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Evil Author's Day: Fast and Furious

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Title: Dreaded Feels (Snippet)

Pairing: Brian/Carter

Idea: Brian is an Iceman after LA rejecting all emotions so in theory - he is absolutely fine with seducing Carter Verone. Only is he capable of rejecting all his feelings for Carter?

Status: Nearly 8,400 words written - but want to post when at least a first draft is complete and there are still 5 scenes I need to write even a year later.  

  • Previously teased last year during EvilAuthorsDay2014 which you can find here


The boys walked inside the secret clubhouse as they’d started to call it to find out what the plan was - he just hoped it would get them killed.

So Rome and Brian were now in Miami, and they had soon made up. They had settled things with a bottle of Jack, and a drag race. It was amazing there was still issues but they had clicked into their old ways. Like when Rome reminded him that he’d dated Tanya in High School even though Rome really liked her.

The Agents looked uncomfortable and Brian really couldn’t give a flying fuck. They were here to get the job done because they had no one on their roles who could get the job done. “So what is the deal?”

“We’re waiting on Agent Fuentes.” Markham said.

Brian shrugged and looked over at the cars. They were his favourite types, zippy imports. “Okay can we have a look at the cars while we wait?”

It was a fair question and Markham who seemed vastly uncomfortable was only too happy to agree. There were two cars and Brian was not to sure which one to drive. He held his hands out to let Rome choose. His friend smirked and jumped in the Mitsubishi Spyder Eclipse, “I’m saving your hair.”

Brian flicked a finger up as he walked over to his car. It certainly had character the Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VII in Lime Gold.  It was a good car and one that with the odd change would be fantastic for racing. “So where is she?”

The van signalled her arrival, “I need his attention somewhere else.”

Brian snickers, “I will take his attention but I need a meet.”

Monica sized up pretty boy. She knows that her boss doesn’t like him, but that Bilkins said he was the best. She knows that there is a major history but one that they haven’t shared with her. It was frustrating but she was told not to worry. It was easy for them to say they were not risking their lives trying to get information from Carter Verone. 

“There will be an interview for new drivers. Don’t screw it up, meet at his mansion tomorrow at nine.”

Her piece said she looked at her superior, “I gotta go.”

Markham nodded, “Be careful.”

She stepped into the back of the semi and saluted, “Always.”

Well the time for plans was over - it would all come to fruition or not soon enough.

Rome and Brian showed initiative by bringing radios as they were meant to be tandem racing. Rome had pulled onto the road leading up to the mansion. “Now remember Bri’ DON’T SCREW IT UP!”

Brian rolled his eyes, and he shoved his middle finger up knowing that his friend would see it in the mirror. When they got out the drive was littered with many drivers, and Brian recognised a few of them. It was fun to see the ones who paled. He could admit that his ego enjoyed the way their hearts dropped hearing his name. “Bullet is here.”

Rome grinned, “You make an impression?”

Brian played it casual, “I am the one they want to beat on the streets.” He smiled in satisfaction he’d worked hard to rise the top and here no one uttered the name Toretto - just his. And that was all that he needed.

Monica walked out and was looking fairly cool despite the temperature. Still Rome noted that the only two, who managed to look ice-cool was Brian and the dude they were trying to put away,  “The cops impounded a Ferrari of mine. I’m stressed I want the package out the front of it. The first one to head to the lot on I-95 and return it will get the job.”

Wow, the dude was rude, Rome thought as he turned away and promptly ignored them all. The Queen Bee was next up and he was vaguely listening, but all he really wanted to do right now was drive. It was what he was good at it, and he knew that Brian had the same itch. “Right you know the drill ... Licenses.”

Rome and Brian were hurling theirs in her direction; they were legends anyway. The drive was exhilarating - it was just like old times. They kept on their toes but couldn’t help but one up either. Rome hated to admit it but Brian won when he reversed and drove at full speed in reverse. It was impressive and he was man enough to admit that.

They found the car, and stressed over getting to the package. “What are we going to do brah?’”

Brian was not fucking up when they were this close. He rolled his jacket up and protected his arm. The glass was sharp but the cloth protected him.  He picked up the package and they were running back to the cars when Markham appeared.  Brian cursed and Rome did not care. He carefully fired into the ground but it made a point.

The irony being that Markham’s paranoia is what actually cemented Carter’s trust. He was watching the chase on cameras back in the mansion. He had liked what he had seen because the drivers were good. The blonde more so than his friend but they were good at compensating for the other’s weaknesses.

He was barely listening as the background checks came in, “Dirty but clean.”

His eye was admittedly on the blonde, Brian, because he really hoped that was true. With a smile that would scare most he said, “Well let’s go greet the victors.”


Brian was up and out of the car. Without a word he handed Carter the package. He hadn’t missed the way Carter had looked at him like he was the prize. Well, if that was the case then this little operation could be such fun. Carter was hot, and he was horny so they could help each other out. If Markham or BIlkins said anything he would be like, “Screw you!”

“Well let’s go poolside and discuss terms. Monica see them there please.”

She pursed her lips at that, she was not the help, and would not be treated like she was. Still she was smart enough not to piss Carter off, “Sure why not. This way boys.”

Rome tried to lighten the mood, “Stop checkin’ her out.”

Brian snorted, “Don’t confuse me and you bro.”

Rome wanted to sigh because he was hoping that he’d misinterpreted those looks at the front gate. Both Carter and Brian had been giving each other some heavy ‘I’m-into-you-vibes’. He knew that Brian was in the mood to take-want-have and not care for the little social niceties of emotion but this had a tendency to blow up in your face when the person you’re working on and against is a major crime boss. He figured he had a right to be worried.

The poolside though made him forget his concerns there was a huge amount of food. It smelled delicious and Rome was only too happy to take advantage of the spread. He was a growing boy, and who knew when they would eat next.

Brian was eating a strawberry and clearly contemplating the world. Rome knew that look, he got it before he decided he wanted Lacey Turner and seduced her. “Don’t do it!”

Brian asked innocently, “Do what?” As he took another strawberry. And damn his brother; the way he was eating it even a heterosexual man would look twice. He only hoped that Carter was not the homophobic type or this was going to end really badly and he was too young and pretty to die.

Carter was hooked and didn’t hide his heated eyes. Oh he liked this one; he was definitely dangerous and wasn’t scared to use his looks. “You enjoy the food?”

Brian smirked, “It was very tasty.”

Rome’s eyes widened and he could see the surprise on the agent’s face. She looked like she wanted to scratch someone’s eyes out but didn’t know whose. “Glad you liked it.”

He kept everyone’s attention as they saw exactly what was in the package. Rome and Monica were outraged at what they saw a waste of time for a cigar. “We did all that for a damn cigar.”

Verone had listened to the outrage, and he’d seen the look of anguish on Monica’s face when the guy had crashed. He was almost certain she was a Fed. She was good and she had ruthlessly pursued him, but there was the odd incidence which were not stacking up in her favour. Shame, as he kind of liked her. He would keep her fairly close but, well, he would start looking elsewhere - like the cool blonde beside him. “You don’t seem shocked. Tell your friend what this was all about.”

Brian was coy, “Well it seemed like a job interview and now you know we’ll get your package delivered and we ain’t afraid of the cops.”

Carter was pleased, oh, he could definitely have fun with this one. However this interview was getting a little crowded, “Monica why don’t you show Roman where the best food is?"

It was clear that neither one of them wanted to leave the table for vastly different reasons. Brian just laughed, “Go on we won’t cause too much trouble.”

Monica did not like where this was going at all. It seemed pretty boy was living up to his promise. Carter was definitely not focussing on her right now. Strangely though she was angry even though it was something that she didn’t want. Carter was dangerous and she hated just how on guard she had to be whenever she was around Carter. She’d taken to wearing sunglasses - not as a fashion statement but rather so he couldn’t see her eyes. He was too astute for his own good. “As you wish ... Mr Pearce.”

Rome did not look happy but as Brian seemed calm and the whole point of all of this was so that they got close to Carter he didn’t have too much choice. In fact, at the moment he kind of wished he could adopt his friends no feelings approach - he might be less terrified if he couldn’t feel.

As for Brian, he could be left under no illusion as to what Carter wanted. Carter was looking at him as if he was the strawberry.  He could see Carter say something but it was done quietly. Brian knew the steps of seduction, like this one but he played into it. He leaned closer to hear what his mark had to say.

“What do you feel about mixing business and pleasure?”

It was bold and obviously meant to shock. Brian was going to enjoy this. “As long as we don’t let stupid feelings get in the way, I can handle it.”

Carter looked at him again, he took in the blond’s calm demeanour, lean form and hard features. He would take the challenge of breaking him down until all he could do was feel.  He stood up and offered Brian a hand, wanting the man to put his money where his mouth was so to speak.

As Carter led him upstairs Brian was mentally composing just how to artfully phrase his next check in. It was just sex.