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May All Acquaintance Be Forgot...

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“Ok, I may have the patience, of a very saintly saint. Who was Born a saint, into a saintly family, whose best friends were all saints and whose about to be canonized as a saint, for the 450th time, But I will beg right now on my hands and knees that you do not make me unravel any more, sodding, bloody assing Xmas Tree Lights!” JJ whinged.

Libby rolled her eyes at his little rant across from him in the kitchen, pouring him a cup of tea in an attempt to soothe the frazzled man also known as her boyfriend.

She crossed into the lounge to find that indeed, every spare conceivable inch of her sofa was strewn with flashing xmas lights, and the tall man unwinding them was also… He looked imacculately handsome today. Cosy thick speckled grey jumper on his top half, customary wrinkled jeans on his lanky legs, and as he had been busy with his head buried in a book until Libby insisted she needed his help, he still had his ‘Retro’ black reading glasses on that made him look temptingly like Jude Law in the Holiday. Libby watched as he grit his teeth, working on a stubborn knot in the long tangled line of lights, one strand of long tawny hair flopping down his forehead from where the rest was sexily pushed back. – probably due to the stress of de-knotting the xmas lights, Libby thought.

She crossed quickly into the room smiling, seeing that their Xmas tree indeed looked quite naked without any lights, but plenty of xmas decorations dotted expertly all over it, all it needed now was the lights strung up to complete it. But she didn’t think she should tell JJ to hasten himself.

She stood down the tea, and tidied up the pile of good living magazines, stood his tea down on the coffee table, looking ahead to see her xmas adorned mantel complete with a roaring fire inside the hearth, the xmas atmosphere nicely rounded up by the fact that Michael Buble’s Xmas album whaled soulfully in the background. She smiled and patted Finley on the head, - on which she had earlier placed a pair of antlers on the dog. Who did nothing but wag his tail and continue snoozing on her armchair that he had claimed as his own when JJ moved some of his things in.

They were still taking turns staying at each others places frequently. It was the best of both worlds for them, they had spent nearly every day together since their impromtu fuck fest a couple of months ago in Autumn. Now November and most of December had gone, and Christmas was now just a mere week away. London had turned from cold to colder, but Libby felt warmer than ever now she had JJ in her life. And Finley – She loved the retriever to bits. Spoiling the dog rotten with treats and toys even though JJ told her not too. She’d just nod, and slip him a gravy bone when JJ’s head was turned.

“JJ. You don’t have to untangle any more Xmas lights…” Libby persisted, crossing and hugging his waist from behind, pressing a gentle and kind kiss to his neck.

“No. It’ll frustrate me If I don’t…” He said, frowning at the lights like they were his ultimate arch enemy.

Libby crossed to the tree and took more decorations out of the box, hanging them in areas of the tree that looked most sparse.

“So. The lights, the décor, music, and food…”

JJ asked, gesturing to the tonne of chinese food she had ordered, of which they had already gorged themselves on earlier.

“…This is your Christmas tradition?” He asked with a gentle tone and that signature smile.

“Famous Turner Tradition. Well, the music and the decorations part is. I was the one to suggest the excessive ordering of chinese food. I’ll always remember fondly every christmas I would wait with baited breath for the day when christmas arrived, it meant that me, my mum and dad and other family members would gather, fight over the crispy duck and shout at the incompetency of each others efforts at decorating…” Libby smiled fondly, reaching up on tiptoes to place another bauble on a high tree branch.

JJ watched her with a smile.

“That sounds like a perfect family Christmas to me.” JJ laughed.

“It get’s better when Christmas day arrives…” Libby assured him.

“My dad will ineveitably forget to set a timer for the turkey, and will suggest I am silly for writing down all the cooking times, which he can’t read without his glasses, who will then proceed to shout mild temperedly at my mother as to where they are, who will be three sheets to the wind on prossecco by this point, and my Aunt would then berate my granddad for shouting at the TV to work, which always turns out to be the microwave… and somewhere in between all of this, all three of my adult cousins will fall out over some board game and everyone will fight over who gets the comfy sofa, who gets to watch what on telly, and who ate the last malteser celebration. But, that’s christmas to me…”

Libby smiled. Remembering every xmas at home that followed that exact pattern. To the very last meticulous detail.

JJ watched enraptured as Libby looked beautiful and happy at recalling the details of her family Xmas. She loved her family, adored each one of them. And it really shone through when she spoke about them…

“You look enchanting when you talk about your family..” JJ mentioned softly, crossing to her, linking his arm about her waist and tugging her close so he could kiss her fondly on the lips.

But, as always, it was one of his scandalous kisses that usually landed them in bed naked and in stunning afterglow of a truly great shag.

Libby moaned against his smiling lips that were weakening her thoughts. And willpower.

“Stop trying to sex me up, you rascal, I already told you I’m going out tonight for drinks with Jules, Charley and Tessa.”

Libby prersisted as JJ gave her a famous pout mated with his knicker shedding gaze that was almost 99% effective at all times. Eyes sizzling through the frames of his glasses at her, smile cheeky, dangerous and persuading.

JJ let out a low growl as she tried to move away, this only succeeded in him aliging their hips and JJ increasing his hold on her.

“Can you make me a filthy promise?” JJ asked, scanning her up and down so her tummy squirmed with heat at that look that instantly made her want to cross her thighs for fear of arousal flooding her pants.

“MMnnnnn.” Libby growled softly at him, looking at him with trepadation.

“I don’t like where this is……going….”

She sighed the last part of her sentence as a gush of girly words as her spine thrashed as he kissed up her neck so slowly, he may aswell have just given her an orgasm for the way in which she lost all ability to complete a coherent thought or speech.

“Look gorgeous for me tonight…”

He whispered gently and slowly into her ear, by now, her blood was throbbing through her veins with hot lust for him. Nearly forcing her to think ‘screw drinks with the girls, I want to be taken upstairs and taken roughly over and overmand over and over til my body is too sore to orgasm anymore’

“..And why would that be?”

Libby sighed, smiling as her body was numbed from his kiss, curling into him as her brain went fuzzy and lust was now firing her every cell on all cylinders for him, and him alone. Well- maybe for his cock too…. The impressive thing it was that even the hint of made her thighs shudder.

“Because, when you come back, all tipsy from drinks and all sweaty from having danced too much. I’m going to give you an earth shattering orgasm… and I’m going to do it by eating that gorgeous pussy out like I’m on death row and you’re my last meal…”

He promised into her ear. Voice huskier than a dog sled team. A voice that was all pure liquid velvet and bonfire smoke. Dark, promising and so full of lust Libby’s thighs clamped together, her sex aching moistly at his promise.

Libby thought she had bitten her lip so hard that she tasted blood.

She could respond with nothing but a girly shrug and a slight breathless ‘Oh….’ Escaping her gaping mouth. Her thighs twitched, and she was definitely sure she was atleast semi drenched now.

“Careful, you’ll make me revise even going in the first place…”

Libby warned, after kissing him til his lips turned red and they both needed oxygen badly, and she needed to douse herself in water to rid herself of the all over body blush that overtook her.

JJ raised a brow in a sexy manner that nearly made her swoon like an ailing victorian women in a penny novelette.

She felt like proclaiming ‘Oh Mr Darcy’ dramatically as she put a hand to her forehead as she would collapse daintily to the floorboards. But the main difference was that she was no giggling little prim Miss Bennett, and Elizabeth Bennett would never be so horny ( like Libby now was) as to beg Mr Darcy to take her roughly, right where she stood on the floor of the living room. Not exactly something Austen mentions frequently in her works… Libby thought.

But damn it all to hell, it’s what she was about three seconds away from asking JJ to do to her.

“I better go and get dressed then. Big night ahead…” Libby hushed in a breathy voice.

JJ winked, but not before whispering one more sordid sentence into her ear to make sure he truly did cause a flood that matched biblical proportions to invade her knickers,

“Stop woolgathering and get up those stairs and shimmy that sexy ass into a stunningly unfair dress, before I decide I need to sext you all night long about how much I would like to fuck you as hard as I possibly can, on every flat surface of this house. Now mush...”

Libby tore herself away. Glad to be changing out of her now – sopping – knickers. Such a Bad man.




“Time?” Libby shouted down.

JJ had done battle to the best of his abilities with the christmas lights, and had even succeeded In untangling them. And was now fighting to string them around the tree.

He checked her clock on the mantel.

“8:09” He shouted up.

“That only leaves 21 minutes to get myself into Mayfair…”

Libby unhappily pointed out.

JJ smiled.

“Is that a smile I’m hearing, Mr Fields?”

Libby asked, sounding like she was on her landing from upstairs.

JJ laughed.

“Damn your inescapable penchant for judging my responses…” He shouted up.

He heard her laugh, as heels clacked from the bathroom, back over to her bedroom.

As soon as Libby had left the room, J had taken advantage of her absence to switch over the music to something a little more pleasing. B.B King to be precise, ‘The Thrill Is Gone’ Michael Buble’s Christmas songs suffered a quick and merciless death to silence at JJ’s hands, replaced by the King’s soulful boom which when teamed with a swinging jazz band and an electric guitar, made any atmosphere sexy. It made It especially so when he heard heels make their nimble way down the wooden staircase.

As Libby walked down, she rolled her eyes at hearing the swaying soul put a sway in her hips as she came down the stairs.

She had decided upon a quite girly dress for tonight, it was another Zuhair Murad Dress, like many of her short cocktail dresses were, it was slightly skimpy, and no one could accuse her of not being sexy. It was quite a sheer dress, with a nice laced cut on the arms and around the neck, and for all the dangers of provoking JJ to shag her on the spot where she stood, it was figure hugging and ended just mid thigh.

It was everything he requested her to be. Unfairly stunning and gorgeous.

As was she.

She hadn’t made herself up overmuch, just a sweep of copper eyeshadow and dark eyeliner and mascara to make her eyes look feline and limitlessly alluring to look at. Apart from that, her face was relatively naked. JJ adored that.

She was just pulling on her soft cashmere cream coat when he sauntered through the lounge to get a better look at her. biting his lip as he scanned her up and down. She was busy appying a slick of neutral lip gloss to her full lips, stood there looking all curvy and as sinful as hell in strappy nude heels with devil red soles and curled red hair tousled on her scalp, her droopy gold earrings dangled like chandeliers from her ears and she could almost feel his eyes burning holes into her back. A quick study in the mirror in front of her confirmed this fact as she stood with her back to him, a sexy flick of the eyes forward with those long bambi lashes did the trick.

He wanted her madly now she looked like walking sex on legs.

She turned as he stalked towards her, he managed to quickly capture her lips for a sinful kiss, wrapping his arms around the slender curves masked under the coat.

When they pulled away, JJ was wearing more lip gloss than she was.

She smiled, reaching up with a tumb to wipe away the smudge of sticky nude gloss that had slicked onto his lips when he trapped her and weakened her knees with that kiss.

He had a habit of doing that to her.

As she did, he stared her down with bedroom eyes that almost beckoned her back upstairs again.

“I won’t be late..” She persisted.

“Be as late as you please, Lucky. I’ve got House of Cards on Netflix, and enough chinese food to feed Napoleans army twice over.”

He insisted with that signiture wink of his. Taking her chin in his smooth hand, he held her head in place as he kissed her again.

“And no matter what time you walk through that door, you can’t escape the fact that when you re-enter this house, you will be getting shagged to within an inch of your life…”

Libby smiled sexily.

“Just so I have the visual to sustain me for the evening, how do you plan on shagging me to within an inch of my life?” She asked in a confidently sexy whisper.

“With your legs up to my shoulders until you collapse from cumming too hard.” He said. Sounding like he had thought it through in much careful fastidiousness.

Libby nodded, looking impressed, and feigning a bland response even though her sex was aching with every promise he made.

“Well. Glad I cleared that little problem up.”

She winked, kissing him once more before crossing to the door.

“Go have fun.”

JJ insisted, still with those bedroom eyes being framed by his glasses as he leant against her lounge doorway looking like six feet of pure primal, sheet clawing and screamingly good sex rolled into one man, and his stupefyingly handsome face.

“I’ll try. Have to get that previous image out of my mind less I ruin these knickers too.” She smiled, winking from around her front door.

“I’ll be in touch…”

He promised. Libby just knew she would be getting a sext later in the evening.

“Bye Jay.”

She smiled before she slunk away, shutting the door behind her.

She was safely ensconsed in a cab five minutes later, happily looking forward to catching up with Charley and Jules again, when she received the first text.

She smiled, shaking her head as she pulled her phone out of her clutch bag.

Safe to say, her thighs and sex clenched as she read the text on the screen:



‘Your knickers are already predestined to an ill fate later on tonight anyway. My dear.

I hope for your sake the promise that you’re going to ride my face until you can’t take it won’t ruin your knickers too much.

Enjoy your night. I know I will with that thought in mind. ;) x ‘


Libby shook her head. She was going to need a new wardrobe by the time JJ was finsihed with her.