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Your Turn to Total Drama Island!

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"Oh, shit," Ranmaru cursed as he and his fellow campers discovered their first challenge. 

"Hello, campers!" Midori chirped. "Are you ready for your first challenge?" 

"W-What e-exactly do we have to do?" Hayasaka stammered. 

"Isn't it obvious?" The host gestured to the water below the massive cliff. "You have to dive off this one thousand foot cliff!"

"O-One thousand feet?!" Nao squeaked. "W-We'll die!"

"Calm down, Nao Egokoro," Alice said. "They always have interns on this show perform the stunts beforehand to make sure it is safe!" 

"That is true," Mishima agreed. 

"Oh, but there's a catch!" Meister said. "There are two circles down below. The outer circle is infested with vicious, man-eating sharks! And that tiny little inner circle is the safe zone which we're pretty sure is shark-free."

The colour seemed to drain from everyone's faces. 

"What the hell, dude?" Kurumada hissed. "You can't make us do this shit!"

"Then simply don't!" Midori said. "The team who gets the most jumpers will get a huge advantage in the next part of the challenge. So if you don't want to jump, then that's up to you, but it could cost your team the win!" 

"Woof, I don't want to do this..." Gin said. 

"You can't expect the kids to do this!" Reko yelled. 

"Why not? They signed the contract. They should be prepared to endure any challenge!" The green-haired host said. "Anyways... Killer Bass! You're up first!" 

Ranmaru gingerly walked up to the edge and stared down at the shark-infested waters. 

"So, who wants to go first?" He said, attempting to get someone else to start. 

Kurumada was the first to speak up after a long moment of silence. "Dude, you're already there. Just jump." 

The white-haired teenager sighed before jumping off the edge, luckily landing in the safe zone. The rest of the Killer Bass cheered as Mishima walked up to the edge. 

"Professor!" Nao exclaimed. "Don't do it! It's too dangerous!" 

"Fear not, Miss Nao!" The professor replied. "I will be fine!" 

"But professor Mishima-" before she could retaliate, he had already leapt off the cliff and safely into the safe zone.

The red-haired girl sighed in relief as the rest celebrated. Everyone else except for Nao, Hayasaka and Anzu had successfully jumped into the safe zone, earning the Killer Bass eight points so far. 

"Alright, Nao! You're up next!" Midori said. 

The colour had drained from the artists' face as her legs trembled at the sight of the descent. "I-I can't do it..." 

"Go on, Nao! I believe in you!" Reko yelled from the bottom. 

Confessional with Nao:

"Okay, was everyone else insane?! How could they possibly jump from that high?! I know I'm probably going to regret not jumping later, but it's better than dying!" 

"I... I'm sorry... It's too high up..." 

"Aww, Miss Nao," the host said whilst putting a hat of a chicken on her head. "Unfortunately, this means that you'll have to wear this chicken hat! Hayasaka, you're up next!" 

The businessman stayed silent, but the panic on his face was visible. 

Confessional with Hayasaka: 

"Ahaha... I'm not too great with heights... or shark-infested water... or anything that could kill me..." 

"What's wrong? Don't tell me you're going to chicken out too!" Midori said. 

"Ooh boy... this... this is really high..." he said with a wavering voice. "Sorry, guys... Can't do it..." 

"Come on, you pathetic bastards!" Rio Ranger hissed. "Just jump!" 

"Ehehe, hold your horses, Ranger!" Miley said. "Remember, you're not allowed to interfere!" 


"I'm sorry, everyone..." Hayasaka said whilst regretfully walking down the escalator wearing a chicken hat. 

"Anzu! You better jump!" Ranger whispered to the frightened girl. 

"I... I really don't want to... I hate heights..." 

"You can do it, Anzu!" Kugie encouraged from the shore. 

"She won't do it," Hinako scoffed, rolling her eyes. 

"Y... Yes, I will!" Anzu protested whilst cautiously making her way to the edge. Her throat went dry, and the sound of her heartbeat was blocking out all the team's encouragement. 

She shut her eyes tight, trying to regulate her breathing before she leapt off the edge and descended into the ocean.

The Killer Bass erupted in cheers when she made it into the safe zone, and the teenage girl beamed brightly in pride from ear to ear. 

"Great job, Anzu!" Kurumada applauded. 

"Amazing job!" Kugie said whilst hugging her. 

Confessional with Anzu: 

"Oh my god! That was terrifying, but it was so much fun! A part of me kind of wants to do it again..." 

"It also felt nice getting cheered on by my teammates!" 

"Thanks, guys! Man, that was so scary!" 

"Don't get too excited, Killer Bass!" Midori said. "You only got nine jumpers! The other team has that information now and can easily beat you, but go ahead and celebrate all you want! Screaming Gophers, you're up!" 

The Gopher's all looked apprehensive about jumping until Sara firmly took Joe by the hand. 

"Come on, Joe. Let's do it." 

"W...Wait, Sara! I'm not sure if I can do it," the brunette stammered. 

"Hey, it's okay! I'll jump with you! I'm scared too, but everyone else who has jumped seems fine now." 

Confessional with Joe: 

"Sara's always been so brave! Of course, she's wayyyy braver than me, but I wasn't gonna let her down!" 

"O-Okay." The two reluctantly walked to the edge. Sara smiled warmly at her best friend to encourage him, and they tightly clutched each other as they descended into the water. 

"We made it!" Joe exclaimed as they raised their heads from above the water. 

"See! That wasn't so bad, was it?" 

"Nope! It was actually pretty fun! Thanks for giving me a push, Sara!" 

The rest of the Screaming Gophers managed to find the courage to jump, except for Shin and Gin.

"Woof, this is high... I don't know if I can do it." 

Confessional with Shin: 

"Okay, I might actually be able to get through this challenge without jumping. If I somehow make Gin jump instead of me, then I won't have to." he scoffed, glancing to the side. 

"Sou Hiyori, or Midori, I'll prove to you that I have a chance of winning this game." 

"Psst, Gin," Shin whispered. 

"Meow? What, loner?" 

"If you jump, I'll buy you whatever candy you want when we get out of here." 

"I know you're just trying to bribe me, so you don't have to jump, woof." 

"Just do it!" The teal-haired man hissed. "I promise I'll buy you anything!" 

Confessional with Gin: 

"Woof, Loner should be more discrete when tricking people. But I wanted to jump anyways to prove to mom that I'm brave! Hi mom, woof!" The boy said whilst waving at the camera. 

The young boy rolled his eyes and moved to the edge of the cliff on shaky legs.

"Come on, Gin!" Q-Taro yelled. "Yer a big boy! You can do it!"

Sara looked at the child with concern. "Gin, you don't have to do it! Just get Shin to do it, and we'll win anyway!" 

The beanie-wearing man glared at the girl. "Remember our deal, Gin?"

The boy put his plushie down and reluctantly jumped off the cliff, squeezing his eyes shut tightly as he descended. 

"I made it! Big sis Sara, I made it!" He exclaimed as he emerged from the water. 

Everyone cheered for the boy and their victory in this part of the challenge. 

Confessional with Sara: 

"I don't trust that Shin guy. He obviously said something to Gin to get him to jump so he didn't have to. Imagine being that pathetic that you got a child to perform a stunt instead of you." 

Confessional with Shin:

"How easy was that? But who does that Sara think she is? Ever heard the term 'Respect your elders'? So no matter how much you judge me, remember that you're just a high school girl, and I am an adult. Besides, you gotta do what you gotta do to win."

"Congratulations, Screaming Gophers!" Midori said. "Shin, I'll assume since there's no point in you jumping that you won't?" 

"Nah, I think I'll skip." 

"Alright then! The next part of the challenge today is a building contest. Your team has to take a bunch of material back to camp and use it to build a hot tub within a certain amount of time. Screaming Gophers, since you won, you'll be given carts to carry your equipment, whereas, for the Killer Bass, you'll have to drag your material back by hand. See you back at camp!"

The Screaming Gophers were transporting their equipment with ease due to the carts they were given. Well, except for Shin, who was profusely struggling. 

"Shin, do you need help?" Sara said as she pulled a cart with Joe. 

"N-Nope! I'm doing just fine, thank you, Miss Sara!" he replied with frustration laced in his tone, feebly trying to pull his cart. The ginger chuckled slightly as she let go of her cart. 

"I'll take yours. You go pull with Joe." 

"I really... don't... need... help," Shin said between heavy breathing, but Sara had already taken the cart from him.

Her face twisted in concern. "Shin, this is really not heavy..." 

"Or... Maybe you're just... extremely strong..." It took him a couple of minutes to catch his breath before pulling the cart again with Joe. 

Meanwhile, at the Killer Bass: 

The team was laboriously trying to push their crates, bitterness consuming the atmosphere from many of the members. 

Nao regretfully gazed at the ground as she pushed her cart, but a comforting hand cupped her shoulder. 

"Hey, Nao! Don't get too down, okay? You did your best," Reko said. 

"You're wrong... I could have jumped; I was just too pathetic." 

"Miss Nao," Mishima spoke up. "Reko is right. We cannot change the past, so the only thing left to do is keep your head up." 

The red-haired woman nodded. "You're right. I just feel so embarrassed. I let my team down." 

"It wasn't just you," The singer-songwriter added, pointing to Hayasaka, who was strenuously trying to push his cart. "Four-eyes over there didn't jump either." 

"I gotta pee," Jin said before walking into the woods. 

Kurumada groaned. "Hurry up. We're already behind." 

Confessional with Hinako: 

She rolled her eyes. "I'm on a team with idiots," she mumbled. 

"Why the hell have you stopped, bastards?!" Ranger exclaimed. 

"That weird guy went to go piss," Hinako said. 

"This is not the time for pissing!" The co-host yelled. "Get back here now!" 

"Ranger..." Midori said, suddenly appearing from behind. "No interfering!" 

Rio Ranger rolled his eyes and glared at the team before departing. 

"Can we just keep going?" Ranmaru said. 

"We will probably get penalised if we don't return with all of our teammates," Kugie argued. 

Jin lethargically walked back to the rest of the team after a few minutes. 

"Why the hell did that take you so long?" Reko yelled. 

"Well, I'm sorry that I had to pee," the man scoffed. 

"You should be!" Kugie reprimanded. "Now hurry up and keep pushing the crates!" 

Back with the Screaming Gophers: 

"Um... Kanna thinks she sees the camp over there," Kanna said. 

"Woof, you're right, bucket girl!" Gin cheered. 

"That wasn't too hard!" Joe said. 

"That's what she said," Shin chuckled, earning a swat on the back of the head from Touko. 

"Shut up. You're not funny." 

"The hell? It was just a joke!" He retorted, rubbing his head. 

"Guys, can we not argue right now? We should start building our hot tub," Keiji said. 

Everyone opened the crates and absent-mindedly stared at the pile of wood in front of them.

Keiji glanced over at Sara. "Sara, you seem smart. How do you think we should put this thing together?" 

"Huh? Um, well, maybe we could..." She picked up a few pieces of wood and observed them intently. "Put these at the bottom and the rest on the outside. They should all face vertically, and the boiler should go here... The jets should go there... " 

She instructed her teammates on what they should do, and they immediately did as she said once she finished explaining, except for Shin.

"Why do we all of a sudden have to listen to her?" 

"You got any better ideas?" Keiji asked. "You should be grateful. Unlike you, the people who are following her instructions are making progress on the hot tub which will benefit us all in the end." 

The teal-haired man scoffed. "Whatever..." 

Confessional with Shin:

"If I'm going to win this game, then I need to get rid of Sara first. She's the biggest threat, but Keiji is right. She will benefit the team and get us wins, but she is gone as soon as teams dissolve. So for now, I'll act friendly and nice with her." 

Meanwhile, with the Killer Bass: 

"Look! We're back at camp!" Kugie exclaimed. Everyone hurriedly dragged their crates as they noticed the Screaming Gophers' significant progress. 

"We need to hurry up," Kurumada stated. "We don't have time to plan this out, so we're just gonna have to put shit together." 

"Shouldn't be too difficult, right?" Anzu said. 

They were wrong. What they were building was incomparable to a hot tub. Arguing and fighting got profusely more frequent, as well as quite a few injuries. 

"Okay, everyone! Time is up!" Midori said. The Screaming Gophers gathered by their perfectly built hot tub, and the host looked at them approvingly. "This is a great hot tub! Can the Killer Bass beat it?"

He walked over to a nervous-looking team who stood by their dilapidated hot tub and frowned. Water was leaking from the poorly placed wooden planks, and it was hardly standing upright. 

"Guys... the task was to build a hot tub," the host said sarcastically. 

"This is an... abstract hot tub," Nao defended. 

"Okay then... I think it's pretty obvious who won here. Screaming Gophers, you're safe!" 

The winning team celebrated as the Killer Bass gazed at the ground dejectedly. 

"Wonderful job, Gophers!" Miley chirped. "Better luck next time, Ranger, ehehe!" 

The orange-haired host rolled his eyes at the woman and glared at his team. "You bastards should be ashamed of yourselves." 

"Dinner will be served soon, followed by the elimination ceremony for the Killer Bass! So I suggest you use dinnertime to discuss who you want to vote off. And like I said earlier, Screaming Gophers, you can use this hot tub!" 

Everyone departed to their cabins to get ready for dinner. 

The atmosphere surrounding the Killer Bass in the dining hall was tense. There was evident hostility towards certain members of the team. 

Kurumada broke the silence. "Okay, who are we votin' off?"

"I say we vote off Nao Egokoro," Alice suggested, earning an angry outburst from Reko. 

Confessional with Reko: 

"Who the hell does that guy think he is spittin' crap like that? He shouldn't even be here!" 

"What the hell?!" The singer-songwriter retorted. "Shut the hell up. Nao is a great asset to our team!"

"She didn't even jump," Hinako backed up Alice. 

Nao despondently stared at the table. 

Reko scoffed. "Neither did four-eyes over there! Why should Nao go? She has many important skills!" 

"I must agree with miss Reko," Mishima said. "Knowing miss Nao for quite a while, I can assure you all that she has a lot to offer." 

"I don't think painting will benefit us in this show," Ranmaru said. 

"And what purpose does Hayasaka serve?" the punk said. Hayasaka was visibly nervous as people started ganging up on him. 

"H-Hey, wait... I can serve a purpose?" 

"Oh really? Like what?" Hinako said. 

"W-Well... I know medical stuff..." 

"How will that be useful? There's an infirmary nearby," Kugie said. 


"I think Nao is good for our team," Kugie said. "I don't know about you." 

"What about Jin? He held us up by pissing for ages," Kurumada suggested. 

"Hey, you gotta go when you gotta go," Jin protested. 

"At least he jumped," Alice said. "Nao Egokoro and Shunsuke Hayasaka were the only one's who didn't jump, so we should vote for either of them." 

"No, Hayasaka, is the one we're voting for!" Reko hissed. 

"Guys, please stop fighting," Nao squeaked. "I'll say, I really don't want to be voted off. But, I promise I will try my best in the next challenge, and maybe there will come a challenge where we can use my art!"

"I guess we'll see at the voting ceremony. Majority wins," Ranmaru said before getting out of his seat. "I'm going for a walk." 

Confessional with Kurumada: 

"That Reko seemed really defensive over Nao," the boxer smirked. "Anzu did say to me earlier that she predicts they'll fall in love. It seems kinda true now."

Confessional with Nao: 

"Oh my god, that was so cute how Reko was so protective over Nao! My theory is coming true! I do have amazing gaydar." 

Screaming Gophers' table: 

"Wonderful job today, everyone!" Mai chirped. "I like our team! I think we'll get along great!"  

"I think it would be wise to assign our team a leader," Keiji said. "If we have a strong, dependable person guiding us through challenges, then we should gain an advantage." 

"Alright, who do you suggest?" Q-Taro asked. 

The blond gazed over at Sara, who was absentmindedly poking at her disgusting plate of food. 

"Sara? Would you be up to it?" he said. 

"Huh? Why me?" 

"Well, you seem like one of the smartest one's here. Without you, we may have never won today's challenge."

"I agree! Sara, you have my vote!" Joe said. 

"I-It wasn't just me! All of you earned us that win!" 

"I agree. What makes miss Sara more important than the rest of us?" Shin said. 

Confessional with Shin: 

"I may know some very classified information about this show that I can't say on here, but I know for a fact that she's a huge threat. I can't let them choose her as the leader because she would have built trust with everyone else, and nobody would vote her off." 

"Hey, Sara is the perfect leader!" Joe protested. "She's the most trustworthy and strong person I know! There's nobody better for this job."

"Aww, Joe," Sara said. "Okay, if everyone is okay with it, then I'll do it." 

Nobody except for Shin objected.

"Wait a second, Sara's only seventeen, right? Shouldn't we get an adult to be the leader?" 

"Woof, she seems more mature than any of the adults here," Gin said. 

"What about Keiji?" Shin suggested. 

"Wahaha, I'm good, thanks. I'm probably the worst leader you guys could get." 

"Fine... what about Megumi? Aren't you like a lieutenant or something?" 

"No, thank you," Keiji mumbled, earning a shove from the woman. 

"Excuse me, Keiji, but I would love to be this team's leader!" The policewoman said. 

"Great! See? Megumi can be our leader!" Shin said. 

"Hold on. I agree with the blond dude," Said Touko. "I think Sara should be our leader. Megumi didn't even help that much in today's challenge." 

"What?! Yes, I did!" She retorted. 

"If standing around and getting Keiji to do all of your heavy liftings for you counts as helping, then you really shouldn't be on this show," Touko said. 

The woman scoffed. "Fine. I don't have an issue with Sara being our leader. But know, if she gets voted off, I will gladly take that position!" 

"I think Sara would be amazing!" Mai said. 

"S-Sara reminds me a lot of Kanna's sister who was the class rep for her class for two years in a row," Kanna said. 

"Thanks, guys," the ginger gave a warm smile to everyone. "You can count on me." 

"Then it's settled," Keiji said. 

Confessional with Sara: 

"I was kind of surprised that they were so eager to have me as the team leader, but I don't mind. Hopefully, this means I can stick around for longer." 

Campfire Ceremony: 

"Alright, you bastards," Rio Ranger said, leaning over the barrel. Next to him stood Safalin, who held a tray of marshmallows. "You all disappointed me today. You better win the next challenge, or else! If I call your name, please come up and get a marshmallow by Safalin. If I don't call your name, then you're outta here!" 

Mishima, Kurumada, Kugie, Anzu, Hinako, Ranmaru, Alice and Reko received a marshmallow. 

"Alright, the three of you are lucky last." Nao, Hayasaka and Jin all sat anxiously on their stump. 

"Jin... even though your pissing held up the team, you're safe!" 

The man got up and received a marshmallow, standing next to the others. 

Nao anxiously fidgeted with her hands, Reko staring intently at the host. Hayasaka was also visibly nervous as he ruffled the back of his hair. 

"And the final marshmallow goes to... Nao. Sorry, man! It's time for the boat of losers!" 

"A-Ah. I see," Hayasaka said dejectedly. "S-Sorry guys, hahaha. Guess I wasn't cut out for this stuff." 

"Too bad, so sad!" Rio Ranger said. "Now get outta 'ere!" 

"Sorry, dude," Kurumada said apologetically. 

"Ah, it's fine. Best of luck, everyone." 

The boat rode off into the distance as Reko smiled at the artist, who was overwhelmingly relieved. 

"As for the rest of you bastards, go to sleep! I'm sick of you already!" 

The Screaming Gophers relaxed in their hot tub as they happily conversed with one another. This team seemed to get along much better than the Killer Bass, but this will soon change significantly. 

The camera switched to Midori. "And that was the first day of hell for the campers. Stay tuned for more Total Drama Island!"