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Your Turn to Total Drama Island!

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"I'm doing the introduction, bastard!" Rio Ranger had been practising all week for his iconic opening act for the show, and he wasnt going to let Sue Miley take that away from him. 

"Ehehe, kindly and respectfully shut the fuck up, Ranger. We agreed that I would be doing the introduction!" 

"I never agreed to that! Why would I?! I'm way more charismatic than you! If we want to get views, then I should be the one doing the talkin', ya' here me?" 

"Um, guys-" 

"Your vulgar personality is not necessarily appealing. Leave it to me!" 

"Typical Miley. Always stealin' the spotlight." 

"Will you two stop, please? We're on-air-" 

"Why should you, a scrawny teenage boy, be the one to make our grand opening?" 

"Ah, screw it." The green-haired man stepped infront of the cameras and gave a beaming grin. "Welcome to Camp Wawanakwa! I'm your host, Sou Hiyori, and the two people bickering over there are our other two hosts, Sue Miley and Rio Ranger!" 

He pointed over his shoulder to the two, looking slightly mortified as they realised they were on-air. 

"Ehehe!" The woman composed herself, her frustrated demeanour quickly shifting to a giggly one. "I am Sue Miley, your beloved host, and we're here dropping season one of the hottest new reality show on television right now!" 

"Hey!" The teenage boy yelled out. "Let me do my introduction! Ahem. Heya, bastards! I'm Rio Ranger, and trust me when I say that I will certainly make this show very interesting for the campers, so you better keep watching, or else!" 

Miley glanced at him disapprovingly as he continued with his indecent act. 

"Here's the deal. Twenty-two campers have signed up to spend eight weeks right here at this piece of shit- I mean crummy summer camp." Ranger earned himself a punch on the arm by Miley when he cursed. 

"That's right!" Sou chimed in, attempting to save the show from being demonetised. "These campers will compete in challenges against each other, then have to face the judgement of their fellow campers. Then, every three days, one team will either win a reward or watch one of their team member's walk down the dock of shame..." 

"Take a ride on the loser boat..." Miley said, continuing his sentence.

The orange-haired boy finished the statement. "And leave Total Drama Island, for good!" 

"Their fate will be decided at the dramatic campfire ceremonies, where through a majority vote , one person from the team will be voted off!" Midori seemed eager to say the phrase, "majority vote".

"In the end, only one will be left standing and will receive a small fortune! Ehehe, how exciting!" 

"But will they be able to do it? They'll have to endure a shit tonne of disgusting camp food, deadly animals and, of course, each other." 

"Ehehe, I wonder who will crumble under pressure?" 

"Find out here on Total Drama Island!" 

"Hey, Sou! I wanted to say that part!" Rio protested before the cameras cut.

"Welcome back to Total Drama Island!" Miley chirped. "It's time to meet our first 11 campers!" 

The first to arrive were Hinako, Q-Taro, Keiji and Megumi, Kugie and Kanna, Ranmaru, Hayasaka and Shin. The majority of them seemed unimpressed with the condition of the place they were staying at. The dock was slightly deteriorating, threatening to collapse with every footstep laid upon it, and the ocean water was murky and polluted with litter. 

Meanwhile, on the next boat, Sara had no clue where she was going. Her best friend, Joe Tazuna, had planned this "vacation" for the two of them during their summer break, but he had given her no information whatsoever on this trip. 

"You excited, Sara?" The boy was restless, beaming from ear to ear like an excited puppy. "You're gonna love it! I can't wait!" 

"I'm sure I will," Sara said, smiling softly at him. "You really didn't have to do this for me, Joe. You should have brought Ryoko instead of me." 

He shook his head and sat down next to her. "Nah, even though Ryoko's my girlfriend, we both knew that you needed a vacation more than anyone." He paused for a moment. "Y'know, with everything going on..." 

The brunette broke an awkward smile before speaking again. "I could only get two tickets anyways... Besides, Ryoko and I only just started dating, so it would be kind of awkward." 

Sara giggled. "That's true. When you two are alone together, you're so shy." 

"Ahem- S-Sorry to interrupt, but we have almost arrived at our destination..." The person driving the boat was a timid-looking woman who wore odd clothing and makeup and had bright-green hair. 

The two teenagers looked ahead of them to see a group of people gathered on a dock faintly. 

Joe got up and excitedly pulled Sara to her feet. "Alright, Sara! Get ready for the best summer of your life!" 

The ginger sceptically observed the land ahead of her. But then, suspicion consumed her as she noticed numerous cameras and film equipment set up around the area. 

Her face was painted with concern when she saw the state of the ocean surrounding them, as well as the horribly worn-out building on the island. 

"Joe... what exactly is this place?" 

The boy was too overly feverish even to notice the place that lay ahead of them. His expression quickly shifted to a confused one when he took note of his surroundings. "Huh? This ain't the place I booked... Hey, green-haired lady!"

"Ahhhh, me?" She said skittishly.

"Yeah! I think we've got the wrong place. I booked a vacation at Camp Wawanakwa! Isn't that supposed to be a five-star resort, not a crappy summer camp?" 

"Umm, this is Camp Wawanakwa..." The woman said. Before he could protest, she had gently shoved them off the boat and onto the dock. 

The two awkwardly stood at the edge of the pier as the other people stared at them. 

"Where are we, Joe? Why did you take me to this... place?" Sara said quietly. 

"Welcome to Camp Wawanakwa!" A brunette woman greeted cheerfully. 

Joe laughed uncomfortably. "Uh, I'm sorry, I think we got the wrong place... so we'll be on our way!" But much to his dismay, when he turned around, the boat had already departed. 

Suddenly a tall green-haired man came up close to them, giving off an extremely intimidating aura. "Oh no, you are absolutely in the right place, Sara and Joe..." 

Joe felt a mixture of confusion and frustration. "Wait, but this isn't the place that I booked! The website said that Camp Wawanakwa was a 'Tropical Five-Star Resort'... but this- this is not a five-star resort." 

Rio Ranger started laughing mockingly. "Aww, it looks like some idiot didn't read the website properly! If only you had scrolled down further to see that the advertising was a lie and that you would actually be staying in this shithole!" 

Sara gave her best friend a stern and unimpressed look as he nervously scratched his neck. 

"W-Well, I want a refund!" 

"Ehehe, Joe, that's quite impossible as was a free trip, remember?" Miley said. 

The ginger girl shook her head in frustration. "Joe, are you serious?! This was so obviously a scam! In what world do you get to go to a 5-star resort for free?!" 

"Damnit... I'm sorry, Sara. Let's go, and we can find somewhere else to spend the summer." 

"Not so fast!" Sou said. "Did you not read the contract you signed? According to the terms and conditions, once signing up for this, you will have to stay at Camp Wawanakwa for the next eight weeks and compete in our reality TV show, Total Drama Island."

"W-what?! A reality TV show!?" The shocking realisation of what the film equipment was for made Sara freeze as she glanced at the camera pointed at her. "Excuse me for one second." 

The girl held a lethally tight grip on her best friend as she turned both of them the other way from the cameras. "What the hell, Joe?!" She shout-whispered. "What were you thinking not reading the contract properly?! So now we have to be on TV for eight weeks at this place!" 

"H-Hey, don't get mad at me! The ad was very misleading!" Joe defended. 

Sara glared at him. "I can't believe this. We're talking about this later!" 

As they turned back around, she immediately changed her livid expression to a cordial one. "Sorry about that. This situation might be a bit surprising for us, but we're happy to be on whatever this reality tv show is!" 

Sara never failed to charm everyone with her charisma, even if it wasn't sincere. Of course, she was not cunning, but she could certainly use this trait to advance in this show. 

"Well, since you obviously don't know what you signed up for, two teams will compete in a series of challenges, the losing team having to vote off a member as punishment. In the end, only one person will win, and that person will win a lot of money!" The green-haired man said, which made Sara reconsider the situation she was in. Money didn't sound too bad to her.

"Oh, so it's like Survivor," she said. 

"It is not like Survivor! Don't fucking compare our masterpiece of a TV show with a shit show like Survivor!" Rio Ranger seethed. 

"But... It's the exact same as- you know what, never mind." 

"Alright, Sara and Joe! Go stand with everyone else by the other end of the dock," Sou instructed.  

When they did, Sara stood next to Kugie, who quickly shied away, blushing, when the ginger smiled at her. 

The final 11 to arrive were Reko, Nao and Mishima, Alice (whose unexpected arrival stirred up chaos with Reko), Jin, Touko, Mai, Anzu, Gin, Kurumada and Kai.

"Alright, bastards! Make your way to the campfire, and we will announce your teams! Don't make us wait, or else!" Ranger said before all the campers reluctantly did as he said. 

"Is everyone here?" Sue Miley said. "Before we begin, we should all introduce ourselves! I am Sue Miley, the laughing doll!" 

"Doll? What the hell do you mean doll?!" Reko said. 

"Ehehe, I am a doll, meaning I am not actually human, and neither are any of the other hosts!" 

"Meow, that can't be true!" Gin protested. 

"Gotta agree with the kid," Keiji said. "You all look pretty human to me. I think that they're just messing with us." 

"Woof, I'm not a kid! I'm in sixth grade!" 

The blond man chuckled. "My bad." 

"You seem awfully confident that we are humans..." Sou said. "How about I prove it to you..." 

Suddenly, the green-haired man detached his hand from his arm with ease, causing an eruption of horrified reactions from the campers. 

"What the fuck?!" Kurumada yelled. "That's some messed up shit..." 

"How the hell d'you do that?!" Said Q-Taro. 

"Calm down, idiots. It's probably some sort of prosthetic arm or something," said Touko, rolling her eyes. 

"She's right," Megumi said. "I don't think artificial intelligence is advanced enough to have robots act this human." 

"Suit yourselves!" The green-haired "doll" said. "I am Sou Hiyori! But some people call me Midori if that suits you better." 

Alice Yabusame has been visibly rattled since his arrival on the island. When he noticed Sou when he got off the boat, he completely panicked and tried to turn back, but he had no other choice but to stay due to the contract. Occasionally, Sou would give Alice a taunting glance, making an intimidating-looking man seem weak and cowardly. 

"Alice? Is something the matter? You seem awfully pale!" Midori was obviously just trying to get under his skin. 

"I-I mean, is it really impossible that they are dolls?" Alice said with a shaky voice. 

"Hmm, I wonder why you suspect that?" The green-haired man said, his words tormenting Alice. 

"Ahem, let's hurry this up, please," Ranger said irritably. "Anyways, I'm Rio Ranger the Dressup Doll! So, just a heads up, when you get eliminated, I'll steal an item of clothing from you and wear it myself!" 

"You can't do that!" Anzu protested. "All of my clothing is vital for my career!" 

"I can do whatever I damn, please! If you don't want me to wear your shit so bad, then try your best to win! Now onto teams." 

"Ah yes! In this show, there will be two teams; The Screaming Gophers and The Killer Bass. We have already organised your teams, so, unfortunately, you do not get to pick!" Miley said. 

"If I call your name, please go and stand by Sue Miley," Midori instructed. "Sara, Joe, Keiji, Gin, Q-Taro, Shin, Kanna, Megumi, Mai, Kai, and Touko, you're all on the Screaming Gophers team!" 

Sara and Joe felt a sense of relief to know that they would be on the same team; however, other people were not too happy. 

"S-Sister...?" Kanna said on the verge of tears. 

"Kanna, it's okay. There's nothing we can do about it now," Kugie said. 

"B-But Kanna doesn't want to be on a team without her sister!" 

The older sister looked at her sternly. "I can't be with you for the rest of your life. So you're going to have to learn how to do things yourself."


"Hey," a soothing voice said behind Kanna. "It's okay! We will take care of you, Kanna. I'm Sara, by the way." 

Sara smiled at the small girl, which calmed her down instantly. 

"T-Thank you, Sara." Kanna took the orange-haired girl's hand and stood next to her and Joe. 

Midori interrupted. "Okay, let's move on! If I call your name, stand by Rio Ranger! Nao, Reko, Mishima, Alice, Kurumada, Anzu, Hinako, Hayasaka, Kugie, Ranmaru, and Jin, you're all on the Killer Bass!" 

"Yay, Professor! We got on the same team!" Nao chirped. 

"Indeed, Miss Nao. I am thrilled!" 

"This is bullshit," Reko muttered whilst glaring at Alice. "No way am I going to be on a team with him."

Alice glanced at the punk woman regretfully, knowing exactly why she didn't want him on her team.  

"Teams choices are final and will not be changed!" Midori said. The singer-songwriter was livid, lunging towards the green-haired man and holding him up by the scarf. 

"Put me on the other team now! Didn't that little girl say she wanted to be on a team with her sister? So just switch us up!" 

"I would suggest you put me down, Miss Yabusame. Violence against any of the hosts is strictly prohibited and can result in instant elimination. Besides, give your brother a chance! I'm so sure he's changed!" 

Reko grumbled whilst she reluctantly released the host. "He's not my brother. He's a stranger to me now." 

"Great, then I'm sure that if he's a stranger, then you can deal with him being on your team! Everyone else here are strangers to you."  

"Fuckin' asshole," she mumbled whilst standing as far away as she could from Alice. 

"Sue Miley and Rio Ranger are basically the hosts representing your teams. If somebody from their team ultimately wins, then they as well get a separate reward. They will be the ones to hold their team's elimination ceremonies, but they cannot interfere with any of the challenges to have their team advance. Doing so will result in an instant loss for that team. I, Sou Hiyori, am on neither team, so I am impartial. I will conduct all of the challenges as I am the main host." The final remark left Miley and Ranger bitter. "Our three co-hosts also accompany us hosts. Gashu, Safalin and Meister, you can come here now!" 

As the three entered, Sara and Joe recognised Safalin from their boat ride.

"Hello, everyone. I am Meister, and I am Hiyori's assistant." The man was quite peculiar, bandaged from head to toe that you couldn't even see his face. 

"H-Hello, I'm Tia Safalin. I'm R-Rio Ranger's assistant, and I am the crying doll." 

"I am Gashu, and I am the assistant of Sue Miley. A pleasure to meet you all." 

Kai seemed slightly uneasy at the introduction of Gashu but managed to maintain his composure.

"Now that we've done our introductions, everyone go to your cabins to settle in. The cabins are separated into your teams and are divided by gender, so boys get one side of the cabin, and ladies get the other side. Once you've settled in, everyone gather at the dining hall for lunch." After Midori gave his instructions, everyone departed and made their way to the cabins. 

Screaming Gophers' Boys' Cabin: 

"Woof, can I get a top bunk, please?" Gin said. 

"Sure thing, bud!" Q-Taro said. "I think it's best 'zat I go on the bottom bunk." 

"Me too. I think I should go on the bottom," Keiji said, which caused Joe to chuckle. 

"Sus..." he muttered. Shin started to laugh, and the blond policeman rolled his eyes. 

"Haha, very funny." 

"It was funny..." Shin said. "I should probably go on a top bunk. I'm not that heavy." 

"Yeah, honestly, I think Gin is heavier than you, dude," Joe said. 

"How're you even gonna survive this show?!" Q-Taro said. 

"Ah, well, I may not be athletic, but I think I could bring something to this team. Besides, I don't think I'm weaker than the kid." 

"Meow, I wouldn't be so sure, loner guy!" Gin retaliated. "I won all my track races at school last year! And I'm really good at hide-and-seek, woof!" 

"See," Keiji said. "I think the kid has a lot to offer. Let's hope you don't pass out from the challenges."

"Let us not doubt him," Kai spoke up. "I am sure that he could benefit our team greatly." 

"Thank you, Kai!" Shin said. "At least someone believes in me. I know how to program and hack computers, and I'm good at math and stuff, so I could help us strategise." 

"Let's hope so..." Keiji said. 

"Shall we all introduce ourselves?" Kai asked. 

"Name's Keiji Shinogi. Twenty-seven years old and a police officer." 

"Greetings, I am Kai Satou. I am also twenty-seven years old, and I am a homemaker." 

"Q-taro Burgerberg! I'm a baseball player! Second-string, though! I'm twenty-six years old." 

"My name's Shin Tsukimi. Err... well. Just a job-hopper. Ahaha... I'm twenty-two years old." 

"My name is Gin Ibushi, woof! I'm a 6th grader, meow!" 

"I'm Joe Tazuna. I'm seventeen years old and go to the same high school as Sara! She's my best friend!" 

"So, Joe," Keiji said. "You and Sara came here without even knowing anything about this show?" 

The boy laughed nervously. "Ahaha... Yeah. I feel so stupid. I wanted to take her on a relaxing vacation, but now we're stuck here doing a reality TV show and this crappy summer camp. Kind of funny now that I think about it!"

"That is quite a bizarre story," Kai said. 

"Are you two dating or something?"  

"Huh? Nope! I actually have a girlfriend back home, but Sara has been my best friend for almost my whole life, so I just wanted to treat her! Besides, I couldn't bring my girlfriend because there weren't enough tickets."

"Pardon the interruption," A voice behind everyone said. It was Gashu, Sue Miley's assistant. "Joe Tazuna, I need you to give me all your electronic devices. According to the contract, all communication with the outside world is prohibited." 

"Shit, man. Sara is gonna be pissed." The brunette defeatedly handed the man his devices before Gashu left the cabin. 

Screaming Gophers' Girls' Cabin

"Kanna, where would you like to sleep?" Sara asked the girl who was latching onto her. 

"U-Umm... Maybe that one, if that's okay. I would always sleep on the top bunk at home." 

"Of course!" Kanna felt reassured that she would be okay without her sister as she had Sara by her side. She thought that the two resembled each other significantly.

"I'm so excited to get to know you all!" Mai chirped. "Sara, you have such beautiful, soft skin! What's your secret?!" 

"I- Uh, just regular cleanser, nothing special..." 

"Ah, I wish I could be your age again. I hate getting old," Mai groaned. 

"Pretty sure I'm the oldest one here, and I'm only 32," Megumi said.

Mai gasped. "No way, you're 32?! You look so young!" 

The police officer chuckled. "Thank you, I am flattered. How old are all of you anyway?" 

"I'm 18," Touko said as she lay on her bed. "Just got into college, but I'm young for my year." 

"K-Kanna is 14," Kanna said. "I'm in middle school." 

"I'm 17, and so is Joe. We're both second years in the same high school. Well, we'll be in our final grade at the end of the summer," said Sara.

"I'm 24!" Mai said. "I'm a baker, and I own my own bakery!" 

"Wow, that's quite young to have your own business," Megumi said. "I'm impressed." 

"Thank you! You should all come to visit it once we're done here!" 

"Knock, Knock!" A voice from outside called out. 

Despite nobody responding, Sue Miley came in anyways with her usual, beaming smile. "Hello, ladies! How are we all doing?" 

"Who said you could come in, lady?" Touko said as she texted on her phone at the same time. 

"Ehehe, well, I actually came in to talk about that." Miley pointed at Touko's phone that she was holding. 

The blonde scoffed. "Yeah? What about it?" 

"I'm going to have to confiscate it. As well as yours, Sara!" Miley said. 

"What!? No fucking way. I'm not giving you my precious phone!" Touko protested. 

"Did you not read the contract? 'All devices or communication with the outside world is strictly prohibited.'" 

"Seriously?" Sara said, reluctantly giving the host her phone. "Damnit, Joe. I can't believe he didn't read that contract." 

"Thank you, Sara! Now, Touko, give me yours." 

"How about no." But before she could go back to texting on her phone, Miley had already snatched it out of her hand. "What the hell, bitch?! Give me back my phone!" 

"I don't care what you call anyone else here, but I am a host, and you're just a pathetic little contestant, so you need to give me more respect." Before she could retaliate, the cheerful host had already left the cabin. 

"It's true, Touko. Did you not read the contract?" Megumi said. 

"I did read it, but no way was I giving up my phone. I physically cannot live without it." 

"That's a bit dramatic," the police officer said. "Phone's really are ruining younger generations..." 

"Oh, please tell me you're not going to be one of those adults who blame everything on phones," the blonde said. 

"I'm just saying..." 

Killer Bass' Boys' Cabin: 

"Hey, man, what was up with that emo chick getting all pissed because you were on the team?" Kurumada asked Alice as everyone unpacked their things. 

He scoffed, not interested in discussing the topic. "She's my sister, and we don't get along that well." 

Mishima raised an eyebrow in suspicion but decided not to pry. "I feel as if we should all introduce ourselves properly. I am Kazumi Mishima, I am a high school teacher, and I am thirty years old. Nao Egokoro, one of the members on our team, is a former student of mine." 

"Wait, you're thirty? You look like... fifty," Jin said. 

"Ah, I get that quite often, but no, I am only thirty." 

"I'm Jin Mutou, twenty-eight years old. I'm an engineer." 

"Um, I'm Ranmaru Kageyama, and I'm seventeen." 

"What's up? I'm Naomichi Kurumada, twenty-three years old and a boxer. I'm kind of famous, actually." 

"Really? I don't recognise you," Jin sneered. 

Naomichi scoffed. "Yeah, well, I have a lot of fans, so..." 

"If I may," Alice spoke up. "Alice Yabusame. Twenty-five years old, and I used to be in a band." 

"Really? What band?" Ranmaru asked. 

"I- Uh, just some random underground band. We never got famous or anything, though." Alice was visibly nervous, not wanting his fellow campers to recognise him. 

"Um... my name is Shunsuke Hayasaka. I am twenty-five years old, and I work at a corporation that deals with medicine." 

Killer Bass' Girls' Cabin: 

"Goddamn, Alice. Who the hell does he think he is," Reko muttered to herself as she aggressively unpacked her things. 

"You know everyone can hear you," Hinako said irritably. 

The singer-songwriter sighed. "Sorry, I just didn't actually expect him to be here. I came onto this show to forget about him, and now he's here?! I fucking hate him!" 

"H-Hey, calm down! Take deep breaths," Nao said to Reko, who did as she said, slightly calming her down. 

"Thanks. I'm Reko Yabusame by the way. Twenty-three-year-old singer-songwriter." 

"My name is Nao Egokoro, I'm nineteen, and I go to art college!" 

"You seem like you're an artist," Reko said. "You should show us some of your works." 

"S-Sure! And you should sing for us sometime!" 

"I'm predicting that they're going to fall in love," Anzu whispered to Kugie, who giggled in agreement. 

"I'm Hinako Mishuku. I'm fourteen and in middle school. Nothing special about me, really." 

"My name is Kugie Kizuchi. Sixteen years old and a second year in high school." 

"I'm Anzu Kinashi! I'm seventeen and also a second year in high school!" 

"Damn, there seems to be a lot of high schoolers on this show," Reko said. 

Dining Hall:

After everyone had settled into their cabins, the campers gathered at the dining hall, lining up to get lunch. 

"Hello, everyone! I will be your chef." Meister said. "Please enjoy this food!" 

The food that was served was truly a repulsive sight. 

"Um, sorry, but I'm not eating this shit," Touko said. 

"Sorry, Miss. It's either that or you get no food," said the chef.

"Pardon me, but this truly is horrendous. This does not look edible," Kai said. "I would not mind preparing food for everyone instead." 

"Ah, Kai. Always so considerate, but unfortunately, I'm going to have to decline! But, honestly, cooking is really fun, and I want to keep doing it!"

Meister put food on both Sara and Joe's trays, both of them cringing in disgust. "Okay, mine definitely just moved," Sara said. 

"Well, Sara, you should be grateful for the food you get!" Meister said. 

"But... I don't think that this is food..." Joe said. 

When Shin was next in line, Meister gave him more than everyone else. "You're a bit scrawny, so I think you should eat some more." 

Once everyone had gotten their food, they sat together with their teams continuing with introductions. 

"Alright, campers!" Midori called out. "Your first challenge will start in one hour." 

"What do you think he'll make us do?" Anzu said to Ranmaru. 

"I'm sure it won't be too hard. It is our first challenge after all." 

Ranmaru instantly regretted the words he said once they all arrived at their first challenge. 

"Oh, shit."