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Double Dean-ing

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Dean goes back into the game room and finds Lesser Dean sitting there, feet propped up on a foot stool, drinking a beer and watching golf on television.

It’s like looking into a mirror and it still freaks Dean out more than a little. Well, it’s like looking in a mirror if mirror-image him had really bad taste in pajamas. Silk, really?

“Where’s your Sam?” he asks Bargain Basement Dean.

Other Dean shrugs. “Never could hold his liquor well, he’s in bed. Won’t see him until ten tomorrow, at the very earliest.”

Dean stares down at his lookalike considering. Might as well be blunt.

“So, Not Me, you and your Sam, you fuck, right?”

Inferior Dean almost chokes on his beer. He’s red in the face when he looks up at Dean, but whether from the choking or embarrassment Dean isn’t sure.

“Yeah, we make – “ Dimwit Dean says. “We do that.”

Dean raises his eyebrows at the other Dean’s inability to say the word ‘fuck’, but it’s kind of comforting to know that Sams and Deans in other worlds fuck too.

“Want to fuck mine?”

Dean didn’t think it would be possible, but Extra Dean turns even redder. His mouth opens and closes, but no words come out.

“It’s a simple question, yes, or no?” Dean asks impatiently, because Sammy is waiting.

“Yes, yes, I want to – yes.”

“Okay, so this is how this is going to go down. Sam has always had this – fantasy, I guess you’d call it, of being filled on both ends. No way that was going to happen though, cause Sammy is mine and I don’t play well with others. However, if it was you – “

“It would be okay because you and me, we’re the same,” Dapper Dean says.

“Well, you suck, and I don’t, so there’s that, but yeah, we are basically the same. There are rules though.”

The other Dean nods. “Of course.”

“No kissing. You do exactly what I tell you to do, when I tell you to do it. You will be fucking his mouth, so don’t even be looking at his ass. And if Sam becomes uncomfortable in any way, you are out of there. Deal?”

“Deal!” Dean stands up, and Dean sees his own grin reflecting back at him. “This is going to be fun.”

“Damn right it is,” Dean replies.


Sam steps into the room, still rubbing a towel over his hair with another one wrapped around his waist, and sees Dean waiting by the bed for him.

“Hi, Sammy,” Dean says, and he’s using the growly voice that tells Sam he’s about to get laid, and yeah, he’s definitely on board with that.

Sam steps toward Dean, when the door shuts behind him. Sam turns around to see Dean standing behind him.

“Hi, Sam,” this Dean says. His voice doesn’t have the growl, and he’s wearing some kind of lounge wear pajamas that Dean would never. Sam turns to his Dean, confused.

“It’s up to you,” Dean says to him.

Sam looks from one to the other of the Deans – oh. Ohhhh.

“Yes,” Sam says. “Yes, please, yes.”

“That’s my Sammy, always so freaking polite,” Dean says to the other one. Then he looks back at Sam. “Drop the towel and get on your knees. You are going to want to get my dick very, very wet.”


Sam does exactly what he’s told, because just the idea of both of the Deans fucking him is so hot, he thinks his head is going to explode. His dick probably will, it’s already getting plump and not a hand has been laid on it.

“Open wide,” Dean orders. “I don’t know about your Sam, but mine, he’s amazing at this. Well, he should be, practice making perfect and all that.” He shoves his dick further down Sam’s throat and Sam grabs Dean’s thighs. “He’s got a big mouth, perfect for taking cock.”

Sam has quite a few kinks, Dean does too. Uber-toppy Dean is definitely one of Sam’s kinks. Getting spit-roasted is another kink, one that he thought he’d never actually get to experience being that for years now, all Sam has wanted was Dean. They had experimented some with dildos, but the idea of having a dick in his ass and one down his throat and both being Dean – Sam groans around the dick in his mouth. A hand grabs his hair, pulls tight. “No coming until I say you can,” Dean orders.

Fuck, it’s like Dean has decided to push all of Sam’s buttons at once. It might be September, but Merry Fucking Christmas to Sam.

Dean’s ramming his cock down Sam’s throat. Out of the corner of his eye, he can see that the other Dean has removed his silk pajama bottoms and is stroking his cock while he watches Sam deep throat Dean.

Dean loves to say that Sam is proportional, and Dean is – well. not. It’s good to see that it’s the same for this Dean as well. Their dicks are long, thick and fucking beautiful.

Dean tugs on Sam’s hair again, returning Sam’s attention to him. Sam’s eyes are watering now, between the cock jammed so far down his throat, and his hair being pulled, and already being so hard it hurts.

“Let’s take this to the bed, shall we?” Dean says. Sam scrambles up and heads to the bed. He starts to lay on his back, intending to draw his knees up, but Dean stops him. “All fours, Sam.”

The thing about Dean is, though he likes to be bossy in the bedroom, Sam knows if he is ever uncomfortable, or wants to stop, all he has to do is say so. But being on all fours sounds great, perfect, what he needs to do anyway if the Deans are going to make his fantasy come true.

The Dean that is not his settles in front of him. His cock is already half hard, wet at the tip, and Sam licks his lips, wonders if he will taste just like his Dean.

His Dean is pushing Sam’s legs apart, so that he has to find a new center of balance. It’s a tight fit, three men all over six feet in the same bed, but if he and Dean could figure out shower sex, the three of them can make this work.

Otherworld Dean has his back against the headboard, his dick pressed against Sam’s lips. Sam opens wide. “Does he need a cock ring or something?” this Dean asks Sam’s Dean.

“No, Sam is well trained.” Dean slaps his ass once, hard enough to leave a stingy reminder and Sam nods his head, mouth full of dick. Normally, it’s hard enough not to come until Dean does, which is the general rule they follow. But Sam’s very proud of his self-control, and it’s been years since he came too soon. Tonight, though, it's going to be a real test of mind over body.

Otherworld Dean has his hands in Sam’s hair, not rough like Dean would, but gently caressing as he pushes his dick slowly and steadily into Sam’s mouth. His scent is different from Dean’s, and the cock in his mouth tastes different too. It feels wrong, and good at the same time. Sam’s so busy focusing on the dick in his mouth, that his whole body jerks with the first rough lick on his hole.

“Steady now,” Dean says, with a husky laugh. Otherworld Dean pulls his cock back out while Sam gets his bearings again. “Don’t want you choking, not yet anyway.”

His Dean has his hands on the back of Sam’s legs, steadying him as Otherworld Dean starts pushing his dick into Sam’s mouth again. His dick fills Sam’s mouth, nudging the back of his throat, as Dean’s tongue stabs into his hole and god, this already feels so good.

Dean is always an enthusiastic eater especially now, as his tongue pushes in, wet and insistent. It’s hard to know what to focus on; the way that Dean has moved his hands, pulling Sam’s ass cheeks apart to get his tongue deeper in Sam’s ass, making appreciative slurping noises as he does so, or the way that Dean’s cock is so far down his throat now that breathing is getting difficult, and Sam has to swallow several times to push past his gag reflex.

Otherworld Dean’s not really fucking his mouth, he’s just moving his dick in and out slowly, almost reverently, so Sam starts rocking between the cock in his mouth, taking it as deep as he can, which, not to brag or anything, is pretty fucking deep, and then rocking back on the tongue in his ass.

His cock is leaking so much precome that he’s pretty sure he’s soaked the sheets on the bed. He wants to come, he wants to choke on the Dean’s cock that is in his mouth, he wants to reach back and feel how sloppy wet he is with his Dean’s spit.

He’s going to have to bake Dean a pie after this. Two pies.

Dean slips a finger in with his tongue, exploring and pressing against Sam’s inner walls. He avoids Sam’s prostate, which generally Sam would complain about, but with his mouth so full of cock Sam’s not exactly able to complain, and besides he’s kind of grateful. He’s not sure his desire not to come yet is strong enough to resist that, and he really wants to come with Dean’s cock in his ass, and Dean’s cock as far down his throat as it will fucking go.

The Dean that is not his tugs on his hair a little bit, and Sam looks up at him. “I hear you excel at sucking cock, so perhaps get to work on that,” he says, and Sam obliges, letting his tongue wander over Dean’s girth, hollowing his cheeks, swallowing him down.

Dean has three fingers in Sam, and his tongue is still deep inside of him, and Sam can’t tell Dean he’s ready, can’t get much out at all with his mouth full of Otherworld Dean’s cock, so he makes a grumbling noise instead.

Dean laughs, slaps his ass again. “Okay, all right, let’s get you all filled up good and proper.” He hears Dean opening a lube packet behind him, and can visualize Dean getting his cock shiny and wet. They fuck so often that Sam doesn’t need more prep than what he’s been given. Besides, both Sam and Dean like it when Sam is tight, when the first few thrusts are rough going.

“You’d better be ready,” Dean warns, and slams into Sam, crashing Sam into Otherworld Dean. The tip of that Dean’s cock is so uncomfortably far down Sam’s throat that he’s really choking on it, before his Dean grabs on to Sam’s hips and pulls Sam off until only the tip of not-his-Dean’s cock is in his mouth. Sam opens his mouth wide, to get his teeth well out of the way, and that’s all the preparation he gets to make before Dean pulls all the way out and then slams back in again.

He’s pushed onto Otherworld Dean’s dick, who is controlling how much of it Sam takes in by his tight hold on Sam’s hair. His Dean is gripping his hips so tight, his fingernails are digging into Sam’s skin, and pleasure/pain is sparking all through Sam’s body, making his body shake with how good it is. His cock is jerking too as Dean starts a brutal rhythm.

Sam’s not really sucking Otherworld Dean’s cock as much as he is choking on it--he can feel saliva dripping down his chin, just like Dean’s is dripping down his ass, and it should be so damn gross but it’s all just a turn-on.

As he sinks into the sensation of being used this way, of having both of his holes filled and fucked, he can feel his mind just start shutting off, taking him to the place where there is nothing but Dean (and Dean) and he’s falling and flying at the same time.

“After all this time still so damn tight, just made for my cock, weren’t you little brother,” Dean praises, as he pulls Sam onto his cock, and the other Dean tugs on Sam’s hair, sending him in the other direction, rocking back and forth between the two Deans.

“Being so good for us, aren’t you Sam? Taking both of us so beautifully,” not his Dean says, and the way he talks is different enough to feel deliciously wrong and Sam tries to nod, but his mouth is so full he can’t, so he hums instead. There is a soft curse over his head, and the grip in his hair tightens momentarily before letting go so Sam can rock back on Dean’s cock.

“See I told you,” Dean says smugly, like Sam’s ability to suck cock is somehow his achievement to take credit for – which, okay, that’s probably true, who knows. It’s not like Sam can think straight right now, can think at all, the way that there are so many hands on him, both dicks are so deep inside him. “Born to take cock, my Sam.”

Sam can feel his orgasm swelling, can feel his cock twitching and he really, really wants them to come first, to show that he can wait, so he hums harder around the cock in his mouth, and when the cock is pulled out, and he’s pulled onto Dean’s dick, he lets the tip of his tongue play with Dean’s slit. Dean likes that, that Dean, whichever Dean, it’s kinda of getting mixed up in Sam’s head. Anyway Sam’s got excellent thigh muscles, and he proves it by tightening his ass when Dean pushes in so now both Deans are cursing and Sam’s flying so high that he’s pretty sure if the Deans weren’t gripping him so tight, he’d fly right off the bed.

Otherworld Dean comes first, He groans, pulls Sam’s hair just on the right side of too painfully, and comes so far down Sam’s throat he can’t even taste it, which is kinda disappointing because he wanted to, but he can’t focus on that because his Dean is really giving it to him now. Thrusting into Sam hard and fast as he chases his own orgasm, smashing Sam’s prostate with every push in, sending waves and waves of pleasure through Sam as Otherworld Dean strokes Sam’s hair and murmurs words of praise.

Everything kind of whites out as Sam’s body shakes with the force of his orgasm just as Dean gives one final curse, digs his fingernails deep into Sam’s hips and comes.

“Fuck, fuck, that was – fuck,” Dean says, laying his body on top of Sam’s back as his come keeps spilling inside of Sam.

If Sam had any brain cells left, he’d make fun of Dean’s lack of vocabulary, but all he’s capable of right now is grunting his agreement.

He’s tired suddenly, worn out like he hasn’t slept for days. Otherworld Dean runs his fingers through Sam’s hair one more time. “You were so good, thank you for giving me this,” he says, as if he hadn’t helped contribute to one of the best nights of Sam’s life.

“Yeah, you were pretty good,” Dean says, pulling out of Sam. “But we are going to have a talk later about you coming before me.”

“Same time,” Sam grumbles. He’s pretty sure. Plus, he’d like to see Dean last longer in the same situation.

“Still, that’s not what we agreed on,” Dean says. Sam groans, and starts to collapse on the bed, but it’s sticky with come. He makes an unhappy noise, which earns him identical laughs from the Deans.

“Okay, we’ll get you cleaned up, and we’ll sleep in my bed tonight,” Dean says. Sam stands up on non-too-stable legs as Otherworld Dean picks up his pajamas where they lay discarded on the floor. “You aren’t going to get in trouble with your Sam, are you?” Dean asks him.

That Dean grins, and it’s so much like Sam’s Dean’s shit-eating grin that Sam’s heart kind of flip-flops. “He’ll think it was all kinds of hot and pout for a week that he missed out on it,” he says. “Speaking of which, I have to get back to him. Thanks for inviting me, this was fun.”

Dean snorts after he leaves. “Fun,” he echoes “Best fuck ever, and the guy thinks it was fun. Such a dweeb.”

Sam leans down, puts his hands on Dean’s face, and kisses him gently. “Thank you for this.”

Dean grins at him, all soft eyes and soft smile. “Well, don’t get used to it, because next time it’s just going to be just me.”

“You are more than enough for me,” Sam assures him. He grimaces. “I’m sticky all over. I need another shower.’ He yawns, and kinda stumbles, and remembers just how tired he is.

“I’ll grab a washcloth and clean you up. You can wait until tomorrow for your shower, when you aren’t dead on your feet.” Dean leads Sam out of the room, into the hallway. They are both still naked, but whatever. Sam just wants to crawl into bed and sleep for a week.

But when he wakes up tomorrow – or whenever – he is going to bake Dean a kitchen full of pies because fuck, does he deserve it.