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The two men came into their apartment, turning the lights on. They had just come back from a party at Kazutora’s house. The three, accompanied by their friends, were celebrating the opening of Draken’s bike shop. It was great. But now Baji and his boyfriend, Chifuyu, were home. They weren’t drunk, but some alcohol can loosen you up. They stumbled to their living room and fell on the couch. They both just laid there for a bit, on top of each other. Baji’s hands started wondering, so Chifuyu got up. He was going to get water for each of them, just in case, as staying hydrated helps in avoiding a hangover. Baji opened his eyes as the blond walked towards the sink, filling the glasses. His eyes landing on Chifuyu’s cute butt. 


Chifuyu could feel the attention. He walked back to where Baji was now sitting but instead of sitting next to him, he stopped.

“I can feel your eyes, Baji-san,” he slurred. Baji quirked an eyebrow, not admitting or denying Chifuyu’s accusation. 

“Oh yeah?”

“Yeah…” Chifuyu’s voice got sultry. He walked a bit closer to Baji, in front of him. He started bending his knees, dropping down slowly. He spread his knees while balancing on his feet. Baji watched him move, unsure who was the predator or the prey. The fire in Chifuyu’s eyes engulfed his heart. Chifuyu placed his hands on the dark-haired’s knees and pushed himself up. He snaked himself up and positioned his body to straddle the other’s lap. He didn’t sit though, not yet. Chifuyu¨s heart was racing, he didn’t know what had overcome him, but he wasn’t going to let anxiety ruin this. Baji was moving his arms to wrap them around the blond’s waist but Chifuyu stopped him. He grabbed his arms and held them above his head.

You don’t get to touch me,” Chifuyu stated. His sultry voice commanding authority. Baji chuckled quietly. He wasn’t sure if he was endearingly intimidated, or annoyed. 


Chifuyu lowered his face down to Baji’s neck. He let a warm breath leave his mouth and tickle at Baji’s neck. The dark-haired man shivered, goosebumps spreading across his body. Chifuyu licked a stripe from the bottom of the other’s neck and up to his ear,

“For now, just let me,” Chifuyu whispered. Baji sucked in a breath. 

“Y-yeah...okay,” he said. His wrists were still being held above his head, this dominating feeling from Chifuyu was exciting. God how he wanted to mess with the other, but he was going to let him have his moment. Chifuyu lightly bit and tugged at Baji’s ear, making Baji inhale sharply again. 

“Good,” Chifuyu whispered. 


Baji’s arms were lowered, held down side by side, to make sure that he wouldn’t touch his prize. Not yet. Chifuyu didn’t trust him to keep his hands to himself. Chifuyu planted kisses across his neck, then up to his jaw. He kissed the corner of Baji’s mouth. The other tried to turn his head, to catch the soft lips on his own, but before he could Chifuyu let go of one of his arms and grabbed his hair to pull his head away from him, all in one quick and swift motion. Baji growled, angry by being denied and the sudden shock of his hair being pulled. But the throbbing pain spread pleasure throughout his body. Chifuyu softened his grasp on the black hair which made Baji moan and relax. 

“Don’t try anything, Baji-san,” Chifuyu softly commanded, teasing him as he lightly tugged at the hair still held in his hand. 

Chifuyu sat up more on his knees. He unbuttoned half of the shirt that he was wearing, then pushed Baji’s head closer to his body. Maneuvering Baji to where he wanted him to be, so his lips were just below his collarbone,

“Kiss me, Baji-san,” he commanded, “mark me.”

Baji, still held in place by the blond’s hand still holding onto his hair, licked his lips and then bit down on the soft flesh. Chifuyu gasped. Baji’s canines scraped across his chest, and then he started to suck a mark. Chifuyu’s body was so warm, Baji could smell the heat radiating off of his skin. He sucked harder and Chifuyu moaned,

“Mmm, Baji-san…” Baji picked up his mouth from the skin, then placed kisses around the area and soothing the mark with his tongue. Chifuyu pushed Baji lower so his mouth hovered over one of his nipples. His shirt was sliding off his shoulders, revealing more of his chest. Baji took the memo. He wanted to touch him, his hands itching for a touch. He wanted to grab him and flip him over. But he will entertain this, for Chifuyu. Baji circled his tongue around the nipple. It perked up at the sensation. Chifuyu’s breath was getting heavier, anticipating Baji’s touch. Then finally Baji dragged his tongue, slowly, across the hard nipple. Chifuyu moaned, the electrifying feeling spreading down to his semi-hard cock. Baji licked again, pressing harder against it. Chifuyu moaned again, then Baji bit down on it which caused the blond to gasp. Along with that, Chifuyu had hardened his grasp on Baji’s hair. The latter groaned in response, but God it felt good. Chifuyu’s hips jerked, but he found no contact due to his position. He was getting frustrated at his own game. Baji stealthily moved his arms, moving them behind the man on top of him. Chifuyu’s eyes were closed, too engulfed in the feeling of Baji’s tongue playing with him. He grabbed at his ass, finally. He held his grasp hard, fondling it. Chifuyu startled and pushed Baji away, his head hitting the back of the couch. Pulling at his hair more, his head laying to one side,

“What did I say, Baji-san?” Chifuyu said, a bit too calmly. 

“I don’t seem to recall,” he teased in return.

“Urgh, you never listen!” Chifuyu pulled at the hair again, then attacked his neck. Baji moaned at the harsh movements, and the slight pain spread throughout his body. Chifuyu moved up and finally kissed Baji, which surprised the latter. He bit at his bottom lip, earning more sounds from Baji. 


Baji fondled Chifuyu’s ass more, as he hadn’t been stopped specifically. 

“How about you sit on my lap, huh? You hovering there is going to kill me,” he mumbled against Chifuyu’s lips. Chifuyu lowered his hips. Not because Baji asked him to, but because he wanted to reward himself . He ground hard, slowly, against the erection he could feel from the other. Baji stuttered out a moan, a wave of pleasure spreading through him. Chifuyu’s breath hitched, the sounds coming from Baji were addicting, and the feeling of his body against his was amazing. He slowly teased Baji’s lap, their cocks brushing against each other. He kissed Baji again, teasing his bottom lip with his tongue. Baji opened his mouth and let the other’s tongue dominate his own. Baji tried to press Chifuyu’s hips down more onto his own, but Chifuyu resisted. Instead, Chifuyu continued with his slow grinds against his boyfriend,

“Urgh, Chifuyu...please,” Baji bucked his hips upwards, begging for more.

“Calm down, you dog. Be a good boy,” Chifuyu petted his head, and he trailed down Baji’s body with his other hand. They got back to kissing and Chifuyu’s hand found its way to Baji’s crotch. He felt Baji tense up and then relax as he palmed against Baji’s erection through his jeans. Baji hummed in satisfaction. 


Deft fingers unbuttoned Baji’s dark blue jeans. He unzipped them and Baji shimmied himself a bit to help lower his jeans. Baji moved his hands up, now tangling his fingers in Chifuyu’s blond hair. Their kisses were deep, tongues lapping at each other. But now Baji grabbed and pulled Chifuyu away, which caused the blond to whine. Baji looked into those green eyes, stroking his cheek. Chifuyu, opened mouthed, caught Baji’s thumb in his mouth. He sucked on it lightly, not breaking eye contact with the older. Chifuyu’s cheeks were flushed, he looked so cute and hot. Baji bit his lip.


Holding onto Chifuyu’s head with his other arm, he started pushing the smaller man down his body. Chifuyu kissed wherever he could as he slid his body down. He ended up on his knees, Baji’s crotch right in his face. His cock only hidden by one layer of clothing. Chifuyu moves closer, and kisses the bulge between Baji’s legs. Baji breathed in and out, slowly. Savouring the feeling. Chifuyu hooked his fingers under the waistband of Baji’s boxers and pulled them down, freeing his dick from the restricting clothing. He grabbed it with one of his hands, a weak grip as he slowly jerked Baji’s leaking cock. Chifuyu licked his lips as he admired it, he wanted it in his mouth. So he leaned in and gave one teasing lick from the bottom of the shaft to the tip. Baji moaned at the new feeling. The blond gave some soft kitten licks to the tip, causing the other’s legs to shiver. 

“God...Chifuyu,” Baji whined. Chifuyu wrapped his lips around the tip and moaned, sending vibrations up Baji’s body, “a-ahh,” Baji moved a hand down to Chifuyu’s head, holding onto his hair. Chifuyu sucked on the tip, so so slowly that it was driving the other insane. The salty taste was so good to Chifuyu. The anguish that he was causing his boyfriend was so satisfying. He grabbed his own dick through his trousers, palming himself. 


Chifuyu took in more of Baji’s dick into his mouth. He started sucking up and down,

“You’re so good, ‘Fuyu,” Baji whispered. Chifuyu hummed in response, harder as he pleasured himself through his clothes. He removed the hand that was holding the base of the dick, moving it to his chest instead. He grabbed and pinched the nipple that Baji he played with earlier,

“Such a good boy,” Baji grabbed harder on the other’s head and slowly lowered his mouth down his erection. Chifuyu focused and opened his throat, taking him in. He groaned and breathed through his nose, trying not to choke. Baji lifted Chifuyu’s head, then lowered it again. He started using his mouth, fucking himself in it. Chifuyu moaned, he loved being used like this. He palmed himself more and continued playing with his chest. He moaned and gagged a bit, the sounds pleasuring Baji’s ears. Baji started moving more rougher, picking up the pace. Chifuyu, like the good boy he is, took it all in. The roughness turned him on more and he picked up his own pace. 

“Fu-uck,” Baji’s rough voice breaking through his heavy panting. He bucked his hips, thrusting into Chifuyu’s wonderful mouth, “come on, take it a little bit more, darling.” Chifuyu’s eyes teared up, but he was going to let him continue. He wanted Baji. He palmed himself more and could feel his orgasm approaching. He rolled his hips into his hand, more and more. He pinched his nipple again, harder. And then, a few more strokes,

“Urgh-nngh,” Chifuyu moaned around Baji’s dick as he came. His cum soiling his trousers. His breaths turned to panting. Baji groaned, hearing his boyfriend cum,

“Oh, you little dog. Cumming over yourself.” Baji thrusted faster, “suck a bit harder, c’mon,” Chifuyu hollowed his cheeks some more, Baji’s dick felt so hot in his mouth. Baji held onto the blond’s hair, a few more thrusts, then finally his thrusts slowed down as he came. His cum shooting down Chifuyu¨s throat. 

“Fu-uck, ‘Fuyu…” Baji groaned. Chifuyu swallowed the cum, letting Baji ride his orgasm in his mouth. He licked the tip, and slowly released himself from Baji’s hold. He removed his mouth from Baji, sitting back on his knees. He looked up at Baji, who had his eyes closed and chest rising as he panted. He pouted and made a huffed sound. Baji opened his eyes, and pulled his underwear back on,

“Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about you,” Baji reassured. “Now come here,” he patted the seat next to him. Chifuyu smiled and sat next to his boyfriend.

“Was that alright?” Baji asked, stroking his boyfriend’s hair,

“Mhmm,” he answered. “Are you alright?"
“Of course, that was great,” Baji kissed the top of his head. “Now let's clean up, then we can cuddle.”