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The Rock Star Bachelor

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„What do you mean I should go?” I ask incredulously.

My friend Olive gives me a look. “Live for once. I’m pretty sure you won’t regret it. I would come with, but I have to work.”

We are sitting on the couch in our living room in a small, but stylish flat in London. I have to thank my friend for that. She is an up-and-coming designer living her best life in the city while I’m a nurse. Don’t get me wrong, I love what I do. I love that I have found my dream job is helping people but it’s exhausting at times. My friend and I couldn’t be more different but we compliment each other in the best ways.

I must laugh. “Oh yeah, I bet you would. But I don’t think I’ll go. You know –“ I add with a smirk, “you don’t go to an event you haven’t been invited to.”

“Says who?” she laughs. “YOLO, you know!”

I smile back. “Yeah” I draw out the word, “I’m surprised you haven’t been invited. Since you’re such a star now.” I shoot her a wink.

She smiled. “Well, they don’t have taste” she jokes, “but again, it doesn’t mean you can’t go” she wiggles her eyebrows.

I’m such an overthinker. I wish I wasn’t, but I can’t stop it at times. And the thought of going somewhere uninvited scared the living hell out of me.

I gulp. “I’ll think about it.”

My friend groans. “Don’t think everything through. Just do something you want to do for once.”

I look down at my clothes, a jeans and tee I threw on after getting out of my scrubs at the hospital. I only just got home from work.

“I don’t even know what to wear.”

My friend gets up takes my hand and pulls me up “Come on”




I am standing in front of Roundhouse Theatre in Camden and I’m rubbing my hands against each other. It’s cold for August and I’m freezing. I am wearing the prettiest dress, curtesy to Olive. We have gone to a second-hand shop where she had picked out a dark blue dress. She said it would match my eyes. She has cut it shorter and added Swarovski crystals to it. I love that it’s stylish, yet not your typical ballerina gown and never want to take it off.

“Do you think we will actually get to talk to him?” A girl comes up next to me and I’m glad I’m distracted. She wears a lot of eyeliner, as well as black tights and a black short dress.

“I definitely hope so” I say with a smile. “And this location is really cool”

“Well, I’ve heard it’s unlikely” she says disappointedly. “Apparently, we only see him for the show and that’s it but yeah, it’s a small venue so who knows. I don’t even know why he’s doing it. If he did a concert at Wembley, it would sell out within minutes”.

“Yeah” I agree “I’m glad he still seems down to earth” I roll my eyes “even though he probably really isn’t”.

“Oh I bet he is –“ she makes a crazy face.

I have to laugh “You think?”

Why is he playing here if he could sell so much more tickets elsewhere? Maybe he really is humble after all.

“Oh yeah” she nods furiously “I mean he can bang any girl he wants so…”

I shrug “Well lucky him, I guess” I laugh. “I’m not one to talk, I’ve never seen him before”

She looks at me as if I was out of this world “You’ve never seen him before?” she laughs “Girl he will knock you off your feet”

I laugh. “Well I don’t typically swoon after guys I can never have anyway. What about you” I almost scream it because the crowd gets louder because cars start to pull up. “How many times have you seen him?”

“Oh I’ve seen him at –“ her words trail off as several cars pull up.


Suddenly people start screaming. I don’t, because I’m too blown away by the security guards letting the band through. I see all the band mates before I see him: Jake Morgan.

He’s being rushed through, and I barely have time to register that it’s him. He has got that tall, dark and handsome vibe going on but there is more to him I can’t quite put. He has sunglasses on even though it’s already dark but then again there are flashes going off everywhere. I’m too stunned to even move as he puts on a quick smile, waves and then disappears inside.

“Wow” I breathe out once he is out of sight and I come back to my senses.

My heart is still jumping out of my chest even though he is gone.

“He is handsome” I add, lost for any other words.

“Handsome?” my friend screeches “He is next level gorgeous”

I have to laugh, and I can’t help but agree. “Oh yes”

“Told ya” she adds with a wink.

“Worse than all that is that he seems so humble and kind”

“Girl” she laughs, “that’s just you. For me, he is the perfect eye candy and so bad” she draws out the last two words.

“Should we go in?” she asks as people start to storm inside.

“Yeah” I say hesitantly.

“Oh, I’m Alana, by the way” she laughs “Sorry, I was too focused on him to actually introduce myself”

I laugh too “Well, I get you. And I’m Mara”

We slowly walk inside and my belly knots in a twist when I see they are checking invites. I mean why the hell wouldn’t they? My friend gives their invite to the guards so I’m up next.

“Invite?” the guard asks me.

“Oh” I hesitate, waiting for them to throw me out any moment.

“She’s with me” Alana says and I’m so beyond relieved.

“Alright, go on through” one of the guards says and gestures for us to go inside.

“Thanks” I say.

She smirks “No problem. I want to make sure you see Jake and get your mind blown”

“I appreciate it” I blush a bit “I’ll get our drinks”


“Cheers to that” Alana laughs as we toast.

I’m still blown away by the beautiful setting. The roof is supported by 24 columns and cast-iron girders, and with the lighting it makes for a great atmosphere. It is standing admission only and Alana is a pro at securing us a spot for the best view of the stage.

“Bloody hell” I whisper when realisation hits that it’s not that long till the band appears.

“You nervous?” Alana asks next to me.

I exhale shakily “Yeah, a bit”

“Relax” she laughs “Your first time is your best”

I wrinkle my nose and we both start laughing.

“Just wait until you see him perform” she adds. “There won’t ever be another guy to swoon for after that.”

I laugh, taking another gulp of my cocktail to avoid answering immediately. I drink it like water now “Yeah, I bet” I sigh.

“But –“ I hesitate before I stop. I’m not even sure what to say. I’m too blown away by the surroundings and the fact that I will get to see him perform in the flesh.

“My friend would love this” I say finally.

“Everyone wants to be where we are, girl” she says with a wriggle of her eyebrows.

“To this night” I raise my glass and we toast.





He stares at me, his mesmerizing green eyes looking into mine as if we have known each other forever.

“So?” he asks, a little smirk on his face.

“So” I add, smiling “I’ll think about it”

“Don’t think that much” he says as he pulls me even closer “you know you want to.”

“Oh yeah?” I challenge him. “I’m not so sure about that.”

“You know a million girls would swap places with you this instant right?” he raises his eyebrows ever so lightly.

I smile “I do. But I’m not like a million girls.”

“You sure as hell aren’t” he states, and that smirk turns into a smile.

Not any smile though. A smile that tells me he is amused, but there is also something else in his eyes that makes me shiver.

“Thanks, I guess” I laugh, trying to make fun of the conversation.

“You are –“


I get ripped out of my dream as I wake up with a groan, hearing my phone ring. I reach for it on the nightstand and answer it, still half-asleep and hanging on to that dream.


“Hi Mara. This is Jane. We talked last night?”

She sounds so chipper I don’t know how she does it.

“Uh huh” I mumble.

“I was wondering if you have made your decision yet?”

I slowly sit up and grab my forehead as a pounding headache races through it.

“My decision?” I groan.

“Yes” she confirms, “your decision on whether or not you would like to be a part of our show.”

I frown and gulp. “I’m sorry –“ I hesitate “uh… Jane. Which show are you talking about?”

She laughs lightly “I’m talking about The Bachelor. Which will be Jake Morgan this year.”

I am stunned into silence, which honestly isn’t a very hard thing to do. I’m speechless quite often.

“Mara, are you still with me?” Jane asks.

“Yeah” I draw out the word. “Uhm… when will I need to make my decision?”

“We would need your decision by 6 pm. Otherwise we will have to replace you with another candidate.”

I nod even though I understand nothing. “Can I call you back later?”

“Of course. Take your time and think about it.”

Then she adds, as if she was smirking “with all the pros that come with it.”

“Uh, thank you. I will let you know”

I hang up and sit there, stunned.


I get up, still holding my forehead, as if that would ease my headache. That phone call was confusing the crap out of me. What the hell is going on? Why would I possibly be on The Bachelor? And Jake Morgan being the actual bachelor of all celebrities out there? Why does it have to be him?

I walk into the bathroom and shower but I’m still none the wiser when I dress. I do feel a bit better with fresh clothes on and my hair in a messy bun just how I like it.

I glance at my watch. It’s almost noon. So that gives me around six hours to make a decision. I check my phone for any clues. A lot of selfies. Drunken selfies. I scroll down and halt when I spot a photo that has Jake in it. He looks amazing in dark jeans and a black tee, his muscles visible through the shirt. His hair is a dark mess, and he smirks into the camera. He actually smirked into my phone lens last night. My heart starts pounding faster, as I search for more photos with him in it. But I find it’s the only one I find.

What the hell happened last night?

I walk into the living room to look for Olive, but I don’t find her. She is probably already working again. I sigh as I slump down on the sofa.

Then I decide to search through my contacts. What was her name? Elena? My recent new contact is Alana so that must be here. I sigh with relief. She surely knows what happened.

I hit her name and call her. She picks up on the fourth ring.

“Hello?” she sounds just like I felt an hour ago

“Hi Alana, it’s me, Mara” I say slowly, wondering if she would remember me.

“Hi Mara, what’s up?” she asks, still sounding very sleepy.

“Uhm” I hesitate “Do you know what happened last night?”

She laughs “You don’t remember?”

I cringe “I guess I had a little too much to drink” I pause “I’m not much of a drinker”

“Oh” she sounds surprised “Yeah we got pretty wasted last night” she laughs.

“Well – I guess it was worth it, but I just wish I remembered anything. This woman Jane just called me” I hesitate, wondering if I should even tell her “…about The Bachelor?”

Alana laughs again “And you don’t remember anything from last night?”

I grimace “I’m afraid I don’t. I mean I saw a few photos in my gallery but that’s about it”

“Damn girl!” she draws out the word “You forgot about the best part!”

“And that would be?” I ask nervously.

“That part where you and Jake acted like you were the only two people in the room of a few hundred.”

It’s as if my heart stops for a second before it starts pounding rapidly.

“Wait, what?”

She laughs again “Are you free to grab a cuppa? I can’t leave you that clueless with you being on the Bachelor soon”

Thank God I am off work today. There is so much I need to clear up and decide.

I smile “Well I don’t know about that, but I’d love to know more about last night”

“Oh, you definitely do. Let’s say Parliament Hill Cafe in an hour? You can do with the peace and quiet there”

I laugh “Great, thanks. See you in a bit.”

“See you there.”