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the scene that will give you, personally, the most joy

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“Is he kidding with this advice? Who wants to f-asterisk-percentage sign-k like a porn star?”


“Uh, if it was with him? Might make an effort.”


“Wow,” Jane grimaces. “Straight men sound exhausting. When I date a women, I don't-”


The room falls silent in an instant and Jane feels eyes all over her. Sage looks shocked, and Alex's mouth is hanging open.


“When you what ?” Alex says first.


Jane blinks at him. “...Why is everyone looking at me?”


“You date women,” Alex gapes.




“Since when? I thought you had a boyfriend.”


“Since always,” Jane scoffs, crossing her arms self-consciously at all the attention. “Bisexual people exist, Alex.” Then, glancing down at the magazine, she wrinkles her nose. “Though this article is making me question my attraction to men, to be honest.”


“Why?” Alex frowns, as if he's personally offended by that statement. “Don't you think you're overreacting? It's a men's magazine. Men watch porn.”


“Yeah, and so do women. A study just came out that one in three women are regularly watching porn”


“That cannot be true.”


Right on time, Jacqueline walks into the room, catching the last words of the conversation and raising her eyebrows with interest. “Show of hands.”


All hands in the room rise, except Jane's. That's disappointing.


“Well…” Jane resists the urge of huffing loudly in frustration. “I have never dated a woman that thought that... f-asterisk-percentage sign-king like a porn star was appealing at all. This is clearly another case of straight men having impossible expectations for women.”


Unbeknownst to her, Jacqueline is observing her with interest, hanging onto her every word. “Why don't you write about it?” She suggests.


Jane turns to her. “What?”


“You seem to have a lot of thoughts about this, so why don't you write about this for the magazine?”


“Uh-” She clears her throat, but it doesn't stop her voice from coming out high and squeaky. “Yeah. Sure. Absolutely.”