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Morning Rays

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Iantis groaned as sunlight hit face. He made a mental note to himself to close the blinds tighter next time. While, on the right side of the bed, Sands had slept on his side and didn’t have to worry about getting blinded the first thing in the morning. 

He felt a twinge of fondness and annoyance when he noticed that Sands’s mask still on his face.

It had been a year and a half since the cure had been used, and, as much as it hurt Iantis to think about Atlas’s passing, he felt much lighter and more at home in his own body. He found that he didn’t regret his friend’s death, not when it wasn’t in vain, and not when Atlas had willing offered to sacrifice himself. The Original must’ve wanted his own peace in the end, as well. God knows he deserved it. 

But Sands still refused to take off his mask, even after a year of being together with him. It bothered him a bit, to not know what his lover’s face looked like, but he knew that Sands would take it off around him when he felt comfortable enough. 

Speaking of comfortable, Iantis wasn’t comfortable at all, the light still in his eyes while he had propped himself on his elbow. 

Turning over and plopping down next to Sands, he dipped his head onto the man’s shoulder and whispered, “Hey.” 

Sands snorted softly, muttering, “Morning already…?” 

“Yeah, it’s morning, so it’s time to get up,” Iantis murmured, pressing his lips against Sands’s ear in a light kiss before pulling back. “Lato and Hinalea are probably already up by now, preparing for our reunion.” 

“It’s too early for that, we can leave them to wait for five minutes more,” he groaned, pulling the covers over himself tighter, shoving his face against the pillow. 

“Nope, we’re going to get ready now and get them a gift on the way!” Iantis said, now fully awake at his own, cheerfully loud words. 

Sands slowed opened his eyes, shooting a small, halfhearted glare at Iantis before heaving himself up and stretching. 

Iantis swung his legs to the edge of the mattress and stretched as well, walking to the bathroom to get ready. 

Sands would soon pursue, this time a little more hurriedly. 

After all, where one was, the other was sure to follow.