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Lavender Scent

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“Hey, why do you have candles?” the jiangshi–Yuujirou, asked. “You're not supposed to be exposed to heat.” 

The vampire paused and stopped reading the book that was in his hand. “Is it important to know?” 

“I asked, so it is.” Yuujirou smiled playfully. 

Aizou deadpanned. “If it's you, I don't think it is.” 

It was silent for a moment before Yuujirou spoke up again. “Could it be...the scent of the wax?” 


The jiangshi lazily observed him for a moment before settling for hopping over the candles. 

It smelled like Lavender. It was lovely. 

“Do you like this scent?” Yuujirou asked with a tiny, innocent smile. 

“Jiangshi, why do you take interest so much?” 

“I have known not of what you are speaking of.” 

Aizou went quiet for a moment, but Yuujirou couldn't see him. He had no idea why the other had gotten all quiet. Perhaps he was deep in thought. Perhaps it was something else. 

“Do you not like candles?” 

Yuujirou was now the one who went quiet. 

He loved candles. 

“I do not know.” was what the jiangshi answered with instead. 

There was that silence again. 

“Do you know how to dance?” the vampire was the first to break it. 

“Why are you interested?” Yuujirou asked with a small smile, turning to him. “I'm graceful up to my fingertips. When I was alive, that is.” 

Aizou closed the book he was reading and set it aside on the table beside him, but not standing up from his seat. “I have a request.” 

“Oh, have you now?” 

“Sit on my lap.” 

“Ehh,” the jiangshi considered for a moment before doing so. “You aren't warm.” 

“You did not expect me to be.” 

“Impressive, you already saw right through me.” Yuujirou hummed and wrapped his arms around the vampire's neck, shutting his eyes as he buried his nose in the scent of Aizou's hair. “How pleasant.” 

“Is that what you think?” Aizou asked. 

“You have a lovely scent, vampire.” the jiangshi complimented, beaming. “I wish I could consume your life. Do you not think it's too bad that I cannot?” 

“No. I would rather stay as immortal so you could not.” 

Yuujirou chuckled. “Understandable. I wouldn't be able to be with you if you were a mortal, after all.” 

“Do you want to be with me?” 

“I want to cling onto you forever.” Yuujirou's words were coated with honey. Aizou knew it was genuine. 

The jiangshi was afraid of being alone. That was why he left the human life. Loneliness. The vampire figured that the jiangshi was afraid of the dark, hence to why he would ask Aizou to stay by his side while he slept, so that was why Aizou had candles all around the mansion. He would not ever let Yuujirou be by himself anymore. 

“Someday, I would like to dance with you with the candles lit brightly.” 

“Silly.” the jiangshi laughed lightly and turned to face Aizou with a lazy smile. “I will be waiting.” 

Aizou smiled and buried his face in the jiangshi's neck, pressing a kiss to it. “Please do.”