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Heyyy wuu2?

Just eating, you?

Wish tht sintence had now punctuation




It’s been twelve hours since Catra drunk texted her, and Adora is still looking at the messages periodically. Like it means something. Which it clearly doesn’t. Her classmate had mentioned that she was going to a hen do last night, it’s only natural she’d get trashed. Adora just hadn’t expected...that. Like at all. Especially since she’d tried to flirt with the other woman for the first month of class, and nothing. 

Before last night, Catra had shown negative interest in her. Sure, they’re study buddies, but Adora’s suspicion from the get has been that it’s just because they have the highest grades in their shared bio class. It’s a class for non majors, but Adora’s always been kind of into biology, and Catra seems to just be a secret brain. Adora gets the impression Catra would try and fight her if she ever dared speculate as much out loud though, so she keeps it to herself. 

They’re actually supposed to study today, in fact, but now Adora’s too nervous to text her to confirm. She’ll probably just show up at the dining hall where they planned to meet and hope Catra shows up. Or hope she doesn’t. Adora’s not really sure how to feel. She groans and flips her phone over, trying to refocus on her essay for her lit class. It’s not going that well, too bad she procrastinated on it. 

The rest of her afternoon continues on like that until finally she gives up and packs her bag. She heads to the dining hall and grabs food before finding a spot by a window. She’s in the middle of finishing up making some flash cards when a shadow falls over her book. She looks up into a pair of tired looking, but gorgeous eyes. Catra grunts in acknowledgement and falls into the chair across from Adora. 

“Hungover?” she asks sympathetically.

Catra groans and buries her face in her hands then pushes them back enough to hold her hair away from her face and look at Adora. “You have no fucking idea. Scorpia, that’s the bride, is the world’s nicest person so everyone at every bar wanted to buy us fucking shots.”

“Aw, well that’s kind of nice. Did she have a good time?”

Catra snorts and rolls her eyes. “She did until she was puking into a bush.”

Adora makes a face at the mental image and shakes her head. “Gross.”

“No kidding.”

“You sure you’re up to study today? We could always meet tomorrow.”

Catra shakes her head at the offer. “I’m fine, I’ve been drinking my weight in gatorade and pedialyte, I’m mostly just tired at this point.”

Adora makes another sympathetic face and nods again. “Okay, well did you want to get food? I can-'' She cuts herself off at Catra’s expression of revulsion and laughs. “Right, well I’m just finishing flashcards if you want to start going over the ones I already made.”

“Yeah, thanks.” She scoops them off the table and Adora gets back to work. 

She feels on edge, unable to keep Catra’s text from the night before from entering her mind. She bites her lip and looks up through her eyelashes at Catra. Even hungover as she is, she’s still the hottest person Adora’s ever seen. Too bad she’s only ever shown an interest while drunk as a skunk. 

“This card is wrong.” Catra says out of nowhere.

Adora scowls and looks up. “I copied it out of the book.”

Catra huffs and slides the card in question over to her. “Well then you copied it wrong.”

“I did not!”

“Check it, dude, I’m telling you it’s wrong.”

Adora grunts and snatches it off the table. She flips back through her book and is vindicated to find the passage matches her definition perfectly. She turns the book around and points at it triumphantly. “See? They say the same thing.”

Catra looks up and gives the book and the flashcard a bored glance. “Yeah, you spell the key term wrong, dummy.”

Adora looks down and frowns. “Oh. Right.” Catra scoffs and Adora makes a sound of discontent, pulling out her color pencils again and starting on a new card. Feeling crabby and embarrassed she unthinkingly grumbles, “Not like you can spell any better.”

Slowly, Catra pulls her eyes away from the next card in her hands. “Excuse me?”

She feels her face going red and redoubles her focus on the new card. “Nothing.”

“Didn’t sound like nothing.”

Adora presses a little harder with her pencil, annoyed at herself for saying anything. “Well it is. Nothing.”

“No, what does that mean?” Catra sets down the cards and does air quotes as she repeats, “I can’t ‘spell any better’?”

Adora tears through the paper and  huffs, grabbing another new index card. “Nothing, I’m sorry. You just texted me last night. It’s not a big deal.”

At this explanation, Catra settles a bit but her irritation shifts to a frown. “Oh, sorry. Did I wake you or something?”

“It’s really fine.” Adora says with a shake of her head. “It wasn’t even that late.”

Catra frowns and pulls out her phone. “I seriously don’t remember texting you, that’s so weird.”

Adora’s heart stops at the thought of having Catra’s message addressed in person. “Catra, I’m telling you, it’s fine.”

Without looking up from her phone, she says, “Yeah, no, I know, I just-”

Adora can tell the moment Catra finds the messages, her cheek darkening and her expression going blank. Adora feels her own face heating up and she ducks to hide it, coloring in her card much more slopily than she normally would. 

Fuck.” she hears Catra mutter under her breath, and she winces. “Adora, I’m really sorry, that was inappropriate.”

Adora shakes her head, refusing to look up. “It’s fine, you were drunk, I know it doesn’t mean anything.”


“Kinda funny, clever given that you were trashed, really.”

Catra snorts and Adora’s heart skips a beat. “Yeah, I guess.” She pauses then asks, “So, if it’s fine, are you ever gonna be able to make eye contact with me again?”

Adora huffs out a laugh and looks up into Catra’s face. She feels her face heating further but luckily they seem to wordlessly agree to ignore either of their flushing. “It’s fine, Catra.”

“Well...good then.”

Adora laughs and nods. “Good.” She finishes rewriting the definition on the new card and slaps it in front of Catra. “Better?”

She rolls her eyes but a small smile curves her lips up. “Much, thank you.”

They spend the rest of the evening studying quietly, and Adora manages to forget the messages within a few days. At least, for the most part. 

I’m, hngry

Uhh...that message for someone else, dude?



Wanna eat that pnctin

lol are you drunk on a Wednesday?
You know we have class at 10, right?

[Screenshot attached:]




[Sent three weeks ago:]

Heyyy wuu2?

Just eating, you?

Wish tht sintence had now punctuation




It’s glimmer’s bday

Have fun ig
Drink water 

😈 ✌️ 🔥


When Adora drops into the seat next to Catra the following morning, she pushes a coffee cup with two tylenol on top across the desk to her. Adora looks over in surprise, mouth hanging open slightly. She’s such a hot dumbass, Catra kind of hates her. Not really, but she hates the way Adora makes her feel a little bit. 

“Marry me.”

Catra snorts at the offer and looks her over. She looks every bit the hungover college student; sloppy bun, oversized BMU hoodie, and leggings. “I’ll pass.”

Adora pouts theatrically at this, but pops the tylenol and chugs down half her coffee before the professor calls the class to order. 

It’s hard for Catra to focus on the lecture, her eyes keep darting to the dummy nearly falling asleep next to her. She can make neither head nor tails of her texts from last night. It sure seemed like Adora was coming onto her, after all, why else would she have sent that screengrab of Catra’s texts front he night of Scorpia’s bachelorette party? It just doesn’t make sense. Catra had given her so many openings to ask her out at the beginning of the quarter, and Adora had taken exactly zero of them. 

When the class ends, Catra turns sideways in her seat and looks Adora up and down again. “So.”


“What the fuck were you doing last night?”

Adora groans and starts packing her bag. “It was my friend's birthday. We were supposed to keep it chill. Just watching a movie and playing a drinking game, but I’d never seen the movie so I didn’t know how absurd the rules were until it was too late.” She nods at the cup on the desk in front of her and adds, “Thanks by the way. How’d you even know?”

Catra smirks and raises an eyebrow at her. “You don’t remember texting me?”

Her face pales visibly and it’s an effort for Catra to withhold any snickering. “Fuck, no. What did I say?” Before Catra can answer she’s pulling out her phone. Her face goes quickly from pale white to bright red. “Oh.”

Catra laughs and stands, swinging her bag over her shoulder. Adora follows suit and they walk out of the room to make way for the next class. “Yeah, utter nonsense.”

“Yeah…” Adora rubs at the back of her neck. “Sorry for bugging you so late on a school night.”

Shrugging like she couldn’t care less, Catra says, “It’s whatever. Kind of funny.”

“Glad you think so.” Adora says lightly. “I still have two classes to get through.”

“Aw, poor baby.”

Adora scoffs and shakes her head. “Where are you off to next?”

“Library, got a report to work on.”

“Gotcha, well good luck. I’m the opposite way.” She points her thumb over her shoulder and Catra nods. With a wave they part ways. Catra ends up getting very little work done, too busy analyzing Adora’s texts to analyze her source material. 


Hey Adora

Hey! What’s up?

Friend of mine is hosting a party
If you’re interested

Totally! When?


Oh, cool!
Would it be alright if I brought a couple friends?
We were gonna grab a drink, but I can come after if not!

That’s chill
Address is 505 Mystacor Ln
Starts at 8

Cool! See you then


“Adora! You have got to chill.”

“I’m chill!” she insists shrilly. “I’m so chill. So she invited me-us- to a party, so what?”

“Haven’t you been crushing on her all quarter?” Glimmer asks in a bored drawl.

“So? She made it pretty clear she’s not interested.”

“Uh huh, I’m still not convinced, especially after those texts. We both know you’re hopeless at flirting with anyone you actually like.”

“That's not true! Bow? Back me up here.”


“Et tu, Brutus?” 

“You did knock over that whole display at the CVS that one time.” he says fairly.

Adora’s still outraged. “That was one time!”

“Uh, there was also that time you started the fire at that frat party.” Glimmer presses.

“Okay, but who has an open flame lit at a frat party?”

“Fair point, but you’re still the one who knocked the tiki torch over. You hadn’t even been drinking yet.”

Adora stops in front of 505 Mystacor Lane and puts her hands on her hips. The music can be heard from the sidewalk and there are a few people smoking and loitering on the front stoop. “Whatever, fine, but I didn’t wreck anything and she still never flirted back. Just, can you please not intentionally embarrass me tonight? Even if she doesn’t like me like that, Catra’s really cool and I don’t want her to think I’m more of a dip shit than she already does.”

“Please,” Glimmer dismisses, “we’re excellent wing folk.”

Adora stares her down and she doesn’t blink. “Fine, let’s just go inside.”

They march past everyone on the porch and open the door. Immediately the air is hot and humid. The floorplan is open, the dining room converted to a dance floor and couples and friends gathered on couches and the floor in the living room. The newcomers head forward toward the kitchen for drinks and find a table full of mixers, adding the bottles of rum and coke they brought to the collection. 

After pouring for Glimmer and Bow, who had gotten caught up in conversation with a friend from their history class, Adora sets to making herself a drink. A finger runs up the back of her arm and she shivers, nearly spilling her drink in the process. She whips around to find Catra standing very close, smirking at her. 

“Hey Adora.”

“Catra!” She clears her throat and lowers her voice slightly, keeping the volume to be heard over the music. “Hi, thanks for inviting us.”

“Us?” Adora nods over to her friends and Catra glances that way, nodding at the friend the duo are talking to when she waves. Then she’s looking back at Adora, her eyes seeming to burn right through her. “I see.”

“Um, so...who’s house is this?”

Catra nods back to the trio of their friends and says, “Mermista and her boyfriend, plus Perfuma for another few weeks.”

“She’s moving out?” Adora asks conversationally. 

“Perfuma? I mean, she basically already has. She’s the one who married my other friend, but they’re waiting till after the wedding to ‘officially’ move in together. The end of the lease lined up with it anyhow, so.” She shrugs. “Not sure if they’ve found a replacement yet or not.”

Adora nods. “Got it.”

“Hmm...want a tour?”

Adora swallows thickly, still holding Catra’s intense eyes with her own. “Uh, yeah, thanks.”

She gets Bow and Glimmer’s attention and points to Catra’s retreating back. They give her less than sly looks and big thumbs up. Adora’s just grateful Catra hasn’t seen them. She leads Adora around the downstairs, which is all pretty basic, and then she takes her to the stairs. At the top is a baby gate and Catra reaches around to unlock it before climbing to the landing. Adora hesitates behind her. 

“Are you sure we’re allowed up here?”

Catra rolls her eyes. “It’s fine, Adora, Mermista and I are tight.”

Adora shrugs and follows. “If you say so.”

It’s nice upstairs anyhow, much quieter; Adora’s never been much of a party girl, too stimulated but so much happening all at once. Catra points out the bathroom, Mermista and Seahawk’s room, and then opens the door at the end of the hall and leads her inside. 

The room is mostly empty and Adora sees what Catra means about her friend being basically moved out. The bed is still there, made up with soft looking pink covers, with a nightstand and lamp on it. The walls are bare though, just one large poster in a frame propped against the wall opposite the bed. There’s a wardrobe in the corner with a big mirror on it too and that's pretty much it. Adora pauses her inspection to look back at the door when she hears the lock click. 

Catra raises an eyebrow and asks, “That okay?”

“Y-Yeah, totally.”

Catra waits a minute, as if to give her ample time to change her mind, and Adora just stares at her. Soon, Catra grins and nods, dropping her hand from the doorknob and crossing to the bed. Adora glances around the room one last time before joining her, sitting primly on the edge of the bed. It’s quiet for a long time, Adora looking around the room, ignoring Catra’s eyes on the side of her face. 

Finally, she lets out a long breath, and turns to meet her eyes. “So.”

Catra snickers. “So.”

Adora huffs and says, “Any reason in particular you wanted to come up here, or…?”

Catra rolls her eyes and leans back on one hand, body still angled toward Adora but more distance between them now. “You just bad at picking up signals, or are you not into it? Cause we can go back downstairs, Adora, it’s not a big deal.”


Catra laughs and leans in a little closer, still propped up on her arm. “So the first one I take it?”

Me? I was the one flirting with you!

Catra laughs again and her brows pinch together. “What? When?”

“Like, the entire first month of the quarter!”

Now Catra really looks confused. “Okay, well you must have been doing a pretty bad job of it, because I have no recollection of that. Besides, I kept asking you out and you kept turning it into study sessions.”

“Because I thought you wanted to study!” Adora says, throwing up her hands. Catra stares at her for a long minute, and then she laughs. “I don’t see what is so funny.”

“Nothing.” Catra says, waving her off. “Nothing at all.”

Adora harrumphs a little but doesn’t press it. “ still haven’t said why you brought me up here.”

Catra rolls her eyes and leans in closer. “Well, that depends on what you’re up for.”

“O-Oh?” Adora stutters, her breath nervous and shaky. “What, um, what’s on the table then?”

Catra smirks sinisterly and drags her eyes up and down Adora’s body. “Generally, or explicitly?”


“Because generally speaking; we could talk, we could make out a little, or...we could fuck.”

Hand to the stars, Adora whimpers. She manages to squeak out, “And explicitly?”

Catra looks pleased at the question. “Hmm, well, we could talk, we could make out, or…” She bites her lip and Adora’s eyes fight to flutter closed. It’s impossible that she’s this turned on, and yet… “I could strip you down, and run my tongue over every inch of you. I could bury as many fingers as you can take inside you and fuck you until you can’t walk. Or, alternately, I could strip for you, and you can touch me however you want.”

Adora makes another needy little sound and Catra’s smile widens. “Why, um, why not both?”

“Oh, I like the way you think.” And with that, she closes the distance between them. 

Her hand wraps around the side of Adora’s neck, squeezing lightly and making Adora moan. She pulls her in for a hungry kiss, pushing against her farther and farther until she has Adora on her back and she’s straddling her hips. Her teeth pull at Adora’s bottom lip and she whines once again, the sound earning a low and gravelly growl from Catra. 

She pulls away panting to look down at Adora. “Even hotter than I imagined.”

Adora smirks at the validation and raises an eyebrow. “And just think, all our clothes are still on.”

Catra’s gaze heats at that, and she dives into Adora’s neck. She places hot, bruising kisses all up and down it and Adora’s so turned on, a light breeze could make her cum at this point. Before that can happen however, Catra pulls back. “Shirt off.”

Adora doesn’t bother arguing and Catra groans once it’s off. She reaches out and drags her fingers down Adora’s abs then looks up at her. “Is it weird if I want to ride these?”

Adora laughs. “Maybe a little, but it’s also really fucking sexy.”

Catra just rolls her eyes and pulls her in for another rough kiss. Feeling emboldened by Catra’s response to her, Adora slips her hand under her shirt only to discover no bra in her way. When Catra gasps at the contact, Adora grins to herself and slips her tongue deeper into her mouth, relishing in her moaning. She takes hold of Catra’s right tit, pinching the nipple roughly, and Catra’s head falls back, her breath catching in her throat.

“Feel good, baby?”


“Why don’t we get this shirt off you, huh? I think I’d like to taste what I’m feeling.”

Catra looks up with wide eyes. “Adora!”

Adora raises an eyebrow and pinches again, making Catra curse silently, the force of the F in her Fuck me turning her lip briefly white. Adora snickers and decides to just do it herself. Luckily, Catra complies and the work is easy enough. She runs her eyes over Catra’s body and is all the more eager to fuck her. She rolls them onto the bed properly, so her legs are no longer hanging off, and positions Catra underneath her. 

“I wanna fuck you.” she tells her. Catra nods eagerly, eyes falling shut. “I want to taste you and I want to feel you from the inside.” she says. Catra whimpers and bites her lip roughly. “I want to ruin you for all other women,” Adora leans in to add, low and rough, “I want to make you forget everything but my name and the way it feels to cum on and around me.”

Adora, holy fuck!” Catra’s eyes open, glassy and just barely focusing. “Where the hell is this coming from?”

Adora pulls back, hesitates. “Shit, sorry. Too much?”

“Definitely not.” Adora relaxes instantly at the assurance. “I’m just not sure how we got from you flirting so poorly I couldn’t tell, to this.

With a laugh and a shrug Adora says, “I kind of only have two speeds when it comes to this stuff, sorry.”

Don’t apologize. Just...hurry up and fuck me already.” 

At that order, all bets are off. Adora pulls back to peel Catra’s leggings from her body, chuckling to herself when she sees that they're lined. It’s not really funny, just cute. Adora kisses the newly exposed skin of Catra’s legs, smirking at the way they tremble beneath her. She massages Catra’s thighs, Catra’s renewed moaning falling on her ears like a siren song, drawing her in, closer and closer to her pussy. 

And then, with little to no warning, she closes her lips around Catra’s clit, and she sucks. Catra comes loudly, screaming and propping herself up to look down at Adora with wide eyes. Adora stares back, smug as she has the right to be. As she comes down, Catra shoves her face away from her pussy, then guides her up into a kiss, groaning at the taste of it. 

Adora pulls back grinning. “Can I keep going?”

Catra laughs, borderline deliriously. “Pretty sure you’re gonna separate my soul from my body before the night’s done, but sure, go for it.” Adora snickers and ducks back down, wasting no time getting her tongue back on Catra’s pussy. “Fuck.”

Lips still brushing against Catra’s clit, Adora pulls away enough to ask, “That a request?”

“If it gets your fingers inside me? Yes.” The word quickly turns to a hiss when Adora slides two fingers into her. She groans when the walls of Catra’s pussy immediately tighten around her. “Adora?”


“Don’t go easy, okay?”

Adora may or may not choke on her tongue, but she does take heed. It’s not fast, but she keeps her pace steady, thrusting into Catra forcefully and smirking harder against her clit at each responding moan. After a little while she adds a third finger and Catra practically sobs, nodding her fervent approval. Adora uses her free hand to roam Catra’s body, feeling her up and then rakins her nails lightly down every so often. 

When Catra’s volume picks up and the force of her around Adora’s fingers picks up, Adora digs in a little harder and drags her fingers down Catra’s side torturously slow. By the time she reaches Catra’s hip, she’s working her through aftershocks, but she doesn’t let up. She slips her hand under Catra to grab her ass, squeezing and lifting her up just enough to change the angle. Catra curses and calls her name, clawing at the blanket. 

Adora pulls back, moving her thumb so her clit isn’t forgotten, and looks up at her. “How ya doing, baby, that feel good?”

Fuck!” Catra’s jaw clenches and her head tips back, revealing further the trail of dark marks Adora had left on her neck. It drives her to pump into Catra faster, and her head snaps up and her eyes open. “Adora. What...the fuck?”


“If you stop I will- ahh!” Adora curls her fingers again and Catra’s eyes clench shut. “I will fucking kill you if you stop.” she manages to pant out.

“Noted.” Adora answers smugly. “You want my mouth again?”

Catra shakes her head. “Too much, I don’t think I can-” Adora curls her fingers again and Catra screams, cumming around her once again.

Adora slows this time as Catra comes down, but doesn’t pull out. Once her breathing has settled, Adora says, “How are you doing? You want to keep going?”

Catra laughs incredulously and props up on her elbows. “Fuck, can your wrist even take that?”

She laughs and curls her fingers, smirking when Catra hisses at the move. “Wouldn’t offer if I couldn’t deliver.”

Catra stares at her, like she’s thinking really hard about it. And then, “Turn me over.”

Fuck. Adora pulls out so Catra can do exactly that, flipping over and landing on her knees and elbows, her ass in Adora’s face. Instinctively, she smacks it. Catra moans loudly. 

“Again.” She smacks her again, harder this time. Catra moans louder. “A little-a little lower.” Adora slides her hand lower so her hand’s half over Catra’s ass, half over her pussy, and she smacks her again. Catra buries her face in the pillow and screams. 

Adora leans forward, draping her body over Catra’s, and grips her hair to pull her face away from the pillow. Catra whimpers and she whispers, “This okay?”

Eyes closed and hair still in Adora’s hand, she nods. “Very.”

“Good, keep your face out of that pillow, I wanna hear you, baby, okay?”


“Good girl.”


Adora cocks an eyebrow and snakes her hand down. She takes her time and when she gets to Catra’s pussy, she traces her fingers feather light against it. “Oh yeah? Did you like that?”


“You want me to tell you what a good girl I think you’ve been?”


“Laying there so pretty for me.” She takes her hand from Catra’s pussy just long enough to wet her fingers with her own mouth. “Taking everything I give you so well.” She gives her clit just a moment of pressure that has Catra whining and trying to push into her hand. “Cumming for me so hard.”

“Adora, please.” Catra’s voice is needy now, a little pathetic, and it has Adora’s own wetness pooling in her panties. 

“Such a good girl deserves to be fucked just as good, huh?” Catra nods, turning her face into the pillow again. Adora grabs her hair roughly and pulls it back. She tuts and tells her, “See now, you were doing so good for me.” She runs her tongue over the shell of Catra’s ear. “You keep that pretty little mouth out where I can hear all your filthy sounds, you hear me?”

“Yes, yes, I’m sorry, just... please, Adora. I can’t wait anymore.”

“Hmm, I think you can.” She continues to tease and Catra whines again, her body searching for friction, pushing against Adora’s retreating hand. “Patience, baby, I’ll make it worth it.”

“How can...I be so fucking turned on...when you’ve already made me cum like, a billion times?”

Adora laughs and adds a little more pressure with her fingers. “Pretty sure it was only three.”

“Whatever.” Catra growls, pushing against her fingers. “Just...enough teasing, Adora, I need you.”

She sounds so fucking sexy, so fucking sexy, Adora can hardly take it. She bites down into Catra’s shoulder for a minute, then kisses the spot and whispers into it, “Say please. I wanna hear you…”

Catra gets the message, and she begs. “Please, Adora, please. Baby, I need you so bad, please fuck me, I wanna feel you. I need you, please, please, pl-” She cuts off with a scream the second Adora enters her. 

The new angle is everything, and Adora has no patience left. She pounds into her relentlessly, holding Catra’s hip with her free hand to steady her. It doesn’t take long for her first orgasm, even less for the second, and by the time her third rolls around, Adora has draped over her again and moved her hand from her hip to clutch desperately at her tit. 

While Catra screams, Adora murmurs reassurances into the skin of her back, peppering kisses there throughout. When she’s through, they collapse together, Adora on top of Catra and her fingers still inside her. 

“Holy fuck, Adora.” She hums and nuzzles into her back. “Baby, I need you to slide out, okay?”

Adora hums with discontent, but makes no complaint as she slides out. “Fuck, I already can’t wait to be inside you again.”

There’s a long pause which Adora doesn’t think much of given her own exhaustion, until Catra says. “Again?”

Adora frowns and shifts to give Catra space to turn and face her. She waits until she does. “Was this...did you just want this to be a one time thing?”

“I mean, I just didn’t want to like, assume…”

“Assume.” Adora tells her, moving in closer and kissing her on the forehead. “That was...the hottest thing I have ever seen, I’ll take as much as you’ll give me, baby.”

Catra ducks her head, nuzzling her face into Adora’s neck. “I haven’t even touched you yet.”

Adora clears her throat awkwardly. “You don’t have to.” she says. “I didn’ know, just so you would.”

Catra snorts and presses a kiss to her neck that has her breath catching. “Yeah, that became clear after the second orgasm, Adora. I’d like to though.”


She sounds a little nervous when she asks, “Do you...want me to?”

Adora curses under her breath. “I’m not gonna last long.”

Catra’s teeth dig lightly into her neck, and Adora whimpers. “Good. Help me get your pants down.” They work together to get Adora undressed, leaving her in just her sports bra, making an effort to stay closely cuddled the whole time. “What do you want?”

Adora hesitates but asks, “Stay here?”

Catra hums and Adora can feel her smile in the kiss she presses against her neck. “I can do that, just part your legs for me, okay?”

Adora throws a leg over Catra’s hip to give her room to work with between her legs. She keeps her touch light, gasping at just how wet Adora had gotten from fucking her. When she touches her clit and Adora stops breathing for a minute, Catra pulls back to look at her face. The air between them quickly grows hot and humid, and Adora fights to keep her eyes open and on Catra as her fingers work the lips of her pussy. 

She’s so sensitive, and Catra’s touch is so light. Her thighs tremble with the effort of staying parted, Catra’s hips the only thing making it possible. “Catra…” her voice is barely a breath, and Catra’s eyes burn into her a the sound of her own name. 

“I’m gonna make you cum so hard, Adora.”

She whimpers and nods, closing her eyes briefly. “I know.”

“Do you want me inside?”

Adora shakes her head and manages to wrench her eyes open. “Just a little harder, please.”

Catra obliges, increasing the pressure of her fingers. It doesn’t take long for Adora to finish. She holds Catra’s eyes as long as she can, but soon she’s turning her face into her neck and chanting Catra’s name. When she’s through, her body collapses. “Damn, Adora.”


Catra snorts and presses a kiss to the side of her head. “No shit.”

Adora nips at her neck and she laughs. “Can’t believe we could have been doing this all quarter.”

“Pft, yeah, if you had any game.” 

She pulls back to give Catra a look. “Pretty sure you thought I had plenty of game five minutes ago.”

“Shut up.” Catra says, shoving at her cheek. She sighs contentedly after, settling back in. “Fuck, I could fall asleep right here.”


Catra looks up at Adora’s unconvincing performance, her expression a little bit guarded. “Oh, you probably want to go though. Check on your friends.”

“No!” Adora waves her hands in front of her face. “No, not at all. I mean, we are in a stranger's bed, so I’m not exactly sure how long we have, but no I don’t want to like, leave.” Catra looks at her doubtfully and she goes on to say, “I’m just, uh, a little bit...totally in the middle of the wet spot. I think.”

Catra stares at her a minute, then cackles. “Gross, dude. So move.”

Adora pulls away to nod down at it and says, “Then you’ll be in it, it’s in like, the middle of the bed!”

Catra looks down and her eyes pop open wide. “Damn, Adora.”

“Not me.” she says. 

Catra looks up, gaping. “No.”

Adora laughs and points out, “You did cum-what? Six times?”

“Well yeah, but I-” she looks back down at the sizable wet spot between them. “That, uh, may be new. For me.”

Adora really can’t help but be smug. I mean, who could blame her really? “Hot.”

Catra rolls her eyes. “Don’t be a douche about it.”

“I’m not!”

“Uh huh, tell that to your face.”

“Whatever.” Adora dismisses with a laugh. “What should we do about it?”

Catra bites her lip and looks down once again. “Uhh...turn the covers over and hope no one saw us come up here?”


“Well! What do you suggest? We can’t exactly go down there and start a load of laundry.”

“Right...fuck, I can’t believe we just fucked in the middle of a party.”

Catra surveys her a moment then breaks away to start looking for her clothes. “Not your usual style?”

Adora laughs outright at that. “Please, I flirted with you for months and you never knew it. No, this is not my usual style.”

Catra pauses in the middle of pulling on her panties and winks at her. “So you’re saying I’m a bad influence.” 

Adora walks across the bed on her knees and snares Catra around the waist. “I’m saying you’re very, very sexy, and thanks for letting me fuck you.”

Catra hums and wraps her arms around Adora’s neck. “Thanks for being so good at it.”

Despite everything they’ve done in this bed, Adora’s cheeks turn a light pink at the praise. “Ditto.”

Catra laughs and tightens her arms to bring Adora in for a kiss. Then she lets her go and resumes redressing. Adora takes a long moment to stare, but then she too gets dressed. They flip the comforter and walk to the door. She scoops up Catra’s hand and squeezes it, clearing her throat. 

“Would you wanna, uhm, like crash at my place tonight?”

Catra’s eyebrows fly high. “You’re seriously not tapped yet?”

Adora feels her face get a little warmer and she shakes her head. “Just to sleep. I uh,” she pauses and rubs awkwardly at the back of her neck. “Well, normally I do this in a bed, you know? And like, if we had been in my bed, I’d ask if you’d wanna stay the night. Make you breakfast or take you out in the morning.”

Catra’s eyes are soft at the offer, but her lips curve into a smirk. “Cute.”

“Yeah, well…”

She stands on her toes and presses a kiss to Adora’s lips. “Find me at the end of the party, okay? We’ll see how it goes.”

Adora gets the impression she won’t be sleeping alone tonight, so she smiles and nods. “Okay, yeah.”

One last kiss and Catra opens the door. The volume of the music doubles, increasing exponentially as they descend back into the fray. Adora’s not usually a party girl, but she really enjoyed this one. 


Study and fuck tonight?


Are you busy?

It’s just…
A little crass.

Whatever, do you want to hang out or what?

Ever heard of a euphemism?

I’m making other plans if you don’t answer me soon.

Wow, someone’s needy

You know I’m perfectly capable of fucking myself

Can I watch?

Fuck, and you say I’m crass

Can you blame me?
Damnit, I’m supposed to take a test in ten minutes
Gonna be hard to think about philosophy now...

Boo fucking hoo
Are you coming over or not?

Yeah, I’m coming over
Want me to bring dinner?

Nah, I have dinner plans.
8 good for you?

Sure, 8 works


Adora’s confirmation takes a while, but Catra doesn’t think anything of it. She’s got an essay to finish before she meets Scorpia for dinner. It takes her up to the last minute, but she’s confident it just needs a quick proof read before she turns it in. She throws on pants and a jacket, remembering to grab her keys at the last second before slipping out the door. 

It’s chilly and she wishes she’dgrabbe a hat and a scarf too, but the restaurant she’s meeting Scorp at isn’t far from her apartment. She quickens her pace and even manages to get there right on time. Naturally, Scorpia has still beaten her, and gotten them a table as well. She pulls Catra into a tight hug, swaying from side to side. 

“Wildcat! How have you been? I’ve missed you!”

“Missed you too, Scorp.” She says placatingly, patting her friend’s arm until she’s set back on the ground. “Just busy getting ready for finals, but good otherwise. How’s newlywed life?”

“Amazing! Perfuma is just perfect. It’s so nice to really be living together too. I mean, you know we basically were, so I didn’t think it would make much difference but it’s just...nice, knowing we’re both fully in the space.”

“That’s great.” The small talk about how Perfuma’s changed the decor in Scorpia’s apartment for a bit before their waiter comes, and while they’re waiting for their food to be delivered Catra talks a bit about her classes and final projects. 

They’re digging into their bowls of ramen when Scorpia asks, “So, how are things with that new girl?” She wiggles her eyebrows and unnecessarily clarifies, “You know, the one you fucked in Fuma’s bed.”

Catra groans at the continuation of this teasing. It’s been weeks now and she fears she’s never gonna live that decision down. Still worth it, but can’t her friends move on already? “Fuma’s old bed.” she defends. “And I came back to wash the sheets before she even knew about it.”

“Mhmm.” Scorpia taunts. “So, how is she?”

Catra sighs, immediately feeling her face warm at how dreamy the sound is. “Adora’s great. I’ve never been in a relationship with someone so...fuck, I don’t know, dependable? I thought it would be boring, honestly, but it’s just...nice. I never feel like I have to guess with her.”


“Shut up.” Catra says lightheartedly in response to Scorpia’s cooing.

“I’m just so happy to see you with someone nice for once. When do we get to meet her?”

Catra narrows her eyes and says, “Depends; how many ‘we fucked in Fuma’s old bed’ jokes are you gonna make?”

Smiling sheepishly, she says, “Well, I’m sure if she’s with you she can take a joke, right?”

Catra scoffs at that. “Yeah, but my jokes are funny.”

“Wow, I’m very funny. Perfuma says it’s one of the things that first attracted her to me.”

“Funny,” Catra says thoughtfully, “I thought it was your back muscles.”

Scorpia grins roguishly and says, “That too.” They share a laugh and continue bantering back and forth until Scorpia insists on getting their bill and they go their separate ways. 

Catra gets home with just enough time to warm up in the shower before Adora comes over. She’s in the middle of drying her hair when there’s a knock at the door. She checks the peephole before pulling it open, and grins when Adora is quickly distracted by her attire-or lack thereof.


“Hey Adora.” Her eyes trail up Catra’s body slowly, lingering on all the areas her towel doesn’t cover.  Then she gets to her head, and frowns. 

“Is that a tee shirt?”

Catra rolls her eyes and steps back to let Adora in. “It’s so my hair doesn’t get frizzy.”

“Oh.” Adora spins around to look at her as she locks the door behind her. “Should I be doing that?”

“I mean, couldn’t hurt, but your hair is stick straight, dude.”

Oh, it’s like, a curls thing.” 

Catra shakes her head and laughs, throwing the shirt into Adora’s face. “Start studying or whatever, I’ll be back.”

Adora nods and drops her back, so Catra returns to the bathroom to take care of her hair and skincare, then pops into the bedroom to throw on a tee shirt and leggings. She comes out to find Adora pouring over her text book, sitting on the floor in front of the coffee table. Catra hops over the back of the couch and leans over her, rubbing at her shoulders. 

“How’s it going out here?”

“Fine.” Catra can hear the frown in her voice and when she cranes her neck around, sure enough Adora is frowning at the textbook. 

“Hmm, your shoulders are tense, have you been studying all day?”

“Uh...yeah, I have.”

The short answers are uncharacteristic for Catra’s usually chatty girlfriend, and concern starts to grow in her chest. “Hey, maybe it’s time for a break, yeah?”

She sighs and drops the pencil she’s been fiddling with in one hand. Without looking up she says, “I don’t think I wanna have sex tonight.”

Catra’s brow pinches together, more because of Adora’s tone than what she’s saying. She sounds...almost annoyed. “That’s fine, babe. You wanna watch a show or something?”

She shakes her head and shrugs Catra’s hands from her shoulders. Her heart sinks and she’s now a little nervous to hear what Adora’s gonna say next. “I don’t want to take a break.”

“Okay...Adora? Can you look at me?” She huffs and turns around to look at Catra, but doesn’t quite meet her gaze, like she’s looking at Catra’s forehead or something. “Are you okay? You seem a little...stressed.”

“Well, finals are next week.” She says like Catra should have known that’s what’s going on. 

“Well, yeah, I know that. You just seemed fine this morning.”

“I am fine.” She turns back around and they sit in a tense silence for a minute. “I think I should go.” She starts to pack up her shit, continuing, “I need to focus and I thought this would help but I just don’t...I don’t think it was a good idea.”

Catra scrambles into action, hovering her hands uselessly around Adora like that’s gonna slow her down. “Adora, no, wait. I don’t understand.”

“It’s fine, Catra.” She stands and hefts her backpack onto her shoulder, then turns to face her. “I just need to go and focus on studying.”

“Please don’t.” Catra begs unabashedly, though shame at being so needy creep up the back of her neck. “I-I feel like you’re upset and if you go…” She sighs and looks down. 

“If I go, what?” Adora asks, voice hard.

Catra’s frowns, eyes stinging, and she looks up. “What’s going on, Adora? Why are you being like this?”

She sighs and rubs roughly at her forehead. “I’m sorry, Catra, I’m not being fair to you. I’m just...stressed and it’s making me snappy. I don’t want to be a jerk, you don’t deserve it. I think I need to be alone for tonight.”

“Okay, so...we’re okay?”

Adora smiles sadly. “Yeah, we’re okay.”

“And you’re going to be okay.”

She sighs, though not impatiently, and nods. “I’ll be fine.”

“Okay…” Catra nods hesitantly. “Just...check in with me tomorrow, okay?”

“I will.”

“Okay.” Catra says again, standing and rising on tiptoes to kiss Adora’s cheek. “Have a good night. Text me when you get home safe.”

Adora’s eyes flutter closed for just a moment, then she nods, gives Catra a short kiss, and she walks out the door. The uneasy feeling in the pit of Catra’s stomach doesn’t leave for days. 


[Sent three days ago:]

How are you feeling this morning?

Just stressed. You?

Yeah, good. Do you want to study together?

No, that’s okay.
I promised Glimmer I’d help her with our Philosophy essay.

Okay, well maybe tomorrow?


I’ll text you and check in

Sounds good.

[Sent two days ago:]

Hey Adora

Hey, can’t study today, sorry

That’s fine. I’ll probably break for lunch around 2
Lmk if you wanna meet up

Will do.

[Sent yesterday at 6:04pm:]

Hey, I’m a little worried about you
I know you’re stressed but can you meet up?
We could get dinner

I’m fine, sorry you’re worried
Just busy
I have a study group tonight, but maybe tomorrow?

Sure, maybe tomorrow


Adora screws her eyes shut and wills away her tears. They fall instead. If she could just learn to be more upfront about her feelings from the start, she wouldn’t get herself into these kinds of messes. Like, the kinds of messes where you’re falling in love with your fuck buddy because she makes it impossible not to. 

She hasn’t heard from Catra yet today, but it’s only ten. She’s not sure how she’s gonna put her off again, not sure she wants to, and besides, they have class together tomorrow. If Adora just keeps ignoring the problem, it’s only gonna get worse. She hoped she could just put it off until the end of the quarter, when they wouldn’t have class together to worry about. Not to mention a week off for Adora to wallow. Then Catra had to go and care. It’s not fair. 

She sighs and drums her fingers against her desk, staring at the flashing cursor in her texts to Catra. “This is so stupid.” she says to no one, alone in the apartment. 

She picks up her phone, sighs, and types out a message.

Hey, I was thinking about going to the library
Wanna join?
I just have class at 2

Hey babe! Yeah, sounds good.
I can head there in fifteen.

Okay, see you there


Adora’s message settles Catra’s nerves and she takes her first deep breath in four days. She drops the project she’s working on and hustles to dress herself and pack her bag. For a minute there, she had herself convinced she’d managed to unwittingly fuck this thing up before it really got going. She knows it’s finals week, and that demanding Adora’s time when she was stressed and needed to study would be unfair and needy, but she’d just been so standoffish. There’s only a week left of finals though, and then things will hopefully settle and they can talk about it. 

Catra’s determined to handle this relationship like an adult. Adora’s a good one, and she doesn’t want to fuck this up by refusing to communicate. So, as embarrassed as she is to feel so needy, she’s gonna ask Adora how they can communicate better when Adora is stressed. How Catra can support her and what she needs in return to feel supported. She’s not looking forward to the conversation, but she knows she can do it. 

It’s still cold so she remembers to pull on gloves and a hat, then starts her trek to the library. Adora texts her to let her know she’d snagged a table on the third floor, so Catra makes her way there. She spots Adora before Adora spots her and sneaks up behind her, swooping in for a kiss before Adora knows she’s there. Her girlfriend lets out a surprised squeak that earns a mixture of glares and amusement from the students studying around them. 

Catra snickers quietly and rounds the table to her seat. “Hey Adora.”

“Hey Catra.” she says with a pained grimace. Catra frowns, confronted again with Adora’s standoffish response to stress. 

She reaches over and takes Adora’s hand where it lies on her book, rubbing her thumb over Adora’s knuckles. “How are you holding up?”

Adora’s jaw flexes and she sighs through her nose. “Fine, I had my first final this morning.”

Catra perks up, unused to being anyone’s cheerleader but determined to support Adora. “That’s great! You’re already a third of the way there, and bio’s day after tomorrow. Feeling ready?”

Adora clears her throat and drops Catra’s hand to scratch absently at the side of her nose. “Uh, I think so.” She pushes over a stack of flashcards. “I made these if you wanna use them.”

“Thanks babe.”

Adora's cheeks turn pink and Catra laughs a little to herself. She doesn’t really respond but Catra lets it go, pulling out her own things and starting in on her own studying. The two hours they have pass quickly, and soon Adora is packing up her bag. Catra follows suit and they wordlessly walk out of the library together. 

“Okay, well...I’ll see you tomorrow for revision.”

Catra smiles and waves her hand. “Don’t be silly, I’ll walk you to class.”

Adora opens and closes her mouth a couple times before getting out, “You really don’t need to.”

“It’s practically on my way, I don’t mind.”

“I-if you’re sure, I guess.”

“Of course I’m sure.” Adora says nothing, starting them on their way. Catra scoops up her mittened hand and Adora stares down at it for a minute before shaking her head and continuing on. Catra frowns at the reaction, feeling a little self conscious, but Adora says nothing so she lets it drop. As they approach her building, Catra clears her throat. “Listen, Adora…”

“I should get in there.”

Catra frowns and glances at the old clock on the front of the building ahead of them. “You have ten minutes.”

“Well I-”

“Look, I know it’s cold, just...gimme a minute, okay?”

Clearly wanting to say now, but having no good reason, Adora sighs. “Yeah, okay.”

“Okay,” Catra hypes herself up quickly, nodding and swallowing down her nerves. “So, I know it’s finals week, and I know you’re really stressed. I don’t want to take up too much of your time, but I’d really appreciate it if we could grab dinner tonight. We can study while we eat if you want. You could come over…”

Adora sighs and rubs at her forehead. “Catra...this isn’t about sex, right?”

Catra’s face scrunches, confused and quite honestly a little hurt by the accusation. “What? No, Adora, why would you think that?”

She gives Catra a look of confusion and says, “Uh, because every other time you’ve invited me over, it’s to have sex.”

“I-that can’t be true.”

Adora huffs impatiently and drops Catra’s hand to cross her arms. “It definitely is.”

“Okay...well, I didn’t exactly mean for that to happen, but I’m not asking you to fuck me when you’re obviously stressed, babe. I just miss you.”

Adora eyes her warily, distrustfully, and yeah, it fucking hurts. “I’m sorry for assuming…”

Catra shrugs. “We can talk about it later, I don’t want to make you late to class. Can you make it over tonight?”

She purses her lips for a minute, glancing briefly at the clock, then nods and says, “Yeah, that’s fine. Just text me to let me know when.”

“Okay.” Catra stands on her toes and kisses Adora on the cheek. “I’ll see you later.”

She walks away from Adora, resisting the urge to turn back, but just barely. 

Is 5 tonight okay?

Does half past work?
I have a quick errand to run

That works, I’ll see you then


Adora’s never felt so twisted up inside. Catra’s being weird. Their whole interaction after the library felt off, but there’s one part in particular Adora keeps working over in her mind. What had Catra meant about ‘not meaning for it to work out that way’ when Adora pointed out she was only ever invited over for sex. Wasn’t that sort of the point of a fuck buddy? And it’s not like she’d minded at first. Sex with Catra is...indescribable, and it only seems to have gotten exponentially better each time. 

The only problem is that it isn’t enough anymore. 

Still, she promised she’d come over for dinner, so at half five she’s knocking on Catra’s door. She answers with a timid smile, letting Adora inside. The air between them is tense as Catra gets them served up. She made pasta and Adora, who hasn’t eaten since breakfast, blushes at the loud grumble her stomach lets out. 

Cata just laughs and shakes her head. “Well, glad we’re doing dinner early.”

“Right…” Adora smiles sheepishly and accepts the plate Catra hands her. 

When Catra offers to put on a show while they eat, Adora agrees readily. She chooses some old cartoon and Adora tunes it out for the most part, her mind attuned to every move Catra makes. And eating, because she really is hungry and Catra’s an incredible cook. Adora wants to wife her so bad it’s stupid. 

By the time the show ends, their plates are clear. Catra flips off the TV and stands to take their plates to the kitchen. Adora follows and hovers in the doorway. “So…um, I guess I’ll get out of your hair.”

Catra turns the water off and whips around with a frown. “Already?”

“Oh, well, I mean, is there anything else you wanted to do…?” She looks upset and Adora’s heart clenches with panic, trying to think over their plan and anything she might have said to hurt Catra. She knows she’s being standoffish, she just...she thought it would be worse to break things off right before finals. Maybe this was worse though, and the guilt that follows that thought takes her a few steps closer. “Catra?”

She rubs her face roughly, her eyes getting a bit red, and she sighs. “I-I really wanted to wait to talk about this until after finals. I know you’re stressed…”

Adora shakes her head, but crosses her arms as if to protect herself, feeling vulnerable. “It’s okay, what’s up?”

“You’re not being fair to me.”

Adora sighs heavily and looks down in shame. “I know, I’m sorry.”

“I-it’s okay, like I said, I know you’re stressed.”

She looks up and searches Catra’s face, not really sure what she’s searching for. “That’s no excuse. I shouldn’t be so short with you. I just…” She knows she should be fully honest, she should end this now before it hurts worse. She just can’t bring herself to do it. “I’m not great at dealing with stress, and I’m not great at, like, asking for help or communicating my needs. I’m sorry it’s affecting you, I am working on it.”

Catra smiles encouragingly and guilt twists in Adora’s stomach. Maybe being Catra’s fuck buddy could be enough, maybe it really is just the stress of finals. “Hey, I get it.” She steps closer and takes Adora’s hands in her own. “I’m glad you’re aware of it and working on it, that makes a huge difference. Maybe once break starts we can talk about how to navigate stressful situations a little better? I wanna support you, Adora, I just need to not feel like you’re ghosting me when you get overwhelmed.”

Adora closes her eyes; Catra is killing her here. Support her? That’s girlfriend stuff! She takes a deep breath and opens her eyes. “That’s totally fair. I’m sorry again.”

Catra squeezes her hands again then pulls her into a tight hug. She tangles one hand into Adora’s hair to scratch at her scalp, and turns her head to kiss the side of Adora’s. Her eyes squeeze shut again, desperate not to cry in front of Catra. All too soon she’s pulling away, biting her lip and looking up at Adora. 

“Would you wanna watch one more episode? Maybe snuggle on the couch a little?”

Adora swallows thickly, but her desire and her guilt lead her to nod. “Yeah, that sounds nice.”

Catra beams, so completely gorgeous, and she leads Adora back to the couch by the hand. They watch two episodes in the end, and Adora is royally fucked. 

Hey! You just had your last final, right?

Sure did, I think it went well

Congrats, baby!
Wanna sleep over? Celebrate a little…
Not like having sex!
I mean, we can
I’d like to
I just meant like, have some cheap champagne and cuddle on the couch

I promised Bow and Glim I’d grab dinner with them, but I could come over after?

Just let me know when you’re on your way

Will do


Adora doesn’t mean to be pouty at dinner, but she knows what she has to do tonight and she’s not looking forward to it. She pushes food around her plate and nearly zones out of the conversation completely. That is, until Glimmer snaps at her.

“Okay, what is up with you? Did you tank your last final or something?”


What, Bow? Am I wrong? She’s been pouting since we got here.”

“Well yeah, but if she did have a bad final, maybe there’s a more tactful way to bring it up?”

“Oh.” she frowns and smiles sheepishly at Adora. “Sorry, Dor. Seriously though, are you okay?”

Adora sighs and drops her fork. “Yeah, sorry I’m such bad company.”

“It’s fine.” Bow assures her. “Do you wanna talk about it?”

She purses her lips, working them side to side a minute while she decides. “I think I’m breaking things off with Catra tonight.”

“Your fuck buddy?” Glimmer asks, eyebrows raised. 

“Yeah, her.”

“Why? I thought you said the sex was like, out of this world.”

“It is, that’s not the problem.”

“So what’s the problem?”

“I caught feelings.”

“Oh. Fuck.”

Adora laughs at the blunt statement. “Yeah, my sentiments exactly.”

“Well don’t you wanna at least talk to her? See if she’d be into something more? I mean, if the sex is that good…”

Adora shakes her head. “No, she’s made it clear she doesn’t want that.”

“Clear how?” Bow asks.

Adora shrugs. “She literally only ever wants to hang at her place and like, netflix and chill, or study and fuck. Like, literally that’s what she’ll invite me over for.”


Adora gives Glimmer a look and says, “Hey, cut it out. It’s not her fault I got emotionally invested.”

“Okay,” Bow interrupts, but did you ever tell her you wanted to do more?”

Adora nods. “I tried, I asked her to dinner a few times and she said it’d be cheaper and better if she just cooked, or she’d offer to get us takeout.” She blushes remembering the lewd come ons that would usually follow these responses, but decides it’s not worth mentioning to her friends. “I asked her if she wanted to go ice skating and she said that was too cold but she ’knew a way we could get warm’.”

“Oh geez.”

“Be nice, Glimmy.”

“I don’t know, there were a couple other things.” Adora shrugs. “I kind of gave up after a few weeks.”

Bow smiles sympathetically. “Well, it might be worth having a frank conversation before you end things entirely, but I get where you’re coming from. Rejection is hard. I’m sorry it didn’t work out.”

“Yeah, well. It happens.”

The rest of their meal is a somewhat somber affair, but her friends do her best to raise her spirits. It works okay, at least until she has to leave. With a heavy heart she starts toward Catra’s, wishing even as she approaches her apartment that she’d never close the distance.



Great! I’m home. 


Catra paces by the door until Adora knocks, then she forces herself to count to ten before flinging the door open. “Hey babe!”


Adora’s hesitence immediately puts Catra on edge. Finals are over, shouldn’t this be easier now? “Come on in. I, uh, I was thinking we could watch a movie?”

Adora turns to face her but doesn’t meet her eyes. “I um, I was actually hoping we could talk.”

“Okay…” Catra tries to stop her brain from jumping to the worst case scenario, but it only works so well. “Um, do you want anything to drink first?”

“Uh, some water maybe?”

“Of course.” Catra goes to the kitchen and counts her breath as she fills a glass with shaking hands. When she takes it out to Adora, who found a seat on the couch in her absence, she has to put all her focus into keeping her hands from shaking visibly. Adora hasn’t taken off her jacket, but Catra tries not to read into it. “So, what did you want to talk about?”

Adora sighs and takes a long drink from her glass before setting it on a coaster. “I’m not really sure where to start.”

“Okay, well...just dive right in, I guess.”

“Okay.” she nods. “Right.” She licks her lips and Catra crosses an arm over her chest, clutching at her opposite arm. Her stomach sinks, she knows now what’s coming, she’s certain of it. “I guess, well, I’ve really enjoyed our time together.” Fuck, she fucking knew it. “And I think you’re amazing.”


Adora winces and looks down at her hands in her lap. “This just isn’t what I’m looking for, I’m sorry.”

Catra clears her throat and blinks away tears. “I can’t say I’m surprised after the last couple weeks, but I...I don’t understand. I thought things were going well.”

Adora looks up, her expression pained. “They were, I swear they were. I just...what I wanted changed.”

Catra narrows her eyes. “And what exactly do you want now that you didn’t before?”

“I-” She looks down again and clears her throat. “I just need more.”

More?” Catra repeats incredulously. “You need more? After you practically ignored me for days? You need more? I...fuck you, Adora.”

Adora looks up, her face pinched in confusion. “Look, I apologized for that, and I am sorry. I just...I didn’t think breaking things off in the middle of finals week would be fair. I realized once we talked about it that trying to distance myself was probably worse, but I just...couldn’t do it, that day we talked.” 

Catra scoffs and crosses her other arm over her chest as well. “Whatever.”

“I also...for a minute I thought...maybe this could be enough. Because I do like you, Catra. I mean, obviously I do. And I so badly wanted that to be enough but I just…”

“Right, I’m not enough, I get it. You can fuck off now.”

“Catra, no, it’s absolutely not you. I just want something different than you do.”

Catra groans and slouches in her seat. “Right, this ‘more’. What does that even mean, Adora? What specifically is it that I can’t offer you?”

Adora frowns and her head tips to the side. “Well I would think that’s obvious, Catra.”

“Well obviously it isn’t, so.”

“I-I want a relationship. As much as I love having sex with you, that alone isn’t enough for me.” Her cheeks burn red and she ducks her head like that’s gonna hide it, meanwhile Catra’s jaw drops. “It's no one’s fault, I just...I’m starting to get...feelings. For you.”

Excuse me?

Adora winces and Cata’s hands fall to her lap as she sits forward. “I’m sorry, I know-”

“You don’t know shit, Adora. I thought-'' She bites her bottom lip, hard, suddenly absolutely mortified. 

Adora looks up, clearly lost, and asks, “You thought what?”

Catra groans and buries her face in her hands. “I thought you were my girlfriend, Adora. I thought we were in a relationship.”

“Oh.” Catra laughs humorlessly to herself. “Wait, what?

Catra spreads her fingers enough to look through them and looks up. “I told my friends about you and everything. I thought we were dating.”

Adora’s clearly floundering, eyes wide. “I-but I-no. No, because-be-because I asked you to- a-and you always said no! You-we only ever- What?

Catra groans again and covers her eyes. “This is humiliating.”

“Catra, I’m just-you always wanted to hang out here and have sex. What was I supposed to think?”

Catra scowls and tries to think back, tries to remember any dates they've been on. Of course she can’t, she can’t because she’s realizing they never happened and Adora is totally right. “Fuck.” She runs her hands roughly through her hair and looks at Adora, who still seems to be totally in shock. “So not only am I not your girlfriend, but if I was, I was shit at it.”

“I mean, I didn’t say that.”

“You didn’t have to!” Catra wails, falling back into the couch. “Ugh, and here I was thinking we were doing so well! I literally told Scorpia this was the healthiest relationship I’d ever been in.”

A beat passes then Adora coos, “Aw, you did?”

She tips her head up enough to glare at Adora. “Shut up.”

Adora scoots closer and Catra lets her head fall again. “ be clear, you do want to be dating?”

Adora…” Catra tries to warn, sort of just whining instead. 

She can hear the smirk in her voice when Adora says, “Were you like, opposed to going on dates, or were you just horny?”

Catra drops her hands and sits up forcefully to glare at Adora. “When did you even ask?”

Adora laughs and gives her a look of bemused confusion. “When did I ask? Catra, I suggested we get dinner out tons of times. I asked you to go ice skating, I suggested a movie, I even invited you to an improv show in a last ditch effort to find something you might like. I fucking hate improv!”

“I-Well-It-” Catra flounders, unfortunately remembering all those instances, “Fine! Maybe I was horny, but it’s your fault for fucking me so good. What the fuck do I want to watch a bunch of idiots asking for a noun when I can fucking orgasm eighteen dozen times instead.”

Adora pinches her lips between her teeth, doing a poor job of hiding her smile. “Eighteen dozen?”

Catra lets out a scream of frustration, pulling at her hair by the roots. “You’re insufferable.”

Taking the exact opposite of how she should apparently, Adora scoots closer. “You’re hot.”

“That should so not be your takeaway here.” Catra says derisively. 

Adora shrugs. “I mean, this is kind of best possible case scenario for me.”

“Oh? And how’s that?”

Ticking her point off on her fingers, Adora says, “Well one; the woman I’m super, super duper into wants to date me.”

“Pft, wanted maybe. Don’t count your chickens yet, dummy.”

Unfazed, Adora continues, “Two; I just found out I can apparently make you cum eighteen dozen times in a single night. Which, I mean, I feel like I should put that on my resume.”

“Uh huh, and where are you applying exactly?”

“And third; I’m not even the oblivious one this time.”

“Okay, no. No way am I taking full blame for this. Maybe I haven’t taken you on dates like I should have, but you seriously thought I just saw you as, what? A fuck buddy?”

“Well...yeah. Like I said, what was I supposed to think?”

“Adora, you got distant for three days and I fucking clucked over you like a mother hen. I’ve never been so fucking clingy in my whole life.”

Adora makes a face like she’s gonna coo and tease her about that, but then her face drops. “Oh fuck, Catra.”

“What?” she asks defensively.

Adora shakes her head. “I mean, yeah, I was confused but...shit, that all makes so much sense now.” She scoots even closer and sets a hand on Catra’s lower back. “Baby, I know that wasn’t right either way, but if you thought we were dating… Cat, I’m so sorry.”

Catra sniffs and looks away, hiding the emotion sure to be welling in her eyes. “I mean, it sucked, but it’s fine. You didn’t even think we were dating.”

Her hand rubs at Catra’s back soothingly and it does actually settle her nerves a bit. “I’m still sorry, if I’d just told you why I was upset…”

Catra shrugs. “Can we just...chalk it up to a misunderstanding and move on?”

“I-okay, yeah, whatever you want.” Catra nods and stares at the ground. It’s quiet for a few minutes, Adora continuing to rub at her back. “So…”


“I um, I’d like to take that breakup back if that’s okay?” She smiles sheepishly and Catra can’t help but laugh.

“That hurt like a bitch, just so you know.”

“Oh Cat…” Adora pauses the motion of her hand to pull Catra in for a tight hug. She tugs her closer until Catra’s sitting with her legs over Adora’s lap and her face tucked into her neck. She tries to keep it in but Adora holds her so tenderly, like she’s precious and fragile, Catra can’t help but cry. It’s clear Adora can tell; rocking her gently, rubbing at her back, and murmuring reassurances as she lets it all out. “I’m so sorry, baby, I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean it.”

Finally, after what feels like half an hour but is probably closer to ten minutes, Catra pulls back and wipes at her face. Adora smiles tentatively at her, and Catra attempts a smile back. “”

Adora’s smile strengthens and she nods. “I’d really, really love that.”

Catra’s smile grows a little more bold as well. And then it dims. “I’m sorry I made you think I only wanted you for sex. I swear there’s things I like doing out of the apartment when it’s not fucking twenty below outside.”

Adora snorts. “Uh, like twenty below sixty.”

“Yeah, that’s still barely above freezing, you get that, right?”

“Hmm, whatever you say, Catra. I still wanna take you ice skating though.”

“There’s not a snowball’s chance in hell your getting me to strap blades to my feet and throwing me on ice, sorry toots. I’ll let you take me to dinner and a movie though.”

Adora laughs and nods. “Fair enough, I’m just tryna woo you after all.”

“Pft, gay.” Adora shakes her head fondly, and Catra softens her expression. “I am serious by the way, I never meant to make you feel like, used, or whatever.”

“I didn’t feel used exactly. I just figured, well like I said, that we wanted different things. And it’s not like I wasn't enjoying myself.” she adds with a wink that has Catra rolling her eyes. “I you, and I thought if we kept going I’d get hurt.”

Catra lowers her eyes and nods. “I mean, it makes sense how you got there.” She looks up to ask, “We really never hung out outside this apartment, huh?”

“Not once.”

“Fuck, I’m really the world’s worst girlfriend.”

“Well now, I wouldn’t say that.”

“Hm, sounds like you might be biased.”

“Doesn’t mean I’m wrong.”

Catra laughs and presses a kiss to her lips. “For the record? I like you too.”

“Hot.” Adora beams and pulls her in for a deeper kiss. 

The kiss quickly grows heated, and soon Adora’s lips are on her neck. Catra groans and slides her fingers into Adora's hair, working the ponytail out of it’s tie halfheartedly. She grips her hair tightly making Adora groan into her neck and, panting all the while, Catra says, “So...not to like, apologize for making you think I only wanted you for sex then turn around and suggest we fuck, but…”

Adora laughs into her neck and pulls back. “ totally want me to fuck you now, huh?”

Catra huffs and pouts at her. “Well…”

Adora smirks, “You’re so sexy, you know that?”

Catra shifts, intentionally rubbing her thighs together, and Adora raises an eyebrow at the move. “Shut up.”

“No, I don’t think I will.”

“You’re insufferable.”

“And yet you suffer through my wit for the pleasure of having me inside you.”

Catra cackles at the line and shoves Adora away from her. It only works so well considering she's on her lap and all. “Fuck, maybe I should’ve let you break up with me. That was awful.”

“Hmm, sorry, I already took it back.”

Catra snorts and rolls her eyes. “Yeah, you know that’s a one time deal, right?”

“I mean, extenuating circumstances, but yeah, I won’t make the same mistake twice.”

“Good, now are you fucking me or not? Cause I can still rent us a movie.”

Adora eyes her hungrily. “I kinda want you to ride my dick.”

Catra’s eyebrows raise. “Yeah?”

“Uh huh.”

“I think that can be arranged. You wanna go to the room?”

Adora shakes her head and Catra’s eyebrows fly higher. “Go get it?”

Catra complies quickly, and within ten minutes Adora is strapped up and sitting on the couch leisurely, with her arms spread over the back. Catra is naked before her, waiting for permission to climb in her lap. Adora’s hungry gaze makes her shift impatiently, and wetness slides down her thigh. Without breaking her gaze, Adora grabs the lube and gets herself ready for Catra. 

“Okay, baby.”

Catra’s on her in an instant and they work together to get Adora lined up at her entrance. Then she sinks down, her eyes falling closed and her hands moving to clutch at Adora’s shoulders. She gasps at the feeling of being stretched and then flutters her eyes open. Adora is staring at the spot where they’re joined, licking her lips. She catches Catra looking at her and smirks, bringing one hand to clutch at her hip. 

“You look so good around me, Catra.”

She moans, her pussy clenching around the toy inside of her and eyes rolling into the back of her head. Still, she doesn’t move, enjoying the fullness far too much. She feels Adora shift and then cries out when her lips close around one of her tits. Catra’s eyes fly open and she looks down to see Adora with half her tit in her mouth, smirking up at her with mischievous eyes. Her tongue laves over Catra’s nipple and she groans, beginning to grind down into Adora. 

At this, Adora groans as well, rolling her hips in time with Catra and sucking harder at her tit. Catra’s head falls forward and she increases her movement, starting to actually ride Adora as intended. Her movements aren’t steady, her rhythm disjointed and desperate. Adora doesn’t seem to mind one bit, groaning and clutching at her, just as desperate.

Fuck, you look good. You’re so sexy, you’re so-” She groans and takes Catra’ other tit into her mouth for a turn, her free hand moving to work the other. 


Adora pulls back again with a lewd pop. “That’s it baby, are you gonna cum for me?”

Catra nods and her movements become even rougher until she’s mostly just pressing her pussy into the base of Adora’s dick while she rolls her hips up and into her. Then she shifts just so and the part of her strap that holds her dick in rubs against Catra’s clit. She’s a goner, cumming so hard she digs her nails into one of Adora’s shoulders while the other hand forms a fist and slams into the back of the couch. 

She opens her eyes, still mid orgasm, in time to see Adora’s face pinch with the force of her own orgasm. The knowledge that they’re coming together pitches Catra’s peak a little higher and she positively screams out Adora’s name. They come down together, painting and holding on tight. Adora laughs sort of absently, sort of incredulous, and starts kissing every inch of Catra she can reach. 

“That was so hot, Catra. Fuck, that was-you’re so fucking sexy. I love you so much, you’re so good, that was so good…” Her praise continues but Catra freezes. It takes Adora a minute to notice, trailing off in the middle of her continued sweet nothings. “Uh...Cat?”

“Did you just said….did you mean it?”

Adora’s brow furrows and she tips her head to the side. “Did I mean…” Catra can see her reviewing her words in her eyes, and she can see the moment it clicks. “Oh, ahem, that. I, uh, I didn’t mean to...that’s a lot, huh?”

“I mean, yeah, but did you mean it?”

Adora looks down sheepishly, eyes on where she's still inside Catra. “We’ve only been seeing each other a couple months….”

“That’s not what I asked, Adora.” 

“I...yeah, I meant it. Is that...okay?”

Catra blinks, caught totally off guard. “Yeah….it’s...okay.”

“Okay? Okay. That’s….good.”

“Right.” their eyes find one another’s, wide and shocked, and then….they laugh. 

“I’m sorry.” Adora says after a minute. “I know it’s soon, it just...slipped out.”

Catra shakes her head and lays her arms over Adora’s shoulders, crossing her wrists behind her neck. “It is soon,’s nice to hear.” She bites her lip nervously however, and searches Adora’s eyes. “Are you okay if I don’t say it back yet though?”

Adora softens and nods, allowing Catra to relax. “Of course, no pressure.”

“Okay.” She nods, mostly to herself. “Okay.”

Adora laughs. “ wanna go another round or…?”

Catra blinks and looks down to where they’re still connected. “Oh, uh….”

“Your call.”

She thinks about it a minute then says, “I’d actually kind of like to eat you out, is that okay?”

Adora laughs. “Be my guest.”

Catra eyes her for a moment then climbs off. She watches Adora lift her hips and remove the strap and the pair of boxers she’d left on under it. There’s no missing the wet patch on them and the sight emboldens her, making her smirk and quite literally bringing her to her knees. 

“Hey Adora.”

A shaky exhale and, “H-Hey Cat.”

“Scoot forward a little for me?” 

She does as she’s asked, slouching awkwardly to get her ass to the edge of the cushion. After considering her a moment, Catra reaches over, then pulls her forward to situate a pillow behind her back. Adora beams at her, eyes tender, and she cups her cheek. She leans down, spine curved, to kiss Catra sweetly. Blonde hair that still smells of Adora’s herbal shampoo falls around them like a curtain. The moment is so tender, she stays with her lips pressed chastely to Adora’s until the smell of her arousal overwhelms Catra.

She pulls back and Adora’s hand lingers on her cheek until Catra shakes her head fondly at the big, sweet dummy. “Lay back, Adora.”

“You’re so gorgeous.” she says, even as she complies with the order. 

“Hm, you like me on my knees for you, baby?”

Adora’s cheeks turn pink, but her soft smile goes nowhere. “I like you in general.”

Catra rolls her eyes as if Adora’s words don’t turn her heart and her mind to mush. “Gross. I’m gonna lick your pussy now if that works for you.”

“Yep!” Adora answers, voice pitching up. “Sounds good.”

Catra snickers and with that, dives right in. She knows Adora’s gotta be sensitive after already cumming once, but with no direct contact. So, she flattens her tongue and applies even pressure, running it over the whole of Adora’s pussy. She whimpers and slouches down further, pressing herself further into Catra’s face. She pulls away enough to breath and can’t help but chuckle at the desperation of the woman in front of her. Very sexy. 

She runs a few more passes over her pussy like that, tongue flat and wide, and Adora’s making it very clear just how worked up she is. “My clit,” she finally begs, “please, more on my- fuck.”

Catra moves the tip of her tongue right where Adora’s asked for it, rubbing side to side with a little less pressure. When Adora breaks down into a cursing, groaning mess, Catra keeps the motion up. At some point, as Adora gets close, she has to bring her hands up to keep Adora’s thighs parted- it’s actually quite the workout. Adora presses in closer, going so far as to grab Catra’s hair and pull her in closer. Catra laughs but presses harder with her tongue. 

After that, it doesn’t take long for Adora to fall over the edge, Catra unable to keep up with the flood of her orgasm but trying all the same. She tries one lick over Adora’s clit but she whimpers and pulls Catra away. She goes without a fight, getting the message that Adora is tapped for now. She looks up, wiping her mouth with the back of her hand, and stares in awe at the mess she’s made of Adora. 

Her face and all down her neck and chest are flushed bright red, she’s biting her lip, eye closed, and her hand is in her nest of hair atop her head. Slowly, she blinks her eyes open and smiles down at Catra. “Woah.”

Catra laughs and moves up on her knees, leaning forward into Adora’s space. “How do you feel?”

So good. Like. So good.”

Catra rolls her eyes and presses a kiss to Adora’s lips. She keeps her eyes closed when Catra pulls back and hums contentedly. “You taste like pussy.”

“Well shit, wonder how that happened.” Adora snorts and reaches out, making grabby hands at her.

She shakes her head and chuckles. “Lemme get off my knees.”

“Mm, yeah, snuggle me.”

“Should we just go to bed?”

Adora pouts and opens her eyes. “No. Then we have to like, pee and brush our teeth.”

“You know we have to do that shit eventually, right?” Catra challenges, now standing with one hand on her hip. 

“Well yeah, eventually.” 

Catra snickers again, but seeing she won’t be getting Adora off her ass any time soon, leans down and kisses her cheek. “Okay, well I actually have to pee like a mother fucker, but get comfortable and I’ll come back out and snuggle you.”

“Okay.” Catra shakes her head and walks away to do her business. She doesn’t bother closing the door, and when she goes to wipe, a pouty, sleepy looking Adora appears in the doorway. 

“Now I have to pee.”

“You wanna just go to bed?” Catra raises an eyebrow to ask, letting Adora take her place and moving to the sink to wash her hands. 

Adora falls onto the toilet like her legs are just barely strong enough to hold her and says, “Don’t gloat.”

“Please.” Adora tips her face up, clearly asking for a kiss, and once Catra’s onto drying her hands, she leans in to oblige her. “You’re cute. An idiot, but cute.”


Ten minutes later, Adora’s letting out another contented little hum, snuggling her ass back into Catra. They fall asleep spooning, occasionally whispering something sweet, and exchanging soft kisses that Adora has to crane her neck to make happen. 


Where the fuck are you??

I’m omw!
Just a couple minutes out!

Okay, but are you though?
Bc the ceremony starts in ten minutes

I’ll be there

I stg, Adora, if I have to walk alone

I’m so close!


I’m not gonna miss graduation, okay?

I’d hate to have to withhold sex or something in retribution

I’d love to see you try

Fuck off

Turn around.


Catra lowers her phone and spins around, growling at the sight of her girlfriend. “Where the fuck have you been?”

Adora, red faced and out of breath, smiles. “I got you a present.”

Suspicious but suddenly much more invested, Catra asks, “What is it?”

“Big mirror. Right above your bed.”


Unable to help it, Adora starts cackling while Catra whips around to see who, if anyone, has heard her. “Sexy, right?” Adora manages between wheezing laughs.

“I rent, asshole!” Catra reminds her in a harsh whisper. “You better be fucking joking.”

“Of course I am.” Adora says with a roll of her eyes. 

“So? What did you get?”

Adora’s saved from answering by the loud feedback from the microphone as the dean begins his speech. The ceremony is long, so long Adora kind of starts to see Catra’s point about not having wanted to walk in the full college ceremony. They’d still be walking within their majors, but Adora is a humanities major, and Catra’s in the school of business so this was the only way they’d get to walk together. And when they get to throw their hats in the air, smiling and leaning in for a kiss that lasts until Adora gets brained by the corner of Catra’s mortar board, it feels totally worth it. 

From there they head back to Catra’s apartment, and she opens the door, not bothering to wait for Adora before heading in to look for whatever Adora had snuck in. She follows her to the bedroom, where they find nothing, the living room, also nothing, and finally to the kitchen. When she spots the pink box on the center of the counter, Catra groans and it would sound dirty if Adora hadn’t expected it.

...Hell, who is she kidding? It still sounds dirty. Not that it was a motivating factor in her going uptown to collect Catra’s favorite treats, just a bonus. Catra wastes no time opening the box and shoving an entire petit four into her mouth. “I love you.”

Adora laughs and shakes her head fondly. “I love you too, happy graduation.”

“Happy graduation.” Catra says around a second tiny cake. 

“You know…” Adora lowers her voice and steps in closer. “I also stopped at the shop next door.”

Catra’s eyebrows raise and she asks, “The barber or the sex shop?”

“What do you think?”

Catra’s eyes dart to the clock on the stove and back to Adora’s face. Without looking, another cake goes into her mouth. “I fink we’re gonna be late to Sparkles’ party.”

Adora throws her head back and laughs. “Nice try. That surprise is for later.”

Catra pouts but Adora won’t be swayed. “Do I at least get a hint?”

“’s something for me to put on, and you to take off.”

Just as she expected, the clue makes Catra’s eyes darken and travel up and down her body. She fakes a cough. “Uh oh, looks like I’m too sick to party at all, might as well just give it to me now.”

Adora laughs and sneaks around the counter to press a kiss to her cheek and snatch a cake from the box. “How about a compromise?”

“Compromise?” Catra questions, following Adora as she walks backward toward the bedroom. 

“Mhmm, I’ll put it on now, and you can take it off later.”

“Counter offer; we skip any putting on and I just fuck you.”

Adora juts out her bottom lip. “But I look so good in it.”

Catra lets out a pained groan and falls back onto her bed. “You’re such a fucking tease.”

Adora follows, coming up to straddle Catra’s hips and leaning over her. “Yeah, but you like it.”

“Stars save me, I do.”

“You like me.” Adora presses. 

“Let’s not push our luck here, babe.”

“Hey, guess what?”

“What’s that?”

“You like a college graduate.”

Catra hums and tucks Adora’s hair behind her ears, her fingers lingering against Adora’s cheeks. “I suppose I do. I’m proud of you, you know.”

Adora beams. “I know. I’m proud of you too, and I’m glad we got to do it together.”

“Mm, together. I like the sound of that.”

Adora leans down for a kiss. Then she drags a finger down the center of Catra’s chest and says, “You know...I got a job offer.”

Catra startles and starts sitting up, but Adora gently guides her back down. “What? Baby, that’s great, why didn’t you say anything?”

She bites her lip, hesitating just a moment before saying, “It’s in Salineas.”

“Oh.” Adora can tell she’s trying to stay happy for her, but the disappointment is clear. 

“Yeah, um, I wasn’t gonna bring it up today, I have a week to get back to them, but...well, what do you think?”

“I mean, if you want it you should take it.”

Adora shakes her head. “What do you think of Salineas?”

“Oh.” Her browns pinch together and she says, “I mean, I’ve never been but it looks gorgeous. And you know how I feel about seafood.”

“I do…” Adora says, nodding slowly. “Um, what would you think in Salineas? Like, together.”

This time, Adora doesn’t try to keep Catra down when she sits up. She slides into her lap and searches her face nervously. She can’t parse out much beyond Catra’s clear surprise. “What, like you want to move there together?”

“I mean, yeah, if you do. They offered me a, like, relocation fee or bonus or something.”

Catra’s eyebrows raise. “Swanky.” Adora shrugs. “I-it definitely sounds...exciting.”


“It’s a big step, Adora. I don’t...I need time to think about it.”

“Totally fair!’re open to it?”

“Yeah, yeah I’m open to it.”

A smile works its way tentatively over Adora’s face. “Okay, cool. Then I guess...check in a couple days from now?”

Catra searches her face, surprise slowly melting into affection. Suddenly she laughs. “Salineas, huh?”

Adora shrugs, still smiling. “It could be fun.”

Catra leans in for a soft kiss and pulls back to say even more softly, “Oh, babe, of that I have no doubt.”

Adora pushes her away with a hand on her cheek at her suggestive tone. “Should we get ready?”

Catra groans playfully and falls back to the bed. “Ugh, all that talk about relocating together, you almost managed to distract me from this new lingerie. You sure you wanna go out still?”

Adora laughs and climbs off her lap, crossing to the closet. “Yes, and I know you do to.”

“I mean, maybe.” Catra admits, rolling onto her side and propping her head up. “But I still would rather make you cum.”

The way the direct offer turns Adora on can’t be denied, but she stays strong. Pulling the crimson colored, lacy, strappy set she’d gotten that morning from the closet, she turns and says, “Good news is, you get to do both.”

Catra stands and stalks closer, plucking the garments from Adora’s hands. “This going to Salineas with you?”


Catra purses her lips and nods, handing the underwear back to Adora. “Seems like you’re giving me a pretty easy decision.”

Adora brightens at this. “Oh yeah?”

Catra shrugs but smiles. She runs a hand through Adora’s hair and brings it to rest on the spot where her neck meets her shoulder, making her shiver at the touch. “I still wanna sleep on it, but...I love you, Adora. I wanna be where you are.”

Adora melts from the inside out, pressing into Catra for a little support with that whole pesky standing thing. “I love you too, Cat. I...I’m not planning to leave without you.” Before Catra can protest she goes on to say, “It’s not like it’s my dream job. It’s a good opportunity, and we’d be set until you could find work too, but…”

She trails off and Catra swoops in to kiss her. It’s passionate and demanding, and before long she has Adora pushed back into the doors of the closet. She pulls back from Adora’s neck, panting, and looks up through her lashes. “I know I’ve been teasing…I just-please? I need-I want -”

Adora nods, hearing what she’s saying, feeling what she’s feeling. “Touch me.”

Catra searches her eyes for certainty and nods back when she finds it. She dives back into Adora’s neck and her hands reach down to unclasp her pants. She takes her right there, with Adora’ pants around her ankles and her back arching into the closet door, clutching desperately to Catra’s shoulders as she moves her fingers inside her. They whisper affirmations of love back and forth until Adora can’t speak, and then it’s just Catra, chanting I love you like a prayer into the skin of her neck. 

In the end, they’re late to Glimmer’s grad party not because they took time to fuck, but because of how long they stand there after the fact, holding on tight, pressed firmly together.