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only your man, your privacy

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Kun had never understood the way light could flood a room, like most books and poems and songs described, until he saw Ten walk into one. There’s just something unexplainable in how Ten carries himself, startlingly gorgeous even in just a white shirt, boxers and striped, uneven socks, with his hair falling loosely down his forehead, partly covering his eyes. Maybe it’s the confidence that Kun envies sometimes, or maybe it’s just the fact that Kun is in love with him, plain and simple. Not that Kun will tell him that. It’ll just inflate his ego even more, and Kun will never live it down.

Besides, it becomes too complicated to put into words if Kun thinks too much about it, so he just lets the thought fill up the fat folder he has of Ten in his brain. It’s easier, anyway, to let it burst with nonsensical shit until he can pour it into some kind of musical piece. He’ll let Ten hear it someday and maybe he’d understand then.

“Hi, hi,” he greets as he saunters into the room like he owns it and flops down next to Kun, his arms finding their way around Kun’s middle.

“Hi.” Kun moves his arm to settle Ten against his side more comfortably, and Ten leans his head on his shoulder.

“I’m here,” he says, then pecks Kun’s cheek and snuggles closer to him—which seems a little suspicious. Ten has always been a tactile person, but tonight he seems more generous with his touches, which means he wants something from Kun.

Kun stops scrolling through his Instagram feed and raises an eyebrow at Ten. He’s still deciding whether he should ask it himself or wait for Ten to spit it out. “I noticed that.”

“Good,” he exclaims, a little too cheerfully. He seems restless; he keeps peeking at Kun’s face and rubbing the material of Kun’s shirt between his fingers. “That’s good.”

Kun gives up. He drops his phone beside his pillow and finally asks, “Do you need something?”

“Well,” he says, humming under his breath as if he was pretending to think about it, “not really.”

“Okay,” Kun says, picking his phone back up. Ten will cave soon enough; he’s not the patient type. Kun knows that he doesn’t even have to lift a finger, he’ll just wait until Ten himself gets tired of beating around the bush.

Beside him, Ten fidgets some more. “Um, Kun,” he tries again.

He waits, not looking at Ten.

“I’m here,” he repeats. “A living, breathing male. Look,” he slips his hand under the hem of Kun’s sleep shirt, “I’m warm.”

“Okay.” Kun catches Ten’s hand and gives it a little squeeze. “I’m pretty sure I am, too. You know, warm and living and breathing.”

“Also, Yangyang is sleeping,” he mutters into Kun’s sleeve with a little sigh. “Finally.”

“Good for him.”

Ten lifts his head and glares at him. “Why are you so dense?”

Kun blinks. “What did I do?”

“What the hell,” Ten snatches his phone off of him and places it on his bedside table. He huffs as he throws Kun’s arm off him and moves until he’s on top of Kun, caging his hips with his knees. “Babe, we haven’t done it in weeks. Fucking weeks, Kun.”

“Uh,” Kun manages to stutter out, feeling his cheeks heat up, “we weren’t really free, babe.”

“But we are now.” He shifts until his thighs are pressed flush against Kun’s, his weight familiar and comfortable. “Look, I’m sitting on your lap and you’re not ravishing me yet.”

It takes a while for Kun’s brain to process a reply, and he almost chokes on his own spit when he tries to speak again. “Wha—do you hear what you’re saying?”

“What,” Ten says, “what are you being all shy about? Do you hear what you say to me whenever I suck you off—”

“Shut the hell up,” Kun hisses, nervously glancing at the door as if it could burst open any minute. “What do you want from me?”

“Why do I always have to spell it out for you?” Ten leans down, his hair tickling Kun’s cheeks as he moves his mouth right next to Kun’s ear. “I want your dick inside me, Kun. Right now.”

“You’re so,” Kun tries to say, and then the words die right as they pass the seam of his lips, turning to nonsense. His hands reach up to grab Ten’s hips, to pull him closer or to push him off of his lap, Kun hasn’t decided yet.

“What,” Ten asks, his lips brushing Kun’s earlobe as he speaks, and Kun tenses up. “You don’t want to?”

“We’re not exactly alone, babe,” he reasons, his hands tightening in Ten’s shirt as Ten presses a kiss under his jaw.

“We are, though.” He reaches up to place a finger under Kun’s chin, tilting his head towards Ten’s direction. “I locked the door.”

Ten is looking at him through his eyelashes, his lips just an inch away from Kun’s, and Kun loses the battle. “We have to be quiet, though.”

An easy smile paints Ten’s lips, his eyes expectant and certain. “I’ll try my best,” he says, and then he’s kissing Kun, wrapping his limbs tighter around him. He licks into Kun’s mouth almost immediately, heat pooling low in his belly as their tongues meet.

Kun eases Ten into a slower kiss, sliding his lips against Ten’s unhurriedly, his hands rubbing small circles into Ten’s hips. Ten relaxes, melting like cotton candy in his mouth.

“I missed you,” he breathes out, pulling away.

“I didn’t go anywhere,” Kun says, kissing down the elegant line of Ten’s throat, the hum Ten lets out vibrating right under his lips.

“I know.” Ten’s fingers are playing with the little hairs at the nape of Kun’s neck, pulling and pulling as Kun traces the slope of his jaw with the tip of his tongue. “But I always miss you.”

Ten says it easily, the words drawled out in an almost lazy tone, like he didn’t need to hesitate or think about it, and it fills Kun’s chest with so much warmth that it gets hard to breathe for a second. He captures Ten’s lips in another kiss for an answer, sneaking his hands under Ten’s shirt and outlining the dainty curve of his waist.

Kun bites down on his bottom lip and Ten opens up, his tongue meeting Kun’s almost shyly, angling his head to the side to let Kun take more of him. He sucks on Ten’s tongue and Ten moans against his lips, grabbing onto Kun’s collar tightly, socked feet sliding against the sheets as his toes curl.

It’s rare to see Ten like this, pliant and liquid under Kun’s fingertips, responsive to the smallest brush of skin against skin, and the knowledge that only Kun gets to see this side of him stirs something hot and twisted in his gut. Kun’s hands map his ribs and brush against his nipples, and Ten fucking shudders in his hold, pulling away from Kun’s lips with such an obscene, wet sound that makes him blush.

“Kun,” he gasps as Kun draws his thumbs in little circles, dropping his head on Kun’s shoulder. “Kun, god—”

“You’re so sensitive here,” Kun whispers into the crook of his neck and shoulder. “Does it feel good?”

“Yes,” Ten sighs against the fabric of his shirt, breathless and so, so wrecked, and Kun pinches his left nipple between two fingers. His legs tighten around Kun’s hips, fingers stretching out the collar of Kun’s shirt. “Ah, gege—”

“Is this what you wanted?” Kun rolls the nub between his fingers, his other hand pushing Ten’s shirt up as he leans down to lick a stripe on his chest, following the lines of his tattoo.

Ten moans, bucking his hips, and Kun feels him pressing against his stomach, hard and present even through several layers of clothing. “If I tell you that I want more than this,” he says, syllables shaking as Kun sucks a nipple into his mouth, feeling it harden under his tongue, “will you give it to me?”

Kun pulls back and smiles up at him. “Let’s see.”

“Please,” Ten whines, shifting until his ass is right against Kun’s growing erection, grinding his hips down with intent. “Please give it to me.”

“You’re so impatient.” Kun’s hands wander down, down, past the waistband of his boxers until he reaches the globes of his ass and he squeezes, and Ten squirms on top of him, sucking harshly on Kun’s neck to muffle his moan. “We’ve barely done anything, yet you’re already begging.”

“I had to wait for more than a fucking hour until the child on the other side of this floor is asleep,” he complains, hands tugging at the hem of Kun’s shirt, wanting it off. “You can’t blame me.”

Kun’s hands are back on him as soon as the fabric restraints are thrown somewhere on his bedroom floor, warming Ten’s skin, raising goosebumps in their wake. “That kid needs to learn the importance of sleep.”

Ten slaps his arm and glares at him. “Can we stop talking about your mom duties for once,” he says, “I’m literally sitting on your dick right now.”

“Make me,” Kun says, chuckling. Ten catches his jaw in his hands and tilts his head up for another kiss, rough and demanding, tongue curling around his. Kun takes advantage of his preoccupation with his lips, holding his cheeks apart to slither a finger between them, searching.

“Fuck,” he groans, the curse punched out of him as his middle finger teasingly traces Ten’s hole, feeling it pulse right against his fingertips, warm and slick. “You’re so wet, Ten.”

Ten has the audacity to giggle, moving his hips in slow circles, following the motion of Kun’s fingers. “I may have done something while I showered—ah—”

“You planned this, huh?” Kun trails kisses down his jaw, nipping just to hear Ten’s breath hitch.

“So what if I did,” Ten leans his head further back, exposing more of his throat. “I knew you were going to say yes.”

He closes his eyes, distracted by the sensation of Kun’s fingers against his rim, eyebrows scrunching as Kun edges the tip of his thumb in, and Kun thinks he’s right. He can never say no to Ten, not when he’s this soft, molding to whichever way Kun wants him to, trembling as Kun finally slides a finger inside, easy and smooth, meeting practically no resistance.

“Were you thinking about me?” Kun asks, the image of Ten fucking himself with his own fingers as he let the running water drown out his sounds bringing heat to his nerves. He pushes in another finger, moving them in and out fast, relishing in the way Ten tightens around the digits.

“Yes, yes, more,” he babbles, almost mindless now, grinding his hips back, not exactly quiet, and Kun kisses him again, swallowing down his noises.

“Shit, Ten, you’re so loud.” He slows down his fingers, and Ten whines. “Did you miss my fingers that much?”

“Yes,” Ten echoes, softer now, breathing shakily as he tries to bounce on Kun’s fingers, needy and desperate.

Kun pulls his fingers out. “Show me, then.”

Ten’s eyes snap open, his gaze clouded over as he stares back at Kun. “What?” he breathes out, still a little lost.

“Show me.” Kun leans back against the pillows, giving Ten a slight smile. “Finger yourself, Ten. Show me how you did it.”

He feels the shiver that runs up Ten’s spine right against his fingertips. “You want to watch me?”

“Yeah.” Kun runs his palm down the soft skin of Ten’s inner thigh, pleased at how Ten leans into his touch. “Will you let me?”

Ten bites down on his lip, looking at Kun as if he wasn’t quite sure he heard him right. When Kun raises his eyebrows, waiting, he nods, hooking his fingers onto the waistband of his boxers and sliding it down to his thighs himself.

Kun grabs his hips as Ten places one hand on Kun’s shoulder to steady himself, the other reaching behind him to slide a finger into himself. He lets out a little sigh, pushing it in and out slowly once, twice, thrice, and then he’s adding another, breathing through his mouth as Kun guides his hips up and down.

There are beads of sweat forming at his forehead, his too-long hair sticking to his flushed cheeks, and Kun moves one hand up to tuck it behind his ear. “How does it feel?”

“Good,” he croaks out, staring back at Kun through eyes narrowed into slits. “But not enough.”

“Are my fingers better?” Kun asks, watching the languid motion of Ten’s hand beneath his oversized shirt—which is his, Kun now realizes, recognizing the little bear printed on the front pocket. The design is childish, innocent somehow, and the contrast of what Ten is doing under the soft fabric seems filthy, like a dirty secret packaged with pretty ribbons. He pushes it up to Ten’s ribs to tweak his nipple, and Ten drops his head on Kun’s shoulder, his whimper burning the skin there.

“Kun,” he moans, pumping his fingers faster. “Kun, Kun!”

“You didn’t answer my question, babe.” Kun pulls him closer, and Ten makes another choked noise as his dick brushes against Kun’s bare stomach.

“Yes,” Ten stutters out, cutting himself off with shuddery breaths. “Yes—ah, Kun, fuck—”

Kun has reached behind him to insert another digit into him, joining Ten’s, pushing in as Ten pulls out, pulling out as Ten pushes in. Ten’s thighs are quivering, hips moving in unrhythmic waves, as if he isn’t quite sure if he wants to chase after the pleasure or turn himself away from it. He’s moaning Kun’s name in between these small stuttering noises, high-pitched and loud.

“You have to be quiet.” Kun turns to him, coaxing Ten into another kiss to silence him. Ten’s lips are slack for a moment, his attention focused on the cadence of both of their fingers fucking him, until Kun presses a thumb on his chin to urge him to open his mouth, and then he’s kissing Kun back like he’s on fire and Kun is the only one who can put the flames out.

Kun pushes his finger deep and curls it inward when Ten’s are almost all the way out, and he makes a sound that’s close to a sob, his hips jerking up, smearing precum on Kun’s abdomen.

“Gege,” he cries out, his own fingers stilling just outside his rim as Kun continues to rub at the little bundle of nerves relentlessly just to hear more of Ten’s little gasps. The hand on Kun’s shoulder is tightening, nails digging into his skin, the pain running like liquid fire in his veins. “Kun, please, please—”

“Come here.” Kun pulls his finger out again, and Ten whines at the emptiness. Kun pecks him on the cheek as an apology, gently moving the both of them until Ten is laying on his back, Kun kneeling between his thighs. He rids himself of his shorts and underwear and reaches above Ten to rummage in his bedside drawer for a condom and the bottle of lube. Ten takes his—Kun’s—shirt off and kicks his boxers down his legs, almost kneeing Kun in the balls in the process, which makes him giggle.

“I guess not everything can be perfect, huh,” he says, eyes bright and eager as Kun tears open the packet with clumsy fingers.

“Not with you, no,” Kun jokes as he rolls the condom down his dick, which is a weird thing to say when he’s literally five seconds away from fucking Ten, but as Ten says, not everything can be perfect.

“Hey, that’s rude.” He’s sticking his bottom lip out, and he kicks at Kun’s shins softly. “I’m not perfect?”

Kun kisses the pout off his lips. “You are,” he says, “I just wanted to humble you a little.”

Ten gives him a lazy smile, and Kun can’t resist kissing him again, sweet and short.

He leans back and Ten watches as he pops the bottle open and lets the lube dribble down, rubbing it between his fingertips to warm the liquid. He hisses through his teeth as he finally wraps his hand around his dick, pumping himself loosely a few times to mute the simmer in his blood.

Ten widens his legs further as Kun works himself into him slowly and evenly, bracing a hand beside Ten’s head. Ten’s eyelids flutter closed, lips parting in a silent gasp, his skin drenched in a rosy blush that looks pretty on him. Kun lets him get used to it, rolling his hips in languid strokes, losing himself in the feeling of Ten, hot and tight, so tight, around him.

“Tell me if you liked it,” Ten mumbles, running his hands on every span of skin he could reach. “Did I give you a good show?”

The fucking best, Kun thinks, wants to say it, but he doesn’t, to avoid feeding his boyfriend’s ego even more. “I might have to see it again,” is what he says instead, and Ten’s lips curl into a smug curve as if he knows the real answer anyway.

“You pervert.” Ten bucks his hips up, driving Kun in deeper and making the both of them groan. “You acted so shy earlier. You liked—ah—watching me, huh?”

Kun thrusts into him hard once, and the smirk melts off of his face, mouth opening to let out a loud curse instead. “Maybe we should try gagging at some point,” Kun whispers into his ear, “so you don’t get to fucking speak at all.”

“You kinky fucker.” Ten tightens around him, whimpering as he imagines the scenario. He reaches for Kun, encircling his arms around his neck, and Kun leans down to kiss him briefly, quickening his pace as Ten lifts his hips and meets every thrust.

Kun places a hand under Ten’s thigh and angles it towards his head, and Ten keens as he’s spread open wider, choking on air as Kun hits his prostate again and again and again. “Faster,” he blabbers, “please, Kun, I missed this so much—mmh!”

“You’re too fucking loud,” Kun huffs, snapping his hips into Ten’s rapidly, ignoring the ache starting to grow at the base of his spine, and Ten covers his own mouth with his hand, which doesn’t silence him completely, but reduces his loud cries into squeaky, breathy whimpers.

Kun likes to believe he’s not the romantic type, but under him, Ten looks like a poet’s wet dream—with his hair fanned out around his head like a dark halo, some sticking to his forehead, pupils so black it shines wetly under the fluorescent light as he watches Kun look down at him through eyes heavily lidded with ecstasy.

“Close,” he sobs into his palm, “Kun, so close—ngh!”

Kun lets go of his thigh to wrap his hand around Ten’s dick, stroking him in time with his thrusts, and Ten sobs, the sound muffled but still so clear to Kun’s ears. He snaps his hips faster, his abs tensing as he gets closer to orgasm. The bedsprings start to make noise and someone can definitely hear, but the worry is far from their minds as Ten hooks his legs around Kun’s waist, digging his socked feet into Kun’s back and pulling himself up, chasing and chasing.

Kun traces the slit with his thumb and there it is, Ten practically flying off the bed, one hand muffling his scream and the other fisting the sheets, eyes screwed shut, practically convulsing as Kun fucks him through his orgasm. He sucks Kun in, impossibly tight, painting his own chest white, and it’s this image that sends Kun over the edge, thrusting mindlessly into Ten, biting on the skin of Ten’s neck to stifle his moan as he spills into the condom.

“Oh my fucking god,” Ten pants as Kun flops down on top of him. His palms slide wetly down Kun’s back, holding him close. “That was so worth the wait.”

“Can we wait a little more for another shower,” Kun mutters into Ten’s hair, still catching his breath, “I think I’m going to pass out.”

Ten giggles, tickling his ears, and Kun falls in love all over again. “You’re such an old man.” He slaps at Kun’s butt weakly. “A heavy, muscular old man. Please get off me, babe, I can’t breathe—”

“That’s so rude, you were literally begging me to fuck you not even an hour ago.” Kun nuzzles into Ten’s cheek just to hear more of his laughs, and Ten squirms under him, fists pushing at his shoulders.

“And you’ve delivered, like the gentleman that you are.”

He pulls back and squints at Ten. “That sounds a lot like a compliment.” Kun moves to lie beside him, and Ten sighs shakily as he pulls out. He removes the condom and ties it off, and it ends up somewhere on the floor beside his clothes, but he’ll have to worry about that later.

“Because it is.” Ten grins, glowing and sated. “And a gentleman like you needs to clean me up.”

“Yes, your majesty,” is Kun’s reply to that, and Ten just chuckles.

Kun rolls his eyes, but sits up anyway, retrieving a pack of wet wipes from his bedside table. He wipes the come off of Ten’s skin slowly, even more careful when he gets between Ten’s legs, placing a kiss on the inside of Ten’s thigh when Ten quivers with the sensation.

“Shower,” Ten mumbles, pulling Kun up to use his arm as a pillow. “We need to shower, Kun.”

“Yup.” Kun runs his fingers through the strands of Ten’s hair, sticky with sweat as he moves it away from his eyes. “Five minutes.”

“Just five, okay,” Ten says as he slots his thigh between Kun’s, socks brushing against his calves like soft plush. “Can I sleep here tonight?”

“Sure,” Kun drawls out, “s’not like I have a choice.”

“Liar.” Ten giggles again, poking at Kun’s dimple. “I didn’t even need to ask in the first place.”

He snakes his arm around Kun’s ribs, leaning his head back for a kiss, the shine in his eyes making Kun feel like life is moving too slow, and Kun knows he’s right.