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Bunny's reward

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"Tada, Commander what do you think"

The Commander in question raised an eyebrow in bemusement at Allen m. Sumner, his current secretary who was standing before him and spreading her arms out to show off her new outfit.

The white swimsuit-like leotard she normally wore was replaced with a similar black leotard, the same was true for the oversized jacket that hanged off her arms, she had a body stocking covering her legs, hips and her cleavage that could be seen through a chest window in the outfit and topping the outfit off was a pair of shiny bunny ears on top of her head.

Despite the costume covering more skin than her normal clothes it clung to her frame more tightly, highlighting her curves which he found very appealing.

"Ohh Commander, did I make you speechless?". Allen’s words made him realise that he had been staring a bit longer than he intended too.

"Well I think you look adorable," he told her with an amused grin on his face.

"aw is that all you have to say" she says while coyly covering her mouth with an oversized sleeve.

The Commander calling her adorable was only a half truth really but the time and place was somewhat inappropriate for the other half.

"yep, you make for a very cute bunny girl after all". He replied before returning his attention to the papers in front of him.

She seemed pleased with his words by the way her face went a light shade of pink and she shyly looked away from the Commander.

"hehe how about instead of working you cuddle with this adorable bunny girl instead" she suggested more to herself really as when she returned her gaze to the Commander he was writing out a report instead of keeping his attention on her.

"Ah" Allen made a noise like she was trying to say something but had decided against it at the last minute.

The Commander looked up from his work, "is something wrong" he asked.

She shook her head in response, "no everythings alright". Which wasn't quite true as he was paying more attention to work than her who had dressed up for him stung a little.

"good because unfortunately we have a lot of work today and I'll be needing your help with it all"

Allens shoulders slumped and her smile fell off her face at the prospect of having to do a bunch of work.

"That sucks,” she said ever so eloquently.

"Indeed" he agrees, "But someone's gotta do it so let's get to it," he says, putting pen to paper once again.

"I suppose", Allen begrudgingly gets to her job of organising papers for the Commander to check by importance as well as compiling the resources used by the fleet for that week.

The work quickly bores her, the words on the paper she was reading starting to melt together forcing her to put it down and lean back into the couch, letting a sigh escape her lips in an attempt to exhale her frustrations.

"uugghh this is lame"

Stealing a glance at the Commander she sees him nose deep in a pile of paperwork, furiously writing away.

"That dummy should be paying attention to me instead of all that work," She groaned internally, lightly swinging her legs up and down in frustration, She decides to pulls her phone out of her jacket to distract herself and manages to navigate to juustagram despite her hands being covered in the oversized sleeve of her jacket.

Scrolling though she sees a pic with some of the other girls who had dressed in their own bunny outfits, a pang of jealousy at the fact they were having fun while she was stuck doing work.

She quickly scrolls past not wanting to be reminded of what she's missing out on. Giving likes to a couple of posts with stickers in them,she comes across a video that catches her eye.

"oh snap is that a new trailer for that video game I'm waiting for, hell yeah".

Before she could open the video she was interrupted by the Commander asking her, "do you have the compiled resource list".

Allen dropped her phone in surprise and quickly reached for one of the papers on the desk in front of her.

"Ah yeah of course here you go". She hands the sheet of paper to him, flushing in embarrassment at getting caught slacking off and mentally chiding herself to do better.

"thank you". He smiled as he took the sheet but his face made it clear he wasn't particularly happy with the way she was getting distracted.

She meekly returned to the couch picking up a piece of paper on the way and trying to sink into the couch, the guilt she felt at messing around instead of working like she was supposed to eating her up inside even making her bunny ears droop.

The Commander noticed the way his normally joyous secretary had deflated and he quickly decided on a way to hopefully motivate and cheer her up.

"tell you what, if we can get all this work done today I'll give you a reward"

The talk of reward got the girl's attention, sitting up straighter and her bunny ears returning to their upright position.

The Commander quickly wondered how the ears seemed to reflect her mood, probably some new technology he thought.

"Really, what kind of reward"

"Whatever you want"

"alright! You're the best Commander I won't let you down" Allen gave him a faux salute and one of her smiles that never failed to make his heart skip a beat.

They went about their work in diligent silence. Any time intrusive thoughts about slacking off invaded Sumner's head, she would beat them back with the promise of a reward.

Finally the last report was written out marking the end of their work, Commander and Secretary both leaning back into their respective seats breathing out a sigh of relief at only just completing their work on time.

"Why was there so much work?". The bunny eared girl kicked her legs up and down as she groaned about work.

"I don't know, I suppose there's just been more happening recently,” Answered the Commander. "still I couldn't have finished it all without your help, you can be quite the quick worker when you want to be".

"ahh yeah…". She didn't really share his sentiments about herself, she should be a quick worker all the time and not just when she had a promise of rewards.

"Well then, what do you want for your reward?" he asked, catching Allens attention, she couldn't see it behind his tented fingers but he was giving her a smug smirk after asking her for what she wanted.

She shook her head, expelling the negative thoughts inside so she could think about what she wanted which didn't take long. "could we cuddle then?". She suggested meekly, her mouth hidden behind an oversized sleeve and her cheeks a light pink colour.

The Commander gives an amused huff through his nose not surprised in the slightest at her request. "I suppose we could,” He got up from his desk but didn't go to the black haired bunny, instead walking past her to the door and locking it so nobody would awkwardly walk in on them. After securing their privacy he takes off the coat of his uniform tossing it aside leaving him with a simple navy blue t-shirt.

He walked back over to the couch where Allen was now lying down, her arms in the oversized sleeves of her jacket were reaching up to him to invite him into her embrace. An invitation he was all too happy to accept as he leaned down wrapping his arms around the middle of her body while she looped her arms around his neck, the two of them wriggling around until they were lying on their sides and their bodies were comfortably pressed against each other.

They melted into each other's embrace, letting themselves get lost in the intimate feeling of each other, the soft beats of their hearts and chests brushing against each other with each breath taken. Allen hummed happily as she pressed her face into the crook of his neck.

Their moment of peace only lasted a short while before Allen started fidgeting in his arms, humming tunelessly as she nuzzled into the Commander's neck which took him out of his cuddle induced daze, rumbling in discomfort as he looked down at the bunny girl and seeing her flushed red face and an unmistakable look of want in her eyes that were looking at him.

"hey" she said, wriggling her body against his.

"What is it?" he questioned while giving her a knowing smirk.

"Can we kiss? " she whined, moving her face closer to his so that their lips were nearly brushing together.

"hm, I thought cuddling was your reward,".

the Commander's grin widened into a teasing smile.

"But I want to kiss too"

"kissing wasn't part of your reward", his smile widened as Allen puffed out her cheeks in a cute pout.

"it doesn't have to be part of the reward, you'll do it because you want too"

He raised an eyebrow at her words. "Do I now?".

Allen wrapped her legs around his waist and started squeezing him with her arms and legs. "yes you do because until you start making out with me I won't let go of you," She told him

"ha, don't threaten me with a good time".

The Commander squirmed a little bit trying to escape but as a ship girl Allen had above average strength which proved difficult to break free from. Despite the fact that he would gladly stay in her embrace for an extended period of time he also would like to do other things at some point in the future and also because it was starting to get hard to breath with her squeezing him.

"Fine you win,” He lightly kisses her forehead and watches as she pushes her face towards his own.

"I knew you'd come around",she giggled, her face millimeters from his own, their breathing tickling each other's lips.

"I was forced too really", he says, kissing her again on the cheek to her apparent annoyance, "no kiss me on the lips", she whined.

"ha,stop being impatient". He chides her while still pressing his lips against her own, feeling how soft they are for only a second before separating. She chases him eager for more, mashing her lips against his and giving him no room to breathe.

They part for a second quickly catching their breaths before joining together again, the Commander pushing his tongue against her lips causing her to push her own tongue against his,mutually moaning as their tongues danced with each other.

They broke off the lack of air becoming too much, quickly sucking in lungfuls of air before crashing against each other again, rougher and more intensely than before.

"I love you". Allen gasps out in the moment they separate to breathe, the Commander responds with another deep kiss that gives her no time to catch her breath as she mewls into him. Her burning lungs combine with the burning feeling deep inside her, heat pooling into her core and clouding her mind.

"Haa Commander, can we do it?". she asks as they separate again,her breath hot and heavy, her eyes were glazed over and cheeks a dark red as she grinded her core against him.

The Commander struggled to give her a sly smile as he gasped for breath. "do what exactly?".

She pouted at his reply. "don't tease me idiot, I wanna have sex", she moaned rubbing against the bulge in his pants. "and I know you want it too".

As fun as it was to tease her he also couldn't deny that he wanted to do it, the sensation of her grinding against him was maddening.

"yeah OK alright, just stop clinging to me for a sec would ya".

She obliged his request, loosening her hold on him and letting him shuffle them around so she was sitting on the couch while he stood before her.

Leaning down he nips at her neck eliciting a whimper from her while he reaches around her back fumbling for the zipper of her leotard. He finds his mark and a buzzing noise sounds out as he pulls the zipper down and undoing the buttons on the collar at the same time which let's the leotard loosen around her body.

He slowly starts pulling it down, Allen straightening her legs to make it easier for him to pull the leotard off. One of her shoes catches onto the leotard coming along with it as he pulls it off, he pays the leotard no mind, carelessly tossing it aside in favour of admiring just how tightly the body stocking fit onto Allens body, the outline of her breasts and erect nipples clearly visible against the fabric and even the shape of her lower lips were clear to see.

It was a certain type of erotic, like she was a present for him to unwrap."you're beautiful and really sexy". He says, pushing a lock of hair from her forehead to kiss it while she grabs his hand and hums happily as she rubs her cheek against his palm.

"Commander…". Allen's words were laced with need and a burning desire in her eyes that were staring into his own.

His fingers move to rub her covered pussy and lips locking with her own,muffling her moans, his fingers pushing into her the fabric of her stocking giving more friction for his fingering and sending waves of pleasure through her body as he tries to push his fingers deeper but getting blocked by the stocking.

He stops kissing her and kneels down while continuing to finger her, feeling the fabric become damp with her juices as he strokes her folds.

Once he's eye level with her womanhood he takes his fingers off and pushes her thighs apart, the stocking drenched with her arousal staining it a dark shade.

He brushes his fingers around her thighs as he looks for a good place to tear the stocking apart. "are you gonna tear it apart". She asks him. "I'll buy you a new one", he answers.

"mm OK then" she nervously grins at him as he digs his fingernails into the fabric and starts unwrapping his present, pulling at the stocking eliciting a soft whimper from Allen as the stocking digs into her skin in its resistance against his pulling.

The Commander easily pulls the stocking apart thread by thread making a small hole exposing her skin, he eagerly tears it open further until her pretty pink pussy was on display for only him to see.

Allen shivers at the feeling of her most private part being exposed, the heat of his breath tickling her most sensitive part intensifying the burning desire within her.

"cmon I can't wait anymore". She whines and apparently the Commander couldn't wait either as his tongue starts licking at the entrance of her pussy and lapping up her honey that was already leaking out.

Allen squirmed at the feeling, pushing her legs against his shoulders as his tongue probed deeper into her folds, moans breaking free from her every time he licked her sensitive walls.

"ha, mmnn, Commander" she groans as his tongue leaves her insides for a second before he licks her clit, allens body buckling as the bundle of nerves was stimulated by his tongue, the Commander then grips her legs, keeping her in place as he quickly alternated between licking her insides and her clit.

She moaned freely as she was tongue fucked, one of her sleeved hands reaching down and pushing on his head as he masterfully worked away, bringing her ever closer to her climax, his tongue swirling inside her, hitting the sensitive spots before he takes it out and flicks her clit with it making her shudder as waves of pleasure run through her body.

"ahh, Commander I'm cumming!". Allen squeals as the familiar feeling of an orgasm courses through her, making her throw her head back and let out a loud moan as she comes undone. The Commander licked daster at hearing the black haired bunny's quivering voice, using his tongue to prolong her orgasm and messily drinking the tangy juices that squirted out although some of it got on his shirt staining it.

Allen shuddered as she came down from the high of her climax, peering down at the Commander she saw his shirt stained with her honey. "Ahh sorry about that", she apologizes blushing darkly. "it's alright" he replies, flashing a reassuring smile.

"still we should get your shirt off". Allen says as she reaches down, placing her hands on his shoulders and somehow finding purchase on his shirt despite her hands being covered by her puffer jacket. "hup" she makes a noise as she pulls his shirt up, the Commander moving his body down while lifting his arms up letting Allen pull it off smoothly and then tossing it to the side.

Allen bit her lip at the sight of her lover's toned chest. "I love you" she giggles as she ghosts her hands over his muscles. "me too" he replies, while groping her chest and eliciting a quiet whimper from the bunny girl that he quickly silences with a kiss.

Allen bit his lower lip as they parted before letting out a surprised gasp when the Commander squeezed her left breast. "hmm we should get this off you" he says rubbing her nipples, the erect nubs pushing against the material covering them. "Ah hah, how are you going to do that then", she moaned lightly as her nipples were played with.

The Commander hummed thoughtfully as he pulled on her left nipple until it slipped from his fingers leaving him pinching the stocking.

"Like this".

He reaches down,grabbing the part between her breasts and starts pulling it apart with both hands eliciting a yelp from the bunny destroyer as the stocking digs into her before being harsley ripped apart, her breasts bouncing as they were freed from their constraints.

The sight of her shapely breast now bare for him to see was incredibly enticing for the Commander and he wasted no time in having his way with them, roughly groping her boobs and making her gasp, he relished in the feeling of them, not to big that he couldn't hold all of it nor small enough for him to be wanting more, they were simply the perfect size to fit in his hands.

"haah" Sumner shivered slightly as he squeezed her breast, it fit perfectly in his hand, not too big or small and was quite squishy as his fingers sunk into it eliciting a groan from her. Satisfied with feeling it he took his hand off replacing it with his mouth, lips covering her breast as he twirled his tongue around her areola before flicking her hardened nipple.

"Hah ah that tickles”. Allen half laughs and half moans at the feeling of her nipple being played with, leaning forward she wraps her arms around the Commander's head covering it with her puffy sleeves letting her softly pushing him into her chest, laying her chin on his head she closed her eyes to focus on the sensation of him sucking and groping her boobs.

the Commander takes his mouth off with a pop and moves his head to her other breast,biting down on her nipple hard enough to make her squirm without hurting her,rolling it between his teeth and teasing it with his tongue making her moan in his ear, the sound was like a sweet song for him that confirmed she was feeling good from his ministrations.

"Ahh,stop playing with my boobs". She whines softly, the Commander let go of her breasts at her behest, pulling himself from her arms. "hmm why's that, do you want something else". he chuckles as her eyes flick down to the tent in his pants. "Let's get that out of there". Allen giggles as she deftly undoes his belt and pulls down his pants despite her sleeve covered hands. ”ooh,” she coos as his cock jumps out from its constraints.

"Haha". Allen laughs softly before loosely wrapping her legs around his waist.

"Commander… please make me feel good”

“Of course, honestly you're so cute,wearing that bunny outfit because you wanted this to happen," he murmured, running his hands down her sides, tracing the outline of her body till he stopped at her hips.

"Haha, well you know what bunnies are like,” she laughed “Anyways less talking and more doing," Allen looked down at his erect member, licking her lips she spreads her legs apart to present her pussy dripping with arousal to himl,an unspoken invitation that he gladly accepts placing one hand on her hip and the other on his dick lining it up with her slit.

Allens breathing hitched as she felt him prodding at the entrance of her folds, her body tensing in anticipation, she didn't have to wait long as he pushed his hips forward into her wet pussy slowly spreading her apart.

"Mm, ahh,” Allen groaned throatily at the intimate feeling of his length pushing her insides apart inch by inch until he bottomed out inside her, a satisfied groan escaping the Commander's lips at the feeling of her warm insides clenching his length.

Allen took a few breaths while slowly rolling her hips, adjusting herself to his ample size that was now filling her,”ooh you feel really good Commander,” she coos, reaching up and hooking her arms around his neck pulling him down into a kiss, their tounges tasting each other,a string of saliva connecting them when their mouths part.

"You can start moving now," she told him and he obliged, placing his hands on her hips and pulling his length out until only the tip is left inside her and then pushing back in slowly, eliciting a breathless coo from the blushing bunny as she feels his shaft spearing into her, rubbing her walls pleasurably stoking the heat inside her and making her shiver.

"mmn that feels good Commander," Allen moved her face into the crook of his neck and kissed it leaving a string of marks on his skin.

The Commander groaned lustfully in response, screwing his eyes shut as he focused on the heavenly feeling of her insides gripping his cock, each time he moved out her warm folds would grow tighter trying to keep him inside making him groan in pleasure at the feeling of her womanhood milking him.

Picking up the pace he starts moving faster, pumping his length in and out her folds, the sound of their pelvis slapping together as he pistons her and making her splayed legs bounce with each thrust.

"Ahh Commander, you feel amazing," she buried her face into his chest pulling him closer. "nn!" Allen spasms slightly as his cock hits a sweet spot within her, something the Commander takes notice of as he bangs her more, hitting the same spot making her shudder and tighten around his shaft encouraging him to go faster.

"Commander, I'm gonna- mm!," Allen's words were cut off with a sharp cry as his cock hit her cervix, making her mind blank and body buckle, pushing her dangerously close to the edge of her climax.

"Ngg Allen," he breathed out heavily, jackhammering into her harder until with a strangled sherik she went over the edge.

Allen cried out as her climax rocked through her body, holding the Commander tighter as she writhed beneath him, her folds clamping on his cock and making him orgasm with the sudden tightness, a low groan escaping his body as he pushes his dick against her cervix and unloading his seed inside her flooding her womb.

Allen rode out her orgasm moving her hips blindly as her insides milked him, the feeling of his cum inside her and her movements prolonging her climax.

The Commander stayed inside her until he regained his senses after his climax and he pulled out, some of his milky white seed flowing out with his cock and dribbling down her skin, the dazed bunny shivered at the feeling of being empty again,her chest heaving as she caught her breath.

The Commander sat down beside her and watched as Allen climbed atop him, straddling his lap and looking at him with half lidded eyes, she pressed her lips against his in a deep kiss, that he reciprocated, the two of them spending the next few minutes absent mindedly making out.

Feeling a familiar heat return to her core, Allen broke off from him and looked into his eyes as she grinded against him , "Commander, I need more," she whined before getting off his lap and kneeling down between his legs.

He watched her through glazed eyes as she took his half erect cock between her sleeved hands, rubbing it against her cheek as she looked up at him with a cute smile unbefitting of what was doing, she kisses the tip and licks around his glans eliciting a groan from the Commander who was watching intently as she kissed her way down his cock before licking back up to the head, she kept eyes contact with him as she took him into her mouth, her tongue licking and cleaning his cock,the wet appendage sometimes flicking out of her O shaped mouth as she blew him.

The Commander's dick quickly became fully erect within her mouth from her efforts, Allen hummed happily at the feeling of his length filling her mouth and bobbed her head, making wet noises as she moved her mouth up and down his shaft before pushing her head down deepthroating his cock and causing him to breathlessly gasp as he feels his cock tickle the back of her throat.

"ooh gods"

The Commander groaned at the pleasure of Allen's warm mouth stimulating his cock, the black haired bunny’s throat muscles squeezing his length while her tongue licked and sucked his shaft leaving him breathless.

After a couple more bobs of her head she took her lips off his cock with an audible pop, the Commander whined indignantly at the lack of warmth around his cock,wondering why she stopped.

"Sorry Commander but I want it inside," Allen grinned, able to tell what he's thinking.

The black haired bunny climbed onto his lap, straddling him again ."There, now you're ready to go again,". she grinded her folds along his erect length, wetting it with the slick juices leaking out.

"you're perfect," the Commander murmured, kissing her on the cheek.

"haha thanks," she blushed lightly before raising her hips and grabbing his cock lining it up with her dripping folds before dropping down, impaling herself on him. Allen's face contorted into an expression of pure pleasure, her mouth open in a silent scream as a shiver ran up her spine at the feeling of being suddenly spread apart.

The Commander rolled his hips, groaning pleasantly, happy to be within her hot and tight insides again, "yeah, you're perfect, i just wanna keep fucking you forever," he whispered into her ear

Allen flushed redder, a small whimper fleeing her lips, "stop saying things like that, it's embarrassing".

The Commander only chuckled at her demure response, leaning forward and pecking her on the lips.

Allen reporicated the kiss before placing her hands on his shoulders and leaning back, slowly raising her hips before sliding down his cock again,repeating the motion and making them both groan in pleasure before coming to a stop

"this is feels nice but I think it would be better like this,"

She smiled cheekily as she rose off him until only the tip was left inside her, smiling wider when she took her hands off his shoulders and brought them up to her forehead, imitating bunny ears before she dropped her hips again, plunging down his cock and repeating the motion.

"Hah see I'm hopping like a bunny ooh~," Allen's words devolve into a loud moan as the Commander's cock spears into her sensitive inside, melting her mind.

"Allen," the Commander grabs the bouncing bunny's hips, helping guide her onto his dick with each bounce, he focused on the hypnotic way her breasts bounced with the rise and fall of her body while trying to resist the urge to cum again, her vigorous movements stimulating his already sensitive shaft burning his stamina.

"hop hop" Allen giggled as she bounced on his cock.

The Commander decided to take things a bit further by bucking his hips, rising to meet the bouncing bunny as she falls, hitting her deeply incredibly quickly, Allen's mind flashing white as the tip knocks against her cervix forcing her to fight back her orgasm.

“Ahh,” Allen paused her bouncing, twitching as she pushed back her climax in favour of experiencing more pleasure first which gave the Commander an opportunity to take control.


"hm, yea-wha!"

The black haired bunny let out a surprised yelp when the Commander stood up, forcing her to wrap her arms and legs around him lest she fall down.

"Commander?" she groaned in a questioning tone, he only responded by grinning as his hands moved to her ass, squeezing her cheeks before he bucked his hips thrusting into her at a blistering pace.

"mnahh," Allen let out a rising moan at the way his length pistoned against her sensitive walls, the speed of his cock pounding into her dizzying.

The Commander adjusted his grip on her, using his left arm to hold her from below essentially turning his arm into a seat while the his right arm wrapped around her middle pulling her closer and making it easier to fuck her even faster.

"ha aah oh my god ooh!" Allen became a mewling mess in the Commander's arms, her mind and body unraveling as he repeatedly thrusted up into her pussy like a jackhammer hitting her the entrance to her womb with each roll of his hips, sending electric waves of pleasure through her body.

Allen's eyes dilated and her tongue lolled out as her mind melted from the fast sex, the Commander takes this as an invitation to kiss her, muffling the lewd noises she was making.

The combined feeling of the Commanders cock pushing against her cervix and his tongue rolling in her mouth stealing her breath was too much for the bunny girl, her muscles tighten, arms and legs clinging to his body in a vice like grip while her folds do the same to his cock, Allen squirms in his embrace as she came, honey dripping down his length, her eyes rolling back from the feeling of her orgasm and the lack of oxygen as she refused to stop kissing him.

The Commander grits his teeth, the searing heat of her pussy strangling his cock sending him close to the edge, his thrusts become shorter and faster as he chases his own climax, the honey flowing out of her folds allowing him to move at a mind-blowing pace.

"mmphh, mmmnn"

Allen moaned into his mouth repeatedly as he kept pounding, her pussy sensitive from just orgasming meant each thrust into her sent mind melting waves of pleasure through her body which triggers a second smaller orgasm that is made better when his thick seed erupts out of his cock shooting inside, his cum pooling into her and dyeing her insides white.

The Commander's knees buckled and he fell back onto the couch clinging on to Allen who was groaning breathlessly, her head swaying in a daze before coming to rest in the crook of her lover's neck.

The two lovers stayed in their embrace, taking a minute to catch their breaths, the only movement being their chests rising and falling against each other.

"Hey, we should probably move," the Commander whispered in Allen's ear, his breath tickling her.

"Why, we're fine here, " she said, her words slightly muffled by his neck.

"I just think a bed would be more comfortable".

"hm, yeah I suppose".

With her affirmation the Commander stood up with Allen sliding off his lap, her legs buckled as she landed on the ground forcing her to grab his arm and lean on him to stay upright.

"Are you alright?" he questioned, grabbing her shoulder to keep her steady and shooting her a look of concern.

"aha I'm fine you just fucked me a bit hard is all," she assured him, regaining her balance although still being slightly unsteady.

"uh sorry about that".

"is alright, felt good really".

"Ok then," he let that information sit for a second before cleaning the couch quickly and pulling his pants back up.

"Still I'm not sure if I can walk to your room, you'll need to carry me," Allen cheekily smiled as she held her arms towards him.

"Do I really have too?” The Commander complained despite still picking the black haired bunny up, holding her in a way so it looked like she was sitting in his arms.

He walked to the door, Allen doing him the favour of unlocking it while in his arms, they quickly checked to see if anyone was around.

Fortunately it was late enough that most wouldn't be looking for the Commander and so with the coast clear before he quickly walked the short distance to his room.

Pushing the door open with his foot, the Commander carried Allen to his bed and carefully placed her on it, the bunny girl quietly giggling all the while.

He quickly locks the door securing their privacy before returning to his bedroom, when he gets back he freezes when he sees the position Allen's in.

The black haired bunny had quickly wriggled out of the stocking while he locked the door, helped by how torn apart it was, now she was on all fours, her bare stern facing him with one of her arms reaching around clenching a butt cheek to present her dripping pussy to him.

Allen had a giddy smile on her face as she looked at him over her shoulder, "we really will be like bunnies if we do it like this" she giggled, shaking her cute butt in order to tempt him.

Her position woke something primal within the Commander as he gave in to her temptation, closing the distance between them with two lengthy strides, throwing off his shirt and pulling his pants off revealing his erect cock, Allen's eyes widen at the sight of his twitching member, licking her lips in anticipation.

His cock throbbed painfully after ejaculating twice so he wasted no time in fucking her, fingers sinking into her ass as he grabbed it to stop it from moving so much which elicits a mewl from the bunny that turned into a breathless gasp as he slams into her, bottoming out and spreading her apart easily thanks to her wet arousal.

He set a blistering pace slamming into her hard and fast, jerking her body forward and slapping her ass turning it red as he fucked her, the single minded objective of breeding her fueling his motion.

Allen gripped the sheets as she was railed, the Commander's rough fucking threatening to send her over the edge, a gasping cry escaping her as each thrust knocked the air from her lungs making her elbows and knees buckle.

"aha don't stop Commander," Allen loudly moaned, addicted to the way his dick was sending waves of pleasure through her each time it hit deep inside her, she could feel another orgasm bubbling in her core prompting her to push back against him to reach the climax quicker.

The Commander groaned as he felt her tighten up, her inner walls clamping on his shaft each time he pulled out desperately trying to keep his cock inside, the pleasure of it all maddening.

He felt pressure building in his dick, quickly coming to his climax from the lack of stamina after his prior orgasms, his cock painfully swelled up as he hit his limit and he groaned in relief as he cums inside, the painful pressure in his dick melting away into sweet pleasure as his seed flows into her like water breaking through a dam.

The feeling of his cum filling her up pushed Allen over the edge, her juices squirting and body buckling as mind melting waves of pleasure ran through her.

The Commander kept thrusting inside the bunny girl even as he came undone, with each thrust he unloaded more cum making her grow weaker, the first thrust making her arms and elbows give way so her chest was lying on the bed leaving her rear in the air, on the second thrust her knees give out letting her entire body lie on the bed, the Commander gave a third and final thrust prone boning her and depositing the last of his seed deep inside her.

He pulled out and watched as Allen shuddered through the aftershocks of her orgasm, some of his semen spilling out of her pussy, a primal part of him was satisfied with the state he had left her, the bunny girl groaning quietly.

The Commander's shoulders heaved with each deep breath he took as he found himself exhausted after coming down from his hormone high, he watched dazedly as Allen struggled through her own exhaustion to turn herself over on her back, her breasts heaved with her own deep breaths making for a mesmerising view that was difficult to look away from.

"You OK?" he managed to ask her.

Allen groaned as she found her senses again before locking eyes with The Commander and then stretching her arms out towards him. "Cuddle,’ she breathlessly demands of him which he is all too happy to fulfill as he gives an amused huff before diving into her embrace, wrapping his arms around her body and pulling her in close while also quickly pulling the sheets over them giving them a warm shell for their snuggling.

It wasn't long until the exhaustion and soothing feeling of their bodies against each other made them fall asleep in each other's arms.