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Summer Photoshoot

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Mona wasn't that much fond of LIPxLIP. 

They were amazing, sure. Their Music Videos were incredible, they were popular and all, but it didn't change the fact that they were fake. Clowns. 

Well, from the start at least... 

When the Yume Fanfare came out, she didn't give it a watch, but her Twitter was blowing up about the new MV that she, herself, couldn't help but watch it too. 

That was the first time Mona thought they weren't as bad as she thought. 

But they were still rivals. Nothing can change that. Though even if that's the case, the moment Mona was called and asked if she was willing to have a photo shoot with the two, she didn't think and straight up accepted the offer. Because yes? They're rivals? But LIPxLIP was popular, it would benefit her career–and maybe even her relationship with them. 

When she told her sister about this, the other was surprised but delighted. 

“Those two boys are good friends!” Sena told her with a smile on her face. “Working with them was nice.” 

Good friends?...well, at least they're taking good care of her. 

“What were they like?” Mona couldn't help but ask. 

Sena put a hand to her chin, thinking. “Hmm. Ah!” her face lit up. “Aizou-kun offered me his meat bun and jacket- though I refused the jacket.” 

“Oh.” Mona seemed surprised, well that was surely unexpected. “What about...Someya Yuujirou?” 

“He taught me how to waltz.” her sister laughed. “He's a patient boy. Both of them are working their hardest. Let's work our hardest too, Mona!” 

Mona smiled at her sister's enthusiasm. “Yeah...let's do that.” 

Mona doubted the word ‘friends’. It didn't fit them. She could go with the word ‘rivals’ or maybe ‘clown buddies’ but that didn't fit them either. Partners? That seemed like it. Not that she was sure. 

She had been informed that the shooting place was going to take place at a personal beach, next week. She was excited at the prospect. 

As the week passed, she got ready to pack some things for the beach trip. Her flip flops, extra clothes and a hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, of course her swimsuit, and other necessities like phone, wallet, and other stuff were packed neatly in her bag. 

A knock came on her door. “Mona?” Sena's voice came from the other side, her sister opened the door. “Your ride's here!” 

“I'll be there in a sec!” 

Sena's gaze landed on the bag lying on her bad. “You woke up early for this. Are you excited?” 

Mona turned red, she looked away. “N-not really...I just didn't want to make my manager wait.” 

Her sister giggled. “Alright. Have fun there!” with that, she closed the door. 

Mona turned to her mirror to check herself one last time. She put her fist up with a determined smile. “Alright! Let's go!” 

She grabbed her bag and head downstairs, bidding her family goodbye before getting into the car. 

When they arrived at the place, the staff was already working there along with those two. There were also several things at the beach to detail. She had checked in before entering. 

“Narumi-san, hello,” a familiar voice greeted her. It was Hiyori. 

“Suzumi-san!” Mona smiled at her. “Let's work hard today, yeah?” 

Hiyori nodded in agreement. “To you as well! Ah, I'll show you the room where you can change, follow me!” she said before walking, Mona trailed behind her. 

After Mona changed into her swimsuit, she went out to (professionally) greet the two–she found them where less staff (there were even none) was wandering around, both wearing trunks, though Yuujirou was wearing a jacket. She was about to call out to them, but then noticed something. Something seemed odd about the two boys she was going to work with. 

Because one; there was a grill (probably the one the company brought), Aizou was grilling something on it. And two; Yuujirou walked up to his partner, their shoulders touching. 


“Hey, give me that.” Yuujirou spoke, pointing to what seemed like steak. 

“No, don't touch that. It's not yet prepared.” Aizou scolded. 

“What? It's almost fully cooked. It's fine.” the boy was about to grab the steak but then flinched back, making a wincing sound. 


“Shut up.” Yuujirou glared at him. 

Aizou sighed heavily and set the tongs aside. “Let me see your hand.” 

Mona hid under a coconut tree. “What are they...”

“What? I'm fine, don't worry.” 

“Yeah, says you.” Aizou took his hand, checking it. The other seemed to be frozen still. 

What? Mona squinted. Is he blushing...?! 

“It doesn't seem that severe, it'll need a band aid though. Hold on I'll get the kit,” Aizou informed, and was about to walk away before Yuujirou interrupted him. 

“There's no need for that, I'm fine!” 

Aizou gave him an unconvinced look. “Really?” 

“Yes!” Yuujirou insisted. 

“Okay.” Aizou rolled his eyes and turned to the grill. “If you're going to try and take one again, it won't be my fault if you get seriously hurt.” 

“And it won't.” Yuujirou, to his stubbornness, attempted to take one again. And, well, failed. 

Serves him right. 

“Oi!” Aizou hissed, blocking the grill from view. He took Yuujirou's hand again and frowned. “What am I going to do with you? Are you a masochist? You sure do like hurting yourself.” 

“Shut up! I'm hungry, okay?!” 

“Well, be patient!” Aizou sighed, exasperated. “Look, you burned your hand.” 

“It doesn't hurt.” Mona heard Yuujirou mutter. 

“Yeah, right.” 

Then, Mona witnessed something. 

Aizou gave his partner's hand a kiss. Mona's eyes widened. Wh-wh...?! 

“There. It should go away now.” 

“That's not how it works...!” 

“What? You want me to sing you a song to make it go away?” 

“No?!” Yuujirou didn't seem bothered by the fact that Aizou just kissed his hand. “Stop treating me like a baby!” 

“You are one.” Aizou smirked. 

“I swear you're gonna get it.” 

“Gonna get what, baby?” 


Yuujirou stood on his tiptoes, and–Mona's eyes bugged wide as the other boy had just pressed his lips to the blonde. Mona screamed inside. She blinked once, twice, thrice. She was not seeing things. They had just did it. They kissed. The girl turned away from them and covered her mouth, her whole face turning red. 

What am I seeing?! Is this real?! Oh my god WHA–?! 

Mona regretted to accept the invite to work with them. 

They weren't friends, or partners, or anything. 

They were...! 

“Mona-chan, so you're here!” LIPxLIP's manager, Uchida, greeted her. Mona flinched and almost tripped back. 

“U-uchida-san!” Mona willed her burning face to return back to normal. “Good day– ah, uh, I'll work hard today, y-yeah?!” her voice cracked, and her face somehow managed to turn redder from embarrassment. 

Uchida laughed. “You're too nervous, come on,” she grabbed her wrist. 

Mona yelped. “W-wait!” she looked at the boys, who were back to normal (how?!), Yuujirou was finally eating the steak. 

“Boys!” Manager Uchida called, heading over to them with her, the boys turned around, meeting her gaze, Mona immediately turned away. There was no way in hell she'd be able to look at them after that. “You'll be working with Narumi Mona today. Take good care of her.” 

“Yes!” both boys said in unison. Mona turned to them, but not looking at their faces. 

Act professional, Mona, professional...! 

“Thank you for coming, Narumi-san.” Yuujirou gave her a smile. 

“Let's work hard today, Narumi-san!” 

“T-to you as well.” Mona was looking at anything but them. If she looked at least a tiny bit to them, she could see Yuujirou snickering. 

So that was on purpose... Mona cried internally. These two brats...! 

Shooting was definitely gonna go well.