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Evil Author Day 2015

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Severus Snape stood on the station platform in Muggle clothes waiting. Twelve years had passed since he had saw the boy. He had gone off into the world only weeks after the final confrontation with the Dark Lord.

Months passed as Harry would send a missive through Muggle post to them, letting them know he was fine. The things he was doing or seeing. Things denied him as a child growing up. He would send packages of trinkets from his travels. Teas, chocolates, and pictures were all passed along.

It was the letter that spoke of him joining the British Military that Severus saw the change in Potter. He'd spoken with a recruiter, a man who also happened to be a Squib from an old family of Purebloods, so he recognized Harry Potter. They talked about different futures and what Harry wanted out of his.

Harry had often spoke of being dissatisfied with the Wizarding World in general, and what they had to offer him, which he said, was nothing.

One letter said he wanted to be someone other than The Boy Who Lived; more than a hero who others looked up to, or scorned when all else failed around them. It was three months after that letter, that Harry sent another letter, telling them he had signed up for the Royal Air Force.

Thus began a whole new adventure. He talked of his training and schooling. How he was settling into this new life, and how satisfied he was becoming. Like he had finally found his path in life.

That was, until September eleventh. The whole world stopped and started spinning out of control. The Muggle Trade Center was not only a place for ordinary Muggles, but was also the center of the Magical section of New York. When the towers came crashing down, the wards fell. Three hundred Witches and Wizards also died that day.

Narcissa Malfoy and Luna Lovegood were amongst the victims that day, along with Ginny Weasley. They had been across the pond shopping for the upcoming nuptials of Luna and Draco. When the bodies had been pulled from the carnage, Narcissa was found wrapped around both of the younger women; trying to keep them safe, but sadly to no avail.

It was the first time since he had left Hogwarts, that Harry Potter had come home. He was dressed in his Muggle military dress uniform. He looked very sharp and handsome, if Severus had felt bold enough to say. He stood before them a man, a changed man. He could stay only a few hours, since his unit was on standby because of happenings around the world. He told them War was on the horizon. Severus remembered the vivid red dawn that day. Blood would be spilled in the coming days.


Only they wouldn't be putting the whole world on his shoulders, not this time. He wasn't expected to save them all or be the hero for once.