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"How dare you run away, sweetheart? How could you run away from me? Don't you know how mad can I get when you do something like this? I never want to hurt you but you always force me to do it."

"Don't do this, Ahn. I'll never try to run away from you again. I'll do everything you want me to do but please don't hurt me. I can't take it anymore." Jimin cried, desperately trying to hide from the man who was slowly approaching him with a crazy look on his face. Jimin's body was shaking so hard that it felt like his teeth were going to rattle out of his head. He kept trying to press himself further under the bed, terror coursing white-hot through his veins till it felt like he was going to internally combust from the pressure exploding through him.

"I know you'll never even think about running away from me once I'll punish you. Bad boys like you need a good lesson." The deep voice was getting closer and closer. Jimin knew there was nowhere for him to run.

"No. Please, don't do this. Please!"

And with a loud cry, Jimin woke up from his slumber. It wasn't the first time when he woke up in the middle of the night sweating and crying. It was his routine now and that night was no different.

There was just a slight difference to be exact. It was raining heavily outside and there was the sound of water pouring down on the trees and the ground unlike other silent nights when there wasn't a single sound outside and the world felt so empty.

Jimin looked around tentatively. The same fear of that man finding him was somehow making his stomach curdle even though logically he knew he was safe. He was far away from him.

Jimin quickly got up from his bed and went to the bathroom to wash his face. As soon as the cold water came in contact with his face, he let out a deep sigh. His mind was now processing everything.

"It was only a dream, Jimin. You're safe here. You aren't in Busan anymore. No one is going to hurt you here," he mumbled trying to calm himself down. He said the same thing to himself every single night.

After Jimin's breathing became normal and his heart started beating at a normal pace, he came out of the bathroom to go back to his bed and slip under the sheets once again. Unfortunately, he was now wide awake. He looked at the wall clock and cursed himself. "Tomorrow is my first day at college and I'm here wide awake at four in the morning. I'm sure I'll be looking like a zombie."

He twisted and turned several times in the bed, trying to fall asleep again but he just couldn't. It's not that he wasn't tired because Jimin was actually exhausted, but he was dancing on the edge of sleep without being able to fall over the edge into unconsciousness.

There was so much wrong with how he felt. He hated the way his mind was extra-conscious all the time, and he hated how the bed felt like it was swallowing him up. Also, the feeling of the hand around his neck, tying him down, was a constant reminder that he was far from okay. It was all too much for him. But luckily, he slowly drifted back to sleep as he didn't get enough sleep for the last whole week. Those dreams and voices always kept him awake at night and if he ever succeeded in sleeping for at least a few hours, it was truly a blessing for him.


Jimin's POV

I woke up at the sound of my alarm. It was eight in the morning and I had to reach the college in half an hour. I quickly got out of my bed and went to the bathroom to finish my morning routine. I was feeling a bit excited as joining college was the first normal thing I was going to do in the past few months. I just wanted to live a happy life with my family, but I guess it wasn't in my luck.

I put on a dark blue shirt paired with black leather jeans. I also applied some light makeup on my face. I liked wearing makeup as I was well aware of my feminine appearance and felt totally comfortable with it. There was a time when boys used to make fun of me, called me a girl, and bullied me because of my soft appearance, but when I entered high school, those same boys started asking me for my phone number. That's how the world is. People prefer beauty over everything else.

I went to the kitchen and fixed myself a sandwich. I was living alone in that small apartment. I used to live in Busan before, but now I didn't even want to remember anything from my childhood when I was with my family or anything from my past in general. I missed Taemin hyung though. He was the only person in my life whom I could genuinely trust. But unfortunately, he was back there in Busan and I didn't even want to think about that place ever again.

I was too engrossed in my thoughts that I even forgot about the college. I quickly got out of my apartment and started walking towards the said place as I didn't own a car. Luckily, it wasn't too far from my home.

It was my first day at college as well as at my new job. When I came to Seoul, I started working as a bartender to pay my bills. I also wanted to save some money for the college but that job wasn't comfortable for me as people used to flirt with me there all the time. Well, I still did that job for two months and earned some money to start college. Now that I got the job as a waiter, I was happy that it was so much better than the previous one.

I walked fast and luckily reached the college in time. When I entered through the gate, I promised myself to give my best at whatever I was gonna do in my life and try not to indulge in any kind of drama. I walked up to my class and took a seat near the window. I wasn't really in the mood of interacting with anyone so I just sat there quietly and focused my attention on the beautiful view out of the window. There was an old tree with light purple flowers and a bench in front of it. Birds were chirping happily and I couldn't help but think that how even those birds had a better life than mine.


Author's POV

Jimin was minding his own business, sitting quietly in the class when a boy walked up to his seat and started gawking at him along with some other boys. Jimin was drop-dead gorgeous, there was no denying it, and that brought him a lot of unwanted attention.

"Hey, pretty boy! It looks like you don't know anyone here and probably don't even have any friends. We can be your friends if you want," one of the boys said walking close to Jimin, and Jimin didn't like his tone so he just stayed quiet and kept looking out of the window without even sparing a single glance at the boy.

"I think good-looking people don't have a very good listening ability," the boy uttered with gritted teeth, not liking the fact that Jimin was ignoring him in front of his friends. It was an insult to him.

Jimin wanted to fight back but he really didn't want to create any kind of drama on the very first day. He was also tired of people calling him pretty and flirting with him like he was some girl. They always tried to push his limits to get his attention.

"I'm talking to you doll face."

"I think people like you don't have a good seeing ability that's why you can't see that I don't want to talk to you," Jimin replied looking at the boy for a split second and then diverted his attention back to the window.

"Look at yourself, baby boy. You're too delicate to have that kind of attitude," the boy stated and held Jimin's dainty wrist in his hand before pulling him up from his seat forcefully.

"Hyunjin, stop it. Have some self-respect and leave him. Come here I want to talk to you about something important."

Jimin looked at the boy who stopped the group from going any further. He had black long and curly hair. His doe eyes gave him an innocent look but his appearance oozed authority. He was handsome enough to make anyone take a second glance at his face.

"Okay, Jungkook. I'm coming," Hyunjin replied to him and then looked back at Jimin with a smirk on his face. "See you again, beautiful."

Jimin pulled his wrist back from Hyunjin's grip and settled down on his seat with a frown on his pretty face. Jungkook didn't notice him properly as his view was blocked by the other boys, and walked out of the class followed by Hyunjin.

"No matter how much I try to stay away from these people, they have to ruin everything. I can't even spend a day peacefully." Jimin let out a frustrated sigh and looked at Jungkook and Hyunjin walking out of the class.

Jimin knew that he could fight back but not when it was something physical, so he was relieved that the boy Jungkook appeared at the right moment otherwise he had no idea what he would have done in such a situation. He quietly placed his head down at the desk and closed his eyes hoping for the rest of the day to go well.


"What do you want to talk about?" Hyunjin asked as soon as he came out of the classroom with Jungkook.

"Namjoon hyung called me. He told me to deliver some papers to Mr. Zac so you have to go with me today," Jungkook replied in his usual cold tone.

"So your hyung is finally letting you be a part of his business," Hyunjin stated sarcastically while emphasizing the word business. Jungkook's family was involved in a lot of illegal things and only a few people including Hyunjin knew about it.

"Hyung cares about me too much, that's why he doesn't want me to be a part of it. He is doing this for my own safety. I'm still a twelve-year-old boy in his eyes. I'm glad that my brother loves me unlike your family," Jungkook replied defending his hyung. "I don't want you to talk about my hyung again."

And whatever Jungkook said was true. After the death of their father, Namjoon always treated Jungkook as his own child although Jungkook was his younger brother. He couldn't risk Jungkook's life so he always tried to keep him away from everything. But now that Jungkook was mature, he wanted to help Namjoon in the work their father worked so hard to establish.

Their father was a role model for Jungkook and that's why he always wanted to be a powerful man like his dad. Jungkook was somewhat similar to him. Cold, ruthless, and merciless. According to him, kindness is weakness and a weak person can never get what he wants. The world never presents you anything on a fancy plate. You have to fight for it.

Jeon Junghoon was a respectable man who had four companies of his own. He was one of the wealthiest people in Korea. He was the type of person who always wanted to be feared instead of being liked and respected, so he had strong roots in the mafia.

Jungkook was exactly the same. He wanted to be powerful like his dad, so he really wanted to work along with his hyung and learn everything about the dark world. But unfortunately, he was still Namjoon's baby brother so Namjoon always tried to keep him away from their work. Now that Jungkook was young and mature, Namjoon had started valuing his passion and love for following in the footsteps of their father. He finally allowed Jungkook to deal with every matter along with him, but still using guns or killing someone was off-limits. Only under these rules, Jungkook was permitted to do the thing he was always interested in.

"Okay, Jungkook. I'll come to your house at five but right now I have some other important things to deal with," Hyunjin uttered while smirking at a sexy girl standing behind Jungkook.

Jungkook's eyes followed Hyunjin's gaze and he chuckled bitterly. "Seriously, Hyunjin? That's all you think about the whole day? Sex?"

"It is the best thing you can do in life. Why would I think about anything else then?" Hyunjin cockily replied and winked at the girl.

"People like you become rapists when they get a chance to." Jungkook scoffed loudly, not caring about the other students standing in the hallway.

Hyunjin's eyes widened in shock at the rude comment. "I can't believe you said that about me. I just..." And before he could say anything further, Jungkook left quietly.

When Jungkook came back to the class, Mr. Sunghoo had already started his lecture. He wasn't really in the mood of studying so he just took out his phone from his pocket and busied himself with checking the texts and notifications.

"If Namjoon hyung had listened to me in the morning, I wouldn't be sitting in this boring and shitty class right now," Jungkook groaned and leaned back in the seat, not giving any shit to what the teacher was trying to explain to the class.


After the lecture, Jungkook and Hyunjin were sitting in the canteen with their other two friends Felix and Hyunwoo when Jimin came holding some papers in his hand and sat at the next table with his back facing them.

"Where were you in the second lecture, Hyunjin?" Felix asked taking a sip from his drink.

"I was just busy somewhere," Hyunjin replied absent-mindedly as his attention was now diverted towards Jimin.

"He was busy fucking a girl," Jungkook scoffed while taking a sip of his banana milkshake.

"Look who is taunting me. The boy who is with a new girl every night," Hyunjin retorted. He felt annoyed at being interrogated.

"Oh, I just remembered. I didn't know you were gay, Hyunjin. I saw you flirting with a boy in the class today," Jungkook uttered in a mocking tone with his eyebrow slightly raised.

"Did you look at him? Did you even see the boy I was flirting with?" Hyunjin questioned being a little more interested in the conversation now. The pretty boy in the class was his new interest.

"No, I'm not homo. I don't claim to be interested in girls and then flirt with random good-looking boys." Jungkook rolled his eyes and motioned Hyunwoo to bring another glass of milkshake for him.

"Well, he is not just some random good-looking boy. Don't blame me or question my sexuality. He is just so pretty," Hyunjin replied looking at Jimin's back while Jimin was busy eating a pancake. "You know I'm weak for beautiful things," he added.

"You're just weak for anything that has two legs," Jungkook stated being clearly annoyed.

"Well, I've seen many good-looking boys but none of them really appealed to me. I think that boy in our class is the prettiest boy I've ever seen in my entire life. I also saw Jack checking out his ass today although he is the straightest man we know," Hyunjin mentioned standing up from his seat. "Look he is sitting right behind you."

Jungkook was curious as no matter how flirty Hyunjin was, he never praised anyone that much. Jungkook was about to get up from his seat when Jimin stood up, lifting his bag on his shoulder. Jungkook turned around and accidentally bumped into Jimin as Jimin was paying more attention to putting the things in his bag than looking in front of him while walking. He stopped and looked up at Jungkook with a straight face.

It was the first time when Jeon Jungkook ever noticed someone with that much interest and especially a boy, which was something new to him. He looked at Jimin's face. The boy had beautiful brown and hooded eyes, a cute little nose, naturally pink and plumped lips, a sharp jawline with long black and curly hair. He was indeed the prettiest boy Jungkook had ever seen.

Beautiful things had always attracted Jeon Jungkook. And the boy standing in front of him was a true definition of beauty and elegance. Jungkook just forgot to blink for a few seconds.

"Excuse me," Jimin uttered while walking past him and making his way out of the canteen. His soft angelic voice didn't go unnoticed by Jungkook. He was really charmed. And it was the first time when something mesmerized Jungkook to an extent that he even forgot to say anything, and the most surprising thing was that it was a boy.

"Hello! Earth to Jungkook," Hyunjin said while waving his hand in front of Jungkook's face. Jungkook looked at him and let out a deep breath before settling down on his seat again.

"Well, I guess now you'll stop questioning my sexuality. He is just too pretty to be a boy," Hyunjin joked while raising his eyebrow at Jungkook.

Jungkook huffed. "Just shut up and let's go back to the class. Thank God it's the last lecture. I really want to bunk but Namjoon hyung must be getting the report of everything I'm doing here." He stated frustratingly but his mind was still occupied with the thoughts of that one boy.


Chapter Text

Jungkook came back home after the last lecture. He was so much tired even though he didn't even listen to the professors, and was busy with his own activities, but sitting in the class alone was too tiring for him.

When he entered the mansion, he looked around to find Namjoon but his hyung was nowhere to be seen. It was very usual as Namjoon was mostly busy and not at home.

"Where is Namjoon hyung?" Jungkook questioned as he walked into the living room followed by a servant who had a glass of fresh pomegranate juice in his hand.

"He just went out, sir. He told me to remind you that you have some work to do today," the servant replied while handing over the glass to Jungkook. Jungkook let out a tired sigh while receiving it and started gulping it down quickly.

"Yeah, I remember that. I'm very tired right now so I just want to sleep for some time. I'm setting an alarm but if I didn't wake up at five you have to wake me up." Jungkook uttered while giving the now empty glass back to the servant.

"Okay, sir," the servant replied with a polite smile and bowed respectfully before leaving the room.

Jungkook went to his bedroom and threw himself on his comfortable bed. He slept after setting up the alarm as he was a heavy sleeper and the college tired him so much. He had to wake up at five and for that setting an alarm was necessary.


Jimin came back home and took a rest for some time. He didn't get much time to sleep as he had to get ready for the first day of his job at the coffee shop. He was so much spoiled when he lived with his family that his father fulfilled his wishes before he even said them out loud. His father was there to provide him with anything he wanted even if it was a car or a mountain. But now he had to face the world and deal with it on his own. When he first came to Seoul, everything seemed very challenging to him, but now he was trying really hard to get used to it.

Jimin put on a white dress shirt with dark blue denim jeans and went to his bedroom to bring his mobile phone. He went out of the apartment and started walking toward the coffee shop while dialing a number on his phone. After a few rings, the person picked up the call.

"Hey, Taemin hyung," Jimin greeted with a smile on his face.

"Hello, Jimin-ah. Where have you been? Do you have any idea how much worried I was?" Taemin uttered in an angry tone, and he had every right to be worried about his baby brother. He loved Jimin so much and not hearing from him for so many days made him extremely concerned.

"I'm sorry, hyung. I wanted to talk to you but I was very busy for the past few days," Jimin replied, smiling at the thought of how much his hyung cared about him.

"Listen to me, Jimin. I told you to call or text me at least once a week to tell me about your health and everything. You can't even do that for your hyung?" Taemin sounded really upset.

"Hyung, I'm sorry for making you worried. I just don't want anyone to know that I'm in contact with you so it would be better if we don't talk to each other that much," Jimin answered while walking fast as he didn't want to get late on the first day of his job.

"Yes, you're right. But you can at least text me. Jimin-ah, please tell me if you need anything. You don't have to do a job. Your hyung is still alive," Taemin replied with his voice full of care.

"Hyung, I just got a new job. I really want to do something for myself. I'm going there right now. I'll talk to you later," Jimin said frustratingly. He hated it when people tried to take control of his life.

"You don't have to work anywhere and you definitely don't have to do a job. You're Park Jimin. You're the son of Park Jaewoo. Tell me how much money you need I'll send it to you," Taemin stated before Jimin could end the call.

"Hyung, I don't need anything from anyone. I can get everything I want by myself so please don't say that again. You know I don't like it when you talk to me like that," Jimin replied being slightly annoyed.

"Okay, Jimin-ah. Just take care of yourself. Don't get me worried about you." Taemin sighed defeatedly.

"Goodbye, hyung. And please don't be worried about me. I can take care of myself now," Jimin replied while taking a turn at the end of the road and walking towards the coffee shop he was going to work in.


Jungkook woke up at the sound of someone knocking at the door. He grumbled while getting out of his bed with half-opened eyes.

"Jungkook, get up. Mr. Zac is waiting for us. We shouldn't be late," Hyunjin stated loudly from behind the door.

"Shit," Jungkook cursed looking at the wall clock. They had to reach the warehouse in half an hour.

Without wasting any time, he rushed to the bathroom to wash his face. Then along with Hyunjin, he went out of the mansion to do the work Namjoon had assigned to him.

Jungkook drove really fast and it took them only fifteen minutes to reach the warehouse where Mr. Zac was waiting for them. Jungkook personally handled all the deal and Hyunjin just stood quietly behind him. Jungkook's personality was so impressive and authoritative that even the people who were way too older than him always listened to him respectfully.

After dealing with Mr. Zac and handing over the papers to him, Jungkook and Hyunjin went to the club to join their other friends. Hyunjin was Jungkook's childhood friend because their fathers were very close, but Jungkook actually didn't like him. One of the major reasons was Hyunjin's nature and character. Just because of their family relations, they were together most of the time.

Jungkook was sitting at a bar stool with a vine glass in his hand when a girl came to him. She winked at him at which Jungkook passed her a smile. Of course, it was not a friendly smile so she got the signal and came closer to him.

Jungkook looked at her from head to toe and then his eyes stopped at her face. Although the girl was pretty, something was off. She wasn't looking that appealing to him and Jungkook was very picky in his choices, so he just thought for a few seconds before nodding coldly to her to get away from him.

Hyunjin was looking at Jungkook from afar while standing with another girl. He excused her for some time and went straight to his friend.

"Are you okay, Jungkook?" He questioned curiously as whenever they came to the club, Jungkook always ended up fucking some random girl, but this time he was not interested in anything other than just sitting there and drinking.

"Yeah! I'm alright. Did something happen?" Jungkook muttered while casually taking a sip from his wine glass.

"Nothing. You just turned down a very pretty girl. She must be hurt." Hyunjin looked at her walking away from them with a pout on her face.

"You can have her if you like her that much. I'm not in the mood of hooking up right now," Jungkook replied in an unamused tone and stood up from the barstool. "She wasn't that pretty anyway."

Hyunjin raised his eyebrow at him as the girl was indeed pretty but the boy Jungkook saw in the canteen earlier that day was prettier than any girl he had ever encountered in his life.

Jungkook left the club after that and drove straight to his mansion. When he entered the living room, Namjoon was sitting there with their uncle Mr. Wang and discussing something important about business. On seeing Jungkook, Mr. Wang quickly stood up and greeted him, but it just ruined Jungkook's mood even more as he didn't like his uncle at all. He always got bad vibes from that man.

"How are you, Jungkook? We were talking about you just a few minutes ago," Mr. Wang stated, trying to engage Jungkook in a conversation.

"You were in America, right? When did you come back to Korea?" Jungkook asked, ignoring him and walking towards the couch to sit with Namjoon.

"I have made enough money. Now I want to spend the rest of my life here in my own country," Mr. Wang replied as he leaned back on the couch and took a sip of coffee from the mug.

"You're talking like you have someone here in Korea for you. You don't have any family then what would you even do here?" Jungkook questioned in a sarcastic tone.

Mr. Wang was Jungkook's uncle, not blood-related though. He was not only his father's best friend but he was also the person with whom his father worked and established everything. But after Junghoon's death, Mr. Wang left Korea for a few years and went to America to expand his business there.

"Yes, unfortunately, I've no family. I was too busy making money instead of making a family but I really don't regret it," Mr. Wang uttered and raised an eyebrow at Jungkook.

"I'm going to my room, hyung. I want to sleep instead of sitting here and wasting my time," Jungkook scoffed while getting up from the couch and leaving the room without saying anything further.


Jimin's POV

I woke up a little late than usual as I was really tired from my shift at the coffee shop yesterday. I didn't even get any time for breakfast or to get something to eat from the cafeteria. I just ran up to my class after entering college in a hurry.

When I entered the classroom, Mr. Sungwoo was already taking his lecture and I didn't want to disturb him so I quietly settled down on my seat. When I looked up at Mr. Sungwoo to listen to the lecture, he was looking really pissed. Well, I thought I did the right thing as it would be inappropriate to interrupt him in the middle of the lecture by explaining to him why I was late.

"I hate those students who aren't serious about their studies. If anyone of you just wants to waste your time then you shouldn't come into my class at all," Mr. Sungwoo announced while looking straight at me as if I had missed the first few minutes of the class on purpose. I just took out my notebook and started writing down the lecture quietly.

After some time, I started feeling dizzy and then remembered that I didn't eat anything last night after getting back home late from the shift. I had also skipped breakfast because I was getting late for college. I felt my body trembling a little and my head started spinning. I felt really nauseous. I tried so hard to stay calm but then I felt that I would vomit in the class if I stayed there and waited for my condition to get better. I stood up from my seat and struggled my way to the door.

"Sir, I really want to use the restroom. I'm feeling nauseous," I uttered in a pleading tone as I wasn't in a condition of arguing with him.

"I know about students like you. First, you came late to my class, and now when you felt that the lecture is boring you're making excuses to leave the class again. Go back to your seat," he replied harshly.

I couldn't take it anymore so I just ignored him and ran out of the class to go to the restroom. I stood in front of the sink and luckily that nauseous condition got away after a few minutes. My glucose level was low so I just went to the cafeteria and quickly ate a bar of chocolate before coming back to the class.

When I entered the class I already knew what was coming. I had an idea that Mr. Sungwoo was going to insult me again even though I had a genuine reason for going out of the class. I even asked him for his permission so I just entered the class and went straight to my seat to get my bag.

Author's POV

"Who allowed you to come back to the class?" Mr. Sungwoo asked in an angry tone while glaring at me.

"I had a reason to go out of the class. I didn't try to bunk. See I came back," Jimin replied waving his hands in the air which made Mr. Sungwoo even more annoyed.

"I have heard the same excuses from a thousand students before. Do you think I'm stupid?" He scoffed.

"Maybe. I know you're going to tell me to get out of the class so I'm already leaving," Jimin stated while taking his bag from the seat and lifting it upon his shoulder sassily.

"Don't you have any manners? You should respect me. I'm your teacher." Mr. Sungwoo replied with gritted teeth.

"Respect is something that is earned and I only respect those people who deserve to be respected," Jimin uttered while walking out of the class with that graceful walk of his.

Mr. Sungwoo felt disrespected. It was the first time when a student talked to him like that and he didn't know what he should say. He just stood there while looking at the class in disbelief as everyone feared him and no one had ever dared to behave with him like that. After a few minutes, the bell rang and Mr. Sungwoo left the class in slight shame and anger.

Jungkook was sitting in the last seat watching the whole drama with a smirk on his face. He really hated Mr. Sungwoo for his unnecessary proud behavior. He didn't expect Jimin to be that bold and brave as he was very delicate and fragile from his appearance. To Jungkook, he was a kind of boy who probably needed others to protect him but Jimin could definitely fight for himself and he wasn't as weak as he looked. He surely knew how to stand up for himself.

Jungkook was really amused by his bold behavior. Hyunjin saw him smiling for no reason and came to his seat. "I guess you've really enjoyed Mr. Sungwoo's insult," Hyunjin stated in an amused tone.

"Of course. He is such a pain in the ass," Jungkook replied while getting up from his seat to go to the cafeteria.

"Yes, he is indeed a pain in the ass. But you know what I actually enjoyed is that Park Jimin was the one insulting him. Now I like that boy even more," Hyunjin replied with a smirk while following Jungkook out of the class.

"So his name is Park Jimin, huh?" Jungkook asked and looked around in the corridor to see that familiar pretty face again.

"Yes, he is Park Jimin. But don't take too much interest in him. I'm here for that," Hyunjin muttered possessively, being annoyed at the idea of Jungkook taking interest in his crush.

"You know I don't get serious about anyone and specifically when it's a boy," Jungkook replied in a we-will-see-about-it tone while taking glances everywhere on his way to the cafeteria but that pretty face was nowhere to be seen.


Chapter Text

Author's POV

After coming back from school, Jungkook decided to rest so he laid down on his bed and tried to sleep. He was about to fell asleep when his phone rang. He sighed and pulled out the phone from his pocket in frustration.

"Hello!" Jungkook said without even looking at the phone number and picking up the call.

"Hello! Jungkook. How are you, buddy?"

"Minho? Where were you asshole? Aren't you too busy in Incheon? You don't even have time to talk to your best friend now," Jungkook said sitting up on the bed.

"I apologize for not contacting you for so long. You know father called me here to help him in his business and now he is putting all the burden on me so that I can learn everything quickly and he can retire," Minho replied with a heavy sigh as if he was so tired of his life.

Minho and Jungkook were best friends since childhood. They went to the same school but after that Minho's father shifted his business to Incheon so he had to go there to help his father and lend him a hand in properly establishing their business in the new city.

"Let's just get straight to the point. When are you coming to Seoul? It's been a month," Jungkook asked while getting up from his bed and going to the closet.

"I'm coming at the end of this month. I'll be free for a few days so I'm trying to spend some time in Seoul."

"That's great. My life is so boring right now. It has been just a few days in school and I'm already tired of it. I was trying to sleep but you had to call and disturb me," Jungkook said while taking out a navy blue dress shirt from the closet.

"Sorry for disturbing you and ruining your precious sleep. I have to go to dad right now I'll talk to you later," Minho replied ending the call.

Jungkook put his phone on the table and went to the bathroom to take a bath but even after the bath he feeling tired and sleepy so he decided to have a cup of coffee.

He went out of his mansion and drove straight to the nearest coffee shop. He entered the shop and went to a couch near the window. He used to come here before but mostly with Minho and after Minho went to Incheon, he was visiting that shop after a long time.

"Good evening, sir. What would you like to have?"

Jungkook was busy on his phone when someone came to take his order. Jungkook remembered that soft voice. He quickly looked up and he was right, Jimin was standing there in black shirt and leather pants with an apron on his small frame. He was looking so cute and tiny in that big apron that Jungkook just chuckled for a second.

Jimin's POV

I was busy placing the used cups into the sink when a customer came. I took my notepad and pen and went to him to take the order. The boy looked familiar from behind and when I saw his face I remembered him. He was the boy named Jungkook who saved me from that fucker that day in the class. I was tired but I put on a smile and walked up to him.

"Good evening sir. What would you like to have?" I asked politely and he just looked at me and chuckled. He had bunny teeth. His smile was cute though.

"I would like to have a double espresso," he ordered and smiled again.

I didn't smile back and just went back to the counter to get a double espresso for him. Well, I thought I should have smiled back at him. He helped me that day after all. I decided to give him a brownie for thanking him.

I grabbed a cup of coffee in one hand and a brownie in the other and went to him.

"Here is your order sir," I said now with a smile plastered on my face.

"I didn't order a brownie. I just want a double espresso," he said taking the cup of coffee from my hand and placing it on the table.

"It is for you for helping me that day. I can protect myself but still...Thank you," I uttered while placing the brownie with his cup of coffee.

He chuckled again. He was now irritating me.

"I didn't tell any joke. Did I?" I asked in an annoyed tone.

"No, you didn't. You're just cute," he replied taking a sip of coffee.

"Excuse me?" I said glaring at him. I might look cute but why the hell was he flirting with me?

"You are so small to protect yourself against those boys. You should've just thanked me."

"Don't underestimate me. I might look small and cute but if someone tried to mess with me I'll chop his dick," I replied with a straight face.

"Okay we'll see that," he mumbled while eating the brownie.

I didn't say anything and just walked back to the counter as I've already wasted some time talking to him and other customers were waiting. After he finished the coffee and brownie, he went out of the shop and I just busied myself in the work again.


Jungkook's POV

I looked at Jimin for the last time before coming out of the coffee shop. He was a cute boy. I mean I've never even thought about a girl being cute but I admit he was a boy but he was still cute. I've never liked cute and shy people. But what made him special was that he was cute and small, delicate from his appearance, but he knew how to fight back. Even though he looked weak to do that but it would be interesting to see him fighting back if someone tried to mess with him.

I drove straight to my mansion as I had to visit dad's workplace with Namjoon hyung. You can call it a slaughterhouse too. But my hyung was a bit boring. He didn't know how to use the power our family had. He would rather talk to the person than threaten him and get what he wanted to get. Let's just think wisely and practically. Won't it be more convenient and easy to just show a gun instead of wasting hours trying to convince someone?

When I reached home, Namjoon hyung was already waiting for me.

"I was waiting for you Kookie," Namjoon hyung said as soon as I entered the house.

"I know that's why I tried to come as early as possible. By the way, hyung, stop calling me Kookie. I feel like a five-year-old when you call me that," I replied while walking towards my room to get my jacket as it was getting cold outside.

"Mom and dad used to call you that and I'm going to call that name too even when you'll be fifty years old."

"Fine, hyung. You never listen to me anyway. Just try to avoid calling me that in front of others. I have to a reputation to maintain," I replied loudly while walking up the stairs and going into my room.


Jimin's POV

I returned home late again. I always felt tired because of that job. I had to attend school and then go to the coffee shop after resting for just half an hour. I started feeling tired all day but I was really trying to stay strong because I had to do it. I wasn't with my family who used to give me everything I wanted. Now I was all by myself.

When I woke up in the morning, the sky was covered with clouds and I had to reach school before the rain. On days like that cabs were usually filled and I knew if I stayed there waiting for a taxi I couldn't reach school in time.

I got ready in a hurry and drank a glass of milk before coming out of my apartment. I started running because I had a bad feeling that the rain was about to start. Unluckily, it started raining heavily and I got soaked in no time.

"Fuck!" I cursed loudly while running.

Soon I reached the school and ran towards my class as I was already late a few minutes. Thank God it was Mr.Geun's lecture. He let me come inside the class and I quietly started walking towards my seat. But then I noticed that Jungkook was sitting right next to my seat and it was the first time when he didn't sit at the last bench and instead he was sitting there next to my seat.

I was feeling cold because it was cold outside and I was sitting in the class in wet clothes. My body started shivering and I tried to focus more on the lecture than my condition.

After some time I had enough. I put my head down on the desk and started breathing heavily. My body temperature started rising and I felt that I had a fever. I was not in a state of even walking home so I just stayed there with my head down on the desk.

Jungkook's POV

I didn't know why but I just wanted to sit with Jimin in the class that day instead of sitting with Hyunjin and listening to his stupid things all day. I thought Jimin was going to miss the school when he didn't come at the usual time so I just started using my phone quietly looking at the door now and then with a pout on my face.

After some time Jimin entered the class, I was feeling kinda happy at first for some reason but then I noticed he was drenched and his clothes and hair were wet. He was looking But when I came out of my pervert imagination I thought that he must be feeling cold so I decided to give him my jacket but then I thought...should I care? Wasn't he just my class fellow?

I hesitated and started looking at him quietly. I could feel him struggling to keep his head straight to listen to the lecture but then his body started trembling badly and he just put his head on the desk trying hard to sit straight.

I knew that he wasn't okay at all so I just waited for the lecture to end. Right after the bell rang, I went straight to the office to get a leave for us as Namjoon hyung would be mad at me if he knew that I bunked the college without leave.

I went back to the class and tried to wake Jimin up. When I touched his hand he was burning in fever and he was somehow unconscious. I was trying to wake him up when Hyunjin came.

"Aren't you taking too much interest in him Jungkook?" he asked and I just clenched my fist. Who was he to say anything? I could do whatever I wanted to do.

"He is not okay. I think I have to take him home. He needs to change these clothes right now or his condition will get worst," I replied with my attention back at Jimin's soft face.

"I can help him in changing his clothes," Hyunjin replied with a smirk on his face.

"Shut up Hyunjin or I'll punch you. He is burning here and you are trying to make your pervert jokes," I replied angrily.

Hyunjin knew about me. He didn't want me to get angry because he knew only bad things happen whenever I'm in a bad mood so he just went away without saying anything.

I tried to wake Jimin up again and luckily this time he responded to me.

"I want to go home," he said in a soft and low voice.

I knew he was vulnerable at that time and he just wanted to go home no matter what. I helped him in getting up from his seat and lifted his bag on my shoulder. I told Felix to take my bag home and slowly made my way out of the school while helping Jimin to walk.

After sitting in the car, I softly asked Jimin for the address of his house and he tried to guide me. When we reached his apartment, Jimin was barely conscious and his eyes were closed. I tried to get him out of the car and he staggered to his apartment door with my help.

I tried to ask him for the key but he was not responding anymore. I slipped my hand carefully inside his pants pocket at the back. I was feeling weird as I was liking it at the wrong moment and the other thing was that I never thought I was gay so I shouldn't have felt it in that way.

I took out the key from his pocket and unlocked the door. He couldn't walk anymore so it was also difficult for me to take him to his room. I couldn't think of any other solution so I just lifted him in a bridal style and walked up to the bedroom. When I looked at his face, his eyes were closed and his long eyelashes were casting their shadow on his pink cheeks. His beautiful plumped lips were looking so inviting. Was he really a boy?

I shook my head and placed him on his bed and covered him with a warm blanket. I walked up to his closet to get some clothes for him. After taking out some comfortable and warm clothes for him, I made my way to the bed.

Now that was the most difficult part. I had to undress him. I had undressed a lot of girls before but I'd never even thought about undressing a boy but I had to do it. After thinking about it for a good minute, I carefully lifted him a little to take off his shirt. It was so cold but his body was so hot due to fever. His temperature was too high. When his upper half was naked I tried to divert my gaze somewhere else in the room but...there I was, looking at his soft milky skin again and again. I quickly tried to put on a shirt on him but when I was about to do it I noticed something, there were some scars on his body. When I looked closely there were a lot of fading scars on his torso and arms. I wondered what could've happened to him? It was sad to think that someone might have hurt him. But how could someone do that to such a pretty and defenseless boy?

After putting on the shirt, I tried to open the zip of his pants. I felt my cheeks burning and looked at myself in the mirror in corner of the room, I was blushing!!! What the hell was wrong with me???

I turned my head away from his direction and only used my hands to change his pants. I did it quickly without even looking at him. It wasn't like I was a gentleman or something but I didn't know why I was feeling things...and what those things were I didn't even know myself.

After changing his clothes and putting a blanket on him again I quickly called the doctor.

While I was waiting for the doctor I sat at the corner of the bed and looked at Jimin again.

"Why am I even doing it? I never cared for anyone this much," I thought to myself. Although it wasn't that much care, people do care a lot, but for a person like me who had never even done this much for anyone in his life, it was a lot. I checked his temperature again but it was not any better.

Finally, the doctor came and checked him. He gave Jimin an injection and told me to bring some medicines for him.

"He'll be better when he'll wake up," the doctor told me before walking out of the apartment.


Jimin's POV

I woke up at the sound of someone singing in a low soft voice. It was indeed beautiful.

But sometimes I just want somebody to hold
Someone to give me the jacket when it's cold
Got that young love even when we're old
Yeah sometimes I want someone to grab my hand
Pick me up, pull me close, be my man
I'll love you till the end

I already knew who it was so I just turned my head and looked at him. Jungkook was sitting on the couch on the left side of my bed. When he saw me, he quickly stopped singing and stood up from the couch. He walked to the bed and sat closer to me. He placed his hand on my forehead to check the temperature but I flinched at the contact on which he quickly moved his hand away from me.

"How are you feeling now?" he asked with concern.

"My head is hurting a little bit. I think I need a good sleep. Thank you so much once again," I replied with a smile.

"You owe me another brownie now. I'll come to the coffee shop tomorrow. You better give it to me," he said in a serious tone and I just chuckled at his behavior.

He gave me a toothy smile this time. It was interesting how he could look all sexy and handsome one second and a cute little bunny the other. But he did help me again so I was very grateful to him.

"Okay come and get your brownie tomorrow," I replied and he looked at me with a smile without even saying anything for a few seconds. It looked as if he was thinking hard about something but then he shook his head and got up from the bed.

"I think I should leave now. Take these medicines on time," he said while pointing at the medicines placed on the side table of my bed.

"Jungkook!" I called him when he was about to leave the room.

"Do you need anything?" he asked while stopping at the door.

"Yes I do need something," I replied while sitting up on the bed and placing my head on the headboard.

"What is it?" he asked now coming close to the bed and sitting at the corner far away from me.

"Can you sing that song again?" I gave him my puppy eyes so that he'll sing it one more time. His voice was really beautiful. It was relaxing and I was already so tired of everything. My life was so fucked up and I really needed something to relax and right now it was the best way to do it.

He didn't even ask anything and without wasting a single second he started singing again.

Sometimes I just want somebody to hold
Someone to give me the jacket when it's cold
Got that young love even when we're old
Yeah sometimes I want someone to grab my hand
Pick me up, pull me close, be my man
I'll love you till the end
So if you're out here I swear to be good to you
But I'm done looking for my future someone
Cuz when the time is right you'll be here but for now
Dear no one this is your love song

I was already exhausted and his voice was doing wonders. I didn't even realize when I closed my eyes and peacefully drifted to sleep with that soft voice still ringing in my ears.


Chapter Text

Author's POV

When Jimin woke up the next morning, his headache was gone and he was feeling a lot better. He stayed in the bed for a while and started thinking about how Jungkook took care of him and if he were not there Jimin had no idea what he would have done in the school.

Jungkook was one of the most popular boys in the school. His appearance, his family status, his dominating personality all those things made him superior to others and he was well aware of it. That's why he was a bit proud and very confident of himself. All the girls in the school were crazy for him. He had a full-on bad boy image in the school but when Jimin thought about it, all the little things Jungkook did for him in the past few days, Jimin didn't expect it from him.

He looked at the medicines placed on the said table and remembered what Jungkook said last night," I'll come to the coffee shop tomorrow."

Jimin unconsciously smiled and stood up from the bed to get ready for school. He put on a pink fluffy sweater with dark blue jeans and looked at himself in the mirror. He was indeed beautiful. A confident smile played on his lips and he just stood there for a few minutes. His mind started running somewhere else and his smile dropped suddenly.

"Are you even allowed to be this much pretty Jimin? Pink color suits you a lot."

Jimin kept looking at himself and then shook his head. He didn't know how long he had been holding his breath. He didn't want to remember his past. Never.

He quickly went into the bathroom and washed his face. His breathing became heavy and he tried to calm himself down. A tear rolled down his cheek and he just closed his eyes.

"Why did you do that to me? Why? After everything that had happened to me, I don't know if I'll ever be able to trust anyone again," Jimin mumbled in frustration and grabbed a towel to dry his face.

He made his way out of the bathroom and went to the kitchen to make a pancake for himself and after, that he went into the room with a glass of water to take the medicines that Jungkook had directed him to take last night. He walked out of the apartment for school after doing his breakfast.

He had his insecurities and no one knew anything about what had happened to him in the past. He couldn't trust anyone. To him being vulnerable meant getting hurt and that's what he wanted the least, getting hurt again.


Jimin's POV

I walked into the class and Jungkook was standing there by my seat. He passed me a warm smile and walked closer to where I was standing. His hair was tied in a man bun and he was looking really...handsome. Yes, I admit that he was looking handsome.

"How are you feeling now?" he asked with concern evident from his voice.

"I'm feeling good, actually better than a past few days. Thank you for worrying about me."

"What about your headache?" he asked while sitting on the seat next to mine.

"Aren't you worrying too much about Jeon Jungkook?"I teased.

He just chuckled and sat on the seat next to mine. After that, the lecture started and we started studying. Actually, it was only me who was studying, Jungkook was busy on his phone. If he will fail at the end of the session I swear I would not be surprised.

"You loved my singing last night. Didn't you?" he said bragging about himself in a voice low enough to be heard only by me.

"Who said that?"I asked.

"My voice was so soothing that you slept while listening to it," he replied proudly.

"It was not soothing. It was boring that's why I fell asleep while listening to it," I said while trying hard not to smile. Of course, I liked his singing. He had a good voice.

"I'll tell you what you said today when you'll ask me to sing again because I know you're going to do that," he said in a low voice trying not to get insulted for talking in the class.

"Aren't you too much confident?" I asked now smiling at him.

"I'm handsome enough to be this much confident."

I was about to say something but the professor was looking at us so I stayed quiet and busied myself in writing the lecture. I felt Jungkook taking glances at me but I acted like I didn't know about it and kept writing. I didn't know what was going on in his mind. But it was surprising for me that it wasn't making me uncomfortable like other times when people used to do something like that.


Author's POV

After school, Jimin went to the coffee shop for his shift. He was giving the coffee mug to a customer when the doorbell rang. Jimin looked at the door and it was Jungkook walking inside the shop.

As soon as Jungkook looked at Jimin he walked up to him with a warm smile.

"I'm waiting for my order at that table," he said while pointing at a table behind Jimin and passing him to go and sit on the couch right next to the window where he sat the last time he came to the coffee shop.

Jimin didn't say anything and just went to the counter to get a double espresso and a brownie for him.

When he came back, Jungkook was looking out of the window, unlike other times when he used to just scroll on his mobile to pass his time until the waiter get the coffee for him.

"Here is your order," Jimin said while placing the cup and the plate on the table in front of Jungkook.

Jungkook noticed his apron again and smiled at how cute and small Jimin was looking in it.

"Isn't this apron too big for you?"
Jungkook asked while looking at the apron Jimin was wearing.

"Don't you dare make fun of my height," Jimin replied with an unamused face.

"Oh right you'll chop my dick if I'll try to mess with you," Jungkook said actually repeating the same sentence Jimin said to him a few days ago.

Jimin didn't reply and just went to another customer for taking the order with a pout on his face and Jungkook just chuckled at how cute he was looking.

Jungkook's POV

Jimin turned around and went to another customer to take the order with a pout on his face. I didn't know why I found it adorable. I just kept looking at him even after finishing my coffee. This was the first time I was taking this much interest in someone and he was a boy. I couldn't even believe myself. Yes, he was so pretty and everything but still he was a boy.

I didn't notice it but I had actually started liking seeing his face every day. I just didn't want to accept it yet. I stood up to leave the shop but I didn't know why I didn't want to leave. My heart was telling me to just sit there a little more but I was doing it for about half an hour, getting ready to leave, and just keep sitting there to look at Jimin. But Jimin was busy as there were a lot of customers so I finally decided to leave.

My phone vibrated when I was walking out of the shop. I took out my phone from my pocket and looked at the screen. It was a text message from Minho.

"I am coming to Seoul next week."

I smiled at his message and started typing the reply.

"Can't wait to party with you brother."

I replied to him and went back to my car. I just remembered Felix told me to come to Hyunjin's house in the evening. I didn't want to go there but there was nothing else to do so I decided to join them.

When I arrived at Hyunjin's house, his father was coming out of the door. He stopped when he looked at me and made his way to my car. I quickly got out of the car to greet him.

"Hey, son! How are you?" he asked while nodding his driver to wait for him in the car.

"I'm totally fine uncle. What about you? Hyunjin told me that you got a heart attack when you were in Ilsan."

"Yes. I got a heart attack. But look I'm fine now. Good and young as always," he replied while lifting his hands in the air to show that he was perfectly fine.

He was a good-looking old man. He used to treat me like his son. But he was just as cunning and manipulative as Hyunjin so I didn't really like him.

"Okay now go. I think Felix is with Hyunjin too. He came a few minutes ago," he said while walking towards his car and the driver opened the door for him.

I just nodded and entered the house. I made my way to Hyunjin's room and when I entered the room Hyunjin was lying on the bed with his eyes closed and Felix was sitting on a couch right next to his bed. When Hyunjin opened his eyes to see who opened the door, his eyes had a red tint and he was looking sleepy. I thought he might be sleep-deprived or he might have cried a few minutes ago. I went to his bed and sat down beside him.

"You're too busy these days Jungkook," Hyunjin said while shifting his head to where I was sitting.

A weird smell was coming out of his mouth and it was in the room too. Then I understood what he was doing before I came.

"Yes, I'm busy these days. I've got a lot of things to do. I'm not a lazy ass person like you guys," I replied while taking out my phone avoiding talking to him.

"I know what kind of things you've to do," Hyunjin said with an annoying chuckle.

"What do you mean by that?" I asked. But I already knew what bullshit he was going to say.

"You were making fun of me for taking interest in a boy. Now look at yourself," he said bitterly and I clenched my teeth.

"Hyunjin just tell me already what is the problem with you?"

"I've no problem with you. But I just want to say that you can't always get everything you want in your life Jungkook," he said and I got from the place I was sitting.

"I'm Jeon Jungkook. Look who are you talking about," I replied proudly as I knew what kind of power I had. I could definitely get anything I wanted.

"Do you remember Joy?" Hyunjin asked while sitting up on his bed and looking at me.

"Why are you missing her all of a sudden?" I asked while putting my phone back into the pants pocket.

"I was damn serious about her and then you had to sleep with her to prove that you're the great Jeon Jungkook, better than everyone else and that you deserve every fucking thing," Hyunjin said darkly.

"You should thank me that you learned how much of a whore she was before actually taking any big step in your relationship with her," I replied while walking towards the door to leave.

"No, Jungkook. It's just because you want to be no.1 in everything. You want to get everything first. You can't let anyone have anything before using it by yourself," Hyunjin said in a loud tone.

"Hyunjin, you know what? I'm not in a mood of talking to you now," I said while turning the knob to open the door.

"And yeah...stop taking drugs brother. Your father will not like it if he knows," I said in a threatening tone because I knew Hyunjin's father was so strict in these kinds of things. He would break his bones if he will know that Hyunjin was becoming a drug addict day by day.

Hyunjin didn't say anything and just stared at me and I got out of the room with a smirk on my face.


Author's POV

The next day when Jimin woke up, the weather was unpleasant again. The sky was covered with clouds and there was a drizzle was already.

"I can't get sick again. I think I should've to miss school today," Jimin sighed in frustration.

He stayed in the sheets on the bed and kept looking at the ceiling. He closed his eyes and slept again without realizing it. After some time he woke up at the sound of someone knocking at the door. He stood up lazily and went to open it. When he opened the door Jungkook was standing there with an umbrella. He was wearing a black leather jacket with a white shirt. He was looking more handsome than usual in that rough look.

"Jungkook? What are you doing here?" Jimin asked nodding him to come inside the apartment as the rain was heavy now and Jungkook's clothes were soaking a little bit.

"I thought maybe you need a ride to the school. The rain is heavy so you can't use an umbrella. And definitely, if you got wet I'll have to carry you to your home again," Jungkook replied with a smile.

"I was actually going to skip the college because of the weather but now that you're here I think I can go," Jimin said with a smile

Jungkook entered the apartment and closed the umbrella before going to sit on the couch in the living room.

"I'm waiting here. Go get ready," Jungkook said while sitting comfortably and taking a magazine from the table to read.

"I'll just take two minutes," saying that Jimin rushed into his bedroom.

Jungkook looked around the room. It was a small but comfy room decorated simply but beautifully. After a few minutes, he stood up from the couch and walked towards the window.

"Sorry for making you wait. Did you eat something for breakfast?" Jimin asked while coming out of the bedroom and walking towards the kitchen.

Jungkook looked at him. Jimin was wearing a black shirt with net sleeves and black leather pants. He was looking so beautiful and elegant. Jungkook kept looking at him for a few seconds and even forgetting to reply.

When Jungkook didn't answer Jimin turned around and looked at him. Jungkook shook his head and mentally cursed himself for what he was doing.

"No I didn't eat anything. I'm going to eat something from the canteen don't worry," Jungkook replied oddly and averted his gaze to the window again.

"Well, I was going to make pancake for myself so I can make one for you too. You're eating with me," Jimin replied while quickly getting all the ingredients for making the pancake.

Jungkook walked to the couch again. As the kitchen was an open kitchen, Jungkook could see Jimin clearly, he was standing there with those tight black jeans and that black shirt revealing the milky skin of his arms and shoulders and Jungkook was trying hard not to gawk at him again and again.


Chapter Text

Jungkook's POV

Jimin was making pancakes in the kitchen and I was just sitting there on the couch looking at him. He was different, different from all the other people around me. He wasn't interested in any of the things that usually the people of our age are interested in. I hadn't talked to him properly yet so we didn't know anything about each other but still sometimes I felt that he was similar to me.

I stood up and walked into the kitchen. Jimin was mixing the batter and he was unaware of my presence. His back was facing me. He was looking so fragile and soft standing there. Sometimes I really wondered where he got that attitude of his but I wasn't complaining because it was one of the things that made him different. He always tried to look strong but I felt that deep down he was different from how he pretends. He was sensitive but he didn't want to show it to anyone. There was something that made me want to know more about him.

It was the first time when I was thinking about someone in that way. Usually, when I was attracted to someone it was just physical but with Jimin...I still couldn't understand what was it but it was making me want to be with him even if it was just us talking to each other or me just sitting there looking at him without saying anything.

I was lost in my thoughts when he turned after making the pancakes and looked at me.

"You were so hungry that you couldn't even wait in the room?" he asked with a smile.

I looked at him while he was walking closer to me with pancakes in his both hands. His hands were so small but I wasn't surprised, they matched his appearance perfectly.

"I want more honey on my pancake," I said with a smile while he was placing the plates on the table.

"It's in the kitchen. Go and get it yourself. I'm already tired," he replied while handing over the plate to me.

I took the plate from his hand and went into the kitchen to get more honey. When I came back he had already started eating. His pancake had a lot of chocolate on it and he was eating it like a kid.

"You usually eat like this or it is just today?" I asked with a chuckle when I saw that there was chocolate all around his lips.

"You're talking about the chocolate on my face right?" he asked while stopping for a moment before taking the next bite.

"Well, yes I do eat like this but then I wash my face again before going out," he said and I looked at him with a smile again before starting to eat my breakfast.

"Let's just finish it quickly or we'll get late," I said while looking at my wristwatch.

He quickly got up from the couch and went to his bedroom to get his bag. When he came back his face was washed and then we went out of the apartment.

I was driving the car and Jimin was busy looking out of the window.

"You live here alone right?" I asked trying to break the silence between us because we were sitting quietly through the whole ride.

"Yes I live alone," he replied still looking out of the window.

"Where is your family?" I asked while focusing on the road as it was still raining heavily and I was driving carefully.

"They live in Busan."

"So you're here for studies?" I asked while looking at him as the road was not busy that busy here.

"No," he replied and his body tensed a little.

I felt that he was not comfortable with this topic so I decided not to talk about it any further.

"I live with my hyung. Our parents are not with us anymore so it's just the two of us. Hyung takes care of me a lot," I said with a smile at which Jimin smiled back.

"You're lucky to have someone to take care of you," he replied now getting more engaged in our talk, "many people don't even have that one person in their life."

"Yes, you're right. You know, I was really sad and heartbroken when our father died. He was really the best father in the world. He made me the person I'm today. He was always there to give me support and courage. He taught me how to deal with the world. I was just thirteen when he died but I'm happy that hyung was there for me. He helped me a lot through that time. He tries to do everything father used to do for me."

"I want to meet your hyung someday. He sounds like a good person," Jimin replied now looking at me.

"Of course, he is my hyung he must be a good person," I said in an isn't-it-too-obvious tone while shrugging my shoulders.

Jimin just chuckled and gave me an i-am-so-done-with-you look and with a smile plastered on his face and right then we reached the school.

It was the first time when I talked to someone like that. I never told anyone how I felt when my father died or how much I grateful I was to hyung for always being there for me. I was actually feeling good after talking to someone. I was never an expressive person. I was very bad at conveying my emotions and thoughts to others. Or was it because there was no one to listen to me before? Or was it because I never wanted to be vulnerable in front of anyone?

We got out of the car and ran into the school trying not to get soaked in the rain. When we entered the class Hyunjin was sitting on the seat next to Jimin's. I clenched my jaw as I had the idea what he was trying to do.

Jimin looked at him and then looked back at me. He walked up to his seat and sat down avoiding Hyunjin.

"I want to talk to you Hyunjin come with me," I said while walking closer to his seat with gritted teeth.

"Is there something wrong?" he replied trying to act oblivious of everything.

"I said fucking come with me," I said trying not to punch him right across the face.

He stood up from his seat and walked out of the class with me. We went to the locker room trying to avoid talking in front of everyone.

"Stay away from him," I said in a low voice trying to control my anger.

"From whom? Park Jimin? Why? Is he your boyfriend Jungkook?" Hyunjin asked with a smirk.

"I said stay away from him or else you know what I can do with you."

"You're really in love with that boy. Are not you?" Hyunjin asked with a dark chuckle.

I just glared at him without having any idea what I should say because I didn't know if he was right.

"So the great Jeon Jungkook finally fell in love with someone. As long as I remember you were the one who used to say that love is weakness and now look at yourself, it's hurting you when I'm just going to sit with him. It is irritating you even when I really didn't even do anything with him yet," Hyunjin said in a mocking tone.

"Shut up, Hyunjin. Who said that I love him? Shut up or I'll fucking kill you," I said while clenching my hand in a fist.

"You're a person who just craves strength and power. I can't believe you're really doing all this for him. You once told me that you want to be like your father and he was the man who put all those stupid things behind for becoming the person he was and you're putting a boy first you're really making him your weakness Jungkook. He is becoming the priority of your life now."

I couldn't listen to his bullshit anymore so I punched Hyunjin right across the face when I couldn't control my anger any further.

"Stay fucking away from the things that are mine," I said loudly almost like a growl and went out of the room angrily.


Author's POV

I walked back into the class and Jimin just looked at me with those innocent eyes of his.

"Are you okay, Jungkook?" he asked when I sat on the seat next to him.

Of course, my face would be red from anger that's was he was worried.

"Yes, I'm okay. Everything is fine," I replied with a heavy sigh and put my head in between my hands in frustration.

He stayed quiet and after a few minutes, Mr.Han entered the class to take his lecture.

I kept thinking about everything Hyunjin said to me in the locker room. Yes, he was right I was the one who used to say that love is weakness and I still believe in that. When you love someone you not only get hurt from the things that happen to you but also by the scars that your lover gets. Everything that happens to them affects you too. You've to feel for both of you. And that's why I believe that love does more bad than good. It hurts more than the happiness it brings. I couldn't do that to myself. I couldn't make anyone my weakness.

"So I told you yesterday that I'll make pairs of you guys for the assignments and projects," Mr.Han said while taking the board marker and started writing on the board.

"Jimin I'm pairing you up with Jungkook. I know he doesn't pay attention to me in the class at all so you have to help him in everything."

I looked at Jimin and he just smiled at me. His smile was enough to melt anyone's heart but I tried to avoid him and started writing on my notebook again.

"I don't have work today so you can come at 5 pm for the assignment. I rest before 5," he said while taking a book out of his bag.

"Okay," I replied in a low voice. I didn't want to do it but I was happy about being paired up with him for the assignment.


Author's POV

Jimin was making soup when the doorbell rang. He went to the door to open it. When he opened the door Jungkook was standing there with his hair disheveled in all directions. He was looking funny but cute.

"What happened to your hair?" Jimin asked while walking with Jungkook to the living room after locking the door.

"I overslept and woke up just a few minutes ago and rushed here quickly," Jungkook said while yawning.

"I wasn't going to kill you if you have wasted a few more minutes in brushing your hair or washing your face," Jimin said while laughing at how adorable Jungkook was looking.

Jimin walked closer to him and unconsciously lifted his hand to brush Jungkook's hair with his finger. When he touched it, Jungkook looked at him with a surprised expression on his face as he wasn't expecting Jimin to do that at all.

Jimin had looked at Jungkook this much closely for the first time. They kept looking into each other's eyes for a good minute and forgot to breathe. Their hearts started beating at a faster pace and none of them tried to break the close eye contact. But after a few minutes, Jimin got shy and averted his gaze somewhere else in the room while stepping back from Jungkook with a pink tint on his face.

"You can go to my room to brush your hair. You're looking funny," Jimin said with a light blush on his face.

Jungkook smiled awkwardly and went out of the room. Jimin mentally cursed himself and walked into the kitchen to check the soup.

After that Jungkook came back with his face washed and hair brushed properly. They started studying and Jimin kept scolding Jungkook for not paying attention to anything.

When they finished the assignment, both of them were exhausted. Jungkook was getting up to leave when Jimin stopped him.

"Wait here. I made soup. Let me get it quickly," Jimin said while standing up from the couch and walking towards the kitchen.

"You didn't put any poison in it right?" Jungkook said loudly with a smile.

"Oh my God. He knows about it. Change of plan," Jimin said trying to sound worried.

Jungkook just chuckled and rested his head on the back of the couch waiting for Jimin to come.

After a few minutes, Jimin came back into the room with two bowls in his hands. He handed over a bowl to Jungkook and sat with him on the couch.

They were busy finishing their soup when Jungkook saw a small picture on the side table. He picked it up and looked at it. It was Jimin's childhood photo. Jungkook cooed in adoration and showed it to Jimin.

"You were, even more, cuter when you were a kid," Jungkook said with a toothy smile.

"People used to say that I look like a girl because I look pretty here," Jimin said with a pout.

"I know you're a proper boy," Jungkook said with a playful smirk while placing the photo back to the side table.

"What do you mean by that?" Jimin asked with a raised eyebrow.

"I mean...I looked at you. No no I mean I saw you. I saw your...that...that day."

"What? What did you see?" Jimin said quickly being worried about what Jungkook wanted to say.

"I looked at your...that...the day when I had to take you home and you were sick. Your clothes were wet and you were so cold. I had to change your clothes because you were burning in fever," Jungkook said trying hard not to laugh at that funny expression on Jimin's face.

"Oh God and I didn't even notice that my clothes were changed," Jimin said with his eyes wide open.

"What else did you see?" Jimin asked being worried about the fading scars on his body. He was worried that Jungkook must have already seen them.

"And...I know that you are a bottom," Jungkook said with a mischievous smile.

"Why do you think that?" Jimin said while standing up from the couch.

"By the size of your....I know that you can't be a top," Jungkook said loving to tease Jimin like that.

Before Jungkook could say anything else, Jimin took a cushion from the couch and threw it at Jungkook's face but he caught it before it could touch hit him.

" I didn't know you're a pervert Jungkook," Jimin said while walking towards his bedroom but Jungkook noticed that Jimin was blushing a little.

Jungkook laughed and walked towards the door to leave. He didn't want to leave yet. He was there for about four hours as it was already nine but he still wanted to stay there a little more and talk to Jimin about anything but he had to go.

"Good night, Jimin," Jungkook loudly said while opening the door.

"Good night, pervert," Jimin replied from his bedroom on which Jungkook laughed again before going out.

"He's such a cutie. I'll eat him someday," Jungkook said almost like a whisper before sitting in the car and driving away to his mansion.


Chapter Text

Jimin's POV

When Jungkook left the apartment, I went into the living room and sat on the couch. I was feeling really sleepy but I still had to wash the dishes so I was trying to stay awake. I closed my eyes and I had no idea when I fell asleep.

*Start of flashback*

"Jimin stay here. I'm coming in a few minutes. I've something really important to discuss with Mr.Hyuk," Ahn said with a smile while patting my back and I just nodded in response. He gave a peck on my forehead before leaving.

He went away and I just started looking here and there because I didn't know anyone at the party. Mr.Hyuk was actually throwing a business party and I was tired of staying alone at home so I told Ahn to take me with him. Although I was invited too, Ahn usually didn't take me to parties.

I was just standing there with a vine glass in my hand waiting for Ahn to come back. After a few minutes, Heechul came and greeted me with a smile. Heechul was Ahn's business partner so I knew him.

"How're doing Jimin? And where is Ahn? He left you here alone?" he asked with a smile on his face.

"I'm doing great. Ahn had something important to discuss with Mr.Hyuk so he went away. He must be coming back any minute," I replied while taking a sip from the vine glass.

"You should start working in Ahn's company. You're wasting yourself. Ahn told me that you were a very bright student," he said while taking a vine glass from the waiter.

"Yes, I've thought about it before but Ahn is not comfortable with me working in his company."

"Why isn't he comfortable with you working in his company? You should talk to him about it," he said while looking at me from head to toe.

"I don't know. I'm his husband. If he is not comfortable with it then I don't think I should do it," I replied while diverting my gaze from him.

Actually, I knew why Ahn didn't want me to work in his company. He never trusted me although I had always tried to be a good husband. And when I said that it's okay if he doesn't want me to work then I shouldn't do it, it was not true. I wanted to do something for myself. I never wanted to get married to someone and stay at home like a wife.

"I think he doesn't want you to work because he is insecure," Heechul said and I wasn't liking his tone now.

"Insecure of what?" I asked while looking at him waiting for what he wanted to say.

"People become insecure when they have a spouse like you," he replied while walking a little closer to where I was standing.

"Where is your wife? You didn't bring her here?" I asked while moving a few steps away from him and trying to change the topic. I knew where it was going.

"Now I didn't. I usually don't bring her to parties," he replied while placing his vine glass on the counter.

"You're looking so beautiful today. If I were Ahn I wouldn't even leave you for a single second," he said while moving his hand towards my back and caressing it slowly before moving his hand a little lower.

I was about to move his hand away and slap him when Ahn entered the room and looked at us on which Heechul quickly moved away.

"Don't dare you to touch me with that filthy hand of yours again," I spat in a low voice and glared at him.

When Ahn started walking to us Heechul quickly walked away and started talking to someone standing on the other end of the counter.

I looked at Ahn coming close to me with gritted teeth.

"What were you guys talking about?" he asked while holding my wrist.

"Nothing. I was just waiting for you so he came here to give me company," I replied trying not to create any drama at the party.

His grip around my wrist tightened a little and he started pulling me out of the room.

"Let's go back home," he said without looking at me and I just hissed from how tight his grip was on my hand.

As soon as we came out he pushed me into the car. He went to the driving seat and started driving. I couldn't even believe it. It was the first time when he was handling me liked it.

"That's why I don't like to bring you to parties. How dare you flirt with him when I was there?" Ahn shouted while driving the car at high speed.

"I didn't flirt with him. He did. How could you even think that I will do something like that?" I asked loudly because I hated it whenever he used to blame me for things I didn't even do.

"Well if he was flirting with you then it's your fault too. First I tried not to take you to the party but you wanted to come here and then I told you not to wear a dress like this but you did."

I looked at my dress. It was just a plain black silk shirt with leather jeans. He was shouting at me for nothing.

"So it is my fault even if he was the one flirting with me Ahn? I couldn't even believe you. You should've said something to him instead of sitting here and shouting at me. The only problem is that you don't trust me. I don't know what did I ever do to make you think of me like I'm a whore or something!" I shouted back and he just chuckled darkly while increasing the speed of the car.

"Ahn drive carefully. Please lower the speed I don't want to die in this car with you," I said loudly while closing my eyes and my body was trembling a little.

He wasn't listening to me anymore and I was scared because I had never seen him like this. He shouted at me a few times before but this time he was scaring me.

I was feeling that he was going to do more than just shouting at me today.

When we reached our house he opened the door of the car and again started pulling me by my wrist forcefully.

I tried to pull my hand away from his grip but he was not caring if he was hurting me or the servants were looking at us like that.

He closed the door as soon as we entered the bedroom and threw me on the bed. I tried to get up but he gripped my wrists forcefully and held them above my head. He spread my legs apart and got in between them. He started grinding on me. I was struggling to breathe as now only one of his hands was holding my wrists while with the other hand he was squeezing my neck.

"What are you doing Ahn? Leave my hands," I pleaded with tears in my eyes.

It was the first time when he was treating me this harshly. I couldn't even believe that he was the same person who used to love me all day and told me that he'll kill the person if someone ever tried to hurt me and here he was, hurting me himself for something that I didn't even do.

He started kissing me hungrily and I tried to move my face to the other side to avoid the wet kisses he was giving me. He moved my head back with his free hand and started attacking my lips again. He bit my lower lip until it started bleeding on which I hissed and he entered his tongue in my mouth and started exploring every corner of it.

He was my husband. We had done all those things before but it was never against my will. We did it because I wanted to do it but that day I was feeling dirty by his touch.

He was resting all of his weight on my body so that I couldn't move. He started sucking on my neck. When I wriggled in his grip he started biting and leaving hickeys all over my neck.

When I had tried enough to stop him, I started shouting on which he placed his hand tightly on my mouth. With his other hand, he started abusing my nipples from over my shirt on which I started crying even more.

He started opening the buttons of my shirt carelessly. I sobbed and he didn't even care for what he was doing with me. He took off my shirt in a flash and threw it somewhere in the room.

I was already tired of trying to stop him so I just cried silently and stopped moving. He started biting all over my chest and abused my nipples with his teeth. Then he moved his hand to the zipper of my jeans and took it off with the boxers in one go.

I tried to stop him for the last time but his eyes had turned dark and he was not the man I knew. He took off his own pants and boxers and lined his length in front of my unprepared hole and I just closed my eyes with all of my force not to look at him abusing me in that way. He didn't wait for a single second and forced his entire length inside me. I tried to scream but my scream was muffled as he was still forcefully closing my mouth with one hand.

"Only I can do this with you Jimin. Only I can touch you," he said when he forced himself into me.

My tears started flowing uncontrollably and I felt as if I was torn apart. But the pain I was feeling in my heart was much more than that physical pain he was giving me. He started moving his length in and out of me at a fast pace and I was almost numb at that point. The whole bed was jolting because of thrusts and I felt my ass being ripped apart. After a few brutal thrusts, he released inside me and stayed like that for a few minutes before finally pulling himself out of me.

I wasn't feeling anything anymore. I was so exhausted and was just lying there like a lifeless body.

Ahn finally stood up from the bed after some time. He looked at me before walking towards the door.

"I love you too much Jimin. Too much that I can't even see someone touching you. It drives me crazy and you know when I go crazy I start doing crazy things. I don't want to hurt you so don't force me to do something like this with you again," he said before leaving the room and closing the door behind him.

I tried to move myself a little to cover my naked body with the sheets while hissing in pain and my hole was bleeding a little.

My throat was dry and sour from all the silent screams. When I looked at my body, there were red and purple marks all over my pale skin. I started sobbing loudly and covered my face with the sheets again to hide myself from the cruel world around me.

*End of flashback*

When I opened my eyes, I quickly looked around me and felt relieved to know that I was still on the couch in my living room.

I moved my hand to my cheeks and when I touched them they were stained with tears.

"I must have cried again in my sleep," I thought to myself and stood up from the couch to go to the bathroom to wash my face.

I washed my face with cold water like I always did to calm myself down. I looked at myself in the mirror and remembered the time when I used to wake up in the morning with bruised lips and hickeys all over my neck. I touched my face and neck gently with my hand. The lips were not bruised and the hickeys were not there anymore.

I sighed and dried my face with the towel before coming out of the bathroom.

I walked out of my room and went into the kitchen to wash the dishes. When I wore the washing gloves and took the soup bowl from the sink I remembered Jungkook and smiled at how he was trying to tease me today while smiling at me with his bunny teeth. And then I remembered how vulnerable he was looking when he told me about his family.

Every one of us has our stories buried deep inside us which we've never told anyone. But the only difference is that some of us have that one person who listens to us and helps us rather than letting us fight with everything alone, while others don't.

When I finished the dishes I went to my bedroom and laid on the bed. I closed my eyes and tried to sleep again as my mind was so tired.

"When will I be able to sleep without those nightmares?" I asked myself while closing my eyes.

"I wish I could erase all those memories one day," I said with a heavy heart hoping everything to get better someday.

What people thought of me meant nothing. They had no understanding of my scars and even less of how I got them.


Chapter Text

Author's POV

Jimin was sitting in the library of the school focusing on his notes. He was sitting there for two hours trying to cover all the topics he hasn't studied because of his working shifts. He stood up from his seat to get another book from the bookshelf when he heard some voices coming from the window. He first thought that they must be some boys fooling around so he didn't pay much attention to it and searched for the required book from the shelf before coming back to his seat again.

After a few minutes, the noise became a little louder so he stood up to see what was going on. When he walked towards the window and looked out of it, two boys were kicking and punching a small boy and the boy was crying and screaming in pain. They were at the back of the school and that place was usually deserted so there was no one to listen to the screams of the boy. Upon seeing all this, Jimin quickly walked towards the door and went out of the library. He started running to help the boy.

When Jimin reached there, the boy was crying his heart out and one of the boys was punching on his face badly. Jimin tried to shove off the boy but he pushed Jimin with so much force that he fell on the hard ground. He stood up again and shouted.

"Who do you think you are? Leave the boy alone," Jimin said loudly on which the boys diverted their attention towards him.

"You want to get punched too?" one of the boys asked coldly.

"Go and fight with someone of your own size," Jimin said with gritted teeth walking close to the boys again fearlessly.

"Go away little sweetheart or I'll do worst with you," the boy said with an unamused face and looked at the small boy again who was still lying down with cuts on his face.

"What else you can do anyways? Boys like you can't do any better. You search for innocent victims and act brave after hurting them like you have done something great," Jimin replied with keeping his head up and looking directly in the eyes of one of the bullies.

"Don't complain I didn't warn you," saying that one of the boys pushed Jimin on the wall and punched him. Jimin pushed the boy with all of his force and kicked him in the balls.

The other had already started beating the small boy again so Jimin ran up to him to stop him from hurting the boy any further. But he was too small and delicate to do it so the boy punched Jimin with so much force that Jimin's lower lip started bleeding. Jimin fell to the ground and the boy started kicking his abdomen and punching his beautiful face again and again. Jimin tried to fight back but now both the boys were attacking him long forgotten about their actual target.


Jungkook was sitting in the canteen with his friends but his mind was somewhere else. He was constantly thinking about Jimin. He wasn't paying any attention to what his friends were talking about.

"Jungkook are you coming to the party tomorrow?" Hyunwoo asked while looking at Jungkook.

No response.

"Jungkook are you coming?" Hyunwoo asked loudly this time when he noticed that Jungkook was not paying any attention to him.

"Oh. Yes, Minho is coming tomorrow so I'll come with him," Jungkook replied and Hyunwoo just nodded.

After a few minutes, Jungkook stood up from his seat, " I just remembered something important. I'm coming back in a few minutes," saying that he started walking towards the library because Jimin told him that he was going there for studying.

Jungkook went to the library with a smile plastered on his face. When he entered the library he walked to the place where Jimin usually used to sit while studying but he was nowhere to be seen. He looked around in confusion and saw Jimin's notes lying on the table near the window.

He walked up to the table and picked Jimin's notes up. He heard voices and when he looked out of the window he saw two boys kicking Jimin again and again and Jimin was just lying there trying to cover his head with both of his hands. He growled in anger and with fisted palms, he ran out of the library. He didn't care that he was pushing everyone coming in his way. He was boiling with anger and when he reached the back of the school he ran up to the boys attacking Jimin. He shoved them away from Jimin and quickly shoved off the boys and started punching one of them violently. The other boy quickly ran away after seeing Jungkook. Jimin stood up while hissing in pain and tried to stop Jungkook because it was looking as if he was going to kill the boy any minute.

"Stop, Jungkook. It's enough. Look at him. He is already unconscious," Jimin uttered while trying to stop Jungkook.

"I'm going to fucking kill him today. How dare he touch you?" Jungkook shouted while still punching and kicking the boy who was nearly passed out on the ground.

"Jungkook leave him. I don't want you to spend the rest of your life in jail because of me. Come on stop it," Jimin said while holding Jungkook's arm on which he left the boy and stood up while looking at Jimin.

As soon as he stood up, he quickly held Jimin's face in his tattooed hands. He examined Jimin's face while moving it from to right with his hand gently.

"Look how much he had hurt you, Jimin. I'm not fucking letting him get away with this," Jungkook said with gritted teeth and turned to punch that boy again but Jimin held his hand to stop him on which he softened a little.

"Jungkook, it's enough. He must have learned his lesson," Jimin said while looking at the boy who was crying still lying on the floor.

"Let's go home then. I need to treat your face," Jungkook said looking at the cuts and bruises on Jimin's face.

"Wait for a second," Jimin said while walking towards the small boy for whom Jimin came there to help.

"Are you okay? Come on let's go to the nurse," Jimin said while helping the boy to stand up.

"Thank you so much for helping me. You've already done enough for me. I can go to the nurse myself," the boy said with grateful eyes.

"Are you sure you can go there by yourself?" Jimin asked in a worried tone.

"Yes," the boy nodded while walking slowly and hissing due to the pain in his abdomen.

Jimin went to Jungkook again who was just standing there looking at both of them.

"Let's go now," Jimin said while holding Jungkook's hand before walking out of the scene with him.


Jungkook's POV

When we arrived at Jimin's apartment, I told him to get a first aid box quickly. I sat on the couch in the living room while waiting for him to come back. I looked at my hands and knuckles, there was some blood on them. I really wanted to kill that bastard today but Jimin stopped me. Looking at Jimin lying there on the ground trying to protect himself with his small hands really hurt me a lot. He might try to act strong but he was not strong at all. He was not capable of protecting himself no matter how much he tries.

Jimin came back with the first aid box in his hands and sat right next to me on the couch. I was just looking at the bruises on his beautiful face. He opened the box and took out an ointment. He opened the cap of the ointment to apply it on his face but before he could do anything I stopped him.

"What do you think you're doing? Come here. Let me do this for you," I said while taking the box from his hand and turning in his direction.

"We need some ice packs first," I said while getting up from the couch and going into the kitchen.

When I came back with an ice pack in my hand he was sitting there quietly while hanging his head low.

"Thank you for always being there to help me, Jungkook," he said still not looking at me when I walked closer to him.

I didn't say anything and just held his chin up with my hand gently. He looked at me with apologetic eyes.

"What's wrong Jimin?" I asked softly while looking into his eyes.

"Sorry for making you worried about me," he said and hung his head low again.

He was feeling vulnerable and I could feel it from his voice and face.

"Hey! Look at me," I said while holding his chin up again with my fingers and he looked into my eyes again.

"I do it because I want to do it okay? You never worry me. I know if I wasn't there to help you, you would still have kicked those boys in the balls. You're my little fighter," I said with a smile on which he chuckled a little.

"Tell me what happened. Why they started hitting you without any reason?" I asked while placing the ice pack gently on his face.

"When I was studying in the library, I heard voices from outside. I looked out and saw those assholes punching that boy so I just went there to help him," Jimin said while clenching his jaw a little.

"Are you kidding me, Jimin? Look at yourself. Did you really think that you could fight with those grown-ass boys?" I asked dumbfounded because I didn't know Jimin would be this much stupid.

"What do you mean? Should I have just stayed there and looked at them hurting that boy?" he asked while looking at me with wide eyes as if he was shocked by my statement.

"You should've come to me Jimin. You should've let me handle it if you really wanted to help that boy," I said while cleaning the wounds on his face.

"I wanted to do that by myself, Jungkook," he replied with a pout on his face which I found adorable and smiled.

"I can't believe you Jimin," I said while treating the small cut on his left cheek and while doing it I noticed that our faces were so close to each other.

I looked at his beautiful face closely. He was a true definition of perfection. His face was so soft like a kid but gorgeous and pretty like a girl. I looked at his light brown hooded eyes that were so deep like they had so many stories to tell. And then my gaze shifted to his lips. They were plump and naturally pink probably the most beautiful lips I've ever seen. My heart was telling me to capture those lips right then and there while my brain was stopping me from doing something that I'd regret later. But my lips had a mind of their own so I moved my face a little closer to his. He was just looking at me innocently oblivious of what I was going to do. I moved a little further while slowly closing the gap between our lips and gently placed my lips on his soft ones. I started kissing him but he was just there dumbfounded at what I was doing. The kiss was just for a few seconds and when I felt that he wasn't kissing back out of shock I quickly moved back. When I pulled back and looked at his face, his eyes were wide open. I couldn't even believe myself for what I've done just a few seconds ago. I wasn't expecting myself to do something like that too so I was just as shocked as he was.

"I'm sorry, Jimin. I shouldn't have done it. I don't know what I was thinking," I said quickly trying to avoid his gaze.

He didn't say anything. He just stood up and walked to his room in a quick manner. And I was just sitting there on the couch being ashamed of myself. I stood up to leave and looked at the door of Jimin's bedroom before leaving and then I heard him locking the door which hurt me a little.

"How can I be so stupid? What was I even thinking?" I mentally scolded myself before leaving the apartment.


Chapter Text

Jimin's POV

I wasn't expecting Jungkook to kiss me at all. I was shocked and I didn't know what to say or do so I just came into my room and locked the door. I stood there dumbfounded trying to process what had just happened.

I was still standing by the door when I heard Jungkook leaving the apartment and closing the front door. I walked up to my bed slowly and threw myself on it while pulling my hair with both of my hands.

I didn't know what to think anymore. I wanted Jungkook to be there with me but the thing he had done today was so unexpecting.

But there was something else that was bothering me. Why didn't I slap him or shouted at him to get out of my apartment? Why didn't I try to push him away from me? Why I didn't stop him when he was kissing me?

My mind was running in circles and my thoughts were overflowing. I stood up and went to the bathroom to take a cold shower to calm myself down.

When I took off my clothes, I looked at the fading scars on my body. There were a lot of scars on my body although they were fading away slowly, they were still there to remind me of everything that had happened to me before and of the hell that I've been through. Was I really ready for it? Was I ready for someone's affection and care? Was I ready to trust someone again? Those thoughts occupied my mind and were consuming me up when I shook my head and walked into the cold shower and let the water run over my body.

I moved my hands over my skin and started rubbing it slowly at first but then I started running my hands faster and rubbing my skin harshly trying to clean those scars from my body that were not letting me forget anything. I rubbed my skin until it became red and a few tears left my eyes and rolled down my cheeks. I didn't realize when I started crying and sobbing in the shower. I let myself slide with the wall and sat there on the floor with cold water still running over my body.

My mind was too exhausted with the thoughts and I was mentally tired to think about anything anymore so I just closed my eyes and stayed there on the cold floor.

When I opened my eyes cold water was still running down on my body. I realized that I fell asleep in the shower but I had no idea how long I've been there. I stood up and covered my body with a large towel. I was feeling so cold and my body was shivering badly.

When I walked into the room and looked at the wall clock, it was eight. I was in the shower for at least two hours and then I realized why my body was trembling so badly. I just laid down on the bed and covered myself with a blanket.

My body temperature was rising every second but I wasn't in the condition of standing up or walking to get something for my fever so I just stayed there in the bed. There was no one to take care of me. That one person who was caring for me after a long time was not there for me anymore.


Jungkook's POV

When I reached home, I wasn't in the mood of talking to anyone so I went straight to my room and laid down on my bed. My mind was still occupied by the thoughts of Jimin. He was all I could think of.

Was Hyunjin right about me that day? Was I really in love with Jimin? Or was it only my instinct of trying to claim everything before anyone else? I didn't have any answer.

I was confused and that confusion was eating me up. Maybe it was just a little crush or maybe it was just a sexual attraction because he was really the prettiest person I had ever seen in my life.

I wanted to get answers to all the questions running through my mind but it was me who knew about everything, it was only me who could answer those questions but I needed time to understand it. I needed time to understand myself.


Author's POV

The next day when Jimin woke up he was still burning in high fever and wasn't in a condition of attending school so he just called a doctor to get himself better for the work.

Whereas Jungkook was not ready to face Jimin but still he was trying to make himself ready to apologize to Jimin for everything he had done. But when Jimin didn't come to the college he thought it was because of him so he was feeling more guilty and shameful for what he did yesterday.

In the evening he thought about visiting Jimin to know if he was okay but he wasn't ready to face him yet so he decided to just go to Hyunwoo's party with Minho because it seemed to be the best way to take his mind off every problem that was going on in life. He was worried about Jimin and wanted to see him again but what if Jimin didn't want to see him? What if he didn't want to talk to him? Those things were scaring Jungkook. That's why he wanted to give Jimin some time and then apologize for the stupid mistake he had made.


Jungkook's POV

I picked Minho up from the hotel he was staying in during his visit to Seoul. I wanted him to stay with us at our house but he insisted on staying at his hotel for the week which he always did no matter how much I tried to make him stay with us. According to him, he felt more comfortable in his hotel.

We arrived at the party and went inside to join our other friends but as we had a lot of things to talk about we left everyone after some time and sat peacefully on the bar stools with the bar counter.

He started telling me about everything that happened with him in the last month and I quietly listened to him as I wasn't in the mood of talking to anyone. I was feeling down since yesterday's incident.

"So tell me about your life now. Are you still bringing girls for one-night stands or you've finally stopped on someone?" Minho asked while drinking beer from the bottle.

"I'm really not interested in one-night stands now. I'm fed up with it," I replied and realized that I haven't been with any girl in a very long time.

"Really Jungkook? So you've properly started dating someone?" he asked in excitement but I wasn't liking it all.

"I didn't say that I'm seeing someone. I have just stopped doing one-night stands," I replied while taking a sip from the wine glass in my hand.

"It's not possible. I know you more than you know yourself. Tell me who is she?" he asked while placing the whisky bottle on the counter.

"Who is who?" I replied already knowing what he was going to ask next.

"There must be someone who has stopped you from the shit me and Namjoon hyung have been trying to this whole time," he replied impatiently waiting for my answer.

"There's no one, Minho. Come on don't push me," I replied with an unamused face.

"Jungkook, tell me, or else I'll tell Namjoon hyung and you know how he is going to tease you to death," he said trying to threaten me while pointing his finger and I knew that he was not going to stop until I'll tell him.

"Okay listen to me. I'm actually confused myself that's why I don't want to talk about it."

"Then tell me about it maybe I can clear your confusion. I understand you well you know that," he said now in a serious tone because he realized that whatever I was going to say was complicated.

"Well, there's someone in my college that I've been paying too much attention to lately."

"You are paying attention to someone? She must be so amazing," he replied being excited without letting me complete what I was saying.

"It's he, not she," I replied while avoiding looking at him.

"What? He is a boy? Are you serious?" he asked with wide eyes and a stunned face.

"Is there any problem if it's a boy?" I asked in an unamused tone. I already knew he was going to act like this.

"No, I wasn't saying that. I just didn't expect you to fall in love with a guy."

"I didn't say I'm in love or something," I said being unsure of myself because of the feelings I had for Jimin, I had never felt them for anyone before.

"Then what is it?" he asked while nodding the bartender to get us more drinks.

"I'm confused, Minho. Let's just talk about something else. I think it's just a sexual attraction. I'll get over it," I replied trying to close the topic but he was determined about knowing everything.

"So you're being sexually attracted to a boy and you're saying that it's nothing? You've never even talked about a girl in this way."

"He is just so pretty. Actually even more pretty than those girls out there so it's not my fault if I'm thinking that way," I replied while thinking about Jimin again. I just wanted to leave everything and go to his apartment to see his pretty face. It had just been a day when I didn't listen to his voice but I was missing it already.

"If you're really that much confused then just come on your old routine. I think you're sexually frustrated. If it's just a sexual attraction then you'll get over it in no time," he replied while shrugging his shoulders as if it was so obvious.

"I think you're right. Let's see," I replied but I wasn't ready to do it. I wasn't sure if I really wanted to be with someone else or not when my mind was filled with the thoughts of only one person. I started drinking whisky from the bottle again trying to forget about everything that was messing up my mind.

"I want to see that boy too Jungkook," Minho said after a few minutes of silence.

I just looked at him and didn't say anything. After what I did yesterday, I wasn't sure if Jimin was ever going to talk to me again.

"I want to see that boy who made you question your sexuality," he said while emphasizing the word 'you' before getting up from the barstool.

"I'm not sure but we'll see about it," I replied while standing up from the barstool too and making my way through the crowd to leave the bar with Minho.

Love can be scary because it can take over your life. It is the strongest emotion but also the darkest one. It can put you on a high for days, but it can wrap an anchor around your feet and drown you in less than a minute. That was my perception of love and that's why I was afraid of falling in love for all of my life. But if it was Jimin I was falling in love with then maybe I was ready to risk it all. But then what was I actually afraid of? Was I afraid that maybe it was not actually love what I was feeling for him? Or was I afraid of him not loving me back? I had to do something to understand all those things. And now that's what I was going to do, to understand us both.


Chapter Text

Author's POV

The next day Jimin was feeling a little better because of the medicines he took that were prescribed by the doctor so he decided not to skip school for another day and stood up to attend the classes.

Jimin entered the school and went straight to his class as usual. When he entered the class his eyes unintentionally searched for Jungkook but he was nowhere to be found.

Jimin went straight to his seat and sat down quietly. His mind was still tangled in the thoughts of what happened between them and he didn't want to do it ever again so he thought it would be better to stay away from Jungkook from now on but his heart had other plans.

He took out a notebook from his bag and started doodling on it trying to divert his mind. He heard someone entering the class and quickly looked at the door to see if it was Jungkook but it wasn't. He let out a small frustrated sigh and continued doodling on his notebook.

Every time someone entered the class his eyes automatically searched for Jungkook. He didn't know why he was doing it. He should be angry at him for what he did that day instead his heart wanted Jungkook to be there with him. He didn't want to accept it but he was missing Jungkook. He took his classes for that day with a little bit of a heavy heart and as soon as the classes ended, he took his bag and walked out of the school.

Jungkook's POV

I didn't attend school because I came back home late last night and Namjoon hyung knew it so he didn't wake me up in the morning. When I woke up I looked at the wall clock and it was already one in the afternoon. I stood up from the bed and rubbed my eyes.

The first thing that came into my mind after waking up was Jimin. I took my phone from the side table and went through the phone number list without even realizing that Jimin never gave me his number in the first place. After a few moments of scrolling down, I finally remembered that I didn't have Jimin's phone number so I laid down on my bed again with my closed eyes. I thought about his cute eye smile and the way he laughs sometimes like a kid. I wanted Jimin to be happier but I knew I was the reason why he was upset and why he didn't attend school yesterday. I knew I missed him. I didn't know why I was feeling guilty when I was the kind of man totally inconsiderate about other's feelings but that small kiss was bothering me that much. Actually, it wasn't the kiss that was bothering me, it definitely can't, just the thought of how Jimin must be thinking about me now was making me uncomfortable.

While looking at my phone, I came across a phone number that I saved a long time ago. "I think Jimin will probably be freaked out at what I did that day. I should try to stay away from him. That would probably be the best for both of us. This is definitely the best way to do it," I thought to myself and dialed the call option at the number.

"Hello. Who's this?"

"It's Jeon Jungkook," I replied with my usual cold tone.

"Jungkook? Why are you calling me now? I think you're the one who dumped me last year like you always do with every fling of yours."

"You were never my girlfriend Dahyun so technically I didn't dump you."

"Why are you calling me Jungkook? What do you want from me?" Dahyun replied trying to sound as if she didn't care but I knew deep down she must be crying with joy that I called her again.

"I'm ready to give you another chance," I replied in a monotone.

"Another chance for what?" she asked as if she didn't know what I was talking about.

"If you want to try to prove again that you're good enough to be my girlfriend."

"I don't know Jungkook. We are in high school now. I can't just run around you trying to prove that I'm worthy to be your girlfriend or something."

"Okay.Fine with me," I replied giving her a signal that I was going to end the call.

"Jungkook Jungkook Jungkook. Listen to me. I want this chance. I swear I'll prove it to you that you'll never be disappointed making me your girlfriend," she replied hurriedly and I just smirked at how the girls are always ready to do anything to be with me.

Where are you right now?" I asked casually.

"I'm going to take my last class," she replied and I stood up to walk towards the closet.

"Okay," I replied before ending the call and went into the bathroom to take a bath and change my clothes.


Author's POV

Jungkook was sitting in his car outside the school waiting for the last class to end. After some time Jimin walked out of the school and started walking towards his apartment. He was wearing a white dress shirt with black leather jeans. He always looked like an angel in white dresses.

Jungkook came out of his car as soon as he saw Jimin. Although he was waiting for Dahyun because he promised to control himself from now on when it comes to Jimin, he actually wanted to see Jimin as he was really missing him after not seeing him for two days.

He locked his car and started following Jimin at a very slow pace trying not to get noticed by him. Jimin was just walking fast towards his apartment without even looking around. Jungkook quietly followed him. When they were just one street away from Jimin's apartment, a boy suddenly came in Jimin's way. He was so young, about six to seven years old, and was looking quite poor. Jimin stopped in his tracks as soon as he saw him and Jungkook did the same. The boy started begging Jimin for some money to eat something but Jimin had forgotten his wallet at home so he just pulled his pockets inside out with apologetic eyes to show the kid that he had no money. Jimin took a few steps forward but then stopped again. He came back and kneeled in front of the boy while opening his bag to take out a big packet of chips.

"I'm sorry. I only have this. Take it," Jimin said and the boy practically snatched the packet from his hands. Jimin looked at him adoringly and smiled. He stayed there for a while looking at the boy eating the chips as if he didn't eat anything for a few days. Jimin patted his head before standing up again.

Jungkook was just looking at them from a distance. A smile played on his face when he saw Jimin kneeling with the dirty boy and talking to him while patting his head softly.

When Jimin stood up and started walking again Jungkook just looked at him with a soft smile and kept looking at his back waiting for him to reach his apartment safely as the apartment was in the next street and Jungkook can clearly see the building in a distance from where he was standing.

He just stood there and looked at Jimin arriving there and walking into the building. He just sighed as he realized how hard it would be to stay away from that man but he had to do it.

Jungkook's phone rang after a few minutes and he looked at his phone to see who was calling. As soon as Dahyun's name showed up he remembered why he came to the school in the first place. But he was really not in a mood of talking to anyone except that one person so he simply cut the call and put the phone into his pocket again with a frown on his face. He stood there for some time wanting to go to Jimin and apologize for the kiss instead he decided to call his driver to get him and return home.


In the evening, Jungkook was laying on his bed when a thought suddenly came across his mind. He stood up and took his laptop before sitting down on the bed.

"I should try writing a song," he thought to himself and opened some old documents on his laptop. He tried writing songs before but now he wanted to do it more than ever but before he could do anything, someone knocked at the door. He placed his laptop aside and went to the door. He already had an idea who it could be. When he opened the door Namjoon was standing there with a bright smile on his face and behind him, a pale man was standing with a serious expression on his face.

"Jungkook I wanted to talk to you about something," Namjoon said while walking into the room.

"Come in hyung," Jungkook said while walking towards his bed and sitting at its corner.

"This is Yoongi. He is one of my most trusted men. He is going to work with you from now on. I can't trust you all by yourself," Namjoon said while pointing at Yoongi and Yoongi just sat quietly on the couch in front of them.

"How come I don't know about him if he is such a trusted man of yours?" Jungkook asked while looking at Yoongi coldly.

"You don't know about many things Jungkook. You'll learn about them gradually," Namjoon replied while towards the door to leave the room again.

"You really don't have to worry about me hyung. You don't know about me either," Jungkook said on which Namjoon turned his head a little to look at Jungkook with a soft smile.

"I know about you more than you know about your self brother," Namjoon said and left the room leaving Yoongi behind.

"So Yoongi hyung...I think I already know what task I want to give you first," Jungkook said in a dominating tone and stood up to walk close to Yoongi.

"You have to find who murdered my dad," said Jungkook and pointed his finger at Yoongi's chest while looking at him with a dark aura.

"Your father was not murdered Jungkook," Yoongi replied in a straight tone.

"How do you know that?" Jungkook asked in a frustrated tone.

"I'm working with Namjoon for so long. I know everything about your family."

"No one knows anything. I know someone killed my father and I want you to find it out who did that," Jungkook said slightly raising his voice.

"If you really think so then I'll work on it," Yoongi said obediently.

"Okay. Now go I want to get some rest," Jungkook said while walking towards his bed again making Yoongi leave the room immediately.


Jungkook's POV

I was standing in front of the class door looking at Jimin who was quietly writing something on paper. There was no one else in the classroom except him. He was looking so beautiful wearing that black shirt with tight leather jeans. He didn't know that I was standing there at the door looking at him. I looked at his angelic face and then at his cute small hands. After that, my gaze shifted towards his thighs. They were so...thick? Like his ass? I shook my head trying to get rid of those dirty scenarios in my mind. I kept looking at him for some time but his curves were grabbing my attention again and again. I tried to shove my thoughts away but then my heart took over the control of my brain and I unintentionally started walking towards him at a slow pace. As soon as I reached him, he looked at me with his innocent eyes.

"What are you doing here Jungkook?" he asked curiously.

"I think you know why I came here Jimin," I replied while moving my hand to caress the side of his face gently with my fingers on which he flinched a little.

"I have no idea what you want," he said slightly scared of my actions.

"Come on Jimin. Haven't you understood it yet?" I asked while moving my cold fingers on his neck and feeling his skin against mine.

"Understood what Jungkook?" he asked while closing his eyes tightly as if I was going to hurt him.

"I like you, Jimin. Is it really so hard to understand?" I asked while moving my face towards his neck and biting it a little.

"I know you care about me. I know you are not like this Jungkook. Why are you doing this?" he asked trying to keep my hands away from him.

I didn't say anything and just looked into his eyes. He tried to walk back a few steps but I couldn't let him get away from me that easily so I just placed my hand on the back of his head trying to pull his face close to mine and placed a kiss on his beautiful lips. But before I could move my lips he slapped me right across my face and with that I opened my eyes.

"What the hell was that?" I asked myself as soon as my sleep broke. I looked at the clock and it was two in the morning.

"Oh, God. What is happening to me?" I sighed in frustration while pulling my hair roughly with my hands.

"What are doing to me Park Jimin???" I said loudly for the last time before laying down on my bed trying to sleep again.

"No matter how much I try to stay away from you why is it always about you at the end of the day?" saying that I pulled the covers back on myself and closed my eyes.


Chapter Text

Author's POV

"Jimin-ah, dad had a heart attack. I just wanted to tell you about it. You don't have to worry he is fine now," Taemin said as soon as Jimin picked up the call.

"Is he really okay? Hyung why didn't you tell me about it before?" Jimin asked worriedly while standing up from his bed in a hurry.

"I'm telling you he is fine now. Don't stress your little heart," Taemin said in a sweet tone and Jimin just sighed.

Jimin looked at the wall clock and it was eleven. He had a small shift today so he came home early and was just resting when Taemin called.

"Take care of him hyung," Jimin said in a low voice and sat down on the bed again being relieved that everything was okay.

"Jimin-ah, he is really missing you for the past few days. His health is also deteriorating. I think you should come here to meet him at least once. I know he'll be fine after that."

"Hyung, you know I can't come. I'm not ready to meet him yet. I don't think I can do it. I don't think I could ever do it. No matter how much he loves me I still remember everything that happened to me so please don't force me to do anything. Just take care of him," Jimin said while caressing his forehead with his fingers.

"Okay, Jimin. I'm sorry for starting this topic again. Take care of yourself too now I've two people to worry about," Taemin replied.

"Hyung, I'm not a kid now. You don't have to worry about me," Jimin said with a smile before ending the call.

He stood up from the bed and went into the living room as he suddenly started feeling suffocated. He walked up to the couch and practically threw himself on it. He held his head between his hands and hung his head low.

He was feeling as if something was pressing on his heart. A few tears rolled down his cheeks because of his father's condition. He took deep breaths and then stood up to take his coat from the bedroom while drying his cheeks with the back of his hand. Taking some fresh air seemed to be the best solution to everything going on in his mind.

He put on a long black coat and covered his neck with a beautiful black and white scarf before going out of his apartment.


Jungkook's POV

I was going back home after meeting Mr.Chulsoo for a business deal when I happened to pass a street near Jimin's apartment. I slowed down my car as usual. I was looking here and there casually not paying too much attention as I wasn't expecting Jimin to be out at this time but to my fortune, I saw him coming out of his apartment. I haven't talked to him for days so I just wanted to go there and apologize to him and listen to his voice. I came out of my car and followed him.

"Jimin," I called from behind and he turned to look at me.

"Jungkook?" he asked in a soft voice while stopping in his tracks.

"What are you doing out at this time of night?" I asked worriedly on which he started walking again but slowly this time and I started walking with him too.

"Why I can't be out at this time of night? Am I a girl? Will someone kidnap me?" he asked in a straight tone.

"No I'm not saying that but it's really cold out here," I replied and he was just looking ahead of us avoiding looking at my face.

"What are you doing here, Jungkook?"

"I was just passing from here," I replied and he looked at my face. He was looking as if there was something wrong with him as his eyes were a little puffy.

"Is everything okay?" I asked while turning my whole front towards him and he stopped immediately.

"Yes, everything is okay. You don't need to worry about me," he said keeping his head low as he knew that I noticed his eyes.

"I know you want to look strong but sometimes it's okay to talk to someone about your problems Jimin," I said on which he looked at me again. His nose was red from the tip making him look even cuter.

"Everything is okay. It's's about my dad," he replied trying hard to decide if he should tell me about it or not.

"What about him? Is he okay?" I asked and he turned himself fully to me now.

"Actually he had a heart attack and I'm here. I can't even see if he is really fine or not," he replied in a low voice.

"I can take you to your family if you want," I said willing to do anything I could do to ease him.

"I can't go there...Just forget about it, it's a long story," he replied hanging his head low.

"Jimin," I called and he looked into my eyes. Tears again started rolling down his cheeks.

"Come here," I commanded while opening my arms in front of him. I wasn't expecting myself to do that but the tears in his eyes were crushing my heart. I wanted to comfort him and assure him that he wasn't alone.

He stood there and thought for a good minute. I had an idea that he might be hesitating because of the previous event but he really needed someone to listen to him and to be there for him so I moved a little closer and wrapped my arms softly around him and placed my chin on top of his head. He kept his arms down and didn't wrap them around me like I did, instead he hid his face in my chest and started crying in a low voice.

I patted his head softly and stood there inhaling his scent. It was calming me down and I didn't want to break away from that hug ever. The street was empty because of the cold weather and only a few lights were lightening it up. It was so calm and there was not a single sound except the sound of Jimin's little sobs.

"It's okay, Jimin. I don't know what is bothering you. I have an idea that you have a tough life but so are you. Everything will be fine I promise," I said while caressing his back a little being careful of my actions.

We stood there quietly for some time. Without any words, I could feel how he was feeling. His breathing slowed down gradually and I could hear his little sniffs. He was standing quietly being wrapped into my arms as if he didn't want to break away either. Suddenly his stomach growled and he looked at me with puppy eyes.

"I think I'm hungry. Let's go home," Jimin said while moving his head out of my chest and I just chuckled.

"When did you eat last time?" I asked unwrapping my arms around him.

"Come on. Don't be my mom Jungkook," he said as if he was whining.

"We are eating out today. Let's have dinner together," I replied while walking towards my car and he followed me without saying anything.

When we were about to reach my car, Jimin called me from behind and when I looked back he was sitting down on the ground in front of a frail kitten which was trying to hide under him and Jimin was just caressing it softly.

"Come on, Jimin. You were hungry a few minutes ago. Let's go," I said while unlocking my car.

"Baby, where is your mama? Huh? She left you here in the cold?" Jimin was just talking to the kitten while patting his head without even listening to what I was saying to him on which I poked my inner cheek with my tongue.

"Just wait a few minutes," Jimin said while standing up with the kitten in his hands.

"What are you doing Jimin? Are you taking him to your apartment? We can give some milk here if he is hungry," I said while locking my car again with the key as I knew Jimin don't listen to anyone and if he wants to take the kitten to his home right now he will do it.

"It's so cold here. I'll leave him in the morning," Jimin said while walking towards his apartment and talking in gibberish with the kitten and I quietly followed him.


Author's POV

"I know you're going to keep that kitten in your apartment," Jungkook said while sitting in a fancy restaurant and eating dinner.

"And what's wrong if I'll?" Jimin asked with a raised eyebrow.

"It's a stray cat, Jimin. You can get an infection from it," Jungkook replied while looking at Jimin's slightly annoyed face.

"So you want me to leave it in the cold out there?" Jimin asked and folded his arms on his chest with a cute pout on his face.

"Okay, I'm not saying anything. Just finish the dinner," Jungkook replied while pointing at the food in front of Jimin on which he started eating quietly.

After some time, they came out of the restaurant and went into the car to go back home. The ride was long because Jungkook wanted to take Jimin to a good restaurant and it was away from Jimin's apartment. He looked at Jimin while driving the car. Jimin was feeling sleepy and was looking out of the window with his half-opened eyelids. His eyes were getting heavier and heavier. He didn't realize when he fell asleep.

When they reached Jimin's apartment, Jungkook looked at Jimin who was snoring in a low voice. He got out of the car and went to open the door from Jimin's side. He softly patted Jimin's cheek to wake him up but he didn't respond.

After thinking for a few minutes, Jungkook was about to carry him but then he realized maybe Jimin won't like it so Jungkook just patted his head a little hard this time but he didn't even budge.

"Come on, Jimin. We're home," Jungkook said while helping Jimin to come out of the car.

Jungkook carefully snaked his one arm around Jimin's waist and helped him to walk. As soon as they reached the door, Jungkook took out the key from Jimin's coat pocket and unlocked the door.

When they entered the apartment, Jungkook saw that the kitten was sleeping peacefully on a warm sweater on the floor of the living room. He then took Jimin to his room and helped him lay down on his bed. He then pulled the covers on him and when he was about to leave the room he heard that Jimin snoring again.

He came near him and kneeled in front of Jimin on the side of the bed. To him, Jimin was not only the prettiest person outside but also inside. He looked at Jimin adoringly with a smile on his face. He moved his hand to touch Jimin's face but stopped himself immediately. He stood up and let out a frustrated sign before coming out of the bedroom.

As soon as he came out of Jimin's apartment, he took out his phone from his pocket and dialed a number.

"Yoongi hyung, I want you to do something for me. Please hire a trusted person to look after Jimin all the time," Jungkook said as soon as Yoongi picked up the call.

"Who's Jimin? Is she your girlfriend?" Yoongi asked on which Jungkook let out a frustrated sigh.

"It's he...and just quietly do what I'm telling you to do. It's not necessary to inquire about everything. I'm sending you his address," saying that Jungkook ended the call while making his way to the car.


Chapter Text

Jimin's POV

I was walking out of the school when I noticed that the road was badly covered with snow and it was impossible for me to walk home. I took out a scarf from my bag and covered my neck and some of the face with it to avoid getting sick while trying to get home. I closed my coat from the front up to the last button. I tried to find a taxi but it was kind of a low snow storm so either there were no taxis or if there were, they were not empty.

I started walking towards my apartment as I knew if I stood there waiting for the weather to get better, it was not going to happen because the weather was only getting worse every single second. I was only a few miles away from the school when the snow started falling heavily from the sky making it impossible for me to go any further so I quickly hid under the shade of a shop. I was standing there hoping to find a taxi but there wasn't any. After some time, Jungkook's car stopped in front of me and he got out of it.

"Come on, Jimin. Let me take you home," he said as soon as he came out of the car.

I knew if I stayed there and waited for a taxi, I might end standing there for hours so without saying anything I sat into Jungkook's car to reach home as soon as possible.

"I've started thinking that I'm an angel sent from heaven to help you," Jungkook said with a smile as soon as he entered the car.

"You can only be a devil," I replied in a low voice while putting my bag on the backseat on which he chuckled and started driving.

We were a few streets away from my apartment when we saw that the road was blocked due to the snow. Jungkook reversed the car and tried to find another way to reach there but the other road had a bad traffic jam and it was looking as if the road will not be cleared for hours. He still waited there for some time but in vain.

"Don't waste your time for me. I can walk from here," I said while picking up my bag trying not to bother him any further.

"This road must be blocked too that's why the traffic is jammed. You can't walk home from here," Jungkook replied with concern.

"I'll find a way don't worry about me," I said while unlocking the door to get out of the car.

"Both of us know there's no other way and if you're thinking that you can just wait here then you'll keep waiting for hours until you'll freeze and die because of the cold."

I sighed and locked the door again. I closed my eyes and cursed my luck while leaning back into the seat thinking hard about what I should do now.

"You can stay at my home today. I hope the weather will get better and then I'll drop you at your apartment," Jungkook said looking at me impatiently waiting for my answer.

"I don't think that would be a good idea," I uttered and looked at him. He was wearing his usual black leather jacket with a navy blue dress shirt inside whose first few buttons were open. I wondered if fashion was really that much important for him. I had never seen him wearing anything warm. Never.

"Don't worry. My hyung will be there too. I'll not eat you," he replied bringing me back from my thoughts.

"Can't you wear anything warm?" I said without realizing what we were actually talking about a few seconds ago on which he glanced at me for a second and then again diverted his gaze to the road.

"Huh? I think we were talking about going to my home," he replied while reversing the car and keeping his focus on the road while driving carefully as the road was covered with snow.

"Oh, yeah. Just drop me back to my apartment as soon as the weather will get better," I replied while looking out of the window being worried about my shift at the coffee shop.

Jungkook's mansion was also near the school. The roads there were also covered with snow but not as badly as the one near my apartment so we reached there in no time.

When we came out of the car two guards quickly made their way to us while one of them was holding an umbrella. Jungkook took the umbrella from his hand and covered us with it while walking at a fast pace and I just followed him to the mansion. It was very big probably bigger than my house in Busan. As soon as we entered it, a maid came to us to take off my coat. It was very warm and cozy inside so I took off my coat and scarf and gave it to her.

"I was really worried about you Kookie." I heard someone saying and looked at the owner of that deep voice. He was a young man of about twenty-seven.

"I told you not to call me with that name in front of others," Jungkook uttered in an annoyed tone and I realized that the man just called him 'Kookie'.

"Introduce me," he replied while looking at me and coming closer to where Jungkook and I were standing.

"This is Jimin. He is my class fellow. I was going to drop him at his apartment but unfortunately, the roads were blocked. So..we are here," Jungkook replied while scratching the back of his neck and with the expression on that man's face I guessed that maybe it was the first time when Jungkook brought a boy to his house or maybe anyone in general.

"And Jimin, this is Namjoon hyung. I told you about him," Jungkook said now looking at me and pointing at his hyung and I realized that Jungkook had told me about him the day when he gave me a ride to the school.

"Nice to meet you. Jungkook talks a lot about you," I said with a smile while moving my hand in front of Namjoon hyung and he quickly shook it.

"I hope he doesn't talk bad about me," Namjoon hyung replied with a warm smile on his face still holding my hand.

"No, he doesn't. Kookie is a good boy," I teased Jungkook on which he frowned while Namjoon hyung started laughing.

"I like him already," Namjoon hyung said pointing at me, and Jungkook gave him an I-know-that-already look.

"Go and take some rest then we'll have dinner together. Jungkook takes him to the guest room," Namjoon hyung said while patting my shoulder a little.

Jungkook started walking towards the stairs and I quietly followed him. We stopped at a door at the end of the hallway. He opened it and gestured me to go in.

"So, this will be your room for today. Get comfortable here. Call the maid if you need anything," Jungkook said while flashing a smile before turning around to leave the room.

As soon as he left the room, I took off my shoes and threw myself on the king-sized bed. It was very comfy and I was so tired that I didn't even realize when I had fallen asleep.


After a few hours, I woke up. As soon as I opened my eyes, I looked at the wall clock and it was eleven. I got out of bed in a hurry and went to the window to see if I could go home now. The snowfall had stopped but everything was badly covered with snow outside so I guessed that maybe I had to spend my night in Jungkook's house. I sighed and came out of the room, the house was awfully quiet and I thought maybe everyone already slept. I went downstairs to find Jungkook but when I entered the living room, Namjoon hyung was sitting on the couch listening to the news while drinking coffee. He stood up from the couch when he looked at me.

"I hope you slept well. We waited for you at the dinner but you were sleeping so Jungkook told us not to wake you up," he said with a genuine smile on his face.

"I'm sorry. I was so tired. I didn't even realize when I fell asleep," I replied with apologetic eyes as he told me earlier to have dinner with them.

"It's okay, Jimin. There's no need to say sorry. Jungkook didn't eat anything too. Go and have dinner with him. He must be waiting."

"Where is he?" I asked while looking around to find Jungkook.

"He is in his room," Namjoon hyung replied while pointing at a door upstairs as I didn't know where Jungkook's room was.

I bowed respectfully before leaving and went upstairs while walking towards the said room. I stood at the door for a few seconds and checked if I was looking presentable as I just woke up. I straightened up my shirt although there was no need to do it and then I combed my hair quickly with my fingers but then I realized what I was doing so I just shook my head and quickly took a deep breath before opening the door. When I entered the room, the lights were off and the door of the terrace was opened from which a cool breeze was coming in. The only light in the room was the moonlight that was lightning up everything a little. I could see Jungkook standing on the terrace with his back facing me. I quietly walked up to him and noticed that he was smoking.

"Isn't it cold here?" I said and he quickly looked back at me. I went closer to him and stood on the terrace with him looking at the full moon in front of us.

"What are you doing here? Go inside or you'll get sick," Jungkook said while taking out the cigarette from his mouth.

"Are you cold-proof or something?" I said in an unamused tone as was ordering me to get in but not taking care of himself.

"I'll come after finishing this cigarette. Now go inside," he said in a dominating tone gesturing me to go back on which I frowned a little.

"Okay, finish this cigarette and then we'll go inside together," I said while leaning on the terrace a little showing him that I wasn't going anywhere without him on which he sighed.

"By the way, why are you smoking?" I said when he blew the smoke from his mouth.

"It calms me down a little," he said while leaning down on the terrace with me.

"I want to calm down too," I replied while taking out the cigarette from his mouth and putting it in my mouth in a flash without realizing what I was doing.

"What are you doing Jimin? You can't smoke. Give that back to me," he said in an annoyed tone and quickly snatched the cigarette from me before putting it back into his mouth.

"I hate you," I muttered in a low voice and pouted on which he chuckled and started making smoke rings in the air again.

"You must be hungry. Let's eat something. What do you want to eat?" Jungkook asked casually after some time while standing straight again and throwing the cigarette on the floor. He crushed it with his shoe and looked at me waiting for my answer.

"I want to eat Kookies," I tried to tease him as I knew how much he hated that name.

"There is only one Kookie available right now," he teased back while smirking and I just chuckled.

"I thought you hate that name."

"I do hate it. Just don't make jokes about that in front of anyone."

"Well, everyone will like your new name in the school," I replied with a smirk just like he did a few seconds ago.

"I know you're not going to do that," he said with a straight face while coming closer to me slowly.

"And who said I'll not?" saying that I took a few steps back with a smile plastered on my face.

"I'm saying that," Jungkook said and took a few more steps on which I again moved back a little.

"Do you really think I'll listen to you?" saying that I smirked and ran into the room while laughing and Jungkook quickly followed me.

I was running as if Jungkook would kill me if he caught me and when I was just about to reach the door, he held my wrist and tried to turn me around on which I lost my balance and we fell on the floor in a way that Jungkook fell on top of me.

When I looked up, our faces were only inches apart. I could feel his warm breath on my face. I looked into his brown doe eyes, they were deep having so many emotions in them that I simply couldn't comprehend. Seeing them I totally forgot to say anything, it was as if those eyes stole my words away. I could inhale his manly cologne and it was making me weak under him. His intense gaze was sending shivers to my body and then my gaze shifted to his lips, the lips that I've already felt on mine before. He kept staring at my face and it was looking as if he didn't move away from me either. Suddenly the door opened shortly after a quick knock and Namjoon hyung entered but when he looked at us he gave us a shocked look and then we realized what we were doing. Jungkook quickly got up with an embarrassed look on his face and I was still lying there on the floor looking stupid until Jungkook gave me his hand and helped me in getting up.

"I was...I thought both of you...are going to have dinner together so I was just waiting for you," Namjoon hyung said while avoiding looking at us trying to make us less embarrassed.

"We're coming," Jungkook said in a low voice while scratching the back of his neck.

Namjoon hyung nodded and left the room without saying anything leaving us alone making me more embarrassed than I already was. I didn't know what to say and the same goes for Jungkook. He stood there without saying anything for a few seconds and then decided to break the awkward silence between us.

"Come on. Hyung is waiting for us," Jungkook said and quickly went out of the room without even sparing a single glance at me.

When he left, I let out a deep breath that I didn't know how long I've been holding in. I stood there for some time, trying to calm myself down as my heart was still beating at an abnormal pace. I looked in the mirror and noticed that my face had a pink tint. I quickly went to the bathroom and washed my face with cold water to cool my burning cheeks down a little, before walking out of the room not to make Namjoon hyung wait for me any further.


Chapter Text

Author's POV

The next day, Jungkook dropped Jimin home in the morning. They haven't talked to each other alone since last night so during the ride there was an awkward silence between them and no one dared to break it as they both were confused about what they felt last night. Why Jungkook wanted to taste those lips even though he promised himself not to do something like that again? And why was Jimin disappointed when Jungkook was that close to him but didn't try to kiss him again? And if Namjoon didn't come at the last minute would they have kissed for real? Why they didn't try to get away from each other? It was obvious that something was stopping them from doing that and just the thought of that was making them blush and sending tingles to their bodies.

"Jimin," Jungkook called him softly from behind when Jimin was about to leave the car.

"Take my phone number. Call me if you need anything," Jungkook said with a smile on which Jimin took out his phone from the pocket without saying anything and handed it over to Jungkook.

Jungkook saved his number and returned the phone while flashing a smile for the last time before driving away. Jimin couldn't help but smile at the thought of Jungkook taking care of him that much. He unintentionally smiled like an idiot and walked towards his apartment.

When he unlocked the door and walked into the living room, his smile dropped suddenly and he ran towards the cat which was lying dead in the middle of the cold floor. He kneeled quickly before picking it up and placed it in his lap while trying to wake it up but there was no response.

His breath became heavy at the thought of the cat, calling him out because of hunger again and again but he totally forgot about it yesterday. He had no idea that he couldn't get home so he didn't put anything for the cat to eat. He caressed the dead cat softly for a few minutes and kept looking at him with a sad face.

"You were my responsibility. I should've thought about you," Jimin said while looking at the cat apologetically. A tear rolled down his cheek and he wiped it with the back of his hand before standing up and going out of the apartment to make a small grave for the cat. After some time, when he was coming back to his apartment with a sad pout on his face, he saw Jungkook standing outside the door with his scarf in his hand. He remembered that he forgot to take it before coming back home.

Jungkook quickly noticed Jimin's sadness and walked towards him worrying that maybe something bad had happened. Jimin passed him and quietly unlocked the door before going into the living room with Jungkook.

"Is everything okay?" Jungkook asked as soon as he sat on the couch with Jimin keeping some distance between them.

"I totally forgot about the cat yesterday. It died because of me. I should've put something for him to eat but I had no idea that I couldn't get home so I thought about feeding him after coming back from school and then...I should've thought that he might be hungry," Jimin said in a low voice hanging his head low.

"You wanted to help him, Jimin. You didn't keep him hungry by your own will. It wasn't your fault that you couldn't get home yesterday," Jungkook said looking at Jimin with adoration as he had no idea that Jimin was that much soft at heart.

"I don't know. The cat must be crying out because of hunger and cold but I didn't even remember that I locked a cat in my apartment. He was already very weak I should've kept that in mind and cared about him even more but I didn't," Jimin said with a cracky voice having tears in his eyes on which Jungkook slowly moved towards him on the couch and wiped Jimin's tears gently with his thumb.

Jungkook thought that Jimin will move away from him but instead, he leaned into his touch on which he moved a little closer, and extended his arm towards Jimin. Jimin looked at him and without even saying a single word he leaned towards Jungkook and placed his head on his chest. Jungkook wasn't expecting it so he hesitatingly wrapped his arm around Jimin and started stroking his hair. Jimin closed his eyes while inhaling Jungkook's soothing cologne. There was a silence between them again but this time it was not awkward or irritating, instead, it was calming for both of them and none of them wanted to say anything. They were just enjoying each other's presence. It was feeling home.

After a few moments of silence, they heard a knock on the door and pulled away from each other. Jungkook cursed whoever was on the door because he wanted Jimin to stay with him like that a little more.

"Are you expecting someone?" Jungkook asked while getting up from the couch to open the door and Jimin just moved his head in denial.

Jungkook went to open the door and as soon as he opened it he saw a man standing there with a bag in his hand. Jungkook looked at him from head to toe. He was a handsome young man of about twenty-four.

"Isn't it Jimin's apartment?" he asked and Jimin came running as soon as he heard that voice and hugged the man tightly.

"Taemin hyung," Jimin chirped loudly in happiness and hugged him like a bear.

Taemin hugged him back tightly squeezing the life out of him and making it difficult for him to even breathe properly.

"Jimin-ah, you've no idea how much I was missing you," he said still hugging Jimin not wanting to let him go.

"I was missing you too hyung. What brought you here? How did you know where I'm living?" Jimin asked in excitement and Taemin looked at him with heart eyes.

"I keep all the information about you, Jimin-ah. It's Christmas this weekend and I didn't want you to spend it alone," Taemin replied while caressing his cheek softly.

"I love you, hyung. You always take care of me," Jimin said while hugging his torso like a kid on which Jungkook gave Taemin a death glare.

"Who's he Jimin-ah?" Taemin asked when he looked at Jungkook who had a frown on his face.

"Oh, I totally forgot. Hyung, this is Jungkook. He is my class fellow. And Jungkook, this is my hyung," Jimin replied with a smile on his face while still clinging to Taemin.

"I just came here to give you your scarf. You forgot to take it. I think I should leave now," Jungkook said with a straight face and walked towards the door to leave. Although Jimin told him that Taemin was his hyung, Jungkook was not feeling comfortable when Taemin touched Jimin.

"Jungkook," Jimin called him before he could leave, "wait here for a second," saying that Jimin went to the couch to take his scarf which Jungkook came to return.

"Here," Jimin said while putting the scarf around Jungkook's neck and softly covering his whole nape with it, "a scarf won't ruin your appearance. It's cold outside, take care of yourself."

Jungkook couldn't help but smile at Jimin's small caring gesture. He kept staring at Jimin when Jimin was covering his neck with his cute pink scarf. Jungkook almost forgot to breathe like he always did whenever Jimin was close to him. He stood there staring at Jimin and listening to his angelic voice. Taemin was watching him quietly and noticing how Jungkook got lost in Jimin and how softly Jimin was talking with him. Taemin fake coughed on which Jimin pulled back and Jungkook frowned again.

"I'll see you in the school tomorrow," Jungkook said in a low voice before leaving and Jimin's eyes followed him when he left the apartment.

"Who is he really Jimin-ah? Is he only your class fellow?" Taemin asked in an unamused tone on which Jimin just scratched the back of his neck.

"Yes, he is only my class fellow," Jimin uttered while walking back to the living room and Taemin quickly followed him with heavy steps.

"I told you to stay away from boys like him. Can't you listen to your hyung? The way he looks at you tells a different story than what are you telling me and the same goes for you."

"Hyung, please. I know you care about me a lot but I'm mature now. I know who to trust. Jungkook is not that type of boy so please don't talk about him like that," Jimin said and let out a deep sigh before sitting on the couch.

"I can't believe you're going to school for months and he never made a move on you. He was eye-fucking you in front of me," Taemin said and came near to the couch to sit with Jimin. It was bothering him why Jimin was defending Jungkook in that way.

"Yes, he did make a move but when he knew that I wasn't ready for it, he never tried to do it again," Jimin said in a low voice while keeping his head down as he already had an idea how Taemin was going to react after what he just said.

"Are you serious? He made a move on you and you're still letting him come into your apartment. What if he did that again? You're too naive to understand people like him, Jimin-ah."

"Hyung, please. Do you think I still can't understand people after what happened to me in the past? I'm mature now. I'm not that cute little mochi that you and dad used to pamper," Jimin said in a frustrated tone, voice getting loud with each word.

Taemin just looked at Jimin in surprise at his sudden outburst. Jimin never talked with him in a loud tone before so he understood how upset Jimin was. He knew what he had to do to calm Jimin down so he quietly sat with Jimin on the couch and pulled him into a hug.

"I'm sorry, Jimin-ah. Only I know how I felt the day when you called me and told me to take you out of that hell while sobbing hardly. I don't know who to trust with you anymore," Taemin said in a sad tone and Jimin hugged him back tightly as if his life was dependent on it and started crying loudly on remembering the worst day of his life.

"Shhh, Jimin-ah. Hyung is here for you now. That was just a bad dream and it's over now," Taemin said while stroking Jimin's hair softly but Jimin didn't listen to him and kept crying and sobbing while hiding his face in Taemin's chest.

"Look at me, Jimin. Listen to me," saying that Taemin held Jimin's face with both of his hands and made Jimin look at him in the eyes.

"Just don't trust anyone except your hyung okay? I can't see you in pain. I can't see you getting hurt anymore," Taemin said gently while wiping the tears from Jimin's cheeks and Jimin just hugged him again.

"It's okay. It's over now," Taemin uttered while pecking the top of Jimin's head and caressing his back a little.

"Let's have lunch outside," Taemin said after a few minutes when Jimin stopped crying gradually and only a few sniffles can be heard on which Jimin quickly pulled away from his hug.

"I want to eat a big chocolate cake all by myself," Jimin said with puffy eyes and a cute pout on his face.

"Anything for you," Taemin replied with a warm smile and cooed at Jimin's behavior before getting up to take their coats before going out.


Jungkook's POV

When I reached home, Namjoon hyung was impatiently waiting for me. As soon as I entered the door he came to me quickly with a silly smile on his face.

"So what is going on between you two?" he asked excitedly without even letting me sit down.

"What are you talking about hyung?" I replied avoiding his gaze. Of course, I knew he was talking about Jimin.

"You exactly know what I'm talking about. What is going between you and Jimin? Tell me quickly I'm waiting to talk to you about it since last night," Namjoon hyung said impatiently and I had no idea what I should tell him.

"For God's sake, hyung. Nothing is going on between us."

"Just tell me already. Do you think I didn't notice the way you look at him? I'm your hyung Jungkook."

"Who told you that I'm gay?" I asked in a serious tone while walking towards the living room.

"Do you think someone has to tell me about you? When you look at him you don't even realize what is happening around you. And it's okay if you like a boy. He is pretty anyway," Namjoon hyung replied when he entered the room with me.

I didn't want to say anything so I just let out a deep sigh and threw myself on the couch. I smelled Jimin's scarf and it had a beautiful scent all over it. It reminded me of last night when he was lying under me and just the thought of it brought a smile to my face.

"It's his scarf, right? You can't stop smelling it and you're saying there's nothing between you two. Come on Jungkook," Namjoon hyung said while pointing at the scarf and I stood up from the couch to leave the room not to listen to his questions anymore.

"I like him too, Jungkook. You two will make a beautiful couple," Namjoon hyung said loudly from the living room when I was going upstairs on which I stopped for a second and smiled.

"Indeed," I muttered to myself and walked up to my room while keeping Jimin's scarf close to me.


Chapter Text

Author's POV

"Let's go shopping. I know you didn't buy anything for Christmas," Taemin said when he entered the room. Jimin was standing near the mirror looking at himself carefully from head to toe.

"What happened Jimin-ah? Do you think there's something wrong with your appearance?" Taemin asked when he noticed that Jimin was not replying because he was too much engrossed in his thoughts standing there in front of the mirror noticing himself carefully.

"I want to have a new hair color hyung," Jimin said while parting his bangs from the front still looking at himself.

"How did you get this idea all of a sudden?" Taemin uttered walking closer to Jimin and standing beside him.

"I just want to have a change."

"You look beautiful with this hair color too. But if you want to dye your hair then we can go to the salon today," Taemin replied and softly touched Jimin's hair from behind.

"Which color do you by the way?" Taemin asked on which Jimin turned towards him with a hard thinking face.

"What do you think? Which color will suit me the most?"

"I," Taemin replied after thinking for a few minutes.

"No. Not pink. I don't want that hair color again. Everyone used to call me cotton candy because of that," Jimin replied moving his head in denial.

"What about blond?" Taemin replied already imagining how beautiful Jimin will look in that hair color.

"Okay. I think that will look good."

"Even if you'll dye your hair green you'll still look the prettiest," Taemin replied and caressed Jimin's cheek softly.

"How about we dye your hair green?" Jimin asked playfully and hugged Taemin's torso like a kid while looking up with puppy eyes.

"No. Don't give me that look. That's not going to happen," Taemin replied while trying to get out of Jimin's hold on which Jimin hugged him even tighter.

"Don't you love me hyung? You always say anything for me and now I want to see you in green hair," Jimin whined.

"Jimin-ah, no. I don't want to look like a cartoon. Ask for anything else and I'll give it to you but not this," Taemin replied avoiding looking at Jimin as his puppy eyes could make Taemin do anything and he knew well about it.

"Anything else?" Jimin asked with a smirk.

"Yes, anything."

"Promise?" Jimin asked while pulling away from Taemin.

"Yes, Jimin-ah. I promise."

"Just remember this promise. I'll use this card at the right time. Now let's go. I want my new hair color," Jimin replied while taking his coat from the chair before walking out of the room.


"Look at you, Jimin-ah," Taemin said while standing behind Jimin who was looking at himself in the mirror of the salon.

"Am I looking good?" Jimin asked unsurely while examining himself carefully in the mirror.

"You're looking really...beautiful," Taemin replied with a stutter mesmerized by how good Jimin was looking in that hair color.

'Will Jungkook like it?' Jimin thought to himself and quickly shook his head at the thought that why he was caring about it that much.

"Let's go, hyung," Jimin said while passing Taemin and walking towards the exit door but Taemin didn't follow him and instead stood there looking at him without blinking.

"Hyung," Jimin called loudly bringing Taemin back from his thoughts.

"Yeah. Let's go," Taemin replied quickly and went out of the salon with Jimin after paying.


"Hyung, I want to go out. Let's go somewhere. It's Christmas evening and we're having this boring dinner," Jimin whined when Taemin was placing drinks on the dinner table.

"Jimin-ah, I really wanted to go out with you. I had a lot of plans but I had no idea I'll get sick on Christmas day. I can't even stand up but I'm having this dinner with you. Be thankful to your hyung," Taemin replied on which Jimin pouted sadly and leaned back in the chair while folding his arms on the chest.

"You really had to become sick on Christmas day?" Jimin asked sadly on which Taemin came closer to him and pecked his forehead.

"If you want to go out that much then let's go," Taemin replied and went to the couch to take his coat but Jimin stopped him immediately.

"No, hyung. You're not going anywhere. I don't want you to get more sick than you already are," Jimin said standing up from the chair and walking towards him.

"I'm actually feeling better now. Let's go. Let's have dinner outside," Taemin replied and coughed right after that.

Jimin touched Taemin's forehead with the back of his hand and looked at him apologetically for being a stubborn kid a few minutes ago.

"Hyung, I know you're not okay. Let's just have dinner here. Then you're going to take your medicine and sleep," Jimin said and held Taemin's arm dragging him back to the dinner table.

When Jimin was about to sit someone knocked at the door. He went to the door to see who came all of a sudden. When he opened the door, Jungkook was standing there with a huge basket in his hand. He was wearing a black coat with a black dress shirt inside. He had an undercut due to which he was looking sexy as hell.

Jungkook looked at Jimin as soon as he opened the door and forgot to breathe for a second. Jimin was wearing a baby pink-colored fluffy sweater. He was wearing light makeup and his blonde curly hair was making him look even more beautiful.

"Jungkook," Jimin said in excitement as he was expecting Jungkook the least. He had no idea Jungkook will visit him instead of spending Christmas with his family.

"Come in, Jungkook," Jimin said with a smile while making way for him.

"This is for you," Jungkook said while handing over the basket to Jimin as soon as he entered the apartment.

"What is this?"

"It is your Christmas gift. Open it," Jungkook replied with a bunny smile which made Jimin's heart flutter.

Jimin placed the basket on the floor and kneeled in front of it. Jungkook kept looking at his face waiting to see his reaction.

"Oh my God, Jungkook. It is so cute. From where did you get it?" Jimin asked in surprise with the softest expression on his face when a white little kitten peeked out of the warm covers in the basket.

"You were crying because of the cat that day so, here's another one. Now take care of him," Jungkook replied while pointing to the kitten on which Jimin stood up from the floor and hugged him all of a sudden but Jungkook didn't even think for a second and wrapped his arms around Jimin pulling him closer.

"Thank you, Jungkook. Thank you for being this much considerate about me," Jimin mumbled softly that brought a smile to Jungkook's face but when he was about to say something Taemin entered the room and called Jimin loudly on which Jimin broke the hug and looked at him.

"Look, hyung. Jungkook got a kitten for me as a Christmas present," Jimin chimed happily while showing the kitten to Taemin but he didn't say anything and just frowned at Jungkook.

"Don't you have a family to spend Christmas day with?" Taemin asked Jungkook while walking closer to them with his hands in the pockets.

"My brother is out of the city so, yes I didn't have anyone to spend Christmas day with," Jungkook replied giving a death glare to Taemin.

"It's okay. You can spend your Christmas evening with us," Jimin uttered quickly when he noticed the tension between the two.

"Thank you, Jimin. But I think I should go now," Jungkook replied with a smile. He wasn't planning to stay at Jimin's apartment when Taemin was there. He knew if he stayed, he and Taemin will end up fighting with each other for no reason so instead of ruining the Christmas evening he decided to leave.

"Jungkook," Jimin called when he was about to leave the apartment, "Can I come with you?"

"Of course, you can," Jungkook replied while shrugging his shoulders as if it was too obvious that he had no problem with it.

"Taemin hyung, you should take some rest now. I'll try to come back as soon as possible," Jimin said with an apologetic expression on his face for leaving his hyung alone on Christmas evening.

"So you're leaving me alone here?" Taemin asked in an unamused tone not liking the fact that Jimin would be with Jungkook doing God knows what.

"Hyung, you know how I spent my last Christmas. I wanted to enjoy it this year but you're sick so you can't go out with me. I just want to get some fresh air but you'll not allow me to go out alone either. But now Jungkook is here so problem solved. You can go and get some rest while I can go out with Jungkook," Jimin said with puppy eyes the eyes that always worked on Taemin so he just let out a defeated sigh and didn't say anything.

"But I can also stay with you if you want me to," Jimin said in a low sad voice when he saw that Taemin wasn't saying anything.

"It's okay. You can go out. I don't want you to stay here because of me. Just take care of yourself," Taemin said softly after a few minutes while caressing Jimin's cheek. He couldn't see Jimin being sad especially when it's because of him.

"Just take your medicine and get rest. Don't worry about me," Jimin said while hugging Taemin and he just patted Jimin's head gently.

"Just go and enjoy," Taemin said while pulling away from the hug on which Jimin gave him a warm smile before taking his coat and walking out of the apartment with Jungkook.

"You can't be mine anyway. I shouldn't be selfish and just let you be happy with whoever you want to," Taemin said in a cracky voice while wiping the tear in his eye, "believe me Jimin-ah, I just want the best for you."


Jimin and Jungkook were walking down a street with smiles on their faces taking shy glances at each other from time to time. None of them said anything as they were just enjoying each other's company without even saying anything.

"So...did you eat anything?" Jungkook asked trying to start a conversation as he had no idea what else to say so he just decided to go with the easiest question.

"I was about to have dinner with Taemin hyung when you came," Jimin replied on which Jungkook stopped walking and Jimin did the same.

"You didn't eat anything? I'm so sorry for that. I just wanted to give you your present and leave. I didn't mean to interrupt you in the middle of the dinner," Jungkook said apologetically.

"It's okay. I didn't even start eating when you came. But since you're the reason I didn't eat anything it would be better if you'll get me some cupcakes," Jimin replied with a smile and his eyes became crescents on which Jungkook blinked quickly a few times. He kept staring at Jimin and forgot to reply. Jimin always looked beautiful but that hair color was making him look like an angel and his eye smile was so breath-taking.

"Jungkook, are you even listening to me?" Jimin said while running his hand in front of Jungkook's eyes bringing him back from his thoughts.

"What were you saying? I didn't listen clearly?" Jungkook asked with a nervous chuckle.

"I said I want to eat cupcakes."

"Okay, let's go. I didn't eat anything too," Jungkook said avoiding looking at Jimin because he knew if he looked at Jimin again he'll end keep looking, and if Jimin caught him gawking at him like that it would be really embarrassing.


After eating cupcakes, they were walking in a street talking about random things when a car stopped at a small distance away from them and a man of about forty years of age stepped out of it. He winked at Jimin on which Jungkook first looked at the man in disbelief and then clenched his fists in anger. He was about to walk towards that man to punch him in the face when Jimin stopped him by holding his hand.

"How could he do that? Look at him. He must be the age of your father," Jungkook said in an angry tone with gritted teeth.

"Let's go. I'm used to it now," Jimin said in a calmly pulling Jungkook by his hand.

"I'll fucking kill him," Jungkook said and tried to walk towards the house where the man entered a few seconds ago on which Jimin tightened the grip on his hand.

"Jungkook, he is too old. I don't think you should go and kill an old man just because he winked at me. And his guard is standing there too with a gun so you can't do anything," Jimin uttered while trying to drag Jungkook with him but he didn't even budge.

"Okay, at least leave my hand. I'm not going to kill him," Jungkook said in a straight tone but he still had a frown on his face while looking towards the house.

Just when Jimin let go of his hand, Jungkook took a huge stone from the ground and threw it towards a window of the house with full force breaking it in a second that made a lot of noise on which the guard looked and ran towards them. Jungkook didn't even wait for a second after throwing the stone and held Jimin's hand tightly before starting running as fast as he could.

Jimin's heart was beating at a fast pace and he was just running down the streets with Jungkook being afraid that the guard might catch them. The guard was constantly yelling from behind that was making Jimin even more frightened but Jungkook was not giving a fuck to anything and was just running while holding Jimin's hand tightly and laughing being amused by the whole situation.

"Jungkook, I can't run anymore. Please stop. I can't breathe," Jimin said with heavy breaths holding his chest with his right hand while the other hand was still held firmly by Jungkook.

Jungkook looked back at him on his continuous protesting and held him by his waist in a hurry before pulling him into a dark narrow street. He pushed Jimin to the wall trying not to get noticed by the guard. Jungkook was too busy looking towards the guard that he didn't even notice that he was holding Jimin by the waist and his one slipped under Jimin's shirt. Jimin's breath hitched when Jungkook pushed him to the wall and his skin came in contact with Jungkook's cold fingers. His face was almost in Jungkook's nape and his hypnotizing cologne was making him weak. Jimin's breathing became heavy and his heart started beating at an inhumane pace. He wasn't thinking about anything anymore. He felt a shiver in his backbone and his body started getting hot even though it was so cold where they were standing. When Jungkook saw the guard going away he finally averted his gaze to Jimin. He realized how close he was holding him and that his one hand was under Jimin's shirt. They were standing too close to each other and Jimin had his eyes closed. He slowly moved his hand over Jimin's skin and felt how soft his skin was, softest of all he had ever touched. His lips were parted and Jungkook felt a strong urge of capturing those lips right then and there. It took every ounce of him not to kiss him and moving his hand away from that slippery soft skin but he had to do it. It was wrong his conscience told him and he slowly pulled away from Jimin.

At the loss of that cold touch on his waist, Jimin finally opened his eyes. He could feel the heat on his cheeks and tried to hide his blush from Jungkook. Jungkook smiled at how he could make Jimin weak by his mere touch.

"Jimin," Jungkook called after a few minutes.

"Hmm?" Jimin just hummed in reply.

"Come on. I want to take you somewhere," Jungkook replied softly in a low voice.

"I'm not going anywhere with you. You almost got us killed today," Jimin said with a cute pout on his face and looked at Jungkook with a frown on his face trying to look intimidating.

"No one can do can anything to you when I'm here. Now come on let's go," Jungkook said while holding Jimin's hand and taking him close to the wall of a small house near them.

"Where are we going?" Jimin asked with a smile being curious about where Jungkook wanted to take him.

Jungkook didn't say anything and climbed the wall in front of them taking Jimin with him until they reached the roof of that small house. They laid down closer to each other on the red cold bricks of the roof. The night was so cold but peaceful. None of them said anything and continued looking at the beautiful pattern of the stars in front of them.

"So, why are we here?" Jimin asked after some time with a shy smile on his face and Jungkook just looked at him adoringly.

"You'll see that in a few minutes," Jungkook replied after looking at his wristwatch.

"Sing a song till then," Jimin said on which Jungkook chuckled.

"Do you remember that you said my voice is boring?"

"Yes, and I'm tired right now. And I want to sleep that's why I want to listen to your singing," Jimin replied with a smug face on which Jungkook started laughing in a low voice.

"It's okay if you just accept that my singing is beautiful."

"Aren't you too much confident?" Jimin replied while narrowing his eyes in a dramatic way.

"Don't you think I'm handsome enough for that?"

Jimin giggled at Jungkook's statement and those giggles were the best thing Jungkook had ever heard in his entire life, so he simply smiled and decided not to tease Jimin any further and started singing in a low soft tone.

Come away with me in the night
Come away with me
And I will write you a song

Come away with me on a bus
Come away where they can't tempt us
With their lies

I want to walk with you
On a cloudy day
In fields where the yellow grass grows knee-high
So won't you try to come

Come away with me and we'll kiss
On a mountaintop
Come away with me
And I'll never stop loving you

And I want to wake up with the rain
Falling on a tin roof
While I'm safe there in your arms
So all I ask is for you
To come away with me in the night
Come away with me

Jimin closed his eyes while listening to that beautiful voice. It was calming his heart just like it did last time. It was as if that voice was enough to make him forget about everything, his every tension and his every problem.

Jimin was listening to him peacefully when he heard a loud noise and opened his eyes to see the beautiful colors in the sky. He stood up and started jumping like a kid seeing those fireworks in the sky that were lightning up the whole sky and everything beside them and Jungkook just looked at him with a smile on his face.

"I love fireworks a lot," Jimin said in excitement still jumping in happiness.

Jungkook kept looking at Jimin instead of seeing those beautiful colors in the sky as Jimin was more beautiful than anything else in his eyes. Jimin was like a Christmas morning for him, crimson fireworks and birthday wishes, anything that can bring a smile to someone's face.

He felt happy seeing Jimin like that. It was the first time when he felt that strange comfort in his heart and he wanted to feel it forever and he finally realized that he always needed Jimin by his side.


Chapter Text

Author's POV

"Let's go home. Hyung must be worried about me," Jimin uttered in a worried tone on which Jungkook stood up and helped Jimin climb down the roof.

"You didn't tell me about your hyung. Is he your actual brother?" Jungkook asked when they were walking down a street going towards Jimin's apartment.

"He is not my biological brother but I've never felt that we aren't real brothers. After marriage, my mom and dad tried to conceive for years but when they had no hopes, they adopted Taemin hyung. He was only three months old at that time and six years after that I was born, you can say I was a miracle for my family," Jimin replied with a smile plastered on his face.

"He knows that too?"

"Who knows what?"

"Your Taemin hyung. Does he know that he is not your biological brother?"

"Oh, yeah. Yes, he knows that too. When I was born, my parents didn't tell me about it for years but Taemin hyung knew that from the start. Mom and dad never hid anything from him," Jimin replied while taking a turn at the corner of the street where his apartment was.

"Okay. I'll see you tomorrow," Jungkook said with a warm smile when they reached Jimin's apartment.

"No," Jimin said quickly when Jungkook was about to turn.

"No?" Jungkook asked while shrugging his shoulders.

"Come in. Let's have coffee together. Hyung must be sleeping and I've nothing to do. And you also told me that Namjoon hyung is out of the city so," Jimin stopped talking and looked at Jungkook's face impatiently waiting for his reply.

"Okay," Jungkook replied with a smile without even thinking for a second to spend time with Jimin a little more.

Jimin smiled while unlocking the door and walked into the apartment with Jungkook. It was quiet and the lights were off so they thought Taemin must be sleeping. Jungkook sat on the couch in the living room and Jimin went to the kitchen to make coffee for both of them.

After a few minutes, Taemin came out of the bedroom and went into the kitchen without even noticing that Jungkook was sitting there in the living room. He walked up to Jimin with a smile on his face and back hugged him.

"Hyung you didn't sleep yet? I told you to get rest," Jimin said without even looking back as he already knew it was Taemin.

"I was worried about you, so I couldn't sleep," Taemin replied in a soft tone.

"I told you not to get worried about me. I wasn't alone."

"That's why I was worried," Taemin uttered and hugged him even tighter as if someone will steal Jimin from him.

"What do you mean hyung?" Jimin asked and turned towards Taemin who had an unamused expression on his face.

"I can't trust anyone when it comes to you, Jimin-ah," Taemin replied while placing Jimin's hair bangs behind his ear gently.



"I love you," Jimin said with his eye smile and of course Taemin knew what he meant. He knew Jimin loved him a lot but only as a brother and that was so frustrating for him.

"I love you more, Jimin-ah," Taemin replied with a defeated sigh and caressed Jimin's cheek gently before placing a kiss on it.

Jungkook was watching them quietly from the living room as the kitchen was open and he could clearly see what Taemin was doing.

"You made coffee for me too?" Taemin asked when he saw Jimin holding two coffee mugs in his hands.

"You can take one. The other one is for Jungkook," Jimin replied while offering a mug to Taemin.

"Is he still here?" Taemin asked in a serious tone.

"Yes. He is in the living room," Jimin replied on which Taemin turned his head and looked at Jungkook with a frown on his face.

Taemin took one coffee mug and walked towards the living room not wanting to leave Jimin alone with Jungkook again. Jungkook looked at Taemin with a straight face when he entered the room.

"Aren't you sick now?" Jungkook asked when Taemin sat at the couch close to Jimin.

"I took medicines so I'm feeling better. Thanks for worrying about me that much," Taemin replied with a fake smile and Jungkook wasn't liking it at all.

"How can't I be worried? You are Jimin's brother," Jungkook said while emphasizing the word brother in the sentence.

"And who are you to Jimin?" Taemin fired back still having a fake smile on his face.

Jungkook looked at Jimin on that question and stayed quiet. He really didn't know what he should say and Taemin just smirked at the whole situation.

"Where's my kitten, hyung?" Jimin asked trying to avoid the question while looking around the room like a kid.

"He is sleeping," Taemin replied while looking at Jimin adoringly as only Jimin's existence was enough to make him soft in any situation and Jungkook just glared at him.

"I think I should leave now. It's too late," Jungkook said while getting up from the couch on which Jimin stood up too and walked towards the door with him.

"Jungkook," Jimin called softly from behind.

Jungkook turned but didn't say anything as his mood was off because of Taemin. Taemin's presence around Jimin was making him uncomfortable from the start and knowing that Taemin was not Jimin's biological brother was bothering him even more. The way he looked at Jimin and behaved around him was too strange to be a brother's behavior and of course, Jimin never noticed it as he was too naive for that.

"Thanks for the present. I really loved it," Jimin replied when Jungkook towards him on which Jungkook gave him a warm smile but started walking towards the door again without even saying anything.

"Good night, Kookie," Jimin said loudly when Jungkook was about to leave on which Jungkook chuckled loudly. He never thought that he would ever love that name simply because Jimin was calling him that.

"Good night, Mini," Jungkook replied on which Jimin frowned cutely.

"Hey, don't call me mini. I'm not that short."

"But you are and that's fucking cute," Jungkook said while shrugging his shoulders as if it was too obvious.

"I hate you with every inch of my body," Jimin replied with a pout on his face.

"That's not too many inches," Jungkook teased and walked out of the apartment on which Jimin just sighed but smiled later on.

When Jungkook left, he came back into the living room and went to Taemin who was just leaning back on the couch with his eyes closed.

"Hyung, let's sleep. It's too late," Jimin said while taking the used mugs from the table and walking into the kitchen.


Jimin was lying on the bed with Taemin who was sleeping on the other end of the bed as there was only one bedroom in the apartment and Jimin didn't want his hyung to sleep on the couch and because they were brothers, they used to sleep on the same bed before anyway. Jimin couldn't sleep and he was just rolling and turning in the bed again and again.

After trying to sleep for so long, he finally gave up and sat on the bed with a loud sigh while looking at Taemin who was sleeping peacefully with his back facing Jimin. Jimin didn't know what to do at that time of night so he just took the phone placed on the side table and started watching cat videos on it but those videos reminded him of the kitten and that kitten reminded him of Jungkook.

"Why does everything reminds me of you?" Jimin mumbled and placed his head on the headboard.

"I have his number now. I can text him," Jimin muttered with a toothy smile on his face.

"But what if he is sleeping? Of course, he must be sleeping it's almost three in the morning," Jimin mumbled with a pout after looking at the time on his phone.

"But I can text him. It won't hurt anyone. If he is still awake he'll reply to me and if he isn't then he simply won't," Jimin was just talking to himself while searching Jungkook's phone number in his contact list.

"Mr.Handsome," Jimin chuckled after reading the name Jungkook had saved his phone number with and pressed the edit option to save Jungkook's name by his own choice.

He changed the 'Mr.' in the name to 'My' and wrote 'Kookie' after handsome.

"My handsome Kookie," Jimin said in a soft voice while smiling at the name but then face-palmed himself on what he just did.

"What's wrong with me?" He mumbled with frustration and pulled his hair lightly with one hand.

"I'm too much tired to think so I'll change the name in the morning. Right now let's just text him," Jimin said with an excited smile and sent the message.

sent 2:58 am

After sending the text, he waited for Jungkook's reply. After a few minutes when he thought that Jungkook must be sleeping that's why he wasn't replying, he put the phone on the side table sadly but only after a few seconds his phone vibrated on which he quickly took it and opened the message in excitement.


Jimin:Yes, it's me.
Didn't you sleep yet?

Jungkook:I was trying to.

Jimin:I guess you can't sleep like me.

Jungkook:Can I hear your voice?


Jungkook:Can I call right now?

Jimin:Actually, hyung is sleeping here so you can't.

Jungkook:Is he sleeping on your bed?

Jimin:Yes, we used to sleep together all the time when I was in Busan.

Jungkook:I want to talk to you tomorrow.

Jimin:Is everything okay?

Jungkook:I'll tell you when we'll meet.
Good night❤

Jimin:Good night❤

Jimin placed the phone on the side table with a smile on his face and looked at Taemin who was now snoring in a low voice. He let out a contented sigh and laid down on the bed trying to sleep again. This time only after a few minutes, he peacefully drifted into sleep without even trying much.


There were vacations in school so Jimin and Jungkook couldn't meet there and Jungkook really wanted to talk to Jimin but not in the presence of Taemin so he decided to take Jimin to a restaurant for dinner. He went to Jimin's apartment and knocked at the door. After a few minutes, Jimin opened the door and smiled widely.

"Hey," Jungkook said with a dreamy smile as soon as Jimin opened the door.

"Hello," Jimin greeted while smiling back at him shyly.

"Can we have dinner together?" Jungkook asked softly.


"Outside. At some restaurant."

Jimin didn't reply and started thinking about something on which Jungkook chuckled.

"Don't worry. It's not a date. I just want to talk to you about something."

Jimin smiled nervously at the word 'date' and remembered that Jungkook wanted to talk about something last night.

"Let me grab my coat quickly," Jimin said and went to the living room where Taemin was sitting to tell him that he was going out with Jungkook. He took his coat from the couch and walked up to Taemin who was busy on his phone.

"Hyung, I'm going on dinner with Jungkook," Jimin said on which Taemin looked at him with an unamused face but didn't say anything.

"Don't worry. We aren't going on a date. He just wants to talk to me about something," Jimin said while putting on the coat and looking at himself in the mirror.

"Do whatever you want to do. But don't be late. You're already spending too much time with him," Taemin replied in a straight tone with a frown on his face.

"I'll get something for you to eat. Bye, hyung," Jimin said in an excited tone while walking back to the door to go out with Jungkook.


"So, what do you want to talk about?" Jimin asked while eating on which Jungkook just heaved a deep sigh contemplating whether he should talk with Jimin on that topic or not.

"First finish your dinner and then we'll talk about it," Jungkook replied softly while pointing at the plate in front of Jimin which was still half-filled.

"Now I'm getting impatient. Just tell it already," Jimin uttered with his mouth still stuffed with food on which Jungkook chuckled but then his face turned serious in a few seconds.

"I wanted to talk about your hyung."

"What about him? Did he say anything to you?" Jimin asked curiously as he was well aware of the tension between them.

"No, he didn't say anything," Jungkook replied and went silent again on which Jimin looked at his face with a worried expression on his face.

"Then what is it about?"

"Jimin...I don't know if in a place of saying this to you or not," Jungkook replied in a tensed tone and Jimin just looked at him quietly.

"Have you ever felt your hyung have something for you?" Jungkook asked after thinking hard for a few minutes.

"What do you want to say Jungkook? Just say it clearly," Jimin replied trying to understand what Jungkook wanted to tell.

"I've felt it sometimes that your hyung likes you. I mean he has some kind of feelings for you."

"Of course, he loves me. I'm his brother," Jimin replied with a straight face while shrugging his shoulders.

"Yeah, I know he loves you. But I don't think it's brotherly love."

"It's not brotherly love? What are you trying to say Jungkook?" Jimin asked in a serious tone not even trying to understand what Jungkook was saying.

"The way he looks at you and the way he touches you it doesn't look brotherly to me."

"Are you doubting my brother?" Jimin said with wide eyes being dumbfounded.

"If you call it doubting then yes, I'm doubting him. My hyung doesn't act like that with me so it's not normal, Jimin," Jungkook replied softly trying to calm Jimin down.

"Taemin hyung doesn't want me to trust you and you don't want me to trust him. What's wrong with both of you?" Jimin asked in a loud tone while standing up from the seat.

"What? He doesn't want you to trust me? What's wrong with him?" Jungkook said and stood up with Jimin too with a frown on his face.

"There's something wrong with both of you, Jungkook."

"So, you're thinking that I'm making up things? Don't you trust me Jimin huh?" Jungkook asked in an annoyed tone.

"You want me to trust you over my hyung? He was there for me Jungkook. He was always there for me whenever I needed him. If there's someone I trust the most in the world then it's him. Are you listening to me? It's him," Jimin replied loudly in a cracky voice and left the table while walking towards the door to leave.

"Jimin. Jimin, listen to me. I'm sorry. I shouldn't have judged him. It's your personal matter. I shouldn't have said anything about it," Jungkook pleaded while walking towards Jimin on which Jimin just looked back at him with tears in his eyes that broke Jungkook's heart. He never wanted to be a cause of those tears.

"Jungkook, I just want to stay alone for some time. Please," Jimin replied softly this time with tears still forming in his beautiful eyes.

"Okay," Jungkook uttered and let out a defeated sigh while watching Jimin leaving the restaurant.

"What have I done? What have you done Jungkook?" Jungkook muttered in an angry tone, mentally cursing himself. He stood there with a heavy heart for a few minutes before leaving the restaurant and driving home.


Chapter Text

Author's POV

"Jimin-ah," Taemin said with a wide smile when he opened the door but his smile faded away as soon as he looked at Jimin's face whose eyes were puffy and anyone could tell that he was crying a few minutes ago.

"What happened Jimin? Is everything okay?" Taemin asked with a worried tone and looked at Jimin with concern evident on his face but Jimin didn't reply and instead hugged him tightly.

"Did Jungkook say anything to you? Tell me I'll fucking cut his throat," Taemin said angrily while holding Jimin close to him.

"No. He didn't," Jimin mumbled in a low voice and snuggled in Taemin's chest.

"Look at me, Jimin," Taemin said and held his face gently with both of his hands making Jimin look at him now, "tell me what happened? Your hyung is here you don't have to be afraid of anyone."

Jimin stood there quietly in his arms and Taemin quickly understood that he was not ready to tell him anything yet so he just gently pulled him inside the apartment.

"Come in first. It's cold outside," Taemin said softly and closed the door behind them.

Taemin took off Jimin's coat and made him sit on the couch before going to the kitchen to get a glass of water for him. He helped Jimin in drinking a few sips of water and then sat close to him while pulling him close to his chest. Jimin sighed with comfort in his hyung's embrace. Taemin was just caressing his hair gently while inhaling his beautiful scent.

"Now tell me what's wrong?" Taemin asked softly when Jimin calmed down a little.

"Hyung do you remember when we were kids, whenever I did something wrong you always used to take all the blame on yourself just to save me from mom and dad?" Jimin uttered in a low tone being caged in Taemin's arms.

"Of course, I remember that," Taemin replied and pecked the top of Jimin's head softly.

"You know because of that I started thinking that no matter what happens you'll always be there to protect me."

"I'm here to protect you, Jimin-ah. I'll always be here for you," Taemin replied on which Jimin leaned a little more in his chest.

"You know when Ahn and those men left the room that night and I was crying there on the cold floor, the first person who came to my mind was you because you're the person I trust the most in the world hyung, even more than dad," Jimin said in a cracky voice and a tear rolled down his cheek.

"Just know that I love you the most in the world," Taemin replied while caressing his back to calm him down.

"Even when dad didn't listen to me, you were there for me. You were always there to hold me no matter what. I don't want to lose you. I don't want to lose my hyung ever," Jimin said and held Taemin's arm like he used to do when he was a kid and wanted his hyung to protect him from everyone on which Taemin looked at him with a soft smile on his face.

"You're never going to lose your hyung, Jimin-ah," Taemin placed a kiss on his cheek gently.

"Promise?" saying that Jimin raised his pinky finger in front of Taemin.

"Promise," Taemin replied and intertwined his finger with him. Jimin just needed that. He wanted someone to comfort him and to tell him that he wasn't alone. His mind was exhausted and he was feeling so tired mentally that he didn't even realize when he fell asleep in Taemin's arms.


"Jungkook, it's Namjoon hyung. Open the door," Namjoon said loudly from outside on which Jungkook stood up from his bed and went to unlock the door. He was lying there on the bed for hours now. No matter how many servants came to call him for anything, he didn't unlock the door and that made Namjoon really worried about him.

"Why weren't you opening the door?" Namjoon asked in an angry tone as soon as Jungkook opened the door and walked into the room with him.

"I wasn't in a mood of talking to anyone," Jungkook replied and threw himself on the bed again. He was trying to avoid Namjoon's gaze and was looking towards the ceiling without paying any attention to what his hyung was saying on which Namjoon quickly understood what happened to him.

"Is everything okay between you and Jimin?" Namjoon asked and sat at the bed close to where Jungkook was lying.

"I don't want to talk about it right now," Jungkook replied and turned towards the other side of the bed and now his back was facing Namjoon.

"Okay, don't tell me. I'll ask Jimin about it," Namjoon said and stood from the bed to leave the room but Jungkook quickly held his hand and stopped him.

"I think Jimin's brother is in love with him and when I told him that he didn't believe me," Jungkook said in a serious tone on which Namjoon looked back at him in surprise.

"You said his brother right?" Namjoon asked with wide eyes being dumbfounded.

"Don't worry. He is not his real brother," Jungkook replied with an unamused face.

"Tell me everything from the start."

"Actually... a few days ago, Jimin's hyung Taemin came to visit him. At first, I felt something strange with his behavior but didn't notice anything that much but then Jimin told me that he is not his biological brother and then I started feeling uncomfortable with their interactions. I don't know how to explain it but the way he looks at Jimin and treats him it's's odd for me hyung. Anybody can tell he is attracted to Jimin but Jimin himself doesn't understand it," Jungkook replied while thinking about Taemin with a frown on his face.

"Are you sure he likes Jimin?" Namjoon asked on which Jungkook looked at him quickly.

"Yes, hyung. Of course, I'm sure about that. Anyone can tell that," Jungkook replied and shrugged his shoulders.

"And what's wrong if he is attracted to Jimin?" Namjoon asked.

"Pardon?" Jungkook asked, clearly not believing that Namjoon said it's okay for Taemin to be attracted to his brother.

"What if he is attracted to Jimin? Did he do anything inappropriate with him in front of you?"

"No, he didn't but..." Jungkook replied and Namjoon cut his words off before he could say anything.

"Now listen to me, Jungkook. Falling in love with someone is not a choice. Nobody wants to fall in love with someone they can't get. Jimin is very good-looking. He is very pretty and kind. And if that boy Taemin knew that Jimin is not his real brother then do you think it's his fault to be attracted to someone who is not even his real brother?"

"But, hyung. He is still Jimin's brother in front of the world," Jungkook replied with wide eyes being surprised that his hyung was taking Taemin's side.

"That's the problem Jungkook. Do you've any idea how frustrating it must be for him to have Jimin close to him all the time but not being able to touch him? He knows that Jimin can literally fall in love with any man in the world but him and he still fell in love with him because it wasn't his choice, Jungkook. And if it wasn't his choice, it isn't his fault either."

"But Jimin didn't trust me. That's what hurt me the most," Jungkook replied and hung his head low on which Namjoon started caressing his back.

"What did he say?" Namjoon asked in a soft tone.

"He said that he trusts his hyung the most in the world. He didn't even listen to me," Jungkook uttered and Namjoon could feel the sadness in his voice.

"Jungkook, it's his hyung we're talking about. And the way you're talking about both of them it's clear that they trust and love each other even if it's not the same from both sides," Namjoon replied and Jungkook sighed when he realized what he had done.

Jungkook understood how hurt Jimin must be when he said all that about his hyung. He was feeling guilty once again. He again broke Jimin's heart and trust.

"Did you really expect Jimin to believe you over a person he is living with since forever? A person who loves him and cares for him that much. He didn't believe you because he trusts his hyung so it's obvious that Taemin never tried to do anything with him and because of that Jimin couldn't believe you. You were just trying to prove him wrong for trusting a person he trusts the most in the world. He must be hurt Jungkook," Namjoon said in a sad tone feeling sorry for Jimin.

"Hyung...what should I do to make everything better?" Jungkook mumbled in a low voice and Namjoon could feel how important Jimin became for him in such a short period of time. It was the first time when Jungkook was looking that vulnerable for someone.

"It was a mistake, Jungkook. Apologize to him. I'm sure he'll forgive you," Namjoon replied with a warm smile on his face and patted the back of Jungkook's head.

"It isn't my first mistake. He forgave me when I didn't even apologize to him the first time," Jungkook replied and heaved a deep sigh.

"What did you do before?" Namjoon asked and gave an I-am-so-done-with-you look to Jungkook.

"I....I tried to kiss him without his consent," Jungkook stuttered, clearly ashamed of telling Namjoon about that incident.

"And you were really expecting Jimin to trust you over his brother?" Namjoon asked in disbelief.

"I don't know what should I do now," Jungkook replied in a frustrating tone and face-palmed himself.

"I guess...just set him free for now. Let him make the choice if he wants to trust you again or not," Namjoon said in a calm tone and Jungkook just looked at him not understanding what he wanted to say.

"What?" Jungkook asked.

"Listen, Jungkook. Sometimes it's just not meant to work out no matter how much you want it to. Sometimes it's better to take a step back and to set them free. Sometimes you just meet the right person at the wrong time and all you can hope is maybe one day you'll run into him again, maybe one day you'll both be ready, maybe one day he'll just know and on that day you both will be good enough to make it work and stay by each other's sides. Just let him make the choice this time. You're not in a position of saying anything right now so just wait if he wants to come back to you and to be with you."

"Okay. I think you're right. I should give him some space," Jungkook said and let out a defeated sigh.

"That would be better," Namjoon said and stood up from the bed to leave the room.

"Patience, my dear, in everything but especially in love," Namjoon said loudly and winked at Jungkook with a smile before leaving the room. Jungkook smiled back a little and stood there thinking about Jimin's face when he left the restaurant crying because of him.

After a few minutes, he sighed heavily and shook his head in frustration. He wanted to take off his mind from the whole situation. He clearly messed up. He knew he was wrong for talking to Jimin about his brother like that. He didn't know how he could make everything right. He just wanted to go to Jimin and apologize to him but he didn't know if that would be the right to do as Jimin clearly told him to give him some space.

'Maybe a few shots will make me feel better' thinking that he took the car keys from the side table of his bed and walked out of the room to go to the club.


Chapter Text

Jungkook's POV

After talking to Namjoon hyung, I at least knew what I was going to do but still that feeling of uneasiness for being the cause of Jimin's tears was not letting me think about anything else. I felt as if something was pressing hard on my chest and my mind was constantly blaming me for everything as if I did something really bad.

It was the first time when I was thinking about someone that much. I usually didn't care if someone was hurt or even dying because of me but only a few tears in those beautiful brown eyes were making me feel guilty. I knew I was falling in love deeper day by day. No matter how much I tried to stop myself from doing that I still did it. I still fell in love with that man. Namjoon hyung was right when he said that falling in love with someone is not a choice and that's the problem of love. It starts out of nowhere when you don't even need it.

I was sitting on the barstool drinking wine quietly when someone called me from behind. I recognized the voice and tried to ignore it but I guess she was really excited to see me so she took the seat next to me and started caressing my arm. My mind was clouded by then as I didn't even realize how much I drank while thinking about Jimin.

"Jungkook, you're looking really tired," Dahyun said and I just rolled my eyes at that.

"It's not your concern," I replied in a slightly angry tone but she still continued caressing my arm and then moved her hand slowly to the back of my neck.

"Let me do something to ease you," she uttered while massaging my neck and I let her.

My mind was tired and I was also sexually frustrated. I first tried to push my thoughts away but I was feeling really lightheaded from the alcohol. I squeezed my eyes shut and tried to block all the thoughts but my mind was too clouded to think straight anymore.

"Should we go into a room?" Dahyun asked in a low seductive voice and I heaved a tired sigh.

"Let's go," I replied while standing up from the barstool and went to a club room with her.


The next day when I came back home, my head was hurting because it was the first time when I was too much drunk. Although I had a good alcohol tolerance, I exceeded my limit this time.

"Were you with Jimin last night?" Namjoon hyung asked excitedly when I entered the living room.

"No, I was at the club," I replied with a straight face and sat next to him on the couch.

"I told you to be patient Jungkook. You just fought with Jimin and went to the club to sleep with someone else," Namjoon hyung said in a disappointed tone and I just sighed loudly before holding my head with both of my hands as my head was spinning badly.

"I was really drunk and Jimin is not my boyfriend so I didn't do anything wrong by sleeping with someone else," I replied in a low voice but in reality, I was actually feeling bad for doing that. I really didn't want to touch anyone else except him. But I knew I couldn't do anything until he was ready for it.

"You're right but I know you love him so don't hurt yourself like that," Namjoon hyung said and I just looked at him with wide eyes.

"How do you know I love him? I never said that," I said because of which he chuckled loudly and I just rolled my eyes.

"Don't get me started on that," he said with a smile while shrugging his shoulders.

"Okay. Let's just talk about something else," I mumbled with a sigh after a few minutes of silence.

"Yes. I actually wanted to talk to you about something. Yoongi told me that you've assigned him a task," Namjoon hyung said in a serious tone and raised his eyebrow at me.

"I told him not to say anything about it in front of anyone," I replied with a frown on my face and leaned back into the couch tiredly.

"He tells me everything Jungkook. Now tell me why are you doing this?"

"Doing what?" I asked as if I didn't know what he was talking about.

"Jungkook, I know you think someone killed dad. I thought the same for years and I did everything to find out who was behind it but I got no evidence."

"Then let me find some," I replied and stood up from the couch to go into my room as I was too tired to indulge in that conversation.

"You're not doing anything like that Jungkook. I can't risk your life," Namjoon hyung said loudly when I was about to leave the room.

"Risk my life?" I turned back and asked.

"Yes, Jungkook. You've no idea how hard it was for me back then. I nearly died once. We shouldn't underestimate whoever is against us," Namjoon hyung replied in a serious tone.

"You're talking about the time when we were young and we didn't have this much power as we have now. We're not kids anymore hyung and I'm not going to let the person who killed our father live in peace," saying that I left with heavy steps and went straight to my room.


Jimin's POV

"I'll miss you Jimin-ah," Taemin hyung said while walking towards the door with a bag in his hand and I just hugged him tightly.

"I'll miss you more," I mumbled when he caged me into his arms and patted my head gently.



"When will you come back home?" Taemin hyung asked because of which I pulled away from him and looked at him with wide eyes.

"I told you hyung I'm not going back there," I replied with a frown on my face as I had already told him a lot of times that I didn't want to back to Busan because I had only bad memories associated with that place. I didn't even remember anything good that happened there, not even the time when I was happy with my family because whenever I thought about that place only those cold and painful nights came into my mind that made my body shiver with fear.

"What can I do to make you come back? I miss you all the time. Dad misses you. You know our home is incomplete without you Jimin," Taemin hyung said with pleading eyes while caressing my cheek softly.

"It wasn't incomplete when I was there in that hell hole? Dad lived without me for two years hyung now he must be used to it," I replied in an unamused tone.

"He loves you a lot Jimin. He didn't know anything about Ahn. Do you think he would have forced you to marry him if he knew that he is going to do all that with you?"

"I don't care, hyung. I don't care if he knew about that or not. All I care about is I told him. I told him that I don't want to marry Ahn, but he didn't listen to me," I replied angrily and clenched my fists.

"I'm sorry Jimin. I'm so sorry that you had to marry that monster," Taemin hyung said softly and hugged me again and I just snuggled into his chest as I knew he was the only one who tried to stop dad and supported my decision.

"You don't have to be sorry hyung. You did everything you could do that's why I love you this much," I uttered on which he held my face in his hands and kissed my forehead.

"I really don't want to go but I'll be late," he said with a warm smile when he looked at the wall clock because of which I smiled back weakly because I knew that I was going to miss him a lot.

"Goodbye Jimin-ah."

"Goodbye hyung," I said and stood there sadly looking at him leave the apartment.


I was walking towards the class the next day when I saw Jungkook standing in the hallway with a cigarette in his hand. Although smoking was not allowed in the school, as his hyung was one of the donors of the school, Jungkook was allowed to do anything here except murder. He was wearing a black coat with a grey shirt but his hair was messy as if he didn't even look at himself before coming to school and he was also looking tired from his face.

I didn't want to say that but I was actually missing him. I didn't talk to him since we met in the restaurant that night and I wasn't ready to talk to him yet. He shouldn't have said anything about hyung. Taemin hyung was the only person I could trust. I knew he was never going to hurt me. Jungkook didn't know anything about my relationship with him. We were each other's comfort blankets.

When I walked past Jungkook, he was looking out of the window while blowing the smoke in the air. Suddenly a girl came and kissed him on the cheek. I had seen her many times before but I had no idea that she had something to do with Jungkook.

"What do you think you're doing Dahyun?" Jungkook asked her rudely with a raised eyebrow.

"What do you mean Jungkook? I think you forgot so let me remind you, you asked me to be your girlfriend," she replied with wide eyes and caressed Jungkook's arm afterward but he didn't let her do it and held her wrist before pushing it away.

"That was a long time ago. I'm not interested in you anymore," Jungkook snickered in an angry tone.

"You were all over me a few nights ago and now you're saying you aren't interested in me?" she asked in disbelief and Jungkook just glared at her.

Listening to that, I don't know why but it just hit me. Did Jungkook sleep with that girl? I was feeling insecure because of hearing that but insecure of what? Jungkook was not my boyfriend so he didn't do anything wrong but why did I feel disappointed in him knowing that? I was standing there dumbfounded when Jungkook turned and looked at me. I, unintentionally, poked my inner cheek with my tongue and glared at him before going into the class with heavy steps.

Jungkook's POV

I turned and saw Jimin standing behind us. My face quickly softened upon seeing his beautiful face and I passed a warm smile at him but he just gave me a death glare before walking away and going into the class angrily.

"Jungkook you can't use me like that," Dahyun said loudly from behind and I walked to her with clenched fists.

"I didn't even use you yet. Just hope that I would never do that to you," I replied coldly in a low voice not to create any drama in the school.

"You know what, I know why you are doing this. You like that blonde guy right?" Dahyun asked which made me look at her angrily and clench my fists really tightly. How dare she included Jimin in all of this?

"Don't talk about him. Keep him out of this," I uttered with gritted teeth on which she looked at me in disbelief as I just confirmed her statement that I had some kind of feelings for him.

"I love you since we were kids Jungkook. I didn't know you were gay," Dahyun mumbled with wide eyes.

"I told you I was never interested in you Dahyun," I replied and threw the cigarette on the floor before crushing it with my shoe.

"I'll kill that bitch," she said in an angry tone and was about to walk towards Jimin's class when I stopped her roughly with her arm.

"First of all don't you dare call Jimin that ever again and second...Stay away from him," I muttered coldly and she had an idea what I could do with her if she ever tried to go against my words so she stopped in her tracks quickly and looked at me with fear evident on her face.

"Why?" she asked in almost like a whisper.

" don't wanna mess with me, honey," I mumbled with a fake smile before walking away and going into the class to see my pretty boy.


Chapter Text

Author's POV

When Jungkook entered the class, Jimin was sitting and looking out of the window quietly with a pout on his face. Of course, he had an idea why Jimin was behaving like that so he just cooed at Jimin's cute jealousy and tried to suppress his smile. He put on a serious face and walked up to Jimin to take the seat next to him. When Jimin noticed Jungkook's presence, he started pretending as if he doesn't even know someone is sitting next to him. Jimin was not even sparing a single glance at him which was driving him crazy. Jungook stayed quiet for a few minutes but when he couldn't wait any longer, he decided to break the silence by himself.

"Is the view outside really more beautiful than the view here?" Jungkook asked in a flirty tone trying to tease Jimin but Jimin just looked at him for a mere second and turned his attention back to the window without even saying anything.

"Oh come on. How can someone ignore a person like me?" Jungkook whined because of which Jimin looked at him again but then turned his attention back to the window.

"Why are you ignoring me Jimin?" Jungkook now asked directly because of which Jimin glanced back and rolled his eyes.

"Oh, I ignored you. Sorry I didn't notice," Jimin scoffed with a fake smile and averted his gaze trying to ignore Jungkook.

"You look cute like this," Jungkook cooed which made Jimin glare at him.

"Like what?"

"Behaving as if you're my girlfriend and we fought so you're not talking to me," Jungkook replied with a bunny smile.

"I'm not a girl for God's sake," Jimin replied in an annoyed tone and Jungkook just chuckled.

"You're too pretty to be a boy either," Jungkook muttered and passed a flirty smile again.

"Don't flirt with me, your girlfriend might not like it," Jimin snickered and diverted his attention to his bag pretending as if he was finding something in it.

"Girlfriend?" Jungkook asked confusedly.

"Yes, your girlfriend. I saw you with her in the hallway. You two look good together," Jimin replied in an unamused tone on which Jungkook tried his best not to laugh.

"Indeed," Jungkook teased with a smirk on which Jimin took out a book from his bag and placed it angrily on the table.

"Don't disturb me now. I have to study," Jimin scoffed and started writing on the book.

"But I want to talk to you Jimin," Jungkook said in a fake sad tone on which Jimin heaved a loud sigh.

"You probably have many other people to talk to," Jimin mumbled and kept writing on the book.

"Are you jealous?" Jungkook asked with a raised eyebrow and a thinking face.


"I think you're jealous," Jungkook replied with a smile while pointing his finger at Jimin.

"Jealous? Of who?" Jimin asked in disbelief.

"Those 'people' you were talking about."

"And why would I be jealous?" Jimin asked with an annoyed face and Jungkook tried really hard to stop himself from pinching his cheeks.

"Because...You don't even know that but I think you like me," Jungkook shrugged and gave an its-so-obvious look which made Jimin roll his eyes with a frown on his face.

"What? I don't like you. I hate you," Jimin snickered and gave him a death glare.

"It's okay. It's not your fault if I'm irresistible," Jungkook replied with a sassy smile.

"Don't push your luck, Jeon Jungkook. You're a total jerk," Jimin muttered and started writing again.

"A totally handsome jerk."

"Fuck off."

"You are the first person who ever told me to fuck off," Jungkook replied with a smile not showing any sign of anger or annoyance.

"Fuck off Jungkook. I guess now I'm the second one too," Jimin replied with a fake smile.

"Well. I think I'll pass if it's you," Jungkook replied which Jimin made kinda flustered.

"Just...go away I want to study," Jimin uttered and busied himself in the book as if he was studying something really difficult.

"Doodling is not studying. By the way, this doodle is cute," Jungkook peeked in the book and pointed out a small doodle at the top of the page.

"Just go already," Jimin replied with a sigh because of which Jungkook chuckled loudly before standing up from the seat and going towards the door to leave the class.


Jimin entered the apartment and threw his bag on the couch. He went into the kitchen to get some water to calm himself down. When he came back, he walked up to the couch and threw himself on it while babbling something with a frown on his face.

"Yes, you do make a beautiful couple with her. Go and talk to her then. Why do you disturb me all the time?" Jimin uttered in anger and took the cushion from the couch before throwing it on the floor with all of his force.

"I hate you and her both. I don't care if you fuck her or do whatever you want to do with her," saying that he stood up on the couch and started jumping on it angrily but apparently he was looking like a kid talking to himself as if he was whining for something.

"I'll kill you Jeon Jungkook. I'm definitely going to kill you if you bothered me for anything again," he said loudly with gritted teeth.

"He thinks I'm jealous of her? Why would I be jealous? He is just being stupid," Jimin said and climbed down from the couch with his small fists clenched.

He went into his bedroom with heavy steps. He laid down on the bed with a tired sigh and started looking towards the ceiling quietly.

"Ahh, I don't want to go to work today. I'm too tired for that," he talked to himself in a low voice and let out a tired sigh before closing his eyes and falling asleep.


Jimin woke up because of the sound of a phone call and quickly took out the phone from his pocket to see who was calling. He picked up the call while rubbing his eyes when he saw Taemin's name appearing on the screen.

"Hello hyung," Jimin said with a yawn which made Taemin chuckle.

"Hi, Jimin-ah. I wanted to know about your health," Taemin replied in a soft tone.

"Just say that you were missing me," Jimin uttered and stood up from the bed with half-opened eyes.

"Haha you know me. I was missing you a lot. How are you? Is everything okay?" Taemin asked with his usual worried tone.

"I'm totally fine, hyung. Where are you by the way? There's a lot of noise," Jimin replied keeping the phone at some distance from his ear while walking out of the room.

"I'm at a club with my friends."

"Ahh I'm missing going to club with you," Jimin replied in a sad tone.

"If you were in Busan, you won't be missing all this," Taemin replied which made Jimin roll his eyes.

"Don't start again hyung. Just accept  the fact that I'm not coming back home," Jimin uttered in an unamused tone.

"You're missing a lot of things Jimin-ah. Look at yourself. You're too young to waste your life like that."

"Okay okay stop. I got it. I can go to the club by myself now. I've done everything alone for two years anyway," Jimin replied while walking back into the room and going to the closet.

"You're not going to the club alone."


"Jimin you can't protect yourself from those horny teenagers in clubs so it'll be better for you to just stay at home," Taemin uttered in a worried tone but Jimin just rolled his eyes for being treated like a kid all the time.

"Hyung, stop this, please. I'm tired of being treated like I can't do anything by myself. You and dad pampered me so much that when I had to stand up for myself, I couldn't even do that. Now I don't want to depend on anyone so please let me handle my life by myself," Jimin said in an annoyed tone before ending the call.

He took out a black silk shirt with leather jeans from the closet and went to the bathroom. After taking a shower and putting on the clothes, he walked in front of the mirror and looked at himself. The black color really suited him a lot. He took a light pink lip tint and but stopped suddenly when he was about to apply it on his lips. He looked at his face for a few minutes and heaved a heavy sigh before putting the lip tint back.

"Who am I even doing this for?" He asked himself in a low voice when he remembered the time when Ahn used to ask him that question whenever they were going out. He shook his head at the thought and with a heavy heart, he took the comb and did the same thing again, not using it and just putting it back.

"I look better this way anyways," Jimin muttered and looked at his messy blond hair and his natural pink lips. He was indeed beautiful even without any kind of makeup. But his lips were dry so he just put on a strawberry flavored lip balm and went to the couch to take his jacket.

"I can live my life fully and I can do it all by myself," Jimin said to himself confidently and walked out of the apartment.


Jimin was sitting on the barstool and waiting for the bartender to give him the drink he ordered. He was sitting there contemplating whether he should drink or not when the bartender came back and gave him the wine glass while flashing a smile. Jimin looked at him and realized that he had the same bunny smile as Jungkook's.

"Ahh. I hate you but why do I keep thinking about you?" Jimin cursed mentally and took the glass before drinking the shot in one go. He had promised himself not to drink that much but he still ordered more.

"You probably would be with that girl and I'm here wasting my time thinking about you," Jimin mumbled sadly this time and sighed tiredly.

He kept on drinking and remembered that night when Jungkook was on top of him and they were just looking at each other as if nothing else mattered for them in the world. Then he remembered the time when on Christmas night, they were standing close to each other with their hot breaths mixing together. How much Jungkook made him happy that night. He kept thinking about everything that had happened between them while drinking the wine and ordering more again and again.

He then remembered the day when Jungkook kissed him ever so gently with his soft lips. Although Jimin didn't kiss back at the time, he missed it now. He wanted to feel it just one more time, the strange thing that he felt in his heart when Jungkook pressed the lips onto his. He missed that euphoric feeling.

Jimin didn't realize how much he drank while thinking about Jungkook. He was feeling light-headed with every shot. He kept on drinking as if it was the easiest way to cope with every problem and to turn away the thoughts because Jungkook would probably be with that girl again.

His eyes were closing shut and his head was spinning in circles. He held his head with both of his hands and closed his eyes. After a few minutes, someone called his name and when he looked up, Jungkook was standing there with a surprised expression on his face.

Jungkook's POV

I was standing with Felix in the club when I looked at someone sitting on the barstool near the counter. His head was down so I couldn't recognize him at first but he was distracting me again and again because I could've sworn he looked like Jimin and I wasn't expecting him in the club so I just stood there for a few minutes before going to him to see if it was really Jimin or not.

"Jimin," I called unsurely on which he looked up and to my surprise I was right, Jimin was sitting there alone with half-opened eyes. He was wearing a black silk shirt hanging loosely on his slim figure and his blonde hair was messily arranged. I had never seen a person look this beautiful even with messy hair. He wasn't wearing any makeup but his natural blush and pink lips were enough to make anyone go crazy over him. He was looking soft and sexy at the same time. But what was he doing alone in the club?

"Jungkook," he replied softly with a weak smile and stumbled when he tried to get up from the barstool so I quickly held him.

He was in my arms and when he looked up at me, our faces were only a few inches apart. It was as if he was hypnotizing me and I even forgot to breathe for a few seconds which happened to me all the time whenever he was close to me.

"Kookie," he smiled again and hugged me tightly and I realized that he was too drunk to understand what he was doing. When I looked around us, two assholes were sitting on the barstool and eye-fucking Jimin which made me give them a death glare and they quickly averted their gaze. I caged Jimin securely in my arms and he just snuggled in my chest.

"What are you doing here Jimin?" I asked softly.

"I had nothing to do at home," he replied with a smile on his face.

"You shouldn't come here alone. Let's go home you're drunk," I uttered and caressed the back of his head gently.

"Are you coming with me?" he asked with a giggle. It was a sound that I could listen to all my life and still not get tired of it.

"I'm just taking you home," I replied because of which he looked up at me with a pout on his face.

"I'll go home if you'll come with me," he whined and hugged me again.

"Okay okay. Let's just go from here," I replied and held his hand before taking him out of the club.

"You're lying you'll take me home and go back to that bitch," he said sadly with that cute pout still on his face.


"To that girl, you were with, in the school," he replied and pulled his hand away from me angrily.

"I'm not going anywhere. Let's just go home," I uttered and held his hand again firmly this time while dragging him towards the passenger seat of my car. He was babbling something when I shoved him in the car and sat on the driving seat to take him home.


Chapter Text

Jungkook's POV

When we reached Jimin's apartment, I went out of the car and opened the door for him to come out. When he tried to do so, he stumbled which made me hold his arm quickly and wrap it around my shoulder to help him walk to the apartment.

His mood was totally different now. He was smiling and laughing a few minutes ago but now he was quiet and serious. I took the key from him and helped him get into the apartment. I thought it would be better to just take him to his bedroom because he was going to fall asleep in some time anyways. I helped him in sitting on the bed and turned back to leave the room but when I was about to go out, he called me from behind in a low voice which made me turn back and look at him.

His silk shirt was hanging from one side exposing his shoulder and chest a little. Now that I think about it, that probably would've happened during his struggles to get home with my help while stumbling. I could see his beautiful skin, it was milky and anyone could tell it was soft without even touching it. The first two buttons of his shirt were open and his beauty bone was on full display. His hair was messier than before and he looked so exhausted that it seemed like he was fucked just a few minutes ago. His leather jeans, which I didn't notice before, were so tight around him and I could easily see all of his curves. He was indeed sculptured perfectly. He was the kind of person who could seduce people simply by breathing and he was standing there in front of me looking like that. You could say that with the stare of those drooping eyes and that rough appearance, he looked like a God of sex appeal. I had been with God knows how many girls before but I could say that he was the prettiest person I had ever seen in my entire life.

"Do you need anything?" I asked softly because of which he walked closer to where I was standing. He stumbled again while trying to reach me but this time I held him from his waist to prevent him from falling and he just wrapped his arms around my neck. He looked up and locked his deep brown eyes with me. I took in his fragrance in a deep inhale. His beautiful scent was driving me insane. I could smell strawberries and alcohol from him as he was standing so close to me. It was slowly taking over my senses.

"Jungkook," he mumbled softly and diverted his gaze to my lips.

"Hmm?" I only hummed being mesmerized by the beauty in my arms.

"Kiss me," he uttered as if it was an order which made me look at him in shock.

"What?" I asked because I thought that I didn't hear him clearly.

"Kiss me Jungkook," he repeated and kept on staring at my lips. He was making it so difficult for me to control myself. I felt a strong urge to just throw him on the bed and make love to him until we both get tired but I couldn't do that. I couldn't even think of taking advantage of his vulnerable state.

"Jimin you're drunk right now. You don't know what you are saying," I muttered and tried to pull away from him because no matter how much I wanted to claim those lips right then and there, I couldn't do that to him because he would probably regret it in the morning.

"I want you Jungkook," Jimin mumbled while tightening the grip of his arms around my neck and now our faces were dangerously close. We would probably kiss if we moved even an inch.

"Jimin you're not in your senses right now. I think I should go," I replied while trying to unwrap his arms around my neck gently but he wasn't letting me pull away at any cost as if he knew how much I was hating it to move away from him.

"You're not going anywhere," Jimin mumbled in a husky voice. He looked at my lips again for the last time and without any warning pressed his lips onto mine. I stood there with wide eyes being dumbfounded. Of course, I knew what Jimin wanted to do but that sudden kiss caught me off guard. He was moving his lips softly and my mind was going crazy at just the feeling of his lips on mine. I really wanted to kiss him back but my conscience was constantly telling me not to do anything stupid.

I moved my lips with his for a mere second but soon mentally cursed myself for losing control that easily. He was drunk and he definitely didn't know what he was doing. I thought, for a moment, to kiss him back as I could easily blame him in the morning for kissing me first but as much as my heart wanted to finally taste those lips after craving for them since forever, a part of me was telling me not to break his trust again so I gently pushed him away from me.

"What is wrong with you Jungkook? You don't love me?" Jimin asked in a sad tone with tears in his eyes when I pulled away from him.

"Jimin...just go and sleep. It would be better for you," I replied softly  which made a few tears roll down his cheeks.

"I hate you. You don't love me. You love that bitch," Jimin replied angrily and when he was about to move back, I held both of his arms and pulled him closer to me.

"I don't love anyone. I can't even think about anyone else because of you. You're fucking with my mind Jimin," I said in a frustrated tone and pushed him to the wall rather harshly and didn't even wait for a second to crash my lips onto his. He kissed me back eagerly.

We started moving our lips slowly in sync but soon that slow kiss changed into a hungry one as if he was waiting for it as much as I did. I held him by his waist and pulled him closer to me until our crotches were touching.

He wrapped his arms around my neck and pulled me more into that heated kiss. His lips were like a doorway to heaven for me. He ran his fingers through my hair and tightened the grip of his other hand around my collar. I moved my hand from his waist to his back in a soft manner because of which he closed his eyes blissfully. I bit his lower lip and he easily gave me access to his craven. I pushed my tongue into his mouth and started exploring every single corner of it. I could taste the alcohol and the strawberry flavor of his saliva when our tongues met.

He let me devour his lips as much as I wanted. None of us was ready to break the kiss and we were just sucking the hell out of each other when he broke the kiss and pulled away to breathe. I could tell that his mind was shutting down by then but his arms were still wrapped around my neck. I kissed his cheek and trailed my kisses to his neck and then to his exposed chest. He turned his head to the other side to give me more access while panting heavily. His eyes were closed and he was taking my support to stand straight. I placed a few more wet kisses on his neck but stopped after that as I knew if it went any further I won't be able to control myself anymore so I just cupped his face tenderly with my hands and looked at his beautiful face. His eyes were drooping down and he was trying really hard to keep them open to look at me.

I pulled him closer and caged him in my arms before caressing his back softly which made him lean and put all of his weight on me as if he couldn't stand anymore. I dragged him to the bed and helped him in lying down. He closed his eyes when I caressed his cheek gently and traced his lower lip with my thumb but instead of kissing it, I just placed a kiss on his forehead and pulled the sheets over him. He was unconscious by then. I sighed tiredly while pulling back and stood there quietly looking at him for a few minutes. He was so pure and was looking like an angel lying there in those white covers. I felt proud for stopping myself from going any further no matter how hard it was for me to keep my hands off of him.

I smiled at him for the last time while walking out of the room and he started snoring in a low voice. When I closed the door behind me and entered the living room, the kitten was sitting on a warm cloth in the basket placed on the floor but his food bowl was empty. He was probably waiting for Jimin to feed him. I walked up to him and kneeled beside him before patting his head which made him start rubbing himself against my hand. He was wearing a cute pink knitted sweater which made me chuckle.

"Jimin is too cute for his own good," I uttered with a smile.

I stood up to go to the kitchen and took out a milk carton from the fridge before walking back into the room. After giving some milk to the kitten, I came out of the apartment but when I was about to reach the car my phone rang. I took it out of my pocket and answered the call.

"Hello, Yoongi hyung. Is there an emergency?" I asked as soon as I picked up the call.

"Jungkook. Dohun is coming back to Korea. He is arriving in twenty minutes," Yoongi hyung replied in an urgent tone.

"So he is finally coming back after all these years. He left Korea right after the death of my father and told us that he got a better job. Namjoon hyung might have believed him but I'm not buying his lie. I'm coming with you. I want to talk to him directly," I uttered while unlocking the car door.

"You're not coming with me Jungkook. Let me handle this," he replied which made me roll my eyes.

"We are talking about my father so I'm coming with you. Wait outside the house. I'm coming," I replied with an intimidating tone before ending the call and driving away to get home as soon as possible.


Author's POV

"Hey, brother. I was going to call you," Felix said as soon as he picked up Hyunjin's call while driving the car.

"Where are you asshole? I was waiting for you at home," Hyunjin snickered angrily.

"I was at a club with Jungkook. I'm coming to you right now," Felix replied casually while taking a turn.

"Aren't you spending too much time with him?" Hyunjin uttered in an unamused tone.

"You got a problem Hyunnie? He is my friend too you know?"

"Yeah yeah okay. By the way, what are his activities nowadays?" Hyunjin asked but he already had an idea who was Jungkook interest these days.

"I don't know about his activities but today I saw Park Jimin in the club and Jungkook left me to go to him," Felix replied while keeping his focus on the road.

"Park Jimin?"

"Yes. Jungkook told me that he is coming in a few minutes but then I saw him with Jimin. I think Jungkook left the club with him."

"What were they doing?" Hyunjin asked and it was obvious from his tone that he was really annoyed.

"They were just....hugging each other. I swear it was nothing but it surprised me. I've never seen Jungkook being that soft with anyone," Felix replied with a chuckle that irritated Hyunjin even more.

"Jungkook has to pay for it," Hyunjin uttered coldly after a few minutes of silence.

"Come on Hyunjin. I know you had an eye on Jimin before him but we're not kids anymore. You can't just fight over who liked him first," Felix replied but before he could say anything further, Hyunjin ended the call which made him sigh loudly and put the phone back into his pocket.


Jungkook drove fast to reach home in time. When he stopped the car in front of his mansion, Yoongi was waiting for him outside. He quickly walked up to him when Jungkook came out of the car.

"We are getting late Jungkook. My men told me that Dohun will be here any minute. Come on let's go," Yoongi said in a hurry while walking towards his car.

"We are going in your car?" Jungkook asked and followed Yoongi quickly.

"Yes, because I was going there alone. My men don't know you are coming with me," Yoongi replied and went to the driving seat.

"I hope we will find something to start with," Jungkook mumbled and sat on the passenger seat before Yoongi started the car and drove away at fast speed.


Chapter Text

Jimin's POV

I groaned due to the pain in my head when I woke up. I squeezed my eyes and rolled to the other side of the bed when sunlight coming from the window reflected on my face. I removed the covers and rubbed my eyes while sitting up on the bed. When I finally opened my eyes in a slow manner, I felt a throbbing pain in my head which made me cup my head with both of my hands and look around trying to figure out what was happening to me but everything seemed normal.

When I tried to stand up, I immediately lost my balance and fell on the bed due to the unbearable pain in my head. My vision was blurry at first and my head was spinning in circles. I stood up again with half-lidded eyes while whimpering and went into the bathroom tipsily to wash my face. When a cold splash of water came in contact with my face, I couldn't help but flinch. I looked at myself in the mirror and I looked at myself from head to toe. My hair was messier than before and my shirt was slightly hanging from one side exposing my shoulder. I then noticed some dried-up saliva on my bare shoulder and chest which made my eyes widen in shock.

"What the hell happened?" was all I could ask myself while standing there and looking at myself being dumbfounded.

I closed my shirt up to the last button and ran into the room hurriedly. I looked around but there was nothing. Everything was right in its place and there were no signs of the erotic night I thought I had spent with someone.

After thinking hard for a few minutes, I finally remembered that I was at the club last night and was sitting there on the barstool while drinking without any pause when...

"Did I sleep with someone?" I asked myself in a worried tone and sat on the corner of the bed while pulling my hair with my hands.

"No. I didn't because if I did I won't be able to walk this much easily without any pain," I uttered when I realized that there was no pain in my lower back. But still, I did something, at least a makeout session as expected from my appearance.

"How could I do that?" I mumbled being disappointed by myself and started massaging my temples trying to ease the pain in my head but when I moved my hand to my lip and caressed it unknowingly, I hissed with pain because of which a shock engulfed me when I remembered someone biting my lip last night and that someone was...Jungkook? I did that with Jungkook? I was completely off the lane when I had a sudden flashback of last night, how hungrily we were kissing each other. My mind couldn't register anything for a few seconds and then it hit me.

I remembered Jungkook coming to me when I was drunk and was sitting there on the barstool. He then took me home and was about to leave when I stopped him, and then he pinned me to the wall and kissed me. No, it was me who kissed him first. Maybe he did, no it was me. It was definitely me, I remember it. How shamelessly I threw myself on him and the other thing was that I loved it when he touched me and kissed me. I remember that feeling. I wanted him to hold me, kiss me, and maybe fuck me? I know I would have loved it if he did that, that's how I was feeling at that time. But...he didn't, he didn't do that to me. I knew I was so vulnerable at that time and he could easily have done anything when it was practically me telling him to do it. Instead, he laid me down on my bed and tucked me in the sheets, that's the last thing I remember before I fell asleep. I had some glimpses of that in my mind.

I hid my face in my hands due to embarrassment and closed my eyes with a sigh. Yes, I was feeling guilty and shameful for putting him in that situation. What he would be thinking about me when I compelled him to kiss me? But a part of me was feeling a strange kind of relief that he didn't do anything which proved that he wasn't like others. He was not like those people who always tried to take advantage of me and saw me only as a sex doll who they could use only to fulfill their sexual desires. Instead, he respected me and cared about me. He chose my feelings over everything else, that's how he was with me last night.

I smiled unconsciously but then started worrying again about how I'll face him. I felt so embarrassed of myself. I mentally cursed myself for getting drunk and doing all those stupid things.

After a few minutes, I put all of my thoughts aside and stood up from the bed. I walked out of the room while stretching. As soon as I entered the living room, the kitten came running to me and I just knelt next to him to pat his head. I caressed his head softly but soon face-palmed myself.

"I forgot to give you anything last night. You must be hungry," I said in an apologetic tone upon remembering that I didn't put the milk for him last night as I had no idea how I'll end up sleeping in my room. I stood up and was about to go into the kitchen when I saw that the milk carton was placed on the floor near the basket and the bowl was almost filled but I couldn't remember doing anything like that before going to the club and then I realized that it must be Jungkook who gave milk to the kitten and forgot the carton on the floor.

"You're cute Jeon Jungkook," I mumbled softly with a scrunched nose and smiled afterward.

I took the milk carton from the floor and was putting it in the kitchen when I heard my phone ringing from the bedroom. I quickly went there and picked up the call after seeing Taemin hyung's name appearing on the screen.

"Hey, hyung," I said casually after picking up the call.

"Jimin-ah do you have any idea how much I was worried about you? I called you at night and about four times in the morning but you didn't pick up the phone," he replied worriedly as I told him that I was going to the club last night.

"Sorry, hyung. I didn't realize. I was sleeping," I uttered and walked back into the living room.

"Did you go to a club last night even when I told you not to?" Taemin hyung asked in an annoyed tone  which made me sigh because I already knew what was coming.

"Yeah," I mumbled while biting my lower lip.

"Did you drink Jimin-ah? Don't lie because I know it when you're lying to me," he asked in an unamused tone.

"Hyung...Yes I did," I replied with a stutter while sitting on the couch.

"Jimin-ah. How could you do that? First, you went to the club alone and now you're telling me that you drank alcohol," Taemin hyung said in a raised voice but I could feel his worry and care for me in his words.

"Don't worry hyung. I'm at home and I'm fine. Look I'm talking to you," I uttered and threw myself back on the couch.

"How did you get home after getting drunk? I remember the last time when you were drunk I had to carry you on my shoulder to take you home."

"Well, you can say I was lucky. Jungkook was there too. I didn't mean to drink but I did and then he took me home safely," I replied with a smile.

"You didn' anything with him right?" Taemin hyung asked after remaining quiet for a few seconds.

"No hyung...I have to study. I need to go now," I uttered quickly as I couldn't tell him anything about our hot makeout session because I had no idea how he was going to react.

"Goodbye, Jimin-ah," he replied in a low voice before ending the call. It was the first time when he ended the call without telling me to take care of myself again and again. It was so unlikely of him but I just sighed in relief that I didn't have to explain anything to anyone.

I stayed there on the couch with my eyes closed for some time. My mind was still stuck in the moment I shared with Jungkook last night and I felt that I was missing him. I used to miss him sometimes when he was not with me but I didn't know why everything was reminding me of him that day. I was so afraid of this feeling before I felt it. I had never loved anyone before so I didn't know what it was like. I just knew that whatever I was feeling for him, I wanted more of it. I wanted him to be there for me and to be with me.

I unlocked my phone and opened the inbox. I saw Jungkook's messages and kept looking at them. It was the only thing I had of him and nothing else as I was the one who never allowed him to be close to me and now I was regretting it. I was just trying to control myself at first but he made my world so small that I couldn't find the exit. I never wanted to do it but now I knew I was falling for him.

After staring at his texts for some time, I felt a strong urge of listening to his voice. I didn't know what I was going to say if he picked up the call so with a loud sigh, I put the phone back on the couch. Hardly after a minute, I took it again and without even thinking I just dialed his number and put the phone on my ear. It was the first time when I felt nervous talking to anyone in my life and I didn't even know why my heart started beating a little faster and I held my breath nervously waiting for him to pick up the call but even after many rings, no one answered. I wasn't expecting Jungkook not to answer the call so I just looked at the phone screen in disappointment but then decided to try one more time. I dialed the number again but this time worry took over my nervousness and I felt as if something was not right. I was waiting impatiently for Jungkook to answer my call but the same thing happened again so many rings and no answer, I was about to end the call when I heard a voice and quickly put the phone back to my ear only to listen that it wasn't Jungkook.

"Hello," someone said and I quickly recognized that it wasn't the voice I was waiting to hear impatiently.

"I want to talk to Jeon Jungkook," I replied unsurely. I knew I dialed the right phone number but it wasn't Jungkook picking up the call, it was something that worried me instantly.

"We are sorry but he can't talk to you right now," the man replied and I felt as if something was pressing hard on my chest and my hand started trembling a little.

"Why?" was all I could ask being afraid of what the man was going to tell me.

"He got into an accident last night so he is not in a condition of talking to anyone right now."


Author's POV

Eleven hours earlier.

"I told you earlier that maybe Dohun will arrive today and you were still spending time in a club huh? You should be a little responsible," Yoongi said while driving the car at a fast speed.

"Hey, you can't tell me what to do. I was with Jimin so I didn't notice the time," Jungkook replied in an annoyed tone because of which Yoongi narrowed his eyes to look at him.

"Who is he actually?" Yoongi asked while focusing on the road again.

"He is my...classmate. Why do you want to know? You got nothing to do with it," Jungkook replied with a stutter which made Yoongi chuckled earning a glare from him.

"Really? Just a classmate?" Yoongi asked with a teasing smirk and Jungkook just rolled his eyes.

"What do you want to know exactly?" Jungkook uttered in an annoyed tone while looking straight at Yoongi's face with a raised eyebrow.

"Namjoon told me about him. Your hyung is happy for you," Yoongi replied with a smile while accelerating the car a little more as they were getting late.

"What did hyung tell you?" Jungkook asked while scratching the back of his nape and trying to avoid his gaze that didn't go unnoticed by Yoongi.

"You can tell me about him. I promise it'll stay between us," Yoongi replied with a heart-warming smile and Jungkook could feel the sincerity in his words.

"I'm...I don't know hyung. I've never talked about him enough to anyone. I don't think I'm confused anymore but I'm still afraid of saying it out loud," Jungkook mumbled with a sigh finally giving up after staying quiet for a few minutes.

"You know what Jungkook, I know it's hard to open up as a man. I know it can be difficult for you to be vulnerable with him and to let him see what's in your heart. I know it's hard as all your life you've been told not to be sensitive because that's what your father used to teach you, not to be soft and to hold it all inside. It was what made you who you are today. You know what he is to you but you're afraid to say it out loud because you're afraid that he might not feel the same way about you. But trust me Jungkook, I think it would be better for you to be honest with him and to let him know how you feel about him," Yoongi replied softly with a smile and Jungkook just listened to him quietly as if everything he said was what Jungkook wanted to know for a long time.

"Should I tell him that...," saying that Jungkook went silent again with a deep breath and Yoongi quickly understood what was going on in his mind.

"Tell him Jungkook. Tell him that you love him because love is always worth fighting for. I swear you'll never regret..." and before Yoongi could say anything further, a large duty truck came at full speed from the opposite road and hit their car brutally in a blink of the eye. The car flipped in the air and rolled a few times on the road before finally stopping upside down. Due to the loud noise, everyone around the scene came running to help and gasped at the sight in front of them. A few of them tried to stop the truck driver but the truck sped off in a flash. The car was lying upside down and almost all of its windows were smashed and pieces of the windshield were all over the road. The fuel was leaking from one end and it was looking as if the car will blow up any second. The steam rising from the back of the car was producing fists of grey smoke in the air. The people quickly pulled out Jungkook from the car and he could hear the low voices around him but his eyes couldn't see anything clearly. His head was bleeding due to collision with the window and his lower body was numb due to the pain. He heard only a few muffled noises and tried to understand what was going on when he fluttered his eyelids and finally met gazes with Yoongi being pulled out from the opposite side of the car. He was badly injured almost lifeless as he wasn't responding to anything being done to him. Jungkook's mind was shutting down but he still tried to get up only to see Yoongi but fell painfully on his back again. He could taste the metallic blood pooling in his mouth and saw spots in the corners of his vision slowly taking over his consciousness. He heard a buzzing sound and a few other faint voices before finally closing his eyes and going into complete darkness.


Chapter Text

Author's POV

The driver roughly pulled the car in front of the hospital and Namjoon rushed out of it. The night was cold and the fog was making it difficult to see anything clearly but the lights of the hospital were clearly visible from afar so he quickly ran towards the staircase and climbed it while almost tripping in the process. He entered the hospital with his bodyguard. Two of his men were already waiting for him there. They bowed and quickly followed them.

"Where's Jungkook?" that's the only question Namjoon asked in a hurry with a sharp exhale as soon as he saw Hyunjae standing at the reception. Namjoon was still wearing his pajamas as he didn't waste a second in coming to the hospital when he was informed of the accident. It looked as if he ran a marathon to come here. His whole appearance was disheveled and he was breathing heavily. The only thing he was thinking about was his brother and worry was clearly evident from his face. He just wanted to know about Jungkook as he was his only family and he could never afford to lose him. Only the thought of it was enough for him to stop his own breathing.

"He is in operation theater right now. I've talked to the doctors. They said that although he has some severe injuries, he is out of danger as they are only external," Hyunjae replied which made Namjoon sigh out of relief and it looked as if he was holding his breath for a very long time.

Hyunjae told him the room number and quickly followed Namjoon when he started running through the corridor. The hospital was not too busy and they were just running through an empty hallway.

"What about Yoongi hyung? How is he?" Namjoon asked with deep breaths while walking fast towards the second floor. They took the stairs instead of the elevator as he wanted to see Jungkook as soon as possible so he climbed the stairs quickly rather than just standing there and waiting for the elevator.

"The truck hit the car from the side where Yoongi was sitting so he is badly injured and..." Hyunjae replied and went quiet suddenly which made Namjoon stop in his tracks and look at him impatiently with questioning eyes. Hyunjae took a deep breath and replied in an apologetic tone, "They think that he'll lose his left leg."

Namjoon let out a heavy sigh as Yoongi was more like a brother to him. He felt as if something pressed hard on his chest but with a deep breath, he started walking again but at a slow pace this time.

"Whoever did this, I swear I'm going to kill him with my own bare hands," Namjoon uttered in the angriest tone possible with gritted teeth while taking a turn.

"Do you really think it wasn't an accident?" Hyunjae asked unsurely as it apparently was an accident.

"Yes and I already knew what was coming that's why I warned Jungkook to stay away from this madness but he didn't listen to me," Namjoon mumbled and hung his head low as if he was blaming himself for not taking a proper measure before to stop Jungkook.

"What do you want to do now?" Hyunjae asked while looking straight at Namjoon's face waiting for his order.

"I'll handle this by myself. They shouldn't have involved Jungkook in this. We'll think about this later. Let's just focus on my brother right now," Namjoon uttered with a straight face and walked up to the room where Jungkook was being operated on.

"How is he now?" Namjoon asked from one of his men standing outside the room who bowed respectfully when Namjoon stopped in front of him.

"The doctor said that he is out of danger but due to excessive loss of blood and some severe external injuries, he is still being operated on," a man wearing a black uniform replied.

"What is the information? Who was the driver?" Namjoon asked in a grave tone still looking towards the door with a cold face.

"We're working on that. All I know right now is whoever did this, didn't know that Jungkook was in the car too so actually Yoongi was the target," the man replied and stood behind Namjoon who was looking at the doctors inside the room through the glass door.

"Then let's just wait for Yoongi to wake up. I have a lot to discuss with him," Namjoon said almost like a whisper and dismissed the man with a mere movement of his right hand who bowed quickly before turning and walked away leaving Namjoon standing there alone and looking at the door of operation theater quietly.


Present time

Jimin's POV

"He got into an accident last night so he is not in a condition of talking to anyone right now."

My mind stopped working for a few seconds. My hands started trembling badly and I felt as if I couldn't breathe but I still managed to ask the name of the hospital in a low voice.

"Which hospital is he in?" I mumbled as I was feeling that someone was squeezing my throat and it was difficult for me to verbalize anything at the moment.

"Severance hospital."

That was the last thing I heard from that man before dropping the phone from my hand because it was shaking badly. My mind couldn't register anything as if it wasn't ready to believe what it just heard and I stayed there on the couch while breathing heavily. I felt that a part of me was being crushed down. A few tears rolled down my cheek and I quickly wiped them from the back of my hand and didn't even wait for a second to grab the coat along with my phone from the couch and running out of the apartment.


"I want to see Jeon Jungkook," I managed to ask from the receptionist who was looking intently at me. Tears were forming in my eyes but I was trying really hard to control myself from breaking down in front of her.

"I'm sorry. No one is allowed to see him except his family," the receptionist replied with a polite smile but it was only making me more impatient than I already was.

"I'm his... I know they will allow me to see him. You can talk to his brother," I pleaded while trying to calm down my heartbeat by taking deep breaths from time to time.

"His brother gave us these orders. No matter who you are, we're sorry we can't help you," she replied with her professional smile again and I just sighed tiredly with a heavy heart. I wanted to say more but I was feeling too mentally tired to do that so I just leaned on the counter and cupped my head with my hands and closed my eyes.

"Jimin," I heard someone calling me after a few minutes and quickly turned to see Namjoon hyung standing there with the same warm smile he always used to give me but there was a slight hint of sadness in it this time.

"Hyung," I quickly uttered while walking up to him at a fast pace, "how is he?" I asked in a low voice and let the tears fall from my eyes as I couldn't hold them back any longer.

"He is fine. He is not conscious but he'll be soon," Namjoon hyung replied softly on which I exhaled sharply as I was holding my breath for a long time while waiting for his answer.

He smiled at me again and patted my head gently like an elder brother that instantly brought a smile on my face too but there were still tears in my eyes which made him chuckle loudly. I felt as if something heavy was lifted off my shoulders. My heartbeat calmed down slowly and I let out a comforted sigh. I knew about Jungkook's importance in my life. If I had to explain it, I couldn't put it in words because it was something that I felt and only I knew what I felt whenever he was with me. I realized what I would've felt if I had lost him. Only the thought of it was sending shivers through my whole body. The moment when I thought I won't be able to see him again made me realize how much I loved his smile and the thought that I won't be able to listen to his voice made me realize how much I craved to listen to that voice every single day.

"I want to see him," I mumbled in almost like a whisper which made Namjoon hyung nod to a man standing behind him who looked like a bodyguard from his uniform. The man quickly came and bowed while looking at me from head to toe.

"We're still not allowed to meet him so you can only see him through the glass door. When he'll wake up I'm sure he would be happy to see you," Namjoon hyung replied because of which I chuckled shyly and caressed the back of my neck in nervousness.

"He'll take you there," Namjoon hyung replied while pointing at that man who quickly nodded and extended his hand towards a corridor for showing the way to the room because of which I started walking and he followed me guiding me through the hallway.


"He is awake. You can see him now," the doctor said to Namjoon hyung while walking out of the room at which he ran into the room quickly and I stood up from the bench excitedly with a wide smile.

I was getting impatient to see him and with each passing second, it was becoming hard for me to wait any longer to listen to his voice. I started walking back and forth at a fast pace with a stupid smile on my face and those men in the black uniforms standing outside the door were just looking at me. After some time, Namjoon hyung came out and I rushed to him.

"I didn't tell him about you. He'll be surprised to see you," he muttered in a low voice and winked at me.

I smiled and took a deep breath while walking towards the door but then stopped to look at myself. I quickly combed my hair with my fingers although there was no need to and then set my clothes with that wide smile still on my face. I had been with him a lot of times before but I didn't know why I was feeling nervous about seeing him this time. Does that really happen when you start loving someone?

I heaved a deep sigh and opened the door slowly. I peeked in and saw Jungkook lying on the bed with his back facing me. The sunlight coming from the windows was brightening up the whole room. Jungkook was lying there in white sheets with his closed eyes and he was wearing a white hospital gown. His legs and one arm were all covered up in bandages. He didn't even bother to look back when I slowly walked close to him.

"Jungkook," I called him in a low soft voice because of which he immediately looked back with a surprised expression on his face as he definitely wasn't expecting me.

"Hey," he replied with a wide but tired smile while trying to get up but whimpered in pain on doing that because of which I quickly held his arm with one hand while my other hand was on his back when I helped him lay down again.

"How are you now?" I asked softly after helping him and taking the seat next to his bed.

"Handsome," he replied cockily on which I chuckled in a loud voice and he just smiled looking at my face as if he loved making me giggle like that.

"The attitude is still there," I uttered and poked his nose a little on which he gave me a toothy smile this time. I looked at him and forgot to say anything for a moment as I loved his bunny smile so much.

"I'm happy that you came here," Jungkook mumbled softly with a warm smile plastered on his face.

"And I'm happy that you're fine," I replied in the same low tone and unknowingly caressed the scar on his face on which he looked at me and went quiet instantly.

He locked his eyes with me and didn't say anything. I suddenly felt my heart beating fast in my ribcage and held my breath when he moved his face closer to mine at a slow pace as if he was thinking hard while doing that. He was looking at my lips and I really wanted him to capture them and kiss me so hard so I just let him do it and leaned in slowly towards him too but we pulled back abruptly when someone knocked on the door.

The door opened and Namjoon hyung came in with a doctor. He quickly noticed the tension in the air and looked at me. I could feel the heat on my face and I knew I was blushing so I hung my head low to hide my tinted cheeks. I stood up from the seat when the doctor came closer to Jungkook but hyung nodded to me to stay there so I sat down again. He checked Jungkook thoroughly for a few minutes and said in a positive tone, "You're so lucky Jungkook that you didn't break your legs. You just have some fractures which will heal in no time and you'll be able to walk again soon."

Namjoon hyung sighed deeply and I passed a smile to him when he looked at me with sparkly eyes. He caressed Jungkook's cheek affectionately and pecked on the top of his head before walking out of the room with the doctor.

Jungkook looked back at me again and I chuckled nervously because of the moment prior. I didn't know what to say so I stayed quiet for a few minutes thinking about something to talk about and then I remembered about my shift at the coffee shop.

"I...have to go to work now," I said with a stutter and stood up from the seat. My breath hitched when he stopped me by holding my hand gently.

"Thank you for coming here," saying that he placed a soft kiss on my hand and my breathing became faster on such a small action. I felt a spark in my body and looked at him while trying to calm down my heartbeat. He started caressing my hand softly and I loved how tenderly he was holding my hand while looking at me with his eyes full of affection.

"Take care of yourself," was all I could muster myself up to say in reply.

"Goodbye," he uttered softly and let go of my hand.

"Goodbye," I mumbled and turned to walk out of the room with the biggest smile plastered on my face.


Chapter Text

Author's POV

Jimin came back from work late at night so he couldn't visit Jungkook. The next day, he had to attend school so he decided to go to the hospital in the evening. He missed Jungkook all day and called him in the morning before going to school to know about his health so he was relaxed to know that Jungkook was fine and was doing good.

In the evening, Jimin made soup for him and got ready to go to the hospital. He took a bath and wore a white crop top with tight blue narrow bottom jeans. He had a few crop tops in his closet but he didn't wear them before because no matter how he much loved those types of clothes, he felt a little uncomfortable around people as Ahn always fed in his mind that it was his fault if people try to flirt with him or hit on him. But he knew that Jungkook was different and Jimin was comfortable enough to wear any type of clothes he liked around him. So after wearing his attire, he put on light makeup and set his blond hair messily but beautifully with his bangs parted from the middle. He looked at himself confidently in the mirror as he knew how pretty he was so he just smiled and looked at himself from head to toe. He sprayed some perfume on himself although there was no need to as his natural scent was already mesmerizing. He put on a warm coat and took the packed soup from the kitchen before coming out of the apartment.


"I didn't tell you about Yoongi before because I knew you would be worried and you're not in a condition of taking any kind of stress right now," Namjoon said in a tense voice while sitting on the seat next to Jungkook's hospital bed.

Jungkook wasn't informed about Yoongi's condition because of Namjoon's orders. Namjoon knew that Jungkook will blame himself for whatever happened to Yoongi and that's what he wanted the least at the moment, to stress Jungkook over anything.

"When are they going to discharge me?" Jungkook asked coldly with an emotionless face on which Namjoon got more worried than before.

"You've to stay here for at least two weeks. And even after that, you're not going to get involved in this matter. Let me handle it," Namjoon replied in a strict tone while standing up from the chair.

"I was only waiting for them to make a move and see they're still out there attacking the Jeons. They've started a war against the Jeon family and they definitely have to pay the price for it," Jungkook uttered in a grave tone on which Namjoon face palmed himself, now getting irritated of the whole conversation.

"Okay, Jungkook. Do whatever you want to do. I know it's useless to stop you from anything because you don't listen to anyone anyway," Namjoon said in a sarcastic tone on which Jungkook closed his eyes and leaned back in the bed as he knew that there's no need to say anything further.

Namjoon went to the couch and threw himself on it with a tired sigh. He pulled out the phone from his pocket and busied himself in scrolling, actually trying to ignore Jungkook.

After few minutes, someone knocked on the door and they both looked when Jimin peeked in. It instantly brought a smile to Jungkook's face and Namjoon noticed it right away.

"Jimin," Namjoon said with a wide smile while standing up from the couch when Jimin came in.

"Hyung," Jimin greeted back and bowed on which Namjoon gently patted his head.

"I wanted to see Jungkook and I also made some healthy soup for him," Jimin mumbled while showing the packed soup to Namjoon who nodded softly in reply.

"He missed you all day," Namjoon uttered in almost like a whisper and winked at Jimin while walking out of the room leaving him alone with Jungkook. Jungkook narrowed his eyebrow dramatically at Namjoon and Jimin just chuckled shyly before walking towards the bed and sitting at its corner.

"How are you today?" Jimin asked softly to Jungkook who was just staring at him intently as if he was enchanted by the beauty in front of him. Jimin always looked beautiful but he usually wore loose clothes and now he was wearing a crop top that was revealing his waist from time to time whenever he moved his hands. Jimin had a beautiful feminine side which was only enhanced when he wore this type of clothes and Jungkook was loving it a lot.

"Aaa...Yes. I'm feeling better now," Jungkook replied in a low voice after a silence of a few seconds.

"That's good to hear. I made this soup for you. It has no spices and there are just healthy things in it so I want you to finish it before it gets cold," Jimin said while taking out the hot soup in a bowl and extending it towards Jungkook after putting a spoon in it. He forgot that Jungkook could use only one hand due to the bandages so it would be difficult for him to eat it.

"I can't use my other hand right now so you've to feed me," Jungkook uttered while showing his free hand to Jimin.

"You can place this bowl here and use the spoon with one hand," Jimin replied while placing the bowl on Jungkook's lap carefully. He wanted to feed Jungkook too but he wanted to tease him first.

"Hey! I'll end up spilling it on the bed so feed me by yourself," Jungkook said while pointing at the bowl of soup placed on the sheets in his lap.

"Just say that you really want me to feed you," Jimin replied cockily with a smug face.

"Okay. I'm saying this because I want you to do that," Jungkook uttered without any hesitation while giving him a flirty smile.

"Why?" Jimin asked while looking towards him.

"You really want me to say that out loud?" Jungkook retorted in a low husky tone with a slightly raised eyebrow.

They looked into each other's eyes and went silent. They continued staring for a few minutes but when Jimin couldn't maintain the intense eye contact any longer he looked away and took the bowl from Jungkook's lap before filling the spoon with soup to feed him. Jungkook smirked and quietly took the spoon in his mouth when Jimin extended it towards him.

After some time, Namjoon knocked on the door and slowly opened it. Jimin and Jungkook were too much engrossed in each other that they didn't even notice someone entering the room.

"How is it? I hope it isn't too bland," Jimin muttered while lifting another spoonful towards Jungkook who smiled before opening his mouth again.

"It's good. I love it," Jungkook replied softly that made Jimin smile.

Namjoon chuckled when he saw Jungkook happily eating the soup from Jimin's hand as just half an hour ago, Jungkook strictly refused to eat anything and now he was taking the spoons in his mouth with a smile on his face.

Jimin and Jungkook both looked back when Namjoon chuckled. Namjoon quietly went to a table beside the couch and took his phone from it before turning to leave the room without saying anything as he didn't want to disturb them. Namjoon was beyond contented that there was someone who could make his brother happy as after their father's death, Jungkook rarely ever smiled like that and Jimin was the reason for it.

"Who's that boy? You didn't allow anyone to enter the room except the doctor and that boy can be with Jungkook whenever he wants," Hyunjae uttered when Namjoon came out of the room and started walking towards the corridor.

"He is the only person who can make my brother happy and that's all you need to know," Namjoon replied with a wide smile and walked ahead to leave the hospital for some important work.


Jimin's POV

I was standing in front of the window when a cold gust of wind stroked my face on which I quickly closed the window and looked back at the doctor who was checking up Jungkook for the past few minutes.

"It would be better if someone stays here in the room in case you need anything," the doctor said while writing something on the file.

"Okay," Jungkook mumbled tiredly and closed his eyes.

"Can I stay here?" I asked out of nowhere and Jungkook opened his eyes again to look at me.

"What?" Jungkook asked softly. I loved how his tone always changed from serious to soft whenever he talked to me.

"Can I stay here for tonight? I've checked everything before coming here anyways. I also put enough food for the kitten so I've no problem in staying here to help you if you need anything," I replied while walking close to him. The doctor nodded while looking at us and went out of the room without saying anything further.

"That will be amazing. You can sleep on the couch, it's quite big so you can sleep on it comfortably or if..." Jungkook said in a teasing tone while smiling at me.

"If?" I asked with a raised eyebrow.

"If you wanna sleep here with me then there's a lot of space for that too," he uttered while patting the space next to him on the bed.

"The couch seems comfortable," I said while walking towards the couch and placing my coat on it.

He chuckled and nodded his head on which I smiled and laid down on the couch before falling asleep in no time due to tiredness.


I quickly ran and locked the room when I saw a car stopped by the gate of the mansion. I looked at the wall clock and it was 11 pm, the time when Ahn usually arrived at home. My whole body started shivering and I felt as if my throat constricted painfully. I looked at my wrists which were still bruised from the events of last night. Tears started forming in my eyes as I knew what was going to happen. It was Ahn's daily routine to come home late at night and abuse me physically and emotionally. His hands always made me feel like I was getting dirty from their touch and the worst part of it was I didn't even know when it was all going to end. I was tired of it. I was so tired of him touching me without my permission, hurting me, and then trying to ease my pain by cuddling me in the end even when he knew how much I hated to be next to him. He was a devil and I hate myself for even thinking about loving him. When my father forced me to marry him I thought that maybe I could love him someday so that I would feel less hurt by the whole situation. He also made me feel special and I started thinking that he loves me and I should try to give myself to him but when I saw his true colors, I realized how stupid I was to even think about something like that.

The door unlocked after a few minutes as Ahn had keys to all the rooms in the house and I also knew about that but I still used to lock the door every single night hoping that he might let me sleep peacefully but that never happened.

He came into the room and looked at me when I was standing there like a lifeless doll. He slowly walked up to me and I took a few steps back until my back hit the wall. He came closer and closer until our noses were touching. I closed my eyes in fear when he cupped my face with his hand and placed a kiss on my lips aggressively. He kissed me again and again but I didn't kiss him back even a single time. He sucked the hell out of my lips and then gripped my ass suddenly on which my breath hitched and he forced his tongue into my mouth easily to explore every single corner of it. He wrapped his arms around me tightly and pulled me impossibly closer to him while kissing. When I couldn't breathe any longer from the intense kiss he was giving me, I tried to pull away but he didn't even budge. After kissing me as long as he wanted, he finally pulled back and a string of saliva was formed between our lips which he licked with a sick smile on his face. He trailed his lips to my jawline and moved his tongue over it slowly. I closed my eyes shut tightly on which tears rolled down my cheeks but I didn't try to stop him as I knew how much aggressive he would get if I interrupted him.

"You're so beautiful, Jimin. That's what drives me crazy. You have no fucking idea what your beauty does to people," saying that he started biting my jawline and then moved his lips to my neck while opening the buttons of my shirt slowly. I still had my hands straight downward and I was just standing there like a statue when he started rubbing my collarbone roughly with one hand while his other hand was playing with my left nipple. Now I was naked from the front with my shirt hanging off my shoulders. I bit my lower lip tightly to muffle down my cries but it only got worse when I started sobbing loudly and he looked at my face with a fake sad expression.

"Don't cry, Jimin. I promise I'll make you feel good. People like you only deserve to be loved and that's what I doing with you. You should be happy on that," he said with a deep husky voice that sent shivers to my backbone and I quickly placed my hands on his chest to keep him away from me when he tried to kiss me again. I had no strength left in me so I only hoped that he might stop after seeing my pleading eyes. I was still sore from last night and only I knew how I managed to stand with that severe pain in my ass. He gripped my hands harshly and moved them down. He kissed me for the last time before picking me up by forcefully wrapping my legs around his waist. I wanted to scream and cry out loud but I knew that no one was going to help me and to take me out of that hell so I let him do whatever he wanted to do, to end it all as soon as possible. He started placing wet kisses on my chest while walking towards the bed and threw me on it harshly.

Right then I opened my eyes and sat couch quickly to look around if Ahn was still there. I heaved a loud sigh when I realized that I was still on the couch where I slept last night and it was just one of my nightmares but the only difference was that, my cheeks were stained from tears and my body was trembling badly. I placed my hand on the chest and felt that my heart was beating at an abnormal pace and my breathing was so fast that it was becoming hard for me to slow it down even a bit. I gulped while looking around once again and taking deep breaths to calm down my heartbeat.

"Jimin," I heard a soft voice on which I turned to the side and saw Jungkook looking at me with wide eyes.

Tears started rolling down my cheeks uncontrollably and I started sobbing while getting up from the couch when Jungkook extended his hand towards me. I quickly walked up to his bed while wiping my tears with the back of my hands. He held my hand softly and patted the space next to him on the bed on which I quietly laid down next to him with my head on his arm. He gently wrapped his other hand around my waist and pulled me closer. I snuggled in his chest and sniffled when he caressed the back of my head before placing a soft kiss on my forehead.

"Are you okay?" he asked in a low voice while looking down at me softly.

"I don't know, Jungkook. I'm...I'm not okay," I mumbled in between my sobs on which he hugged me tightly assuring me that I was protected in his arms and no one could hurt me there.

"Do you want to talk about it?" he asked while caressing my cheek.

"I...I want to tell you...," I managed to say while sobbing on which he just wiped my tears gently with his thumb.

"It's okay. We have a lot of time to talk. Just stop crying. You're fine here," he uttered softly while caressing my back and pulled the covers on me too. Now we were under one sheet and he had his arms wrapped around me tenderly. I was just inhaling his comforting scent with my eyes closed. He was calming me down and I was feeling protected after a long time as I knew that nothing could hurt me when I was there in his arms.


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Jimin's POV

I was lying on the bed close to Jungkook and he had his arms wrapped around me. He was holding me as if I was too fragile and I would break even if he held me tightly. I was just snuggling in his chest while inhaling his soothing scent and he had his chin on the top of my head. He was caressing the back of my head softly and it was calming me down with each passing second. My sobs died down after a few minutes and I finally stopped crying but I still stayed there with my face hidden in his chest as I didn't want to pull away from him.

We stayed like that for a long time and just when I thought Jungkook fell asleep, I received a soft kiss on my forehead on which I felt a sudden spark in my body. I wanted to open my eyes and look at his face being closer to mine but I kept my eyes closed for some reason. After a few minutes, he placed a kiss on my nose bridge and then on the tip of my nose but he stopped suddenly after that on which my heartbeat got faster at the anticipation of what was going to happen next. I thought that he would kiss me on the lips but the kiss never came.

I was waiting for it impatiently with an irregular breathing pattern but Jungkook pulled away from me. I didn't know why but I was feeling really disappointed about that. I wanted him to kiss me and tell me how much he loved me but feeling him pulling away from me was something I wanted the least at the moment.

I slowly opened my eyes and saw Jungkook looking down at me with his brown doe eyes. His stare was enough to tell how he felt about me and I really wanted to tell him that I feel the same about him. He locked his eyes with me and maintained the intense eye contact for a few seconds but then his eyes moved down to my lips. I knew he won't kiss me first as my consent was more important to him after everything that had happened between us so I decided to make the first move.

I moved my face closer to him slowly and he kept staring at my lips. I pecked his lips softly and pulled back showing him that I was finally ready for it and I wanted it as much as he did. He understood it in no time and moved his hand to caress my lower lip with his thumb. He slowly traced my lips while looking at them intently before leaning in and capturing them as if he wanted to taste them so badly.

He attached his lips to mine and when he didn't feel any kind of rejection from my side, he started kissing me hungrily and placed his hand on my waist to pull me impossibly closer to him. My heartbeat quickened and I felt butterflies dancing in my stomach. His hold on me was so tender and I could feel the heat in my cheeks.

I slowly wrapped my arms around his neck and starting moving my lips in sync with him. He trailed his hand to my back and attached our bodies together. I caressed the hair locks on the back of his head and deepened the kiss as I wanted more of it. He bit my lower lip on which I parted my lips and he pushed his tongue into my mouth to taste the strawberry flavor of my saliva and I let him do it. He explored every corner of my mouth and sucked my tongue on which I blissfully closed my eyes.

His manly scent was hypnotizing me and the feeling of my body pressed against his large frame was so satisfying. I was loving it how his hold was getting tighter and tighter on my waist while he was kissing me hungrily. The kiss was only getting intense and deeper with the passing time but when I felt that I was getting short of breath, I pulled away slowly.

We looked at each other for a few seconds with heavy breaths and then I diverted my gaze somewhere else in the room to avoid his intense stare. We stayed quiet for some time trying to understand what just happened and when my breathing became normal I decided to break the silence between us.

"Jungkook," I mumbled while looking at him when our faces were just a few inches apart.

"Hmm?" he uttered softly and tucked my hair bangs behind my ear.

"I..." I stopped while trying to understand what I actually wanted to say on which he just looked at me waiting for me to complete my sentence with his arm still wrapped around my waist.

"I want to tell you about so many things," I replied in a low and worried tone after remaining quiet for a few minutes.

"If it's something that you tensed about then let's just wait for a better time. I'm not going anywhere. I'm here I promise," Jungkook muttered softly while caressing my cheek with the back of his hand and I just heaved a sigh before snuggling in his chest again.

"You don't have to worry about anything when I'm here," Jungkook mumbled in a soft tone before kissing my forehead with so much affection.

"I know," I replied and closed my eyes before falling asleep in his arms peacefully.


Author's POV

Namjoon knocked on the door of the hospital room early in the morning but no one answered. He again knocked on the door but a bit more loudly this time and when there was no response, he opened the door slowly and entered the room only to find Jimin and Jungkook sleeping down on the bed together. Jungkook had his arms wrapped around Jimin securely and Jimin's face was hidden in his chest.

They were sleeping together peacefully on which Namjoon was surprised at first but then he smiled widely before taking a few steps back and walking out of the room. He was beyond happy to see them like that. He knew about the feelings Jungkook had for Jimin in his heart and it was the first time when he saw his brother being this much serious for someone but he was afraid that Jungkook would get hurt if Jimin didn't reciprocate his feelings so he was pleased to see them like this with each other after waiting for it for a very long time.

"Come back after half an hour. He is sleeping right now," saying that Namjoon dismissed the doctor standing outside the room waiting to go in.

When the doctor walked away, Namjoon went to sit on the bench right beside the door while dialing Minho's number on his phone.

"Hey, hyung," Minho said as soon as he picked up the call.

"Jungkook and Jimin are sleeping together," Namjoon uttered excitedly without even greeting first.

"What? As in 'sleeping together'? I mean..." Minho asked in a loud and confused tone.

"Yes, they are sleeping together right now. I mean...not sleeping together like that. They are sleeping with each other on the bed. They are looking perfect. Sorry for being this excited but I'm so happy," Namjoon replied fast in a single breath, and Hyunjae, who was standing close to Namjoon, chuckled loudly as Namjoon was a very serious person but not in the case of Jungkook.

"Okay. Hyung, hold on. Take a breath," Minho replied while laughing, "I'm coming tonight but please don't tell Jungkook. It will be a surprise."

"I'll be waiting," Namjoon replied in a rather calm tone this time and ended the call with a smile.


Jungkook's POV

I woke up next to Jimin in the morning. I opened my eyes slowly and looked at his beautiful face close to mine. How could someone look this much beautiful even in the morning? I thought with a smile and leaned in to place a soft kiss on his cheek. I looked at his face quietly for a few minutes while studying his androgynous facial features. His heavenly lips were parted and I felt a strong urge to capture them again. Instead, I moved my hand to his face to caress his cheek softly on which he flinched a little in his sleep and snuggled in my chest again. I still had my arm wrapped around his waist and when he moved closer to me, his crop top exposed almost half of his waist. I caressed his skin gently with my fingertips. He was indeed the softest, even more than those girls out there. His skin was so slippery as if he was made up of silicon. I moved my hand on his back and started massaging his bare skin slowly. It was so mesmerizing that I just wanted to keep my hand there forever.

I put my face in his nape and inhaled his beautiful scent which was so hypnotizing that it was forcing me to kiss him again and to make love to him until he would beg me to stop but I had to mentally prepare him for that first. I wanted to know so many things about him. I had a lot of questions on my mind but I knew he would answer me soon without even asking anything so I just had to wait for it.

I was lost in my thoughts with my hand still on his back when he opened his eyes slowly and looked at me with a soft smile that made me forget to breathe for a few seconds.

"Good morning," he said in his melodic voice with half-opened eyes.

"Good morning," I mumbled in the softest voice possible while looking into his deep brown eyes.

"Sorry for disturbing you last night," he muttered apologetically in a sleepy voice.

"You never disturb me, Jimin," saying that I pecked his lips on which he turned shy and hid his face in my chest again making me chuckle.

"You're so cute," I uttered and kissed the top of his head while pulling him closer but he quickly moved away when someone knocked on the door.

"Come in," I said loudly in my regular serious tone.

The door opened and Namjoon hyung entered with a warm smile on his face on which I looked at Jimin and he looked back at me.

"Good morning. I didn't want to disturb you but the doctor is coming in a few minutes," Namjoon hyung said with a sneaky tone as soon as he entered the room.

"Tell him to come in fifteen minutes. I'm busy right now," I replied while turning my attention back to Jimin who was looking cutely embarrassed.

"No. I'm getting up from here. Your checkup is more important," Jimin mumbled and tried to pull away on which I pulled him closer to me again.

"Okay," Namjoon hyung said with a chuckle and turned to leave the room but stopped at the door again, "Minho is coming tonight."

"I was wondering where he is," I replied in a low voice when Namjoon hyung left the room.

"Let's sleep for fifteen more minutes," I said with a smile when Jimin looked up at me being caged in my arms on which he smiled back and shyly wrapped his arms around me too before closing his eyes.


Author's POV

Minho arrived in the evening when Jungkook was undergoing physical therapy trying to move his arm and legs. Minho was waiting for the session to be completed while standing outside the room when Namjoon came.

"Hey, Minho," Namjoon said loudly when he entered the hallway where Minho was standing and engulfed him into a tight hug.

"Hyung, how is Jungkook now?" Minho asked in a slightly worried tone while hugging him back.

"He is fine and waiting for you impatiently," Namjoon replied and pulled away.

"I'm dying to see him too. I tried my best to come as soon as possible," Minho uttered in an apologetic tone on which Namjoon patted his back.

"He'll be so happy to see you," Namjoon replied with a smile and knocked on the door before entering the room with Minho. Jimin went back home in the morning after promising Jungkook to visit him at night.

"He is doing great. He will be discharged in a short time," the doctor said with a bow on which Namjoon simply nodded his head and the doctor turned to leave the room.

"Hey, brother. How are you doing now?" Minho asked while walking towards Jungkook who was sitting on the bed with a tired expression on his face.

"I'm okay. I just want to go home. These walls are making me sick," Jungkook replied with a smile while hugging Minho with one arm as his other arm was still wrapped in bandages.

"Just a few more days," Namjoon replied with a smile on which Jungkook sighed while closing his eyes.


Chapter Text

Author's POV

"So, where's your boy?" Minho asked in a teasing tone while standing next to Jungkook's bed in the hospital. Jungkook was sitting against the headboard while drinking his banana milkshake with the straw. They were the only two in the room at the time as Namjoon had some important work to do.

"He was here this morning and I'm missing his face as if I haven't seen him for days," Jungkook replied in a sad tone and sighed before putting the glass on the side table. Jimin called him in the afternoon but Jungkook wanted to see him in person.

"I really want to see this Jimin. I thought you'll never fall in love so I was surprised when Namjoon hyung told me about him," Minho replied while walking towards the window to take a look outside. It was a very cold night and the fog was making it difficult to see anything clearly so he just made a small heart on the windowpane with his finger while listening to Jungkook.

"You guys really think that I fell in love with him because of his appearance?" Jungkook asked in a serious tone while looking at Minho with a straight face. It was true that beauty always attracted him more than personality but that wasn't the case with Jimin. He might have yearned for Jimin's body first but now he knew that he was falling for Jimin's soul that had nothing but innocence.

"You're Jeon Jungkook. You are weak for beautiful things and you don't even think that deeply," Minho replied with a shrug as if it was so obvious while still looking out of the window.

Before Jungkook could say anything, someone knocked on the door softly on which Minho looked back when Jimin entered the room and went straight to Jungkook without even noticing his presence. His walk was too elegant and graceful for a boy, mesmerizing anyone that would look at him.

"Hey," Jimin said in his agile voice and went to sit on the corner of the bed near Jungkook. Jimin was wearing a plain white shirt with a denim jacket and jeans. His blonde hair was parted from the middle as usual.

"Hey, I was waiting for you," Jungkook replied softly with a smile and held Jimin's hand gently on which Minho looked at him being dumbfounded as he was seeing a totally new side of Jungkook. He was Jungkook's best friend but he had never seen him being this much soft with anyone as only his stare was enough to tell how much he was weak for this Park Jimin.

"So this is Jimin?" Minho asked while walking towards the bed on which Jimin stood up abruptly to look at him with a confused expression on his face.

"Yes, he is Jimin. And Jimin this is Minho, my best friend," Jungkook replied while pointing at Minho who was looking at Jimin from head to toe as if he was studying Jimin carefully. He had an idea that Jimin must be very good-looking that's why Jungkook was head over heels for him but he had no idea that Jimin would be that much pretty.

"Nice to meet you Jimin," Minho uttered and extended his hand in front of Jimin who shook it in no time while nodding his head.

"Nice to meet you too," Jimin replied while flashing a blinding smile on which Minho went silent for a moment with his eyes fixed on Jimin's face.

"He is really...beautiful," Minho mumbled after a few seconds while still holding Jimin's hand almost forgetting to let it go.

"I know," Jungkook snickered from behind on which Minho quickly let go of Jimin's hand with an embarrassed chuckle.

"I was just stating the truth. Don't look at me like that," Minho replied while taking a few steps back and showing his hands up in the air. Jimin didn't say anything and went to sit on the bed again with a smile on his face. Jungkook gestured for Minho to go out of the room on which Minho nodded and left the room to give them some privacy.

"He is not in our school right?" Jimin asked out of curiosity as he had never seen Minho with Jungkook before but it was looking as if they were very close to each other.

"He used to study with me but now he lives in Incheon," Jungkook replied on which Jimin simply nodded his head.

Jimin moved his hand to Jungkook's cheek and caressed it softly with his thumb on which Jungkook gave him a warm smile and before Jimin could pull his hand away, Jungkook held it gently and placed a soft kiss on it that made Jimin blush a little. Jimin always loved how even the smallest things Jungkook did, never failed to make his heart race.

"Jimin?" Jungkook asked while still holding Jimin's hand and caressing it with his thumb.

"Hmm?" Jimin hummed back.

"Thank you for coming here every day," Jungkook replied while tucking Jimin's hair bangs behind his left ear and Jimin just leaned into his touch.

"I do it because I like to see you," Jimin mumbled with his eyes closed while still leaning onto Jungkook's hand that brought a smile to Jungkook's face.

"I love to see you too," Jungkook replied in a soft voice while pulling Jimin closer and wrapping his arms around him. Jimin just snuggled in his chest which was his favorite thing to do. Jungkook kissed Jimin's head while inhaling his beautiful scent that used to calm his senses every single time and Jimin heaved a sigh as if he gets comfort only in Jungkook's embrace.

Jungkook was discharged from the hospital in a few days but he had to take a rest at home as his bones needed time to fully heal. Namjoon also insisted Yoongi stay at his mansion to see him recovering in his own watch. Jimin visited Jungkook almost every day for those two months and took care of him a lot. His nightmares became less frequent when he started spending more time with Jungkook. Jungkook recovered completely in almost two months after which the doctors allowed him to do whatever he wanted and the first thing he wanted to do was asking Jimin to go on a date with him as they got a lot closer to each other during this period and he also determined to know more about Jimin as he knew there was so much going on in Jimin's mind and Jungkook wanted to help him in any way he could.


Author's POV

Jimin just came back from school and was lying on the bed with his eyes closed trying to sleep for some time before going to the coffee shop when the doorbell rang. He sighed tiredly and stood up to see who it was. He had a very busy day and he was tired so he practically dragged himself to the door.

"Hey," Jungkook greeted with a warm smile as soon as Jimin opened the door. He had a soft expression on his face when he looked at Jimin with heart-eyes.

Jungkook was standing properly after a long time as his injuries took a lot of time to heal. He was wearing a white dress shirt with denim jeans and his hair was a little shorter than before. He always looked handsome but short hair was giving him a kind of sophisticated look on which Jimin couldn't help but smile.

"I was waiting for you to walk here on your feet again," Jimin said proudly and patted his shoulder.

"Are you happy now?" Jungkook asked while walking in the apartment when Jimin gestured for him to come in.

"You've no idea," Jimin uttered in a low voice and avoided looking at Jungkook while saying that as no matter how long they had known each other, Jimin still got shy some times in front of Jungkook.

Jungkook chuckled at his answer and held his hand softly to turn him when they were walking towards the living room. When Jimin turned back abruptly, his breath hitched when looked in Jungkook's eyes as their faces were only inches apart. His heart skipped a bit and his breathing became a little faster when he felt Jungkook's warm breath on his cheek.

"I'm in a hurry right now so, I don't have a lot of time. I just came here to tell you that I want to take you somewhere," Jungkook mumbled in a low husky voice that sent shivers to Jimin's backbone.

"Where?" Jimin questioned in the same low tone while holding his breath.

"I can walk now so I just want to walk with you by the seashore. Will you come with me?" Jungkook replied and caressed Jimin's hand softly on which Jimin looked down at his hand but Jungkook didn't let it go.

"Jimin? Will you come with me?" Jungkook asked again when Jimin didn't reply for a few seconds trying to feel the gentleness of Jungkook's grip on his hand.

"Ah..yes. Yes, I definitely will," Jimin replied with a stutter when he looked up at Jungkook again.

"Thank you," Jungkook uttered and moved his hand to Jimin's cheek. He caressed it ever so gently with his thumb and cupped it softly. Jimin leaned into his touch quickly as if it was so natural to do and placed his hand over Jungkook's before closing his eyes with a smile plastered on his face.

"I'll pick you up at six," Jungkook mumbled with his hand still placed on Jimin's cheek.

"Okay," Jimin replied in a low tone and his heart skipped a bit when Jungkook moved closer and pecked his forehead gently before finally pulling away.

"Goodbye for now."


Jungkook parked his car in front of the building and stepped out of it in an elegant manner. From his personality and aura anybody could tell that he belonged to a rich family and the way he walked, there was a kind of pride in it. He looked at himself while walking and brushed his already set hair with the help of his fingers. He was wearing a plain navy blue dress shirt with dark blue jeans. He couldn't help but smile on his way to Jimin's apartment. Only the thought of Jimin's face was enough to bring the biggest smile on his face. He took a deep breath and rang the bell while holding a bouquet of white flowers in his other hand. After a few seconds, the door finally opened revealing one of the most beautiful people Jungkook had ever seen in his entire life. His eyes fell on Jimin's face and then he looked at Jimin from head to toe while holding his breath. Jimin was wearing a white silk shirt with black jeans. His blonde curly hair was parted from mid as usual and he was looking like a human doll with beautiful silicon skin and soft features. He didn't look less than any angel in Jungkook's eyes.

"Hey," Jimin said softly with a smile bringing Jungkook back from his thoughts.

"Hey," Jungkook replied with a smile and walked in when Jimin opened the door a little more making way for him to come into the apartment.

"These flowers are for you," Jungkook said and extended the bouquet in front of Jimin who looked at it before taking it.

"Are we going on a date?" Jimin asked teasingly and placed the flowers carefully on a nearby table. Jungkook simply chuckled while walking closer to Jimin and closed the gap between them.

"We can consider it as a date if you want," Jungkook replied with a smirk while looking down at Jimin due to their height difference between them.

"That's not the way to ask out for a date Jeon Jungkook," Jimin uttered while holding his chin up to look at Jungkook in the eyes.

"Then what is it?" Jungkook questioned in a husky voice and Jimin closed his eyes for a second when he felt Jungkook's hot breath tingling on his face.

"You should think about it yourself. I won't go with you if you didn't ask for it properly," Jimin replied with a smile, and without even thinking for a second Jungkook held him from his waist and lifted him up in the air.

"I can't waste any more time in thinking about it now," Jungkook said loudly with a laugh when Jimin shouted his name and hit his shoulder to get him down with his eyes shut tightly.

"Jungkook, I'll fall. What are you doing?" Jimin shouted in a scared tone being afraid of falling down with Jungkook but Jungkook was just looking up at him with the widest smile plastered on his face.

"Trust me Jimin. I'll never let you fall. Ever," Jungkook replied softly on which Jimin just gripped Jungkook's shoulders and opened his eyes to look down at him.

"Promise?" Jimin asked calmly this time with a deep breath still lifted up in the air with Jungkook's arms wrapped around him securely.

"Promise," Jungkook replied with a smile and was caught off guard when Jimin suddenly leaned down and attached his lips to Jungkook in a quick manner as if he was starving for it for a long time. Jungkook didn't wait for a second to kiss him back tightening his grip around him to hold Jimin impossibly closer to him. He started moving his lips in sync with Jimin and kissed him hungrily while taking in his hypnotizing scent.

Jimin was taking the lead this time. He had his arms wrapped tightly around Jungkook's neck with one hand gripping his hair roughly from the back of his head to deepen the kiss. Jungkook licked his lower lip and then bit it to push his tongue into Jimin's heavenly craven. Jimin happily let Jungkook explore every single inch of his mouth and pulled away to catch his breath when Jungkook sucked the hell out of his mouth leaving him breathless.

Jungkook didn't wait a minute to pull Jimin back into the kiss again. They didn't say anything in between their needy kisses and just kept on kissing each other as if their lives depended on it. They pulled back a few times but attached their lips again and again not ready to let go of each other.

"Jungkook," Jimin mumbled in between the kiss and pulled back a little. He removed the hair bangs softly from Jungkook's eyes and cupped his handsome face with his small hands.

"Hmm?" Jungkook hummed while catching his breath with his eyes locked with Jimin's.

"I..." Jimin replied with a tense voice while taking a deep breath when Jungkook put him back down on his feet carefully.

"Is everything okay?" Jungkook asked in a low soft tone. Jimin let himself being pulled closer when Jungkook wrapped his arms gently around his waist to attach their chests together.

There was so much going on in Jimin's mind at the moment. His past, his failed marriage, that psycho Ahn who was still his husband, his scars, his fears, and every other horrible thing that had happened to him was dancing in his mind, making his heart heavy with each passing second and Jimin really wanted to tell Jungkook about everything from start to the end and to be honest with him but he couldn't find words. He didn't even know himself if he couldn't find words to tell those things to Jungkook or he was afraid of feeling everything all over again if he ever tried to say them out loud.

"Promise me you won't leave me no matter what happens," those were the only words that came out of Jimin's mouth when he looked in Jungkook's eyes that had nothing but adoration and care for him. A few tears dropped from his eyes being overwhelmed by the mixture of feelings rushing into his mind.

"Come here," Jungkook said softly with a chuckle and held Jimin's hand to place a kiss on it. He moved his arms up and wrapped them around Jimin's shoulders letting him snuggle into his chest and caressed his back gently before kissing his forehead. Jimin hid his face in Jungkook's chest and sniffled while clutching onto his shirt.

"Jimin?" Jungkook mumbled softly when Jimin's sobs died down after a few minutes on which Jimin looked up and Jungkook wiped his tear-stained cheeks gently with his thumb.

"Would you like to go on a date with me now?" Jungkook asked in a low soft tone with a fond smile on his face.

"Why?" Jimin teased again despite being sad and a crybaby a few minutes ago. He was looking so cute with his nose still red from the tip.

"Because I want more of it, Jimin. I want to proudly tell the whole world that we are together," Jungkook mumbled while pressing his nose to Jimin's cheek on which Jimin finally smiled again.

"That would be honor for me, Mr.Jeon," Jimin replied with a soft giggle and brushed his nose cutely against Jungkook's on which Jungkook chuckled loudly. He held Jimin securely in his arms and pulled him into a hug again making it difficult for Jimin to even breathe properly due to the tight grip Jungkook had around him, holding him as if Jimin was a teddy bear.


Chapter Text

Author's POV

Jungkook stopped the car on a road near the beach. The sun was almost setting and there was dim sunlight around, making everything look even more beautiful than it already was. Jungkook came out of the car and went to the other side to open the door for Jimin. He opened the car door and extended his hand towards Jimin who held it in no time and closed the door behind him after getting out of the car.

They walked towards the shore while holding their hands and smiling as if they were two teenagers who just fell in love with each other. Jimin never thought that he would be able to feel comfortable around any guy again except his family after what happened to him but there he was, walking alone with Jungkook without any kind of fear that he usually felt around other men. They were quietly taking their steps on the sand and none of them said anything for a few minutes as they were simply enjoying each other's company without even saying anything but then Jungkook decided to break the silence between them.

"I'm this much happy after a long time," Jungkook said softly while looking at Jimin and intertwined their fingers firmly as if he was afraid that someone might take Jimin away from him.

"Me too," Jimin mumbled with a soft smile and fixed his coat with the other hand as it was cold and windy. A cold breeze was blowing and striking their faces from time to time but all they cared about was being next to each other. As long as they were together, they didn't care about anything else.

"Although we met every day, I still missed you. I missed spending time with you without any worries," Jungkook uttered and stopped in his tracks to look at Jimin properly. The sunlight was reflecting on Jimin's angelic face and his pale skin was glowing because of it. It was Jungkook's favorite time of the day and now that he was spending it with his favorite person, he never felt this much happiness in his life.

"I'm happy that you're here with me. I thought that I would never be able to see you again when I heard about your accident. I've never been more afraid in my whole life how much I was in that moment," Jimin said in a low sad tone and locked his eyes with Jungkook tightening the grip of his hand.

"I'm not going anywhere. I'm always here with you I promise," Jungkook replied softly with a smile and caressed Jimin's cheek gently with his hand on which Jimin leaned in his touch as if it was his muscle memory.

"Has anyone ever told you how beautiful you are?" Jungkook asked out of nowhere while placing Jimin's hair bangs behind his ear. He expected Jimin to smile back at him but the sudden drop of his expression worried Jungkook.

"Everything comes with a price," Jimin replied in a dull tone thinking about how much easier his life would be if he were not that pretty. He often thought about it how he would have lived a simple life without facing those several hard situations, only if he weren't that pretty.

"Jimin," Jungkook called on which Jimin looked up to hear what Jungkook wanted to say. Jungkook knew it all along but he decided to ask it now.

"Hmm?" Jimin hummed while looking in Jungkook's eyes which had nothing but a sense of care in them.

"There is something wrong. Isn't it?" Jungkook asked and cupped Jimin's face softly with his large hand and stepped closer to him.

"Why are you asking that?" Jimin questioned back, not knowing what else he should say. His breathing became faster as he still wasn't ready to open up about his past and he exactly knew what Jungkook wanted to ask him.

"I can tell that something is wrong just by looking at your face," Jungkook uttered in a low soft tone and leaned in to attach his forehead with Jimin, still cupping his face with his right hand.

"Why?" Jimin mumbled with a crack in his voice and closed his eyes because he knew that if he looked at Jungkook, the sincere expressions on his face will urge Jimin to tell him about everything and he deserved to know everything too.

"You really want to know?" Jungkook asked in the softest tone possible. Their faces were so close to each other that their hot breaths were mixing and striking on their cheeks.

"I do," Jimin replied in almost like a whisper on which Jungkook lifted his chin by his finger and gently pressed his lips on Jimin's. Jimin didn't hesitate in kissing him back and wrapped his arms around Jungkook's neck to pull him closer. Jungkook snaked his arms around Jimin's waist and moved his lips in sync with him. A tear rolled down Jimin's cheek when he felt how tenderly Jungkook was holding him. No one ever held Jimin this way, so gently as if he was a glass doll.

"Did you understand now?" Jungkook asked in between the kiss and moved back a little to look at Jimin's face.

"I want to know more," Jimin mumbled with his eyes still closed and his arms around Jungkook's neck not wanting to let him go yet.

Jungkook leaned in and attached their lips again, kissing more intensely this time. He pulled Jimin closer by moving his hands up from his waist to his upper back and pressing their chests together so that he could feel Jimin's heartbeat against him.

"I love you that's why," Jungkook uttered softly and kept on kissing Jimin while whispering the words in between, "I love you Jimin."

Upon hearing those words Jimin couldn't hold himself back and tears started falling from his eyes. When Jungkook felt his hand getting wet, he pulled back to look at him but soon hugged Jimin tightly when he realized that he was crying. Jimin hid his face into Jungkook's chest and started sobbing on which Jungkook gently caressed his back while mumbling sweet words in his ear. Jungkook had no idea why was Jimin crying so he decided to give him some time to make himself ready to open up his heart.

"Jimin, look at me," Jungkook uttered softly on which Jimin looked up with his red eyes.

"Come here," Jungkook said and sat down on the sand before holding Jimin's hand and pulling him onto his lap.

Jimin didn't say anything and sat on his lap as an obedient kid. Jungkook held him securely in his arms when Jimin hid his face in his chest again. Jungkook kissed the top of his head and let Jimin snuggle in his jacket.

"Look at that," Jungkook said softly after a few minutes while pointing at the sun when Jimin's sobs died down a little.

Jimin looked up at the sky which was orange and red due to the sun setting at the other end of the water, casting its reflection and making beautiful patterns in it. There was a hint of sadness in it or maybe it was only Jimin's heart causing that feeling but being close to Jungkook was enough to make him feel safe despite everything that had happened to him as Jimin knew that it was the only place in the world where he could find comfort.

"It's beautiful," Jimin mumbled looking up at the sky still being caged in Jungkook's arms.

"It's about to get dark in some time but only for some time," Jungkook said while smelling the scent of Jimin's hair while Jimin was just looking at the sky without blinking.

"Is the sun going to disappear forever?" Jungkook asked softly on which Jimin looked up at him with his eyes that had nothing but innocence in them.

"No," Jimin replied.

"Why?" Jungkook asked and caressed the side of Jimin's face softly.

"It'll rise again tomorrow," Jimin replied and closed his eyes slowly on Jungkook's touch as if it was the only thing in the world that could ease him.

"Yes. This darkness isn't strong enough to do overpower something like the sun. We can't see the sun right now but it is still there. It'll come up again and then go down again and come up again, that's what life is. If something bad happens, that doesn't mean it is going to stay like that forever. I've no idea what is bothering you right now but just know that time is the best healer. Everything will be fine I promise," Jungkook said softly and pulled Jimin, even more, closer to his chest.

"What if it won't?" Jimin questioned in a low voice and Jungkook could feel the sadness in it.

"If it won't then I'll make it fine for you," Jungkook said in a soft tone and pecked Jimin's head on which Jimin wrapped his arms around Jungkook's neck and hugged him tightly. Jungkook understood how vulnerable Jimin was feeling in the moment but what made him happy is that Jimin wanted to lean on him in his pain and difficulty. He always wanted this, to be close to Jimin enough to be trusted by him.

"I trust you," Jimin whispered and attached his forehead to Jungkook's with a smile.

"I'm happy to hear that," Jungkook smiled back and brushed his nose against Jimin's like Jimin did before on which Jimin giggled loudly.

"Now let's go it's getting cold," Jungkook said on which Jimin stood up from his lap and they walked back to the car with Jimin clinging onto Jungkook and Jungkook had his one arm wrapped around his small frame, keeping Jimin close to himself.


Jungkook gently placed his hand onto Jimin's, with his other hand on the steering wheel while driving the car back to Jimin's apartment on which Jimin smiled and turned his hand to interlock their fingers.

It was dark now and the road that led to the apartment was mostly empty so it was very quiet and comforting. Jimin leaned back in the seat and closed his eyes feeling Jungkook's gentle grip on his hand. Jimin smiled at how perfectly his small hand fit in Jungkook's hand as if they were made to hold each other. After a few minutes, Jimin felt a soft kiss on his hand on which he opened his eyes to look at Jungkook but Jungkook was looking straight on the road as if nothing happened. It was normal for them now to kiss each other on lips, cheeks, hands, or wherever they want. Jimin was even mentally ready to take things a step further as he knew Jungkook would never hurt him and he never said that out loud but he knew that he was in love with Jungkook and that he can't even think about a single day without him.

After arriving at the apartment, Jimin walked ahead to open the door while Jungkook quietly followed him. Jimin turned the knob, entered the apartment, and nodded Jungkook to come in with him by opening the door a little more and stepping aside. Jungkook walked in and closed the door behind him. It was dark and only a dim lamp was lightening up a room enough to see where everything was. Jimin went to turn on the lights but before he could move away, Jungkook held his hand gently and turned him around. When Jimin turned back, their faces were only inches apart and Jungkook was looking at him with a smile plastered on his face.

"Thank you for coming with me today," Jungkook mumbled in a husky voice.

"It was a good day. I enjoyed spending time with you," Jimin said in a thankful tone with a smile on his face on which Jungkook quietly moved a little more closer to him with their noses touching now. He moved Jimin's hand closer to his lips and placed a kiss on it softly.

Jimin kept looking into his eyes and forgot to blink when Jungkook left his hand and cupped his face gently to peck his lips this time. Jimin closed his eyes when he felt Jungkook's soft lips onto his. Jungkook only wanted to peck his lips once before leaving but Jimin's lips were so addicting that he pecked them again and again. Jimin kept his eyes close the whole time and just let Jungkook do whatever he wanted to do with him. He wanted more of it. He wanted Jungkook to take him tonight. It wasn't because he found it an easy way to cope with his problems but because he trusted Jungkook enough to give his everything to him.

Jimin slowly wrapped his arms around Jungkook's neck and pulled him closer to let Jungkook actually kiss him this time. Jungkook took no time in holding him by his waist and pressing their chests. He attached his lips to Jimin tightly as if he wanted to seal their lips together. He started moving his lips with Jimin while pushing him to the wall behind them. Jimin reciprocated without any second thought and followed Jungkook with his eyes still closed. Jungkook pushed his back gently to the wall and closed all the distance between them. The soft and gentle kiss became more needy with time and they were kissing each other hungrily after a few minutes. Jungkook licked Jimin's lips and bit the lower lip, savoring the taste of the most beautiful lips he had ever seen on a man. Jimin was feeling weak under his touch and starting breathing heavily when Jungkook trailed his lips to his neck and started giving open mouth kisses there. Jimin tucked his fingers in the back of Jungkook's hair and tilted his head a little to give Jungkook more access to his nape.


Chapter Text

Author's POV

Jungkook trailed his lips to Jimin's neck and started giving open mouth kisses there. Jimin started breathing heavily as he was feeling weak under his touch. He tucked his fingers in Jungkook's hair before tilting his head to give Jungkook more access to his nape. Jungkook followed the lead and started kissing every single inch of his neck, not missing a single spot. Jimin wanted this, he wanted Jungkook to touch him and it wasn't only about the touch, he wanted to give himself fully to Jungkook. He was ready to make love with this man. When Ahn used to abuse him and exploit his body to no extent, Jimin always thought that he would never be able to love anyone after what happened to him. But here he was, in the arms of the man who truly cared for him and respected him.

Jungkook traced his tongue along Jimin's jawline and slowly slipped his hand under his shirt, making Jimin's breath go faster as a result. Jimin whimpered on the contact of cold fingers to his waist but he was loving it, how tenderly Jungkook was touching him. Jungkook kissed the end of his lips softly before capturing them again. This kiss was different from all the kisses they had shared before as this time, it was equally needed from both sides. It was a moment of pure bliss for both of them. Jungkook always wanted to just press Jimin against the wall and kiss him until both of them get breathless. He also wanted Jimin to kiss him back with the same intensity and now it was happening for real.

Jungkook pushed his tongue inside Jimin's mouth and Jimin welcomed it happily, parting his lips slightly to let Jungkook taste the blueberry flavor of his saliva. They tangled their tongues together and let their lips dance in perfect harmony. Jungkook moved his hands up from the waist to his upper back and started tracing circles there. Jimin was already a mess, responding to every single touch.

Jungkook moved his hand down and lifted Jimin a little from his thighs on which Jimin quickly wrapped his legs around Jungkook's waist to let the boy carry him wherever he wanted. They continued kissing each other when Jungkook pulled Jimin away from the wall and started walking towards the bedroom. He made his way to the bedroom and turned on the lights before closing the door behind them as he wanted to see Jimin's beautiful face and memorize every single curve of his body while making love to him.

Jungkook carried Jimin straight to the bed and laid him down gently before getting in between his legs. Their lips were still connected as they were not ready to break the kiss yet. They were kissing each other hungrily for the past fifteen minutes but they still wanted to devour each other's lips a little more. Jimin opened his legs wider to let Jungkook fit in between them easily. He let out a moan between the kiss when their crotches brushed against each other. Those beautiful sounds coming out of Jimin's swollen plumped lips were making it difficult for Jungkook to control himself. He moved to Jimin's earlobe and started sucking it, earning more of those sinful moans from the boy.

Jimin's face turned dark pink when Jungkook moved his hands lower and squeezed his hips a little. He gasped when he felt Jungkook's fingers traveling down to his waistband, raising goosebumps all over his skin. Jungkook was being painfully slow but it was because he didn't want to rush anything for Jimin's comfort. He wanted Jimin to feel good on their first time having sex with each other.

Jimin whimpered when Jungkook moved his hand inside his shirt and traced his abdomen slowly, feeling every inch of his warm skin there. His uneven heartbeat died down a little when Jungkook's soothing fingers came in contact with his skin but soon quickened again when he felt Jungkook's hand traveling up to his right nipple. He had his eyes closed as he was feeling numb under the man's touch. He wasn't a virgin as he had sex with Ahn a lot of times but he never felt this good even when his sexual life with Ahn wasn't against his will. It was probably because he never loved Ahn, that's why he didn't know how good it feels to be touched by a person you love.

Jungkook rubbed his nipple softly on which Jimin threw his head back in pleasure. The night was so quiet and the only sound was Jimin's blissful moans filling up the room. Jungkook pecked the corner of Jimin's lips before pulling back a little to take off his own shirt. Jimin opened his eyes at the loss of touch on his skin and looked at Jungkook who was opening the buttons of his shirt to take it off. He had his eyes on Jimin the whole time when he was getting undressed, which made the blood rush to Jimin's face and he blushed before diverting his gaze somewhere else in the room. Jungkook threw his shirt recklessly in the room, revealing a well-built muscular body, and let out a chuckle when he saw Jimin trying to avoid his gaze due to shyness. Jungkook leaned in again and softly grabbed Jimin's jaw with his hand to make him look into his eyes.

"Do you want this Jimin?" Jungkook asked in a husky voice that sent shivers to Jimin's backbone.

"I do," Jimin replied in almost like a whisper when he felt Jungkook's hot breath tickling on his cheek, due to their close proximity.

"You don't have to be shy with me Jimin. Tell me when you feel uncomfortable. Trust me, I'll stop immediately," Jungkook mumbled and pressed his nose against Jimin's cheek.

"I trust you," Jimin replied and caressed Jungkook's face softly with his right hand, with a reassuring look in his eyes that he was okay with it.

"I want you to look at me," Jungkook's voice only turned huskier as he locked his eyes with Jimin before tugging at the hem of his shirt.

Jimin didn't dare to look away as the man ordered to look at him and kept his eyes locked with Jungkook the whole time. Jungkook slowly opened the buttons of his shirt while giving kisses to Jimin every now and then, but the shirt was only midway open when Jimin was struck with a sudden realization. He quickly stopped Jungkook from opening the shirt by holding his hand, on which Jungkook only gave him a puzzled look.

"Can we turn off the lights?" Jimin asked in a pleading tone. He didn't want Jungkook to see those fading scars all over his body. He knew Jungkook would ask about them as soon as he will see them and he didn't want to ruin their first night together by telling him about Ahn.

"Is everything okay?" Jungkook asked in a worried tone while caressing Jimin's face with the back of his hand.

"I just feel more comfortable that way," Jimin mumbled and received a soft kiss on his forehead by Jungkook.

"If you feel comfortable, then I'm okay with it," Jungkook uttered and pulled back to turn off the lights. Of course, he didn't believe the explanation Jimin had given him but, he was growing impatient to touch the boy so he decided to talk about it later.

Jungkook switched off the lights and the only thing that was lightening up the room was the moonlight coming through the window. When he turned back, Jimin was already opening the remaining buttons of his dress shirt. Jungkook eyes filled with lust and he quickly climbed the bed before getting in between Jimin's legs again. Jungkook slipped the now opened shirt from Jimin's shoulders and took it off before throwing it away. Now that the lights were off, Jimin was feeling a little more confident in himself.

Jungkook's eyes grazed over Jimin's perfectly sculptured body, and Jimin blushed profusely at the look in Jungkook's eyes. It was neither entirely love nor lust. It was something in between. It was looking as if Jungkook was not only yearning for his body but his soul too, something that he had never seen in anyone's eyes for him before.

"You are a piece of art," Jungkook uttered and leaned in to place a kiss on Jimin's jawline. He traveled his lips down to the nape and then further to the chest, making Jimin's heart, beat in an erratic manner from the anticipation.

Jimin ran his hand over Jungkook's toned abs on which Jungkook smirked and started licking Jimin's jawline and neck. Their hands were roaming all over each other's body and Jungkook was eating Jimin's lips out when he slowly grabbed the waistband of Jimin's pants and  looked deeply into his eyes as if he was asking for permission. Jimin nodded softly on which Jungkook took no time in pulling his pants and boxers off and throwing them off the bed too.

Jungkook gasped at the sight of how beautiful Jimin was. His milky smooth skin and plumped ass could make anyone go crazy for him. He spread Jimin's legs widely with his hand and locked their eyes again while caressing his inner thigh. Jimin's moans and breath were only getting louder and louder.

"I've to prep you first. Do you have any lube?" Jungkook asked in a low voice while removing Jimin's hair bangs from his face gently.

"No, I didn't sleep with anyone for a very long time," Jimin replied in the same low tone on which Jungkook felt a strange sadness as it was clear that Jimin had someone in his life before. But instead of asking anything, Jungkook caressed his cheek reassuringly and decided to focus on the pretty boy underneath him.

"It'll hurt you. We can stop if you want," Jungkook uttered almost like a whisper on which Jimin quickly nodded his head in denial.

"It's okay. I want this," Jimin replied in a breathy tone while looking at Jungkook with pleading eyes.

"Are you sure?" Jungkook asked and pressed a kiss on Jimin's cheek tenderly.

"I've never been so sure in my life before."

Jungkook was only waiting for Jimin's approval to make sure that the boy was actually ready for it. He pushed his three fingers inside Jimin's slightly parted lips and ordered, "Suck."

Jimin complied without any second thought and close his beautiful full lips around Jungkook's fingers. His dreamy eyes and lips sucking the finger were clouding Jungkook's mind with lust and desire. Jungkook took out the fingers and placed one of them on Jimin's entrance.

"Ready baby?" Jungkook asked while kissing Jimin's chin and Jimin only nodded in reply while his heart swelled on hearing the endearment Jungkook used for him.

Jungkook slowly pushed his first finger inside Jimin and waited for the boy to get comfortable with it. Jimin hissed on the feeling as he felt his hole being filled with Jungkook's long finger.

"Look at me," Jungkook mumbled softly and cupped Jimin's face.

Jimin tried to keep his eyes open when Jungkook slowly pushed his second finger inside too but the pain wasn't making it possible for him to listen to Jungkook's words so he shut his eyes tightly and wrapped his arms around Jungkook's neck before pulling him into a kiss to suppress the painful sensation.

Jungkook kept kissing Jimin while scissoring inside his hole and eventually added his third finger too on which Jimin's body jerked upward with the pain but Jungkook was quick to keep it in place by resting his weight over Jimin's body.

"It's okay. It's okay," Jungkook mumbled and started kissing all over his face to ease the pain as much as he could but Jimin kept panting and his chest was rising unevenly from the abnormal breathing pattern.

Jungkook kept pushing his fingers in and out slowly until he hit the sweet spot of the boy earning a loud blissful moan from him. Jimin held Jungkook's shoulders while keeping his eyes closed and started moaning loudly when Jungkook pushed his fingers inside him deeply while kissing his shoulder blades.

"I could listen to these beautiful sounds forever," Jungkook said while leaving kissing all over Jimin's body and pushing his fingers deeper and deeper.

"Ahh..Jungkook. I'm ready now pleasee..ahhh," Jimin struggled to say in between in his moans.

"Ready for what baby? Use your words," Jungkook teased with leaving hickeys on Jimin's neck and chest.

"For you, Jungkook-ah. Pleaseee.. Hurry up or I'll kill you after this," Jimin managed to say in a breathy tone on which Jungkook chuckled and pecked Jimin's nose before pulling his fingers out.

"I love it when you become sassy with a cute and pretty face like this," Jungkook teased again while opening the zip of his pants and taking them off along with the boxers in one go. Of course, he was as impatient as Jimin but he thought that it was the perfect timing to tease Jimin a little.

"I swear if you continued doing this, I'll call someone else to fuck me," Jimin said loudly and his trick worked when Jungkook trapped him between his strong arms and bit his earlobe harshly.

"Ouchhh. What was that?" Jimin asked with a gasp, looking at the man hovering over him.

"Don't even think about another man when I'm with you," Jungkook uttered in a serious tone this time while setting the tip of his length on the entrance of Jimin's hole.

"You were not listening to...ahhh," Jimin whimpered in between the reply when Jungkook pushed the tip of his length inside him slowly.

"Tell me to stop if it hurts you," Jungkook said softly and pressed his nose against Jimin's cheek, taking in his hypnotizing scent.

Jungkook slowly pushed his length inside Jimin and gave him time to adjust and become comfortable with the size of it. A few tears rolled down Jimin's cheek but he pressed his lips together in a straight line to stop himself from crying because of the pain. Jungkook noticed it right away and stopped midway to pull his length out, on the thought that the boy was being hurt but Jimin quickly held his face in between his hands and nodded him to continue. Jungkook held Jimin's waist and pulled him down before starting to give him small jerks to move his length  deeper inside him. Jungkook kissed Jimin's eyes to take away all the tears that were threatening to fall from his beautiful orbs due to the immense pain. But soon the pain was turned into pleasure when Jungkook hit his prostate after a few more thrusts.

"Ahhh...right there, Jungkook. It feels so good," Jimin breathed out due to the pleasure building up when Jungkook was constantly abusing his sweet spot.

Jungkook started massaging Jimin's nipples roughly. When he looked up, Jimin's eyes were glistening from tears that formed earlier and his beautiful swollen lips were slightly parted, letting out moans that were the most beautiful thing Jungkook had ever heard in his life.

Jungkook moved his hand to Jimin's length and started massaging it too, making Jimin throw his head back with the blissful sensation.

"Jungkook..ahh..I'm coming," Jimin uttered in between his moans and curled his toes when they both reached their orgasms at the same time. Jimin felt his hole filling up by Jungkook's cum and he didn't mind it at all. Jungkook let out a tired sigh before falling on top of Jimin. Jungkook held Jimin by his waist and pulled him on top of his body to look into his eyes while his length was still inside him.

Jimin opened his eyes tiredly and looked at Jungkook when Jungkook placed a kiss on his forehead. Jimin smiled widely and hid his face inside Jungkook's chest to take in his manly cologne. Their chests were rising and falling at the same time and the only sound in the room was the sound of their breaths that were uneven but very calm to hear.

"Jungkook," Jimin called on which Jungkook looked at him with his eyes full of affection and care.

"Hmm?" he hummed in response.

"I love you too," Jimin mumbled before snuggling in his chest again and closing his eyes.

Jungkook smiled and wrapped his arms tightly around Jimin's slim figure before hiding his face in the boy's neck. They were lying impossibly closer and their bodies were tangled with each other.

Jimin sighed with contentment when Jungkook pulled the sheets to cover their naked bodies. Jungkook still had his length inside Jimin when they both drifted peacefully into sleep, unaware of all the problems waiting for them.


Chapter Text

Jimin's POV

"Wake up, baby," that was the first thing I heard as soon as I opened my eyes in the morning.

When I rubbed my eyes and looked up, Jungkook was looking back at me with his usual soft gaze while keeping one hand on my waist and other arm under my head. Memories from last night flashed into my mind and I felt my cheeks blushing profusely.

"I hope I didn't hurt you last night," he said in a low husky tone and I unconsciously hid my face in his bare chest trying to hide my burning cheeks from him.

He chuckled and started caressing my back softly. I inhaled his manly cologne that never failed to calm my nerves down. He had some kind of power over me. Just him being near me was all I needed to forget about everything that had happened to me in the past. He was like medicine to my pain and an end to all my sufferings. I wished I could stay like this in his arms forever.

"You could never hurt me," I replied barely like a whisper which made him put a finger under my chin and lift my face to make me look into his eyes that had nothing but love and affection for me in them.

"I told you I love you, right?" Jungkook asked with a soft smile on his face and attached his forehead with mine. He told me that before but my heart skipped a beat, again, upon hearing those words and I closed my eyes while encircling my arms around his neck.

"I love you too, Kookie," I replied and pecked his lips but before I could move away, he tightened his grip around my waist and attached our chests tightly together as if he was afraid to let go of me for some reason. My breath hitched when he suddenly attacked my lips but then I kissed him back with the same intensity and we soon started moving our lips in sync. He caressed my bare back softly with his hand and I felt the same butterflies in my stomach as I felt last night when he was kissing me and touching me so lovingly as if he was worshipping me.

"I don't think I could ever get enough of you," Jungkook uttered in between the kisses while keeping me close but I couldn't say anything in reply as I was feeling overwhelmed by all the thoughts rushing into my mind. I couldn't remember the last time when someone touched me that way, probably that had never even happened. Ahn was always so rough with me. He never considered my feelings as he always used to put his pleasure before anything else. Soon my eyes started getting wet with tears and Jungkook moved away to look at my face properly.

"Hey, baby. What happened? Did I do something wrong?" he asked me in a worried tone and I just hugged him tightly not really sure of what to say.

"I have so many things to tell you, Jungkook. I'm really different from how you know me," I replied while trying to control my sobs which made him softly cup my face in between his large hands and kiss away my tears.

"I know, Jimin. I know you've got so much to tell me. And if you're not saying anything because you're scared that I'll judge you then you should know, to me, you're perfect. I'll love you no matter what. I'll wait until you become comfortable enough to open up to me about whatever thing is bothering you. Okay?" Jungkook said gently while rubbing my back to comfort me and it did work as my sobs died down gradually and I just nodded while sniffling in his chest quietly. We stayed like that for a while with my face hidden in his chest and his arms holding me securely.

My stomach grumbled suddenly which made Jungkook coo while looking at me and I just chuckled in embarrassment.

"I'm going to make pancakes for us but before that, let's take a quick shower," Jungkook mumbled and pecked my head for the last time before getting up from the bed.

When he got out of the covers, I realized that we were still naked and I felt extremely shy even though we saw each other naked last night. He grabbed his shorts from the floor before walking up to my side of the bed. I didn't want to look like a total creep but I couldn't stop myself from staring at his toned and well-defined muscles. He was looking like a sculptured Greek God. No wonder why so many girls of from our school were crazy for him. He looked at me with a smirk on his face which made me divert my gaze quickly but smile at the thought of him never missing a chance to tease me.

"Can you walk?" he asked me while helping me to get out of the covers. I tried to stand but the pain in my lower back was too much to handle so I hissed because of which Jungkook didn't waste a single second in carrying me up bridal style before walking up to the bathroom.

He walked under the shower and turned it on before putting me down on my feet gently and holding me close so that I could stand properly. My cheeks were burning continuously while we were standing under the shower without any clothes, just the two of us without anything else between us. Jungkook helped me in cleaning up and I could feel his eyes on the fading scars all over my body but he didn't say anything. He just gently helped me out in everything without saying a single word.

After taking a shower, he carried me back to the bedroom and made me sit on the couch to change the covers and get clothes for us to wear. He changed the sheets and put the messy ones in the laundry basket before putting on his clothes from the previous night. He took a towel and some clean clothes from my wardrobe before coming back to me.

"I really want you to stay like this but unfortunately you have to wear something because you can't just walk around naked," Jungkook said with a teasing smile before sitting next to me with a plain white shirt and shorts in his hands.

"You really love teasing me, don't you?" I asked with a chuckle and hit his arm softly which made him just give me heart eyes that I loved so much.

"Yes. I really love teasing you but not as much as I love you," he replied while caressing my cheek with a look of admiration on his face.

After putting on the clothes, he helped me in walking up to the kitchen. He pulled out a chair at the dining table and once I sat down, he slid the chair back in and went to make pancakes for us. I instructed him where all the ingredients were placed and he started preparing the batter.

"Sing a song for me while you're cooking," I said and put my head on the table in front of me as I was still feeling tired and soon his beautiful voice filled my ears, making me feel light and euphoric. I could really listen to his voice all the time and never get tired of it. I didn't even realize how quickly the time passed while he was singing and I was just quietly sitting there.

After some time, Jungkook came back to the table with two large pancakes in his hands and sat next to me after placing them on the table.

"Come here," saying that he gently lifted me from my seat and placed me in his lap while encircling one arm around my waist. I didn't even protest when he fed me with his hand as if I was a kid and I just leaned back into his chest enjoying all the pampering from him.

We spent the rest of the day in my apartment doing random things like watching a movie together and cuddling on the couch most of the time. In the evening I had to go for my shift so he gave me a ride to the coffee shop before going back to his mansion.

"Take care, baby," Jungkook said while opening the car door for me like the gentleman he was. He pecked my lips as soon as I got out of the car. It was as if he couldn't get enough of my lips. My heart skipped a beat because I wasn't used to such kind of affection but I definitely loved it when he called me that.

Even after being with him the whole day, I still wanted to just stay there with him. I started craving for his presence around me all the time but of course, it was impossible so I just sighed and gave him a warm smile before entering the coffee shop for my shift.


Jungkook's POV

I had been with a lot of girls in my life before and I never really thought that I'd fall in love with a boy. No one ever made me feel the way Jimin did. I didn't know what love was. I knew that it must be something beautiful but after Jimin came into my life, I learned that love was so much more than just a beautiful feeling. The way I wanted to be with him all the day, the way his pain made me suffer, and the way his one smile was enough to make me forget about everything else in the world, it all made me realize what love actually was.

When he woke up next to me in the morning, he looked like an angel and I couldn't bring myself to believe that he was really in my arms. I was always afraid of making someone so important that I'd feel like I couldn't live without them. Yes, that's what I felt about the man in my arms because he was everything I wanted in my life.

It was the next day when I was standing in the corridor of the college impatiently waiting for Jimin. It was the first time in my life when I was feeling this excited just to see someone. I was looking at my wristwatch when someone tapped my shoulder from behind and I turned around only to see my ethereal boy standing in front of me in all his glory.

He was wearing a baby pink crop top with ripped jeans. His blonde hair was curly and messily arranged as usual. He was looking like a living porcelain doll with those pink plump lips and naturally blushed cheeks. I didn't give it a second thought before grabbing him by his waist to pull him into a kiss. I missed him too much as if we didn't see each other for so long.

He kissed me back softly and I didn't let go of him even after we pulled back from the kiss. I still held him tightly by his waist not caring about the looks we were getting from everyone else standing in the gallery. It was like that because there weren't many gay couples in our college and the other important thing was that people used to think of me as one of the straightest fuckboys of our college but now here I was, surprisingly standing there in front of everyone with a boy in my arms who I couldn't stop kissing.

"Hi," Jimin mumbled in a breathless tone with a dark pink tint on his face.

"Hi, baby," I replied while caressing his cheek. He always looked so innocent and I felt as if I wanted to protect him from the whole world.

I intertwined my fingers with him when the bell rang, before walking up to our class. When we entered, Hyunjin was standing next to my seat, probably waiting for me to talk about something important. He looked at our hands with a hint of surprise on his face but then walked out of the class without even saying anything. I knew he must be astonished to see us together as I denied it every time whenever he asked me anything related to Jimin.

I didn't think about it too much and just walked up to the seat while holding Jimin's hand. I was busy thinking of taking him on a surprise date when the teacher entered the class and started his boring lecture.


Chapter Text

Author's POV

"I want to take you somewhere today," Jungkook said while he was walking towards the cafeteria with Jimin.

Jungkook was holding Jimin's hand constantly since morning time as if they were glued together and Jimin felt a little embarrassed from all the looks they were getting from the other students in their class or college in general. Nobody ever thought that Jungkook would date a boy and the other surprising thing was that he looked a lot happier with Jimin than he had been with any girl before. Anyone could tell Jeon Jungkook was finally in love with someone. But of course, Jungkook didn't give a shit about what others thought about him and he was just doing what he loved the most; being attached to his boy as much as he could.

"I might be a little busy today. I've missed so many shifts already this month because of my illness. Now I have to do double shifts to compensate," Jimin replied in an apologetic tone, trying to explain to Jungkook why he couldn't give their new relationship as much time as he wanted to.

They sat close to each other on a bench near a large window in the far left corner of the cafeteria. The weather was very beautiful and the blowing winds were messing up Jimin's curly blonde hair but it was only making him look even more ethereal.

"What about having dinner together after you'll be free from your shift?" Jungkook asked while caressing Jimin's hand which made Jimin intertwine their fingers together and give him a warm smile.

"That will be great," he replied.

Jungkook was about to say something further when his phone rang in his pocket. He took out his phone and stood up to take the call. He excused Jimin who simply nodded in understanding and kept looking at Jungkook when he disappeared from the cafeteria to listen to the call properly as the cafe was really busy and loud.

Jungkook walked up to the corridor and entered the first empty classroom. He picked up the call as soon as he saw Namjoon's name appearing on the screen.

"Yes, hyung? Is it something important? I'm in college right now."

"I know how much you love studies. Just say that you can't even spend two minutes without Jimin," Namjoon replied in a teasing tone on which Jungkook let out a deep sigh and started walking back to the cafeteria, knowing that whatever his hyung wanted to talk about wasn't that important.

"Seriously hyung? Did you really call just to tease me?" Jungkook replied almost ending up the call, being a little annoyed.

"Hey! Listen! I just wanted to remind you that you have to meet Mr.Sehun today. I told you about the deal right?" Namjoon asked in a much serious tone now, getting straight to the point.

"Oh! Yes. Thanks for reminding me, hyung. I almost forgot about it," Jungkook replied when he entered the canteen again, smiling at Jimin from the distance who was constantly looking in his direction, waiting for him to come back.

"I knew you must have forgotten about it. Love makes you forg..." before Namjoon could tease him any further, Jungkook quickly ended up the call and took his place next to Jimin again.

"It was hyung. I almost forgot about something really important. He called to remind me," Jungkook stated and put his phone back into his pocket.

"You work in your family's company with your hyung?" Jimin asked on which Jungkook hesitated for a moment about what to tell Jimin. People who knew about his family usually thought of them as some merciless gangsters but in reality, Namjoon never let Jungkook red his hands with the blood of anyone, not even their worst enemy. But explaining this to someone would cause more effort than to let it slip some other way.

"You can say that I help out hyung in so many things. But let's not put too much burden on that pretty head of yours," Jungkook replied and leaned in to kiss on Jimin's forehead at which Jimin's eyes turned into the cute little crescents while smiling.

"I'll pick up at 8:00 pm for dinner," Jungkook uttered and stood up to return home for completing the task assigned by his hyung.

"Okay, I'll be waiting," Jimin replied and gave him a warm smile on which Jungkook's heart melted and it took every ounce of him not to sit down with him again and forget about all the shitty work waiting for him ahead.

"Take care. See you tonight," Jungkook smiled and kissed Jimin's cheek for the last time before turning back and walking out of the cafeteria to go home.


Jimin walked out of the library and was going towards the staircase when he felt someone's presence behind him. He turned around, being a little afraid, but found no one as the college was almost empty. All the students went to their homes after recess but Jimin decided to study in the library for a little while before going to the coffee shop directly from the college.

He was feeling so much tired after the hectic day and he thought maybe he was thinking about everything too much, so he turned back and resumed walking after shaking his head.

When he was about to reach the staircase to go to the ground floor, someone put a strong hand over his mouth to prevent him from shouting, and before he could do anything to defend himself, he was already being dragged to an empty classroom nearby. A cold shiver ran all over his body in anticipation of what could possibly happen to him now.

Jimin was thrown forcefully into the empty classroom and when he turned to see what was happening, Hyunjin was already trying to lock the door. Jimin knew he had to run and that he should do something to protect himself but the memories from the past were flooding into his mind, when Ahn used to lock the door just to abuse him, that made him freeze at the place where he was standing.

Hyunjin quickly rushed to Jimin and held his wrists tightly before pressing him against the wall rather harshly. That was the moment when Jimin came back into his senses a little and started wriggling in Hyunjin's grip.

"What are you doing, Hyunjin? Let me go," Jimin started protesting as hard as he could but to no avail. He was tired from all the college work and he, of course, had a very weak body.

"Let go of you? Do you say that to Jungkook too when he fucks you?" Hyunjin barked back in an angry tone which only made Jimin feel even weaker in his knees.

"Please, let me go. Why are you doing this to me?" Jimin wriggled again but as much as he was trying to get out of the grip, Hyunjin's hold was only getting tighter and more painful.

"Jungkook knew I was interested in you. He fucking knew," Hyunjin started shouting this time trying to bite at Jimin's neck like an animal.

"I'm not a trophy, Hyunjin. Stop treating me like one. What is wrong with you? Let go of me," Jimin felt a sudden rush of adrenaline in his body and for once he tried to fight back although he knew he couldn't get out of Hyunjin's hold who was too strong for his frail body.

Jimin tried to push him away with the help of his small hands but it only angered Hyunjin even more who pushed Jimin onto the edge of a table this time and started opening his shirt forcefully, ripping off a few buttons in the process. Jimin tried to kick him again and again but Hyunjin pressed his strong legs against Jimin's small ones, locking him up in that position.

Jimin couldn't look at Hyunjin anymore. All he could see was Ahn pressing his body on top of him and only the thought of it was so suffocating that Jimin felt as if something hard was pressed against his throat making it difficult for him to breathe.

Jimin started crying when Hyunjin pushed his hands on top of his head by holding onto his wrists tightly. He started abusing Jimin's lips, making them bleed in the process and when Jimin tried to move his head to the other side, he gripped his jaw harshly, forcing his tongue into Jimin's mouth in the process.

Jimin almost gagged and started sobbing when Hyunjin's hand started abusing his nipples. He wanted to shout and call someone for help but he was feeling too weak to even say something. His body was trembling badly as if he was having a panic attack.

"Jungkook is lucky I must say. Your lips are so addicting," saying that Hyunjin attacked Jimin's lips again, actually trying to lessen the noise of his sobs.

"Are you even a boy? I really doubt it. You're too pretty for that," saying that Hyunjin started biting at the collar bone, roaming his hands all over Jimin's body.

Jimin was now still. Unaware of what was actually happening around him. It was as if he was unconscious with his eyes open, looking at nothing in particular. His mind was full of the bad memories from the past that he always tried so hard to forget.

Just when Hyunjin was about to reach for his belt, someone opened the door. Upon hearing his name being called, Hyunjin looked back to see Felix standing in the door with his mouth agape. He realized that he might not have locked the door properly in a hurry.

"What do you think you're doing?" Felix shouted while running towards them.

Hyunjin quickly let go of Jimin's hands when Felix pushed him back harshly. Jimin was just lying there like a lifeless body without any kind of movement. His uneven breathing was the only sign of him being alive.

"I'm just taking what was supposed to be mine," Hyunjin barked without even a hint of shame in his voice.

"Do you even have any idea what Jungkook is going to do with you if he'll know about any of this?" Felix asked trying to put some sense into Hyunjin's head. Being with Jungkook for almost eight years, Felix knew how badly Jungkook loses his temper if anything happens to the things he loves.

"He can't do anything to me," Hyunjin mumbled in a little scared tone as his anger blinded him to see the absolute reality a few minutes ago but now he was thinking a little straight.

"I hope, Hyunjin. I hope he'll forgive you for this one," Felix scoffed while pushing him away and walking towards Jimin.

Hyunjin walked out of the class without looking back when Felix tried to help Jimin in coming back into his senses. He repeatedly called Jimin's name and tried to shake his body but to no avail. Jimin's body couldn't stop trembling the whole time and Felix was now getting frightened about what Jungkook was going to do with Hyunjin because of all this.

Felix ran out of the class to get some water for him. After trying for quite some time, Jimin finally responded and as soon as he saw Felix, he flinched badly and started crying again. No matter how much Felix tried to calm him down, Jimin was just sobbing loudly with his head buried deep inside his arms.

Felix quietly put the water bottle and bag beside Jimin's trembling figure and made his out of the class trying to avoid getting in any kind of trouble.

Jimin leaned to the nearby wall and cried his heart out with no one watching him. His small shivering hands were desperately holding onto the ripped shirt trying to cover his exposed body.

After a while, Jimin wiped his tears with the back of his trembling hands and lifted his bag onto his shoulder. He started walking fast towards the door, practically running to get to his home as quickly as possible. He wasn't paying attention to the stares he was getting from the people on his way back to his apartment. His hair was really messy, his neck was decorated with purple spots and many of the buttons of his shirt were broken. He was definitely looking abused or some might even say, raped.

He ran and ran until he reached home. He quickly locked all the doors and windows of his apartment, being afraid of everything outside those walls of his home. He made his way to the bathroom and turned on the shower before sliding down next to the wall. His tears were dried up until now. All he wanted to do now was to close his eyes and never open them again.


Chapter Text

Author's POV:




It was all Jimin felt when he opened his eyes after so long. All the lights of his apartment were turned off as he was sitting in the bathroom since he came back from school. He didn't even realize when he fell asleep under the running shower because of all the exhaustion. All he wanted to do was to just stay there, with the cold water running all over his body, making him feel as if for a moment the traces of all those touches were being washed away from his body, but of course, it wasn't possible. He knew that those lingering touches and scars on his skin were never going to fade away.

He stood up from the cold bathroom floor by taking support from the nearby sink. His body was shivering badly and he felt extremely cold. His trembling legs were making it difficult for him to walk but he somehow managed to come out of the bathroom.

The first thing he saw, after entering his bedroom, was his reflection in the large mirror attached to the wall. Water was dripping from his hair strands and his lips were turning blue from the cold, but all he cared about was the purple mark clearly visible on his nape. His hand unconsciously reached to caress the skin of his neck and collarbone which were decorated with the same purple marks all over.

He stood there completely still. He saw the same Jimin in the mirror from years ago. Only the hair color was different, while the eyes that didn't hold any sparkle, the pale skin, and the ugly scars from abuse were exactly the same.

He felt disgusted by himself. He wanted to cry but there was a lump in his throat which was making it hard for him to even breathe. Suddenly a knock on the door startled him, making him come back into his senses.

"Baby, I'm here," Jungkook chimed happily from the other side of the door, completely unaware of the hell Jimin had been through in the past few hours.

Jimin didn't give it a second thought before practically running towards the door, not even caring for his trembling legs anymore. He quickly unlocked the door with shaking hands and threw himself in Jungkook's arms before starting to cry again. Jungkook held him with a surprised look on his face due to the sudden outburst. He felt his heart drop as he looked at the crying figure in his arms. Nothing hurt him more than seeing Jimin in that state.

Jungkook tried to coax and talk to him but he quickly understood that Jimin was not in a condition of saying anything at the moment so he just let the boy cling to himself while walking towards the couch in the living room. He settled down on it before pulling Jimin into his lap and holding him into his arms again.

"Talk to me, baby. I'm getting really worried now," Jungkook tried to talk once more and Jimin lifted his face this time, making Jungkook's eyes widen when he noticed the marks on his neck.

He gently moved Jimin's face to the right and felt himself boiling with anger when he saw the ugly bruises all over the milky skin of his neck and collarbone as if someone bit him brutally. He didn't know how to react. He felt a strong urge to just kill the person who tried to lay a hand on his Jimin.

"Who did this? Who dared to touch you?" Jungkook found himself growling but quickly regretted it when Jimin flinched with tears brimming in his eyes.

"Who did this, baby? I just need a name. Tell me," Jungkook asked softly this time trying to relax Jimin in his arms by caressing his back in a gentle manner.

"Promise me you won't do anything bad," Jimin mumbled in a shaking voice and Jungkook couldn't help kissing on his forehead over and over again.

"Jimin, just tell me the damn name. Who the hell tried to even think about coming near to you?" Jungkook couldn't hide the rage in his tone anymore. He was growing agitated and Jimin only tensed against his chest while breathing heavily.

"Hyun...Hyunjin," Jimin sobbed again, leaving Jungkook in utter shock. It wasn't as if Jungkook didn't expect something like that from Hyunjin but he was surprised that Hyunjin did that to Jimin out of all people despite being aware of his relationship with Jungkook. He chose to stay quiet while rocking Jimin back and forth in his arms like a baby.

Calm Jungkook was much more scary than the angry one and Jimin was very much aware of it but he couldn't care of anything else at the moment other than burying his face in Jungkook's chest and inhaling his soothing scent to calm himself.

After sitting quietly in the living room for a very long time and finally being able to calm Jimin down, Jungkook stood up with Jimin still in his arms and quietly made his way to the bedroom.

Jungkook put an ointment on the marks all over his skin before tucking an exhausted Jimin into the bed and lying beside him to take the said boy securely into his arms.


Jimin woke up in the middle of the night with his body covered in sweat despite the cold. He felt suffocated. It felt as if the walls of the room were closing down on him making it difficult for him to breathe. He wanted to scream but there was a lump stuck in his throat.

Jimin quietly moved Jungkook's hands from his waist and got out of the bed after removing the covers from his body. He went straight to the bathroom without looking back. He felt cold, extremely cold. A part of him wanted to go back to Jungkook and stay in his arms forever but the other part of him was reminding him again and again how unworthy he was for a man like Jungkook. He felt dirty from all the touches he had ever felt on his skin except Jungkook's.

He turned on the shower and repeated the same pattern of standing in the cold water and trying to clean his body although he knew it wasn't possible after everything that had happened to him until now. He slid down against the wall and started crying again. He bit his lower lip painfully tight to slow down his ugly sobs but couldn't help it.

There was only one thing to do, at least that's what he thought. He stood up from the shower and took out the razer from the nearby closet but before he could put it on his wrist, Jungkook entered the bathroom and harshly took the razor from his hand before throwing it back in the closet. Jimin felt himself being held tightly in Jungkook's arms within a moment.

"What do you think you were doing?" Jungkook was really upset and it was clearly evident from his voice.

"I can't do this anymore, Jungkook," Jimin mumbled barely audible when Jungkook tightened his grip around him.

"How could you even think of doing that to me, Jimin?" Jungkook asked with a crack in his voice and a tear rolled down his cheek.

"This isn't the first time something like this happened to me. I feel dirty and I know nothing is ever going to be okay," Jimin hid his face in Jungkook's chest crying his heart out in the middle of the cold bathroom.

Jungkook let Jimin cry in his shoulder as he was too shocked to even say anything for a few minutes. He had no idea what Jimin was saying. All he knew was that the boy was hurt and he wasn't there to protect him when he was going through everything all alone.

Jungkook felt Jimin trembling in his arms and took him back to the room by carrying him in his arms. Jimin was clenching tightly on his shirt as if his life was dependent on it.

Jungkook quickly took him to the bed and covered him with a small blanket before making his way to the closet to get some warm clothes for him. He gently helped Jimin in changing the wet clothes and dried his hair with a towel before coming back and taking him in his arms again.

Jimin was quiet this time and was zoned out while looking at nothing in particular. He came back into his senses once he felt himself being tightly pressed against Jungkook's warm chest. They sat in complete silence for some time with Jimin being held securely in Jungkook's arms.

"I was married, Jungkook. His name was Ahn," Jimin mumbled and felt Jungkook go tense against his body. He knew Jungkook was holding his breath due to shock. Anybody would have done the same in such a situation.

"I was so young to even understand what went wrong. I was happy...with dad and Taemin hyung but one day dad told me out of absolutely  nowhere that I was going to get married. Father loved me so much when I was a kid. I don't know why he did that to me," Jimin was cold even under the warm blankets. He was finally telling Jungkook everything but it wasn't what Jungkook imagined at all so he was just quiet like a stone, processing every word leaving those beautiful and plumped lips.

"I knew I didn't love Ahn but I wanted to try. I wanted to have a normal married life like anyone else. He was...good. At some point, he did make me feel that I was special for him but everything changed in the blink of an eye and before I could even understand what went wrong between us, he...he was a completely different person," Jimin let out a chuckle and Jungkook could feel the pain behind it.

"He hurt much. I don't even remember a single day when I genuinely smiled after that. How could I even do that when I was getting abused by the same person who treated me like a prince at the start of our marriage? He...locked me away from the world. I used to...I used to stay in that room for days. I wasn't allowed to see anyone. He never listened to me no matter how much I cried and begged him to let me go. I still feel the weight of his body suffocating me whenever I close my eyes at night. I thought...I thought that I would never be able to escape that hell. He raped me countless times and when I thought that it couldn't get any worse than that, then one night....," Jimin started trembling again and Jungkook was quick to kiss him on the back of his hand reminding him that nobody could hurt him when he was there in his arms.

"That new year night, he was drunk. There were so many people. I could hear people dancing and drinking out of the locked door of my room. I understood Ahn was giving a New Year party while leaving me alone in that dark room, all by myself. I was trying to sleep when I heard the door unlocking and," Jungkook could feel Jimin struggling with his words now, "Ahn wasn't the only one that night. There were...there were two more men with him. I only remember crying for help when all three of them pounced on me like animals. They left me alone on that cold floor, sobbing and bleeding. No one heard me, Jungkook. No matter how much I cried, no one heard me," Jungkook felt as if he was being stabbed with every single word Jimin let out.

"I don't remember after how long, Taejoon entered the room and ran towards me with a duvet in his hands. He was my savior. He was the one who called Taemin hyung with his phone and told him to take me away before morning. Ahn had always warned the servants not to tell anyone about me but Taejoon did it anyway. He helped me get out of the backdoor when it was dark. Taemin hyung helped me in leaving Busan," Jimin intertwined his fingers with Jungkook while tears were rolling down uncontrollably on his cheeks, "and then I came here and met you. You made me realize that somehow I could trust people again. With you, I thought that I could forget about everything but today...I felt as if I was lying on that cold floor again and no one was listening to me just like that night."

Jimin turned around and hugged Jungkook tightly while crying his heart out. Jungkook quickly hugged him back and tightened his grip around Jimin while caressing his back gently and kissing his teary eyes again and again.

"They have to pay for everything," Jimin didn't hear Jungkook mumbling in his nape as he was long passed out due to exhaustion.


Chapter Text

Jimin's POV

"You know what you have to do. I've already told you everything. Just take care of it," Jungkook's voice echoed through my ears as soon as I opened my eyes in the morning.

The previous night was hard for me and opening up about my past in front of Jungkook was even harder. I didn't know what was keeping me from telling him everything. Was I ashamed of not being the pure boy he thought I was? Or was I afraid of trusting someone enough with my feelings again? If it wasn't for Jungkook, I would never have been brave enough to say everything out loud. It was like living that worst night of my life once again but at least I had Jungkook there to hold me this time.

"Thank you," I murmured when Jungkook looked at me after ending the call and putting the phone on the side table.

"What for?" he asked me softly when I rolled over the bed and hid my face in his chest.

"For always being here for me," I replied in a shaky voice, being overwhelmed by the same emotions again. I knew Jungkook would never judge me for the things that had happened to me in the past but I couldn't help feeling ashamed of the fact that I was married before meeting him and I kept it a secret as if it wasn't a big deal. Even after all the secrets, I was there lying in his arms. He loved me unconditionally and I knew I could never thank him enough for that.

"When I said I love you, I meant it, Jimin," he mumbled in his melodious voice and caressed my left cheek softly with his hand before placing a kiss there.

"Do you still want to be with me?" I whispered.

"What do you mean?" Jungkook was looking down at me but I couldn't meet his eyes so I just kept my face hidden in his chest.

"I hid so many things from you. I should have told you about myself earlier," I felt tears rolling down my cheeks again, "I tried so many times but I was afraid to even think how are you gonna react after knowing that I was married."

"I'm a little mad at you. Not for keeping everything a secret, but for not trusting me enough to share it with me before and going through all the pain alone," he whispered softly while brushing the hair back from my face and kissing away my tears. He definitely knew how to keep me calm and sane.

"You know what I love about you the most?" he asked after a few minutes of silence and I just hummed in response while inhaling his calming scent.

"The most beautiful thing about you isn't your pretty face, it's your purest heart and soul. You shouldn't be thankful for the things I'm doing for you. It is me who should be thankful to you for giving me a chance after everything that had happened to you in the past," he told me softly while brushing his nose with mine. He was like home for me as I used to find peace only in his presence.

"We've to get up now. I've called a doctor. He will be here any minute," Jungkook stated while helping me sit against the headboard.

"Why did you call the doctor?" I asked uncomfortably which he sensed quickly and placed a kiss on my forehead before replying, "You have a fever from sitting in the cold water for too long last night."

I nodded when the doorbell rang and Jungkook got out of the bed to answer the door. Soon a doctor, who must be at least forty years old, entered the room along with Jungkook. The doctor pulled out his equipment from the bags and Jungkook gave me a comforting smile before leaving the bedroom.

The doctor checked my temperature and looked at me sympathetically when he saw the bite marks on my neck. Jungkook definitely told him about everything that happened to me the previous day as the doctor asked me softly if I was forced more than just those marks on my skin and the cut on my lips which I denied quickly. I understood that Jungkook didn't want to make me uncomfortable by asking me if Hyunjin forced himself on me more than he knew.

The doctor wrote a few medicines on his prescription pad and walked out of the room after advising me to take care of myself. Soon Jungkook came back in the room with some boiled eggs and a bowl of soup in his hands.

"How are you feeling now?" he asked me softly while placing the tray of food next to me on the bed.

"As long as you're here with me, I'm good," I gave Jungkook a weak smile on which he quickly reached for my hand and intertwined our fingers together before placing a kiss on the back of my hand.

"I want to see you smiling again. You've to get better quickly," he mumbled while tucking a hair strand behind my ear and looking at me ever so softly. He reached for the spoon and fed me with his hand as if I was a kid. I quickly complied as I loved it when he pampered and took care of me.

"Hyung will come here tonight. He called me to ask why I didn't come home yesterday and I said that you're sick so I'll stay here with you for a few days. He was worried and wanted to see you too so I agreed," Jungkook murmured and I nodded while gulping the soup down.

"Are you okay with it?" he asked and handed me a napkin to clean my face.

"Of course, I'm okay with it. He can come here any time," I gave him an assuring smile and he smiled back while walking out of the room with the tray in his hands.

Jungkook gave me the medicines prescribed by the doctor and we soon cuddled up in the bed again. Being next to him was all I needed at the moment, so he just held me tightly in his arms and sang a song for me. His voice was so calming that I quickly fell asleep again.


Author's POV

Jungkook pecked Jimin's lips and stood up from the bed when he heard a knock on the door. Namjoon called him a few minutes ago, informing him that he was just a few blocks away from Jimin's apartment. Namjoon was like an elder brother to Jimin. He was beyond happy to see Jungkook being genuinely happy because of someone after the death of their father. Jimin was bringing a lot of changes to Jungkook in a positive way and Namjoon couldn't be more thankful to him for that.

After reaching the apartment, Namjoon dismissed the bodyguards and ordered them to wait for him in the car. He hugged Jungkook as soon as the door was opened. Jungkook was looking tired and anxious but Namjoon shrugged it off thinking that it must be because of Jimin's sickness.

Namjoon walked into the bedroom with Jungkook by his side only to find Jimin covered in pastel pink blankets on the bed. It was looking as if he had been crying just a few minutes before his arrival as his eyes were really puffy and red.

"How are you, kid?" Namjoon asked and took the seat next to his bed while patting his head gently.

The room was warm and cozy with light colors all around. Namjoon smiled at the softness of everything. It was exactly what he expected from a boy like Jimin.

"I'm feeling better now. Kookie is taking good care of me," Jimin replied weakly with a faint smile on his lips and Namjoon chuckled at the fact that Jungkook wasn't bothered at all when Jimin called him Kookie. If someone else had called him that, Jungkook would definitely be irritated.

"I hope your condition is not that bad now. Jungkook told me that a doctor visited you today," Namjoon uttered softly when a photo caught his attention. There was a beautiful crystal frame on the right side of Jimin's bed that had a photo of him and Jungkook. They were smiling widely towards the camera, looking the happiest together.

"Yes, hyung. You really don't have to be worried. The doctor gave me a few medicines so I'm much better now," Jimin replied and his eyes followed Namjoon's gaze towards the photo. It was their photo from the day Jungkook took him to the beach for a walk. He couldn't help but smile at the memory of them walking by the seashore away from the world during the sunset.

"I can't even explain how happy I'm that you two found each other," Namjoon smiled while looking towards Jungkook who was standing near the door of the bedroom, "I can see how much happy he makes you Jungkook, and I want you to do the same for him."

Jungkook walked slowly towards the bed and sat next to Jimin who moved quickly to make more space for Jungkook beside him. Jungkook gave him a warm smile and placed a kiss on his forehead before replying, "I'll try my best. I want to make him the happiest."

"Aren't you too much whipped, Jeon?" Namjoon teased when Jungkook intertwined his fingers with Jimin's and caressed his cheek softly with the other hand. Namjoon chuckled at the realization that he should get going instead of sitting there with the two lovebirds and being a third-wheeler.

"Stay here until he gets perfectly fine," Namjoon told Jungkook and patted his head affectionately before getting up from his seat, "I'll call the school administration. You two can stay home for a few days."

"Thank you for everything, hyung," Jimin muttered softly on which Namjoon stopped while walking towards the door and looked back at him.

"You're like my little brother, Jimin, so I don't want to listen to you thanking me for such small things," Namjoon replied in a sincere tone and Jimin couldn't help smiling at the care and affection he was getting after a long time.

"Tell me if you need anything. I'm always willing to help you no matter what you ask for," Namjoon replied softly and walked out of the room followed by Jungkook.

Just when they left the room, Jimin's phone rang and he picked up the call as soon as he saw Taemin's name appearing on the screen.

"Hyung," Jimin couldn't hide the ache and tiredness in his voice. He was feeling oversensitive since yesterday and he just wanted to be with the people who actually loved and cared for him.

"Jimin-ah, are you okay?" Taemin asked in a worried tone as he quickly sensed that something was wrong.

"Yes, hyung. Everything is fine. I'm just...I'm missing home," Jimin replied with a sniffle, imagining his life before he got married. Everything was too perfect to be true. He wanted to go back there desperately. The only difference he wanted was Jungkook being there with him too.

"Do you really think I don't know that it isn't the only thing that is bothering you? What happened just tell me," Taemin voice was so pleading that a tear rolled down on Jimin's face.

"Everything is okay, hyung, I promise. I just got emotional on hearing your voice," Jimin wiped the tears from the back of his hand while biting his lower lip tightly to stop himself from crying.

"Do you want me to visit you again? I'm missing you too," Taemin replied sadly when Jungkook came back to the room and sat on the edge of the bed quietly.

"No, hyung, it's fine. I know you've got a lot of work to do. I often become emotional. I'll get better tomorrow," Jimin replied while nodding Jungkook to come and join him in the bed.

"Are you sure?" Taemin asked softly.

"Yes, hyung. I'm sure," Jimin replied when Jungkook settled next to him under the sheets and took him into his arms.

"I love you, Jimin-ah," Taemin confessed already knowing how Jimin would perceive it.

"I love you too, hyung. Bye," Jimin replied while ending the call and placing the phone on the side table before leaning more into Jungkook's warm embrace.


Chapter Text

Author's POV:

"Put the phone on speaker," Jungkook said in a calm tone while standing on the balcony of Jimin's apartment and smoking a cigarette.

Jimin was sleeping peacefully in his room. Jungkook made sure that everything was placed right beside him, in case he needed anything if he woke up. It was three in the morning and Jungkook was standing in cold, not caring for the freezing winds that were blowing and striking his face from time to time. All he cared about was the shouting sounds he was hearing in the background of the phone call. He wanted to listen to them more clearly, so he ordered one of his most trusted men, Hyunjae, on the other side of the call to put the phone on speaker.

"I didn't do anything more than just kissing him I swear," Hyunjin's voice was pleading, and Jungkook could easily sense the panic in it.

It had been three days since that incident with Jimin but Jungkook was too caught up in taking care of him and trying to fulfill his needs, that he didn't confront Hyunjin for everything he had done, until now.

"You shouldn't have even kissed him, Hyunjin," Jungkook replied while smoking another cigarette and blowing the smoke through his nose. He knew Jimin would be angry if he saw him smoking again but the only thing he had in his mind at the moment was revenge and a payback of all the pain Hyunjin had inflicted on his angel just a few days ago.

"It's your fault, Jungkook. I did it because of you," Hyunjin was shouting again like he was doing when he was taken into the deserted warehouse on the order of Jungkook.

"You still have this habit of blaming other people for your mistakes?" Jungkook replied calmly, exactly opposite to how Hyunjin was behaving on the other side of the line.

"You destroyed my relationship of three years, just because Joy wanted to sleep with the great Jeon Jungkook. You knew that she was my girlfriend but you still fucked her. You've no heart. You don't give a damn to anyone other than yourself," Hyunjin's shouting was a mix of panic and anger.

"She came to me, Hyunjin. I told you she was a slut. I did you a favor but you never believed me. She was throwing herself at me since the first day. You should've seen it coming," Jungkook didn't care any less about the whole drama between Hyunjin and Joy but Hyunjin was holding onto that stupid thing for years, bringing it up from time to time.

"You still slept with your friend's girlfriend. Why are you getting so upset now if I wanted to do the same with your pretty little boyfriend? Aren't we the same?" Hyunjin was trying to provoke Jungkook now, unaware of what Jungkook could actually do with him and get away with it so easily.

"You touched my boyfriend against his will. Did you really think I was going to let you get away with it that easily?" Jungkook threw the cigarette on the floor and crushed it with his shoe.

"You want to have every fucking thing in the world. You're the reason why my only serious relationship didn't work out. And when you learned that I was interested in Jimin..." before Hyunjin could finish his sentence, he heard Jungkook shouting furiously.

"I don't give a damn whom you're interested in, Hyunjin. If I ever heard my boyfriend's name from your dirty mouth again, I'm gonna slice your tongue in two," Jungkook was practically screaming and Hyunjin chuckled at how quickly Jungkook's tone changed when he mentioned Jimin's name.

"I think I should've fucked him instead of just kissing him. I must say you're lucky, Jungkook. Jimin is a very pretty boy," Hyunjin's voice was provoking.

"Don't make me do this to you," Jungkook's tone was calm once again that sent shivers down Hyunjin's spine but he carried on anyway.

"He was looking very beautiful with those tears in his eyes when he was begging me to let him go," Hyunjin laughed maniacally. Jungkook only gripped the phone tightly in his hand while walking inside the room and locking the glass door behind him.

All the memories from that night flashed through his mind when Jimin was holding a blade in his hand to hurt himself. He was looking so weak and vulnerable with his small shaky hands. Jungkook remembered holding his trembling figure in the middle of the cold bathroom floor when he was sobbing in his arms.

"You should've seen how he was looking under me," Hyunjin let out another dark chuckle but there was a hint of fear in it.

"I wish you haven't done it, Hyunjin," Jungkook mumbled in the speaker while walking towards the bedroom door where Jimin was sleeping.

"I wrecked your relationship like you wrecked mine. Jimin is definitely going to think about me when you'll get intimate with him," Hyunjin laughed making Jungkook stop in his tracks realizing how much true that statement actually was.

"Enough, Hyunjin. Hyunjae, take care of the rest. I'm tired, I really want to sleep now," saying that Jungkook ended the call and threw the phone on a couch in the living room before walking up to Jimin's bedroom and opening the door only to find Jimin curled up in the bed, sleeping peacefully like an angel.

Jimin was heart-wrenchingly beautiful, the kind where time stops with a simple glance at his ethereal features. But only a few people know how broken he actually was and how much pain he was hiding under that beautiful smile of his.

Jungkook's mind was full of the memories of that night when Jimin cried in his arms telling him about the hell he had been through. Jimin was the softest and kindest person he had ever seen in his entire life, so he nearly teared up at the thought of someone hurting him that badly. He wished that he were there when Jimin was going through all those things but unfortunately, he wasn't and he couldn't change anything that happened to him in the past. But Jungkook was with him now, and the only thing he could do was to make sure that no one ever hurt his Jimin again.

He slowly walked to the bed and laid down next to Jimin, taking him into his arms before covering both of them with the warm blanket. Jimin wiggled a little in his sleep, blabbering something that could be hardly understood. Jungkook chuckled and put his hands on Jimin's waist, brushing his nose down against Jimin's neck, the scent of him more intoxicating than any other drug.

"No one can hurt you when I'm here," Jungkook declared, pulling Jimin gently against his chest. It was his favorite position to sleep in, legs tangled and arms bracketing the smaller man. That way he was able to feel and hear every single one of his movements, the soft noises Jimin sometimes made in his sleep, the rise and fall of his chest as he breathed, the little bit of drool that slipped past his beautiful lips and onto Jungkook's arms. Jungkook found it the cutest thing in the world.

He pressed his lips on Jimin's neck and kissed it again and again. He knew Jimin could wake up but he just couldn't get enough of the pretty little boy in his arms.

"Did you really wake up in the middle of the night to kiss me?" Jimin asked in a sleepy voice. He was looking so cute while trying to open his droopy eyes to look at Jungkook, which made Jungkook chuckle and place a kiss on his lips this time.

"Do you blame me?" Jungkook replied and started kissing his jawline. Jimin giggled and pushed Jungkook softly with his small hands.

"You can kiss me in the morning. I'm not going anywhere," Jimin replied and hid his face in Jungkook's chest when Jungkook pulled him closer again.

"'I don't think I could ever get enough of you," Jungkook mumbled softly and hugged Jimin tightly before closing his eyes.


Jimin woke up earlier than Jungkook the next day and decided to make breakfast for both of them. He was feeling a lot better because of all the care and love he was getting from Jungkook. He brushed Jungkook's hair away from his eyes and placed a kiss on his forehead before getting out of the bed.

He was mixing the eggs in the bowl when he heard Jungkook coming downstairs. He looked back at his boyfriend who was just wearing his sweatpants and was standing there half-naked with his messy hair. Jimin gave him a warm smile and Jungkook didn't take more than two seconds to engulf him in his arms.

"Why are you making breakfast? Why didn't you wake me up?" Jungkook asked in a hoarse voice while brushing his lips against Jimin's earlobe.

"It's not your duty to feed me, Jungkook. You're cooking for me for the past few days. Let me do this now. I'm feeling a lot better," Jimin replied with his concentration still on the eggs in front of him.

"Come here," Jungkook said and pulled him away from the stove without any warning, "Sit here quietly," he made Jimin sit on the counter despite all his whining.

Jungkook prepared the rest of the breakfast and Jimin just sat there quietly on the counter with a pout on his lips. Jungkook put all the things on the table and came back to Jimin to help him get off the tall counter. He chuckled upon seeing the adorable pout on Jimin's lips.

"Hey! Don't give me that look," Jungkook mumbled on which Jimin frowned and folded his arms in front of his chest with the pout still on his face.

"You pamper me too much. Don't do that," Jimin mumbled when Jungkook walked closer to him and stood in between his legs.

"I thought you liked pampering," Jungkook replied while snaking his arms around Jimin's waist.

"I used to like it but not anymore," Jungkook could sense the sadness in his voice.

"And why is that?" Jungkook asked softly making Jimin look into his eyes.

"Dad used to do that. He gave me everything I ever asked for, fulfilled all of my wishes, and cherished me more than anyone else. Those things made me happy when I was a kid but then he turned my world upside down and when I left my home, I realized that I had nothing. I knew nothing about life. I didn't even know how to stand up for myself," Jimin whispered and hung his head down.

Jungkook lifted his face softly with a finger under his chin and made Jimin look into his eyes again, "I'm not going to leave you like him. I promise."

A tear rolled down Jimin's cheek on hearing those sincere words. Jungkook gently wiped his cheek with his hand and pulled him into his arms before placing a soft kiss on the hair, "You don't have to be worried about anything now." Jungkook let Jimin snuggle into his chest for a few minutes and then carefully pulled him down from the counter.

Jungkook sat on the dining chair and pulled Jimin onto his lap before feeding the omelet to him and kissing his cheeks again and again.

"I have no idea what I would've done if you weren't here with me," Jimin mumbled while leaning back against Jungkook's warm chest and placing his head on the taller boy's shoulder.

Jungkook smiled and before he could say anything further, his mobile phone rang in the pocket of his sweatpants. He took it out to see the caller's ID and picked up the call after a few seconds. Jimin's stayed quiet with his eyes closed.

"No uncle. I haven't talked to him for days," Jungkook said casually, "Yes. Okay, I'll inform you if I heard anything from him. Yes, definitely. No problem," Jungkook talked to the person for hardly two minutes before ending the call.

"Who was that?" Jimin asked when he opened his eyes and saw Jungkook's stiff expression.

"Hyunjin's father. He apparently didn't come home so his father was worried," Jungkook replied and tucked Jimin's hair gently behind his ear.

"You don't have to do anything with it right?" Jimin asked while sitting up straight on Jungkook's lap and looking into his eyes.

"Why would I have to do anything with someone like him?" Jungkook replied calmly, "He does that often. It isn't the first time he didn't come home for days. Let's get up now, I've got plans for us today," Jungkook said with a smile and got up with Jimin in his arms before walking back to the bedroom.


Chapter Text

Author's POV

Jimin closed his eyes and remembered how cool the floor under his bare and bruised body felt when he had snuggled into himself on the worst night of his life. It was something that was imprinted on his mind and he could never forget that feeling no matter what. Only he knew how his heart and soul broke into tiny pieces that could never be mended again, when Ahn left him alone, crying on the cold floor of their dark bedroom.

He reopened his eyes when something warm trickled into his hand and looked up surprised at finding that Jungkook was standing above him. He'd been so caught up in the inner turmoil that he failed to notice Jungkook had come over to him. His boyfriend had a shower-fresh glow and was dressed comfortably in black sweatpants and a white t-shirt that swallowed his frame perfectly. His black hair was damp and curled over his eyes, strands catching on his lashes as they always did when he finished showering. Even from where he stood, the aroma of scented rain surrounding Jungkook rolled off his skin and seeped into all of Jimin's five senses, and yet it still wasn't close enough for comfort. As if reading his mind, Jungkook brushed a finger over the curve of Jimin's cheekbone gently, soft eyes unwavering, "Move over, baby," he uttered.

Jimin complied without a word, scooting back against the couch to make room for Jungkook who sank down, arms encircling Jimin's small waist pulling him close and settle them into a locked, comfortable position that sealed off all space between them. Jimin folded like a house of cards from the touch, pliant in an instant as he brought his own arms to twine around Jungkook and tucked his face against his boyfriend's neck. Inhaling deep, the scent of rain was like a luring temptation, drawing him into a gentle slumber. Jimin didn't need to say a single word to make Jungkook understand what was going on in his mind.

Jungkook just took Jimin into his arms and let him snuggle into his chest as he knew it was the only thing that could put an end to Jimin's anxiety. Jimin needed to be assured that he was safe and Jungkook was always there for him to remind him that.

"Let's go out somewhere today," Jungkook mumbled in Jimin's ear while caressing his face softly.

"Where?" Jimin asked with his eyes closed. Jungkook's warmth was so comforting that Jimin nearly fell asleep in his arms.

"You didn't go out for days, love. I want you to get some fresh air. It will help you get better soon," Jungkook replied and placed a soft kiss on Jimin's forehead earning a contented sigh from him.

"Okay," Jimin murmured and scooted himself closer to Jungkook even more. Jungkook tucked his chin on top of Jimin's head and let the boy find solace in his arms.

"Do you want some coffee?" Jungkook asked softly after a few minutes which made Jimin nod his head and untangle himself from Jungkook to let him go to the kitchen.


"So, I don't make coffee as good as you do but I tried my best," Jungkook said, slowly bringing the hot cup of coffee to the nightstand next to Jimin, setting it down gingerly so it wouldn't spill. It was still very hot, steam was being released from it.

Jimin was sitting under a pink fluffy blanket, only his eyes, forehead, and mop of hair were visible. The way Jimin was looking up at Jungkook with those big, chocolate brown eyes was drawing Jungkook in. Jimin was like a siren. Like a drug for him, and there was no explanation for it.

There was absolutely no explanation for what the small boy was doing to Jungkook. All Jungkook knew was that he could do this every day and not mind. He could walk into his room and see Jimin like this under his sheets every single day and never get tired of it. Jimin stayed like that, looking up at Jungkook, and he felt inclined, obligated even, to press a small kiss onto Jimin's cute button nose. At the contact, Jimin's eyes fluttered shut. Jungkook couldn't see it because of the blanket shielding half of the face but he was smiling wider than ever.

"Thank you," Jimin mumbled earning a warm smile from Jungkook.

Jimin quietly and carefully finished his coffee, hoping he wouldn't spill anywhere. To ensure he wouldn't, he had to lean over to the nightstand to finish it. Jungkook was sitting beside him, playing with the shiny strands of Jimin's hair. He was singing a song, actually kind of mumbling but it was relaxing regardless.

When Jimin was done with the coffee, he laid his head on Jungkook's chest who pulled him closer by the waist. The blanket was pulled over the both of them now, their legs tangled under the sheets, Jungkook couldn't have it any other way.

"You have a beautiful voice, Jungkook. I love it so much," Jimin whispered, drawing shapes with the tip of his finger over Jungkook's pec.

"Thank you, baby," Jungkook whispered, continuing his song.

They were supposed to watch a movie but with Jungkook singing to him and his large hand in Jimin's hair, playing with his locks, Jimin accidentally fell asleep. Jungkook could tell by the steadiness of Jimin's breathing that he did. It made him smile. He really could do this every day.

"What have you done to me, Park Jimin?" Jungkook whispered, still playing with Jimin's hair. Besides him, on the nightstand was his lamp, turned on. It was still day outside and Jungkook couldn't get up to close the curtains because of the pretty boy lying on his chest, so he decided to just turn the lamp off. Thankfully due to the dark clouds and lack of sun outside, the room was dark enough for them to fall asleep. Jungkook smiled while looking at Jimin's angelic face and wrapped his arms around the small boy, falling asleep with him.


Jimin let out a sigh as he fixed his gaze on the river flowing a little distance away from him. The night air was pleasant, a bit chilly but mostly pleasant. There weren't many people nearby, tonight the crowd had been opportunely low. Jimin stretched out his back, leaning back on his arms as he sat on a low hill in the park near the river. He was completely overwhelmed and captivated by the beauty of the river, the magnificent bridge right above it, and the flickering lights and waterworks, and the slow music playing in the air. He felt all the tiredness of his mind wash away as he closed his eyes and waited for Jungkook, who had gone to buy them some chocolate-flavored ice cream.

As he rested there with his eyes closed, Jimin started reflecting on the events of the whole day. His mind rewinding and replaying the recollections on its own. All the fun the two of them had when Jungkook took him to the arcade to play games, how they fed each other when they went to the restaurant, their little but deep conversations, and also their long drive with soft music playing in the car. Jungkook was doing everything possible to drift Jimin's mind away from all the thoughts. A sly smile etched on his lips as he remembered the look on Jungkook's face when he played the game and won a plushie for him. How he had taken Jimin to get some new clothes and told him to try them on before buying.

He was standing outside the changing room when Jimin came out of the booth, wearing a warm royal-blue sweater. His blond hair was disheveled that probably messed up when he was trying to put that fluffy sweater on, but it was only making him look more adorable than he already was. His milky skin was glowing even more in that bright color. In short, he looked like a complete human doll. Jungkook couldn't help but wonder how was Jimin even real and how he got so lucky to be loved by an angel like him. He slowly made his way to Jimin who stood holding the sweater paws with his cute little hands.

"Do you like this one?" Jimin asked shyly while looking at Jungkook with his puppy eyes.

"I like everything on you. Even if you wear a sack, you'll still be the most beautiful person I've ever laid my eyes on," Jungkook shrugged as if he was stating the most obvious thing in the world.

"There's no point in asking you. You always say the same thing," Jimin pouted as he strode towards the changing room to try another oversized sweater Jungkook had chosen for him saying that he wanted to cuddle a fluffy Jimin at home.

Jimin blinked back into the present as he felt cold. He looked around, suddenly cautious of his surroundings. There were just a few couples enjoying each others' company and the beautiful view of the river some feet away. Jimin felt the sudden restlessness and anxiety cloud his mind as his eyes searched for Jungkook. After a few agitated moments, his eyes finally caught the sight of his handsome boyfriend walking towards him, with a huge grin on his face and carrying two containers of ice cream furnished with whipped cream and wafer.

"You alright?" Jungkook asked as he placed the containers on the grass beside them and sat with Jimin.

"Yeah, I guess," Jimin muttered while letting out a deep sigh.

Jungkook moved closer to Jimin and back hugged him, his legs on both sides of the latter.

"What's wrong, baby?" He asked softly while caressing Jimin's hair away from his forehead, "Do you wanna go back home?"

Jimin shook his head, "No. I was just hard you're trying to make me happy," he said and gave Jungkook a warm smile.

Jungkook pulled Jimin closer, his chest flush against Jimin's back as he protectively wrapped his arms around the said boy.

"You deserve so much more than what I'm doing for you," Jungkook whispered against Jimin's ear, "I won't ever let anyone get anywhere near you again. You deserve to be happy," Jungkook tightened his arms around him as if punctuating his words.

Jimin felt the same weird warmth seep all over his body all over again. His throat felt parched as blood rushed to his face. Their proximity and Jungkook's words somehow made him feel protected, though he was the older among the two, Jungkook never failed to make him feel protected. It was weird, the strange feeling made his heart flutter against his chest, the fact that Jungkook was always there for him whenever he needed someone.

Jungkook kissed his jawline and trailed the lips to his collarbone. Jimin was rather glad for the darkness of the night or else the younger would've easily seen his flushed cheeks. His cheeks were tinted pink although the current position of their bodies was nothing intimate, he still silently pleaded with his heart to get back to its normal rhythm. Jungkook said something in between the kisses, maybe about the river or the faint music or the ice cream, Jimin wasn't sure, he didn't hear properly. He took a deep audible breath as he felt the younger's hand find his own. Jungkook laced their fingers together, as his other arm was firmly wrapped around him. Jimin finally dared to tilt his head a bit to look at Jungkook, only to be met with the same hooded eyes that had so much love in them.

"Jimin," Jungkook mumbled on which Jimin breathed slowly, "You told me you used to dance before. Do you still like dancing?"

"Yeah, but why are you asking all of a sudden?" Jimin replied softly while looking into Jungkook's eyes.

"I want you to join a dance academy. The owner is Namjoon hyung's friend so I talked to them personally. You can do what you love and they'll take care of you there but only if you want to dance again," Jungkook murmured and placed a kiss on Jimin's lips. Jimin's eyes suddenly sparkled like a happy kid.

"Oh my God, Jungkook! I'd love to," Jimin chirped with the widest smile on his face that made Jungkook's heart flutter.

"I don't know what I'm gonna do with you, Park Jimin," Jungkook stated and pulled Jimin closer to himself even more. Jimin smiled and wrapped his arms around Jungkook's neck in excitement. Jungkook brushed his nose against Jimin's, earning cute giggles from his pretty boyfriend, and started devouring his beautiful lips, not giving a damn about other people around them.

There they were on the bank of the river, sitting in each other's arms and kissing each other passionately as if only the two of them mattered in this entire world.


Chapter Text

Author's POV

"What happened uncle? Namjoon hyung called me. He told me that you got a message from Hyunjin," Jungkook said on the phone while sitting on the couch with Jimin's head in his lap.

Jimin had his eyes closed shut and he was trying so hard to focus his mind somewhere else so that he doesn't have to hear Hyunjin's name again but the conversation between Jungkook and Hyunjin's father was sounding too grave to ignore.

"He texted me this morning. He said that he doesn't want to live with us anymore and he told me not to search for him any longer," the volume of the call was high enough for Jimin to hear everything that the man on the other side of the line was saying.

"Why don't you trace his number? I mean it is clear that he doesn't want to live with you anymore but at least you'll know where he is," Jungkook replied casually while caressing Jimin's hair softly with his free hand.

"Honestly I don't care where he is right now. He didn't even talk to me properly for the last three months. The only thing he cares about is money. He only came to me a few times and it was when he needed money for his bullshit. He will come crying to me when he will run short of money again," Hyunjin's father said bitterly.

"I hope so, uncle. Just tell him to call me when you'll hear from him," Jungkook ended the call with a smile and turned to Jimin who was staring at him for quite a few minutes now.

"Jungkook," Jimin mumbled softly. He was feeling restless for some reason and he didn't even know why. He might be feeling that way after hearing Hyunjin's name again, but a part of him desperately wanted to know that Jungkook didn't have anything to do with Hyunjin's sudden disappearance.

"Tell me you didn't do anything wrong," Jimin whispered while looking at Jungkook who was staring back at him.

"I didn't do anything wrong, Jimin. Trust me," Jungkook replied softly. His voice was so assuring that it made Jimin guilty for a second for asking such a question.

"I trust you with my life, Jungkook," Jimin mumbled and attached his forehead with Jungkook's before letting out a deep breath which he didn't even know he was holding for the past few minutes.


Jimin decided to watch a romantic movie to lighten up their moods. Jimin brought some caramel flavored popcorn from the kitchen and placed them on the glass table in front of the couch where Jungkook was sitting. Jungkook smiled and gestured for Jimin to come to sit in his lap which Jimin complied without a second thought.

Somewhere in between the romantic movie playing on the TV screen in front of them and the faint drizzle against the window right behind them, Jimin found himself almost lulled to sleep in the cocoon of Jungkook's warm body beneath his own. He sighed contentedly, snuggling deeper into Jungkook's chest, and Jungkook immediately reciprocated by tightening his arms around Jimin's smaller frame. The environment was more than perfect, as they cuddled on the couch.

Jimin's conversation with Jungkook from hours ago rang in his ears, he had been pondering over the matter since then. He just wanted to think about something else. He knew he had already wasted a lot of time in thinking about a person, Hyunjin, who almost raped him in school that day so he just wanted to divert his attention somewhere else. He just wanted to be happy with his loving boyfriend who was trying so hard to make everything alright. He wanted to feel Jungkook again so that he could forget about all those touches that were making his mind go insane with each passing day. All he had to do was to imply to Jungkook that he wanted to get intimate, but the moment he as much moved his body his heart plummeted.

Jimin took a deep breath, trying to calm his nerves down. This was it, the thing he really needed in their relationship again. The prospect of having sex with Jungkook after everything that had happened in the past few days was leaving an itch under his skin, though he wasn't quite sure why he now wanted it so desperately even though Jungkook had proposed to take each step slow. A part of him could no longer endure the fact that there was a small distance between them because of all the events. But the larger part wanted to reassure his boyfriend that Jimin was his - heart, soul, and body. Jimin knew deep down that it was more for Jungkook than for himself.

A somewhat sharp intake of breath shook Jimin out of his stupor, his mind registering the faint moans and grunts reflecting off in the silence of the room. Jimin forced his eyes back to the movie, and yes, of course, the main protagonists were immersed in the very act of sex. Jimin stared wide-eyed at the screen for a moment before his mind registered the hard member pressing against his stomach. All the circumstances seemed to favor him and he bit his lip contemplating his next move. Jimin then slowly moved his hand to the said region, anticipating Jungkook's reaction.

Jungkook took a sharp breath as Jimin pressed his hand against the hardened length. The reaction was enough to encourage his advances, so the blonde stirred and pressed against Jungkook's cock with more gusto, palming at it and rubbing it over the material of his jeans.

It didn't take him long to get desperate, Jimin was himself painfully hard at the given moment and soon enough he gathered enough courage to unbutton the Jungkook's jeans.

"Fuck Jimin. Come here," Jungkook groaned the moment Jimin unzipped his pants. His hands moved to cup Jimin's face, bringing him up into a passionate kiss. Jimin mewled into his eager mouth, all while rubbing against the bulged outline and finally dipping his hand in to wrap his fingers around the scorching member.

The feeling was mind-numbing. Jimin whined at the fact that his hand couldn't completely wrap around the thick girth. He slowly sat up, hooking his fingers into the waistline of Jungkook's boxers, silently asking him to raise his hips. Jimin was glad that his hands seemed to work on their own accord, he didn't want to rethink his actions. Jungkook obliged and Jimin didn't waste any time to get his boyfriend rid of them, grateful on the inside that Jungkook wasn't questioning him. Jimin couldn't help the soft moan that escaped his lips at the sight of the large member in front of him. Jungkook was indeed very long, thick, and so hard. He swallowed and took a deep breath as he finally lowered his head to leave a trail of kisses down Jungkook's chest, nuzzling, licking, and sucking his way down to Jungkook's hips. It was the first time when Jimin was initiating something intimate between them. It was because he desperately wanted to give himself to Jungkook again and he knew that Jungkook wanted all this too but he was being careful with him ever since the incident. Jimin just wanted to give Jungkook something in return for all his efforts. He really wanted to please his boyfriend.

All the while Jungkook watched with hunger burning into his pupils as Jimin placed a tender kiss on top of the swollen tip. The blonde slowly raised his head to gauge Jungkook's reaction and his breath instantly hitched as his eyes met Jungkook's wild gaze.

"I-I want to make you feel good, Kookie," Jimin mumbled softly when Jungkook still didn't say anything. His piercing gaze causing the shivers to run down Jimin's spine. He started fidgeting, fingers curling and uncurling around the hem of his own t-shirt until Jungkook finally spoke up. His large hands finding Jimin's, touch warm and assuring.

"You know you don't have to, right?" Jungkook asked in a tender voice and Jimin found himself nodding slowly. Jungkook then sat up, bringing the smaller into a gentle yet heartfelt kiss, as if trying to convey all his emotions through it.

"There's no rush, baby. We can always take everything slow," Jungkook breathed against Jimin's plump lips, sucking softly onto the lower one.

"I know, Kookie. I just, I just want to." Jimin replied back, chasing the younger's sweet, sweet kisses. Jungkook was completely overwhelmed with emotions, the boy he loved so fucking much, was desperately trying to give him pleasure. Jungkook sighed softly, leaving one last kiss over the tip of Jimin's nose, and then laid back down. The implication was clear, Jungkook was now anticipating Jimin's next move. Jimin had clearly given his consent, not that he wanted to back down, but that it felt more real now.

"Okay," The blonde muttered more to himself, steadying himself to pioneer ventures into little-known waters. He positioned himself over Jungkook's legs, straddling them as he leaned back in. He started by placing small pecks all over Jungkook's member, the brush of lips, however, soon being replaced by the tongue and soon enough Jimin was sucking on the head. It felt right, the feeling of having his mouth so full of Jungkook ecstatic. He sucked a bit harshly, making the oh-so-satisfying groans rip out of Jungkook's throat. His mind barely registered what he was doing, his mouth working on its own. It moved the way he deemed would bring more pleasure, the way he would like to be sucked, and how Jungkook groaned and how his hands had found their way into his pretty boyfriend's blonde locks, massaging his scalp to spur him on clearly indicated that Jimin must've been doing it somewhat right.

Jimin maintained his grip on the member, licking the underside, licking it all over till his tongue was sore, till he felt the lower set of his teeth dig into the ventral of his tongue. His own body buzzing with arousal, his ears ringing, skin feeling prickly and he desperately ripped the t-shirt off his own body before diving back in. But before he could take the swollen cock back into his mouth, he was being lifted up. Jungkook secured the blonde's legs around his waist, his hands gripping his backside firmly and Jimin shuddered as he clung onto Jungkook's shoulders. Yes, Jungkook was taking him to the bedroom. It dawned upon him that he was now beyond the line of return, not that he wanted to return anyway.

Determination and desire burning into all his pores, his own leaking cock begging to be touched from its confines as his aching mouth now found its way onto that of Jungkook's.

The room was dimly lit, their own ragged breaths the only thing perceptible besides the faint sound of rain pouring against the large window. Jungkook lowered the smaller boy onto the bed and kissed him fervidly until the latter was a writhing mess in his arms. He set off to explore the lithe body carefully, almost religiously kissing every patch of skin offered to him and listening to the sighs and hisses that filled the room.

"You want this?" Jungkook growled into the blonde's ear, teeth biting onto the supple flesh, leaving blues and purples in their wake. He still asked before diving deeper, though he silently prayed that Jimin wouldn't change his mind now at this point. His cock was leaking, curving into his stomach, the reveries that had pent up all through these months begging to be finally unleashed.

"Yes, Jungkook. Please," Jimin moaned as he arched his back, desperately rubbing his clothed erection against Jungkook's bare one. "I want to feel you again, Jungkook. Please," Jimin cut himself off with a loud moan, throwing his head back on the pillow as Jungkook palmed at his erection. He rubbed at the smaller boy's cock a few times before he got desperate to feel the skin. His hands fumbled with the button for a moment and then pulled Jimin's pants and boxers lower enough that he could take him into his mouth.

Jungkook didn't tease around, neither he nor Jimin had the patience for that at the moment. He started bobbing his head with purpose, taking Jimin in as much as he could and even more than that. Jimin's whimpers and choked cries music to his ears. Jimin could feel his body burn with arousal. The moment Jimin started slowly fucking into his mouth, Jungkook sat back on his knees, his eyes hungry. He watched with infatuation as Jimin squirmed, whining about the loss of warmth around his cock, wiggling around and trying to get himself rid of the boxers and jeans stuck around his thighs. Jungkook wordlessly pulled them off, throwing them somewhere over his shoulder before diving back in, unable to hold himself back for any longer.

Jimin looked ethereal like that, face a pretty shade of deep red and plump lips open as he hungrily gasped for air. It all seemed like a dream, having his pretty boy himself begging for getting fucked. All he needed was to feel every inch of the blonde's skin on his tongue, to ravish him whole. His hands caressing Jimin's sides and his thighs as Jungkook laid his marks all over the lithe body. He then moved back up, kissing the life out of those plush lips, sucking onto Jimin's throat, and feeling the vibrations radiating off before actually hearing the moans. Covering the pale, smooth skin in reds and purples, spanning the constellations across the blonde's ribcage.

Jimin's chest stuttered, breathing out Jungkook's name like a mantra as Jungkook sucked onto the light brown nubs, ready and sensitive, orphaning Jungkook of any other thoughts. All he knew was Jimin, all he could feel was Jimin. Jungkook's eager mouth kept traversing down, leaving the trail of his love behind, making sure that Jimin was prettily covered in reds and blues from his neck, his torso, to his limbs. Making sure that the marks would remain there for days, reminding Jimin of this. And also to remind everyone else that Jimin belonged to him and only him. His own body was full of scratches and bites. Jungkook then gave a last kiss to the blonde's swollen tip before getting up on his knees. Jimin was still panting, his mind hazy as he looked up at Jungkook with questioning eyes, but soon exhaled a shaky breath as he watched the taller get up and reach to the bedside table. Jungkook fumbled a bit with the drawer before pulling out a bottle.

"Remember, only I can touch you like this from now on. I won't let anyone else touch what's mine ever again," Jungkook declared lowly. Jimin nodded quickly, not trusting his own voice anymore.

"Turn around." Jungkook then said and Jimin instantly complied. The blonde laid like that, on his stomach, awaiting Jungkook's touch. He panted against the pillow before his breath suddenly hitched the moment Jungkook caressed the back of his thighs, hands kneading the flesh as they moved up to the blonde's cheeks. Jungkook then grabbed Jimin's hips, bringing him up on his knees.

"Part your legs, baby." Jungkook tapped on his thigh and Jimin did as he was told. Aroused, embarrassed, and bare. Jimin was somewhat grateful that Jungkook had asked him to lay on his stomach, he was grateful that he could hide his burning face in the pillow.

Chapter Text

Author's POV:

"Part your legs, baby." Jungkook tapped on the blond's thigh and Jimin did as he was told. Aroused, embarrassed, and bare. Jimin was somewhat grateful that Jungkook had asked him to lay on his stomach, he was grateful that he could hide his burning face in the pillow.

"You had this on your mind, didn't you?" Jungkook growled as he cupped Jimin's cheeks. Massaging and chafing. All gentle and mellow. Jungkook kept massaging around, his hands moving up to the base of Jimin's spine and down to the back of his thighs. Jimin just moaned softly at the feeling, his hips moving slightly with the taller's ministrations. He felt himself relax more and more with each passing second, his body unwinding and slacking.

"Just like this, baby." Jungkook said softly, "I want you to relax. I want your body to relax." Jungkook lowered himself then, kissing up from the base of Jimin's spine, leaving open-mouthed kisses all over. His hands never stopped though, the galvanizing friction numbing Jimin's senses.

"You're doing so well, baby. So good for me," Jungkook praised as he kissed along the blond's ribcage. Jimin just moaned back, eyes shut and hands clutching onto the sheets as he felt his cock begin to drool all over the sheets. Jungkook then moved back to sit straight, the blonde's body warm and pliant in his hands. Just the way he wanted. So he picked up the bottle from his side, uncapping it and pouring some lube onto his fingers, rubbing it a bit to warm it up before getting back to his boyfriend. He slowly parted Jimin's cheeks, his breath hitching at the sight. Jungkook then started rubbing against the tight rim, his other hand sprawled over Jimin's lower back.

"J-Jungkook..." Jimin whimpered and Jungkook instantly replied by caressing the smaller's back with his free hand.

"I'm here, baby. Just tell me if you want to stop, okay?" Jungkook asked softly.

"O-Okay," Jimin replied as he tried to relax again.

The feeling was uncomfortable at first but, he slowly found himself beginning to like it. Jungkook was just massaging around his hole as he did with his lower body before. His fingers were gentle and careful but arousing at the same time. After a few moments, Jungkook squirted some more lube onto his fingers, massaging around a bit more before finally pushing the tip of one finger inside.

"Relax Jimin, just relax baby. You're doing so well," Jungkook cooed, his voice strained, a clear sign of how patient and gentle he was being with Jimin. Jimin felt his body tremble, the intrusion was weird as always though not painful. Jungkook kept massaging just inside of his hole, dipping the tip in before pulling it back out, and just like that he stretched the blonde a bit whilst kissing any patch of skin his mouth could reach and feeling the gasps and moans surge into his bones. Jungkook now had two fingers in.

"Fuck," Jungkook growled, fingers deep inside the blond's heat, other hand drawing circles on Jimin's back

"You prepared for this, didn't you? Tell me you did, Jimin," Jungkook demanded, there was this edge to his voice that made the blond's knees go weak. Jungkook wasn't wrong though, Jimin had taken half an hour-long bath, cleaning himself, with the thoughts in his mind before settling down to watch the movie with his boyfriend. Jimin managed a pathetic yes followed by a whimper as Jungkook pushed the third finger in.

"G-God..." Jimin stuttered, his hole convulsing. Jungkook reached around the smaller's body and started tugging at his drooling cock, immediately trying to distract him. The stretch somewhat burning, bringing slight discomfort.

"Relax baby, please just breathe for me," Jungkook soothed, his fingers now idly sitting inside Jimin's pink hole while his other hand was stroking the blond's cock, teasing the tip and spreading the pre-cum all over his length. After having deemed it fine to continue by the way Jimin had calmed down, Jungkook slowly began fucking his fingers back into his hole. The heat and tightness numbing his mind. He desperately needed to feel the same around his painfully hard member.

Jimin moaned softly, the burn of the stretch slowly fading away as he felt himself loosen up a bit. Jungkook was getting deeper and deeper with his fingers, his pace steady, and Jimin couldn't help but want more of it. The tingles having enveloped his whole pelvis.

Jungkook pulled his fingers out after a bit, pouring some more lube onto them and sitting more comfortably. He brought the smaller closer, his free hand going between Jimin's thighs to hold onto the blond's hip. That way he would have a good grip on Jimin's body. Jungkook's fingers then slipped back inside the blond's hole, the pad of his fingers facing down as he started moving them before to backward. He felt around a bit, angling his fingers again and again till he finally felt the soft grooves beneath them. Jimin's reaction was instantaneous, the blond arched his back and threw his head back, moaning wantonly, his voice breaking with each cry.

"G-God! God!" Jimin cried out, his legs trembling. Jungkook moaned back, his resolve threatening to break as he started moving his fingers with purpose, pressing down onto the group of nerves harder. Faster.

"God, please! Please!" Jimin moaned loudly, his hips stuttering, tears brimming his eyes as he started moving his body back to feel more of the pleasure Jungkook was giving him.

"You like that? Am I making you feel good?" Jungkook gritted out, breathing harshly through his nose, his grip on the smaller's hip bruising.

"G-Good, so good Kookie," Jimin moaned, his breath hitching each time Jungkook's fingers brushed against his prostate.

"Please don't stop! Please don't stop!" Jimin chanted, his head almost spinning, body seeming to float, surrounded by nothing but Jungkook. Only brought back when Jungkook grasped at his hip harshly, Jimin realized that Jungkook's fingers had stopped moving at some point in his daze.

"Keep going," Jungkook said as he took a sharp breath, his hand on Jimin's hip guiding him back and forth. Jimin plopped his head down on the pillow, moaning wantonly as he fucked himself on Jungkook's fingers, desperately trying to discover that sweet spot again.

"You're doing so well, baby. So good. Just like that, keep moving," Jungkook breathed as he lowered his head to kiss the blond's sweaty temple. Jimin tilted his head then, face painted red as he silently asked for the taller's hand. Jungkook brought the blond's palm to his mouth first, kissing it before letting Jimin tightly hold onto his hand. His grip vice.

"How does it feel?" Jungkook rasped.

"I-I feel like...I feel like I-I'm," Jimin bit his lip, trying to hold back the cries threatening to rip out of his throat.

"Yes, you will, baby. You'll come like this," Jungkook drawled and Jimin whimpered. And soon enough he was throbbing around the taller's fingers. Jimin moaned loudly this time, quivering and gasping as his body gave up and fell onto the mattress, pulsing with orgasm.

Jungkook watched him come undone, just from his fingers. Not able to hold back anymore, his hand grabbed the smaller's hips and dragged his body closer, raising his legs so he could kiss the sensitive skin around Jimin's hole, drenched and soft and still stretched around his fingers.

"Fuck, I can't," Jungkook released a guttural groan and pushed his tongue inside, his fingers starting fucking the smaller relentlessly.

"O-Oh God! God, please! J-Jungkook," Jimin cried out as Jungkook continued devouring him. At one point the blond's legs finally gave out but Jungkook didn't waste a second to flip him around. Jimin looked ethereal with the plump lips parted, red and bitten, eyes screwed shut with a few tears escaping the corners, and his whole face flushed from his hairline down to his chest. Jungkook groaned at the sight, instantly moving down to crash his lips against those of the smaller, making him even more breathless. Jimin wrapped his arms around Jungkook, hugging him closer. He spread his legs wider for Jungkook who instantly settled between them and tried kissing back with as much vigor as he could.

"I can't hold back anymore, baby" Jungkook breathed against Jimin's lips, his hands moving down to hold the smaller's hips. Jimin then opened his eyes and looked at Jungkook, looked at the boy he loved with all of him. At that moment he understood that there was nothing that he would not do for the boy, and it scared him as much as it liberated him. Jimin pecked the taller's lips once, his hand moving Jungkook's bangs back before laying a kiss on his forehead.

"Yeah. Make me yours, Kookie." Jimin kissed the taller's forehead again and waited with a pounding heart as Jungkook sat back and started lubing up his cock. Jimin swallowed thickly, eyes practically glued to the sight even though he was aware that the taller could see him staring, that Jungkook was actually staring at him with hungry eyes and he knew he shouldn't be staring but dear god, how had Jungkook managed to keep himself so calm and collected when he had been so goddamn hard and pulsing all this time.

"Just relax baby, look at me," Jungkook said as he lowered himself as if sensing the blond's inner turmoil. Jimin did as told, spreading his legs wider as Jungkook settled in between them. Jimin bit down on his lip, trying to muffle the moan as Jungkook teased his pulsing hole with the blunt tip of his thick length. The head barely catching on the quivering rim before Jungkook took it back out, spreading the pre-cum all around. Frustrated, Jimin dig his nails into the flesh of the taller's shoulders who hissed lightly and then huffed, kissing the blond's temple before finally lining up against Jimin's awaiting hole.

"I love you so much," Jungkook breathed out as he finally, finally pushed his member into Jimin's warmth. Jimin cried out, his nails digging painfully into the taller's shoulders as the latter kept pushing inside him, inch by excruciating inch till he finally bottomed out.

"Fuck, fuck you're tight," Jungkook moaned as he buried his face in the crook of Jimin's neck. Jimin just gasped, mouth wide open, body trembling.

"God, I was waiting to feel this again," Jungkook moaned into the warm skin, sucking it in while his whole body buzzed. It took some moments for him to gather himself and look at his boyfriend. Jungkook propped his upper body up on elbows while he inspected Jimin's face. His eyes were screwed shut, bottom lip caught in between his teeth as he took sharp breaths through his nose.

"Breathe for me, baby," Jungkook soothed, pushing back Jimin's sweaty hair from his forehead before cupping the smaller's face. All scrunched up, eyes screwed shut, a telltale of pain. Thumbs traced circles into the flesh of Jimin's cheeks as Jungkook's eyes searched the blond's face. Jimin promptly requited by blindly tilting his face and pressing a soft kiss on Jungkook's palm, eyes finally focusing on the latter's and smiling gently as his arms wrapped around the taller's neck. Bringing him closer. Jungkook placed his forehead against Jimin's, bumping their noses against each other, breathing each other in.

"I love you," Jimin said in a calm tone, rubbing his nose against Jungkook's.

"I love your tiny nose," Jungkook cooed, "I think our noses look good together. Such stark contrast."

"We look good together." Jimin immediately supplied, adoration seeping out of all his pores.

"We do," Jungkook pecked the blond's nose, eyes crinkling with love and warmth. The room was filled with heartfelt giggles, hushed promises, and soft kisses. Their love ricochetting off the walls, enshrouding them.

Jungkook placed a few more kisses on the tip of Jimin's nose before laying kisses all over his face. Jungkook sucked the plump lower lip in between his teeth, tugging at it gently before descending down the blond's throat, working him up. One of his hands reaching between their bodies and tugging at the smaller's half-hard cock meanwhile. Jimin breathed precariously, his chest stuttering as Jungkook sucked onto his collarbones. Jimin moaned, his legs giving little spasms as he wrapped them around Jungkook's waist. Jungkook slowly started rutting into the tight hole, staring in awe and relishing in the feeling, in the way Jimin threw his head back in a silent moan, knowing it was all him.

Jimin heaved a shuddering breath as he moved his hips experimentally, carefully beginning to move, working himself open on Jungkook's thick member. His face twisting each time he felt it throb inside him.

"That's it, baby. That's it, love. You're doing so well. God," Jungkook encouraged, breathless. One of his hands continuously rubbing the smaller's now completely hard cock while the other caressing his hip. He deemed Jimin ready a few minutes later when the latter sounded so out of it and started pushing in and out, eventually gaining the momentum.

"Shit, you're gonna make me come," Jungkook moaned into Jimin's neck, a smile tugging at the corner of his lips.

"I missed this," Jimin mused, breathless, as he kissed the top of Jungkook's head.

Jungkook laid open-mouthed kisses all over the blond's chest, sucking the nubs in, thrusting into the mind-numbing heat whilst. He knew Jimin was close. His body trembling and wiggling around restlessly, choking out sobs, pathetically torn in between thrusting up into Jungkook's hand and fucking himself down on Jungkook's member. Jungkook groaned, haze consuming his mind as he fucked Jimin harder, grazing his prostrate once, and watched the way Jimin's mouth fell open in a silent moan. So he kept angling his thrusting like that, fucking long, breathy moans out of his pretty boyfriend's mouth.

"Don't stop! Don't stop! God, please don't stop!" Jimin kept chanting, hugging the taller close, burying his face into the crook of his neck. Jungkook hissed, eyebrows drawn together as his hands grabbed the smaller's wrists, pinning them on each side of his head.

"Fuck me! Fuck me! Fu- Oh God!" Jimin cried out as he shot his release between their chests, face contorting as the spasms of pleasure racked through his petite body. Jungkook followed soon enough, the smaller's tight hole pulsing violently around his member, milking his cum.

"J-Jimin fuck," Jungkook moaned, filling Jimin's warm body with his seed.

He attached their lips hastily, desperately chewing on the plush, bitten lips and muffling his moans with Jimin's enervated mouth. Jungkook's hips eventually stuttered to a stop and his body crashed over the smaller's limp and exhausted one. Jungkook released the smaller's wrists apologetically after a while, hissing at the marks already forming there, however Jimin didn't pay it any heed, completely fucked out.

"I missed this so much," Jimin spoke up after some moments of catching his breath, however, still panting. His voice was hoarse and gruff.

"Not more than me," Jungkook raised his head, his cock still buried inside Jimin. The latter opened his eyes and smiled lazily at the taller, beckoning him in for a sweet kiss to which Jungkook instantly complied.


Chapter Text

Author's POV

Upon waking up, Jimin curled into the warmth of another body. He rubbed the remains of sleep from his eyes with his fists, a hard toned chest was the only thing he could see. Jimin tried to break free from the strong grip around his waist to stretch his body but it was of no use. Suddenly, a whiff of a familiar scent of flowers entered Jimin's nostrils and his lips were pulled up into a grin. That was the smell of Jungkook's lotion and Jungkook holding him tight was the best feeling in the world.

He brought his hand up to Jungkook's bare chest, using his small fingers to draw little shapes on his skin gently. All the memories of last night began to flood his mind. He was lying with Jungkook totally naked in his bed, attached to his chest in a way that made Jimin never want to let go. His cheeks started blushing but he continued dragging his fingertips gently around Jungkook's broad chest.

"That tickles, babe," Jimin heard Jungkook mumble causing him to jump slightly. He didn't know Jungkook was awake and he was blushing profusely now, his cheeks turning a very bright shade of pink.

"It isn't the first time I fucked you and you're still blushing. Cute," Jungkook smirked while encircling his arms around Jimin's petite waist.

"Can't you use a decent word?" Jimin asked with a smile and wrapped his arms around Jungkook's neck in return.

"Oh God, Jungkook! Fuck me. Fuck me," Jungkook imitated Jimin's high angelic voice from last night which made Jimin hit Jungkook with his tiny fist and hide his face in Jungkook's chest to hide his blush.

"You're shameless," Jimin mumbled with a smile plastered on his face which made Jungkook chuckle and lift Jimin's face gently with his finger.

"But you still love me," Jungkook teased with a smirk playing on his lips.

"Who said I love you?" Jimin asked playfully which made Jungkook roll over him, pinning him down on the bed gently.

"I heard you screaming that last night if I'm not mistaken," Jungkook replied in a husky voice while brushing his lips slightly against Jimin's earlobe.

"Okay. Okay. I love you. Actually I think I love you more than anything else in the world. Now get off of me I want to breathe," Jimin uttered while trying to hide his smile but failed miserably.

"What did you say? Say it again, I didn't hear you properly," Jungkook replied with a thinking hard face because of which Jimin pinched him on his chest.

Jungkook dramatically placed his hand on his chest, "Hey! Do you think you can do anything just because you're the prettiest boy I've ever seen in my entire life?"

When Jimin tried to break free, Jungkook attacked him with both of his hands, first caging and then tickling the hell out of him. Jimin giggled hard, throwing his body back on the bed. When he tried to stop Jungkook with his small hands, Jungkook only tickled him more to hear those cute giggles from his pretty boyfriend.

Jimin didn't want to get up from the bed because getting up for the day meant leaving Jungkook's warm arms as he forced himself to slide out of the bed. With a sigh, Jimin shifted himself so he was facing his boyfriend and a small smile took over his plump lips, which tingled when he thought back to the kisses and the feel of Jungkook's breath as he whispered sweet nothings in Jimin's ear. He shut his eyes, feeling Jungkook's fingers dancing along his arm in playful patterns, and their intertwined legs, and the way his eyes were filled with a look, one Jimin knew he would relish forever. Jimin shivered a bit, and opened his eyes to see brown eyes gazing upon his face.

"Cold?" Jungkook whispered, pulling the other boy closer to his chest. Jimin didn't reply, instead choosing to bury his face into the neck of his boyfriend. It took him all the power he had not to shiver again as Jungkook slowly slid his leg in between Jimin's bare legs, getting as close as he possibly could to the boy he adored so much, "How are you feeling this morning? Are you ready to go back to school?" the taller boy questioned, cupping Jimin's face with a warm hand. It made his heart melt, the way Jungkook cared for him and was keen to make sure he was alright.

"I don't want to but I've already missed alot of lectures so I have to go," Jimin rasped, pouting.

"When's your class?" Jungkook questioned, letting his fingers drag through Jimin's soft hair, that he loved so much. It was one of his favourite physical things about Jimin - the softness of his hair underneath his fingertips.

"Nine," came the reply, muffled in Jungkook's neck. This time it was his turn to shiver, as Jimin's breath washed over his skin, giving him obvious goosebumps.

"Baby," a cough interrupted his sentence, "You should probably get up then, come on," Jungkook stated, still stroking the smaller boy's hair. Jimin let out a whine and held onto his lover more firmly, showing his intense distaste for getting out of bed and going back to the school after that incident.

"Is something bothering you?" Jungkook asked softly and pecked Jimin's cute button nose.

"It's probably nothing," Jimin replied, "I mean, if you weren't with me, I'd be in a worse position."

"You're in my arms, that's a great position to be in," Jungkook replied cockily, smirking at Jimin who raised his head with a shy smile and lightly hit his arm.

Jungkook laughed, mentally cooing at how cute Jimin was. The boy was like a cute puff ball of fluff, one Jungkook wanted to hold onto until his dying breath.

"You know what I mean," Jimin mumbled, getting comfortable in Jungkook's neck again.

Jungkook sighed and rolled his eyes, before clambering out of bed. Jimin let out another whine of discontent, earning a laugh from the other boy who scooped him up in his arms and carried him, princess style, first to the closet to put something on and then to the kitchen. Jimin curled into Jungkook's warm chest, savouring the contact whilst it lasted, until he was placed in one of the kitchen chairs.

They didn't say much throughout the breakfast, instead letting themselves wonder through fields of thoughts. Occasionally, they'd look up and catch eyes, giving each other a little smile before Jimin would blush and look back down. Jungkook could not believe how cute his boyfriend was. Jimin looked worried about something and Jungkook wanted to talk about it. But not right now. He was enjoying the silence, and the subtle way their legs rubbed together under the table, and the small glances they shared. It was like they were having a conversation, but without words.

Jungkook had his head hung low as he was thinking about the work he had to complete that day and when he looked up he saw Jimin eating nutella like a kid. There was chocolate all over his lips and also on his chin that made Jungkook chuckle loudly.

"What are you laughing at?" Jimin asked timidly, feeling his heart jolt as Jungkook's eyes caught his, an amused smile on his lips. Damn, he was so fucking handsome.

"Nothing," came the reply, making Jimin narrow his eyes, highlighting his suspicion. The other boy laughed, reaching over and tapping underneath his chin. Jimin moved his head away, and quirked his eyebrows at Jungkook, who shook his head playfully.

"You look so cute right now. I'm surely gonna eat you some day," Jungkook uttered with a smile plastered on his lips, when the other boy pouted and let his head flop onto the table.

"You can eat me all you want, " Jimin responded smiling, "but please finish your breakfast right now."

"Eat you all I want?" Jungkook slightly raised his eyebrow.

"Stupid," Jimin mumbled shyly and stood up from the chair to wash his hands while Jungkook quickly followed him.

"You're stupid," Jungkook replied and backhugged Jimin before hiding his face in his lover's neck and taking in his beautiful scent.

"Yeah. Only mine," Jimin replied softly and turned back with a proud smile on his face, now directly facing Jungkook.

Jimin wrapped his arms around Jungkook's neck, who took no time in attaching his lips with Jimin's and started kissing him gently, not caring about the chocolate all over his face.


The day in school went great as Jungkook was there with him all the time and Hyunjin was no where to be seen. Jimin really tried to focus on the lectures but it was as if Jungkook couldn't get enough of him. He kept touching Jimin's hands and thighs all day which was distracting Jimin a lot but he secretly loved it..though he'd never admit it.

After the school, they went to the coffee shop where Jimin worked and told them about the whole situation. After knowing the reason of why Jimin was missing his shifts the entire week, the manager was kind enough to allow him to start working again from the next day.

"Do you remember tomorrow is your first day at Seoul dance academy?" Jungkook asked while driving the car back to Jimin's apartment.

"Yes, I remember," Jimin replied shortly while leaning his head against the window and looking out at the streetlights.

"Is my baby excited?" Jungkook replied and gave Jimin a warm smile before taking a turn on the end of the road.

"Yes. I'm excited. But I'm also worried about something at the same time," Jimin replied with a pout, still looking out of the car window.

"What is bothering you?" Jungkook asked and held Jimin's hand before caressing it softly.

"I was just thinking that...I'll go to school and then I'll be at the academy for dancing. After that I have to go to the coffee shop. What if I won't be able find enough time for you anymore?" Jimin replied in a sad tone and Jungkook controlled himself so hard from stopping the car and taking Jimin into his arms.

"Don't think about me too much. It's about you. It's about your happiness. I want you to do everything that you love. You'll still come back to me every night. We'll manage everything together, I promise," Jungkook squeezed Jimin's hand gently and gave him a reassuring smile.

"I trust you," Jimin mumbled while smiling back at the person he loved the most in the world.


"Do you write songs too?" Jimin asked Jungkook while putting the noodles in the boiling water.

It was nine in the evening and Jimin was cooking dinner. Jungkook was just sitting on one of the dining chairs in the kitchen and looking at his pretty boyfriend who was preparing dinner for the both of them.

"Yeah. I've written a few songs. Namjoon hyung set up a small studio for me in our house when he learnt that I like singing. I sometimes go there when I've nothing else to do and try to write down my thoughts in the form of lyrics," Jungkook replied and stood up from the seat to go where Jimin was standing.

"Wow! You never told me about that before. I would love to see your studio some day," Jimin replied, smiling at the thought of Jungkook sitting in a music studio and thinking hard while writing a song with a pout on his face.

"We'll go there on the weekend. I can imagine myself throwing all the important stuff off my desk and pressing you against it," Jungkook uttered in a husky voice before hugging Jimin from the back, "I've always dreamt of fucking you there."

"You're such a horny teenager," Jimin giggled loudly while turning around and hitting Jungkook on the chest.

"Hey! Your lips smell so damn good," Jungkook murmured while sniffing Jimin's lips, "Is that a new flavour of your chapstick? I want to taste this one too."

"I've just put it on. Don't you dare ruin it," saying that Jimin tried to run but soon got caught by Jungkook who trapped Jimin in between his arms and started kissing every inch of his angelic face, earning cute giggles from his pretty boyfriend.


Chapter Text

Author's POV

Jungkook's eyes were blinded by the sunlight streaming in from the window. He cursed himself under his breath for having forgotten to shut the blinds the night before. Sighing and blinking repeatedly as his eyes adjusted to the sudden brightness, he groaned and shifted, arms reaching out blindly to snake around the waist of the person he knew was lying next to him. This time he sighed again, but it was out of satisfaction and content as he slowly opened his eyes to face the one thing he wanted to wake up to for the rest of his life. There he was, his pretty boy, in his bed-hair right beside Jungkook. His golden hair fanned out on the pillow messily, some of his bangs resting on his forehead. Jungkook carefully watched the way his cheek was squished against the pillow as he slept while facing the taller, his hands cutely holding on to the front of Jungkook's shirt like he was afraid of letting him go.

I'm always here for you, Jungkook thought wistfully as his gaze landed on his lover's plump lips curved into a slight pout as he breathed out in puffs. Jungkook's arm that was previously trapped under his own head slowly reached out to brush the hair out of Jimin's face, lingering on his skin as he started to trace the curve of the smaller's cheek and then down to his jaw line. Jimin shifted as he leaned into the touch, breathing out a content sigh and Jungkook's lips curved up into a small smile on their own. He used his other hand to start moving slowly down along Jimin's spine, then back up again, and then he left it there, tracing circles into his skin. Jimin shifted a little, still asleep but there was a small smile gracing his lips.

Jungkook slowly got up to prepare everything for Jimin as it was a special day for him. Jimin was finally going back to his work and most importantly, to the dance academy. Jungkook took out a cute pastel pink sweater with ripped jeans for Jimin to wear for the day and then he went to the kitchen to prepare breakfast for both of them. When he came back to the room, there was still some time left so he just got back under the covers with his pretty boyfriend.

"Kookie," the sound of his name, whispered in this quiet moment by the love of his life sent Jungkook's mind reeling with giddiness.

Jungkook knew that the boy was ticklish but that would never stop him from trying these things; in fact he started doing it more and at faster pace, Jimin whined quietly and nuzzled closer to Jungkook, head resting in the crook of his neck. Jungkook chuckled and tightened his hold on the smaller; anything to make Jimin wake up smiling, he would later tell the smaller at which Jimin would no doubt smack him for being cheesy but hide the rising blush on his cheeks with his hands nevertheless.

"Good morning, baby," words spoken so softly that they would have been lost in the salty breeze blowing in through the window if Jimin wasn't so close to him. The smaller hummed and pressed a light kiss on the side of his neck. Jungkook's hand found its way into Jimin's blond locks, running through them again and again at a languid pace before he leaned back enough to leave a kiss on the smaller's forehead. Jimin finally opened his eyes to look at Jungkook, a sweet smile gracing his features.

No matter how many times he saw them, Jungkook found himself getting lost in the warmth of those angelic brown orbs every single time. But more than anything it was the pool of love and affection that he saw in those eyes that made him feel happy. Jungkook lazily smiled before leaning to kiss Jimin on his lips; just a chaste kiss, a press of lips that held countless promises of love. The blinding smile he received in return proved that his feelings had been conveyed. Jimin's hands slowly shifted so that now they were around the taller's neck, one of his hands moving through Jungkook's hair.

"What time is it?" the smaller's melodic voice, layered with the hoarseness that comes with sleep was probably one of Jungkook's favourite things in the world.

"There's still some time left, let's just stay here till then," Jungkook replied as he closed his eyes once again, forehead pressing against Jimin's.

Jimin chuckled briefly as he shut his own eyes too, quieting down to whisper, "It will take time to hide all the hickeys you left on my neck and collarbones, so let me get up I need to put a lot of makeup to conceal them," there was a mischievous, teasing tone to his words. Jungkook wrinkled his nose and the smaller smiled again. Jungkook silently vowed to keep that smile on Jimin's face for a long, long time.

"But I want you to stay here a little longer," Jungkook pulled back slightly, eyes opening and witnessing the smaller's do the same. His hand was now close to Jimin's shoulder blade, and he moved it slowly, caressing his golden skin as his hands moved down to his waist. Jimin shuddered a little and another happy sigh left Jungkook's mouth. His eyes moved back up to gaze into the eyes of his angel. Jimin's smile widened lazily, his eyes still half closed, actually not wanting to leave the comfort of his bed and his lover's arms just yet. Jungkook felt the warmth burst inside him as he moved enough to be hovering over Jimin, his arms having repositioned themselves so that they were now on either side of him and then he kissed him.

He kissed Jimin like there was no tomorrow, pouring every ounce of his love for the smaller into the action. They kissed wildly and passionately, tongues engaged in a beautiful dance. Jimin's hands grabbed at Jungkook's hair, pulling him close, so close that they could feel each other's racing hearts from where their chests had come in contact. Jimin moaned into the kiss and the sound blew Jungkook away yet again as he started to kiss with even more fervor. They parted to catch their breaths but Jungkook soon found that he couldn't bear to stay away. His lips moved onto the smaller's jaw and went all the way down to his collarbones, leaving feather-light kisses that had Jimin giggling breathlessly. He paused to bite down at the side of Jimin's neck causing the smaller's giggle to melt into a soft moan. Jungkook nuzzled against his skin and kissed the reddening spot which joined the darker, purple ones already present.

"Jungkook," Jimin mumbled almost like a whisper.

"Hmm?" Jungkook hummed softly.

"You have a big nose," Jimin broke into soft giggles at that and no matter how hard Jungkook tried to be mad at the smaller for ruining the moment, he felt himself smiling too.

Jungkook pulled back and sat up, straddling the smaller's thighs and clutching his chest in mock hurt, "Baby, how could you?"

Jimin covered his mouth as he laughed loudly but stopped short, the smile never leaving his face, to whisper, "Shut up and kiss me again," and who was he to deny him anything? Jimin pulled him down and Jungkook was kissing him again. Jungkook was basking in the sensations the kiss caused him to have when Jimin whispered against his lips, "Kookie?"

Jungkook groaned slightly, not wanting to stop just yet, "Don't worry. It isn't the only big thing you have."

Jungkook's eyes opened abruptly as he realized the implications of the question and then he started laughing loudly, "I'm not a good influence for you."

Jimin broke into an adoring smile complete with rosy cheeks, crescent eyes and of course looking extra special because of his slightly bruised, from the kisses, pink lips.

He chuckled softly muttering a small, 'cute' and proceeded to kiss him briefly. Once, twice, thrice before saying, "I love you."

The large grin that overtook his face was a watered down version of his internal feelings, Jungkook's insides were exploding with love, so much love. Jungkook gladly wrapped his arms around the smaller's waist and pressed his lips to the side of his head before muttering a soft 'I love you too' close to Jimin's ears. Jimin's arms lay locked around Jungkook's neck as he slowly turned his head to face the taller, his smile even more blinding than the rising sun.

"Okay, baby. Let's get up now. I've already prepared everything. Go take a shower and wear those clothes on the couch. I've to change my clothes too. I don't want you to get late," Jungkook murmured softly and gave Jimin a final kiss before getting out of the bed.


Jungkook dropped Jimin to the coffee shop after the school and told him to call him after his shift ends but Jimin insisted that he could walk to the dance academy by himself as there was hardly a walk of just fifteen minutes between the two places. Jungkook didn't want to agree but seeing Jimin pouting, he had to agree to every single thing his pretty boy was asking him for.

In the evening, Jimin finished his shift at the coffee shop and went to the dance academy. The owner himself came to introduce Jimin to all the dance coaches on Namjoon's request. Everyone was so welcoming and made Jimin feel at home right away. All the dance instructors were so amazed by Jimin's raw dancing skills. Jimin could dance better than so many students of their academy although it was his first day there, unlike other students who were getting dance training for months now.

One of the dance teachers, Jung Hoseok was particularly taking interest in polishing Jimin's dancing skills. He was a good man with a kind smile so Jimin felt at ease with him the most. He taught Jimin a few difficult dance steps and made him practice those steps again and again. Jimin mastered them in no time, earning a lot of compliments from his new dancer teacher. In short, Jimin's first day at the academy turned out to be amazing.

Jimin took out his phone to text Jungkook after coming out of the building but after seeing the time on the phone's screen, he decided not to bother his boyfriend because it was getting really late. There were a lot of texts and missed calls from Jungkook but Jimin ignored them, not to waste the time any further and reach home as quickly as possible.

He started walking towards his apartment after putting the phone back into his duffle bag. There were not many people on the streets because of the late hour. During the walk, Jimin started feeling as if someone was watching him from behind him. He could feel eyes focusing on him from the back, so he turned around abruptly only to find that he was the only one standing in the dark deserted street. Although there was no one to be seen, Jimin still felt uncomfortable as if something wasn't right.

His first instinct was to just turn around and run towards his apartment. He didn't look back for even a split second and only stopped once he reached his apartment door. He took out the keys from his pocket quickly and unlocked the door while breathing heavily.

He locked the door with trembling hands right after entering the apartment. He took a few deep breaths to calm himself down before walking into the living room. His eyes immediately fell on Jungkook who was sleeping on the couch with his phone in his hand. He understood that Jungkook probably fell asleep while waiting for him. He slowly walked towards his boyfriend who looked so peaceful while sleeping. Jungkook was snoring softly, totally unaware of his surroundings. Jimin sat down in front of him and caressed his cheek in a soft manner.

He wanted to wake Jungkook up and tell him that he was scared, so that Jungkook would hold him in his warm embrace but a part of him was telling him to just let Jungkook sleep peacefully without worrying him for once. Jungkook was trying so hard to make everything alright and alarming him by saying that Jimin felt someone watching him, was only going to worry him even more, and the way Jungkook was sleeping calmly like a kid made Jimin just stay quiet.

Jimin stood up and gave Jungkook a warm smile before going to the kitchen to get some water to drink. After taking off his shoes, he quietly joined Jungkook on the couch, being careful not to wake him up. Jungkook smiled in his sleep and pulled Jimin closer to his chest by wrapping arms around his tiny waist. Jimin breathed out a content sigh and closed his eyes. He just wanted to stay there forever, in the arms of the only person he could trust blindly, without the fear of being hurt because he knew Jungkook would never let anyone hurt him ever again.


Chapter Text

Author's POV

Jungkook woke up as the sun started to shed light into the living room. He took a moment to look at the way the light lit part of the room to signify that it was the start of a brand new day. They really needed some darker curtains, he thought. As there were about two hours in the starting of their classes, so he just wanted to sleep a little more and enjoy the feeling of not having responsibilities so early in the morning.

Jungkook felt a stir beside him and turned over to look at the beautiful man he was in love with that was still sleeping with him on the huge couch. Jungkook took a moment to look at Jimin and trace the features of his face with his eyes. He would feel like a creep had this not been the man he had loved for a long time now and was in a relationship with. Jungkook loved it when he woke up before Jimin because then he could admire the peaceful and adorable look on Jimin's face as he laid with him in a deep sleep. Jimin's nostrils would slightly flare every time he breathed out and he slightly frowned as he stirred a bit more before settling back into his sleep.

Jungkook slowly leaned forward and pressed a kiss to Jimin's nose, and watched as he stirred again but quickly settled back into his sleep.

It was useless for Jungkook to try and go back to sleep, his mind was already racing with thoughts, mainly of Jimin, and he knew there was no point in laying here when he could get their morning started by cooking Jimin and himself a nice breakfast.

Carefully, Jungkook rolled out of the couch and slipped on his sweatshirt. He paused for a few seconds to look at Jimin and smiled at how cute he looked curled up on the couch sleeping peacefully. He was so in love with this man.

Jungkook walked out of the living room and straight into the kitchen. Jungkook wanted to buy an apartment for both of them so that Jimin won't have to over work to pay the rent. Jimin also mentioned wanting a fireplace to feel more cozy, especially in the winter because Jimin hated the cold. Jungkook was fine with anything as long as Jimin was happy and content in their new space. All Jungkook needed was Jimin.

Jungkook stood in the kitchen as he debated on what to make for breakfast. After a few moments of contemplating, he decided to stick with a simple blueberry pancake breakfast along with some fresh fruit. Jungkook knew how much Jimin loved blueberry pancakes so it really wasn't that difficult to decide. He just hoped he wouldn't burn them like he did the last time.

As Jungkook set up all the ingredients to begin cooking their breakfast, he felt the warmth of a body behind him, as two arms wrapped around his torso and he felt a kiss on his neck. Jungkook took a moment to simply feel, he loved these small intimate moments with Jimin. Moments where it was only the two of them.

Jungkook turned in his lover's hold and wrapped his arms around his waist as he kissed his nose for the second time this morning.

"You're awake," Jungkook whispered as he rubbed his nose with Jimin's.

"I couldn't sleep, I missed you," Jimin smiled as he leaned forward and closed the little space that was left between the two to press their lips together.

"I missed you more," Jungkook said before kissing Jimin again.

They stayed like that for some time, embracing one another while smiling and stealing kisses. Quiet and simple moments like these were their favorite. An intimate moment that was for them only, where no words had to be said because they could both easily feel the love that they shared between the two.

"I'm making breakfast, wanna help?" Jungkook asked as he slowly began to let go of the man in his arms.

Jimin pouted and pulled Jungkook in again as he buried his head in Jungkook's neck enjoying the warm feeling of holding and being held by the love of his life.

"One more minute, I'm feeling clingy and you smell so nice," Jungkook laughed at Jimin's request and simply hugged him tighter as he kissed the top of his head.

"Whatever my baby wants," Jungkook mumbled softly.

"I want more kisses," Jimin stated as he leaned back with his eyes closed and lips puckered up to accept the kisses Jungkook would undoubtedly give him.

Jungkook laughed as he kissed Jimin's lips and then proceeded to press kisses to every inch of his face as Jimin giggled at Jungkook's display of affection. Jimin couldn't help but feel warmth spread throughout his body. He was so in love with this man and he could only hope their love would never end.

"Okay now that my baby got all of his kisses, are you going to help me make breakfast?" Jungkook asked with a warm smile.

"Only if you let me make the pancakes, no offence but everytime you make them you burn more than half of them," Jimin replied.

"Hey, I try my best! Plus, you always eat them all and say they taste good!" Jungkook pouted as he crossed his arms and looked at Jimin with big doe eyes. Jimin laughed as he took in the image of his big baby pouting.

"Of course I eat them. You make them for me and I love them more than any other pancake in the world," Jimin stated as a matter of fact and leaned up to press a kiss to Jungkook's pout. Jungkook smiled at the kiss and felt his heart flutter at the words spoken to him by the man he loved so much.

"Now stop pouting and start cutting some fruit," Jimin instructed cutely.

"Anything for my baby," Jungkook replied as he passed by Jimin and slapped his ass. Jimin was well aware of Jungkook's obsession with his ass and it made him laugh as they finally began cooking their breakfast.

They got ready for the school together shortly after finishing the breakfast and kissed one more time before leaving the apartment together.


The whole week went smoothly except those occasional stares Jimin felt on his way back home even when no one was around. He didn't tell Jungkook about it as he didn't physically see anyone and figured out that it was probably in his head. He knew that his past had a strong impact on his state of mind. It wasn't surprising if he felt someone was constantly watching him. It wasn't unusual for victims like him to feel that way. And most importantly, he didn't want to make Jungkook even more worried for him than he already was.

Now it was weekend and they had two free days to spend time with each other. They started their day as usual; kissing eachother after waking up and eating breakfast together.

Jungkook finished cleaning up after finishing their morning breakfast together. Jimin had left to their room to grab all the blankets and pillows he could find in order to set up a nice warm space for them in the living room. Jimin proclaimed today to be their lazy day where they cuddled and watched movies all day together and ate takeout. Jungkook loved the idea and was quick to agree because how could he say no to cuddles when Jimin asked him?

As Jungkook finished cleaning up, he heard the light tapping of feet, signaling Jimin coming down the hall. Jimin came into Jungkook's view with barely his feet visible as he carried what looked like a small mountain of pillows and blankets that covered him head to almost toe. How Jimin could move and carry all of that was beyond Jungkook and he chuckled at the sight he saw before him. His baby looked so adorable. Jimin slightly wobbled as he reached his destination and dropped everything onto the floor as he plopped on the nest of soft and warm items he had brought for them to share.

"Do you have any idea how cute you are?" Jungkook laughed as he approached Jimin and plopped down next to him.

"Mmmm," was all Jungkook heard as Jimin laid face down with his head buried in the blankets.

"What was that baby?" Jungkook internally cooed at his cuteness.

Jimin lifted his head and pursed his lips to blow the hair out of his face, "If I'm really that cute why aren't you kissing and cuddling me yet?" Jimin pouted again, which caused Jungkook to chuckle loudly.

"Baby, have I told you I love you today?" Jungkook asked softly as he leaned closer to Jimin.

"Nope," Jimin huffed as he laid his head back into the blankets.

Jimin yelped when he was quickly and swiftly picked up by strong arms and placed on Jungkooks lap facing him. Jimin quickly wrapped his legs around him and laid his head on Jungkook's neck. Jungkook was quick to pull back and gently grab Jimin's face between his hands as he squished his cheeks which caused Jimin's lips to pucker up. Jimin looked so cute that it made Jungkook's heart melt at the sight.

"I love you," Jungkook expressed as he kissed Jimin's lips softly.

"I love you," he kissed his forehead this time.

"I love you," he kissed his nose.

"I love you," he removed one hand from Jimin's face and kissed his cheek.

"I love you," he removed his other hand and kissed the other cheek.

"You know, you're more than just my love. You're always so much of everything, the thing I needed so desperately but never knew until I felt it. I'm truly, madly and deeply in love with you, Park Jimin," Jungkook smiled warmly as he looked into Jimin's eyes that had begun to gloss over with tears.

Jungkook pressed a soft kiss to both of Jimin's eyes before kissing his lips as they shared this intimate moment in the stillness of their apartment.

"I love you too," was all Jimin could whisper back as they held one another in their small nest.


Jimin and Jungkook spent the rest of the day just cuddling and watching romantic movies together. Jimin had a very busy week so he just wanted to stay at home with Jungkook and spend all of his time with his handsome boyfriend.

In the evening, Jimin was whining that he wanted to give Jungkook a makeover and who was Jungkook to say no to him, so he agreed.

He was waiting for Jimin in the living room and scrolling through his phone when Jimin came out of the bedroom with a box of cosmetics and nail paints. There weren't a lot of makeup products in the box; just a foundation, blush-on, an eye-shadow kit, and a lip gloss. But the variety of nail polishes surprised Jungkook as he had never seen any other nail paint on Jimin's fingers except black.

Jimin set all the things beside Jungkook on the couch and said that he wanted to sit on Jungkook's lap because it was more convenient for him to give him a makeover that way. Jungkook nodded almost immediately and pulled Jimin into his lap. He smiled upon seeing Jimin's excitement when he opened the box and took out all the products one by one.

Jimin put some foundation on Jungkook's face, followed by blush-on and some lip tint and then he took out the eye-shadow and started applying it on the eyes with so much  concentration as if he was some professional. Jungkook was just staring and scanning Jimin's face, thinking how could a man be that pretty.

He could feel Jimin's breath on his face, warm and gentle. Naturally pink lips forming a pout and occasionally, his tongue peeking out, all focused. Jungkook thought for the millionth time, 'he could not get any more adorable.' Jimin's eyes were adamantly locked in on perfecting the shade on Jungkook's eyes until he paused and his eyes dropped to Jungkook's. Jungkook was looking at him as if he was the most precious thing in the world.

"Kookie," Jimin mumbled softly.

"Hmm?" Jungkook hummed, still staring at him with blinking.

"Baby, I can't concentrate because of you," Jimin pouted and cupped Jungkook's chin before turning it to the left on which Jungkook audibly whined.

"What?" Jimin chuckled when he heard Jungkook's whines.

"I want to be able to look at you," Jungkook declared.

Jimin smiled and let him turn back his head to look at him. Jungkook shuffled closer, his hands that had been lying low to his sides reached Jimin's thighs. His large palms enveloped Jimin's dainty thighs nice and well.

He saw Jimin exhale softly, "You know you can take breaks from looking at me? I don't want you to get tired."

"Baby, do you really think I'm capable of ever getting tired of this beautiful face of yours?" Jungkook shrugged as if he was stating the most obvious thing in the world.

Jimin let out a breathy giggle of disbelief, "You love to make me blush, don't you?"

Jungkook squeezed his thighs in response and Jimin's breath hitched from the sudden action. They were breathing each other in. Jimin was, no doubt, the center of Jungkook's world. Every day he woke up and the first thing on his mind was Jimin.

He felt Jimin brush his hair and he unconsciously leaned into the soft touch, Jungkook was preening under his attention, almost like a puppy. If he were to have a tail, it for sure would be wagging right now. He just wanted to stop Jimin from doing the makeover and kiss the hell out of him. Jungkook moved his hands higher and tightened his grip on Jimin as Jimin moved closer to him to touch the eye shadow one more time.

"You're staring again," Jimin murmured, his hand slowly moving to Jungkook's bicep, appreciatively clutching it. His other arm gently encircled Jungkook's neck.

Jungkook smiled, "Of course, I am. Look at your face. How could you blame me?"

Jimin blushed again and pulled Jungkook in for a kiss without saying anything further. Jungkook wrapped his arms around Jimin's waist, attaching their bodies together as he kissed every single inch of Jimin's face.

"Which color do you want?" Jimin mumbled in between the kiss.

"Don't tell me you're planning to surprise me by wearing a panty of my favorite colour," Jungkook teased, earning a soft hit on the chest.

"I'm talking about the colour of nail paint," Jimin giggled loudly on which Jungkook couldn't help but hug his pretty boyfriend tightly to his chest with overwhelming adoration.


Chapter Text

Author's POV

Jungkook was standing near the front door of Jimin's apartment. His hands were in the pockets of his long black coat. His hair was slicked back and he was looking very handsome in the black dress shirt that was fitting his broad stature perfectly.

"Baby, hurry up. We are getting late," Jungkook called Jimin from the door but got no response so he entered the apartment again and walked straight to the bedroom where Jimin was getting ready for their date.

When he entered the bedroom, he saw Jimin standing in front of the mirror, wearing a deep yellow crop top and dark blue jeans. His curly blond hair was parted from the middle and he was applying gloss on his lips.

Jungkook slowly made his way to his pretty boy and stood behind him while watching him carefully through the mirror. Jimin turned around after applying the lip gloss and gave Jungkook a warm smile before throwing his arms around Jungkook's neck.

Jungkook quickly wrapped his arms around Jimin's waist and pulled him closer. Jimin looked like a doll with his wavy blond hair and light makeup. He always looked beautiful but that night he was looking ethereal.

"Do you have any idea how beautiful you are? You should be arrested for doing this to my poor heart," Jungkook mumbled before leaning forward and placing a soft kiss on Jimin's cheek.

"Then arrest me. Who is stopping you?" Jimin replied in a sultry tone but soon got shy and leaned down his head.

Jungkook lifted Jimin's face with a finger under his chin and smirked before saying, "Don't turn me on, or else I'll forget about our date and throw you on the bed right now."

Jimin giggled cutely when Jungkook brushed his nose with Jimin's smaller one.

"By the way, where are we going?" Jimin uttered softly.

"You'll see, baby," saying that Jungkook intertwined his fingers with Jimin's and they walked out of the bedroom together.

Jimin put some warm milk in the bowl for his cat who was sleeping on the couch and went out of the apartment with Jungkook for their little date.


Jimin stepped onto the sand and took a deep breath in, letting the aroma of the sand and the salt of the sea waft through his nostrils. "Ahhh," he exhaled, his shoulders relaxing immediately, "so you wanted to take me here."

Jungkook grabbed his hand tugging him along the shoreline further away from where the other few people were. The air was cold as the breeze from the river was a bit freezing. They kept walking while holding each other's hands until they finally reached a more secluded area from everyone else. There was no one around where they were standing.

"This would be more romantic if it wasn't this much cold," Jimin grunted out rubbing his shoulders softly. It wasn't actually that cold, Jimin just wanted Jungkook to hold him in his warm embrace.

"I used to come here with dad when I was a kid. He took me here whenever I was upset. This place is special for me. I just wanted to come here with you," Jungkook mumbled and absently reached for Jimin's hand as he looked around with a soft smile. He turned to Jimin and squeezed his palm gently, "When I was a kid, I never thought I would come here with the love of my life someday."

Jungkook gave Jimin a sincere smile, making Jimin hug him tightly in return. "So...back then, did you play here with your dad or something?" Jimin mumbled.

Jungkook chuckled softly and pulled Jimin close to his chest even more, "He was my best friend actually. He always tried so hard to make his kids happy."

Jungkook told Jimin about his first swimming lesson when he almost drowned in the water but his father was there to help him. Jungkook's already soft features somehow pulled into the sweetest and fondest smile whenever he recalled the memories from his childhood. In those moments, Jimin could get a glimpse of that little carefree Jungkook who was adored a lot by his parents. But this was the whole, unadulterated version, and it was definitely breathtaking.

Jungkook hissed slightly at the sting of cold water on his feet. Jimin grinned at him while stepping on top of his feet to warm them and to get extra inches of height to kiss Jungkook's lips.

"I wanted to bring you here since a long time ago," Jungkook mumbled as he kissed Jimin back. He lifted his hands to rest them on Jimin's hips tracing circles against the skin above his jeans.

"This place is so beautiful," Jimin whispered, eyes scanning the place with a contented sigh. It really was, away from the world in all the right ways. Jungkook seemed happy with his answer.

When the water pulled back dragging the sand with it, Jungkook had to grip Jimin's small frame to steady himself ignoring the boy's high-pitched laughter at his clumsy response. Jungkook always teased Jimin for being clumsy so Jimin couldn't stop laughing at Jungkook's clumsiness.

Jungkook glared at him shortly before a smirk grown on his lips. Jimin seemed to immediately identify the look and backed away cautiously, "Jungkook, no! Don't-"

But Jungkook had already swept Jimin up in his arms. Jungkook walked towards the ocean slowly while holding Jimin closer to his chest. Jimin shrieked when saw the cold water coming closer and closer. He wiggled in Jungkook's arms and tried to free himself from his hold but in vain as he was thrown in the water by his boyfriend.

Jimin screamed when he felt himself getting soaked by the cold water but when his body got accustomed to the cold temperature, he started thrashing in the water and splashing back in revenge till Jungkook was completely soaked just like him.

When they finally stopped pushing each other back into the water and dragged their bodies back to the shore, they were soaking wet from head to toe.

Jungkook couldn't help but glance back at Jimin, the boy looked radiant in the moonlight. Jimin smiled up at him then, hair dripping wet over his eyes and shirt sticking to his porcelain body. Jungkook felt a strong urge to kiss every inch of his pretty boyfriend so he just pulled Jimin into a kiss by wrapping his arms around Jimin's petite waist.

The kiss they exchanged was salty and when Jimin moved a hand down Jungkook's back, there was still sand sticking against his coat. He tried rubbing it off but Jungkook kept distracting him with kisses along his jawline and then on his neck. Jimin was feeling cold and he trusted the slide of Jungkook's lips to spread their warmth.

With the water splashing against their feet, the kiss intensified as Jungkook rolled his tongue into Jimin's mouth, feeling his whimper more than hearing it. His hands slipped against Jimin's wet back as he tried to intensify their makeout session. Jungkook frowned when Jimin pulled back with a smile.

"We can't have sex here. It would be really uncomfortable," Jimin warned patting Jungkook's chest. Jungkook couldn't help but laugh, the heat of the moment suddenly dissipating into fond warmth instead.

"How do you know it would be uncomfortable?" Jungkook joked as he tightened his grip on Jimin's waist. Jimin smiled noticing the response.

"Sand will get everywhere," Jimin mumbled with the cutest pout Jungkook had ever seen.

"Where?" Jungkook asked teasingly while caressing Jimin's back.

Jimin laughed at Jungkook's shamelessness and replied, "I'm not going to explain that to you."

"Really? So sad. It means I have to find it out myself," Jungkook replied earning a soft hit on his chest by his small boyfriend.

"Okay okay. I won't tease you again. Now come here," Jungkook promised as he pulled Jimin closer and kissed his cheek before pressing his face into his shoulder.

They unknowingly rocked against each other in the moonlight. They stood all wet and cold with only each other to keep themselves warm.

"Baby," Jungkook mumbled softly after a few minutes of silence.

"Hmm?" Jimin only hummed in response.

"I've something to show you," Jungkook replied as he detached his one arm from Jimin's waist and slid his hand into the pocket of his jeans.

He took out a small black box from his pocket and opened it, revealing two thin silver rings that shined beautifully in the moonlight, "These are promise rings. People wear it to signify their commitment until they get engaged or married. You know... you're the most important person in my life. I can't even imagine a future without you. I know it's too early to talk about these things but... I really want to make you mine someday and if you want that with me too then wear it until we'll be ready to get marri...engaged," saying that Jungkook took out one of the rings from the box and gently held Jimin's hand to put the ring on his finger.

Jungkook looked at Jimin for permission who quickly nodded his head with a smile while wiping his tears with the back of his hand. Jungkook put the ring on Jimin's cute little ring finger and handed the other ring to Jimin.

Jimin took no time in taking the other ring from his hand and putting it on Jungkook's finger with a smile. Jungkook wrapped his arms around Jimin's waist and pulled him closer to his chest, "I want you to give me all of you. Not just what the world sees, but the broken parts you hide as well. The parts that pull at my heart, the ones I want to love the most."

Jimin was sobbing now with his face hidden deep in Jungkook's chest. Jungkook kept caressing his back and placed kisses on his forehead while wiping the tears from Jimin's face.

"Come on, baby. Let's go or we'll get sick," Jungkook mumbled when Jimin's sniffles died down gradually.

He took Jimin's hand in his own and intertwined their fingers together before starting to walk towards their car. Jimin immediately attached to his side. He felt the comforting weight of Jungkook's arm around himself and a sudden warmth engulfed his entire body. It's cliche to find home in a person but today he understood what people meant by finding a home in someone. Jungkook was his home and his arms were the only place where Jimin felt secure and peaceful.


"Here. Drink this coffee," Jungkook uttered while placing a mug on the table in front of Jimin. They were cuddling in their apartment now and Jungkook had made two cups of coffee for them. They had changed their clothes and dried their hair right after coming back home.

Jungkook had one arm wrapped around Jimin's petite frame while he was drinking the coffee with his other hand. Jimin took the mug from the table, steam rising on the top of it, showing how hot the coffee really was. But he felt too cold so he started drinking the coffee right away while resting his head comfortably on Jungkook's shoulder.

"You seemed to be distracted because of something during the past two weeks," Jungkook mumbled and rested his chin on the top of Jimin's head.

"Huh?" Jimin replied being surprised at the fact that he didn't even have to say anything to make Jungkook understand how he was feeling.

"You act weird when you come home every night. You think I didn't notice it, baby?" Jungkook asked softly while inhaling the scent of Jimin's strawberry-flavored shampoo.

"Is someone bothering you in your dance class or at the coffee shop?" Jungkook asked again and felt Jimin's body grow tense in his arms.

"I... Actually, I felt as if...." Jimin wanted to tell Jungkook how he always felt that someone was behind him when he was coming home every night but before he could actually say anything, Jungkook's phone started ringing.

Jungkook looked at the caller's ID and thought for a few seconds before picking up the phone, "Yes, Hyunjae? Is there something important?" he asked in an annoyed tone.

"We might have finally got what you waited for, for years, Sir," Hyunjae replied with a hint of glee in his voice.

"Get straight to the point," Jungkook uttered, sounding more interested in the talk now.

"I think I've found out who killed your father," Hyunjae replied smugly. Jungkook's grip on the phone tightened as he felt his heart beating fast. He couldn't believe that it was actually happening. He had waited for this moment for years.

"Who?" Jungkook mumbled while standing up from the couch. Jimin just looked at him, wondering who called Jungkook at that time of the night.

"Your suspicion was right, Sir. It's Mr.Wang," Hyunjae's voice echoed through the phone.


The huge black door of the room opened and a man entered the room with a file in his hand. He bowed respectfully and placed the file on the glass table in the middle of the room.

"He is currently living in an apartment near Myeong-Dong walking street. And he doesn't live alone, there's another boy named Jungkook who is with him almost all the time. As much as I know, they are in a relationship. They go to the same high school. Mr.Jimin also works at a coffee shop from 4 to 8 pm, and then he goes to a dance academy where he takes dance lessons till 11 pm," the man gave all the information he had collected and waited for the next order.

"Tell me about this boy Jungkook," a man sitting on the couch behind the glass table replied while taking a sip from the wine glass in his hand.

"We don't know a lot about him actually. All I know is that he belongs to a wealthy family and he's head over heels in love with Mr.Jimin," the man, who was talking, flinched when a wine glass came crashing on the wall behind him.

"We're going to Seoul tomorrow. I want to see my husband as soon as possible. I've been waiting for him for a whole damn year. I can't wait to have him only to myself again," the man sitting behind the glass table replied with gritted teeth as he stood up from the couch to control his anger.

"As you wish, Mr.Ahn."


Chapter Text

"What happened?" Jimin asked while standing up from the couch as soon as Jungkook ended the call.

"Wait a minute, baby," Jungkook turned around abruptly and started walking towards the bedroom in a hurry.

He went into the bedroom and Jimin just stood there watching him as he came out of the room with his coat and started putting it on.

"I've something very important to do and I've to go for it right now. I'll tell you about everything after coming back, okay?" Jungkook uttered and held Jimin's face in both of his hands gently before placing a kiss on his forehead.

"Okay," Jimin mumbled almost like a whisper as he melted into Jungkook's soft touch.

"Take care of yourself. I'll try to come back as soon as possible," Jungkook caressed Jimin's cheek softly with his thumb and pecked the same spot before turning around and glancing at his wristwatch while walking out of the front door.

Jimin kept waiting for Jungkook till three in the morning but he didn't return so he decided to go and sleep alone. As he walked into his bedroom, he couldn't help but feel empty without Jungkook. Jungkook had been with him every single night after that incident at school. Jimin's nightmares were long gone as Jungkook held him into his arms every time they slept. But now that he was all alone in his bedroom, the bed was looking unusually big for just him.

He sighed and changed his clothes into more comfortable ones before throwing himself on the bed. After turning and twisting on the bed for a long, he finally fell asleep.


He was going under the water. Down, down, down. It was pulling him. The waves were too strong. He couldn’t breathe. He couldn’t say anything. He couldn't think. He was trying to move, but it only made everything worse. The pull was so strong. He couldn't fight it anymore. The water was pulling him deeper and....

“Baby! Jimin! Baby, wake up!” he woke up to Jungkook calling his name.

Jimin was covered in sweat, breathing heavily, his vision blurry. He couldn’t stop thinking about it and his hands were badly shaking. He looked up at Jungkook who had a worried look etched onto his face, almost as out of breath as Jimin was.

Jungkook hugged him without a second thought. He didn't care that Jimin was sweaty and gross. He wrapped his arms around Jimin and stroke the back of his head gently.

“You’re okay, baby. It was just a bad dream. I’m here right here with you,” Jungkook reassured, his voice soft and caring.

Jimin’s breathing returned to normal after some time. Although his hands weren’t shaking as much as before, he burst out in tears. He hugged Jungkook back and buried his face into his shoulder. He cried and Jungkook just held him the whole time, whispering soft nothings and "I'm here" into his ear. Jungkook didn't let go of him until he stopped crying.

Jungkook brushed the hair out of Jimin’s face tenderly and wiped the tears off his cheeks, “You’re okay, baby. No one is going to hurt you. I'm here. Do you want to go back to sleep?” he asked softly.

Jimin shook his head while using his sleeve to wipe off the rest of the tears from his face. It was always hard for him to fall back asleep right away because the fear, that the nightmare would continue the second he would drift back to sleep, was too much.

Jungkook knew how Jimin couldn't sleep without him by his side. He was also well aware of all the bad dreams Jimin used to have so he didn't ask anything further and just wrapped Jimin into his arms. “I'm so sorry that you had to sleep alone. I'm here now. It's only six so we can sleep a little more,” he mumbled while caressing Jimin’s back softly. Jimin nodded and placed his head on Jungkook's chest before closing his eyes again and falling asleep peacefully this time.


"I always knew it, Jimin. I knew it was Mr.Wang who killed my father, but I wasn't sure so I didn't tell about it to anyone," Jungkook uttered as he turned the car on a rather busy road.

They were going to school and Jungkook was telling Jimin the good news of finally finding who was behind the murder of his father.

"How do you know it's Mr.Wang? I mean... he is your uncle and you also told me that he was the best friend of your father," Jimin asked while taking a bite of the cheese sandwich Jungkook fixed for him in a hurry before leaving the apartment.

"Yes, there was a time when he was close to my father. They were together all the time. They were more like brothers to each other than just cousins. But when father died, the first thing he did was going through the files of all the assets of our family. Namjoon hyung and I were young so he told us that he was doing it for us. He said that he didn't want anyone from our relatives to claim anything that rightfully belongs to us. But now that I think about it, I wonder, how could money be the first thing on his mind when a person, who was like a brother to him, died. I couldn't even imagine thinking about anything else if something ever happened to Namjoon hyung. And not only that, Mr.Wang left for America right away and never contacted us in years. He always said that we are like his own children but he didn't give a damn to us when we were left alone. I still remember how I entered dad's office one day and he was shouting at Mr.Wang. They weren't on good terms when my dad died," Jungkook replied with gritted teeth and slowed down the car because of the red traffic light.

"Do you have some evidence against him now?" Jimin asked and took out a tissue from his bag to clean the leftovers of the sandwich from his face and hands.

"He, apparently, had a major fight with one of his closest people. Yesterday, a man named Choi came to us and offered us to reveal some important information about him in exchange for a large amount of money. I... Namjoon hyung knew that he had been working with Mr.Wang for years so we gave him the money he demanded and he started telling us everything from the start. How he ordered some of his men to kill my father in a way that it would look like an accident. I'm sure that Choi wasn't lying. He is just an unfaithful friend of Mr.Wang just like Mr.Wang was to my dad," Jungkook murmured as he turned the car towards the road that lead to their school.

"How are you going to get Mr.Wang arrested?" Jimin asked.

"I'm not gonna do that. He isn't going to accept anything anyway. I have much better plans for him," Jungkook muttered and stopped the car in front of their school gate.

"Are you coming in?" Jimin asked when he looked at the backseat and realized that Jungkook didn't bring his bag with him.

"No, baby. I've to go somewhere but I'll try to return home as soon as possible. I promise you won't have to sleep alone tonight," Jungkook mumbled and leaned forward to place a kiss on Jimin's forehead.

"I'm missing you already," Jimin pouted and was about to unlock the car door when Jungkook put his hands on Jimin's waist and pulled him onto his lap. Jimin blushed profusely at the fact that they were in front of their school and anybody could see them in that position.

"Jungkook, let me go. Someone might see us," Jimin mumbled as he tried to get out of Jungkook's arms.

"Then let them see. You're just sitting where you belong," Jungkook mumbled in a husky tone and kissed Jimin's lips affectionately.

"What happened?" Jungkook asked when Jimin didn't kiss him back.

"You can get your kisses when you'll come back home," Jimin replied stubbornly.

"Maybe we can do something else when I'll come back," Jungkook teased earning a soft hit on his chest by his pretty boyfriend.

"Don't talk about it right now or else I won't be able to concentrate on my studies," Jimin's whole face was tinted pink when he tried to free himself from Jungkook's grip.

"Baby, I'm not kidding this time. Wear something pretty for me tonight. I'll make you feel so good," Jungkook winked shamelessly and removed his arms from Jimin's waist, allowing him to go.

"I hate you," Jimin mumbled while trying to hold back a smile and got out of the car without looking at the stupid smirk plastered on Jungkook's face.


Jimin spent his entire day peacefully. He was so happy that he made a new friend in his dance academy. They practiced together and time passed so quickly. After completing his shift at the coffee shop and taking his dance lesson, Jimin came back around 11 pm. When he reached his apartment, Jungkook was still not home, so he cooked himself a meal and took a bath after eating dinner. He tried to call Jungkook after getting free but got no response. He was sitting on the couch in the living room and was watching Jungkook's favorite movie when the doorbell rang. He walked towards the door happily as he had no idea what was waiting for him on the other side of the door. He opened the door with a wide smile, but his breath hitched when he saw his worst nightmare standing right there in front of him. His mind didn't register anything at first and he tried to make himself believe that it was all just a bad dream.

"Ahn," he managed to speak as he felt his body trembling in fear.

"Surprise, baby. I bet you missed your husband so much," Ahn replied with a maniac smile while walking closer to where Jimin was standing.

"You're not real. You can't be here," Jimin murmured more like telling that to himself as he took a few steps backward.

"Darling, it's really me. Do you have any idea how much I missed you? Why did you leave me there alone? I thought about you every single day. I'm so happy that I finally found you," Ahn replied with a fake sad expression on his face.

Jimin wanted to run away but his legs weren't moving from their place. It was as if there was a chain wrapped around his feet, halting him to move. His mind was shouting at him to do something but the fear of getting hurt again was too much.

"I'm here to take you back. Come on let's go home," Ahn took a few steps into the apartment and the only thing Jimin did on impulse was turning around and starting to run towards the bedroom.

He tried to get away from that man but his trembling legs couldn't take him much further as Ahn stopped him by wrapping his arms around his small waist and threw him harshly onto the cold floor. He trapped Jimin under himself in a way that they were now lying on the floor face to face and he was resting all of his weight on Jimin's petite body. Jimin started sobbing like a child as he tried to free himself from Ahn but it only enraged Ahn even more.

"Why are you doing this huh? How dare you run away from me and start a relationship with another man? How could you let someone else touch you when you're mine?" Ahn shouted making Jimin cry even harder. Jimin couldn't listen to anything Ahn was saying as Jungkook was all he could think of.

He couldn't believe that Jungkook was even real and he actually came into his life to make him believe in love again. Maybe it was all just a dream that he had been watching for the last whole year. Maybe he never ran away from Ahn in the first place. Maybe running away from that hell and meeting Jungkook was all just in his head.

"So you don't want to say anything. I think I know how to make you speak," saying that Ahn starting kissing Jimin's lips harshly, biting them hardly in process.

Jimin wriggled in his grip and moved his head to the side to keep Ahn from kissing him but Ahn grabbed Jimin's face in his large hand and pushed his tongue into Jimin's mouth. Jimin felt like vomiting when Ahn's tongue started exploring his mouth. He tried to move his head to the side again, earning a harsh slap by Ahn on his face. Ahn lifted himself from Jimin's body and started removing his belt while straddling Jimin's waist to keep him in place.

"Don't hurt me please," Jimin pleaded as Ahn finally removed his belt and wrapped it around Jimin's hands tightly.

"I will do whatever the fuck I want. The moment you said 'I do', you belonged to me. Remember Jimin, it's till death do us part and I can damn well guarantee yours," saying that Ahn started opening the buttons of Jimin's shirt harshly, ripping off a few buttons in the process. A loud cry escaped Jimin's lips as he felt himself getting exposed to someone again who wasn't Jungkook.

"Please, Ahn. Don't do this to me. I'm begging you," Jimin's chocolate brown eyes were brimming with tears as he kept sobbing and pleading to him.

"The day you let that boy touch you, you deserved all of this," Ahn laughed maniacally and started kissing Jimin's jawline down to his neck. Jimin felt the same helplessness from the past all over again. He knew he wasn't strong enough to remove Ahn from his body or stop him from doing anything so he simply gave in to the urge to flee.


Chapter Text

Author's POV

When Jungkook came out of the warehouse with Namjoon, it was already midnight. Jungkook spent his entire day meeting with people and discussing some important issues with his men regarding Mr.Wang. He tried to finish his work earlier but the pending things were too much that he didn't even notice the time.

Jungkook pulled out his phone from the pocket of his long black coat and unlocked it. There were tones of messages and calls from Jimin which immediately brought a smile to his face and he totally forgot about all of the tiredness from the busy day he had. He clicked on the inbox and started reading Jimin's texts one by one.

I'm home.
11:02 pm

I hope you'll keep your promise and  I won't have to sleep alone.
11:06 pm

At least answer my call. I just want to hear your voice.
11:17 pm

You'll not get any kisses for a whole week now.
11:27 pm

Please come back. I'm missing you.
11:39 pm

I'm sleeping on the couch. Just cuddle me when you'll come back.
11:56 pm

Jungkook looked at the time on his phone and it was around three in the morning. He felt extremely sorry for Jimin as he knew that Jimin couldn't sleep without him. He mentally promised himself that he won't be late for home again no matter what.

"Is it Jimin?" Namjoon asked while opening the door of the car. They had decided to ride the same car as Jungkook wanted to discuss a few more things with Namjoon.

"How do you know?" Jungkook asked while putting his phone back in the pocket and buttoned up his coat from the front due to the cold wind.

"You never smile unless it's about him," Namjoon glanced at Jungkook with a proud smile on his face. He knew that Jimin was the only person who could bring out the softer side of his brother.

"Don't say that hyung. I smile at your jokes sometimes," Jungkook murmured with a serious face as he sat on the passenger seat of the car.

"He has you wrapped around his cute little finger," Namjoon teased for the last time and then quietly started driving towards Jimin's apartment.


The drive was of about thirty minutes as the warehouse was at the outskirts of the city. Jungkook told Namjoon to stop the car at some flower shop saying that he wanted to buy some flowers and chocolates for Jimin. He knew Jimin would be angry because he didn't return home on time and the best way to make it up to him was to give him some chocolates and flowers. He bought beautiful white lilies and chocolates for his boyfriend.

After saying goodbye to Namjoon, he came into the building of Jimin's apartment. He felt a sudden unknown discomfort in his heart as he took steps towards the apartment door with the bouquet in his hand. His heart dropped quickly when he noticed that the apartment door was not locked.

Without even giving it a second thought, Jungkook barged through the door. His breath hitched when he found Jimin lying unconscious on the cold floor right in the middle of the room. Jimin's shirt was ripped open from the front and his hands were tied together with a belt. There was a tie in his mouth to muffle his cries and his pants were down till the knees. His blond hair was messed up as if someone pulled harshly on them. His breathing was shallow and he was barely conscious.

Jungkook threw the flowers on the floor recklessly and ran hurriedly towards Jimin. When he took Jimin in his arms, he noticed the purple bruises all over his face and neck. His lips were also bleeding from the corner and his breathing was also very shallow.

Jungkook's whole body started trembling as he tried to wake Jimin up but got no response. Tears started flowing down his cheeks when he called Jimin again and again but he didn't open his eyes for even a second.

Jungkook's mind wasn't registering anything at the moment. He was practically sobbing when he pulled up Jimin's pants and opened the tie wrapped harshly around his wrists. Jungkook pulled Jimin onto his lap with trembling hands and wrapped him into his arms before taking out the phone from his pocket and dialing Namjoon's phone number in a hurry.

"Yes, Kookie. What's the matter? Did you forget something?" Namjoon asked casually after picking up the call on the second ring.

"H-Hyung..." Jungkook stuttered as he couldn't bring himself to speak. His attention was just on the unconscious boy in his arms. And it wasn't just any boy, it was his Jimin lying there in his arms in such a pitiful state.

"Kookie? Are you okay? What happened? Is everything okay?" Namjoon bombarded him with questions out of worry as Jungkook's loud and uneven breathing could be easily heard even from the phone.

"Hyung, can you... can you please come here? Jungkook asked while taking a deep breath and wiping his tears with the back of his hand.

"Kookie? Can you please tell me what happened? You're making me worried," Namjoon uttered when he felt the gloominess in his voice. He had never heard that much desperation in Jungkook's voice in his entire life.

"Hyung, Jimin... he is not okay. Can you please come here? Just please... hurry up. He is not fine. I don't know what to do. He is not opening his eyes. Just come here and bring a doctor with you," Jungkook was practically pleading now. He was getting more and more impatient as he kept on trying to wake Jimin up but got no response from him.

"Okay. Hold on. I'm coming. Just don't worry. Hyung will be there soon. Everything will be fine," Namjoon replied with the softest tone possible and hung up the call when Jungkook didn't reply.

Jungkook threw the phone on the nearby couch and stood up from the cold floor with Jimin in his arms. He quickly laid his unconscious boyfriend on the couch and ran to the bedroom to get the first aid kit. He came back into the living room with some clean bandages in his hand. He had no idea what to do as his mind was practically shouting at him that it was all his fault. Only if he had come home early, none of this would have happened. No one would have hurt Jimin this way, only if he was there with him.

Jungkook slowly made his way to Jimin with a heavy heart. He couldn't stop blaming himself for everything that had happened to the innocent boy lying in front of him on the couch. Tears started falling from his eyes uncontrollably when he held Jimin's hand into his own and noticed the silver promise ring shining on his finger.

Jungkook remembered that happy Jimin standing with him on the beach. How warmly he smiled when Jungkook gave him that ring and kissed him under the stars shining brightly in the sky. Jimin was so happy that day and now he was lying there in front of him like a lifeless body. Jungkook couldn't bring himself to look at the same face who was smiling at him the last time he saw it, so he simply let go of Jimin's hand and stood up from the couch.

Jungkook was holding his own head in between his hands and was pulling at his hair harshly when the doorbell rang. He quickly opened the door and Namjoon walked into the apartment with their family doctor Mr.Kang who was holding a medical box in his hand.

"Where is Jimin?" Namjoon asked shortly after entering the apartment but there was a hint of worry in his voice when he saw Jungkook's red swollen eyes.

Jungkook didn't say anything and just quietly pointed towards the couch in the living room where he laid down Jimin. Namjoon didn't say anything further and went to Jimin with Mr.Kang following him behind.

Jungkook didn't move from his place and didn't even look at Jimin when Namjoon lifted Jimin into his arms and took him to the bedroom to lay him down on the bed. Mr.Kang took out his equipment and started examining Jimin carefully. Jungkook stood there in the living room the whole time the doctor was treating Jimin. After about half an hour, Namjoon came out of the bedroom with a gloomy expression on his face and went straight to Jungkook.

"Do you know who did that to him?" that was the only thing Namjoon could ask in that situation. He still couldn't believe that someone could hurt a boy like Jimin that brutally.

"I don't know, hyung. Just tell me how is he?" Jungkook was growing restless to know if Jimin was okay.

"He is raped, Jungkook. And it all happened right here in his apartment where he was meant to feel safe. I can't even imagine what he had been through. He has bruises all over his body and he is so badly hurt. He was bleeding down there so Mr.Kang had to give him some stitches. He is still unconscious and no one knows when he will wake up," Namjoon mumbled trying to explain everything to Jungkook but stopped when Jungkook looked at him gravely. There was something absurd about the expression on Jungkook's face that Namjoon couldn't quietly explain. He just knew that Jungkook wasn't thinking straight at the moment.

"How could someone do this to him?" Jungkook growled, voice shaky and breathless.

"Jungkook, keep your temper under control. I know it's hard for you but let me handle all of this," Namjoon replied trying to calm down Jungkook but Jungkook had already made up his mind for something terrible.

"Let you handle this? Really? This is about Jimin, hyung. It's about my Jimin," Jungkook growled loudly this time. His eyes were turning red at the corners and no one could tell if it was because of crying or his uncontrollable anger.

"I just don't want you to do something that you'll regret later," Namjoon tried to explain but Jungkook didn't listen to anything further and started dialing a number on his phone.

"Hyunjae, come to Jimin's apartment right now. It's urgent," Jungkook uttered as soon as the person on the other side of the line picked up the call.

"I'll be there in a few minutes," Hyunjae replied and ended the call shortly.

Jungkook put the phone in the pocket and threw himself on the couch. He let out a frustrated sigh and held his head in between his hands. Namjoon kept looking at him while quietly judging his behavior. He felt bad seeing his younger brother like that. He knew how much important Jimin was to him but no matter how much he wanted to help Jungkook, he couldn't do anything. He couldn't change what was already done.

"Jungkook, please let me find the person who did this and punish him on my own. Jimin needs you right now. You should be here with him to make him feel better," Namjoon sat with Jungkook on the couch and caressed his back trying to soothe him but Jungkook's body only got even more tense.

"I'm going to kill that bastard with my own hands," Jungkook mumbled with gritted teeth while staring at nothing in particular.

"What?" Namjoon asked as he didn't hear Jungkook properly.

"Nothing, hyung. I just..." Jungkook stopped midway and then continued, "Can we please take Jimin to our home? I don't want him to stay here and relive all of this again and again," Jungkook sounded defeated and Namjoon agreed to it right away.

Jungkook packed a large bag with Jimin's stuff in it and ordered the driver to put it in the car.

While they were busy doing this, Hyunjae arrived and went straight to Jungkook. Jungkook told him to wait in the living room and after packing all the important stuff, Jimin needed after waking up, Jungkook came back to Hyunjae.

"Yes, Mr.Jeon," Hyunjae uttered while standing up from the couch with his hands tied in the front. He was waiting there for Jungkook for the last fifteen minutes.

"Go and check all the security cameras of this building and tell me who came here today," Jungkook declared with clenched fists and Hyunjae could easily sense the anger in his voice.

"Any other order?" Hyunjae asked in a respectful tone while looking at Jungkook with a worried expression on his face.

"Yeah. I also want the complete information of whoever entered this apartment today. Make sure to be quick. I'll be waiting right here," Jungkook ordered and dismissed Hyunjae with a mere movement of his hand.

"Okay sir," Hyunjae bowed before turning around and walking out of the apartment to finish everything that was assigned to him as soon as possible.


Chapter Text

Author's POV

Hyunjae went to the building security to look at the recording of the outside of Jimin's apartment. He got the photos of the man who was the only person to visit Jimin the whole day. He sent those pictures to a department working under Jeon's company and got all the data of that man within a few minutes. He came to Jungkook and gave him all the information he ordered him to gather.

"His name is Lee Ahn. The rest of the data is in this file," Hyunjae handed over a dark-colored file to Jungkook and tied his hands in the front respectfully.

Jungkook wasn't shocked at hearing that. His heart was telling him again and again that it was him. It was Ahn who did this to Jimin. He opened the file and went through it quickly before standing up from the couch and throwing the papers on the floor. He clenched his fists tightly while Hyunjae just kept looking at him for the next order.

"Take everyone with you. I want this man here before morning," Jungkook mumbled while walking towards the window and looking out of it with an unreadable expression on his face.

"Find him and bring him to me," Jungkook murmured while taking out a gun from the pocket of his coat, "I've been waiting to meet him in person for a very long time."

"Whatever you want sir," Hyunjae bowed and turned around to leave the apartment.

"One more thing, Hyunjae. Can you please bring Jihoon, Choi, and Minjae with you next time?" Jungkook asked while examining the gun in his hand. It was the same pitch-black steel gun that his father used to keep with him all the time. Jungkook kept it safely like a treasure after his father's death and now it was the first time when he was looking at it properly in all those years.

"As you wish, Mr.Jeon. I'm sorry but can I ask why do you need them?" Hyunjae asked out of curiosity because Jungkook never actually talked to them directly as he gave all the orders to Hyunjae and Hyunjae would pass them to everyone else.

"Maybe we could arrange a small party for our new guest," Jungkook replied calmly and kept staring at the gun in his hand. He let out a tired sigh while putting the gun on a table near the window after a few minutes, "that's all. You can go now."

Hyunjae left immediately as finding the exact location of Ahn and then flying to another city if he was in Busan, was a lengthy task. Jungkook went to the kitchen to take out a wine bottle from the cabinet and then threw himself on the couch when he came back into the living room. He poured some red wine into the glass and leaned onto the couch while drinking it in a slow manner. He desperately wanted to see Jimin but not before making Ahn pay for what he did.

"I told you, Jimin. All of them will have to pay for what they did to you," Jungkook murmured in a dark tone while closing his eyes.


Luckily Ahn was in Seoul so Jungkook's men didn't take much time in finding him. They blindfolded him and threw him into the van after shooting all the people who came in between them. When Hyunjae called Jungkook to inform him about it, Jungkook ordered him to bring Ahn to Jimin's apartment as soon as possible. Hyunjae and Jihoon tied Ahn's hands and feet tightly with a white rope so he couldn't move.

Hyunjae along with Jihoon, Choi, and Minjae, as Jungkook ordered, took Ahn to Jimin's apartment where Jungkook was waiting for them impatiently. It was too early in the morning so they didn't encounter many people on their way. They shoved a large piece of cloth in Ahn's mouth to prevent him from shouting and practically dragged Ahn to Jungkook.

When they entered the apartment, Jungkook was standing by the window quietly with a grim expression on his face. Ahn had no idea what was happening to him until the blindfold was removed. He looked at Jungkook and recognized him immediately. He knew he was Jungkook, Jimin's boyfriend, as he had already seen him in photos.

"Welcome," Jungkook put on a sickening smile and greeted Ahn as if they have already met before.

"Jeon Jungkook," Ahn mumbled with gritted teeth and tried to get up from the floor but Jihoon quickly held him by his shoulders and put him down again.

"Really? You know me already? I'm flattered Ahn," Jungkook smiled once again but his smile disappeared within a matter of seconds when Ahn grinned back.

"Get to the point already. What do you want?" Ahn scorned.

Jungkook walked towards him slowly and stood right in front of him. "Didn't you get it already?" he chuckled loudly and asked, "You came here before right?"

"Have I done something wrong? I just came here to meet my husband," Ahn uttered while shrugging his shoulders as if he did nothing wrong.

"Husband? Do you really have the audacity to call yourself his husband after putting him through that hell?" Jungkook lost his patience and started shouting.

"You should be grateful that I didn't kill you for touching him. I should've taken him with me last night. Where is he by the way? Have you hid him in the room?" Ahn uttered and leaned to the side to look towards the bedroom door, "Jimin, baby. Come out of your room. Look who's here."

Jungkook plunged on Ahn like an animal and started punching him right into the face. Ahn's hands were tied behind him with a rope so he could fight back. Jungkook punched him again and again without any pause until Ahn's nose and lips started bleeding uncontrollably. Jungkook stood up after some time, leaving Ahn whimpering on the floor.

"Choi, remove the rope from his hands and tie them with your belt instead," Jungkook ordered and threw himself on the couch with a sigh.

Choi did as he was told without any question and replaced the rope around Ahn's hands with his belt. Jungkook was sitting right in front of them, watching the whole scene with a grin on his face.

"Tie them in the front," Jungkook commanded and Choi followed the order immediately, "do it as tightly as you can," Jungkook continued while leaning back onto the couch.

"Minjae, come and stuff his mouth with your tie," Jungkook stated while pouring some wine into the glass.

Minjae removed his tie before shoving it into Ahn's mouth. Ahn tried to fight back but he was feeling dizzy from the punching so Minjae completed his task with ease.

"I would love to stay here and watch the show but I really want to get some rest. Hyunjae, I told you what the actual job is. I hope you have explained it to everyone," Jungkook uttered while standing up from the couch with the wine glass in his hand.

"Yes, sir," Hyunjae nodded and they all bowed in front of Jungkook when he turned around to go to the bedroom.

"He likes it rough. I hope you'll keep his preferences in your mind," Jungkook said while looking back at them. He threw a last glance at Ahn who was thrashing on the floor uncontrollably and then he went to the bedroom followed by Hyunjae.


Jungkook could clearly listen to what was happening in the living room, but the only thing in his mind was Jimin. Jungkook couldn't stop blaming himself for everything that had happened to Jimin. He promised Jimin that he will protect him but he didn't. He was zoned out when Hyunjae came to him with a phone in his hand.

"Your phone is switched off so Mr.Namjoon has called me. He wants to talk to you," Hyunjae murmured and handed over the phone to Jungkook who took it immediately.

"Is Jimin okay?" was the first thing Jungkook asked after putting the phone to his ear in a quick manner.

"Yes, he is fine, Jungkook. He will wake up soon. I just want you to be here with him when he will open his eyes," Namjoon sounded as if he was pleading for him to come back.

"I have to finish something important. I promise I'll be there. Just take care of him," Jungkook replied in a drunken tone while resting his head against the headboard.

"Jungkook, I hope you won't do something that will ruin your relationship with Jimin," Namjoon sounded stern but Jungkook wasn't in a mood of thinking about something like that.

"I know what I'm doing, hyung. If I didn't do this, I'll never be able to face him again," Jungkook replied coldly and ended the call without listening to anything further.

"Go and see if they have finished yet. I gave them one hour and it's over," Jungkook ordered Hyunjae while giving the phone back to him.

Hyunjae took the phone and bowed quickly before walking out of the room. He came back after a few minutes and stood beside Jungkook who was now sitting at the corner of the bed with a gun in his hand.

"It's done, sir. He is unconscious now," Hyunjae informed Jungkook and opened the door wide open for him to go back to the living room.

Jungkook stood up and walked out of the bedroom followed by Hyunjae. When he entered the room, Ahn was lying down on the floor with his eyes closed. His hands were still tied with the belt. The zip of his pants was broken and the shirt was torn open from the front.

"Throw some water on him and wake him up. It's not over yet," Jungkook mumbled with a straight face and Jihoon went to the kitchen to get some water for splashing on Ahn's face.

Ahn whimpered when his face came in contact with the water. He opened his eyes and tears started brimming through his eyes due to the unbearable pain in his lower body. Jungkook just kept staring at him with a blank face.

"You were asking why you're here. I'm sure you got your answer," Jungkook murmured in a stern tone and walked closer to where Ahn was lying on the floor.

"Do you r-really think...I'll leave Jimin because of this? That's did this to me?" Ahn tried to speak but got quiet when Jungkook knelt beside him.

"I did this to show you how he felt when you raped him, you fucking moron," Jungkook shouted and hit Ahn's face with the gun in his hand, "now you've paid for that new year night when you left him crying and bleeding on the freezing floor of your bedroom."

"Oh. But what about last night? And those many other nights when he cried because of you? Don't you think you should pay for that too?" Jungkook asked and stood up with a stoic expression on his face.

He pointed the gun in his hand towards Ahn whose body started trembling the moment he saw it. Ahn tried to get up but Jungkook pushed him back down by putting all the weight of his foot right in the middle of Ahn's chest.

"He is my husband so he belongs to me. I didn't do anything wrong. Let go of me," Ahn uttered and struggled to get up again when Jungkook removed his foot.

"He 'was' your husband. Not anymore," saying that Jungkook shot the gun right at his heart. Ahn stopped struggling when the bullet hit his body and blood started oozing out of it. Jungkook lowered the gun but kept staring at him until his finger moved for the last time. No one dared to move when Jungkook let a deep sigh and looked at Hyunjae who was standing by the door with his hands tied in the front respectfully.

"Hyunjae, go get my coat from the bedroom. Jihoon, take Choi with you and cremate the body. Jimin will wake up any minute. He gets scared when I'm not with him so I've to go," Jungkook murmured while throwing a last glance at the lifeless body lying in the middle of the room and walked out of the apartment followed by Minjae.


Chapter Text

Author's POV

When Jungkook entered his mansion, it was already morning and Namjoon was waiting for him in the living room. There were dark shadows under his eyes due to the lack of sleep and he was looking visibly tired. Namjoon quickly stood up from the couch and came to him with a worried expression on his face.

"Jungkook, where were you all night? Do you have any idea how much worried I was for you?" Namjoon inquired while examining Jungkook from head to toe.

"Did Jimin wake up?" Jungkook asked without answering Namjoon's question. He was feeling so tired and he just wanted to see Jimin.

"I asked you something, Jungkook," Namjoon was getting restless for some reason and he desperately wanted to know that Jungkook didn't do anything wrong. He always tried so hard to keep his baby brother away from those kinds of things. Let alone the thought of Jungkook murdering someone was enough to make Namjoon lose his mind.

"Hyung, please. I'm not in the mood of arguing with you right now. Just tell me about Jimin. How is he?" Jungkook's voice was loud this time. Namjoon got shocked by his tone as Jungkook had never talked to him like that before.

"Mr.Wang gave him some sedatives that's why he didn't wake up. He'll wake up any minute so go and stay with him," Namjoon mumbled in a straight tone and walked away without saying anything further.

Jungkook went upstairs to his room where Jimin was going to stay with him. When he entered the room, Jimin's eyes were closed and his back was facing the door. Jungkook slowly walked to the other side of the bed while looking at him. Jimin was looking so soft with his chest rising up and down in a slow manner. His long eyelashes were casting their shadow on his cheeks and his lips were looking even more pouty than usual but there was a cut at their one corner and his neck was also decorated with marks all over. His wrists were still purple and his skin was unusually pale. In short, he was looking like a wounded angel.

A tear rolled down Jungkook's cheek when he extended his hand to caress Jimin's cheek and assure him that it will all be okay. But before he could actually touch him, Jungkook stopped abruptly and took a few steps back due to the overwhelming guilt in his heart. What if Jimin would wake up and ask him why he didn't protect him? Why Jungkook didn't come home early that night? Why did he leave him there alone?

Jungkook knew that he couldn't answer any of those questions if Jimin ever asked him why it all happened. He couldn't stop blaming himself for everything that had happened to Jimin. He considered himself responsible for it.

Jimin groaned in his sleep making Jungkook come back into his senses. Jungkook quickly got out of the room without looking back to see if Jimin woke up or not. He simply rushed downstairs where Hyunjae was standing with Namjoon. When Namjoon saw Jungkook running down the stairs, he tried to stop him but Jungkook ran out of the mansion within a matter of seconds. Namjoon ordered Hyunjae to go after him and make sure that he won't do anything wrong.

Hyunjae followed Jungkook outside the mansion and into a huge backyard that led to a small lake. Jungkook kept running no matter how much the guards and Hyunjae called him from behind. He only stopped once he was on the edge of that lake.

When he finally stopped, his breathing was uneven and his heart was beating in an abnormal pattern. He felt himself suffocating and threw his body on the ground near the water. Hyunjae also stopped behind him and tried to help him in getting up but Jungkook started shouting when Hyunjae came near him.

"Just go. Leave me the fuck alone," Jungkook growled.

Hyunjae immediately stopped trying and stood there for a few seconds before turning around and walking back towards the mansion. Jungkook just stayed there on the floor crying his heart out no matter how many guards and servants came to take him back to the mansion.

Jungkook didn't notice how much time had passed since he came there. Sun started setting but he kept lying there with his eyes closed. He stopped crying after a few hours but didn't get up to go back to the mansion. He couldn't get himself to face Jimin again.

At dawn, Namjoon finally came to him with a warm sweater in his hand. Jungkook was now leaning against an old tree but his eyes were still closed. When Namjoon held his hand to wake him up, he felt how cold Jungkook's body was due to the freezing wind.

"Wake up, Kookie," Namjoon called Jungkook while taking his cold hands into his own.

Jungkook slowly opened his eyes to look at Namjoon but turned his face quickly to the other side. There was a pain in his eyes that only Namjoon could understand.

"You should go to him now," Namjoon mumbled while caressing his hand softly but Jungkook didn't reply and just kept looking at the lake on the other side.

"Why are you doing this Jungkook?" Namjoon tried again but Jungkook didn't utter a single word.

"You know he needs you. Why are you being so selfish?" Namjoon asked in a frustrated tone.

"Selfish? I'm doing him a favor. I don't deserve him, hyung. Can't you see? I left him there to suffer even after promising him again and again that I would protect him. I fuckin' left him there with that animal. I should have done something," Jungkook shouted with trembling lips.

"So you're blaming yourself for everything? Do you know what Jimin said to me this afternoon? He thinks that you didn't come back to him because he is dirty now. He started sobbing the moment he woke up and kept asking for you but you didn't come. He isn't fine, Kookie. He said that he wants to run away so that he won't have to face you again. He is blaming himself. He thinks that somehow he is the reason why you don't want to see him again," Namjoon tried to explain and it somehow worked.

"I can't do this anymore. I hate myself for letting that happen to him," Jungkook's eyes started brimming with tears.

"So you want him to believe that he is the reason why you don't want to see his face? I'm sure you love him too much to let that happen," Namjoon replied while caressing his hands softly.

"I love him too much that's why it's hurting me. How could I forgive myself, hyung?" Jungkook's pain was evident from his voice.

"Trust me, Jungkook. None of this is your or his fault. Whatever happened, has happened. Don't let him suffer alone anymore. He only wants you right now. Please go and hold him. He desperately needs that," Namjoon uttered and pulled Jungkook up from the ground. Jungkook stood up quietly without any resistance and followed Namjoon back to the mansion. 


Jungkook finally came back to his room on Namjoon's constant requests. When he opened the door, Jimin was lying quietly on the bed. His back was facing the door so Jungkook didn't know if he was sleeping or not.

Jungkook walked up to the bed slowly and sat at the corner of the bed beside Jimin. When he tried to touch Jimin, Jimin turned abruptly and looked back at him with horror evident on his face. Jungkook froze as he didn't know what to say or how to console Jimin.

Jimin's eyes filled with tears in a matter of seconds and he bit his lower lip to stop it from trembling. Jungkook's heart broke at seeing Jimin like that. He never felt so helpless in his entire life. He desperately wanted to take Jimin into his arms and tell him that everything will be okay but how could he say that when he didn't believe that himself.

Jimin kept looking at him as if he was waiting for Jungkook to hold him but when Jungkook didn't say or do anything, Jimin hid his face in his hands and started sobbing loudly.

When Jungkook heard his sobs, he didn't give it a second thought and quickly took him into his arms. Jimin hid his face into Jungkook's chest and cried his heart out. No one said anything as Jimin kept crying while Jungkook was caressing his back.

"Jimin," Jungkook tried to talk after some time but Jimin didn't reply and just kept crying.

"Baby, please listen to me," Jungkook tried again but still got no response. The sound of Jimin's sobs was like stabs on his chest.

"I'm sorry. I'm so fuckin' sorry," Jungkook eyes started brimming with tears too, "I don't know what to do to make everything how it was before. I don't even know what to say," Jungkook mumbled with tears falling from his eyes uncontrollably.

Jimin lifted his face a little to take a glance at Jungkook's face. When he saw Jungkook crying, he immediately pulled back and started wiping the tears from Jungkook's cheeks with the back of his small hands.

"Why...why are saying sorry?" Jimin stuttered while trying to stop sobbing.

"I'm sorry for not being able to protect you," Jungkook replied and took Jimin's hand into his, "I can never forgive myself for that."

"It's not your fault. None of this is your fault," Jimin started crying again when Jungkook placed a hand on his waist and pulled him closer to his chest. He secured Jimin into his arms and pecked the top of his head.

"Whatever happened is in the past now. I'm right here with you so don't worry," that was the only thing Jungkook managed to say. He knew that nothing could lessen the pain Jimin had to endure but at least he could try.


When Jimin woke up the next morning, Jungkook was sitting on the bed right next to him. He was totally quiet and zoned out. It was looking as if he didn't get proper sleep for so many days. He was looking extremely tired and stressed. When he saw Jimin getting up, he immediately put his hand on Jimin's back and helped him in sitting against the headboard.

"You don't have to get up, baby. You can tell me what you need, I can get it for you," Jungkook uttered softly while covering Jimin's lower body with the blanket because of the cold.

"I don't need anything. Just don't leave me alone here," Jimin mumbled while keeping his head lower and avoiding looking at Jungkook.

"I'm not going anywhere. You've to eat something so that you can take the medicines," Jungkook replied and wrapped Jimin into his arms.

"I don't want to eat anything," Jimin muttered and placed his head on Jungkook's chest.

"Please, Jimin. Do it for me," Jungkook requested in a worried tone, "I can't see you like this."

"I don't feel like eating anything at the moment. I might throw up so don't force me," Jimin mumbled and leaned into Jungkook's touch a little more. Jungkook felt defeated so he didn't push him any further.

"Our family doctor wants to do your check-up today. He treated you when we... found you unconscious. I just want to make sure that you're totally fine," Jungkook said while moving his fingers through Jimin's hair softly.

"I will never be fine," Jimin mumbled and tears started wetting his cheeks once again. Jungkook's heart broke at hearing the sadness in Jimin's voice. He could feel Jimin trembling against his chest so he tightened his grip around Jimin and caressed his back trying to calm him down if it was even possible.

"Everything is going to be okay. And if it won't, I'm going to make it okay. I promise," Jungkook muttered softly and let the fragile boy cry into his arms.


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Chapter Text

Author's POV 

At Jungkook's request, Jimin finally agreed on seeing the doctor. When Mr.Kang came for the check-up, Jungkook stayed with Jimin the whole time. Jimin suffered from a minor panic attack but Jungkook was there to hold him so Mr.Kang did the check-up as carefully as possible.

"Take care of him as much as you can. He might look better physically but his mental state is something you should be actually worried about. Don't leave him alone. Make sure that he won't keep thinking about that incident," Mr.Kang told Jungkook when they came out of the room and closed the door behind them.

"He isn't eating anything. He doesn't even talk to me and just keeps crying. I'm so worried. I can't see him like this. Tell me is there anything I could do for him?" Jungkook sounded desperate so Mr.Kang patted his shoulder to show Jungkook that there was someone who could understand him.

"I feel so sorry for him, Jungkook. He is too fragile to go through all of this. Maybe you should take him somewhere for a few days. It's necessary to keep his mind away from negative thoughts," Mr.Kang suggested in a soft tone while walking downstairs.

"I have to talk to him. I don't know if he is ready to go somewhere right now," Jungkook murmured with a sigh and walked to the door with Mr.Kang.


When Jungkook came back to the room with a tray in his hand, Jimin was lying quietly on the bed and staring out the window. Jungkook carefully put the tray, which had a plate of chocolate pancakes and a few medicines along with a glass of water, on the side table and settled behind Jimin on the bed.

"Jimin," he called from behind but got no response so he proceeded to hold Jimin's hand but Jimin quickly flinched away.

Jungkook pulled back in surprise and looked at Jimin with sadness evident on his face. When Jimin realized what he had unconsciously done, he threw his arms around Jungkook and hid his face in his neck while apologizing to him.

Jungkook pulled Jimin onto his lap and wrapped him into his arms before placing a kiss on the top of his head.

"It's okay, baby. I understand," Jungkook murmured while caressing Jimin's back gently, "Mr.Kang said that it would be better if I'll take you away from here. It will help in the recovery process. But we'll do it only if you want to."

"I do," Jimin mumbled in Jungkook's neck while keeping his eyes closed.

"Hmm?" although Jungkook heard what Jimin said he still hummed to confirm.

"I want to go away from here. Far far away," Jimin's voice was nearly inaudible but Jungkook could totally understand it.

"Whatever my baby wants," Jungkook declared and tucked Jimin's hair strand behind his ear earning a tired sigh from him.

Jimin was feeling mentally exhausted so he simply nuzzled into Jungkook's chest and let the sleep take over him.


"I want to take Jimin somewhere else for a few days," Jungkook told Namjoon while they were standing in the kitchen.

Namjoon was making a healthy soup for Jimin with a recipe used by their mom when they were kids. Jimin was asleep so Jungkook was sitting on a dining chair in the middle of the kitchen and talking to Namjoon about Jimin's mental condition.

"You can't take him anywhere, Jungkook. Let him properly recover first," Namjoon scolded Jungkook in a stern voice.

"He will never recover here. I just want to take his mind off these things. And he also said that he wants to go somewhere. Why would he say that if he was uncomfortable with it?" Jungkook argued and stood up to check if the soup was ready or not.

"If that's the case, then you should definitely go for it. But where do you want to take him?" Namjoon asked while pouring the hot soup into a transparent bowl.

"Jeju Island. And I won't come back until he will be totally fine, even if that needs months or even years," Jungkook declared and took the bowl of soup from Namjoon's hand to take it to the bedroom and feed it to Jimin.


Jungkook ordered Hyunjae to do all the preparations for their trip. Jimin wanted to leave as soon as possible so they left Seoul the very next morning. When they reached Jeju Island, the weather wasn't very good. It was raining heavily. The thunderstorm was causing the windows of the house to vibrate constantly.

The house was big and beautiful. It was right next to the water and the view from the windows was worth seeing. Jimin was feeling tired so they decided to take a nap right after reaching the house. They went straight to the bedroom and Jungkook took Jimin into his arms to help him in falling asleep. When he heard Jimin's soft snores, he carefully got up from the bed trying not to wake him up.

When Jungkook came into the kitchen, there was nothing in the refrigerator except a few juices and water bottles. Even the things in the cabinets were expired so there was absolutely nothing to eat. Jungkook walked back to the bedroom to check on Jimin and after making sure that Jimin was sleeping peacefully, he decided to go out and bring some groceries and food for both of them. He looked out of the kitchen window to see if the rain had stopped.

He came out of the house and locked the door behind him before making his way to a nearby shop. He bought all the necessary things including the stuff he needed for cooking the food for his boyfriend. He then bought a few chocolates and flowers for Jimin and made his way to the house.

When he was passing by the water, he stopped there to look at the reflection of the sunset in it. He stayed there for some time while looking at the beautiful patterns of sunlight in the water. He let out a deep sigh when a cold gust of wind blew against his skin.

He soon realized that Jimin must be waiting for him so he started walking towards the house and soon reached there. When he entered the front door, Jimin came running to him and threw his arms around Jungkook.

"Why did you leave me alone?" Jimin whispered, bottom lip trembling. His hands quivered and hot tears squeezed out when he closed his eyes.

"I'm sorry. I thought you were sleeping so I went out to buy these things for us. I also bought some flowers and chocolates," Jungkook murmured while trying to hand over the things to him but Jimin kept his face hidden in his chest while mumbling incoherent words.

Jungkook placed the things on a nearby table and wrapped Jimin into his arms before walking him to the couch. They sat in complete silence with Jungkook placing kisses on Jimin's face from time to time.

"Just don't go now. Tell someone else to buy these things for us. I don't want you to go anywhere," Jimin mumbled in a sad tone while holding onto Jungkook's jacket from the front.

Jungkook smiled and placed his chin on top of Jimin's head, "I'm here, baby. I'm not gonna leave you again, I promise."


The next few days were difficult for both of them. Jimin couldn't bring himself to think about anything else except his horrible past while Jungkook was trying so hard to make Jimin feel better again. Jimin refused to go out whenever Jungkook asked him. He just stayed in his room the whole day and Jungkook didn't want to leave him alone so he stayed there with him too.

Jungkook didn't sleep properly at night as he was scared that Jimin might try to harm himself again as he did just a few months ago. Jungkook would wake up countless times at night to make sure that Jimin was sleeping peacefully in his arms.

Days turned into weeks and everything still remained the same. Jungkook became extremely worried for Jimin at this point. One day, he was talking to Namjoon on the phone and telling him how he wanted to make everything like it was before. That's when Jimin heard him and understood how he was making everything difficult for Jungkook so he started trying on his part as well.

He asked Jungkook to go for a walk with him one evening. Jungkook agreed right away and they went out for a walk. Jungkook then took him to a peaceful restaurant for eating barbeque. When they came back home, it was quite late so they went straight to their bedroom. Jimin went to the bathroom to change his clothes and when he came back, Jungkook was waiting for him while sitting on the corner of the bed. He patted his lap so Jimin quietly obeyed and straddled him.

"Is my baby feeling any better? I hope going out was a good idea," Jungkook asked softly while wrapping his arms around Jimin's waist.

"I'm fine as long as you're with me," Jimin mumbled when Jungkook placed a kiss on his forehead. Jungkook kept caressing Jimin's back when he leaned into his chest.

"Jungkook," Jimin called him in a low tone after a few seconds.

"Hmm?" Jungkook hummed in reply.

"You shouldn't care about me this much," Jimin mumbled and hid his face in Jungkook's neck as he had already anticipated his reaction.

Jungkook pulled away from Jimin to look at his face. "What?" he asked.

"Why do you worry about me all the time? You shouldn't do that. You have your own life. I don't want you to waste it for me," Jimin kept his head low while saying that.

"My pretty little love, look at me," Jungkook ordered and lifted Jimin's face with his finger to look into his eyes, "where is this coming from?"

Jimin looked away as soon as Jungkook asked him that question and didn't utter a single word. Jungkook held Jimin's face into his hand softly and caressed his cheek with so much affection.

"You asked me why I'm wasting my life for you? You're my life, Jimin. I love you more than anything else in the world. I can't just keep moving on knowing that you're still mentally stuck in your past. I know it's hard for you, baby. But trust me you can make it through. We will make through it together, I promise," Jungkook's tone was so sincere that it brought tears in Jimin's eyes. Jungkook quickly kissed away the very first tear that rolled down his cheek.

"I don't know what I would have done if you weren't here with me," Jimin mumbled in a sad tone and leaned his forehead against Jungkook's.

"And I don't what I would have done without you. From where would I have gotten such a perfect boy? With such a pretty face? Having this much fine ass?" Jungkook asked and patted Jimin's lower back with a smirk earning a smack on his chest followed by a soft giggle.

Jimin smiled through his tears when Jungkook hugged him tightly and placed a gentle kiss on his lips. Jimin kissed him back almost instantly. Jungkook pulled him close until there was no space left between their bodies. He leaned his face to the side to deepen the kiss and earned a satisfied sigh from Jimin in return. They kissed each other until they both ran out of breath.

They laid in each other's arms that night and talked about normal things for the first time in a while. Jungkook couldn't be any happier to feel Jimin relaxed against his chest. It had been a long time since they had a proper conversation with each other. They didn't realize how much they needed this until now. They kept talking about random things until Jimin closed his eyes and let the sleep drift over him. Jungkook kissed every single inch of Jimin's face after Jimin fell asleep in his arms ever so peacefully.


Chapter Text

Author's POV 

"I wrote a song for you," Jungkook said while running his fingers through Jimin's hair gently.

It was evening and they were sitting on the bed with Jimin sitting in front of Jungkook and resting his head on his chest. Jungkook had one arm wrapped around Jimin's waist and his other hand was busy caressing Jimin's scalp.

"Really? When did you write it?" Jimin inquired while drawing circles on Jungkook's tattoed arm that was wrapped around him.

"A small part of it every night after you slept," Jungkook uttered and sniffed Jimin's hair before placing a kiss on the top of his head, "Do you wanna hear it?"

"Of course," Jimin mumbled and closed his eyes before snuggling into Jungkook's chest a little more.

 Didn't know that I'd fall so hard
Then my feet left the ground
Gravity makes no sense when you're around
I come up against myself when
Demons in my head get loud
I don't know how you do it, but you turn them down

I slip and wonder who I'd be
If I never found you and you never found me
Well, I don't wanna see

So won't you give me tonight
And the rest of your life?
I wanna have it all with you
And when you open your eyes
I'll be there by your side
I wanna have it all with you
Cause your love is biblical

If you evеr go to pieces
Fall between thе thunder clouds
I will put you back together,
I won't let you down
I slip and wonder what I'd do
If you never found me and I never found you
I don't know what I'd do

So won't you give me tonight
And the rest of your life?
I wanna have it all with you
And when you open your eyes
I'll be there by your side
I wanna have it all with you

Jimin kept his eyes closed as he heard Jungkook singing in his melodious voice. Jungkook finished the song in no time and gently held Jimin's hand into his before placing a kiss on top of it.

"Did you like it?" Jungkook asked with a warm smile.

"No," Jimin mumbled and sat up straight facing Jungkook, "I loved it. Didn't know my boyfriend is that talented."

"Handsome and talented," Jungkook corrected playfully and wrapped his arms around Jimin's waist before pulling him closer so that their faces were only inches away from each other.

"And shameless too," Jimin smiled warmly and closed the distance between their faces before attaching his lips onto Jungkook's.

Jungkook kissed back hungrily as if he was craving intimacy with his beautiful boyfriend. Jimin wrapped his arms around Jungkook's neck and let him devour his lips as much as wanted to. Their lips moved in perfect sync. Jungkook pushed his tongue into Jimin's mouth but as soon as he did Jimin pushed away and started giggling. Jungkook gave him a confused look but then started smiling after hearing the sound of Jimin's cute giggles.

"What happened baby?" Jungkook asked while holding Jimin's face into his hands.

"Nothing. It's just your tongue. It tickles," Jimin started giggling again but now with his tiny hands on his face to stop himself from laughing.

"Do you have any idea how cute you're looking right now?" Jungkook asked while looking at Jimin affectionately with a soft smile playing on his lips, "I feel as if I fall in love with you every single day."

"You're cheesy," Jimin mumbled shyly with pink blush on his cheeks.

"My pretty little love," Jungkook murmured lovingly and pulled Jimin into his embrace before placing a kiss on his forehead, "I wish that I could show you how much I truly love you."


Jimin and Jungkook came back to Seoul after spending almost two months in Jeju Island. Jimin started smiling again because of Jungkook's efforts. He wanted to go back to his apartment but Jungkook insisted that Jimin should live with him and Namjoon for at least a little longer. Jimin's cat and all of his belongings were in Jungkook's mansion so there was no point to go back to his apartment anyway.

When they reached home, it was afternoon and Namjoon was waiting for them in the living room. As soon as he saw Jimin walking into the room followed by Jungkook, he quickly got up from the couch and stradded towards them. Jimin smiled when Namjoon greeted both of them and then hugged him carefully.

"How are you?" Namjoon asked when he pulled back from the hug and held Jimin's shoulders gently.

"I'm fine. He took care of me a lot," Jimin murmured while pointing at Jungkook who was standing right next to him. He gave Jimin a warm smile in return.

"I'm happy to hear that," Namjoon replied sincerely with a nod, "you guys should go and get some rest now."

"See you at dinner, hyung," Jungkook uttered and took Jimin's hand into his before walking upstairs to the bedroom with him.


Jimin was sitting in Jungkook's lap and they were eating jjigae from the same bowl when Jimin's phone started ringing. Jimin took the phone from the side table and when he looked at it, Taemin's name appeared on the screen. Jimin's phone was switched off the last two months and when he turned it on the previous day, there were a lot of missed calls from Taemin so he decided to talk to him after coming back to Seoul but Taemin was calling him before he could do it by himself.

Jungkook looked at the phone and pushed his tongue against the side of his cheek in annoyance. Jimin handed over the spoon to Jungkook while picking up the call.

"Hi, Taemin hyung," Jimin greeted with his beautiful angelic voice.

"Jimin-ah, where were you? Do you have any idea how much worried I was for you? Don't you care about hyung anymore? I tried everything I could do to contact you but couldn't find you anywhere. I went to your apartment and no one was there. Where are you?" Taemin said in a single breath with worry evident in his voice.

"I'm sorry, hyung. I should've called you earlier," Jimin replied with a tired sigh and leaned back against Jungkook's chest.

"What happened Jimin? Why was your phone switched for so long? Are you fine? Did Jungkook do something to you?" Taemin asked a lot of questions in one go on which Jimin let out a tired sigh.

"Ahn was in Seoul. He was in my apartment," Jimin mumbled and Jungkook could feel him trembling against his chest, "He found me, and... he did that to me again."

Jungkook wrapped his arms around Jimin's waist and caressed his side to calm him down, "you don't need to talk about it again, baby," Jungkook uttered in his ear softly.

"What? Are you fine? I mean..." Taemin stopped being unable to find the correct words, "How are you doing now? Where is he?"

"I d-don't know about anything, hyung. I'm living with Jungkook since that day," Jimin murmured and leaned into Jungkook's chest a little more as if he was trying to find comfort in his embrace.

"I'm coming to you, Jimin-ah. I need to see if you're really fine. Send me the address please," Taemin sounded desperate on which Jimin felt bad for not telling him anything before as he knew how much Taemin loved and cared for him.

"Okay, hyung. I'm missing you too so I hope to see you soon," Jimin replied softly before ending the call.


Taemin came to Seoul to see Jimin the very next day. He went straight to Jungkook's house and Namjoon had already ordered the servants to prepare the guest room for him. Although Taemin had already told Jimin before coming that he would leave from the next flight but Namjoon wanted him to stay for a few more days after seeing Jimin being genuinely happy on his brother's arrival.

Jimin was waiting for Taemin in the living room with Namjoon and Jungkook. It was six in the evening when Taemin arrived. He put his bag down and practically ran to Jimin to hug him. When he took Jimin into his arms, Jimin hugged him back happily but Jungkook wasn't having any of it so he loudly snorted not even trying to hide his annoyance.

"How are you Jimin-ah? Hyung missed you so much," Taemin uttered softly while caressing Jimin's back who was clinging to him like a koala.

"I'm better, hyung. And I missed too," Jimin mumbled in Taemin's embrace.

"I wish you had told me about everything earlier. I would have been here for you so that you won't have to go through it all alone," Taemin replied and gave a kiss on Jimin's forehead affectionately.

"It's okay, hyung. I didn't have to go through anything alone. Jungkook was here with me," Jimin murmured and pulled back to look at Jungkook who gave him a brief smile.

After pulling away from the hug, Taemin greeted Namjoon who greeted him back warmly. While Jungkook barely shook his hand with Taemin before turning around and walking to his room upstairs.


Jungkook was sitting in the bedroom and scrolling through his phone when someone knocked on the door. He stood up with a tired sigh and unlocked the door only to find Jimin standing there in his full glory. He was wearing a white dress shirt with skin-tight black jeans. Although the dressing was quite simple, he was looking like an angel with his blond hair messily arranged.

"Let's have dinner, Kookie. Why did you tell Namjoon hyung that you're not hungry? You haven't eaten anything since morning," Jimin said as soon as he entered the room.

"I'm not feeling well. I want to get some rest. You can have dinner with your Taemin hyung," Jungkook replied with a straight face and went back to lay on the bed.

"Why are you not feeling well? What happened? Are you okay?" Jimin followed him to the bed and sat beside Jungkook before checking his temperature with the back of his hand.

"I'm fine, baby. Don't worry, I'll eat something before sleeping," Jungkook replied shortly and closed his eyes before rolling to the other side of the bed. Jimin looked at him with a confused expression on his face as Jungkook was behaving oddly.

"I won't eat anything without you. I can wait. Whenever you feel hungry, we'll have dinner together," Jimin uttered softly and stood up from the bed before making his way to the door.

"You can eat with Taemin hyung, it's okay," Jungkook mumbled with his back facing Jimin.

Jimin stopped in his tracks and turned around before coming back to Jungkook and lying behind him on the bed. Jungkook let out a comforted sigh when Jimin put an arm around Jungkook's waist and nuzzled into his nape.

"Why are acting like this Kookie? Is it because of Taemin hyung?" Jimin whispered into his ear.

"It's not just about him. I can't trust anyone when it comes to you, angel," Jungkook replied while holding Jimin's hand into his and placing a kiss on the back of it.

"Do you really think my hyung will hurt me in some way? If you are thinking like that Jungkook then you should know that I trust him as much as I trust you. He will be the last person on earth to do something bad to me," Jimin murmured and leaned into Jungkook's back even more.

Jungkook thought about it for a few seconds and then turned around to face Jimin before replying, "Okay, baby. I'm sorry for behaving like that. I just care for you too much. I don't want to see a single tear in your eyes again."

"I know, Jungkook. But you've got to understand that he is my hyung. He is the same person who saved my life and took me here in the first place. If he wasn't there for me, I might still be living in that hell with Ahn," Jimin murmured softly and closed his eyes when Jungkook pulled him into a hug.

"I'm sorry for thinking like that. But I can't control my thoughts you know. Just take care of yourself," Jungkook mumbled while caressing his back softly and pressing a kiss on the top of his head.


Taemin told Jimin that he would return the next day because he didn't want to stay in Jungkook's home for so long. Jimin was sad but he didn't insist and simply told Jungkook that he wanted to spend time with his hyung as much as he can. Jimin changed into his pajamas and brushed his teeth before making his way to the living room where Taemin was having a talk with Namjoon. When Jimin came, Namjoon excused himself and went back to his bedroom as he wanted to give them some private time to talk to each other freely and he also had to wake up early in the morning because of his flight to Incheon for some business meeting so he went to sleep.

Taemin patted the place right next to him on the couch for Jimin to sit. Jimin settled with him and sighed with comfort when Taemin hugged him from the side. They sat quietly for a few minutes enjoying the silence and stillness of everything around them.

"I'm sorry, Jimin-ah," Taemin whispered as he pulled Jimin closer to him even more.

"Why are you saying that hyung?" Jimin murmured in that angelic voice of his.

"For not being there for you," Taemin replied sincerely and pressed his face into Jimin's hair to sniff them.

"Jungkook said the same. But it's neither your nor his fault that it happened to me again so you don't have to apologize," Jimin mumbled and intertwined his fingers with Taemin's to assure him.

Taemin simply nodded and closed his eyes when he inhaled Jimin's heavenly scent. A few tears rolled down Jimin's cheek while talking about that incident again but Taemin kept caressing his side to calm him down. Jimin was feeling exhausted so he fell asleep into his embrace after some time. Taemin smiled when he heard Jimin's soft snores and put his chin on the top of Jimin's head.

"I wish I have met you in some other way, Jimin-ah. At least I would be able to confess how much you actually matter to me and maybe you didn't even have to marry Ahn in the first place because I would've told you that I'm in love with you ever since I first learned how to love. I wish you weren't my brother in front of the whole world. But guess what? It didn't even stop me from falling in love with you but sadly I couldn't tell you that on your face. But maybe someday I'd be sincere enough to tell you all of this," Taemin mumbled with a sigh and reluctantly placed a kiss on Jimin's cheek dangerously close to his lips without actually knowing that Jungkook was standing in the door, seeing and hearing everything from behind.


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Chapter Text

Taemin fell asleep next to Jimin on the couch in the living room because of the exhaustion from his flight earlier that day. Jimin woke up in the middle of the night and found himself leaning against Taemin who was also sleeping peacefully right next to him. Jimin shook Taemin lightly and tried to wake him up in his sleepy voice. Taemin opened his eyes a little and then looked around himself taking in the surroundings for a few seconds.

"Hyung? Taemin hyung, wake up," he heard Jimin's angelic voice and looked at him. Jimin was yawning cutely and his eyes were drooping from the sleep.

"You should've woke me up instead of sleeping here like this," Jimin mumbled with his eyes barely open and continued to help Taemin in getting up from the couch.

"You fell asleep, hyung. You've to go back to Busan tomorrow so go get some proper sleep in your room. It's still three in the morning," Jimin whispered when Taemin got up from the couch slowly.

"I'll go back to my room. Namjoon hyung has shown it to me already so I know where it is. You should go and sleep too," Taemin mumbled in a sleepy tone while patting Jimin's head affectionately.

Jimin nodded with a smile and turned around to go to his room upstairs. When he entered the room, he was expecting Jungkook to be sleeping on the bed but to his surprise, Jungkook was nowhere to be seen. Jimin looked around with a confused expression on his face but then went to the bathroom thinking that Jungkook might go out of the room to get some water.

On the other hand, when Taemin came back to the room in which he was staying, the door was slightly open. He cautiously entered the room and stopped in his tracks when he saw Jungkook standing near the bed. He was smoking a cigarette and his back was facing Taemin.

"Hello, Taemin," Jungkook glanced back slightly and gave Taemin a bored look while blowing out the smoke from his mouth, "you came back early? I thought you'd sleep with Jimin in the living room."

"What are you doing here?" Taemin asked while walking further into the room and didn't close the door behind him.

"What am I doing here? Oh, come on. It's my house for God's sake," Jungkook snorted and turned around to face Taemin who was still standing near the door.

"Do you want to talk about something?" Taemin continued and didn't move from his place when Jungkook threw the cigarette on the ground and started taking measured steps towards him.

"Do I really need a reason for doing something?" Jungkook kept looking at Taemin as he walked towards him slowly.

"Don't waste my time, Jungkook. I know you don't like me although I'm Jimin's hyung. You're bad at hiding your feeling towards people around you. Guess what? I don't care if you actually hate me for some reason. Jimin loves you so I respect you too," Taemin replied with a straight face and put his belongings on the table next to him with a tired sigh.

"You think you're any better? Don't you know that you're not great at hiding your feelings towards the people around you either?" Jungkook was now standing right in front Taemin. His tone was challenging as he glared at Taemin with gritted teeth.

"What are you talking about? Just say what you want to say," Taemin replied bravely as he looked right into Jungkook's dark-colored eyes.

"Jimin. I'm talking Jimin. You don't think of him as your brother. Do you?" Jungkook inquired and pushed his tongue against the side of his cheek in annoyance.

"What are you trying to imply?" Taemin asked as he gave Jungkook the same daring look.

"Don't act so innocent, Taemin. You know what I'm talking about," Jungkook shrugged his shoulder as if he was telling Taemin the most obvious thing in the world.

"You're wasting your time here. Go to your room. Jimin must be waiting for you," Taemin replied as he pointed towards the door with his thumb.

"I know how much you wish to be in my place," Jungkook stated as he clenched his fists tightly.

"I don't have anything to say. Can you please leave me alone?" Taemin muttered and tried to walk away but Jungkook gripped his arm tightly.

"I saw you today," Jungkook mumbled while looking into Taemin's eyes again.

"What?" Taemin asked in reply.

"I heard everything you confessed to Jimin. Did you think that nobody would ever know about your real intentions? You're a coward, Taemin," Jungkook tightened his grip around Taemin's arm until it was painful.

"Don't test my patience, Jungkook," Taemin tried to pry away Jungkook's hand but couldn't even move it a bit.

"I told Jimin that you aren't the person you appear to be. I warned him about you but he didn't listen to me. He is too innocent for his own good," Jungkook gave Taemin the fakest smile possible.

"Warned him about me? What did you warn him about? Do you really think I would harm him?" Taemin lost his patience and pulled his arm away from Jungkook.

"Why won't I be thinking like that after seeing you trying to kiss him when he was sleeping?" Jungkook asked almost like a whisper.

Taemin went silent for a few seconds at hearing that and then replied, "Don't talk like I actually placed a kiss on his lips or tried to harass him when he was sleeping. I'd kill myself before doing something like that to him. If people think that he is my actual brother but I've feelings for him then it doesn't mean that I would harm him in some way. And yes, I'm in love with him. That's what you wanted to hear? I've loved him long before you came into his life. I didn't choose it to be like that. I didn't ask to fall in love with him so stop blaming me and just leave me alone. I already have a lot of burden on my shoulders, don't add more to it," Taemin sighed tiredly and started walking towards his bed but stopped midway when he heard Jungkook from behind.

"But my naive baby thinks that you're the best brother in the world. He trusts you more than he should," Jungkook chuckled loudly.

"So now you'll tell him who he should trust?" Taemin turned abruptly and walked towards Jungkook again.

"You know what? I've had enough of people like you around him. I've already made a mistake by not doing something to protect him earlier. Trust me, I'm not gonna do it again," Jungkook glared at Taemin who was getting agitated from the conversation now.

"Fuck off, Jungkook. He is my family. You can't keep me away from him," Taemin growled and leaned his face towards Jungkook.

"Really? What if I'll kill you too just like I killed Hyunjin and Ahn? Believe me, I can do literally anything when it comes to Jimin," Jungkook stated as he took the collar of Taemin's shirt into his hand.

Before Taemin could say anything further, they heard someone's sniffle from the door. When they looked towards the direction of the sound, Jimin was standing there with tears in his eyes. Jungkook immediately realized that he had made a huge mistake so he turned abruptly and ran towards Jimin who had already started walking back to his room at a fast pace.

"Jimin," Jungkook called from behind while following Jimin upstairs but got no response.

"Baby, please listen to me," Jungkook tried again but Jimin didn't even stop for a single second.

"Jimin, you've to listen to me. Just give me a chance to explain myself," Jungkook uttered and held Jimin's hand as soon as they reached their bedroom.

"What Jungkook? What's there to say now?" Jimin asked in between his sniffles and bit his lower lip to stop himself from crying.

"Baby, I didn't actually mean to threaten Taemin hyung. I just... I couldn't control myself after hearing what he said to you today. I went to his room just to talk. I said all of that in anger. I could never lay a finger on your hyung, believe me," Jungkook held Jimin's hand close to his heart as he tried to explain himself.

"You said that you killed Hyunjin and Ahn," Jimin's eyes were brimming with tears and he was trying so hard to maintain his composure.

"Baby, I- I just..." Jungkook tried to say but stopped when Jimin looked into his eyes.

"Did you kill them or not?" Jimin asked as he wiped his tears with the back of his hand.

Jungkook remained quiet for a few moments and then reasoned, "They hurt you, Jimin."

"That's not the reason for killing someone, Jungkook. How could you do that?" Jimin sobbed loudly as he pulled his hand away from Jungkook's grip.

"I know I made a mistake but..." Jungkook held Jimin's face into his hands gently as he tried to speak.

"A mistake? I asked you about Hyunjin a hundred times but you always denied everything," Jimin's body started trembling at this point.

"Baby, I know but he was the reason why you tried to kill yourself. I can't even imagine losing you, Jimin. Do you have any idea how I felt that night when I found you holding a blade against your wrist?" Jungkook pleaded while caressing Jimin's cheek with his thumb.

"I can't believe you're trying to justify yourself, Jungkook," Jimin dropped his face with a tired sigh and tried to pulled away.

"I'm not trying to justify myself. I just want you to understand me too," Jungkook sounded desperate, almost heartbroken.

"But you killed people because of me, Jungkook. How am I supposed to be okay with that?" Jimin mumbled and closed his eyes when Jungkook pulled him into his arms.

"They were the same people who made you cry, baby," Jungkook replied as he caressed Jimin's back gently.

"It's not about me, Jungkook. It's about you. How could you even think that I would be fine knowing that you're ruining your own life because of me? You're not the only one in love here. I'm in love with you too. I love you so much that it hurts knowing that I'm turning you into a person like this," Jimin cried his heart out while Jungkook kept trying to calm him down.

"I'm sorry, baby. I'm so sorry for everything that I did. I'm truly regretful. The thought of losing you made my mind clouded and I didn't even realize what I was doing. I know I've made a huge mistake but please forgive me. I was afraid that they would hurt you again that's why I did it," Jungkook whispered into his ear as he kept fondling him like a kid.

Jimin didn't say anything in reply and just sobbed in his embrace. Jungkook walked him towards the bed and settled down on it quietly.

"Shh... come here," Jungkook mumbled and pulled Jimin onto his lap.

Jimin didn't resist and just let himself be held by Jungkook. Jungkook wrapped him into his arms and whispered soft nothings into his ear. Jimin's sniffles died down gradually as he leaned more into Jungkook's chest and closed his eyes. Jungkook's cologne was the only thing that could calm him down at the moment so he let himself be covered in it. Jungkook didn't let him go even when Jimin stopped crying but instead he laid him down on the bed gently and took him into his arms again before pulling the sheets on both of them.

"Jimin," Jungkook called him softly and tucked Jimin's hair strand behind his ear.

"Hmm?" Jimin only hummed in response as he felt sleep taking over his senses.

"I'm really sorry, baby," Jungkook mumbled while looking at Jimin with sadness evident on his face. It was clear that he was feeling guilty about what he did.

"Shh... It's okay. Let's just sleep," Jimin barely replied before placing his head on Jungkook's chest and falling asleep from mental exhaustion.

Jungkook couldn't sleep that night as he held Jimin close to himself. He couldn't erase the image of Jimin crying again and sadly it was because of him this time.

"I can't forgive myself for being the reason for tears in your eyes. I'll make it upto you, I promise," Jungkook murmured and placed a kiss on the top of Jimin's head before closing his eyes as well.


Chapter Text

Jimin was standing next to the window of his bedroom quietly. He was alone in the room as Jungkook wasn't home since morning. It was two in the afternoon but due to the clouds covering the sky, it was quite dark outside. The weather was sad as if it could understand Jimin's inner turmoil. Namjoon entered the room after a light knock on the door and came straight to Jimin.

"Taemin is waiting for you downstairs," he informed Jimin in a soft tone.

"Okay, hyung. I'm coming," Jimin nodded and followed Namjoon out of the bedroom and into the living room where Taemin was waiting for him.

When he entered the room, Taemin stood up from the couch and walked towards him to pull him into a gentle hug. Jimin sighed with comfort into his hyung's embrace and hid his face into Taemin's chest.

"Take care of yourself, Jimin-ah. You've no idea how much it breaks my heart to leave you alone like this every single time. I wish I could just stay with you for all of my life to make sure that no one will ever hurt you again," Taemin mumbled while caressing Jimin's head with his one hand and resting the other hand on his upper back.

"I know," Jimin murmured in his angelic voice and closed his eyes.

"I'll miss you so much," Taemin replied while placing a kiss on the top of Jimin's head.

"I'll miss you too, hyung," Jimin uttered softly and pulled back from the hug to look at Taemin's face as he felt that he won't be able to see his brother ever again.

Taemin held Jimin's face in his hands and attached their foreheads together before mumbling, "Just call me whenever you need me. I'd be running back here for you."

Namjoon quietly left the room to give the brothers some private time and closed the door behind him.

"Hyung, can I ask for something from you?" Jimin asked when he was left alone with Taemin in the room.

"Of course, Jimin-ah. You can ask for anything," Taemin replied quickly without giving it a second thought.

"I need some money," Jimin uttered and looked at Taemin with a nervous expression on his face.

"How much? Just tell me the amount, I'll give it to you right away," Taemin replied while taking out his phone from the pocket of his long blue coat, "I have a flight so I'll ask someone to bring it to you."

"Hyung, I don't want money from you. I just need the money that I left behind while coming to Seoul," Jimin murmured as he held Taemin's hand into his, "You've done too much for me already. I don't want to be a burden on anyone. I can't live in Jungkook's house for all of my life either. I just need enough money to buy myself an apartment and pay my bills until I'll find a new job."

"Jimin-ah, I'll get you every single penny you deserve for being the son of the Park family. That money would be enough for you. You don't have to work anywhere to pay for anything. Just go back to your college and focus on your studies. You can get a job after that if you really want to be independent," Taemin intertwined his fingers with Jimin's while giving him the warmest smile possible.

"Thank you so much, hyung. I don't know what I'd have done without you," Jimin mumbled and let himself be hugged by Taemin again when he pulled him into his arms.

"Jimin-ah," Taemin called him softly after a few minutes.

"Hmm?" Jimin only hummed in reply.

"I'm sorry for last night," Taemin felt Jimin's body grow tense in his embrace, "I didn't want you to know it like this. I know how much it must have hurt you knowing how I feel for you. But, Jimin-ah, trust me, I never wanted it to be like that. I never chose to... to fall in l-love with you. I know I broke your trust and I can't help feeling ashamed for that. Just know that I can never hurt you, never. I promise I'll always be your hyung who has spoiled and pampered you since we were kids. I hope nothing will change between us."

Jimin let out a tired sigh and pulled back from Taemin reluctantly as if he didn't want to let go of his brother yet.

"I trust you with my life, hyung. Even in the hardest times, I knew that you'll always be there for me whenever I'll need you. You've always been the constant source of support for me. I love you, hyung. I know you regret your mistake deeply. Let's just not talk about this again," Jimin replied in a sad tone while looking at Taemin with a pout on his face.

Taemin cooed and held Jimin's face in his hands before placing a kiss on his forehead affectionately. They smiled at each other one last time before Taemin walked out of the mansion for his flight to go back to Busan.


Jungkook came back home in the evening. He went straight to his bedroom as he had missed Jimin all day. When he entered the room, Jimin was standing in front of the mirror while wearing a bathrobe. It was clear that he had just gotten out of the shower and was now applying moisturizer on his hands.

Jungkook couldn't help but stare at his beautiful boyfriend. Jimin's blond bangs were messily arranged and his skin was shining like a porcelain doll under the lights. Jimin didn't say anything even after noticing Jungkook standing near the door.

"Are you still mad at me? I'm so sorry, Jimin. Can I do anything to make you feel better?" Jungkook asked softly while walking closer to Jimin and stopping right behind him.

"I'm not mad at anyone, Jungkook. I just missed you today. Where were you? You should've spent some time with me," Jimin replied while looking at Jungkook through the mirror.

"A lot of things were pending because of our trip so I just decided to finish all the work. I had no idea that it would take so much time," Jungkook whispered into Jimin's ear and snaked his arms around Jimin's petite figure.

Jimin gasped a little when he felt hot breath touching his ear and two strong arms wrapped around his waist gently. Jimin couldn't help but melt into Jungkook's warm embrace.

"What did you do all day?" Jungkook mumbled when Jimin leaned back against his chest even more.

"I just waited for you to come home," Jimin replied with a quickened breath as Jungkook placed a soft kiss on his nape.

They stood there for a few seconds with Jungkook kissing Jimin's neck gently and Jimin breathing pattern becoming abnormal with each passing second.

Jungkook unwrapped his arms from Jimin's waist and turned him around. Jimin let himself be pulled closer by Jungkook until their noses touched.

"God, I missed you so much," Jungkook mumbled with his eyes closed as he took in Jimin's beautiful scent.

"I missed this too," Jimin barely replied as Jungkook closed the distance between them and attached their lips together.

Jimin quickly kissed him back. Their lips danced together as they kissed each other hungrily. Jimin moaned into the kiss as he was craving this. He was craving intimacy with Jungkook after not being enough close to him for quite a long time. The moan that left Jimin's sinful lips only turned Jungkook on even more. He moved his one hand to Jimin's lower back and pulled him impossibly closer by keeping a hand behind his head.

Jimin wrapped his arms around Jungkook's neck and closed his eyes blissfully when Jungkook's tongue entered his mouth and explored every single inch of it. They kissed each other messily and a string of spit connected their mouths when they pulled away to catch their breath.

"I really wanna fuck you tonight," Jungkook whispered in a husky tone that sent shivers down Jimin's body.

"Who is stopping you then?" Jimin mumbled while still recovering from their makeout session.

"Will you be fine with it?" Jungkook questioned as he caressed Jimin's cheek with his hand ever so softly.

"I'm fine with anything as long as it's you, Jungkook," Jimin replied and attached his forehead with Jungkook's.

Jungkook smiled and pulled Jimin into a kiss again. They kissed each other with equal intensity. Jimin wrapped his legs around Jungkook when Jungkook pulled him up with a hand on his lower back.

Jungkook continued devouring Jimin's sinful lips as he walked towards the bed with Jimin in his arms. Unlike all the previous times they had sex, Jungkook settled Jimin on the bed gently rather than throwing him on it. Jimin's breathing got faster when Jungkook settled himself in between Jimin's legs. They moaned together when they grinded against each other hungrily and felt the friction between their lower parts. Jungkook started kissing and licking Jimin's jaw down to his neck while biting and leaving hickeys on his beautiful skin. Jimin ran his fingers through Jungkook's hair when Jungkook sucked on his collarbone. He could feel Jungkook kissing every exposed inch of his skin as if he was worshipping him. Jungkook pulled back a little and looked into Jimin's eyes for permission while holding onto the front of his bathrobe.

"I'm completely yours tonight. Take me however you want," Jimin murmured with a slight nod of his head.

Jungkook wasn't needed to be told twice as he opened the bathrobe on Jimin's body from the front and exposed Jimin's heavenly body to himself. Jimin didn't even flinch a little. He trusted Jungkook with his life, with his every single breath and he wanted all of this as much as Jungkook. Jungkook rubbed Jimin's beautiful pink nipples gently and started sucking on them when he heard sinful moans escaping Jimin's full lips that were red from all the kissing earlier.

Jungkook kept rubbing and sucking Jimin's nipples as if they were the tastiest things he had ever taken into his mouth. Jimin had always used strawberry flavored shampoo and body wash while taking a bath. That flavor of strawberry mixed with the taste of his own body was driving Jungkook crazy.

After abusing the nipples for almost fifteen minutes, Jungkook started kissing Jimin down to his waistline. He didn't leave a single inch of Jimin's skin as he gave open-mouth kisses all over his body. Jimin was a panting mess until now, although Jungkook didn't even start fucking him yet.

Jungkook ran his lips all over Jimin's body and stopped right next to his small pink cock. Jimin wasn't wearing anything under his bathrobe so he was already fully exposed to Jungkook. Jungkook placed a kiss on Jimin's member and pulled back to take off his own clothes in a hurry.

Jungkook threw his dress shirt recklessly in the room somewhere followed by his pants and boxers as it was so hard for him to control himself while looking at Jimin lying naked right in front of him in all of his glory. Jimin's lips were slightly parted and his blond hair was messily attached to his face. He was a sight worth seeing.

Jungkook didn't take more than a few seconds until he was settled in between Jimin's legs again. Jungkook helped Jimin in getting out of his bathrobe completely and they started grinding against each other while kissing each other hungrily as they were feeling deprived of this kind of closeness between them.

Jungkook gave Jimin a few more open-mouth kisses before he started caressing Jimin's buttcheeks and eventually stopped near his hole. Jimin's mind was going wild as the only thing he wanted at the moment was to have Jungkook fill him up and fuck him roughly.

"I w-want more, Jungkook. D-don't keep me w-waiting, p-please," Jimin tried to utter in between his moans when Jungkook got in between his legs and started licking Jimin's hole with his tongue.

"Let me taste you first, baby," Jungkook replied huskily as he entered the tip of his tongue into Jimin's pink soft hole, "fuck, you taste so good."

Jungkook held Jimin's legs apart with both of his hands as he kept teasing him with his tongue. It wasn't actually teasing but it was more of Jungkook devouring Jimin's hole from every angle possible. He just couldn't get enough of it no matter what.

Jimin kept moaning while clenching onto the sheet under him. His lips were red, his nipples were erect and his member was more excited than it was ever before during sex.

"J-Jungkooook, p-please fill me up now. I-I can't take this a-anymore," Jimin begged with an arched back as the pleasure was too overwhelming for him.

"Fill you up with what? Tell me properly, baby, and I'll have you bouncing on my cock," Jungkook whispered while giving Jimin's hole one last lick before coming close to Jimin's face with hungry eyes.

Jungkook's dirty tone somehow turned Jimin on even more. "F-fill me up with your c-cock," Jimin replied while looking right into Jungkook eyes with a quickened breath.

"Whatever my baby wants, but first I've to prepare you," Jungkook replied softly, the lust in his voice now gone.

"I'm more than ready, J-Jungkook. J-just...." Jimin stopped midway when Jungkook put a finger on his lips.

"Shhh, baby. That's not gonna happen. You've no idea how much I want to fuck you right now but I don't want you to get hurt," Jungkook kissed Jimin's cheek softly while caressing his other cheek with the back of his hand.

"But..." Jimin was interrupted again as Jungkook pecked his lips.

"You know I always do what you say but I'm not listening to you in this. I'll prepare you first, slowly and carefully. And when it will be done we can go as much rough as my baby wants," Jungkook murmured in between the kisses and pulled back to get the lube from the drawer.

Jimin didn't say anything further and just waited for Jungkook on the bed with his legs wide open and his pink hole on full display. Jungkook opened the bottle of lube hurriedly as he took the same place between Jimin's legs again. He dipped his two fingers into the blue transparent lube and settled them on the entrance of Jimin's hole.

"Just tell me if it hurts. I'll stop right away," Jungkook stated and entered his fingers into the hole as soon as Jimin gave him a silent node.

"Ahhh..." Jimin moaned when Jungkook started moving his fingers in and out of Jimin's hole at a fast pace, almost losing his patience on hearing Jimin's sinful sounds.

"Fuck, baby. I can hear these sounds all day long," Jungkook uttered as he entered his third finger into the hole and started moving his fingers quicker than before.

Jungkook knew that his member was big and Jimin would need more stretching to take it in comfortably so he added his fourth finger and started moving it at a quickened pace. Jimin's moans were so loud until now and Jungkook couldn't wait to hear how loud Jimin would get while being filled with his huge member.

"T-this isn't e-enough, K-Kookie. I w-want you now," Jimin was a panting mess underneath Jungkook.

"Okay, baby. I swear I'll fuck you so good," Jungkook lost his patience when he heard Jimin practically begging to be filled up by him.

He took out his fingers from Jimin's hole without even finding the sweet spot and settled his member on the entrance of Jimin's heavenly craven. Jimin put his hands on Jungkook's shoulders to hold onto something while being thrusted by him. Jungkook brushed the bangs out of Jimin's face and placed the last kiss on his forehead before entering him slowly.

"J-Jungkook, p-please," Jimin was too overwhelmed with pleasure from earlier that he just wanted Jungkook to thrust his cock inside him in one go.

"You're making it so hard for me, baby," saying that Jungkook gave him a powerful thrust and Jimin closed his eyes due to the pain he felt in his bottom but he wanted more of it, so much more.

"Ahhh... d-don't stop," Jimin moaned while adjusting himself a little.

Jungkook looked at Jimin's face that had a mixed expression of both pain and pleasure so he continued. He gave the pretty boy beneath him another powerful thrust and didn't stop for even a single second after that. Jungkook kept thrusting into Jimin while licking and sucking his nipples to distract him from the pain. Soon the room filled with the moans of both the boys when Jungkook found Jimin's sweet spot and walls of Jimin's hole clenched around his member.

Jungkook kept thrusting into Jimin roughly while hitting his prostate again and again and earning loud sinful moans from his gorgeous boyfriend that only encouraged him to fuck Jimin even harder. Jimin wrapped his legs around Jungkook's waist, taking in the Jungkook's member deeper into his hole.

"Fuckkk. Baby, you're so perfect," Jungkook stated with an uneven breath while shifting their positions by taking Jimin into his arms and sitting onto the edge of the bed. His member was still buried deep inside the pretty boy on his lap. Jungkook gave Jimin a hard thrust, making Jimin moan louder than he had ever before.

"Ride me, baby doll," Jungkook whispered into Jimin's ear in a husky tone and leaned back with a blissful expression on his face when Jimin started bouncing onto his member.

"You're d-doing so good. I r-really want to capture you.. o-on the camera like this. Looking... so beautiful b-bouncing on me," Jungkook mumbled while looking at Jimin with half-lidded eyes.

"Ahhh..." Jimin's moaned loudly and stopped moving after being exhausted from jumping onto Jungkook's member for so long.

Jungkook immediately wrapped him into his arms and gave him a few more thrusts still not wanting to stop fucking him yet.

Jimin kept panting and moaning when Jungkook took his small member into his hand and started moving his fingers up and down around it while still pushing his member deep into Jimin's abused hole with powerful thrusts.

"Fuckkk," Jimin screamed with pleasure when he reached his orgasm and his cum started oozing out of his member, painting both of their stomachs.

Jungkook moaned loudly when he reached his orgasm right after Jimin and filled his hole with his seeds. Jimin sighed with pleasure as he felt Jungkook's cum deep inside him. They stayed like that a little more being totally naked and Jimin sitting on Jungkook's lap with his cock buried deep inside him.

"You'll be the death of me," Jungkook mumbled into Jimin's ear while hugging him close and caressing his back tenderly. Jimin closed his eyes with comfort and hid his face into Jungkook's neck.

"I love you so much, Jungkook. More than you can even imagine."


Chapter Text


It was all Jimin could say as Jungkook put him back on the bed and collapsed on him, all sweaty and hot, smelling like sex and an aroma that was so uniquely Jungkook that it almost hurt.

"I love you so much, baby," Jungkook murmured while pulling out of Jimin and flopping down next to him, breathing audibly a bit off.

Jimin tilted his head to the side to watch his man breathe for a little longer before he had a warm body at his side and a nose nuzzling into his neck in an endearing way. Jungkook fit at his side in a manner that was almost too perfect to be true. His eyes were shut peacefully and his long, full lashes fanned across his cheeks that seemed to look exceedingly softer after sex, making him look angelic and innocent in some way. His tattoos littered his body beautifully.

While Jimin's own caramel skin was glowing in a way that captivated and drew Jungkook in, like a moth to a flame. And now he was able to push back the longer, feathery locks of Jimin's curly blond hair.

Jimin thought that moments like these, when the smell of sex and sweat was still lingering in the air and the sound of their rugged draws of breath filled the air, were the moments that Jimin would more than willingly trade his soul for in order to keep them forever and ever. Jimin didn't notice that Jungkook was staring at him more lovingly than he had ever before.

"Why are you staring at me?" Jimin asked, tone whiny as he hid his face from Jungkook's chocolate brown eyes, cheeks reddening.

"I can't believe it sometimes that I have an angel like you in my life," Jungkook breathed, turning his head so he could kiss the top of his pretty boyfriend's head before nuzzling his face into the soft hair.

Jimin smiled warmly, "I don't think I could've asked for someone better than you," he muttered, fingers dancing across the black-haired boy's chest, tracing lightly over the tattoos.

"I won't disagree with that," Jungkook replied simply with a half-teasing smile.

"I love you so much, Jimin. I just couldn't find words for describing what you mean to me," Jungkook mumbled while looking at Jimin's soft angelic face and caressed his cheek with the back of his hand.

They had said it to each other a million times, Jungkook knew, but he couldn't help wanting each 'I love you' to have some sort of meaning, some sort of promise.

"You don't have to say anything. I don't need words to understand you," Jimin murmured and closed his eyes when he felt Jungkook's gentle touch on his face.

Jungkook smiled, pulling away from Jimin to sit up and look down at him, a lazy grin plastered on his face, "Let's take a shower before sleeping," he mused, bending down so that his face was only centimeters away from Jimin's.

And with that, there was a peck to the other's lips and Jimin was sitting up straighter, looking expectingly at his other half.

"You know I can't say no to you," Jimin murmured with a tired expression on his face. It was a huge problem they faced, saying no to each other.

Jungkook also never denied Jimin of anything, wanting the boy to have the world and so much more. He claimed that 'those fucking curls and goddamn face' get him every single time.

Jimin let out a dramatic sigh that came hand in hand with a warm smile, sitting himself up and throwing his beautiful long legs over the side of the bed. He stood up and stretched a bit before wincing a little when he noticed the pain in his ass.

Jungkook let out a laugh, smirking. "Someone's arse a bit sore?" He cooed, a wicked glint in his eye as he ran a soft hand through Jimin's already messed up hair.

Jimin rolled his eyes, smiling despite Jungkook's teasing. "Ass," he quipped back, holding out his arms for his handsome boyfriend.

He crawled over, sitting upon his knees and wrapping his arms around Jungkook's neck, nose nuzzling into the other's cheek. Jungkook immediately moved his arm behind Jimin's knees, picking the boy up bridal style. Jungkook carried the duo to their well-sized bathroom, placing his better half on the sink counter. Turning, he started up the shower and shut the door behind them.

Jimin let out a soft whine, causing Jungkook to roll his eyes and smile fondly. He made his way over between two deliciously thick thighs, large hands resting and fingers splaying on top perfectly as he leaned into Jimin's personal space, nose bumping into the nose.

Jimin tried to go cross-eyes in order to look Jungkook in the eye but quickly gave up, and before he knew it, he had a pair of thin, chapped lips onto his. Even after the countless times, the blond boy had felt those lips against his, it was still the best kiss he had ever experienced.

Jimin knew it would only take a few short seconds for Jungkook to get bored of the chaste kisses they were currently sharing, and he mentally patted himself on the back because he was definitely right.

Before long, Jimin could feel a tongue prodding against his lips. Feeling a bit like playing hard to get, though they both knew Jungkook would get his way, Jimin kept his mouth shut, pausing the movement of his lips. That only extracted a whine from the taller boy, his pushing becoming more forceful and demanding. Still, Jimin refused to open the temple that was his gorgeous mouth, opting to smirk against Jungkook's mouth instead but that proved to be a big mistake.

A few seconds later, Jimin felt Jungkook's teeth sink into his bottom lip, and he let out a gasp because of course Jungkook was playing dirty; he had already proven what a dirty boy he was just a mere twenty minutes ago.

Jimin groaned as Jungkook snaked his tongue into the smaller boy's mouth, exploring territory to a map he knew by heart, still eager to take in everything it had to offer even though he has had Jimin countless times before. He always came back for more.

Jungkook massaged his tongue against Jimin's. Upon deciding that he was indeed ready to get wet, Jimin scooted himself forward more, wrapping his beautiful legs around Jungkook's waist and squeezing meaningfully.

Jungkook smiled lifting Jimin up off the counter without breaking the kiss, an arm going around the back of Jimin's upper thighs and the other snaked around Jimin's back, holding him close.

Jungkook made his way over to the shower, doing his best to open the door without letting Jimin go. In the end, he had to hope that Jimin was clutching on tight enough to him as he moved an arm to open the shower. Immediately, the two boys were surrounded by steam, and the way that Jimin was rutting against Jungkook and making small keening noises ensured that things were only going to get hotter.

Shutting the door, Jungkook pressed Jimin up against the shower wall, earning a loud groan from the pretty boy clutching onto him for his dear life. Finally disconnecting their lips, Jungkook traveled down, starting at the corner of Jimin's lips and arriving at the destination of the other boy's neck. Jungkook took time in marking him up, leaving hickeys all over his neck, intending to make sure everyone knew who Jimin really belonged to.

Jimin moaned, tilting his head back to give Jungkook more access to his gorgeous neck. "Fuck, Kookie," he breathed raggedly, eyes fluttering shut.

Jungkook nipped and sucked at Jimin's caramel skin while groaning at the taste of it. Their hair was getting soaked so that it stuck to their foreheads and got in their eyes. Jungkook groaned in annoyance and moved his floppy fringe from his eyes before pushing away once-curly but now damp and straight strands of hair from his small boyfriend's gorgeous brown eyes. Jimin looked up in a way that was almost too innocent for the situation they were in.

Standing up straight, Jungkook pressed close so his and Jimin's chests were pressed flush together, hard and aching members rubbing up against one another. Both boys moaned at the friction, with Jimin tossing his head back and parting his lips, water spray hitting against his beautiful skin.

Jungkook watched, enchanted, for a moment as water droplets made their way from different directions down Jimin's body, some moving gracefully down Jimin's stunning face, dripping off his cute nose, down his pink cheeks and continuing on down his long neck, reaching full lips and sliding off his biteable bottom lip. Other drops slid down to where their chests pressed against each other. Jungkook sort of wished he could be a drop of water right now.

Jungkook snapped himself out of his daze as suddenly remembered what he was doing. Reaching a large hand between their bodies, Jungkook gripped their lengths in one hand, squeezing gently and pulling a filthy moan from his boyfriend. He began to move his hand up and down the lengths slowly while squeezing at their bases. Those beautifully precious drops of water acted as lube, making the friction more bearable and a lot more pleasurable.

Jungkook loved this so much, the feeling of both their cocks in one hand, warm and full against one another. Everything about it felt right, down to every single little detail. He and Jimin fitted perfectly together in every single way; right down to their members. It was sort of magical in a way. Jungkook knew he had found his soulmate and he couldn't ever express how grateful he was when he knew that some people had a whole hell of a lot more trouble in finding 'the one'.

Noises were now coming from two mouths as Jungkook worked his hand, occasionally twisting and doing little things with his hands that he knew will drive Jimin absolutely crazy. Pumping more quickly, Jungkook watched with concentrated dark eyes as Jimin whined, squirming a little until he was whining out something about coming soon.

Jungkook paused his hand movements, prompting Jimin's brown eyes to fly open and his head to snap back up, eyes questioning and accusing.

Without saying anything, Jungkook let go of Jimin's legs and made him stand straight for him. Within a matter of seconds, Jungkook was fucking Jimin hard against the wall and his hand was pumping Jimin's cock again. Moaning loudly, Jimin started pushing himself against Jungkook's member, who pulled him up again in his arms to press him against the shower wall harder than before. He kept thrusting into Jimin at an animalistic pace while Jimin kept begging him for more.

The water continued to pour down their bodies, and Jungkook knew it would be hard to look up at Jimin or else he would end up wrecking Jimin's hole in a very painful way so he simply continued working on his boyfriend's beautiful length all this time.

"Kookie," Jimin moaned out, hand going to grip a handful of curls as he watched the black-haired boy do his work.

Hearing Jimin's loud moans, Jungkook couldn't control himself and moved forward to suck on Jimin's erected nipples. Jimin whimpered and gripped Jungkook's hair a bit more roughly. Not that Jungkook had any complaints or anything. It was sexy how Jimin was encouraging him to suck even harder by pulling him more towards his pink nipples.

He could tell he was driving Jimin crazy from the way the boy's thighs are quivering and getting all tense. It only prompted Jungkook to thrust even more roughly into him, earning a loud yelp from his pretty boyfriend.

"Fuck, K-Kookie, I-I can't," Jimin whined out, panting hard as his member splashed cum all over their stomachs.

Jungkook said nothing in reply and just moved a hand to squeeze at Jimin's balls, fondling them with his hand in a way that derived pleasure without being too much and causing Jimin any pain.

Jimin let out a blissful noise with one last moan when Jungkook came inside him and filled him up with his seeds once again. He looked down to see Jungkook looking up at him with a dazed expression, red lips parted partially and eyes half-closed.

The two took a moment to catch their breaths before Jungkook tipped Jimin's head up with his finger, water running down their bodies when their eyes meet.

Slowly, Jungkook bridged the gap between their lips, gently and sweetly kissing the pretty boy, conveying a million 'I loves you's and 'don't ever leave me's into one simple kiss.

And Jimin kissed him back more needily than he had ever before, answering Jungkook with a set of 'I love you too's before Jungkook wrapped him into his arms and carried him back to their bedroom.

After putting Jimin on the bed gently, Jungkook went back to the bathroom to get a clean towel for both of them. He tenderly rubbed Jimin's skin and hair with it before cleaning himself too. They laid on the bed after that, wrapped in each other's arms with Jungkook caressing Jimin's back softly. Although they were both extremely tired but Jungkook eyes started shutting first as he kissed Jimin's forehead for the last time that night and closed his eyes due to exhaustion.

"Kookie?" he heard Jimin calling him softly when he was about to pass out.

"What baby?" he mumbled with his eyes still closed.

He waited for Jimin's reply while being half-unconscious but the reply never came so he simply nuzzled his face into Jimin's soft blond hair and took in his rosy scent for the last time before falling asleep peacefully.


Every time Jungkook woke up in the morning, his first instinct was to pull Jimin close to his chest and give chaste kisses all over his pretty face but that morning was quite different. When he woke up and extended his hand to pull Jimin close to himself in his sleep, there was no one beside him. Jungkook immediately sat up straight on the bed and looked around the room but Jimin wasn't there. He rubbed his eyes and stood up while stretching his body to go to the bathroom and check if Jimin was there. He knocked on the door twice but when he got no response, he turned the knob and looked inside only to find out that the bathroom was empty.

"He might be in the kitchen," Jungkook talked to himself while turning around and looking in the room one more time.

He decided to go out and find Jimin to give him his morning kiss. He yawned while walking up to the closet to get something to wear but before he could do that his eyes fell on a white piece of paper placed on Jimin's side of the bed. His heart dropped as it already anticipated what was about to happen.

Jungkook quickly took the piece of paper in his hands and unfolded it while breathing heavily. He couldn't believe what was written on it in a writing he remembered by heart.

"My Kookie,

When you'll find this letter, I'd probably be long gone. I know it wasn't fair to leave you without saying anything. That's the reason why I'm writing you this letter before going out of life. I'm just afraid, Jungkook. Afraid for you that I'm ruining you like this. I know why you killed Hyunjin and Ahn. The reason was me. I'm scared that I'm turning you into a monster. I can't just sit here and watch you do this to every single person who will hurt me. I'm not mad at you. I'm just mad at myself for being the reason why you did all of that. I know they hurt me Kookie, but watching you ruining your own life because of me hurts me even more. I just love you too much for letting that happen. I'm sorry for not giving you a hug or kiss before leaving because if you knew, you would have never let me go in the first place. And I'm even more sorry that you'll have to wake up each day without me by your side from now on. I hope you'll move on with your life someday and learn how to be happy without me. I wish that you'll find someone better than me, someone, who you'll truly deserve. Don't cry and just remember that I always loved you smiling. I'll always love you no matter what you do and wherever I go. You were the most precious part of my life. Thanks for teaching me what true love feels like. I would definitely miss your kisses but I'm sad that I've to learn to live without them from now on. Thanks again for everything you gave me. I couldn't be more happy for being loved by a person like you. Just be happy, Kookie. That's the last thing I'm asking for.

Yours, Jimin."


Chapter Text

"Jimin," Jungkook yelled as he opened the door of the living room where Namjoon was sitting on the couch with a newspaper in his hand.

"What happened Jungkook?" he asked when he noticed Jungkook standing in the door with a panicked expression on his face. His hair was disheveled and he was only in his boxers looking quite agitated.

"Where is Jimin? Have you seen him somewhere?" he questioned Namjoon while breathing heavily and turned around abruptly when Namjoon nodded his head in denial.

"Jimin," Jungkook called again louder this time while making his way to the kitchen with fast steps. He didn't stop even when his foot hit a table in the way and blood started flowing out of his half-broken nail.

"Is everything okay?" Namjoon asked as he followed Jungkook around the house.

Jungkook didn't say anything in reply and ran towards the main gate to ask the guards about Jimin. They immediately bowed when they saw Jungkook coming towards them.

Barefoot, Jungkook practically ran towards the guards with a heavy heart. They told him that Jimin left last night with a suitcase and a small black bag in his hand. Jungkook didn't believe what he was hearing but when they further explained how they thought Jimin was going back to his apartment that's why they didn't give it any importance, Jungkook gripped his hair into his hands and started pulling onto them roughly. He didn't care that he was wearing nothing on his upper body and his whole body was trembling badly due to the cold weather. All he could think about was Jimin.

"H-how could he just l-leave me like this?" Jungkook stuttered as he closed his eyes thinking about how happy they were together last night.

"Will you tell me what's wrong?" Namjoon shook Jungkook lightly by his shoulders which made Jungkook look at him with tears in his eyes.

"I'll tell you everything, hyung. But first I have to call Jimin. I really need to know where he is," saying that Jungkook started running back inside the house.

He rushed to his room upstairs and searched for his phone which was placed on the side table of his bed. He picked it up quickly and dialed Jimin's phone number with shaky hands.

"Pick up the phone, baby. Please don't do this to me," Jungkook's lower lip trembled when he clicked on the call button. To his dismay, Jimin's phone started ringing from a table inside their bedroom. Jungkook's eyes started brimming with tears when it dawned upon him that Jimin didn't even take his phone with him.

Namjoon knocked on the door lightly before entering the room and going to Jungkook who was sitting on the bed with his head in between his hands.

"Why did he leave Jungkook? Did you two fight with each other?" Namjoon asked as he settled next to Jungkook on the bed.

"No, hyung. I... I don't know. He was fine last night," Jungkook mumbled while avoiding looking at Namjoon in the eyes. He knew he made so many mistakes but he had no idea that he would have to pay this much for what he did.

"If that's the case, I guess Jimin will come back. You don't have to be so upset," Namjoon replied while patting Jungkook's back gently with his hand.

"He is gone, hyung. I... I made a huge mistake. He left this note and he didn't even take his phone with him," Jungkook murmured, almost on the verge of crying, while handing over the note to Namjoon.

Namjoon took the piece of paper from Jungkook's hand and read it quietly as he didn't know how to react to his younger brother's condition. He could understand how Jungkook must be feeling as he knew how much important Jimin was for him.

"Hyung, please do something," Jungkook mumbled with tears rolling down his cheeks.

"Relax, Jungkook. We'll find him," that's all Namjoon could say as he wasn't sure if he would actually be able to give what Jungkook was asking for from him.

"Please, hyung. You know I can't live without him. You always give me everything I ask for. Please find him for me," Jungkook started crying like a desperate child who had just lost a favorite thing of his. Namjoon's heart dropped as he had never seen Jungkook like that before.

He wiped Jungkook's tears with his thumb softly and pulled him into his embrace. "Youngjae," Namjoon shouted while looking towards the door and soon Youngjae entered the room with his hands tied respectfully in the front.

"Go and find Jimin. He left early this morning. He doesn't have his phone with him. Look where he has gone and bring him back here," Namjoon ordered Youngjae while caressing Jungkook's back tenderly. Youngjae bowed once again and left the room when Namjoon dismissed him with his hand.

"I'm scared, hyung. I'm scared that he would get hurt. He doesn't even know how to protect himself. He is so innocent. I need to be there with him," Jungkook mumbled as he looked up at Namjoon with tears in his eyes.

"Jungkook, please relax. Don't stress yourself this much. He must be somewhere close. We'll get him back here," Namjoon promised him with a sigh although he knew he won't be able to do that.


Jungkook was lying quietly on the couch in the living room and zoning out when Namjoon entered the room with a bowl of soup in his hand. Jungkook didn't acknowledge his presence as he kept looking straight without even blinking his eyes. It was evening and many hours since Jimin left but Jungkook hadn't eaten anything or talked to anyone except Namjoon.

Namjoon placed the bowl of soup on the table as he looked at his brother sorrowfully. He was trying to make Jungkook eat something since morning but Jungkook denied saying that he would eat only when Youngjae would bring Jimin back to him.

"Kookie, you're making me worried now. Please have at least a few spoons of this soup. I have made it for you," Namjoon uttered in a worried tone and tried to feed Jungkook with a spoon but he didn't open his mouth.

"Did Youngjae call you?" Jungkook asked instead, not caring about his hunger at the moment.

"No. But I'm sure he will soon call us with good news," Namjoon gave up and put the spoon back into the bowl with a tired sigh.

"What will I do if Jimin doesn't come back?" Jungkook mumbled broken-heartedly and closed his eyes to think about Jimin's beautiful face.

"Don't lose hope, Kookie. I'm sure we will find him. Just have a little faith," Namjoon answered as he stood up from the couch to take the bowl back to the kitchen but before he could do that, they heard a knock at the door and Youngjae entered the room wearing a raincoat as it was raining heavily outside.

When Jungkook noticed his presence, he stood up from the couch abruptly and ran towards him. "Did you find Jimin? Where is he?" he asked in a hopeful tone but his heart dropped when Youngjae nodded his head in denial.

"I'm sorry, Mr.Jeon. We looked for him everywhere but didn't find him," Youngjae lowered his head as if he was deeply ashamed of not being able to fulfill his job.

"What do you mean you couldn't find him? What do you mean by that? Are you guys really that useless? You just had one job. I'm going to fuckin' kill all of you," Jungkook gripped the collar of Youngjae's shirt in rage and was about to punch him when Namjoon stopped him by holding his shoulders from behind.

"What are you doing Jungkook? Stop this for God's sake," Namjoon shouted while pulling Jungkook back from Youngjae who was looking extremely scared of Jungkook's anger.

"You gave him a job, hyung. He had to complete it. Why didn't he bring Jimin here?" Jungkook yelled while pointing towards Youngjae with gritted teeth.

"They have tried, Jungkook. Stop behaving like a kid. We will look for Jimin again but please calm down right now," Namjoon uttered and made Jungkook sit back on the couch to calm him down.

"Go and send Hyunjae here. He will find my boy. You guys are all so useless and incompetent," Jungkook ordered Youngjae with clenched fists who bowed while trembling and left the room quickly.

Namjoon let out a tired sigh and left the room too after giving Jungkook a slightly disappointed look. Jungkook didn't look at him and just kept his head low while waiting for Hyunjae who soon came to him.

"Yes, Mr.Jeon?" he asked with a bow and waited for Jungkook's order.

When Jungkook looked up at him, his eyes were puffy and his face was looking quite stressed. "I have an important task for you, Hyunjae. It might be the most important thing that I have ever assigned to you. I hope you won't disappoint me like others," Jungkook's voice was lower as compared to how it was before.

"I will try my best, Mr. Jeon," Hyunjae replied sincerely with a slight nod of his head.

"You must have heard until now that Jimin has left this morning and no one knows where he is," Jungkook mumbled while standing up from the couch tiredly.

"Yes, sir," Hyunjae replied briefly as he waited for Jungkook to finish what he wanted to say.

"You have to find him for me. Out of all of my men, you better understand my relationship with him. I'm sure you have an idea how important he is to me. Just bring him back to me," Jungkook pleaded as he walked towards a window inside the room, "I can't bring myself to think about my life without him in it."

"I understand, Mr.Jeon. I'll try my best to get him back here," Hyunjae replied in an understanding tone and left the room when he saw Jungkook wiping his tears with both of his hands while looking out of the window.

When Jungkook heard the sound of the door closing, he looked at the wall clock and realized how late it was getting. A few more tears rolled down his cheeks at the thought of Jimin being alone out there somewhere at that time of the night.

"Who will take care of you, my love?" Jungkook mumbled sadly to himself while looking at the dark sky covered with clouds, "Just give me one more chance, baby. I promise I'll make everything better."


Namjoon was smoking a cigarette when he heard a knock on the door and Hyunjae entered the room with a confused expression on his face as Youngjae told him that Namjoon had called him into his office.

"You called me, Mr.Jeon?" he asked with a bow and closed the door behind him.

"Yes, Hyunjae. I called you. I wanted to talk to you about something very important," Namjoon replied and crushed the cigarette onto the glass table before going to sit on the couch in the middle of the room. "Did Jungkook tell you to find Jimin too?" he asked in a low tone.

"Yes, Mr.Jeon. That's why he called me," Hyunjae replied and took a seat across to Namjoon when Namjoon signaled him to do so.

"You don't have to fulfill his order. Just tell Jungkook that you've looked for Jimin but didn't find him anywhere," Namjoon uttered while leaning back towards the couch and making himself more comfortable.

"I'm sorry for asking you this question, Mr.Jeon, but... why do you want me to say that to your brother?" Hyunjae asked out of curiosity as he didn't understand why Namjoon was telling him to do something like that.

"Jimin came to me before he left," Namjoon mumbled in reply.

17 hours earlier

Namjoon came back home late that night and he wasn't expecting at all that Jimin would be waiting for him in the living room. When Jimin saw Namjoon entering the room with a suitcase in his hand, he stood up respectfully.

"Why haven't you slept yet Jimin? It's quite late," Namjoon asked with a smile but his smile disappeared quickly when he took in Jimin's appearance.

"I was waiting for you, hyung. I wanted to talk to you about something," Jimin murmured while looking down and playing with his fingers in nervousness.

"What happened Jimin? Is there any problem?" Namjoon looked at his face with concern as Jimin's eyes were puffy as if he had been crying for quite some time. His face was also looking tired and there were slightly dark bags under his pretty brown eyes.

"It's not about me, hyung. It's about Jungkook," Jimin mumbled while breathing heavily.

"What about him? Did he do something to you?" Namjoon inquired worriedly as he put his suitcase on the table.

"No, hyung. He didn't do anything to me. It's something else," Jimin uttered softly while shifting his gaze to somewhere else in the room.

Namjoon held Jimin's hand gently and walked towards the couch with him, "Come sit here and tell me properly what happened."

Jimin settled on the couch next to Namjoon who was looking at him expectantly, waiting for what he actually wanted to say.

"I'm leaving, hyung, and I want you to make sure that Jungkook won't find me again," Jimin replied in a tensed tone and bit his lower lip harshly to stop himself from crying.

Namjoon couldn't believe what he was hearing. He knew that Jimin and Jungkook were in a perfect relationship so it was hard for him to understand what had gone wrong between them all of a sudden.

"Did you two fight with each other?" Namjoon questioned softly as he took Jimin's hand into his.

"No, hyung. I... I don't k-know how to tell y-you this. Please just d-don't talk to him about a-anything I'm going to tell you. Promise me, you won't say anything to him," Jimin's voice was pleading as he held onto Namjoon's hand tightly.

"Okay, Jimin-ah. I promise I won't say a single word to him. Just tell me what happened?" Namjoon gave him an understanding look.

Jimin let out a deep breath before continuing, "Hyung, I think it's actually my fault why it all happened so you've to understand Jungkook too. H-Hyunjin, you must know about him already. He.... tried to m-molest me in the school once and when I told Jungkook about it, I never saw Hyunjin again. And then... I told Jungkook about my p-past," Jimin couldn't help stuttering as his whole body was trembling badly, "I was m-married to someone. He... his name was Ahn. He used to abuse me before I left him and came to Seoul. A few months ago, he c-came to my apartment and..." Jimin started hiccupping in the middle while wiping his tears with the back of his hand.

"I know about him already, Jimin-ah. You don't have to talk about it," Namjoon replied as he caressed Jimin's back softly to calm him down. Although Jungkook told Namjoon everything about Ahn the night when he found out that Jimin was raped in his apartment but he was quite surprised at hearing what Hyunjin did to Jimin.

"But why are you ending your relationship because of that Jimin? Jungkook can take care of you more than anyone else," Namjoon asked softly and tried to make Jimin change his mind.

"He... he killed them b-because of me," Jimin started sobbing loudly and Namjoon just looked at him with wide eyes as he couldn't believe what he had just heard.

"Killed them? What do you mean Jimin?" Namjoon asked and felt his heartbeat getting faster, afraid to hear what Jimin was going to tell him next.

"J-Jungkook killed them. B-both of them b-because they h-hurt me, hyung," Jimin sobbed harder when he told that to Namjoon. While Namjoon just stared at him completely lost as he tried to digest everything.

"I love him so much, hyung. But I know that I'm not good for him. He did it because of me. If I weren't a part of his life, he would never have done anything like that. I'm ruining him and I want to stop it before it'll get too late," Jimin hid his face in between his hands and cried his heart out.

"I can't believe Jungkook could do something like that. I... I'm worried for him but, Jimin... he'll break if you left him like this," Namjoon mumbled when he suddenly thought about his baby brother.

"I can't just stay here knowing that I'm the only one getting something good out of this relationship. I feel... I feel like I'm corrupting him. I can't be so selfish," Jimin tried to make Namjoon understand his concern.

"I... I just don't know what to say, Jimin-ah. That's too much for me to take in right now. What can I do for you?" Namjoon questioned as he looked at Jimin warmly.

"I know he has the power to find me if I'll leave him. I just need you to make sure he won't do that. I c-can't imagine my life w-without Jungkook but I've to do t-this for him," Jimin murmured while trying to be stronger for the love of his life.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" Namjoon asked softly, trying to make Jimin think about it at least one more time.

"I've thought about it over and over again. It's the best thing I can do for him right now. My life is already a mess, I don't want to destroy his," Jimin looked at Namjoon with pleading eyes that had nothing but sincerity and love for a certain curly-haired boy.

"Okay, Jimin. Just know that I'll always be here for you," Namjoon uttered and hugged Jimin gently who cried into his arms telling him over and over again to take of Jungkook when he'll be gone.


Chapter Text

Hyunjae entered the room along with six other men wearing black uniforms for informing Jungkook about not finding Jimin anywhere in Seoul. He was afraid of telling Jungkook that he couldn't bring Jimin back home.

Jungkook was leaning against the couch with his eyes closed and there was a burning cigarette in his left hand. Hyunjae took in a deep breath still contemplating whether he should actually go and find Jimin or simply do what Namjoon told him to do. After thinking about it for a few more minutes, he decided to follow Namjoon's order as he knew that nobody could be more sincere with Jungkook than his own older brother.

"I'm so sorry, Mr.Jeon. We have tried so hard to find him but we have no idea where he is," he informed Jungkook in a low tone while standing next to the couch with his hands tied respectfully in the front.

Jungkook's world came crashing down when he heard those words. They didn't find his Jimin. They didn't bring his love back to him. What would he do now?

"You guys had to find him. You had to. Where is he? Where is my Jimin?" Jungkook mumbled hanging his head low.

"We have tried our best, Mr.Jeon. We are afraid that he might have left this city," Hyunjae lied as he bowed Jungkook along with the other men present in the room.

"You have tried your best? Is this your best? How could you not find him?" Jungkook yelled on the top of his voice sending shivers down everyone's back.

He stood up from the couch and took the pistol in his hand that he put on the nearby table just a while ago. He made his way towards his men whose eyes grew wide in panic when they saw the gun in Jungkook's hand. They backed away while Jungkook kept walking towards them with slow steps. None of them said anything as Jungkook was looking so terrifying with that unexplainable expression on his face. It seemed as if he would kill all of them.

"I told you I need him here with him. How could you just say that you couldn't find him?" Jungkook shouted again and aimed the gun at Jihoon's toe before pulling the trigger recklessly.

Everyone yelped when they heard the gunshot followed by the cries of Jihoon who fell to the floor and started crying while holding his wounded toe in his hand.

"I trusted you, Hyunjae. I thought that you would do this for me but I was wrong," saying that Jungkook aimed the gun right in the middle of Hyunjae's chest who didn't say a single word and just kept his eyes closed out of fear.

Before he could pull the trigger, Namjoon entered the room and rushed towards him to snatch the gun from his hand. He looked at Jungkook with fear in his eyes. He was always afraid that Jungkook will become like their father someday and now it was actually happening.

"How could you do this, Jungkook? Your madness is the reason why Jimin left you in the first place," Namjoon yelled thinking that it would stop Jungkook but it only enraged him even more as he kicked the glass table near him, throwing it on the floor and breaking it in the process.

"Are you out of mind, Kookie?" Namjoon yelled again and tried to stop Jungkook but Jungkook didn't listen and started breaking everything in the room one by one.

He smashed the crystal ashtray on the wall, followed by the chairs in the room. All of his men back away as he kept smashing each and everything on the wall.

"How could he do this to me? How could he just leave me like this?" Jungkook wailed when he fell onto his knees and took his head in between his hands in frustration.

Namjoon told everyone else to leave the room before crouching down next to Jungkook and taking his brother into his arms.

"Stop it, Jungkook. Don't do this to yourself. Everything will be alright. Just pray that he is fine wherever he is right now," Namjoon mumbled softly in Jungkook's ear and kept on caressing his back tenderly.

"I can't live without him, hyung," Jungkook sobbed and clenched onto Namjoon's shirt for his dear life, "I feel like suffocating. I think I would die if he didn't come back," saying that he leaned into his brother's chest and cried his heart out.


"Grief isn't a sign of weakness, nor a lack of faith. It's the price of love."

If someone had told this to Jungkook when he was a kid, he might not have thought about it then. But after losing the woman he loved the most in his life, his mother, he understood that indeed everyone has to pay a certain price when they choose to love someone. And after he lost his father, a figure who motivated and loved him the most, Jungkook knew that it would take a lot of effort on his part to ever love someone again.

The fear was always there, fear of loving someone to a limit where it becomes difficult to even imagine your life without them. And then losing the same person only to shatter your heart into a million pieces. This fear led Jungkook to the point where he became obsessive about protecting things he loved and of course Jimin was no exception.

He was sitting quietly on a couch in Jimin's old apartment and staring blankly at the bedroom door from afar. It was like many other nights since Jimin left him four months ago. Not a single light was turned on in any room and it didn't even bother Jungkook as he kept looking at the quiet place which was once filled with the giggles of the man he loved the most.

The place that was once filled with the sound of Jimin's voice and laughter was now horribly quiet. Jimin wasn't there anymore and Jungkook had to accept it but he could still hear Jimin calling him with his angelic voice whenever he visited that apartment. It was the same place where they kissed and made love for the first time. The same place where they shared so many beautiful memories together but now it was so quiet as if no one had ever visited that apartment.

Jungkook stood up from the couch and slowly walked towards the bedroom. He never found enough courage to enter the room without Jimin being in it but today he wanted to go in there. He opened the door slowly and heard the creak more clear than he had ever before because of the deadly silence. Jungkook glanced at the room for a few minutes before mustering up the courage to actually enter it.

He made his way to the bed and sat on the corner of it before taking the duvet in his hand and pulling it closer to his nose to find Jimin's scent in it. But there was nothing as it had been several months since Jimin was there in those sheets for the last time.

Jungkook put the duvet back on the bed and stood up before making his way to the closet. He opened it and took out Jimin's clothes before sniffing them desperately. He tried to remember the scent of Jimin's cologne but it felt like it had been years since he touched everything in that closet. A tear rolled down Jungkook's cheek when he closed the closet and sat on the cold floor right next to it.

Everything in that room reminded him of Jimin. From the baby pink matt placed under the door that he bought with Jungkook to the photo frame on the side table of the bed. It had the photo that they took on their beach date. It was the day when Jimin asked Jungkook, again and again, to never leave him alone. Jungkook chuckled at the thought and leaned his head against the wall while wiping the tears with the back of his hand.

"How am I supposed to live knowing that I will never be able to see you smiling at me again?" he sobbed remembering the way Jimin's eyes used to turn into beautiful little crescents every time he smiled.

He stood up after a few minutes and took the photo frame in his hand. Jimin's eye smile was blinding and his cheek was attached to Jungkook's as they smiled at the camera. Jungkook caressed Jimin's side of the photo and pulled the photo close to his chest. Suddenly his phone started ringing and he sighed tiredly before taking it out of his pocket and picking up the call.

"What happened, hyung?" he mumbled as he sat on the bed still keeping their photo close to his heart.

"Where are you, Jungkook? It's quite late. Come back home now," Namjoon asked in a concerned tone. He had been taking extra care of Jungkook since Jimin left.

"I'll come back in the morning. Just go and sleep, hyung. Don't worry about me too much," Jungkook replied in a low voice and laid back on the bed before closing his eyes.

"Are you at Jimin's apartment again?" Namjoon asked softly.

"And what if I am?" Jungkook replied nonchalantly as it had been the same for the last few months. He used to come to Jimin's apartment every other night with Namjoon calling him and practically begging him to come back home.

"You're hurting every person who cares about you, Jungkook," Namjoon murmured when he heard Jungkook talking to him as if he didn't care about anyone anymore.

"Tell me how am I supposed to move on? Do you want me to just pretend that he never came into my life? Everything reminds me of him, hyung. My heart isn't ready to accept that he just left me like this, Jungkook murmured and bit his lower lip trying to stop himself from breaking down in front of his hyung once again.

"It has been months, Jungkook. Think about your...." hearing that Jungkook smashed his phone on the wall. He didn't want to get reminded again and again that it had been so long since he saw his baby for the last time.

Every day, Jungkook thought of him. Every day, he remembered the times they had spent together. But every day, the memories of them became an echo ever the more distant-until he could no longer differentiate dreams from reality.

Still, every day he wished, he prayed that Jimin would return.

What if Jimin never returned at all? What if he had never actually existed? What if he was no more than a figment of Jungkook's imagination?

The memories of them chasing each other until sundown on the beach as the sun smiled at them. The memories of them sharing long embraces in the dark of the night as the moon winked at them. The memories of them loving.

Were those memories nothing more than just dreams?

A lone tear slipped down Jungkook's cheek. That couldn't be true. Jimin was the only man he loved, the man he had dedicated his everything to. He was the reason he had decided to make himself a better person.

All he wanted was for Jimin to come back to him. Was it too much to ask for?

Among the hazy flurry of thoughts that passed through his mind, Jungkook's eyelids fluttered shut as he drifted off into dreamland.


Chapter Text

Jungkook was quietly sitting on a black leather couch in the club with a half-filled vine glass in his hand. He was wearing a plain black shirt whose top three buttons were undone. His hair were longer now and his eyes were hollow and devoid of any emotion. His two bodyguards were standing beside the couch with their hands tied respectfully in the front. Jungkook was looking tired as if he didn't sleep properly in ages. He was staring blankly into the space when someone tapped on his shoulder from behind.

"Hello, brother," Minho smiled softly when Jungkook looked back at him.

Jungkook didn't say anything in reply and just stood up to hug his closest friend. They settled right next to each other on the couch and Jungkook ordered his bodyguards to give them some space. Soon, there were just the two of them in the dimly lit club room.

"You have changed a lot since I last saw you," Minho uttered as he took an empty glass from the table and filled it with the same vine Jungkook was drinking a few minutes ago.

"A lot has changed," Jungkook replied shortly and sighed tiredly before leaning back onto the couch.

"I was talking to Namjoon hyung before coming here. He is really worried about you. You've stopped eating properly. You rearly go home. You drink and smoke a lot. What the hell is wrong with you, Jungkook? Have you even looked at yourself in the mirror? You're looking like a zombie," Minho complained but Jungkook didn't bother to look at him as if he wasn't even listening.

"Jungkook, we have literally met after a very long. I never thought you'd give me such cold treatment," Minho murmered when Jungkook didn't say anything in reply.

"What do you want me to say?" Jungkook mumbled and closed his eyes while turning his face away from Minho.

"Anything. Atleast I won't feel like I'm talking to myself," Minho replied in a soft tone. He was well aware of everything that had happened between Jimin and Jungkook almost two years ago. Namjoon told him how broken Jungkook was since then. But it had been a very long time so Minho thought that maybe Jungkook would've gotten better but it was even worse.

There were dark cirles around his eyes. He wasn't as healthy as he was before. His face was looking weak. His once pink lips had turned white as if they had no blood left in them. His eyes didn't sparkle anymore and he never smiled.

"Can't you just move on from him, Jungkook?" Minho asked out of nowhere making Jungkook look at him with a stern expression on his face. This was the first time Minho was talking to him about Jimin as he knew it was a very serious topic for Jungkook. He didn't want to hurt his friend by mentioning his worst heartbreak.

"What?" Jungkook replied coldly while sitting up straight on the couch.

"It has been a long time. Can't you just forget him now?" Minho asked with concern evident in his voice.

"Never. No matter what happens, Minho," Jungkook sounded hurt, "no matter what happens in this bitch of an earth, I can never forget him." His grip onto the glass tightened, "I promised him that to the moon and back, from hell to heaven, from war to peace, I'll always love him."

This was the longest Jungkook had talked to anyone in ages so Minho just sighed defeatedly and took the vine glass from Jungkook's hand before he would break it.

"Okay, Jungkook. I'm sorry. We all are worried about you," Minho murmered while placing that glass onto the table, "Just don't do this to your brother. He only has you. Don't make him worried."

Jungkook held his head in between his hands and started massaging his temples because of the sudden headache. Minho was about to say something when Jungkook's phone started ringing. He took it out of his pocket and picked up the call with a tired sigh.

"What happened, Hyunjae?" Jungkook asked sternly thinking that Hyunjae would again try to persuade him to come back home on the order of Namjoon but it wasn't about it this time.

"Sorry for disturbing you, sir. I just wanted to tell you that Mr.Wang is in Seoul right now," Hyunjae informed him in an apologizing tone.

"For how long?" Jungkook asked coldly in reply.

"I've no idea about that, sir," Hyunjae uttered.

"I'll meet him tomorrow. I have so many things to ask," Jungkook mumbled and ended the call before carelessly throwing his phone onto the table.

He wanted to meet his uncle Wang for a very long. He wanted to ask him about his father. He needed answers to so many questions. Why did he kill his father when they were such close friends? Why did he betray his father like that? All he wanted was his uncle to just admit that he actually murdered his best friend but it wasn't that easy of course. He knew Mr.Wang would deny it. He knew that he would never accept that he did something like that but Jungkook had to try. He didn't want to let down the people he loved the most in his life anymore.


Jungkook climbed down the stairs of his mansion when a servant informed him that Mr.Wang was waiting for him in the living room. Namjoon was not at home and Jungkook thought it was the perfect time for their meeting so he called his uncle to come meet at their mansion. Mr.Wang was always more close to Jungkook than Namjoon despite of Jungkook's cold behaviour towards him. He always gave Jungkook more importance than he gave to Namjoon so he accepted meeting Jungkook right away.

"Jungkook," Mr.Wang smiled a little when he saw Jungkook standing quietly in the door.

Jungkook face was stern as he looked more coldly at his uncle than he had ever before.

"Uncle," he nodded slightly before entering the room and sitting on the couch opposite to Mr.Wang.

"It's the first time that you invited me here. It's always your brother who likes to meet his uncle. You never do that. I'm really flattered," Mr.Wang stated with a grin on his face which disappeared when Jungkook clenched his jaw visibly.

"I would've never liked to meet you if it wasn't about my father," Jungkook declared and noticed the way Mr.Wang squirmed uncomfortably in his seat on the mention of his father.

"What about your father, Jungkook?" his uncle asked in a tensed voice.

"I think you already have an idea what I'm talking about, my dear uncle," Jungkook replied in a fake sweet tone.

"You may want to talk about anything... like how close we were? For how long we were best friends? How would I know what do you want to say? Can you elaborate?" Mr.Wang asked a little more confidently this time.

"Okay. I will make it a little more precise. Let's just talk about what went wrong between you two? You were pretty close, right? Then what happened that forced you to take your bestfriend's life?" Jungkook asked while looking straight into his uncle's eyes, trying to find the truth.

"Do you have any evidence that I did that in the first place?" Mr.Wang asked in a challenging voice, not averting his gaze from Jungkook's cold one.

"At least be a man and accept that you did it," Jungkook growled with gritted teeth.

"Are you audio recording like a kid? Do you want me to say that 'yes I killed your father' and go to the police to tell them that I accepted murdering my best friend years ago? You be a man, Jungkook. Come to me when you actually have some evidence next time," Mr. Wang uttered and gave him a last glare before standing up from the couch.

"I might not have an evidence for proving it right now but keep it in your mind that you'll have to pay for everything you did one day. My father was right when he said that it's better to have an enemy who slaps you in the face than a friend who stabs you in the back, but he himself never actually understood it," Jungkook replied as he stood up from the couch too.

"Sometimes, the person you'd take a bullet for ends up being the one behind the gun, Jungkook," saying that Mr.Wang turned around abruptly and left the room without looking back.


Jungkook was sitting quietly on a barstool, with a vine bottle in his hand just like every other night, when a girl approached him. Jungkook didn't have his bodyguards with him as he told everyone that he wants to be alone. The girl caressed Jungkook's biceps sensually, earning a cold look from him in return.

She was wearing a dark purple slutty dress with a very deep neck that was displaying her cleavage. She had long blond hair that were perfectly curled. Her plumped lips were tainted red that reminded him of Jimin. Fuck. Everything reminded him of Jimin. She licked her lips when she noticed Jungkook staring at them.

"I always see you sitting alone here. I wonder how a handsome man like you could be so lonely," she uttered in a sultry tone as she came closer to Jungkook.

Jungkook looked at her quietly. She was indeed pretty and desirable. On top of that, Jungkook didn't have sex with anyone in more than two years now. He was a man so he had his needs. He was sexually frustrated but whenever he thought about sleeping with someone even just for taking out his frustration, he couldn't imagine it. He couldn't even think about being with someone who wasn't Jimin.

"You can leave," Jungkook mumbled and hung his head low.

"Trust me. I can make you feel really good," she tried again but stepped back when Jungkook glared at her the next second.

"I said leave," Jungkook replied coldly with gritted teeth.

The blonde didn't waste a single second as she practically ran away from Jungkook. Jungkook took deep breaths to lessen his anger while taking out his phone from the pocket.

He unlocked it and looked at Jimin's photo on his wallpaper. Jimin was wearing a black silk shirt in the photo. The first two buttons of his shirt were undone and his beauty bone was on full display. There were also a few hickeys visible on the milky skin of his neck. His blonde hair were messily arranged but they still looked perfect. His eyes were closed and his pink plumped lips were slightly agape. Jungkook caressed the screen of his phone softly while smiling at the memory.


"Kookie," Jimin whispered one night when they were both snuggled up together on the bed in Jimin's apartment. It was a tight fit for the two growing teenage boys, young men actually.

Even if the smaller boy's entire weight was placed directly on top of the other - their limbs intertwined and wound so closely and tightly together such that it was a near impossible task to figure out where one boy started and where the other ended, Jungkook didn't mind at all, opting instead to hold Jimin even closer to him, as if he was determined that the two bodies should be melded together.

Jimin buried his face into Jungkook's chest. While Jungkook rubbed his nose against the warm skin of Jimin's neck, inhaling the faint scent of his milk body lotion. "What is it? Dear god, you smell so good. Do you know?"

Jimin chuckled and squirmed slightly when Jungkook moves up to nose at his neck, hot gusts of air hitting his sensitive skin. Jungkook wrapped his arms tighter against the boy's small waist, smiling softly when Jimin snuggles in closer to him. They were impossibly close now, but still not close enough, never close enough.

Jungkook pressed his lips to the top of the Jimin's head - the blond hair he loved so much. "Hi baby," he murmured.

"Hi Kookie," Jimin replied with a giggle.

Jungkook smiled replacing his nose with his lips, littering little butterfly kisses along the column of the Jimin's beautiful neck from jaw-line to collarbone.

Jimin laughed throatily, "What's gotten into you? Why are you so horny tonight?"

"Because you look and smell sinfully divine and it makes me want to devour you," Jungkook answered simply, punctuating his sentence by sucking a mark into the porcelain white skin.

"I'm giving you permission to devour me," Jimin mumbled, not willing to disturb the silence of the night.

Jungkook pried his lips away from the bruising skin and looks up at Jimin, dark lashes framing shining orbs. Jimin smiled when Jungkook placed a quick chaste kiss to the corner of his mouth

Jungkook settled back down into his pillow, and moved his hand from Jimin's petite waist to his doll face, fingertips fluttering across his nose bridge, "You're so pretty. Even more pretty than those girls out there. You're the prettiest person I've seen in my life."

"Really?" Jimin grinned, eyes crinkling into beautiful half-moons.

Jungkook simply moved his hand to the back of Jimin's head and gently pressed it down to his chest, right above his heart. "I love you, Jimin. I love you so so much."

There was a brief silence where the only sounds in the room were the sounds of their breaths and the beating of their hearts.

Jungkook smiled and slightly nudged the smaller boy, "Jiminie. Shouldn't you say something back to me?"

Jimin looked up with a sparkle in his eyes and mischievously replied, "Don't you know that actions speak louder than words?"

And when Jungkook raised an eyebrow in response to the question, Jimin simply giggled and closed the distance between their mouths. Jungkook smiled and kissed him back quickly. It was one of those rear times when Jimin initiated something between them.

Soon Jungkook was on top of Jimin, leaving hickeys all over his milky skin. Jimin had his arms wrapped around Jungkook's neck as he pulled him impossibly closer. Their makeout session continued for a quite a while but when Jimin started feeling sleepy due to the tiring day he had, Jungkook unhestatingly moved back.

"I was thinking of making you scream my name tonight but I guess that you're really tired. You should sleep, baby boy," Jungkook mumbled and placed a kiss on top of Jimin's head.

"Mmm," Jimin hummed like an obedient kid and closed his eyes.

When Jungkook pulled away to turn off the side lamp, he stopped for a moment and glanced back at his pretty boyfriend. Jimin was looking like an angel lying there peacefully with his lips agaped. Jungkook smiled at him and took out his phone to take a photo of him.

"Kookie," Jimin mumbled in a sleepy voice and threw grabby hands towards him. "Cuddle me," he said.

Jungkook chuckled while placing the phone on the side table and turning off the lamp before laying next to his boyfriend and taking him into his arms.


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Chapter Text

Jungkook's alarm went off sharp at six in the morning. He was never an early riser in his life before, but now he had a big company to run so he had to wake up early. His bedroom wasn't the same he used to share with his boyfriend three and a half years ago.

Namjoon insisted on changing their house for leaving all of their bad memories behind. Now, the two brothers were living in a huge three-story mansion on the outskirts of the city. There were balconies on each floor with a beautiful view of lake in the front.

Jungkook's master bedroom was on the second floor. It was exceptionally spacious and opulent. There was a huge window, instead of a wall, on one side of the room. The curtains were mostly drawn as Jungkook wasn't a big fan of sunlight.

There was a big walk in closet on the other side that was full of expensive clothes and accessories. Jungkook's king-sized bed was in the middle and there were two black couches in it's front. There was luxurious dark colored furniture all around. The whole room was black and grey themed.

Jungkook turned off the alarm and sat up straight on the bed. He rubbed his eyes and looked at the digital wall clock in the front that also displayed the date on it's bottom. It was the start of August and Jungkook had a very busy day ahead. He got up from the bed and went to the bathroom to take a shower.

When he completed his morning routine, he walked into his closest with a bathrobe tied around his muscular body. Almost all of his dresses were dark colored, so he just picked out a black suit to wear. He left the top two buttons of his shirt undone and picked out a black rolex watch to match with his attire. He finally secured his hair in a man bun and wore his Stuart Weitzman shoes before coming out of the bedroom.

The servants bowed respectfully when he made his way to the dining room where Namjoon was already waiting for him.

"Good morning, Jungkook," Namjoon greeted him with a smile.

"Morning," Jungkook replied and took a seat opposite to his brother.

The table was filled with all kinds of food items one could eat in the breakfast, but the servants were still standing behind them to get something else if Namjoon or Jungkook didn't like the food. Jungkook simply took a cranberry orange pancake with a glass of blended oat drink.

"You seem to be in a hurry today," Namjoon pointed out when he noticed that Jungkook was trying to finish everything quickly.

"I actually am. I've two important meetings today so I'm going early," Jungkook uttered as he stuffed another bite in his mouth.

"I'm going to Ulsan. I've a lot of work to do, so I might not be able to come home for at least three days," Namjoon informed Jungkook and ordered one of the servants to get a newspaper for him. Namjoon prefered newspaper and magazines instead of reading news from the phone.

Jungkook took a sip of his drink and got up without even finishing his breakfast. "Then see you after three days, hyung," he uttered while cleaning his face with a napkin.

"I will never get over the fact that you're old enough to run a company now," Namjoon looked up from the newspaper and smiled at him proudly.

"You say that almost everyday," Jungkook chuckled lightly before taking out his phone from the pocket and making his way to the door.

"Take care of yourself. Eat your meals regularly and get proper rest in my absence," Namjoon replied loudly from behind as Jungkook hurried out of the dining room followed by two servants who carried his laptop and files.

"See you later, hyung," Jungkook murmured while checking the notifications on his phone.

When he came out of the mansion, his driver and two bodyguards were already waiting for him outside. All of them bowed and one of his guards opened the door of his luxury car for him. Jungkook sat on the backseat and ordered his driver to take him to the company within time.


When Jungkook reached his office, the employees seemed to be in a hurry but when they saw their boss, they immediately stopped their work and bowed in front of him. Jungkook didn't acknowledge any of them and quietly made his way to the elevator. Although Jungkook worked everyday, most of his meetings weren't in the company so he didn't come often.

When he opened the door of his office, Taehyung was dozing off on the couch with his mouth open. Jungkook purposely put his files on his working table with too much force that it created a lot of sound, waking up Taehyung in the process.

"Ohhh, fuck," Taehyung exclaimed and opened his eyes to look at Jungkook with an irritated expression on his face, "You could've woken me up politely."

"Wake up, fucker. Shouldn't you be taking care of the company behind my back? How could I expect something from other employees when the COO of my company prefers sleeping over working?" Jungkook inquired in a taunting tone and took his seat at the desk to start working.

"I stayed up all night working," Taehyung lied and stood up from the couch while yawning.

"Clubbing isn't working, Taehyung," Jungkook uttered and opened a green file that had the details of the project he was working on currently, "Now get up and call Chae-Yeong. Where the hell is she?" Jungkook's voice was loud and annoyed.

Taehyung abruptly took out his phone from his pocket to call Jungkook's secretary and went out of the office in a hurry. He knew that Jungkook wasn't in a good mood as usual.

Right after four minutes, Chae-Yeong entered the office and from her abnormal breathing pattern anyone could tell that she practically ran to get there.

"Good morning, Mr.Jeon," she greeted in a low tone, already being aware that Jungkook would be furious at her for reaching office after him.

"What's the job of a secretary, Chae-Yeong?" Jungkook mumbled while going through a document on his laptop.

"I'm sorry, Mr.Jeon. The traffic was..." she tried to explain why she couldn't reach the office on time but Jungkook wasn't having any of it.

"I asked something. Didn't I? What is the job of a secretary? Answer the damn question," Jungkook yelled this time, sending shivers down her secretary's spine.

Jungkook was a strict boss. All of his employees were afraid of even talking to him except Kim Taehyung. He was more like a friend than a colleague to Jungkook.

"A secretary has to... organize necessary meetings, plan events, de... develop a long term schedule, manage the executive's phone calls, and also... regularly update certain reports for the executive," Chae-Yeong stuttered as she kept her head low, being enable to look at the irritated expression on Jungkook's face.

"How are you going to fulfill all of these duties when you can't even reach the office before your boss?" Jungkook questioned while looking at her for the first time since she entered the office.

"It won't happen again, Mr.Jeon. I got stuck in the traffic. I would never..." she tried to explain herself again.

Jungkook was clenching his jaw angrily, trying his best not to leash out on her. He took a deep breath, pinching the bridge of his nose between his index finger and thumb in frustration.

"You don't have to waste my time. You're fired," Jungkook replied coldly and stood up from his seat to look outside the huge window behind his table. He dismissed her with a wave of his hand.

Chae-yeong didn't say a single word after that and ran out of the office while crying as she knew that once their CEO says something, it's set in stone. No one could change his mind after that. If he told you that you're fired, you're actually fired.

"Don't tell me you just fired another secretary," Taehyung stated when he entered the office right after Chae-yeong ran out.

"I'm not in a mood for this discussion, Taehyung. Just hire a more competent secretary for me this time," Jungkook replied as he kept looking out of the window.

"You can't just keep changing secretaries every month. You should try to keep your temper under control or else we will run out of people to work with you," Taehyung exclaimed in an annoyed tone.

"Taehyung, I just said that I don't wanna have this discussion," Jungkook muttered while coming back and taking his seat to resume his work.

"How about a boy this time? You always complain that girls start panicking way too soon and you get irritated because of it," Taehyung suggested hopefully as he took a seat opposite to Jungkook.

"I've no problem with that. I just need someone who could keep up with me and my schedule," Jungkook agreed right away.

"I know a boy already. I think he would be prefect for this job. He is really hardworking. I met him through my friend. They worked in a dance company together but that boy got into a small accident a few months ago and got a knee injury. He is still recovering and can't really dance right now so my friend asked me if I could help him in getting work. He is educated and I know him personally so I think we should consider him for this job," Taehyung uttered excitedly while looking at Jungkook with hopeful eyes.

"I don't care for all of that. I just want a secretary as soon as possible. Call your friend to come to the office tomorrow. We'll see if he is suitable for this job," Jungkook replied nonchalantly as he busied himself with his work once again.


It was dead quiet, the sun already sank beneath the horizon of ocean waves. The salty breeze mixes together with the smell of exhaust gas from the ships, and some distant smell of metal. Jungkook was standing at the edge of a port, most of the port was packed with huge intermodal containers. He was here to pick up his regular order. His men where here to load the stuff from the containers to their trucks. Jungkook wasn’t usually present for this, there was no need for him to be here.

Today he was here to meet with Jung Jae-hwi, who was one of his most treasured traffickers and business partners. He was the man who told Jungkook about the offer from Mr.Wang. The man was in his early sixties, in the later days, he was working for Jungkook's father and now, for Jungkook himself.

It would be stupid of him to break the deal with Jungkook, but one of his other suppliers did and Jungkook was intrigued to know what did his uncle offer them. Jae-hwi imported all their gun parts. They manufactured them here and sold them to the big influential customers.

His father build his name up from nothing and it was well known that the Jeon guns were the best ones out there. Jae-hwi knew Mr.Wang personally, but they weren’t on friendly terms, so why did the old man thought that he could persuade him to change his mind.

So reasonably, it pissed Jungkook off when some outsider tried to force himself inside his business. Beside the loud noise of the guys loading the truck, he could hear the sound of footsteps getting closer.

Jae-hwi stopped right beside him. There was some shuffling and then a silent click of a lighter before the smell of the burning cigarette penetrated the air.

"It didn’t even once cross my mind to betray you, Jungkook," Jae-hwi stated.

"You don’t need to explain yourself to me, I trust you," Jungkook replied still looking ahead, not sparing him a glance.

"But Dal-hwan, that fucker really went behind our back like that," Jungkook chuckled in disbelief and shook his head.

"I am aware that it hurt your ego, but you don’t need him anyway. He made a grave mistake. Fuck him who cares," Jae-hwi took another long drag from his cigarette, "he was always weak willed. I did..."

“What was it? What did my uncle offer him that made him betray my family like that. He was one of the most trusted men of my father," Jungkook turned to face Jae-hwi and interrupted him before he could finish his sentence. The old man let out a tiny laugh as if Jungkook told him some joke.

"Money is the biggest driving force, Jungkook," he spoke after a while.

Jungkook's eyebrows furrowed in confusion. Why would Dal-hwan do that for money when Jungkook's father always showered them with money more than they even needed. No fucking way. Jungkook laughed as he was sure that it wasn't just about money.

"It couldn't be about money. I can place a bet on that," Jungkook replied confidently, "my uncle prefers to use weaknesses of the people for getting what he wants."


Chapter Text

Jungkook forgot to set his alarm and he only realized what a terrible mistake he had made when he blinked awake the next day to the glorious feeling of the morning sun beating down on his face. He laid in bed, stretching his arms overhead and congratulated himself on the best sleep he had in months. He slowly leaned over to glance at the digital clock.

Shit. It was ten thirty.

His alarm hadn’t gone off. Jungkook stared at it in shock. Why hadn’t it gone off? He was late! His company had a strict punch-in policy and everyone knew that showing up after nine was a giant faux paus.

Jungkook jumped out of bed, making his way to the bathroom where in his hurry, he stubbed his toe against the toilet bowl.

He howled, grabbing at his toe and hopping on one foot until the throbbing finally subsided enough for him to set it down and by then he was in a terrible mood. He climbed into the shower, yelping when a spray of icy cold water hit him straight in the face. There was no turning back now that he was already wet so he didn't wait for water to get warm and took the fastest shower of his life, grumbling under his breath and freezing his balls off. 

He drove the car himself and called Taehyung on his way to the office, speeding past two red lights as he mumbled a lame excuse about having a 'personal emergency'.

"Okay, Jungkookie," Taehyung answer, "I've already postponed all of your meetings."

Jungkook sighed excessively grateful at hearing that and ended the call.

Taehyung was sprawled out on the couch when Jungkook stalked into his office wearing a Givenchy suit that stretched uncomfortably tight over his shoulders. 

Taehyung laughed when he noticed Jungkook struggling with his tight coat as he put the files on the table. "You were yelling on your employees just yesterday for not being punctual," he teased while standing up from the couch.

"Shut up, asshole," Jungkook replied murderously, "Have you done what I told you yesterday?"

"About the new secretary? Yes, he is here. Wait a second. I'll call him," Taehyung replied as he walked out of the office while dialing a number on his phone.

Jungkook set his things on the table and took out a cigarette from the drawer. He burnt it with a lighter and leaned against the window while blowing smoke into the air. Smoking always helped to calm him down.

He was quietly looking at the black clouds covering the sky when he heard a soft knock on the door. He didn't reply as he was too invested in smoking and looking at how the dark clouds slowly hid something as bright as sun. The door opened after a while and Taehyung entered the room followed by Jungkook's new secretary.

"Meet our CEO, Jimin. He is a bit of an arrogant boss but I'll make sure he won't be too harsh with you," Taehyung announced loudly while smiling at Jungkook.

Jungkook turned abrupty on hearing that name and when he looked at Jimin, his breath stopped for a moment. His grip onto the cigarette tightened as he looked at the pretty innocent boy standing in the door. The same boy whom he held so lovingly whenever he cried many years ago.

Jimin's astonishment was also evident on his face when he looked at Jungkook with his lips agape. He was wearing a plain black shirt with tight leather pants. His hair were longer and black now. His jawline was sharper and cheekbones more prominent than before. His rosy lips whose plumpness was messing with his brain. Jungkook always thought that Jimin couldn't get any more prettier when they were together but he was looking even more ethereal and desirable now.

None of them said anything and just looked at each other in disbelief. Taehyung quickly sensed the tension between the two and decided to break the awkward silence in the room.

"Do you guys know each other?" Taehyung questioned making the two come back to their senses.

Jungkook took a deep breath as memories started flooding back into his mind. The way he held that pretty face in his hands for placing a kiss on those sinful lips years ago.

"We used to be in the same class when we were in college," Jungkook's voice was strained as he kept staring at Jimin from head to toe.

He couldn't believe that the boy was real. He searched for him for years but life had different plans for both of them.

"That's great. You two would enjoy working together," Taehyung uttered excitedly and went to hug Jimin who hadn't said a single word yet.

Jimin hung his head low, refusing to look at Jungkook. He couldn't bring himself to look into those doe-eyes again. The eyes, that always had so much affection for him, were empty now.

Jungkook had changed so much since the last time he saw him. His hair were shorter than before, giving him a more mature look. He was looking incredibly handsome, his sharp features and strong jawline making a striking contrast with his big, soft eyes. He was looking cold and distant. There was also a dragon tattoo on his hand and his fingers were full of expensive silver rings. He was not the same immature boy who used to smile so affectionately whenever he looked at him. He was a man now.

Jimin gulped loudly, "Thanks for giving me this job," he managed to say. Jungkook just look at him with a stern expression on his face.

"You can start by sorting through my emails. Taehyung will guide you about the rest," Jungkook replied shortly and then quietly went back to his desk.

They avoided each other for the rest of the day with Jungkook keeping himself busy with his work and Jimin stayed quiet as he kept contemplating if he made the right choice or not.


"I can't work with him, Kai. We have a whole history together. How am I supposed to work with him as if nothing ever happened between us?" Jimin mumbled sadly.

Jimin and his friend Kai were having a dinner in a restaurant together. They first met when Jimin joined the dance academy three years ago. Kai was a social butterfly so he became close to Jimin right away. As their friendship deepened, they started sharing everything to each other. That's when Jimin told him about Jungkook and his life before him.

"Does he still love you?" Kai asked softly and stuffed his mouth with a spoonful of kimchi fried rice.

"How would I know?" Jimin replied in an irritated tone.

"How did he react when he saw you?" Kai inquired making Jimin pout in reply.

"I honestly don't know. My mind suddenly stopped working when I saw him. I don't even remember what I did the whole day. I just couldn't believe that he was in front of me after all these years," Jimin mumbled and leaned back into the couch with a tired sigh.

"Taehyung didn't tell you about your boss's name when you went to give the interview?" Kai was bombarding him with questions.

"That's the problem. I didn't know that Jungkook is the CEO of JJK Enterprises until I saw him," Jimin murmured and closed his eyes. His mind immediately started replaying everything that happened between him and Jungkook in the past.

"It's been years, Jimin. I'm sure he must have moved on from you. Don't let go of such a big opportunity just because he fucked you such a long time ago," Kai replied softly and tried to feed Jimin with his own hand but Jimin turned his head to the other side, refusing to eat even a single bite.

"Don't say that, Kai. It wasn't that simple. You will never understand," Jimin was suddenly feeling tired of everything.

"I'm just saying that you can't get a better job than this one. You don't know if he even cares about the past anymore. Just give it a try, baby. You can quit when your knee will get better and you'll be able to dance again," Kai muttered while taking Jimin's hand into his and caressing it softly with his thumb.

"I'll try," Jimin uttered and gave him a reassuring smile.

"Do you still have feelings for him?" Kai asked Jimin softly after he ordered some assorted pastries for both of them as it was one of Jimin's favourite things to eat.

"He is the only person I've ever loved in my life, Kai," Jimin replied honestly as he kept thinking about Jungkook the rest of the time.


Jeon Jungkook was almost twenty three now and CEO of one of the biggest companies in Korea. He was powerful and irreplaceable. But even after all those years, there was only one thing that hadn't changed. His weakness for certain black haired boy.

Three crisp raps on the door startled him out of his thoughts.

"Come in," Jungkook answered irritability while looking at the door.

The office door swung open to reveal Jimin, dressed in a fitted dark blue suit that accentuated his thin waist. He was looking perfect as usual. Jungkook stared at him intently as he forgot to breath once again. There was a certain unexplainable expression on his face that Jimin couldn't really comprehend.

Jimin bowed when he entered the room, his soft dark hair falling into his eyes as he did. When he walked over to Jungkook’s desk, he only almost tripped once, and even then he managed to hold on to all the documents. He was feeling reasonably nervous.

"The briefs for today," he muttered, setting a neat pile of folders onto Jungkook’s desk.

He waited expectantly for Jungkook’s instructions, his cheeks still dusted a soft pink from his mishap with the carpet. Jungkook cleared his throat abruptly and swiveled his eyes back to his computer screen. He had changed so much.

"What’s my schedule for today?" Jungkook asked sternly, refusing to look at him.

"You have a meeting with Mr.Jackson at ten thirty. You’ll find the meeting agenda summarized in the grey file right there. At twelve pm you have a business lunch with Mr.Choi, they’re hoping you to reconsider their proposal on the matter you discussed yesterday," Jimin felt anxious but still managed to inform Jungkook about the tasks of the day. He wanted to keep his professional life seperate from his personal life so he had to do his job. He was here to earn his living.

"I closed the deal with Choi. What does he even want now?" Jungkook asked to himself in a low voice.

"He said that he just want you to give him another chance to elaborate his proposal to you," Jimin uttered placatively, picking up on Jungkook’s disapproval.

"Fine," Jungkook sighed, "what else?"

"You have a lunch break from two to three thirty and then Mr.Woojin would like you to stop by the production department," Jimin replied after going through the file in his hand.

"Is that all?" Jungkook asked still not looking at him. He knew that looking at Jimin will only make him weak even more.

Jimin just nodded in reply. Jungkook plucked the grey file off of the stack and begun flipping through it. He had a lot of work to do.

Jimin quietly went back to his desk and let out a deep sigh as if he was holding his breath for too long. He knew that it would be a difficult job for him. He just wanted to finish his work for the day as quickly as possible.


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Chapter Text

Jimin counted all of the dots that represented each train station in Seoul on the watch, flicking on and off as they speed by.

He had started working in JJK Enterprises a week ago, but he was still getting used to his daily schedule. His apartment was far from the company, so he had to wake up earlier than everyone else to get there.

His inner turmoil was also not helping him as he met Jungkook each day but they never exchanged any words more than it was needed. Their conversation was strictly limited to work. Jimin reminded him about his meetings and stayed with him all day but Jungkook hardly ever looked at him properly.

His train of thoughts were interrupted by the whirring sound of glass doors opening, indicating his stop. He tapped his card on the card reader before leaving the station and fifteen minutes later, he was met with another set of glass doors that made his heartbeat faster. It was going to be another long day.

He walked straight to the elevator. Kim Aera, the beautiful receptionist from the right side of the room, sent him a cheerful "Good morning Jimin-ssi" to which he responded with a smile accompanied by a nod.

He got off the elevator when it read 29th Floor and started walking down the hallway to the left. He hesitated as he stood in front of the door but he didn't want to be late just because he couldn't get his shit together, so he knocked on the door.

No response.

'Deep breaths Jimin, you can do this' he told himself as his inner self screamed at him to run back home and hide away in his blankets. Maybe even cry it out a bit. He stood there going through the options in his head before getting tired of the voices making things more complicated than they already were. He sprung the door open and walked in hurriedly like someone might drag him out if he took a while longer.

Inside, he was met with a rather confused Jungkook peering up at him. His boss just stared at him for a brief moment and then averted his gaze back to his laptop.

Jungkook was wearing a deep black Brioni suit. He was looking boyishly insanely ridiculously handsome. His youthful soft features made a contrast to the sharp angles of his face like his jawline. His looks were meticulous in every aspect, from his perfectly styled black hair with a few strands immaculately falling to the side to his expensive watch reflecting the early morning sun rays.

When he leaned back towards his chair, slightly tilting his head in confusion, Jimin suddenly realized that he was staring at his boss like a freak for the past few minutes. 

It took him an eternity to remember that he had to speak. "Good morning, CEO-nim," he greeted sheepishly.

Jungkook's slightly questioning eyes returned to their usual cold fashion as he gestured for him to sit. Though Jimin decided on standing next to him to remind him of an important email while simultaneously reciting his work scheduled to him.


"CEO-nim," Jimin peeked his head through the door at eleven pm sharp. "I finished looking at the documents you asked me to," he stated as he entered the office.

His eyes stung from staring at a computer screen the entire day, but he managed to not only go through everything but also integrate Jungkook's schedule into his. He felt proud of himself.

"Okay," Jungkook barely replied without even looking at him. He was sitting in the exact same position Jimin left him in the morning. Jimin was a little worried as Jungkook seemed exhausted, probably from overworking.

"I want some coffee," Jungkook ordered while taking out another file from his desk to go through.

Jimin looked at the time on his phone just to make sure he heard him right. It was the end of the day, they should both be home right now but he still went out to order some coffee for Jungkook.

About fifteen minutes later, he returned with two hot cups of coffee in his hands.

"You’re holding two cups of coffee," Jungkook pointed out as he observed Jimin walking through the door.

"You probably want to work longer and as your secretary I've to be here too," Jimin replied and put Jungkook's coffee on his table.

Jungkook's fingers stopped typing. He was finally giving Jimin some attention. "No, you don't have to stay here because of me," Jungkook uttered as he took the first sip of the coffee. It was exactly how he liked.

"It's a secretary's job I guess," Jimin stated while shrugging his shoulders as if it was too obvious that if Jungkook worked late, Jimin had to be there too.

Jungkook seemed hesitant at first. "You finished looking at the documents, so you’re free to clean up my office now," he still replied after a while.

So the day wasn’t over in Jeon Jungkook's time. He couldn’t begin to process the idea of Jimin going home at eleven in the evening. He had just enough willpower to stop himself from leaping over that desk and taking Jimin into his arms again.

"Of course," Jimin muttered with a slight nod of his head and went on to work on his task.

Jimin was quickly familiarizing himself with the organization system. He knew which documents were no longer relevant, which ones were confidential and needed to be shredded, and which ones were of highest priority and belonged on Jungkook's desk.

There was a thick air of awkwardness as Jungkook met him with total silence. Jimin observed him while he tidied up the place. The silent treatment from Jungkook was making Jimin more and more uncomfortable each day. He barely talked to him and avoided him like a plague.

It took Jimin an hour, but the surface of Jungkook's black couch was finally clean, and everything was organized into neat piles on the table. Well, almost everything.

Jimin looked at the digital wall clock again only to find out that it was almost one am which meant that Jungkook had been working for fifteen hours straight without taking any break. He had two meetings throughout the day: one in the morning and the other one in afternoon. After that he had been nonstop working in his office.

"Ceo-nim?" Jimin called out in worry, "you shouldn't overwork yourself."

Jungkook looked up at him with a stern face, "You don't need to worry about me, Park Jimin. I know what I've to do," he replied curtly and started typing something on his laptop again. "If you're finished with your work for today you can go home," his tone was cold. Jimin didn’t like how Jungkook said his name, how he was using it to create a bigger wall between them.

Jimin walked over to his desk with a pile of extremely important documents in his hand, "I apologize, Sir," his voice trembled a little.

"Jimi–" Jungkook tried to say when he looked at the sad expression on Jimin's face.

"I'm so sorry to interrupt you like this, Sir. I understand that you're busy but I was just a little worried. I won't say anything now," Jimin replied with his head hung low. There were unshed tears in his eyes as he wasn't used to Jungkook talking to him like that.

"Jimin, no. Listen to me..." Jungkook's hands were itching to hold Jimin but he just couldn't do it. He had lost the right to touch him when Jimin decided to leave him all those years ago.

It all happened so fast. Jimin slammed the documents on the desk despite Jungkook's repeated protests, forcing the half finished cup of black coffee to topple down and splash onto Jungkook's attire and documents. Jimin stared down at Jungkook's ruined shirt, and then at his face. That was it. Jungkook's files were all ruined. He was sure that Jungkook would yell at him now.

But nothing came.

"Don't go alone," Jungkook mumbled while standing up from his seat. They were still staring at each other and ignoring the mess at hand.

"What?" Jimin asked horrified.

"I don't want you to go home alone at this time of the night. My driver will drop you," Jimin felt Jungkook's eyes getting softened for a mere second but then they returned to their usual cold fashion. That was one extremely thin layer peeled.

"Okay, Jungkook-ssi," Jimin mumbled and went back to take his stuff from his desk before leaving the office quietly.


"Why didn't you tell me that it was the same Jimin who left my bestfriend heartbroken?" Taehyung questioned loudly with his eyes widened in shock.

"Neither me nor Jimin knew that Jungkook was your CEO. If we had any idea about it, Jimin might have never joined your company in the first place," Kai defended his best friend quickly.

Taehyung and Kai were playing game on the playstation when they started talking about their life and work. Kai also told him about much nervous Jimin was to work in Taehyung's company because of the past history between him and Jungkook. That's when it dawned upon Taehyung that he was the same Jimin about whom Namjoon told him.

Jungkook never mentioned anything about Jimin in front of him directly but Taehyung still knew everything about the worst heartbreak of his bestfriend's life. And that's when he understood why Jungkook was so awkward when he saw Jimin the first day.

"Does Jimin have any idea how much it affected Jungkook when he left him without even giving him a last chance? It took Jungkook years to recover and now he is back in my friend's life," Taehyung was not having any of it. He could understand how much difficult it must be for Jungkook to work with Jimin as his secretary. He thought that Jungkook might have not said anything because he personally asked him to give Jimin this job.

"Shut up, Taetae. You don't know anything about their past. How could you put all the blame on Jimin? It wasn't entirely his fault why they seperated in the first place," Kai replied as Jimin had already told him about Jungkook's growing obsession of protecting him from every single person around them when they were together.

"Jungkook never wanted it. It wasn't his fault. Jimin should've talked to him before breaking his heart like that. I'm sure Jungkook must have tried to change himself," Taehyung's voice was getting louder.

"Don't talk like you know about everything. Jimin left Jungkook for his own good. He blame himself for making the cold heartless person that Jungkook was turning into," Kai stated in equally loud tone this time.

"I know about Jungkook. He is not the person you're accusing him to be. He was immature back then but now he has other things to think about in his life. Jimin just had to be a little patient but he chose the easy way out," Taehyung was getting agitated of the whole conversation.

"Do you really blame him? He had been through so much in his life. He must be tired, Taehyung. Jungkook was forcing him into another battle. Jimin just didn't have enough courage to fight anymore," Kai remembered how much Jimin cried when he told him about Ahn, Hyunjin, Taemin, and his father.

"Maybe you're right, Kai. But he should have believed in Jungkook a little," Taehyung uttered defeatedly. He knew that Kai was right. He didn't know about Jimin's side of the story, so he shouldn't judge him.

"He loves Jungkook more than anything else in this world, Tae. We can't understand anything unless we put ourselves in his place," Kai mumbled while looking at Jimin's photo onto the wall in front of him with eyes full of affection.

"I don't know anything. I just hope that none of them have to go through all of that again," Tae sighed tiredly and laid back down onto the couch.


Jimin showed up the next morning fifteen minutes early with two chocolate croissants in one hand and files in another. He was dressed in a creme whistling with a dark blue unbuttoned jacket on it's top. Kai gifted him that dress a few days prior. His heart was thumping as he made his way to the twenty ninth floor, unable to shake off the thought of Jungkook's behaviour with him last night.

When he entered the elevator, Jungkook was already standing there, looking attractive as ever. His sturdy bodyguard was also standing right next to him.

"Good morning, sir," Jimin broke the silence as he walked next to Jungkook, pretending to stare at the schedule on his phone to avoid looking at the latter. Jungkook turned his attention to him as soon as the elevator door was closed and his eyes wandered before he stopped and noticed what Jimin was wearing.

Jungkook's gaze immediately turned to his bodyguard who was staring at Jimin shamelessly from head to toe. Jungkook stepped forward, standing right next to Jimin and blocking his bodyguard's view. He heard an annoyed sigh from behind making Jimin look at both of them with a confused expression on his face.

"Jimin," Jungkook mumbled gaining Jimin's attention when they reached the office.

"The clothes," he tried to say that the clothes were a bit too revealing as he didn't like the way the others looked at Jimin as if he were a piece of meat but he restrained himself from saying so, "they look good on you." His eyes wandered off again when he noticed the faint blush spreading to Jimin's sinfully beautiful neck.

"Thank you. I... I appreciate it, CEO-nim," Jimin managed to say in reply as light blush creeped over his cheeks.

"It's nothing," Jungkook shook his head, his expression going back to stoic and unreadable, "What meetings do we have today?"

Jimin quickly cleared his throat and replied, "You have a meeting in ten minutes. I've prepared the file for you."

"Lay it on my desk. You can leave for now," Jungkook hummed while taking his seat.

Jimin nodded and started making his way out before he was reminded of something, "Wait."

Jungkook only blinked at him questioningly.

"Uh, sorry. You're invited to a gala event later this week where you're meeting with some investors from Japan too. Thought I'd remind you," Jimin stated while standing near the door.

Jungkook's eyes turned wide, he definitely must've forgotten it. He seemed to ponder for a while before looking at him directly again.

"May I leave now?" Jimin asked politely with his hands tied in the front.

"No. Actually, I was thinking you could accompany me tomorrow to shop for the gala event. You're my secretary so you have to go with me. I need some favorable attire and I assume, you do too?" Jungkook replied as he started signing some documents on his table to avoid looking at the gorgeous boy in front of him.

"Oh... uh, I think that won't be necessary. But– but we'll see, yeah. Sure Jungkook-ssi," he rattled off before Jungkook could change his mind.

Jungkook nodded and he took this as his cue to leave before Jungkook stopped him once again.

When he turned back around this time, he was met with Jungkook's expressionless eyes, "Can you please bring me a coffee?"


Something about his soft requesting tone was so endearing to him. Jimin nearly cooed.

"Ofcourse, Jungkook-ssi," he replied in a hushed tone as he made his way out of the office.


Chapter Text

Jungkook barely looked up from his phone, but instantly snapped up fully at the sight. Jimin was dressed in a cream crop top paired with tight red leather pants, his hair a little messy because of trying so many clothes, but nevertheless he looked stunning. Jungkook gulped, staring at him from top to bottom. Jimin blushed, instantly walking towards the staff.

"I'll buy this one," Jimin announced while looking down at his outfit one more time.

Jungkook looked at him with his lips agape. "Gorgeous," he muttered a bit too loudly although he didn't mean to.

Jimin looked away shyly when he heard Jungkook. A staff member nearly cooed at their cute interaction but stopped herself from doing so in front of Jungkook.

Jungkook hung his head down. He didn't mean to ogle Jimin like that, but the outfit looked so perfect on him that he couldn't help it. The crop top hugged his slim body perfectly, also the red leather pants looking perfect match.

What so ever, he didn't think Jimin would actually buy it just because of his reaction, but he was glad as the suit looked the best on him. 

But soon it was Jimin’s turn to get his jaw dropped, when Jungkook walked out of the room with a dark blue suit, the front buttons of the dress shirt opened to show his buff chest, the suit sleeves clinging to his biceps like their life depended on it making the stretch look hot.

Jimin stood there staring, not even noticing Jungkook walking closer to him. Unlike Jimin, Jungkook wasn't flustered watching Jimin stare at him like hell jump at him any minute, but for the sake of his image he quietly snapped a finger in front of Jimin to bring him out of his trance.

Jimin visibly reddened, embarrassed of his action. He coughed composing himself before coming up with a comeback, "It looks good on you."

Jungkook's face remained straight at that, but he himself knew the line had made his heart feel fluttery, like a swamp of butterflies had been released in his stomach.

I'm good-looking. Everyone thinks the same. He isn't the first person telling me that.

Jungkook told himself before he walked to the staff, telling her he would buy the blue one. What he failed to notice was Jimin's shy smile and a blush when he picked the blue suit. Jungkook told the staff that the amount would be transferred to the account before they left the store together.


Cleaning isn't the most desirable thing anyone likes to do, but still has to do for one reason or another, just like Jimin. Jungkook's father had this tradition set for the office, all the workers were supposed to clean their respective offices for the Christmas, and then they all had to decorate the office. 

As much as it sounded like a nice homely gesture, it was a problem when you had loads of work to do along with the cleaning. That’s how all the workers of JJK Enterprises had come to dread the Christmas week. 

It was Christmas right after gala, so Jimin was doing the same. After finishing cleaning his desk, he plopped into the chair, brushing back his little sweaty hair back, the air con in the office had done just a little to help him cool. 

He loosened his necktie, and railed back in chair to start his work. His desk phone suddenly started ringing, indicating that Jungkook was asking for him. He whined, dragging himself to the office door, "May i come in?" he got a small nod indicating his queue to enter.

Jungkook was sitting on the chair behind the desk, busy signing some papers. And he hadn't cleaned anything. Jungkook groaned, making Jimin raise an eyebrow.

"Is that how you greet your boss, Jimin?" Jungkook asked when Jimin didn't say anything.

Jimin nearly rolled his eyes at him, "Good morning, Mr.Jeon."

"Why haven't you started cleaning my office yet?" Jungkook asked instead of greeting him back.

Jimin groaned this time, slamming his head on the nearby table in a dramatic way, "It's too tiring, also I have this mail to send," he lifted up his head again, looking at Jungkook with intentional puppy eyes. He knew that Jungkook was always weak for them.

"I want my office to be perfectly clean," Jungkook stated loud and clear, definitely not melting at the gesture, "You have to help me."

Jimin sighed in delight at that, nodding quickly, "I will, I promise. Let me just send this mail." Jungkook nodded before he started the cleaning.

"CEO-nim, help me clean the rack up here," Jimin called Jungkook from where he was tiptoeing, trying to clean the high racks.

He wasn't very short, but Jungkook was definitely much taller than him and that was the reason Jimin needed him to help him. Jungkook looked up from his laptop and almost chuckled at the scene in front of him. 

Jimin was standing in front of the shelfs, tip-toeing to clean the upper shelf, as a result of which his shirt was sliding up and showing his milky white skin. Jungkook tried not to stare. He remembered how much he loved to touch every single inch of that beautiful skin when they were together. After a while, he shook his head and he got up to help Jimin.

"Damn, Jimin. You could have just used the chair, but you had to disturb me," Jungkook uttered as he stood next to Jimin.

Jimin rolled his eyes, before pushing past Jungkook and going towards the chair. He dragged the chair to the shelf, before standing up on it. 

“You go work. I can manage this,” Jimin murmured about how he shouldn't have asked Jungkook under his breath while cleaning the shelf.

What he didn't know was that the chair was strong enough to take his weight but not strong enough to hold him up when moved. It wobbled under him not enough to drop him, but it startled him making him lose his balance. Jungkook, who was standing leaning against the other shelf, instantly noticed as he moved to catch him.

"Jungkook!" Jimin called unconsciously and shut his eyes, trying to brace himself for the impact, but he was lifted into Jungkook's arms.


He slowly opened his eyes only to find Jungkook looking down at him with worry.

"Are you okay? Did you scrape yourself while falling?" Jimin just shook his head, but his eyes were fixed on Jungkook's. It had been a long time since he had seen them this close. The dark brown orbs, staring back at him, drinking in his every feature and movement. 

Jimin watched as Jungkook's graze flickered all over his face trailing down towards his lips, his own trailing down towards Jungkook's. But before something could happen, Jungkook cleared his throat, and set him back down before moving away quickly.

Jimin felt the small amount of disappointment that striked his heart, when Jungkook placed him down. Only one thing was running through his mind, the way Jungkook used to kiss him all those years ago.

He didn't want to think about it. He was scared Jungkook might not feel the same for him anymore and he would end up ruining everything once again. He quickly composed himself.

"Um, I'll go check the progress of others," Jimin awkwardly rubbed his neck, striding out of the office, his emotion a whirl of flustered mess, while Jeongguk stood there quietly with a speeding heart.

Jungkook wasn't oblivious of the sudden palpitations of his heart, the burning sensation in his chest, and the goosebumps erupting on his skin.


It was the end of the day and Jimin was heading back to his office after getting signatures from the COO on some important documents in his hands when he he got a call from Kai. He immediately stopped and put the papers on a nearby table to talk to him.

"Hey! Kai. I'm kinda busy right now. Can I talk to you later?" Jimin said as soon as he picked up the phone.

"I'm in your office, Jimin. I had nothing to do and I wanted to see where you work so I'm here," Kai replied startling Jimin who immediately turned back to see if his friend wanted to surprise him from behind.

"Really? At this time of the night? Where are you exactly?" Jimin asked and looked around to find his friend but there was no one in the corridor except him and a few other employees.

"I'm at the reception right now," Kai told him in an excited tone.

"I'm coming to you. Just wait for me. I've to put some files in the office," Jimin replied as he took the files in his hands and started walking again.

"Okay. I'm waiting," Kai uttered while ending the call.

Jimin hurriedly went to the office to put the papers on his desk. He took the elevator to go to the first floor. When the door opened, Kai smiled at him from afar.

"Hi, Jiminie," Kai chimed when he saw Jimin coming towards him.

"Why didn't you tell me beforehand? You should've come sooner if you wanted to see my office. I'm extremely tired right now. I had a lot of work today," Jimin replied and let out a tired sigh.

"I was joking. I didn't come here to get a tour of your office. I was actually going to meet Sehun and I'm also going to stay at his apartment tonight. I really wanted to see you before going. You came home late last night and left before I woke up so I had no choice but to come here to see if you're doing well," Kai stated and gently took Jimin's hand into his.

"Jungkook is a workaholic, so I have to work all day too," Jimin murmured with an adorable pout on his face.

"If I knew I won't be able to see my friend all day, I would never have asked Taehyung to get you this job," Taemin replied while caressing Jimin's hand softly with his thumb.

"Do you really love me that much?" Jimin asked him with a smile playing on his lips.

"Yes, my cute little baby. I think I've to talk to your boss. He is putting too much burden on you," Kai ruffled Jimin's hair gently.

"You would piss yourself before even saying a word to him," Jimin mumbled with a chuckle as he knew that most people around Jungkook were very much afraid of him.

"What? Is Jungkook really that scary?" Kai asked out of curiosity.

"Haha, no. I was just kidding. I'm sorry but now I have to go, Kai. I have to lock the office after Jungkook will leave," Jimin said when he suddenly realized that Jungkook might be waiting for him in the office.

"Okay, Jimin. Just take care of yourself. Get proper rest and eat something healthy when you'll go back home," Kai stated and took Jimin into his arms.

"Of course, Kai. See you," Jimin muttered and hugged him back with a smile on his face. Kai was more like a brother than a friend to him. Although they were of the same age, Kai always cherished and pampered him like an younger brother. Jimin was more than happy to have someone like him in his life.

When they pulled back from the hug and Jimin turned around, Jungkook was standing there looking at them with a stern expression on his face. Jimin looked at him confusedly.

"Are you going home, sir?" Jimin asked when he noticed that Jungkook was holding his bag in one hand and laptop in the other.

Jungkook didn't say anything and started walking towards the glass door followed by his bodyguard. Jimin stood there dumbfounded on Jungkook's rudeness and tried to remember if he had done anything wrong but nothing came to his mind.

"You were right, Jiminie. I will surely piss myself before saying a single word to him. He is scary," Kai murmered as he and Jimin stood there looking at Jungkook leaving the company with his bodyguard.


Chapter Text

Jimin fidgeted with his phone as he waited for Kai to reply to his texts about Christmas planning. The days just before the vacations were mostly lazy, everyone was in a vacation mood and the work was not very stressful. 

Jimin had decided to spam Kai while he lazed around his apartment. He needed some ideas for Christmas. He wanted to spend time with his friend, but didn't know what to do and Kai just seemed the perfect person to reach out to. 

He felt his phone vibrate in his pocket, making him jump at it, just to realize it was his father. He opened the messaging app to read the texts, but as soon as he did it, his face crumbled as he let out a loud groan, almost throwing the phone across the room. 

His father was asking him to come home for Christmas. It wasn't the first time his father was texting him for that day. He always found a way to talk to Jimin and persude him to come back home even for just one day.

"How does he always manage to get my number?" Jimin murmured while rolling his eyes in agitation, "he should have seen it coming when he made me marry that fucker."


Jimin assembled his files as required, he was in a good mood today. He had the most peaceful sleep that he ever had, not that he woke up in middle of the night, but last night he felt relaxed and off guard. 

And he didn't know why, but since he had started seeing Jungkook everyday, he was feeling a little contented. It didn't matter if Jungkook felt the same about him anymore or not. He was just happy to see that Jungkook was doing fine.

He stood outside of Jungkook's office andk tried to listen if he was on call or was busy, but when he didn't hear anything, he opened the door to peek inside. He saw Jungkook frowning while looking down at some papers on his table.

Jimin sighed as he stepped inside, "Why are you frowning, sir? Is everything okay?" he asked softly, but when Jungkook looked at him coldly, he immediately regretted asking him that question.

Jungkook snorted, "I'll tell you if something concerns you," he replied in a slightly harsh tone that made Jimin shrink in himself. He was taken aback from the rudeness and decided to quietly leave the office when Jungkook stopped him from behind.


"You must remember we have to go to the gala tonight," Jungkook stated loudly when Jimin was about to leave the office. Jimin stopped in his tracks on hearing that.

"I do," he barely replied without even looking back.

"Better be ready on time," Jungkook uttered and busied himself in his work again.

Jungkook was especially busy today as he had an important meeting in the morning, a company lunch and a gala to attend in the evening. And on top of all of that, he also saw Jimin getting all close to a man last night who wasn't him. Little did he know, it wasn't Jimin's new boyfriend or another fucker who just wanted to get into his pants. He was Jimin's closest friend, Kai.

Jimin didn't say anything in reply and just walked out of the office with an sad pout on his face.


Jimin went back to his apartment in the afternoon to take some rest and get ready for the gala. He took a short nap and then woke up to take a long bath. He blow dried his hair, making them look even more fluffy. He then wore the expensive cream colored crop top and red leather jeans Jungkook bought him a few days ago. He complimented his outfit with a locket and ear rings. He also put some light makeup and cologne. He wore a red jacket over his outfit, due to the cold, before going out. There was no denying that he was looking gorgeous as hell.

Jungkook was already sitting in the backseat of the car when Jimin opened the door. He unconsciously looked at him from head to toe making Jimin blush a little, but Jimin quickly composed himself when he remembered how rudely Jungkook behaved with him all day.

Jimin didn't greet Jungkook and just quietly sit beside him in the car. Jungkook was looking insanely handsome. His suit was fitted tightly due to which all of his muscles were visible. His hair were slacked back with a few strands coming onto his forehead. The first two buttons of his shirt were undone that was giving him a more sexy look. He was also wearing a cross in his neck. Jeon Jungkook was one of the hottest men on the planet, there was no doubt in that.

Jimin avoided looking at him on their way to the gala but he could feel Jungkook's eyes on him the whole time. Jungkook wasn't even trying to hide it today. He kept staring at Jimin while Jimin pretended to look at the streetlights outside.

When they reached the event, the driver first opened the door for Jungkook and then came back to Jimin. When Jimin came out of the car, Jungkook immediately went to stand next to him. He walked side by side to Jimin unlike other CEO's whose secretaries were walking behind them.

The event was extravagant. Everything, from the moulded ceilings and chandeliers to the the champagnes, was quite luxurious. Expensive beverages were being served to the guests as they arrived. The elegance of the event was evident in the setting and the people who attended it.

Jungkook didn't say anything to Jimin the entire time when he met the other important personalities of Seoul. Many of them took special interest in Jimin but when they tried to strike up a conversation with him, Jungkook immediately excused and started walking towards the next person. Jimin pouted each time as he knew that Jungkook was doing it on purpose.

Jimin quietly followed him everywhere and started to feel bored soon. Neither Jungkook was talking to him nor was he letting other people talk to Jimin.

"That was rude, sir," Jimin finally expressed while rolling his eyes when Jungkook didn't let him talk to the CEO of CJ corporations and started walking ahead.

"You came here as my secretary. I think you shoud keep that in your mind," Jungkook's tone was cold.

"Exactly, CEO-nim. I came here as your secretary, not as your pet who can't talk to anyone," Jimin argued making Jungkook turn around and glare at him.

"Stop complaining, Jimin. It's an important event, you shouldn't act like a kid," he replied in a scolding manner and Jimin didn't like it at all.

"I hate you," Jimin said jokingly but immediately regretted it.

"I'm sure you do. I don't even know what you are doing here with me. If you really hated me that much why did you even come back into my life?" Jungkook almost yelled not caring about the other people staring at them. Jimin could understand the reason of Jungkook's sudden outburst but he also felt extremely humiliated.

He didn't say anything as tears started dwelling into his eyes and he turned abruptly to go find somewhere private to cry. He controlled himself from breaking down in front of other people to avoid creating drama in such an important event.

He kept walking until he reached a restroom. It was empty, so he quickly entered and let his tears fall. He cried like a kid. Did Jungkook really hate him that much that he was questioning him why did he come back into his life? Jimin sobbed as Jungkook's words kept repeating into his ears. What are you even doing here with me?

"Park Jimin," someone called him from behind and he immediately shrank into his himself because of his current vulnerable state.

He wiped his tears from the back of his hand and turned around to find Mr.Sohn looking at him with concerned expression on his face. Jimin knew that he was the CEO of CJ corporations. Jungkook and he met him earlier in the event.

"Why are you crying?" Mr.Sohn asked him in honey sweet tone and moved closer to him to put a hand on his arm.

"It's nothing," Jimin mumbled in reply. He felt uncomfortable by the way that man, who was nearly the age of his father, was looking at him.

"Jeon doesn't know how to value the people around him," Mr.Sohn uttered and caressed the side of his arm that sent a shiver down his spine. He knew it wasn't going in a good direction.

"I think I should leave now," Jimin gulped and was about to move aside when he felt Mr.Sohn's grip on his arm getting a little tighter.

"Where are you going, Park? I just want to have a little conversation," Mr.Sohn groaned refusing to let him go.

"Let go of my arm, please. You're hurting me," Jimin requested and tried to free himself from the man's grip but he couldn't. Tears started rolling down his cheeks once again.

It all happened within the blink of an eye that Mr.Sohn was on the ground and Jungkook was on top of him. He punched Sohn's face while cursing him in anger, "He fucking told you to let go of his hand. How dare you even think about doing something like that, you son of a bitch?"

"Jungkook, stop it for God's sake," Jimin held Jungkook's arm from behind being afraid that Jungkook would hurt Mr.Sohn more than he should.

Jungkook immediately let go of the man when he glanced back at Jimin. He kicked Mr.Sohn one last time before he took Jimin's hand into his and started walking outside. He didn't say anything and just dragged Jimin with himself to an empty room. The room was awfully quiet and dimly lit.

"Why are we here?" Jimin asked softly when Jungkook let go of his hand and closed the door behind them.

"What was that Jimin?" Jungkook questioned as he looked at him with a stern expression on his face.

"What are you trying to say, Jungkook?" Jimin looked confused by the question. There were still dried tears on his cheeks and his eyes were red from all the crying.

"Why can't you become a little mature and start fighting for yourself?" Jungkook yelled making Jimin flinch and take a step back from him.

"He was persisting on..." he felt himself trembling from the way Jungkook was talking to him.

He expected Jungkook to hold him and wipe his tears just the way he did all those years ago whenever he saw Jimin crying but he was doing the exact opposite.

"I don't wanna hear about it, Jimin. I just think that instead of pampering you all day, I should have taught you how you can protect yourself. I can't be there with you all the time. How many times will you let them do this to yourself?" Jungkook voice was even louder this time.

"I'm sorry," Jimin sobbed as he didn't know what else to say. He knew Jungkook was right.

"Sorry for what exactly? For leaving me alone to die all those years ago or for not standing up for yourself?" Jungkook asked while looking into Jimin's eyes. He was so close to Jimin that Jimin could feel his warm breath touching his face. He missed it so much. Jungkook's cologne, his breath, his everything.

"Both," Jimin mumbled as he looked back at Jungkook.

"Really?" Jungkook chuckled bitterly, "Are you really sorry for what you did to me, Jimin? Do you have any idea how hard it was for me? How did I even manage to survive without you?" Jungkook was close to breaking down but he controlled himself.

"I did that for you, Jungkook. When will you even understand it?" Jimin tried to reason desperately but it was all in vain.

"You should have given me a chance, given us a chance. But you chose the easy way out," Jungkook's tone was mocking when he said that.

"I did what I thought was better for you," Jimin murmured as he contemplated if he was made the right choice when he left Jungkook thinking that it was better for both of them. Maybe Jungkook was right. Maybe he should have fought for their love a little more.

"People always think that they made the right choice," Jungkook stated while pulling back from Jimin and leaving the room without even looking back for once.

Jimin stood there completely still. Now that he was thinking about it, he could feel that maybe he was wrong at some point too. Leaving Jungkook wasn't the only option. Their love was definitely worth fighting for. He should have been ready for a war instead of running away like a coward.


Chapter Text

Jungkook lit a smoke as he looked into the huge window of his luxurious penthouse. It was a massive bulletproof window and the view outside of it was sight to behold. From his bed, he could clearly see the lights of Seoul. It was Christmas tomorrow so the whole city was decorated. The busy streets and buzzing cars from the roads were calming his nerves unknowingly. It was currently midnight and he was still dressed in the same clothes he wore at the gala. His driver dropped Jimin at his apartment, and then took Jungkook to his penthouse.

Jungkook didn't want to talk to anyone at the moment. He just wanted to relax for some time. He had a very long day. The small fight with Jimin at the event also exhausted him a lot mentally. He just wanted to be all alone.

On cue, his phone started ringing loudly, grabbing his attention. He took it out of his pocket to pick up the call.

"Hello," Jungkook answered without hesitation.

"Hi, Jungkook. Sorry for disturbing you at this time of the night. I have a surprise for you," the old man replied a little too excitedly.

"Jae-hwi?" Jungkook immediately recognized him by his voice.

Jungkook stared at the empty space coldly. He didn't know why Jung Jae-hwi was calling him this late, it was very unusual for him to do so. And it wasn't like Jae-hwi would call him when he didn't have something really important to talk about. So whether or not Jungkook wanted to talk to him right now, it didn't matter. He had to listen to what Jae-hwi wanted to tell him.

"Yes, it's me of course. You're a lucky bastard, Jungkook. You won't believe what I'm about to tell you," Jae-hwi replied in a happy tone. He rarely talked to people around him like that.

"What is it about?" Jungkook asked nonchalantly.

"I have Dal-hwan with me right now," Jae-hwi replied thinking that Jungkook would be really happy on hearing that but to his surprise, Jungkook didn't give any reaction.

Silence. "So?" Jungkook questioned.

Jae-hwi chuckled from the other line, "Rude as usual. I see."

"It's doesn't make any difference if you have that fucker with you or not. Making him talk is actually the important thing," Jungkook stated uninterested as he was sure that Dal-hwan won't utter a single word.

"Well, good news then! He just testified that Mr.Wang is actually the murderer of your father. We knew it so that's not the surprising thing here. He is also ready to provide us some evidence against your uncle," Jae-hwi replied from the other line, "now take your ass here as soon as possible. We need to figure out a proper plan."

Jungkook knew exactly what Jae-hwi was talking about but he was afraid that they would never find any proof against Mr.Wang. His father was murdered years ago. There would be no evidence left until now.

The only reason why he wanted to give it a try was that maybe they could force Mr.Wang to say something or make a mistake by telling him that they have some evidence against him. Jungkook knew that his uncle would go crazy if he learnt that Jungkook might have any proof of the crime he committed years ago.

"Jeon Jungkook, you heard me. I'm telling you, we need to do something as quickly as possible. We have got this chance after years of trying," Jungkook was very aware of that. It wasn't like he didn't know what his uncle was capable of.

Jungkook didn't say anything. He just didn't want to get excited about something he wasn't even sure of. He knew that it wasn't only difficult. It was almost impossible that they could ever convince other people that his uncle killed his father. It was a bitter truth that they could never prove his uncle guilty.

Jae-hwi immediately understood Jungkook's inner turmoil, "You don't have to be worried about anything, Jungkook. Your father was once my best friend, so I'm not gonna stop until I destroy Wang. Even if he succeeded to get away with it, we will try again. I didn't call to make you worried. Understood?"

Jungkook sighed in frustration. He badly wanted to punch Mr.Wang right now, he was holding into every fiber of his being at the moment. He wished to never lose himself in these conflicts but he couldn't help it, and still, every day he wished that he was someone else. Not the Jeon Jungkook who was one of the most powerful men in Korea, but still wasn't able to take revenge of his father.

"I will see you tomorrow," Jungkook mumbled in reply. He was definitely going to try. He wasn't going to give up. Never.

Jungkook could already see the smile on Jae-hwi's face. "Good boy," Jae-hwi replied softly.

When Jungkook hung up the call, someone knocked on the door and with his permission a waitress came in with a tray in his hand that had the food Jungkook ordered almost fifteen minutes ago. He wasn't in the mood of eating anything anymore. He immediately looked at the girl and didn't hesitate to raise his finger and pointed it towards the door, signaling to the poor girl to get out of the room.

The girl looked confused and disappointed but shrugged and obeyed nonetheless. She was aware of who he was and she would listen to him if she didn't want to die.

Jungkook went to take a quick shower to freshen himself up. When he came back into the room with a bathrobe tied around his body, his phone started ringing once again. He sighed in frustration but picked up the phone nonetheless.

"Who the fuck is this now?" He groaned.

"Your uncle, my dear son," Mr.Wang replied in a honey-sweet tone that Jungkook hated more than anything else in the world.

"I guess you've already heard about Dal-hwan that's why you're calling me," Jungkook chuckled and went to sit on the corner of the bed. He was actually expecting his uncle's call. He knew that Mr.Wang would call him sooner or later.

"It's way more important than that, son," Mr.Wang stated that made Jungkook roll his eyes in annoyance.

"First of all stop calling me son. And second, you're going to get arrested soon so start preparing yourself for that. Dal-hwan gave me the evidence I always wanted against you. I'm feeling sad for you that you'll have to spend the rest of your life behind the bars," Jungkook answered with a smile. He was feeling a little relieved by all of this.

"Why would I stop calling you son when you're my son?" Mr.Wang asked, ignoring everything else that Jungkook had said just a few seconds ago.

"Oh, my dear uncle. You should stop your bullshit now. What are you even trying to say? Have the news done something to your head?" Jungkook laughed at the end. He didn't comprehend what Mr.Wang said exactly.

"It's not bullshit. I feel sorry for you that your mother never even told you the reality. The man you're trying so hard to take revenge for wasn't even your actual father," Mr.Wang stated. He was clearly not considering how Jungkook was going to feel hearing all of that.

"Cut the shit and just say what you're trying to imply here," Jungkook growled loudly in reply.

"Your mother cheated on your father years ago. Whenever he went on business trips, your mother was spending nights with someone else. And guess what? You were born right after that," Mr.Wang irritated Jungkook even more.

"Shut the fuck up, Wang. I don't want to hear your fucking stories. I can't believe you're involving my mother in your bullshit too," Jungkook wasn't having any of it. He knew his mother was a loving wife. She could never cheat on his father.

"Can't hear the reality? I see. Do you even that your mother lied to your father every damn time she returned home late at night? Namjoon was so young at that time but instead of giving time to her son, she was spending nights with a man other than your father? You're not who you think you are, Jungkook," Mr.Wang sounded so honest as if there wasn't even a single ounce of lie in his words.

"I really wanna kill you with my bare hands right now, you fucking son of a bitch. How dare you make up these stories as if you know every single thing about my family? You're no one. You don't even deserve to be called my father's friend," Jungkook clenched his jaw tightly to control himself from yelling on the top of his voice. How could that man say bullshit about his family and especially his mother?

"How do I know everything about your family? Huh? I know it because I am the man your mother was cheating on your father with," Mr.Wang declared enraging Jungkook more than ever.

"I know you're lying. Oh, God. How could you stoop so low? Don't you have any kind of shame?" Jungkook lost his patience at this point.

"You're just denying it because you don't want to accept that the person you had always thought of as your father wasn't even your actual father in the first place. Your mother fell in love with me and started sleeping with me while she was still married to your so-called father. That's when she got pregnant with you," Jungkook could feel how much Wang disliked his father from the way he was talking about him.

"Liar. My mom could never do that to my father. She loved him so much," Jungkook felt his heart sinking at hearing that. What if it was all real? What if his mother wasn't actually a loyal wife? What if he wasn't actually the son of the man who loved him more than anyone else in the world?

"She never actually loved him, Jungkook. She was just feeling guilty of cheating on him with me and giving birth to my child instead of his. That's why she left me and started pretending to love her husband more than anything else. It was all a facade. She was just trying to make everything better without even considering her own feelings," Wang's voice was soft when he talked about Jungkook's mother.

"Shut up. I don't want to hear your story. No matter what you do or say, you can never make me stop fighting for my father. I'm definitely gonna throw you behind the bars," Jungkook thought that maybe Mr.Wang was lying to stop Jungkook from investigating the murder of his father.

"Haha, still not accepting the truth? What if I am your actual father? I have proof of it too. When you were a kid, your mom and I took your DNA test. You're my blood, Jungkook. I have tried to keep it in my heart for years, but realizing that my own son has started a war against me, I really wanted to let you know about everything. I can also show you the results of that DNA test tomorrow. I have kept it in my locker since then. You're my only child and I want you to see it with your own eyes," Mr.Wang stated confidently.

Jungkook's heartbeat grew fast. He didn't want to see any proof. He didn't want to know that Mr.Wang wasn't lying about anything he said and it was all true.

"If it all turned out to be a lie, then you cannot even imagine what I'm going to do with you," saying that Jungkook angrily ended the call and threw his phone on a nearby couch.

This wasn't real. His mother could never do that to his father. They were a perfect family. He couldn't be the son of Mr.Wang. It was all a lie. Jungkook had a lot of questions in his head, but he was too mentally exhausted to think about anything at the moment, so he just closed his tired eyes and let the sleep take over his senses.


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Chapter Text

Jimin came to the office to quickly go through some files as Jungkook had two important meetings the day after Christmas. There was no one in the office except a few guards. Kai's family invited Jimin to the Christmas dinner but he had some time left in that, so he decided to complete his work.

He was wearing a pastel pink woolen shirt with dark blue ripped jeans. His hair were curled and he was wearing light makeup. He put his coat on a couch and immediately took out the files from the desk. He wanted to finish his work quickly as he promised Kai that he would come back home on time so that they could go to Kai's family house together.

When he was going through the second file, he heard someone opening the office door. He abruptly turned around to check who it was and saw Jungkook looking at him with a surprised expression on his face. 'What is Jungkook doing here on Christmas night?' Jimin thought to himself.

"Why are you here Jimin? You shouldn't come here when no one is around," Jungkook muttered as he closed the door behind him.

"I had some work left. You have two meetings tomorrow so I just wanted to make sure all the files are ready," Jimin replied while closing the grey colored file in his hand.

"Hmm," Jungkook quietly hummed and slowly made his way to the couch where Jimin placed his coat.

Jimin noticed that Jungkook was looking upset for some reason. His hair were messy and he was wearing casual clothes unlike all the other times he came to the office. He was looking drunk and tired.

"Is everything okay, Jungkook?" Jimin asked without giving it a second thought. He put the documents on the table before walking to the couch as well.

Jungkook looked up when Jimin came to stand next to him. Jimin was looking like a doll in that pastel pink long sleeved sweater. Jungkook kept looking at his face without saying anything.

"You are making me worried, Kookie. I asked you something. Are you okay?" Jimin asked again and sat next to Jungkook on the couch.

Jungkook looked down sadly when he heard Jimin calling him with the same pet name he used to call him with many years ago. How fast the time had passed? It seemed as if he was a kid just tomorrow. He was so happy with his family but everything changed when his father died. Then he met Jimin, who changed him as a person. Who he loved more than anything else in the world but he left him alone too. Jungkook remembered it all. Every single time he kissed Jimin, held him in his arms, and made love with him. How could he forget the way Jimin used to brighten his day just with a smile? He felt like crying when remembered all of it. He wanted to rewind the time and be that teenage boy once again. He couldn't bring himself to believe that Jimin wasn't his anymore and his dad was never his actual father.

Jimin placed his hand on Jungkook's colder one and caressed it gently. Jungkook seemed to come out of a trance when he felt the touch and immediately diverted his gaze from Jimin. He felt his eyes brimming with tears and hung his head low to control himself from breaking down in front of Jimin.

"I'm fine, Jimin. You don't have to be worried about me," Jungkook mumbled while looking down at the floor and Jimin quickly understood that Jungkook needed someone at the moment.

"Do you really want me to believe that? I'm sorry. I know that I don't have any right to ask you about anything but I'm just worried," Jimin murmured and scooted closer to Jungkook on the couch.

They were sitting so close to each other that Jungkook could easily smell Jimin's beautiful scent. It was still the same. Vanilla mixed with the fragrance of his sweet strawberry shampoo. Jungkook closed his eyes remembering the old times when he cuddled Jimin every night while sleeping and couldn't stop inhaling his scent. He was so happy back then.

"If you really want to know then listen, I'm not fine Jimin. I want to go back to the time when everything was good in my life. I lost my father. I lost you. And now I feel that nothing is going to get better again," Jungkook's voice was trembling and a few tears rolled down his cheeks when he said that.

Jimin felt himself crying too but bit his lower lip to control himself. "Jungkook, I..." he tried to speak and tightened his grip on Jungkook's hand to tell Jungkook that he was there for him.

"No, Jimin," Jungkook mumbled before Jimin could say anything further, "I'm not saying this because I want you to love me again. It was your choice that you left. I won't ask you to come back to me. I'm sorry for mentioning it again. I shouldn't have said that," Jungkook uttered while wiping his tears with the back of his hand.

"I don't know what I should say. I should be the one apologizing," Jimin murmured as he loosened the grip on Jungkook's hand. He knew that he messed everything up. Jungkook wasn't doing anything wrong if he was being cold to him. He deserved all of it.

"Can I share something with you?" Jungkook looked into Jimin's eyes that were glistening with tears as well.

"Of course, Kookie," Jimin replied softly and turned his whole body towards Jungkook.

The office was dimly lit and it was so quiet that they could even hear each other's soft breathing. Jimin kept caressing Jungkook's hand, encouraging him to continue.

"Do you remember I told you about Mr.Wang?" Jungkook asked after a few minutes.

"Yeah, I remember. You said that he was your father's friend but killed your dad for some reason," Jimin replied as he recalled Jungkook telling him about his uncle Wang a few years ago.

"Yes. He called me last night. He accepted everything but he also... he told me that h-he is my actual f-father," Jungkook's voice was trembling with pain, anger, and rage.

"What do you mean? How could he be your father?" Jimin asked dumbfounded as he knew that Jungkook was so close to his dad. How was it even possible that Jeon Junghoon wasn't his actual father?

"He said that my mother c-cheated on my father with him," Jungkook answered with gritted teeth and tried to control his anger. He still couldn't believe that his mother did that to her family.

"What? Why would your mother do something like that?" Jimin questioned trying to process everything that Jungkook was telling him.

"Actually, he and my father... I don't even know whom I should call my real father now," Jungkook chuckled bitterly and Jimin could feel how defeated Jungkook sounded at the moment, "they were business partners. Dad asked Mr.Wang to take his shares and leave the company because he became an alcoholic and was ruining their business with his wrong decisions. According to uncle Wang, my mom and he was in a sexual relationship before she married my father for money and a better future. But she soon realized that dad was too busy setting up an empire for his family that he wasn't even giving proper time to their marriage. So whenever he went on business trips, she slept with Mr.Wang. How could she even do that just because she was not getting sexually satisfied? I can't believe how could someone be so pathetic?" Jungkook groaned remembering how much his dad loved his family but his mother still did all of this behind his back.

"Don't say that about your mother, Jungkook. If she was in love, then you shouldn't blame her. We take a lot of wrong decisions when we are in love without even realizing," Jimin mumbled as he tried to make Jungkook understand that no matter what happened he shouldn't talk about his mother like that.

"If she really loved Mr.Wang, she shouldn't have married my father in the first place. She cared about herself more than anything else. She didn't even care about his family just because she suddenly realized that she was in love with Mr.Wang all along," Jungkook replied with gritted teeth. He was trying so hard to control himself from breaking everything in his office.

"Whatever the reason was, you still shouldn't talk about your mother in that way. She loved you and Namjoon hyung. She was a good mother at least, you shouldn't forget it," Jimin replied and wiped Jungkook's tears with his thumb tenderly.

"I don't know, Jimin. She should have left my father when she got pregnant with me. Mr.Wang said that she was too scared that dad would kill me and her if he ever knew that I wasn't his son," Jungkook leaned into Jimin's touch and closed his eyes.

"What did he say? Why did he kill your dad?" Jimin asked trying to understand why Mr.Wang decided to kill Jungkook's dad when they could have just hidden it that Jungkook wasn't his son.

"Mr.Wang said that he hated my dad because he took me and my mother away from him," Jungkook snickered loudly, "he took dad away from me just because he wasn't courageous enough to accept everything."

"Are you sure Mr.Wang is saying the truth?" Jimin questioned in reply.

"He showed me a DNA test today. I'm his son according to those papers but I still don't want to believe him so we went to the hospital today. We will get new DNA test reports within a week or two. I'm scared, Jimin. What if whatever he said was true?" Jungkook asked looking at Jimin with sadness evident on his face. Jimin could see the fear hidden in his eyes.

"It will be fine, Kookie. Everything will be okay. Trust me," Jimin tried to console him by caressing his cheek gently and it actually works as Jungkook's tense body loosened up a bit.

"I don't want to know that the person who killed dad is my actual father," Jungkook's eyes started brimming with tears once again but he was thankful that Jimin was there to hold him this time.

"Come here," Jimin murmured and pulled Jungkook's head onto his lap. He started caressing Jungkook's hair softly to ease his mind and Jungkook quietly followed all of his moments without any hesitation, "You should wait for the DNA results. I'm sure he is lying. He just doesn't want you to fight for your father."

"I want it to be like that too. I'm not sure what I'll do if he turned out to be right about everything. I really want to kill Mr.Wang with my own hands but I won't be able to think like that about him if he turned out to be my real father," Jungkook closed his eyes when he felt Jimin's fingers massaging his scalp gently.

"We'll do something about it then. You need to take some rest now," Jimin's sweet voice was like a lullaby to him.

"Jimin?" He called after a few minutes of silence.

"Hmm?" Jimin hummed softly in reply.

"Thanks for listening to me," Jungkook mumbled as he pulled Jimin's hand, which was holding his own, close to his heart.

"I'm your secretary now. You should talk to me more often," Jimin smiled warmly at him.

"I'll try," Jungkook replied with his eyes still closed.

"Did you have dinner?" Jimin asked when he suddenly remembered about the dinner he had with Kai's family. He decided to stay with Jungkook and apologize to Kai later. Jungkook needed him more than anyone else.

"No," Jungkook replied in a sleepy voice.

"When did you have your last meal?" Jimin frowned when he heard that.

"I had breakfast today," Jungkook replied as he remembered that he didn't eat anything the whole day.

"Let me order something for you," Jimin uttered and was about to take out his phone from the pocket when Jungkook stopped him.

"I really don't want to eat anything right now," Jungkook yawned as he felt his eyelids getting heavy with sleep.

"If you slept without eating anything next time, I'll forget that you're my boss," Jimin scolded him.

Jungkook smiled softly at that. Something about all of it felt like home somehow. He felt as if he finally returned home after years of wandering around. He was finally back to the only real thing he had ever known.


Chapter Text

Jungkook woke up to the sound of someone opening the door of his office. His eyes immediately fell on the person in whose lap he rested his head while sleeping last night. Jimin. The prettiest human being he had ever laid his eyes on.

Jimin was sleeping peacefully as his eyes were closed. He was snoring softly that made Jungkook coo at him. His face always looked so soft and adorable in the morning. His beautiful plump lips were parted and Jungkook wanted to kiss them so bad.

He was quietly staring at Jimin when their conversation from last night started replaying in his head. He had slept this much peacefully after a very long time. His eyes then followed Jimin's hand that was still tangled in his hair.

Wait. Jimin probably fell asleep while sitting last night. The thought hit Jungkook and he quickly removed his head from Jimin's lap. He felt sorry for Jimin as he slept uncomfortably because of him the whole night.

"Did you two really spend Christmas night in the office?" Taehyung asked out of nowhere making Jungkook come out of the trance. He completely forgot that someone entered the office just a few minutes ago.

"Shhh... let him sleep," Jungkook muttered while looking at Jimin, "I didn't realize when I fell asleep and he didn't even wake me up."

"What were you two even doing here? Kai told me that he and Jimin were going to have a dinner with his family. He should have been there last night," Taehyung stated as he placed the files in his hand on a table near the door.

"I just wanted to talk to someone and he was here to listen to me. He didn't tell me he had to go somewhere," Jungkook replied as he stood up from the couch to get a cushion for Jimin.

"You didn't want to talk to someone. You just wanted to talk to Jimin," Taehyung uttered sarcastically.

"Maybe you're right," Jungkook mumbled and carefully held Jimin's head to place a cushion under it.

"You two should start dating again. Can't you see how much you love each other?" Taehyung questioned and immediately came forward to assist Jungkook in placing the soft cushion under Jimin's head.

"It's not that simple, Taehyung," Jungkook replied shortly and was about to lift Jimin's head when Jimin's sleep broke and he opened his eyes.

He looked at Jungkook confusedly as he tried to process everything. He immediately remembered how he fell asleep with Jungkook's head in his lap last night.

"I'm sorry for sleeping here," Jimin murmured in a sleepy tone and quickly tried to get up from the couch when Jungkook held his hand and stopped him from going anywhere.

"Why are you saying sorry, Jimin? I should be the one apologizing. You can sleep here if you want. I'm tired so I won't be having any meetings today. You can either stay here or go home. Just take proper rest before starting working again. I'll see you tomorrow," Jungkook replied softly and stood up from the couch to give Jimin proper space to lay down.

Jimin didn't say anything and just laid on the couch as he was feeling too tired to go home. He looked at Jungkook one last time before closing his eyes and falling asleep once again.


Next few days were busy for both of them and Jungkook was back at his quiet self again so Jimin didn't talk to him much either. One rainy evening, as Jungkook was heading back home, he saw Jimin at a bus stop, clinging to his padded jacket in a poor attempt to keep himself warm. Jungkook wanted to ignore him, look the other way and pretend he didn't see Jimin standing there. Pretend that his heart wasn't beating so fast inside his chest, making him feel so restless.

But instead he found himself indicating his driver to pull over. For a brief second Jimin frowned, looking clearly confused as he stared at the car. But as soon as Jungkook lowered his dark-tinted window, his eyes were wide, his lips parted in surprise as he was quick to bow his head at Jungkook.

"Good evening, Mr.Jeon," Jimin greeted and there was a polite smile already on his lips. His eyes were wide with surprise when Jungkook offered him a ride home as he ignored him for the past few days. It didn't go unnoticed, the soft color on Jimin's cheeks despite the cold weather. But he accepted Jungkook's offer with another bow of his head.

"Thank you, sir," Jimin said, sitting at the other end of the back seat. His hair was slightly damp as well as his padded long jacket that was keeping his dress dry.

"It's not a problem at all, I was heading back home as well," Jungkook replied with a short smile, trying not to look as tense as he felt.

Jimin smiled and bowed again, and as he was explaining how he forgot his umbrella at home that day, Jungkook was too distracted by a single rain droplet sliding down the side of Jimin's long slender neck. He followed it with his gaze as it disappeared into the collar of Jimin's shirt. And Jungkook felt like he was burning inside.

It was frightening at first, how easily these feelings swept through the cracks of his facade, how the mask slipped little by little, how restless his heart would feel whenever he was around Jimin. It was hard to ignore it, the deep attraction he was feeling once again. It was a challenge, trying to keep a safe distance between Jimin and him. But some days were truly difficult, some days Jungkook would feel like giving in and surrendering completely to the temptation.

Jungkook then noticed how Jimin's whole body was shivering due to the cold weather. He ordered his driver to stop the car in front of a restaurant on their way and bring coffee for both of them. Soon the coffee was brought and Jungkook offered one to Jimin who took it immediately and was about to take the first sip when the cup slipped from his trembling hand.

"I'm so sorry, sir, please, let me help you," Jimin was completely mortified as he tried to wipe off some of the coffee he accidentally spilled onto the front of Jungkook's shirt and suit.

"It's fine, Jimin, really," Jungkook tried to assure Jimin as he opened the car door and headed towards the washroom of the restaurant.

But Jimin insisted, following Jungkook. He looked completely stressed over such a small accident. His hands were shaking a little bit as he pulled a handkerchief out of his pocket and damped it a little bit in the sink.

"It's not a big deal," Jungkook kept going, leaned against the sink as he let Jimin pat over the light brown stain, "I have another shirt in my car."

But Jimin frowned, still looking guilty and distressed, he shook his head lightly as he said, "I should've been more careful."

Jungkook found himself smiling a little, completely endeared by Jimin's lips that were now forming a pout as he kept himself busy trying to clean Jungkook's shirt. He could see so clearly, the way Jimin's cheeks and ears turned a soft shade of pink when he lifted his gaze and their eyes met.

Suddenly the silence in the bathroom was too heavy, the air too thick and they were so close. Jungkook could feel his heart going wild inside his ribcage like a wild bird trapped in there.

He shouldn't...

He really shouldn't..

And yet he let his instincts guide him for a brief moment as he slowly cupped Jimin's face with his hand. Jimin's eyes were suddenly wide with confusion as he stared back at Jungkook.

Jungkook couldn't help but drop his gaze to Jimin's parted lips. He was so damn tempted to just lean closer and capture those lips into a kiss and taste Jimin the way he'd been craving since the day he saw him after years.

As hard as it was, Jungkook was still able to pull himself out of the daze, stopping himself from closing the short distance between them. Jimin was still looking at him, expectant, almost as if he was holding back his breath.

"I told you it was alright, I'll just change into another shirt," Jungkook sighed, patting the side of Jimin's face briefly before dropping his hand at his side.

It seemed to take Jimin a few seconds to catch himself, blinking a couple of times before he nodded and cleared his throat, as if he was pulling himself out of a spell as well.

"Okay," he uttered, taking a step back and bowing his head as usual.

That day Jungkook felt how his mask cracked more, the facade he built over the years slowly crumbling down, and there was nothing he could do about it. To stop what was about to come.


Jimin was standing a bit far from the reception, talking to Sungwoon when Jungkook walked out of the elevator, with Taehyung behind him. Jimin met Sungwoon in the office a few days ago. He was one of the softest and kindest people Jimin had ever met, so the two hit it off quickly.

Jungkook approached the two who were very much drowned in the conversation, smiling a little as they did and didn't notice Jungkook and Taehyung.

Jimin looked at Jungkook, but his boss only walked past them, towards his office, didn't give him enough time to even say good morning.

Jimin wondered what happened to him.

"Good morning, Taehyung-ssi," Jimin said and the taller boy smiled back at him.

"Good morning, sir," Sungwoon greeted Taehyung too as he approached them.

"Good morning to you two," Taehyung uttered. "Jimin, ready for today?" he asked after Sungwoon excused himself.

"Yes, sir," Jimin replied, hopeful as always.

"Good," Taehyung stated, "I'll see you in the meeting."

Jimin quietly nodded at that.

Taehyung went to his office and Jimin walked towards his own but decided to greet Jungkook first. He knocked once and heard a faint hum, so he walked inside.

"Good morning, Jungkook-ssi."

"I need three more copies of the report as soon as possible and take them along the files to meeting room, set them there." Jungkook ordered, cutting Jimin's words.

Jimin didn't even realize what just happened, but he simply nodded.

"Will do," Jimin uttered and went to his office. Jungkook didn't tell him to draw away the curtains.

Jimin was very much sure that Jungkook had extreme mood swings. One day he was nice and smiling and the next, he was blank and cold.

Jimin did as he was told, went to the meeting room and set the files and reports for the total people who were going to attend the meeting.

An hour later, Taehyung arrived, discussing the topic of the meeting and Jungkook didn't call Jimin because he knew he could hear. The small door was always kept open.

Jimin was quietly doing his work when almost an hour later, he got the receptionist's call, informing him that the clients had arrived.

"CEO-nim, the clients are here," Jimin announced. Jungkook simply nodded as he kept sitting while Jimin was going through his phone.

"Should I call them here?" Jimin asked but Jungkook interrupted him.

"No, take them to the meeting room. We'll be right there." Jungkook stated and Jimin just nodded in reply.

He had heard them talk before how they weren't very fond of these new clients but it was business and not a family bonding so even if they hated eachother, they were just doing business.

Jungkook was different that day. He hadn't looked at Jimin once, had been cutting his sentences and his voice seemed a little cold.

Jimin tried to put on a smile when he approached the two men, an older one who was definitely the boss and the one holding the files was his secretary.

"Welcome to Jeon Corporation, sir. Please. This way." Jimin stated as he shook hands with the older man who looked at him from head to toe.

"Mr. Jeon and Mr.Kim will join us shortly," Jimin said as they reached the meeting room.

"I'll be right with you. Excuse me," Jimin said while walking out of the room. He went to Jungkook's office again and found him sitting with Taehyung with no care in the world.

So they were doing it on purpose.

"You're supposed to be there, Jimin," Jungkook uttered as he looked at Jimin standing in the door.

Jimin said nothing and just kept looking at them with an unamused face.

"Why aren't we attending the meeting?" Jimin finally asked when Jungkook didn't say anything.

"We'll be right there. You go and keep them company," Taehyung replied instead.

"I'm sorry but can you hurry, please?" Jimin asked Taehyung this time who just gave him a smile.

"We'll be right there," he replied. Jimin didn't saying anything further and just left the office.

He then went to the meeting room again amd found the man and his assistant sitting on their respective chairs.

"I'm sorry, Mr. Jeon is a little busy," Jimin informed them, "he will be here soon."

"He called us at this time, why is he busy?" The man groaned.

"I don't know..." Jimin didn't know what else he should say.

"Who are you, if you don't mind me asking," the man questioned in a louder tone. Jimin gritted his teeth and controlled himself from saying something he shouldn't.


"He's my personal secretary." It was Jungkook's voice as he opened the door and walked inside the room. "But that has nothing to do with the meeting so let's not discuss that."

Following Jungkook were Taehyung and a few other employees. Jimin stood there, eyes following Jungkook who didn't even greet his client and sat on the chair.

"I have somewhere to be so let's get it done quickly," Jungkook stated and Jimin realized that the business deal goes way back and something had happened between the two.

There was just too much tension in the room.

Taehyung gestured Jimin to sit and he did while opening the file for Jungkook.

"If you were busy today, why did you call me then?" The man asked in an annoyed tone.

"Mr. Choi, be thankful that I even called you. I need authenticity from your sides today or else this deal is not happening," Jungkook said with his voice firm and Jimin could feel slight shivers down his spine.

"Very well," Choi replied and started explaining about the design he needed Jungkook's company for. There were agreements and disagreements, Taehyung rarely spoke and so did other men in the room.

Choi and Jeongguk were more into the conversation while Taehyung and another man were just recording and penning everything down.

"I must say, your secretary made quite a report," Choi smirked, looking at Jimin who held a bored and cold expression. "Hopefully he'll make one for me one day, I'll pay a lot..." he kept staring.

Everyone in the room was startled when Jungkook slammed his hand on the table and got up while shooting daggers at Mr.Choi.

"I said, we are here for a fucking meeting, not to discuss my secretary! Don't make me cancel this deal right here and now," Jungkook growled with his jaw clenched.

Jimin was looking at him with wide eyes, surprised.

Taehyung kept his bored expression and everyone else was done with this meaningless meeting, even Jungkook but they had to attend, just because Mr.Choi was Jungkook's uncle, Mr.Wang's friend.

"Relax, I was just kidding. You can keep your secretary to yourself. I'm not interested in fucking him," that made Jimin want to slap that man so hard but be kept himself seated.

Jungkook almost got up from his seat to knock some senses into that piece of shit but Taehyung stopped him even though he himself was done.

"As Jungkook said, he's busy today so it's better if you leave for now. We'll call you later," Taehyung uttered and Choi immediately got up.

"I can see you're not interested in my offer but don't think of declining, kindly," Choi smirked while giving a glance at Jimin's direction who just glared at him.

Choi and his assistant finally left and everyone eased on their seats, except Jungkook who ran a hand in his hair and faced the window.

"I don't want to do this deal with him," Jungkook declared loudly.

"Thank God. I've been telling you this for so long. Mr.Wang and his friends are all the same," Taehyung replied making Jimin frown.

Choi is Mr.Wang's friend. That's why Jungkook was acting like that the whole time.

"He'll be a bitch about it. Won't sit still after he'll hear it," Taehyung continued.

"I don't care. I'm done with him," Jumgkook groaned and turned around, his eyes fell on Jimin and they immediately softened.

"I'm sorry you had to hear that. He's like that," Jungkook uttered and Jimin quickly shook his head.

"It's okay. You don't have to apologize, Jungkook-ssi," Jimin smiled to assure him that everything was fine.

Taehyung looked at them with a slight amused expression on his face as Jungkook and Jimin kept staring at each other without saying anything.

"I'll see you guys at the dinner... but wait. No deal, no dinner," Taehyung said and Jungkook snapped out of his trance of looking at Jimin.

"We have another deal too and I'm sure that will be successful. You'll have to attend a dinner no matter how much you try to be anti social," Jungkook said and Taehyung just rolled his eyes.

"I'm leaving. You two can look at each other as much as you want," Taehyung smirked making Jungkook shoot daggers at him, while Jimin just stood there quietly with a slight blush on his cheeks.


Chapter Text

Taehyung was in Jungkook's office after the meeting, talking about what had happened earlier but a little privately. Jimin had a confusion in a file and he wanted to talk to Jungkook but also not disturb them.

He went in there anyways.

"I'm sorry to interrupt but I need to ask you something," Jimin uttered and Jungkook just nodded his head in reply.

"Think about it, Jungkook. You know Ahn can help us in this matter," Taehyung said to Jungkook.

"Ahn?" Jimin couldn't stop himself and mumbled. That name never failed to send shivers down his spine.

"You're so gorgeous, baby. I can't keep my hands off you," Ahn nibbled on Jimin’s earlobe and his hand reached across Jimin’s chest for touching his already abused nipples.

Tears started rolling down Jimin's cheeks as Ahn kept rubbing his nipples roughly while biting all over his neck. It was as if Ahn liked seeing him crying, as he would abuse Jimin to the point that he couldn’t even talk anymore every time he’d rape him.

 "Pretty dolls like you are made for sex," Ahn growled and started pushing his member in Jimin's entrance once again.

Jimin thought he’d die from the pain as Ahn abused his hole multiple times a day and didn't stop even when Jimin started bleeding down there.

His hole was being filled mercilessly again and again as it unintentionally sucked Ahn's length in and then tried to push him out only to have it shoved even deeper.

"Fuck. Nobody has ever made me feel so good," Ahn let out pleasured sighs of breaths, not caring about Jimin's loud sobs, "You're so perfect for me, baby boy."

The voices echoed in Jimin's ears as he felt his heartbeat quickening, breathing ragged...

No, no. Not here please.

"Jimin?" The concerned call of his name fell deaf to his ears, his vision got blurry due to tears and the voices started to get heavy.

Jimin felt the warmth on his back and on his face too, he heard his name being called again and again, as someone gently cupped his face, while other held him from the back and shook his body lightly.

"Breathe, Jimin. Come on," Jimin heard a soothing voice and he didn't even know he had his eyes closed tightly. Didn't know who he was holding, he could just feel the nails dug on his palm.

"Slowly, breathe. Look at me. You're okay," the voice led him to light as if he was lost in the darkness.

He started to feel the pain as his body left the numbness, his vision cleared a little, breath came out shaky but his chest didn't feel heavy, he didn't feel immense heat seeping into his body.

"You're okay, Jimin. It's over. You're fine." Jimin looked at Jungkook who was right infront of him, so close, cupping his face and caressing his cheekbone tenderly.

Jimin's hands were curled into fists, resting on Jungkook's chest. His eyes held the pain still as he looked at Jungkook desperately. He then looked around and found Taehyung next to him, running his hand on his back soothingly.

"Come sit," Jungkook mumbled and Jimin looked back at him.

He curled his hands on his own chest and missed the warmth when Jungkook's hands disappeared from his face but then he held his arm and settled him on the chair.

Jungkook sat on his knee beside the chair and looked at Jimin who couldn't look at him now. He was too embarrassed as he realized he had a panic attack in front of his two bosses.

Taehyung gave him water and kept holding the glass even when Jimin held it with his own little hands. He drank the water and took a deep breath while looking down on his lap and fidgeting with his fingers.

"You should go home, Jimin. Have some rest," Taehyung declared, his voice full of worry.

"No, I'm okay now, really. Thank you," Jimin replied as he looked at Taehyung and then at Jeongguk who looked upset too, his eyes were even though his expression was firm.

"No, you need to rest. You're tired..." Taehyung tried to convince him.

"Please, Taehyung-ssi, I'm okay. I promise," Jimin muttered, a little firmly this time.

"Okay, but if you didn't feel good, you go home. Understood?" Taehyung uttered and Jimin simply nodded.

"Thank you," Jimin replied softly.

"No need," Taehyung said as he turned to look at Jungkook, who was lost in Jimin, and then left quietly.

Jungkook stayed still as he watched Jimin get up and pick the file that fell from his hands earlier. He got up too.

"I wanted to ask if---if the point table is to be recorded monthly or yearly," Jimin asked with his head hung low.

Jungkook sighed as he knew that Jìmin was avoiding to look at him.

"Monthly," Jungkook uttered softly and Jimin simply nodded before leaving the office.

Jimin felt extremely embarrassed. He knew he won't won't be able to look at them in the eyes for a few days. He came face the person whom he embarrassed himself infront of.

It was simple. They weren't supposed to know that he was still so weak. Yet he missed the soft warmth on his face and how softly it was caressing him, almost lulling him to sleep.


Jungkook couldn't get that sight out of his mind. Jimin suddenly tearing up, panicking and breathing heavily. The file fell from his hands and he took a stumbled step back. Jungkook was quick to step towards him, Taehyung too as he called his name but got no response.

It was the same panic attack Jimin used to have when they were together years ago. Taehyung had held him from back, Jungkook was hesitant but he did, he touched his face, guiding him through his voice and hoping it would work and it did when Jimin opened his eyes, breathing normal.

Jungkook couldn't pinpoint but it was akin to panic that he himself felt when he saw Jimin like that and had rushed towards him. Days of trying not to touch him vanished and he held him, his skin soft and tear warm on cheek.

He knew what Jimin would've thought when he didn't look in his eyes, he felt embarrassed showing his weak side again but Jungkook wanted to tell him that he didn't have to be because it's not in our control that our weaknesses strike us unexpected. Jungkook was no exception. He had always shared all of his weakness with Jimin too.

He had also cried on Namjoon's shoulder when they were talking about their father, it was just a few tears but he did cry.

And of course he would never want anyone else to know because he knew he would feel embarrassed and he wanted Jimin to know he and Taehyung won't tell anyone and would never think of him as a weak person because he was strong.

He was so strong and Jungkook wanted to let him know that.

Jimin left right on time and Jungkook had to stay to get his work done because he didn't want to take it home. He knew that he tends to become very lazy at night. Though there were many nights when he stayed in his office to work.

His eyes fall on the glass of water that Jimin had drank water from. It was kept there and Jungkook didn't pick it up or empty it when he left.


Jimin was glad that he had Saturday and Sunday to make himself confident to pretend nothing happened on Friday. If he would act normal, everything would be fine.

He did get a bit nervous when he saw Jungkook and greeted him but he got hold of himself and busied himself in work. He didn't go for lunch break and he noticed that Jungkook didn't either.

Jungkook was very busy, a frown on his face as he went through some files, working on his laptop.

Jimin felt bad because Jungkook had been so nice to him when he had the panic attack and he just ignored him after it. Now seeing Jungkook stressed because of another upcoming meeting, Jimin couldn't help but feel guilty.

"Jungkook-ssi?" Jimin uttered and for a moment Jungkook thought he was hearing things but then he looked up and found Jimin standing by the door.

"Yes?" Jungkook replied softly.

"You should eat something. You've been working for hours," Jimin said and as a secretary it was his job.

"You haven't eaten anything either," Jungkook stated and Jimin hoped he would just keep this about himself.

He didn't want Jungkook to worry about him.

"I'm not hungry. Should I get you something?" Jimin asked and Jungkook just shook his head in reply.

"I'm not hungry either but I'd be really thankful if you'll get me a coffee made by you," Jungkook muttered, a soft smile on his lips and Jimin felt his stomach flutter.

"Espresso?" Jimin asked and Jungkook nodded his head.

"I guess you know where you can make it. There's a coffee section on the first floor right next to the dining area," Jungkook replied. The building also had a small restaurant on the ground floor by the way.

"Okay, sure," Jimin said and Jungkook kept looking at him, his eyes shining with something

Jungkook always looked at him like that, his eyes held such intensity, they were so dark and that's why they shined so much.

"Thank you," Jungkook uttered and snapped Jimin out of his trance. He nodded while turning around and leaving the office.

Jimin couldn't help but smile a little because this meant Jungkook still liked the coffee he made for him. He then quickly suppressed his smile as he didn't want any employee to think of him as a creep smiling all to himself. Jimin greeted the girl in the coffee corner and told her that he needed to make a coffee for their CEO. The girl smiled at him and let him do his work.

Jimin worked his magic as he made coffee. He had been very skilled at it but still nervous. It's just a damn coffee! But Jimin didn't understand why he was thinking about it so much.

Jungkook was talking to someone on the phone when Jimin got back. He was looking pretty furious and his jaw was clenched.

Annoyed, he cut the call and put the phone on the table harshly. He then leaned back, rubbing his temple and eyes closed.

"Are you okay?" Jimin asked in almost a whisper and Jungkook just hummed.

"It was Choi. Didn't take the news of deal cancellation very well," Jungkook replied tiredly. Jimin walked forward and placed the coffee on his desk.

"Thanks," Jungkook mumbled even though he wasn't even looking at Jimin nor the cup of coffee, feeling a raging headache on its way.

Jimin bit his lips, looking at Jungkook who had his eyes closed, head lowered on his hand and he was clearly exhausted.

Jimin a deep breath and walked past the desk, towards Jungkook and stood behind his chair. Jungkook snapped open his eyes when he felt a soft touch on his hand, slowly pushing it away from where it rested on his temple. Jimin held his head from either sides and made him rest properly on the headrest.

"You're tense. Try to ease your posture and lean back properly," Jimin murmured and Jungkook's eyes fell shut at the soothing voice and the moment he felt pad of Jimin's fingers on his forehead, he relaxed immediately.

A sigh escaped his lips as Jjmin slowly massaged his forehead, his temples, creating circles as he did so and Jungkook felt sleep taking over him because Jimin's hands hold magic.

Jungkook didn't care if his hair got messed up as Jimin moved his hands up into his hair, massaging his scalp softly at first and then paced a little faster and Jungkook bit back the sounds because he didn't want to embarrass himself.

Jungkook felt his whole body relax with just a little affection shown by Jimin, the headache no longer felt. Jimin smiled as he watched Jungkook relax, most probably falling in a slumber as he looked utterly tired.

Though his heart was beating wildly inside his chest, he had told himself to stay away from Jungkook yet here he was, so close to him again. Jungkook was making it so impossible for Jimin to stay away from him.

"You should go home, Jungkook," Jimin whispered as he moved back, no longer touching Jungkook and the taller opened his eyes.

"Thank you for this and for the coffee too," Jungkook mumbled, avoiding Jimin's previous statement.

"It's okay," Jimin replied trying to look away from Jungkook's eyes but failed miserably.

"We're invited to our business partner, Mr. Joshua's company to discuss the partnership. We'll go there tomorrow," Jungkook stated after a few minutes of silence.

"Can I ask you something?" Jimin asked and Jungkook just nodded in reply.

"Why do I not have your schedule? I mean, isn't that a thing? That you would ask me when is your next meeting," Jimin questioned with a curious expression on his face.

"I think you should know I can't work according to a schedule, I always mess it up and never follow it," Jungkook replied with a chuckle, "Sometimes I have to hold a meeting at unexpected times or cancel it many times. You'd be fed up of making new schedules for me."

"I see," Jimin smiled a little too.

"Besides, I know what I'll be doing and you'll know too since you'll accompany me everywhere," Jungkook said and Jimin just gulped while nodding.

A faint flash of light caught their attention, followed by a soft thunder and the two looked at the thick clouds taking over the sky through the full wall glass window.

Jimin loved how he could see everything from here, the view was unexplainable since it was not blocked by another building. The glass window was what he liked the most in Jungkook'office. Except Jungkook.

"Looks like it'll rain soon," Jimin uttered, eyes sparkling since he was a rain enthusiast.

"Yeah," Jungkook whispered while looking at Jimin warmly. Jimin felt his cheeks turning red when he looked at Jungkook again.

"I-I should go work." Jimin mumbled hastily and went back to his office. While Jungkook only smiled in amusement as he enjoyed his coffee.


Chapter Text

Jimin had said good bye to Jungkook when it was his time to leave but he didn't leave the building, sitting on the bench next to the reception in the restaurant area.

It was raining outside and he didn't want to get a cab when it was raining and getting dark. So he decided to wait until the rain stopped. He was even planning on keep sitting there for the whole night if he had to.

Jungkook walked out of the elevator after he was done with his work. He was planning to go home when his eyes fell on Jimin who was sitting in the dining area of the building, on the other side of the glass panel that divided it.

He frowned as Jimin had left the office about an hour ago. He walked towards him and pushed open the door before the guard could do it for him.

"Jimin?" he called making Jimin snap his eyes at him. His eyes widened a bit when he saw Jungkook walking towards him.

The receptionist greeted him, asking if he needed a reservation but Jungkook denied. Jimin stood up and smiled at him awkwardly.

"Why didn't you go home?" Jungkook asked and Jimin cleared his throat quickly.

"It's uh, it's raining outside so..." he tried to reason while pointing at the glass window.

"Did you not find a cab?" Jungkook asked which couldn't be the case because there were plenty of cabs in the main area and Jimin always called one.

"No, that's not the problem, I was... actually waiting for someone," Jimin replied, smiling a little but Jungkook just stood there, still not convinced.

"Come on, I'll drop you off," Jungkook said and Jimin immediately shook his head.

"No, no it's not that I won't be able to get back home. I just..." he hated that he had to explain it to Jungkook.

"I'll drop you off, let's go," Jungkook said firmly this time and Jimin looked away.

"Please don't insist, Jungkook-ssi. I don't want to go," Jimin muttered and Jungkook sighed, realizing that Jimin must have something related to the rain too.

It made Jungkook more and more curious that what secrets that gorgeous boy was hiding.

"Okay, come with me then if you don't wanna leave," Jungkook stated while turning around.

"Huh?" Jimin uttered dumbfounded.

"I said, come with me," Jungkook said and started walking inside the restaurant. Jimin frowned at that but followed him.

"Mr. Jeon, how are you?" a worker joined them as they walked.

"All good. I'd like a table for two," Jungkook ordered and Jimin's eyes widened a little.

What? Table for two? As in me and Jungkook?

Jimin slowed down while trapped in his thoughts.

"Very well, sir. Please, follow me," The worker replied and Jungkook looked back at Jimin who was standing as if completely out of place which he wasn't.

"Come on," Jungkook stopped for him and Jimin walked towards him. He felt his whole body electrified when Jungkook put a hand on the small of his back, leading them to the table that was reserved for them.

It was Jungkook's building and the restaurant too and he was having dinner with him, a little early but still... it was just the two of them, walking too close to each other.

"Since you're not going home and we both haven't eaten anything, why not have a little dinner together?" Jungkook uttered while gesturing towards the chair and Jimin smiled a little.

Jimin kept standing and Jungkook chuckled softly, pressing his body closer to Jimin's side and Jimin could feel his breath on his ear.

"Why aren't you listening to me, hmm?" Jungkook whispered softly in his ear.

"Sit down, Jiminie," Jungkook whispered again with his hand on Jimin's waist and softly guided him towards the chair.

"Don't ever make me repeat myself," Jungkook leaned forward when Jimin sat down, his voice low and husky.

And Jimin almost fucking whined at that.

Jimin sat there stiff, his thoughts hazy and body as if on fire. He kept his eyes low, looks at the setting of the table but just not at Jungkook who was now sitting infront of him. Jimin's hands were clasped on his lap and he was biting his lower lip, unable to hide the surge of sudden emotions.

"I could've just waited. You don't have to stay," Jimin finally looked up and found that Jungkook was already staring at him. Jimin mentally cursed. Why does Jungkook have to look so good even when he is tired?

People are not supposed to look handsome when they are tired.  That was Park Jimin's logic.

"I came here to have a dinner since I'm hungry. It's a good thing that I got you to join. It won't be boring," Jungkook mumbled making Jimin sigh loudly.

"You ordered me to join you. I am not your secretary right now," Jimin finally said, now looking in Jungkook's eyes. He could easily see the amusement bubbling in his eyes.

"Oh, did I? But you listened anyway, secretary or not," Jungkook stated, confident as always. Jimin raised his eyebrow at that.

"So, it wouldn't hurt your ego if I will yell at you for forcing me to join you and then get up and leave?" Jimin asked with the same confidence, his nervousness long gone.

"You have all the rights to leave, Jimin-ssi. I'm not stopping you," Jimin declared and Jimin raised his eyebrow again.

"That won't affect my job?" Jimin asked making Jungkook chuckle.

"Do you think I'm going to deprive you of this job if you'll leave right now?" Jungkook uttered and Jimin shrugged.

"Have a little faith in me, Jimin. I won't do that. I need you," Jungkook replied and Jimin felt as if his heart was about to burst out of his chest.

Jungkook must've meant it the other way, that he needed him for work but Jimin, for just a moment, thought about the other meaning and his mind went haywire.

He quickly got rid of those thoughts.

"Let's just say, if you ask me nicely and not be a boss and order me, I might keep you and your boring self some company," Jimin uttered with a soft smile playing on his lips.

"Ah, my bad. I'm sorry if I bossed you around," Jungkook whined and Jimin chuckled at him softly.

"Apology accepted," Jimin murmured not caring about how he was affecting himself with Jungkook's company.

"And I'm boring?" Jungkook asked and Jimin nodded at that.

"I can easily say the same about you," Jungkook mumbled and Jimin shook his head, smiling.

"Maybe we don't know each other now as we don't talk to outside of work. That's why we find eachother boring," Jimin concluded.

"Then why can't we get to know each other more? It will be easy for our relationship too, no tense conversations and stuff," Jungkook replied and Jimin wasn't expecting him to. Jungkook was trying to keep a distance between them for the last few months but tonight he was acting different.

In between all of that, they ordered the dinner and Jungkook went for the same as Jimin, japchae.

"I didn't mean it that way. There's nothing we need to know about each other. We know each other well already," Jimin murmured, clearly opposing the idea of talking more about themselves because there was no way it'll end good. He knew that they will start talking about the old days and then ultimately about why Jimin left. He had no answer to that now. He knew he was wrong.

"Okay, I'm sorry if you don't want to but let's just enjoy the dinner. We can talk about the meeting if you want," Jungkook stated and Jimin's tense posture eased.

"Thank you, Jungkook-ssi," Jimin mumbled, not looking at Jungkook, the amusement long gone from his eyes.

"We'll go to Joshua's company tomorrow but before that, I need to assign you a new task," Jungkook uttered and Jimin quietly nodded at that.

They ate the dinner quietly. Jimin denied the drink at the end and went for water while Jungkook did have some wine for himself.

"The rain stopped," Jungkook uttered and Jimin turned around to look outside the large window. The rain that was brutal before, had now turned soft and it was just showering.

"Oh, that's good to hear," Jimin smiled and then his phone rang. It was Kai.

"Hey," Jimin said as soon as he picked up the call.

"Oh, I'm still in the building don't worry, I was just waiting for the rain to stop," Jimin answered to whatever Kai asked him.

"Don't worry about me, I'll be back soon," Jimin said further.

"Yeah, okay. See ya," Jimin ended the call, smiling because Kai wasn't even home but he knew Jimin didn't come back yet.

"Someone important?" Jungkook asked, his eyes a little firm as he leaned back, emptying the glass of wine.

Jimin looked at him, his mind wandered because Kai was of course special to him and they were really close to each other. But he had an idea that Jungkook won't like it if he knew about him. Jungkook didn't trust anyone when it was about Jimin.

"Jimin, are you okay?" Jungkook asked when he saw that Jimin holding his phone tightly, spaced out.

Jimin was thankful that he snapped him out of his thoughts or else he would've wandered somewhere else in the map of his mind. That's how sensitive he had gotten over the years and he didn't even have anyone to blame.

"Yeah," Jimin simply answered. Jungkook hummed, his eyes unreadable.

"Don't," Jungkook utterd when he saw Jimin taking out his wallet from his pocket.

"We don't have to pay here," he said making Jimin frown a little.

"Well, I own this restaurant as it's part of the company. You don't have to worry about the payment," Jungkook uttered.

"I still don't..." Jimin paused when Jungkook got up, fixing his suit coat.

"Let's go, I'll drop you off," Jungkook stated. Jimin was about to protest but Jungkook started walking towards the exit.

"Jungkook-ssi," Jimin called for him while rushing after him.

"Look, I will take the cab as usual. You don't have to bother everytime it rains," Jimin said but Jungkook kept walking.

"Please don't make me feel bad by letting you go home this late in a cab while I am very well capable of driving you there," Jungkook said and Jimin just rolled his eyes at that.

"But it's not your job to do it and it's not like..." Jimin tried again.

"I insist," Jungkook uttered as they reached the parking lot.

"I'm sorry, Jungkoo-ssi but I'm also very much capable of going home the way I'm used to," Jimin replied while smiling a little.

"Thank you for the dinner," Jimin said and he knew he did the right thing. Dinner was enough and he didn't want to be in Jungkook's car again. He had spilled the coffee on Jungkook's suit the last time in sat in the car. He didn't want to do something dumb once more.

"Jimin," Jungkook called firmly and Jimin was well aware of how Jungkook used his charms to make him say yes but he won't give in again.

He was a little stubborn too.

"Let me drop you off..." Jungkook tried to insist again.

"Why can't you understand that I don't want you to do that. Thank you so much for being so kind but you need to realize that no means no!" Jimin didn't mean to snap or sound rude but he didn't realize where it all came from. He must be too mentally tired from the work.

And he regretted it the next moment when Jungkook looked at him, a little taken aback but composed himself immediately.

"I'm sorry. I shouldn't have talked to you like that. I just... I don't think deserve your kindness after what I did to you, Jungkook. You have always been so good to me but I..." Jimin said softly, looking away.

"Go home now, it's late. I'll see you tomorrow," Jungkook said and didn't wait for Jimin's response, assuring him that he won't lose his job in simple words, and got inside his car.

Jimin sighed as he watched Jungkook driving away. He closed his eyes and cursed himself. He wanted Jungkook to understand without him snapping at him. He knew he didn't deserve all the love and care Jungkook was showing him once again.

Jimin called the cab and went home., just his little apartment. It didn't feel like home anymore because Jungkook wasn't there with him.


Chapter Text

Jimin was holding the file that held details about the deal with Mr.Joshua. He was going through it as they were about to leave for their company.

He looked at Jungkook who was on the phone with Taehyung and was struggling with his tie at the same time and by the looks of it, he had no idea how to do it.

There was nothing awkward or tense between the two but Jimin didn't miss a sort of glare thrown at either him or Sungwoon when they were talking in the morning.

Jungkook had assigned him two workers who would work under him, he was now becoming the proper secretary.

"Don't waste my time. I'll talk to you later," Jungkook uttered as Jimin slowly walked inside his office from his own, biting his lips to not smile because Jungkook looked bit childish, holding the phone between his ear and shoulder while failing to knot the tie.

"I don't have time to watch a video on how to tie..." Jungkook stopped when he turned around and found Jimin standing behind him.

"Let me do it. If you don't mind," Jimin said softly while raising his hand, deep eyes looking wide and endearing at the moment.

Well, they always did.

"I'll call you later," Jungkook mumbled and ended the call while looking at Jimin who stepped forward when allowed, a shy smile playing on his lips.

"So this is the reason why you avoid wearing ties," Jimin chuckled and Jungkook shrugged, smiling a little sheepishly.

Jimin stood at a little distance and it was Jungkook who stepped forward, making Jimin gulp. His fingers were shaking as he slowly knotted Jungkook's tie, taking in his manly scent and wondering how powerful yet endearing it was.

Jungkook's eyes were soft on him and yet Jimin could feel the intensity of his gaze on him and how easily his boss could affect him.

"I'm sorry for being so harsh last night," Jimid muttered looking up and found himself immediately drawn to Jungkook's eyes, getting lost in them.

His hands halted on Jungkook's tie as the two got busy looking in each other's eyes as if they were having a deep conversation through them.

"You don't have to be sorry. I can't stay mad at you," Jungkook whispered, light and low because Jimin was so close to him. Jimin pouted a little in reply as he still felt bad.

"You were being so nice and I snapped at you. I shouldn't have..." Jimin mumbled while Jungkook only chuckled softly at him.

"I just felt bad when you left me there after we had dinner," Jungkook murmured and Jimin quickly hid his flustered expression with an amused face.

"That was a forced dinner. I'm still a little mad at you," Jimin muttered while knotting the tie.

"Oh yeah? How about I ask you..." Jungkook immediately stopped when Jimin tied the knot close to his collars a little too tightly.

"The answer is no," Jimin patted Jungkook's shoulders and Jungkook smirked at him in reply, making Jimin gasp softly when he grabbed his hand and pulled him closer.

Jimin's eyes widened as he rested his other hand hesitantly on the Jungkook's chest, heart beating in his chest wildly.

"What are you doing to me, Jimin?" Jungkook mumbled, his breath soft on Jimin's lips and the question made Jimin's skin crawl.

I want to ask the same from you. What are you doing to me, Jungkook?

"You know I can't control myself when it comes to you then why are you doing this?" Jungkook whispered, his eyes, tone and expression all soft.

But it still scared Jimin how easily Jungkook had asked him something like that. How would he know? He sometimes found himself running away from the reality, more like, all the time and that included his own self too. He was just going with the rythm, lost himself long ago, along with every other reality that had unfortunately, been haunting him.

Jimin got a grip before he lost himself and freed his hand from Jungkook's hold as he took a step back but that didn't seem to faze Jungkook at all, as if he was expecting that.

"We should be leaving now or else we'll be late for the meeting," Jimin mumbled in a professional manner, as he grabbed the file from Jungkook's desk in a hurry.

Jungkook loosened the tie a little and grabbed the keys of his car. Jimin then realized they weren't going in the company's car.

Jungkook surely does whatever he wants. If Jimin didn't go with him on his car last night, he had to go with him now and won't be able to say no.

And it wasn't like it would hurt Jimin to sit in his car, it wasn't really a big deal. If Jimin was stubborn then so was he.


Jimin and Jungkook stopped by the receptionist where Sungwoon was standing with some files in his hand.

"Sungwoon, are the reports ready?" Jungkook asked when he stopped next to him.

"Yes, the reports are ready. Jimin-ssi needs to just go through them and see if they are with or without mistakes. The workers were confident though," Sungwoon replied, "And you also told me to apply for Jimin's passport. It's here too."

"Get the files and passport in the office. Jimin will see them when we will come back," Jungkook ordered and Sungwoon nodded obediently.

"Do you have a meeting today?" Sungwoon questioned.

Jimin watched the two converse as he didn't know Sungwoon was close to Jungkook in the way he'd talk as if they were friends. Sungwoon wasn't saying 'yes, sir'. He was just being cool with Jungkook and the boss didn't mind it.

"Taehyung wanted you to see you but we have two new recruits and he said he'll have their interview himself," Sungwoon uttered when Jungkook asked him about Taehyung.

"That's good. Try reaching the points tables while you set the files. We'll discuss it later," Jungkook stated while patting Sungwoon's shoulder.

"Will do. Have a nice meeting," Sungwoon smiled in reply.

"See you tonight," Sungwoon then said to Jimin and Jimin nodded at him with a smile.

Sungwoon left while Jungkook and Jimin walked towards the elevator. Jungkook was frowning because of 'tonight'.

"Are you going somewhere with him tonight?" Jungkook asked once they were in the elevator.

"Yeah. Sungwoon and I are going on a dinner," Jimin replied and didn't look at Jungkook who was clenching his jaw, "He is my only friend so when he asked me to have a friendly dinner with him, I couldn't refuse."

"Making new friends I see," Jungkook muttered and Jimin chuckled a little at that.

"Yeah. I definitely need some friends since I work here and he's such a nice guy," Jimin replied casually.

"He is but remember what I told you, no lagging in work and everything is fine," Jungkook tone was a bit harsh this time.

"Don't worry, Mr. Jeon. We're not meeting in office hours. Your work won't be affected neither your office rules," Jimin replied and when Jungkook looked at him he was smiling cynically.

"That's fine with me," Jungkook uttered and looked away. The elevator door opened and the two walk out of it.

Jungkook wondered why Jimin couldn't let him be close to him again. Why Sungwoon? Why not him? Maybe Jimin was hesitant because of their past or maybe he just didn't want to be close to him since he was his boss now. Jungkook didn't want to let those thoughts get to him.

But the thought of Sungwoon and Jimin going on a dinner didn't sit well. Jungkook had dinner with Jimin first but it was not planned and he definitely noticed how Jimin smiled when Sungwoon said that.

Friends. Jimin said so Jungkook shouldn't really be upset. Heck, he didn't know why he was so upset in the first place. It was just a friendly dinner.

Deep down, he knew why he didn't want Jimin to go out with Sungwoon on that dinner. Although he knew Sungwoon was a nice guy, he just couldn't stand the thought of someone hurting Jimin once again in any way.

Jungkook sat in the driver's seat. Jimin catched up and sat in the backseat of the car. The car ride was silent and Jimin didn't really like it. They reached the Corporation building and got out of the car. They walked inside and were welcomed warmly.

"Welcome, Mr. Jeon. Please this way. Mr.Joshua is waiting for you," the lady greeted with a smile.

The moment the two stepped on the top floor, they heared giggling voices of children and a manly voice telling them to stop making noises since they were in the company.

The lady opened the door to what looked like Joshua's office and when he turned to them, there were two kids on the comforter, sitting and looking down.

"Jeon," Joshua chimed and walked forward to hug Jungkook who accepted it with a smile.

"Hello," Joshua smiled at Jimin and shook his hand.

"Good to meet you, sir," Jimin replied softly with a bow.

"What got you so worked up?" Jungkook asked as he looked at the two kids, twin girls, who were holding flower crowns. They didn't look up when Jungkook and Jimin stepped in the office.

"My dear sister gave me the duty to look after her daughters and I swear, I'm tired already," Joshua sighed loudly.

"Girls, come on. Say hello," Joshua called them. Jimin smiled warmly when he looked at them.

"But... you shaid---bwe don't get up," One girl said and Jimin couldn't help but smile at the adorable voice.

"It's okay now, you should say hi to our guests. Be good girls," Joshua stated but the girls kept looking down.

"Would you... let us put the flowers on your hair?" the other one asked and Joshua sighed defeatedly.

"I will," the moment Joshua said that the two girls looked up and smiled widely, excited on their feet as they approached Jungkook first.

"Hello, It's nice to meet you," The two girls said at the same time, holding their hands up for Jungkook.

"It's nice to meet you both as well," Jungkook shook their hands with a straight face.

The two girls gasped when they looked at Jimin who waved at them softly.

"You are sho pwetty," the girls forget the handshake and stood infront of Jimin, looking up at him in awe.

"Your hail are pwetty too," The other girl said as they looked at Jimin's long curly hair.

Jimin blushed at the comment and Jungkook looked at him with soft and endearing eyes.

"You two are more pretty than me," Jimin replied and patted their cheeks softly.

"Would you let us put flowers on your hair?" The girl innocently asked, holding Jimin's hand who looked awkwardly at Jungkook and Joshua who were smiling softly.

"Pweaseee. Pwettyyy pweaseee?" The other one said and Jimin chuckled at that.

"Girls, they are here for work. Let them do that and he'll be with you then," Joshua said but they girls were insistent.

"Will you?" The girl innocently asked and Jimin looked at Jungkook who just shrugged playfully.

"Yeah. Okay," Jimin replied and the girls jumped excitedly. Jimin watched the two girls leave with the lady as Joshua told them to.

"Finally," Joshua laughed and invited the two to sit.

"They haven't let me do anything ever since they came here. I just hope Hyejin comes back from shopping soon," Joshua uttered and Jimin was still smiling because of the two adorable girls.

"You can't even take care of two little girls," Jungkook snickered. It appeared that the two had a friendly bond and Jimin smiled at that.

Jimin had always had the image of the CEOs and bosses as cold and intimidating, not allowing their employees to even smile because that's how it had been when he gave a few interviews before. But Joshua and Jungkook were different.


Jungkook was quite intimidating with just a slight furrow in his eyebrows and his jaw clenched. But when he smiled with his bunny teeth, it all went away.

"Anything for you two? Tea? Coffee because after the meeting, we're having lunch together. It's been so long since we properly hung out, Jungkookie," Joshua said and Jungkook smiled at that.

"Okay. But I won't have anything right now. I only like coffee that Jimin makes," Jungkook said and Jimin felt butterflies go wild in his stomach.

Damn! He knows what he's doing.

"Oh, I see," Joshua looked at Jimin with an amused expression and Jimin smiled at him a little.

"And anything for you, Jimin?" Joshua asked and Jimin simply shook his head.

They proceeded with the meeting. In between, Jungkook and Joshua had some playful conversations. Jimin found out that he and and Joshua had same birthdays and even same year of birth.

The deal between the two companies was already confirmed since they had done one before and the CEOs were good friends too. Jungkook told Joshua that he would let him know when he'll confirm the dinner.

The three then went out for the lunch in the nearby restaurant along with the two girls, both holding Jimin's hands on either of his sides.

"They've grown quite a liking towards him," Joshua told Jungkook as the two watched the girls put the flower crown over Jimin's head, who was sitting next to them on the ground. They were in the garden of the company as forced by the little girls.

Jungkook just noded, unable to look away from Jimin who was laughing softly with the girls, the two running around him and collecting flowers to put on Jimin's hair.

Jungkook just couldn't get over how utterly beautiful Jimin looked. He couldn't look away as he was mesmerized by Jimin's soft smile and the way his eyes would follow the little girls in adoration.

His heart was beating against his chest wildly, the overwhelming feeling of emotions he felt was what he couldn't really explain at the moment.

All he knew that Jimin had him under his spell and he was still hopelessly in love with him.

"And you've grown a liking towards him too," Joshua chuckled when he saw Jungkook rendered speechless.

Jimin's eyes fell on Jungkook but Jungkook didn't look away and Jimin felt his heart go wild and cheeks warm at the way Jungkook was looking at him.

He immediately looked away with a blush on his cheeks. Those were the moments when Jimin's heart betrayed him.

"You can kwep it. Itsh for you." The little girl said as Jimin was giving her the flower crown.

"Yesh, mine too," The other girl gave her flower crown to Jimin as well. Jimin smiled widely while hugging them.

"You'll come back, right? We will missh you," She said and Jimin nodded even though he didn't know when he'll meet the girls again but he didn't want them to be sad so he said yes.

"I'll miss you both too," Jimin said and they walked towards Jungkook and Joshua.

"Thank you so much for keeping them company. I would never have done this," Joshua smiled and Jimin told him that it was no big deal, he really liked the two adorable girls.

Jimin waved at the twins before they sat in the car and drove away. Jimin smiled when he looked at the flower crowns in his hand. Jungkook, however, was quiet all the time even after they had reached the company.

Jimin got busy in checking the reports and Jungkook explained the details about the deal to Taehyung.

Jimin was a little confused by Jungkook's behavior when they left the office. He was sure he didn't do anything for Jungkook to be mad at him. But Jungkook didn't look mad when they came back to the company. Jimin shrugged and went back home. He took a shower and got ready after two hours since he had dinner with Sungwoon.

Sungwoon picked him up at seven and Jimin was happy to be out and forgetting about work. He was glad that Sungwoon didn't ask why he chose to sit in the backseat.

Jimin found out that Sungwoon was from Seoul, his family didn't leave the city even once and he didn't want to either because his father wanted him to take over their frim in Daegu as he belonged to a wealthy family.

But Sungwoon wanted to do something on his own even if it meant for him to do a job. He had his own car, a very good job according to his qualification and he was content with it.

Jimin admired him for that because a person should always do what makes them happy.

What makes me happy? Jimin never answered that.

The dinner was fun, Sungwoon turned out to be a pretty funny guy and Jimin thought he was good at professionalism since at work, he didn't seem like that at all. It was nice having more friends even though he knew Kai was more than enough for him, no one could take his place.

Sungwoon could be his friend too since Jimin felt like he was a nice person and showed that too. Jungkook was close with him as well and the employees talked all good about him so Jimin didn't mind at all.

"I hope you enjoyed the dinner," Sungwoon said and Jimin immediately nodded with a smile.

"Can we be friends now?" Sungwoon asked and Jimin chuckled while shaking his head.

"Of course," Jimin replied earning a smile from Sungwoon.

They were walking towards the car when Jimin's phone started ringing. Jungkook. Jimin frowned.

"I have to take this," Jimin uttered and Sungwoon simply nodded. Jimin walked to the side before picking up the call.

"Yes?" Jimin asked shortly.

"You're needed in the office," Jungkook replied in his authoritative voice and Jimin frowned.

"Why?" Jimin asked in reply.

"I think I told you at first day that you'll be needed after office hours too," Jungkook stated and Jimin rolled his eyes.

"I know but why? I'm busy right now," Jimin muttered.

"An important thing came up and work should be important to you more than anything else," Jungkook sounded angry for some reason.

"I'm at a dinner," Jimin replied thinking that Jungkook would be nice enough to spare him.

"Oh, dinner? Hurry up and get here," Jumgkook replied firmly and Jimin held back the urge to curse at him.

"Fine!" Jimin exclaimed and ended the call.

He was just glad that the dinner was over or else he'd have to leave in the middle of it.

"Everything okay?" Sungwoon asked once he walked towards the car.

"Have you ever been called to office other then work hours?" Jimin asked instead.

"Yeah, once," Sungwoon replied, "Why?"

"Jungkook-ssi called. He needs me there," Jimin replied apologetically.

"Well, you're his secretary and he might need to tell you something important," Sungwoon stated in an understanding tone.

"I guess," Jimin sighed tiredly.

"Come on, I'll drop you off," Sungwoon uttered and Jimin was about to protest when Sungwoon spoke again.

"Don't say a word. You're my friend so just get in," Sungwoon said and Jimin sighed defeatedly, smiling a little as he got in the backseat.

Jimin couldn't help but wonder why Jungkook was still in the office and what was so important that he needed to call him to office at this hour. He wondered if Jungkook even had dinner or not since he always forgot it when drowned in work.

Jimin just couldn't help but worry for him more than anything else in the world.


Chapter Text

Jimin was pouting as he made his way inside the elevator, not liking how he had to be here when he could be resting in his bed right now. Only the first floor was crowded because of the dining place but other than that, the office was empty, except for the guards.

Jimin sighed, a pout adoring his lips as he made his way to Jungkook's office and knocked the door.

"Jungkook-ssi?" Jimin uttered.

"Come in," he heard Jungkook's voice and walked inside. He found him sitting on the chair, his jacket removed and he was leaning back, a stack of papers sprawled infront if him.

Jimin didn't greet him as he walked further. Jungkook still didn't look at him as he was busy looking at the papers in his hand.

"What happened?" Jimin asked, "What's so important that you called me at this hour?"

"Coffee," Jungkook casually replied, still not looking at Jimin who was frowning at him.

"What?" Jimin asked disbelievingly and Jungkook finally looked at him.

"Coffee, Jimin. I need a coffee," Jungkook stated and Jimin just stared at him, eyes widened in surprise.

"Coffee? You called me here for a coffee?" Jimin exclaimed and Jungkook shrugged as if it wasn't a big deal.

"You know I only like coffee made by you and I really need it right now," Jungkook replied.

Jimin felt anger bubble inside of him and he was rarely angry.

"Are you serious? You said an important thing came up and I'm needed here for that," Jimin asked, his voice a little raised.

"Well, I need a coffee to stay up and work. That is important," Jungkook uttered. Jimin thought he must be joking right now.

"Tell me why I'm here," Jimin asked again and Jungkook simply sighed.

"To get me a coffee. I really need it, Jimin," Jungkook replied nonchalantly.

"I'm your secretary, not your maid to get you a coffee whenever your heart would desire," Jimin didn't know where the outburst came from but he couldn't really control it.

"And I'm being polite because I was done with the dinner or else, trust me, I wouldn't have been here," Jimin stated and he hated how Jungkook's eyes held a slight amusement in them.

"I should've called a bit sooner and there's no way you would've said no," Jungkook said as he got up.

"You're not my boss right now," Jimin uttered and Jungkook walked towards him, but stops a few steps away.

"You're in my office right now," Jungkook said and Jimin scoffed at him.

"But these are not work hours and I'm not doing anything for you. If it was something related to work, I would've done it happily," Jimin replied glaring at Jungkook.

"No, it's not. I need a coffee..."

"I'm not making you a coffee. Not when you just lied to me just so you would get to ruin the dinner," Jimin muttered and Jungkook raised his eyebrow.

Jimin didn't know why he said that. Why would Jungkook want to ruin his friendly dinner with Sungwoon but he just felt like it might be the reason.

"I have no interest in you having dinner with anyone but as I said on the first day, when I call you here, no matter what the hour, you have to come here," Jungkook replied, his smile amusing.

"I will definitely do just that but only if it's something important. This coffee... you have tried it just two times and you sound as if you're addicted and can't live without it now," Jimin couldn't believe they were having this childish conversation right now.

"Well, I am addicted to your coffee and I'll really appreciate it if you'd make me one," Jungkook said and Jimin groaned, his words having no affect on Jungkook.

"This is the last time I'm doing this," Jimin replied with an angry pout and Jungkook just nodded with a smile playing on his lips.

Jimin glared at him, not caring if Jungkook was his boss because right now, he was really pissed. Jimin walked out of the office without saying anything further.

Jungkook sighed because apparently he called him late as Jimin already had enjoyed the dinner outing.

Jungkook felt so dumb and stupid doing this. Why did he even do that? Calling Jimin to office when he wasn't needed just because he could interrupt the dinner...

And failed to do so.

If Jimin found out he did it just so he could interrupt his dinner with Sungwoon, he won't be surprised if Jimin ended up even cursing at him.

And damn he was a feisty one. He didn't even care if Jungkook was his boss now. He just got infuriated and spoke out.

Now Jungkook was feeling bad because Jimin definitely wanted to rest or even work but he was here in the office and would definitely not accept if Jungkook offered to drive him home.

Jungkook leaned back on the desk, biting his lower lip and thinking how to make Jimin less mad at him.

Jimin came back to office after some time. A smile appeared on Jungkook's lips when he saw a box in Jimin's hand along with the cup of coffee. While Jimin just kept a blank face as he walked towards the desk and put the two things over it.

"Send me half of the statistics. I'll go through them and even though I made you a coffee, you shouldn't drink it. Just go home and sleep," Jimin said in a reprimanding tone.

"And eat something as well. I'm pretty sure you haven't eaten anything," Jimin uttered and Jungkook felt warmth filling his heart at the concern.

"Thank you," Jungkook murmured and Jimin just nodded. He didn't look at Jungkook and turned around.

"Goodnight," Jimin said and was about to leave when he was yanked back by a firm grip on his arm. He turned around to face Jungkook who wasn't leaning against the desk anymore but was standing close to him now.

Jimin felt his heart beat go wild just by the close proximity with Jungkook, his eyes wide and looking right into Jungkook's deep ones. He couldn't seem to look away.

Jungkook's eyes were soft on him just like his smile, a little flirtatious but he wasn't teasing.

"I'm sorry I had called you here like that," Jungkook whispered, so soft that Jimin could feel his breath on his lips, "but I really needed the coffee."

And wanted to see you too. Jungkook wished he could say that too.

"It's o-okay," Jimin stuttered as he looked at his arm where Jungkook's hand was firmly clasped.

He could feel tingles due to the warmth. His while body responds as he unconsciously moved closer.

"I shouldn't have talked to you like that," Jimin mumbled looking away as Jungkook's gaze became unbearable to hold.

"No. You had all the right to. I was being childish," Jungkook said, a smile on his lips and Jimin smiled a little too.

"Very professional," Jimin replied and heard Jungkook chuckle softly.

Jungkook let go of Jimin's arm and slowly lowered his hand to side of Jimin's waist. Jimin shuddered a little, even with Jungkook's touch over his clothes, he could feel the warmth radiating to his skin.

"Well, I'm not your boss right now, am I?" Jungkook tone was husky and Jimin felt his cheeks warm as he looked at Jungkook again.

"But you did order me around," Jimin replied softly.

"I apologized. Didn't I?" Jungkook questioned and Jimin simply nodded with a chuckle.

And at the moment, everything felt right. The soft banter going on between the two while they were extremely close to each other, smiling and eyes holding their own precious conversation. It all felt so right.

"I think I should go now," Jimin muttered. Jungkook didn't say anything and just kept looking at Jimin who gulped visibly.

Jungkook looked at him with soft yet firm eyes and Jimin was scared of himself, him doing something that could ruin everything. He felt panic surge through his body and he looked away again lowering his head.

"I should go," Jimin whispered and stepped back, making Jungkook retreat his hand.

"Yeah, I'll drop you off," Jungkook said even though he knew Jimin would deny.

"You should enjoy your coffee and nothing else," Jimin chuckled, "It'll get cold and there's no way I'm making you another one."

"I'll enjoy it anyway..." Jungkook smiled softly.

"Jungkook-ssi. Don't insist," Jimin uttered, soft and desperate as if pleading to not do it.

Jungkook wondered why he wasn't letting him even though they had been in a car alone that day. He grabbed the coffee mug and his car keys.

"Let me make it up to you for calling at this hour," Jungkook said, not really waiting for an answer and Jimin just took a deep breath as he followed Jungkook out of the office.

Jimin almost smiled when Jungkook opened the backseat door for him. The two sat in the car and were off on the road.

Jimin closed his eyes, didn't open them even when Jungkook asked him if he should put on some music. He just didn't look at him, and didn't talk. He kept his head low, so Jungkook won't see.

"I guess this is the building," Jungkook stated and Jimin looked out before nodding.

"Yes, thank you," Jimin uttered.

"Looks like you're really tired. Slept through the drive," Jungkook said and Jimin just sighed.

"Yeah. I'll see you tomorrow, Jungkook-ssi. Good night," Jimin said and got out of the car.

"Goodnight," Jungkook mumbled as he watched Jimin walking towards his apartment.

Jimin was full of secrets and Jungkook couldn't help but be curious about what was going on in his mind. Jungkook wanted to know and he wanted Jimin to trust him and to let him in his life once again. He just wanted Jimin to be with him and not with Sungwoon.

He wasn't dumb to not notice how Jimin responded to his touch and how he looked at him at times. Jungkook knew that Jimin still felt the same about him.

His car had Jimin's scent, his office was filled with Jimin's sweet scent and that was more than enough for him at the moment.

Jungkook was sure he would go out of his mind. There were a lot of reasons for it. First, work but that didn't bother him much because he was used to it rather there were a few other things that he couldn't get out of his mind.

Now the first would definitely be Jimin and Sungwoon talking and Jimin giggling as if Sungwoon was a real charmer and said really something funny to make the other laugh.

Sungwoon was handsome, no doubt. Jungkook couldn't blame if someone liked him. But it was his office, not Jimin and Sungwoon's dining where they could be all giggly with each other.

Jimin was gone for the lunch break and Jungkook was leaving for Taehyung's office when he saw the two. Jimin had a box in his hand and Sungwoon had some soda and they were talking, laughing softly and Jungkook had to look away.

"You okay?" Taehyung asked when Jungkook entered his office.

It had been almost a week since he was seeing Jimin and Sungwoon so close. Of course Jimin was all okay with him but not like he was with Sungwoon and it didn't set well with Jungkook.

It was making him infuriated and he really didn't want to lose his temper.

"Yeah. I'm fine," Jungkook replied with a stern face.

"You don't look okay," Taehyung said and Jungkook just sighed hearing that.

"It's just work," Jungkook lied while making his way to the couch.

"It has never bothered you before though," Taehyung uttered as he sat next to Jungkook.

"Is something wrong regarding your uncle Wang?" Taehyung asked and Jungkook nodded a little.

"Maybe. The DNA reports will be here soon so I can't help but be worried about it," Jungkook replied and Taehyung patted his back.

"Everything will be fine. Don't worry about it too much," Taehyung sounded concerned, "But tell me though, you've been a little upset the whole week."

"It's nothing," Jungkook shook his head.

"Okay. But if anything is bothering you, you can tell me," Taehyung stated softly and Jungkook just sighed.

"I'll go now. I have to call Joshua for the dinner," Jungkook muttered as he got up from the couch and quietly left.

He didn't look at anyone as he made his way to his office but found Jimin already in his own office. It looked as if waiting for him.

"Jungkook-ssi, the key points have been emailed to me and I went through them and there seem to be no problem there," Jimin uttered as he made his way towards the table.

"See here, it says..."

"Leave it on desk, I'll go through it," Jungkook interrupted and Jimin frowned at him.

"But I have to email them back..." Jimin tried to say again.

"I said leave it on the desk," Jungkook said firmly but his voice was low.

"Okay," Jimin replied but kept holding the file.

"Are you okay?" Jimin asked out of worry.

"Can't you just listen? Leave the file here and go do your work," Jungkook snapped, looking at Jimin who was a little taken aback by the sudden outburst.

"Why are you being so rude?" Jimin questioned, frowning.

"Jimin, just leave me alone!" Jungkook said loudly this time.

"Did I do something?" Jimin asked softly because Jungkook had been a little down lately and Jimin hadn't talked to him except work.

He didn't pay attention to it because Jungkook would act normal too, stand close to him, give a flirty remark or smirk if Jimin would tell him to stop, but he also noticed how Jungkook would space out while working.

"For God's sake, Jimin!" Jungkook's palm softly colliding with the desk and it made Jimin angry as to why Jungkook was acting like this.

Jimin did nothing, glared at Jeongguk and put the file on the table, harshly and a thud resonated in the office.

"Mr.Joshua called, he needs to talk to you," Jimin uttered and took a step back.

The two looked at each other, both glaring but there was something else that shone in their eyes. Jimin turned around.

"Fuck," Jungkook cursed and the next moment he was on his feet. Jimin couldn't even reach the door when he felt a harsh grip on his arm and was turned around.

"What..." The words got stuck in Jimin's throat as Jungkook turned him around and moved a few steps closer so that Jimin was trapped between him and the desk.

Everything was happening so fast and Jimin could feel his heart threatening to beat out of chest. He was in Jungkook's hold, his body towering over him, his eyes fierce as if staring right through him.

"What's wrong with you?" Jimin asked, having enough of Jungkook's mood changes.

"Did I not make myself clear when I said I want you very damn professional here?" Jungkook said sternly, "We have some rules in this office and you should know them. You are here to work, not to get all friendly with the workers."

"You're not even making any sense..." Jimin tried to speak.

"I don't want to see you letting any worker get close to you when you shouldn't," Jungkook stated and Jimin just kept looking at him with a confused expression on his face.

"I don't fucking want anyone giving you a second look!" Jungkook growled and Jimin felt as if his heart was about to burst.

Jungkook was enraged, it showed but there was another deep emotion in his eyes that made Jimin's whole body shiver.

"What are you even talking about? Let go of me," Jimin muttered and tried to push Jungkook away but it seemed like Jungkook wasn't having any of it.

The next moment, Jungkook held Jimin from under his thighs and lifted him on the desk. He stood between Jimin's legs and his one hand stayed on his thigh, other on Jimin's waist as he pressed his body to him, making the boy gasp.

"You don't seem to understand, do you?" Jungkook uttered with gritted teeth.

Jimin's fingers were curled on Jungkook's jacket on his chest. He was breathing heavily and before he could even say anything about what Jungkook did, a broken moan escaped his lips when Jungkook captured his lips in a fierce kiss.

Jimin's eyes widened and a surge of electricity passed his body at the sudden action. Jungkook's lips were bruising and the kiss wasn't a soft one at all. He kissed Jimin as if he was been dying to do so.

Jimin didn't back away. He just closed his eyes and kissed back, both of them infuriated, angry and letting it out in the kiss. Jimin's fingers curled in Jungkook's hair as the two kissed as if they were deprived of water for years, their lips being the first drop of it.

It was bound to happen somehow, the days of tension between them that they tried to mask by being playful, those touches and staring at each other. The attraction they had felt wasn't one sided and Jimin thought that Jungkook would never want him again after he left him years ago but right now, he could feel how desperate Jungkook was for him.

And Jungkook, he had been holding himself back for too long. He couldn't bear Jimin being so close to anyone even of it was meant to be friendly and right now, his patience broke and he couldn't stop himself.

Jungkook pulled Jimin impossibly closer to himself and went on back of his head to hold him firm and he felt his body hot with the way Jimin felt so perfect attached to him like that, no space left between them as they kissed each other hungrily.

Jungkook ran his tongue over Jimin's lower lip and Jimin parted his lips for him, letting Jungkook kiss him even deeper. Their tongues met and the two moaned softly into the kiss.

Jungkook ran his hand over Jimin's thigh, earning a whine from the pretty boy when their bodies moved against each other, a sudden surge causing them to gasp in the thrilling kiss.

Jimin was holding onto Jungkook's jacket desperately and Jungkook held him close dearly, just their lips having the wild conversation.

Jungkook groaned when Jimin tugged at his hair as the response of him biting his lip. Jimin was sure his lips would bleed after the terrific and breathtaking kiss.

The two broke the kiss just for a second, caught a glimpse of the want and desperation in each other's eyes and they were kissing again, as if still not content.

Jimin felt his lips burn as Jungkook kissed him. The kiss didn't lose it's fire and they knew it would only keep growing. Jimin was the one who broke the kiss and pushed Jungkook away a little.

Jungkook tried to move forward again but Jimin stopped him by placing his hands on his chest, both of them breathing heavily and looking at each other with eyes filled with fire, want, lust and.... pain.

"Do you really want this after what I did to you?" Jimin's eyes held millions of unshed tears.

"You didn't do anything wrong, Jimin. You did what you thought was right for both of us. It took a lot of time for me to understand. I won't say I can forget it that you chose to walk away from me years ago. But I know you love me and could never do anything to hurt me. I can feel it. And you should know that I love you too. More than anything else in this world. Just give me another chance, baby. I can't keep myself away from you any longer. I have waited for you for years. It's so hard for me now," Jungkook mumbled and held Jimin's face in his hands before attaching their foreheads together.

"I don't deserve you," Jimin started crying when he felt how gently Jungkook was holding his face.

No one could ever give him that much love and care except that man.

"You deserve even better than me, Jimin," Jungkook mumbled before placing a tender kiss on Jimin's forehead.

"Just don't ever leave me again or treat me like a stranger," The words felt like a stab to Jimin's heart. They held such an emotion that Jimin wanted to cry.

And not to mention Jungkook's eyes, a raw emotion in them. They looked hopeful.

"I won't do anything you don't want me to but I want you to know that I'm not going anywhere and you'll always find me here, anytime you want," Jungkook whispered kissing away Jimin's tears.

"I trust you," Jimin mumbled, whispering with an emotion laced in them, his hand curled on Jungkook's chest and Jungkook looked at him with a warm smile.

Jimin closed his eyes when Jungkook leaned in and pressed a soft kiss just lower to his jaw, letting his lips linger there for seconds more.

Jimin sighed when Jungkook softly wiped another tear that was about to fall from his eye. Jungkook's touch had always been so gentle and causing sparks fly.

"We should go now," Jungkook murmured and Jimin nodded as they reluctantly let go of eachother, immediately missing the warmth.


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"Beautiful," Jungkook whispered while pushing a strand of Jimin's hair behind his ear and looking at him endearingly.

It was almost eleven in the evening and there were only a few people in the office. Jungkook had an important meeting that day, so he was quite tired. Jimin, being his secretary, stayed with him all day and after finishing all the work, they were resting on the couch together.

"I'll get the DNA reports tomorrow, so I'm a little worried," Jungkook stated, still touching Jimin's hair and Jimin had the urge to lean into his touch.

"I just couldn't bring myself to believe that my whole life was a lie," Jungkook mumbled sadly, "My dad wasn't my actual father. My mom cheated on my dad. And the worst, my biological father killed one of the most important people in my life."

Jimin was glad that Jungkook was being honest with him and not thinking that telling him about himself would make him look weak.

"I can never forgive the person who took away dad from me even if that person is my actual father," Jungkook mumbled and Jimin gave him an understanding look.

"Would you still revenge your dad if your uncle turned out to be your actual father?" Jimin's voice was low and soft.

"I don't know, baby. I honestly don't want to think about it right now. At least I have you or else I'd have gone crazy, " Jungkook murmured, his thumb traced Jimin's lower lip gently and the tingly sensation made Jimin smile a little.

"You're so pretty, Jimin. So fucking pretty," Jungkook whispered and the effect his words had on Jimin was unexplainable. Jimin closed his eyes because looking at Jungkook was now unbearable, his eyes so intense and deep.

And so beautiful. But he couldn't look away either so he looked in those deep eyes again and was sucked right into them.

"I won't let you go anywhere now. I won't let anyone touch you either," Jungkook uttered and Jimin wanted to cry because this was too much. Those words were messing him up and he didn't know if they were good or bad.

"Jungkook," Jimin mumbled, voice barely a whisper.

"Hmm?" Jungkook hummed, their lips were so close that Jimin almost whined.

He wanted Jungkook. He wanted him impossibly close and he could admit it right now, with all his heart. So he did the little effort needed, closed his eyes and leaned forward, their lips touched and hearts soared.

Jungkook smiled and rested his hands firmly on Jimin's waist as the smaller circled his own arms around Jungkook's neck, pulled him closer while Jungkook deepened the kiss.

He could never feel like that with anyone else. Just one kiss with Jungkook was enough to make him forget about everything that had happened to him in the past.

And Jungkook almost couldn't believe that Jimin actually wanted to kiss him, not forced or not even showing off but to actually kiss him and the way he kissed him, the way he clung to him, his back arching in his hold and soft whines escaping his lips when they kissed deeper proved that Jimin was missing all of this as much as he did.

No matter how much he denied it at first and Jungkook knew that Jimin might deny it again but his heart wouldn't. That was obvious the way he responded to his touch and moaned in the kiss.

Jungkook's hand moved lower to his ass and stayed there, didn't do anything because it was too soon after starting it all over again. Jungkook wanted Jimin to take his time. He definitely loved how Jungkook touched him so lovingly.

The two broke the kiss slowly, stayed in each other's arms while looking at each other with eyes full of affection. Jungkook smiled softly and Jimin could never get tired of looking at him as he knew that his smile was only for him. It made his heart skip a beat.

It would break him if he hurt the man infront of him ever again. He didn't want to but every time he thought like that, something bad happened. He wouldn't be able to see Jungkook getting hurt, not for him and not by him. Never.

"Let me drop you off," Jungkook murmured and pecked Jimin's lips. Jimin smiled shyly and didn't argue at all.


"Oh. To what do I owe this pleasure?" Wang's voice held amusement and tease.

"I'm sure you have a pretty good idea why I'm here," Jungkook scoffed as he came out of the car and walked towards him.

Jungkook received the DNA reports just an hour ago. He was a little shocked. If he hadn't been preparing himself for this moment for the last few days, he would be more heartbroken. But he was somehow mentally prepared for it already.

"Couldn't stay away from your father after seeing the reports with your own eyes?" Wang couldn't stop smiling looking at Jungkook.

"What were you waiting for? Why didn't you tell me about anything earlier?" Jungkook asked in a stern tone and his face remained devoid of any emotion.

"I knew that you won't believe me," Wang replied as he stepped forward to touch Jungkook's face but Jungkook took a step back.

"Then why did you tell me this now? Couldn't get over the fact that I want to throw you behind the bars for taking an innocent life?" Jungkook wasn't having any of it. He knew that Wang would have never revealed the truth if it wasn't for saving himself.

"Are you're calling Junghoon innocent? He was anything but innocent, son," Wang scoffed.

"He was still better than you. He didn't kill his friend for his stupid reasons," Jungkook replied with gritted teeth.

"Stupid reasons? It was about you and your mom. He took away everything from me," Wang chuckled dryly.

"Don't put the blame on dad now. You're a coward. You were so afraid to admit that I'm your fucking son," Jungkook almost yelled.

"Do you really think Junghoon would have spared your life knowing that your mother had an affair with me and I was the one who impregnated her?" Wang's voice was equally loud.

"Dad would never have killed me. He loved me more than anything else in the world. He was far better than you. I'd have respected you as a father if you have ever taken a step for me or mom but you never did," Jungkook replied as he was sure that Junghoon could've never hurt him even if he knew the truth.

"I can't believe you hate me even after knowing who I am," Wang groaned.

"I know who you're. You're the murderer of my dad and I won't let you get away with that," Jungkook uttered while pointing a finger at him.

"Do you really want to start a war against your own father?" Wang asked as he looked into Jungkook's eyes, clearly not believing how Jungkook was talking to him.

"Don't force me to do it because if I made up my mind, I'll do anything I can to break you," Jungkook replied in a challenging tone.

"You should think about it again," Wang murmured with a frown on his face.

Suddenly his phone started ringing and he took out his phone from his pocket to look at the caller's ID. "This isn't over yet, Jungkook. You can't change the fact that you're my son. You'll come back to me eventually. Blood attracts blood," saying that Wang went back to sit into his car in a hurry and drove away.

Jungkook turned around with clenched fists and was about to open the door of his car when Choi stopped him.

"Why are you in a hurry? Let's have a seat, Jungkook. I need to talk to you," he uttered and Jungkook stopped to glare at him as wasn't there to listen to his shit.

"I think you shouldn't forget about the precious bond a father has with his son. I'm one of your dad's best friends so I hope you'll keep that in your mind while dealing with me next time," Choi uttered in a teasing tone.

"Don't call him my dad, Choi. And the way you're treating this company and the previous deals, I'm afraid I'll have to take away my shares. All of them," Jungkook replied with a bored expression.

"You won't do that. Those shares were from Junghoon not from you," Choi said nervously making Jungkook chuckle.

"Our company gave you money so yours could run and we were considerate enough to not take that money back," Jungkook smirked, "but if I did, you will have nothing left because that money is more than this shitty company is worth."

"And what makes you think you have proof that all that money was from your company?" Choi asked.

"Well, you know, Choi-ssi. I have my workers for many tasks and I do have proof. Even if I don't then I will create them. Trust me then, you or any of your lawyers won't be able to do shit about it," Jungkook challenged while standing right in front of him.

"Consider this as a warning, Choi. If you even thought about doing what you're trying to, I won't stop myself from snatching away everything from you," Jungkook warned, eyes firm and dark.

"Sending people to follow Jimin. Did you think I won't find out?" Jungkook smirked.

"Got yourself a pretty secretary and a boyfriend too huh?" Choi chuckled making Jungkook frown, "You think I won't find out?"

"Stay away from him, Choi," Jungkook groaned with clenched fists.

"You look pretty serious for that slut," Choi uttered, his eyes challenging him.

Jungkook couldn't believe that Choi would steep so low that he would talk about Jimin like that.

"Well, I suggest you keep this bullshit to yourself because it'll only take me a minute to destroy what you," Jungkook replied, his expression nonchalant.

"It'll take me a moment to destroy that pretty secretary of yours though," And the next moment, a crack was heard of the impact that Jungkook's knuckles made with Choi's nose.

Choi stumbled back a few steps, a painful growl escaped his lips at the sudden impact. He covered his nose and soon after, blood trickled from his nose.

"If you opened your foul mouth against Jimin next time then it won't be just a warning but rather your company will be destroyed right infront of your fucking eyes," Jungkook said, calm and collected.

"You're going to fucking pay for this!" Choi shouted and Jungkook turned around before walking away.

"I'm telling you, Jeon Jungkook, you'll pay for this!" Choi's words fell deaf to Jungkook's ears as he entered his car and drove away.


"Would you mind if I asked where were you?" Jimin questioned as Jungkook entered his office. He had left without telling Jimin.

Jimin was kind of restless because Jungkook just left the office when he was supposed to be checking the important emails Jimin sent him earlier that day. Also, he didn't even touch the coffee he had ordered. They were in the office past six, working late along with the other workers.

"I had something important to do," Jungkook replied shortly and Jimin raised his eyebrow at him.

"I'm your secretary. I should know about all the important things that you're doing," Jimin uttered and Jungkook just stood by the door, a smile on his lips and it turned into a smirk when Jimin's eyes widen as Jungkook locked the door.

Jungkook kept looking at Jimin as he walked towards the other door which connected his office to Jimin's and locked it too.

"What are you doing?" Jimin asked, holding onto the file in his hands tightly.

"Taking safety measures, I guess," Jungkook replied with a shrug. And Jimin had enough time to walk away from the desk because he would be trapped against it as Jungkook was walking towards him. But he didn't move because he didn't want to.

"For what?" Jimin whispered just as Jungkook stood in front of him. He almost wanted to just curl himself into Jungkook's embrace, that's what his cologne was making him want to do.

"I don't have to say it, do I?" Jungkook asked and Jimin bit his lower lip while trying not to smile.

"You didn't tell me where you were," Jimin mumbled and Jungkook sighed as he moved forward and rested his hands on Jimin's waist. It all felt so natural as if it had been like that forever and those years of longing never even came between them.

"I'm happy that I have you to share all my concerns with," Jungkook mumbled while kissing the back of Jimin's hand tenderly and Jimin once again felt as if he really didn't deserve someone so caring like Jungkook. But at the same time, he wanted to hand over his heart to him, forever.

"What happened, Kookie?" Jimin was worried because the amusement on Jungkook's lips turned into a thin line, jaw clenched.

"I went to meet uncle... Mr.Wang," Jungkook replied and Jimin's eyes slightly widened.

"What happened? Did you get the reports?" Jimin asked frantically.

"Relax, baby," Jungkook chuckled a little and caressed Jimin's waist gently.

"He wasn't lying," Jungkook murmured and Jimin didn't know what to say.

"Was he right about everything?" Jimin questioned in a worried tone as he knew about the seriousness of the situation.

"Unfortunately," Jungkook murmured making Jimin gasp.

"What will you do now?" Jimin asked softly.

"I don't know, Jimin. I'm confused," Jungkook replied with a hint of sadness evident in his tone.

"I just don't want you to get hurt. I'm sure you'll make the right decision," Jimin exclaimed and Jungkook just smiled at him.

No matter how much Jimin tried to control himself, he couldn't hide the fact that he cared about Jungkook more than anything else in the world and it showed in his eyes.

"I won't get hurt, baby," Jungkook shrugged and Jimin didn't like how he was taking it all light, "don't worry about it okay. I'll take care of everything."

"I still feel ashamed of hurting you so much in the past," Jimin muttered out of nowhere, his heart beating fast talking about it again.

"It's okay, baby. I don't care what happened in the past. I have you with me now," Jungkook mumbled, his hand on Jimin's hair now, playing softly with them.

"You were always there whenever I needed you but I..." Jimin hated himself for leaving Jungkook behind. He groaned in frustration and Jungkook just smiled while cupping his face.

"Let's just forget about it. I made mistakes too so it wasn't entirely your fault why it all happened. I don't want you to blame yourself for everything," Jungkook uttered so softly that Jimin wanted to cry.

Jimin was so angry at himself as Jungkook was always so caring and understanding. He couldn't believe sometimes that the man was actually in his life, willing to hold him anytime he broke.

So he didn't say anything further, no words to be said anyways as he leaned forward and captured Jungkook's lips in a soft kiss, arms circling around his neck.

The two sighed contently in the kiss, loving the way they responded to each other, bodies closer with no space left, fire igniting within their hearts of want and desperation.

Just as Jimin's hand curled on Jungkook's jacket, Jungkook pulled out Jimin's shirt from his jeans, making him gasp slightly.

The two broke the kiss and looked at each other with hunger in their eyes. Jimin took off Jungkook's coat in a rush and pulled him into a kiss again, their lips moving sensually and roughly against each other.

Jimin moaned when Jungkook's hand slipped under his shirt, touching boldly. He arched his back, their lowers touching and it added more to the feel, a rush of excitement flew through them.

"Kookie..." Jimin whined as Jungkook sucked on his bottom lip.

"What is it, baby?" Jungkook mused and Jimin whined again, just pressing his body completely against Jungkook's, wanting nothing more than to just be in his arms and keep kissing him.

"Just... kiss me," Jimin mumbled and Jungkook happily obliged. Even though they were already kissing but Jungkook knew what Jimin actually wanted.

He pulled Jimin up by his thighs and settled him on the desk. They broke the kiss again as Jungkook discarded his coat completely and started unbuttoning Jimin's shirt. Jimin had his legs circled around Jungkook's torso, hands on either side of him as he leaned back a little, letting Jungkook do whatever he wanted.

Jungkook's eyes took in the soft and golden skin of the gorgeous boy in front of him as he completely unbuttoned the shirt. Jimin saw the hunger in Jungkook's eyes and it made his heart threaten to beat out of his chest.

It was getting too much, Jungkook's eyes on him and looking as if they were claiming him. He moved his hips forward, letting Jungkook know that he wanted him to do something.

Jungkook leaned forward and pecked Jimin's lips before kissing his neck, his lips sucking and leaving hickeys all over the milky skin that made Jimin writhe under him with soft moans escaping his lips.

Jimin moaned loudly when Jungkook's lips started teasing his nipples, sucking at one as his hand teased the other, thumb pressed just like his tongue and he licked, making Jimin cry in pleasure. He kept sucking Jimin's nipples hungrily for quite a long time while rubbing them with both of his hands.

"Fuck. You're so perfect," he whispered and Jimin would never not love the praises from him.

"Lie back," Jungkook said in an authoritative tone after he cleared the desk from behind him. He pecked Jimin's lips and Jimin quickly followed as told, his body shaking with excitement.

"I can tell you were missing it as much as I did," Jungkook chuckled softly and Jimin gave him a shy smile.

His back arched beautifully on the desk when Jungkook trailed his fingers from his thighs to his stomach and then to his mouth.

"Suck," Jungkook whispered and Jimin moaned just at that, making Jungkook groan. He had been trying his best to not lose control, having Jimin like that in front of him after years, the sight that would haunt him forever.

"Good boy," Jungkook mumbled as Jimin took two of his fingers in his mouth, sucking gently.

Jungkook proceeded to take off Jimin's pants slowly, taking his time, loving the feel of Jimin's tongue was trailing around his fingers.

Jimin was left in his underwear and shirt as Jungkook managed to take off his pants with one hand, his hand running over the long legs and soft thighs that Jungkook always loved to mark.

"Even your legs are so pretty, Jimin," Jungkook murmured as he played with the waistband of Jimin's underwear.

"That's enough," Jungkook softly stated, leaning down to place a soft kiss on his stomach and Jimin waited impatiently.

Jimin yelped when Jungkook lowered his underwear a little, hand sliding in it, and at the same time, he pushed Jimin up a little so that he wasn't completely leaning back. He held Jimin by his nape firmly and he loved the display of strength.

"Ready?" Jungkook asked and Jimin immediately nodded.

"Kiss me," Jimin mumbled and Jungkook did as he was told. At the same time, his finger entered Jimin's pink soft hole, making the pretty boy squirm at the painful sensation but Jungkook kissed him hard to distract him.

"Jungkook!" Jimin sounded desperate and Jungkook just groaned against his lips.

"I'm your boss so call me sir," Jungkook uttered with a smirk and earned a moan from Jimin as he moved his finger in and out of him. Jimin holds onto Jungkook's arm that was holding him by his nape and cried as the taller entered his second finger.

"Sir!" Jimin cried in pleasure and Jungkook smirked again while fastening his speed and fucking Jimin with his fingers, finding the bundle of nerves soon as Jimin cried again.

He was all over Jimin. Even though he wasn't able to move his fingers properly because of the position but Jimin still felt as if he was on cloud nine because Jungkook easily found his prostate and was now being completely brutal.

"Fuck!" Jimin moaned out and Jungkook couldn't help but capture his lips in a hungry kiss, kissing and biting his lips and Jimin whimpered as his whole body shuddered and he came.

Jimin was holding Jungkook tightly, their lips moving lazily as they stopped and Jimin felt the wetness in his underwear.

"You okay?" Jungkook whispered against Jimin's lips and Jimin just dumbly nodded, still recovering. He was breathing heavily, eyes wide.

Jungkook pulled out his fingers, making Jimin whimper slightly because he was feeling very sensitive.

"We can do it some other time if you're feeling uncomfortable," Jungkook smiled at him warmly as he helped Jimin stand.

"I just d-don't feel like doing it here," Jimin breathed out in an apologetic tone making Jungkook chuckle softly.

"That's fine, baby. Put on your clothes and I'll drop you to your place," Jungkook muttered and Jimin didn't argue at all.

"I have some new boxers in my closet. I don't really use my outfits from the office closet so they must be here," Jungkook stated and Jimin simply nodded at him.

Jimin grabbed his pants and walked towards the attached bathroom. He had no choice but to go through Jungkook's small office closet and take some new boxers.

He splashed water over his face and looked at himself in the mirror. He bit his lips and his cheeks immediately turned red. There were hickeys all over his neck which reminded him of how desperately Jungkook was sucking on it just a few minutes ago.

Jungkook washed his hands after Jimin came out and he smiled at how Jimin was being shy around him.

"Let's go," Jungkook stated and Jimin simply nodded before following him out of the office.

"No coffee today?" Jimin asked and Jungkook shook his head.

"I want to sleep tonight. I know I'll sleep well though," Jungkook winked at Jimin as they reached the car and Jimin chuckled while shaking his head.

The two didn't realize they were being followed as they hit the road.


Chapter Text

Jimin had a small smile on his lips as he sat in the backseat, the car ride filled with a comfortable silence. It would be either him or Jungkook to look at the front mirror to see one another. One time they looked at each other at the same time and quickly looked away, feeling flustered.

Jungkook couldn't help but smile at the fluttering feeling and becoming flustered just by looking at Jimin. It made him feel childish as if he wanted to jump and yell in happiness like children when they are happy and have no worry about what the future holds for them.

That was how Jimin was making him feel. He wanted Jimin to be close to him all the damn time and wanted to see him smile only for him. He also wanted to be the reason for Jimin's smile and happiness. Jungkook wanted to make him feel comfortable and be the one he could always trust.

He was trying but maybe not enough. But he hoped that he would succeed because Jimin might not believe all of that but Jungkook knew that Jimin was the one... he just knew, his heart and mind were both one in this. Jimin had come into Jungkook's life again to stay and he would do anything to make him stay. He knew that Jimin had gone through a lot, his past and also the mistakes Jungkook made in their relationship. It was reasonable that he didn't trust anyone. Jungkook wouldn't either. He would be cautious of everything too.

He was ready to give Jimin all the time he needed to trust him again and while doing so, he wouldn't step away. He would keep treating Jimin like he deserved to be, even if the other pushed him away once again, Jungkook wanted to wait for him.

He wanted to show Jimin that he could trust him once more and Jungkook would never break it. He would make Jimin believe and show him that he wasn't going anywhere and that he would always be there for Jimin whenever he will need him.

He was also a bit satisfied because he knew that Jimin had never stopped loving him, it showed and the way he reacted to his touch, the way he blushed profusely, it showed. And if it wasn't true then Jimin would never have said yes to what Jungkook proposed to him that day.

He knew that it was foolish trying to keep Jimin all to himself. Jimin left him all those years ago just because of his extremely possessive nature. He didn't want to lose the love of his life once again. Through his job, at least Jimin was close to him so he had a chance to prove himself to Jimin that he could trust Jungkook truly this time.

Jungkook looked at the front mirror again but he frowned this time. He didn't put much attention to it first but there was this van again, following them. It never crossed them when Jungkook slowed down a bit and just to confirm his suspension, he stopped the car in front of the small playground they were crossing, it was lit up a bit but no one was around.

"What happened?" Jimin asked and Jungkook just sighed looking at the van stop far behind them.

"We're being followed," Jungkook mumbled and Jimin's eyes widened.

"What?" Jimin exclaimed, "Why did you stop then?"

"Do you want them to lead me to your house and just drop you off?" Jungkook asked looking at Jimin.

"Well, let's go back to the office building," Jimin uttered while looking back and saw the black van parked near the bushes. He gulped and looked at Jungkook desperately.

"Stay in the car," Jungkook murmured and Jimin thought he definitely misunderstood him.

"What?" Jimin asked in confusion.

"Stay in the car, baby. Don't come out," Jungkook replied and unlocked the door. Jungkook was furious as he was fucking done with all the people trying to sabotage what he had in his life. He knew they were Choi's men and Jungkook would definitely show them who they messed with.

And if they were thinking they could hurt Jimin... well they were utterly mistaken because Jungkook could never let that happen.

"No, Kookie!" Jimin almost grabbed Jungkook's coat but failed as Jungkook closed the door after coming out and locked the car.

He did not just lock me inside the car! Jimin couldn't believe it.

"Jungkook?" Jimin yelled from behind but Jungkook kept walking towards the van.

Oh no no no. Please don't do this! Jimin felt his heartbeat quickening and palms sweating profusely. Jungkook was alone and who knew how many people were in that van. He was the only one to fight and he could get hurt because of that.

And if those people were there for Jimin and Jungkook ended up getting hurt because of that, Jimin would never forgive himself.

Jimin felt suffocated, he called for Jungkook, hit his palms on the window so that his lover could hear him once and come back to him.

His eyes widened when he saw two people getting out of the black van. Jimin saw their faces but couldn't recognize any one of them.

Jungkook seemed to be talking to them and it happened for a while. After some time, one of the two guys walked forward. He seemed to be quite angry and Jimin felt his heart almost stop when both of the two men lunged at Jungkook.


"Just give us the boy and we'll leave you alone," one of the two guys said, making Jungkook chuckle.

"You think I'm stupid or something. I've been polite to you for so long and now I'm telling you to leave but you don't seem to understand," Jungkook uttered with a clenched jaw, "Do you think I don't know who your boss is? Tell Choi to come here and face me himself. He's a fucking coward. Sending idiots like you to me? You really think I'll let you even touch Jimin a bit?"

"You are too full of yourself, Jeon!" One of them stepped forward and growled but Jungkook just chuckled at him once again.

"I just know that I will only be wasting my time with you two," Jungkook simply shrugged. Having enough, the two guys finally attacked him.

One held Jungkook from his torso, the two stepped back and the other guy hit his leg, making him bend on the floor but Jungkook was quick to stand up with force and push the other to fall on his back.

Growls ripped through the air as the three fought, receiving hits after hits and it was mostly Jungkook hitting the other two. It was just one falter and Jungkook fell to the floor, groaning as one guy held Jungkook in that position.

"Get the boy," He ordered and the other man rushed towards the car.

Jimin was crying. He had his hands on his ears because the painful grunts were so loud even inside the locked car. He couldn't do anything when he saw one of the men running towards him.

Seeing Jungkook getting hurt was too much. He had tried to break the glass but it was all in vain. It was true, they were there for him.

Jimin heard the glass break by a big stone that had been thrown towards the car. Jimin scurried away to the other side, breathing heavily and looking at the man with horror, thinking of what to do.

The man broke the glass even more, his laugh evil as he tried to scare Jimin by trying to reach him with his hands close to the pretty boy.

"Come on, doll. You'll love the place we're taking you to. Jeon just doesn't seem to understand," He smirked and Jimin felt sick and angry.

"Don't you dare touch him," Jungkook  yelled from where he was lying on the ground, with blood oozing out of the wounds on his face and hands.

"I can't be there with you all the time. How many times will you let them do this to yourself?" Jungkook's words started echoing through his ears.

And the next time the man tried to hold him, Jimin grabbed his arm before pushing it up forcefully. The broken glass penetrated in the man's arm and he started screaming in pain. Jimin cried and growled at the same time.

But the victory was short lived as the screaming guy grabbed his collar and pulled him harshly, his nails digging in Jimin's delicate skin.

"You bitch!" He groaned but before anything could happen, he was harshly pushed away from Jimin.

Jimin frantically looked and found Jungkook holding the guy from the back of his shirt. He looked completely angry and furious, as if he was ready to kill.

Jungkook dragged the man to the front of the car and slammed his head to the bonnet. He held him in place and punched him again and again. Jimin watched from inside, his body shaking.

"You shouldn't have fucking done that. You shouldn't have fucking touched him," Jungkook yelled and delivered a hard punch, knocking the guy unconscious.

Jimin didn't even want to look behind at the other man knocked out. He simply closed his eyes with his head low, hoping that it was all just a dream.

Jungkook was breathing heavily, his face and hand bloody but when he looked at Jimin, he immediately ran to unlock the car. Jimin kept sobbing when he opened the passenger seat.

"Baby?" Jungkook called, his voice so soft, as if he was talking to a child.

"You got hurt, Kookie. What if something happened to you? What if they had shot you or something? How could you do that?" Jimin cried and pulled away when Jungkook tried to hold his face with his hands.

"I know you're upset. I..." Jungkook sighed as Jimin looked away to the other side, hiding his face in his arm.

"I'll take you to my house. Is that okay?" Jungkook asked but got no answer from Jimin as Jimin kept sniffling while wiping his tears with the back of his hands.

"Jimin, is that okay?" Jungkook questioned again but was met with silence so he just closed the door and got in the driver's seat.

"I'm not leaving you alone after what just happened," Jungkook uttered and started the car.

He moved the car back carefully as he didn't want to run over the body of the man he had just beaten. Jimin kept his head low all the way to Jungkook's house. Jungkook announced they reached there as he opened the door for Jimin.

Jimin just got out of the car and didn't dare to look at Jungkook because he knew he won't be able to bear seeing him hurt. He didn't know why he was tearing up when he tried his best not to. Jungkook lead him inside and the two stopped in the TV lounge. Jungkook stood by the couch with Jimin's back at him and the smaller finally looked around him.

The house was utterly beautiful and felt like home or maybe it was just because it was Jungkook's. Jimin kept looking straight and didn't even see the rest of the lounge because he didn't want to turn around.

"Jimin," Jungkook called in a small voice.

And Jimin closed his eyes with his head hung low. He wanted to look at Jungkook because it was hard not to, not when he called him like that.

He finally opened his eyes and turned around. His eyes widened and breath hitched when he looked at Jungkook. Jungkook's hands were covered with blood, knuckles badly wounded. His lower lip was bruised and bleeding. There was also a bruise on his cheek.

And there was a limit to which Jimin could control himself as he felt himself walking towards Jungkook, eyes holding concern and worry. He was so scared.

Jimin raised his hands, tears fell from his eyes as he tried to touch Jungkook's face but his hands curled to his own chest and he looked at Jungkook desperately.

What if something worse had happened to him? It's all because of me. I knew I will hurt him again.

Jimin always kept telling that to Jungkook but Jungkook never listened to him.

"I told you I'll hurt you," Jimin mumbled with his eyes brimming with tears.

Jungkook smiled a little seeing how worried Jimin was for him, but there was no way he was hurt because of that innocent boy.

"It's not because of you and it doesn't hurt at all," Jungkook murmured softly as he wiped the tear that was about to fall from Jimin's eye. He gently caressed it off and cupped Jimin's face.

"You'll never hurt me intentionally," Jungkook whispered and believed it. He said that with no doubt in it as if he knew better and he actually did. He knew none of it was Jimin's fault.

Jimin felt his heart threatening to burst out of his chest. He closed his eyes and leaned into Jungkook's soft and gentle touch, a feeling settled in his stomach that he had never felt before.

Jimin felt like everything had changed that night. He could just feel it because the urge to just stay in Jungkook's arms was stronger than ever. Standing there felt like home and for the first time, Jimin wanted to forget every fear and insecurity and just be drowned in Jungkook's scent.

Seeing him hurt felt like someone ripped his heart. He felt it with all his body and it was extremely scary and hurting to see that man hurt Jungkook.

The wounds he got felt like Jimin got them too and he kept saying it again and again that he would hurt Jungkook again and it happened that night. No matter how much Jungkook said that he wasn't hurt, it didn't calm Jimin's heart and mind. His thoughts were a whirlwind inside of him.

Nothing like that would have happened if he stayed away from Jungkook in the first place. He should've shut his heart out and not even glanced at Jungkook. Jungkook should've understood then and it would all be fine. They would be only a boss and a secretary.

But now it was too late. Jimin's heart had already started to beat for that man once again, fluttering at the sight of him. His body being in his control when he touched him and kissed him. Jimin couldn't even begin to explain how ecstatic he felt when Jungkook was close to him.

Jimin didn't care if those guys were here for him, to take him away or hurt him. He just hated himself that because of it, Jungkook got hurt and that was something Jimin never wanted, even when they were together all those years ago.

"Don't think much about it, baby. Everything will be okay. I'll make sure of that," Jungkook uttered softly as he gently caressed Jimin's face. The smaller opened his eyes filled with worry.

"I know you won't listen to me and will do what you want but just don't get hurt please. I don't want to get hurt because of me," Jimin was practically begging him now.

"I won't," Jungkook simply replied.

"Swear by the moon," Jimin whispered and Jungkook smiled at him endearingly.

"I don't want the moon to perish if I failed," Jungkook mumbled and Jimin looked at him desperately.

"You said you won't get hurt and now your saying that..." Jimin stopped when Jungkook leaned forward and rested their foreheads together.

"I swear by the moon that I'll try not to get hurt but I swear by my life that I won't let anyone hurt you and if it happened then the world will see me perish," Jungkook promised in the softest tone possible.

The moment Jungkook said those words, Jimin's breath hitched, a shiver of fear ran through his body. His eyes widened and he stepped back, looking at Jungkook in utter shock.

Jungkook, however, was just standing there with a faint smile on his lips and his eyes were hopeful. He wasn't sure of either thing. He knew if Jimin got hurt again and he couldn't do anything then there was no way he'd ever forgive himself.

That's how much Jimin meant to him.

Jimin, on the other hand, was scared because he didn't know how to react and that was something that was making him panic right now. Jungkook's words meant so many things and he couldn't get a grip on them at the moment.

"Why would you say that?" Jimin whispered, "Why would you?"

"I just said the truth, Jimin. I won't forgive myself if something ever happened to you again. I will kill my..."

"No!" Jimin immediately put his hand on Jungkook's mouth, making taller chuckle softly.

"Relax, baby. You wanted a promise and I have one. Let's just not talk about it right now," Jungkook uttered as he held Jimin's hand.

"Don't say such stupid things again," Jimin murmured deciding to keep his mind thoughtless of the heavy words Jungkook spoke because it was better for now.

"Okay," Jungkook replied softly.

"You should shower but let me treat your wounds first," Jimin muttered while looking at the scar on Jungkook's cheek.

"Yeah, I'll shower and my wounds aren't that deep so they'll heal," Jungkook replied and then stepped forward before he leaned in with a smirk.

"They'll heal faster if you kiss me though," he whispered and Jimin rolled his eyes while pushing him away.

"You wish," Jimin uttered playfully, "I'm not kissing you when you're covered in blood."

"Then I'll just shower really fast so I can get to kiss you," Jungkook mumbled and Jimin laughed softly.

"Just go," Jimin gave him a warm smile.

"You can wear anything you want from the wardrobe. The other room is set too but you're more than welcome to sleep with me," Jungkook stopped when Jimin grabbed his arm and pushed him towards the stairs.

"Thank you so much but I think I should sleep in the other room. Who knows what you might do?" Jimin replied making Jungkook pout.

"You're gonna miss one big opportunity tonight but it's okay. You'll end up in my bed anyway," Jungkook smirked and Jimin felt his cheeks heat up.

"You're too full of yourself," Jimin mumbled.

"Just take the clothes and shower... in the other room though I don't mind you showering with me," Jungkook teased one last time.

"Stop talking already," Jimin groaned cutely making Jungkook laugh.

They went to Jungkook's room and Jimin instantly fell in love with the dark yet elegant and homey vibe of it. He quickly took Jungkook's clothes from the closet which he hadn't used yet. They were black and silky.

"They were from Taehyung but I don't wear them. You know I sleep just in my boxers," Jungkook said and Jimin knew he was being a flirt again.

"I didn't ask," Jimin replied and Jungkook just nudged his shoulder.

"I bet you want to see me shirtless again," Jungkook smirked making Jimin blush hard.

"I want to see you without anything though, lying there in my bed with nothing. Just like the old times," Jungkook whispered in his ear and Jimin tried his best to keep his cool.

"Would be one hell of a sight," Jimin could feel Jungkook's breath on his neck and it made him shiver.

"Thanks for this. I'll go shower now," Jimin murmured and rushed out of Jungkook's room with his heart pounding in his chest.


Chapter Text

After taking a shower, the two were resting in the TV lounge. Jungkook had ordered takeout for both of them. Jimin texted Kai that he would stay at Jungkook's home and Kai had replied him with a rather inappropriate emoji of two men kissing which Jimin ignored.

Jimin told Jungkook that he started dancing in one of the best dance academies of Seoul after leaving the college but had to drop it later due to his muscle pain. Jungkook listened to him endearingly while Jimin explained him how important dancing was for him.

They wanted to forget the events of earlier that night and that was what they did. A comfortable silence enveloped them as they looked at the TV screen, an episode of some random show was running.

After so many years, Jimin felt like he was sitting in home, a warm and comfortable place where he could spend the rest of his life and not to mention the person sitting next to him, the handsome and loving person who was too good for him.

"You have no idea how happy I am that you trusted me again. I promise and I swear that I'll do anything to see you smiling ever so beautifully and to make you happy like you deserve to be," Jungkook uttered and Jimin was about to say something but Jungkook didn't let him, "I know it's hard for you to trust me again and believe that I won't make any mistake but all I'm asking for is one chance and if I couldn't make you happy, I'll stop. I'll stop everything right then and there."

But you already make me so happy.

"Just one chance and I'll prove it to you that I'm not that immature boy anymore," Jungkook pleaded softly.

"Okay," Jimin whispered in reply.

After the heartfelt talk with Jungkook, Jimin fell asleep in Jungkook's arms, hugging him and head resting on his shoulder. Jimin was snoring softly and Jungkook was gently caressing his back with a warm smile on his face.

Jungkook felt warmth envelop his heart at the thought of Jimin trusting him again. That night, he finally had a hundred percent surety of Jimin not running away from him anymore. Jimin was really giving him another chance like he had asked for.

The kiss they shared after Jimin said yes was the one filled with utter joy and serenity, making their hearts beat wild yet in sync and melting at the softest yet pure and raw feel of it.

Jungkook had never imagined his boring life getting such an exciting turn. Just a mere thought of Jimin made him feel giddy and smiling. He had no interest in keeping a relationship after his last one with Jimin ended dreadfully. And then Jimin came back into his life, had him completely whipped and under his spell one more time. Jungkook couldn't be any more happier.

It was the only thing Jungkook had been missing in his life. Someone who would knock him off his feet just by smile and Jimin did every damn time.

Jungkook smiled and got up, holding Jimin by his thighs and walked towards the room Jimin would be staying in, even though he wanted Jimin to sleep in his room but he didn't want to make him uncomfortable either. He covered Jimin's body with a soft comforter and looked at him with an endearing eyes, touching his face softly.

Whispering a goodnight to Jimin, Jungkook checked his phone to see any update from Hyunjae since he had already informed him to take those two guys he beat and make them talk.


Jimin was smiling uncontrollably ever since he woke up in the morning. He was content and happy spending the night at Jungkook's home. He felt as if he was given a chance to breathe properly after being held in a suffocated place for so long.

He didn't change into his old clothes, kept the ones he was wearing because they smelt like Jeongguk and he wasn't ready to take them off yet.

He checked his phone when he walked into the room. He decided to wait for Jungkook to come and wake him up. He had a text message from Kai.

I know you must be enjoying right now but I just want to say that I really miss you.
2.19 am

Should I call? Jimin thought but then decided to against it for now.

His heartbeat quickened when he heard a knock on the door. He rushed towards the door and opened it, finding Jungkook standing in front of him, looking so good and utterly handsome as ever.

"Thought you'd be sleeping," Jungkook stated but Jimin was busy drooling over him even though he was wearing just casual clothes.

"I made breakfast for us," Jungkook uttered and Jimin looked at him with a smile before nodding.

"I bet you have a lot servants. Your wounds aren't healed yet so you shouldn't have cooked," Jimin mumbled looking at the scar on Jungkook face with concern.

"I did what I wanted to," Jungkook smiled, his eyes shining.

"Aren't we gonna get late for work?" Jimin asked to keep the conversation going as the two were acting awkward and shy around one another.

"It's Saturday," Jungkook reminded him.

"Oh, right," Jimin smiled sheepishly because he was still given off on Saturday.

"I made pancakes," Jungkook announced, a little nervous as Jimin on the chair by the counter.

"I hope you'll like them," Jungkook said while sitting on the next chair.

The two enjoyed the breakfast with a comfortable silence as Jungkook had told all of the servants to leave him alone for a day. Namjoon was also on a business trip so there was no one except a few guards. Jimin kept complimenting Jungkook's cooking and how it had become so much better.

"I should go now," Jimin mumbled looking at Jungkook hesitantly and then quickly looked away.

"Stay for a while," Jungkook requested and Jimin held his gaze this time, a smile on his lips which he tried to hide by biting his lips.

"I mean, you can if you want to. I'll drop you off if you want to go," Jungkook said and Jimin's eyes softened quickly.

"I'll stay," Jimin whispered and Jungkook's eyes lit up, smile widened.

"Okay, that's... that's great," Jungkook murmured and didn't know why he was nervous even though he shouldn't but maybe it was because of the new start that they agreed on last night.

Whatever it was, didn't stop them to step forward and in a rush of a moment, all the nervousness went away and only passion and excitement flooded through their veins as they kissed, arms around each other.

Jimin loved how Jungkook's arms enveloped him and held him securely in his warm embrace as they kissed. Jungkook hid Jimin in his body protectively, and kissed him deeply and lovingly.

Jungkook stepped forward, Jimin's body hit the counter edge and he was trapped. Jungkook pressed his body against Jimin's completely, no space left and the smaller sighed contented in the kiss.

Jungkook broke the kiss and proceeded to kiss Jimin's neck, the old marks were still there and Jungkook felt pround that it was him who gave them to Jimin and how fucking beautiful they looked on him.

"Jungkook-ah..." Jimin threw his head back, soft moans escaping his lips as Jungkook sucked on his neck and marked his collarbone.

Jungkook was about to slide his hand under Jimin's shirt but his phone started ringing and he had stop that made him groan against Jimin's skin.

Jimin chuckled, still in a trance, fingers locked in Jungkook's curly hair.

"Fuck," Jungkook cursed and Jimin told him to pick the call.

Jungkook pouted and pecked Jimin's lips before letting go of him slowly. He walked towards table next to the couch and picked up his phone. It was Hyunjae.

"What happened?" Jungkook asked. He heard Hyunjae talk and just kept humming as the reply.

"Let's take them to Choi and tell him that his trusted bastards spilled everything they know," Jungkook ordered and Jimin bit his lips nervously.

"I'll talk to him today," Jungkook almost growled and Jimin knew something was definitely wrong.

Jungkook ended the call and Jimin walked towards him, rested his head on his shoulder and asked what was wrong.

"Those two bastards didn't know much but they confirmed my suspicion about Choi being involved in this," Jungkook replied and Jimin sighed.

"Will you talk it out with him? Maybe you can convince him to stop," Jimin murmured innocently.

"If these people could be convinced by words, Namjoon hyung would've been successful a long time ago," Jungkook mumbled as he hugged Jimin gently.

"I just... it's making me feel bad that it's happening because of me. Because he hates me or something," Jimin uttered sadly.

"He doesn't hate you, Jimin. You won't understand them," Jungkook replied making Jimin sigh.

"Just be careful okay. You promised me, remember?" Jimin asked and Jungkook cupped his face, making him look at him.

"I remember and I'll be okay," Jungkook mumbled and Jimin nodded while smiling a little even though he was a bit unsure.

"Kiss me," Jimin whispered and who was Jungkook to say no.

"I want to take you out. Dinner, lunch... anything." Jungkook muttered after he kissed Jimin softly.

"Be more romantic!" Jimin hit his chest, cheeks red at the sudden words. Jungkook laughed softly.

"Let's have a candle light dinner at my home and spend some time together after that," Jungkook murmured, nuzzling Jimin's neck.

"I would love that," Jimin immediately said, smiling softly. Jungkook smiled at him and kissed him deeply as a thank you.

"I'd be totally free this Saturday," Jimin uttered, playing with Jungkook's earing and it all felt so normal as if they had been doing it forever.

Together forever.

"Whenever you want it," Jungkook whispered, pressing a soft kiss on Jimin's temple.

"Thank you so much for everything, Kookie," Jimin mumbled, hiding his face in crook of Jungkook's neck.

"No, baby. Thank you," Jungkook whispered back, the two standing in each other's warm and sweet embrace.


"Just because of that boy, you're threatening me take away my shares of the company? I am the lawful..." Choi yelled in his defence.

"You hardly own 10% of the company and I can easily kick you out of my company since dad was also fucking done with you but he decided to be kind," Jungkook replied with gritted teeth and Choi looked at him with rage.

"Don't make me go to the police and courts because I have proof of what you've been upto. You thought I won't know if someone's following us or if Jimin won't know?" Jungkook uttered.

Choi's eyes widened and he gulped.

"You've crossed your limits and even the little respect I had for you, is gone now. I can't believe you still get horny looking at pretty boys," Jungkook groaned unaware of Choi's actual intentions.

"So if you don't want this house and the money you spend in millions in one day, gone then I suggest you stop whatever you're doing..." Jungkook was being too lenient.

"Because if you hurt Jimin then that means you've hurt me," Jungkook's eyes were red with warning, "and if you thought about hurting him then trust me, you will fucking regret it. I swear you will," Jungkook stated and Choi looked away, unable to look at Jungkook anymore.


"You better listen this one time," Jungkook said and with that he left the place, leaving Choi sweating and shaking slightly.



"These pants are too tight. You never wear them, why today?" Jungkook asked and Jimin sighed again because he was tired of that stupid question.

"I was getting late and this is what I found in a hurry and you can't say anything against it because it doesn't go against the dress code at all," Jimin replied making Jungkook frown.

"But you can't just walk out and in the whole office like that. Your crop top is extra short," Jungkook stated, hands curled on his chest as he sat on his chair.

"Jungkook-ssi, you're being so childish right now," Jimin uttered with a pout.

"I told you I hate people giving you a second look and staring? No way, not at all," Jungkook said while looking at Jimin from head to toe.

"No one looked at me okay. They're busy enough to notice me," Jimin replied in a defensive tone.

"I want that ass for my eyes only. Cover it up with your shirt or something," Jungkook stated because those pants were making Jimin's ass more perky and Jungkook was being distracted.

"What are you..." Jimin tried to say.

"Lock the door," Jungkook suddenly said and Jimin's eyes widened.

"What?" He asked dumbfounded.

"Do as I say," Jungkook ordered with his voice low and guttural. Jimin gulped but did what he was told.

When Jimin looked at Jungkook, he was smirking, leaning back on his chair with a mischievous and dangerous glint in his eyes.


Chapter Text

Jimin knew that smile all too well. He was definitely used to it even though it always left him shaking and shivering, that smirk of the handsome man sitting on the chair and looking at Jimin with such intensity in his eyes and a glint that showed how much of a control he had on him.

Jungkook didn't get up, didn't even lean forward rather kept his stance, fingers under his chin and it was his eyes that were speaking, so loud and clear... with want and hunger, playful and mischievous.

"Say something," Jimin whispered because he couldn't bear that heavy silence even though it wasn't uncomfortable at all. He fiddled with his fingers, waiting for Jungkook to say anything.

"As I said, you can't go around the whole building like that," Jungkook said and Jimin didn't know why it was such a big deal.

"Okay, then what's the point on making me lock the door?" Jimin questioned, feeling a little confident and Jungkook raised his eyebrow.

"Come here," Jungkook replied and Jimin's confidence faded away as soon as it came.

He knew Jungkook was enjoying this way too much and he wanted to do the same, be smug and playful but as always, Jungkook had him under his control just by the way he looked at him.

"Jimin, come here," Jungkook said again, this time firmly, feeling excited while looking at Jimin being like that and he found it utterly adorable.

Hesitantly, Jimin made his way towards Jungkook, crossing the desk and standing in front of his boss who has turned his chair towards the side. Jimin couldn't seem to look at Jungkook at all so he looked down.

"Look at you, walking around in these tight pants and asking me what's wrong huh?" Jungkook stated, his voice sending shivers down Jimin's spine.

"I bet people would've looked at you, being so gorgeous and pretty without even trying," Jungkook chuckled and Jimin never knew his praises would be such an exciting thing.

"But I can't stop you from wearing whatever you want, can I?" Jungkook uttered and Jimin had an urge to just fucking say that he can do anything he wants to.

Jimin's breath hitched when Jungkook got up, standing closer to him and their heads were touching. He kept looking down when Jungkook cupped his face, leaned forward and nuzzled his cheek gently and then his neck, his lips barely touching and Jimin was all his... under his spell and in his control.

Jimin rested his hands on Jungkook's chest while Jungkook rested his hand on Jimin's waist as he kept kissing Jimin's neck very softly, barely touching but still driving him crazy with the touch.

"But if I see anyone looking at you like I don't want them to, I can't say I'd stop myself from ripping their eyes off," Jungkook mumbled and Jimin broke into a smile at the words because Jungkook could be too much sometimes.

"Okay," Jimin uttered making Jungkook smirk.

"So you're okay with me fighting but you won't stop wearing this pants that make your ass look so fucking irresistible?" Jungkook questioned and Jimin laughed at how direct Jungkook was with his words.

"I shouldn't wear them even when I want to wear them only for you?" Jimin whispered, hand roaming over Jungkook's chest and when the taller looked at him, Jimin held his gaze.

"You sure know what you're doing, Park Jimin," Jungkook replied, tracing Jimin's lower lip with his thumb and Jimin smiled innocently, as if knowing nothing.

"Baby?" Jungkook uttered while lowering his hand lowered to Jimin's ass and squeezing it softly. Jimin loved how Jungkook touched him, every damn time.

"Yes?" Jimin replied softly.

"Would you be a good boy and bend over the desk for me?" The moment Jungkook whispered those words, Jimin felt his heart almost burst at the sudden rush of surprise and excitement, his eyes widened.

"Wh-what?" Jimin stuttered, looking at Jungkook with surprise.

"Will you? I want to see that perky ass of yours," Jungkook murmured and kneaded Jimin's ass, making the pretty boy yelp.

"Don't make me repeat myself, doll," And Jimin fucking moaned at the nickname.

"Such a pretty sight you are. I bet you'd look sinful while bend over on that desk for me," Jungkook continued with his sensual voice and Jimin quietly nodded.

"Good boy," Jungkook smirked and pecked Jimin's lips. Before Jimin could kiss him more, he pulled away and stepped back before sitting on his chair. He leaned back and looked at Jimin with the same intensity

"Come on Jimin, strip off your pants," Jungkook ordered and Jimin gulped, his body shaking with excitement and anticipation.

If Jungkook wanted it then he would give it to him.

Jimin took off his belt, kept looking at Jungkook as he bit his lips while pulling his shirt up a little. He then teased with the zipper, fingers hooking the waistband as he pulled down slowly and stopped again.

Jungkook stayed patient even though he wanted to rip all the clothes off of Jimin, bend him over the desk and fuck him so good that the boy will feel him for days.

But he wanted to take everything slow and sure with Jimin, make him comfortable to his touch again and to himself too. He watched Jimin with endearing eyes, making the smaller suddenly shy as he now stood only in his underwear and his croptop that was revealing a lot of his porcelain skin.

Jungkook pulled Jimin closer, running his hands on his sides as Jimin rested his hands on Jungkook's shoulders, throwing his head back when Jungkook caressed his skin and leaned forward to softly place a kiss on his thigh, moving up.

"So pretty," Jungkook mumbled against his skin, looked up to see Jimin who was now looking at him, eyes hooded and Jungkook loved how just a few kisses could make Jimin so worked up.

Jungkook leaned back again and Jimin took a deep breath, a shy smile on his lips but he did what he was told, moved forward, placing his palms on the desk as he cleared it and bent over.

Jungkook gulped at the sight even though Jimin was still covered but the fact that Jimin was actually bend over his desk, ready for him made the excitement rush down and he needed to control himself because he wanted Jimin to feel good and focus on that only.

Jimin bit his lips and closed his eyes when he felt Jungkook's hand on the waistband of his underwear. Jungkook pulled it down slowly and Jimin was literally shaking with anticipation.

Jungkook stared at the perky ass of the boy, kneaded the soft flesh and loved how soft the other felt.

Jimin gasped slightly when he felt Jungkook's lips on his skin. Jungkook bit the soft skin, eliciting a whimper from Jimin and he smirked, slapped Jimin's ass which earned him another shameless whimper.

"Look at you, being such a good boy for me," Jungkook uttered, teasing Jimin's hole with his finger while kissing his ass cheek, biting softly.

"Please K-Kookie, do something," Jimin whined and Jungkook, well who was he to not do what the love of his life said.

And the next moment, Jimin lets out a deep moan when Jungkook teased his entrance with his tongue. Jungkook started slow, licking and teasing as he sucked the rim, teasing circles which had Jimin twitching and he felt so good that he couldn't explain it into words.

Jungkook then pressed his tongue in, making Jimin moan loudly as Jungkook split him open with his tongue, the velvety sensation making him lose his mind. Jimin pushed his ass back a little, eager for more friction and Jungkook groaned lowly.

Jungkook then slid his hand to Jimin's side and held his throbbing member in his hand and the warmth that suddenly surrounded Jimin made him see stars.

"Fuck!" Jimin uttered at the overwhelming sensation.

Jungkook stroke at a very low pace as he pushed his tongue in and out of Jimin's pretty hole, licking and sucking on the rim again and then teasing him. Jimin desperately pushed his hole towards Jungkook's mouth even more to fill it with his lover's tongue but Jungkook gripped his thighs roughly, opening his legs wider, and started sucking on his pink hole harder than ever. Jimin thought he would pass out because the pleasure was too much and his toes curled at that.

"Ohh... Jungkook-aahh," Jimin moaned out.

Tears welled up in his eyes when Jungkook's tongue stopped his brutal yet pleasurable attack but kept stroking his member.

Jungkook looked at Jimin whose head was tilted to the side. He was biting his lips and there were tears in his eyes as he moaned for him.

"Bet you can come with just my hand," Jungkook stated and Jimin was too clouded by pleasure that he couldn't seem to speak. Jungkook's hand movement turned faster and he had his tongue inside of him again, this time messy and sloppy, everything.

Jimin felt his body shudder violently and familiar heat pooled in his stomach. Jungkook kept tasting the sweetness of Jimin's entrance with his tongue, sucking and licking on it as he couldn't get enough of it.

"Close..." Jimin managed to say and Jungkook leaned back a little but kept stroking Jimin's member with an amused smile on his lips.

"Come for me, doll," Jungkook whispered and it was all that took for Jimin to come in white ropes all over Jungkook's hand.

Jimin felt the energy completely drained out of his body as Jungkook cleaned him while holding him securely. He pulled up Jimin's underwear and made him sit on his lap after that.

Jimin curled himself on Jungkook's lap, pulling him in for a kiss that he had been yearning for. Jungkook gladly kissed him, hands running on Jimin's bare thighs as the two kissed deeply.

"Are you okay?" Jungkook whispered against Jimin's lips and the smaller nodded immediately, smiling shyly.

"I might be wearing those pants in purpose now," Jimin mumbled making Jungkook chuckle softly.

"Then I won't mind having you bend over my desk everytime you wear them," Jungkook replied and Jimin hit him playfully before hiding his face in Jungkook's chest.

"You're such a pervert," he mumbled.

"Only for you," Jungkook replied with a smile.

"And a flirt," Jimin looked up at him.

"Just for you," Jungkook stated playfully and Jimin shook his head, capturing his lips again, the two unable to get enough of each other.

"I should go back to work now," Jimin murmured and was about to get up when Jungkook stopped him by holding his thighs.

"Where are you going?" Jungkook asked softly.

"What do you mean? I have work to do, Kookie. I can just keep sitting on your lap all day," Jimin replied as he tried to get up but Jungkook grip only got stronger.

"I don't want you to work today. Just stay here and let me keep looking at your beautiful face," Jungkook said pecking Jimin's lips softly.

"Don't be a kid, Jungkook. You know we can't do that," Jimin whined.

"Why not?" Jungkook asked in reply.

"Because we're not college students anymore. You're the CEO of one of the biggest companies in Seoul right now and I'm your secretary," Jimin replied playing with Jungkook's curly locks.

"Does that mean I can't have a love life of my own?" Jungkook asked with a pout.

"No. It just means that you have to finish your work before doing all this," Jimin murmured while cupping Jungkook's face with his small hands.

"All this what?" Jungkook teased as he caressed the side of Jimin's thigh sensually.

"All this... teasing me," Jimin mumbled while looking at Jungkook's hand making it's way to his inner thigh.

"With my tongue?" Jungkook smirked.

"Shut up, Jungkook. You're acting like a horny teenager again. Now let me go. You've a meeting today and I have to do the preparations for it," Jimin replied while pulling himself out of Jungkook's grip who didn't resist this time.

"Okay, baby. But be ready for later. The office would be empty at night so no one will hear your moans when I fill you up with my cock instead."


Chapter Text

At the first installment gathering of the project with Joshua's company, Jungkook, Jimin and Taehyung went to the event. Jimin remembered his own date with Jungkook two days later. He needed to buy the best outfit for it and Kai was also excited for him, telling him that he would help him get ready as his bestfriend was going on a date after years.

The gathering was in a luxury hotel that was owned by Joshua's companies. There was a meeting first and then a huge dinner.

"We're in public, Kookie. Don't do this," Jimin uttered in a whisper, pushing away Jungkook's hand off his ass but Jungkook was stubborn as hell.

Jimin was wearing a black blazer dress that was a little revealing from the front. He was also wearing a silver necklace and earrings. His hair were curly as usual and he had a light makeup on his face including some glitter on his eyes and baby pink colored lip tint. He was looking like a walking sin. Jungkook couldn't stop looking and touching him throughout their ride to the event. Jimin strictly told him not to kiss him in order to avoid ruining his makeup.


"So? Does it look like I care that we are in public? You're looking so gorgeous and expect me not to touch you?" Jungkook mumbled and caressed Jimin's curvy ass who sighed loudly. They were walking towards the meeting hall and Jungkook was being like that in front of all the workers.

"But I do care. I have to keep mine and unfortunately, your reputation too so refrain from being a pervert and focus on the meeting," Jimin replied and Jungkook sighed pouting a little.

"Would you let me touch it when we're done with the meeting?" Jungkook asked like a child while smacking Jimin's ass a little.

"If you won't stop this childish nonsense, I won't let you kiss me ever," Jimin said firmly and Jungkook's pout grew bigger.

"Fine," Jungkook muttered but pecked Jimin's lips, catching him off guard and started walking towards the meeting room, leaving Jimin surprised but smiling.

The meeting went well. Joshua's clients and workers explained everything needed for the future and Jimin shared his thoughts in the reports that everyone read. The men in the room couldn't stop admiring how beautiful Jungkook's secretary was so Jungkook simply pulled Jimin's seat closer to his and kept an arm wrapped around his boyfriend's back throughout the meeting.

They were now out of the hall except Jungkook and Joshua who were discussing something when a guy approached Jimin. Jimin remembered him as Joshua's client.

"Park Jimin?" He asked and Jimin quietly nodded. The two moved to the side to talk.

"Yes?" Jimin asked softly.


Jungkook thought Jimin must've gone to the dining area already with others since he wasn't waiting for him outside. He and Joshua walked together as the other told him about the future deal more.

Jungkook found everyone at the table but not Jimin. He frowned looking around, and his eyes widened when he saw Choi at the far table with a girl infront of him.

Choi was looking at him, smirking as he raised his flute glass towards Jungkook who felt his heart drop.

Jimin isn't here and Choi is here.

No! No!

"Where's Jimin?" Jungkook asked to everyone at the table and his body starting to shake slightly.

"I thought he was waiting for you and would come here with you," Taehyung replied noticing Jungkook's nervousness.

"Jimin," Jungkook mumbled as he stepped back and turned around before running outside. He called for Jimin with his heart threatening to beat out of his chest. His mind was a mess as he frantically looked for his boy.


Jungkook ran frantically outside the dining area towards where they had the meeting. His heart was beating wildly in his chest. He saw Jimin there before he had left for the dinner. Jungkook was looking here and there, not caring about the people who were looking at him in this frantic state.

Taehyung also followed Jungkook except for Joshua who went straight to Choi, sitting right infront of him at the table.

"Joshua," Choi greeted in amusement. Joshua looked at the girl who was with Choi and then at him again.

"Do you have a minute, Choi-ssi?" Joshua asked, leaning back on the chair.

"Of course," Choi replied with a smile. Joshua gestured the girl to leave but she looked at Choi who also told her to leave them alone. She huffed dramatically, glared at Joshua who was looking at Choi with a bored expression on his face.

"So what is it?" Choi questioned as soon as the girl left. Joshua chuckles softly at that.

"Just one simple thing, Choi," Joshua uttered with a sigh.

"I'm listening," Choi replied with a nod. Watching the confidence in his eyes, Joshua smirked. Because that confidence was not for long.

"I just want to say that send your secretary or whoever to get the papers from my office tomorrow," Joshua stated and Choi raised his eyebrow at him.

"Why?" Choi asked curiously and watched as Joshua got up from his seat while fixing his suit.

"I'm canceling all my shares with your company," Joshua announced and as soon as he said that, the confidence left Choi in a snap of a finger.

"You can't do that. The business deals are sealed!" Choi replied nervously.

"I just hope you did nothing to Jimin. And please, what I said, will happen tomorrow," Joshua said while Choi only gritted his teeth looking at him.

"I've been giving you a chance after chance but not anymore. You should have kept my friend's boyfriend out of this mess. You're done now," Joshua uttered and didn't let Choi say anything else as he walked away from him, leaving him furious.

He found Taehyung outside the dining area, the boy extremely worried.

"Do you think it's Choi? What if he did something to Jimin? Jungkook won't ever recover from this loss again," Taehyung stated sadly as he kept looking around.

"I don't think so. But if something like that happens, I'll kill Choi with my bare hands," Joshua replied and Taehyung knew the man would do so.

"They went to look for him," Taehyung stated as he turned around to go look for Jimin himself.

"Let's just hope that he's in the building and nothing what we think happened," Joshua mumbled in a hopeful tone.

Jungkook on the other hand was running in the hallways, calling for Jimin. Taehyung went out of the building and Joshua was looking around as well. Jungkook had so much on his mind at the moment. He wanted to call Hyunjae to start looking for Jimin as well but he just didn't know why he was still looking for Jimin in the building, as if he knew he was there. He could feel it.

The thought of Jimin was the only thing that was keeping Jungkook sane at the moment but the mere thought of him disappearing had Jungkook on the brink of losing his mind. He ran like a mad man, in the empty and full hallways to look for his boy.

"Baby. Where are you?" Jungkook whispered running down the stairs. He was about to cry but was trying so hard to control himself.

He turned around the corner and stopped in his tracks when he saw some large door open and Jimin walking out of it with a file in his hand. Jungkook felt his heart threaten to beat out of his chest, eyes wide and thoughts hazy.

"Jimin!" Jungkook exclaimed loudly and Jimin looked at him smiling a little.

"Kookie, I got the..." Jimin stopped when Jungkook rushed towards him.

"Where were you?" Jungkook asked quickly as he cupped Jimin's face in his hands catching him off guard.

"Are you hurt? Did anyone hurt you?" Jungkook kept asking and Jimin had already dropped the file from his hands, looking at Jungkook confusedly.

"I'm asking you something, baby. Are you hurt?" Jungkook asked again and Jimin immediately shook his head as no.

"Fuck, do you have any idea how much worried I was? Choi is here and I couldn't find you anywhere. I-I thought he..." Jungkook stopped, breathing heavily as he looked at Jimin.

The next moment, he hugged Jimin, bringing his head to his chest and the smaller was still not understanding what happened. He just went to get the copies of new reports after talking to an old friend from his school in Busan.

He should've told Jungkook. He now understood that this was what had got Jungkook worried.

"Don't do that again. Don't fucking do that again," Jungkook stated and Jimin could feel the rapid heartbeat of the boy as he had his head resting on his chest.

Warmth filled Jimin's chest at the thought of Jungkook being so worried for him.

"I'm okay," Jimin chuckled softly and Jungkook frowned, making Jimin look at him again.

"You think this is funny? You didn't tell me where you went! I thought I fucking lost you and you're laughing!" Jungkook exclaimed and Jimin looked at him with fascination and adoration in his eyes.

"And that bastard had smiled at me back there. I thought he has you and even the thought of it makes me fucking crazy, Park Jimin!" Jungkook uttered, his voice was a little high but his eyes held honesty and vulnerability at the thought of losing Jimin.

"I'm sorry. I should've told you," Jimin replied resting his hands on Jungkook's chest and Jungkook looked at his side, taking a deep breath.

"I was scared, baby," Jungkook mumbled and Jimin cupped his face, making him look at him.

"I'm here now. I'm okay," Jimin whispered softly, "I'm sorry I got you worried."

"No, don't be. Just... don't run away like that again. I maybe asking too much but don't go without telling me atleast," Jungkook replied and Jimin nodded.

"Okay, love," Jimin whispered as ge caressed Jungkook's face, making the taller sigh contented. He then leaned forward and pecked Jungkook's lips softly, doing it again and again.

"You could've called me, you know," Jimin smiled a little and Jungkook rolled his eyes playfully.

"I couldn't think of anything at that moment. I just wanted to see you fine, that's all. I can't... I can't even think about l-losing you again, Jimin. I'd die this time if something like that ever happened," Jungkook mumbled honestly and Jimin gave him a warm smile, tracing his finger over Jungkook's jaw, their lips ghosting over one another.

Jimin didn't say anything. He didn't have any words. He was speechless at the moment. Jungkook's words made him feel special thinking that he actually had someone who would risk everything for him. Jungkook was so worried just by the thought of Jimin being in trouble and it had made Jimin love him even him more. Jungkook had always protected him but this time it felt different because Jimin was seeing his nervousness with his own eyes.

There was no way he would ever want Jeon Jeongguk out of his life now. He wanted to be selfish for once and not let the man who cared for him so much, ever leave him.

He would do anything. He would give Jungkook endless chances. He would fight this time. He would do anything to have Jeongguk stay with him forever.

He rested his head on Jungkook's shoulder, nuzzling his neck and circled his arms around his waist. Jungkook hugged Jimin as well, arms around his head as he nuzzled his hair. The two drowned in the warmth of each other's arms and their sweet scents.

"There they are," It was Taehyung's voice that pulled them out of the trance. The two look at him, followed by Joshua.

"Jimin, are you okay?" Taehyung asked worriedly and Jimin nodded, smiling at him.

"That's good to hear," Taehyung sighed hearing that.

"I'll let everyone know we found Jimin," Taehyung stated looking at Jungkook who hummed in response.

"What about Choi?" Joshua asked.

"Even though he did nothing, he must know what happened right now and that's what made him smile like that," Jungkook gritted his teeth, not forgetting the dirty smile of that bastard.

"Don't worry about him. We all should have dinner now," Joshua said as he turned around.

"You guys go ahead, Jimin and I are leaving," Jungkook announced and Jimin looked at him with a cute frown.

"Where?" Taehyung raised his eyebrow as he asked.

"Home," Jungkook replied glancing at Jimin who was now looking endearingly at him, awestruck and just lost in him.

"Oh, I see. Have a good ride, Jimin," Taehyung smirked making Jimin blush. He then patted Jungkook's back playfully who was throwing daggers at him for his dirty joke.

"Goodnight," Joshua smiled looking at them.

"And don't worry about Choi. I'll handle him," Joshua stated and Jungkook simply nodded. He didn't want to go back to the dining area even if Choi was there or not.

The two bid Goodnight to the them and left. Taehyung picked up the file form the floor and smiled. He was really happy for his friend. He had never seen Jungkook so worried, caring and affectionate for anyone as he was for Jimin.

He hoped his brother would be happy like this forever with Jimin if he was the one for him.

Jimin sat at the front seat along side Jungkook who held his thigh as soon as he entered the car. He kept caressing Jimin's leg throughout their ride to and Jimin could definitely sense where it was all heading.


Chapter Text

"If your son has any weakness then it's his secretary," Choi uttered with gritted teeth as he was still furious about the deal that Joshua had ended with him just an hour ago.

"His secretary? Is he really that crazy for a girl?" Wang replied as he took another puff from his cigratte.

"It's a boy. I went to Jeon's company for a meeting in the start of this month. I, unintentionally, said something to that pretty secretary of his and Jungkook got furious. He was about to kill me," Choi stated while pouring out some drink into the wine glass.

"Really? I never thought Jungkook would be into boys. What's the name that boy anyway?" Wang replied with a smirk playing on his lips.

"Jimin. I bet your son loves him more than anything else," Choi uttered while taking a sip of the red wine from the glass.

"That's enough, Choi. It's all I needed to know," Wang declared as he stood up from the couch and threw the cigratte on the floor before crushing it with his boot.


Jimin: I'll be staying with Jungkook tonight.

Kai: I wonder why ;)

Jimin: Seriously Kai? Be serious for once.

Kai: I didn't even say anything.

Jimin: I miss you. Will see you tomorrow.

Kai: Okay, babe. Enjoy and just don't forget to use protection.

Jimin: Fuck you, Kai.

Kai: Your boss will fuck you tonight.

Jimin: I'm blocking your number.

Kai: Haha sorry. Good night, Chim.

Jimin didn't reply after that but he smiled a little, pink dusting his cheeks as he put his phone back in the pocket and looked up at Jungkook from the side. He could see his eyes fixed on the road and he could still see their depth and how beautiful his eyes were.

Jimin thought he was the happiest tonight after so long. Or maybe in forever. He finally felt what he thought he could never in this cruel and two faced world. A sense of security, a glimpse of forever.

Jimin used to be the person to treasure his memories with love. Treasure his loved ones. But with time, it faded because he was left with no one. 

And why wouldn't he treasure the person who always made him feel like home, feel safe and secured and so damn happy? He would. He would for the rest of his life.


Jungkook had been looking at Jimin all the way. The smaller kept looking at him and smiling non stop. It made him giddy and he couldn't believe he was flustered because of it but it is true. He tried his best to not look at his pretty face or else he would lose the control of the car and even himself.

Jungkook's guards opened the door for them. They soon entered the house that immediately felt like home the moment Jimin stepped inside. It had been like that the first time Jimin came here and his scent had lingered, making Jeongguk's heart tranquil.

They only talked about what Jungkook should order and Jimin said that he was fine with anything. He grabbed Jungkook's night outfit, the same he did the other night and changed into it after taking a quick shower.

Jungkook also took a shower and changed into his own night outfit and started setting the plates and drinks. Jimin walked up to him, there wasn't much to help so he sat.

The silence between them was so comfortable.

Their order finally arrived and they started eating, now only talking about the meeting today and not mentioning what had happened after that. 

"I'll do it," Jimin stated as he stopped Jungkook from doing the dishes. The boy frowned and shook his head.

"No, you take the drinks and sit on the couch. I'll do this. I usually don't eat dinner at home so the servants aren't here. I'll do it quickly and come back to you," Jungkook instructed but Jimin already took the plate from his hands.

"You do that. I don't want to be treated like a guest here. Or if that is what you think I am in your house," Jimin murmured smiling at him.

"You're not a guest here, baby. You're welcome to live here forever," Jungkook stated and Jimin swore he would start crying because all the feelings were overwhelming. It felt like the old times.

"I'll take the drinks," Jungkook uttered and smiled a little as he reached to touch Jimin's hair softly and then moved away. 

Jimin bit his lips as he washed the dishes, his heart beating wildly in his chest and he thought it might explode with all this happiness.

He joined Jungkook on the couch, sitting a little close to him but not touching as Jungkook looked for a movie to watch. 

"Jungkook?" The taller immediately looked at Jimin because he called him so sweetly.

"Yes?" Jungkook asked as he looked at Jimin who was looking at him with wide and shining eyes.

"Why were you so scared when you couldn't find me?" Jimin asked even though Jungkook had already told him that he was about to lose his fucking mind.

"Don't remind me that, Jimin," Jungkook softly replied.

"It was just... I was scared so fucking much. I had promised to not let anything happen to you and I'll do anything to keep my promise this time," Jungkook mumbled and Jimin took a deep breath, a smile formed on his lips.

"I would do anything for you, baby," Jungkook whispered and Jimin blinked before tears could even form because he didn't want to cry. Especially not tonight.

I'd do anything for you too. Jimin promised.

He didn't say anything, rather moved. He moved forward, slowly towards Jungkook. He didn't know from where he got the courage but he didn't care because he slowly straddled Jungkook's lap, legs bent on either side of the his thighs.

Jungkook looked at him in surprise, not expecting that at all. He rested his hands on Jimin's hips though as the boy bit his lips, circling his arms around Jungkook's shoulders and moved closer.

"Tell me, Jungkook-ssi. Will you prove another of your promise tonight?" Jimin murmured with his lips close to Jungkook's, finger tracing his jaw and a mischievous but powerful glint in his eyes. 

So much desire, affection and craving for the handsome man.

"What promise?" Jungkook mumbled looking into Jimin's beautiful eyes.

"You said I'll end up on your bed anyway. Why not you fulfill that promise tonight?" Jimin whispered in his ear and Jungkook's eyes widened, hands firm on Jimin's hips as the pretty boy smiled against his skin.


"Please, CEO-nim," Jimin almost whined, kissing Jungkook's neck softly.

Fuck!! Jungkook was a goner just by the soft and ticklish kisses that Jimin was giving on his neck.

Jimin faced him and Jungkook swore he had never seen such a pretty yet hot sight at the same time. 

The two look at each other for a moment and then Jimin leaned forward, didn't do it softly this time and captured Jungkook's lips in a deep and luscious kiss.


It came as a little surprise to Jungkook how bold Jimin was being at the moment. He knew the boy wasn't weak. He knew how to stand his ground and could be very harsh when needed but when they were kissing or being intimate, Jimin was always the shy one. Even though he kissed back passionately, there was always a tint of shyness present.

However that night, there wasn't any. Jimin was bold and confident in his words, in his touches and the way he kissed him. And Jungkook loved each and everything about it.

Jimin cupped Jungkook's face in his hands as he kissed him, tilting his head to deepen the kiss. Jungkook's hands roamed on his hips, moved under his top and Jimin sighed as the warmth of Jungkook's hands melted him in his embrace.

Jungkook gasped softly when Jimin rolled his hips a little, sighing in the kiss himself. 

"Baby," Jungkook whispered as he broke the kiss for a moment. His hands were firm on Jimin's hips under the top and Jimin whined, going for another kiss and the taller chuckled a little.

"Jungkook. Please kiss me," Jimin whined and Jungkook cursed inaudibly. He leaned forward and kissed Jimin, a hand on his nape as he did so. He kissed Jimin as if deprived of his touch for years, as if it was the only thing that would keep him alive.

The two moaned softly in the kiss when Jimin rolled his hips again, this time Jungkook guiding him gently. A surge of pleasure filled their bodies at the friction.

Jimin lowered his hands and moved them under Jungkook's shirt. He then moved it up and bared Jungkook's muscular torso. Jimin broke the kiss, eyes shining with excitement and a smile on his lips as he slowly moved Jungkook's shirt up, stopping once more to look at his abs and he bite his lips.

"I forgot how hot you're, Jungkook-ssi," Jimin whispered and Jungkook gulped because he was yet to get used to the bold Jimin. Jimin called his name in a teasing manner and it got Jungkook more excited.

Jungkook raised his arms so Jimin could take off his shirt. Jimin kept looking at him, biting his lips as he did so. His hands roamed over Jungkook's chest, feeling the hardness of his chest and he loved how Jungkook responded to him, his breathing a little erratic as Jimin's touches went lower.

"And you're really pretty, Jimin. Prettier than every single person out there," Jungkook mumbled making Jimin chuckle who bit his lips and hummed.

"You think so?" Jimin whispered, eyes shining with excitement and Jungkook licked lips.

"I know so," Jungkook replied and Jimin smiled widely. Jimin hummed again as he leaned forward, kissed Jungkook's neck again, now kissing lower on his chest and Jungkook threw his head back when Jimin licked a stripe down.

"Jimin..." Jungkook hissed, chest moving up and down and Jimin smirked against his skin. He moved his hips back so he could lower his head more, now licking Jungkook's abs and leaving hickeys as well.

Jimin had Jungkook gasping softly just by kisses and Jungkook still couldn't believe that Jimin had it in him to turn him to a mess just by that.

"Fuck, baby," Jungkook moaned when Jimin palmed his member, the hell of his palm sliding over the clothed member softly and Jungkook cursed again.

Jimin teased him more, his hands on the waistband of Jungkook's sweatpants but the taller stopped him. Jimin pouted, looking up and Jungkook groaned, the sight he was met with was utterly sinful.

"Let me take care of you," Jungkook mumbled while caressing Jimin's face tenderly.

"But you always do. I want to..." Jimin tried to say.

"No, baby. You're someone who deserves to be worshipped so let me do it for you. Let me make you feel good tonight," Jungkook whispered as he brought Jimin to face him, hands sliding under his top again. Jimin smiled softly while nodding. That made Jungkook kiss him affectionately as he proceeded to take Jimin's shirt off.

Jimin didn't cover himself as he thought he would, and he was feeling not even a little shy at the moment. Okay maybe a little because Jungkook's intense but endearing eyes on him were making him feel butterflies in his stomach. 

"Bedroom?" Jungkook whispered and Jimin chuckled softly.

"Yes please," Jimin replied and Jungkook grinned, kissing Jimin softly yet passionately. He held Jimin by his hips and got up, making the boy circle his legs around his waist but they didn't stop kissing until they reached the stairs.

Jimin hid his face in Jungkook's neck as they made their way upstairs to the room. With Jimin kissing and nipping on his neck, Jungkook managed to reach the bedroom and open the door.

He slowly lowered Jimin on the bed, hovering over him as he looked at him with gentle eyes. Jimin's hands ran over his arms because he couldn't seem to get enough of the man in front of him.

"I told you, you'll end up on my bed anyways," Jungkook mused making Jimin raise his eyebrow at him.

"Well, who reminded you huh?" Jimin asked cockily and Jungkook nuzzled his face, pressing soft kisses on his jaw and then going to his neck.


Chapter Text

"I didn't forget it. I just wanted you to be ready for this again. Didn't want to force it at all," Jungkook murmured and Jimin closed his eyes, smiling at Jungkook's warm words.

"I want you, Kookie. I've always wanted you," Jimin whispered and Jungkook halted his movements. He faced Jimin, his eyes endearing and soft as he smiled.

"Thank you," Jungkook said softly and Jimin just leaned forward, connecting their lips in a deep kiss because it was enough talking.

Jungkook's hand slid lower, fingers hooked on waistband of Jimin's silk wear and he slid it down slowly.

"Fuck..." Jungkook groaned when he realized Jimin wasn't wearing any underwear and the pretty boy smiled teasingly in the kiss.

Jungkook sat back when he completely stripped Jimin. His eyes took in the boy, looking so fucking beautiful, ethereal and sexy as he laid naked in his bed. Smooth, golden skin ready to be marked, legs smooth and long and Jungkook ran his hands on Jimin's thighs.

Jimin loved the hunger and passion in Jungkook's eyes when he was looking at him. Jimin had his legs parted for the man, as he looked at him with hooded eyes, waiting for Jungkook to let him see him completely as well.

"Take them off, Kookie," Jimin extended his arm and tugged at Jungkook's sweatpants but the man only hummed, leaning down and Jimin's breath hitched when he kissed his inner thigh.

"You're so fucking pretty everywhere. I won't ever stop admiring you," Jungkook mumbled against Jimin's skin, kissing and sucking on it. He moved up to the sensitive area and Jimin's back arched, a moan left his lips, hands clutching the sheets in his hand.

"Jungkook," Jimin whined, "Stop teasing, please."

Jungkook smirked while leaning back and looked at Jimin again who was looking like an embodiment of sin and Jungkook just couldn't wait to commit it.

Jungkook got off the bed and reached for the side table, taking out condoms and Jimin raised his eyebrow.

"Why do you have them?" Jimin asked quickly, making Jungkook chuckle.

"I bought them the day I bent you over my desk, pretty," Jungkook replied and Jimin bit his lips, flustered at the thought of that day.

"Just hurry up," Jimin whined again, wanting nothing but Jungkook all over him, touching and kissing him.

"As you wish," Jungkook whispered in a husky tone, now taking off his sweatpants and Jimin gulped, excited and he licked his lips when Jungkook stood naked in front of him after such a long time.

"Just come here and kiss me already," Jimin sounded desperate, making Jungkook laugh at him softly. He leaned forward and started kissing Jimin.

Jimin gasped loudly when he felt Jungkook's finger in his entrance, pushing in and he whimpered slightly. Jungkook kept Jimin distracted with his kisses as he added another finger, thrusting in and out and soon the boy was moaning against Jungkook's lips, arms around his neck, and hands tugging at his hair.

Jungkook moved lower while kissing Jimin's chest and started sucking his hardened nipples. He took one of Jimin's pink nipple in between his lips and sucked on it hungrily while rubbing the other nipple with his hand. It made Jimin moan loudly as he was already a mess. Jungkook soon took the other nipple into his mouth and gave it the same treatment. He marked Jimin all over. Jimin's skin was looking even more beautiful with those rosey hickeys.

Jungkook's eyes then fell on Jimin's pink soft entrance and he couldn't control himself so he just took out his finger and started licking his hole. Jungkook sucked at Jimin's entrance like a hungry man as he closed his eyes and tasted the love of his life blissfully. Jimin's moans were getting louder and louder so Jungkook pushed his fingers one by one into Jimin's hole once again. He kept pushing them in and out to make the boy ready to take in his member.

Jimin soon started whining to get filled with Jungkook's cock so the man simply took out his digits and looked at Jimin, their eyes having a secret conversation and Jimin nodded, ready for him.

Jungkook parted Jimin's legs as he settled between them. He pumped his hardened member, and then leaned forward to circle Jimin's legs around his torso.

"Ready?" He whispered and Jimin took a deep breath, nodding. Jungkook entered him then, both of them moaning at the sensation.

Jimin's nails dug into Jungkook's skin a little, eyes falling shut as he completely entered him. Jungkook took a deep breath as Jimin's warmth surrounded him. It felt too good to be true.

Jungkook started thrusting slowly when Jimin was settled. Every drag of hips caused a surge of pleasure in both of their bodies and they were addicted with each other's scents that were too strong at the moment.

"Jungkook... so good," Jimin moaned, loving the way Jungkook was making him feel once again.

Jungkook kissed Jimin as he fastened his pace, his arms on either side of Jimin's head. Jimin was moaning loudly in the kiss, making Jungkook know how good he felt.

"Fuck, baby... so good for me. So pretty," Jungkook uttered, biting Jimin's lips and sucking on them afterwards. The two were breathing against one another's lips as Jungkook thrusted into Jimin hard and rough---making Jimin's toe curl and eyes water.

"Oh Jungkook... ahh..." Jimin's nails dug into Jungkook's shoulder, he bit his own lips as he couldn't help but moan loudly.

"Don't stop," Jimin whined.

Jungkook loved the sinful sounds coming from Jimin's lips, eyes closed and head thrown back as he pleasured him. He stopped for moment, making Jimin cry as the boy didn't want to stop even for second.

He leaned back a little, bringing Jimin's leg over his shoulder and started thrusting into him again. The angle made Jimin almost scream in pleasure.

"Ahhh," Jimin cried. The room was filled with sounds of skin slapping, moans and soft cries of pleasure from both of them. Jimin felt the heat pool in his stomach and his body shuddered.

"Look at you, baby. Taking me so well. Looking so good even like this," Jungkook praised, breathing heavily.

"Only I can see you like this. Only me," Jungkook almost growled and Jimin immediately nodded, curling the sheets in both his hands.

"Yes, you. Only you, Kookieee!" Jimin exclaimed, head thrown back and back arched as Jungkook started hitting his sweet spot.

"Only I can touch you like this. Only I can fill this hole up," Jungkook groaned hitting Jimin's prostate relentlessly who was a moaning mess.

Jungkook lowered his leg from the shoulder, parted the legs again and thrusted erratically, knowing Jimin was close.

"I'm closeee," Jimin whimpered and Jungkook leaned forward, kissing him. The kiss was sloppy and hungry, Jungkook breathing heavily against Jimin's lips as they parted.

"Jungkooook," Jimin came with Jungkook's name on his lips, arms loose around his neck.

"Shit!" Jungkook hissed at the expression when Jimin came, it would be etched in his memory forever.

"You're so fucking beautiful, Jimin," Jungkook stated, his thrusts never stopping.

"Fuck..." Jungkook moaned as he came, filling the condom.

His body fell on top of Jimin's but he made sure not to be completely over his fragile boy. The two tried to catch their breaths, looking at each other with soft and endearing eyes.

They shared a soft and lazy kiss, smiling while doing it.

"You okay?" Jungkook whispered, pecking Jimin's addicting lips.

"More than okay," Jimin replied, playing with Jungkook's earing.

"I'm so happy right now," Jimin mumbled honestly making Jungkook smile widely at that.

"I'm glad. I'm happy too, Jimin. Really happy. You always make me so happy," Jungkook murmured and Jimin chuckled at that but his heart threatened to beat out of his chest.

I make him so happy. Jimin never thought he had it in him to make someone happy this much happy.

"Really?" Jimin whispered and Jungkook kissed his forehead.

"Yes, you do. You make me the happiest," Jungkook smiled warmly and Jimin felt like crying.

"Anyways, you wanna shower or sleep?" Jungkook asked because he didn't want Jimin to be emotional.

"Sleep," Jimin mumbled with a tired smile. Jungkook nodded and slid out of the boy. Jimin moaned softly because he was really sensitive at the moment.

Jungkook discarded the condom, cleaned himself and Jimin with a wet towel and slid under the comforter with his boy. They could deal with mess tomorrow.

Jimin rested his head on Jungkook's shoulder who wrapped his arm around his waist, pulling Jimin closer and pecked his hair. They both had a soft smile on their lips, hearts content.

"Thanks for everything, Kookie," Jimin whispered, didn't know why. Maybe because he was so thankful of Jungkook for making him feel secured, good and happy. Yeah, for all that and a lot more.

"You don't have to thank me, baby," Jungkook replied, making circles with his thumb on Jimin's back.

"I'm really glad that you're happy," Jungkook smiled and Jimin was left with no words to say. So he spoke with actions.

He tilted his head and kissed Jungkook on lips, cupped his face gently and poured the unsaid things. Jungkook held him closer and tightly in return as he kissed back.

"Ready for the date tomorrow?" Jungkook asked and Jimin laughed.

"Very much," Jimin replied softly.

"Goodnight, Kookie," Jimin whispered and booped his nose with his own.

Jungkook chuckled and pecked Jimin's nose in return.

"Goodnight, Jimin," Jeongguk whispered who quickly fell asleep in his arms.


Jungkook's POV:

I couldn’t keep my eyes off him.

I couldn’t keep my eyes off my beautiful, sleeping boyfriend who was in my arms. His hair were fluffy and slightly ratted from laying sideways on the pillow.

We were both laying sideways, facing each other, my arms loosely wrapped around his petite waist. His head was in the crook of my neck, his nose gently brushing my skin.

I could hear his soft, quiet snores. I didn’t find them annoying though. I found them adorable.

I found everything he did cute. He was just a cute and precious person in general. I brought my fingers to his soft hair, running them gently through the locks.

I couldn’t help but smile, he was so effortlessly pretty. I let out a happy sigh, feeling content with him in my arms.

"Kookie?" I heard a sleepy voice mumble. I looked downwards to Jimin, who had most likely woken up due to the feeling of my hands in his hair, slightly tilting his head upwards to look at me with his alluring eyes.

"What are you doing?" He asked with his angelic voice.

"Admiring you," As I spoke, a pink blush dusted his cheeks.

"O-Oh..." He moved his arm to cover his face. He was obviously feeling shy and embarrassed.

But I quickly move his arm away, revealing his flushed face. “No need to hide. You’re cute when you blush.”

"Stop... that’s too cheesy," he whined like an innocent kid.

"Cheesy is my middle name, baby," I playfully replied.

"Jeon Cheesy Jungkook? Sounds weird," he replied cutely.

I let out a breathy chuckle at his remark. "I was being sarcastic."

"I know." He shyly smiled, lightly nibbling on his lower lip. As this was happening, the moon must’ve moved into the perfect position, because soon a beautiful ray of moonlight shone through the gap of the slightly closed curtains, landing on his face, making him look even more ethereal.

At this point, I finally gave into my urges, my urge to kiss his luscious lips again.

I softly pressed my lips against his, closing my eyes and relaxing into the loving kiss, no lust to be found. We had kissed many times before, we had our moments many times before, yet everytime we did share a kiss, it felt like the first time.

I always got a jolt of nerves, the nerves that made my heart flutter. We eventually pulled away from the soft kiss, making me feel sad because I already missed the feeling.

The moonlight still shone on Jimin's pretty face. His eyes looked sparkly from the light, making them look absolutely magical. "I’m sleepy, Gguk..." He whispered, snuggling up to me once again, his head resting underneath my chin and his face hidden in the crook of my neck.

"Then go to sleep, love..." I mumbled caressing his face with the back of my hand.

He weakly nodded, closing his eyes, and eventually fell asleep again.

I stayed up for a bit longer, just thinking... thinking about how lucky I was to have this boy as my lover.

I felt so, so lucky.


Chapter Text

Jimin had always been an early bird. He had no problem in waking up early as long as he got his desired sleep. He was up early that day as well, just not out of the bed and he didn't even plan to.

He was just looking at Jungkook, the boy sleeping and snoring softly next to him while holding him tightly. It looked like Jimin wasn't the only one who loved cuddling in sleep. Jimin loved the fact that Jungkook didn't let go of him even once.

Last night had been replaying in his mind since the moment he woke up and he didn't know how long it had been. He just moved his head back a little and had been looking at Jungkook ever since while playing softly with his hair.

Jimin felt himself to be him, after so long. It was just because he was with the person who had made his walls crumble and made him forget every memory that had been haunting him for years.

Jimin needed just a little feeling of security, trust and affection from a right person to be himself again. And Jungkook did it. Every single time.

Watching Jungkook so worried and scared for him, his hands shaking while he was holding him, his heartbeat that Jimin felt was so erratic. The boy never had someone act like that for him after he left his home.

Jungkook tried to be cold with Jimin when he came back, but he did a terrible job in it anyways. Jimin had felt their utmost sincerity and honesty last night when Jungkook looked like he came back to life when he saw Jimin walking out of the doors.

That was something Jimin had been desperately looking for. He thought that why couldn't he have one single person like that for himself out of billions of people in the world?

Just one and he found that one a long time ago.

He was choosing to not react to the burden of feelings. He chose to ignore them because he didn't want to ruin the beautiful moments they were having right now.

As much as he didn't want to wake Jungkook up, who was looking incredibly cute but he wanted to look at those beautiful eyes again. So he started tracing his nose, down to his lips and outlined them with their finger. The ticklish sensation made Jungkook's expression turn to a frown.

Jungkook opened his eyes when the soft ticklish assault continued. Jimin stopped and smiled widely when Jungkook finally opened his eyes. He blinked, adjusting to the light and when he finally opened his eyes properly, they were filled with endearment and wonder.

"Please tell me I'm not dreaming about this ethereal and beautiful person infront of me. Tell me that you're really here with me again," Jungkook whispered making Jimin giggle.

"No, you're not dreaming," Jimin mumbled now playing with Jungkook's earing, the habit he recently got.

"Good. I'm happy to hear that," Jungkook smiled and cupped Jimin's face who couldn't stop smiling too.

"I can't believe this happened. I left when we... made love last time. I'm so grateful that I found you again," Jimin murmured sincerely while looking into Jungkook's eyes.

"You gave me a chance and I'll do anything to make sure it would last. I can't promise you that everything will be perfect but I promise you that I'll try to keep that beautiful smile on your face forever," Jungkook replied softly. Warmth filled Jimin's heart on hearing that.

It was why Jimin didn't dwell on the thoughts of his feelings because he was scared that because of his stupidity, he would hurt Jungkook again.

So he determined to ponder on the feelings when he would have all the time in the world. Not now, not when the dangers lurked around them.

"Thank you," Jimin whispered and closed his eyes before he teared up. Jungkook said nothing, leaned forward and kissed Jimin's forehead. He let his lips linger there for a while.

Jimin immediately melted in his  embrace.


They cuddled for a while even though they were well aware of the mess and needed to shower. Jimin hid his body in the comfort while Jungkook did nothing like that and got up. Jimin kept looking at him.

"Shower with me, please," Jungkook whined for the nth time and Jimin nodded his head in denial.

"I don't see your good intentions at all. Last time I took a shower with you, I clearly remember what happened," Jimin replied and Jungkook sighed with a pout.

"You're gonna be moaning my name again when I'll have you up against the shower wall... soon," Jungkook winked and Jimin gulped as he felt his cheeks turning red.

"Keep dreaming. I'm not gonna take a shower with you again," Jimin mumbled hiding his face in the pillow.

"Really?" Jungkook chuckled at his cuteness.

"Yes," Jimin replied looking at Jungkook again.

"Whatever you say babe. I know how weak you're for me," Jungkook smirked and gave Jimin a flying kiss.

"You're so shameless. Just go," Jimin uttered looking away before Jungkook made his way to the bathroom.


"I swear, Jimin. Can you please stop whining and let me do my work?" Kai exclaimed holding a makeup brush in his hand.

"I don't want any makeup today. I'm not going to my office where I have to look all good," Jimin whined trying to get away from Kai who was holding his jaw firmly just so he could apply a little makeup.

He had done it all but Jimin just went to the bathroom and washed it off. That's why he was late. But Kai didn't stop until he was done with the makeup.

"It's all natural, Jiminie. You're going on a date with him after so long, for God's sake," Kai replied in an irritated tone.

Kai was extremely happy to see his best friend happy. Jimin was so excited about the date and Kai had helped him with the outfit. Jimin chose the simple one and Kai approved it right away.

"I want to be my real self with him," Jimin mumbled and Kai rolled his eyes hearing that.

"He knows the real you by heart so it's okay if we fancy up your face a bit. You always put on makeup on special occasions then why are you being so childish today?" Kai asked and Jimin gave up.

"I'm just a little nervous. That's it," Jimin murmured with a pout and Kai couldn't help but place a kiss on his forehead.

"Damn, if Jungkook wasn't head over heels for you, I'd definitely be the one dating you," Kai stated while checking out Jimin when he was all ready.

"Very funny," Jimin rolled his eyes dramatically.

"I'm not lying. Who wouldn't want you? Look at you. You're a real life doll," Kai said making Jimin groan.

"Stop exaggerating and tell me honestly how do I look," Jimin asked even though he had been looking at himself in the mirror for a while.

"Mesmerizing," Kai muttered dreamily, laughing afterwards. Jimin rolled his eyes again but chuckled softly.

"You're so..." Jimin stopped when he heard the car horn, a message also lit up his phone screen.


I'm outside. Jimin read the message, hands shaking and heartbeat quickening due to excitement. Every time with Jungkook felt like the first time. He was feeling giddy like a teenager again.

"Looks like your boyfriend is here. Have fun," Kai hugged Jimin and slapped his ass gently. He started laughing when Jimin pushed him away.

"You're making me more nervous than I already am," Jimin murmured putting his phone into his pocket.

"Nervous? You had sex with him for like... a million times," Kai replied with a thinking face.

"I'm leaving, bye!" Jimin looked at himself in the mirror one last time before rushing out. He could hear Kai laughing from behind.

That night replayed in his mind when he was going to dinner with Jungkook to meet Joshua. He remembered how he had stopped to look at Jungkook who was looking so damn handsome and charming.

And he definitely couldn't forget the way Jungkook stopped talking on the phone when he saw him and how it made him weak in the knees.

Jungkook's cologne had already invaded his senses and Jimin stopped again when his eyes fell on Jungkook who was standing by his car, looking right at his direction.

Jimin heart started beating fast as if it was his first time doing all this. Jungkook had an ability to leave Jimin breathless and stunned just by standing there and looking so damn good. And tonight it was happening again.

Of course Jungkook looked good in suits but casual Jungkook just hit different. Jimin didn't know how he would survive the dinner tonight without getting lost in Jungkook. He knew he would be spacing out a lot while looking at him all the time.

Jungkook just looked so damn good.

Jungkook on the other hand seemed to be frozen on his spot. Jimin had stopped walking, now looking at him with wide, shining eyes.

"Wow," Jungkook mumbled awestruck.

His heart skipped a beat, his hands curled into fists on his sides and he gulped. Jimin was effortlessly beautiful and was capable of knocking anyone off of his feet even with a smile.

Jungkook took a step forward and Jimin seemed to get out of his trance and walked towards him, the taller halted.

"Hi," Jimin murmured when he reached Jungkook, standing right in front of him.

"Hi," Jungkook whispered back, still lost in a trance as he looked all over Jimin's face, up and down his body again and made Jimin blush furiously.

"You look beautiful, Jimin. So beautiful," Jungkook uttered and Jimin wanted to tell him to have mercy on his poor heart.

"Look at you, though. Can we go to your place instead of the date?" Jimin questioned mindlessly and Jungkook smirked making Jimin's eyes widen.

"I mean, we can cuddle..." Jimin said immediately.

"Don't worry, I will take you to my place after the date," Jungkook whispered as he moved forward, his scent as usual drove Jimin crazy.

He leaned forward and pecked Jimin's lips but the smaller was quick to hold his collars and kiss him firmly, sharing a passionate but short kiss.


"Let's go," Jungkook mumbled and Jimin nodded, not wanting to let go of Jungkook but did so.

Jungkook smiled when Jimin went to the other side of the car and opened the door of the passenger seat. The two look at each other over the car and Jimin smiled back.

"Are you sure you want to give me another chance?" Jungkook asked softly. He was happy that they were trying to get over everything that happened in the past and starting their relationship all over again.

"Yeah. I've never wanted anything more in my life," Jimin replied honestly and Jungkook didn't say anything further.

Jimin knew that it was the best decision of his life to be with Jungkook again. Jungkook wasn't an immature teenager anymore. He definitely knew that Jimin wanted the best for him and that meant that he had to stay away from danger. He couldn't afford to hurt Jimin again by taking any wrong decision.

Jimin also knew that with Jungkook, everything will be okay.

And that was what happened. Jimin felt no fear in giving the love of his life another chance. He knew that Jungkook was going to do everything to make it work this time. Jimin wanted to make sure that he won't hurt Jungkook again either. They were so perfect and happy together.

Jimin couldn't even imagine being without Jungkook any longer. Jungkook loved him unconditionally and made him feel alive. He was always there when Jimin needed someone. He loved him more than his own family who didn't consider his feelings before making him marry that monster Ahn. But Jungkook was different. He treated him differently than everyone else in his life.

Jimin enjoyed looking at the sky outside and Jungkook was looking at him affectionately from time to time, smiling because Jimin was smiling.


Chapter Text

The dinner was at a five-star restaurant. Jungkook had to snap Jimin out of his daze because the boy would keep looking at him and space out.

"Jimin? Are you sure you're okay?" Jungkook asked softly and Jimin nodded in reply.

"Yeah. It's your fault for looking so handsome that I seem to get lost every time I look at you," Jimin replied in an accusing tone and Jungkook smiled a little flustered.

"I need to get used to this bold side of yours," Jungkook uttered even though he already was.

"You better," Jimin chuckled.

Their meals arrived, the candlelight dinner had always been Jimin's favorite even though he hadn't been to one before.

"23rd is almost twenty days from now. The final deal with the associates will be sealed that day for the project we're doing with Joshua," Jungkook stated and Jimin hummed in reply.

"But the company is foreign so..." Jungkook looked at Jimin who ushered him to go on.

"I have to fly to America and you'll come with me of course. I just wanted you to know," Jungkook continued and Jimin suddenly stopped eating before clearing his throat.

"No, Kookie. I can't go anywhere on 23rd," Jimin muttered making Jungkook frown.

"And what's the reason behind that?" Jungkook questioned as he put the spoon in his hand on the table to pay full attention to his boyfriend.

"It's Kai's birthday," Jimin replied immediately.

"You never told me about that guy properly," Jungkook stated sternly and Jimin could feel the coldness in his tone.

"He is my best friend and he has helped me a lot during the past few years," Jimin smiled a little when he told Jungkook about his dearest friend.

"Is he really that important that you're ready to miss the meeting for him?" Jungkook asked with his eyebrows slightly raised.

"You can say that. He has never missed my birthday. He says that it doesn't matter if my family isn't with me. I never felt alone since I met him in my dance academy years ago," Jimin replied as he stuffed another spoonful of kimchi in his mouth.

"Is he interested in you?" Jungkook asked catching Jimin off guard.

"Why do you think that the whole world is interested in me?" Jimin questioned with a sigh.

"I was just asking. So you really won't go with me because it's his birthday on 23rd?" Jungkook's mood was off and Jimin could definitely feel it.

"I forgot his birthday last year and promised him that I won't do it again. We celebrate our birthdays together every year. And it's just a meeting. I've missed a few of them before too and you handle everything quite easily," Jimin replied with a pout and held Jungkook's hand into his. He knew Jungkook would easily give in that way.

"That's not the problem, Jimin. I'll miss you there," Jungkook replied softly as he looked into Jimin's innocent eyes.

"You'll go for hardly two days. Please let me stay here. Please, Jungkook," Jimin uttered and caressed the back of Jungkook's hand.

"Okay. But you'll be on a video call with me all the time," Jungkook stated before he started to eat again.

"That's not going to happen. Don't be such a kid," Jimin gave him a soft punch.

"Ahhh. Okay. I was just kidding. You can stay here," Jungkook leaned forward to place a kiss on Jimin's cheek.

"Thank you. I'll do all the arrangements once I receive the guide," Jimin smiled and Jungkook nodded with a smirk.

"I won't let you leave my bedroom once I'll come back," Jungkook uttered and Jimin could see the teasing glint in his eye.

"Right, of course," Jimin replied softly.

The dessert went by Jimin rambling about his love for chocolate and how he had a thought of having a chocolate factory once.

They soon finished eating and went out of the restaurant. Jimin thanked Jungkook for the cute candlelight dinner, and they had a walk in the night.


Jungkook always made Jimin feel wanted and of course, Jimin wanted him in return. Give and receive. Sacrifice and salvation.

Jungkook sat up on the bed, slipping his long fingers out of Jimin's ass. They were in Jungkook's bedroom, making love and spending time with each other without having the slightest worry about anything else in the world.

"You're going slow purposely," Jimin whined as the sudden emptiness felt strange and unpleasant.

"Quit complaining, baby," Jungkook laughed slapping Jimin's thigh which jiggled, "Shut up and sit on my cock."

"My legs are tired," Jimin pouted cutely, making Jungkook sigh.

"Jesus. You're going to kill me someday," Jungkook stated as he held Jimin's face in his hand and kissed his pout in a rough manner. Everything about his boyfriend was just so intoxicating and who was Jungkook to complain?

"Want it all the way, on my hands and knees?" Jimin asked in a sweet innocent voice that almost made Jungkook growl.

He could never say no to that pretty boy of his. Never.

Already aching a little, Jimin didn't wait for the answer, scrambled up off his back, and shuffled down the bed. He looked away shyly when he saw their reflections in the mirror of the closet doors. Jungkook noticed and smirked at that.

"What?" Jimin asked as he got in position, palms on the mattress, ass in the air.

"Nothing, baby," Jungkook replied while shaking his head and caressed the milky skin of Jimin's thigh.

"Why are you so pretty?" Jungkook asked after a few seconds with his tone was serious, a few registers lower and deathly monotonous.

"Why are you doing this, Kookie?" Jimin whined loudly this time as he looked back at Jungkook.

Jungkook chuckled when he saw the cute frown on Jimin's face, "Sorry. I just love to tease you."

Jimin's expression quickly changed as he smiled a little, a warm fond thing that made Jungkook's chest hurt. They had been with each other for years. Had so many ups and downs, ins and outs, fights and resolutions, even a breakup once, and yet his love was still getting bigger and bigger. An expanding thing that changed shades with the seasons. Became richer than wealth.

"I love you so much, Jimin," Jungkook stated out of nowhere. Less heat of the moment, more from the brain. All from the heart.

Peering over his shoulder, Jimin blushed, "I know, Kookie. Even more than I love you."

"And..." Jungkook continued, gaze soft as he looked at Jimin with eyes full of love, "I'm not gonna let anything come between us ever again. I won't do anything that will hurt you or make you question our relationship."

"Kookie, stop."


"I'm naked with my ass on display. If you didn't fuck me right now then we're just gonna have to cuddle," Jimin was too horny to hear the sweet words Jungkook was saying to him.

Jungkook sighed and looked at the digital clock on the side table, "It's really too late for that. You're just desperate for my cock. Let me give you what you want."

"Sure," Jimin wiggled his ass shamelessly. The pale curve where it met his thighs was so delicious and firm that Jungkook wanted to bite it.

Jungkook grabbed the lube and lathered his cock, aching and neglected, which jolted at the sudden stimulation. Jimin chuckled when he looked at Jungkook's blissed-out expression.

"Fuck me. What's taking you so long?" Jimin questioned making Jungkook look at him.

"I still can't believe that you're here with me again," settling behind Jimin, Jungkook leaned forward and kissed his spine, right on the nape of his neck. Jimin shivered at the sensation.

"C'mon, Jungkook."

The wide head of Jungkook's cock met Jimin's wet hole, still sloppy from the finger fuck earlier. It sent a tingle down Jimin's thighs, a flutter through his stomach. Jungkook pushed in.

"Ahh," The response was instant, Jimin collapsing to his elbows.

Jungkook's hips notched forward, trembling as he steadied the glide, trying to take it slow.

"God. Kookie..." Forehead pressed to the sheets, Jimin tilted his ass down making Jungkook slide in further.

"Baby," Jungkook breathed, "Fuck you feel good. Always so good."

Jimin groaned when Jungkook bottomed out, hips flush to the body, big hands around Jimin's petite waist. The radiating heat made them both dizzy. Jimin groaned louder when he shoved his rear-end back, dripping dick dragging on the sheets already soaked with precum.

Jungkook moved, deep controlled thrusts quickly giving way to something more desperate. More carnal. A feral kind of urgency made worse by the slap of their skin, the smell of sex, the way the sweat ran down them.

"Jesus," Jungkook panted with his breath ragged. He gripped the inside of Jimin's thighs and forced his legs to open wider, knees sliding with ease. He knew Jimin could take it. He picked up the pace when he looked at Jimin's gorgeous face.

"Harder, Kook. This is... Ahh. Yes, there," Jimin was sobbing now. The headboard was banging against the wall.

"Baby," Jungkook grunted, hard cock punching into Jimin's hole. "You gotta be quieter," he stated when he realized that his hyung might be at home.

"How?" Jimin gasped, chest collapsing forward, ass pointed up, a lewd display so beautiful to look at.

"I dunno. Just try."

"Fuck, ahhh... I dunno.." Jimin began to babble, getting even louder, composure as trashed-out a concept as his shaking body. He keened a high-pitched moan when Jungkook pulled out and abruptly flipped him.

Then he was back inside, cock sheathed to the hilt. Jungkook leaned down, lips right next to Jimin's ear while Jimin clawed at his sides.

"Jimin," Jungkook hissed, fucking in at a brutal pace, "Please try to be a little quiet. I still haven't told hyung that we are together."

Eyes rolling back in his head, Jimin tried to nod. Shoved a fist into his mouth, panting around his knuckles, brow furrowed in concentration. Jungkook could tell it wasn't going to work.

"Try your hardest, baby. My good boy. So fucking good," gripping Jimin's sides, Jungkook jerked him back so that his ass was raised up on his thighs, already slick with lube. A whole slippery disaster.

"Kook..." Jimin was drooling down his chin, cock leaking like a faucet all over Jungkook's clenching abs, "I'm gonna cum. I'm...keep going... mnghh."

"Fuck." Overwhelmed, Jungkook kept pushing as Jimin begin to whimper, a yelp that made his head throb, mind already wrecked because it all felt so good. Felt amazing. And he was close, so fucking close. Just a few more thrusts.

"Oh my God, Kookie!" Jimin moaned loudly.

A glass dropped downstairs, shattering on impact. The room went silent.

Jimin's screams rattled through Jungkook's skull as he was painted in cum, Jimin's cum, thick white ropes shooting free as Jimin's hips jerked. Cries of pleasure fell from his lips, eyes squeezed shut as his muscles spasmed.

Jungkook kept pumping. Chased his release until it hit him like a freight train.

"Fucking hell!" Jungkook fell forward, body smacking into Jimin's while he continued to rock, cock pulsing as he unloaded into Jimin's hole, the sopping muscle clamping down around him, milking him until he was spent. Chests heaving, they laid there ruined and dripping, cum and sweat coating their skin.

And then there was a knock at the door.

They both froze.


His hyung.

Oh God, Namjoon.

They heard a feeble meow, a whispered fuck, and a slight berating-probably Jimin's cat being picked up, the surly ball of fluff, not a fan of anyone but Jungkook. Jimin left it years ago.

"Are you okay?"

Jesus, he isn't leaving.

Jungkook snickered into Jimin's skin as his face went red.

"Fine. Just... I'm with Jimin. Can you please go right now? I can't open the door," Jungkook called out frustratingly.

He must have heard us, Jungkook mouthed. He ground his hips down once, his flaccid cock still inside Jimin shifting crudely until it popped right out, a mess of cum dribbling in its wake.

"Are you drunk?" Namjoon questioned as he knocked on the door again.

"Hyung, can you please leave us alone at the moment?" Jungkook groaned in reply.

"You said that you've stopped drinking. Doesn't look like it. You would be really embarrassed tomorrow when I'll tell you how you were imagining things again," Namjoon replied loudly.

"Jimin," Jungkook whispered harshly when Jimin ground against him.

"This is so humiliating, hyungie," Jungkook turned his head to the door, "I'm not imagining anything. You can go now. We will see you tomorrow."

Sounding wholly confused, Namjoon gave a weak 'okay' before leaving.

"I can't believe you didn't tell him about us before," Jimin pouted, feeling bad that Namjoon was still unaware of him coming back to Jungkook. "That's bad," he turned to Jungkook who was still hovering above his face.

"What's the matter, babe?" Jungkook asked gently, the pad of his thumb soothing a tender line across Jimin's cheekbone.

"Nothing," Jimin smiled at the soft touch, "I'll meet him tomorrow."

"Whatever my baby wants. I will introduce you to him once more. Just like I did years ago. We are starting everything all over again so let's properly do it," Jungkook winked and bumped his nose against Jimin's.

"Kookie!" Jimin giggled cutely.


Jimin didn't reply and tilted his head up. He kissed Jungkook smack on the mouth, quick and sweet. Nothing lewd. No tongues, no teeth. "It's just I'm sure I love you more."


Jungkook was woken up by kisses. He opened his eyes to find Jimin straddling him and prepping kisses all over his chest, moving up to his neck.

"Jimin... what?" It wasn't like Jungkook was complaining. He was just surprised.

"Good morning," Jimin beamed as he looked at him. Jungkook smiled a little even though he was still sleepy.

"You sound excited today," Jungkook uttered as he rested his hands on Jimin's naked thighs.

"No, just happy. For no reason," Jimin chuckled and leaned forward to peck Jungkook's lips.

Jungkook held him this time by his nape and kissed him deeply. The two shared a passionate morning kiss that left them breathless.

"Brush your teeth. Go," Jimin said even after he had already kissed Jungkook. It made Jungkook chuckle loudly.

"You're showering with me," Jungkook stated and before Jimin could protest, he got up holding Jimin securely in his arms. Jimin didn't even protest this time.

Jungkook rummaged through the drawer and Jimin blushed furiously.

And a while later, Jungkook had Jimin against the shower glass, kissing him hungrily. Jimin's neck was adorned with hickeys.

Jungkook struggled a bit to put on the condom on his length as he was also holding Jimin who was kissing his neck now, sucking and marking the skin.

"Ready, baby?" Jungkook asked and Jimin nodded.

Jimin threw his head back when Jungkook entered him completely, moaning in pleasure as the heat enveloped him.

"Oh, Kookie!" Jimin moaned as Jungkook started moving his hips slowly and then pacing up.

The two were panting and moaning against each other's lips after sharing a messy kiss and Jungkook thrusting inside Jimin at a brutal pace.

Jimin was a sobbing and moaning mess, nails digging into Jungkook's shoulders as pleasure filled every fiber of his body.

"Fuck, Jimin... so good for me baby. So good," Jungkook praised and Jimin moaned louder, loving the praises from his favourite person in the world.

"Gguk, I'm close," Jimin uttered, holding onto Jungkook tightly as both their bodies were rocked by the taller's thrusts. Skin slapping and moans resonated in the bathroom as the two got close to their climax.

"Jungkook-ahh," Jimin came with Jungkook's name on his lips, breathing heavily but still moaning as Jungkook thrust erratically into him, fucked him so good that Jimin cried. Jungkook came shortly after, groaning loudly and cursing.

"Shit, Jimin," Jungkook breathed out.

Jimin just pulled Jungkook in for a kiss, heated and sloppy as he couldn't resist his hot boyfriend, hair wet and breathing heavily.

"You make me feel so good. Thank you," Jimin mumbled and Jungkook smiled warmly.

"I'm glad I do," Jungkook nuzzled into Jimin's neck affectionately.

"Only you," Jimin whispered and there went Jungkook's poor heart, beating crazily.

The two showered then, giggling and laughing while messing with one another. They had never felt more content with their lives.


Chapter Text

"Joonie hyung." Namjoon was working on his laptop in the living room when he heard Jungkook calling him from behind. He immediately looked back and was more than shocked to see Jimin standing next to his brother.

"Wha... I mean.. Jimin? Are you really back?" Namjoon stuttered and stood up from the couch after putting away his laptop on the glass table in front of him.

"Yes, hyung," Jimin replied shortly with a smile and Jungkook wrapped an arm around his waist.

"How did this miracle happen? I wasn't expecting it," Namjoon asked in an unsure tone as if he was still contemplating whether Jimin was actually here or he was just dreaming.

"He's really back, hyungie. We are together now," Jungkook stated proudly and kissed the top of Jimin's head.

"I'm sorry. I'm just a little shocked right now. Jimin didn't talk to me for the last few months so I thought that he had moved on from you," Namjoon uttered with a smile playing on his lips.

"Last few months?" Jungkook asked in a confused tone because it had been years since Namjoon last met Jimin, or so he thought.

"Don't kill me, okay? Jimin was in contact with me all this time. He used to ask me about you every now and then," Namjoon replied with his arms raised up in the air in defense. He knew how Jungkook was going to react after hearing that.

"What? Is hyung right, baby?" Jungkook asked Jimin with his eyes widened in shock. He had no clue Namjoon knew about Jimin all this time but he still chose to stay quiet.

"Yes, Kookie. I just couldn't live without knowing that you're doing fine after I left," Jimin murmured a little terrified when he looked at the stern expression on Jungkook's face.

"And you assumed that I was fine without you? I felt like dying every single day without you and hyungie knew everything but he still stayed quiet? I can't believe it," Jungkook rolled his eyes in annoyance and let go of Jimin.

"Whatever we did it was for you, Kookie. And look, Jimin is back now. I just didn't want to pressurize him by asking him to come back to you when he wasn't even ready for it," Namjoon reasoned and came forward to give a hug to Jimin but immediately stopped when Jungkook spoke again.

"Okay. Maybe you're right but... I'm just a little disappointed that you kept it a secret from me," Jungkook replied and looked at Jimin who had his head hung low.

"He is my brother too, Jungkook. I was thinking about him more than you because it was actually him who suffered not you," Namjoon muttered and took Jimin into his arms to give him a tight brotherly hug who hugged him back immediately.

"Okay. I shouldn't say anything. He left because of me in the first place," saying that Jungkook held Jimin by his arm and pulled him towards himself before securing him into his arms and nuzzling into his neck, "I'm so sorry for everything, baby."

"I've said a million times that it's okay, Kookie. Let's just forget everything that happened and build a new life together," Jimin mumbled with his face hidden in Jungkook's chest who hummed softly in reply.

Namjoon kept looking at them with a warm smile on his face. Realizing how much Jungkook had changed since Jimin left, Namjoon always wanted Jimin to give another chance to his brother and come back to him. He was more than happy and content seeing them together once again. All he wanted in life was for his little brother to be happy and he knew that only Jimin was capable of bringing a smile to Jungkook's face. He wished that everything would stay like that forever.

"We have to go to the company now. Should we leave? We'll get breakfast there," Jungkook suddenly asked Jimin when he noticed the time on the digital wall clock. They were getting late for work.

"Yeah. Let's go," Jimin replied and pulled away from Jungkook reluctantly.

"I want to talk to Jungkook. I came to your room last night but you were busy," Namjoon stopped Jungkook when he was leaving the room along with Jimin.

Jungkook nodded and caressed Jimin's back softly, "Baby, go and get ready. I'm coming in a few minutes."

Jimin smiled and quietly went upstairs leaving the brothers together. Namjoon waited for Jimin to go back to the room before he continued, "I was investigating everything by myself. I think uncle Wang killed dad because of some diamonds. You don't know about those diamonds. I was waiting for the right time to give them to you."

"Which diamonds are you talking about, hyung? And if they are mine why would Mr.Wang kill dad because of them?" Jungkook asked dumbfounded as he had no idea about it.

It was ironic to Namjoon how Jungkook still refused to call Wang his father as if he wasn't the one who told Namjoon about the DNA test and Wang claiming him as his son.

"When dad told Mr.Wang to take his shares and leave the company, uncle wanted to take fifty percent of everything. Those diamonds were dad's so he kept them locked away in the bank and didn't tell uncle Wang anything about them. Later, when uncle came to know about those diamonds, he demanded half of them but dad refused saying that he'll give all of them to you when you'll grow up. I think uncle told you the truth so that he could save himself from ending up in jail and get ahold of those diamonds. You know... killing two birds with one stone."

Jungkook was understanding it now why would Wang tell him about their actual relation after waiting for so many years. Why now?

"He told me that he killed dad because dad took me away from him," Jungkook mumbled with gritted teeth as he didn't expect Mr.Wang to use their relation like that.

"He was lying about everything. The only thing he didn't lie about was you being his son. He is just a greedy man who could anything for getting what he wants," Namjoon replied and walked back to the couch to resume his work.

"He is going to regret everything he had done," Jungkook murmured with clenched fists and went out of the room with a new determination of making Wang pay for his deeds.


"Baby, I'm home," Jungkook announced when he entered Jimin's apartment. Jimin had given him a spare key just a few days ago.

Jimin left the office earlier than Jungkook saying that he wasn't feeling well. Jungkook immediately told his driver to drop Jimin at his apartment. He tried to finish his work earlier than usual and now he was back to Jimin just as he promised.

When he locked the door behind him and was about to put his bag on a nearby glass table, he heard Jimin's soft sobs coming from the kitchen. He didn't give it a second thought before throwing everything in his hand abruptly and running to his boyfriend.

Jungkook's heart dropped when his eyes fell on Jimin who was standing near the sink, holding his right hand in the other one and crying in a low voice.

When Jimin heard Jungkook entering the kitchen and looked back, he started crying even more and immediately threw grabby hands toward his boyfriend.

Jungkook quickly ran to where Jimin was standing and took him into his arms. "What happened, baby? Is everything okay?" he asked in a worried tone and started caressing Jimin's back softly.

"I was trying to make a cake for our anniversary and it burnt. My hand got burnt too when I was trying to take it out of the oven," Jimin replied sobbing, and showed his hand to Jungkook which was red from the side.

Jungkook took Jimin's hand into his own and started kissing it tenderly. "It's our anniversary?" he asked in between the kisses.

"Yes. It's the day when you asked me to be your boyfriend for the first time," Jimin mumbled with his eyes full of tears as he kept looking at his burnt hand with a pout.

"Oh, my love. You remembered it?" Jungkook questioned softly with a warm smile on his face. He couldn't believe that Jimin remembered it even after all these years.

Jimin quietly nodded his head and hid his face in Jungkook's chest before he started crying again.

"Don't cry, baby. You're so strong. We will put a bandage on your wound and the pain will go away," Jungkook mumbled as he tightened his grip on his pretty boyfriend.

"I'm not crying because of my hand, Kookie. I came home early just to give you a little surprise by baking a cake for you but it got burnt," Jimin murmured while trying to wipe the tears that were falling from his eyes uncontrollably.

Jungkook chuckled a