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ten ways of love

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A pain in the ass was what it was.

A complete fucking pain in the ass and possibly a pain in the heart, too.

Naoto had never been a nice person, apparently. His family was scared of him and his allies were scared of him and his enemies were scared of him and everyone else were scared of him, and sometimes he hated it. Hated it like he hated everything else.

He had never hated it as much as he hated Kumou Chuutarou, though. But it was a complicated feeling, the one surrounding that kid, a feeling that tore at his heart and tore at his mind and made him unable to think properly.

The kid promised to never let him be lonely, but it was just even more lonely when he was with the damn angel-like little brat. He was too bright, and Naoto had lived in the darkness, with the darkness, for way too long to be able to handle it.

Even if he might have wanted to have the kid around, he didn't, at the same time. He didn't understand and had feelings always been this complicated? He had no idea, he couldn't remember. But it must have been easier before, when all he needed was hate, and now he needed more but he also couldn't handle more.

He didn't know what to do, had no one to ask, had never had anyone to ask anyway, and maybe it was just better to get arrested and brought to prison for execution.

Then, perhaps, everything would be easier.

Then, maybe, he wouldn't be in such a never-ending pain.