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Blood Lust

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“At least, give it a try. You can always opt out if the date goes terrible.”


Lena sighed, giving in to Sam’s persistent nagging. Being a vampire had always meant that she was supposed to pretend to be human in broad daylight. And no, exposure to the sun does not turn vampires into ashes. Please… that is so 1630s. Over the years and centuries, vampires had evolved and adapted to things. Well mostly. But there were still some things that were left the way they were - old school. And Lena was mostly okay with it. But then there were some, who followed the rules almost obnoxiously… and in the case of Lena’s brother Lex, there is no need for the “almost”. He followed them to a fault and it annoyed her deeply. Lex was one of those vampires, who believed in pure-bred vampires supremacy. Only those were destined to be great leaders. Just like him. But Lena called bs on that. She would never give in to his rigid standards and way of living. 


Her mother, Lillian, was just as stoic, when it came to her methods. Which basically equaled her son’s. Well, she wasn’t Lena’s real mother nor was she Lex’s. But she was the one who had turned them into vampires in the first place. Which is why they only knew of her as their mentor, their creator. Nobody really knew how old Lillian was. And nobody dared to ask her. Simply because, they wouldn’t survive to know the answer, let alone tell someone else. As they said, the more ancient the vampire is, the stronger and more powerful they are.


The relationship Lena had with Lillian was complex at best. 


As soon as Lena started to recognize and comprehend the toxicity of Lillian’s influence, she slowly started to cut the ties. It was easier said than done though, considering how much of authority and power Lillian held over the entire vampire community. But there was great satisfaction in small victories. Even more so, because Lena knew Lex was the result of her direct upbringing. Lillian had tried to groom her too, nurture her as a tool for her own battles but Lena had managed to escape her shackles. Not completely but still. She was trying to. And that’s all that mattered. For now, at least.


“You okay?,” the concern in Sam’s voice broke Lena out of her trance.


“Yes, I’m fine...I’ll be fine. Just thinking about things.”


Lena had known Sam for as long as she can remember. Sam had been one of the unfortunate souls, who had been turned without their knowledge or consent… then again who would consent to becoming a monster? Or rather which monster is gonna ask for consent, when on a thirst run for blood? And unlike Lena, Sam didn’t remember who turned her. 


The tall woman had been her support system for the entirety of the time Lillian had been abusive to her. And in Sam, Lena had found a sense of comfort and safety. She even felt attraction towards Sam at some point in time and so had Sam for Lena and thus they had tried dating. 


Lena would lie to herself if she said that that wasn’t the only time she felt the most alive. Ironically.


But soon they came to the realisation, that they had different views on things and as much as it pained her, Lena had to break up with Sam due to their differences. It didn’t tear their friendship apart though.


Lena didn’t like and could never agree with her on the fact that Sam always gave in to her primal instincts during a blue moon and hunted down humans to drink their blood and kill them. Yes, Lena herself would oftentimes crave blood but since she was majoring in biotech, she had easy access to medical labs and therefore blood bags. She simply purchased what she needed. Most people thought her to be anaemic, which played greatly into her pale skin color and cold hands, and nobody seemed to care much about it.


Not once had she killed a human, even in times of desperate need and craving. The farthest she had gone was to attack a human at the corner of the street during a blue moon night and drink his blood until he passed out. But then, she had felt so guilt ridden about it that she had called an ambulance and paid for the entirety of his medical care.


Sam, on the other hand, didn’t see anything wrong with killing humans since she said she could barely remember or recall what she was actually doing during a blue moon. It was as if she had no control over who she was anymore when she turned.


But even though Sam didn’t feel guilty about what she did when she turned and forgot who she really was; deep down she knew it was wrong to kill in her fully conscious state which is why Lena still remained friends with Sam. Even if Sam wasn’t righteous every second of everyday, she was trying. And Lena commended her for it. 


Lena had set the highest standards for herself though. Never to kill anyone, even if it’s at the expense of her own vampiric life. She always used to believe that there was another way. A better way. 


Being a vampire primarily made her a hunter. An animalistic instinct to hunt ingrained in her very being. A blood lust. But even though that was a stereotype for all vampires and majorly true; Lena was desperately trying to cling to the compassion her once human life had taught her. 


It didn’t come easy to her but she would much rather choose to live in a peaceful world than a world where everyone tears each other apart.


“Don’t look so sour… it’s not gonna be that bad. I assure you,” Sam spoke up, breaking Lena’s train of thought. Lena shook her head at that and started pacing in front of her closest friend.


“I don’t even know this woman. What if she's a total moron? Or worse…. A human. I haven’t fed in weeks, Samantha. How am I supposed to enjoy her company, when all I can think about is eating her?” Lena turned on her heel, raising a finger. 


“Don’t!”, she said and glared at Sam, who was trying her hardest to not comment or smirk at what Lena had said. Sam cleared her throat and took a step towards Lena, her hands raised in a surrendering and calming motion.


“Don’t be so gloomy, Lee. You can enjoy yourself from time to time. And that’s the whole point of a blind date. The thrill of the unknown and be honest here, woman, when have I ever let you down, when it comes to those kinda things,” Sam raised an eyebrow, stifling a laugh and Lena rolled her eyes on cue. 


 “In all seriousness,” Sam continued, “she’s my girlfriend’s sister and she’s hot. Honestly, if I wasn’t dating Alex, I’d tap that.”


Lena’s eyebrow quirked.


“Is that supposed to make me feel better? You thirsting over the girl you’ve set me up on a blind date with. Not to mention that it’s your girlfriend’s sister.”


Sam broke into a laugh, “Oh honey, you’re so jealous already? You haven’t even met her.”


“That’s not what I- ugh… you’re incorrigible, Sam,” Lena resisted a blush trying to creep in on her cheeks as she turned away looking absently towards the crowd of people dancing in the club, mostly drunk and grinding into each other to the rhythm of the music.


Lena could still feel Sam’s smug look on her through her peripheral vision so she continued focusing on her drink; toying with the rim of her wine glass kept at the booth. Her drink contained a mixture of red wine and blood. And yet the alcohol wasn’t hitting her at all and that too when she needed it the most.


The sudden urge to pee was a welcome excuse to extract herself from this awkward and, in Lena’s case, uncomfortable, situation. Sam insisted on coming along with her since the washrooms were on the opposite side of the club and there was a high probability of getting lost in the crowd of people but Lena was having none of it.


“I’m not a 5 year old, Sam,” she said, teasingly, and left her friend at the bar.


It didn’t take long for Lena to find the washrooms and take care of business. But as soon as she came out of the washroom, she immediately regretted the decision of denying Sam to accompany her, when she noticed a man from the corner of her eyes, throwing her a devious smile.


Said man, Lena would rather describe him as leech, was Edge. Morgan Edge. The man linked to many scandals had been tolerable; until he got turned into a vampire. 


Over the years Lena’s urge to break his spine like a twig had only gotten stronger. It would have been easy, considering that he was only human back then and it also would have been the best way to stop him from causing any more harm and from constantly flirting with Lena even after her repeated refusal of his advances.


Morgan Edge simply was a man who couldn’t take no as a no. He kept on trying to pursue her relentlessly to the point where Lena had almost wanted to give in to the urge of killing him. But every damn time, she had managed to control her urge and choose compassion over violence.


However, right at this instant, she was having a hard time remembering why she should.


From the moment Edge had turned into one of her own, he was posing a threat. 


You see, it’s relatively very easy for a vampire to kill a human due to their extraordinary strength. However, since Edge had turned into a vampire, he had the upper hand at this point because of his broad physique.


“Ah, Miss Luthor. What a coincidence that we are here. It’s like fate wants us to get together, don’t you think?,” he said with a vicious smile, reducing the gap between them.


Clearly uncomfortable with the close proximity, Lena backed down a step further behind saying, “Oh you wish. This,” she said pointing a finger, to and fro between them, “us, is never gonna happen.”


“Are you sure about that?,” he sneered, swiftly closing the gap between them and wrapping his dreadful hand around her waist. 


Lena instantly froze. A chill ran down her spine as the memory of her being a little girl came back to her when she was turned against her will.


She felt small, vulnerable and in shock.


But before Edge could do anything further, a rough hand suddenly wrapped around his neck lifting him up to the skies. 


Lena had a hard time to process what was happening. From the corner of her eyes, she noticed blonde tresses brushing past her as a tall, muscular woman emerged from her side and out of nowhere, still choking the air out of Edge.


“Didn’t you hear her? Cuz I heard her pretty damn good. So when a lady says no, she means no,” the woman snarled, her voice barely hiding the anger simmering inside her.


“,” Edge wheezed, the words barely able to squeeze through his windpipe. His voice was weak and his eyes were swelling with tears up in their socket. Veins were straining and visible in his forehead as the woman kept on choking him further.


As Lena started coming back to her conscience and becoming aware of her surroundings again, she suddenly started feeling extremely attracted to this stranger. 


Who out of nowhere had protected her.


But how?


Lena knew as a matter of fact, that the blond woman could not be a human since Edge was a vampire himself. Howsoever strength a human possesses, even the weakest of vampires can overpower them.


Then, she’s gotta be ...


Lena couldn’t tell what kind of species this stranger was. But she certainly wasn’t a vampire. Something more feral, more animalistic. Lena’s nose caught the unfamiliar smell easily, she was unable to miss it really. Something earthy, something…. wild.


The everlasting pressure of the stranger’s hand on Edge’s neck was forcing his fangs to make an appearance. And by the Luthor law, no vampire was allowed to expose themself in front of mere mortals or else all of the involved, all of the witnesses, both the vampire and the humans would be killed.


And by that logic, if the whole crowd would get a glimpse of his fangs, there would be a massacre. Lillian would not hold herself back even in the slightest.


So, Lena reached out to the woman, gently placing her palm over her upraised hand and said, “it’s okay now. Please let him go.”


As soon as Lena touched her, the deep furrow in her brows eased up and the woman’s expression went from outraged to simple annoyance; devoid of the previous anger. She released her grip on him and Edge fell onto the ground, coughing violently in despair as he quickly scattered away.


The moment the stranger turned towards Lena, Lena felt weak on her knees. She knew that her face was probably giving it away- her sudden urge to climb this stranger like a tree.


But then she recalled she had a date with someone else and she sighed audibly, dismissing her previous thoughts.


“Thank you,” she said earnestly, looking at the blond woman with fondness.


The blond woman just gave her a lopsided grin and was about to say something when Sam found her amidst the crowd.


“There you are! I was looking for you everywhere and I heard some scuffle around here..”


She instantly stopped what she was about to say when her gaze fell on the stranger.


“Oh hey Kara! Seems like you both have met already.”


She looked back at Lena and uttered the next words. 


“Lena, this is Kara. Alex’s sister. She’s your date.”



The door of Lena’s bedroom flew open and two bodies, intertwined in each other, their lips locked in hunger, crossed the threshold. Desperation overpowered any other rational sense as they entered Lena’s bedroom; hands barely able to keep to themselves while their lips were repeatedly locking for searing kisses over and over again.


Lena’s hand went right to Kara’s jeans, starting to unzip it with her fumbling hands while she was biting Kara’s lower lip, unable to contain her own moans.


Kara’s hand was busy combing through Lena’s luscious, black hair and tugging at it now and then, as she was getting drunk over the taste of Lena’s plump lips.


Once Kara was in her boxers, Lena started working on Kara’s shirt not leaving Kara’s lips for even one second as Kara ripped off the dress Lena was wearing in haste.


Kara’s eagerness and strength reminded Lena of how much power she had and exhibited it a few minutes ago and so she pushed Kara onto her queen-sized bed.


Lena’s feather-like touch barely registered onto Kara but she still fell on her back, in awe of this marvelous woman right in front of her.


“I thought you had super-strength, Kara Danvers,” Lena smirked, wearing nothing but black lingerie. Her creamy skin accentuated in the best ways.


“I do but I like to see women like you in power,” Kara replied with that same stupid grin which had earlier made Lena’s panties wet.


“Is that so?”


Without waiting for a response, Lena straddled on Kara’s lap, shoving her cleavage on Kara’s face.


Using both hands as a leverage on Kara’s broad shoulders, Lena started grinding her wetness over Kara’s boxer.


Each motion of grinding pulled out a moan from Lena’s throat and Kara kept on worshipping this wondrous woman on her lap, her lips sucking the crook of Lena’s neck.


While rubbing the fabric of her lingerie against Kara, suddenly Lena felt a bulge underneath her boxer and gasped audibly. 


Kara immediately stopped all the ministrations and said, “uh...that’s a werewolf thing. We have know…,” Kara’s voice felt small but then she started rambling, “and we can stop right here if you want me to. I can eat you out instead-”


Lena broke her babbling with a single finger on Kara’s lips, shushing her as she continued her grinding on Kara’s boxer; silencing all her doubts along with it.


Not able to take the tease anymore, Kara unfastened the straps of the lingerie from Lena’s milky shoulders exposing her perfectly ample breasts. The rosy buds, already hard and seeking attention. 


Kara did not waste even a second, wrapping her hot mouth around Lena’s nipple and starting to suck hungrily. Her hand unconsciously started massaging the skin underneath the nipple she was sucking on. With the other hand, she started fondling and kneading the other breast.


Lena instantly arched her back feeling Kara’s hot mouth on her nipple desperately sucking the life out of her. Every pull, every suck of Kara’s lips on her nipple was making her incredibly wet. Wetter by the minute.


Her fingers ran through blonde tresses holding Kara in place while her breasts were given the attention they needed.


Lena was aching for more. She needed more. Wanted more. With every passing second. 


So, taking matters in her own hand, very meticulously she freed Kara’s cock from her boxer while Kara was lost in sucking Lena’s heavenly breasts.


Kara took the entire areola in her mouth and kept on sucking, unable to stop even for a second so Lena had to pull her head from her breast and whisper, 


“...please..get inside..”


Kara didn’t need to ask anymore as she positioned the head of her cock to Lena’s entrance and started slowly pushing in.


Lena kept on taking Kara’s cock inch-by-inch feeling the delicious drag and stretch of what she was awaiting for so long.


Lena’s warm folds were deliciously tight and Kara had to stifle a moan feeling the molten bliss envelop her shaft completely; the moment Lena buried Kara’s cock to the hilt.


Kara again resumed her suction on Lena’s breast while Lena started a slow, gentle pace of riding Kara; her fingers holding Kara in place as she was lapping on the entire areola of Lena’s breast, rough hand squeezing the skin underneath.


With every passing minute, Lena’s moans were getting louder. Kara kept on switching from one breast to another, sucking and pulling the entire skin of her breast in her mouth all the while massaging and kneading the skin beneath it.


The pace of riding kept on increasing steadily until Lena was bouncing on Kara’s cock barely able to keep Kara close to her breast while she hungrily kept on sucking Lena’s nipple.


Lena’s orgasm took her by surprise as she arched her back, shoving more of her breast in Kara’s hungry, waiting mouth and emanated a silent scream holding onto Kara for life; tears leaking down her eyes due to the feeling of euphoria engulfing her.


She kept on riding Kara, her first orgasm subsiding but a second one building up at an exponential pace.


All of a sudden, Lena felt something bulbous at her entrance. Kara let go of Lena’s nipple with a wet plop, a string of saliva connecting her mouth with Lena’s swollen bud.


“Shit, I’m gonna knot. We can stop if you want. We don’t have to-”


“Give me your knot!”


The sudden enthusiasm of Lena when she went up Kara’s cock only to slide half of her knot inside as she came down, made Kara almost cum. 


Kara did the remaining work; her mouth again wrapping around Lena’s swollen nipple and biting gently all the while sliding the remaining knot inside Lena’s drenching pussy.


As soon as Kara slid inside completely, Lena felt the entire length of Kara’s shaft inside her; the tip of the cock nudging gently at her cervix while the knot sealing them securely in place.


And then it happened.


The sudden insertion of Kara’s knot pulled out an intense orgasm out of Kara. Spurt after spurt of thick stream of semen started filling Lena’s womb. 


The intensity of Kara’s orgasm drew out another one from Lena. The walls of her pussy started clenching Kara’s shaft ever so tightly drawing out more of her semen. This time Lena came with a loud scream which echoed through her house.


Whenever Lena thought that was it, Kara would spill again inside her. Kara was filling her to such an extent that Lena could feel her womb getting taut. 


Kara was filling her with more than what she thought she could take. And since there was nowhere else for the semen to flow since they were securely locked, it kept on filling Lena’s womb making her abdomen curve.


A howl of a werewolf in ecstasy was heard from her room.


And as they started coming down from their highs, Lena was almost at the verge of passing out; mildly aware of her surroundings.


It was a good thing she couldn’t get pregnant since she was a vampire, right?