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Winter's Kitten

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"Who's daddy's good boy?" James 'Bucky' Barnes purred as he hit the spot just right to make his baby boy purr.

"I am." Tim Drake whimpered from underneath the strong body thrusting into him. His hands were balled up into fists in the sheets as his lover kept him on the edge, he needed to be a good boy for his daddy.

"That's right you are." Bucky praised. Bucky will never forgive Hydra for what they had taken from him and what they turned him into, his hands were stained with the blood of Hydra's enemies and innocents but they had given him and Winter Tim and when they broke away from Hydra they made sure to bring their boy with them.

Sitting up suddenly Tim found himself on Bucky's lap and his metal arm wrapped around his waist as his flesh hand stroked his aching cock. "That's right Котенок (kitten) you are our good boy." Winter purred having decided that he wanted to have some fun with their Котенок.

Tossing his head back Tim rested his head on Bucky's shoulder and looked at his lover through hooded eyes, he didn't remember much before he was given to his daddy who took very good care of him.

Watching his Котенок flush with pleasure Winter felt a surge of love, something he had never expected to feel before. He didn't know why Hydra had given him his beloved as his new handler but he was grateful to them, that is why he gave them a quick death instead of dragging it out to return all the pain they had given him through the years but getting his Tim safe had been all that matter.

"Do you want to come for your daddy?" Winter asked as he stroked Tim's cock with ease and played with his hardened nipples.

"Please," Tim begged as he began to rock his hips trying to get Winter to move.

A deep chuckle escaped Winter as he gave Tim's cock a quick squeeze. "None of that Котенок, you will come when we say you can."

"Daddy." Tim pleaded it had been almost two hours since his daddy had last let him come, Bucky and Winter had been taking turns to bring him to the edge only to bring him back before he could come.

"Be patient little one. We will let you come and then we will start all over again as we have all day and night to take you as many times as we want and that is something you want, don't you?" Bucky asked taking control back.

"Yes." Tim wanted to be a good boy for his daddy.

"Then come for us," Bucky commanded as he thrust into Tim.

A keening moan escaped Tim's lips as he was allowed to finally come.

There were few sights Bucky and Winter loved more than coming for them. Planting a lazy kiss on Tim's neck they continued to thrust in and out of Tim, making him ride out his orgasm as they worked up to theirs.

Tim was barely coming down until before he found himself on all four as his lovers started back up, strong hands gripping his hips sure to leave marks on his skin, not that he cared, he was already going to be sore from today and he proudly loved to wear his daddy's marks, letting everyone know that he belongs to Bucky Barns and the Winter Soldier.

"Such a good boy for us and good boys get rewarded," Bucky promised as he worked Tim towards his second orgasms in a row, after all, he had earned it.

Tilting his head Tim allowed Bucky to claim his lips in a deep kiss as they started the next round of pleasure.