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something wicked

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“You can tell your buddies you had a nice time,” she said, giving a little shrug.

Her robe was already half-off one sloping shoulder, revealing her porcelain skin, a stark contrast to her dark curls. Her hair seemed to be in its natural, if slightly disheveled, state. It tumbled over her other shoulder, thick and smelling vaguely of rosewater.

Steve cleared his throat, a fist to his lips. “Uh, I wouldn’t mind staying a while.”

She had seen the way Bucky and a couple of his gym pals had shoved Steve up the stairs of to her floor. Bucky had paid her, though Steve had begged him before to let the joke die. His best friend had been on his case for weeks – Steve had been too preoccupied with art school to go out on many double-dates with Bucky anymore. The dancehalls didn’t call to him, or the heaving crowds.

Bucky had tricked him, making him come out, under the pretense that dinner was on him. Steve relented, thinking it wouldn’t hurt to indulge Bucky occasionally, but now he was standing in this dame’s bedroom doorway, feeling like a dope. Everyone knew about this block, how the working girls all lived here. 

“Yeah?” she murmured, a smile beginning to form. “What’s your name?”


“I’m Darcy,” she said, offering her hand.

He took it, feeling her skin was soft to the touch. She had a gap in her front teeth he noticed as her grin intensified. He felt his skin flushing, knowing she could see him turning pink.

Steve had no intention of telling a single soul, let alone Bucky, about what he experienced with Darcy in her cramped little apartment. Steve would never walk past this block without remembering her. He would never forget how she managed to undress him in seconds, so effortless in her sexuality but so dazzling.

His desire that simmered beneath his navel bubbled over the second they kissed, Darcy’s fingers catching his chin, their mouths slanting together. Her tongue was hot, her touch deliberate – Steve had never been kissed this way, it was always him kissing someone hard, trying to race forward and then pulling back out of fear of being out of control.

Darcy goaded him, her hand slipping down the front of his pants, wrapping around his shaft and tugging him toward her bed. He tried to not think of how she could see his ribcage, his clavicles and pasty skin all over. He tried to keep up with her, his hand skirting down her side to her hip and squeezing, liking how little give her shape had to her.

Her fingers dug in his hair and he was getting light-headed, moving back with a soft smack of their lips, panting into her mouth. She managed to lower them onto the mattress, climbing on top of him, her robe falling away.

“Are you okay?” she whispered, and there was that smile again, going straight to his cock that was straining in his pants.

He bit his lip, nodding, taking a few shaky breaths, eyes slipping to the ceiling. There was a crack in the paint, and he let his eyes flutter shut as Darcy’s lips brushed his again.

“Relax, Steve…”

Steve waited, knowing she was crawling down him now, mouthing at his skin, Steve’s hands finding her hair, eyes snapping open when he felt her undo his fly. He stared at her glossy hair, trailing down his bare stomach. He remembered then something crucial.

“Uh, I haven’t—I haven’t given you any money…”

It seemed crass to him though she was reaching into his pants to pull out his cock, and he felt himself throb at her touch once more, his hips wanting to jerk. She looked up at him through her long lashes, her mouth hovering above the crown of him.

He was flushed, leaking with excitement all over her knuckles, her hand moving up and down at an agonizing pace. Darcy seemed to draw out this torture, her lips curling in a smile as Steve could feel himself rapidly unraveling… he couldn’t remember the last time he wasn’t using his own hand to bring himself off…

It didn’t feel like Darcy was being used at all. She seemed to be taking control, her hand finally moving a little faster, managing to rip a groan from Steve in the process.

“Your friend paid me. Gave it to me in an envelope, very sweet…”

He bit back a whimper, but he was somehow not embarrassed, Darcy’s lips wrapping around him, taking him to the back of her throat. He could feel the flex of her as she took him further, her hand jerking him, Steve’s whole body tightening.

“Ah, fuck…”

He drew in a breath, shuddering with pleasure as she sucked and bobbed up and down. He felt her other hand move down to cup his balls and he hissed in surprise.


She chuckled, pulling back and sighing, her eyes brighter with her cheeks glowing. She made a contented sound, moving back in for more, her eyes meeting his. There was a wickedness to her that Steve couldn’t ignore, he wanted to see her swallow him down, he wanted to see her get lost in the pleasure she gave him…

He wanted her badly then. He hadn’t thought this far ahead. He thought if she sucked him he’d lose it and it’d be over, but he wanted her, he wanted to bury himself inside her.

“Darcy,” he said, after clearing his throat.

She moved back, his cock wet and glistening, her eyebrows lifting a little with curiosity.


“Get up here.”

He didn’t tend to talk to dames this way, bossing them around. He liked how quick she was to comply, smiling down at him as she climbed back up, her long hair curtaining them both. His hands moved up to hold her face, tugging her into another kiss, their chests pressing together.

He moaned, feeling her breasts pressing into him, her slip the only thing between them, her nipples hard and rubbing against the little hair he had on his front…

He gathered her hair in his fist and kissed her hard, sucking her tongue into his mouth, everything greedy, movements growing clumsy and rushed…

“Steve, wait…”

He panted, lying on his back, waiting as she peeled off of him, moving to grab a rubber from a drawer beside the bed. She rolled it on, Steve’s chest heaving as she threw her leg back over him, her smile contagious.

Her fingers glided down his face, her hips giving a roll, his cock brushing against her.

“You okay?”

He nodded, light-headed, but not because of his asthma. He watched as she took hold of him, rubbing him intently against her warm folds. Steve was mesmerized, moaning a little louder, licking his lips.

She was so warm and tight, taking him to the hilt, her eyes fluttering. She was convincing enough for Steve, his fingers biting into her hips. Her robe was gone but she still wore her slip, her heavy tits half falling out. They bounced as she began to rock, and Steve heard her moan, his hands slipping up to cup her, rolling her breasts, brushing his thumbs over her nipples to harden them.

He watched her, and he wasn’t going to last long at all. He’d be embarrassed – hence why he suddenly moved up to kiss her, pushing her backwards until he lay on top of her, repositioning them to shove back inside her, Darcy’s eyes widened in surprise.

“Oh, wow,” she breathed, and then she was laughing, seeming to enjoy it.

Steve was no fool – Darcy would never pretend otherwise. She was portraying the happy playmate. He appreciated it nonetheless, how she bounced and giggled, her face flushed as their bodies smacked together. He could hear it, the excitement between her thighs that were wrapped around his narrow middle. She leaned up for another kiss, Steve moving ever faster, Darcy punctuating each sharp thrust of his hips with little cries.

She’d begun to moan, her head thrown back, Steve’s hands wandering up and down her front, unable to keep still for too long. There was so much he wanted to do with her. He’d pay her more if it meant her letting him staying longer…

His mind began to drift, his balls tightening at the thought of her bent over-

“Fuck,” she gasped, as he quickly pushed the hood of her clit back with his thumb, before he began to rub it in quickening circles.

She began to tighten up, her eyes growing wider, and then she went still, her mouth falling open.

Hell of an actress, Steve thought, hearing her cry out a moment later.

She trembled underneath him, and then Steve felt his climax slam into him, his hips losing momentum as he spilled over…

His whimper was cut off by Darcy’s lips on his own, her arms wrapping around him to flatten him to her soft chest. They were panting together, sweat sticking to their skin. Steve was dizzy, and then he coughed, turning his head to do so in the sheet beneath them.

“Are you okay?” she whispered, and he pulled back to look her in the eye.

She seemed different. He blinked at her.

“Yeah, it’s just my asthma,” he said, hoping he didn’t seem self-conscious. He waited for her pitying simper, the sentiment he was used to from most women, old and young.

Instead, she smirked up at him.

“You fuck like that and you have asthma? Damn, Steve,” she murmured.

She began to giggle again and Steve stared at her.

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Wanda’s voice drifted from beyond the darkened bedroom, Darcy’s eyes fluttering open, her chest lifting as she pulled in a deep breath.

It was typical of her neighbor to let herself in – after all, Darcy did the same just yesterday when she took back a pair of hedge clippers she borrowed. Yesterday felt so far away, so simple now – God, she was delirious. But she wouldn’t take her health for granted ever again, she mused.

She heard a soft knocking from the doorway, her eyes swinging to the sight of Wanda standing there, her mouth open, eyes a little wider. The light hit her auburn curls, Wanda’s pearl necklace and matching earrings glowing, the dainty diamond ring on her left hand beaming. Darcy let her eyes fall shut again, since it was too much to look at.

“Are you sick?”

Wanda never showed any disgust toward her, which Darcy appreciated. She’d known so many housewives that put up a façade, never allowing even their closest friends to see them in any kind of disarray. With Wanda, Darcy was able to be herself to some extent. Moving into her street six months ago had been daunting, but Wanda made her feel like she belonged, like she’d lived there far longer.

“I thought lying down would help,” Darcy mumbled, as she sensed Wanda moving over to the bed, the dip of the mattress as she perched on the edge.

Her hand was cool when she touched Darcy’s forehead.

“Oh, honey,” she whispered. “You’re burning up. I should call a doctor-”

“No, please,” Darcy cut in, eyes snapping open, and she saw Wanda looming over her, her beautiful face etched with concern. “I’d rather stay lying down. Do you have any aspirin? I was going to run to the store otherwise-”

“No, you’re not moving,” Wanda insisted, and she stroked Darcy’s hair, then gave her sweaty hand a little pat. “I’ll be right back.”

“What about the kids?” Darcy groaned.

Wanda had twins, two boys that ran up and down the street most hours. Darcy babysat them frequently, and she’d been all over town with them and Wanda many times, strangers unable to know whose child belonged to whom.

“They’re fine,” Wanda said with a dismissive wave. “They’re building some bottle rocket in the yard until their father comes home. I haven’t started dinner – but it’s meatloaf, so…”

She disappeared and Darcy closed her eyes, waiting. She’d felt dizzy for the last couple hours, and then she’d been nauseous. She suspected it was a migraine, something she’d never had, but her mother was prone to them. She dreaded a long line of these kinds of afternoons, the sickening tilt of her universe, the many long hours waiting out the pain…

Wanda returned with a soft swishing of her petticoat, sitting beside Darcy on her side of the bed, armed with a glass of water and some aspirin. Darcy sat up, taking it, hating the aftertaste, before she sunk back down again.

“Go, I’ll be fine,” Darcy whispered, taking Wanda’s hand. Her neighbor’s nails were salmon-colored and shining, while Darcy’s were her usual red, a callback to her secretary school days during the war. “I’m sorry I was a chore.”

“You’re never a chore,” Wanda murmured. She lifted her spare hand, stroking Darcy’s face. “I’ll stay a little longer, I just hate seeing you like this.”

Darcy felt her stomach flip, an excitement come bubbling up. She felt this when they were alone, often in either one of their kitchens, or at barbeques with the rest of their neighbors. These moments only made Darcy want to be around Wanda more, they didn’t frighten her, when they should.

“I tried to sleep, but I can’t quite drift off,” she murmured, and Wanda nodded, both hands on her, one on Darcy’s arm, the other in her hair.

“Babygirl,” Wanda whispered, sounding genuinely sad for her. “You poor thing…”

It didn’t seem maternal, not in the way Wanda was with her children. Darcy felt her cheeks flush, if it were possible, her face already burning with fever. Her heartbeat snagged, Wanda shifting closer, lowering her face to Darcy’s.

She kissed her, Darcy frozen with shock. Wanda pulled back a little, their eyes meeting, and she went in for another, their mouths slanting together, Darcy’s lips opening to Wanda’s tongue, the glide causing a whimper to slip out from the back of her throat.

Darcy’s hips rolled on instinct, her hands reaching for Wanda’s face to keep her there, afraid she would pull away. This was secret, dangerous… downright illegal, immoral… but it was perfect, and Darcy could forget everything for a little while, as she kissed Wanda back, matching her hunger.

Wanda moved back a little to breathe, both women panting, and Darcy could see Wanda’s lipstick was smeared a little, so hers must be in a similar state.

“I wanna take care of you,” Wanda whispered, and Darcy nodded instead of disagreeing, wanting anything and everything Wanda could offer her. “Okay?”

“Yeah,” Darcy breathed, feeling she’d begun to smile. “Okay…”

Wanda’s hand moved down, over Darcy’s torso toward her skirts, and then there was the rustling of her slipping under the material, Darcy’s heart hammering. For how bad she’d felt only minutes before, she felt wonderful now, becoming a whirling, needy thing beneath Wanda. Her fingers met Darcy’s inner thigh, gliding upwards to the apex of her legs, and Darcy moaned, her back beginning to bow.

She was helpless in the most delightful way, though Wanda’s movements were slow and meticulous, testing the waters as she dipped inside of her, Darcy’s cunt swallowing her fingers, her clit throbbing for attention as Wanda leaned down again to finally kiss her once more.

“Baby,” she cooed, her other hand holding Darcy’s chin.

Darcy knew it wasn’t the first time she’d been wet for her. There had been many daydreams, many wistful little fantasies she called upon when she felt lonely. Wanda was a crutch, but she wasn’t ashamed of her longing. So be it – she was in love with a woman, and her neighbor no less – at least Darcy could say now that Wanda reciprocated some of that excitement and want.

Darcy could hear the sound of Wanda’s fingers stroking her, her thumb rubbing her clit. She couldn’t keep her pleasure inside her, her body tightening, threatening to break apart.

Wanda’s drew back to watch her, murmuring to her:

“That’s it, baby, that’s it… I’ve got you. Okay?”

Darcy nodded, moaning and twisting, the threatening implosion right there

She came, yelling, Wanda’s fingers still working her, and she was reaching down to stop her, her hand over hers. Her body was warm liquid, her limbs useless as she slumped back down, panting and sweating. She could smell her musk in the air, Wanda’s fingers glistening as she pulled out of her. Darcy watched, mesmerized as Wanda lifted them to her mouth, sucking the juices off with a flushed face and bright eyes. Darcy reached for her other hand, pressing her lips to the tips of those fingers, before she sucked on one, still feeling like she wasn’t altogether there, her migraine warping everything…

“Can you come by later?” she whispered.

“I’ll tell the hubby I’m checking on you,” Wanda whispered, and Darcy nodded. “Maybe I can get you in the tub?”

“Can you get in with me?” Darcy slurred, and Wanda grinned.


Wanda leaned down, kissing Darcy, everything messy, greedy and blissful.

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Darcy couldn’t speak, and even if she could, she wouldn’t want to. It would overlap with Andy’s filthy murmurs, his voice rumbling from deep within his broad chest.

His fingers were in her mouth, hence her inability to talk, moving back and forth against her tongue, probing her, not quite making her gag.

Darcy’s thighs were rubbing together, her skirt hiked up, Andy’s bulk pressing her into the desk, his cock against her ass. His other hand explored her chest, his fingers dipping into the cup of her bra, brushing her nipple and feeling the weight of her breast.

“Been thinking about you all morning. Your perfect little body. Fuck, I can’t get over how you’re built, Darcy.”

Her name is like another ripple of praise in itself, Darcy humming, beginning to suck his fingers. She gasped as he rocked into her, pure heat running through her.

“You need me to fuck you, don’t you?” he said, nose nuzzling behind her ear, wet fingers slipping down to wrap around her throat.

Darcy felt herself nod.

“Maybe I’ll tease you a little longer…”

She’d never had this at a job before. It was something out of a fantasy, her boss targeting her, pinning her body and making her bend to his will. She was perfectly helpless, and she hadn’t known she’d like this as much as she did – she didn’t have to check, she knew she was wet and throbbing for his touch. She didn’t think in a million years she’d have Andy Barber this way. She didn’t think she was his type. She was too irreverent to be a secretary for this type of firm, and she’d expected to be fired soon enough.

She let out a little whine, attempting to back into him, to coax him, and Andy chuckled.

“Lucky for you, we don’t have a lot of time,” he whispered. His beard grazed her skin and Darcy licked her lips, loving it.

He turned her head with his other hand, still holding her throat, and his kiss was rough and greedy, devouring her as Darcy grabbed the back of his head. They fought, until Andy was breaking away, tugging Darcy’s underwear down, the garment falling to her ankles.

His belt unbuckled and Darcy turned a little to look down, seeing his cock for the first time as he took it out. He was thick, leaking at the tip, and Darcy bit her lip in anticipation.

He breached her in a few short thrusts and she felt the air punched out of her lungs, tipping forward, but he held her in place, clinging to her as he began to thrust in steady, hard strokes.

“Oh, fuck,” Darcy breathed, so overwhelmed.

He was bigger than she originally gauged. She was so full she begun to shiver, gripping him in earnest, feeling her orgasm spiral faster. His breath was hot on her neck, his hold on her too tight for her to move. All she could do was take it as Andy’s fucking turned fast and earnest.

Darcy’s whole body sang as she tried to keep the moans muffled behind her hand, Andy’s hands rearranging, one slipping down her front.

He found her clit, rubbing it as Darcy’s eyes flew shut, and she was propelled forward, her leg lifting enough so her shoe fell off one stockinged foot—

She cried out, clenching around him, and Andy went still, a silence freezing them both. They waited, afraid there would be a knock on the office door that faced the desk, Darcy’s cunt still twitching.

Andy began to move once more, turning Darcy’s head to capture her lips again, their tongues tangling as he picked up speed. She felt like she was floating, still recovering from her climax, their kisses turning feral as Andy gripped her hips, giving her everything.

He buried his face in her back, smothering the sound of his deep groan in her blouse, shooting inside, and Darcy panted, swaying a little as Andy pulled out of her.

The phone on Andy’s desk began to ring and Darcy jumped, clutching her chest, her eyes meeting Andy’s. He nodded at her, and she dragged a hand through her messy hair, picking up the phone. Andy was quickly doing his pants back up.

“Andy Barber’s office.”

She passed the phone to Andy. She watched him answer, his eyes drifting up and down her. He smirked, but she found it endearing, seeing this wicked side to him. When he put the receiver back on the hook, he moved closer to her, their hips touching.

“Meeting, upstairs. You’ve gotta come and take notes for me.”

Darcy gulped. “Right now?”

“Yeah,” Andy replied.

He watched as Darcy picked up her underwear, pulling them back up. Then he surprised her again, hand under her skirt, pushing aside the ruined material to shove two fingers in with ease.

“Jesus, you’re so warm,” he murmured.

Darcy was trembling, his thumb on her clit, teasing her to the edge in seconds, her eyes widening. She could hear the wetness of her, combined with the mess they’d made, and she was certain Andy could, too.

“You wanna get lunch later?” he asked, throwing her off kilter.

“What? Together?” she whispered, and she gasped again, his fingers moving faster.

He’d found the spot that made her toes curl.

“Yeah, of course,” he said, like he wasn’t inside her right then.

Darcy grit her teeth, coming as she shook all over, her head thrown back. Her ears were ringing as Andy pulled out his fingers, pushing them between her lips, and Darcy sucked them eagerly, her hands wrapped around his wrist.

“Good girl.”


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Her back met the wall and she tipped her head toward his automatically. She could see him in the half-light, invading her space, his hands slipping over her hips to then grip her ass, grunting as she nipped at his chin.

Their tongues tangled in a rushed kiss, Darcy’s eyes falling shut as Bucky pinning her to the wall, one hand on her rear with his other in her hair. He sucked at her lips and tongue, moved down her jaw to her pulse point and bit her properly, Darcy’s chuckle more like a pant.

“You gonna let me take you out?” he murmured, nuzzling her skin, tongue tracing her neck up to her ear.

“Uh, sure, as friends,” Darcy countered, hips rocking into his when he sucked on her lobe.

He pulled back, eyeing her.

“We’re not friends,” he said.

They’d had this conversation countless times, and he was growing sick of it. Darcy played along every time he tried to have a serious conversation with her, eyes bright and teasing. She had him wrapped around her little finger, and she knew it.

She liked the possessive grip of his hand in her hair, her tresses pulled taut as he made her look him in the eye, her hands wandering down to his belt buckle.

“Quit fucking around, honey,” he said, but she didn’t relent, instead falling to her knees as she pulled down the fly of his jeans, his belt loosened.

She took his cock out, humming with contentment, her tongue gliding up the underside of his shaft. Bucky hissed, his thumb on her cheek, feeling her soft skin, eyes glued to her as she gave him a good show. He bit his lip, heat rushing through him as she sucked the tip of him between her plush lips, before she took him to the back of her throat. She stilled, relishing in the groan he gave her.

It took another few minutes before his resolve completely broke down, Bucky’s hands latching onto her shoulders to yank Darcy back to her feet, a giggle bursting forth from her wet lips. He claimed her mouth in another kiss, his hands running over her chest, down to her cup her ass, before his fingers slid to the waistline of her leggings, gathering it to shove down.

Darcy’s giggle evaporated, replaced by a long moan as two of his fingers shoved inside her, his eyes blazing with determined heat, unbridled desire that had Darcy’s knees buckling—

“So this is just fucking to you?” he hissed, and Darcy lifted her chin in defiance.


“Anybody else make you come like this?”

Darcy shuddered, the climax wrenched out of her. He’d learnt her body, the ways to make her boneless and slumping into his arms. He gathered her up before she could reply, filling her to the hilt.

“Oh, fuck,” Darcy whimpered, fingers digging into his arms to hold on for dear life.

He slammed into her, the back of her head bumping the wall. He did it a second time, hard enough that his balls slapped her, the sound reverberating.

“Who else fucks you like this, Darcy?” he murmured, and he kissed her before she could form a reply.

His tongue stroked hers, conquering her mouth so fully Darcy’s moan was muffled, tears springing in her eyes as he thrust into again and again. She was going to break apart. She managed to tear herself away from his lips, panting as his mouth moved to her neck, biting her as he fucked her over and over, hips snapping, Darcy’s thighs quivering around his middle.

She began to sob and plead as he reached for her clit, and the world evaporated, leaving only the space between her legs. Her core tightened again, and it almost hurt this time, by how much she tensed and shook with pleasure.

Bucky pulled back, kissing her lips, kissing the tears away. He licked his lips, panting, slowing down as Darcy’s eyelids fluttered.

Her words were slurring.

“Maybe you’ll just have to keep reminding me,” she whispered. “But no-one fucks me like you do.”

“Does that mean I can at least take you to lunch?”

“I’ll consider it,” she murmured, blinking up at him, cheeks flushed, sweat along her brow.

She gave a slow grin, and Bucky couldn’t help smiling back at her, at the audacity she had to be cheeky when he was balls-deep inside her, fucking her into the wall.

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Telepathy was never something Wanda particularly liked within the scope of her powers. When she first began to read minds, the inner monologues overlapped and made it hard to discern individual thoughts or desires. It was a flurry of words, too overwhelming for her to treasure her ability to read people so well, but she was able to adapt over time.

When she met Bucky, she tapped into his brain instantly because he rarely spoke. She wanted to know, needed to know, exactly what he thought of her when he looked straight at her for the first time.

She bound herself to him with ease, and she pictured slipping behind him, mirroring his steps as she melted into him.

He was struck by her, she noticed. He was dazed, flustered… he blinked, then glanced downward, to the floor. His mind was a mess, listing a series of body parts.

Face, eyes, tits, hips…

Wanda pulled back from him, busying herself with a teaspoon in her tea while Bucky quickly moved through the kitchen, and out the other doorway without a single word said aloud.

Several weeks later, after a mission and they were sitting together in dead silence in an empty hallway. Sam was beaten up pretty badly, whereas Bucky had barely got a scratch. The rest of the team had already visited, while Steve was in there with their friend, telling him how proud he was. Wanda overheard laughter and she was relieved – Steve wasn’t blaming himself for Sam getting hurt in any way, as far as she could tell.

She didn’t read someone’s mind that often. She was able to ignore it, or turn down the volume, like the thoughts were a station on a radio. Wanda shifted, gripping the edge of her plastic chair, mirroring Bucky.

You there?

She glanced at his face, seeing the curl of his lip. He was waiting for her.

“Bucky,” she began, ready to apologize. She’d violated his privacy.

Instead, she went still as he bridged the gap between them, kissing her. A nurse walked past them and Wanda broke away first, head ducking a little in the awkwardness that ensued.

Bucky cleared his throat, his Adam’s apple bobbing as he swallowed.

He waited another minute before he spoke out loud:

“You wanna get outta here?”

They went to a hotel, Wanda leading the way. Bucky fed their fingers together as they slipped down a hallway, keycard in his other hand. She waited for him to open the door, watching his face for any bad signs, instead of reading his mind.

“Go ahead,” he murmured, not meaning what she initially thought – she assumed he meant stepping inside, which she did once the door was unlocked and pushed open with his gloved left hand.

Their eyes met, and then he placed her hand to his cheek, nodding at her.

She didn’t need to touch him to read this thoughts, but the gesture was sweet. She hadn’t had sweetness in a long time, she wasn’t used to any type of wooing.

She grabbed hold of his shirt, tugging him inside, Bucky’s face lighting up.

She kissed him with purpose, her hands under his shirt to pull it up and over his head. Tossing it aside, their lips met again, Bucky’s hands slipping down to her hips, gripping her with a soft groan. Wanda felt it to her core, his sudden neediness, their tongues stroking as she pushed him toward the bed.

They landed together, Wanda on top, her hair curtaining them.

She pulled back for air, surveying him.

How do you want me, sweetheart? You can have me any way. Any way I can have you…

His eyes fell to her chest and Wanda smirked, pushing her jacket off and throwing it onto the floor by the bed. Bucky’s hands went upwards, cupping her breasts, thumbs rubbing over the pebbled nipples as Wanda moaned, eyes fluttering at the sensation.

She was aware of her dry spell, more so now than ever. She was impatient, wanting him buried inside her. She made herself look at his face, giving his hips a slow grind.

“I wanna ride you.”

He nodded, groaning a little.


Wanda moved off of him, lying next to him to pull off the rest of her clothes, Bucky doing the same, their eyes watching one another quickly become completely bare. Wanda’s eyes fell to his cock, long and thick, with the dark hair at its base. She licked her lips, aware of the wetness between her thighs, the pure heat running through her.

She threw a leg back over him, Bucky sighing as she kissed him again, rough and greedy. He met each kiss, leading her to the next one, fingers deep in her hair, his other hand on her naked hip, before it slipped down her front, meeting her folds.

“Bucky,” she gasped.

She directed him without words, projecting the picture of how she liked to be touched. He obliged, nuzzling her as he circled her clit precisely how she needed it, Wanda’s breath hitching.

“You’re so good,” she whispered, praising his ability to follow directions, and he chuckled.

“You’re so wet,” he retorted. “You’re so beautiful…”

He sounded in awe. When she drew back, too restless to come on his fingers alone, he licked his wet lips, chest heaving as Wanda moved up, taking hold of him by his shaft, directing her hips to rub her sex against him.

“Fuck,” he hissed. “Fuck, Wanda.”

They both groaned as she made her descent, her cunt swallowing him up, taking every glorious inch of him, and Wanda felt almost impossibly full. She settled on his hips, breathing deep and slow, letting the shivers wash over her body. She could feel she was close already, wanting to writhe in the delicious friction.

She began to move, hands planted on his chest, Bucky’s eyes on hers. Her cheeks flushed, sensing every thought in his head.

So beautiful, how does she feel so good? Holy shit. Holy shit, don’t fucking come yet, you fucking kid. Calm the fuck down… Fuck, she’s so fucking beautiful. Fuck. Fuck. FUCK.

She moaned, picking up speed, Bucky’s fingers digging into her hips, and she rode him at her pace, and Bucky didn’t dare object. Wanda could hear the slide of their bodies, could smell their musk blending together. It was better than she imagined, and so much filthier, fucking Bucky Barnes.

She picked up one of his hands to press to her breast, encouraging him to squeeze, to felt the pain to contrast the pleasure – and she cried out as he pinched her nipple, reading her without her mental prompting.

He began to speak, breathy encouragements:

“Keep going, that’s it. Look at you, you feel so fucking amazing, Wanda. Keep going, sweetheart, goddamn-”

Wanda came, grinding and shuddering over the edge, the light flickering above them, the TV behind her back suddenly switching on, a laughing track coming through. Wanda went still, panting as she looked down at Bucky, blinking her crimson eyes back to their normal shade.

He moved up, flattening her to the mattress, hitching one thigh up to rest on his shoulder, Wanda reveling in the sudden tensing of her core, the new angle.

He pounded into her, with no signs of him easing until he reached his own end, and Wanda loved it, feeling him lose all control. The TV played on, drowning out the majority of the sounds, but she could still hear it – the slapping of their bodies together as she began to mewl beneath him.

He grabbed her by the back of her head, pressing his mouth to her neck as he gave her everything, fingers biting into her scalp as he went as deep as possible, stiffening –

“Fuck,” he gasped, and he came, shuddering, cuddling her to his chest.

Holy shit that was awesome.

Wanda grinned at the ceiling, Bucky panting against her throat.


Chapter Text


Darcy grinned, angling her ass toward him, feeling his hands grip her hips again to keep her poised for him. She panted, a sweaty sheen to both of them. Steve’s hand slipped up to grab a fistful of her hair, Darcy groaning in delight.

“You keep still.”

“Fuck me,” she retorted, and they both laughed.

She was already dripping his come onto the sheets, but this felt long from over. It was like them to keep going until someone waved a white flag. It was usually Darcy, delirious with pleasure, screaming and red all over.

His cock plunged back into her audibly, the sucking wetness of her cunt making Steve groan appreciatively, while Darcy buried her face in the crook of her arm, fisting the ruined sheets.

“You ready to give up, Lewis?” he whispered, and Darcy shook her head, squeezing him in retaliation.

“Not even close,” she panted, words running together, and he chuckled breathlessly. “Give it to me.”

He obliged, Darcy yelling and trembling, the air thick with their musk.

Chapter Text

His arms envelop her and her eyes close, the familiar taste of him keeping her anchored to the present.

He’s been away a month, and she can feel he’s showered quickly, by how his blonde hair is still wet. He came in a hurry, sweeping her up the second she opened the front door of their apartment.

It was his place before she moved in, a minor technicality given how she makes every space her own quite easily. It was why she had no qualms in moving yet again; she took everything she needed and left a lot behind, offering random pieces of furniture to her neighbors. This is the longest time she’s stayed in the one place, if she’s honest, and it doesn’t feel suffocating at all.

Especially with how Steve is pawing at her like he’d woken from the ice again after seventy years of slumber…

They get to the kitchen, on their way to the bedroom, but Steve can’t seem to wait, grunting almost plaintively as he chases each kiss from her. Darcy’s butt meets the counter and he lifts her up, placing her on the ledge to cuddle her to his chest.

“Missed you,” he mumbles, before diving in for another kiss, filthier and desperate.

His huge hands are on her sides, then one moves up to squeeze her breast over her t-shirt, and Darcy’s panting, wriggling a little to grind against him. It’s nothing in comparison to how Steve is acting, nipping at her skin, breathing her in, simultaneously trying to squeeze her to him while he maps her out with his hands and lips.

She tips backward with a gasp and he shucks down her leggings, Darcy lifting her hips to aid him. He huffs, and Darcy puts a hand over her mouth to smother her giggle.

“What?” he half-grumbles, and Darcy shakes her head.

“I’m not laughing at you,” she whispers, pulling down her underwear. “You’re just so worked up, I’ve never seen you like this…”

Steve goes quiet, not because he’s self-conscious, but because Darcy’s pussy has his full attention. He kneels, diving straight in, licking up her slit as Darcy cries out in delighted surprise.


Steve groans, lapping at her, moving up to flick his tongue against her throbbing clit, Darcy’s breath catching as her hands scramble. He’s determined to pull her apart as fast as possible, and she can feel everything tightening already. Her face flushes, her head falling back as her hand finds the back of his head, fingers gliding through his damp hair.

“Baby, did you race to shower before you came home?” she whispers.

He pulls back a little to look her in the eye, nodding, lips sucking her clit now as he pets at the opening of her cunt with one long, thick finger. Darcy shifts her hips a little, craving the feeling of being full of him.

“Come back up here and fuck me,” she whispers, and he shakes his head, pushing her thighs further apart, settling in for the long-not-so-long haul of eating her out with vigor.

Darcy’s back bows and she shudders through her climax, whimpering as he licks her through it. He pulls back with a slick mouth and chin, wiping himself with his shirt that he tugs off a second later. Darcy makes grabby hands at him, and he obliges, tugging her upright.

Her ass is on the very ledge as he pushes inside, one of her hands biting into the back of his neck while her other grips the marble countertop. They both gasp, real relief in Steve’s eyes when they meet hers, and Darcy feels a lump in her throat.

“You okay?” he whispers, and she nods, shifting to glide up and down his cock.

He grunts, biting his lip as his eyes flutter at the slick feel of her. He’s starving, cheeks pink, hair mussed as he’s lost in her, his lips crashing into hers once more. Darcy squeezes, whispers her encouragement.

He’s so good, she says. He feels so good and he’s so good to her. Then she ups the ante, pulling at his earlobe as he ruts into her, the wet sounds mingling with her teasing:

“I can’t wait to get down on my knees for you, too.”

Steve hisses: “Fuck!”

He fucks her harder, Darcy’s moans echoing his, everything turning louder. Darcy waits, sensing his end, before he surprises her again, moving back to press his forehead to hers, his hips slowing.

He tends to do this when he’s trying not to come, but now he has a hesitant look to him, his eyes searching her face.

“While I was gone, I kept thinking about…”

His hand slipped to her belly, rubbing it. Darcy’s eyes widen, her hands reaching to clutch his face.

“You mean it?”

Steve nods. “Don’t wanna pull out…”

Darcy nods back at him, and he sinks into another kiss. Darcy moans with him, feeling herself shift into the primal neediness that Steve has.

“Come in me, fill me up,” she whispers, and then it become a plea as he picks up speed once more. “Fill me up…”

“I’m gonna come so hard,” he breathes, catching her in a smothering kiss, and she feels like her heart is too big for her chest. It hammers and swells as Steve wrecks her, the sweat gathering between them, the slapping sounds of their bodies together wet and feral.

Soon after he grinds her clit with his thumb, Darcy’s back arches once again as she comes, Steve groaning as he follows her. He hides his face in her neck, twitching inside her, Darcy’s contented sighs overlapping with his panting.

“Holy shit,” she whispers, just as he pulls back to look at her face.

He brushes the hair from her sweaty forehead, not moving back to slip out of her yet, which works for Darcy, whose thighs are pinned to his hips. She pulls him into an embrace, Steve resting his chin on her head. She looks down at the floor and her eyebrows hike.

His pants are still around his ankles.

She bursts out laughing.

Chapter Text

Darcy couldn’t say that they were doing this because they were drunk.

She’d had a shot of tequila hours ago, its light buzz gone. None of the men had been drinking at all, and even if they had, Steve and Bucky rarely ever managed to get drunk because of how they absorbed alcohol at such a fast rate. Sam had complained he’d needed a beer when they arrived back from the mission, but he’d never got to it as far as Darcy knew.

She felt drunk. She was dizzy, light-headed and swaying a little as she grinned up at them, stroking their own cocks. By how at ease they seemed to be doing that in front of one another, she got the impression they’d done this before.

Her shirt was long gone, along with her bra. Kneeling on the floor, she reached for Sam first, opening her mouth to push him inside, his cock gliding along her tongue. She opened her jaw a little wider, taking him to the back of her throat, her hand wrapping around his base.

She peered up at him, tasting his musk, Sam’s hand brushing her hair back.

“Do you like it?” he murmured, and Darcy pulled back with a little sigh, nodding.

“I love it-”

He cut her off with a swift kiss, and Darcy felt hands on her shoulders. She glanced to her right, seeing Bucky standing there, and she reached for him with her other hand, jerking him as he hissed.

She looked at Steve, who was watching her pumping his two friends, his chest rising and falling as he tugged on himself.

“C’mere,” she whispered, and he obliged.

If only she had more hands. The room was filled with soft moans, Darcy’s mouth full of Steve as she encouraged him with a nod to guide her head with his two hands. On her knees, she sucked Steve as she jerked Sam and Bucky, her thighs pressing together as she felt her cunt ache.

Steve was sloppy-wet, strings of spit falling to the carpet as Darcy gave him all she could. Her jaw ached, her lips felt rubbed raw, and her arms were beginning to burn from her enthusiasm.

She kept at it, on and on, until she could sense Steve unravelling. She felt invincible, these three men wanting her at once. There was no shame, only joy. She felt free.

“God,” Steve rasped, and then he went still, twitching in her mouth as he came down the back of her throat.

Darcy’s eyes were leaking tears, her breath a desperate pant as she pulled away from him, swallowing staring up at him.

Steve was flushed, sweaty and falling to his knees, moving so he could whisper by her ear:

“I wanna fuck your ass.”

Darcy shivered, shutting her eyes to picture it, and she nodded when she opened them again.

“Yeah?” he murmured, and he grinned at her, rubbing his thumb on her swollen lip.

“Maybe later,” she said, and she glanced up at Sam and then Bucky.

“I want to make you come first, though.”

She spat on Bucky’s cock and then Sam’s, a haphazard but still appreciated gesture, slicking them up.

She didn’t expect Steve to wrap his arms around her, nuzzling her jaw and neck. He gently began to push her backwards, until she was lying down on the carpet, her hands temporarily free.

He sucked at her nipple, making Darcy’s hips jerk toward him as she moaned, half-unexpecting this gesture, too. She supposed it was harsh to believe that once Steve had come he’d have enough of her.

He unbuttoned her jeans, shucking them down past her thighs with a gentle fervor that threw her a little, her eyes slipping up to see Sam and Bucky kneeling beside her, and she licked her lips at the sight of them.

“Gimme,” she whispered.

“You’re adorable,” Bucky said. The last time he said that, he was being sarcastic, she thought. Maybe he was telling the truth the whole time and she’d refused to believe him.

She worked Sam with her hand as Bucky slipped into her open mouth, grunting as she sucked and swirled her tongue around the tip. She propped up her head a little for better leverage, humming appreciatively.

“Look at her, so fucking cute,” Bucky whispered, looking at Sam.

They grinned at one another. Meanwhile, Steve was tugging off her underwear, pushing his shoulders between her thighs and leaning over her pussy.

Darcy gasped when he began to lick her, which turned into a groan, her heels digging into the carpet as Steve set to work. He was ruthless, attentive and wicked – Darcy moaned louder than ever when his thumb ran through her wetness, all the way down to play with her ass, pressing against her hole as she tried to steady her racing heart.

“You like that, huh?” Sam said, he and Bucky laughing, and Darcy could feel her face burning with blatant want.

Steve pushed his tongue inside her, Darcy pulling off of Bucky with a whine, before she reached to suck Sam off some more.

“Try to keep your eyes open,” Bucky murmured, biting his lip, chest beginning to heave. “We wanna see your face when you come for us.”

Darcy moaned, Steve’s probing tongue and wet fingers working her clit, his thumb still pressing against her tight ring. She could feel Sam’s cock getting thicker, nearing his end.

She pulled off, huffing and babbling:

“Come on me, come on me…”

She jerked them both, mouth open, poking out her tongue. She could feel her own climax building, the obscene sounds Steve’s mouth was making as he fucked her with his tongue. Her hands fell down to grab him by the back of the head, her hips attempting to lift as she writhed—

Her vision blurred and she shuddered her whole body, trying to fold in on herself, pure pleasure seeping from her core all the way to her curled toes.

A minute later, while she lay at the mercy of the three of them, Darcy grinned, then kept her mouth open, waiting as Sam and Bucky began to unravel.

“Fuck, fuck,” Sam groaned, and he was first, warm spurts of come landing on Darcy’s throat and clavicle.

Seconds later, Bucky joined him, grunting and trembling as he spilt on Darcy’s chest, all the way up to meet Sam’s mess, making a lopsided X across her bare front. Darcy languished, Steve’s face resting on her hip as Sam moved to kiss her mouth, Bucky’s hand cupping her breast before he had his turn.


Chapter Text

Darcy drew in a deep breath, lifting her head from their shared pillow.

Bucky had a habit of taking over the spaces she occupied, and if he was anyone else, she’d argue over it. Considering how happy it made him to be this close to her, she didn’t care, because making him happy made her happy.

She watched his face, seeing his lips parted slightly, his chest rising and falling steadily. Darcy lay her hand on his warm chest, gliding down to his hard stomach. She loved feeling the texture of his body hair as it trailed down to his crotch. She reached the curls at the base of his cock and studied his face, seeing him begin to stir to life, his cock quickly fattening for her.


He blinked up at her and Darcy grinned, seeing the blush form on his cheeks, his realization in his eyes. Without any further explanation, she ducked down under the covers, her face between his legs as Bucky’s breath hitched.

His head fell back as she sucked him into her mouth, his flesh hand slipping down to grip her hair close to the root. For a guy born in 1917, Bucky had a deep knowledge of how to be perfectly rough with her. Darcy bobbed her head, Bucky beginning to hiss at her determination to unravel him fast.

“Goddamn, so early in the morning?” he said. “What did I do to deserve this?”

Darcy would tell him it was because he was so damn adorable, rumpled and sleepy first thing in the morning. She’d also add he was completely irresistible – that is, if she could talk.

Bucky pushed the blankets away to reveal her, groaning at the sight of her ass pushed into the air. He glided one hand up her back, giving her rear a little squeeze, rubbing it as Darcy kept going. She only drew back when her urge to kiss him was too strong, pulling off with a wet pop before she launched herself at him.

He grinned into the kiss that quickly turned sloppy. Darcy moved back to look him in the eye.

“You wanna fuck my face for a bit?”

Bucky’s eyes fell to her lips, his pupils dilating.

“You wanna make me choke?” she added, moving in to press a light kiss to his lips. “Fuck me until I can’t breathe?”

“Don’t threaten me with a good time,” he retorted, his dick twitching in her hand.

He kissed her, grabbing her face, before he tore her away and pushed her down to his crotch. Darcy couldn’t believe that he’d ever been hesitant to be this way with her when they first met. Other aspects of his techniques – like being a gentleman and doting on her outside of the bedroom – were what originally won her over. Now, she just felt spoilt.

He gathered her hair in his fist, beginning to rock into her mouth, until he hit the back of her throat. Eyes meeting, Darcy nodded. She was fine, in fact, she was enjoying this and wanted to struggle to catch her breath.

She began to cough as he picked up speed, her nails biting into his thick thighs. Dribble ran down her chin to her chest, her eyes fluttering in bliss as Bucky used her mouth. When his metal fingers pinched her nose, cutting off her hair completely, Darcy rocked her hips, moaning.

“You’re so fucking beautiful. You’re perfect…”

Bucky praising her was getting her off, his moans beginning to climb in volume. Darcy could feel herself begin to tingle, a calm washing over her as she kept still, not breathing…

He pulled out of her and she slumped over, taking a gulp of air, Bucky’s hands pulling her up again, into his lap to impale her on his wet cock.

They both grunted, grabbing at each other for a kiss, Darcy’s hips rocking of their own accord. Bucky’s fingers slipped down her chin, down her neck to wrap around her throat, Darcy’s eyes rolling back as he fucked her in earnest.

Her pulse seemed to enlarge, her whole head throbbing as his vice grip remained, and she cried out, grinding her clit until she felt the bloom of relief.

He loosened his grip, white marks on her neck as she panted, rutting and seeking more, their teeth clacking as they kissed.

She was feral with his love, biting and fighting him, until he pinned her down and had his way with her, not stopping until his hips gave out.

He hovered above her after, trailing her face with his fingers.

“What did I do to deserve this?” he whispered, and Darcy cupped his face, lifting her head to kiss him tenderly.

Chapter Text

“Good afternoon.”

Darcy spun around, brows lifting, before she recognized her visitor. Steve was holding his jacket under his arm, his hands in his pockets. He stood a fair distance away from her desk but she was certain he’d see how easily he made her blush under that look of his.

It was half-predatory, half-affectionate. She looked over at one of the interns and then checked her Mickey Mouse watch, clearing her throat.

“I think that’s lunch. You wanna tell the others?”

She didn’t like bossing the interns around – she still had a lot of memories of Erik grunting at her when he was in a bad mood. Also, when she visited labs with Jane before she went back to school, the other staff expected her to work for them, too. She wasn’t one to demand anyone grab her coffee, unless they were some annoying government official that looked at her like they didn’t appreciate the breath of fresh air she gave every lab she stepped into.

The intern named Lily nodded, turning her heel to walk over to the other interns, the little cluster of white coats on the other end of the lab. They filed out, some of them staring at Steve along the way, who ducked his head. Darcy pressed her lips together to cover her smirk, but once they were alone, Steve narrowed his eyes at her.

“What’s so funny, Doctor Lewis?”

“I’m sorry my team’s a group of Steve Stans, Rogers,” she retorted, Steve approaching her. He took her hand she was resting on her hip and kissed her knuckles. “I may have promised you sign some autographs and pose for some selfies, though.”

Steve froze, eyes widening. “What?”

“I’m kidding,” Darcy said, and Steve rolled his eyes.


She looped her arms around his neck as he walked her backwards, further into her cubicle, leaning down to kiss her on the lips. She felt her stomach flutter as Steve’s tongue pressed against the seam of her lips before she allowed him in, his hands moving up to clutch her face, their hips bumping as Darcy was stopped by her desk behind her. Steve was hungry, seeking her desire and finding it rising up and up, and Darcy was the first to pull back for air – she always was – and her eyes met his, her wet lips parting when her gaze shifted down to the clear outline of his hard dick in his pants.

“Talk to me, what’s getting you so riled up, Rogers?”

“I guess a scientist in her natural habitat,” Steve murmured, hand moving down her shoulder then further to cup her breast over her shirt. “You’re brilliant, you know that, right?”

Darcy did actually know that, but hearing someone like Steve, someone she liked as much as him saying it was another thing entirely. It made her stop in her tracks.


“Yeah,” he echoed, thumb rubbing over her covered nipple, sending pure heat to Darcy’s core. “I was listening to you before I came in through the door – I could hear you from the elevator.”

“If you weren’t you, I’d say your security clearance doesn’t involve R&D,” Darcy said, lifting up to press a light kiss to his lips.

Steve let out a short laugh, a puff of air against her lips. He practically spoke into her mouth:

“Good thing I’m me, then.”

“Yeah,” Darcy whispered.

He surprised her, stepping aside to look down at her desk, peering at the blue prints she had unfurled. It was her own design, so she didn’t mind the coffee stains – she was getting better at spillage, it was a slow learning journey in a busy lab – and Steve read the dimensions and materials list.

He could speed-read, store every detail away and recall it with eerie clarity. It mesmerized Darcy but he always downplayed it, didn’t want to always draw attention to it.

“I’m miniaturizing another reader,” Darcy said, finger dragging down to the outline she sketched a couple days ago. “It’ll make it more convenient.”

“You’re building that yourself,” Steve murmured, more statement than question.

Darcy nodded though he wasn’t looking her way. She slipped her hand back to her side, pulling in a breath.

“Were you stopping by for an R&D update, or were you here for personal reasons?” Darcy teased, and Steve finally looked at her again, eyes falling to her mouth.

“Personal,” he replied, voice lower. “And I love when you talk science to me.”

Darcy began to laugh, Steve’s hand finding the small of her back, gently pushing her toward him once more. When they kissed, there was that hunger again, but there was a reverence to Steve’s touch, which only made Darcy kiss him harder in retaliation.

She turned her head with a smack of their lips as Steve lifted her up to place her on the desk, beside her blueprint.

“Protocol code April Fools.”

The AI above their heads replied a second later:

“Protocol April Fools initiated.”

Steve chuckled, his nose brushing her cheek, his hands still on her waist. “Do you have a security protocol named after your birthday?”

“I mean, it’s kinda my birthday if I’m—”

“Fooling around in the labs?” Steve cut in, his fingers popping the button of her jeans, swiftly moving inside to stroke over the thin cotton of her panties, Darcy’s breath hitching.

“Under no circumstances are we gonna get caught in here, Rogers,” she said, attempting to keep her voice level as he ran his finger up and down the cut of her, lingering on the hood of her clit before moving back down again.

She licked her lips, their eyes locking as Steve pushed the material aside, teasing her without a barrier, Darcy’s moan bitten back. Her eyes closed briefly as he began to circle her clit, studying her face.

“You’re so wet.”

“So fuck me,” she retorted, eyes opening, her hands coming to life as she reached for his belt, tugging him closer.

“You want me to fuck you?” he murmured, leaning down to let his lips graze over her cheekbone, and then they hovered by her ear. “Fuck, you’re really wet…”

Darcy whimpered and it set him off. With a flurry of hands, they both rid themselves of their pants, at least enough to reach one another’s skin. Darcy’s jeans hung off of one foot, while Steve’s pants fell down to his ankles. Darcy was rearranged, her hips angled to take him, her thighs pushed apart. He bent down for a second to kiss the top of her pubic hair, Darcy’s chest heaving with anticipation.

“We have to be quick,” she whispered, redundant, but Steve nodded all the same.

He draw her into a thorough kiss, breaching her in a smooth thrust, both of them gasping into one another’s mouths at the stretch of it. Darcy wouldn’t get over the feeling of him slipping into her for the first time. It scrambled her brain without fail, her hands reaching up to grip his ass, encouraging him to move.

They began to rut and Darcy trembled, feeling almost too full. She’d be walking differently after this, and she tried to picture how she’d make sure the interns didn’t notice. Presently, she didn’t really care. Everything became Steve, the feel of him in and all around her, consuming her.

He licked his thumb and then pressed it to her clit, pounding into her with sharp, steady thrusts that made Darcy’s calves tighten, her toes beginning to curl.

Their kisses were sloppy as she pushed back into him, their eyes never leaving one another. It was intense, as always. For all the jokes she made at Steve’s expense, she adored him.

He was drawing little mewls from her, her eyes beginning to flutter with pleasure, her body burning from the building tension at her core.

“Oh, God,” she whimpered, mouth falling open as she clamped down on him, her head throwing back as she was obliterated.

Steve kept going, grunting as she squeezed him again and again, his hand grabbing her by the chin to kiss her hard, a little clumsy, but so keen to conquer her mouth with his hot tongue.

Her nails bit into his ass, nodding at him as she floated back down, sweaty and blissful. Steve did not relent until he was shoving up into her as far as her body would allow, their mouths not quite closing in a rushed kiss. He groaned, brows furrowed as his eyes flew shut, releasing inside her.

They panted together, sweaty foreheads brushing. Steve pressed a kiss to her skin, Darcy’s hand on his shoulder to rub it.

“I was gonna ask you to lunch, I promise I didn’t plan that,” he breathed, chuckling weakly.

Darcy smiled, then consulted her watch.

“Well, we’ve got about ten minutes until the interns get back.”

Steve finally pulled out of her, tucking himself back in his pants and then grabbed her box of tissues to clean her, Darcy’s head lolling a little.

“I’ll buy you a hot dog on the corner, the works,” he murmured, and Darcy grinned. “Then you can talk some more science to me.”

He threw the balled up tissues away, then pressed a short kiss to her bare knee, eyes flitting up to her cunt.

“Don’t get any ideas, Rogers,” Darcy warned.

“Wouldn’t dream of it, Doctor Lewis,” he said, eyes swinging up to hers, a cheeky smirk on his flushed face.


Chapter Text

“There’s a little drop when you – yep—”

Sam led her down by the hand, their eyes meeting when she was on the boat. His hand lingered before he withdrew it to his side, his throat bobbing as he looked away.

He brought her out here when it was clear Sarah and Bucky wanted some time alone, and Sam’s nephews were staying at friends’ houses that night. Darcy had already stayed for dinner, leaving once the plates were cleared. Already, she knew the visit to his house wasn’t work-related.

She’d met with Sam earlier that month as a SWORD liaison, a title she never liked. Monica insisted Darcy take pride in working for this particular branch of the government, especially since she was in charge now. Monica also liked to mention the money Darcy would be given for her projects in the future if she chose to stay with SWORD, and it was appealing – but meeting Sam was an unexpected joy.


All she was meant to do was have a few little pow-wows to make sure he understood the gravity of Westview and how these events were likely to occur more in the future as he carried the shield. She’d come by one afternoon, almost walking straight into Bucky Barnes.

“Dude, I totally get it,” she said, hands up, the former Winter Soldier frowning down at her. “Rando government bootlicker comes by, asking to see the Man with a Plan. It stinks for me, too. I’m-”

Bucky turned his head, yelling out: “Hey, Sam!”

He left Darcy there on Sam’s front steps without a word, her hands falling.

“Uh. Thanks.”

 She waited there, folding her arms as she peered around the property. She did not enjoy how she felt as if she was constantly coated in a gleam of sweat. At least it wasn’t the middle of summer. She glanced toward the football that sat on the grass close to where she parked her car. She thought she could hear a child yelling before, but as far as she knew Sam didn’t have any kids.


She turned toward the source of the voice, and there he was. She felt her face flush, Sam Wilson walking down the front steps, a smile spreading across his face as he approached her. He wore a simple maroon polo shirt, which seemed to fit him like a glove, leaving little to the imagination as to how large his muscles were.

“Nice to meet you, I’m Sam,” he said, offering a hand, which Darcy took.

“Hi, I’m Darcy,” she replied.

His hand was warm, his grip strong and confident. His politeness seemed genuine.

“You met my associate earlier?” he said, and Darcy ducked her head, unable to keep the short laugh from escaping. “My apologies – he is adopted.”

“It’s fine, I totally understand why he’d be reluctant to give a stranger any time,” she said with a short wave of her hand. “I tried to explain that to him but I guess he wasn’t having it.”

She drew in a breath glancing toward the front door.

“I’m sorry to intrude, Captain.”

“Usually I take meetings in the city or in an office building,” Sam said, deflecting her apology. “Barnes didn’t give any context before he went back to the kitchen to hit on my sister. I was on the couch-”

“Is he making progress so far?” Darcy said, and Sam met her gaze, his smile back.

“Yeah, but I would never tell him that,” he replied, and Darcy smirked. “Why the house call?”

“I work with SWORD,” she said, hand going to her jeans pocket to pull out her lanyard.

Sam peered at the laminated ID with her photo on it.

“Doctor Darcy Lewis,” he read. “What’s your field?”

“Astrophysics,” she said, stuffing the lanyard into her pocket.


They watched the sun set, Sam tapping his beer bottle with hers before they both took a pull, eyes meeting.

Darcy felt like they’d been kind of dancing around this, the obvious pull they had to one another. She’d been flirty, he’d been exceedingly charming and teasing. He didn’t let her only be a stranger, he insisted she knew his life. He was happy to share, he was proud and happy in ways she hadn’t seen in people for years.

There was a nuance to him that she learned others might not see, like now on the Paul & Darlene, the reverence he had poured into their friendship. It never felt forced.

“How many times have you taken girls here, over the years?” she asked, licking her lips.

“A few,” he said, and Darcy chuckled. “But this is the first time I’ve brought a lady here.”

“How do you think it’s going so far?” she murmured, and he took a sip.

He placed the bottle on the floor, leaning forward like Darcy was, their thighs close to touching on the short bench they shared.

She let him see her eyes trail down his arms to his free hands, her heart picking up speed as he turned a little in his seat.

He rose a hand, gently tucking her hair behind her ear, edging closer. She waited, the moment stretching on as he closed in on her, stopping within an inch of her mouth. She bridged the gap, closing her eyes as she pressed a kiss to his lips, slow and tender.

They parted, Sam’s thumb rubbing her lower lip, the desire Darcy had been pushing back for weeks suddenly flooding her entire body. She watched him watching her, hoping he could read her mind.

God, the things she wanted to do to this man.

“I think I’m doing good,” he murmured.

Darcy went in for the kill, slanting her mouth over his, shifting to throw her leg over him. Sam wrapped an arm around her waist to help pull her into his lap, their hips meeting as Darcy drank from him, chasing him for more, her hands on his chest, gliding up to grab his face.

There was no-one around, and she was in the mood to be foolish. She’d wanted this for a while, and she made it apparent by how she moaned under his touch, his hand gripping her ass as she ground into his crotch.

“You got a condom?” he panted, and she nodded, pulling back to grab her purse from the floor.

In under a minute, she was bare-assed, rolling the rubber onto his cock as her tongue tangled with his, his groans rushing to her needy core as she quickly aimed him upward to guide herself onto him.

She went still once she sat on him, the stretch making her catch her breath, Sam’s face hidden in her chest as she clung to him. She gave him a little squeeze, lifting herself for a second to feel the drag of him, to luxuriate in the fullness.

“Fuck,” she whispered, and he caught her in another kiss, fingers in her hair.

He let her move at her own pace, until she began to squeeze him again, goading him as she felt her face begin to tingle with pleasure. He pulled back from her neck with a wet smack, lips parted as his jaw grew slack.

“You’re playing with fire, Lewis.”

“You gonna stop me?”

His hands went to her hips as he began to buck into her, setting her off, a cry ripped from her. She couldn’t control her shivering, how he was hitting a spot that made her plead and wriggle in his lap, desperate to come.

He began to smack, smack, smack into her and she was lost, because holy shit, Sam Wilson had the best cock she’d ever had inside her.

Her hand fell to her clit, her fingers rubbing furiously as Sam watched her, nodding. She bounced as he kept pounding into her, huffing.

“Keep going, keep going, that’s it, that’s it – that’s my girl-”

Darcy exploded, losing vision as she clenched around him, her head thrown back as the wet, slippery movements turned erratic, Sam pushing through it, holding her in place as he raced forward.

She finally breathed, sucking in air like she had nearly drowned, groaning along with Sam as he followed her climax. He kept going, working her on him until he couldn’t take it anymore, pulling her into a sweaty embrace as she felt the world spin around her…


The following morning, she woke inside the boat, a blanket half covering her, one breast out as Sam’s hand stroked her bare shoulder. She blinked up at him.

“Did we mean to stay over?” she murmured.

She didn’t care, and Sam didn’t seem to, moving down to kiss her temple.

“Just don’t tell my sister we fucked on the boat,” he whispered, and Darcy began to giggle, Sam joining her.




Chapter Text

The mattress dipped and she took her hands away from her face, sniffling. She glanced at Steve, who’d sat down next to her. She immediately wanted to hide again, hating he was seeing her like this. Normally, she was fine with expressing emotions, but this time it was too heavy. She didn’t want to overdo it.

The fact that her friend had found her in her bedroom without a prompt showed how much he cared, she thought, which was nice.

It didn’t stop the guilt.

“I’m sorry,” she mumbled, wiping her eyes and keeping her gaze away from him.

His hand rested on her shoulder.

“You wanna talk about it?”

“Not really,” she replied, because she could only ever be honest with him.

She saw Steve’s lips curl ever so slightly, a short nod following. His hand slipped down to twine their fingers together instead, the lump in her throat making it hard for her to speak.

“I… I’m really sad,” she mumbled.

“I’m sorry,” he said, soft and patient.

She pulled his hand toward her, instinctively placing them closer to her stomach, instead placing them on her thigh. She wanted to be held, but that didn’t feel like enough at the same time. Her eyelashes stuck together as she blinked toward him, holding her breath.

The heat of his hand resting against her thigh was seeping through, past her leggings and into her skin, her eyes trained to his as they dipped down to her mouth. She could sense him closing in, the heat rising in her cheeks.

“This okay?” he whispered, and instead of a verbal answer she surged into him, catching him in a kiss.

His spare hand cupped the back of her head, their lips smacking before he slanted his mouth properly to cover hers in a rougher second kiss. Their tongues met and Darcy’s moan was swallowed down, their hands separating for Steve to pull her into him.

Chest to chest, she wondered if he could feel her heart racing like it was. This was unexpected, but she wasn’t too alarmed and neither did she want to question it. He was firm and warm against her, and she was certain she’d never been kissed like this before.

He spun them, her beneath him as her thigh hitched over his hip, their bodies beginning to rock together, to ride each wave of mounting desire. He tasted good – she wanted to taste all of him, everything she hadn’t seen or touched before today.

He pulled back, letting her breathe, his own breath ragged as he searched her.

“Keep going,” she whispered, nodding. “Please.”

The urgency she couldn’t keep out of her voice must have tapped into something, because a beat later he was helping her out of her shirt and leggings, and then his shirt was gone. Their bodies rearranged, Steve’s eyes sliding down her, his lips and cheeks pink.

“God, even your collarbones,” he whispered, and he dove in to kiss them, a smile creeping across Darcy’s face.

“What?” she breathed.

He moaned when he nuzzled at her chest, palming her breasts with his hands, squeezing and rolling them as he trailed his tongue down her sternum. Each time he shifted on the bed, her mattress gave a faint creak, Darcy’s sighs following each caress as Steve licked and sucked at her skin. Her nipples pebbled and goose bumps broke out all over her, her hips giving a languid roll as Steve made his way further down, following his nose to her pussy.

She wasn’t so sad, she noticed. She hoped he wasn’t doing this just to cheer her up-

“Steve,” she said suddenly, as he was about to lick her slit, hovering above her most sensitive parts.

It was a stunning portrait, his face flushed, eyes almost black as he was inches above her wet folds. He closed his mouth, glancing up at her.

“I really like you,” she said, before he could ask. She leaned up on her elbows. “And… I…”

“I like you, too,” he murmured, a smile spreading across his face.

She felt a rush of pleasure, and if she wasn’t already wet she would be now. He looked down, then back up again.

“Do you want me to keep going?” he asked.

“Yeah,” she breathed, lying back down, as he wasted no time in giving her a long lick up to her clit. “Oh, God…”

“Mmm,” he replied, as if he agreed.

He repeated the action, Darcy’s chest expanding and shrinking, her back lifting off the mattress. She reached out blindly for his head and pushed him further into her body. His tongue speared her, Darcy’s moan blending with his chuckle.

He sucked and laved his tongue around, in and around her center, Darcy’s legs restless as she wanted him impossibly close, her fingers tugging at his hair.

His face rocked with her hips, the sounds wet and loud, Steve’s hands on her thighs to keep them apart, and he latched onto her clit to suck and then flick it with his tongue.


She doesn’t know what else to say, her room rapidly disappearing, along with her day before this happened. She couldn’t remember anything with Steve’s mouth on her, bringing her to the edge. She was desired, coveted, treasured –


She came, Steve groaning as she squirmed with desperate whimpers, her legs squeezing either side of his head. She rode it out, panting and dazed, Steve’s glistening mouth retreating, pressing soft little kisses to her inner thigh. He nibbled, Darcy’s hiss making him stop and smile against her skin instead. Her hand left his hair, gripping his chin between her thumb and forefinger, pulling him upward.

He rose to lie back on top of her, their kiss slow and filthy, Darcy’s musk in and around her mouth, Steve’s underwear rubbing against her bare crotch.

“Let’s fuck, okay?” she whispered, their noses brushing, and Steve nodded.

They both tugged his underwear down, Steve maneuvering back into the cradle of her hips, his cock laying against her folds and sliding back and forth. Their kisses were clumsy and open-mouthed, hands wandering over one another.

Steve began to make little noises into her mouth, her skin becoming sticky with his excitement along her belly. Their eyes met again, after an agonizing few minutes of tangling together, Steve not quite inside her.

She lifted her chin a little, nodding her consent. She waited, shifting her hips, Steve glancing down. They both watched as they joined, groaning at the stretch. He sunk into her, until his hips met her ass, Darcy’s thighs wrapping around him.

He took her hands in his, pushing them up above her head, pinning them there as he began to rock. He was gentle, with long strokes deep inside her, Darcy’s moans mingling with her sighs of relief.

“You good?” she whispered, seeing his eyes flutter a little.

“That’s… one word to describe it,” he muttered, and he smiled, going in for another kiss.

He drew back, and all she could see was his face, feeling her body take all of him, gripping him tighter, wanting more.

“I like it a little… a little rougher,” she whispered, and he nodded, shifting-

He pulled back, and then slammed into her, Darcy crying out. He took one hand down to her face, fingertips tracing her lips as he kept his other fingers wrapped around her wrist. He gave another long thrust, hard and deliberate.

“Yes,” she gasped. “Faster, please-”

“I got you, I got you, sweetheart,” he whispered, and he covered her mouth with his own, smothering her mewl as he finally sped up.

She kept begging, praising, whimpering and trembling beneath him as he wrecked her, his breath matching hers, the sounds of their slapping bodies filling the room. The bed began to squeak and then didn’t stop, Darcy’s toes curling as Steve’s hand moved down, finding her clit to pinch and roll it, his hips never stalling.

His hand finally let her wrists free to move down her face, his long fingers sucked into her mouth as he beat into her, laughing breathlessly as she blinked up at him, completely lost.

“God,” she mumbled, mouth full, coming again, losing vision as he slumped forward.

She felt him jerk inside her, shivering as he came, sucking at her neck as he kept her flattened to the mattress.

For a whole minute, they lay there, panting and sweaty, his fingers still in her mouth. He pulled back to look her in the eye, moving his fingers away, smearing her spit over her lips, slack-jawed as he stared down at her.

“God,” he echoed, mesmerized.


Chapter Text

“Are you comfortable?”

Darcy grunted her response, a muffled ‘yes’. She turned her head to see him behind her, walking along the side of the bed, riding crop gliding down her rear.

“That’s so good to hear, Darcy,” Ransom drawled. “Because when I woke up this morning the first thing I thought was ‘how can I make Darcy Lewis comfortable?’”

The degradation made a delicious kind of shame wash over her, the crop grazing her side, all the way down to the side of her left breast. He tapped her ever so lightly, Darcy’s eyes fluttering.

He smacked her rear without warning, the sharp sting radiating down her spread legs. She swiveled her hips as she felt a new wave of anticipation to follow. He’d been teasing her on and off for the past half an hour, along with the pain.

“Still comfortable?”

“Yes,” she hissed, and then she began to giggle, unable to control herself.

Sometimes he went along with it, delighting in how filthy she was, how much she enjoyed this. It was what they bonded the most over, their love of all things kinky. They didn’t have much else in common, but in kink, there was a mutual understanding. It was hard to explain this type of courtship to anyone outside the bedroom, hence why she was face-down, ass-up in a hotel room of Ransom’s choosing.

This time, he responded with another smack of the riding crop to her other cheek, much harder than the last stroke. Darcy cried out, whimpering as she buried her face in the bedspread.

She would go to work on Monday and pretend she was too restless to sit down, her ass still sore from Ransom. She’d lie, like she always did, about what she did over the weekend. She was pretty sure Ransom was dating some socialite, too tame to do this, and he liked this friendship with Darcy too much to ruin it by spilling his guts.

She wasn’t ashamed of her tastes per se, but she had the theory that keeping secrets made their encounters more fun, especially when he was mean about the time she took up.

He ducked behind her, lifting the vibrator that lay by her feet, switching it on to lift and press to her soaking cunt. More teasing, Darcy’s thighs beginning to tremble again as she tried not to tense and push into the buzzing bulb.

“Don’t you dare come,” he hissed. “Don’t you dare!”

“Please!” Darcy yelled, feeling everything begin to dissolve.

The pleasure after those stinging smacks was irresistible, her eyes watering from how hard she was trying to leave her own body, to feel the attention to her clit as only a vibration to her skin – she squeezed her eyes shut, nails biting into her palms. She gave a long, agonized groan as her mantra became ignore, ignore, ignore – and then Ransom kicked it into the highest speed with a press of his thumb.

“Good girl, you can follow a simple instruction,” he drawled, rubbing her clit, Darcy’s moans completely dismissed. “Can you keep going, or is it too difficult for you? Are you too lazy, hmm?”

“No,” Darcy whimpered, shaking her head for good measure, wetness dripping down her inner thighs. It was either her own arousal or sweat, and she quivered with need, her clit throbbing, her cunt aching for a release…

Several smacks to her rear, without preamble, Darcy’s cries turning to real sobs. She was helpless to it all, unable to move away from the crop without rubbing herself against the unyielding toy, her thigh muscles burning from the effort to remain so still.

She gasped, the toy leaving her as Ransom stopped his assault, and there was a rustle behind her, Darcy’s upper half slumped, still presenting to him –

He shoved inside her with no effort, in one long, hard stroke that made Darcy scream, his hand shoving her face further into the bedspread, fingers digging into her scalp as he rammed into her, the brutality of his thrusts enough to make Darcy see stars.

He fucked her like he was furious, as if to pay her back for something in a past life – it was the best, and it was the only sex Darcy ever wanted. He only slowed to grab her ass with both hands, spreading her cheeks to examine her, sounding out of breath:

“God, I love making you cry…”

He picked up speed once more, the ruthlessness in this scene for his benefit now, because Darcy could no longer feel anything south of her waist – and then he came, nails biting into her sore ass, shoving into her so hard she shifted up the bedspread, her hands scrambling to right herself.

He pulled back, one last slap to her, this time with his bare hand, and Darcy could purr from the attention he gave her, his fingers gliding through the mess he left behind. She didn’t have to wonder what she looked like – he’d sent her pictures before.

She was spilling over with his come, the mess gliding down her reddened backside and thighs, sweat glistening under the hotel room lights.

He leaned down and surprised her, biting her left cheek, fingers working her cunt with wet pumps, Darcy’s toes curling as he kept going.

“Come,” he commanded. “Come right now. Do it. Do it-”

He pinched her poor, abused clit with his other hand and she let go with a guttural moan that made her face burn with shame. She kept going, riding his fingers. In that moment, nothing else mattered, nothing else ever felt this perfect.

Chapter Text

Darcy grinned like a cat, Bucky’s hands on her face, tipping her head for a slow kiss. Steve was behind her, hands holding her waist, his mouth by her ear.

“You’re so tiny.”

She would never describe herself that way, but with Steve saying it, she believed it. His grip tightened, his lips brushing her neck as Bucky began to devour her. Her heart raced while her hands remained unsure of where to settle. She wanted them both at once, and they were giving that to her whole-heartedly. The arousal kept swooping down her front, curling in her core, her hips pressed from the front and behind.

She reached behind her, fisting Steve’s shirt, her other hand digging into Bucky’s long hair to drag her nails along his scalp.

His tongue stroked hers, and he sucked at her lips, Darcy’s moan finally coming free. She felt Steve’s hands on her pants, tugging them down, her neck twisting to see him bare her sex, the garment shoved past her thighs.

Their eyes met and she nodded, cheeks heating, Steve’s hands on her tummy now. She didn’t mind it for once, someone touching her there. She tended to get self-conscious because it wasn’t toned, instead a little roll hung over the waistband of all her clothes. Steve’s little smile made her stomach flip, and he whispered:

“You’re adorable.”

She kissed him, one of his hands slipping down to her folds, Darcy’s breath hitching when his fingers brushed her most sensitive parts. She pulled away from his mouth with a little groan, eyes swinging to Bucky, who was nodding at her, holding her face in his hands. He kissed her, Steve’s fingers gliding through her slick before moving back up again to circle her clit.

She tried to keep her eyes open, but struggled as Steve persisted. She gave a little gasp, her eyes widening when he pushed a finger inside her, and then another a beat later. Bucky clutched her, nodding.

“Look at me,” he said. “Look at me.”

Steve’s thumb circled her clit and she began to fall, tightening and quivering as she stared back at Bucky.

“Oh, God!” she cried, and she squeezed her eyes shut, coming as her knees bent, Steve still tucked inside her.

Bucky pulled her back up again, kissing her, the gesture sloppy and rushed, Darcy’s whole body warm and loose. She felt as if she could fall through the earth, happy and lost. She was bundled between them, carried out of the living room to the bedroom.

She was pushed down to rest on all fours on the mattress once she was stripped properly of all her clothes, her head lolling to the side for her hair to obstruct her view, hearing shirts being discarded.

This was Bucky’s room, she realized, in short little observations. It smelt of him, the sheets a rich navy tone with a stack of paperbacks on his beside table, some of them ones Darcy loaned him.

The mattress dipped as he came into view, settling on his pillows and drawing her nearer, kissing her with more precision than before. Darcy’s hands reached for his pants, her palm rubbing over his crotch. He smiled against her lips, his grunt following when she squeezed.

Meanwhile, Steve was gripping her waist again from behind, gliding his sticky fingers down her back to meet her ass, giving her a rough squeeze, spreading her a little wider for a better view.

“Fuck,” he whispered, and Darcy thought she might purr.

He kneaded her rear, Darcy grabbing Bucky’s waistband of his jeans in an effort to tell him she wanted them off immediately. Steve’s touch spurred her on, his lack of hesitation bringing hers to the surface. She was so full of want she was making little sounds against Bucky’s mouth when he kissed her again, his fly undone.

He gasped into her mouth when she wrapped her bare hand around his cock, pumping it twice before she broke away, ducking down to take him in her mouth. He was thick, and so was Steve, from what she could feel when he pushed inside her.

“Oh, God,” she mumbled, around Bucky’s cock, whimpering when Steve filled her to the hilt in a couple thrusts.

He made her toes curl, and he didn’t move at all for a whole minute, allowing her to writhe in front of him, her head bobbing up and down.

She was rewarded with a burst of pre-come on her tongue, Bucky groaning as his head fell back, his jaw slackening. He blinked down at her, eyes glazed with lust, wrapping her hair around his fist. His other hand glided up her arched back, stroking her skin as goosebumps broke out all over her.

Steve gave a short thrust of his hips, reaching a further point Darcy hadn’t expected was possible, and she tried not to squeak in her surprise, glancing up at Bucky as she pulled back to breathe. She was drooling, hearing Steve moan behind her, his hands spreading her cheeks as he stroked her deep, deep inside.

She couldn’t keep quiet, whimpering behind her gritted teeth, both hands wrapping around Bucky to anchor her to the bed. Steve picked up speed, Darcy’s need to curl in on herself fighting her urge to lie down and take it. She wanted both the complete surrender as well as the resistance, as if her impending climax might do some type of damage.

It did not help that Bucky was watching her with those eyes, like he enjoyed seeing her suffer like this, split open by Steve’s big dick.

“What are you looking at?” she slurred, and both men chuckled, sounding equally out of breath, which was not an easy feat.

Darcy preened inwardly at this, though she suspected walking would be impossible after this for quite some time.

She felt Steve bear down and all humor left her then, Bucky’s cock ignored as she took it all, her eyes fluttering shut when Steve’s hand found her clit to roll and rub.

“Almost there,” Bucky whispered, most likely to Steve.

Darcy could no longer see him, she was shuddering into her next climax as her eyes threatened to roll backwards. Something snapped inside and she gave a half-shout, Steve fucking her through it, her hips bucking into his sharp thrusts.

They cheered, and it was easily the loudest sex she’d ever had, her shout melting into a long groan she couldn’t smother. She could hear every wet slip of their bodies, Bucky's cock in her hands, Steve's body pounding into hers as she felt her own mess drip down between her shaking thighs.

Chapter Text

Darcy leaned on her elbow, staring down at him.

If an ordinary person were to see a picture of her friend this way, they’d maybe be able to make some comparisons to Captain America. They would note that he was blond with blue eyes, but the major difference was his full beard and longer hair. It fanned out a little on his pillow, his gaze resting on her face. He gave a slow smile, and she shifted a little, pulling in a breath.

It was the same Steve, but rarely would anyone ever see him this way, and she was made more aware of that over the past several hours they’d spent in this hotel room.

“How are you feeling?” she murmured, and he gave a breathless laugh, raising one hand to do the ‘okay’ symbol and Darcy giggled. “Yeah?”

“What’s the thing you say all the time?” he murmured back, as if he couldn’t possibly remember it like he remembered everything else. “‘Chef’s kiss’?”

“I’ve overused that one,” she said, moving down to hover above his lips. “But it still applies?”

 He nodded, lifting his chin, taking hold of hers to kiss her. Gentle at first, but nonetheless heated, his tongue slipping into her mouth to claim her fully, like always. Darcy moaned, a rush of heat flowing down her front as their tongues tangled. His hands were in her hair, bringing her down to lie against his chest, her nipples brushing his hair as their hips met.

She ached a little from before – it had been less than an hour since they last made love – and Steve seemed to be aware of that fact. He took his time to kiss her, the act important in its own right. This was something entirely different from other men Darcy had slept with. Foreplay was only a formality, if anything at all. So often was this disregarded, and it was such a shame. Steve was from a time, or at least, he came from the attitude where kissing had its own inherent value.

There was a dance to it, a chivalry she appreciated the more time she spent with him. She felt his respect, and not because he was polite. If anything, when she saw him those days, he was rougher around the edges. She blamed it on being stripped of his Captain status. Fox News had labeled him a war criminal after all…

She liked the hair, the beard, the way his uniform no longer dazzled. She liked the dirt and the filthy sex they had. She liked that they never demanded anything from one another, yet there was still a strong enough bond that Darcy was guaranteed his time whenever he came back to the base.

Back on US soil, she supposed they’d do this differently, with dinners and movies and hand holding in Central Park. She liked this, too. It took away most of the bullshit. She didn’t have to pretend, and neither did he. It made it more nuanced from the start, and they’d been in the same circles for years now. He was, above everything, a good friend.

Steve drew back for her sake, licking his lips, his eyes warm as he stroked her cheekbone with his thumb. The gentle brushing could lull her to sleep, but her neediness was growing between her legs once more.

“I’m sore,” she whispered, and his brows lifted a little.


“Yeah, you smug little shit,” she added, and he chuckled.

She kissed him, their lips smacking as she took over, her fingers gliding through his beard. Steve’s thigh pressed between hers and Darcy circled her hips, sighing.

His mouth moved down to her neck.

“Sit on my face.”

She thought she misheard him. “What?”

He moved back again to look her in the eye, Darcy’s face flushing at the sight of his unbridled desire.

“Sit on my face, sweetheart.”

She stared back at him, thinking of the last time she did that – years ago, with some other guy that turned out to be another one in a long line of disappointing conquests. She began to nod, and he launched at her for a hungry kiss, the kind that encouraged her, told her how much he wanted her.

They broke apart, Steve shuffling down the bed, Darcy moving up to lean on her knees. He started nodding at her, rubbing his hands up and down her spread apart thighs. She hovered, trying to not think about the angle and how vulnerable she was…

He leaned up, the first lick making her jerk her hips a little, and she hissed. God, she knew she was already melting for him, and the look in his eye, the way his cheeks had already flushed with his own excitement… she stopped worrying and lowered herself fully to meet his open mouth.

He began to lick and explore her, his eyes closing as Darcy stared down at him, moaning. Her hand moved to stroke his hair, her hips completely still until he met her clit, and then she was rutting, grinding into his mouth.

It was a slippery, but Steve’s tongue was fluent and firm, stroking into her as she rode his face like she would often ride his cock. The sounds were wet and loud, the type of messy she would replay over and over in her head.

Her back bowed and she kept going, grabbing one of his hands from her thigh to settle close to his mouth.

“Please,” she panted, the effort making her sweat and dazed.

Her flesh was tender but she needed him inside her, not just his tongue. He lapped, groaning as he pushed one finger and then a second inside her, crooking them to make Darcy whimper and quiver. She was wound so tight she could barely keep her eyes open, the world shrinking as she sought her end. This type of loving would last for hours on Steve’s face, her juices scenting his beard – and that thought pushed her over the edge, his tongue flicking her clit…

“Holy shit, holy shit!” she cried, and she shuddered, hips bucking, Steve’s head moving with her, and he was grunting, his fingers trapped by her clenching cunt.

She kept shivering through the aftershocks, sighing and pushing her hair back from her damp face. She carefully released his face from between her thighs, lying on her back as she panted, Steve’s hand rubbing his glistening chin and mouth.

She glanced down and saw his cock standing to full attention, and she began to laugh, hiding her eyes with her arm as Steve rolled onto his side, slipping an arm under her to pull her back to his chest.

They were both sticky, stinking of her, but Darcy’s heart was squeezing in her chest, Steve’s lips on the corner of her mouth.


Chapter Text

The door was so much louder when it shut behind Darcy, the noise seeming to echo as she froze only two steps into the locker room.

Her hands went to the back pockets of her leggings and she glanced up, seeing both sets of eyes on her.

She hadn’t imagined how they looked at her before in the gym. They’d been circling her for weeks, whenever she had a rough night with next to no sleep. She blamed jetlag and her pent-up arousal for acting so boldly. She’d followed Steve and Bucky, more or less. They hadn’t expected her.

“Hi,” she said, the first thing she’d spoken in an hour.

When she first stepped into the gym to use her favorite elliptical, she’d only waved at them meekly like always. They both smiled at her, and now in the locker room, their brows were lifted. Steve’s lips were parted as Bucky’s eyes ran up and down her, a little confused.

“Hi,” Bucky returned, and Steve slammed his locker door shut, both men taking several strides closer.

Darcy’s heart hammered in her chest, her face burning. She knew what she looked like – pink and sweaty, her hair in a tangled ponytail.

“You guys were… uh, staring at me,” she said, and she folded her arms to mirror Steve. She lifted her chin for the full effect.

“We stare at a lot of people,” he retorted, a hint of a smile on his lips. He elbowed Bucky. “Particularly this one.”

“True,” Bucky murmured.

He looked like he wanted to eat Darcy, while Steve was prepared to tease her into next week. She felt her stomach flutter as Bucky’s lips curled into a grin. She barely had a chance to reply as Steve took the few steps to reach her to grab her by the arm, walking her towards the doorway on her far left.

It was a similar layout to the women’s locker room, the showers being on the left. She vaguely noticed this as she was moved backwards, her eyes snapping to Steve’s as he pushed a stall open and tugged her inside.

Her back met the stall wall as a puff of air was forced out of her, Steve’s hands on her waist as Bucky locked the stall door behind them. They loomed over her, her fear and arousal mingling as her face burned with anticipation.

“We were staring at you,” Bucky said, before he ducked down to kiss her, Steve watching them.

It was filthy, Darcy’s mouth invaded as she was tasted and explored, Steve’s hands moving up to cup her breasts over her stained tank top. His thumbs rubbed her nipples and Darcy moaned, kissing Bucky harder in retaliation, her hands coming up to grab both men by their shirts. When Bucky drew back, Steve took over, grunting when Darcy bit his lower lip, his tongue sweeping into her mouth, his hands kneading her chest.

She’d never felt so wanted. She was tugged away from the wall, toward the tiled area behind them, hands yanking her clothes off in between sloppy kisses. She didn’t have long to admire their nakedness before she was manuvered into Bucky’s arms, her thighs wrapping around his narrow waist. Steve switched on the shower as she was lifted up the wall with ease, Bucky latching onto her pulse point as her eyes met Steve’s.

Her gaze dropped to his cock, seeing he matched Bucky in terms of hardness and girth. She gulped, watching as Steve wrapped his hand around himself to tug lazily, his eyes falling to what he could see of her naked body.

She was crowded, but not claustrophobic, especially not when Bucky’s fingers reached between them, the spray hitting his shoulder. She was mostly shielded by him, her moan echoing around them as his fingers met her crotch. His metal hand gripped her ass to keep her propped up, her arms and legs wrapped around him.

He groaned, rocking his hips as he detached from her neck, capturing her in another rushed kiss.

Darcy’s hips rolled against his fingers and was rewarded with more groans, and a sticky feeling against her stomach, Bucky’s cock leaking and rubbing against her.

Steve came up behind Bucky, pressing a kiss to Bucky’s neck before he took Darcy by the chin, their tongues tangling, Darcy’s whimpers impossible to suppress any longer.

Bucky chuckled, fingers gliding through her slick. Steve clutched her face like he was starved, and all she could do was take it all. She was needy and squirming, attempting to ride Bucky’s hand and failing to get off, even with Steve’s lips wrapping around her nipple.

He sucked as she trembled. Bucky’s lips were on her neck again, nipping at her skin. There was a loud smack of Steve’s hand slapping Bucky’s ass and Darcy blinked back the shower stall.  

“Put her down,” Steve said, and Bucky obliged, grinning, clearly on the same page.

Darcy was tempted to pull Bucky’s hand back to her pussy, because they made her ache for it now, for someone to touch her… but then they were pulling her under the water, the spray hitting Darcy’s back. She pushed her hair out of her face, her breasts jiggling with the movement, and Bucky lowered himself to his knees in front of her, cupping her breast to fit as much of it into his mouth as he could to suck.

Steve slipped behind her, also kneeling, hands gliding down to her backside. He kissed her hip, biting it and Darcy jerked her hips forward, Bucky ducking down.

She didn’t know what she expected, but she felt two mouths on her on either side. She gasped, unaware that Steve would go straight for her ass, pressing his nose between her cheeks as he lapped at her tight ring, Bucky’s tongue sliding up her inner thigh to meet with her slick folds.

He latched onto her clit as Steve’s stroked her firmly on the other side, Darcy’s knees almost buckling with delight.

“You should see her face, Steve,” Bucky murmured, pulling back with a smile, his mouth soaking, her musk mixing with the shower spray.

“You should feel her ass,” Steve replied, both men chuckling as Darcy moaned, helpless.

Bucky dived back in, Steve doing the same, keeping her cheeks spread as Bucky drew a slow circle around her throbbing clit with his tongue. She heard the slurping from both of them, her eyes fluttering as she tried to remain upright. It was a beautiful torture, feeling overstimulated and yet yearning for more. She was so glad she decided to barge into their locker room.

As she neared the edge, she moved to grab Bucky by the hair, only to have him pull away and meet her gaze, his breathing ragged.

“Can I fuck you?”

Darcy nodded, head falling back a little, Steve coming up for air, still keeping one hand on her ass to steady her. Bucky rose, Steve doing the same, and they moved her from under the water, over to the little bench with a hook hung above it.

Darcy swayed a little, Steve disappearing to switch off the water, Bucky sitting down in front of her, drawing her in with his eyes.

“Get in his lap,” Steve whispered, patting her ass, and Darcy nodded, quickly climbing on top of Bucky’s thick thighs.

She turned a little to look at Steve, and he shook his head.

“Don’t worry about me, sweetheart.”

She heard him murmuring praise about her ass as she lowered herself, her pussy rubbing against Bucky’s cock he aimed upwards. He gave her a few teasing strokes before Darcy huffed, shifting to make her descent.

He smothered her moan with a kiss as she sheathed him in one long downward drag, and then he groaned against her lips, Darcy’s whole body tingling. Bucky took a second to gather himself before he wrapped a hand around her waist, lifting her up and then down.

Darcy’s mouth fell open and she moaned, long and loud at the sensation that brought, of being so full, his cock reaching the very edge of her. She thought she’d see stars when he did it again, a little rougher this time. Steve’s hands went to either side of her face and he tipped her head backwards for an upside down kiss, Bucky’s face burying into her chest. Steve held her throat, Bucky fucking her from below, her gasps and whimpers blending together with a series of curse words.

“Goddamn,” Bucky grunted, lifting her up and down. “Steve, you’ve gotta-”

He pulled out and Darcy was pushed forward a little, Steve lowering himself to a squat, hands on her ass. He speared inside her, Darcy’s cunt unprepared but so grateful, her yell mixing with Steve’s appreciative groan.

He knocked into her again and again, faster than Bucky had been. Darcy slumped, clutching Bucky’s head as he mouthed at her chest, his hands alternating grips as Steve rutted. She went somewhere else in her head, keeling over as she felt Bucky’s fingers reach for her clit.

“I’m gonna – I’m gonna come, I’m gonna come,” she was panting, the impending explosion deep inside her core making her sound panicked.

Steve only kept going, wrenching the climax out of her as she stiffened and wailed, and Bucky was kissing her skin, holding her tight as she crashed. Steve pulled out of her, Bucky’s cock tucking inside her. She’d never had sex like this, so thorough and free.

Bucky’s hips snapped and she moaned, his smile flashing as he picked up the pace. The wet slaps of their bodies, the way she couldn’t catch her breath, the way Steve pawed at her ass and cupped her breasts from behind –

It all made her unravel a second time that much sooner, and she felt her eyes smart from the effort, her limbs aching as her cunt gripped and twitched. She lost her vision, feeling so weak that she couldn’t stay upright alone, Steve kissing her face as Bucky pressed a kiss to the corner of her mouth.

She didn’t know how long she stayed like that, but eventually she was turning her head to catch Steve in a kiss, daring to reach for him and wrap a hand around his cock.

Much later, when she was streaked with come on her chest, her knees bruised from the tiled floor, she was scooped up once more to wash under the shower properly.

However, she did need to be propped upright between them the entire time.




Chapter Text

He took turns with them. Although Bucky had superior stamina, it was clear he needed to keep himself in check. Darcy and Nat crouched on the bed, their asses facing him as he went back and forth.

Nat tended to stretch and grin like a cat, while Darcy smothered her face in the sheets and groaned. Bucky was quiet at first, but still so responsive – gasping and jerking his hips, grabbing at cheeks and occasionally spanking.

Feeling him so deep inside her, Darcy twisted and gripped him, Nat’s hand in hers so the three of them were joined, always.

Near to his end, on an unseasonably warm fall afternoon, Bucky was glistening with sweat. Darcy lay beneath him, Nat behind her, kissing her cheek as she kept her lover’s thighs wide apart for Bucky.

Flat on her back, Darcy took it all, Bucky’s thumb rubbing her clit as Nat whispered her encouragements and praises.

“You’re so beautiful, taking him like that. So good…”

Darcy pressed her lips together, tightening as Bucky picked up speed. Her own body was flushed and sweaty, skin sticking to the sheets, sticking to her partners. She knew the wet patch beneath her was sweat and other delights, her excitement ruining the sheets.

Nat’s slender fingers moved to cup Darcy’s breast and she pinched her nipple, catching her in a long, heady kiss. The redhead’s brow shone with sweat, and Darcy could smell her slight body odor, mixed with a woody cologne. Everything was amplified, her vision turning white as she clenched around Bucky.

He let her have it, and she attempted to lift off the mattress, crying out against Nat’s lips, thighs trembling. Bucky came with a groan, spilling onto Darcy’s stomach as he shuddered. Nat kissed him, hand wrapping around his shaft for a friendly squeeze. Bucky shot her a look, panting and almost stumbling to the floor, but he was smiling.

He left them there to clean up, and Nat twined her arms around Darcy, slowly rocking her thigh against Darcy’s folds. Darcy mewled, kissing Nat, moving against the grain. It was a gradual build of pleasure, and she was still sensitive from Bucky’s loving… but she could feel she was close already. Nat was good that way.

The redhead climbed down her front, burying her face in Darcy’s cunt as Bucky returned, sighing as he spotted them tangled together among the sheets. He tossed aside his washcloth, approaching the bed.

“Can’t leave you two alone for five minutes…”

Darcy chuckled weakly, Nat’s tongue circling her swollen clit, a soft slurp following. Bucky hovered above her, stroking her damp hair from her head before he ducked down to kiss her. When he drew back, he glanced down at the mess on the sheets beneath Darcy’s ass.

“I think we’ll have to get a new mattress.”

Chapter Text

Darcy grabbed her bag from the coffee table, meeting Bucky’s eyes. He was horizontal on the couch, arms folded as he peered up at her blearily, before blinking, as if needing a second to recognize her.

“Did you sleep out here all night?” she murmured, kneeling beside him.

He nodded, grinding the heel of him palm in his left eye. He didn’t seem too grumpy. He seemed to light up at the sight of her, which made Darcy smile at him, reaching for his free hand and squeezing it.

“I didn’t want to keep you up, too, tossing all night,” he murmured. He opened his arms, and she moved to hug him. “I like your…”

She pulled back, and Bucky indicated his own mouth. Then she remembered.

“My lipstick?” she said, and he nodded. “It’s new.”

“Yeah, I know. I figure I’d remember it otherwise,” he murmured.

His eyes scanned her, a warm to his baby blues. Oh. Darcy shuffled closer, hovering a few inches away from his lips, another grin on her face.

“Do you like it?”


He kissed her, open-mouthed, far greedier than she expected so early in the morning. He leaned up to take hold of her face, his tongue delving into her mouth, Darcy’s gasp blending with his groan. She hadn’t thought too much about her makeup that morning – she’d bought the new tube of scarlet lipstick on a whim yesterday when she was on her lunch break – and now she was patting herself on the back for her little splurge. Was it worth the price? Probably by the reaction Bucky had, pulling her toward him until he was under her.

His mouth was smeared with it, and he laughed, his thumb rubbing over the seam of her lips, until Darcy opened her mouth once more and sucked him, his eyes darkening with a mixture of possessiveness and awe. Unbridled pleasure shot through Darcy, molten longing to her core.

She kept going, her bright eyes promising more, managing to get his cock out of his sweatpants, jerking him before she broke away from his lips to duck down and take him to the back of her throat.

She didn’t stop until he his shaft with marked with the lipstick, the waxy smears mixing with some drips of come on her face and hands.

He panted, throat bobbing, hand stroking her face, and Darcy was light-headed, grinning at him with adoration. She was a little proud, too.

“You gonna move from the couch anytime soon?” she whispered, and he shook his head, falling back, eyes heavy-lidded. “You can sleep until lunch…”

“Fuck,” he replied, which seemed to be all he could say.

“I better go fix my face.”

When she returned in a couple hours, a fresh layer of lipstick applied, she pursed her lips at him from where she stood beside the couch, and Bucky tugged her back into his arms, Darcy giggling.

Chapter Text

“I don’t remember you being this mean last time-”

“I don’t remember you complaining this much.”

“I’m just trying to help out, get your dick wet – ahh!”

Darcy twisted on the sheets, her thighs forced apart, her hands flailing as Steve’s tongue swirled around her swollen clit as he shoved his fingers back inside her. He was blocking her view with his bulk, laving her ruthlessly as she turned her head to bite her pillow, beginning to pant again.

She kept squeaking every so often, because every time she thought she’d figured out his pattern, he’d change gear. He added another finger or move down to play with her ass. She felt him bite her thigh and suck at her skin, marking her like he had her chest.

She whimpered, sighing when he pulled back and glanced over his shoulder, mouth wet, his eyes bright.

“C’mere,” he whispered, and he shifted to lie on top of her, hitching her thigh up on his hip, lining up with her entrance as Darcy tried to reorientate herself, her chest heaving.

He pushed inside her, going still, Darcy’s body alight with pleasure, but he didn’t move. He waited, watching her begin to struggle again, to try to rock against him, to fuck herself on his cock. He smiled at her as Darcy frowned.

“You’re so mean-”

“You’re so cute when you’re angry,” he retorted, unrelenting.

Darcy was aching for him to move, so full of him she felt goosebumps break out all over her damp skin, her whole body giving a shiver.


It’s what he waited for, and he began to move, with sharp jerks of his hips.

“How cute am I?” Darcy gasped, after they exchanged a few messy kisses.

He beat into her, starting to laugh.

“You’re the cutest.”

Chapter Text

Darcy didn’t know how some people did this for hours on end. She could take it – hell, it was initially her idea to do this. It started off as a little flirty joke, until she saw how Steve’s eyes seemed to change, lighting up at the possibilities, the new adventures awaiting him.

The plug she chose online didn’t come cheap. That was the point, if it was well-made, it should cost a little more. She wasn’t going to buy something crappy and expect a great product. She browsed for hours one night, a little tipsy, to find a company that wasn’t going to totally rip her off.

Also, there was the idea that anything she put inside her shouldn’t be poorly made. She didn’t exactly hold the belief that her body was a temple. Steve bordered the reverence of worship a lot of the time, but her attitude was simpler. She wasn’t dumb enough to buy shoddy materials to put in her ass.

The whole process, including the arrival of the package a week after she ordered it, was meant to be a surprise for Steve. Instead, he caught her in the kitchen the afternoon she chose to wear it, his hands on her rear as they often were.

Steve Rogers loved butts. His hands were magnets to Darcy’s butt most of the time. It was endearing, sometimes annoying – like when he’d give her an affectionate little smack and she’d squeak in surprise, her face burning. She’d pretend to be mortified and chase him around the apartment, and he’d let her catch him every time, her fingers digging into his sides to make him holler.

“Oof,” Darcy murmured, and Steve kissed her cheek, hands leaving her rear to wrap around her middle instead.

“You okay?”

“Yeah, just – I meant to surprise you –”

She blushed, and that made his brows lift in interest. She rarely blushed unless it involved something especially naughty. Which then meant he was about to have fun.

“With… what?” he asked, his voice dropping a couple octaves.

“I, uh – I was kind of trying something to… train for… uh…”

He wasn’t going to finish the sentence for her, tilting his head a little, inspecting her.

“My ass,” she finished, on exhale.

A beat, and then Steve smiled. “Oh?”

His hands smoothed down to her hips, then over her ass once more, kneading as Steve leaned down to kiss her cheek. His fingers ghosted over the center of her rear and Darcy swallowed, feeling him pause.

“Are you doing anything right now?” he asked.


He picked her up, Darcy’s thighs wrapping around his waist. He kissed her, spinning them toward the kitchen’s doorway, which lead to the hallway. He carried her, Darcy’s face buried in his neck, the anticipation making her stomach flip, her core beginning to grow needy.

He placed her on her knees, her feet and ankles hanging over the side of the bed, his hand coming down to encourage her to lean forward. He sat on the edge, stroking the seat of her pants with both hands, and the movement emphasized the snug fit of the plug still nestled inside her.

“I’m gonna take your pants off, okay?” he murmured, and Darcy nodded, closing her eyes as she felt his hands tug the material down her hips.

Her underwear wasn’t cute. It was an ordinary cotton pair of high-waisted briefs she wore for work, nothing special. Her plan was to change into something bolder later into the night, but she wasn’t complaining now since Steve was petting her like this, so attentive.

His middle finger glided down the cut of her, and she shivered, his fingertip finding the base of the plug, pressing gently against it, his lips coming down to kiss her back.

“So beautiful…”

He shucked down the panties a little faster than he had with her pants, breathing in as the plug was revealed. It was stainless steel, with a pink jeweled base.

“Want me to take it out?” he murmured, kissing her again, and Darcy’s eyes fluttered open once more.

“Not yet,” she breathed.

Goosebumps broke out over her, her nerves deep inside firing as Steve’s finger pressed again, with a little more force. Darcy let out a shaky breath, stretching her toes as she rolled her ankles.

She turned her head to look him in the eye, seeing Steve’s pupils were dilated, his lips parted as he watched her just feel everything.

“God,” she gasped, as he pushed again.

She pushed back, licking her lips. It wasn’t moving a lot, but the tiniest shift went straight through her. She knew she was wet from this, from Steve’s desire and the electrifying sensations, and from doing something new and fun with him.  

“I’ll take it out,” she whispered, after a few delicious minutes of the languid drags.

She pulled away, moving slower than usual to the bathroom, Steve’s hand reaching out for hers along the way. They squeezed one another and she disappeared, feeling warm and excited.

She washed the toy and cleaned up, feeling tender. She took off the rest of her clothes, slipping back into the bedroom.

Steve had took off his shirt and pants, waiting for her on the bed. She joined him, stepping between his knees to take him by the hair and tilt his face upwards to meet hers in a long kiss, their tongues tangling. He wrapped his arms around her hips, then gently massaged her ass, Darcy’s sighs against his lips melting with his own.

“Lie down,” he whispered, and she drew back, obliging.

He then turned her onto her stomach, pushing up one knee before he lowered to kiss her shoulders, then down her back, Darcy’s eyes following him.

“I’m not ready for you yet,” she whispered, and he nodded. “That’s why I was training.”

“We can wait,” he murmured, which is exactly what he said when she brought this up a few weeks ago, wondering aloud if fucking her ass was something he longed to do.

“But you’re gonna-?”

Darcy’s question died on her lips as he reached her ass, his tongue dragging over her tight ring. She groaned, shivering, his hand reaching under to cup her pussy. Darcy’s hands scrambled on the bed as he repeated the action, then began to suck and kiss her like he did with her cunt.

Darcy couldn’t keep the sounds inside her, the sensations of Steve’s mouth was so intense, her toes digging into the bed as she tried to keep herself under some illusion of control…

She felt his fingers begin to glide through her wetness, her thighs trembling as her cunt throbbed with need. He wasted no time, tucking two fingers inside her as he rubbed her clit with his thumb. He didn’t stop his mouth, and Darcy squirmed and squirmed as the pleasure took over her completely, rendering her speechless…

She cried out, clenching and twisting, Steve’s lips smacking against her, earnest kisses as Darcy slumped over with a panting laugh.


Chapter Text

“Oh, no!”

Bucky pulled back from her chest with a soft sucking sound, craning his head with his brows knitted with concern.


“I forgot to get lube,” Darcy groaned. “Goddamn it. I wrote it down in my phone and everything…”

She was running ragged that week, so this was just one of many things that got forgotten about along the way. She was lucky to remember to get coffee, let alone prophylactics. Bucky smoothed a hand over her arm, his chin resting on her shoulder. They were curled up together on her comforter, only in their underwear, Darcy’s bra barely hanging on.

He kissed her cheek, nuzzling her skin as Darcy lay back down, having stretched over to grab the non-existent lube from the beside table.

“We’ll do other things instead,” he whispered, and Darcy huffed.

“No, that’s not going to be enough for me.”

She sounded frustrated because she genuinely was, her arms folding as Bucky let out a breath of a laugh, their eyes meeting a beat later.

“Come on, we both know you’d rather score a home run.”

His smile intensified, his eyes dancing. “Then we’ll work extra hard.”

Grinding together, kissing and rolling, Bucky eventually pinned her to the mattress, burying his face between her thighs. His fingers threaded together above her mound, keeping her in place as he lapped and rendered her breathless. Darcy’s legs trembled as she surrendered, her whole body blushing as her pleasure leapt higher and higher up. The curling in her core, her body taut with the effort, she exploded, her vision whiting out as Bucky kept going, only relenting when she begged and pushed him away.

His lips were glistening, and he licked them, swallowing hard as Darcy tried to sit up on her elbows, her chest heaving. Her hand trailed down to meet her folds, feeling they were wet, but she didn’t want to have any kind of discomfort. All the more reason to shove Bucky onto his back, grabbing his underwear to yank them down.

She wrapped her hand around his shaft, Bucky lifting to kiss her, their mouths slanting together with a fluency that made her stomach flutter. She turned away, licking her palm before pumping him rougher, Bucky’s groan soft but nonetheless spectacular.

She bent down, making sure he didn’t bring her back for another kiss, lowering her face to lick a stripe from base to tip, another groan falling from his parted lips. He passed a hand over his face, his hand rubbing her shoulder, his metal one gripping the sheet.

She swallowed him down, humming as she tasted the precome that leaked from his tip, and Bucky swore under his breath, eyes snapping to hers. She bobbed her head, working her tongue all over him, pulling back with a loud sigh.

She pumped him, then spat on his cock, subtlety evaded, and Bucky’s cheeks were pinker as he stared at her. She felt him twitch in her hand, his hand sliding up to cup her jaw.

“Come back here.”

“I will,” Darcy murmured, pretending to be unaffected by his pure lust, the blatant want in his gaze. “In a sec.”

He was sloppy wet now, and she pulled in a breath, rearranging her knees to climb back over to him, settling her butt on his thighs, Bucky’s hands gripping her hips to encourage her to hurry up and sit on his dick already – and Darcy found herself laughing, a flurry of sickly love running through her.

“You’re in big trouble,” he whispered, threat empty, his grin back.

She shifted, Bucky’s cock aimed upward, and made her swift descent. She sighed, Bucky mirroring her, drawing his knees up for leverage.

They shared an open-mouthed kiss, clumsy and sweet. Darcy’s heart squeezed while her cunt gripped him. They claimed one another, fingers digging into skin, dragging back and forth. Darcy’s fingers went to where they joined, Bucky’s hand covering hers as he nodded.

When she came, it was like a long throb of her whole body, the warmth washing over her. As it subsided, her cunt still twitching with satisfaction, Bucky flipped her, Darcy’s squeak making him laugh.

He tucked back inside her, after he spat on his flesh palm just in case, and Darcy melted underneath him, limbs wrapped around him tight.

“I should’ve bought lube, y’know,” he whispered, their foreheads pressed together. “It’s not just your job to do that. I love you.”

“That’s okay, we’re a little scatter-brained these days,” she replied, the sound of Bucky’s body slamming into hers with sharp strokes drowning out most of her voice. “I love you, too.”

“M’close,” he warned, and she nodded, lifting a little to kiss him again, latching onto his lower lip.

“So come for me.”

He gave a sound almost like a growl, going harder, hips speeding up. Darcy grinned, cupping the back of his head, holding him as he crashed, almost falling on top of her in the process.

Chapter Text

Darcy shivered, grinding in his lap, hearing the rattle in Steve’s chest as he huffed. She turned her head, glancing down at Steve, whose face was red with exertion.

“You okay?”

“Yeah,” he retorted, sounding frustrated, and she pressed her lips together to smother her smile. “You want me to start begging?”

Now that was an idea. Darcy shook her head, rubbing her clit against his shaft as Steve’s eyes shut again, his hands on her ankles.

“This is partly your fault,” she said, gathering more spit in her palm to slick him up.

She was wet but they couldn’t find the lube earlier. Steve didn’t mind her compromise of blowing him for almost fifteen minutes, though he was white-knuckled and panting. This all came about because he tried to slip behind her in their kitchen half an hour ago, making a cheeky comment about how she always liked him behind her.

Darcy agreed, of course. Then she tackled him.

“My fault?” he panted, and Darcy turned her head back around, looking down at his cock, lifting herself up to finally make her descent.

She heard Steve’s moan when she sat on him, the delicious stretch making her want to grind already, the angle of his cock feeling different, and so wonderful as she gave a little drag upward.

“Goddamn it,” she heard him hiss as she did it again, her butt lifting and then softly patting against his hips.

His hands moved to her ass and Darcy set off, bouncing and riding like he was hers to use. She didn’t stop, not even when she heard Steve’s long and loud groan as he came inside her hard, his narrow hips jerking. She reached her end with Steve still softening inside her, the sweat dripping down her back as his fingers dug into her fleshy hips.

“Fuck, Darcy, you’re gonna kill me.”

She was shaky climbing off of him, turning back around to face him and hover above him for a light kiss to the lips. He grabbed her face, keeping her there a little longer.

“Can’t have that,” she whispered, and he smiled back at her, wrecked.


Chapter Text

Darcy gave a soft groan as she lowered herself into the bath, closing her eyes as she settled back against the inflatable pillow she propped behind her back. It was one of her better impulse buys from long ago. She never would have predicted using it for this particular situation.

She was well into her second trimester, hating how everything ached from the slightest activity. Baths came almost daily, if she could spare the time. Most nights, she and Steve came home late, rarely together. Tonight, she was the one that stayed out longest, reading another folder of articles she’d procured on the Higgs boson. Darcy’s energy fluctuated to such an insane degree that she often had no drive to properly commit to working until a couple hours after her afternoon nap, when she should be leaving to have dinner. She took advantage of these bursts of energy, and she was grateful that Steve had been so understanding.

He was the one to draw the bath, when she finally texted him that she was leaving the labs downstairs. As she arrived, they smiled into a slow kiss. Tonight would be another lazy dinner, frozen pizza already in the oven. Darcy pressed a kiss to his cheek, his arm slung around her waist.

“Go sit in the tub,” he murmured, his hand slipping down to give her butt an affectionate squeeze.

“Ooh,” she murmured back, and she ran her nose down his throat, inhaling his scent.

Pregnancy made her twice as drawn to him, if that were possible. His physicality became downright addictive, his odor and taste something to fuel her. Hormones made her a swirling, volatile thing, but when it came to Steve, he was the sun she circled.

Her hand slipped down his front, fingers gliding over the bulge in his slacks that twitched with interest as he gave a chuckle.

“Bath first, ma’am,” he said, giving her ass another squeeze, a little rougher than the first.

Darcy pulled away, a slow smile still on her face.

Soaking there with her bones slowly melting inside her, she barely detected Steve coming into the bathroom to crouch beside her. He sipped his beer bottle, offering Darcy a glass of orange juice, winking at her.

“Thank you,” she murmured, pleased to see his eyes lingering on her chest beneath the water. “You wanna join me?”

“Maybe,” he replied. “Tub’s a little small, though.”

They had this conversation almost every night. Darcy beamed at him when he straightened up to peel off his shirt regardless. She stared at his muscles, putting her juice down as he unbuckled his belt and stripped completely. His cock bobbed and he wrapped a hand around it, stroking it idly as Darcy’s hand slipped under the water, her fingers grazing her clit lazily.

The water sloshed as he managed to climb in, drawing Darcy’s thighs over his hips, his hand joining hers to stroke into her cunt, tucking his fingers inside her as his thumb swiped at her bud.

Darcy sucked in a breath, the intensity of the lust in his eyes making her body flush more than the warm water ever did. He leaned in to kiss her, her lip between his two. Darcy’s other hand went to the side of his face, water droplets on his cheek.

Their tongues met and Steve sighed, thumb grinding against her clit. Darcy moaned, sucking at his mouth, her hunger amplified by the sounds he made against her. She moved a hand under the water, wrapping it around his shaft to jerk him.

He kissed her harder in return, chasing her, with the urgency of an addict. He made everything so fun, and domesticity was thrilling to her – Darcy, of all people – and it was enough to make her feel high, too. She came with a strangled whimper, panting against his lips, her hips rolling as she gripped his fingers.

He gathered her up, lowering her onto his cock, Darcy’s belly between them. He began to rock, pulling back to look her in the eye again, his eyelids heavy with blissful arousal.

“I’m gonna be a whale soon,” she whispered, and he grinned, slow and warm.

“I know, it’s gonna drive me crazy,” he whispered back. “I’m not ever gonna get enough of you…”

He came some time later, a heavenly sound in her ear that made her want to climax again, his arms tight around her as he spilled inside her. He was slow to pull out, to rearrange their bodies so Darcy was separate from him. The mess in the water, and how puffy Darcy was between her thighs only made her want to ride him the second they’d polished off their dinner.

Chapter Text

Steve was gentle the first time, and then Darcy’s heel had met his ass as he was inside her, prompting him to fuck her harder and faster.

Her eyes danced and her smirk inspired him. She rarely had to use actual words. Her moans were a pretty clear indication of what he was doing right, and she never faked it. She wasn’t going to stroke a man’s ego by lying to him about her own pleasure. Steve deserved better than that, not just her.

The first time he hurt her drove her wild. He let go, when she goaded him over a glass of wine. He put aside his beer and dove in for a kiss, pinning her beneath him on his couch. She was the one to barge into his apartment that night, post-mission.

He was wound tight from the fight, and she was wound tighter with the need to feel him again after all that danger. He walked everything off, but Darcy was the one to bite her nails as CNN showed him flung off a skyscraper halfway around the world. He survived it all, while she kept her fear inside until it boiled over like this, her eyes burning with unshed tears.

It wasn’t a quiet love, it was like a chokehold, Steve shedding her of every barrier she had before him. Their friendship had evolved slowly, and then it fell into something more with such a sharp drop that the inevitability of it all was almost forgotten. This was meant to happen; however absurd it may have seemed before she ever heard him say her name.

On the couch, their pants were shoved down, Darcy’s palm licked before she stroked him to fullness, their eyes locked as Steve’s hands gripped jaw. His kisses were smothering, demanding everything from her. Perhaps the mission had aligned something for him and he’d figured it all out. His tongue in her mouth, he pushed into her to the hilt, his strokes rough to reach the edge of her.

Darcy grunted against his lips while he groaned, and he picked up speed immediately, his fucking earnest and rough – he wasn’t holding back at all, breaking away to kiss her neck, before he bit down on her skin, their bodies slapping together with a wet echo.

Darcy yelled, grinding her clit into him, shuddering, her legs shaking around his middle. He didn’t relent, not until he’d marked her sufficiently, coming with a deep moan to her ear, pulling out to spill on her stomach.

“Did I hurt you?” he asked, somewhat belated, hand running through his messy hair, panting as he stared down at the mess on her skin.

“No,” she murmured, shaking her head. “I mean, I loved it. I’ll be a little sore, but…”

His hand moved down her throat, fingertips brushing the mark he left behind. Darcy smiled up at him, knee swinging a little. He settled back down, not bothering with the mess, to kiss her thoroughly. They held one another’s faces as they shared a breath, their hearts still racing as they lay chest to chest.

Chapter Text

“Let’s stay here a little while. Let’s enjoy it.”

It was a dream. Bucky knew this, not just because he felt uncharacteristically blissful, but because Wanda was the last person he remembered before he blacked out.

He was buried to the hilt inside her, her skirts covering their lower bodies, his suit pants by his ankles. In this world, he’d come home from work – yeah, that seemed to explain it. Wanda’s hair was in a curled updo, much shorter than her long strawberry blonde tresses. Her dress was cinched in at the waist, with petticoats underneath that brushed Bucky’s bare thighs and hips.

They were in another time, decades before. This time Bucky only had fleeting memories of, the tiniest of glimpses, like trying to look through a telescope and never settling long enough to fix upon a star.

This was his fantasy, though Wanda was guiding him through it. His hips flexed and he felt himself go deeper, the warm wetness of her cunt urging him further, his face flushing. Wanda sighed, her mouth a little open, their noses brushing as she lifted up to kiss him.

Their lips ghosted over one another, Bucky’s hips beginning to jerk in earnest. Wanda opened her mouth wider to kiss him thoroughly, Bucky’s groan blending with hers.

He had a panic attack, that’s why he was here with her. She was inside his head, and they were living in the 50s together, Bucky’s left arm still flesh, his hair cut short, music floating through on a gramophone in the next room…

“You feel incredible,” Wanda whispered, and Bucky wanted to shake his head to refute this.

After all, this was his fantasy.

They kissed again, Bucky’s arms tightening around her, bucking into her with no reprieve, hearing the wet slaps of their bodies below. She was soaking, and his balls were tightening already, and when he drew back to look her in the eye, he saw she’d gone slack-jawed with pleasure.

“I’m in here as much as you are,” she whispered, and then whimpered as he leaned in to graze his teeth over her pulse point. Her arms looped around his neck, her mouth by his ear. “My magic is great that way…”

Bucky chuckled, lost in her, nearing the point of no return. He could feel it was building up to something big. He climbed, never slowing. Wanda began to squirm as she grinded against him, her legs wide and shaking.

“Fuck, Bucky!”

She clamped down on him and Bucky finally slowed, pitching forward a little, trying desperately to hold on. Wanda grabbed his face, staring him down, her eyes scarlet and mesmerizing.

“Come for me, honey,” she whispered. Her hairline was damp with sweat. “You can come…”

He moaned, giving in, picking up speed once more as she nodded, imploring him. God, she was so beautiful, it made his chest hurt. She began to smile as he turned almost feral with how much he wanted her, shuddering as his vision whited out.

“Wanda,” he rasped, and he let go, their bedroom obliterating –

He came to, lying on the ground, Wanda’s face hovering above him, her hands touching his face. Sam was there, along with Nat and Steve.

“He’s back,” Sam announced. “Hey, buddy.”

Normally, that was said with irony, but this time he meant the sentiment. Everyone’s faces were etched with concern.

Bucky stole a quick glance to his crotch, wondering if he’d came in his pants, but he didn’t see or feel anything to indicate that – he wasn’t even hard.

Wanda’s magic was fucking incredible.

He bolted upright, grabbing Wanda to pull her into an embrace, before he kissed her squarely on the mouth. He pulled back with a soft smack, seeing her face was bright red. He glanced at his other friends, all of which were staring at him, bug-eyed. He cleared his throat.

“Uh, I'm okay,” he muttered.

He kept holding Wanda, whose arms then curled around him, and she buried her face in his neck, sighing.

Chapter Text

She smoothed his long hair back, doing her best to not smile at him but failing anyway. She was blissfully, disgustingly happy with him in this big bed, thousands of miles away from home.

Every care in the world evaporated when she was around him, and now she understood why every woman at the Tower used to go absolutely gaga for this punk.

It helped that he was wearing the hell out of his beard and long hair combination those days. It worked for Darcy in ways she hadn’t expected. He looked dirty, like he was the polar opposite of the guy you should take home to meet your parents. Especially when he scowled, but Darcy wasn’t often the receiver of those types of looks.

The look he was giving her now was warm and cheeky, classic Steve. He moved his face forward to bury himself in her chest, eliciting a hiss from her as he nipped at her sensitive skin.

He drew back, pulling in a deep breath with his arms still wrapped around her bare middle. Her nipples had hardened, his eyes dipping to them as Darcy shifted, grinding a little against his thigh.

“You’re up to something,” she murmured.

“What makes you think that?” he whispered, and he wrapped his lips around the nipple closest to him, tugging it a little.

Darcy rolled her lip with her teeth, rubbing against him with more purpose, sure she was going to leave wet marks all over him before he threw her down again. He persisted, teeth grazing before he bit her, the sensation going straight to her wet cunt.

“Fuck,” she breathed, surprised this was working so well for her. She didn’t tend to enjoy pain, or anyone tugging on her like this.

The sharpness blended with the pleasure as he took hold of her hip, encouraging her to move against the grain, before he assaulted her other nipple with teeth, lips and thorough tongue.

“Holy shit,” she whimpered, eyes fluttering closed as she rocked and trembled.


Chapter Text

“So what’s the plan?” Sam asked, arms folded.

Nat dropped her hip, rolling her eyes. “Please. We already know how this is going to go down.”

“Like Ibiza?” Bucky murmured, and Nat glanced his way, eyebrow arching.

“Like Ibiza.”

Steve said nothing for once, eyes trained on the brunette walking past their spot under the tree. She appeared to be in her own world, head bent as she carried several folders. She seemed busy whenever they saw her.

“She’s not skittish, in case you’re wonderin’,” Bucky murmured to him, and Steve met his gaze. “She’s flirty, like you.”

“Steve looks like he’s stalking prey,” Sam muttered with a smirk, and the others chuckled.

Darcy finally looked their way, raising a hand in a brief hello.

“Yeah,” Sam said, voice low so it was impossible for Darcy to overhear him. “She’s definitely in trouble.”


It turned out to be even more straight forward that Ibiza, according to Bucky. Steve wasn’t present during that dalliance three months ago but he’d heard too much about it to feel like he didn’t know that particular story. Bucky, Nat and Sam took a girl back to their dingy apartment they rented so ravish her for a whole night. The girl was actually a diplomat’s wife, Nat’s mark. Nat wasn’t interested in the diplomat at all, his wife was far lovelier.

Steve was jealous about Ibiza, but Darcy was his idea, he’d like to think. He was the one that brought her up semi-casually one afternoon when he and Nat saw her walk down a hallway and disappear into a supply closet. Nat shot him an exasperated look at the time.

Darcy was not skittish. She was flattered, prone to blushing, when Nat cajoled her into hanging out with the team. There was alcohol, but not enough for her to get drunk. They all got straight to the point, Bucky’s hand on her thigh first.

Steve didn’t think Bucky would ever truly grow out of his Brooklyn habits, unable to stop himself from charming a dame he thought was pretty. Darcy was undoubtedly beautiful, but never in those ultra-glamorous ways those other women were.

Sam was the first to kiss her, after everyone confessed their attraction, like it was a goddamn team exercise. Darcy stammered her thanks, before Sam invaded her space, a slow peck to her lips. She didn’t think to close her eyes, she seemed overwhelmed by the attention of four pairs of eyes on her. Nat was the one to direct it, once everyone had a turn kissing Darcy.

She took her hand, threading their fingers together.

“Let’s go to the bedroom, okay?”

It was Sam’s apartment, since he offered they use his place tonight. Steve was glad, considering he was sure his own quarters were dusty, and Bucky’s place was depressingly bare. Nat’s was never offered, as far as anyone on the team was concerned, her personal space was off-limits for some inexplicable reason.

Darcy was led into the bedroom barefoot and pink-faced. The men went first, taking off their shirts as Darcy’s eyes darted around the room, Nat’s arm moving to wrap around her waist.

The redhead planted a kiss on Darcy’s cheek and Steve felt his hard-on strain with interest, his hand ghosting over his crotch to readjust himself. Bucky’s eyes were black with lust, while Sam’s mouth was pulled into a warm smile.

Nat kissed her on the lips, holding her face in place as she explored her mouth, the pinks of their tangling tongues showing, Darcy’s feet lifting a little off the ground as she moaned. When they pulled back, Nat whispered to her, husky and intoxicating.

“If you want us to stop, use the safe word ‘red’, okay?”

Darcy nodded.

“Good girl,” Nat whispered, and then she kissed her again.

Steve loved seeing a girl preen when she was praised, and Darcy was no exception. He also loved watching Nat boss girls around. She stroked Darcy’s backside a few times, whispering in her ear things that made Darcy hold her breath, her eyes meeting Steve’s.

She was coveted. She was seen. She was in danger of being exactly what they wanted her to be.

Darcy was on her knees, Nat beside her to instruct her, guide her through each step. Sucking off everyone was naturally the first stage of their conquest. Darcy didn’t pause for breath, signifying she was hungry for them. Nat grinned, hands under Darcy’s shirt, lifting it up for everyone to see her breasts that almost spilled out of her bra.

“Such a sweet, selfless girl,” she mused, and Darcy moaned, bobbing her head as she swallowed Bucky down.

They alternated, jerking themselves lazily when they weren’t attended by Darcy’s mouth, until Bucky grew the most impatient, grabbing her by the arms to spin her around and plant her on the bed, on all fours, her ass in the air for him.

He speared inside her seamlessly. She sounded sloppy wet with excitement, her moan ragged as he began to fuck her rough and fast, his hips slapping against her heart-shaped ass. Steve put his hand on Nat’s lower back, stepping out of her way for her to slip to Darcy’s front, grinning down at the brunette as she spread her legs.

Sam’s hand was in Darcy’s hair, pushing her face between Nat’s perfect thighs, her mouth open once more to lap at her damp folds. Nat gave a heady sigh, her eyes flying shut as Darcy set to work.

“Obedient little thing,” Bucky huffed, giving her ass a little slap, affectionate. “And she feels so fucking good…”

Steve didn’t wait any longer, sucking his fingers before he ducked down, his hand moving between Darcy’s thighs to rub her clit. She was soaking, shuddering as he toyed with her, Bucky never missing a sharp stroke.

“I’m gonna come…” she began to wail, and Steve squeezed himself, rubbing this thumb through the bead of pre-come leaking from his tip.

“Not before me, honey,” Nat panted, her face flushed. “You’re my date, I come first…”

Darcy whimpered, everyone else laughing, and she redoubled her efforts, sucking and laving her tongue around Nat’s swollen clit. Steve saw the redhead’s toes begin to curl, Sam’s hand pushing Darcy’s face against her. Nat bucked, rubbing herself, her head thrown back.

She yelled, back arching, and Darcy didn’t stop, not until Nat shuffled backwards far enough to release her. Darcy blinked blearily with her head turned, panting against the bedspread as Bucky picked up speed. He was brutal, Steve’s fingers circling again.

Their eyes met, and Steve nodded, licking his lips.


Her eyes rolled back and she shuddered, Bucky groaning behind her as she came, her hands balled into fists. Bucky beat into her, slowing down as he growled and gripped her hips.


He cut himself off, face screwed up as he crashed, pulsing inside her as Darcy whimpered, taking the full force of him.

Before she had time to recover, Sam turned her onto her back, Bucky sinking with a sigh into the spot beside Nat. Steve took the opportunity to take Darcy’s face by the jaw to kiss her, gentle at first.

She was the one to speed it up, Sam’s cock making her feral, her hands scrambling as he was just as fierce as Bucky.

“I want to hear sexy things coming from your pretty mouth, honey,” Nat said, Bucky’s lips on her throat, his hand idly playing with her clit. Nat turned to him to kiss him on the mouth.

“You feel so fucking good inside me, Sam,” she panted, starting to smile, because Sam was grinning down at her, watching her tits bounce with each thrust of his hips. “If you keep fucking me like that, I’m gonna come again… Oh, God…”

Sam’s thumb was on her clit and Nat moaned in the background, Bucky’s fingers moving faster, the sounds wet all around Steve. He waited, watching as Sam began to unravel with her, leaning over to kiss her.

Missionary never looked better. Sam had the ability to make the most ordinary gestures magical. Steve felt a fondness wash over him and he pressed a kiss to Sam’s cheek, his hand stroking his friend’s broad back.

Darcy came, the tendons in her neck standing out, the sweat dripping down her front. Sam panted, trying to keep his eyes open as long as possible before he climaxed as well, going still, curling his arms around her to cuddle her to his chest for several beats.

When Sam resurfaced, pulling out of her, the mess seeped down onto the sheets as Darcy sighed, limp and wrecked. She passed a hand over her face, eyes fluttering as Sam kissed her forehead, disappearing into the bathroom.

With Nat and Bucky preoccupied, Steve knelt at the end of the bed, taking hold of her foot to press a kiss to her ankle. Darcy’s foot flexed and she chuckled, breathless, leaning up on her elbows with some effort. She looked like a well-fucked goddess from the ancient times, someone other-worldly to Steve, so much so that he felt inexplicably shy, his erection leaking more at the ruined sight of her.

“What are you gonna do to me, Steve?” she whispered, and he liked that, he liked his name on her lips more than he expected.

He promptly ducked down, sealing his mouth over her puffy pussy and licked her up to her clit, his tongue dipping into her center along the way, tasting her, Sam and Bucky in a heady mixture.

She gave a long moan, her eyes widening as her hand found the back of his head, her fingers threading through his hair.

“Fuck, Steve,” she whispered, and he knew he was undone.



Chapter Text

“Since when do you get shy?”

Bucky frowned at her, suppressing his smirk. She had a point. Never before had he shied away from Nat, even when they first met a lifetime ago. Even when she introduced herself by trying to strangle him with her thighs. All he saw was how invincible she was, how strong and beautiful her form was, how her eyes sparkled up at him.

Sitting on his couch now, both of them nursing drinks, he hesitated before he looked her in the eye again. She had the ability to strip him to the bone with her gaze. It used to make him hard instantly. Now, he wondered what she saw in him.

“You’re thinking too much, Soldier Boy.”

She leaned over and kissed him, too fast for him to consider stopping her. He wouldn’t if he was given the chance anyway.

The second he felt her tongue tease the seam of his lips he opened to her, swallowing her moan, his hands digging into her hair. He remembered everything – and he hadn’t realized how much he craved her in his arms, and how much he’d hope for this to happen again. He hadn’t allowed himself to hope, he thought.

“I want you,” he whispered, when she pulled back to breathe, their lips bumping.

She nodded frantically, and she seemed smaller then, more desperate than she’d let on when he opened his door for her earlier.

“I need you,” she breathed.

She stripped off her pants, shoving down her underwear. He stared at the strip of auburn hair above her pussy, seeing she was flushed and glistening down there, just from kissing him. The thrill of knowing this made Bucky unbutton his jeans, yanking everything down to pull her into his lap, the couch beneath him squeaking softly.

She was so tight and so warm, sheathing him so perfectly he couldn’t keep the whimper inside him, but he wasn’t embarrassed – it only felt right that Nat knew how good she felt, how good she made him feel.

Nat slanted her mouth over his as they began to rut together, Bucky’s arms wrapping around her as he tried to keep her as close as possible, his heart squeezing in his chest.

“Sweetheart,” he purred, memories swimming around them – of trysts behind closed doors, hidden gestures, fleeting glances over decades...

She had tears in her eyes, smiling down at him.

“There you are,” she whispered.

They sighed, lips crashing together.

Chapter Text

Darcy stirred awake, taking in the hotel room.

Memories flooded back, and she glanced down at the woman beside her whose right hand was behind her head, her left laying against her stomach over the bedsheets.

Carol Danvers in her bed. Darcy blinked several times, peering at Carol’s exposed muscles. She was aware that neither of them wore clothes, but she didn’t recall having sex last night.

She saw a smirk begin to form on Carol’s face, and Darcy frowned a little.

“I knew you weren’t sleeping.”

“I’m a pretty good faker,” Carol retorted, mischievous eyes blinking up at her.

She beamed in a wide smile, and Darcy melted, remembering they had kissed a lot – more than she’d kissed anyone in God knows how long – but they hadn’t gone any further. It probably didn’t help that Tony and Pepper’s wedding had gone on until at least three in the morning.

The moment stretched before them, and Darcy considered her friend skipping out. She did that a lot, disappearing for weeks at a time with little notice. Not that Darcy ever expected her to stay longer for her sake, though their attraction was palpable.

She kissed her anyway, pushing aside her fear that Carol would reject her and blame it on good wedding vibes from last night. Making the first move was usually Carol’s style, she was adorably bossy that way, but Darcy could be just as bold. She licked into her mouth, sweeping inside as Carol sighed, moving to slot their bodies together.

She was soft, yet firm in her arms as she rocked against her, riding the wave of each searing kiss. Carol moaned, Darcy joining her, as their crotches bump and grind occasionally.

The flurry of it all gave no time to reconsider anything, and Darcy was soon on her back, Carol’s shoulders pushing her thighs wide apart as she devoured her. Her burning tongue swirled around her clit, speared inside her, Carol’s unyielding thumb rubbing her swollen clit.

Darcy couldn’t keep the sounds in, Carol’s eyes bright with wicked glee, her thorough licking and sucking causing Darcy’s toes to curl, her legs seizing up as everything evaporated –

Darcy came, the sweet warmth washing over her, reaching the tips of her toes and fingers. She couldn’t stop shivering, the wet sounds of Carol licking her clean drowned out by her moans and pants…

“Holy shit,” she whispered.

She couldn’t feel anything beneath her navel anymore, her body slackening and Carol climbed up her to reach her face once more for a kiss. When she pulled away, Darcy’s arousal smeared everywhere, Darcy narrowed her eyes at her.

“That fucking tongue, Carol.”

Carol grinned, her eyes crinkling, her chin soaking.

Chapter Text

“What do you need?” she whispered, arms wrapping around him.

It was deadly sober for them, standing in her kitchen past midnight midweek, Steve’s hold on her not as tight as usual. Darcy listened to his steady heartbeat, feeling the warmth of him beneath his t-shirt. She followed him into the kitchen when he left her bed without a word.

“I need to sleep,” he mumbled, and he ground the heel of his palm into his eye. “I’m sorry for being restless.”

Darcy knew better.

“What do you really need, Steve?” she amended, looking up at him.

Their eyes locked and for a fleeting moment she thought he’d step away from her, leave her apartment and not come back. She always had the fear that pushing him would one day mean he’d step away for good.

Instead of waiting for him to reply, she stood on tip-toe to reach him, kissing his lips. He made a soft sound against her, and she felt as if her chest could cave in from how vulnerable he was, and how he’d tried to hide it from her. He kissed her back, his hands catching her face to keep her there, drinking from her like he hadn’t touched her in months.

He backed her into the hallway and they made their way back to her bedroom, collapsing on the mattress once more, Steve’s hand moving her thigh up to latch to his hip, before he glided his fingers back up her side, kneading her breast. Darcy moaned, unrestrained, the pressure of his body on top of hers pitching her heart up to her throat – she grabbed his face now, kissing him with more force, and he was caught off-guard.

“I don’t wanna hurt you—”

“You’re not going to,” she whispered, holding his face, his eyes searching hers. “I can take it.”

He yanked off her clothes, tossing his own onto the pile on the floor. The mattress dipped again as he climbed back up her, her thighs opening for him as he settled in the cradle of her hips, their foreheads touching.

“I can take it,” she said again. “Please, Steve.”

He rushed forward, kissing her with a ferocity that made a lump form in her throat, his hand slipping between them to reach her core, his thick fingers rubbing and then pushing inside her, his thumb working against her clit. Darcy’s orgasm was sudden and hard, so brief but enough for her to be wet, and then Steve was filling her to the hilt, pinning her to the bed as he buried his face in her neck.

The drags of his cock were hard, but slow at first. Darcy’s mind was still reeling from her climax, her hands deep in his hair as she cuddled him as close as she could. From time to time, he stopped moving, allowing himself to just be held, Darcy’s kisses peppering the side of his face and his neck.

“You’re here with me,” she whispered, and it seemed to trigger something, because then he pulled back from her, staring down at her face as he began to buck again, faster than before.

He chased his release, with more force than usual, no time for Darcy to recover. He was possessed with need, kissing her and sucking the air out of her, fucking her like he’d die if he didn’t – Darcy waited for the incoming storm, her nails biting into his back as he took and took from her –

“Ah, fuck-”

He went still, spilling over, panting against her cheek, moaning. He stayed there, the world coming back to Darcy in little increments. She watched as he pulled back, slumping down next to her on the bed, her arms wrapping back around him.

She’d deal with the mess in a second, she just needed him to look her in the eye to check if he was okay.


He glanced at her, pink-cheeked and breathing heavily through his nose.

“I love you,” he whispered.

“I love you, too,” she whispered, and he seemed to slacken a little more, tension dissipating.

Chapter Text

“I know it’s a cliché,” he said, his breath warm on her neck behind her ear. “But it’s true – it’s just like a flower.”

Her thumbed her folds open, Darcy’s thighs spread a little wider as his crotch brushed her backside.

Bucky hiked up her dress a little more, revealing her stomach in the mirror. He hadn’t done this before, making her look at her reflection beside his. He played with her pussy idly, dragging flesh and metal fingers through the slick that began to gather at her center, circling her clit without enough pressure to get her off. His teasing made Darcy huff, her hands gripping his arms.

“Prettiest little pussy,” he whispered, and then he tugged at her earlobe with his teeth, making her buck into his hands, wanting so much more.

“Bucky,” she groaned, and she saw the glint in his eye.

Not a lick of innocence to him in that molten stare. She let out a shaky breath as he went back to her clit, committing to it with a precise hand, his metal fingers moving up to clutch her jaw, kissing her neck again.

“Bend me over,” she whispered, and he chuckled.

“Don’t wanna miss our reservation,” he retorted.

The one time – the one time – Bucky actually got a reservation at a table, and Darcy wasn’t interested in making it on time at all. She bit her lip, feeling herself tighten and begin to shake with rampant need. Her climax moved ever closer, her toes beginning to curl in her boots.

“Bend me over,” she said again, a little louder.

His voice by her ear almost made her come, with how rough it was.

“I’m gonna take my time later to properly fuck you. For now—”

He tucked two fingers inside her with ease, his thumb swiping her clit. The sound made Darcy’s face flush, his fingers curling and dragging while his thumb rolled and pinched her throbbing bud.


His hand was fast, faster than she expected. He made her grunt, her body seizing as she struggled to stay upright, overwhelmed by his devotion. She stilled completely, mouth agape as she clenched, her vision gone. She exploded, warmth rushing all over as Bucky gave an approving hum against her skin. He kept going, until she doubled over, struggling and whimpering. She was a squirming mess, unable to form a proper sentence for several seconds.

“Hnng-God! Fuck!”

Without warning, he pulled out of her, spinning her around to pin her to the bathroom sink, before he knelt and shoved his face into her pussy, bright eyes staring up at her.

“Bucky, Bucky! Bucky!” Darcy shrieked, alarmed. It was so much.

It was so good she could cry, his mouth sucking at her clit as his fingers slipped back inside her. It took hardly any time at all for her pleasure to morph into a blissful blended orgasm, tears forming in her eyes as she clutched the sink for dear life.

When he emerged, wet and grinning, Darcy tried her best to glare down at him, but it only made him give a throaty chuckle in return.

“Later, I promise,” he whispered, moving back up to give her a hug.

“Don’t be surprised if I try something under the table,” she retorted, unable to keep herself from smirking.