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Evil Author's Day: Teen Wolf

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Title: Be careful for what you wish for! (Teen Wolf Au)

Pairing: Eventual Steter

Idea: What if Stiles is bitten by Peter in S1 but does not turn into a beta or a fox ... possibly a hyena?

Status >1 K but bullet points for the whole fic. Finish time : ?



The girl, Lydia, is bitten not through any desire to increase his pack but because she dared to date what was his. It was something that could not go unpunished. Her blood was almost as bright as her hair. Of course, his actions bring the boy. This was excellent. He could not have planned it better.

The boy crouches down to his level. He is unwittingly acting like he wants the prey Peter has wounded.  He may be human but he is demanding that the Alpha treat him equally. Peter shrugs mentally and is willing to play the game. It might bring the boy to him even quicker.

The boy follows on the understanding Peter leaves the girl alone. Peter shrugs as he does not care for the boy. He wants his beta, his nephew and the boy. He is content to use the boy’s sharp mind.  He is still ridiculously loyal refusing to give up Peter’s errant beta.

“You don’t need Scott.” Stiles argues even if his heart is jumpy.

Peter doesn’t smirk, just toys with the boy, “Why not?”

“He is too much dog and never going to be enough wolf for what you need?” He says assured of the facts. He may be scared but Peter can tell that he is confident of his assessment.

“And you, a human are enough?” Peter asked, sounding mocking but interested in the boy’s reaction.

“I know why you want revenge and I don’t blame you ... I just think there is a better way.”

Is the surprising answer and Peter would be lying to himself if he said he was not intrigued. He hoped that the boy’s answer was not to use the law. He would be severely disappointed if it was, “What?”

Stiles shook his head, he knew Peter was not ready to hear his idea yet. He just needed to make it through the night without being bitten by a feral Alpha.

Guess they would both be disappointed by the nights end then.