserts himself into her vagina deeply.

Dusty watches them having sex, he goes downstairs.

Wendy cummed as Edgar thrusts into her deep.

Dusty pulled his pants down, bending over on the floor to show Edgar his butt.

"Looks like Dusty wants to join in." said Wendy.

Edgar starts to think.

Edgar pulls himself out of Wendy, he inserts his vaginal lubricated penis into Dusty's butthole.

Dusty moaned, Edgar begins to thrust into him in doggystyle.

"Yes, daddy! Go deep." moaned Dusty.

Wendy is satisfied, wanting to have a family threesome.

Edgar thrusts deeper, making Dusty fart loud with Edgar's penis inside him.

Edgar fastens his pace, making popping, wet sounds (due to Wendy's vaginal cum) with their thighs clapping together.

Wendy fingers herself while watching them. She gets on Dusty's back, Edgar inserts his penis into her vagina raw after Dusty's hole.

Wendy moaned with pleasure.

Edgar fastens his thrust into Wendy, mixing Dusty's anal juice inside her wet vagina.

He repeated thrusting both Wendy and Dusty, in the ass and vagina, mixing their fluids.

After 3 minutes of repeated thrusts, Wendy gets off of Dusty's back and Edgar turns Dusty over and Dusty lays on his back to spread his legs wide open. Edgar thrusts into him in missionary, while Wendy watches with a pleasurable look on her face.

Dusty farts three times as Edgar thrusts into his hole.

After 2 minutes, Dusty and Wendy begins to suck Edgar's dick in deepthroat, making him moan. Edgar rubbed their heads while they're giving him head.

50 seconds later, Wendy gets on top of Edgar to ride on him. Edgar inserts his cock inside her vagina. 

Dusty watches them shagging, jerking off.

Wendy fastens her pace at riding, Edgar grabbed her butt while she rides on top of Edgar.

Wendy's juices come out of her vagina, lubricating Edgar's cock.

Edgar spanks her.

2 minutes later, Wendy gets off and Dusty goes on top of Edgar. He goes up and down with Edgar's dick inside his bum.

Dusty makes a short, loud fart.

Wendy spanks Dusty, pleasurably.

Popping sounds approached, with Edgar and Dusty's thighs smashing together.

Edgar grabbed his butt, slaps it.

Dusty farts in every Edgar's thrust into his hole, while riding on Edgar.

"Oh yes! In my ass, cum inside my ass." shouted Dusty, moaning.

Edgar cums inside Dusty's anus.

Wendy smacks Dusty's butt with pleasure.

Wendy lays on her back to spread her legs, Edgar inserts his penis inside her vagina in missionary. Dusty watches them, continuously with pleasurable looks on his face.

Edgar fastens his pace, thrusting into Wendy hard and making her moan.

Their sex organs make wet sounds as Edgar is thrusting.

After another 2 minutes, he cums inside her vagina.

The three cuddled together.

"That was fun, father." said Dusty.

"Yeah, I agree." said Edgar.

"We should do this again for round 2." said Wendy.

The End