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Jasmine tea

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"Babe I'm home." Asami comes in and flops down on the sofa. *Sigh* "Sami welcome back how was work today." Korra walks over a places a kiss to her temple.

"As stressing and boring as it can be." "Yeah you do look pretty tired." "How about you let me handle dinner tonight."
"Huh are you sure." "Yeah babe I got this tonight we are having authentic watertribe food."

"Thanks korra that would be great." "No problem sami just sit back and relax I'll bring you some tea." "Okay thanks."

Korra went in the kitchen and started on the tea. "I met with opal today. She gave me this tea. Supposedly it helps relax the body. "

"Mhm? That's great sweetie." It smells nice. "Ill have to get her something in return. Oh yeah Opal also said." It feels like my base instincts become stronger when I'm tired. I always feel this way, but I have to wonder. Is that why I get horny at times like these?

"Sami here you go. Dont it smells great." Korra comes in and sets the tea on the table then sits on the floor in front of the sofa. "This would go great with some snacks but we shouldn't eat before dinner. Ah that's too bad."

"Huh? Sami?" Asami pulls korra into a hug. "Aww is The Asami Sato feeling lonely right now." Asami bites korra ear. "Whaaa what was that for." "Korra come sit by me." "What? Why?" Looked at her kinda puzzled. "Just do it." (Yes Daddy Asami 🙇♀️) "There you go are happy?" Korra gave her a smirk. Asami pushed korra back into the corner of the sofa.

"Just stay there."  "Whaa?!? A-Asami."
Asami reached down and cupped korras cheek and the shared a slow passionate kiss. Asami started to nibble and place kisses around korras neck. "What about dinner?" Korra asked. "Later." Asami lifted up korra shirt and started tracing her hand along korras abs. Slowly making her way down and kissed them.

Asami groped korras boob (tit 🤔breast🤔 mommy milker🥳) and started to lick and suck on the other. "Mhm A-Asami. Wait a ngh sec!" Asami felt  something pressed against her stomach and reached down and started to rub it. "Wow you're already hard." "W-Well it has been a couple weeks since we y-ya know."

Asami unbuckled her pants and pulled it down. She grab korra dick (cock🐓) and slowly started stroking it. Its already twitching. "Does it feel that good. I've barely even started yet." Korra cheeks were flushed. "Ahhh yeah it does." "This is pretty fun. Usually you're the one taking charge. I might have to do this more often."  "Ehh...I wouldn't be totally against that." Korra mumbled under her breath not knowing Asami heard her. She makes the cutest faces when she gets into it.

Asami started moving her hand faster.( I shall leave it to your imagination how she is) We really haven't had the chance to do it lately. "Nghh! Ahh!" Korra was trying to hold back her moans. Asami kissed the top of her dick and placed soft kissed down on it. Asami licked from the base of her dick to the top of the tip slowly.

Korra was still trying to hold back her moans. "Oh raava." Why is she so hot I'm on the verge of exploding just from her licking me. Asami had put the tip of korras dick in her mouth and began to suck her when korra pushed her back.

Korra sits up. "A-Asami! Wait I um want to touch you too." Shit I was about to come. "You've had enough." "Yeah." Asami stood up and took her skirt and underwear off. Korra started to get up but Asami pushed her back down. "Nope." Asami said popping the p. "Dont you do anything." "Huh?"

Asami straddled her and started to grind on her dick. "Asami?! What are...?!!" "Shush." Asami started to moan not trying to hold back at all. "Mmn Hah its touching everywhere down there you see. Mgn it feels so good. I kinda like it. How about you korra?" Asami whispered in her ear and started to grind harder. "Yeah...nghh It feels good."

Asamis love juices was dripping down on korra as she sped up. The room was filled with moans and panting. Which came to a stop after Asami had came and left korra throbbing underneath her.
"Hah You're still full of energy down there." Asami decided to play a dangerous game and tease her. "Do you want to. Put. It. Inside."

"I can't hold back anymore." Korra grabbed Asami shoulder and pushed her down. "Eh?! Ahh?!" *Thud*. "Asami." Korras blue eyes stared down into Asamis emerald eyes.  Panting over her. It looks like you want it so bad you cant stand it. "Korra." Your passionate gaze.. your body.. your gasps for air.. It's like every single part of you is focused entirely on me. "You're to adorable for me to handle."

Korra bend down and gave Asami a kiss filled with love and lust. As she was kissing her she reached down a ripped open her shirt leaving buttons to fall to the floor. Stopping for a brief moment to take off hers too. Shifting her attention from her mouth to her nipple gently biting and licking. While she twisted and pulled in the other.

Ah! Asami moaned as korra took her nipple into her mouth and started sucking it while her other hand was gliding dow her body to her pussy. Immediately thrusting 2 fingers inside and going fast. Sometimes curling her fingers. Asami pulled korra in and started scratching her back hard enough to leave white marks. "Ahh!...Korra! I'm gonna..Ngh."

After Asami came released korra. She got up and align herself with Asamis entrance. "You're ready for me, right, Sami. I'm gonna put it in okay." "Korra wai..." Korra pushed it all in with a single thrust.

"Korra..ngh..kiss me." Korra took Asami lips in hers and kissed her as she was thrusting in and out of her slowly but hard. I'm the only one who gets to see her being this sweet this lewd this adorable. "Asami...Asami." korra panted out. Everytime she calls my name she enraptured me and enchants me.

As they where getting lost in each other's eyes holding hands neither wanting to let each other go. The room once again filled with the sounds of their love. Without saying a word they both felt the same thing. It feels like everything is on fire. Hold me and dont let go.

"Hah.. Korra I think you're at your limit."
Asami was straddled on her as korra was clinging on her refusing to let go.
"Nooo! Sami babe I can still go. *Grumble* Aw shit my stomach."
"How about we take a shower and then eat? I'll help you make dinner." Asami pat korra on her head.
Korra sighed and nuzzled into Asamis shoulder. "Okay." Korra gave Asami a peck on the lips before she did her signature lopsided grin.

"Okay Sami since it late what should we have for dinner." "Hmm something simple like noodles." "Good idea and we still have some artic hen in the fridge, so artic hen alfredo noodles." "Before that we need to take a bath." "Right." Korra got up and started heading to the shower when asami came behind and slap her ass. "You better hurry up." Asami said and a lowered tone. Asami walked in front of her. After a while korra was running to the bathroom.( they did it again)

Korra was washing her hair as Asami was soaking in the tub. "I guess opal was telling the truth after all." "Mhmm?" "She was saying that the smell of jasmine acts like an aphrodisiac." "Ehh I guess that means we need to be making some every day then." "Huh? What did you say?" Asami got up and started heading out of the bathroom. "Wait..babe..babe..Sami.
Dont leave me hanging.