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ten ways of love

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He has been working in Nicaragua for three years now, but it's finally time to call it quits and go back home, and it makes Akira glad, because he and Tapioca can take a break now. He has a vacation to look forward to, and he does not hesitate even for a second when deciding where to spend the months off that he has recieved.

He can't wait to get off the boat after this long trip and the many flights, and he can't wait even more until he sees his friends again. It will be so exciting to see them again, and see how they get along, and he has missed them so much.





It's a shock, really. He doesn't even recognize him first, just stares in shock and awe at the tall man in front of him.

He blinks.

And blinks some more.

Then he lifts a finger and points at the blond young man. "Haru?" he asks, and Haru nods. Then he grins, and he practically lifts Akira off of the floor as he is pulled into a warm embrace and when the hell did Haru get taller than me?? Tapioca is a little offended as she lands on the floor, and she pecks at Haru's shoe, but he completely ignores her, as he twirls.

His lack of attention on the duck results in untied shoelaces that tangle around his ankles, and he falls to the floor. Tapioca makes loud noises and Akira is perfectly cusioned against Haru's surprisingly broad yet slender frame.

He's still stunned, because he hadn't considered how much the kids might grow up while he was away from Enoshima. He opens his mouth, closes it, opens it, and Haru laughs. "Akira, just like a fish!" he says, and okay, that does it and Akira starts to laugh. Haru laughs too, because he thinks that Akira is laughting at his fish-comment, but that's not what he's laughing at. He's laughing at how much he's missed, yet how the same Haru still is, despite a bigger build. He feels like everything falls into place, one piece at a time, and like the biggest piece just comfortably nestled in the middle of the puzzle.

There, on the floor in the open on the docks, wrapped in Haru's arms, Akira realizes that while he might not have considered how different things might be, he is relieved that at least something is the same, and he drops his head onto Haru's chest, still laughing and also maybe crying a little and he just feels so happy to see the weirdo alien fish kid again.