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Trapped in an Iron Grip

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"Long ago, a young girl went with her mother to pick berries for her father who was hard at work. But the forest greeted them with a dark, cold silence, the bushes empty. Yet, determined to find the berries, the rascal broke free from Mother's grasp and vanished into the trees.

"Mother's worried cries faded fast as the girl ran on; over vine, and under branch and into the forest deep. Feeling strange eyes upon her, the girl recalled Mother's scary bedtime tales and her throat became bone dry. Then, the Bat Lord appeared! He greeted her warmly and bit his own wing.

"'Come, child. Quench your thirst,' he said. So she drank the thick, dark blood and smiled with joy.

"Passing through a graveyard, menacing storm clouds loomed and the air turned bitingly cold. The girl was shivering in her thin clothes. Then a Dark Weaver appeared, and with a click of his fingers, crafted mist into a beautiful dress.

"'Come, child, warm yourself,' he coaxed. So she clothed herself and smiled with joy.

"Across waters deep and ominous she went, hoping a boat she found would carry her home. But hunger's grip tightened and her heart grew heavy. Then the Fish King appeared and offered one of his many fins.

"'Come, child. Eat your fill.' So the girl ate and smiled with joy once more.

"Continuing on, she soon entered the forest's dark heart. Then an Iron Steed appeared, bearing a beautiful, golden gear. The creature said nothing as the girl approached... and snatched what she thought was another gift.

"The horse grew angry and summoned the other monsters.

"Terror filled the girl's heart as a wild wind rose about the beasts. Suddenly, a witch appeared- dark, yet regal.

"'Gifts we gave, but more you took,' she snarled. 'So more, in turn, is due.'

"In a blink, the girl was trapped inside a mirror...

"...There, she's asleep," Mia whispered, closing the storybook.

You look at your sister wide-eyed. "No thanks to that story."

"Yeah, what is with the creepy story? She's only six months old," Ethan sighed, slightly amused and uncomfortable.

Mia shook her head and smiled. "Woman at the store said it was traditional." She handed the book over to Ethan. "A local tale. Besides, Rose doesn't seem to mind."

"Because she doesn't understand it," you rolled your eyes at your older sister.

"Thank God," Ethan said under his breath. "We moved here so she wouldn't have to deal with any of that, remember?"

"There is nothing wrong with my memory," Mia snapped, sounding defensive. Almost as if she flipped a switch, Mia's small smile reappears. "You're just being paranoid. Both of you."

That was weird, you thought as Mia tried to reassure you and Ethan. Ethan didn't seem too convinced either.

"It's not-" Mia cut Ethan off with a small movement, as if to warn him, "never mind, I'm sorry. But I'm not paranoid, I'm just cautious."

"Then, go cautiously take your daughter to bed," Mia teases Ethan as she hands him Rose, "I'll finish diner."

You all stood up and Mia turned around to go into the kitchen. You turned to Ethan with a concerned look on your face.

"That was a little out of character for her," you whispered to Ethan when you heard Mia busy at work. "I'm a little concerned."

Ethan shook his head, keeping his eyes trained on his daughter. "She's been acting a little different since Rose was born. It's just a little post-partum stress."

You looked at Ethan as he turned to go upstairs and put Rose to bed.

'Post-partum stress' my ass. You thought as you watch Ethan climb the stairs. Yeah, she was a little on edge the first two months, but this is a new height. 

You've slowly noticed something different about your older sister since New Year. She's been easier to anger and extremely defensive about certain topics. Topics such as her memory, anything involving Rose's care, and anyone outside of this little home. Not only that but Mia just sounded different, like her entire voice just changed overnight.

"Hey, Mia?" you called into the kitchen.


"Do you need any help? At all?"

You heard Mia laugh from the kitchen before she spoke.

"Need to keep your hands busy, huh?"

You smiled and walked into the kitchen area. "Yeah, you know me, can't sit still to save my life."

Mia giggled, not turning away from the soup she's working on. "I'm almost done with the food, could you please set the table?"

"You got it," you said with a mock salute that you so often see Chris do. 

You quickly went to the cupboards and grabbed three plates and three wine glasses. You placed the wine glasses on the island before opening a drawer to pull out some forks and knives. 

"Wait," Mia stopped you from turning to the dining area, "leave the plates here, for now, I can plate most of the food."

You nodded and put the plates on the island, separating them while Mia went to grab the food she could plate. 

You turned around and grabbed some bowls when you spotted the boiling soup, placing those bowls on the island as well.

Now or never, you thought to yourself. "Hey, Mia?"

Mia hummed her acknowledgment.

"...Are you okay?" you asked carefully. "You've been a little off since New Year and I'm a little worried."

Mia paused for a moment before she continued to plate the food. "I have been? How so?"

Here we go. "You just seem a little more on edge than usual, which is warranted from the whole incident in Louisiana-"

"Don't talk about that," Mia snaps, practically throwing the food onto one of the plates.

"That," you pointed out, not even flinching at her outburst, "that is what I'm worried about. You are constantly on edge and, with what you've been through, I can understand. But why now, why like this? It's been three years and you act as it happened a month ago." 

By now, Mia finished plating most of the food and you went to grab one of the plates, carrying the cutlery in your other hand.

"Something isn't right and I don't know what you're going through right now but I want to help and so does Ethan," you continued before Mia could stop you, setting the first spot at the table. "We may be insufferable, but we're still your family so, please, let us help you."

"You aren't..." Mia said under her breath, but you didn't hear it as you grabbed the other two plates and putting them where they belong.

Mia grabbed the pot of soup from the stove just as Ethan walked into the kitchen.

"Is she okay?" Mia asked Ethan, placing the pot on the island.

Ethan rubbed the back of his neck. "Sleeping like a... well, like a baby."

Both you and Mia let out a small laugh as Mia began filling the bowls on the island.

Ethan sniffed the air and his face broke out into a smile. "Mm, that smells good," he sighed and reached for the soup. "What is that?"

Mia playfully hit his hand away from the pot with the ladle. "Hands off, mister. It's ciorba de lagume. It's a local recipe," she explained.

You rolled your eyes as you grabbed two of the bowls and Mia grabbed the last one, taking the bottle of wine with her too.

"Wow. You've gone full native, haven't you?" Ethan sighed and grabbed the wine glasses, giving you a thoughtful look. All you did was shrug.

"Local wine, too," Mia teased, "But if you two are going to keep sulking all evening, maybe you shouldn't have any." Mia's tone darkened and you let out a small shiver.

You all placed the items you were holding down in their respective places at the table and Mia started to open the wine.

"You really have to stop worrying," Mia sighed, sounding a little annoyed. To whom she was referring to, you had no idea.

"You can't really expect us not to worry, Mia," you said quietly.

Ethan nodded. "It's just... Finding you in Louisiana, the pregnancy, Chris moving us here, military training- It all happened so fast, you know?"

"Really fast," you agreed.

Mia only rolled her eyes and started to get a little defensive. "Well, at least we're all together."

"Mia, sometimes that's just not enough," you said slowly, trying not to agitate her more than she already is.

Mia ignored you and continued on her spiel starting by saying your name, "you, me, Rose. Now everything is going to be-"

"Seriously?" Ethan interrupted Mia and her once faulty, blissful look fades and annoyance takes its place. "You think that we can just forget what happened in Louisiana?"

You elected to stay silent and will hop in when needed. It's best to let them work this out. After all, you were nowhere near Louisiana now.

You only got a small summary from a co-worker, and friend, of both Ethan and Mia. You and Chris Redfield became friends very quickly and bonded over your different fighting styles. You sticking more with MMA and him focusing on Boxing, you gave each other tips to help out on the field or in the ring.

When you first met Chris, he was telling you what happened to your previously missing sister and her husband. He gave you a summary and you immediately asked where they were so you could see them again and help them through whatever they were going through. Chris informed you that they were in an undisclosed location and that you should keep living your life. You told him to fuck himself and said that your sister needed you. Chris quickly handed you a burner phone and said that it had two contacts in it; Mia's and his. He told you that the burner is how you'll communicate with your sister and him for the foreseeable future. You sucked it up, just thankful that your sister and your brother-in-law were safe. It wasn't until Ethan called you and Chris in a panic, informing you that Mia was pregnant when you were finally able to see them if only to help with the pregnancy and the first year of the kiddo's life.

"It happened so long ago. I just- I don't understand why you are so-" Mia tried to argue but couldn't get the right words out but was soon cut off by a bullet to her shoulder.

"Mia!" You shouted as she stares at the wound.

"Wha-?!" Ethan had a bewildered look on his face as he just stares at Mia.

Mia looks up as if she wasn't affected by it. She stood tall and looked forward, almost curiously.

Ethan finally realized that something wasn't right and he turned to Mia.

"Mia, get down!"

The lights went out and you look around in a slight panic, still trying to process that your sister took a bullet to the shoulder and barely even flinched. Someone cut the power.

From behind you, bullets rained straight into Mia and you ducked down, screaming. One of them just glazed your right shoulder.

"MIA!" Both you and Ethan shout as Mia falls forward onto the table before another onslaught of bullets rains from your left.

"Ow," you cursed before looking under the table, "Ethan, are you okay?" Your voice shook as you tried to stay calm.

Ethan didn't respond as a few more bullets broke the light and made the side table fall over.

"Mia. Oh, God..." Ethan looked at his wife's body in pure horror. It's at this time that you finally register that Mia is on the floor filled with enough bullet holes to resemble Swiss Cheese. 

"No," you felt tears prick your eyes as you crawled over to her body, "NO!" you screamed.

Tears fell from your eyes as you clutched your sister's body, whispering prayers that this is just a dream. You don't hear the heavy set of footsteps coming up behind you.

"Chris...?! What the Hell?!" Ethan shouted at Chris as he turned to your shaking body, still holding on to her.

"Sorry, you two," Chris' tone was flat as he ripped you away from Mia's body and filled her head with another round of bullets.

Chris held you back by your shirt as you started screaming and cursing him.

"What?! Why?!" Ethan angrily shouted at Chris, still sitting on the floor.

Ethan heard glass break and turned. He was met with the barrel of a gun. You, on the other hand, didn't hear anything. You were too busy screaming and crying, trying to hurt Chris in any way you could. You managed to get a good hit to his knee before feeling the barrel of a gun on the back of your head.

Chris let go of you and started speaking into his walkie-talkie, but you paid no mind to him or the person behind you. You just stared at Mia's lifeless body, tears ran down your cheeks and sobs came out of your throat.

Eventually, the soldier behind you pulled you up to your feet and walked you to the front hall, passing by Mia's body along the way. How crueler can they get?

You and Ethan both pause at the entry hall, staring Chris down.

"Go on, move!" One of the soldiers pushed both you and Ethan forward, causing you to stumble.

"Shut the fuck up," you hissed at the man.

Both you and Ethan started taking slow steps forward when you heard a baby crying.

Another soldier walked down the stairs carrying something. No, not something. Someone.

"Rose?" Ethan shouted and ran forward, you quickly followed. "What the hell are you doing with my daughter?" Ethan glared at Chris and the soldiers with nothing but fury in his voice.

The soldier carrying Rose held her out to Chris. "Package secured, sir."

Chris took Rose in his arms and paid no mind to you or Ethan. Your wrath boiled over your grief and you started to shout at him.

"What. The. Fuck, Chris?!" You yelled, wanting to jump at him but knowing you'll get shot. "First you kill Mia and now you're taking Rose away?! What is happening? Why are you doing this?!"

Chris looked up, but he wasn't looking at either you or Ethan, he was looking past you.

"Take them away," was all Chris said before he turned to the door, a crying Rose in hand.

Ethan lunged at Chris before a soldier could get their hands on him. "I said get your hands off her!" Ethan shouted, grabbing Chris' arm, venom seeping from his voice.

"Ethan, no!" Chris said sternly as if talking to a misbehaving puppy.

Ethan let go of Chris, slightly taken aback when he caught the slightest movement in his peripheral vision. A soldier was raiding the blunt end of his gun at Ethan. Ethan didn't have time to move away before his world when black from the impact.

"No! Ethan!" you shouted, struggling against the soldier currently holding you back.

You heard Ethan mutter a quiet "Rose" before Chris told the soldiers to get him out of the house.

You watched as the soldiers pulled Ethan out the door by his legs. Just as Ethan crossed the threshold, you attacked. 

You stomped down onto the foot of the soldier that was holding you and kicked him in his knee, loosening his grip on you. 

Without missing a beat, you lunge at Chris, adamant about getting a good shot in or taking Rose away from him. Unfortunately for you, Chris knew you and he knew that you would do that. 

Chris sidestepped away and you stumble before quickly regaining your balance and kicking him in the stomach. Chris let out a grunt and signaled for someone to knock you out. 

Your attacker was successful, they were able to get a good hit to the back of your head.

"Fuck you, Chris," you whisper before your vision went black.

"Get her out of here too," Chris ordered, staring at your unconscious body, "and make sure Miranda goes with them."

"Are you sure, sir?" One of the soldiers asked him. "Should we really put Miranda's body with them?"

Chris handed Rose over to the soldier and motioned towards the car that your and Ethan's bodies are being loaded into. "Yes, I'm sure. Not much a corpse can do to them, is there?" The soldier shook his head and went to the vehicle. 

"Put Miranda in a body bag, don't want them waking up to that sight," Chris sighed to one of the passing soldiers.

The soldier let out a quick 'yes, sir' before running to grab a body bag from one of the equipment vehicles.

Stage one is done, Chris thought to himself as he walked to his own car. Next; find that damn Megamycete.

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The vehicle that was transporting you and Ethan was quietly cruising along a rural area of Romania, closer to a dreaded place that, maybe, these soldiers should have thought about before leaving. 

The road was dark, almost pitch black, the only areas that could be seen were lit by the headlights of the car. No one expected that the corpse of Miranda wasn't a corpse, nor did they expect all but three people to be killed.

You and Ethan laid in the snow, still unconscious, the crash certainly didn't help. Rose was nearby, crying her little lungs out as a figure immerged from the body bag 'Mia' was in. The figure being none other than the dreaded Miranda that Chris was so adamant about killing.

Miranda stalked towards the crying baby, paying no mind to the stirring bodies only a few feet away. She picked up Rose with a large, almost crazed, smile on her face. Miranda stood and rocked Rose in her arms for a moment before unfurling her wings.

"My Eva," she whispered and with a flap of her wings, Miranda was gone.

The surrounding area was quiet, save for some howling in the distance, for an hour before a soldier's phone started to ring. The ringing was loud and obnoxious. Normally, that would be considered annoying but it was that ringing that completely woke Ethan Winters from his unconscious state.

The first thing that caught Ethan's attention, aside from the phone, was the transport van on its side. All the lights in the van were on, even the cabin lights. To Ethan, everything was blurry when he turned to the phone lying next to a dead soldier. The same one that was holding Rose.

"...Jesus..." Ethan groaned, grabbing his head with one hand and reaching for the ringing phone with the other.

Ethan soon realized he was too far away so he started to crawl across the freezing snow, shivering with every move. He grabbed the soldier's hand and moved it from over top the phone before picking up, unable to read the ID in his current state.

"About damn time!" A man's voice is heard over the phone when Ethan puts it up to his ear, "What's your status? Is the package safe?"

In Ethan's disorientation, he couldn't completely make out the words the man was saying. So he decided to ask his own questions.

"What are you talking about? Where's Chris Redfield, and Rose?" Ethan couldn't stop his voice from shaking and he was too focused on his missing daughter to care.

"Who is this? This is a secure channel, you are not authorized to use it-" The man's voice breaks as the call disconnects itself.

Ethan checked the phone and saw that it was no longer working. He cursed and threw the phone to the ground, angry at everything. Angry at Chris for killing his wife and kidnapping him and his child. Angry that Rose is missing. Angry that he was now stranded in a snow-covered forest. Angry that you-

Oh, God... Ethan thought, bolting upright. He shouted your name a few times as he stood up, silently praying that you were put in a different vehicle and that he wouldn't find you here. His prayer was answered, but not in the way that he had hoped. 

You groaned as you finally regained consciousness, pushing stacks of paper away from you.

Ethan shouted your name and climbed over the debris to get to you. 

"Are you okay?" Ethan asked you, shoving the rest of the papers and boxes off of you.

"No, but I'll survive," you sighed, reaching for his hand. 

Ethan grabbed your wrist and you grabbed his. Ethan then hoisted you up to your feet and you stumble a little due to the head rush. You looked around after your vision cleared and saw the one soldier on the ground.

"Is he...?" Ethan nodded after you trailed off, still holding on to you. "What the Hell happened here?"

"The car flipped," Ethan pointed out, trying to alleviate some of your discomforts.

You glared at him and shook your head. "You don't say," you said sarcastically, "I thought the bruises I got just appeared out of nowhere."

Ethan chuckled and stared at you for a minute. You stared back but Ethan quickly pulled you in for a hug. You were taken aback by this but quickly melted into the hug. You both stayed like that for a minute before you break the silence.

"Are you okay?"


"Don't you dare lie to me, Winters."

", I'm not. But not being alone definitely helps."

You and Ethan finally separate and Ethan pulled out a flashlight.

"Did you have that on you the entire time?" You asked, eying the flashlight that seemingly popped out of nowhere. 

"Yeah... I always keep one on me since Louisiana," Ethan confessed, rubbing the back of his neck, "I check the batteries every night, too. You never know, right?"

You simply nodded, wanting to punch yourself for forgetting one of the major details of Ethan's trauma from Louisiana. Ethan is terrified of the dark, has been since the incident. Ethan hated that he could barely sleep properly without having a flashlight nearby or without the blinds to the window opened. Ethan needed some form of light to feel remotely comfortable.

You and Ethan made your way out of the bits of debris you were previously trapped under and to where Ethan woke up. There was a very large imprint in the snow, showing you the exact position Ethan woke up in. 

You spotted the dead soldier and sighed, walking up to them. Ethan gave you an odd look before he noticed you rummaging through the soldier's equipment. Ethan didn't know what you were looking for, but he didn't stop you. What were you looking for that a corpse needed?

You finally found what you were looking for and pulled it out of the soldier's pocket. You pulled out two flashlights, both of them looked like they were from the same package. They were smaller, able to fit in the palm of your hand, and when you turned one of them on, the range of the light stretched about six feet in front of you.

You looked at Ethan and showed him the second flashlight. 

"You never know," you said as you walked over to him and handed him the spare flashlight.

Ethan smiled and pocketed the flashlight before directing his attention to the ground. You thought that he was just sulking, which you did not judge him on, the guy lost his wife and daughter in the past... how long has it been? Anyway, you glanced to where Ethan was looking and saw a folder laying open in the snow.

You bent down and picked it up, holding it out for both you and Ethan to read.

Mission Objectives:  

-Eliminate target, recover the body.

-Secure Rosemary Winters, Ethan Winters, and 'Viper'.

Move the two Winterses and 'Viper' to site C for further investigation.

At least two transport officers to accompany them.

You looked at Ethan after you finished reading.

"Viper?" Ethan teased.

You rolled your eyes and dropped the file. 'Viper' was the name that the MMA community gave you for your calculated fighting and quick strikes. You would always wait for the right moment to strike and you strike fast and hard in an attempt to end the fight quickly. You used to be a gymnast when you were younger too so you incorporated as much as you could into your fighting style.

"Very funny, Winters," you said, turning to the front of the transport vehicle, "They're probably just too lazy to write my actual name... That or I'm just an obstacle or a means to an end."

You heard Ethan come up behind you when you went to look in the cabin. The driver was obviously dead, his neck was sitting on an odd angle. Where the other transport officer's body was, you had no clue.

"...Or," Ethan said, pulling you away from the passenger's window, "that's the name people recognize you by." 

"Doesn't change the fact that I think that nickname is lazy as Hell," you replied, pointing your flashlight to a break in the woods was illuminated by the headlights of the transport vehicle. "It makes me sound like a fucking G.I. Joe character."

Ethan laughed and agreed with you, pointing his own flashlight to the same break in the trees.

"Should we go that way?" You asked after a moment of silence.

"What other option do we have?" 

"We could always-" you got cut off by a wolf's howl coming from behind you. Not close enough for it to be right there, but close enough. "Never mind, let's go."

Ethan and you made your way through the forest, trembling from the cold the entire time. Occasionally, something would scurry through the bushes, startling both of you but you pushed through. There were times when you weren't watching where you were going and tripped over a bush or a tree root, but you quickly recovered after giving Ethan a good punch to the shoulder for laughing. It wasn't too long, though, before you both stopped.

"That's barbed wire," you said quietly, not entirely trusting the situation.

Ethan nodded, keeping his eyes, and his flashlight, on the crappy barbed wire fence. "That it is."

"...Should we go through?"

"It could mean civilization."

"It could also mean haunted graveyard. That shit's broken and clearly hasn't been maintained."

"...Don't be like that," Ethan said as he stepped forward and moved his hand under the only bit of barbed wire still holding onto the wooden posts.

"Ethan, you're going to get tetanus," you replied flatly but you followed his lead when he went under the fence.

"Yeah..." Ethan lifted his hand for you to see, "little late for that."

You stood up after army crawling under the fence, the barbed wire only snagging onto your top layer, and stared at Ethan's hand. He cut himself on the left side of his left hand.

"Maybe I should have done that, too..."

"Christ," you sighed, shaking your head, "yeah, considering you're the one with military training."

Ethan held his hands up in mock defense, still clutching his flashlight. "At least I'm up to date on my vaccines."

You scoffed and rolled your eyes, continuing your path through the forest. Ethan quickly followed and pointed his flashlight to the ground in front of us while you pointed yours up. You both walked in complete silence, focusing on the sounds of the forest.

You both stopped for a minute after spotting large, black feathers about six feet away from a mutilated crow. You didn't need to go far before finding even more, all practically pilled on top of each other.

You and Ethan exchanged looks of uncertainty but continued as if nothing happened. That is until you both looked up from the ground and saw the horror show illuminated by your flashlight. 

"What. The. Fuck?" You said, eyes wide, as you took in the sight. Mutilated crows weren't just on the ground, there are some strung up in the trees above you. You went to get a closer look and realized that a few of them look as if they'd been hung like a witch in 1692 Salem while others were hung by their feet. 

After taking a gulp, you and Ethan kept going with shaky steps. The crows in the trees hung low enough that you and Ethan were constantly bumping into them and you constantly stepped on the crows on the ground, hearing a few cracks and pops from their bones.

You let out a shriek when the crow a few feet in front of you started moving, swinging around left and right while flapping its wings, desperate to get out of the rope. It cawed and flapped around frantically. You put your hands out to free it but Ethan stopped you, pointing out the state it's in.

"It's not going to get far before it dies, it's barely hanging on by a thread. We have to keep moving and get out of this cold."

"Yeah," you sighed, eying the bird once more before turning away and following Ethan, "yeah, okay."

You and Ethan kept walking and, after a few minutes, the crow has gone completely silent. You were slightly bothered by the suddenness of the silence but gratefully accepted it. The only thing you and Ethan heard for the next few minutes was your footsteps in the heavy snow. That is until you heard a twig snap followed by scampering.

"What was that?" Ethan asked under his breath.

You shrugged, a little unnerved yourself. "Could be a wolf..."

Whatever it was, it ran in front of you guys and you barely caught a glance of it. It almost looked human.

Both you and Ethan jumped towards each other.

"Not a wolf. Not a wolf. Not a wolf. Not a wolf!" you kept repeating to yourself in a panic.

"I mean, it could have been," Ethan said quickly, not sounding convinced by his own words.

"Oh yeah, sure! If wolves can walk on two feet and have human asses!" you hissed as you started to go into a light jog, already hating this place.

Ethan followed you and you both found yourselves on a wooden path. Never have you ever been so grateful to see rotting wood on the ground. You and Ethan practically bolted down the path in a desperate attempt to find some help.

You both stopped running when you spotted a small home. You could barely see anything but what your and Ethan's flashlights could illuminate. So the only description of the house you can give is; it's old, made of wood and stone with a wooden door and a metal fence off to the side.

Ethan went to inspect the gate while you went and knocked on the door, trying to wake up whoever is in the house. When no one answered, you tried again, shouting this time.

"Hello? Is anyone in there?" you yelled, trying to get the home owner's attention, "Please, we need help."

Ethan eventually told you to knock it off and decided to just let himself in. You protested but followed his lead, hoping to find something to eat or to keep warm. That's when you noticed the blood coating the snow in front of the door.

You and Ethan cautiously opened the door and looked at the mess inside before stepping in, there are bottles and boxes scattered across the floor. You shined your light in further and noticed a dripping noise coming from the back of the room. There were shelves all around you, a few looked a little out of place as if someone was trying to grab on while being dragged away. The poor guy was obviously bleeding out while being dragged out of the house, the evidence being the trail of blood getting larger the further in you went.

You and Ethan walked further into the house and you noticed a rather large crate of potatoes on a dresser next to a dripping faucet. The faucet was dripping right into a disgusting sink with equally, if not more disgusting liquid. You soon realized that the black stuff in the obviously clogged sink was water.

You turned off the tap to stop the annoying dripping and Ethan went to check the dresser drawers, muttering about how there could be something useful inside. You looked into another area of the house and decided to walk into it.

Passing your flashlight over the room, you notice that it's a small kitchenette and bedroom area. One person must've lived here. Ethan quickly came and looked inside the living area with you.

You both looked around in silence, finding little belongings like clothes and letters. There wasn't anything that you could use. At times, you both flinched at some sounds coming from outside but you kept looking, albeit a little more scared each time.

You eventually found some stairs leading to the basement and called for Ethan to come with you.

You both went down the stairs in silence, jumping a little when you confused a mounted deer head with some kind of monster.

"What? It's just a deer head," Ethan raised a brow, slightly amused.

You swatted his arm and continued down the stairs. "I thought it was a Wendigo," you muttered.

"Those cannibalistic deer creatures? The ones that are from North America?" Ethan snickered, pushing past you, "I think you're okay, we are in Romania."

"I know. I know," you groaned, "Doesn't stop my mind from making up weird shit though."

You followed him down the stairs and into the messy basement. The basement was covered in dust and cobwebs, there were a few paths without the dust but it's obvious that the person who lived here before didn't come down here very often. 

You and Ethan split up to look around, being as it's just one big room with shelves and boards leaning on those shelves. There was one cupboard and when Ethan opened it, he jumped when a mouse ran out. You, of course, laughed and teased him about it. The last thing you find is a portrait of a woman in a golden mask and a nun get up, she also had wings sprouting from her back and a golden circle behind her head. 

"You think that she might be some kind of religious figure?" Ethan asked, picking up the portrait.

"That or a cult leader," you replied, "Come on, we should go."

Ethan nodded and put the portrait down. You both made your way to the stairs when a loud crash shakes the building. Dust and a few pieces of wood fell from the ceiling. 

You and Ethan booked it to the stairs and hung out in the doorway until the shaking stopped.

"That was definitely not an Earthquake," you whispered, pointing the flashlight up the stairs.

Ethan nodded in agreement and started to climb the stairs, you followed close behind.

When you both made it to the top, the wardrobe that Ethan checked in earlier was blocking the doorway. You tried to look above it but that was easier said than done. Ethan opted to crawl under it.

He made it under without getting crushed... surprisingly. Unsurprisingly, he got the blood that was all over the floor on his cut hand.

"Now you're going to get aids," you said, crawling under the wardrobe after Ethan, but he wasn't listening. Ethan's attention was directed to the large hole in the wall creating a makeshift door leading to the outside.

"What did all this?" Ethan asked under his breath.

"No idea and I don't think I want to know either."

Chapter Text

You and Ethan stared at the oddly shaped hole to your right. It almost looks like a human's silhouette. You thought.

"This hole is oddly human-shaped," you whispered.

Ethan said nothing as he slowly stalked towards the hole, peering through it to see if whatever made it is gone. You noticed that it wasn't as dark outside anymore, showing that it's finally daybreak.

"I don't see anything out there," Ethan answers your unasked question and motions for you to look too, "we should keep moving. Someone could be nearby."

You nodded and looked out the hole Ethan was standing in, turning your flashlight off and pocketing it in the process. Not ten feet ahead of you was a broken, wooden fence that you, assumed, the thing that made the whole broke. It wasn't that broken but it did look like too much weight was put on the top pole. 

You and Ethan stepped out onto the deck and into the cold, morning air. It was a little refreshing, but you wished you had more time to warm up as your fingers had a light blue tint. You just stuck your hand in your pockets and kept moving.

You and Ethan jumped the fence and moved towards the break in the trees and, apparently, cliffs. You had no idea that you were near cliffs earlier due to the darkness of the night. However, you did remember that you and Ethan ran into some kind of wall when you were running from whatever you saw only half an hour ago.

That must have been the base of a cliff.

You were a little excited to see what laid beyond the gap between the cliffs so you lead Ethan through the pass. You jumped over rock and bushes and pushed past thin tree branches, desperate to see what you could. The snow crunched under your feet as you ran, Ethan was close behind and shouting for you to slow down.

You slowed down a little bit and only stopped when you stepped out into the open air, marveling at the sight in front of you. 

The first thing you saw was a giant castle far from the cliff you were standing on. It has this medieval look to it and there were so many towers to it. You glanced around the landscape and fell in love with the forest and mountain range. You could see the sunrise in between the far mountains to your left. A low bell tolled in the distance only adds to the dark academic atmosphere.

"Where the hell are we?" Ethan asked.

"I have no idea but I love this view."

A crow started to caw right in front of you, causing you to jump a little and look down.

"Oi, I'm trying to enjoy the view here," you glared at the crow, "fuck off."

The crow, indeed, fucked off.

"Okay, come on, Crow Whisperer," Ethan said behind you, walking to the edge of the cliff, "maybe someone in that village can help us." Ethan jumped down and you rushed over, absolutely terrified that he just tried to kill himself.

But Ethan was just fine. His head was peaking over the ledge.

It was at this moment that you knew, you weren't on a cliff. You and Ethan were on a big, rocky hill. You mentally slapped yourself and jumped down to Ethan just as he started to walk away. 

You and Ethan followed a seemingly natural path and found yourself on a high ledge from, what looked like, someone's backyard. It was too steep for you to walk down, but you didn't need rock climbing gear. 

You watched Ethan slid down the ledge before following him, sliding to a stop right behind him. You were right in assuming that this was someone's yard, but you didn't think that it would look like this.

The place looked abandoned. In front of you was a shed attached to a rather large-looking cottage. You soon realized that the 'shed' was really part of the stables next to it, the evidence being the horse carcass not ten feet from one of the stables. There was enough room for, maybe, three horses. The wood of the house looks moldy and unkempt and there were two by fours leaning against almost every vertical surface. There are also a few wooden barrels piled here and there but not much else to note.

You and Ethan find two doors to the cottage and go to the one that's closest to this carpet hanging on a railing. You both walked inside and saw that the place was absolutely trashed. Broken furniture littered the ground along with ripped-up books and broken dishes.

"Maybe- maybe they're out?" Ethan suggested, not entirely believing his own words.

"Sure they are," you said sarcastically, "and they just so happened to have ripped open their couch like a fucking animal."

You noticed a weird-looking symbol on the ground, it looked like the carpet used to cover it up before being pushed out of the way. The symbol was a large, white circle with an odd-looking fetus drawn inside along with, what looked like, old writing. Four splatters of white surrounded the circle, they kind of looked like wings.

"Come on, let's get out of here," you pulled Ethan's arm but he stood his ground. He was staring at something on the wall with his eyebrows furrowed.

It was the same photo as the one you saw in the other house.

"Yeah. Yeah, okay, let's go," Ethan said, turning away from the photo and following you to the door.

When you opened the door, you saw the head of the horse's corpse being dragged behind the fence and onto the road. You froze when you saw it and the cloud of dust it left in its wake.

"What the hell is strong enough to drag a horse carcass?" you whispered.

"Don't know. Don't want to know either."

"Let's just go into the other part of the house and maybe that thing will be long gone when we get out..."

"Good idea," Ethan said as he pushed you forward and to the right, heading for the second door.

You and Ethan pushed yourselves through the door as fast as humanly possible, closing the door quietly when you get in. 

The room was more like a hallway, piled high with cat crates, shelving, and old sheets. Closer to the end of the hall were individual animal pens. At the other side of the storage hallway, you saw a white door. 

You and Ethan walked slowly towards the white door and opened it. 

The first thing you see is an old well with yellow paint where the crank should be. Then you noticed the shed that looked like it might collapse after a small storm. Everything here looks old or broken. But what you thought was the weirdest was that the village seemed deserted, as if everyone just dropped what they were doing and left. 

No, your forgetting about the blood. Maybe they were running from a killer. You thought as you walked around the well.

You and Ethan check every nook and cranny for anything that could be useful, but neither of you found anything. So, you kept moving. You both explored the village together, being careful not to be separated and to not run into whatever took that horse's carcass. A few of the houses looked fine while others looked as if a bomb went off in the living room. 

In one house that looked especially burnt, Ethan found a cradle with Rose's stuffed monkey in it. It didn't look damaged at all, as if someone just planted it there to see Ethan's misery. Ethan stood there, holding Rose's monkey for a minute before you convince him to keep moving.

Ethan put Rose's monkey in his pocket thinking that you didn't notice.

You and Ethan keep walking through the village, going down different roads and looking for anyone to help you. You eventually stumbled onto a road that had severed goat heads hanging from the tree branches. 

"What happened?" Ethan asked out loud.

"Maybe it's one of those cult things?" you whispered in response, "I have no idea."

You kept pushing through, wondering why you are even surprised by anything here anymore. Everything that has happened since your argument with Mia has happened had crossed so many lines that you aren't even sure if you're even on Earth anymore. You're pulled from your thoughts by Ethan pointing to a fire in a tray.

Maybe someone's there.

You and Ethan rush into the house when you heard some scampering from nearby. You immediately spot a crate with the same yellow paint as the well from earlier and Ethan spots a knife on a work table. 

Ethan grabbed the knife and went over to you. He brought the knife down and the crate broke open very easily. Inside was a bottle of medicine. 

Ethan motioned for you to be quiet after pocketing the medicine. You gave him a salute and he gave you the smallest smile and scoffed. Ethan motioned for you to follow him and you nodded, getting ready in case of a fight.

You followed Ethan into a kitchen area where a pot of soup was still on the stove. Everything else looked untouched too as if people just got up and left.

"Did they just... run out of the house?" Ethan said as if reading your thoughts.

You shrugged and looked around, keeping your guard up. You noticed a curtain covering a doorway on the other side of the room and pointed it out to Ethan. He maneuvered himself so that Ethan was between you and the curtain.

You both slowly advance towards the curtain and Ethan reaches his hand out to pull it away. Ethan pulled the curtain back and a gunshot rang out from inside. You both ducked down and Ethan held up his hands in defense. 

"Aah! No no! Friendly, friendly!" Ethan shouted frantically at whoever shot at you two.

"Who are you? Who sent you?" a man's voice came from the darkened room, smoke from his gun was trying to filter out of the room.

"Nobody! There was an accident, down on the road, and-"

The old man emerged from the room and held a hand up to shush Ethan. He kept frantically looking at the ceiling and you glanced up there to try and see what the fuss was about.

"What's going on?" Ethan asked but all the man did was shush Ethan again. This time, he covered Ethan's mouth.

You heard inhuman screeching and growls, it kind of sounded like generic dinosaur sounds from the Jurassic Park movies. But the man looked absolutely terrified for his life as he whipped his head all around, trying to find the source.

The old man looked away from Ethan and walked up to the window over the sink. He looked out only to cower back in fear.

"Oh, no. They're coming!" The man leaned against the kitchen table, white as a ghost.

"Who is? What the hell was that?" Ethan questioned, determined for answers.

The man ignored Ethan's questions and looked at Ethan and you. "Do either of you have a gun?"


"Please tell me you have a gun!" The man said, much more frantically.

You shook your head when you heard a bang coming from the other room.

"No. Why would we?" Ethan answered.

There were more bangs, this time, they came from everywhere. But they were prominent on the roof. So, the man pointed his gun up and ran into the room he previously came out of. When he came out, he held out a gun to both you and Ethan.

"It's all I can spare." More banging and some growls came from the roof. "Take it! Take it!"

You took the knife from Ethan and pushed his hand towards the gun.

"Your a better shot than me," you told him, flipping the knife in your hand, "and I'm better at close combat."

Ethan took the gun from the old man and made sure that it was loaded before cocking the fun.

The man quickly moved around the table, keeping his gun pointed at the ceiling.

"Tell us what's out there!" Ethan demanded, point the gun at the roof.

The old man didn't answer, he just shot at a window after spotting some sort of movement. Ethan pointed his gun in that direction and you held your knife out, ready to defend.

You heard the man drop something on the table and you looked to see him putting ammunition into his shotgun.

"Hey, are you listening? Hey!" Ethan shouted but the old man couldn't answer.

A set of arms burst through the ceiling and grabbed the old man, pulling him up to the roof. You all yelled and Ethan went to reach for the man's legs, trying to pull him back down. Whatever grabbed the man was too fast for Ethan and you couldn't believe the speed at which the old man was taken, it was superhuman.

The man's blood dripped from the hole in the ceiling.

"What the-" Ethan gasped as you both watched the blood pool from the ceiling.

"Oh, God," you practically gagged at the scene.

Before you could react, a hand reached up from the floor and grabbed Ethan by his leg.

"Ah! Shit!" Ethan yelled as he was pulled into the ground.

You glanced into the hole before you slipped on the old man's blood and fell in yourself. You fell on top of Ethan, and you knew it was Ethan because he let out a grunt that you knew all too well. You may have kicked his ass a few times when he wanted to spar for military training.

"Sorry, Ethan," you whispered your apology and got up off of him.

Ethan said nothing as you heard him get up and flick on his flashlight. Turns out, you both landed on someone. Ethan just landed on a corpse. 

You both jumped and yelled at the dead man Ethan just shed light on. 

"A dead body?" He sighed, sounding distressed. You flicked on your flashlight and looked around.

"Wait... there's more..." you let out an exasperated huff. The basement was practically filled with them and it defiantly smelled like it. Behind you and Ethan were a bunch of garbage bags that you didn't even want to know the contents of.

Ethan went ahead of you and rounded a corner where there seemed to be a path through the bodies. You followed, keeping your eyes up and your knife out.

Ethan stopped at a slumped-over body, he went to grab the head of the body and pulled it up. The body belonged to an old man and he was covered in blood coming from an injury on his head.

"Jesus Christ..." Ethan swore.

"They all look fresh," you observed, "what did this and how many of them are there?"

"What the hell is wrong with this place?" Ethan shook his head and went to draw his gun when something fell beside him.

You both jumped as a fresher body fell to Ethan's left. It was a guy in a blue jacket and next to him was a young woman with brown hair.

You saw something move and gave Ethan an elbow to his back, trying to signal him to get his gun up. But Ethan was too slow.

Something jumped and bit Ethan's hand, it looked almost human. This thing had sharp yellow teeth and matted, black hair. It was as pale as a ghost and its eyes were red and crazy. This monster pushed Ethan back and on top of you.

"Get off!" Ethan yelled at it as if that would do anything.

You had a front seat view of the damned thing with Ethan's ring and pinky fingers in its mouth. It pulled off of Ethan and took his fingers, and some of Ethan's hand, with it. Ethan screamed in pain and some of his blood landed on your face.

The creature picked Ethan up and threw him through the wall and it tried to get to you. 

You reacted quickly. You cut the monster's face and throat, it backed off enough for you to get up and run to Ethan.

"What the fuck was that?!" He screamed.

"I don't know, but I think I just pissed it off," you rushed to pull Ethan to his feet.

Ethan got over his initial shock and pulled you behind him as he turned to face the creature.

Ethan shot at the monster while you stayed behind him. But when the monster got too close, you pushed Ethan out of the way and started to cut at it. You landed some solid hits and made the damn thing back up enough for your comfort. You and Ethan kept at it like this, he shot and you cut.

Finally, it fell onto the ground and didn't get back up.

"What the hell?"

"Ethan?" he looked at you, worry written all over his face, "you need to stop saying that. It's getting annoying."

Ethan sighed and gave you a small swat with his bad hand, hissing as it makes contact with your coat. Ethan pulled his hand back and clutched it to his chest, swearing under his breath.

You dropped your knife and held Ethan close. 

"We need to find something to stop the bleeding," you started to look around for anything. You would have used your shirt but you and Ethan both needed as many layers as you could get for this cold morning.

"I'll be fine, it just hurts," Ethan tried to reassure you.

"Of course it fucking hurts! Half of your hand was bitten off," you hissed, not wanting more of that monster to come to you and Ethan.

"I can walk, let's just look for a way out of here." Ethan let go of his hand and moved to the shed. "You go and check the house for anything useful."

You sighed and watched Ethan's stubborn ass walk to the shed before you picked up your knife and turned to the big ass hole in the side of the house.

You went searching through the house for anything to either get you out of the yard or to cover Ethan's bleeding hand. Nothing was clean enough for that job so you looked for the exit from last time. It's blocked by the ceiling collapsing. You finally found something though. Bolt Cutters.

You grabbed them and ran outside to Ethan, wanting to both check on him and show him what you found.

"I found an herb, some ammo for this gun, and a backpack." Ethan showed you his haul before stuffing the ammo and herb in the backpack.

"I found bolt cutters," you said, holding up the large tool.

"That's perfect! There's a chain over here that's holding the gate closed." Ethan took the cutters from your hand and turned to the gate.

How are we going to get out of this?

Chapter Text

You followed Ethan to the gate and he used the bolt cutters to open the gate. Unfortunately, the cutters didn't last very long. They broke after Ethan used them.

"Fun," you said sarcastically.

Ethan grunted and pushed the gates open, revealing a two-story house and small stream. Ethan looked around, keeping his gun drawn as you went up to the house. You heard a weird noise from inside the open door. You motioned for Ethan to follow you and you held out your knife as Ethan ran up to you.

"What is it?"

"Don't you hear that noise?" you asked him.

You both stayed silent for a moment before Ethan nodded. "Yeah, it sounds like radio static."

"...Should we go inside?"

"Yeah... but we should be really careful."

You nodded and pushed past Ethan to get to the front door. You looked inside and saw that the place was a mess as if someone was fighting for their life. Now that you know what's out there it isn't that hard to imagine what happened here. Mud and blood covered the floor along with books and broken trinkets. Some of the furniture was moved around too.

You and Ethan walked into the house, with your weapons drawn, and you went to close the door behind you.

"Wait," Ethan stopped you, "that door looks like it's about to collapse." Ethan looked around and spotted the bookcase next to the door. "Help me move this in front of the door."

You nodded but closed the door anyway, thinking that the door could help a little. You and Ethan grabbed the bookcase and you both lifted them and moved them in front of the doorway.  

You and Ethan walked over to a radio on a table and Ethan fiddled around with it, trying to find a channel that it'll work on. On the other hand, you found some ammo for Ethan's handgun on a barrel by the window. 

The radio went silent and you handed Ethan the ammo before feeling something drip onto your shoulder. Based on Ethan's horrified look and the squelching sound coming from upstairs, you can safely assume that blood was dripping onto your shoulder.

You tensed up and shivered. "God... should we check it out?"

"Should we? No. Will we? Yes."

You let out a small laugh and followed Ethan to the staircase when you heard banging at the barricaded door. You and Ethan didn't waste any time climbing the stairs, knowing what could be outside that door. You almost ran face-first into Ethan's back when he stumbled from a step breaking but you both were able to recover.

When you got upstairs all you and Ethan saw was a large hole surrounded by some straw and a few barrels with some useful items on them.

You went to grab the items, some chem fluid, and ammo, while Ethan checked out the hole in the ground. You just reached for the ammo when a monster's hand burst through the semi-boarded-up window in front of you.

You screamed and fell back when the monster attacked you, scratching your right arm before it retreats. The damned thing climbed up the side of the building and broke a hole in the ceiling. Surprisingly, it didn't come in through its hole.

Ethan called your name and ran up to you as you clutched your arm. It stung. A lot. 

"Are you okay?"

"Yeah..." you sighed after taking a few deep breaths, "I'll be fine. Besides, it's not as bad as yours."

Ethan chuckles as he helped you to your feet. "Let's get out of here."

You nodded but went to grab the ammo and to put the items in the backpack Ethan found earlier. You then went down the stairs with Ethan in tow holding the knife in your left hand to not irritate your right arm. 

You made it downstairs when chaos struck.

That chaos being three of the monsters. One was trying to get in through the window near the radio, another was also attempting to get in through the barricaded door, and one was inside and right behind you two.

Ethan pointed his gun at the immediate danger and you stayed back until the damned thing got too close. Ethan shot and you cut, using the same technique you used earlier with the other monster. You both were able to kill it in a good amount of time before you turned around to face the next one. But it wasn't there, both of the other monsters left.

"Is it... over?" Ethan asked, looking around. He went to check upstairs and you looked at the windows again.

"It looks like it," you responded, picking up metal scraps as you watched the body disintegrate right before your eyes.

The second Ethan's foot hit the last step, the radio turned on and started crackling again. Although there was one difference from the last time, a voice was coming through.

"Hello? If there are any survivors out there, come to my-" the voice paused and quickly corrected itself, "to Luiza's house near the field."

"Survivors?" Ethan's tone was hopeful and apprehensive at the same time.

You looked at Ethan, studying his reaction. "Let's go, maybe we'll finally get some answers."

You and Ethan made your way back to the front door and moved the bookcases to get out. You both ran outside and kept your weapons drawn, staying ready in case any more of those monsters show up. 

You and Ethan walked past the broken fence that was up only moments ago and followed the path behind all these homes. Unfortunately, you walked right into an area that was full of the monsters you so desperately wished you wouldn't run into. Three of them were perched on the roof of a two-story house.

But the monsters didn't move.

They might not see us. You realized. 

You and Ethan held your breaths and slowly moved to the house across from the one with the monsters. You thought you would be able to avoid the monsters but it turns out the gate you opened just takes you into a circle around the house you were just in.

"...Fuck..." You and Ethan said in unison. You readied your weapons and made your way to the only other path in this damn area. 

The monsters on the house have backed off but you and Ethan both knew that they were still there, watching and waiting for you.

You walked up the stairs to the house and heard a crash followed by growling from the monsters. You both ran into the house as fast as you could, fearing that those things would kill you. Your speed only seemed to agitate the monsters as they started screaming and breaking things around the house.

You and Ethan grabbed the bookcase by the door and moved it so it stopped the monsters from getting inside.

"Dammit," Ethan swears, looking through the doorway on the other side of the room, "there's no exit."

"But there is a shotgun," you said, picking up some gun powder while pointing at the shotgun, "and some ammo right next to it."

"An M1897 to be specific," Ethan chuckles, flinching at the growls coming from outside.

"Hey, asshole," you said, rolling your eyes, "a shotgun is a shotgun. No need to get technical about it with me."

Ethan put on the safety of the handgun and put it in his inside one of his jacket pockets. He picked up the shotgun and loaded the few shells of ammo while you picked up the rest of the useful items in the room. There was an herb, some more gun powder, and some handgun ammo. You put it all in the backpack and pointed to the ladder in the other room.

"No exit, huh?"

"We don't know where it goes," Ethan reasoned.

"So you'd rather go out there?" You asked, pointing to the bookcase currently keeping the monsters out.

Ethan sighed and went to the ladder, motioning you to follow him. You smirked as you climbed down with Ethan.

It looked like you were under the house with the foundation. Brick was everywhere and there were multiple caged-off areas to the outside, right where the monsters were. You could see a few monster's feet and moved to try and find a way out.

You heard Ethan pick something up behind you and you saw that he found some scrap metal.

"We can make some ammo with this along with some gun powder," Ethan explained.

You nodded and motioned to the one area that wasn't blocked off by chicken wire. It was a large hole in the foundation leading outside, next to it were multiple bags of flour. You and Ethan nodded to each other and ran out of that hole, you armed with the knife and Ethan armed with his shotgun.

When you made it out and ran around another house, you noticed more and more of the monsters surrounding the area. 

"There's no end to them!" Ethan exclaimed, holding his gun up.

"Shit!" You yelled as a box beside you practically blew up and a monster tackled you to the ground.

The damned thing was able to sink its teeth into your left shoulder before you were able to drive the knife into the side of its head. The monster recoiled but you kept it close enough for you to stab it a second time and slice its throat for good measure.

You and Ethan were able to run into the house and barricade the door before the others could get to you. You quickly picked up the herb, and the handgun and shotgun ammo that was lying around and climbed up the ladder to the roof. Not before noticing the barrel of explosives first, of course.

That's when you noticed the fire.

All around you, houses were on fire and one monster was standing on one of the roofs holding a bow with flaming arrows. The monster started shooting its arrows at you and Ethan while another monster, armed with a morning star, found its way onto the roof with you both.

Ethan shot at it and the thing fell over, but it didn't go still. You grabbed Ethan and pointed to an empty area at the side of the house. He understood what you were getting at and you both jumped down and away from the fire.

You rolled when you landed and quickly got up, whereas Ethan had to pause cause he hurt his knees.

"This is why you roll, Winters," you shouted while running to the red gate that could be your sanctuary.

Ethan grunted. "Not all of us got the opportunity to take a Parcour class in Paris, Viper," Ethan retorted, catching up with you.

You made it to the giant red gate but when you pushed on it, you noticed it was locked from the other side.

"Shit!" Ethan cursed and held up his shotgun at the approaching monsters. You held up your knife and started cutting at whatever got too close. 

You and Ethan fought for your lives, Ethan shot, and you cut. But something else decided to show its ugly face.

A giant monster, three times the size of the other ones, showed up wielding a giant hammer. You thought it kind of looked like Krampus, but that was all you could think before it swung its hammer at you and barely missed.

"What the Fuck!" You screamed as Ethan pulled you away.

You both ran like hell, following the stream to God knows where. You cut and shot through quite a few more of the monsters before seeing a sign that read 'The Resevoir' and pointed to the direction you were already going.

You found a large gate with an emblem on it and you ran to it, hoping that the gates would open. No luck, they were locked. 

You were trapped, there were only dead ends and monsters in either direction. But you and Ethan were determined to fight. 

You both fought tooth and nail, killing quite a few of the monsters while searching for higher ground. Just when you thought that you got to an area where you could gain control, two monsters got you and Ethan from behind and threw you into the stream.

More monsters showed up, but on horseback. All of the monsters surrounded you, two on horses and everything else was on the ground. Some had bows and morning stars, others were barehanded. You were confused about one specific thing though.

Why aren't they attacking?

You heard a loud roar and turned your attention to the roof of one of the houses. The giant monster jumped down from the roof and landed in front of you and Ethan, the ground shook under its weight. The beast roared once again before it stopped and listened to the sounds of the village. 

A bell was tolling in the distance.

The monster looked at you and Ethan with its cold, dead eyes before turning to, you assumed, where the bell might be located. The monster jumped towards the sound, covering a good thirty feet in distance, before roaring to the others. The other monsters followed the monster without a second thought, ignoring you and Ethan entirely.

"Saved by a fucking bell," you gasped out, trying to catch your breath.

Ethan only grunted and reached towards his left leg. You didn't notice it a first but he had an arrow sticking out of his leg. Ethan grabbed the arrow and pulled it out before you could stop him, he groaned in pain as he tossed the arrow into the water.

"Are you okay?" he asked, eying you up and down.

You were not fine at all. You were exhausted, hungry, and you had bite marks and cuts all over your body. You just wanted to wake up from this nightmare and see Mia, Rose, Ethan, and yourself all back at the house, safe and sound. But that was asking for too much.

"I have cuts and bites all over my body and I'm pretty sure my ribs are cracked," you replied, reaching into the backpack to find some medicine, "compared to you, I'm just perfect."

You pulled out the medicine you were looking for and noticed a small bulge in the bottom of the bag. You reached in and found a long white bandage.

"Check out what I found," you held the bandage in front of Ethan's face and he took it from you along with a bottle of medicine.

"Awesome," he let out a sigh of relief, "we can also use some of those herbs and chem fluid we found to make some more medicine."

You nodded and riffled through the bag in search of the herbs and chem fluid. You quickly found them and started to mix things under Ethan's direction, making some medicine for you to use on your wounds.

At this point, Ethan finished wrapping his hand and was holding his wedding ring between his right index finger and thumb.

You sighed and took off the thin chain Ethan gave you for Christmas one year and handed it to him. "Here, just until you can put that thing back on your finger. Then I want it back."

Ethan chuckled and took the chain. He looped the chain through his wedding ring and clipped it around his neck before dropping it down his hoodie and helping you with disinfecting your wounds. 

You hissed as the medicine made contact with your wounds but that was as far as your complaining went. Ethan didn't use the entire bandage so there was enough to spare for your really bad-looking wounds, everything else didn't bleed as much as you thought it would.

"There, that should hold," Ethan said, tying off the last bit of your forearm.

"Thanks, Ethan."

"You're welcome," he said your name as he helped you stand up. That's when you heard the jingling of bells.

You both turned to the right and noticed an old woman far ahead of you both. You froze and watched as the woman turned away from you and started to walk away.

"Wait, w-wait..." Ethan yelled after her.

You both ran to the red gates that the woman passed through. The same red gates that were locked earlier. You looked in and saw the woman writing in the ground with her creepy-ass staff.

"In life and in death, we give glory..." is all the woman said when you and Ethan approached her.

"Uh, hello?" Ethan started. "You shouldn't be out here. It's not safe."

You can tell that something is not right with this woman and, based on the look Ethan is giving you, he was thinking the same thing.

"What the hell?" Ethan swore.

"Hey, can you hear us?" you asked the old woman, raising your voice in case she might be partially deaf.

The woman quickly moved her staff and stared directly at Ethan.

"It's you? The child's father," the woman looked at you, "and her aunt as well."

"Child? Hey, wait- do you mean Rose? Is she here?" Ethan's questions were fast and panicked. 

The woman laughed and started to shout. "Rose, Rose, yes!" The woman's face fell into something dark. "She is in great danger. Since Mother Miranda brought her to the village, we have fallen into darkness!"

"What are you talking about? The monsters?" Ethan asked.

"And who is Mother Miranda?" you asked your own question.

The woman turned away from you and walked back to the stream as the bell you heard earlier rang. You and Ethan looked up and saw the castle from earlier, realizing that that must be the source of the bell.

"The castle bell heralds danger! They're coming!" The woman warned, laughing hysterically.

"The monsters are coming back?"

"No, wait!" Ethan called after the woman. "Where's Rose? Who's Mother Miranda?"

The woman ignored you and Ethan as she kept walking and laughing. "The bell tolls for us all! They're coming again!" She kept laughing and closed the gates, shielding herself from your view.

"Rose is here?" Ethan asked, a look of fear covered his features.

"And by the sounds of it, she was taken by 'Mother Miranda'," you added on, stuck in your own thoughts of confusion. 

Who is Mother Miranda? Where is Rose? Is she here? Did those monsters hurt her? Are more really coming? What even were those monsters?

How the fuck are we all going to get out of here?


Chapter Text

Ethan finally snapped you out of your thoughts by shaking your shoulder.

"Hey, let's keep moving," he told you, noticing how freaked out you were, "she said that they're coming back, we should find cover and more weapons."

You nodded and followed Ethan to the closest building while mentally kicking yourself for not comforting him. The man lost his wife and his daughter in the same night to someone he trusted with his life and a crazy old woman popped up out of nowhere and told him that his daughter is somewhere in this Hell Hole. 

You barely paid attention as Ethan lead you into the building. Candles lined the stairs up to the door and around the deck area. There were also flowers and a few little dolls laying around the candles on the right side of the deck. 

The inside wasn't that different. As soon as you and Ethan walked in, you noticed the candles immediately. They were everywhere in the room, on the floor, on tables, surrounding that same sigil you kept seeing.

"This kind of looks like some sort of ritual," you pointed out, watching Ethan walk to a table with papers on it.

Ethan nodded and grabbed a bottle of chem fluid that was sitting on a different table nearby. "Yeah, it does. You think it might be a summoning ritual?" Ethan didn't raise his gaze to meet you, he kept his eyes on the paper in front of him.

"Don't know. Why?" you asked, walking up to Ethan. "What makes you think that it's a summoning ritual?"

Ethan held the yellowed paper to you and you took it from him. "This makes me think that it's a summoning ritual," Ethan said.

You moved the paper closer to the candlelight so you could read the two lines of the paper.

O, great Lycans, T he fabled monsters of old.

May they come to eat our flesh. May they come to tear us apart.

"Lycans?" you questioned, reading over the paper again. "Is that what those monsters are called?"

"I think so," Ethan answered, furrowing his brows, "Lycan kind of sounds like a shortened version of Lycanthropy. Those things did seem like Werewolves if I've ever seen any."

You put the paper down and stared at Ethan. "This isn't your first time seeing Werewolves?"

"No- no... that's not what I meant," Ethan sighed and turned to look around the rest of the house.

"Besides, who in their right mind would summon those things?" You continued, following Ethan as he inspected the other room. "I mean, the paper literally said 'tear us apart'."

"I don't know," Ethan groaned in annoyance, "I just guessed, okay?"

You paused and sighed. Ethan went to storm past you but you grabbed his shoulder and prevented him from going any further.

"I miss her too you know."

"...yeah, I know."

"You'll get Rose back too."

Ethan put his hand over yours and sighed, tears pricking his eyes. "We'll get Rose back."

You nodded and noticed the paper in Ethan's hand. He held it up to you so you could see. It was a map of the village with a few makings in it, putting a name to different areas.

You and Ethan started to wander around this new area of the village, the map called the landmarking statue the Maiden of War. You and Ethan found a few useful items, like scrap metal and herbs, but you had yet to see any more survivors. You and Ethan kept wondering until you came across a stone door with carvings of two figures who were missing their faces. Something was written over top of the two figure carvings.

"'Castle Dimistrescu'," you read out loud.

"Guess this leads to the Castle."

"You sure? I'm positive that this goes to the Reservoir." You grinned as Ethan gave your elbow a playful smack.

You stepped closer to get a better look and noticed that something could fit in the depression over one of the figures. You ran to the chapel that you explored earlier and Ethan followed.

"I saw this circular slab of stone on an altar in here that might be able to fit in one of those depressions," you explained, opening the door for Ethan.

"Only one way to find out," Ethan said, nodding.

Ethan immediately saw the altar. It wasn't that hard considering that it was at the front of the chapel, it was also covered in candles, and photographs of five people were hung neatly above it. Under the center, and largest, photograph was the slab of stone you mentioned. 

You looked up at the photos and got a better look at them than earlier. On the far left was a photo of a very deformed person. They had a cloak on and, what looked like, a crown of bones on its head. The second photo was of an elegant-looking woman. She had a large hat on long with big and expensive-looking jewelry. The center photo was just the same photo as the ones of the lady in the other houses. The fourth photo was of a woman wearing a veil while holding a creepy-looking doll in a white dress. The last photo was one of a man no older than his late forties. He had a beard and long, messy hair that was hidden under a wide brim hat. The shadow from the man's hat was covering his eyes and he was the only one out of the others who wasn't looking at the camera.

Ethan called your name and you jumped to look at him. Ethan was holding a piece of paper with a map drawn on it and a message written in red ink. 

"Sorry, spaced out," you sighed, pointing to the picture of the man. "This guy caught my attention."

Ethan looked at the photo and shrugged. "Is this one of those 'dark and mysterious' moments or is something wrong?"

"Funny," you groaned, gesturing to the other photos, "this guy is the only one that is actively looking away from the camera. All the other photos have these people facing forward, but he's just there."

Ethan looked at the photo again and raised a brow. "And you think he's hot."

You groaned and rolled your eyes. "Let's just go."

"You're not denying it," Ethan teased you.

You ignored Ethan and took the stone slab from him, turning to leave the chapel. You heard some rummaging from behind you and you knew Ethan was up to something.

"Ethan, I swear to God, if you take that photo I will chain you to one of the big gravestones outside," you warned Ethan.

"I wasn't going to do anything," Ethan chuckled, catching up with you, "except for this." Ethan held up the photo of the man in front of your face.

"Ethan!" you shouted, stopping just before you run face-first into the photo.

Ethan laughed and put the photo back on its nail above the altar. "It's just a joke, calm down."

You sighed and rubbed the bridge of your nose. "Let's just see if this slab will actually fit in one of the depressions."

Ethan nodded and followed you out of the chapel. You just made it to the castle's gate when you remembered the paper Ethan showed you earlier.

"Hey, what was on that paper?" You asked Ethan.

"It's a map with the chapel on one side and Luiza's house on the other, they're both circled in red," Ethan told you as you put the slab in the depression. "Apparently this thing is a crest and the other one is in Luiza's house. The note said that you need to look for the crests if something bad ever happens to the village."

You turned the crest so that it lined up with the rest of the carving and the result was an image of a young woman with a sword. You backed up and looked at the gate before Ethan pulled you back towards the chapel.

"Come on, Luiza's house is this way."

You and Ethan made your way through the chapel's courtyard if you could even call it that, and you found yourselves standing on a path surrounded by large plants you could only assume were wheat. There was some scrambling in some of it so you and Ethan kept your weapons ready. You and Ethan searched every nook and cranny you could find for supplies that you or the other survivors could use. You only encountered two Lycans when you got closer to the house at the end of the road. 

You and Ethan made quick work of one of them and ran towards the house at the end of the road, Ethan telling you that that is Luiza's house. Problem is, the gates are locked.

"Again?" you groaned, exasperated, "I hate this fucking village."

Ethan quickly pulled you to the right when you hear a growl. He pulled you into a shed nearby.

"Close the door! Please!" a woman pleads with you and Ethan. You carefully closed the door and the woman let out a sigh of relief.

"Hey, what are you doing here?" Ethan asked her.

The woman stayed silent but moved backward when Ethan took a step towards her. Ethan kept trying to get closer when he saw an old man sitting on the ground and holding a machete up to Ethan.

"Stay back!" The man gasped out and Ethan held his hands up in defence. You slowly made your way around so the man could see what you were doing and mimicked Ethan's hand position.

"Please, don't hurt us!" The woman stepped closer to the old man and held one hand out to Ethan and you, motioning for you to stay back.

"Whoa. It's okay," you said calmly, trying to defuse the situation.

"We're not going to hurt you," Ethan added on, "We're just glad to see normal people at last." You nodded as you watched the woman relax, but the man only held his machete higher.

"Have you seen the other survivors?" you asked, lowering your hands.

The woman started to look a little panicked as she answered. "No, they're all in Luiza's house. And she's not answering, and the gate is locked."

"Quiet, girl! They're outsiders!" The old man warned the woman.

The woman looked down, almost ashamed when you all turned to the noise of howling from the Lycans.

"Shit, we're sitting ducks in here," Ethan said, gesturing to the old man. "Can your old man walk?"

"No, one of the monsters cut him!" The woman said frantically. "He's lost a lot of blood- we have to get into Luiza's house!"

"Shh... quiet!" Ethan whispered. "There must be a way inside. Stay here, be quiet, and don't move until we get those gates open."

At this point, you've been keeping an eye on the old man for a while and noticed that he was still losing a lot of blood. The cut on his left thigh looked deep from where you were standing and it wasn't covered properly. This man was standing right on death's doorstep, all he needed to do was knock.

Ethan shook you out of your trance when he said your name. "Hey, come on."

"He's going to die of blood loss before we get back," you told Ethan, "I'll stay here and patch him up."

Ethan went to protest but decided against it. "You'll be okay?" He asked you and you nodded. "Alright, be safe."

"We will, you too."

The old man started to cough horribly as Ethan went out the door, closing it behind him. You searched around the room and in a crate you found outside. You went rummaging everywhere until you were able to find some handgun ammo, some scrap metal, and a large, clean sheet. 

"This will work," you said to yourself and ripped the sheet up into long strips of bandages. 

You quickly made your way back to the man but he held his machete up as a way to say 'back off'. You stopped and held out your make-shift bandages.

"Here, use these to patch up his leg. Make it tight, okay?" You told the young woman.

She shook her head and pushed the old man's machete down. "I can't do it. Please help him."

You nodded and sat down next to her so you could patch up the man's leg. You worked in silence for a few minutes before the woman cleared her throat.

"I'm Elena, by the way. And this," she gestures to the old man who is currently groaning in pain, "is my father, Leonardo."

You introduce yourself and nod to the door. "The guy outside is Ethan, he's my brother-in-law."

"Are you a doctor?" Elena asked you suddenly.

"No, I..." you pause and think about what you should say, "I fight. What about you and your father? What do you two do?"

"None of your business," Leonardo grunts.

Elena shook her head as the door swung open, revealing a gasping and groaning Ethan.

"What happened? Are you okay?" You asked, tying off the bandage you put on Leonardo.

Ethan took a breath and closed the door, making sure nothing saw him. "I'll be okay, I was just caught off guard is all..."

You didn't believe him but you couldn't voice your opinion before Ethan told you what he discovered. He checked as much of the perimeter as he could but he couldn't find an opening. 

"...All that's left is the bit of wall covered by the shed," Ethan finished.

"Didn't you go out there earlier?" Elena asked you.

You nodded. "Yeah, but I had my eyes on a crate that was outside, I didn't bother with looking at the wall."

"I'll go check now," Ethan said, jumping out the window.

You sighed and picked up the bandages you didn't use along with the scrap metal, and ammo you found earlier. 

"Hey, I found a way in," you heard Ethan shout, "wait for my signal."

"We'll be ready," you shouted back before going to Elena who was already starting to help Leonardo up.

You offered your hand to Leonardo and he just stared at it for a moment before taking it. You and Elena helped Leonardo move to the door and waited for Ethan.

"C'mon- it's clear," Ethan shouted, waving his hand. 

You, Elena, and Leonardo stumbled out of the shed and quickly made your way to Ethan. Ethan opened the gate wider so all of you could fit. Leonardo pushed away from you and Elena and he went inside.

"Took your damn time," he growled.

"You're welcome," Ethan sighed as Leonardo went to the door of the house.

You, Elena, and Ethan all worked together to close the gate before one of the monsters showed up. When the gates were closed, Ethan went to lock them and you opened the backpack on his back to put the supplies you found inside.

"He's not used to relying on other people. I'm sorry," Elena apologizes.

"Don't worry about it," you reassured her, "with the Hell we witnessed, a little crabbiness is warranted."

Elena nodded and looked around the yard while Leonardo banged on the door. "We'll be safe here, won't we?"

"Safer here than out there, that's for sure," Ethan told her. Elena smiled and walked towards her dad. "Hey, do you know anything about what's going on here?"

Elena shook her head as her panic resurfaced. "It doesn't make any sense. Mother Miranda has always protected us-"

Elena was cut short by her father. "Nobody's answering! Come help me-" Leonardo didn't get to finish his sentence either, he practically collapsed on the deck and Elena ran to him.

"We have to get inside," Elena called to you and Ethan. 

You ran up to the door and started banging frantically against the wood. Ethan quickly joined you with his own unceremoniously knocking. 

"Hello? Anybody home?" He called out.

"Maybe a familiar voice..." Elena got up from beside her father and went up to the door. Elena started to knock and shout at whoever was inside. "Luiza, open up! It's me, Elena!"

The door opened slowly, but it wasn't a hand or face that came out. It was the barrel of a gun. The gun slowly crept closer to Elena and a voice came from the door.

"Stop shouting. You'll draw the monsters!" a man came out of the door and kept the gun trained on Elena, who had her hands up.

"Iulian, calm down-" Elena started to say, but that's when he noticed you and Ethan.

Iulian pointed his gun at you and Ethan and you both raised your hands in defence. "Who are they?"

"They're friends-"

"Stay back," Iulian warned, pushing you and Ethan back a few steps.

Leonardo started coughing again as he made his way to the open door and Iulian blocked him from getting in. Elena held her father close and started to plead with Iulian.

"For God's sake, Iulian, let us in."

"No, no, they'll smell the blood- You'll endanger us all," Iulian told her, keeping any of you from getting inside.

"My father will die out here!"

"That's not my problem!"

"What's going on?" A woman emerges from inside the house and walked to the door.

Iulian seemed to relax slightly as he addressed the woman. "These people want to let a dying man into our home."

"Come now. 'These people' are our friends," the woman reasoned with Iulian. "Go on, go inside." The woman helped Leonardo to his feet and pulled both Elena and Leonardo inside. "Come now, this way."

Iulian raised his gun to you and Ethan again, to which you both flinched. You hated being at the end of a barrel of a gun.

"You two aren't from this village..." The woman wasn't asking a question.

"No, ma'am," you answered, "there was an accident right outside of this village."

"I'm Ethan and this is my sister-in-law," Ethan said your name, introducing you both to the woman.

"Iulian, go make yourself useful and check the grounds," the woman told Iulian, but he hesitated, "I said go!" There was no room for argument.

Iulian kept his eyes on you and Ethan as he begrudgingly went down the steps.

"Well, if Elena trusts you... then so do I." She, you can only assume that this woman is Luiza, approached you and Ethan as you lowered your hands. "Come inside."

You and Ethan followed Luiza into her home and closed the door behind you, keeping it unlocked for Iulian.

"Wait here, I'll check on the others," Luiza told you both and left the room.


Chapter Text

You and Ethan decided to look around the room while you waited. You went to look at something on a Lay-z-boy while Ethan spotted a book on the table. A piece of paper was on the Lay-z-boy and you picked it up to read it.


They broke in again, got more of the livestock. I don't think we'll make it through winter at this rate.

Ernest is still missing, too. We can't find him anywhere.

Has Mother Miranda abandoned us?

Luiza is quick to come back, for as soon as you finished reading the letter, she came into the room.

"This way," Luiza said in a hushed voice, motioning for you to follow her in the door. 

You and Ethan followed Luiza down through her house. Luiza led you to a doorway with a curtain acting as a door.

"Come inside, the others are waiting," Luiza offered, stepping inside herself.

Ethan went in first and you followed him quickly. The room you and Ethan were lead into was a large room with a fireplace on the left wall, illuminating the room along with an oil lamp. In the middle of the room was a table and two chairs, Leonardo was sitting on one of them. At the far end of the room was a loveseat right under a collection of plates. There were also six other people in the room, not including Ethan or yourself.

"What the fuck is this?" the man to your left asked accusingly, "Outsiders- you're going to get us all killed!"

"Quiet, Anton," Luiza hissed, "they helped Leonardo and Elena."

"We were doing fine by ourselves," Leonardo groaned in pain.

"Please, Ethan, take a seat." Luiza ignored Leonardo and pulled the other chair out for Ethan. Ethan hesitated but you gave him a small shove. Luiza called your name and pulled up another chair you didn't see earlier. "You as well." Luiza placed the seat right next to Ethan's and you sat down.

"Thank you, Luiza," you said to the older woman.

Luiza nodded and started to pace when Ethan asked what was on both of your minds. "Is this all that's left? From your entire village?"

"All that's left?" the man from earlier, Anton, spoke up. "All that's left?! There is no one left!" Anton got up from his seat angrily and stormed right up to you and Ethan. The man reeked of alcohol. "A worthless invalid," Anton walked up to the man in the corner with an injured leg, "A stupid, wailing bitch," he gestured to the poor, crying woman, "and you!" He shouted at Luiza. "You drag a bloody man and two outsiders in here like it's nothing... and expect to be all safe?" By now, Anton is addressing the entire room. "There is no safe! Every sorry bastard out there has been ripped in half! But tomorrow," Anton took a large sip from the bottle he was holding, "tomorrow we'll all be dead. Just like her damn husband!" He gestured to the crying woman which only made her sobs louder. "Put a sock in it, Roxana!"

"That's enough," Luiza stepped in between Anton and Roxana. "This house has protected my family for generations. And drunk or not, you are all welcome- and safe- in here." Luiza went to take Anton's hand but he pulled it away.

"Whatever," Anton sighed, keeping his eyes on Luiza.

"Can someone please tell us what the hell is going on here?" Ethan asked, looking around for anyone with answers.

"We don't know." Luiza threw her hands up and started to pace. "One day, we were a quiet, devout village and the next the monsters came and attacked us. And they- they kept coming, and-"

"Wait, Luiza," Elena interrupts, "where is your husband? Did they..?"

"No," Luiza's answer was quick, "n-no. He is out there- somewhere..." Luiza kept pointing and glancing at the door. "H-He went out to get help. Yes, yes, that's- that's it. He went to fetch help."

You felt sympathy for the poor woman and the rest of these villagers. They were only living their lives when the Lycans came down for a few snacks.

"Let us pray," Roxana spoke from her little corner, "For him. For all of us."

"Good idea," Luiza nodded and gestured for everyone to gather around the table. "Come. Gather."

Everyone but Anton gathered around the table and held hands. Luiza offered her hand to Ethan and Elena offered her's to you. You took Elena and Ethan's hands and Ethan took Luiza's. You and Ethan looked around at everyone as they bowed their heads and closed their eyes.

"Great ones, hear our voice, together as one in reverence. We call on thee within the endless dark to deliver us into fate's hands. As the midnight moon rises on black wings, so we make our sacrifice and await the light at the end. In life and in death, we give glory, Mother Miranda." Everyone in the circle said this in unison, but it quickly became a plea instead of a prayer.

The last part of the prayer, I've heard it before... you thought, looking at Ethan to see if he thought the same. It looked like he did.

"Now," Luiza sighed as everyone dropped their hands, "the tea should be ready. Come help me, Elena, please."

Elena nodded and walked around the table to help Luiza. 

"That prayer- we've heard it before," Ethan told the group. "There was an old woman near the graveyard."

Luiza handed Ethan a cup of tea and he thanked her.

"You mean the hag?" Leonardo asked with a small tone of amusement. "Dumb bitch is crazy as a bag of rats."

"There is wisdom in her devotion, though..." Luiza quickly defends the old woman, handing you a cup of tea. You thanked Luiza as she continued to defend the woman. "And I hope it protected her as it shall protect us."

"If it's any consolation," you started, "the old woman looked completely fine. As if the monsters didn't even go after her."

Luiza nodded and smiled as Leonardo laughed. His laughter quickly shifted from, well, laughter to cries of pain. Leonardo fell forward and knocked the oil lamp off the table and onto the floor.

You stood up and reached for him to try and help but Ethan grabbed your bicep, pulling you back away from the oil fire that was quickly spreading.

"What the fuck are you doing?" Anton yelled at Leonardo. 

You and Ethan moved around the table to try and avoid the fire and, possibly, help Leonardo.

"Leonardo," Luiza called to him, "what's wrong? Are you okay?" The poor man was withering on the table and gasping in pain.

Luiza went in front of you and Ethan to try and calm Leonardo down, but you noticed something was wrong. Very wrong. Leonardo was gripping the machete with white knuckles and some of his muscles were tensing up familiarly. Like a monster about to strike.

"Luiza, no!" You shouted and reached for her, but you were too late.

Leonardo roared and drove his machete into Luiza's neck. Anton, who was previously trying to stomp out the fire, broke his bottle over Leonardo's head. Leonardo did not like that, he jumped up and clung to the ceiling, staring Ethan down. Ethan froze as he stared right back at Leonardo. You, on the other hand, ran to Luiza's body and pulled the machete out of her corpse.

We can use this, you thought as you pointed it a Leonardo.

"Father!" Elena screamed from behind Ethan.

Ethan turned around and pushed Elena out of the door that was behind her. "Elena, no! Stay back!"

You quickly followed Ethan and Elena through the door, trying to get Roxana to come too. But Roxana was frozen in place, staring at the monster before her.

"No- let me go!" Elena shouted.

You helped Ethan push Elena away from the situation when you turned back to see if Roxana did follow you. You were wrong. 

The monster had already killed Anton and the other man when you saw him rip out Roxana's throat with his teeth.

"Oh god, no. He'll kill all three of us!" Ethan started to back up, pushing you and Elena behind him. "We have to go!"

The monster finally noticed you, Ethan, and Elena. The thing started to creep towards you, growling every step of the way. Ethan shot at him and you held out the machete, but he wouldn't slow down and the hallway was too narrow for you to get around and start cutting at the monster. 

The monster was able to knock Ethan over and you tried to back up, keeping Elena behind you.

"Get out of here," you told her over your shoulder. You ran up to the monster and cut at him with the machete. Ethan was able to crawl away as you kept cutting at the monster. You got a few good slashes in but the thing kept its guard up so you couldn't get any more in.

You heard Elena yell your name, "Duck!" And you did just that when a shot rang through the room. The monster was knocked back and it fell over, you did too out of sheer shock. Standing next to you was Elena, holding a shotgun she must've found. 

"Stay away," she said to the monster. The damned thing got up and tried to attack us again. "I said stay away!" Elena shouted and shot the monster in the stomach, dropping the shotgun when it fell to the ground. "Oh my god. I'm so sorry father..."

You stood up as Ethan held her shoulder, trying to reassure Elena. "Hey, hey. That wasn't your father anymore. You did the right thing."

The monster squirmed around as flaming pieces of the ceiling started to fall on it. Elena slowly started walking to the monster when you pulled her back.

"Elena, no. There's nothing you can do!" You pulled her back and she kept screaming for her father.

"This entire place is collapsing!" Ethan yelled opening the door behind you as you pulled Elena inside. Flaming wood fell from the ceiling as the fire spread to the hall. 

You shoved Elena into the area that wasn't on fire before quickly following, Ethan closed the metal door behind you.

"You couldn't save him." Ethan tried to console Elena as you looked around the new room you were in. "He was already gone."

You sucked in a breath as Elena glared at Ethan, laying against the truck. 

"Leave me alone," Elena sobbed and turned away from Ethan, burying her face in her hands.

"No." Ethan shook his head and placed his hand on her arm. Elena recoiled but Ethan kept going. "We're getting out of here. All of us are."

Elena said nothing as she kept sobbing over the loss of her father. You would have tried to console her like Ethan but decided against it, thinking the biggest problem you were facing was the burning house. 

"We need to get out of here. Quickly. The fire will attract the Lycans," you stated, looking at the far wall. "There are some windows over there, I'll see if I can move the boarding."

Ethan nodded and stepped away from Elena, letting her morn in peace. "Good idea. I think this truck might come in handy," Ethan said, nodding to the truck Elena was crying on, "I'll see if I can find the keys."

You nodded and turned away from Ethan and to the area with boarded-up windows. You ran up to them and noticed the fire that was coming through the door to the entrance. You shook it off and went up to the boards. Putting your machete down, you try and pull at the boards before quickly realizing that whoever put them up knew what they were doing.

"Okay, what now?" you asked yourself.

"Anything?" You heard Ethan shout.

"No luck," you replied as Ethan ran into the room you were in, "they're snug. Even if we could find a tool to help pry these off, we don't have the time." You pointed to the burning fire that was consuming the door.

Ethan nodded and pointed to the other room to your left. "I think the keys might be in there. If we need to, we can bust through the wall."

"Alright, let's go," you said, running into the room which so happens to be a kitchen area.

Ethan followed you as you started to look in the cabinets and drawers of the kitchen. You both found a few things everywhere and you even found a note that told you there was a screwdriver in a leather keyring. Eventually, Ethan found the keys and you both ran back to Elena and the truck.

When you stepped into the area you left Elena in, you noticed how much the fire has spread.

"Damn, the fire's moving fast," Ethan choked out. You and Elena started coughing too.

Ethan jumped in the truck and started the engine, coughing along the way.

"What are you thinking?" Elena asked Ethan in a panicked tone.

"Step back, we can bust out with this."

Elena nodded and you both went into a corner behind the truck and away from the flames.

Ethan put the truck in reverse and backed it up as far as the truck would go. Ethan then put it in gear and drove straight into the wall ahead before backing up again. Ethan drove forward and smashed through the first wall, but the success didn't come without a price. Parts of the ceiling collapsed onto the truck.

"Ethan!" You shouted, running over to him.

"Ethan, are you alright!?" Elena asked running to Ethan with you.

"I-I'm fine," Ethan groaned. "Let me back up again."

"The fire- there isn't time," Elena told Ethan as you helped him out of the truck.

Ethan looked around and saw somewhere you all could escape. "Nowhere to go but up," he said as he climbed onto the hood of the truck. Ethan stood up and reached to you and Elena. "Grab on. Hurry!" 

Elena took Ethan's hand and you helped her up before climbing the truck yourself. Ethan pointed to the stairs that were above you and you motioned for Elena to go up first. Ethan had you follow her and then he climbed up himself.

"Let's move," you urged Ethan.

"Don't worry, and try not to breath in the smoke," Ethan yelled at Elena as he followed you both up the second floor.

"I know," Elena called over her shoulder. "Thank you. You're both very kind... I hope your family is safe."

"I do too," Ethan sighed, walking past Elena as she slowed down to take a small break. "Once we get out of here, maybe you'll get to meet them."

You gently pushed Elena forward as you both coughed. "Come on, we can make it," you told her, giving her a reassuring smile. Elena smiled back at you as she forced her feet to keep walking forward.

"That'd be good," Elena choked out, "getting out of here and meeting your family."

Ethan pushed you ahead of him and Elena as he pointed to a ramp that the collapsed ceiling made for you guys. You started to carefully walk up, coughing along the way. You stomped one foot down on an area and a few pieces broke off. You motioned for Ethan and Elena to keep climbing.

"Come on, it'll hold," you shouted at them, holding your hand out to Ethan.

Ethan took your hand and you hauled him up and to a more stable area. As soon as Ethan's feet hit the landing, you reached out for Elena. She grabbed your arm and you pulled her up and next to Ethan.

Ethan pointed to an open window as you and Elena caught your breaths.

"There! That's our way out."

"Yes!" You yelled, throwing your hands in the air. You still had the machete in your hand and were very careful when lowering your arms.

"Thank god," Elena sighs, looking at the window like it's the gates to Heaven. Just as quickly as the light in her eyes came, it disappeared and was replaced with dread. "But what then? The village is still full of monsters. We can't fight them! There are too many!"

"Hey! Hey. Don't talk like that," Ethan sighed, placing his hands on her shoulders. "We'll find a safe house to put you in until I can find my daughter." Ethan turned and pointed to the window. "My hunch is she's in that old castle."

Elena's eyes quickly filled with fear at the mention of the castle. "No! That place is full of nothing but blood and death! And I don't want to be alone while you both are-" Elena looked back at the window and stopped talking for a moment before looking down. "Father?"

You followed her gaze and saw a beaten-up and burnt monster version of Leonardo. The monster was also on fire from the waist down as he reached up to all of you. Elena went out to reach for him but you grabbed her shoulder and pulled her back.

"Elena, no! That's not him- not anymore." You clung to her arm as she stared down at the monster who was once her father only minutes earlier.

"Elena..." the monster groaned before doubling over.

Elena looked at both of you and smiled with tears in her eyes. "He said my name! Father!" She turned back to the monster and shook out of your grasp.

"Wait, it's not safe!" Ethan ran after her. You would have gone too if it weren't for the ramp collapsing. 

"Ethan! Elena!" You shouted and watched the ramp sink a little while they tried to reach for each other.

The bit of wood that Elena was standing on collapsed a little more and Ethan had to jump on a landing to his left. You ran around the gaping hole and joined Ethan.

"Stay there!" Ethan shouted to Elena.

Elena did not stay, she went to the monster's side and hugged him close. Even when Ethan tried to reach for her, she wouldn't let go of her father.

"C'mon, give me your hand!" Ethan practically pleaded with her.

Elena looked up and around at her situation, she knew that she wasn't going to make it out.

"Ethan..." she looked at you and choked out your name, "go... Save your daughter!" The boards kept breaking under Elena and the monster started to panic.

"Elena, don't give up!" Ethan called out to her.

"Please, Elena," you cried out, "just take Ethan's hand!"

The monster fell through the floor and into the fire as Ethan reached down further to Elena.

"Reach for me!" Ethan yelled.

Elena looked up at Ethan one last time before falling into the flames. Screaming in pain and surprise as she fell.

"Goddammit!" Ethan yelled in frustration as he started to stand up. "Why is everyone dying on us!?" Ethan paused and kept his eyes trained on where Elena fell, her scream long gone leading you to assume that the fall killed her. "This is... this is just too much."

"Ethan!" you yelled, as grabbed his arm. "We need to get out of here!"

You were successful in pulling Ethan away from the fire and around the hole so you could get to the window.

"I just... don't get it," Ethan sighed out and that's when you saw the tear running down his face.

You sighed and wiped the tear away, holding back your own tears. "Neither do I, but we need to keep pushing on."

Ethan nodded as you both climbed up to the window. You let Ethan go first and he climbed right up and onto the window sill. Ethan paused and looked forward, then back at the fire downstairs.

"This place has gone mad," he whispered. A look of anger crossed over Ethan's face as he turned back to the outside and slammed his bad hand into the window sill. "Why the fuck is this happening again!?"

You sighed and gave him a small poke. "C'mon, Mr. Main Character, I'm tired of breathing in smoke." You couldn't help a tear from running down your cheek.

"Shit," Ethan sighed your name, "I- I'm sorry-"

"Don't apologize," you raised a hand and coughed a little, "let's just go."

Ethan paused and jumped out of the window, landing on the balcony below with a thud. You jumped up on the window sill and followed suit, except you had someone to catch you.

Ethan let go of you and you both took a deep breath of fresh air, wishing that Chris never showed up last night.


Chapter Text

You and Ethan didn't stay there on the balcony for long, there was a fire after all. You and Ethan walked to a break in the banister around the balcony and jumped down. Ethan even rolled this time.

Ethan walked forward with his shoulders slumped, still saddened by Elena's death.

But it's not just Elena's death, is it? You thought, following Ethan to a weird-looking birdcage thing next to the gate.

"I think the other crest is in here," Ethan explained.

You looked at the cage and agreed, looking at the lock specifically. That's when you realized something.

"Shit!" you cursed, facepalming.

"What's wrong?" Ethan asked, placing a concerned hand on your shoulder.

You rubbed your temples in annoyance. "There was a note about the key back in the house... It said that there was a screwdriver in the keyring and we could have used that and I forgot to tell..." you trailed off as Ethan held out a screwdriver.

"I fiddled with the keys a little when I first found them," Ethan explained, moving to open the cage, "found the screwdriver in a leather pouch attached to the keychain. Thought it might come in handy." Ethan shrugged and opened the cage with the screwdriver, revealing the second crest. The crest looked like a monster's face.

"Well," you sighed, "let's get-" You didn't get the chance to finish your sentence when you and Ethan heard gunshots.

You and Ethan ran to the gate and tried to open it as fast as you could as agonizing groans sounded from the other side.

"Whose's there!?" Ethan yelled, trying to push the gate open slowly. You didn't want to see anymore Lycans after all. You got your confirmation that the voice was human when you heard them start to speak.

"Stop! Mother Miranda!" A man screamed as you and Ethan pushed the gates open.

The scene that laid before you was horrific. A tall figure in black was holding a man off the ground by his neck. The man, you soon realized was Iulian from earlier, was squirming in the figure's grasp, screaming in agony as the pressure on his throat tightened.

"Hey!" Ethan yelled at the figure just as you heard a loud and sickening crack. The figure broke the man's neck with a flick of their wrist. The figure dropped Iulian to the ground and turned so their back was facing you and Ethan.

"Who was- what was that?" Ethan asked, both of you frozen in place out of fear.

You couldn't get a word out as you stood there, fearing for your life. It's as if your mind just comprehended how serious of a situation you were in. You were thrown out of a government transport vehicle after a man your sister trusted killed her and kidnapped her baby, husband, and you. You found hanging crows in the forest by their necks and feet before stumbling on a house with blood-soaked floors and a big-ass hole in the wall. You found a deserted village with destroyed houses, corpses, and humanoid monsters that ate half of Ethan's left hand. More monsters then started to chase you in circles, trying to kill you, before leaving you alone at the toll of a bell. You met an old hag that told you Rose was in this hell hole and then the lady dipped. You just watched multiple people get murdered by a monster that was once a father and then watched both the monster and his daughter fall into a fire. To top it all off, you just witnessed a human figure kill someone with their bare hands. You and Ethan have almost died so many times, you were starting to wonder if Death is playing with you.

You fell to your knees and started to cry. Ethan quickly pulled you back into the safety of the gates before closing and locking the gates.

Ethan dropped right next to you and pulled you in for a hug. You started sobbing into Ethan's shoulder as he held you tight, you dropped the machete and knife to pull him closer.

"Is this what you went through in Louisianna?" you choked out.

Ethan hesitated for a moment before deciding to come clean. "Not to this extremity..."

"Oh, God," you cried quietly, hoping you didn't attract any monsters. You tightened your hold on Ethan and both of you kept crying. You cried for your sister, for her baby that was somewhere. You cried for the people of the village, those you met and those you didn't, and you cried for Ethan and yourself.

You and Ethan stayed in that position for a few minutes, just holding each other before you started to calm down. You were the first one to let go, Ethan slowly pulled back to make sure you were okay. You and Ethan were close as friends could be, but you were sure this situation would make you even closer.

"Tell you what," Ethan suggested while wiping your tears away, "let's stay in this area for a few more minutes and make some medicine and bullets. Then, we'll go find Rose, get out of here, and this nightmare will be over."

You nodded and smiled while wiping Ethan's tears from his cheeks. "That sounds a little too simple for the situation we're in, but let's do it."

Ethan chuckled as he took off the backpack and set it down in front of you both. "You go ahead and make medicine and I'll make the bullets," Ethan told you as he carefully pulled everything out of the bag. "You still remember how right?"

"Yeah," you said and told Ethan the exact steps he told you earlier. "How's your leg, by the way?"

Ethan shrugged and traced his hand up and down his thigh, looking for the hole created by that one arrow. "It's doing pretty well, I guess. I don't feel any-" Ethan stopped with a surprised look on his face.

You looked around and picked up your machete, thinking that another Lycan showed up.

"It's not there anymore..." Ethan whispered in awe.

You kept looking around, trying to stop a Lycan. "What? The Lycan?"

"No," Ethan said quickly, putting a hand on your shoulder, "I didn't see a Lycan. But the arrow hole that we patched up is gone." Ethan took your hand and placed it on the area of his leg where his pants had a hole in them from the arrow. You stared at the area when you noticed that the hole was indeed gone.

You held up a bottle of medicine and stared at it. "What the hell is in this and can we mass-produce it?" You asked.

Ethan laughed and checked his other injuries. Sure enough, they healed too. The only injury he didn't check was his missing fingers, he decided to leave that alone, just to be safe.

"This is insane," Ethan breathed out, eyeing your shoulder and forearm. "Maybe you're healed too."

You scrambled to check your shoulder and Ethan moved around to check your forearm. You gasped as you looked at your left shoulder, the bite mark that was so deep it hit bone was now red cuts making out an outline of the Lycan's teeth.

"Holy shit..." you gasped and Ethan tapped your right shoulder to get your attention.

"You just have some scabs on your arm, and they aren't even that big." Ethan pointed out.

"My shoulder still needs to be wrapped and I think it'll heal completely if I put a little more of that medicine on," you told him excitedly.

"It's a little weird how mine healed completely but yours are still working on it," Ethan murmured as he handed you a previously opened bottle of medicine.

You shrugged as you took the bottle and poured it a little over your shoulder. "The medicine might respond better to certain blood types or," you hissed at the sting of the medicine going into the bite mark, "or you didn't get bitten like me. Those things mainly scratched at you."

Ethan nodded and handed you the make-shift bandages you made earlier. You took them and, with Ethan's help, replaced the old, bloody bandage with the new one. After he tied a knot to keep the bandage in place, Ethan pulled out the rest of the stuff in the bag and laid it out for you both to use.

"Where the fuck did you get a mine?" You asked, bewildered.

Ethan chuckled at your expression and started to explain. "Remember when I looked around Luiza's gate to try and find a way in?"

You nodded. "Yeah, and a Lycan caught you off guard?"

"It was three actually but anyway," Ethan continued as you facepalmed, "one of them dropped it after I killed it so I grabbed the mine and put it in the bag. It could be useful."

You rolled your eyes and nodded as you got to work, combining chem fluid and herbs to create medicine. Ethan quickly got to work himself. The metal was fairly easy to bend around as it was so Ethan was able to make some shotgun and handgun ammo out of all the materials he had. When you two finished, you picked everything up and put it all in the bag. Well, almost all.

Ethan kept the handgun in one of his large coat pockets along with some extra ammo for quick reloads. Ethan also carried the shotgun in his hands so he could use it when the time called. You decided that you wanted to keep the machete but you didn't have anywhere to put the knife without it cutting through your much thinner clothes. So you gave the knife to Ethan for safekeeping who, in turn, put the knife in one of his pockets.

You both made your way to the castle gate without a hitch. All the Lycans seem to be away from your current location and you weren't complaining. You did, however, run into the crazy, old woman in the church's courtyard. She was drawing something in the dirt with her staff, just like the last time you saw her.

"Death," is what she said when you and Ethan approached her. "Yes. Death has visited them all!" The woman started to laugh maniacally before calming down and going back to drawing.

Crazy bitch. You thought as you pulled Ethan to the castle gates.

When you got to the gates, you pulled the crest out of the bag and tried to put it in its depression. You were so tired from the running and the fighting that your arms felt like noodles and you had to ask Ethan for help. Ethan struggled a little as well but you were able to get it into the depression properly after some time.

The gates to the castle opened wide when you turned the crest to the right spot, revealing a pathway with a door almost thirty feet ahead of you. You and Ethan didn't hesitate and walked right through the gates.

"'Nothing but blood and death,' huh?" Ethan joked, looking around.

You shrugged. "Maybe she meant the inside of the castle?"

You and Ethan continued in silence, keeping your guard up in case anything did appear. There was a lone crow but those didn't scare you anymore.

You and Ethan made it to the door you saw earlier but it wasn't really a door, more like a doorway. Inside said doorway, was a cave illuminated by torches and held up by wooden arches.

You and Ethan pressed forward, walking carefully and as quietly as you could so you didn't attract any unwanted attention. You both eventually ended up in a room filled with barrels and baskets. There is a door in front of you when you first walk in and another to the left.

You went for the first door but it was locked. Ethan turned to the second door and that's when you saw them. The baskets that you saw were filled with apples and nuts.

"Ethan, wait." You stopped him from grabbing the switch next to the door and threw him an apple. "Here, to get some strength back."

Ethan smiled and took a bite of the apple when he spotted a bottle sitting on one of the barrels. Taking another bite of his apple, Ethan went to the barrel with the bottle and grabbed it. He pulled the cap off and took a whiff of the contents inside.

Ethan called your name and you looked up from your apple, "I found some water!"

You thanked whatever deity that gave you this luck as you walked to Ethan, who was already taking a swig from the bottle. He handed the bottle to you and you relished in the feeling of the cool water running down your throat. You didn't realize how thirsty you were until that moment, drinking water out of an old bottle, in a fucking cave.

You and Ethan kept passing the water back and forth until it was empty. Even then, you were in no rush to open the door, so you kept eating your apples. You both even grabbed a second one and practically inhaled them, core and all.

"Glad that we finally have some food in our stomachs," you sighed, "we haven't eaten since lunch yesterday."

"Yeah," Ethan agreed, wiping his mouth, "the clean water was also a bonus."

You nodded as you and Ethan went back to the large switch next to the even larger metal door. The door itself looked like it had multiple components to it, a few large gears were smushed between a cage and an iron door. The switch that was to its right was large and covered in streaks of yellow paint. You were pretty sure that both yours and Ethan's hands could fit on it.

Ethan grabbed the switch when you both heard a loud voice coming from behind you.

"Well, well." You quickly turned towards the voice and froze. All of the metal on the floor was floating around the tall man walking towards you. The man was wearing a yellowed shirt under a dark brown duster coat and he had a compass and a spring scale around his neck. The man's face was covered by round sunglasses and a large-brimmed hat but you could see a mess of grey hair poking out from under the hat. In one hand, the man was holding a large cigar while the other carried a hammer so large he shouldn't be able to wield it without falling over. "Didn't think anyone was left! You two must be pretty tough, huh?" The man threw his cigar to the ground and stomped it out.

It's the man from the picture in the church, you thought.

"Who the fuck are you?" Ethan asked, clearly not recalling the picture he teased you with.

The man's smile was evil as he stared at you and Ethan like a hunter with fresh prey. "Oh, you're not local! Even better." The man's voice deepened as he flicked his wrist, sending a sharp object to Ethan, stabbing him in the gut.

Ethan cried out and fell to his knees. You went to reach for him but stopped when you felt your machete fly out of your hand and press at your neck.

"Ah, ah, ah," the man tsked, walking up to you, "not another step, got it?" The invisible force holding the machete to your neck pressed it further in, drawing blood from your neck. "I asked you a question."

"Got it," you whispered swallowing the lump in your throat.

The man smiled and flicked his wrist again, causing the metal floating around him to cover Ethan's body save for a small area over his face. Ethan fell onto his back as the man walked up to him, holding a piece of metal above his head.

"Mother Miranda's going to love you," he exclaimed, laughing down at Ethan before the last bit of metal slammed into the hole around Ethan's face. The man had a sinister grin covering his face as he turned to you. "Now, Buttercup," he said quietly, "I don't have enough metal to give you your own cocoon. I'm going to let you guess what I am going to do with you."

The blade of the machete moved away from your throat ever so slightly so you wouldn't get cut as you spoke. "You're going to kill me, aren't you?"

The man barked out a laugh as he took your chin between his thumb and pointer finger. "Now? No. Later? There's a good possibility!" The man tilted your chin up so you locked eyes with him through his sunglasses. "Try again."

You gulped and felt the blade of your machete leave your neck altogether. "You're going to force me to walk where ever you want."

The man shook his head, chuckling. "Wrong again, Sweetheart," he said as he let go of your chin.

You felt the handle of the machete hit your temple and the world faded to black for the second time in twelve hours.


Chapter Text

"Heisenberg!" you heard a feminine voice scold. "Why must you always be late? You know how important these next meetings are going to be."

You couldn't see anything and, frankly, you didn't want to. Your eyes were so heavy and the darkness of sleep was so welcoming, but you had to try and get up. You needed to see if Ethan was okay.

"Quit your bitching," you heard that man's voice from earlier, "I brought a few gifts!"

You definitely couldn't see, but you could hear and feel stuff, the muscular shoulder and bumpy chain under your stomach for example. You also felt something large and metallic bumping against your head here and there. You could feel your hands swaying out in front of you and the chains that bound them. However, the most intrusive thing you felt was the large hand gripping your thigh right under your ass as if someone's life depended on it.

"Gifts!?" This voice was high-pitched and energetic, almost like a child's.

You felt the man, Heisenberg, stop and heard him set something down with a thud before yanking something with the hand under you. You heard chains rattling as your vision slowly starts to return to you and you felt him pat your thigh.

"Yes, psycho doll, gifts." You could just hear him rolling his eyes.

Your vision was a bit fuzzy as you tried to look around without moving that much, so you didn't piss off your captors. The first thing you saw was a moving, talking doll. It was dressed in a wedding dress complete with a veil and her face just looked off in general. Like someone took the same kind of ventriloquist dummy with different colours and sewed half of their faces together.

The doll started to yell excitedly as you locked eyes with it. "This one's awake! This one's awake!" She chanted, jumping up and down.

Heisenberg moved the hand that was gripping your thigh up to the back of your shirt. His other hand, now free as you can see his hammer in your peripheral vision leaning against a pew, grabbed your other thigh. Heisenberg swung you off of his shoulder and threw you onto the floor.

Before you had a chance to orientate yourself, the metal cuffs you were wearing pulled you forward, dragging you along the floor. You ended up next to an unconscious Ethan as chains broke off from the link that was attached to Ethan's cuffs. 

From the new link of chains, half broke off and were discarded. The other half of the link attached one end to your cuffs and the other got stuck to the floor by a bolt. The same one that is currently holding Ethan down too.

"Y'know, typically it's the guy who wakes up first," Heisenberg pointed out, "glad to see a change." The bastard lowered his glasses enough to wink at you. Fucking Hell he's hot.

Nope, don't think about that! He just kidnapped you. I don't want Stockholm Syndrom... do I? No. No, I don't.

"She is pretty..." A new voice spoke, it was stuffy and it sounded like whoever the voice belonged to was about to throw up. You looked to where the voice was coming from and was greeted with a disgusting image. The thing in front of you reeked of sewage and vomit while being covered in multiple boils. It was hunched over with a large bump on his back that moved a little with each step, almost like the hunch was filled with liquid. It was wearing pants but instead of a shirt, the thing was wearing a black sheet with sleeves that covered its forehead like a hood. On its head, it was wearing a make-shift crown made of bones and rope. You hoped to god that those bones weren't human. 

The thing reached out to touch you with its long-ass fingernails and wart-covered hand. You moved back as far as you could so the damned thing doesn't touch you with its disgusting fingers. Even when you bumped into Ethan's unconscious form, the thing still reached out and caressed your face. Its hands were cold, damp, and rough while its nails scratched up and down your left cheek.

"I suppose she does have some charm to her," a very tall woman said, walking up to you. This woman was towering over every single thing in the church you were in. The woman had pasty white skin and short black hair in a bob cut hidden under a large black hat. She was wearing a long, white dress from the 1930s that complimented her large chest and curves. In her right hand, she held a comically long cigarette holder. She was beautiful and you couldn't stop yourself from wondering what she smelt like if the Thing, as you have deemed it, wasn't standing so close. "I wouldn't mind having her as another daughter."

"Another one? You already have three!" Heisenberg raised a brow and picked up his hammer as he took a seat in a pew facing the middle of the room. "I brought them here to be tried, you super-sized bitch."

Why the fuck does he say 'bitch' like that? 

"That's enough," you heard a woman's voice from the dais and noted that it sounded oddly familiar. "Moreau, let the woman go. None of you are to touch either of them until we finish the trial."

The Thing, or Moreau as the woman put it, moved away and went closer to Heisenberg who adorned a look of disgust at the creature's approach. You finally got a good look at the front and two final figures. 

It was clear that both of them were women by their attire and figures. One of them was sitting in a wooden chair on the dais while the other was standing. The only thing that was similar between either of them was that they were both wearing black. 

The woman that was sitting in the chair was sitting very demurely and had her hands folded on her lap. She was wearing a long, black dress that reached the floor and had black sleeves. Over her face was a black veil you wouldn't be able to see out of even if you were right in front of her. 

The woman who was standing at the front was standing tall and had a commanding aura to her. She was dressed almost like a nun. The robe she was wearing flowed to the floor and ended in a feathery texture. Her sleeves also appeared to be made of feathers. Behind her head was a golden circlet and her face was covered by a golden crow mask. On her chest was the crest you saw painted on many of the houses you and Ethan visited. 

That woman is the one who was in all those portraits. 

"Heisenberg," the woman addressed him, "where did you find these two?"

"In the servent tunnels of Castle Dimitrescu, Mother Miranda," Heisenberg replied.

The woman, Mother Miranda, nodded and turned to address the room. "I see no reason to wait any longer, let us commence the trial." Mother Miranda looked you right in the eyes through her golden mask. "State your name and the name of the man you have been accompanying."

Deciding it's best not to lie or remain silent, you sat up straight and gave the room your name. "This is Ethan Winters," you said gesturing to Ethan. You noticed that Moreau was inching its way closer to Ethan and the doll you saw earlier was walking around Ethan. Studying him, but not touching him.

"What is your relationship with Ethan Winters?" The tall lady asked, sitting down in her equally enormous chair.

"Ethan is my brother-in-law."

"Do you know what you are being tried for?" Mother Miranda continued her line of questioning.

"I have reason to believe that Ethan and I are being tried for trespassing," you answered, hoping that they don't have a severe punishment for accidentally running into a village.

Heisenberg snickered as he pulled out a cigar. "Would you look at that? This one's got brains!"

"I do want to apologize for any inconvenience my brother and I have caused. We were injured from an incident that happened right outside of your village and we were searching for help-" 

"Quiet," Mother Miranda hissed and you immediately clamped your mouth shut, "it isn't only trespassing you are accused of. You are also being tried for murder."

That confused you and you showed it. Your eyes widened and you raised a brow. "I'm afraid I don't understand... who did Ethan and I murder?"

"The survivors of the incident involving the Lycans," Mother Miranda answered. Lycans nearby howled at their name and you saw a few scampered around the upper level. 

You took in a sharp breath and tried to explain what happened. "I see how we could be incriminated for their deaths, but we didn't kill those people." You tried to defend yourself but Mother Miranda raised her hand, silencing you.

"There is already enough evidence to incriminate you and your brother, you are both guilty." Your eyes widened and your jaw hung slack, completely taken aback by the amount of bullshit you were dealing with right now. The things before you said that this would be a trial, but you didn't even get a chance to defend yourself. "Now, children, what shall we do with the intruders."

The tall lady started to speak as you got annoyed with all of them. Each being that was standing in the room was debating about what your fate would be. All because you came to this village looking for help. You were annoyed that the tall lady that was seated kept saying that she should take you under her wing as a daughter so that you could gain proper morals. That line made your blood boil.

"...Furthermore, Mother Miranda, I can assure you that I know how to teach my daughters manners. This young lady will be reformed and you will not recognize her in mere days if you hand her over to me after the conclusion of the trial-"

You barked out laughing at that line, gaining the attention, and surprise of everyone in the room. "Trial!? This isn't a fucking trial!"

"What makes you say that, Sweetheart?" Heisenberg asked.

"A trial would mean that I get a chance to defend myself from baseless accusations by a biased cult leader." Your smile dropped in favour of a sneer. "Then again, I'm in said cult leader's territory so I don't get that luxury, huh?"

"How dare you speak to Mother Miranda like that," tall lady scolds me, "you are to show her respect." The super-sized bitch, as Heisenberg called her earlier, stood tall and stormed to me.

"Respect goes both ways, bitch," you snapped at her. "Why should I give Mother Miranda the time of day when she won't do the same for me?"

"Because your life is in her hands, Sweetheart," Heisenberg answers with a puff of smoke coming out of his mouth. "By the way," he addressed Miranda, "I want to put her to work in the factory. If she dies, she dies. If she lives, she'll be a whole new person."

You rolled your eyes and decided to say one more thing before they inevitably kill you. "At least have the decency to call this an execution meeting, cause that's what is."

The tall lady went and sat down as I glared at Miranda. She took a breath before addressing Miranda again. You caught a quick glimpse of Heisenberg as he gave you this weird look, you couldn't tell what it was because of his fucking sunglasses.

"As for the man, he is of no real use to anyone else," the bitch said with a sigh. "And my daughter do so love... entertaining foreigners." You saw movement out of the corner of your eye and saw Ethan moving to get up. The talking doll was in front of him, waving her little hand. "Furthermore, I can assure you if you entrust the man to House Dimitrescu, my daughters and I shall deliver to you the finest cups of his slaughtered blood." Moreau saw that Ethan moved too and he came over to get a closer look. You and Ethan both scrunched up your noses at the smell.

"Get out of the way, ugly!" The doll yelled at Moreau, pushing him to the side. "I want to see- oh!" The doll turned around in excited little steps and face the rest of the group. "He's awa-aake!"

During the dolls little shouting fest, and Moreau's groans, Heisenberg was trying to get some words out to rebut the tall lady. "Both of you, shut the fuck up!" He snapped at them before turning to the tall lady.

"What...? Where...?" Ethan groaned, watching the doll run up to the dais and Moreau walk around Heisenberg. The doll ran straight to the woman in all black and went to sit on her lap.

"Welcome back to Hell," you whispered to Ethan as he looked around. "They're trying to figure out what to do with us," you explained, not entirely lying.

Ethan just gave you a look before you both started to pay attention to the exchange in front of you.

"You mean you'll screw around with him in private," Heisenberg said, waving his free hand around dramatically, "And where's the fun in that?" Heisenberg turned to Miranda. "Give him to me and I'll put on a show that everybody can enjoy."

"Oh, so gauche." The tall lady, or Dimitrescu as she said earlier, rolled her eyes. "What do we care for bread and circuses? The manthing's suffering is assured, regardless."

"Yack, yack." Heisenberg mocked Dimitrescu. "And if a man's dick is cut off in the castle- blah, blah, blah!" Heisenberg swung his hand around dramatically before taking a puff of his cigar.

There was silence for a moment to see if the two were done their arguing.

"I've heard all your arguments," Miranda said elegantly as everyone sat forward to see who would take you two. "Some of you were less persuasive than others, but... I've made my decision." Heisenberg dropped his hammer to the side in anticipation. Miranda pointed to Heisenberg. "Heisenberg. The man's fate is in your hands." You saw Heisenberg grin as he tipped his hat to Miranda.

"Mother Miranda, I must protest!" Dimitrescu snapped as she stood up. "Heisenberg is but a child, and his devotion to you is questionable." Dimitrescu made her way over to you and Ethan, grinding down at your brother-in-law like he's her next meal. "Give the mortals to me, and I will ensure they are ready."

By now, Heisenberg was already standing in front of Ethan as if to block off Dimistrescu's view. 

"Shut your damn hole," He shouted, his hammer flying into his opened hand, "and don't be a sore loser! Go find your food somewhere else."

"Quiet now, child!" Dimitrescu yelled in a mocking tone before smirking at her 'witty' come back. "Adults are talking."

"I'm the child? You're the one who's arguing with Miranda's decision!"

"You wouldn't know responsibility if it was welded to that hammer!"

"Oh, keep growing, one day your head might actually fit your ego!"

Dimitrescu growled and glared at Heisenberg who, in turn, did the same. The doll was off at the other end of the room laughing her ass off.

"Fight, fight, fight, fight," the doll cheered.

Ethan shuffled around a little and looked at his hands. "Hey, don't we get a say in this?"

"Nope!" You said, popping the p. "Tried already. They had a 'trial'," you used air quotations to emphasize your point, "while you were still unconscious."

"SILENCE!" Miranda yelled, extending her hands and- oh my god those are wings. The feathery texture you saw on her sleeves were really parts of her ten black wings draped over her arms. "My decision is final, there will be no argument. Remember from whence you came!"

You saw Lycans crawling everywhere and started growling as Dimistrescu turned on her heels and sauntered over to a spot beside her chair.

Heisenberg bowed to Miranda but before he could say anything she raised her hand. "I did, however, only say that Heisenberg could have the man." Miranda then pointed to Dimitrescu. "Dimistrescu, the woman's fate is in your hands."

Dimitrescu's face lit up at Miranda's words and she gave Heisenberg, who had his jaw clenched ever so slightly, a cocky grin.

Heisenberg relaxed his shoulders as he addressed Miranda. "Yes, Mother Miranda."

You weren't too happy with the arrangement and let it show. You were frowning to cover your worry from being separated from Ethan. 

Heisenberg snapped his fingers and the chain attached to your cuffs fell away. Heisenberg grabbed the cuffs and pulled you up so quickly that you stumbled into his chest. He chuckled and whispered into your ear.

"Ich werd dich Ficken." 

You translated the sentence in your head and almost cringed. I will fuck you. You knew German, you learned it in high school and were quite fluent in it. So, to say that him saying that to you took you off guard was an understatement. 

"Beiß mich, Heisenberg," you retorted as he pushed you to Dimitrescu.

Heisenberg stared at you with a shocked grin on his face. "Now I wish I got you instead, Buttercup. Oh, well," Heisenberg shouted as he spun around to face Ethan, "Mother Miranda's decisions are final."

Dimitrescu put a hand on your shoulder, a clear sign of 'I don't trust you to not run'.

"Lycans and gentlemen, we thank you for waiting!" Heisenberg did yet another dramatic spin as he addressed all the Lycans in the room. "And now let the games begin!" Heisenberg crouched down and whispered something to Ethan that made him recoil a little. "Get ready!" Heisenberg stood up and swung his hammer back.

"No, wait!" Ethan yelled and held his hands up, backing away as much as he could.

Heisenberg brought his hammer down onto the bolt holding Ethan down with a grunt, breaking the thing along with the floor it was attached to. Ethan stood up, cuffs still intact, only to be surrounded by slobbering, growling Lycans.

"Ten! Nine! Eight! Seven!" Heisenberg started counting down as Ethan looked around at the Lycans. He eventually locked eyes with you and you nodded to the hole in the floor behind him. "Six! Five! Four!" Ethan turned to the hole and nodded, sending you a look as if to say he'll come back for you. "Three! Two! One!" Ethan finally got the courage to jump when Heisenberg reached one. 



Chapter Text

Random screens floated around the room, broadcasting Ethan running for his life through a large tunnel filled with Lycans. Heisenberg had one floating in front of him, one was in front of Miranda, and a few were scattered around for the others too. There was even one floating right in front of you and Dimitrescu.

"That's right! Run for your life!" Heisenberg shouted to the TV screen. You were a little confused when you heard his voice ringing from the hole Ethan jumped into.

He doesn't even have a microphone!

Dimitrescu obviously didn't want to be there so she turned to Miranda to be excused. You barely paid attention to the exchange between Dimitrescu and Miranda, you had your eyes glued to the screen that Heisenberg put in your face. 

Ethan had just broken through an area blocked off by frail boards and jumped into a very large cave. 

"Very nice, Ethan!" Heisenberg praised as a growl could be heard from both the feed and the hole. Heisenberg laughed as the giant Lycan with the hammer jumped in Ethan's path. You didn't get a chance to see what happened next when a large hand pulled you away from the screen. 

"Heisenberg!" Dimitrescu shouted at the metal-wielding hobo. Without looking away from the screen, Heisenberg snapped his fingers and your cuffs fell away. Dimitrescu then pulled you away from the church altogether and into a hallway. She forced you ahead of her and kept something sharp to your back, pushing you forward and guiding you.

She didn't have a sword on her, did she? you questioned, your mind running a mile a minute. Did she maybe take the machete that I had earlier- Fuck, the machete! You completely forgot that the nock-off Magneto knocked you out using the machete that you took from Leonardo. 

Dimitrescu led you to a very grand set of doors. That is when she walked past you and you caught a glimpse of what she was almost stabbing you with. She had razor-like claws protruding from her goddamn hand and- oh, god they're retracting!

Dimitrescu turned to face you with a small smirk on her face.

"It's time for you to meet your sisters, Adelina." Dimitrescu addressed you, choosing a name randomly. 

You knew exactly what she was doing, she was taking the first step to alienating you from your life. It hasn't even been five minutes since she took you and she was already trying to erase your life and replace it with whatever hell you were about to endure. You couldn't stand for it, but you had to. God knew what this woman would do to break you so you decided to play along.

You glowered at Dimitrescu but said nothing as she opened the doors, crouching to fit through. You slowly followed her inside, being as petty as you could in this situation.

"Bela, Daniela, Cassandra!" Dimitrescu called as she entered a large room. "Come here this instant, you have a new sister."

Your eyes widened as three swarms of flies flew into the large room. The flies all circled you before getting closer to the ground. The flies disappeared and young women looking around your age took their place.

Each of them looked practically identical the only difference was their hair colors. One was blonde, another was a redhead, and the last had black hair. Other than that, all three of them were wearing black dresses, giving anyone a generous view of their cleavage, with black hoods. Covering their mouths was a red liquid you hoped wasn't blood.

"She's gorgeous, mother," the blonde on spoke first, circling you.

The redhead started to jump up and down like the talking doll from the church. "Did Mother Miranda gift her to you?"

"I just hope that we can get a taste of her blood," the one with black hair grinned evilly at you.

"Now, now, daughters." Dimitrescu beckoned them to her and they followed like lost puppies. "Yes, Mother Miranda has gifted me this beautiful creature. Unfortunately, she has yet to learn any manners." Dimitrescu walked up to you and held your chin in her hand. "Nevertheless, we will teach her how to act like a Dimitrescu. Introduce yourselves, my dears."

The blonde decided that she should introduce herself first. "I'm Bela."

"I'm Daniela," the redhead said eagerly.

"And I'm Cassandra," the last one said.

You nodded your head and stood tall before saying your own name, pissing off Dimitrescu in the process.

"No, daughter," Dimitrescu hissed, "you will introduce yourself properly."

You mocked a pout as you cocked your head to the side. "But I did, Mother," you snarled, "that has been my name for the last thirty-one years."

"Adelina," Dimitrescu warned, using the name she picked out for you. You just said your actual name in retribution. "As you can see, daughters, Adelina has yet to learn her manners. Would you girls help me bring her to the cellar?"

The Dimitrescu daughters grinned wickedly as they shot towards you with iron sickles appearing out of nowhere. You flinched back as they brought their sickles into your arms and one in your right leg. You screamed in pain as the three women and their mother pulled you through different ornate hallways before ending up in a dungeon-like area. Well, you assumed it was a dungeon area but you couldn't tell since it was pitch black down there. 

You cried out when the women pulled their sickles out of your limbs. They didn't waste any time in using their bloodied weapons to shred your clothes off of your body, not caring if they cut you in the process. You whimpered as the freezing air hit your bare skin and you resented the fact that you couldn't see anything around you.

You felt cold metal clamp around your limbs and face as your hoisted up a few inches. You could barely move with the position you were in and with your face surrounded by metal strips.

You squinted when the Dimitrescu family lit an oil lamp close to your face. You were cold, naked, restrained, and bleeding as the Dimitrescu family grinned at you.

"Mother, look!" Bela held up the flashlight you used back in the forest. "It's a weird-looking stick."

Now that confused you until you realized that this village might not have the same technology as the rest of the world.

"Bela, it's called a flashlight," Dimitrescu said lovingly, "mortals outside of our village use them to see in the dark. Just push this button." Dimitrescu pointed to the button on the one side and Bela pressed it. The flashlight turned on and the three daughters jumped back, taken aback by the sudden, white light. You smirked a little as Dimitrescu chuckled with a small smile on her face. 

Dimitrescu took the light from the ground and held it in a clenched fist. "You won't be needing this anymore, Adelina," she said, grinning from ear to ear. Dimitrescu broke the flashlight with ease as you watched helplessly. "There we are," Dimitrescu sighed with a smirk before turning to the cell door, "have fun daughters but don't break her too much. We do want Adelina to have some sanity left."

You saw the Dimitrescu daughters smile in delight as their mother left the area, humming a jazzy tune along the way. The light of the oil lamp only made their smiles look even more sinister as the women slowly advanced to you, weapons in hand.

That's when your body knew pain.

Each of the women kept taking turns in torturing you. They stabbed, cut, burned, and poured some sort of burning liquid over your body. When the liquid got into your particularly large cuts you let out a blood-curdling scream. You swore that it could have been heard throughout the castle.

The women eventually stopped when Daniela shushed everyone. She even put a hand over your mouth to silence your whimpers and moans. 

"Do you hear that? Someone entered the castle," she squealed excitedly.

The other girls seemed to have forgotten about you and went to clean up their things. They put everything back where it belonged before returning to you.

"Should we just leave her here?" Cassandra asked.

"I think that would be the best idea," Bela said, nodding.

Daniela walked up to you and dug her fingers into one of your many cuts. "It's not like she can go anywhere anyway," Daniela said, pulling her fingers from your cut and licked it up. "You really should get a taste of her while you can."

The other two sisters jumped at you and stuck their fingers into different stab wounds. You shrieked at the feeling of their fingers twisting and prodding at your exposed muscle. You cried out of relief when they finally pulled out and tasted their fingers. 

Each of the sisters hummed in delight at the taste of your blood before they put out the oil lamp. 

"Well, let's get going," one of them, Bela you think, said and you heard some buzzing. 

The three sisters left you alone, in the dark, covered in bleeding wounds. You started to sob at your misfortune. Here you were alone and scared while your brother-in-law was probably dead somewhere in that murder maze Heisenberg put him in. You were bleeding out and, if you didn't die, you would lose your mind and become like them

You threw up as you cried for what felt like hours before you heard something open, letting some light enter the hallway your cell was located. 

You froze as you heard slow footstep make their way towards you. You didn't even breathe as you saw a beam of light pass over the ground. You thought that it might be Heisenberg, coming to make good on that promise he said when he threw you to Dimitrescu. He said that he would fuck you and you were pretty sure that it didn't matter if you agreed or not.

To your surprise, and relief, it wasn't Heisenberg that was coming around the corner.

It was Ethan.

Ethan was looking through the cell across from you, searching for anything useful. You groaned as Ethan shinned the bright light into your eyes. He gasped out your name as he opened the door and approached you.

You tried to reach your hand out to him but you were just too weak and the cage around your body restricted too much of your movements. 

Ethan could barely believe the state you were in. You were naked and covered in cuts, bruises, and stabs while locked in this weird-looking cage. Blood was dripping everywhere and so was some sweat and puke. During the torture you had endured from the Dimitrescu daughters, you also had your own waste running down your legs. Under any other circumstances, you would be embarrassed but you were too tired and in so much pain that you didn't care.

"Ethan... you're alive..." you said, your voice hoarse from all of your screaming. 

Ethan nodded and set the flashlight down on the table nearby, pointing it at you. "Yeah, there was a blindspot so Heisenberg couldn't see me survive his last little trial." Ethan walked around your shaking body in search of a way to get you out. "What the hell happened to you?"

"Dimitrescu... named me Adelina... I said no..." you groaned.

Ethan let out a small grunt as he fumbled with the weird latch that was holding you in. After a minute of struggling, Ethan pulled the back part of the cage open and you fell back into his arms. 

Ethan held you close as you gripped his shirt tightly, burying your face into his shoulder. Ethan's mind took that moment to register that you were naked and holding on to him. 

Ethan was quick to shrug off his jacket and handed it to you when you pulled away from him.

"Thank you..." you whispered, voice still sore from the screaming. 

Ethan put a hand up to stop you from putting the jacket on. You were confused because he just gave you the jacket but then you noticed the bottles of medicine in his hand.

"Will you let me heal you?" Ethan asked slowly, keeping eye contact.

You nodded and Ethan got to work on pouring the liquid over your wounds. It stung a little at first but then a sense of relief washed over you. Ethan had to use two more bottles of the stuff to get each wound. By the time he was done, all of the smaller cuts and stabs were gone. The medicine also, conveniently, washed away your waste from your body too.

"There, that should take care of it," Ethan told you, wrapping the more serious injuries with the last bits of bandages that you had.

"I feel like a mummy," you commented, still sounding very tired.

Ethan laughed a little as he handed you a bottle. It was the same-looking bottle like the one you guys found near the apples, the one filled with water. 

"Found it in the same area as the last one," Ethan explained, holding the bottle to your lips, "it's water."

You took quite a few gulps of it before you pushed the bottle away, wanting to conserve the rest. You then threw on Ethan's jacket and zipped it up. The thing didn't fit you right, but it served its purpose so why should you complain.

Ethan helped you stand up and you took a few experimental steps. Lucky for you, your legs worked alright. You were just a little groggy is all. 

You waited for Ethan to grab his flashlight and he pulled out the one you found that morning off of the dead transport officer. He dug it out of the jacket you were wearing, along with the handgun, and handed the flashlight to you.

"Let's get out of here."

You nodded and started to walk behind Ethan. You both made your way through the cellar and keeping an eye out for monsters. You did find a few, they looked like zombies and a little bit like the Lycans. 

You tried to help Ethan fight them off but you could barely run in your state. Ethan took care of most of the killing but you were able to cut a few of the monsters when they got too close. When Ethan asked you where you got the knife, you pointed to his jacket that you were wearing and he let out a small 'oh'.

You and Ethan were able to find a lot of things down in that cellar. There was money, metal scraps, some bullets, and some gun powder. When you were sure that you and Ethan got everything, you went up the stairs Ethan found and into the new part of the cellar. You thought that it didn't look much different from earlier.

That's when you ran into a rather large problem.

"I can't believe Cassandra caused all this mess," one of the daughters sighed in annoyance, "and our newest sister is out too!" You saw that the woman talking was the blonde one. Bela.

Flies circled you and Ethan as he started to pull you around the cellar area. You both found a second staircase and climbed up it as fast as possible.

"I need blood. Warm, wet, bright red blood!" Bela shouted up at you and Ethan.

Ethan eventually found an area blocked off by frail wood. He started to pull at it when you were hoisted into the air by the back of your neck. 

"Where are you going, little ones?" Bela mocked you and Ethan as she pushed Ethan through the doorway he uncovered. Bela threw you aside and tackled Ethan. 

Ethan tried to shoot at Bela but she didn't flinch when a few hit her while others went into the window. 

"Your bullets cannot harm-" Bela stopped speaking when all of you heard the sound of glass breaking. Bela turned around and gasped as the window shattered, letting the cold, morning air rush in.

Bela groaned in pain as the wind hit her. She pulled out her sickle and seemed to have forgotten about you entirely. Ethan raised his gun as Bela growled at him.

"You stupid manthing!"

You curled yourself up into a little ball and hid in the corner so you wouldn't get hit or be seen. Ethan started to shoot at Bela and he managed to get some decent hits in before he realized that he needed to break the second window in the room.

The window shattered when Ethan shot at it, letting in more cold air. 

Bela kept swinging at Ethan, trying to land a hit. Problem was, she was getting really cold and stiff so Ethan was able to dodge her attacks. 

"Not like this..." Bela groaned as she started to freeze and turn to stone. 

Your eyes widened as Bela crumbled to the ground, leaving behind a crystalized torso. Ethan picked it up before going over to you. He helped you up and checked to make sure you were alright. 

When you confirmed that you were as okay as you were before Bela found you both, you and Ethan continued. Ethan took the lead and you stayed behind, swaying due to drowsiness and blood loss. You walked through the kitchen and dining area before you made it to the grand room you met the Dimitrescu sisters in. 

The chandelier was as high as ever and the fireplace looked warm and inviting. You wanted so desperately to sit down in front of it and take a nap.

Ethan pulled you forward and you were taken to a room with pedestals and a large set of doors at the very end of the hall. Ethan told you that the statues might need something for you guys to find so that the doors will open. 

You nodded as Ethan spotted a door that definitely wasn't open before.

"Come on," Ethan whispered, pulling you into the room.

You and Ethan were both greeted by a large man sitting behind food and trinkets as if he was selling them. 

"We meet again, Ethan," the man said with a chuckle, "and this must be your sister-in-law!"

"Duke? Why are you here?" Ethan asked, lowering his weapon.

You and Ethan walked forward, closing the door behind you. 

"Where there is coin to be made..." he trailed off before clearing his throat. "And have you found your daughter?"

"No," Ethan said, visibly annoyed. 

"If she is truly here, the Lady of the castle would have kept little Rose in her private chambers, would she not?" Duke asked thoughtfully.


"The very same." Duke nodded in confirmation. "Why don't you take a look? Maybe you'll get lucky. And speaking of looking," Duke gave Ethan a knowing look, "care to make a purchase?"


Chapter Text

"Okay, hold on," you raised your hand and shook your head. "Who the hell are you?" You pointed to Duke. "How do you two know each other? And should we even trust him?" Your last two questions are directed to Ethan.

Ethan turned to you and gave an apologetic look before introducing you. "This is the Duke, I met him after I escaped Heisenberg's murder maze." Ethan pulled you towards the Duke. "He's a merchant."

You slowly made your way over to the Duke as he leaned forward. You said your name to him and he nodded. "It's nice to meet you," you said quietly, reaching a hand out to the Duke.

The Duke smiled and took your hand, shaking it firmly. "It's a pleasure to meet you. You know, Mr. Winters over here was quite worried about you."

You saw Ethan nod in agreement as he pulled out some of the crystals and trinkets that he found earlier. "He had a cart set up right outside of the castle." Ethan handed the items to the Duke and the larger man gave Ethan a large pouch of coins.

Your eyes widened at that comment and you turned to stare at Ethan. "How long has it been since you got in the castle?"

"About fifteen minutes give or take," Ethan answered, walking towards you and pulling you to a corner.

You looked back at the Duke and wincing as Ethan's hand grabbed onto one of the injuries on your arm. Ethan said a quick apology and moved his hand to yours.

"I'm not going to lie, I'm a blunt person," you explained as Ethan gently pushed you into a lavish chair, "so please don't take offense."

"Go on," the Duke urged you, curious about your next comment.

"You are a fairly large man and that door is average for a door's height." You pointed to the door as Ethan pulled out some more medicine and water. "Granted, I have seen Dimitrescu fit through the castle doors but she is tall and, frankly, thinner. You're... well rounded, for lack of a better word. So how did you get into this room?"

The Duke laughed at your question and shrugged, pulling out a cigar. "You are quite the blunt person. Almost as blunt as a certain Lord I often do business with." The Duke took a puff of his cigar before answering. "I don't entirely know, I just get where I want to... I hope that answer is sufficient enough."

You nodded with a smile before hissing as Ethan pours some more medicine on a few of your wounds. "Of course it is, Duke. You don't know and that's good enough for me."

The Duke grinned and let out a small chuckle. "I'm glad to hear that. The Lord I mentioned earlier isn't as patient," the Duke explains, "he thinks that he is entitled to every answer he wants regardless if the person he is asking knows or not."

"Whoever this Lord is, he sounds like an asshole," you commented. Then a thought came to you. "It's Heisenberg, isn't it?"

"Correct," the Duke chortled, "I assume you've already met Lord Heisenberg."

"Met is a strong word," Ethan glowered at the stab wound from Bela Dimitrescu's sickle on your left calf. "He's the reason that she," Ethan gestured to you, "ended up here."

You nodded in agreement but slowly started to nod off due to blood loss. Ethan noticed your drowsiness, grabbed your arm, and pressed a finger in one of your cuts. You shouted and pulled your arm back, glaring daggers at Ethan.

"You need to stay awake," Ethan told you, "you lost a lot of blood and you falling asleep won't let me be able to monitor you properly."

You nodded but also rolled your eyes. "Okay, but if you're monitoring me, then how are we going to find Rose?" You questioned, crossing your arms. "I'm in no condition to move and we can't afford to waste any time." You pointed to the door as your voice rose. "Rose is out there and we need to get to her before any of those monsters, Lycan or not, find her."

"...I hate to sour the mood further," the Duke interjects when Ethan looked down and stayed silent, "but little Rose is here."

Your eyes shot up to meet the Duke's sympathetic gaze. "She can't be... right?" The Duke said nothing as your panic started to sink in. "Right?!" You asked Ethan, practically begging him to tell you that it isn't possible.

Ethan kept his head down but you wanted him to look you in the eyes. You took Ethan's face in your hands and turned his face so you could see his eyes. You were expecting sadness in Ethan's eyes, maybe a bit of guilt. You weren't expecting the look of pure, unadulterated rage behind his eyes.

"I don't know if it is true," Ethan's voice is hushed as he poured more medicine over your leg, "but we will get Rose back."

This was a side to Ethan that you've only ever seen twice. The first time was at Ethan and Mia's wedding back in Texas when one of Ethan's toxic aunts started making a scene. She said that Mia didn't deserve Ethan and that she was horrible for taking Ethan away from his family. You and Ethan promptly put her in her place but it didn't stop Ethan from being enraged by that aunt and cutting her off entirely.

The second time was when Mia went missing in October 2014. You were in town visiting Ethan when you got the news that Mia's ship went off course. Ethan kept his composure when he knew that you were there but you saw that very same glint in his eyes after the sadness went away. Ethan went into the basement that night and let out his anger on the punching bag he bought previously in the basement. You silently watched from the stairs and stayed ready to intervene if needed.

" what are you doing here?" You asked. Ethan gave you a confused look as you leaned into the chair. "Rose is out there and I'm just going to slow you down. Do what you need to and come back every few minutes, okay?"

Ethan pressed his lips into a thin line. "You sure you'll be alright?"

"She will be, Mr. Winters," the Duke piped up. "Lady Dimitrescu can't fit through that door and she has advised her daughters to never interact with me."

"Besides," you said, patting the pocket you saw Ethan put Rose's toy monkey in, "I have Rose's monkey to squeeze if I need it."

Ethan looked between you and the Duke, lost in thought. "...Alright," Ethan sighed, "I'll go look for Rose-"

"And keep coming back to check on me so I can help when I've recovered," you interrupted as Ethan stood up.

You were pretty sure that you were giving Ethan a mild headache at this point. As proof, Ethan rubbed his temples with a pained smile. "Okay, I'll come back for you."

You gave Ethan a tired grin as he handed you the water. "Good, cause I would have gone to look for you if you didn't."

"I don't doubt it," Ethan laughed, picking up everything that he purchased from the Duke and putting it in his bag. Ethan looked at the Duke and nodded, indicating his trust in the man. 

I'm surprised he trusts anyone at this point. You thought as you gave Ethan a small wave, watching him leave the safety of the large room.

You and the Duke sat in silence for a few minutes. The silence wasn't awkward, just slightly uncomfortable. You didn't particularly like this silence so you chose to break it by asking a question.

"How much do you want from Ethan for babysitting me?"

The Duke looked up from his little shop and raised a brow. "What makes you think that I'm going to ask Mr. Winters for compensation?"

"You're a merchant that benefits from the spoils of others," you replied simply. 

The Duke chuckled and shook his head. "That isn't quite what I meant. I do expect compensation for aiding in your safety but it won't be from Mr. Winters and it certainly isn't the conventional type of payment..." the Duke trailed off as he realized how ominous he sounded. "My apologies, it seems that my wording may have given you the wrong idea. As payment, I would like you to answer some of my questions."

"Sure, I'll answer as much as I can," you agreed, "but I don't think I'll be able to answer all of your questions."

"I understand." The Duke nodded, shifting his position to become much more comfortable. "Most of my questions are about you and your family anyway. I'm sure I will be satisfied."

"Fire away, Duke."

"First of all, what is your occupation?" The Duke asked, taking a puff of his cigar.

"I'm a professional MMA fighter," you responded, "I travel around the world and fight others, who want to of course, and we both get paid for it."

"I see... what exactly does 'MMA' stand for?"

"Mixed Martial Arts."

"And Mr. Winter's occupation?"

"Systeme Engineer with a hint of military training."

The Duke nodded as he carried on his line of questioning. He asked more questions about your job as well as Ethan's, your knowledge on certain topics such as the occult. He would ask about your hobbies and what interested you. This line of questioning did confuse you. Why would the Duke want to know about this stuff? He kept questioning you for a few more minutes before asking one final question.

"For context, I have seen pictures of your sister," the Duke explained, "I suppose my question is... why don't you look anything like your sister?"

You furrowed your brows in confusion. Surely this man was much more intelligent than that. 

He might just want confirmation on a hunch.

"I was adopted into Mia's family when I was six." You took a look at your legs and noticed that they have healed completely, save for a few scabs here and there. You also felt more engaged and less drowsy. "Didn't have a good birth giver or sperm donor before so Mia, Mom, and Dad accepted me into their home."

You decided to stand up and try to walk around the small room. The Duke watched you take your first few, shaky steps but as you kept moving, your steps became less shaky and more like normal. You smiled as the Duke chuckled at your little demonstration. 

"Well done, it seems the medicine has done its job well."

"Do you know what is in this stuff?" You asked, walking back to your chair. "Cause we need this kind of stuff back home."

The Duke chuckled as he observed you picked up the jug of water. You took a sip of the water before turning back to the Duke when he cleared his throat. The Duke was making an effort to not stare at your barely covered ass. 

"I assume you require some clothing..." the Duke trailed off as you started to giggle, pulling on Ethan's jacket to cover what you can.

"Your assumption would be correct," you said, making your way over to the Duke's shop. "But I don't have any money on me."

The Duke waved his hand as he turned around to grab something. "The basics, such as pants, undergarments- yes, both underwear and a bra- and a shirt, are on the house."

"Shoes will cost me?"

"Yes," the Duke answered over his shoulder, "I don't typically carry footwear so my stock is rather low. I can't just give them out for free."

You nodded at his words, understanding the circumstances. "I can live without shoes until I can get my hands on some money for you."

"I'm glad you think so," the Duke sighed as he turned around with a bundle of clothing in his hands, "I greatly appreciate your patience. Much more welcoming than Lord Heisenberg's temper."

You winced, recalling how easily Lady Dimitrescu angered Heisenberg back in the church. "Yeah, he needs to work on that..."

"Here you are," the Duke said, handing you the bundle of clothes. "I'm sure you'll find that they will fit nicely."

You thanked him as you took the clothes and walked over to the chair you were previously sitting in. It was large enough for you to sneak behind it and change. 

Just as you finished changing behind the chair, Ethan came bursting into the room. He was panting and had a few new cuts and bruises from the fight he somehow won.

"It's a pleasure to see you safe." The Duke nodded to Ethan. "How were things?"

"No sign of Rose," Ethan sighed.

The Duke was visibly saddened but then switched back to his previous attitude. "I'm... so sorry it turned out that way. Well, you'll find your way to her once you're out of this castle."

Ethan looked around the room and when he didn't spot you at first, he started to panic. "Duke, I thought you said you'd keep an eye on her!"

The Duke chuckled and pointed to you who was popping up from behind the chair. "I did say that, Mr. Winters, and she is right over there."

Ethan let out a sigh of relief as you stepped out from behind the chair, his jacket in your hand. It didn't take long for Ethan to notice that you were wearing different clothes than what he left you in. 

"Where did you get those?" Ethan asked, gesturing to your outfit.

You pointed your thumb to the Duke. "Duke gave them to me, free of charge."

The clothes the Duke gave you were fairly simple. You were wearing a surprisingly comfy, long-sleeved, black shirt with light jeans. The Duke also gave you a sports bra instead of a regular one so you were pretty warm and happy.

"You're missing shoes..." Ethan pointed out and you nodded. 

You looked down at your bare feet and chuckled. "Yeah... shoes are going to cost me."

Ethan rolled his eyes and took off his backpack. "Luckily I found a lot of lei and some stuff to sell." Ethan started to pull stuff from out of the bag and that's when you noticed it. 

Sticking out of the bag was a fucking sniper rifle.

Ethan noticed you staring at the gun and smirked. "Found it in the attic. I also found a few things that might help us out with the last daughter and Lady Dimitrescu."

"Last daughter?" You cocked your head in confusion. "Did you kill another one while you were out?"

Ethan nodded as he pulled a crystalized torso out of his bag. "Yep. Only one left, the one with the black hair." Ethan handed the rest of the crystals and a few other trinkets he found along the way to the Duke. Duke gave him another large pouch of coins with a smile before Ethan turned back to you, bag in hand.

"That would be Cassandra," you said thoughtfully, "you just killed Daniela."

Ethan nodded as he fished around the bag. "That I did. Daniela did keep mentioning something about love and being loved but..." Ethan trailed off as he shrugged and pulled out what he was looking for.

"But you weren't listening cause you were fighting for your life." You finished for him. 

"Yeah, pretty much," Ethan chuckled handing you what looked like to be a small stack of journals. "Here, this might help us with Cassandra and, maybe, Dimitrescu."

You took the journals from Ethan and went to sit in the chair you previously sat in. You opened the first journal and began reading through it. It appeared to be Lady Dimitrescu's diary.

We were all called by Mother Miranda to decide the fate of the child's father and aunt.

Just thinking of that 'family' meeting makes me shudder. To think I am treated like a sister to those miscreants!

Especially Heisenberg! That riffraff wouldn't know proper manners if they slapped him in the face!

I would have sliced him to ribbons if Mother hadn't stopped me.

You turned the page, snickering at the extensive use of exclamation points she used.

Why... why does she treat me the same as them!?

She gave me this castle, obedient daughters, everlasting life, did she not?

Am I not her favourite? Am I not special?

I need a drink.

"An alcoholic with mommy issues," you sighed and put the diary down, "that's hardly surprising."

Ethan let out a small laugh as you opened the next journal, noticing that this seemed more like a research entry.

One day since treatment.

The three girls have stopped moving. They seem almost dead.

An insect flew out of the oldest's mouth. It appears to be a common fly.

You turned the page without a second thought.

Two days since treatment.

All three bodies are covered in flies. It appears the flies are consuming their flesh.

When I opened a window some of the flies dropped dead to the floor. It would seem the cold petrifies them. I quickly closed the window to avoid weakening the insects further.

You noticed Ethan walk towards the model of the castle sitting next to you with a ball in his hand.

Four days since treatment.

All three bodies have been completely consumed by the insects. All that is left is a dark, withering human-shaped mass of creatures.

It is just afternoon and the insects have started to change colour. Those around the face turned pale and those around the lips turned a deep crimson.

You stole a glance at Ethan before turning the page a final time. He had put the ball into the castle and was playing a puzzle game.

Six days since treatment.

The mass of insects have transformed into human bodies again.

All three girls awoke, looking at me like newborns. I sense a bond between us. Like mother and daughters.

I have already decided their names: Bela, Daniela, and Cassandra.

"Wow..." you sighed, leaning back into the chair and closing the book.

Ethan nodded as he won whatever that little game was. A cage under the model castle opened up and revealed a very expensive-looking skull. "There's more, read the next one."

You nodded and opened the next journal. This journal also appeared to be a research journal.

Scientific name: none
Size: 5-6 cm

Similar body structure to blow flies, although there are some differences in the head.

They are carnivorous and vigorously consume meat. In order to catch unsuspecting prey, they'll gather using pheromones to mimic a human.

They are produced when a Cadou lays eggs in its host, but the flies themselves are unable to reproduce.

They are weak to sudden drops in temperatures.

Especially if the temperature drops below  10°C, their metabolism lowers and they go into a dormant, cryptobiotic state.

Similar to the cryptobiosis of Tardigrade or Polypedilum vanderplanki?

"So the girls are just made of flies..." you said thoughtfully.

"And they hate the cold," Ethan adds on, nodding to you.

"This'll be... interesting."


Chapter Text

"Safe travels, you two," the Duke called from his spot.

You and Ethan had finished stocking up on supplies and were about to leave the safety of the Duke's shop area. With the Crimson Skull that Ethan got from the labyrinth puzzle was able to not only pay for some appropriate shoes for you but also a lot of ammo. Ethan even had enough lei to buy you a new machete and your own knife along with corresponding holsters. You strapped the machete to the non-dominant side of your waist, like a sword, and the knife was strapped to your dominant leg's thigh. Ethan asked if you wanted a gun but you declined, thinking that you'll only waste ammo. Besides, the system you both had in the village worked great so why change it.

Ethan also gave you a note that he found in the attic near the sniper rifle. You read it eagerly and practically grinned at what was written on it.

I heard there was something called 'the Dagger of Death's Flowers' somewhere in this castle.

It's apparently an antique from the Middle Ages that's coated in a concoction of poisons from across the continent. It's said to have been crafted to kill demons and monsters.

It sounds fascinating but... no one knows where it is.

As soon as you read the note, you knew that you would be able to kill Lady Dimitrescu with it. If no one knew where it was, then it must be important. 

Ethan also bought a second backpack from the Duke. Now you can carry some of your findings along with Ethan so he isn't as weighed down.

"Thanks, Duke," you said over your shoulder. 

You and Ethan both waved to the Duke as you cautiously walked out of the room. You watched the left side of the hall and Ethan kept an eye on the right.

"Let's put these masks in before anything else," Ethan whispered, pointing to the four statues in the room.

Ethan told you that he found these masks along the way of both finding you and leaving you in the Duke's care. He said that the masks might be able to open the locked door on the other side of the room, you just needed to find them all. At that point, Ethan had found two of the four masks; the Mask of Joy and the Mask of Sorrow.

"Yeah," you agreed, keeping your voice down, "then we have more space for the other masks."

You both walked up to the statues and Ethan looked at the indents. He ran his fingers through the closest one, this statue had two indents.

"Grab one of the masks for me, would you?" Ethan asked over his shoulder.

You nodded and opened his bag, pulling out the Mask of Joy. Ethan took the mask in his hands and flipped it around, looking at the back. You stole a glance and noticed that there was one piece of stone sticking out of the back. 

"I think each statue has a specific mask that corresponds to it," Ethan told you. "Could you pass me the Mask of Sorrow?"

"Sure," you whispered, reaching into the bag. You pulled out the Mask of Sorrow and quickly noticed that the stone pieces sticking out of the mask could easily fit in the statue Ethan was studying. "I think this one will fit," you told Ethan, handing him the mask.

Ethan nodded and handed you the Mask of Joy. You took the mask and started to walk around the other statues, looking for the one with one indent. It didn't take you long to find the statue, there were only three others to look at. You found yourself across from Ethan diagonally.

You were just about to put the mask in the indent when you heard a click. Suddenly, a hanging fire pit above you lit up. You jumped and almost dropped the mask at the sudden burst of flames.

"Sorry," Ethan said, walking over to you, "didn't realize that that would happen."

You relaxed and put the Mask of Joy in its respective spot. "It's fine, Ethan." You turned back to him as a second, hanging fire pit lit up. "No harm, no foul."

Ethan nodded and motioned for you to follow him, holding his gun at the ready. You pulled out your machete and followed close behind.

Ethan explained to you that when he first went into the castle, he found a servent's elevator near the entrance. At first, he didn't think that it worked so he left it alone and went to look for you and Rose. Turns out the elevator does work, Ethan just needed the elevator on the same floor as him. He used the elevator to get from the roof to the ground floor so he could get to you and the Duke as quickly as possible.

When you reached the room with the elevator, you understood why Ethan said it was a servant's elevator. The room that it was in was dingy and nowhere near as lush as the rest of the castle. 

"It's sturdier than it looks," Ethan said, walking past you and pushing a button.

The doors to the elevator opened and Ethan gestured for you to go in.

"Why thank you, good sir." You bowed and did your best fake British accent.

Ethan laughed and stepped in with you, pushing the button that had an arrow pointing up. "You're very welcome, madame." Ethan mimicked your accent.

You both laughed as the elevator went up, lurching here and there. Your laughter died down as the roof came into view. 

The doors to the elevator opened and you and Ethan stepped out onto the roof. You looked around and noticed you were in a towered-off area. 

"This doesn't really look like a roof..." you trail off as Ethan turned you to the right and pointed to the rest of the roof. "Jesus Christ."

"Yeah, it's nuts," Ethan said quickly, pulling you to the left, "but I've already been that way. Let's go." You nodded and walked with Ethan, keeping your attention in front of you. "By the way, you might want to keep your eyes to the sky," Ethan warned.

You raised a brow in confusion when you heard the weird screeching as if a crow was dying. 

You looked up and saw one of those zombie monsters that were in the cellar, but this one had fucking wings!

You jumped and raised your machete as Ethan shot at it, knocking it from the sky.

"Thanks for the heads up," you shouted, cutting off the creature's bat-like wings before it could get up. "It really helped."

Ethan shot the thing a few times before it finally laid still, dissolving into a crystallized wing. "I know, I know. I should have told you in the elevator."

"You think?"

You and Ethan continued around the roof, killing different creatures and smashing random vases. Smashing your first vase was purely out of spite towards Lady Dimitrescu but then you learned that they have stuff in them. Now you had a justifiable reason to be destroying someone else's property. You were starting to like this castle.

You and Ethan killed everything that was on that roof and took everything that you could. You were pretty happy with the load you got. Everything from herbs to sniper ammo was now in your possession. 

Now you just had to get across this break in the towers. 

"Do you think the line will hold us both?" Ethan asked. He was currently trying to test the durability of the line with the hook that was attached to it.

You shrugged, eying the distance between you and the large statue at the end of the line. "I don't know, but I'd rather not chance it." 

Ethan nodded and motioned for you to go over to him. "I think it's best if you go down the line rather than me." Ethan handed you the hook. "Your grip strength is better and you can take a fall better than me." Ethan pointed to the tower that the line was attached to. "You see those fences?"


"I think you'll be able to use that gymnastics background of yours to vault over a shorter section of them and get down to the elevator. But wait till I get there, just in case you need a fall guy."

"Alright," you said, holstering your machete, "get going, I'm going to make it there before you."

Ethan nodded and left the area, running back to the elevator.  You took a breath and adjusted your grip on the hook as you watched him leave. 

This has got to be one of the craziest things I have ever done. You thought as you jumped off of the roof, holding onto the hook for dear life.

The freezing wind blew past your face as you flew down the line. You let out a small cry of both excitement and fear. It was like a zip-line, but with a lot of danger sprinkled in. The ride down lasted almost a minute and it ended very suddenly.

When you got the tower's landing, the hook that you used to get across came off of the line and you had to roll to a stop. The roll just so happened to land you right in front of the statue you needed to get the mask from. 

You stood up and reached for the mask that kind of looked like the face of a demon. The plaque underneath read that it's called the Mask of Rage.

"Makes sense," you said as you carefully pulled the mask off of the statue. You stole one more glance at the statue and saw that it had three indents for the mask.

You shrugged off your backpack and put the mask inside, shifting your items around to make room. You closed the bag and pulled it back onto your shoulders when you noticed the ladder behind some of the iron fences. You also noticed that the fence was open on the other side.

You walked over to the ladder and saw that it lead to the elevator. You smiled as you heard Ethan shout to you.

"Hey! You got the mask?"

"Yeah, I'm on my way down," you shouted back, pushing the ladder down. You heard Ethan shout as the bottom of the ladder hit the ground. 

Laughing, you climbed down the ladder and faced a half-startled Ethan. Ethan rolled his eyes at you and motioned for you to follow him to the elevator. You chuckled and stepped into the elevator after Ethan pushed the button.

"Three down. One to go," you sighed leaning against the back part of the elevator.

Ethan stepped into the elevator and sighed. "That and two crazy bitches. One made of super flies and the other is a giant..." Ethan trailed off, not quite finding the right word.

"Milf?" You suggested, smirking as Ethan snorted. "Come on, Ethan, she's gorgeous."

"Yeah, crazy, but gorgeous."

You both laughed as the elevator descended, joking about how the crazy ones are always the sexiest people. When you finally made it to the ground floor, your laughter had died down and you both stepped out of the elevator.

You kept your weapons ready as you walked past the portrait of the three women. But you and Ethan weren't entirely in the proper mindset to be exploring at that moment. The evidence lies in neither of you hearing the footsteps from the other side of the door.

Ethan pushed past the door first and froze for a second. Lady Dimitrescu was at the bottom of the stairs and staring right up at him. 

"Stupid manthing!" You heard Lady Dimitrescu yell from her position. You got a good look at her and saw that she was coming right for you and Ethan. Grabbing your brother-in-law, you pulled Ethan back into the room and held up your machete. "You won't live long, even if you run!"

Ethan finally got his bearings together when Lady Dimitrescu ducked through the door, fury evident in her features. She had her long claws out and was ready to strike. 

Ethan tried to shoot at her but she didn't even flinch.

"Move!" you shouted, jumping to Lady Dimitrescu's left while Ethan jumped to her right. 

Lady Dimitrescu seemed to have finally noticed you. "Ah, Adelina, I was wondering what happened to you," she growled. "Rest assured, you, Cassandra, and I will feast on this man's blood soon enough. Then you can finally let go of this childish bond with Ethan Winters."

"Thanks, but no thanks!" you shouted, running through the doors. Ethan quickly followed as you ran down the stairs and into the Duke's room. You practically slammed the door as the Duke welcomed you back.

"Hey, Duke," Ethan gasped out, trying to get a good breath in.

You couldn't stop a thought from surfacing in your head and started to giggle. Ethan turned to you and gave you a weird look.

"Do you think we accidentally summoned her?" you said in between giggles. Ethan just furrowed his brows at you. "By saying a specific word! Like how Beetlejuice works!"

Ethan started to chuckle at the thought himself. "What word though?"

"I don't know," your laughter started to die down, "maybe 'gorgeous' or something. I mean we both said it so..." you shrugged.

Ethan chuckled and bought some more ammo from the Duke while you both calmed yourselves. You both knew that you weren't in the right mindset when you stepped out of that elevator and it almost got you killed. So you and Ethan stayed in the Duke's area until you were sure that you were alright and that you couldn't hear any footsteps outside of the door.

The Duke said goodbye once again as you and Ethan stepped out into the hall with the statues. Ethan pulled out the Mask of Rage from your bag and went to the statue furthest from both of you.

Ethan placed the mask onto its respective statue and, like the other two, a hanging firepit lit up above the door. There was only one left before you and Ethan could open the door.

Ethan pulled out a map of the second floor that he got earlier when he left you with the Duke. You watched him as he pointed out a room called 'the Hall of Pleasure'.

"I think the last mask is here," Ethan explained, "all the other rooms were called 'the Hall of' whatever mask was in that room."

You nodded, looking at the route you would need to take. "Yeah, that makes sense."

You and Ethan needed to go to the main hall and up the ornate staircase to the second floor. Once there, you needed to go right and follow the fall until you get to one of the only open doors. From there, you just keep going straight until you reach the end of the hallway. Seemed simple, right? 


You and Ethan got ambushed by Cassandra the second you got up the stairs.

"Shit!" you shouted as Cassandra jumped onto Ethan.

Ethan tried to push her off but he wasn't in the best position to do that. You helped by driving your machete into Cassandra's shoulder. 

Cassandra backed away and started to laugh maniacally. "Yes, yes!" That was all she said as you and Ethan ran to the door with a scared-looking woman carved into the front of the door.

You pushed Ethan through the door and you both ran like hell to get to the Hall of Pleasure. 

"Sisters..? Come get them," Cassandra exclaimed as you ran.

Does she not know what happened to Bela and Daniela? You bumped into Ethan as he pulled out a fancy-looking key and unlocked the door.

Ethan quickly ran in and pulled you in with him, slamming the door as the flies that surrounded you dissipated.

You let out a sigh of relief as Ethan walked over to the mask and took it from its little pedestal. The problem was when Ethan took the Mask of Pleasure, bars dropped down from the doorway and barricaded you and Ethan in the Hall of Pleasure.

"Wonderful..." you sighed, glaring at the barred-off door.

Ethan put a hand on your shoulder and pointed around the room. "This place is full of secret passages, we'll find another way out. Let's just see if there is anything that we can use for now."

You nodded and went straight to one of the many expensive vases in this castle and smashed it. Inside was a full package of handgun ammo.

You picked it up and handed it to Ethan as he laughed and pocketed it. "You really like smashing those things, huh?"

"Of course! Come on, Ethan," you teased, looking around the room, "you know I'm petty as hell."

"Extremely stubborn too," Ethan teased right back and you barked out a laugh.

You and Ethan looked around the room for anything else that could help you and you did find a few more things including a crystal you could sell to the Duke. It didn't take long for Ethan to spot out a hole in the fireplace that lead to a musty room.

Ethan crawled in first and you quickly followed, looking around the musty, wooden room. The room had a shelf to your left with some metal scraps on it and a window nearby. To the right was a stone staircase leading up. 

You quickly grabbed the metal scraps and put them in your bag, following Ethan up the stairs.

You ended up in a stone storage room with barely any light but the little bit coming from lamps and candles. You saw another one of the crates you found in the village with the yellow paint on it over in a corner close to a bookshelf that also looked similar to the ones that you found in the village. All around the large room were barrels and some old suits of armour. To your right were double doors behind a few fallen suits of armour. 

You and Ethan looked around and found some handgun and shotgun ammo. You walked around more and when to the bookshelf, telling Ethan that you both should move it. He agreed when you told him that it could be another way out.

When you moved the bookshelf, there was a small break in the brick that surrounded you. You felt cold air come from the break.

That's when you heard Cassandra's voice behind you.


Chapter Text

"I was worried my sisters had gotten to you first," Cassandra purred, appearing out of a swarm of flies.

You bolted to a table that had some items that could help you while Ethan shot at Cassandra. You picked up two pipe bombs and a lockpick. The lockpick wouldn't have much use in this situation, but a pipe bomb will help.

You set the pipe bomb and, when you saw a red light, threw it at the break in the brick wall.

Ethan, at that moment, was out of the way. Cassandra was not.

The pipe bomb blew up, creating a large hole in the wall and letting in a gust of cold air. Cassandra screamed in pain as the air directly hit her.

"You've ruined the hunt," she screamed at Ethan, thinking that he was the reason the wall blew up. "You bastard!"

Ethan kept shooting at her but quickly ran out of ammo. Cassandra saw the opportunity and raised her sickle.

You wasted no time in jumping in front of Cassandra and grabbing the wrist of the hand holding her sickle. You quickly wrapped your right hand behind her neck and used Cassandra's momentum against her, throttling her solar plexus into your knee. You pushed her away as Cassandra growled at you, clutching the area just above her stomach.

"How dare you, Adelina," Cassandra spat as you took to a fighting stance. "I am your older sister, you will treat me with respect!"

You didn't say anything as Cassandra tried to taunt you. You were in brawl mode at this point. Of course, you were only stalling for time so Ethan could load his shotgun but you did kind of want to kick her ass.

Cassandra charged at you again, swinging her sickle down. You stepped backwards, just enough for her sickle to miss its target, before jumping forward. You used your non-dominant hand to trap Cassandra's arm while it was across her body while your dominant hand reached down for the knife strapped to your thigh. Before Cassandra could blink, you had plunged your knife in between her eyes.

Cassandra screamed and pushed you off her. You had a good grasp on your knife so it came with you as you regained your balance.

"Wh- Why?" Cassandra screeched at you, raising her sickle once again. She went to try and hit you again, rage prominent in her features. This time, you didn't counter. You just jumped out of the way as Cassandra ran at you.

And straight into Ethan's line of fire.

Ethan smirked as he pulled the trigger, shooting Cassandra right where your knife pierced her skin.

"You will not get away!" Cassandra screamed, desperately swinging her sickle around. "You're my prey... mine..." Cassandra gasped before turning into stone and crumbling to the ground, leaving a crystalized torso in her wake.

"Crazy witch," Ethan sighed walking up to Cassandra's remains. He picked them up and had you turn around so Ethan could put the crystalized torso in your backpack. "It was refreshing seeing you in action like that."

"It felt good," you laughed, staring up at a mounted animal skull, "almost as if I was back in the ring."

Ethan chuckled as he zipped up your bag. "Can't wait for your next season... I know that when Rose is older, she'll want to see her badass aunt kick some ass."

"I'll get you two VIP seats," you said while grabbing the mounted animal head. You turned and saw that Ethan was giving you a weird look. "My gut tells me that this will come in handy."

Ethan shrugged and you both went down the stairs and back into the Hall of Pleasure. You examined the animal skull the entire time, trying to see if there is a secret. It was on the wall of a storage room so that must mean something right? You found a single screw on the back of the wood plaque the skull is attached to.

You started to unscrew it as Ethan examined the statue that he got the Mask of Pleasure from. Once the screw was out, you dropped the wooden plaque and stared at the back of the skull. On the back were four pieces of something sticking out that looked exactly like the ones the Mask of Pleasure had on it.

You pushed Ethan away from the statue and put the animal skull in the indents. Right-side-up wasn't the way to go so you flipped it upside-down and low and behold, the bars blocking the door went away.

Ethan quickly led you both down the hallway and back to the main hall. You stopped at the door to listen for footsteps, not wanting to make the same mistake earlier. Luckily, you didn't hear any.

Ethan slowly pushed the door open and peaked out, just to make sure that Lady Dimistrescu wasn't there. Ethan motioned you forward and you both snuck around to the ornate staircase quietly.

Until Lady Dimitrescu burst through the doors leading to the dining room.

"Cassandra? Cassandra?!" Lady Dimitrescu called out to her daughter. She was quick to realize what happened. "No!" Lady Dimitrescu stormed into the middle of the room yelling so you and Ethan could hear her from where ever you were in the castle. "How much blood and sweat do you think it took to raise those daughters? You two have incurred an impossible debt!"

You and Ethan stayed still and quiet as Lady Dimitrescu furiously looked around to see if you or Ethan were there. You both got very lucky when she didn't spot you. Lady Dimistrescu stormed back into the dining room area and out of your line of sight.

Only when you heard the doors slam shut did you move.

You and Ethan ran as quietly as you could down the stairs and to the Duke's shop one last time to sell what you didn't need and buy what you did. You kept most of the medicine, herbs, and a few metal scraps while Ethan held onto the ammo and whatever he needed to make more. Ethan was even able to buy a guide to making his own snipper bullets. The Duke happily sold you and Ethan that and more.

When you finally left the safety of the Duke's shop, you and Ethan were practically armed to the teeth.

You had the Mask of Pleasure in your hands as you walked towards the final statue. You placed the mask onto its statue and the final hanging fire pit lit up above the door.

You and Ethan stepped closer as the doors unlocked and slowly swung open. You were greeted by a dimly lit room with two very smashable vases inside and double doors on the other end of the room.

You smirked as you broke the one to the right while Ethan smashed the one on the left. You picked up the herb that was inside and helped Ethan put the scrap metal in his bag. Ethan pushed open the next set of double doors and you stepped out onto a balcony with a bridge leading to, what looked like, a church.

"You think it's the same church Heisenberg took us to?" Ethan asked you.

You shook your head as you and Ethan started to walk across the bridge. "No. That church was in ruins and this looks like the only way in. I didn't step foot outside ever since Heisenberg knocked me out."

Ethan nodded as you walked into the open doors of the church. The place was beautiful, save for the few pews that looked as if they were thrown to the side. Wooden pews were nicely lined up and there was beautiful stained glass right behind the altar. That altar just so happened to have a casket on it with a symbol on it.

The symbol was a flower with its leaves forming a sort of cross. Behind the flower were two swords crossing over each other.

Ethan motioned for you to help him push the casket open. You went to his side and started pushing. The lid of the casket came off easily with your combined strength, revealing a skeleton with a dagger in its clutches.

Ethan didn't hesitate to reach down and pry the dagger from the skeleton's hands.

The blade itself looked like it was made of silver while the handle was made of some sort of black metal. Intricate designs of flowers covered the handle and you immediately knew what weapon this was.

The Dagger of Death's Flowers.

Before you knew it, a hand grabbed Ethan's wrist and hoisted him into the air.

"You've ruined everything," Lady Dimitrescu screamed, unsheathing her claws. Lady Dimitrescu stabbed Ethan in the stomach with her claws, causing Ethan to drop the dagger.

You jumped to it and drove the dagger into Lady Dimitrescu's side.

Lady Dimistrescu screamed and threw Ethan out of the stained glass. You saw her eyes turn red as you pulled the dagger out and went in for a second strike.

You didn't get the chance as Lady Dimitrescu grabbed your throat and threw you out the window. You slid off of the edge of the church and almost fell to your death if it weren't for Ethan catching you.

Ethan was holding your hand and trying to pull you up as you got over the initial shock of almost falling to your death. You hauled yourself up, dagger in hand, and watched Lady Dimitrescu with Ethan.

Lady Dimitrescu was grunting in pain before she started to jerk to the side, a white thing came out of her back. You quickly realized that it was a wing.

"Oh shit!" Ethan shouted, unable to tear his eyes away from the scene in front of you both.

Another wing came out of Lady Dimitrescu's back before she screamed and flew out of your sight.

You and Ethan stood up and tried to peak into the church. You saw the tail and immediately looked away, hoping that this wasn't what you thought it was.

The wall to your left broke down as a fucking Dragonoid thing smashed through it. You heard laughter come from its back as it moved its head. Attached to the back was a figure with tentacles waving behind it laughing hysterically.

"Flesh, bones, I will devour all of you!" The voice that came from the dragon sounded like a distorted version of Lady Dimitrescu's.

The Dragon took off and circled around back to you and Ethan. Before you could even blink, Lady Dimitrescu had grabbed you and Ethan, lifting you into the sky. You and Ethan screamed as she kept climbing and flying around the castle. Eventually, Lady Dimitrescu circled back to the church and dropped you and Ethan onto a higher balcony.

She climbed around the building and flew to the top of the stairs, screeching the entire time.

"Looks like your outside matches the inside now, psycho witch," Ethan said as he raised his shotgun.

You got into a fighting position, clutching onto the Dagger of Death's Flowers for dear life. "Now is not the time for one-liners, Ethan!"

Lady Dimitrescu stalked to you and Ethan as he started to take shots at her. Like always, she didn't flinch until Ethan shot the humanoid thing. The Dragon recoiled and started to laugh, running past you and Ethan.

"You're finished!" She growled, knocking you and Ethan into the wall before flying up to another level.

You and Ethan ran up the stairs, finding some more ammo and medicine. Ethan pocketed the items and you both ran through a doorway to your left. That's when Lady Dimitrescu decided to reveal herself.

"I will destroy you both!" She screamed, landing to your right. You elected to run left with Ethan.

You heard Lady Dimitrescu laugh as she cased you both. "You are lucky mortals! Besides Miranda, you're the only ones to ever see me in this form." Lady Dimitrescu destroyed the structure you and Ethan ran underneath. "Too bad you'll pay for it with your lives!"

Ethan started to shoot at Lady Dimitrescu again as you tried to find an opening for you to strike. Ethan got some more shots in and you saw some of Dimitrescu's blood cover the humanoid form before you saw a tell.

Lady Dimitrescu was about to pounce.

You pulled Ethan into the tunnel to your left and out into the open air. You felt Dimitrescu slam into the side of the tunnel as you and Ethan backed up so you could see the entrance and the top of the church.

Instead of doing the rational thing and fly around the obstacle, Lady Dimitrescu broke through the entire wall.

Her wrath is clouding her rational decision-making. You thought with a smirk.

One of your strategies as Viper was to use your opponent's anger against them. Others have used this strategy against you but not as frequently as you did against them. You would taunt and tease them as you dodged most of their strikes, frustrating them even more than the last time. It was a good way for them to make more mistakes in exchange for trying to hit you. 

Lady Dimitrescu was starting to act exactly like those opponents.

Ethan shoot at Lady Dimitrescu as much as he could, hitting her almost every time. Lady Dimitrescu growled at each shot and tried taking a few swipes at you herself. She missed you because you were watching for it but some did startle you.

Eventually, Lady Dimitrescu took off and flew away from the church. You assumed she thought that she was at a safe distance. Apparently, knock-off Maleficent didn't see the sniper rifle strapped to Ethan's back.

Ethan easily shot her twice before Lady Dimitrescu dived out of sight. She didn't stay out of sight for long though. She popped up and landed to your left facing away from you. Ethan took this opportunity to shoot her with the shotgun while you raised the dagger.

But the dagger looked like it was about to fall apart.

You voiced your problem to Ethan and told him that you will wait to strike until you thought that it would weaken her enough that one shot could kill her. Ethan nodded and kept shooting, telling you that he trusts you to keep you both alive by keeping an eye on Lady Dimitrescu.

Lady Dimitrescu kept playing the same game, thinking that it could give her an advantage. Oh, how wrong she was. Ethan was able to keep shooting at her and you moved Ethan away when Lady Dimitrescu tried to attack.

"Not enough blood!" Lady Dimitrescu flew off one more time, leaving your line of sight. "More! More blood!"

You and Ethan fell forward as you felt something hit your backs. You turned to see what hit you and you saw Lady Dimitrescu backing away from the church. As if she was about to charge.

Just as Lady Dimitrescu started to fly towards you, you jumped at Ethan and pulled him close as you both rolled over each other. You both screamed as Lady Dimitrescu crashed into the wall behind you.

"You good?" you asked Ethan, practically laying on top of him.

Ethan nodded as you got off of him. "Yeah, but this fight isn't over yet."

Lady Dimitrescu had backed up and the mouth of her dragon growled in your faces. "I need your flesh!"

You pulled Ethan to the staircase you spotted and started to run up, keeping an eye on Lady Dimitrescu. Flies burst from around Lady Dimitrescu as you ran up the stairs, but Ethan stopped for a moment. He pulled out the handgun and shot at Lady Dimitrescu, landing two solid hits on her weaker area. You pulled Ethan away when the flies started biting at you both.

You and Ethan made it to the top of the church and noticed that you had nowhere else to go. All that was up there were vases, that Ethan quickly smashed to get the supplies, and a few stone pillars keeping a roof over your heads.

"You've got nowhere else to go!" Lady Dimitrescu's voice had a sadistically happy tone to it as she flew out of the hole she made. "Come now, don't be shy. Show me your terror!"

You were terrified, you have been since you got to this God-forsaken village. You were constantly terrified for your life along with Ethan's, but you pushed through all the horrors you faced earlier. What's one more?

Lady Dimitrescu circled the tower of the church you and Ethan were trapped in before flying higher. She came down with a roar and broke through the roof, crushing half of the pillars under her. "Now... time to die!"

Lady Dimitrescu stayed back to watch you struggle to get up and move. Ethan had his handgun out and was taking shots at Lady Dimitrescu while you tried to find a way to stab the bitch.

Said bitch didn't stand around and take it the whole time, she would charge at you and Ethan. Thanks to the confined area you both were in, you could barely dodge without getting injured by something. Be it Lady Dimitrescu or the rubble on the ground, you wouldn't be escaping this without some new bruises and cuts.

Lady Dimitrescu kept screaming as Ethan continued his onslaught of bullets. She charged one more time before you found an ample opportunity to stab her.

You ran at Lady Dimitrescu as she paused to catch her breath. You quickly scaled up her back leg and ran across her back until you got to her humanoid figure. Dimitrescu tried to shake you off but you grabbed one of her tentacles and used it to pull yourself against her.

Ethan stopped shooting as you wrapped your arms and legs around Lady Dimistrescu, holding on to her as tight as you could. You raised the hand holding the Dagger of Death's Flowers and plunged it into Lady Dimitrescu's heart.

Lady Dimistrescu screamed horribly and wiggled around in pain and anger. She eventually fell forward groaning as blood gushed out from her many wounds.

"Damn you!" She screeched.

You held on tightly as Lady Dimitrescu tried to get up. She managed to get onto her feet only to fall forward once again. This time the floor broke from underneath her weight, sending you, Ethan, and Lady Dimitrescu into the church.

"It's too late..." Lady Dimitrescu groaned as you all fell, "you'll never see your Rose again... Succumb to your despair!"

You screamed as Lady Dimitrescu hit the ground, throwing you off of her in the process. You landed next to Ethan, how he survived that fall you have no idea, and you helped each other up. You both stared up at Lady Dimitrescu as she started to move, turning her head to face you both.

"Curse you!" Lady Dimitrescu screamed as her body turned to stone, the humanoid part completely disintegrating leaving behind a beautifully shaped crystal.

"You're the one who's cursed."


Chapter Text

Ethan went up and grabbed the beautiful crystal from the ground, turning it in his hands. He went to move forward when you wrapped your arms around Ethan, holding him close.

"Let's just stay here and get some rest before we keep moving," sighed into his back, thankful that that hell is over.

You felt Ethan shift in your embrace and move your hands. You were a little disheartened as you dropped your arms, thinking that he didn't want the hug. But those thoughts disappeared when Ethan turned around and pulled you into a tight hug. He buried his head into your shoulder and started to shake as you brought your arms up to hug him back.

You and Ethan stayed like that for a few minutes, hugging each other and shaking out of fear from the adrenaline rush you had moments ago. 

When you finally separated, both you and Ethan were fighting back tears. You already cried once today, you didn't need to lose any more water in your body.

Ethan offered his hand to you, silently asking you to take it. You grabbed Ethan's hand and walked forward, away from Lady Dimitrescu's corpse and towards an altar you didn't notice earlier.

On the altar was a rectangular, and dirty, flask.

Why is this on an altar? 

Ethan picked up the flask and turned it over in his free hand. On the top was the same symbol you saw on the casket in the church. The flower with the two swords crossed behind it.

As soon as Ethan pocketed the flask, the altar it was sitting on sank into the ground and the back of the altar receded into the wall, creating a doorway. Outside the doorway were sunlight, snow, and trees.

You finally made it out.

"Looks like we're getting out of this place," Ethan said with a smile, squeezing your hand reassuringly.

You nodded and pulled Ethan through the doorway, giggling like a small child. It felt like you were in that castle for weeks. You ran out and let go of Ethan's hand to fall into the snow.

"I'll leave you to your freedom," Ethan laughed, pointing to the shack to his right. "I'm going to go check that place out, see if I can find anything."

"Got it!" You sat up and knelt on the ground. "Imma build a mini-snowman."

Ethan laughed and walked over to the shack while you contently made a small snowman. When you finished your snowman, you named it Albert, you started to make a second one. Ethan wasn't done yet and you didn't want Albert to be alone so you thought it wouldn't hurt to feed your inner child.

"Hey," you heard Ethan walk up behind you just as you finished your second snowman, "I found gunpowder and metal scraps inside that shack. Do you mind putting this stuff in my bag for me?"

"Not at all," you said, standing up and brushing the snow off your body.

Ethan smiled and handed you the gunpowder, metal scraps, and the Crystal Dimitrescu. You thought he already put that thing in the bag but you were wrong. You opened up Ethan's backpack when he turned around and put the supplies inside.

"Huh, you had time to make two." Ethan pointed to your mini-snowmen and his smile grew just a little bit.

You nodded and pointed to the first one you made. "This is Albert and that one's Gerold." You pointed to the second one. "Oh, and they're roommates."

"Oh my God, they're roommates," Ethan chuckled as he turned to some double doors on the other end of the clearing.

You followed him as you both laughed and made up some more about Gerold and Albert's relationship. You only stopped walking and talking so Ethan could shoot a lock off of the doors you needed to enter. Once you got into the cave you and Ethan kept talking about Albert and Gerold. By the time you came to a stop, you and Ethan made up an entire life story about Gerold and Albert including their wedding.

I large puddle was in the way of your path... and it had fish in it. Your stomach growled as you watched the fish swim around the water, there were three in total. 

Ethan noticed your hunger and pulled out his handgun, aiming at the fish. Ethan fired three times, killing each fish with ease. You just watched in silence as he put his gun away and picked up the fish, motioning for you to come over.

"Aw, you're going to put those in my bag, aren't you?" you sighed, walking up to Ethan.

Ethan went behind you and stuffed the dead fish into your backpack. "Yep. We can cook them when we get out of this cave."

You nodded and started to walk up the stairs in front of you with Ethan close behind. "Maybe we could raid one of the houses in the village for spices."

"That could work," Ethan said as you both reached the top of the stairs. 

You were just about to say something when you heard a voice at the end of the hall. You recognized it as the voice of the old lady you met in the village. The same one that told you Rose was there.

You and Ethan went to the end of the hall and opened the wooden door to reveal the old woman bent over an altar.

"As the moon rises on black wings, we await the light at the end." The woman was saying that prayer again while holding something above her head. "In life and death, glory to Mother Miranda." 

The woman slowly put down the key as you and Ethan walked around to her left. "Hey, remember us?" you asked.

"We almost died up in that castle," Ethan all but shouted at the woman. "Tell us what is going on around here."

The woman slowly turned to you with a little bit of surprise on her face. As if she wasn't expecting you both to be alive. She quickly hid that surprise with a neutral face as she said her new little tidbit of insanity. 

"How can a man or woman be almost dead?" The woman turned back to the altar and placed closed the lid to a box she put the key in. "That is a question for the wise."

"You know what I mean," Ethan said, glaring at the woman. "And we still haven't found Rose. Where did Mother Miranda take her?"

The old woman started to laugh in Ethan's face, giving you and Ethan an insane-looking smile. "You're too late! Or maybe... almost too late." The woman cocked her head at you and Ethan. "The child will be sacrificed. Life for life." The woman turned away from you and Ethan and walked away.

You tensed up as Ethan kept going with his line of questioning. "What kind of sick medieval shit is this?" His voice was laced with rage. "She's just a baby."

The woman walked over to a mural and pointed to it. "The crests of the four bloodlines may open the path you seek..."

"Will you please stop talking in riddles?" you asked, walking up to the mural. "We just want to find Rose."

The woman walked right up to you and stared you down. "It's only a riddle if you don't know the answer." The woman started to giggle as she turned away from you and Ethan, her laughter becoming manic on her way out.

"Wait a second... that looks familiar," Ethan said as he pointed out the crest on the top left corner of the mural. "Hey! Hey, wait!" Ethan turned to try and catch the woman but she was already gone.

"You're right," you said after a moment's pause, "it does look familiar." Ethan sighed and went to the box holding that key the woman was holding earlier. "I think it might be the same one that was on the casket, all the doors to the specific halls in the castle, and on that dirty flask."

You read the writing underneath the crest and confirmed that the crest belonged to house Dimitrescu. You looked at the other crest while you were at it. The one to the right of the Dimitrescu crest was a sun and moon combined with 'House Beneviento' written underneath. The one below House Dimitrescu was a crest of a mermaid with 'House Moreau' written under it. The final crest, the one to the right of House Moreau, was a horse's head surrounded by a large horseshoe. The wording underneath read 'House Heisenberg'.

Ethan pulled you away from the mural and to the large set of gates to your left. You saw Ethan pull out the key that he grabbed earlier and used it to unlock the gates, pushing them open so there is enough room for you and Ethan to slide through.

You and Ethan walked up the stairs in complete silence. Now, it wasn't an awkward kind of silence, more like a comfortable silence. 

Before you knew it, you and Ethan passed through the final door and were outside once again. You both stepped into what looked like a sacred area, which may be used for ceremonies? There were four giant statues of old kings sitting on thrones. All the statues were identical and surrounded you and Ethan. In the center of the ceremony site was a dais with a weird logo in the center.

"Umbrella Corp?" Ethan whispered, furrowing his brows. "What do they have to do with this?"

You paused and went to get a better look at the logo. Sure enough, Ethan was right, the logo was the Umbrella Corp logo. 

Ethan and Mia both told you about the Umbrella Corp when you saw them both again after the Louisiana incident. They took the time to explain to you what happened there along with who was behind it. You learned that the Umbrella Corp was a group of people that wanted complete control over the world using bioweapons. The thing that took Mia, you learned the thing's name was Eva, was a bioweapon created by a branch of the Umbrella Corp after they disbanded in 2003 thanks to a group of people who you couldn't remember.

"I have no idea," you said as you started to walk down the path to your left, "hopefully this isn't a new branch of the Umbrella Corp."

Ethan followed you down the bath and onto a stone bridge, keeping his handgun out in case something showed up. And a few somethings did show up, two Lycans came into view on the stone bridge. One was down a wooden staircase and the other was starting to run right at you. 

Ethan pulled out his sniper rifle and shot the Lycan below, who didn't see either of you and shot him a few times. You, on the other hand, ran up to the Lycan coming towards you and started cutting at it with your machete. You dodged and swung, hitting typical weak points on a human body. Both of the Lycans fell over, dead.

Ethan ran to get whatever the Lycan down below dropped while you grabbed the scrap metal the first one dropped. By the time Ethan came back up to the bridge, he was panting and a little sweaty but he was carrying a bag of coins. 

Ethan pointed to the draw bridge. "It's missing the crank, can't get to that area yet." He panted out, gasping for air.

"Cool," you said, waking past Ethan who was still panting. "Did that military training not cover cardio or something?"

"Haha," Ethan faked a laugh, following you up a few steps.

You two encountered one more Lycan that was having a snack in the hallway of, what looked like, a broken, old temple. You made quick work of it with your machete, wanting Ethan to save his bullets, and grabbed everything that you could find. Medicine, scraps, some lei. Didn't matter, you grabbed it and threw it in your bags.

You and Ethan finally walk up to the large wooden gates and open them, revealing what looked like a ritual area. A very similar dais from earlier was in the center but this one had a pedestal popping out of the middle. Surrounding the area, were unlit torches and arches going in four different directions, making four separate pathways.

You and Ethan carefully walked forward, keeping an eye out for any more monsters. That's when you saw the Duke, sitting in a caravan while looking around.

"There you are," the Duke said, giving you a smile when he saw you and Ethan. "I had a feeling both of you would pop up here."

Ethan walked towards the Duke with a frustrated look on his face. "It was all worthless."

"Is that so?" The Duke cocked his head and raised a brow. "I assume you picked up something of value."

"Not sure if it's of value, but..." You and Ethan stopped in front of the Duke and you watched Ethan pull something out of his left pocket.

Ethan pulled out the dirty flask he picked up earlier. He held it out to the Duke who just sat back and smiled.

"Why, you have your daughter right in your own hands."

You furrowed your brows as Ethan took a step back. "What are you saying?" 

"Duke, you aren't making sense." You shook your head, staring at the dirty flask. "It's a flask, there is no way that that is Rose."

The Duke's smile fell to something much more sympathetic look. "Take a closer look, you two."

Ethan turned the flask in his hand and spotted something under some of the dirt. It was some sort of sticker. You watched as Ethan hesitantly wiped away some of the dust and dirt to reveal a label on the flask.


You saw Ethan pause before he quickly wiped away the dirt above the first label. 

Rosemary W.

Ethan let out a horrified gasp as he dropped the flask. You stood there in shock with a horrified expression on his face. You were practically frozen until the Duke's voice snapped you out of your daze.

"That flask seems to contain her head," the Duke said solemnly. 

You slowly walked over to the flask and dropped to your knees. You carefully picked up the flask and cradled it in your hands.

Ethan dropped down next to you, reaching a hand out to Rose's flask. "No... Wh-what-?"

"Rose is-"

"Don't say another word!" Ethan interrupted the Duke, keeping his eyes on the flask. You slowly handed Ethan the flask as tears started to prick both yours and Ethan's eyes. "This- this is impossible!" Ethan held the flask, trying to convince you, and himself, that it Rose's head wasn't in the flask. "This just can't be..!"

"Little Rose's essence is still intact," the Duke tried to reassure you. "Her powers are truly unique."

"Powers?" you questioned, finally looking up at the Duke. "Rose doesn't have powers... does she?" You direct your last question to Ethan. 

Ethan didn't answer your question, he just asked his own question. "Who- who could even do this?"

"She can be saved, you know?" The Duke's statement had you and Ethan shoot your heads to the Duke.

"Saved? From this?" You snapped, disbelief in your voice. "Are you insane?!" You stood up and went to yell at the Duke again when he started to talk again.

"There's a house with a red chimney on the western side of the village." The Duke pointed to the gates to your right. "Go and seek out the man who lives there. Then we can continue our conversation."

"Fucking hell!" You screamed holding your head in frustration. "I'm done with the things in this Godamn village! Just fucking tell us, Duke!"

The Duke only shook his head and pointed back to the gates. "You will get your answers by seeking out the occupant of the home with the red chimney."

"Quit holding out and get to the damn point!" Ethan joined in, standing up and standing right next to you.

"Neither of you has to trust my words," the Duke said calmly, unfazed by your anger, "but do you have any better options?"

Ethan paused and looked back down at Rose's flask while you yelled and turned away. You angrily paced around, letting Ethan do the rest of the talking. You didn't trust yourself to not snap at the Duke again. He was annoying but he was promising answers, unlike the other living person in the village.

Crazy bitch. You thought as you continued your angry pacing, circling the pedestal. Something about just seemed important and you needed a distraction.

"Your choice. The customer is always right, after all."

"You'll pay if we find out this is a lie!" 

The Duke only laughed at Ethan's threat and sat back.

"Fucking joker..." Ethan whispered as he glared at the Duke, turning to you not long after. "Come on, let's get this over with."

When you didn't move, Ethan went to grab your arm. You knew he was going to grab you and sidestepped, pointing to the pedestal. 

"I think that this might be important," you explained, gesturing to the rectangular holes.

Ethan nodded then looked to the hole, then back at the flask. He furrowed his brows together as he put the flask into one of the holes. A clamp at the bottom of the pedestal unlocked and went underneath it. 

You turned to look at Ethan but noticed that he was absolutely spaced out. You shook Ethan and he gasped, that look of rage came back as he turned to you.

"Miranda did it. Miranda and took Rose from us."


Chapter Text

"Jesus Christ, that was a hassle."

You and Ethan were trekking up the path to the ceremony site to see Duke again. You and Ethan practically ran around the village like chickens with your heads cut off, all because the only gate to the house you needed in was locked from the other side. You ran into Lycans, regular and one that was fucking armoured, items and an odd photo of a corpse with something in its chest. The photo did help you get your hands on a jack handle and an M1911 though.

Ethan gave you the other handgun with some ammo so you weren't restricted to short-range fighting. It was nice of him.

"It wasn't a complete waste of time though," Ethan tries to put a bit of a happy spin on things, despite the little tidbit that you learned at the house. "I mean, we have some chicken, pork, and water out of all of this. Not to mention a missing part of the key."

The little tidbit of information that you were thinking about just so happened to be in a journal entry at the house. The owner of the journal and the house was laying lifelessly next to his bed, a Lycan was eating the man's stomach.

February 9th

I was instructed to take the items to the cave church at sunrise.
But what I saw was... frightful.

The great Four Lords were there and Mother Miranda was holding a child. She whispered something and touched the child...
I can't explain it well but...the child... turned into a white crystal?


I couldn't help but speak up and I asked her why she did such a thing.

Mother Miranda just smiled at me.
"This is the chosen child. She will return to her original form no matter what befalls her." Then she gave each Lord a part of the crystal in a flask and they left.

I forgot to bow to Mother Miranda before I fled.

I'm still shaking.

What will she do?
What is that child?

The journal entry made you shudder and made Ethan practically rip it in half. Both of you have certainly moved on to the next stage of grief. You were both incredibly angry.

Miranda took Rose, turned her into a crystal, broke her in fourths, and gave her to those psychopaths.

By the time you and Ethan made it back to the Duke, you both had cooled down a little. You wanted to face what the Duke had to say with a straight mind, not one driven by anger.

"How was it?" The Duke asked as a greeting. "Did you learn anything?"

You and Ethan started to walk up to the Duke. "We found these feathers," you said as you stopped in front of the Duke.

It wasn't just the journal you found in the house. The poor owner of the journal was also surrounded by those same feathers that you and Ethan found outside of the village when you first crashed. Miranda's feathers.

"Now tell us how to fix this like you said you would," Ethan was on the verge of shouting.

"Settle down. First, you must use that key and collect all of little Rose's flasks."

"Where are the rest of them?" you asked the Duke calmly.

The Duke raised a brow at you and chuckled. "My, my. You're mood changed quickly..."

"No point in being angry when it'll do more harm than good, it clouds your judgement," you said, shrugging. "I know that more than anyone. Now, would you please answer the question?"

"There are four in total." The Duke started as you and Ethan watched quietly. "You have the one and the other lords have the rest."

"Lords?" Ethan raised a brow.

The Duke nodded and continued his story. "Mother Miranda is the cold, calculating ruler of this village. Four lords serve under her.

"The first you've already met, the Lady Dimitrescu.

"The second lives deep in a valley of mist, the doll maker Donna Beneviento. None of her playmates have ever come back from that dank, old estate.

"The third is Moreau, a being of twisted flesh that lives in the reservoir past the windmills. It is said that he is not the only monster that lives in those waters.

"The fourth and most dangerous is Heisenberg. He works in his factory on the village outskirts. And the projects? Let's just say parts of the human imagination are better left alone."

The Duke motioned for you to hand him the map that you forgot to put away. You handed it to him and he started to scribble down a few things.

"If you truly wish to save little Rose, you must first gather the four flasks. I'll do you both a personal favour. I've marked the Lords' locations on your map..." You and Ethan both thanked the Duke as you took the map from him. "Some treasures still lurk in this village. I'm sure each one will prove of great use to you both."

"...Why are you doing all this?" Ethan asked, peeking over your shoulder to look at the map.

The Duke smiled as he pulled out a cigar for himself. "Why it's all part of our first-class customer service." The Duke lit his cigar and took a puff. "Please do come again soon..."

"Lucky for all of us," you said as you browsed the Duke's wares, "we have things to sell and you have things that we can buy."

The Duke laughed as you and Ethan took off your bags and opened them. You took out everything that you could sell. The Duke looked especially pleased when you handed him the Crystal Dimitrescu.

"Oh, the Lady Dimitrescu!" The Duke picked it up and turned it in his hands. "Beautiful even in death. That waistline... yes!"

You snickered at that comment as you pulled out one of the fish. The Duke pointed it out and you mentioned how you and Ethan were going to pilfer some spices and borrow a kitchen in the village so you could eat.

"Oh, no need. I'll do it free of charge!"

"Really?" Ethan asked, not entirely believing that the Duke would just give you free food.

The Duke nodded and handed you a menu. "Of course, I just need the main ingredients. You will provide me with those in exchange for edible food."

You and Ethan decided that there wasn't a problem with it, so you both got the Herbed Fish. You had three fish on you and the dish only had one fish on it so you were both able to get one. 

While the Duke cooked, you and Ethan sat down and gave your legs a rest. The silence was comfortable and the food smelled delicious. Your mouth watered to the promise of delicious food as you closed your eyes and turned your face to the sun that just poked out of a cloud.

This is the most relaxed you have been since you got to the village. 

The Duke finished up your food pretty quickly and handed it to you and Ethan with a smile on your face. He also said that he would hold onto the rest of the meat you both got from the village until you were ready to eat again. You and Ethan agreed and gave the Duke the rest of the meat, glad that you wouldn't have to smell like pig or chicken or fish while trying to avoid Lycans. 

You and Ethan did a little more shopping for ammo and healing items before turning to the left of the Duke's caravan. Ethan used the key he found in the house with the red chimney, but it didn't fit. He soon realized that he had to attach the first key he found on the altar with the second one.

When you finally go the gate open, you and Ethan walked in silence through the little mountains and trees. You even had to walk through quite a bit of fog before you saw something other than forest life. 

Dolls were hung up by their necks in the trees. Gravestones surrounded the trees that had a few dolls strung up.

You shook off your shock and continued forward, trying to remain unbothered by the dolls. You and Ethan kept walking until you made it to a rope bridge over the river. The fog was still obstructing your view of the rest of the bridge but from what you could see, you guessed that this bridge was certainly not up to code. 

"I don't like the looks of that bridge, Ethan," you whispered as you stared forward.

Ethan nodded and pulled at one of the ropes. "I know, but it seems stable enough. Let's try to go through."

You sighed and watched as Ethan took the first few steps onto the bridge. It groaned under Ethan's weight but held nicely. Ethan motioned for you to follow him and you begrudgingly took a step forward. Ethan used the rope holding the bridge together as a railing while you grabbed his backpack.

Ethan led you both across the bridge and you noticed that there were broken bridges around you both. You suddenly got a bit more nervous about this place but bit back any suggestions to leave. You needed to suck it up for both Ethan and Rose, you can't chicken out now.

This trip across the bridge only got more unnerving when you reached the end. As soon as you and Ethan stepped across the last part of the bridge, the fog thickened and you smelt something odd. The odour smelt like flowers with a metallic underline.

You and Ethan kept walking forward. You didn't want to be separated from Ethan again, so you grabbed his arm. 

Ethan noticed your discomfort and shrugged off his bag. Ethan pulled out a fucking chain from his bag.

"Where the hell did you get that from?" You asked. "No, wait, you got it from the castle didn't you?" Ethan nodded as you sighed and let him wrap one end of the chain around your waist. "And you got it while the Duke was watching me, right?"

Ethan chuckled as he pulled the chain to wrap it around his waist. "That I did. I thought that they might come in handy along with these." Ethan pulled out two padlocks with keys and held one out to you. 

"Oh, my God," you sighed, laughing a little as you took a padlock. "You weren't wrong, they are going to be used well." You unlocked the padlock and used it to keep the chain around your waist. You saw Ethan do the same before he put his backpack back on.

"Alright, let's go."

You and Ethan started to walk down the small path and saw an iron gate. Oddly enough, the chain wasn't uncomfortable. It was long enough for you and Ethan to be about four feet apart when the chain was strained. 

You noticed a large silhouette on the other side of the iron gate. The gate opened as a familiar voice echoed through the forest. 


"What?" Ethan said, panicked.

You felt your blood boil as you stepped closer to your old friend. "Chris! What the fuck are you doing here?!"

You went to storm over to Chris but Ethan pulled you back, saying your name quickly. "That's not Chris, it's Mia."

You stopped and turned to Ethan, raising a brow. "I think a know what my sister's body type is, Ethan. And it sure as hell isn't 'brick wall with no emotion'."

Ethan let out a small snort as he pulled you towards him. "I think each Lord has a certain power, kind of like how that... Romanian Magneto-"

"German, actually." You corrected Ethan.


"'Heisenberg' is a German name."

Ethan rolled his eyes and continued. "Fine. German Magneto has metal powers and Lady Dimitrescu turned into a Dragon."

"So you think that Beneviento has a sort of power too?" You asked, waiting for confirmation.

Ethan nodded. "I think that her thing is illusions, maybe it's triggered by that weird smell."

"The flower smell mixed with metal?"

"Yeah, that."

You nodded as Ethan slowly loosened his grip on your arm. "Alright, let's keep going and tell each other what the other's illusion is doing."

"Good idea," Ethan said, standing right next to you. "So what did Chris say to you?"

"He just called me Viper," you responded looking back towards 'Chris', "and now he's motioning for me to follow him. What about Mia?"

Ethan took a breath as he looked up at the illusion Mia that he saw. "She's holding Rose and is telling me to follow her because she has something to tell me..." 

You nodded and took Ethan's hand, offering him a bit of comfort. Ethan took it and squeezed, keeping his gun up in his other hand. You both took a step forward and followed your separate illusions before they vanished in a flash of light. 

"I really don't like this..." you whispered as you and Ethan kept moving forward.

Ethan stayed silent as you walked forward slowly. You both carefully looked around and tried to open a few of the gates you came across with no luck. Eventually, you saw the illusion again. 

"Viper, Rose is gone. Let me handle this." He was standing tall and was walking towards you, reaching out to grip your shoulder. Then he was gone.

"He popped up again," you told Ethan, "he said that Rose is gone and to let him take care of things."

Ethan nodded as he kept walking, pulling you along with him because of the chain. "Mia showed up too. She said that I have to fix Rose, that she didn't feel right."

You and Ethan kept moving forward, telling each other the things that the illusions are saying to you. You noticed that the illusions only ever acknowledged the person they belonged to. Mia only acknowledged Ethan and Chris only acknowledged you. It's as if the other didn't exist. You were pretty damn glad for the chain and that Ethan was still holding your hand or you would have thought that he wasn't with you at all.

The illusions popped up one more time, Mia saying that everyone leaves her and Chris telling you that it wasn't his fault. That it wasn't Mia.

You tightened your fists at that comment. You weren't entirely sure what the illusion Chris meant but it just made your blood boil.

You and Ethan eventually stop in front of a gravestone surrounded by other gravestones and glowing, yellow flowers. Written on the gravestone was '-a Beneviento, 1987-1996'.

"Nine years old..." you sighed as you stared down at the grave.

Ethan looked just as saddened as you. Death itself is difficult to deal with, but the death of a child is a whole other thing. You were always saddened by a child's death especially when they are so young. 

After taking a moment of silence for the little Beneviento grave, you and Ethan went to the double doors on the other side of the little grave. On one of the doors was a mail slot with a metal plate reading 'Give up your memories' to the right. The doors were locked when you pushed on them.

You silently watched as Ethan pulled you away and hesitantly put a photo of Mia holding Rose into the mail slot. That somehow did it and the doors unlocked, slowly opening for you and Ethan.

"What's going on?" Ethan whispered as you both stepped through the doors. 

You shrugged as you looked around the damp cave you walked into. It wasn't a large cave if you could call it that. It was more like a stony tunnel... with an iron elevator at the end.

You and Ethan hesitantly stepped into the elevator and pushed the button that'll take you up. The elevator slowly climbed, creaking every odd minute. 

Then the lights went out.

Everything was pitch black and you grabbed onto Ethan, not trusting the chain in the dark. Scratches and groaning filled your ears like nails on a chalkboard. You felt Ethan hold onto you as the scratching seemed to have gotten closer. Then, as quickly as they went out, the lights came back on.

The elevator was still moving up and you shot your head around the elevator. You spotted something that you knew wasn't there before.

"Hey, Ethan..?" You gave Ethan's shoulder a quick tug and pointed to the writing on the wall. You felt Ethan tense up as he read the words scratched into the wall.

Come with me, Ethan.

Ethan pointed to the other wall and you noticed that there was a little note scratched into the metal too.

You toofollowed by your name.

You shivered as the elevator came to a sudden stop, opening its doors to reveal a new stone tunnel. You and Ethan stepped out and looked around, this cavern looked a lot like the other one. Cold, damp, and with candles lighting the small area with an eerie glow.

You and Ethan walked through the caver and stepped outside. You heard the sound of a waterfall as you squinted to get your eyes adjusted to the light. You looked to your left and saw the waterfall behind a beautiful home. If it weren't for the circumstances, you would have loved to spend a night there.

"Wow," you sighed walking forward, "this place is beautiful."

Ethan walked up right next to you and matched your pace. "Yeah, it really is."

You and Ethan walked up to the house and through the wide-open gates. The front of the house had an eerie charm to it as you walked through the front garden. There were a few plants popping up out of the snow giving you a false sense of security. 

You grabbed Ethan's hand once more as you both walked up to the double doors, wanting an actual sense of security. Ethan gave your hand a small squeeze as he took his free hand and pushed on one of the doors. You helped and pushed open the other one, revealing the inside of House Beneviento.

Chapter Text

The inside of House Beneviento had a warm, rustic feel to it. You were pretty surprised at the warmth of the home. You and Ethan carefully stepped forward and looked around. 

There was a small staircase going up to the second floor on the right wall. In the middle of the room was a rocking chair behind a circular table. On the table was a basket filled with threat, yarn, and ribbons. You spotted a grandfather clock next to a deer skull mounted on the wall. Hung up on the wall above the stairs was a portrait of a beautiful woman holding that talking doll you saw back at the church.

You turned away from the portrait and helped Ethan look around the main floor for anything that might help you. 

But you couldn't find anything.

You went down hallway after hallway you even went upstairs. You went into room after room and didn't find anything but a single page of paper that was written in Romanian, a language neither you nor Ethan could read. This fact did little to ease your nerves about this place. Eventually, you and Ethan did find an elevator at the end of a hall with peeling wallpaper.

Giving up on finding anything on the main or second floor, you and Ethan stepped into the elevator and pressed the button to take you down. You and Ethan sat in silence, holding your weapons instead of each other's hands, wanting to be ready for anything.

The room the elevator dropped you off in was a fairly large room with an entrance to a hallway on the other side of the room. There was an orange loveseat on the right wall next to a small table with a lamp and a few photos on it. There was a green, leather chair next to one of those cabinets that you would find at your grandmother's house on the left wall. To the right of the chair was a door.

You decided that you wanted to look inside and pulled Ethan with you. You checked the door and found it unlocked.

Ethan went ahead of you and looked around the room. "Hey, what do you see?" He asked.

"A large room with an old projector facing a projecting screen." You followed Ethan inside. "It kind of looks like a private study and library in one."

You looked around the small mess of books on the floor around a desk. You walked over to the side of the room that had multiple bookshelves and pulled Ethan with. You picked up one and read the title.

"Alkaloids of Mountainous Plants," you read out loud. "Light reading?"

"Maybe, or the illusions might have something to do with mountainous plants." Ethan offered, taking the book from your hands and putting it back in its spot. "Let's keep going, hopefully, we'll find the second flask soon."

You nodded and followed Ethan out of the room and through the next hallway. You and Ethan walked past multiple areas that should have had items to use but you had no such luck. You couldn't find anything that could help either of you. You did, however, find multiple small vases with little plants inside. 

You thought back to the paper you saw with the Romanian writing on it. On that paper was a picture of a flower similar to those. When you found another vase with a flower in it, you stepped up to it and took a sniff.

"Yep, flowers and metal," you huffed, stepping away from the flower. "Those things are the source."

Ethan raised a brow and picked up the vase. "You think we should destroy it?" 

"Maybe, but with what?" You shrugged. "I think it might just do more harm than good."

Ethan nodded and set the vase back where he found it. Ethan turned to the end of the hall when he heard some music start to play. You turned with him and looked around, you couldn't see or hear anything that made Ethan jump like that. All that was at the end of the hall was a set of double doors.


"Don't you hear that?"

"Hear what?"

"That music."

You paused and listened quietly. "I can't hear anything."

"...I think we should check it out," Ethan said, stepping forward.

You stared at him but begrudgingly followed. "Ethan, you're starting to act like any straight, white man in a horror movie."

Ethan laughed as you guys got to the doors. "I am a straight, white man." He rolled his eyes as he put his hands on the double doors. "Besides, we aren't in a horror movie."

"Ethan," you said sternly as you grabbed his arm, "we just survived a village filled with monsters and a castle with vampires that could turn into swarms of flies or a dragon. Now, we're stuck in this house that looks eerily similar to the one in The Shining." You gave Ethan a fake smile. "This whole day has been a horror movie. And I'm chained to either the only survivor or the first that dies."

"Hey, you said survivor," Ethan pointed out, scoffing.

"Hey, I also said only," you shot right back, mimicking Ethan's tone. You sighed and motioned for Ethan to go one. "Fuck it, we aren't going anywhere else anyway."

Ethan smiled and pushed open the doors, revealing a room filled with large doll limbs strung to the ceiling. You noticed a cloth on a table with something under it and multiple other tables with tools lying around them. In the middle of the room was that same doll you saw when you woke up in the church. On her lap was Rose's second flask.

You and Ethan stepped forward and towards the doll. You didn't like how easy this seemed and tried to voice that concern when Ethan reached for Rose's flask. That's when the lights flickered off.

You quickly felt around for Ethan and grabbed onto his arm when you found him. You felt him hold on to you as you both heard a voice sound throughout the pitch-black room.

"I've been waiting for so long..." The voice said. You knew immediately who the voice belonged to. The thing that was talking was the fucking doll. "I'd make a much better daughter than Rose." The Doll practically snarled Rose's name before continuing. "Please won't you both stay with me- forever?" The Doll started to laugh hysterically.

"What?" Ethan said, you could hear a little bit of horror lacing his voice.

The lights flickered back on and you noticed the cloth on the table was gone, revealing a mannequin that, oddly enough, had your skin tone. You and Ethan also noticed another, important, detail.

"Wait, where's my gun?" Ethan asked as he felt around for any of his guns. They, along with the backpack, were gone.

You quickly inspected yourself and, sure enough, your weapons and bag were gone too. "Still don't think this is a horror movie?"

Ethan gave you a small hit to your shoulder as he inspected the chain that was still wrapped around you both. You turned around to see if you could go back the way you came but the door had a very large combination lock on it. You sighed and looked down the hall to the left of the door. 

"Let's see if there's a way out over there," you said, pointing to the hall.

Ethan nodded and turned to the hall. You both started to walk over and turn the corner. That's when you hit another roadblock. It was another locked door, this one resembling more to the door to get into Castle Dimitrescu. This door had a large depression on the top right-hand side of a circle. There were little symbols in two smaller circles too. One had a silhouette of a bird flying from the perspective under the bird and it was flying in front of a triangle. The other was just a very realistic-looking eye.

"Another locked door..." Ethan sighed, turning around. "Let's see if we can find anything to unlock any of the doors."

You nodded and followed Ethan around back to the room with the mannequin. You walked past Ethan and towards the other door, wanting to see if it was locked too. You pulled Ethan closer with the chain so you could get closer and checked the handle. Sure enough, the door was locked.

You sighed as Ethan pulled you back to the mannequin. You watched as Ethan picked up a blank piece of paper and stare at it before looking at the mannequin.

"Is this a doll of Mia?"

You looked from the blank paper to the mannequin and back to the paper. "I think those creepy-ass illusions are playing tricks again... that doll doesn't look like Mia..."

You finally got a good look at the doll and noticed so many similarities to it. It wasn't just your skin tone that was similar, the hair and one painted eye were the same as yours too. This doll looked like a complete replica to you.

"What do you see?" Ethan asked.

You shuddered as you started to explain. "The doll looks like me, it's just missing my clothes and my left pupil..." Instead of clothes, the doll had a long, bloody cloth wrapped around its chest. "Its body type is the same as mine along with my skin and eye colour."

Ethan handed you the blank paper with a saddened look. "I think the illusions might have stopped for me but I see this. The doll is missing Mia's left eye but other than that, all that's missing are her clothes. She only has a bloody cloth on."

You turned the paper over in your hands before looking up at Ethan. "Ethan... this paper is blank to me..."

Ethan spun to you and grabbed the paper. He held it up to your face and pointed at it. "You don't see that?"

You shook your head as Ethan lowered the paper. "No, but it does feel like a polaroid." You paused and thought for a moment. "...Hey, does it kind of look like there's some fog in the room? Like it followed us in the house?"

Ethan shook his head as he put the picture down. "You think that that's the tell for the illusions, right?"

You nodded as you looked around. "Yeah, I mean, my vision is pretty hazy right now. It's like the fog followed me in... and it happened right after I took a sniff of that flower," you groaned and mentally slapped yourself. "I think I might be receiving the butt-end of this situation."

"But I heard music and you didn't after you took a sniff..."

"Maybe the illusion was that I couldn't hear the music," you sighed and watched Ethan inspect the doll. He was close to the mannequin's right arm. "Or you could have gotten a smaller dose of mind-fucking pollen when you got close instead of actively smelling it."

Ethan nodded as he pulled at a panel on the doll's shoulder. The panel popped off after a bit of struggling and a small, silver key fell out. Ethan picked up the key and turned it in his fingers when the lights started to flicker.

You heard radio static and turned to the source. There was an old radio on the table closest to the door. It crackled a little before you heard a familiar voice crackle through.

"Come on, Viper! I thought you got your name from your fierceness. Where did that go?"

You remembered this conversation with Chris. He asked you if you wanted to spar one day and you agreed. He was trying to taunt you when you kept dodging his punches. Little did Chris know, you were gauging his fighting style so you knew what he left open. As soon as he said that last line, you were able to get Chris on the floor with a small smirk on your face. 

You looked at Ethan and saw that he had some tears in his eyes. You rested your hand on his shoulder and Ethan jumped a little, turning to you.

"You heard her talking to you, didn't you?" You asked, wiping away his tears.

Ethan nodded and moved your hand away from his face. "Yeah, when she was pregnant with Rose. It was the first time Rose kicked after we found out her gender, you were out at the supermarket at that time."

You smiled and laughed a little. "Yeah, I remember you and Mia bragging about it when I got back. I refused to leave Mia's side the rest of the night until I felt Rose kick."

"...what did you hear?" Ethan asked as you took the key from his hands.

"The first time I kicked Chris' ass," you said smugly, putting the key in the lock. "Bastard was trying to taunt me but it backfired." Ethan let out a small chuckle as you opened the door. 

You and Ethan stepped into the large room. It kind of looked like a doctor's office and a small research lab. There were small bottles, notes, and a microscope on the table in the middle of the room. There were cabinets everywhere with more small bottles and some files resting on them. There were bins and equipment everywhere. 

You felt the chain tug at you as Ethan walked over to the sink. You followed Ethan as he turned on the tap and pulled a ring out of his pocket. You stared at the ring as he ran it under the clean water.

"Where did you get that?" You asked as you noticed that blood was covering the ring.

Ethan nodded to the other room with the life-sized doll as he cleaned the ring. "Grabbed it off of the doll while you were looking at the photograph."

You nodded as Ethan turned off the water and held out the ring to you. It was a simple ring. Silver band with a circular, blue stone in the middle. It looks exactly like Mia's wedding ring.

"How did this get here..?" You whispered as Ethan guided you to the door.

"I've just decided that it's an illusion." Ethan pushed you into the doll room as you turned the ring in your hands. You noticed something written on the inside of the ring's band. You turned the ring a bit more and noticed that it was a code. 

"Ethan," you said as you grabbed his shoulder and pulled him towards the combination lock on the doors you originally came through, "there are numbers on this thing." Ethan catches your drift and kneels down in front of the combination lock and nods for you to go on. "05 29 11."

Ethan fiddled with the lock until the combination was right. You watched as Ethan pulled on the lock and it came off with ease, unlocking the doors. Ethan went to step through the doors but you pulled him back.

"Wait, let's check out the rest of the doll first." You pulled Ethan towards the doll, pocketing the ring. "I want to make sure we don't have to come back a lot."

Ethan nodded as he pulled off the doll's right forearm. "There's a plate in it that has three closed eyes," Ethan said as he put the arm down. He moved around the table, you followed him, and took off the doll's left foot. A silver winding key fell out and Ethan picked it up. "Do you see a winding key?" You nodded and Ethan pocketed it before moving on to the doll's face. Ethan told you that there was something in the mouth but he needed pliers to get it out. 

Eventually, you and Ethan went out the doors and into the hall. You noticed that the hall has lost some light as you turned the corner. The hallway felt cold, like a cave at dusk. As you and Ethan approached the source of light at the end of the hall, a door to your left opened up.

You and Ethan decided to go into the room, thinking that there might be something you could use in there. You looked around and determined that it was a storage room. There were crates and shelves everywhere with little bits of junk all over the place. On one side of the room was a table that had a few boxes and a very familiar object on the far side of it.

Ethan stared at the music box as he pulled out the winding key.

"Why is this here?" Ethan asked as he put the winding key in the music box. You watched as the flap to the mechanical part, revealing the separate pin drums. Ethan carefully pulled them out and put them in, what you assumed, was the right order. Ethan then turned the winding key a few times before letting go, a sweet little melody floated through the air as a drawer opened up. You picked up the tweezers that were inside and let Ethan have this small moment with the music box.

That music box was a wedding gift to Ethan and Mia from yours and Mia's grandmother. She said that it was in the family for generations and that your grandfather finally fixed it up. You remembered that every day since Rose was born, Ethan would wind up the music box and play the little tune for her. Rose loved it.

When the music finally stopped you and Ethan walked out of the room and back towards the doll. You wanted to get the thing out of its mouth now before you forgot. Quickly went into the doll room, got the thing that was in the doll's mouth, and went to get out when you heard that familiar crackling of the radio.

You and Ethan turned to the radio and listened to the static that came out. You covered your ears as you heard a combination of three voices and radio static. You were able to pinpoint that two of the voices belonged to men while the third was a woman's. 

You felt Ethan rush to your side as you held your ears. Through the static, two words caught your attention. 

"...vorsichtig- ...Butterblume-"


Chapter Text

The radio static finally stopped and you carefully removed your hands from your ears. You stood up straight and stared at the radio, glaring at it.

"Is everything okay?" Ethan asked you.

You shook your head and looked back at Ethan. "I think I'll be okay... eardrums were just split open from three different voices mixed together with a lot of static." You rubbed your temples with your eyes screwed shut. "What did you hear?"

"Mia was saying that she couldn't tell me something, but it sounded like she was talking to someone else or herself." Ethan rubbed the back of his neck as he watched you inspect the doll on the table. "I'm not sure if she was referring to both of us or not..."

You shrugged as you kept your eyes trained on the doll. Just two minutes ago, that doll looked like a replica of you. Now it had brown hair that laid across its right shoulder and brown eyes. The skin tone of the doll also changed. This doll was a perfect replica of Mia.

"I don't know what the illusion Mia said to you, but I can safely say that either the illusions are gone for me or they are now on your wavelength."

Ethan walked up to you and put a hand on your shoulder. "It looks exactly like her, doesn't it?"

You nodded and took a breath. "There was something that I heard through the static." You said as you and Ethan turned back to the double doors. "It was a guy's voice. He said vorsichtig and Butterblume and his voice sounded kind of familiar..."

"I don't know what those words mean," Ethan said, pausing at the door.

"Vorsichtig means 'careful' and Butterblume means 'Buttercup'," you explained quickly pushing through the doors. "I just don't know-" you stopped in your tracks and stared at the figure at the end of the hall. By the sounds of it, Ethan saw her too.

Mia was standing in the dark with Rose in her hands.

The lights flickered and Mia disappeared. You and Ethan stayed still for a minute and stared at the spot Mia was standing at. 

"I hate it here," you said quickly as you pulled Ethan forward, wanting to get out of this house as fast as possible.

Ethan agreed with you as he matched your pace. You both walked through the hall and towards the office room. You were met with a small surprise when you got in. 

"Was that note always there?"

Ethan shook his head as he checked out the note next to the projector. "I didn't see it before..." He picked up the note and read through it before looking at the strands of film hanging next to the projector.

"Hey, read these off." Ethan handed you the note and stood beside the projector film.

You held up the paper and began reading off the notes. It kind of looked like Mia's handwriting.

Our Happy Family

1. Rose's best friend in the whole wide world.

2. She really likes this fairytale.

3. The most important thing in the world to us.

4. A wedding gift from grandma.

5. Proof of Ethan's love for me.

You watched as Ethan carefully put the film in order. Once he was sure he got the order right, Ethan took the film, put it all together, and strung it through the projector. You set down the note and watched the projector screen while Ethan turned the projector on. 

You both stared at the projector screen in silence, the only noise in the room was that of the turning projector. You watched as the video playing in front of you looked nothing like the film that Ethan was fiddling with earlier. Playing on the screen was a video of a stairwell going down into a dark room. The camera moved around a well that appeared in the middle of the room and showed a baby cradle before turning back to the well. You noticed that the well had a ladder in it before the tape cut off.

"...I thought this was supposed to be one of those home movies, not a bootlegged version of The Ring," you joked as the projector screen fell off the wall. You watched as one of the bookshelves moved to the left and reveal a hidden doorway.

You and Ethan cautiously walked towards the doorway and peeked in. The small room looked like any hidden room that you would see in a horror movie. The walls were exposed, with no insulation or wallpaper, with an oil lamp hanging on the right side of the room. The oil lamp was giving off an eerie glow and giving the many dolls a creepy sort of lighting. At the end of the room, close to the lamp, was a pair of scissors in a doll's grasp over top of bandages that looked a lot like the ones on the Mia doll.

You pushed Ethan forward before he got the chance to do the same thing to you. Ethan shot you a glare over his shoulder and you grinned. 

Ethan rolled his eyes and walked towards the scissors and bandages. He gingerly pulled the scissors from the doll's hand and squatted down. You watched as Ethan took the scissors and cut the bandages away, revealing a little crawl space into a different portion of the basement.

"...Well, what are you waiting for?" You gave Ethan a small push and he crawled into the new area. You quickly followed, with some struggling due to the chain attaching you to Ethan, and stood up, looking around.

The new area of the house was a hallway with a telephone on an end table right where the hall begins. The hallway was as lit as the rest of the basement, it was eerie and dim. 

You and Ethan turned the corner and tried to walk forward but the phone on the table rang. You and Ethan stared at it for a moment before you decided to pick it up and hold it to both yours and Ethan's ears. 

"Goddammit, Viper, It wasn't my fault! She needed to go-"

You recoiled at the sound of Chris' voice screaming at you. You took a deep breath to calm your nerves as Ethan put the receiver back on the phone. 

"Are you alright?" Ethan asked, placing a hand on your shoulder. "What did you hear?"

"Chris was screaming at me that something wasn't his fault... that she had to go-" you cut yourself off and clenched your jaw. "What about you?"

"Mia was apologizing for lying about something... for breaking our family apart."

You quickly grabbed Ethan's face and turned it so he was looking you in the eyes. "What's happening now and what has happened earlier isn't Mia's or your fault. We're in this mess because Chris killed Mia and Miranda kidnapped Rose," you said sternly. "Don't forget that, okay?"

Ethan smiled at you and nodded. "Yeah, I'll remember." Ethan removed your hands from his face and pulled you next to him. "Let's find Rose."

You nodded and started to cautiously explore the basement. There was a small break-off hallway leading to a door with an iron insignia of a woman holding nothing. It looked like she should be holding a baby but the baby was missing, in its place was an empty depression. A little further down the hall was a locked, white door. Luckily, the lock was on your side of the door. 

You unlocked the door and stepped into the room. It was the same doctor's office you and Ethan found earlier, the one you cleaned the replica ring in.

"Guess we just circled around," you said, looking around.

Ethan jumped as the door on the other side of the room closed. He pointed to the frosted windows and you saw exactly what made him jump. A figure was passing by the window and it kind of looked like it was Mia.

You and Ethan looked at each other before bolting it to the door. 

Ethan threw the door open but when you both stepped through, the figure was gone. You looked around and sighed.

"Must've been just another illusion..." Ethan sighed.

You nodded and mentally slapped yourself. "Of course it was another illusion, Ethan..." you sighed. "Mia's gone."

Ethan sighed and walked up to the Mia doll, scissors in hand. You quickly followed when the chain between you two started to strain. You stood beside Ethan as he cut the gauze around the doll's chest away. 

You pulled off the panel that was covered by the gauze and took a look inside the hole. Inside was the missing piece to the door just down the hall. You picked up the brass circle and turned it in your hands before the lights started to flicker and the radio turned on again. You mentally prepared yourself for the ear-splitting noise you were going to hear really soon.

"Lauf, Butterblume."

That voice wasn't Chris'.

You did a double-take and tried to hear if the voice had more to say. It was so familiar but you couldn't put your finger on it thanks to the mind fucking pollen. Who did that voice belong to?

You turned to see Ethan staring at the radio too, confusion written on his face. 

"What did you hear?"

"Mia just said Rose and started sobbing... You?"

"A man telling me to run."

Ethan raised a brow. "Do you know the man?"

You shrugged as you turned away from the radio and towards the door. "I'm not sure, maybe not for long... The guy sounds really familiar but I just can't wrap my mind around it right now. Maybe I'll figure it out when we get out of here." You made it to the door and put the brass circle into the depression. 

But the door stayed locked. 

"Hey, remember those symbols on the doll?" Ethan asked, stepping up to the door. "What if we need to adjust these," Ethan pointed to the two circles that were attached to the door, "with what's on the doll?"

"Give it a go," you said, stepping back to give Ethan more room. "I didn't really see them so you're up."

Ethan nodded and reached for the circle that was at the bottom. He slid the eye circle over and a different circle took its place, this one had three closed eyes. Ethan smiled and reached up to the circle on the top left. He did the same thing that he did with the first and turned it to the one with the bird silhouette flying to the right.

You both heard a click as the door opened...

To a pitch-black stairwell.

"Ugh," you groaned and grabbed the flashlight that the talking doll decided to not take with her. Flicking yours on, you started down the stairs with Ethan close behind. Ethan pulled out his flashlight and flipped it on, giving you both twice as much light to use.

"It's the stairwell from the projector film," Ethan whispered. 

You nodded and kept walking down the stairs in silence. You didn't want to miss something important so you kept quiet until you and Ethan stopped. You both heard something creaking when you got to the bottom of the stairs. Ethan decided that you both should check it out and pulled you into the next room. 

Much like the stairwell, the room was pitch-black but it also had a stone well in the middle of it. You walked up to the stone well while Ethan went around to investigate the creaking.

"Hey, Samara Morgan? Please don't kill us," you shouted into the well.

You heard Ethan chuckle as the creaking stopped and looked over at him. Ethan had one hand on a small cradle. You guessed that the cradle was the source of the creaking sound. You smiled at Ethan then looked back down the well. 

Like in the video, there was a ladder for you to use to go down the well but there was one small problem. You and Ethan were chained together. 

"How are we gonna do this..?" You asked, lost in thought.

The chain is giving Ethan and me four feet before we start pulling each other around. If Ethan goes down first, he can shimmy the chain up to his ribs while I move mine down to my hips. I'm going to have to go down right after Ethan... not a problem.

"I could always unchain us," Ethan suggested as you pulled him to the ladder. 

"No need. We can make it down with the chain," you told him. "Granted, one of us will have the other's ass a few inches away from their face but I'd rather not be unchained."

Ethan shrugged and stepped into the well first without any prompting. "I'm trusting you to not sit on my face, Viper."

You barked out a laugh. "First time a guy has ever said that to me," you chuckled as you quickly followed Ethan down. "I'll be careful, Ethan."

You and Ethan made your way down the ladder. Every now and then you would fall out of a rhythm because of the odd position you were in but you did get the hang of it. It wasn't long before Ethan stepped into some water, indicating that you were at the bottom of the well.

"Hey," Ethan said as he put a hand on your back, stopping you from going any further, "I see something and I think I can grab it without you moving anymore."

You nodded and held onto the rungs as you heard Ethan shift around. 

"Got it," Ethan said, holding the item up for you to see. You had the flashlight in between your teeth so you couldn't give him a verbal response at the time. "It's a breaker key... I think I saw one up by the elevator when we got that film out of the Mia doll's mouth." You nodded and pointed up. "Yeah, let's go."

You started to climb up the ladder with Ethan close behind. But you quickly froze in your tracks when you heard a crash followed by a baby crying. You quickly scrambled up the ladder and into the room. You looked around and noticed that the crib Ethan was touching earlier was broken in half.

You and Ethan followed the sound of the crying baby, going back up the stairwell and into the doll room. Unfortunately, you had to keep your flashlights on because all the lights but red, warning lights were off.

The Mia doll was also missing and on the table was a pool of blood. That blood trailed down to a very large umbilical cord. That umbilical cord led out the, now open, doors to the main hallway.

You heard the radio crackle one last time before the same voice from earlier came through.

"Viel Glück, Butterblume."

"What did yours say?" you asked Ethan. "Mine said good luck in German."

"Mia just kept saying that something will be fine," Ethan sighed, going up to the door that didn't have the umbilical cord sticking out of it. He jiggled the handle before turning back to the other door. "Locked."

"Wonderful," you whispered as you started to follow the umbilical cord. The only thing that was lighting your path was your flashlights as you and Ethan slowly walked down the hall. You paused after turning the corner when you heard a weird mix of a shriek and a groan coming from the area your flashlight didn't reach.

That's when the thing came into the light.

It was a giant, fetus, covered in blood with a gaping mouth. The thing fucking laughed at you as it started to crawl forward fast as blood dripped down its face. 

You and Ethan turned and ran, you let out a scream as you ran back into the doll room. You pulled Ethan to the door to the office area and prayed that it was unlocked. Luckily it was.

You and Ethan ran the long way around to the elevator. If you got there before the baby then you can get in the elevator and get out of this crazy shit-hole. 

Unfortunately, the breaker box was missing a fuse to make room for the iron baby thing. You groaned and realized that you needed to go into that last locked room to look for the fuse. 

You and Ethan carefully made your way to the locked door with the iron lady on it. You put the baby in the depression and let out a sigh of relief when the door unlocked. 

Ethan opened the door and stepped inside, taking you with him into the light hallway.

Closing the door behind you, you and Ethan made your way down the hall only to see that it's blocked. You and Ethan decided to go through the door that was next to it and found yourselves in a kitchen. Considering that there is a giant fetus baby after you both, you didn't spend much time in that area and kept moving. Eventually, you made it to a bedroom with a breaker box in it. 

Ethan grabbed the fuse from inside the breaker box and the lights went out. You knew that this would happen given that you had just taken a fuse from a box. 

"Let's go," you whispered, turning your flashlight on.

Ethan turned on his flashlight and let you take the lead. You led Ethan around the area and towards the only exit.

That's when the baby showed up again.

You jumped as Ethan pulled you back into the kitchen. You both ran for your lives to the bedroom.

Ethan pointed to the bed and you both scrambled under it like scared children. You faced the door and turned off your flashlight.

You and Ethan waited in silence, not trusting yourselves to even breathe as you heard the thing get closer.

The giant fetus baby broke the door open and slowly crawled around the room. It kept calling for its Dada and you thought what kind of fucked up genetics could make this thing.

As soon as the fetus baby made it around the bed, you and Ethan bolted. You ran out of the room, through the kitchen, and into the hall.

"Fucking Hell," you cursed as you noticed the quickest way to the elevator was blocked off.

Ethan just pulled you the long way around and you ran. You and Ethan kept a steady pace and you were practically panting from fear when you got to the breaker box.

Ethan fumbled with the key and opened the box, revealing the missing fuse. You all but threw the fuse in and attached it properly to the box.

A green light turned on and Ethan jumped to the elevator button and hit it. The doors slowly opened as you heard laughter.

The thing was back.

You turned around and watched as the giant fetus baby crawled around the corner. It was laughing as if it just won a game of hide-and-seek. You felt Ethan pull you into the elevator as soon as the doors opened wide enough.

You cowered with Ethan after he pushed the close button. Luckily, the doors closed just in time.

The giant fetus baby screamed and cried as the elevator went up and away from that particular nightmare.


Chapter Text

You slid down the wall of the elevator and sat on the ground. You were extremely tired after facing that.

"That was just a pile of close calls, huh?" Ethan sighed as he sat next to you, equally as tired.

You nodded and let out a laugh. "Yeah. As soon as we get to the Duke, I'm just going to collapse and sleep for a hot second."

Ethan nodded and sighed, finally giving his body a break. Unfortunately, you couldn't stay on the floor for long because the elevator doors decided to open at that very minute. 

You and Ethan let out a dejected sigh and stood up, stepping out into the hallway. You were greeted by a crazy laugh. 

"That voice..." 

"It's that doll from the church and downstairs," you growled, turning to the source of the noise. The laughter was coming from down the hall.

You pulled Ethan with you as you stormed over to the source. Ethan quickly matched your temperament and practically stomped the whole way over to the door. You two didn't even flinch when a lamp next to you almost blew up.

Ethan pushed the door to the room open and you stepped inside, glaring at every doll in there until you saw the living one. She was just sitting on the floor with her head hanging down. All of the other dolls were standing or sitting but they were all looking at you. 

"Listen here, you Porcelain Prick," you glowered, "Ethan and I just want Rose back and neither of us likes it when our fucking heads are messed with!" You practically screamed that last part. You walked forward, only slowing down when the chain around you and Ethan pulled you back. "Ethan and I are going to walk out of here and take Rose's flask with us. If you try and stop us then what happened to the mega-dragon-bitch will happen to you, capiche?"

That's when the owner of the house appeared out of nowhere. 

She held out her left hand and the doll slowly floated up to sit in her arms. "Don't leave... I can't let you go..."

"Ooh, you're both still alive, huh?" The doll finally started to talk as she waved her arms around. The dolls around you and Ethan came to life and floated up to your faces with weapons in their hands. "You better find me quick, before my friends murder you!"

You and Ethan fell over as you swatted at the dolls. You punched and kicked a few away and sat up once they were all gone.

The main doll flew up to you and got right into your and Ethan's faces. "Tick-tock!" She laughed as she turned away from you. "Your lives are on the line."

"Wait," Ethan shouted as you both got up. You glared at the direction the doll went in and walked forward.

"Try to find me, haha!" You heard the doll's laugh echo through the room as you tugged Ethan with you.

You and Ethan ran around the halls of the house, searching for the psychotic doll and past many shaking dolls. You were a little creeped out but still kept moving. Eventually, you found her in a bedroom upstairs, sitting against the nightstand.

Ethan pulled out the scissors and reached for the doll, but she fucking bit his left hand. Ethan jumped back and into you as the doll floated up and attacked him. Ethan held her back by her neck as she struggled to get to him.

"Everything would be better if Rose wasn't born," she growled.

You clenched your jaw. "Everything would be better if Miranda didn't fucking kidnap her!"

"Fucking monster," Ethan glowered as he stabbed the doll in the head.

The doll screamed as blood flew out of its head. She finally managed to push Ethan over and onto you before laughing and flying away. You and Ethan got up and quickly ran downstairs to try and find her again.

You and Ethan heard some giggling coming from the room that you two first found the doll and Beneviento in and ran inside. You looked around and heard the snickering coming from your left. You looked and saw the doll sitting on the floor behind the railings.

You took the scissors from Ethan and pulled him around to the doll. You grabbed the thing's head before it could react and stabbed it in its temple. 

The doll screamed as more blood poured out and landed on your hand. She pushed you over and into Ethan, who was waiting there to catch you. The doll flew past you, hissing as she left the room.

"Do you two do this to Rose too?"

You and Ethan ran around the house in search of the doll again. This time, you had a trail of blood to lead you to her. Sure enough, you both quickly found her laying right next to the elevator. 

Ethan took the scissors from you and grabbed the doll's head before you could react.

"You are never going to get out of here!" The doll shouted as peach tendrils wiggled out of its head.

Ethan held the doll away from him before grunting and driving the scissors into its head. The doll screamed as Ethan pushed it down and practically straddled the woman-

Wait, woman..? 

"Stupid idiot! What are you doing to my cute friends!?"

Ethan shouted as he drove the scissors right into the slit that the tendrils were coming out of. The doll screamed in agony as a flash of light came from her.

You blinked as the light disappeared and noticed that you were in a different room altogether. That wasn't the only thing that was different though. Instead of a dead doll on the ground, there was the woman from the portrait laying dead with blood coming from her head. You also noticed that the doll was next to her perfectly intact and that she had a mass where her left eye should be.

"It's... over?" Ethan asked, watching Donna Beneviento decay into dust. He noticed something shimmer and bent down to grab it. In his hand was another part of the winged key that you had. "Mia... I'll make things right." Ethan's voice dipped to sound more like a prayer.

You heard clicking and turned to the front door. Next to the door was a pedestal with Rose's flask placed nicely in the middle.

"Good, we need to get out of this place," Ethan said as he stood up, that's when you noticed something on his back.

You grabbed Ethan's shoulder and pointed to his backpack. "Hey, it looks like we have everything back again." 

Ethan smiled and pointed to your back. "Yeah, it looks like we do."

Ethan pulled the four-winged key and combined it with the part that he got from Beneviento. You decided to carefully pick up the porcelain doll. You held her carefully in your arms as you were pulled over to the flask by the chain.

Ethan picked up the flask and pocketed it. "That makes two."

You nodded as you and Ethan walked outside. The fog didn't dissipate but it seemed much thinner and you couldn't smell the metallic flowers anymore.

Ethan eventually unchained you both as you went down the elevator. He put the chain back in his bag for safekeeping before the elevator stopped. The rest of the walk was pretty standard for what you've been through so far. You found a new gun, Ethan called it a W870 TAC, and you fought monsters the same way you did before. You even found some more ammo for each gun and some sellable items, like another doll. You both even found a puzzle similar to the one in the Duke's room back in Castle Dimitrescu. This puzzle looked like a model of a mountain-side graveyard and it gave you an Onyx Skull.

When you eventually made it back to the Duke, he was playing with a doll that looked very familiar. He was smirking and petting the doll's head as you walked up to him with a frown. 

"Does this look familiar to you?" He teased you and Ethan.

You glared at the Duke. "Hilarious, Duke. You should be a comedian if this merchant thing doesn't work out," you said sarcastically.

Ethan pulled out some of your findings from both of your bags and groaned. "I don't think I'll ever look at a doll the same way ever again."

"Or an ultra-sound photo," you added on with a shiver.

You gave the Duke all the treasures you found and he handed you pouches of lei in return. "Ah, Miss Angie! Just adorable." He carefully fiddled with her dress and checked the mobility of her limbs. "Porcelain dolls are very popular, you know."

"I can't imagine who would want to purchase her," you sighed as you took out the legs flask you got from House Beneviento, "granted, that face will haunt my nightmares because she tried to kill us."

You went to the pedestal that contained the flask you got from Castle Dimitrescu and put the new flask in its respective spot. The flask clicked in place and a second clamp let go of the pedestal. You stepped away from the pedestal and went back to Ethan and the Duke.

While Ethan shopped, you laid down in the snow and closed your eyes. You stayed there and rested for a few minutes, Ethan even joined you at one point. You both smiled at the little bit of peace that you had before you needed to trek over to the Reservoir. You did not want to face another Lord without some form of rest.

Eventually, you and Ethan got up and decided to explore the village some more. You and Ethan went everywhere, looking for anything that you could use or sell. You encountered a few more zombie creatures around the graveyard and church put you were okay.

You did, however, find a gravestone that stuck out to you. 

June, 1909 - August, 1919
May you slumber for only a short while.

Something about that gravestone just set you off, like it was important for later. You voiced your opinion to Ethan who was walking over to the church.

"Only time will tell," he said your name as he opened the gate for you. "Until then, let's keep looking around."

You nodded and walked into the church courtyard and to the entrance that you went in earlier. You paused when you saw the laptop sitting on metal briefcases next to the altar. You waved Ethan over and read what was on the screen.

Operation date: 2.9.2021
Recorded By: NH

1135 - Arrived at site. No sign of EW, RW, or Viper.

1210 - Infiltrated village.
Engaged with number of bioweapons

Found evidence of EW and Viper. RW location unknown

1310 - Established base in church.

Plan of operations:
LB/TD/K9 - Search laboratory.
NH/UE - Analyze mold samples.
Alpha - Infiltrate factory.

"What kind of parents names their kid 'Alpha'?" You joked.

Ethan didn't laugh as he read the information over again. "All those initials look familiar but I can't put my finger on it."

"An initial is, literally, K9," you said, crossing your arms, "what about that is familiar."

"They're code names," Ethan whispered in realization, "military code names." Ethan spun around to face you. "Chris told me about them in military training. They're mainly used with task forces so the enemy doesn't get their actual names."

You nodded and looked at the altar. "Makes sense. By the sounds of the shit on the computer, there is a special task force stationed here..." You trailed off as you felt a shiver run up your spine. 

Someone was watching you.

You shook it off and continued with your thought. "NH and UE are analyzing mold samples... does that ring a bell?"

"Sort of... but I hope I'm wrong," Ethan said, looking at the altar with you. "'re staring at that guy again?"

You punched Ethan's arm for that comment. "No! Stop it!" You glared at Ethan as he laughed. "He tried to kill you. Why are you joking about that, my God."

You turned away and walked out of the church, flipping Ethan off as he laughed. 

"You're still not fucking denying it!" Ethan yelled after you and you felt your face heat up.

So you wanna fuck the megalomaniac hobo, big fucking deal. The man was hot as hell and there's just something about villains that everyone wants a piece of. You sure as Hell wanted a piece of Heisenberg but he tried to murder your brother-in-law. 

Feelings are weird.

Ethan quickly followed you out of the church, snickering the entire time. You knew Ethan grabbed that picture again and you were waiting for him to use it against you. You know, like how an older brother would.

You and Ethan both made it back to the ceremony site and the Duke. You found a few more things but it was mainly ammo and chem fluid so you didn't sell anything to the Duke. You did, however, get startled by Ethan.

"Hey, found something for you," Ethan shouted as he tossed something to you.

You quickly caught it and looked down. It was Heisenberg's photo. 

You stared down at it for a minute as Ethan walked up to you. He seemed concerned at your silence. Mainly because you were one to burst out yelling and stating your opinion. You were silent at the moment, but that was the plan.

You wanted Ethan to think that he went too far so you could surprise him. To sell it, you faked shaking and crying causing Ethan to rush over to you. As soon as he got in range, you struck.

You dropped the photo of Heisenberg and shot your dominant leg behind both of Ethan's so your dominant knee was right behind Ethan's leg. You quickly reached up and grabbed Ethan's shoulder before throwing him over your leg. 

Ethan landed with a startled shout and you climbed onto him, straddling his waist and holding his hands down with yours.

"You done?" You asked, tightening your grip when Ethan tried to squirm.

Ethan tried to move but you held him down before he finally gave up. "Yeah, yeah. I'll stop."

Satisfied, you got up and held your hand out. "Good," you said as Ethan took your hand, "let's get going then. "

Ethan grunted as you pulled him to his feet. You chuckled and took the key from his pocket as you made your way over to the gates that would take you to the Reservoir. 

You unlocked the door as Ethan came up behind you, one of his handguns in hand. You pulled the iron lock away and opened the gates. 

Pulling your machete out of its holster, you led Ethan down the hill and towards a familiar-looking house. As soon as you got to the bottom of the hill, the fence to your left blew up as a giant wolf pounced on you. 

You screamed in pain as the beady-eyed bastard bit you. Its mouth was big enough to swallow you whole if it decided to have gone with your feet instead of your torso. It pulled you towards it as Ethan shot at it with his handgun. 

The monster barely flinched when Ethan shot at it. It just kept biting and scratching at you. Eventually, it figured that it could drag you away by your feet so that's what it did. Unfortunately for you, it wanted to play.

Screaming, you were thrown around by the monster as it latched onto your right foot. It shook its head and jumped around, causing you to scream more in both pain and fear. Before you finally drove the machete into the monster's jaw.

The monster whimpered as you pulled the machete out and let go of you. Ethan grabbed you and ran into the nearby house. You cried in pain as he threw you on the ground and shot at the monster as it tried to get in. This time, he used his new shotgun and it worked.

The monster growled and left you and Ethan alone.

Ethan lowered his shotgun and turned to you. You were an absolute mess, everything hurt. You were positive that the monster ruined a few muscles in your leg, crushed a few ribs, and even punctured an organ. To top it all off, you had large gashes all over your body from the monster's teeth and claws.

Ethan ran over to you as you lay there, whimpering and crying. You knew that this wasn't as bad as the pain Bela, Daniela, and Cassandra put you through, but it still hurt like a mother fucker. You were laying on your side, crying while the burning pain consumed your body.

You groaned as Ethan took your backpack off of you and pulled out all of the medical supplies that you kept in your bag. 

"Shit," Ethan cursed, "this isn't your blood." You saw Ethan lift his hand and blood dripped down. 

"Is- isn't that a good thing?" You winced as Ethan pulled you away from the blood and onto a pile of clean straw.

Ethan shook his head as he poured the medicine on your wounds. "Not if you're cut and laying in someone else's blood."

You chuckled before hissing in pain as the medicine made contact with your leg. It dripped down into the bite as Ethan wrapped your leg with the rest of the sheet you found in that one shed with Elena and Leonardo. There were just enough of those bandages to wrap your leg completely and some for a small portion of the bite on your torso.

Ethan sighed as he looked around to find anything else that could stop the bleeding.

"Damnit, this place is empty," he sighed. "It's more like a barn than a home." 

You watched Ethan as he paced around the room, looking from you to the door and back to you. You knew what he was thinking about.

"Go." Your voice was raspy due to all your screaming but you got the message across.

Ethan stared at you and bit his cheek nervously. "Are you sure? I can figure-"

"Go," you said sternly, leaving no room for an argument. 

Ethan nodded and gave you a small kiss on your forehead. "Don't die while I'm gone."

You nodded as you watched Ethan pick up his bag and hold up his gun. Ethan carefully walked out and kept an eye out for the monster while your eyes started to grow heavy.

You fought for consciousness but it was futile. After a few minutes, you fell into a dreamless sleep.


Chapter Text

You heard someone call your name multiple times as they shook you awake. 

Your eyes shot open to see a worried Ethan kneeling over you. You watched as Ethan let out a sigh of relief as he sat back.

"Thought I told to not to die."

"I never did," you responded, sitting up slowly. "How long was I out?"

Ethan rubbed the back of his neck. "I went out around half an hour ago, but I did get you something to eat to help with the blood loss," Ethan said quickly, showing you a wooden plate of food. "It's some more herbed fish, fish and chicken are supposed to help with blood loss." 

You winced and Ethan quickly held you up, cradling you carefully. "Thanks, Ethan," you sighed. "Did you get any more bandages or medicine?"

"Yeah," Ethan said as he reached back into his dropped bag, "I got a lot. The Duke gave me a discount when he heard about your condition. Said that he didn't want to lose a valued customer." Ethan pulled out a few bottles of medicine, some herbs, and a lot of bandages. "He said that if you chew the herbs and swallow them, it'll heal the internal injuries better."

You nodded and reached for a leaf off of one of the herbs. Popping it in your mouth, you cringed at the horrible taste and chewed. As soon as you swallowed the first leaf, you reached for a second, then a third. By the time you swallowed the third, you already started to feel a little better.

Ethan also handed you a bottle of water that he said he got off of the Duke for free. Much like outside this village, the Duke handed out water since it was a necessity and it was just cruel to charge someone for water. You wholeheartedly agreed and mentally noted to say thank you to the Duke later.

"Is it dead," you asked after Ethan finished patching you up.

Ethan shook his head. "No, I haven't seen it since it attacked you," he said as he handed you the food and water. "Did find this though." 

Ethan held out a piece of paper so you could read it while you ate.

The wounds are severe. I won't last much longer.

I can hear it shuffling about outside.

It barely flinched when I shot at it.
I feel like it's toying with me.

That... isn't a wolf.

Still, I won't lie down like a dog!

If I can get to the old watermill I can stop it. I can protect you. It's so close...

Damn, I'm so cold. My legs won't work.

I'm so sorry, Luiza. Please forgive me.

"Luiza?" You raised a brow as you took a bite of the delicious food. "The woman that gave us shelter for a little bit?"

Ethan nodded as he put the note down. "Remember what she said about her husband?" You nodded and Ethan pointed his thumb over to a decaying corpse lying against the far wall. "I think that that might be him."

You sighed as you took another bite of food, practically desensitized to this shit. "Poor thing. He was just trying to find help and get back to his wife..."

"Maybe they're together now?"

"That's a nice thought."

You sat in a comfortable silence as you ate, occasionally passing the bottle of water to Ethan and convincing him to drink too. You felt so much better after finishing your food and tried to get up before Ethan pulled you down onto the straw.

"Yeah, you're not going anywhere." Ethan stood up and you noticed that he left a few medical supplies on the ground.

I should have seen this coming.

"You're not going to argue with me on this, are you?"

Ethan shook his head as he loaded his shotgun. "I can kill the damn thing. Got enough explosives for it, that's for sure. I'll kill it and then we'll see how you're doing later. If you're better, then we'll check out the Reservoir."

"And if I'm not then I'm grounded again?"

Ethan nodded as he left the room. "Pretty much."

You sat and stared at the doorway Ethan disappeared through and sighed. "Well, bye."

So, for the next forty-five minutes, you sat in straw, sipped on water, and chewed on herb leaves. You would occasionally hear shouting and growls from outside but sat still. Ethan didn't need another person to save after all. What you didn't expect to hear were explosions.

Oh right, he found quite a few explosives. You thought after you shook off your initial shock.

Sure enough, Ethan came back with a smile on his face and smelling like smoke, ash, and a hint of sulphur. 

"Hey, how are you feeling?"

"Great, actually," you said as you stood up with ease. There was only an absent throb where your injuries were but they were bearable, like mild period cramps. Annoying but manageable. "I'm pretty sure that we can both go to the Reservoir."

You slung your backpack over your shoulders and followed Ethan out. You didn't need to worry about putting the medical supplies in your bag now because you already took care of it while Ethan was out. You had all of the medical supplies Ethan got out for you in your bag already.

"Oh, I found a new weapon," Ethan said as you both made your way along the small stream.

You raised a brow. "Really? What is it?"

"A GM 79," Ethan said proudly, forgetting that you didn't know what that was.

"Oi, speak English," you said. "What the hell is a GM 79?"

"... A grenade launcher."

"A Grenade Launcher?"

"And I found explosive rounds for it too."

You laughed as you and Ethan walked. "You sound so proud of yourself."

Ethan laughed along as he checked the map, making sure that you both were heading in the right direction. You and Ethan walked in comfortable silence, relaxed but also observant. You don't want to be caught off guard by another one of those monsters or like what happened in Castle Dimitrescu. You were over the almost bleeding to death part of this village and hoped in a small part of your mind that the next time you were caught off guard by a monster, Ethan would get the butt end of it instead of you.

While walking through this area of the village, you noticed that it was oddly familiar. 

"Hey, isn't this the area we were chased by discount-Krampus in?" You asked as you passed the house you and Ethan barricaded.

"Discount-Krampus?" Ethan snorted. "Yeah, whatever, we were in this area before."

You giggled and looked around noticing some rather large changes. "But did it have all of the disgusting, green bubbles before?"

"It was bright enough for us to see and I don't remember seeing them either."

You shook it off and walked forward, being sure to stay clear of the slimy bubbles. You didn't want to pop any after all. 

Ethan led you both to the gate that you tried to get in a few hours ago, the very first time you both ran for your lives in this crazy village. You almost threw up at the looks of the place. 

Those bubbles that you saw earlier were surrounding the gate and all that was around it. They looked even more disgusting than the others due to these bubbles looking much more solid and they were steaming. Slime was dripping off of the large ones and you held in a gag as you got a whiff of it.

"Yeah... this is Moreau's doing," you groaned, staring at the gate. "That... thing was disgusting back in the church and he's disgusting now."

Ethan nodded and it looked like he was trying to hold in a gag himself. "That shit does look breakable though."

You quickly pulled out a pipebomb from Ethan's bag and pulled him back. You handed it to him and stepped behind Ethan, being mindful of the goop behind you.

Ethan ignited the pipebomb and threw it at the slimy gate. He turned and covered his head as the bomb blew up, clearing the mess along with the main gate. 

"Well, that was easy," you said as you and Ethan walked through the broken gates.

You and Ethan stayed quiet as you made your way through the small pass and to another set of gates. These gates were locked from the other side but there was a ladder blocked by another wall of disgusting bubbles. Ethan threw another bomb at the goop and it blew up... along with part of the ladder.

Luckily, you were both able to jump high enough to reach the first rung and climb up and over the wall. You guys even got to kill a few pigs while you were over there. 

Continuing on, you and Ethan found the Reservoir Elevator a windmill right in front of you and took it down into a mining area. The area was damp and dirty not to mention it stunk like Hell. You knew Moreau had to be nearby.

You and Ethan eventually found a tunnel with a broken railroad that led to an even worse smell. You figured that it was the right way to go. So you covered your mouth and nose with your shirts and followed the tracks. 

You and Ethan turned corner after corner and walked through garbage and coral before you found Rose's flask. But Moreau was only a few feet away from her.

Ethan quietly reached over a small window and grabbed the flask.

The pedestal the flask was on slowly sunk into the ground as Moreau started to hurl. He coughed and sputtered into a tray of something while watching his little box TV.

"Oh, Mother Miranda..." he sighed as you held back your own bile, "if it's for you, I'd do anything!"

Moreau went to glance back towards the flask but noticed you and Ethan standing there instead. You smiled as Ethan awkwardly held up the flask.

"We'll just be taking this..."

You gave the fish a small wave as you turned to leave the way you came. "Bye."

"Wait, wait, wait!" Moreau hobbled up to the window. You watched Ethan pause and look back at the pathetic creature. "Wh- what are you doing with Mother's special child?!"

Ethan glared at Moreau and snapped. "She's not hers." Ethan went to turn away but you saw some hesitation in his face.

"Oh? You have something to say?"

Ethan turned back to Moreau as you tried to push Ethan out of there. You couldn't leave and pull him out because he was blocking the exit. "What do you mean, 'Mother's special child'?"

"Mother wants her baby back," Moreau said quickly, almost sounding desperate.

"Don't screw with us," Ethan growled.

You sighed and rolled your eyes before addressing Moreau. "Rose can't replace Miranda's kid, she already has a family." You pushed Ethan towards the exit. "Ethan is Rose's father and I am her aunt. Miranda doesn't fit into that equation. Now. Let's. Go!" You kept trying to shove Ethan out but he stood his ground.

"Wait, wait, wait! Please, please!" Moreau hobbled closer to the window. "If, if you take it, then the others will laugh at me... B- but if, if I do better than them..."

"What do I care?" Ethan interrupted Moreau.

"Wait, just a little longer, ple-!" Moreau didn't get to finish his thought before he doubled over laughing.

You cringed as you backed away as much as you could all while trying to push Ethan to go. 

"What's so funny?" He asked instead of fucking moving.

"You're stupid! You talk too much!" The damn thing was smirking as it pointed to you. "Keep ignoring her and I might beat Heisenberg! I think that I'll keep her alive for Mother." Moreau then pointed to the exit. "It's all over, I plugged the way in."

You looked around Ethan and noticed those disgusting bubbles from earlier grow in front of the exit. 

"Wh- what are you...?" Ethan trailed off as he looked to the exit in horror.

You looked back at Moreau and noticed more bubbles growing to block your view of him. 

"This is my territory! And I won't let you leave!" Moreau said as the bubbles blocked your view entirely.

Ethan looked around and cursed. "Shit!"

"This is why you listen to me," you groaned and pushed Ethan around the coral. This time, he went without a fight. "I thought that the damn freak could do shit like this."

You and Ethan decided to go down the stairs you came up and witnessed more of those disgusting bubbles grow right in front of you. Luckily they didn't block your path so you were able to run down into the mines.

"W- wait! Don't go!" You heard Moreau call from his little room as you ran.

You and Ethan kept running down the tunnel as more of those bubbles grew out of the walls. Steam from them hit you and you gagged at the smell.

"I- I won't let you have it! Even if you beg!"

You and Ethan made it out of the tunnel only to be met with more bubbles and slime blocking the way to the elevator. Your shoulders slumped as you watched a few of the bubbles pop, steam coming out before immediately being replaced with a new bubble.

Ethan sighed as he watched the bubbles with you. "How do we get out of here?"

"I'd say that way is our best option," you said, pointing to the open hole with sunlight peaking out. 

You walked out into the sunlight and were immediately hit with the stench of polluted, lake water. Ethan followed you as you both made your way down the path and to a small fishing shack. 

Ethan pointed to a motorboat and went to inspect it while you checked inside the shack for anything that could help. You only found one thing, a piece of paper on a table telling you where to find a key to the motorboat.

Leave the boat key in the shack in the mine.

Hans is dead, so no more fishing for a while.

I mean, we all know his death was no accident. He was eaten by a giant fish! Boat and all!

"I can't get the engine going," Ethan shouted from outside.

You walked out and leaned against the doorway. "Because you don't have a key, Ethan." You nodded to the inside of the fishing shack. "I found a note that said the key is in a shack that's in the mine. I don't think it's the place Moreau was in, no one would put a key they were planning on using again in that place."

"So, we need to look around the mine." Ethan walked up to you and you nodded. "Let's go."

You, regrettably, followed Ethan back into the disgusting mine in search of the boat key. You and Ethan walked across wooden catwalks and down ladders, memorizing the layout so you wouldn't get lost trying to find your way back. You and Ethan did find the shack but you also found a few Lycans guarding it while having a snack.

"You think it's one of the fishermen?" Ethan whispered, pulling out his sniper rifle.

You nodded as you took out your machete. "I know it's one of the fishermen.

Ethan looked through the scope and counted the Lycans. "There are six regular Lycans and one big one with armour," he whispered. "I'm going to kill as many as I can with the rifle and you take out the ones that come too close, okay?"

"Got it," you said, getting into a good stance to pounce if needed.

The shots from the sniper rifle rang out and killed three of the Lycans. The big guy was slowly making his way to you as the three other Lycans ran up to you. You quickly grabbed a pipebomb and threw it at the Lycans, killing two more. The other one pounced on you while Ethan was shooting at the big guy. 

You were able to roll yourself on top of the Lycan before it could take a bite out of you. Before it could try again, you took your machete and cut its head off.

Quickly, you turned back to Ethan and saw him dodge an attack from that armoured Lycan. He took shot after shot at the Lycan but quickly ran out of ammo. The Lycan was smart enough to know that Ethan was at a moment of weakness so you crouched to pounce.

You pulled out that handgun Ethan gave you earlier and took a few shots. You missed three times before you hit the monster. The Lycan peeled its eyes away from Ethan and stared you down like a piece of meat. You held up your gun as it went to pounce at you.

A shot rang out as the Lycan's head blew up. Ethan recovered his ammo and switched to a shotgun. 

"Thanks," you sighed, putting the safety of the gun on.

"I should be the one thanking you," Ethan said as he picked up the crystal skull, "I would have died if you didn't shoot at it."

You snorted as you made your way past Ethan and towards the shack. "I could have done better if my aim wasn't so shitty."

Ethan grinned as you grabbed the boat key and a few of the things the Lycans dropped when you killed them. Putting everything in your bag, you gave the boat key to Ethan, you and Ethan left the mine and went to the boat. 

There were only two Lycans that caused you trouble along the way but you and Ethan killed them quickly. It wasn't long before you were both in the boat, you at the front and Ethan steering, as you glided through the water. You just immerged from a cave when something came out of the water.

It was gigantic and scaly, but that's all you could say about it. It was a giant fucking fish.

"What was that?" Ethan asked, slightly panicked.

You looked around and spotted a cave that the fish was too big to fit through. "Don't know but that," you said pointing to the cave, "is our ticket away from it."

Ethan turned the boat and guided it to the cave, keeping a lookout for that monster again. You let out a sigh of relief when you saw a dock that might lead to land. You would rather have to smell Moreau for the rest of your life than find out what that monster in the lake was.

You and Ethan docked before climbing out of the boat and following the path of wood. You were a little surprised when you turned the corner and saw a plastic tent with lights inside.

Ethan put a finger up to his lips to signal you to be quiet. You nodded and followed Ethan up and into the tent, keeping your hand by your machete in case a monster showed up.


Chapter Text

"What the hell?" Ethan said as he looked around the tent.

You looked around him and saw military equipment everywhere. It all looked like a make-shift forensics lab.

"A research post, or something...?" Ethan looked around some more before staring down at a wiggling tree root. "What the fuck are they doing here?"

"The better question is, what the fuck is that?" you asked, watching the roots wiggle.

Ethan looked over his shoulder at you before turning back to the wiggling root. "It's the mold from Louisiana-"

You shouted as a man's arm went to put you in a chokehold. You quickly brought your hands up and held his arm in place while turning your head to the side, keeping your airway away from the arm. Ethan backed up and took out his handgun as you threw the man over your shoulder and straddled his stomach. You mimicked the position you had Ethan in earlier and kept the soldier down.

"Get off of me!" He shouted as the soldier flailed under you. You kept your hands on his wrists and stayed low so he couldn't use his feet against you.

"Stay down!" you growled as you heard Ethan cock his handgun.

You heard a familiar voice say your name and you shot your head to the right. Leaning against a wall was Chris Redfield. "Mind letting my guy go?"

"Give me one good reason why I should do anything you want, Chris," you glowered. "This man just tried to put me in a chokehold and you want me to let him go as if this is some kind of fucking sparring match?"

Chris nodded as you glared at him. You looked back at the soldier and sighed.

He was just doing his job. He was doing exactly what he should have been doing.

"I'm going to get up slowly," you told the soldier, "any funny business and we will be back in this same position." The soldier nodded and you stood up slowly. You even offered the soldier your hand and helped him up.

"I gotta say, I'm impressed you two made it this far," Chris said, not looking up from his phone. "It'd be a shame if something happened to you now."

Way to sound like the good guy, Chris.

"Sure, Chris, why not?" Ethan growled. "You killed Mia! Now do us and finish the job!" Ethan stepped closer to Chris, keeping his gun trained on him.

Chris finally looked up from his phone and put it away. He walked up to you and Ethan and was about to say something when another soldier walked into the area.

"Hey, Cap," the soldier said, sounding a little worried. "I'm getting some serious motion readings out here. We should move on."

Chris seemed hesitant to turn away from you and Ethan but addressed the soldier anyway. "What kind of readings? What's moving?"

"Unknown, but my guess is we've been here too long and Miranda knows it." 

"Miranda?" You spoke up. "Did you say, Miranda? Like the village cult leader?"

Ethan lowered his gun and took another step forward. "How are you involved in this?"

"Leave it alone, you two." Chris brought a hand up as if he was silencing a child. "You're both out of your depth." Chris turned back to the soldier. "What about the sample analysis?"

"Out of our depth," you scoffed, "says the guy who couldn't even keep us in that fancy transport vehicle." You knew that you said that loud enough for Chris to hear but he ignored it.

"It's definitely related to the mold," the soldier answered Chris' question.

You heard a boom come from outside and you saw the monster from earlier swim towards you. The soldier went up to the window with his gun in hand, ready to take a shot, as Chris ran up to you and Ethan.

"You two stay out of our business." Chris held up a finger as you and Ethan backed up.

"What business? I don't-"

"Watch out!" Chris shoved you and Ethan away and you saw him jump back as the fish monster came barrelling through the tent.

The monster destroyed half of the tent before jumping out of the water to destroy the rest with its size. You screamed as you and Ethan fell into the water.

There was a small current that pushed you and Ethan away from the destroyed tent. You barely saw a dock in all the green water and swam towards it, hoping that Ethan saw it too. Luckily he did and you both climbed out and onto the deck.

You and Ethan crawled onto the middle of the deck and laid down on your sides, trying to take a breather. You were both shivering from the bitter air and your waterlogged clothes. You didn't get to relax for long because you both saw Moreau climb onto the deck himself.

"Shit! Stay back!" Ethan held up a hand to Moreau as you both backed away from him. 

Moreau wasn't wearing his cloak or his crown of bones as he climbed out of the water. You recoiled when you saw his skin. Boils were sprouting from his back that looked incredibly painful. There was even a fisheye on the side of the mound.

"You..." Moreau smiled as he walked towards you and Ethan. "The exit's underwater... you're done!"

"We don't have time for this," you said as you stood up and backed away.

Moreau groaned and it looked like he was going to puke. "It's too late... Miranda's already preparing the ceremony!" Moreau sputtered and cried in pain as black tendrils shot out of his back.

"Miranda sent you to slow us down?" Ethan questioned, deciding to provoke Moreau. "You're pathetic."

Moreau started to throw up as more tendrils made themselves known. "Don't be cruel!" Moreau looked up at you and Ethan with sadness in his eyes, you almost felt pity for him. "It's not fair! I should be with her! Not you!"

"What are you talking about?" you asked, trying to see if you can console this creature.

You and Ethan didn't get an answer as Moreau hurled onto Ethan's lap. Ethan jumped back and got up while you cringed at the smell. One of Moreau's waving tendrils whipped you across the face. It didn't draw blood but you knew you'd have a bruise later.

"What the fuck is wrong with you?" Ethan shouted as Moreau continued to hurl. He was practically spewing vomit as he stumbled away from you and Ethan.

"I can't hold it in anymore!" Moreau stumbled back, crying as he got closer to the water. "Oh, God. Oh, Mother, why? Why!?" Moreau finally fell into the water with a large splash. You noticed a shift in the water and you immediately knew the fish monster was back. 

Moreau is the fish monster

You pulled Ethan away from the dock as the silhouette of Moreau circled to you guys. You shouted as Moreau attacked the dock while Ethan pulled you forward, trying to get to high ground. You and Ethan ran across the wooden platforms and jumped the last little leg onto solid ground, something Moreau can't destroy. 

Pieces of wood flew over your heads as you and Ethan stayed down. Once the wood stopped flying, you and Ethan slowly stood up. You turned to see the entire dock and platforms you and Ethan were running across were gone. 

"I suddenly don't have the urge to swim anywhere anymore," you said, staring down at the Reservoir. "I'm also sure that I'm afraid of lake water now."

Ethan huffed out a small laugh before turning away from the water. "Let's just find a way to kill this fucker."

You nodded and followed Ethan around the Reservoir. You eventually found your way to the Gatehouse. Inside, you found a map with emergency instructions in case of flooding. 

Reservoir Gatehouse Operation Instructions

In an instance of heavy rain, there may be damage to the local aquatic life. It is advised that you drain all excess water using the following steps:

1. Move the windmills with a crank to start the electricity to the gatehouse.

2. Pull the leaver in the gatehouse to open the sluice gates.

After Ethan finished reading, he turned to the control panel for the sluice gates and pushed the leaver up. "If we can drain the water..." Ethan trailed off, but only a red light stayed lit when the leaver was in position. "Shit, there's no power."

"Yeah, no shit, Sherlock," you said as you walked to the room you heard a familiar laugh come from. "Come on, I think I heard the Duke and we might need some weapon upgrades."

"You think your machete's getting dull?" Ethan asked you as he followed you to the room.

"No, I just think that we might need some more explosives for Moreau out there," you said as you opened the door, revealing the Duke. The room he was in looked like a butcher's shop, which was odd in itself considering that you were in the gatehouse.

You and Ethan greeted the Duke with a smile and he returned it with a friendly smile of his own. 

"What can I do for you both?" 

You approached the Duke and glanced at his wares. "What do you have for explosives, Duke?"

"I hate to burst your bubble and not be able to provide for you, but I'm afraid that I only have crafting recipes for pipebombs, mines, explosive rounds, and flashbangs." The Duke gave you an apologetic smile and you waved it off.

"Don't worry about it, Duke," you said as he handed you the recipes, "Ethan and I can make them ourselves." You held up the recipes as you handed the Duke a pouch of lei. "Oh, and thanks for the discount and free water from earlier."

"It's my pleasure," the Duke said your name as he counted out the lei. "I can't have a valued customer dying if I can prevent it."

You chuckled as Ethan took all the materials from his bag. 

You and Ethan began making explosives while the Duke sat and watched. You occasionally talked with him but mainly stayed focused on your crafting. You were working with explosives, one wrong move and you could be a stain on the wall.

Eventually, you and Ethan made as many explosives as you could. You hoped that it would be enough against Moreau. You and Ethan waved to the Duke as you left his room and the gatehouse entirely. You walked down the path and made it to the windmill.

It was a little shabby but the windmill did look sturdy enough for the purpose you needed it for. There was a cart with a crank attached to the windmill. The cart was on a railroad track that went along the base of the windmill. You assumed that that was how you were going the power going.

There was only enough room for one person on the cart so Ethan ran up and stood at the crank. Ethan grabbed the crank and you moved out of the way. He pulled and pushed it while grunting, causing the cart to move a few feet. 

But then the crank broke.

"Ugh, seriously..." Ethan said as he looked down at the broken crank. 

You sighed and turned around remembering a note that you saw earlier in a truck. You walked up to it and pulled the note out, reading it carefully.

The crank is old and busted up.

It feels like it's going to snap any second.

I hope it doesn't break. the only other one we have is over at Windmill Two.

You run up to Ethan and handed him the note. "We're going to have to find a new crank in Windmill Two," you explained, pointing to the windmills in the distance. "Problem is, we can't go the way we came unless we want to bypass the windmill." 

"So we're going to have to go through that," Ethan sighed as he looked down at the water. Some roofs and platforms led to the windmills but there did have a weird placement. "Alright, let's go," Ethan said as he led you into the windmill and down a very long ladder.

You and Ethan walked out of the windmill and onto the broken roofs popping out of the water. While you both walked across the roofs and a rickety bridge too close to the water for your comfort. You and Ethan had to break a piece of wood propping up the second bridge before stepping onto it. 

As soon as you took those first few steps, Moreau came out of nowhere.

"I'm not looking to be fish food," Ethan said as you watched Moreau swim by.

You looked over your shoulder at him and gave Ethan a look. "What does that have to do with anything?"

"Because he's a giant fish- you know what? Never mind, let's go." Ethan gave you a small push so you would go forward but Moreau jumped out of the water again, narrowly missing you.

As soon as Moreau splashed down, you and Ethan ran across the bridge and onto the next roof. 

You kept playing this stupid game of cat and mouse with Moreau. You and Ethan didn't touch the water and Moreau barely misses you when you tried to move. You and Ethan needed to get across certain areas with platforms that had the most disgusting controls. 

Occasionally, Moreau would scream out something as he jumped out of the water. It was usually along the lines of 'I'm the best' and all that. You appreciated his self-encouragement and kept moving, trying not to die in the process.

Eventually, you and Ethan made it to the last stretch to get to Windmill Two. You just needed to get across the water. You suggested using the crane and Ethan pulled the switch next to it.

The crane pulled up an old cargo boat and you just stared down at it.

"Caught us a big one," Ethan said jokingly as she jumped down onto it.

You chuckled and followed Ethan down. You both just got into the cockpit of the boat when you felt Moreau ram into the side of it.

"We need to get out of here," you said as you ran up to the windmill. Unfortunately, Moreau clogged it with his stupid bubbles. 

Ethan quickly pulled out a pipebomb and pushed you back. He threw it at the bubbles and covered his face when it blew up.

You and Ethan jumped onto the landing of Windmill Two and ran inside, looking for the ladder that would take you where you needed to go. You ran around the windmill until you found it and scurried up like a scared mouse. 

You two finally found the crank and Ethan went to grab it when you stopped him.

"We need to turn off the power to the windmill," you said pointing to the old electric line going from the top of Windmill Two all the way to Windmill One, "that's the only way out."

Ethan nodded and started to turn the crank. You watched as the windmill came to a stop, creating the perfect ladder to climb up. 

You started to climb as Ethan grabbed the crank. When you touched down on the roof, you immediately turned to the electric cable. 

Pulling out the hook you got from Castle Dimitrescu, you attached it to the line and faced Ethan who just finished climbing the makeshift ladder. Moreau was jumping up and out of the water, trying to get to you both.

"I have an idea," you said and Ethan gave you a knowing look.

Ethan sighed as he got up close, put one hand next to yours on the hook, and wrapped the other one around your waist. "Not a word of this to anyone," he said as you wrapped your legs around him for extra security.

"Agreed," you shouted as he pushed off.

You held on to Ethan and the hook as tight as you could, silently praying that the line and hook would hold you both. You cut through the air at a good speed and were even able to avoid Moreau when he jumped at you one last time.

When you landed, Ethan went to use the crank on the windmill while you put the hook in your bag. Ethan turned the crank, causing the cart to move forward a few feet and turn on the windmill.

Ethan took the crank with him as he hopped down and looked at the turning propellers on the windmill. "OK!" Ethan exclaimed with a smile.

"Let's drain this fish's tank," you said as you started walking to the gatehouse.

You and Ethan walked into the gatehouse and decided to stop by the Duke before you drained anything. You only decided to visit when Ethan's stomach started to growl. You didn't want to be hungry when you fought Moreau.

"Ah, back already?" The Duke asked as you walked into his little make-shift shop. "Luckily, I have expanded my wares to fit your needs for the next battle."

You raised a brow. "That so? We've only been gone fifteen minutes and you got your hands on something new?"

"Yes, actually, some mines and pipebombs." 

You stared at the Duke with your mouth slightly agape. You couldn't believe both your luck and misfortune. You just used up materials you could have used for ammo and medicine but now we had the recipes in case the Duke ran out of stock.

Ethan started to chuckle behind you as a smile broke on your face. "Alright, let's just get what we came here for."

"And that would be?"

Ethan's stomach growled once again and you pointed at it. "That. We would like some food if you wouldn't mind."

The Duke happily made you and Ethan a Tochitura de Pui but given how much meat was in that fucking thing if either of you tried to eat it on your own, you had no doubt that there would be a lot of leftovers. You finished your meal quickly, thanked the Duke and went to open the sluice gates.

You and Ethan directed the power to the switch with a weird, light-up square puzzle and Ethan pulled the lever. You smiled as you watched the water pour out of the gates, emptying the Reservoir.

And leaving Moreau powerless.


Chapter Text

You heard Moreau shriek as he swam around, watching his beloved water drain. 

Ethan smiled as he pulled you to the door of the gatehouse. You pulled out your machete when Ethan let go and he grabbed his grenade launcher. You nodded to each other and walked out of the gatehouse, ready to fight Moreau.

What you weren't ready for was Moreau crawling around Windmill One and away from you.

"My precious water! No!" He cried as he waddled away.

You and Ethan followed a new path that was created when the water was drained. It led you through a whole new area that was concealed under the water. You and Ethan explored that area, keeping your guard up in case Moreau made an appearance. You even found a journal that you could only assume was Moreau's.

October 1, a sunny day.

Mother Miranda brought me 5 peoples from the village. Just like I askeded.

I made them sleep with some liquid and then I put Cadou in their tummies.

I am looking forward to the Cadou to grow in their tummies.

October 2, a cloudy day.

4 of the people from the village are dead this morning.
1 is almost a Lycan. I sent it to my lab on the mountain.

I failed again. Mother wants strong vessels but I cannot get any.

I need more people from the village.

"What the hell is Cadou?" you asked, developing a headache from the horrible grammar and barely legible writing.

"You think I know?" Ethan shot back, looking out a hole in the building you were in. "Sounds like the Cadous and Miranda are the reasons behind the Lycans."

"Yeah, no shit." You threw the page down and walked to Ethan. "As if the Lycans back in the church weren't being controlled by Miranda or Heisenberg."

Ethan rolled his eyes and put his newly found high-capacity mag in his handgun. You thought the way it poked out looked stupid.

Ethan jumped down onto a roof then down to the ground, you followed suit. You landed in mud and sank before you could roll. Ethan even had to help you get unstuck and he was holding in a laugh the entire time.

You and Ethan walked around and found a few things like ammo, chem fluid, and rusted scraps. Things were looking decent until Moreau busted through a wall and slithered through the small stream of water towards you.

"I'll make you proud, Mother," he said when he came to a stop. "Watch me!"

"I guess we gotta do this," Ethan said as you ran around the corner and away from Moreau. Well, ran is a general term, more like trudged.

You moved behind Ethan and pulled out a pipebomb. "Guess so," you said as Moreau came around the corner.

You threw the pipebomb at him and it blew up right at Moreau's feet. The creature stumbled back and opened its mouth, revealing a little man clutching his head instead of a tongue. Ethan quickly pulled out the sniper rifle and shot at the little man. Moreau recoiled at the shots before he reoriented himself and closed his mouth. 

All of you continued that little game, you threw pipebombs and set mines while Ethan took shots at Moreau. There were even a few barrels of explosives that Ethan shot at when you were struggling with a bomb. The creature would try to hit you with his disgusting slop but you and Ethan could dodge it easily. 

The more Moreau got hit, the more the many eyes on his body would turn red. When they reached a blood-red colour, Moreau climbed onto a roof and contracted a little.

"I've, I've been saving this one," Moreau exclaimed as he tilted his head to the sky as his stomach expanded. You knew he was going to blow. 

Grabbing Ethan, you ran under a small structure just as the disgusting rain fell. Ethan stuck his hand out to see what exactly it was only to retract it quickly at the sound of sizzling flesh.

"Godamnit, it's acid," Ethan groaned, clutching his hand. 

You wasted no time in pulling out the medicine and pouring it all over Ethan's injured hand. "Let's try to stay dry then."

Staying out of the acid rain, you watched as Moreau emptied his stomach of acid. Unfortunately, some of the acid also made more of those disgusting bubbles pop up.

Finally, when the acid rain stopped falling, Moreau relaxed a little on the roof he was on and you took the opportunity that was presented to you. Grabbing a pipebomb, you threw it at Moreau and it made it to the roof, blowing up right next to Moreau.

Moreau groaned as Ethan took some more shots at him, stepping out of the shelter as he shot. Moreau did climb down and you continued your previous strategy, that is until you run out of bombs.

"Shit!" You ran under shelter again when Moreau went to a second roof to do his acid rain thing. "We're out of bombs."

"Not quite," Ethan said as he shrugged off his bag. Ethan pulled out the grenade launcher that he told you about earlier and handed it to you along with its explosive rounds. "Grab, load, shot. You got this," he said as he showed you the basics.

Moreau kept coming at you and Ethan but you both did your same old song and dance, just with a grenade launcher instead of pipebombs and mines. You just fired your final explosive round when Moreau popped out of his monster's mouth one last time.

"Listen to me-" 

Ethan cut him off with a quick shot from his shotgun.

Moreau started to convulse and squirm as he groaned in pain. His body seemed to inflate as if it was overflowing with liquid.

"Damn you!" He screamed to the sky as you and Ethan went to take cover. "H-Help me! Mother! Maaaaaaaaaaa-!" And with that, Moreau blew up.

No, like actually blew up. You were so glad that you and Ethan decided to take cover around a corner and under shelter so you didn't get hit with any of his flying bits. Something did land in front of you and you knew exactly what it was. 

It was Moreau's crystalized remains.

"In death as he was in life." Ethan picked up the Crystal Moreau. "Disgusting."

You hummed in agreeance and turned to the only way out of the little swamp you fought Moreau in. You started your climb and Ethan followed you up, limbs practically begging for both of you to rest.

"The exit's up ahead..." Ethan sighed as you reached the top of the small hill and came across the entrance to the mines.

"Gee, thanks, Captain Obvious," you groaned in pain. Every muscle and bone in your body was screaming at you to stop and give up. Despite that, you pressed on, fueled with the love for your family and a whole lot of spite.

You and Ethan walked through the tunnel and towards the exit, going slower than usual on account of your exhaustion. Unfortunately, you hit a small roadblock, there was a gate in the way and your Four-Winged key didn't fit the lock. Fortunately, there was a hallway to your left that led to the same space you first saw Moreau in.

In the room was a TV stacked on a few plastic crates with boxes surrounding it. In front of the TV was a tray of cheese, covered in vomit, and a closed journal on a stool. A chair was tipped over while resting under a table with a jar on top. Next to the jar was the next piece to the key, it had a set of wings on it.

The jar on the table caught your attention. It had a baby-sized fetus-looking thing inside. It was moving and twitching with the label 'Cadou' tapped to the jar. 

Turning away from the jar, you motioned Ethan over to the journal and started to read through it.

Mother Miranda gave me a Rose jar.

No one likes me which is why I thought they would leave me out again.

But Heisenberg said that was why we each get a Rose. The ceremony cannot happen without us all there.

Mother didn't seem to care though...

Mother said Rose is a vessel.  With a vessel Mother can get her real child back. Even though she has been dead for a very long time.

But if Mother does then... what will happen to me?

I'm not her real child... Would she abandon me?

No! I don't want that!

No!  No!  No!  No!  No!  No!  No!  No!  No!  No!  No!  No!  No!  No!  No!  No!  No!  No!  No!  No!  No!  No! N o!  No!  No!  No!  No!  No!  No!  No!  No!  No!  No!  No!  No!  No!  No!  No!  No!  No!  No!  No!  No!  No! N o!  No!  No!  No!  No!  No!  No!  No!  No!  No!  No!  No!  No!  No!  No!  No!  No!  No!  No!  No!  No!  No! N o!  No!  No!  No!  No!  No!  No!  No!  No!  No!  No!  No!  No!  No!  No!  No!  No!  No!

"Talk about Mommy issues," you said, closing the journal.

"Didn't you say that about Lady Dimitrescu's diary too?" Ethan asked, attaching the new part of the key to your current one.

You shrugged as you put the book down. "Guess so. Maybe that's the only thing these freaks share aside from being psychotic."

You heard the TV give off some static before a familiar voice started to speak. 

"You both are better off than I thought," the voice said and you and Ethan slowly turned to the TV. You saw the Heisenberg House Crest displayed on the monitor.

"Who's that?" Ethan asked and you rolled your eyes. This is the second time he didn't recognize the bastard.

"Oh come on," Heisenberg's voice chuckled, "We just met a while back. Not that it matters..."

"So, almost murdering us doesn't matter," you scoffed as you crouched in front of the TV. "Good to know where your priorities lie."

Heisenberg chuckled as Ethan came up behind you, clearly annoyed at Heisenberg. "You're the last asshole in our way, aren't you?"

"You've got fight, I'll give you that, Ethan," Heisenberg commented. "But what's the plan when you have all four flasks?"

"We'll cross that bridge when we get there," you said flatly. 

Ethan crossed his arms and glared at the TV. "What're you trying to get at?"

"I could lend you a hand," Heisenberg suggested. You could practically hear the smirk on his face.

You snorted. "Trying to get on our good side?" you asked, raising a brow.

"Don't get cocky," Heisenberg said with a slightly annoyed tone. "Especially when you don't even have one."

Your jaw dropped as you smirked and ran your tongue over your teeth. "I may not have a cock but I sure as Hell have more balls than you."

"And what makes you say that, Butterblume?"

"I'm not hiding behind a screen," you glowered at the TV.

Ethan huffed out a laugh as Heisenberg growled through the TV. "You don't want to make me your enemy. I'd kill you both if you weren't worth the trouble..."

"Oh, so we're worth it?" You asked, a little suggestively. You kind of wanted to get him back for the incidents in the church. Like when his hand was practically on your ass, or when he pulled you into his strong chest, or when he started speaking German and fuck, there goes your train of thought.

There was a pause before Heisenberg started to talk again, his voice sounded a little strained. "There's a stronghold not too far outside the village. Go there and get my flask. Do that, and you pass."

"Pass," you scoffed. "Like a dumbass math test, huh?"

Ethan shook his head at you as Heisenberg continued, ignoring you. "First, head back to the graveyard." It sounded like he was going to say something else but the TV just went back to its regularly scheduled programming of static.

"Self-centered prick," Ethan sighed, turning away from the TV. 

Key in hand, Ethan walked out of the room and towards the gate with you close behind. 

"Agreed," you said, following Ethan through the gate when he unlocked it.

Ethan looked at you over his shoulder and gave you a pointed look. "But you still think he's hot."

"Y'know, Ethan," you said calmly, "you are in perfect range for me to take out your knees. All it takes is a good roundhouse and your down for a week even with that fancy medicine." You saw Ethan quicken his pace a little and you chuckled before sighing in defeat. "Fuck it. Yeah, you're right, that man is sexy."

"So you do wanna fuck him?"

"I wouldn't go that far," you said as you and Ethan stepped into the Reservoir Elevator. "I just find him attractive and..." you trailed off when Ethan scoffed.

"Please, you liked it when he called you Butterblume." Ethan teased you using his worst German accent.

You rolled your eyes at him. "First of all, you're saying it wrong. It's not butter bloom, it's Butterblume. Second of all, German can be a very sexy language."

You and Ethan stepped off of the elevator as Ethan chuckled. "Sure," Ethan said sarcastically, "the same language with Schmetterling as a word is sexy."

"Oh ho ho," you laughed as you and Ethan walked up to the gate that led to the laboratory. "Say what you will about the language, but it's all the same. Say the right things and it can be a real panty-dropper."

Ethan whipped out the crank to open the gate and started to turn it. "Yeah right. There is no way German is a sexy language."

"Do you seriously want to argue about this?" You asked, pushing past Ethan and up the mountain.

And so, you and Ethan argued your entire climb up the mountain and to the laboratory. You argued for German being a sexy fucking language while Ethan, the uncultured man he is, argued against it. You both used examples with each other to try and sway the other as you found a ball with a mermaid crest on it. 

You didn't even bat an eye when three of the flying monsters from Castle Dimitrescu flew down and tried to attack you both. You and Ethan fought each monster while you argued. You only paused to cringe at a pile of animal carcasses piled on top of each other or when Ethan almost got jumped by a Lycan in the final building on the mountainside. 

"Okay, fine." You walked up to Ethan after killing that Lycan. "I'll show you." You put on your best bedroom eyes and said this in a sultry voice. "Drei Tomaten, Ich brauche Rindfleisch. Milchkartons und Eier."

Ethan jumped back and stared at you while you tried to keep up your little facade. "Jesus Christ. What the hell did you just say?" Ethan shook his head and you saw a small blush creep up his face. "I feel like Mia would be rolling in her grave."

"Maybe out of laughter," you said, smiling as you walked over to a chest. "I just listed off groceries."

"No..." Ethan gapped at you as you opened the chest, revealing a beautiful revolver. 

"Yes," you said, mocking his tone of voice while picking up the gun.

The black revolver was gorgeous with its golden designs. It was sleek and looked new as if someone maintained it or just took it out of its box. It had three bullets in its barrel when you checked before handing it off to Ethan.

"First of all, this is a gorgeous M1852 Wolfsbane," Ethan said, fully knowing you got annoyed when he spoke gun person, as you glared at him. "Second of all, there is no way that you just listed off groceries. That shit sounded a whole lot dirtier than groceries."

You shrugged as you grinned. "German being foreign to you helps my situation. If one of the parties doesn't know what your saying all you have to do is talk like that and they won't know the difference."

"So... it's the way you say it, not the language," Ethan stated with a smirk as you walked by.

You groaned. "No, it's not," you shouted. "German is a fucking sexy language and I will die on this hill!"

Ethan laughed as he opened the door before quickly closing it. "It looks like we're both going to die on this hill," Ethan said after a growl came from the other side of the door.

You sighed and pulled out your machete. "It's the same kind of monster that almost killed me earlier, isn't it?"


"Did it spot you?"

"Most likely."

"...Bring it on."

Much like your fight with Moreau, you and Ethan ran around the mountainside and hit the monster when you could. Ethan even used the grenade launcher once or twice and you found a way to sneak up behind it and stab it in the back. It wasn't long after your stabbing did the monster lay down and died.

You watched as the giant wolf creature disintegrated into nothing, leaving behind a crystalized skeleton that was easily as big as you. You stared at it and thought how on Earth were you going to get this to the Duke. Ethan just decided to grab it and throw it over his shoulder before walking away.

You decided not to question it and followed Ethan down the mountain and towards the entrance to the Reservoir. Since Ethan was still carrying the Crystalized Beast, he asked you to play the game to get the crystal that was inside.

Agreeing, you put the ball in its starting position and played. You tilted the board forwards and back to guide the ball into the glowing hole at the bottom. It was actually kind of fun. You were able to open the cage at the bottom and retrieve the Chartreuse Skull very quickly.

It wasn't long before you and Ethan were standing outside of the blown-up Reservoir gates and up at a sign with an arrow pointing to the left. THIS WAY was written in yellow paint on the sign in clear but slightly messy printing.

"That wasn't there before."


Chapter Text

"Is this Lord Moreau's? I suppose it's what they call 'the beauty of the grotesque'?" The Duke's voice was slightly strained.

You sighed, knowing that the Duke was trying to be polite on how much you and Ethan stunk. From the Reservoir water to Moreau's fight, you and Ethan smelt like death, vomit, and sewage all combined. 

Since the fight with Moreau, you and Ethan walked back to the ceremony site to see the Duke for supplies. Along the way, you found two more signs that you knew Heisenberg planted. They read This Way, Papa with a slab of wood adding your name to it and the second one read Rose is waiting for you

You were sure Heisenberg was just toying with you and Ethan.

"I guess you could say that," Ethan said over his shoulder. He was putting Rose's third flask in the pedestal and trying to use the snow around him to clean up a little. That had to be the most disgusting you and Ethan have ever felt.

"That," you said, pointing to Moreau's remains, "is the only 'pretty' thing about Moreau."

You heard Ethan chuckle as you went to try and wash with snow. Instead of picking up a small pile of snow and rubbing it against your skin, you jumped face-first into a large pile of clean snow. At least, you hoped it was clean. It was white so that was good enough for you. 

Eventually, after Ethan's laughter died down, you rolled in the snow a little before laying on your back and resting. You wanted nothing to do with the signs that Heisenberg created or where they were leading you and Ethan too. Not without resting your body first, that is."

You heard Ethan walk up to you and lay down in the snow next to you. "Wow, this feels pretty nice," Ethan sighed, sinking into the bed of snow.

"It won't after a while," you said, relaxing a little more, "the water is going to seep into our clothes soon."

"Who cares? We just fought the Romanian Lochness Monster in a swamp," Ethan said, patting your arm, "we're entitled to a good break."

You hummed in agreement and closed your eyes, letting the golden rays of the sun hit your face. This was the most relaxed you have been since you got to the village. 

Eventually, you got up when the cold started to seep into your bones. You didn't want to freeze over when there was still Heisenberg and Miranda to take care of. Ethan followed you up and down the path away from the ceremony site. 

You and Ethan walked straight to the graveyard to be met with another sign. This sign was set up in front of the entrance to Castle Dimitrescu and pointed to the right, down a back alley. The show must go on was written in yellow paint like the other two. 

"Are our lives just a show to him?" You kicked the sign and noted how sturdy the structure was. "How did he- oh, wait," you sighed, mentally slapping yourself, "he can control metal with his mind."

Ethan huffed as he pulled you away from the sign and towards the path. You were a little apprehensive about this idea but pushed through when Ethan unlocked the next gate and stopped in front of an archway with a sign right next to it.

Good Luck!

I hate this village. You thought as you grabbed Ethan and pulled him away from the archway. 

"We are not going in there."

"I think we are," Ethan said, trying to shrug you off of him.

You rolled your eyes and tightened your grip. "Ethan, this is obviously a trap."

"I don't see another option," Ethan said in a mocking tone. "Besides, it's not something we haven't been against before. We'll be fine."

"Fine," you said after a pause, pulling out your machete, "but if we die, I'm blaming you."

"Minimal injuries, Viper," Ethan said, pulling out his shotgun. He decided to sell the first one you found when you got attacked by that wolf monster. He barely used it anyway since the new one had so much more power to it. Selling that waste of space was a good idea. "I promise that we'll be okay."

Famous last words.

Ethan followed you into the tunnel with his shotgun up and ready. The tunnel was an entrance to an old, stone staircase. Hanging from the ceiling of the tunnel were half-eaten bodybags. As you and Ethan climbed up the staircase, you heard Lycans growling from behind and in front of you.

You and Ethan emerged from the staircase tunnel into the nearby mountain range. Ethan led you to a small break in the mountains with a pyramid of wood and dead bodies. 

That's when the Lycans made their first move.

Three Lycans screamed and attacked you and Ethan. One had a torch, another had a homemade axe, and the last one didn't have anything but a broken stick and its teeth. Two of the Lycans took paths on either side of you and Ethan while the last one came at you from the front.

You and Ethan were able to take care of them without any injuries. You cut and Ethan shot, the same song and dance as before. Albeit, you and Ethan were practically in sync, something that hasn't happened since Castle Dimitrescu when you were against Cassandra. You were moving around each other like you were in an Avenger's movie, Ethan shot while you kicked and cut. 

Unfortunately, those three were the least of your problems.

Three more Lycans showed up when you and Ethan walked a little further. Two were on the ground with an axe and a morning star while the third monster was up high with a bow and flaming arrows.

Now that's just overkill, you thought while Ethan shot it with his sniper.

Another fucker with a bow and flaming arrows showed up on a ruined arch when you killed a second Lycan. Ethan pulled out his sniper once again to kill that one while you killed the third Lycan from before.

Ethan killed the last Lycan just as you finished up with the third. You noticed something on the ground when both the long-distance Lycans' bodies dropped from their positions. 

You walked up to the things on the ground and found two herbs. That wasn't unusual but the one broken bow and two quivers of arrows were. Normally, the Lycans' weapons would disappear along with their bodies but one bow and all of the arrows were still intact. The arrows have even stopped flaming. 

You picked up the quivers and intact bow, testing the weight in your hands. The bow was heavy for the kind of wood it was made with and its size. The was the perfect size for you to use it properly and the arrows only completed the set. 

It was perfect.

Picking up one of the quivers of arrows, you strapped it to your waist, overlapping it with your knife. You took the arrows in the second quiver and put them in yours, knowing that more than one quiver will restrict your movement. You counted all the arrows together and smiled when you counted thirty in total. 

"Can you even shoot one of those?" Ethan asked, coming up behind you.

You nodded, holding the bow in your non-dominant hand. "Yeah, archery was my favourite sport in gym class back in high school. Probably just because I was good at it but I still loved it."

"But your aim is shit."

"Weird, right?" You pulled an arrow from your quiver and nocked it. "I can't shoot a gun to save my life but I can hit a target with a weapon that dates back to medieval times."

Ethan shook his head as he climbed up the ruins' stairs. "Very weird."

Shit decided to hit the fan when you got to an iron gate in the ruins. Lycans ambushed you and Ethan from almost every direction. You and Ethan fought them off as best as you could and killed each one that got close. 

Unfortunately, the Lycans drove you back.

You and Ethan climbed up a ladder and were currently standing on a platform with a lever to the gate on it. You were unable to open the gate from there unless you wanted to try and make a jump or let the Lycans get up the ladder. 

"Nothing we haven't been against before?" you snapped at Ethan. A Lycan charged at you while Ethan was reloading his shotgun. You cut its head off and kicked the Lycan's body over the side, knocking another Lycan off the ladder. "We'll be just fine."

"I'm sorry, okay?" Ethan leaned over the edge of the platform and killed another Lycan. "I didn't think that it would be this bad."

"Were you not there when we almost died from that giant Lycan with the big fucking hammer!?"

"Apparently not!" Ethan retaliated, pointing his gun at another Lycan down below. Their numbers were starting to dwindle. "Oh wait, I was. I was also almost killed by that damned thing in Heisenberg's murder maze."

"Exactly!" You shot down another Lycan when it tried to climb up the ladder. "Heisenberg! He's the one that sent us on this trip in the first place!" You were almost out of arrows, you've been very careful with your quiver and have hit every shot you took. Granted, they were really close shots but whatever. "Heisenberg who led us here. Heisenberg who tried to kill you. Heisenberg who brought us to Miranda in the first place!"

Ethan said nothing as he shot at more Lycans. You both fought and killed a lot of Lycans, only letting out a few warnings to each other and some grunts. Finally, all the Lycans on the ground were dead and you two could take a break. 

That break was short-lived when one last Lycan shot at you with a flaming arrow. The arrow barely missed Ethan's head and he jumped away.

You stood up and faced the Lycan as it shot another arrow, this time at you. You caught the arrow, stepped back and spun around, following the arrow's momentum. When you spun forward to face the Lycan, you had already nocked the arrow and drawn back. You wasted no time in releasing it in the Lycan's direction and the arrow hit it in the Lycan's forehead, killing it.

"...How did you do that?" Ethan asked, standing from his spot on the ground.

You lowered your bow and shrugged. "I have no idea."

"You couldn't have done that when Heisenberg stabbed me?" Ethan climbed down the ladder and made his way to the second ladder.

You rolled your eyes and walked over to the first one. "Because I didn't know I could do that, Ethan."

You pulled the lever and climbed down the ladder. By the time you got to the open gate, Ethan walked right behind you. He also picked up some more arrows from both the disintegrating bodies and the quiver the other Lycan had.

"All I'm saying is that you could have done something then." Ethan handed you the arrows and you put them in your quiver. You counted twenty-eight.

"Well sorry for having a mental breakdown not ten minutes before," you said sarcastically. "It also didn't help that Heisenberg had a machete pressed to my throat with a promise that if I moved he would decapitate me."

You and Ethan continued to bicker while you walked through the area to a very large stronghold. That stronghold had large double doors that took both your and Ethan's body weight to open. 

Inside the stronghold were a few boxes that Ethan broke open along with some money and a pipebomb. To the left of the room was a staircase that went up and around the room. 

You and Ethan took this little break time to make Ethan some more ammo and a bit of medicine too, just to be safe. You even have enough materials to make a mine and two pipebombs.

Ethan eventually started to climb the stairs only to be redirected into a hall. That hall led to a very odd-looking area. It made you think of a dragon's den.

"This must be their den," Ethan said.

You nodded in agreement. "Looks like it, but you might want to keep your voice down."

Yeah, that wouldn't have helped. You got ambushed anyway. 

Fighting for your lives, you and Ethan climbed up the stronghold to get to a safe area. You and Ethan quickly ran out of bombs to throw at the Lycans but you were finally able to survive off of the ammo and arrows that you had. It took a while but you and Ethan were finally able to push through to the next area.

You and Ethan made your way through the stone halls to find the way out. There was no way in hell that you were going back the way you came. You found supplies along the way with some disturbing images that will no doubt give you nightmares. You found Lycans eating hanging corpses while climbing up the walls like Spiderman.

Your luck only got worse when you and Ethan fell into a large hole and heard a loud growl. One that you heard before early this morning.

"That's not good," Ethan said, looking up with his gun drawn.

Wouldn't you know it, Dollar Store Krampus jumped down with his giant hammer. It growled at you as you and Ethan ran in different directions. 

Using the pillars as cover, you and Ethan ran around and shot at the monster. Krampus barely flinched when you and Ethan shot at him, he would just continue to walk at you with his giant hammer, occasionally swinging down in an attempt to kill you and Ethan.

Krampus would also call down Lycans to help him here and there. It only made the fight all that more difficult with the extra enemies. The only good thing that came out of it was the extra arrows that a few Lycans would drop. You and Ethan were able to push through, but only barely. The Lycans were quicker and able to land a few blows to you before you could kill them. 

Eventually, Krampus seemed to have enough of this fight and dropped its hammer. You were the one closest to it so Krampus picked you up. It held you in the air and opened its jaws, revealing vile teeth and disgusting breath. You dropped the bow when Krampus picked you up and your knife and machete were out of reach because of its hands. 

You squirmed around in the monster's grip as it tried to lower you into its mouth. Luckily, your hand found a broken arrow poking out of the quiver. You pulled it out and waited for the monster to bring you closer to its face, raising the broken arrow in the process.

Ethan continued to shot at the monster, screaming for it to put you down. He fired shot after shot, aiming only for the head out of fear that he might shoot you.

The Monster brought you close enough to its face that you were able to bring the arrow down into its eye. The monster screamed as it dropped you and turned to stone. You rolled out of the way of the crumbling mess and Ethan helped you up.

"Eat shit," you huffed, discarding your quiver of broken arrows. They weren't of any use anymore, especially when the bow broke on the floor.

You and Ethan ignored the giant, crystalized hammer and walked to a now open door. You went through and found a hallway covered with crystals. It was absolutely beautiful and you were even able to hit a few down so you could sell them to the Duke. 

Ethan eventually led you down some stairs and into another room. You picked up some more supplies and healed your wounds a little before you saw the final flask you needed sitting next to a TV.

Ethan ran over and picked up the flask, turning it in his hands before a far off look covered his face.

"W-What?" Ethan gasped.

The TV crackled and displayed the Heisenberg House Crest before Heisenberg's voice came out of the speaker. "You two are the real deal. Well done."

"Quit hiding, asshole," you glowered at the TV as Ethan put Rose's flask into his pocket. "We're not letting you get out of this."

Heisenberg laughed, clearly amused with your little threat. "Cool your jets. Just a little bit more and you're all wrapped up." Heisenberg paused, seemingly trying to calm himself down. "I'll lend you a hand, so in exchange..."

"In exchange what?" Ethan asked, done with Heisenberg's theatrics.

"First of all, come to me." Heisenberg all but dodged the question. "Put all of the flasks in the Altar, and I'm sure you'll figure the rest out."

"Wait," you cut off Heisenberg before he could say goodbye, "I want to know what you mean when you say that you 'lend us a hand'." You used air quotations, not entirely believing that he doesn't want you dead. "What it's looking like right now is that you're having us do some kind of dirty work while you sit back and watch. That doesn't sound like you're lending us a hand, it sounds like you're using us until we become expendable."

"... I can assure you, Butterblume, I do want to help you both," Heisenberg spoke slowly with a serious tone. "I can prove it when you get to my factory. I just want to lend you a hand."

"Define lend us a hand because I swear to God if you just throw a severed hand at us," you said, lacing your voice with a little venom.

"Oh? Would you prefer a robotic one?"

You couldn't help the small smile spread across your face. "Damnit, I shouldn't be smiling at that," you whispered quickly and Heisenberg laughed.

"See you two soon."

And that's how you and Ethan started your trip back to the village. A TV going back to static and the iron gates behind you raising. You had to go down more stairs, take a motorboat through an underground canal, and climb up a large ladder before you found yourselves in the graveyard. 

This day isn't going to get much better, is it?


Chapter Text

"Christ, that was hard to lug up here."

"Can you imagine what it would have felt like if we didn't have each other?"

"It'd be one hell of a leg and cardio workout, that for sure."

You rolled your eyes as you put the Giant's Chalice on its new dais. "Maybe I should have let you do it on your own, God knows you need the cardio."

You and Ethan were at the top of the ceremony site with the four statues of kings. You both had to take the Giant's Chalice up to get to Heisenberg. It wasn't easy but you managed with you carrying the front and Ethan on the back. 

With the Giant's Chalice in place, you and Ethan watched as clamps came up from the ground and held the chalice down. You heard some rumbling before the ground from under you started to move down. Like an elevator.

"Don't worry about the kid, you two." Heisenberg's voice boomed when the elevator came to a stop. "It'll be fine. Just get your asses across the bridge, especially you," Heisenberg said your name in such a way that it sounded like he was winking.

With some hesitance, you and Ethan walked forward and through the cave that the elevator stopped at. When you got out, you couldn't help but gawk at the scenery. 

Across the bridge was a large factory with a chicken wire gate surrounding it. The golden light of the sunset only added to the aesthetic with its warm glow.

You and Ethan walked across the bridge and towards the factory, slightly dreading the interaction you're about to have. 

"Ah, Ethan Winters and," Heisenberg said your full name with a purr. "Welcome."

The electric gates in front of you opened themselves up, inviting you and Ethan inside. 

This is a trap.

"I didn't think you'd make it past Donna or Moreau, but I suppose you, Ethan, have survived worse back in America, hm? I like you two."

"Yeah, you kind of made that known back in the church," you whispered so Heisenberg and Ethan wouldn't hear.

You and Ethan made your way into the yard of the factory and up the clear path. You tripped over the occasional scrap of metal but continued to the garage.

"I'd like to speak to you about Rose, and Miranda," Heisenberg said as the doors to the garage door opened with a blare of sirens accompanying it. "Oh come on it. Don't worry, it's not a trap."

"That sounds an awful lot like something someone with a trap set up would say!" you yelled.

Regardless of how obviously a trap this was, Ethan rubbed off on you and you stepped inside the garage. You think part of it had to do with your horniness towards the owner of the garage but didn't voice it. Ethan wouldn't have let you hear the end of it if you did.

You and Ethan went down the hallway, following a little path Heisenberg left for you. It didn't take long for you to end up in what looked like Heisenberg's workshop. You looked around while Ethan walked right up to a wall that caught his attention. You just picked up some chem fluid when Ethan called for you.

"Check out these blueprints," Ethan said, pointing to some papers on the wall. "They're incredibly complicated, I could only dream what spurred this kind of work on."

"So, our opponent's smart."


"And we're in his terf."

"What about that is new?"

"This guy can move metal with his mind and we are surrounded by it, Ethan," you said walking up to the cloth covering a wall. "Not to mention, our weapons are metal. We are royally screwed."

You grabbed the cloth and pulled it down just as Ethan came up next to you. Ethan took a step back when you both saw what was behind that cloth.

On the wall were pictures of the other Lords and Miranda with red lettering written either on or under the pictures. To the left was a map with 'BSAA came!' on it and you recognized it as a map of the village. To the right was a collage of pictures including Mia, Rose, and Chris.

"What the hell..?" Ethan gasped when he saw Mia's picture. "Mia?!"

"What is she doing up there?" You asked, reaching for the photo.

"Truth hurts, don't it?"

You and Ethan spun around with your weapons drawn to face Heisenberg. 

Heisenberg took a drag of his cigar before slowly looking up at you and Ethan. "Let me guess. You're thinking, take me out like the others, and then you get to go and save Rose, right?"

"We're healing my daughter," Ethan spat as he lowered his gun.

Heisenberg took another drag from his cigar and started to wave his hands around. "Look, y-you've got this all wrong-" Heisenberg dropped his hands when he was interrupted by a loud engine revving. "Damnit, I'm talking here!" Looking to you then to the hole caged hole in the ground, Heisenberg made up his mind.

He walked up to the caged hole, opened it, and shouted at the thing below, silencing whatever was done there. "Halt die Schnauze!" Heisenberg gave you and Ethan a side-long glance before looking down. "Sorry about that," he said quickly.

You snickered as Heisenberg put his cigar in his mouth and turned away from you and Ethan. He picked up two metal, folding chairs and slammed them on the ground in front of the hole. "Take a seat." 

Heisenberg didn't look up at you as he passed by, puffing out a cloud of smoke. You and Ethan moved to the chairs but didn't sit down. 

"Listen, you two, you're being played." Heisenberg put out his cigar on the wooden table across the room.

"What are you talking about?" You asked calmly, hoping to not upset the man that much.

Ethan had other plans. "What, do you think this is a game?" Ethan snapped.

Heisenberg looked up at you and Ethan then to the wall with the photos on it. He quickly picked up the knife on the table and threw it at Lady Dimitrescu's photo, storming over to you in the process. 

"I said sit," he growled, pushing Ethan into his chair. He tried to push you down but you moved out of his reach, keeping your machete up.

Fuck... that hot.

Heisenberg stared at you as you gestured to the hole behind the chairs. "Close that first, then we'll talk."

Heisenberg raised a brow before smirking and snapping his fingers. The cage fell onto the hole with a loud bang, startling Ethan in the process. 

You nodded to Heisenberg and stepped around him. You took a seat, keeping your eyes on the powerful man, and putting your machete away. You gestured for Heisenberg to continue as you leaned forward, resting your arms on your thighs.

"Lady super-sized bitch." Heisenberg pointed to her photo before making the knife fly up and into Beneviento's photo. "Ugly-ass psycho doll." Heisenberg move the knife one more time, planting it in Moreau's photo. "And that moronic freak."

Heisenberg looked up at you and Ethan before stepping forward. "Don't you get it?" He said after a pause. "It's a test, to see if you're strong enough to be part of Miranda's family."

"Thanks, but no thanks," you said, glaring at the photo of Miranda. "We already have a family but Miranda decided to chop our baby, Rose, into fourths."

"We don't want to be part of Miranda's family-" Ethan starts.

Heisenberg spun around and interrupted Ethan. "Neither did I! But here we are!" Heisenberg started to pace in front of you. "And I'm next in line, right? Kill me, move up the chain! Well, fuck that!" He swung his arm and caused the knife to drag across the wall, cutting right through Miranda's picture.

"I don't give a damn about your personal issues!" Ethan started to yell. "I just want to fix my daughter!"

Heisenberg let out a small laugh as he turned to face you two again. "So do I! Do you have any idea how powerful that kid is? Even Miranda's scared of her-" He was once again interrupted by the engine revving. "Last time, you freak, I swear to God..!"

You peaked over your shoulder and into the caged hole. You couldn't see anything down there and you were pretty thankful for it. 

Heisenberg moved to the front of you two and took off his glasses with a smile and oh shit he's hotter without them on. Heisenberg had three large scars that you could see in the dimly lit room. One stretched from his right cheek and went across his nose. Another was a smaller one that cut through the left side of his bottom lip and the last was an 'X' on his left cheek. 

"The three of us, you two. Together we go save Rose," that sounded promising, "and use her to grind Miranda into paste." That did not.

It wasn't just the morality of his plan that bugged you, it was also the means of how.

"Rose is not a weapon!" Ethan growled. "Fuck-"

You cut Ethan off before he could dig your graves. "Even if she was, how the fuck would you do it? How would you use Rose to kill Miranda?"

"I'd use her powers, of course!"

"And how would you access those?" You asked staring Heisenberg down. "Rose is six months old, she can barely walk and sleeps half of the day, there is no way in hell for her to access those powers let alone for us to use them." Heisenberg opened his mouth to say something but you weren't done. "Not to mention, we don't even know what her powers are. Whose's to say that Rose didn't inherit a stronger healing factor from Ethan or Mia? Both of them can lose a limb and reattach it, Rose could have gotten that."

"Mia could reattach limbs?" Ethan asked, panicked. "And how do you know about me!?

You pursed your lips, forgetting about the promise you made to Mia. One day, while she was pregnant with Rose, Mia accidentally cut her left pointer finger during a panic attack. At that point in time, those were fairly common but she never usually hurt herself before. You went to call an ambulance when she just reattached it and told you not to panic or call anyone. She told you that she's hurt herself like that before and to not tell Ethan or Chris. You called her fucking insane before she explained what happened in Louisiana in much more detail than Chris could ever imagine. That's how you learned about Ethan having the same kind of power since he lost his fucking foot to Jack Baker and reattached it not two seconds later.

"Yeah..." you said, throwing an apologetic look Ethan's way. "Mia told me about the Baker house and how you lost your foot and reattached it."

"Oh," Ethan sighed before smirking a little. "I should probably tell you that Lady Dimitrescu cut off my right hand earlier."

You turned away from Heisenberg and gave Ethan your full attention. "Your fucking what?"

"My hand, I reattached it on my way back to you and the Duke," he said with a straight face. "Now, back to my first question, Mia has a healing factor?"

"Goddamit, Ethan," you sighed and heard Heisenberg laugh. "She's lost her fair share of fingers due to panic attacks and being too close to knives. Why do you think I started cooking for you guys?"

"Fucking Hell." You have never seen a man look more exhausted than Ethan Winters did in that second.

Heisenberg sighed, seemingly calmed down from his laughing fit before finally smirking and standing up straight. "Ya got me there, Buttercup," Heisenberg sighed, "didn't think of any of that. Back to plan A, then."

"And what would plan A be?" Ethan asked. It looked like he calmed down a little. 

"Lead an army to her front step."

You paused, staring at Heisenberg. "That's it?"

Heisenberg crossed his arms and glared at you. "What do you mean 'that's it'? It's a great plan."

"If you're a martyr," you said, leaning back in your chair. "Take it from someone who usually wings it in a fight, she is going to eat us alive." You cross your arms to mimic Heisenberg. "We need a battle plan that isn't running in guns blazing."

"It worked for you two."

"Doesn't mean our luck isn't running out," Ethan rebutted. "We need a battle strategy that won't  get us killed."

Heisenberg sighed and rubbed the bridge of his nose. You looked at Ethan and noticed that he seemed a little more relaxed, but he still had his hand on his handgun. 

"What do you suggest, sir," Heisenberg said with an annoyed tone and a mock salute.

You and Ethan rolled your eyes at Heisenberg's dramatics. "Well, what do you have for an army?"

The smile that Heisenberg gave you was nothing short of malicious. He chuckled as he uncrossed his arms. "I have something that you could only dream of having, Sweetheart," Heisenberg said, making your chairs move around to face the hole in the ground. "Come on, I'll show you."

The cage covering the hole slammed open and Heisenberg walked forward. He didn't gesture for you and Ethan to follow him. No, that would be too boring. Heisenberg cause both of your chairs to lurch forward, making you and Ethan stumble. 

Heisenberg chuckled as you rolled your eyes once again and walked over to him. "So that noise from earlier was something from your army?"

"More like a... failed experiment," Heisenberg said, waving his arms. "I came up with this baby in a fevered dream, I'm a little disappointed with how horribly it failed."

"So you want us to go down there with a failed experiment," Ethan said, sighing.

Heisenberg waved his hand and a slab of metal flew up and fit perfectly in the hole. Heisenberg stepped onto the slab and caused it to descend like an elevator. You watched as Heisenberg went down the hole and step off the slab, making it go up immediately after. 

You stepped onto the slab of metal and it descended into the same room as Heisenberg. He did the same thing for Ethan before he threw the metal off to the side.

Heisenberg stepped between you and a fan on the other side of the room. He put his middle finger and thumb in his mouth and whistled as if he was calling a dog. You heard whirling and an engine revving before the metal behind the fan released.

You soon realized that it wasn't a fan.

"What the fuck is that?" Ethan shouted, raising his gun.

A large body was walking towards you and Ethan as if it was a zombie in the Walking Dead. That part wasn't new, the propeller for a head was. The engine for the propeller was huge, the thing couldn't even stand up straight. The corpse was naked from the waist up and had metal braces on its legs so it wouldn't fall. The thing was also missing its arms from the elbow down. 

Heisenberg laughed as the thing stumbled. "This is Sturm. A failed experiment but I'm positive we'll find something for him to do."

Ethan raised a brow at you and you knew what he was asking.

"You're smart, Ethan," you said, keeping your eyes on Sturm. "What does Sturm sound like in English?"


"There you go," you said, smiling. "Kind of fitting."

Sturm tried to charge at you, Heisenberg, and Ethan but didn't take more than one step before it got stuck. The invisible force that stopped Sturm could only be Heisenberg because there was nothing for Sturm to be stuck on. 

"The damned thing can take a hit," Heisenberg told you, "doesn't have a survival instinct though."

You pursed your lips and stepped out from behind Heisenberg. "That could work perfectly as a distraction. Get Miranda to focus her energy on Sturm and other failed experiments while us and the rest of the army sneak around her."

"That could work, depending on the rest of the army," Ethan added on. "What the size is, certain specialties, armour, Miranda's resources, and- wait are those chainsaws?"

You looked at Sturm more closely and noticed that the propellers were made of chainsaws.

Heisenberg laughed and nodded, leading you and Ethan out of the room. He locked Sturm in there and led you through his factory. He led you down a flight of stairs and you ended up on a catwalk high above the rest of the factory. At the end of the catwalk was a large, red, service elevator.

You looked down but couldn't see anything from the steam floating up into your face. You could, however, hear clanging and creaking from metal and whatever else was down there. 

Heisenberg rested a hand on the small of your back as he looked over with you. "Sturm was just a new prototype. I have much better down there and they're in mass production too."

"How long have you been working on this?" You asked, trying to see through the fog.

Heisenberg was silent for a moment before he spoke up. "I don't know... That's one of Miranda's party tricks, she fucks with your mind." Heisenberg tapped his temple and turned around to lean his back on the railing. "All I know is that I am much older than I look and that I was young when she took me."

"...How young?" Ethan asked, leaning against the railing next to you.

"It's all a bit of a mess up here," Heisenberg told you, shaking his head. "I can't remember how old I was when that bitch put the Cadou in me. Sometimes I remember it happening when I was a dumb teenager, others when I'm in my twenties, but there are memories of her putting one in me when I was- when I was just a kid." You didn't think you'd ever hear Heisenberg choke over words yet here you are.

To try and consol the large man who was shaking in rage, you put your hand on his arm and gently rubbed up and down. Heisenberg stiffened at first but soon relaxed into your touch.

"As nice as that feels, Buttercup," Heisenberg said with a smirk, "I'd much prefer having to stroke a different area."

You pulled your hand away and punched him in the arm. "Do want me to do that in another area too or are you good?"

"Maybe use your fist differently and we'll talk."

"Leck mich am Arsch," you teased.

"Du willst mich ficken," Heisenberg retaliated.

Rolling your eyes, you gave Heisenberg a flat stare. "Wenn ich dich ficken wollte, hätte ich es schon getan." You wanted to push Heisenberg's buttons and tease him a little, even if that last statement was no where near true.

"Get a room," Ethan groaned, laughing a little and you could swear you saw a light blush dust his cheeks. 

"You are never going to let me live that down, huh?"

"Not a chance in hell," Ethan huffed as he stood up straight. "Why did you bring us here, Heisenberg?"

Heisenberg laughed as he stood up himself. "Both of you look like hell, and I can't have you going on to the battlefield without some Goddamn sleep," Heisenberg chuckled, walked past you and slapped your ass. "I have an area that you two can relax in. Keep in mind that there is only one bed and I would prefer if the lady takes it."

"So it's your bed," you said, walking past Heisenberg. You were tempted to smack his ass in retaliation but decided against it. This man was still a psychotic megalomaniac. "I think I'll take the second option."

Ethan groaned as Heisenberg pushed past you and opened the door. "My lap it is."

"You are a sad, horny man, Heisenberg," you chuckled, walking through the door. "It's like you haven't touched anyone in years."

"I wouldn't go that far," Heisenberg scoffed as he led you and Ethan to his living area. "I just want to... spend some time with you."

"Damit meinst du, du willst mich in die Matratze bohren, oder?" you said with a smirk. 

"Am I invisible to you both?" Ethan asked when you stopped in front of a door with Heisenberg's Crest. "Honestly, you two."

"Now you know how I felt when you and Mia first started dating," you retorted, watching Ethan step into the room. You knew that Ethan was slightly irked from hearing you say that because he seemed to rush in. "Oh, I will be telling Rose about that when she's older!"

Heisenberg chuckled as you both watched Ethan make a beeline for the couch in the middle of the room. "How horny were they?"

"Like bitches in heat, they couldn't keep their hands off of each other," you replied. "What are you going to do while Ethan and I are resting?"

"I'll be finishing some reactors to maximize the army as much as possible," Heisenberg said, pointing the way you came. "If you need me, I'll be in the forge. Just take the elevator down to floor B4 and go in the door on the left. I'll help you through the halls from there."


"I have security cameras, Buttercup," Heisenberg smirked. "I'll see you through them and use lights and speakers to guide you to me." Heisenberg pointed to a door at the far end of the room. "That's the bathroom, feel free to use the shower too. Moreau's fight wasn't nice to ya."

You nodded and stepped into the room, snickering at his little jab to your hygiene. "Thanks, Heisenberg."

"Karl. My name's Karl."


Chapter Text

Damnit, just go back to sleep!

Heisenberg's room wasn't anything short of large. He had a large couch in the middle of the room that face a floor-to-ceiling window looking down on the factory. His bed was huge, much too big for one guy which made you wonder how many people from the village he got down here. Granted, it was extremely comfortable. The bathroom was next to the kitchen area that was also very large.

You showered in that beautiful bathroom and cleaned off all the grime you collected. From Lycan spit to Moreau's slime, all of it was down the drain. You even washed your hair, but you didn't have any product so it was more like a rinse while you combed it out with your fingers. Ethan hoped in right after you, cleaning himself to the best of his ability.

Now, Ethan was on the couch fast asleep while you took Heisenberg's bed. You fell asleep a little while back but woke up not long after because of nightmares. You would fall back asleep only to be woken up by the same nightmare.

Said nightmare was centred around Ethan, Rose, and Mia. You couldn't stop seeing Mia's face when she was shot in your head. You kept reliving that memory along with seeing Rose and Ethan be split into fourths by Miranda.

You eventually gave up and slid out of the bed and walked over to a workbench. The workbench had a pen and paper on it. Scribbling down a quick note to Ethan, you let him know that you couldn't sleep and that you went to see if you could find something to keep your hands busy.

Throwing on your shoes, you walked into the hall and out to the elevator. When you got in the elevator, you pushed the button that would take you to floor B4 and watched the doors close.

You leaned against the elevator and watched as you went down the floors. Each area you passed would help you see through the fog clearer. Eventually, you saw the factory as a whole.

Conveyor belts were going from one end to the other, carrying lines of bodies. You saw flashing red lights everywhere. Steam and pipes were poking out of every crevasse you could see. It was something to look at. Your enjoyment of the view was short-lived when the elevator came to a stop.

You stepped out of the elevator and went straight to the door Heisenberg told you about. You expected lights to turn on and guide you or for Heisenberg's voice to scare you through the speakers.

Nothing happened.

You decided to wing it and stumbled around blindly for the forge. You ran into a few dead ends and some monsters that Heisenberg made, but they didn't cause you that much trouble. In fact, the weird-looking monsters left you alone.

After fifteen minutes, you finally made it to the door of the forge. You knew it was the forge because of the heat radiating from the door and there was a sign that said 'forge' right next to it.

You tapped the handle off the door to check if the metal would burn. Surprisingly, it didn't. Turning the handle, you stepped into the forge and was met with one of the most beautiful sights.

Karl Heisenberg was completely naked from the waist up.

He was using his bare hands to bend a piece of rebar in half. You couldn't help but stare at his back and watch his muscles work the rebar. You were in awe since he was doing it barehanded.

Now that's hot.

"It's not very polite to stare, y'know," Heisenberg's gruff voice broke you out of your trance. He didn't look back at you, keeping his focus on the rebar.

"It's also not very polite to slap someone's ass in front of her brother," you retorted. "Nor is leaving me to walk around this whole damn hallway looking for you."

"Yeah, yeah." Heisenberg pulled the rebar and it broke in half. "So I got invested in my work and forgot to check the security cameras, big deal." He put the broken rebar into a pot. "What ya need?"

"Couldn't sleep," you said, shrugging and walking up to him. "Was wondering if there was anything I could do to help."

Heisenberg barked out a laugh and finally turned to face you. He paused when he noticed what you were wearing.

You didn't want to go to sleep in the clothes you wore earlier, so you didn't. You left those clothes in the corner of the bathroom, out of the way for anyone who needed to use it. You also figured Heisenberg wouldn't mind you wearing one of his shirts and, based on the look he was giving you, Heisenberg didn't mind at all. His shirt was big on you, it just reached mid-thigh. You had it buttoned-up almost all the way, leaving Heisenberg little room for imagination.

Heisenberg leaned against the workbench and shamelessly checked you out, playing with his bottom lip. "I don't know, Sweetheart... this work is kinda hard for someone without experience."

"Looks like the work isn't the only thing that's hard," you said, not even bothering to hide the fact that you were checking him out too. Heisenberg was well built, his muscles were clearly defined and glistening with sweat. Scars littered Heisenberg's body only adding to this man's angsty ruggedness and making you think that whatever gave him those must've been painful. This man was also covered in chest hair and had a defined treasure trail. "Seriously though, is there anything that I can do to help you with the army?"

"I have some buttons you could push while I bend the metal," Heisenberg said, rolling his eyes. "Was it your plan to get me all hot and bothered?"

"I can neither confirm nor deny that statement."

Heisenberg laughed as he showed you the controls for the smelter. All you had to do was push a few buttons and pull a lever so a bucket with hot metal would come up and pour into a mould.

You and Heisenberg worked for about half an hour before Heisenberg said that he had enough for the last few corpses he had. Heisenberg took a seat and grabbed a nearby rag. He wiped the sweat away from his eyes before he offered the rag to you.

You took it with a thank you and wiped the sweat away from your neck and eyes. You could feel Heisenberg stare at you as you stretched your neck and exaggerated your movements. Smirking, you threw the rag at Heisenberg. You expected him to catch the rag, not let it flop right on his face.

"Wow! Your reflexes are shit," you laughed as Heisenberg formulated a small plan.

Heisenberg used his power to silently control a chain to float up behind you. You froze and stopped laughing when you felt the cold metal slither up your leg. The chain wrapped itself around your waist and jerked you closer to Heisenberg.

Said man was slowly pulling the rag off of his face and threw it onto the workbench. He gave you this look that had you clenching your thighs together for some form of relief.

Heisenberg noticed, of course, and chuckled darkly. "Ich will dich schreien hören."

Fucking Hell.

If you weren't as horny as this bastard, you would have been blushing like a virgin in an orgy. Luckily, you also matched Heisenberg's energy so you just smirked and hopped onto his lap. Heisenberg welcomed the sudden intrusion by pulling you as close to him as possible with the chains. He put his hands on your thighs and started to trace little shapes. You leaned forward and ran your hands along Heisenberg's ribs, getting right to the point.

"Fick mich, Karl."

With that statement, Karl Heisenberg was a goner.

Heisenberg pushed you away just enough to make the chains fall away and for him to grip the shirt you're wearing. He seemed to hesitate at pulling the fabric away, his mind trying to figure something out.

"Everything alright?" You asked, moving your hands away. You didn't know if he actually wanted this and you didn't want to pressure him-

"Just trying to figure out if I wanna fuck you in this shirt or not."

Never mind, he's fine.

Heisenberg came to a decision very quickly, he wanted to see what was under that shirt. Heisenberg ripped the fabric with ease and you watched as his eyes lit up when the shirt fell away. He carefully traced each scar that you got from this fucking village and smirked.

"Christ, Buttercup," Heisenberg said as he ground you into his crotch, "today must be my lucky day."

Much like the rest of your clothes, your underwear and bra were disgusting. You decided to throw them with your other clothes. Ever since you got out of the shower, you've gone commando.

Heisenberg removed his gloves before he started to run his hands along your body. His hands were rough and covered with callouses as he massaged your thighs and breasts. Heisenberg's hands were everywhere but he did give your thighs special attention when you started to move.

You ran your hands up Heisenberg's stomach and chest, touching every bit of skin you could. Heisenberg groaned and leaned back in the chair as your hands explored his body. He relaxed and rested his hands on your hips when you started to grind on him. You felt his cock harden from underneath you and you licked your lips.


That only spurred you on as you slowly traced shaped on Heisenberg's torso, trailing down and around his scars. Heisenberg had nasty scars all over his body that were slightly covered in chest hair. He hated his scars, with every reason too, but they were still a part of him so you made sure to delicately trace each one of them before lowering your hands. You just started to undo his pants when Heisenberg grabbed your wrists.

Heisenberg lifted his head and looked you in the eye. "You're not quite ready for that yet, Butterblume."

Heisenberg moved his hands to your ass and stood up, carrying you to a workbench that didn't have anything on it. He set you down carefully and you watched as the chair he was sitting in before floated up behind him. Heisenberg pushed you flat onto the table, only letting you use your elbows to prop yourself up and watch him.

You were wondering exactly what he had planed- wait he's sitting down. Heisenberg smiled as he threw your legs over his shoulders and lined his face up with your cunt.

"Schrei für mich," he said before licking a stripe up your pussy.

You groaned as Heisenberg slowly licked you up and down, teasingly pushing his tongue through your folds.

"Fucking hell," you sighed when Heisenberg stopped. "How exactly am I supposed to scream from that?"

Heisenberg chuckled against your clit. "You asked for it."

Heisenberg gripped your thighs like they were the last thing on earth and absolutely devoured you. His tongue was practically everywhere as he licked you up and down. You tried to hold in a moan when Heisenberg suctioned his lips around your clit and started sucking but was unsuccessful. The man between your legs did everything in his power to rip every sound out of you and it showed.

Your hand found its way to Heisenberg's hair and you tugged him closer to you. Heisenberg grunted and moved one of his hands down to your hole. His eyes never left yours while Heisenberg sunk one of his large fingers into your cunt. You moaned as Heisenberg trusted in and out, curling his finger to find that one good spot.

"Fuck, Karl," you moaned loudly. He found it.

Heisenberg groaned as he pulled away from your clit. He smirked at you and curled his finger to repeatedly hit that spot. "Good girl." Heisenberg kissed your clit quickly. "God I love hearing you say my name, now let's see how loud you'll scream it." Heisenberg paused before pushing in a second finger.

You cursed as you pulled on Heisenberg's hair. Heisenberg grunted as he pounded his fingers into you, hitting that sweet spot every time. He even started to suck and play with your clit again. He scissored his fingers in an attempt to prepare you for his size before inserting one ore just for shits and giggles, smirking when you screamed a little.

You felt that familiar knot in your core started to form. Your legs started to tremble around Heisenberg's head as you climbed up your high.

"Are you going to cum so soon?" Heisenberg rested his cheek against your thigh, not bothering to slow his pace.

You nodded and squeezed his head with your legs. Up and up you climbed to your high. Eventually, you got the very edge and started to teeter off.

But then he pulled away.


Heisenberg chuckled and ghosted over your cunt. "Not yet, Butterblume, you'll get to later."

You whimpered as Heisenberg traced his fingers through your folds. Your orgasm slowly faded out of reach and you let your head fall back onto the bench.

"Bastard," you grumbled as Heisenberg teased your clit with the tip of his thumb.

"Oh, I know, Sweetheart." Heisenberg mocked a pout. "Let's keep going, shall we?"

You moaned as Heisenberg started to pound into you again. For what felt like hours, Heisenberg teased you with his mouth and fingers. He would constantly bring you right to the edge only to pull away and watch you squirm. Tears started to form in your eyes from the constant teasing. After his latest edge, Heisenberg completely pulled away and stood up.

You were a whining mess and Heisenberg loved it. He couldn't help his arousal when he saw you like this. You were wrong when you said that it's been a while since Heisenberg touched someone but, with how hard and horny he was now, you might as well have been right. The things you were doing to him were scaring him and turning him on even more.

"Look at you," Heisenberg purred, "already undone just from my fingers. It's pathetic."

If that line wasn't enough to hint that Heisenberg was a kinky bastard, then the chains sure were. He used his power to wrap the previously discarded chains into a harness around your body. Heisenberg weaved the chains around your thighs, waist, and torso, making sure that your breasts were framed and your hands were secure behind your back. You were soon hoisted into the air and over to Heisenberg's waiting arms.

"I've been thinking about this for a while now, Butterblume.God his voice sounds like butter. "So many ideas but so little time, what do I do with you?" You let out a groan as Heisenberg groped your ass.

"I'm sure you'll figure something out," you sighed.

Heisenberg glared at you before moving one hand away from your ass. You whined at the loss of contact only to yelp when you spanked you.

"I didn't give you permission to speak, did I?" Heisenberg growl, pressing you forward. He ghosted his lips over yours and smirked. "Be good for me, Schlampe."

Your cunt clenched as you gasped. Heisenberg took that opportunity to sink his tongue in your mouth. You moaned and kissed him back, sucking on his tongue. You were so focused on kissing this sexy-ass man that you didn't notice him push you against a wall.

And fucking attach you to it!

Heisenberg used the chains to hold you against the wall while he backed up. You stared as Heisenberg teasingly peeled off his pants, going at an agonizingly slow speed. 

The end result was worth it.

Your cunt clenched at the size of him. You finally understood the horse in his House Crest. Granted, you weren't sure how much of him was influenced by genetics or his Cadou but you didn't care. This man was about to split you in half.

Heisenberg grabbed his cock and started to stroke himself at the sight of you. He groaned your name and you started to squirm and whine. Heisenberg knew he was hot and he just loved to torture you with it..

"Do you want my cock, Butterblume?" Heisenberg moaned as he stroked himself faster. You watched as pre-cum started to drip out and Heisenberg smeared it around his tip using his thumb.

"Yes," you gasped, struggling against your restraints.


You wasted no time in pleading for Heisenberg to get his ass over to there and touch you. "Please, Karl, please! I need to feel you. Please, for the love of God, touch me!"

"Oh," Heisenberg hissed as he gave the base of his cock a quick squeeze, holding back his need to cum for now. He was sure that if you kept that up he was going to cum. "I guess I could indulge you..."

Heisenberg walked over to you and grabbed the back of your neck. He kissed you passionately while his one hand moved up from his cock to your breasts. Heisenberg massaged and pulled at your tits like they would be the last thing he would ever touch. You moaned in his mouth when Heisenberg started to roll your nipples in between his fingers.

"God, you're fucking gorgeous," Heisenberg said as he started to kiss down your neck. "I can't wait to sink my cock in your cunt."

You moaned as Heisenberg took one of your breasts in his mouth. He bit and licked your nipple while massaging your other breast. When he was satisfied with one, Heisenberg immediately gave the other the exact same treatment. You were lost in bliss as his mouth played with you.

But this isn't what you wanted.

Don't get me wrong, you wanted Heisenberg like this, but you begged because you wanted him to fuck you. You wanted to cum on his cock and make him moan your name. 

"Please, Karl," you whined and Heisenberg pulled away. 

Heisenberg stood up straight and rested a hand on your waist. "Please, what?" He growled as he licked your neck. "You only asked for me to touch you."

You groaned and took a breath. "Scheißdreck, Heisenberg, I want your cock. Please fuck me with your huge cock." You kept begging but all Heisenberg would do was grind his cock against your thigh. That's when you got an idea that would either get you laid or killed.

Screw it.

You twisted your head until your mouth was right next to Heisenberg's ear. The man was currently biting a hickey onto the base of your neck so it wasn't too hard to do. You moaned something in his ear that made Heisenberg freeze.

"Fick mich, Herr Heisenberg."

You were afraid that you said the wrong thing until you felt Heisenberg press his cock to your entrance.

"Fucking. Hell," he groaned in your ear. "I could get used to hearing you say that."

Heisenberg slowly pushed his cock into your cunt and you cried out in pain. You were far from a virgin so you knew that there would be some pain, but you didn't expect this much. Heisenberg was stretching you thin and when he bottomed out, tears started to fall from your eyes. Heisenberg kissed away your tears as he stayed still, only moving his hand you cup your face.

"Easy there, I've got you." You were surprised at how delicately Heisenberg said that. You expected a snarky reply- "It's not your fault that I'm the best fuck you'll ever have." Never mind.

You started to laugh a little as Heisenberg wiped your tears away. "That has to be your worst jab ever."

Heisenberg chuckled as he kissed you all over. "Tell me when I can move, alright?" He said in between kisses. 

You nodded and kissed him. Since your hands were restrained you couldn't hold him close so you tried you express your thankfulness through your kiss. Heisenberg was perfectly happy with kissing you while touching every bit of skin he could get his hands on. Every now and then, after a few minutes, Heisenberg would shift a little, making his cock move inside you. Every time that happened, you would let out a cry of pain. Those cries eventually died down as the pain faded to pleasure.

"Okay," you said, breaking the kiss you were in, "I'm ready."

Heisenberg nodded and slowly started to move. You groaned at each of his movements, only getting a few shots of pain here and there. The pain finally melted away and you were left in complete bliss. 

"Karl," you moaned, your head fell back against the wall. 

Heisenberg felt your cunt grip him tightly as he started to kiss your neck again. You felt him grin against your skin as his thrust slowly got harder, deeper, and faster. He groaned against your neck and bit any place he could reach. "Scheiße, du bist so eng," he said as one hand travelled down your body and to your clit.

You clenched around him at his words, causing Heisenberg to groan against your skin. "Härter," you pleaded in his ear. Heisenberg happily obliged.

"Y'know, I've been at half-mast since before our little chat after you killed the Fish Freak," Heisenberg said as he rammed into you. "It pissed me off when he tried to lay his disgusting fins on you." Heisenberg used his thumb to rub circles around your clit as he fucked you into the wall. "Du gehörst mir."

Heisenberg angled himself so he was hitting your g-spot with every thrust instead of just rubbing against it. This caused you to scream his name, making Heisenberg smile. His smile soon turned into a small frown as he played with the chains wrapped around you.

"Y'know," he grunted as he pulled at them, "I wanna see how much damage you'll do to me."

Heisenberg snapped his fingers and watched as the chains fell away from your body. You brought your hands up and wrapped them around Heisenberg's neck, grabbing his hair to pull him in. 

The kiss was a mess of tongue and teeth. Heisenberg even bit your lip open and kept licking over it. When you separated, your lips were swollen and bleeding. You couldn't help but swipe your tongue over the tear as you stared Heisenberg down. His pupils were blown wide out of lust and you could imagine that yours were the same.

"Christ you look like sin itself," Heisenberg groaned as he started to kiss up your neck to your ear.

That's when you felt it again, that knot forming one more time. You knew Heisenberg noticed your breathing pick up and how your legs squeezed around his waist. 

Heisenberg smirked against your neck as he slowed his movements, rocking inside you. Heisenberg's thumb slowly teased your clit, just barely touching it as he bit your ear. "Du weißt was zu tun ist," he whispered in your ear.

"Please, Heisenberg," you pleaded. "Please let me cum! Fuck, please, Karl, please." 

You felt Heisenberg kiss your neck, right on your pulse. 

"Good girl."

Heisenberg started fucking you like you were the last woman he would ever touch. His hips jerked against yours making his cock hit the deepest parts of you. One of his hands went everywhere on your body but eventually settled under one of your thighs, gripping it tightly. Heisenberg's other hand was occupied with rubbing your clit in furious circles. 

Your hands found their way to Heisenberg's back and you scratched your nails down, earning a groan from the man in front of you. You felt yourself climb higher and higher as your orgasm approached. 

Heisenberg licked at your shoulder before saying something that flew you over the edge. "Komme." Hit bit at your shoulder hard as your orgasm hit you like a tone of bricks.

Your vision went white as you screamed Heisenberg's name.

Heisenberg wasn't too far behind you. With his teeth still latched onto your skin, Heisenberg thrusted into you a few more times before he came. Heisenberg rocked into you to ride out his high as he unlatched his teeth and moaned your name.

Not Buttercup or Sweetheart. Your name.

You whimpered as Heisenberg spilled into you. You wanted to hear him say your name like that over and over again. It sounded like Heaven. 

Eventually, Heisenberg pulled out of you but he held you there against the wall. Heisenberg knelt down, both hands were gripping your thighs as he looked up at you.

"We aren't quite done yet, Butterblume." Heisenberg threw your legs over his shoulders and buried his face in your cunt once again. He ate you out like a starved man as you yelped. Heisenberg's beard tickled you as he sucked at your hole and stuck his tongue in.

But he pulled away almost as quickly as he went in. 

Heisenberg set you down on your feet but quickly realized that you couldn't stand on your own yet. He snickered as you slid down the wall and sat on the floor. You gave him a tired smile as Heisenberg leaned in to kiss you. 

The kiss was gentle, a nice little afterthought to the brutal fucking he put you through. Gripping his hair, you sighed as Heisenberg sunk his tongue in your mouth and-

His warm, salty cum went into your mouth right as Heisenberg's tongue pulled out. He grabbed your jaw as he pulled away and looked you in the eyes.

"Schluck es," Heisenberg commanded.

You closed your lips and swallowed his cum quickly, only opening your mouth when you were sure you got it all. 

"Good girl," Heisenberg said as he let go of your jaw and picked you up. "Now we're done."


Chapter Text

You woke up to the sound of cursing.

After Heisenberg fucked you like a Godamn fleshlight, he carried you to his workbench and set you on his lap. Heisenberg wrapped his coat around you and rubbed your arms until you fell asleep against his chest. You didn't have any nightmares as you slept, it was completely dreamless.

While you were asleep, Heisenberg had buried himself in his wok with you in his lap. He silently assembled parts for reactors and the reactors themselves. It was harder than it would be if he just moved around but Heisenberg didn't want to wake you, so he used his power to get everything he needed. Well, almost everything.

"What's wrong?" You yawned and looked up at Heisenberg.

"Sorry for waking you, Sweetheart," Heisenberg apologized with a small smile. "Just forgot some tools in Basement 5, nothing you needed to worry about."

"Yeah, I know that's not it."

Heisenberg sighed and rubbed the back of his neck. "Nothing gets past you, huh?" You rolled your eyes and waited for Heisenberg to tell you what's up. "The tools being in B5 isn't the only problem, some Haulers and Soldats are fighting each other and they're ignoring my orders."


"...right, I didn't tell you about those." Heisenberg took a breath before explaining. "The Soldats are some more of my creations, they make up the bulk of the army. I have a lot of them, old and new, and keep that up and I'll mount you on the fucking floor."

You were shifting your position so you weren't laying on Heisenberg, more like sitting on his lap. Apparently, you were rubbing up against his crotch while he was still naked. Heisenberg didn't put on any clothes so the fabric of his duster mixed with your shuffling was feeling really good.

"Sorry about that," you said and sat still.

Heisenberg snickered at your sudden panic and decided to tease you a little. "What? Was sex with me that bad?" He mocked a pout. "Aren't you fucking picky," he stated sarcastically.

"Of course it was," you retorted with equally as much sarcasm. "Worst fuck of my life."

"Guess I should try harder next time," Heisenberg laughed and you chuckled.

You shifted once more, intentionally rubbing up against Heisenberg this time, and got up from his lap. Smirking, you turned to Heisenberg and pulled his duster on properly. Heisenberg watched you with hungry eyes while you bent down and picked up his pants and briefs.

"I'm gonna hold on to this until I can get back to B1," you said as you held out Heisenberg's clothes. "Kind of don't want either of us to walk around completely naked."

"Nothing wrong with it, Sweetheart." Heisenberg shrugged and stood up. "Might as well flaunt what we were given and I might just take that jacket away-" You cut Heisenberg off my throwing his pants in his face. "Is this going to be a regular thing or..?"

You snickered and pulled the duster tight around you. "Play your cards right and it won't be."

Heisenberg rolled his eyes as he pulled his pants off his face. "If you were any other woman..." he grumbled as he pulled his pants on.

"If I was any other woman," you picked up where Heisenberg left off, "you would have been fucking one of the villagers who worshipped you."

"They were pretty good fucks," Heisenberg said in an attempt to make you jealous.

"If only those Lycans didn't kill them off," you sighed, leaning against the nearby workbench. You knew what he was doing so you decided to tease him back. "Iulian seemed like an interesting guy," you said, biting your lip.

Heisenberg surged forward and trapped you between him and the workbench. "It's not Iulian's cum that's dripping down your thighs, is it?" Heisenberg growled and glared down at you.

You weren't phased whatsoever. Running your hands up Heisenberg's sides, you smirked up at him. "And it wasn't some village girl's cunt you had your cock shoved into. What's your point?"

"Point is, Iulian's dead and ain't coming back."

"So are the village girls." You grabbed the waist of Heisenberg's pants and pulled him closer. "Again, your point?"

Heisenberg grabbed your ass and closed any gap that was between you two. "Don't test me, bitch."

"Then don't try to make me jealous, it isn't going to work." You smirked and gave Heisenberg a quick peck on his lips. "I'm not like the women you've slept with before, I'm from outside the village and most of us women don't worship the men we sleep with."

"I'm not just any man."

"That's what they all say-" Heisenberg cut you off by kissing you. His kiss was a little angry and you could tell he only kissed you to shut you up.

You giggled a little as your arms went up and around Heisenberg's neck, pulling him closer. Heisenberg deepened the kiss when you pulled at his hair. You moaned as Heisenberg lifted you onto the workbench and started to grope your thighs. You kissed Heisenberg with as much hunger as he kissed you.

When you two finally separated, you were breathing heavily and you were dripping wet. A string of spit broke apart as you held him. 

"I think we got a little carried away," you chuckled.

Heisenberg raised a brow out of amusement. "Ya think? I have half a mind to fuck you again right now." He pulled away and left you on the workbench to grab his shirt. "But I kinda need you walking later, Miranda isn't going to kill herself."

"Oh, please keep talking dirty to me," you joked, "You talking about killing your mom really gets my motor running."

"Keep that up and I'll chain you to that chair until it's time to leave," Heisenberg threatened, pointing to the chair at the side of the room. 

You raised a brow, not quite knowing what he meant. You knew he did want to chain you to the chair but you weren't sure why you should be afraid of a metal chair. Yeah, it would be uncomfortable to sit there for hours but that would be it.

Heisenberg noticed your confusion and he broke out into an evil smile. "Yes, Sweetheart," Heisenberg said as he picked you up. "You'll be naked." He pulled his duster off of you and sat you down in the chair facing the back of it. "And chained to this chair while it's doing this." Heisenberg snapped his fingers and the chair started to vibrate. You jumped and tried to get out of the chair but Heisenberg held you down. "Hours of this, Butterblume. You won't be able to move for hours while I go run some errands. Do you really want to risk that?"

You shook your head. While the vibrations of the chair felt amazing, you didn't want to be stuck to it for hours. You were pretty sure that you wouldn't be able to walk after.

Heisenberg grabbed your jaw and made you look at him. "Use your words, Schlampe."

"I'd rather not be chained to a vibrating chair," you said, choosing your words carefully. "Please let me get up."

With a smirk, Heisenberg let go of your face and stopped the vibrating chair. "Atta girl," he said as he watched you stand up.

You sighed and looked Heisenberg in the eye, putting your hands on your hips. "May I please use your jacket to cover up until I can get back to the bathroom?" 

Heisenberg's response to your question was to throw his duster in your face. You sighed and pulled the jacket on while Heisenberg snickered, grabbing his hat and glasses. He watched you throw on the jacket and started plotting all the ways to 'accidentally' get it off you.

"Sorry about earlier," Heisenberg said as he led you out of the forge, "shoulda asked if it was alright."

"What do you mean?" you asked raising a brow.

Heisenberg gestured to your thighs as he answered. "I kind of didn't ask if I could cum in ya... I know that that can be crossing a line and I didn't mean to do that so this is me taking responsibility for a stupid mistake."

"Thanks for apologizing," you said with a smile, "not a lot of guys would do that. It was a little surprising, especially that whole stunt with you kissing your cum in my mouth, but I kind of liked it..." You rubbed the back of your neck and chuckled. "If this ever happens again, cum inside me again, I'm okay with it."

"Oh?" Heisenberg raised a brow suggestively. "There's going to be a next time?" He laughed when you lightly elbowed him in the ribs. "Speaking of, is there going to be a mini-me running around after we kill that bitch Miranda?"

You shook your head and smiled. "No, I got it covered. I'm on birth control."

"You say that as if I know what it means," Heisenberg said, pointing to himself. "Born and raised in this village, baby, I don't know what you mean by that."

"It just means that I'm taking medicine that stops my ovulation," you explained. "I mainly started taking it for fights so I wouldn't have to worry about my period but it comes in handy when I don't want to get pregnant."

Heisenberg nodded as he put an arm around you and led you through the halls you almost got lost in earlier. You both walked in a comfortable silence as a question started to gnaw at the back of your head. 

"Alright," you sighed as Heisenberg turned a corner, "something's been bugging me for a while."

"And that would be..?" Heisenberg asked with a grin, thinking you might ask something about your latest encounter.

"Why do you hate Miranda so much?"

Heisenberg stopped in his tracks and frowned. The atmosphere around you quickly shifted from lighthearted to cold in a matter of seconds as Heisenberg's grip on your waist tightened.

You quickly started to explain, hoping that you didn't anger him too much. "I understand if you don't want to tell me, that's entirely your business." You turned to face Heisenberg but he was just staring straight ahead. "I'm curious is all. Many people outside of this village would do anything to have the power and status that Miranda gave you, so I'm a little skeptical. The thing about you not remembering when Miranda put the Cadou in you does explain part of it but that's it. Part of it." You knew you were word vomiting but you just needed to get it all out. "Again, I know a lot of people who would kill for the power you have and would absolutely suck up to Miranda for a taste of it. So why do you want her gone? You have everything, a Lordship, your family's factory, supernatural powers, a cult to partially lead, and any woman you want in the village."

"Men too," Heisenberg added on.

"Okay, anyone in the village," you corrected yourself before continuing. "Point is, you have it all but you want to kill the person who gave it to you."

Heisenberg sighed as he started to walk forwards, pulling you along. "...Miranda didn't give unless she wanted something in return. The other Lords and I were experiments to find a vessel for Miranda's dead kid." Heisenberg explained as you walked down the hall. "She stuffed us with a parasite, the Cadou, and hoped that we would evolve into a suitable vessel. I don't entirely know why we Lords had a higher affinity to it but it might have something to do with our heritage. We're noble blood." You nodded and stayed silent as Heisenberg took a breath. 

"I'm not the first Heisenberg Miranda took." Heisenberg's voice cracked as he stopped walking. "She took my parents and my older sister before I came into play... I can't even remember their fucking voices thanks to Miranda playing with my head." Heisenberg stopped talking altogether and you heard him choke back a sob.

Without thinking, you turned around and wrapped your arms around Heisenberg, pulling him into a gentle hug. It took a minute before Heisenberg hugged you back but he did it with such need. He held you tightly and buried his head in your hair, letting his tears fall. Your eyes were also watering at the revelation Heisenberg told you.

Mother Miranda destroyed families and called them her own when her experiments failed so she could have power. If you weren't angry at this woman before, you sure as Hell were pissed now.

"My life hasn't been my own for however long I've been alive," Heisenberg whispered. "I want to kill her so my life will finally be mine."

Jesus Christ, they all have mommy issues.

You shook the intrusive thought from your head and hugged Heisenberg a little tighter before pulling away. "I'm so sorry that happened," you said softly, pulling Heisenberg's glasses off his face. "Thank you for trusting me enough to tell me." 

"I'm glad I did," Heisenberg said your name as he kissed your forehead. "Thanks for listening, Butterblume." 

You and Heisenberg wiped away your tears before stepping through the last door. You walked into the area that you left the elevator in, but there was a small surprise waiting for you.

"Duke," you exclaimed, walking up to the elevator. "What are you doing here?"

The Duke smiled at you as you walked up to the elevator. "I follow where I'm needed, and it looks like I am needed." The Duke shifted his position and avoided looking at you out of respect. "It seems you are in need of some new clothing."

"I think I'm alright-" you try to wave the Duke off when Heisenberg interrupted you.

"Her's are disgusting thanks to that Fish Freak," Heisenberg said as he pulled out a large bag of lei. "Same thing that you gave her last time."

The Duke took Heisenberg's money and counted it out. "I actually have something that might work better for the battle that is to come."

"Then bring it out," Heisenberg snapped and you stared at him.

Right, the Duke did say that Heisenberg was his least patient customer.

You huffed out a small laugh and turned to the Duke. "If you wouldn't mind, of course."

"I don't mind whatsoever," the Duke chuckled, reaching behind him. "I'm sure you'll find these articles comfortable and useful." The Duke turned back to face you and Heisenberg with a pile of folded clothes.

You took the clothes and thanked the Duke, who pointed to a corner of the elevator where he set up a small curtain for you to change behind. You walked over to the curtain and closed it as a small form of privacy. 

Taking off Heisenberg's duster, you look at the pile of clothes and smiled. You knew the Duke got you the right size so the clothes were comfortable but wouldn't get in your way. What really made you smile was the pockets. 

You threw on the clothes and walked out from behind the curtain. Heisenberg smirked and gave a nod of approval while you handed him his jacket.

The Duke provided you with a sports bra and comfortable underwear that you could easily move around in without worrying about any kind of pain or discomfort. The shirt the Duke gave you was a black, lightweight, long-sleeved turtleneck that hugged your curves nicely and accented your muscles all while being surprisingly warm. The pants were the most comfortable cargo pants you have ever worn. You could easily move around in them, they were warm, and they had a lot of pockets. The Duke also gave you combat boots, good socks, something to keep your hair out of your face, and a black military jacket.

"You look good, Butterblume." Heisenberg took his jacket and pulled it on, staring at you the entire time. 

"Like a soldier ready to win a battle," the Duke added on.

You laughed and shoved your hands in your pockets. "Thanks, you two."

"Alright, here." Heisenberg threw something small at you. You caught it and saw that it was a key. "That's the key to this elevator, just put it in there and it'll open the last two buttons on that keypad." Heisenberg pointed to the keypad as he walked out of the elevator. "I'll go take care of the Hauler and Soldat situation. Tools I'm missing are in a red toolbox, just bring up the whole thing."

"Got it," you said, walking up to the keypad, "see you in a few minutes."

Heisenberg waved as he walked out of your sight. You put the key in its lock and, sure enough, two buttons opened up. Both buttons were red with masking tape on them. You pressed the button that said B5 on the masking tape and watched the elevator doors close.

"I see you and Lord Heisenberg have gotten close," the Duke said once the elevator started to descend. 

You shrugged and turned to face the Duke. "Define 'close', Duke."

"I mean that you and Lord Heisenberg seem to like each other."

"You're not wrong," you laughed. "We're physically attracted to each other, but other than that, I'm not sure."

The Duke nodded and you both watched as the elevator passed a lot of rock. B5 was further down than you thought. Eventually, the elevator stopped and the doors opened, revealing a very dark room.

You groaned as you realized that you left your only flashlight in the pile of soiled clothing in the bathroom. You didn't want another fetus baby incident now and hesitated to step out of the elevator.

"Check your right pocket," the Duke said, breaking you from your thoughts.

"Which pocket, Duke," you chuckled, patting yourself down. "Don't get me wrong, I love all the pockets-" you paused when your hand hit something hard in one of your pants pockets. You pulled out the mysterious item and found the flashlight you've been using since you first got to the village. "How did you-? Never mind, I don't want to know."

The Duke chuckled as you stepped off the elevator and turned on the flashlight. You cautiously walked through the dark and into the new room. It was incredibly dark down there, you could barely see even with the flashlight.

You were on high alert when you heard a crash to your right. Looking around, you try to pinpoint the source of the crash while mentally cursing yourself for leaving your weapons in Heisenberg's room.

Suddenly, someone grabbed your wrists and pushed you back. Your instincts as a fighter kicked in and you crouched down to roll on your back. You dug your heels into your assailant's stomach and threw him over your head. Using the momentum, you flipped onto the guy and pinned his hands above his head.

In your haste to pin your assailant down, you dropped your flashlight. Coincidentally, it landed in a way that let you see who the man was.

"Chris?" you spat.

Chris kept his eyes on you as he sighed. "How are you capable of throwing me like that?"

"It's called training and momentum," you glowered. "What are you doing here?"

"My mission," Chris glared at you, "and you and Ethan are in the way."

You laughed, tightening your grip on Chris' wrists. "What do you care, Chris? If we're in the way you'll just kill us like what you did with Mia," you were practically screaming at Chris.

"You think I'd kill Mia?" Chris hissed. "That wasn't her!"

"The bullets in my sister's body would say otherwise."

"It wasn't Mia," Chris repeated calmly, "it was Miranda."

Your grip loosened as you stared at Chris. "...What?"

Chris didn't take advantage of your moment of weakness, he stayed pined when he could have easily escaped. "She's a bioweapon," Chris explained. "She changed her appearance and pretended to be Mia." Chris looked away from you, almost in shame. "It seems she also survived being shot," Chris looked back up at you like the dramatic bastard he is, "so now I'm here to finish the job."

You paused before tightening your grip. "Bullshit! Why didn't you fucking tell us right away!?"

"Because I knew you would want to be involved!"

"Well tough. Shit. We're already involved," you growled and slammed Chris' hands down. "Ethan and I have been fighting for our lives in this goddamn village all while trying to save Rose. We've killed almost every Lord in this village and Miranda is next on the list."

"You're only making this job harder!"

"It would have been easier if you told us," you countered. "Like it or not, Ethan and I would have been involved one way or another and look at where we are now." You huffed and got off of Chris, picking up the flashlight as you left. You walked over to a large red button with 'lights' written on masking tape and pushed it. "Now, what is going on?"

"Alright," Chris said your name, standing up, "Alright. I guess I owe you an explanation."


Chapter Text

"Long story short, Miranda's fucking insane."

"Yeah, we gathered that," you said, rolling your eyes.

Chris sighed and continued. "This village, all these monsters and freaks... this is her life's work. Some sort of crazy experiment with the mold."

"Like the mold in Louisiana?" you asked, leaning against a wall. "The shit that held Mia captive for six months?" Chris nodded and you let out a dejected sigh. "Wonderful, something I can't do a Goddamn thing about."

"That might not be true," Chris said, walking over to a tank that was obviously Heisenberg's. Chris picked something up and tossed it to you. "Take a look at this." You caught the phone and looked at the picture Chris opened for you. "My team sent those pictures a few minutes ago."

It was a picture of Miranda standing in front of something emitting a greenish glow. "Miranda," you growled.

"Keep looking."

You scrolled through the photos, each of them getting a closer look at Miranda and what she was standing in front of. Eventually, you landed on a photo that showed Rose's flasks.

"Rose!" You stood up abruptly and walked over to Chris. "Holy shit, we've gotta go and get Ethan!"

Chris grabbed your shoulders. "Relax, my team is monitoring the situation." You nodded and relaxed a little. "I'll stay down here and finish planting explosives. You take that elevator-"

"No," you said and looked up at Chris. "You're coming with me and explaining the situation to Ethan. He'll come around with you and me talking to him."

Chris didn't get a chance to react before you pushed him away and grabbed the toolbox Heisenberg needed. You pointed to Chris' equipment and then to the elevator. "Grab your stuff, let's go."

Chris didn't argue with you but you could tell he was a little skeptical. Nonetheless, he grabbed his equipment and followed you to the elevator. It was a little rewarding seeing Chris react to the Duke, he pointed a gun at the guy so you had to intervene.

"The Duke's been helping Ethan and me this whole time, Chris," you said, pushing his hand down. "Calm down."

The elevator lurched as it climbed up, leaving you, the Duke, and Chris in silence. It wasn't until the elevator stopped that you cursed and looked around. You were on B4.

"Damnit, it's stuck," you sighed and pushed the button that would open the doors. "Come on, we're taking the dangerous way up." You put Heisenberg's key in his toolbox and stepped out of the elevator with Chris close behind.

"It's also the long way up, right?" Chris asked looking at the elevator and the view of the factory.

You gave Chris an apologetic look before shouting at the top of your lungs. "Heisenberg! We've got a problem."

Chris surged forward and clamped his hand over your mouth. "What are you doing!? You're going to get us killed!"

You rolled your eyes as you heard laughter come from above you. Heisenberg was using scrap metal to walk through the air and down to you.

"Is this guy bothering you, Butterblume?"

You elbowed Chris and removed his hand from your mouth. "We don't have much time," you said, handing Heisenberg his toolbox, "Miranda's started the ceremony."

"Already?" Heisenberg's eyes widened as he took the toolbox from you and pointed up. "This is the fastest way to Winters, I'll finish up the rest of the army while you wake him up." Heisenberg made scrap metal fly up and create a staircase to the catwalk on B1.

You nodded. "Hey, can Miranda shapeshift by any chance?" You asked, deciding to check with a primary source.

"Yeah, she can," Heisenberg seemed a little taken aback by the question. "This some sort of test to make sure I'm not lying to you?"

You shook your head and nodded to Chris. "It's a test to make sure he wasn't lying to me. Why would you think that I'm testing you?"

"Thought you knew since she disguised herself as your sister for a month," Heisenberg said with a shrug. 

"I fucking told Ethan that something was up with Mia," you groaned under your breath. "Thanks, Heisenberg," you said, vaulting over the railing and onto the first piece of scrap metal. You looked over your shoulder at Chris and rolled your eyes when he didn't follow you. "Ethan and I got tired of fighting this battle alone and Heisenberg gave us two options, become his enemies or allies. I'm pretty sure you can guess which option we took." You looked at the staircase Heisenberg made before speaking again. "Like it or not, Chris, now that Heisenberg's seen you, you are going to be a part of this battle one way or another."

Chris vaulted over the railing when you started to climb up without looking back. He went to take a step when Heisenberg grabbed his arm, stopping him in his tracks. 

"She doesn't like you," Heisenberg stated as he looked Chris up and down.

He'll admit, this man was gorgeous. Chiselled jaw, gruff beard, dark mysteriousness, the man was hot. If it was under any other circumstances, Heisenberg wouldn't mind pulling this man aside and fucking him into a higher plane of existence. But his recent interest, you, didn't like Chris and Heisenberg was going to be sure that you would stay close to him for a little longer. His sex life was going to have to wait.

"I'm aware and I don't blame her."

"You're a lucky man, Chris Redfield," Heisenberg chuckled, "if she didn't give you the option to go up there with her, you would be just another Soldat." Heisenberg pointed to the many corpses in the factory. "Don't make me second guess her decision."

Heisenberg let go of Chris and walked away to finish his Soldat models.

Chris furrowed his brows before climbing up the scrap metal staircase, slowly catching up with you. Chris was lost in thought by the time you both made it up to B1 and to the door Ethan was behind. You opened the door to Heisenberg's room and held it open for Chris.

"I'll wake up Ethan, you stay here," you told Chris when you heard Ethan's snoring. "God, Ethan, you sound like a bear," you whispered as you walked up to the couch.

You peaked over the top of it and saw Ethan sleeping like a baby. He wasn't sleeping like those clip art babies, no. Ethan was sleeping like an actual fucking baby, in the strangest position you have ever seen. You had to stop yourself from laughing as you poked Ethan's cheek to try and wake him.

"Come on, Ethan," you said, moving your hand to shake his shoulder, "I have a bit of a surprise for you."

"Unless it's Rose, I'm going to go back to sleep," Ethan mumbled.

You weren't impressed and didn't have time for this, so you pushed Ethan off the couch. "Get up, Miranda started the ceremony."

At that, Ethan shot straight up and ran to the spot by the kitchen where you put your bags. "Is Heisenberg ready?"

"He's finishing up a few more corpse soldiers," you said, walking up to Ethan and taking your bag from him. "But that isn't the only thing..."

Ethan looked up at you and noticed your clothes. "Nice clothes, did Heisenberg buy them off the Duke after he was done fucking you?" You knew Ethan was being sarcastic, he probably thought you bought them yourself or something.

"That's not what I'm here to tell you," you sighed.

"Of course you actually fucked him," Ethan sighed before gesturing to the base of your jaw. "Nice hickey."

"Thanks, I had fun. Also, he'd argue that it's the other way around," you said, grabbing Ethan's face and turning it so he could see Chris. "Surprise."

You grabbed Ethan before he could rush at Chris and kill the guy. Ethan struggled for a little bit and started yelling at you.

"He killed Mia," Ethan shouted your name as you pulled him back. "Don't you want to kick his ass!?"

"I get it, Ethan," you said calmly, "I reacted the same way when I saw him earlier, but Chris explained himself. I don't forgive him for what he's done, but I understand why he had to." You waited for Ethan to look at you before continuing. "Miranda was impersonating Mia for a month, even Heisenberg confirmed it."

Chris slowly walked up to you and Ethan with his hands up. "My team and I were careless. Yesterday we took down Miranda who was disguised as Mia, but we didn't kill her." Ethan glared at Chris but let him continue. "Miranda faked being a corpse to give us a false sense of security. Since Miranda could have infected both of you, I forcefully took you both and Rose with us. But the vehicle you were riding in was attached. I had multiple opportunities to tell you both the truth but I didn't take them, for that I'm sorry."

"... so Mia's been missing for a month and we didn't know?" Ethan asked, seeming to have calmed down.

You nodded. "That's what Heisenberg said."

"That bitch Miranda held a family meeting over a month ago," you heard Heisenberg say as he walked into the room, cigar in hand. "She explained to us Lords that she may have found a suitable vessel for her kid in, and I quote, 'the offspring of the two survivors of the Louisiana failure'." Heisenberg waved his hand as he scoffed.

You raised a brow and responded without missing a beat. "I see where you get your dramatics from."

Heisenberg let out a snarky laugh and rolled his eyes. "Funny, Sweetheart, real funny." Heisenberg took a puff from his cigar and blew the smoke right at you. "We need to get moving. Now."

You heard Chris' phone chime and he quickly read through the message. "My team was able to find some of Miranda's notes about the ceremony." Chris waited for Heisenberg to say something but continued when the metal hobo was silent. "It says that the ceremony will be completed by dawn."

"So we have a few extra hours," Heisenberg hummed, lost in thought.

"What are you talking about?" Ethan growled. "Miranda's started the ceremony, we need to go save Rose!"

"Exactly," you exclaimed, siding with Ethan. "Why are we sitting around talking about the ceremony?"

Heisenberg spoke before Chris could open his mouth. "The ceremony will take away most of her power, leaving her open for more attacks."

"And the ceremony can't be completed properly unless Heisenberg's dead." All of you paused and looked at Chris who held out his phone for all of you to read. "We can only assume that Miranda thought Heisenberg was dead when she started the ceremony."

"That'll work in our favour," you said reading over the picture of Miranda's notes. "We just need to play our cards right."

Chris nodded. "I've also been told that Miranda has focused her attention on the ceremony, as long as we don't cause a scene, she won't divert from it."

"It's also killing two birds with one stone," Heisenberg said, pointing at a part of the document. "Here. It says that if one of the Lords is alive, the person Miranda's using will just end up with a nasty headache for a few days." 

You and Ethan cringed at the thought of having to deal with Rose after all of this. You loved the kid to bits and the last day was proof of that, but a baby with a headache can make even the most patient people beg for the crying to stop. The worst part was, you couldn't even communicate with Rose to tell her everything was okay and she couldn't tell you what hurts or what worked.

"Wonderful, leaving one Hell to go right into another," you sighed.

"There goes a week's worth of sleep," Ethan agreed.

"Gonna have to take shifts."

"And get some acetaminophen."

"I can just see the light fading from your eyes," Heisenberg said, smirking in amusement. "Come on, taking care of that kid can't be that bad."

"And you'd be right," you sighed, rubbing the bridge of your nose, "but then Rose gets sick or is in pain and we can't communicate with her because she's six months old."

Ethan nodded and sighed. "Oh well, part of being a parent, I guess."

"Yeah, but I'm not a parent," you argued.

"Anyway," Chris interrupted you, "I can get two of my guys here. We need to formulate a plan and get you two," Chris said, pointing at you and Ethan, "suited up properly."

Heisenberg gestured to the phone in a 'hurry up' motion. "Go on, then, get them to come here with their fancy gear. Tell them that there is a tunnel at the side of the mountain, I'll wait for them at the end of it."

"Tundra, Lobo, do you copy?" Chris said into his phone after pushing a few buttons.

"Yes, Captain," you heard two voices come out of the phone. 

"I've located EW and Viper along with an unexpected ally. Report to the factory ASAP," Chris ordered.

"Copy that," the voices said and Chris asked Heisenberg to give the people the location of the tunnel he mentioned earlier.

Heisenberg gave the location and the two voices told Chris that they'd be there with the equipment in ten minutes. With a puff of smoke and a wink to you, Heisenberg left the room, telling all of you to eat something before the fight with Miranda. He told you that you had free rain of the kitchenette while he was gone and that he'd be back in fifteen with Tundra and Lobo. 

You immediately went to the fridge and looked through it, finding what you could to make something fast and simple. You were lucky enough to find ingredients that fit your dietary restrictions to make grilled cheese with some protein in it.

"You boys alright with grilled cheese?" You asked over your shoulder, already pulling out the ingredients.

Ethan and Chris gave grunts of recognition and you turned on the stove. You figured you'd make some for Tundra, Lobo, and Heisenberg while you're at it. 

You heard the boys sit down and Ethan started to tell Chris everything that you and Ethan went through. Ethan told Chris about the Lycans with that hammer Lycan almost killing you, the survivors of the village, Castle Dimitrescu, House Beneviento, the Reservoir, and the Stronghold. You told Chris about the faulty trial Miranda put on for you and Ethan since you were the one who was awake for the entire thing.

"So she sentenced you to death without a viable reason," Chris said, leaning back in his chair while you put a plate of grilled cheese in front of him. "Sounds like her."

"You wouldn't believe how many trials have been like that," Heisenberg said as he burst into the room.

Two people were close on his heels, both of them were garbed in military camouflage. They had helmets with large goggles for seeing in the dark, big winter jackets, jeans and combat boots.

"It was every trial that she hosted, wasn't it?" You raised a brow, handing Heisenberg a plate. "There was enough to make some for everyone, can't kill Miranda on an empty stomach." You walked past Heisenberg and offered a plate to Tundra and Lobo.

"A woman after my heart," Heisenberg exclaimed, bringing his hand down to slap your ass. Luckily, both of the soldiers took the plates from your hands so you could catch Heisenberg's wrist.

Dropping his hand you walked back over to Ethan and Chris, took a seat and ate your sandwich, staring at Heisenberg the whole time. "Touch my ass again and you'll have to build yourself a new hand."

"Like I said," Heisenberg snickered and took a bite of his sandwich, "a woman after my heart."

You sighed and started to eat, letting Chris introduce you and Ethan to Tundra and Lobo. You nodded to them when Chris introduced you and they took off their helmets.

Tundra had dark, brown hair tied back in a tight bun at the base of her skull. Her eyes were a bright shade of green with specks of gray around her pupils. A very noticeable trait she had was the large, jagged scar that went from her left eyebrow, across her face, and to the right side of her jaw.

Lobo had tan skin with a black buzz cut. his eyes are brown and he also has a scar. Lobo's scar isn't as large as Tundra's, but it was noticeable. It looked like a burn scar on his right cheek and it looked like it hurt when he got it. 

"We have some equipment for each of you," Tundra said, taking a bite of her sandwich. "But we don't have extra gear like Lobo's and mine."

"Ethan and I have gotten this far without fancy gear," you said, waving it off. "We'll be just fine with as much as you can spare."

Tundra gave you a smile and nodded. "We can spare some coms so we can all be in contact as well as some medicine and weapons."

"That'll work," Ethan said, finishing his sandwich. "Now what's the plan? The three of us have a rough idea of what we're doing but we want to make sure that we won't get in each other's way."

"I know Chris wants to blow shit up," you said, mouth full of food. You swallowed and leaned back in your chair. "He was setting some explosives up when I found him in B5."

Chris nodded and started to explain. "In order to tie every loose end, we're going to blow this entire village sky-high." Chris took his plate to the sink and grabbed Ethan's from him. "It's the most effective way to make sure no one can mimic Miranda's work."

"So what your saying is," Heisenberg cut in, "I should grab the things that I don't want to lose and bring them with me?"


Heisenberg turned around and went to his desk. You watched as he shuffled through papers and grabbed two books and a piece of paper. He put his items in his jacket pocket and went right back to the group.

"I'm good to go," Heisenberg said, patting his pocket. "Can't really fight that well with too much shit in my pocket."

"Fair enough," you said, finishing your sandwich and standing up.

Lobo walked up to you and handed you his empty plate to take to the sink. He pointed at Ethan and motioned for him to follow. "Winters, you're first."

You watched as Ethan got up and walked over to Lobo and Tundra who were waiting with coms. Noticing Lobo's obvious bias to you and Tundra, you frowned.

"He doesn't think Tundra and I are worth the trouble, huh?" You asked Chris in a hushed voice.

"No, he doesn't," Chris sighed. "Lobo tends to have trouble with that kind of thing. Might have you forcibly get his respect, Viper."

"It would be my pleasure."


Chapter Text

"What do you mean you don't need one?"

"I'm what you people call a bioweapon," Heisenberg responded, rolling his eyes. "I don't need a com."

Lobo and Tundra were almost done setting up a com on Ethan. Tundra just needed to adjust the microphone on Ethan's cheek and to set it to the proper channel. Chris explained that it was a private channel so Miranda wouldn't accidentally discover you. While Tundra was fixing Ethan's com, Lobo called Heisenberg over to get him hooked up to the com system.

"Karl, would you please speak English?" You groaned. "I just so happen to know next to nothing about bioweapons so explain it slowly, please."

Heisenberg smirked and crouched to your level in the most demeaning way he could. "Metal... is... part... of-" Heisenberg didn't finish because of your knee in his solar plexus. "Ow," he shouted as you let him go.

"Your own fault for being a little shit," you said, shrugging and backing out of Heisenberg's reach. Unfortunately, he seemed to have chains in his room and pulled you towards him.

"You of all people would know that nothing about me is little," Heisenberg said, smirking. "It's not just metal that I can control, Butterblume, I control electromagnetic waves." Heisenberg dropped the chains and let you back away. "It allows me to communicate through radios, see and hear through microphones and cameras, and control metal as if it was an extension to my body."

"That's both cool and concerning at the same time..." your eyes widened as you trailed off. "Oh my God, you have cameras in the forge, don't you?"

Heisenberg chuckled and nodded, tapping the side of his head. "Been watching it on repeat for the last few hours, Buttercup."

"Fucking hell, Heisenberg."

"...So that's how you survived this long," Lobo chuckled, "you slept with one of the Lords if not all of them."

"He does realize what Moreau looked like, right?" You asked Chris, not bothering to acknowledge Lobo. "No one in their right mind would even consider sleeping with him."

Lobo glared before making his way to you. "I know you fucked each one of the Lords in exchange for your life, just admit it!"

"First of all," you said, holding up a finger, "what crawled up your ass and died? Second of all, I only slept with Heisenberg and that was about three hours ago. So, no, I didn't exchange my body for my life since I didn't need to."

"Only because you had Ethan Winters."

"Hey, don't pull me into this," Ethan said, adjusting the microphone on his cheek. "It's not going to end well for you, Lobo."

Lobo scoffed and got up in your face. "She doesn't know what she's doing. All this one knows is how to cook and listen to orders."

You have never wanted to slap someone so hard in your life, but you knew that wouldn't solve anything. You tried to think of something to get this man to back down when it hit you. 

You're one of the best fighters in the world, you scolded yourself, get him to respect you through that.

"I'm sorry, would you rather have gotten food poisoning from Ethan's cooking? God knows that man doesn't know how to keep shit from setting on fire," you said with some newfound aggression. "I'm so sorry that you, sir, only know how to follow someone like a lost puppy."

"The Fuck did you just say to me?" Lobo snapped.

You let out a snarky laugh and grinned at him. "While you and your friends hung out Ethan and I were fighting for our lives and searching every nook and cranny of that Godforsaken village for Rose!" You took a step towards Lobo and growled. "Ethan and I killed and almost died at the hands of some very powerful beings while you were off playing soldier. I bet you couldn't even take down an unarmed Lycan with a broken leg," you snarled, hitting the metaphorical head of the nail.

"I can easily take down a Lycan," Lobo bragged. "Why are getting all heated up? Think you can take me on?"

"I could kick your ass in my sleep!"

"Prove it!" Bingo.

You smirked and pushed him back. "Bring it on, boy."

Lobo took a swing at you but you ducked under his arm and circled around him.

The fighting style that's worked for you most was more defensive than offensive. You would always avoid any attack you could and observe your opponent's fighting style. It would normally take half a minute for you to find a good weak point or opening to strike, the same is true here.

Each time Lobo swung at you, he'd leave his ribs wide open. 

You smirked and moved around, baiting Lobo to take another swing at you. Luckily, he went for the bait and tried to hit your head. You bobbed and weaved, narrowly getting hit and brought your fist up. You punched Lobo's floating ribs and he stumbled back, glaring at you.

"What can't take a simple punch?" You laughed. "You're all bark and no bite."

"The all mighty Viper can only hit once?" Lobo mocked you. "It sounds like you're all bark, little miss."

Ethan whistled and leaned against a wall, watching this thing go down. Heisenberg and Chris quickly joined Ethan while Tundra started to panic, trying to stop you and Lobo. 

"Shouldn't one of us step in and help the poor woman?" Heisenberg asked, raising a brow.

"No," Ethan and Chris said in unison.

Ethan smiled as he saw you do a cut kick on Lobo's left leg. "Both of the women here are professionals, just watch."

Heisenberg shrugged and listened to Ethan. He'll admit, Heisenberg didn't know a lot about the outside world. He was born and raised in that village and there were certain expectations for both men and women. Women had very few job opportunities in the village, mainly consisting of seamstress and caregivers. Even with a job, the women in the village rarely got to keep them unless their husbands told them to. Now, as Heisenberg watched you fight, he realized that he had a lot to learn about the rest of the world when he finally killed Miranda.

"Professionals?" Heisenberg asked, deciding to start learning. "I get that Tundra is a soldier but what does little miss ball of rage do?"

"She fights people," Ethan responded. "For money."

"That's a thing?"

"Yeah," Ethan said, shrugging. "There are a lot of different fighting styles like boxing, kickboxing, UFC, and MMA. Each of them has their own divisions as well." Ethan said your name and pointed to you as you were throwing a hook kick to Lobo's head. "She does MMA in her corresponding weight division with other women."

"Is it just a woman thing or are men able to participate too?"

"It's been a man thing long before women were able to participate," Chris answered. "They never go against each other though. It's always women against women and men against men unless there's some kind of charity event."

Tundra had given up by then and was walking to the guys. She knew that at that point you were just toying with Lobo to get him even more worked up. Tundra saw a few of your matches before when she had an assignment in the same town you were fighting in so she was relatively familiar with your fighting style.

"Do you think she'll end it soon?" Tundra asked standing next to Chris. "We're wasting time."

"She should be done soon." Ethan crossed his arms and smiled. "Right about now, actually."

At this point, you had Lobo on the ground and in a sleeper hold. He was trying his hardest to get you off but you had your legs wrapped around his middle to keep Lobo in place. You were squeezing tight enough for him to be knocked out but you would add a bit more pressure as a reminder to what position Lobo was in.

You only turned your head away from your opponent when Chris said your name. "You gonna let my guy go?"

"Not until he's either unconscious or tapped out."

"Tap out, Lobo. We don't have time for this."

Lobo only struggled instead, keeping his hands on your arm to try and stop you from tightening your hold. "I'm not losing to this woman, Captain."

"No shame in admitting defeat, soldier," Chris said, pulling out his phone. "I've had my ass handed to me by her a lot before. She's skilled, that's for sure."

When Lobo didn't yield, you decided to give him an ultimatum. "I'll count to three and if you're still adamant on being a pain in the ass, I'll knock you out. One... Two... Three-"

"Stop, stop," Lobo said, tapping your shoulder. "I'm out, I'm out!"

You smirked and released Lobo, standing up as you did so. "Wonderful. Now," you said, turning to Tundra, "I still need to get my com." You walked over to Tundra as she held up a com for you.

Lobo let out a dejected sigh before finally standing up. He has never felt more humiliated in his life, Heisenberg could tell that from where he was standing.

"Hey," Heisenberg said, grabbing Lobo's attention, "there shouldn't be any sulking in my factory."

Heisenberg knew he hit a sensitive spot when Lobo stormed up to him.

"Who, the fuck, do you think you are!?"

Heisenberg stood up straight and towered over the guy. "I am the final Lord of this village," Heisenberg growled. "I've been alive for decades, child, and I've ruled over this village with an iron fist." Heisenberg pushed his sunglasses down his nose and looked Lobo in the eye. "I don't need you alive, Lobo, I can easily make you just another soldier in my army. Don't act all high and mighty when you are at the disadvantage in this situation."

Shit, that was kind of hot, you thought as Tundra set up your mic and earpiece. 

"You got him in bed?" Tundra whispered in disbelief. 

"Yeah... I don't know how I did it either."

"Is it weird that I kind of find that," Thundra said, gesturing to Heisenberg sacring Lobo, "hot?"

"Absolutely not," you responded, shamelessly checking Heisenberg out. "You are not alone on that front."

You and Tundra chuckled as she handed you the mic. "You'll be able to hear us and communicate as long as this is on," Tundra explained. "I just need to hook you up to the right channel." Tundra fiddled with the small box that was attached to your mic by a long wire.

You adjusted your microphone and put the earpiece in your good ear. It wasn't long before you heard other voices on the line asking Chris what the hell was going on.

Chris, who put his mic on while Ethan was getting set up, chuckled into his mic. "We have a new ally and an army of Bioweapons to use against Miranda." 

"Bioweapons? I thought you didn't want to get the BSAA involved in this, Captain." A voice came through the earpiece, sounding very confused.

"They aren't," Chris said into his mic, "Heisenberg built an army of them with killing Miranda in mind."

"So Heisenberg isn't our enemy?"


"What about EW and Viper?"

You decided to make yourself known and, apparently, Ethan thought the same thing. "Hello," you and Ethan said in unison, snickering at each other.

"Ethan and I are okay," you said over the line, smiling. "Granted, we might not be able to sleep properly for the next week but that's trauma for ya."

You heard a little bit of laughter over the line before Chris spoke up. "You three need code names."

"Technically, I already have one," you said, raising a brow. "Viper, remember?"

Chris rolled his eyes and gave you a look before gesturing to Heisenberg and Ethan. "These two need code names."

"Magnito and Papa," you said pointing to Heisenberg then Ethan.

"Those don't sound professional."

"And 'Alpha' does?"

"What the fuck is a Magneto?" Heisenberg interrupted. 

You looked at Heisenberg and gave him a straight answer. "He's a fictional supervillain that can control metal with his mind."

"Yes, Viper," Chris scolded you, "a supervillain. It's corny and childish like a kid who reads comics came up with it."

"Bold of you to assume that I'm not a kid who reads comics," you said, looking back at Chris. "Also, 'Alpha' sounds like something that one middle school girl with a wolf obsession would come up with. Your point?"

"Oh, you two definitely fucked," Heisenberg piped up over the coms which made you pause and burst into a fit of giggles. "Come on, it's obvious."

Ethan looked between you and Chris, slightly panicked. "I'm sorry, what!?"

By now, the entire com line was laughing except for Ethan and Chris, the latter realizing that he just lost a bet. You and Chris made a bet a year ago, before Mia announced her pregnancy, to see how Ethan would figure out that you and Chris slept together. You were positive that Ethan would find out through someone else and Chris was sure that Ethan would figure it out himself. Mia knew the minute Chris and you were in the same room but she didn't want to be a part of the bet so she kept her mouth shut.

You gave Chris a knowing look and he sighed. "You'll get your money when we leave this village."

"Sounds good," you said with a wink. "Yes, Ethan, it's true. You can pick your jaw up off the floor."

Ethan clamped his mouth shut while Chris pulled a map from his pocket. "When did this happen?"

"Over a year ago." You shrugged. "We didn't tell you because we wanted to see how it would play out and you just won me two hundred dollars."

"Still can't believe he didn't figure it out on his own," Chris sighed, walking over to Heisenberg's workbench.

You rolled your eyes and followed Chris. "It took Ethan a year and a half to wonder if Mia might be flirting with him," you retaliated. "There was no way in hell that I was going to lose that bet."

"A year?" Chris looked at Ethan in disbelief who just shrugged and walked over to the table.

"I'm an oblivious man," Ethan admits. "As for the code name argument, just call me EW. You guys have been calling me that for a while now so why change it?"

"And I like Magnito," Heisenberg added on, stepping behind you, "besides, that bitch Miranda won't know who Magnito is either."

"Perfect way for her to keep thinking you're dead," you said with a smile.

Chris sighed and spread the map out on the workbench. "Let's just go over what my team and I have set in motion, then we can incorporate that army of bioweapons downstairs into it." Chris pointed to a spot on the map that was behind the remains of Luiza's house. "My team and I were planning on reconvening here. We set up a small camp where we have weapons and first aid materials. After recon, my team and I would split up and take different routes to the ceremony site." Chris showed Ethan, Heisenberg and me the route Chris was going to take. 

Chris explained that he and his team were planning on spreading around the ceremony site and moving in on Miranda from all angles. They also wanted to locate the Megamycete along the way but asked Heisenberg if he knew where it was first.

"I know of it," Heisenberg huffed, shaking his head. "Miranda never let any of us get too close to her precious experiments unless they were a complete failure. The Megamycete was anything but a failure to her."

"That sucks," Lobo groaned, rubbing the bridge of his nose. "Back to plan a."

You stared a Lobo and shrugged. "Not gonna lie, I completely forgot you were here." You looked back at the map. But your attention was quickly pulled from the map and to a sharp pain in your shoulder. You felt a strong hand hold you down as something went into your bloodstream

"Hold still, this will only take a second," Heisenberg said, keeping you still.

You looked back at him and noticed the syringe he stabbed your shoulder with. Inside was a light blue liquid that Heisenberg was obviously trying to pump into your system. "What the fuck is that?"

"It's an antidote for Lycan bites, Sweetheart." Heisenberg pulled out the syringe and rubbed his thumb over the injection site. "I know a bite scar when I see one, I'm just surprised that you haven't started to turn yet."

"I would have turned into a Lycan if you didn't stick me with that?" you asked, pointing to the syringe. Heisenberg smirked and went to say something but you held up your hand. "Don't make it dirty."

"Yes, Buttercup," Heisenberg said, turning away from you and putting the syringe on his workbench, "that's how it works. Lycan spit or blood can turn you if you ingest it in any way, through a wound or your mouth, it'll get ya. Only reason why I didn't inject papa over there was that the mold that he was exposed to in Lousiana already infected him, cancelling out the effects of Lycan spit."

"You're infected, Ethan?" Chris asked, raising a brow.

Ethan shrugged and put his hands in his pockets. "I've reattached my foot and my hand since the Baker's house, I just put two and two together."

"He says as if it's normal to lose limbs and reattach them," You sighed and shook your head before looking at Heisenberg. "Thanks," you said to him. You rubbed your shoulder and looked at the rest of the table."The Megamycete sounds like something that really needs to be destroyed."

"It is," Chris confirmed with a nod.

"You and your team have been looking for this thing for years, right?" you asked and Chris gave you a curt nod. "Then why don't you guys focus on finding the Megamycete while Magnito, EW, and I start the fight with Miranda. When you've located the damned thing, you guys can hop right into the fight too."

"That could work," a voice said over the coms, "we could plant the bombs around the Megamycete and get right back to Miranda while she's weakened."

The rest of the table and the coms seemed to be in agreeance so you continued your plan and went over it in detail.

Finally, Miranda will be gone.


Chapter Text

"The squad's ready."

You heard some static over the coms followed by some odd noise you couldn't pinpoint.

"So BSAA got here already." Chris' voice sounded. "They didn't waste any time."

Lobo was the next to speak as he walked up to Chris. "Mission adjustment?"

"No," Chris said quickly. "It doesn't change anything. Terminate Miranda and rescue Rose." He looked back at his team and nodded. "That's the mission, and failure is not an option."

A voice spoke up with an amused tone to it. "Let's have some fun, people! Like old times!"

"Let's move out," Chris ordered.


"Yes, sir!"


"You got it!"

Chris and his team moved out in the directions they went over earlier. 

"Canine, I want to know what the hell BSAA is doing here," Chris said when the others were out of earshot, Chris even turned off his com briefly to talk to Canine. "Find out what you can."

Canine turned his own radio off to respond. "Roger that. I'm on it." Canine turned his coms back on and ran to his position. 

Chris quickly turned his radio back on and spoke in the microphone. "Viper, what's your status?"

You jumped from metal platform to metal platform, looking for any stragglers from the army.

"EW is outside the factory with the rest of the army while the Steed is bringing up the tank," you responded, swinging down a chain and onto the platform of B4. "Damn thing found its way to Basement 4 so Steed's trying to fish it out."

Turns out, the rest of the team thought Magnito was a stupid code name along with Chris so Heisenberg thought of Steed instead. It references his House Crest and it's animal-related, kind of like the rest of the team with Canine, Alpha, and Viper. No one had any objections so you went along with it.

It's been a few hours since the war meeting in Heisenberg's room. As soon as the Hound Wolf Squad, a cheesy-ass name in your opinion, left the factory, you, Ethan, and Heisenberg slowly started to lead the army outside. It took a while but you all got every Soldat and Hauler to the open field of the factory. The sun had yet to poke up from behind the mountains by the time the army was in the field. You did face a small problem, Sturm made its way down as far as it could, breaking through walls and barely paying attention to Heisenberg's orders.

"You have a tank?" Tundra's voice came through the coms.

Heisenberg beat you to answering Tundra with a growl. "Damn thing is more like a pain in the ass."

"...Do we want to know?"

"No, Tundra," you sighed, following the whirling and groaning of Sturm's engine and Heisenberg's shouting, "no you don't."

You walked into the room just in time for a burst of fire to fly your way. You jumped and rolled to the left and drew your machete out of instinct. Looking up, you saw Sturm overheating and blowing fire at the door you just came through.

"Does it have an off switch?" you asked Heisenberg, running up to him.

Heisenberg was trying to get around Sturm to its back but was remaining unsuccessful. "Yeah, it does. But the stupid fucking thing won't let me around back."

You watched as Sturm stopped spitting fire and readjusted itself. "It's not made of metal?"

"I used a metal-polymer composite, something that I can't control."

"Why did you make the switch like that!?"

"Because I didn't fucking have anything else on hand!"


"Would you two shut up?" Lobo yelled at us through the coms. "Just get the job done."

You put your machete back in its holster and snapped at Lobo. "We aren't the ones using the coms to reminisce about fighting in a desert."

"Say what you will about it but doin' nothin' but recon's gotten me out of shape," Tundra joked while you dodged Sturm as is charged at you.

"But thanks to your recon," Chris said while you tried to get Sturm to face away from Heisenberg, "we know Miranda's plan."

Heisenberg took his opportunity to get behind Sturm and hit the off switch. "What am I to you people, chopped liver?" He said with a smirk as Sturm slowly shut down.

"Couldn't quite believe it when I heard she'd turn herself into Mia, though." The conversation continued as if Heisenberg didn't speak.

Another voice pipped up over the coms. "Taking five shots to the head's nothing to sneeze at either. Spooky..."

"It really isn't, though," you said as you watched Heisenberg lift Sturm. He was using the strength the Cadou gave him instead of his metal powers to lift it. You mouthed show off and rolled your eyes at Heisenberg's shit-eating grin.

"Care to elaborate, Viper," Chris asked over the coms.

"Remember that thing in the Reservoir that attacked your little hideout?" There was a collective agreement and you continued. "That was Moreau and he's not even the half of it. Lady Dimitrescu, one of the weaker of the Lords, could take a shotgun to the head, fix her hat, and continue walking as if she was just bothered by a fly." You heard Ethan and Heisenberg snicker at the unintentional pun you made. "Miranda is supposed to be the strongest out of all the Lords, it only makes sense that she can take a few bullets."

"I'm curious," Canine spoke up, "Which one was the worst out of the Lords to fight?" 

"Depends on what you mean," Ethan replied, "all of them were equally as hard as the other."

You walked into the large platform leading to the rest of the factory and Heisenberg summoned metal to form a staircase up to the B1 catwalk. 

"I'd have to say I struggled the most in Beneviento's home since we couldn't trust our senses," you said as Heisenberg held his hand out to you, "but I was scared of Dimitrescu more. Overall, I think Moreau's was the hardest fight, we had to solve puzzles and stay away from the water all while breathing through our mouths to not pass out from the smell."

You took Heisenberg's hand and he pulled you closer. Heisenberg used his power to carry Sturm while he threw you over his shoulder like when he carried you to the church only a day ago. You squirmed a little but Heisenberg quickly got you to stop by slapping your ass. In retaliation, you elbowed him in the back of his head.

"Going to have to disagree with you, Viper," Ethan said as Heisenberg touched down on the catwalk. "Beneviento's house was the hardest in my opinion."

"I can appreciate that," you said as Heisenberg walked down the hall and towards the garage with Sturm in tow. Heisenberg hasn't put you down yet and you were starting to think that he wouldn't for a while. "I mean, that fetus monster will haunt my nightmares for as long as I live."

"Fetus what?"

"You've gotta be kidding."

"There is no way that that was a thing."

"I swear to God, this village is getting worse by the second."

You heard Ethan laugh as he got to the juicy bit. "Then there was the mind fucking pollen."

"Or, back in the village, that giant Lycan with the hammer or that wolf thing that brought me to the brink of death?"

"Okay, you two, we get it," Chris said, sighing. "You've been through Hell and we didn't help. We have a small issue, Miranda's barricaded the ceremony site with vines from the Megamycete." Heisenberg carried you out of the garage and looked up at the ceremony site. Sure enough, it was covered in branches. "Everyone watch for hostile bioweapons."

"Roger," someone responded as Ethan ran up to Heisenberg and you.

Ethan raised a brow at Heisenberg who just shrugged and loosened his grip on you. You took that opportunity to swing off his shoulder and onto the ground. It wasn't your most graceful landing, but it worked. 

You stood up only to drop back down again when you saw Heisenberg's hammer speeding from the garage to you. It was a narrow miss when the hammer passed over you and flew into a laughing Heisenberg's hand.

Asshole, you thought looking up at him, but a fucking hot one at that.

"Made contact with a group of hostile bioweapons," Chris said over the radio. "EW and Viper called them Lycans earlier."

"There's more than we thought. Watch out."

You stood up and brushed yourself off as you gave the team some pointers. "Aim for the head, nothing else does as much damage."

"You can't knock them down if you hit them in the knees either," Ethan added on, looking back at the army. "There might be a few different kinds that you'll come across. We found one that was armoured to the teeth and another that looked like a giant wolf."

"Copy that," Chris said and you heard a few gunshots.

You looked up at the wiggling vines in the ceremony site and sighed. This was going to be harder than you thought. 

Just like you, Heisenberg, and Ethan planned, you all made your rounds of the army and separated the weaker and smaller Soldats and Haulers from the ones you were going to use to storm Miranda. Through all of your organizing, the coms were always filled with either gunshots or voices. Chris even encountered the two of the wolf guys and one of the armoured assholes. Luckily, he survived and made it to the blocked entrance of the ceremony site.

"I've reached the target location. Damn this is big." You heard Lycans growling in the background followed by some gunshots. 

By now, you finished your check. Everything was up and running, Sturm was even behaving.

"Viper to squad," you said as you made your way to the electric fence with Ethan, "we're ready to move out on our end."

"Stand by, the path isn't clear yet," Chris ordered. "Alright, Lobo, marking the target."

"Roger that, Boss." It was only a minute before you saw a large explosion around the mountain. "Bingo, alright!" Lobo laughed at the damage that was caused to the fortress Miranda surrounded herself in. "Reloading now, just a minute."

"There's a swarm headed that way," Night Howl warned Chris.

You, Ethan, and Heisenberg waited as the fight between Chris and tens of Lycans continued. Heisenberg even gave a few pointers at times to try and get the fight moving. You did learn a few things though. The mold was growing because of something stimulating it, you assumed that was Miranda and her ceremony, the BSAA wanted to get their hands on the Megamycete too, and that you forgot to warn Chris' team about the weapons that the Lycans use. Oops.

Another explosion was seen, and heard, from around the mountain.

"Another hit!" You could hear Lobo's smirk as he laughed. "Hah, it looks like it's about to collapse."

Another voice groaned. "Hold your horses, I'm reloading."

"The next hit should take it down, right?" Ethan asked over the coms.

Chris gave a grunt of confirmation. "That should be it, but we'll let you all know when it's time."

"Good, cause I think Sturm is getting a little antsy," you said, keeping an eye on Sturm. "The fucker really wants to destroy some shit."

You heard a few chuckles from beside you and from the coms before Lobo's voice cut through. "I'm reloaded. Where should I point next?"

You, Ethan, and Heisenberg prepared yourselves for the next part, leading the damned army. Part of Heisenberg's job when you were getting all the small and weak Haulers and Soldats to Sturm's side of the yard was to program those Haulers and Soldats to march directly to Miranda. You, Ethan, and Heisenberg were going to go around the front of the ceremony site using a secret bridge that Heisenberg usually used when he needed to go to meetings.

"Boom! Haha, take that!" Lobo shouted after a final explosion was heard.

"Good. The Megamycete must be below," Chris sighed. "Viper, you're free to engage."

"Let's go, boys," you said, smirking.

The decoy army went forward with Sturm as their leader while you, Ethan, Heisenberg, and the rest of the army went to the left. The decoy army cut through vines and branches with ease as it went up the way you and Ethan came to the factory. 

As all of you, dead and alive, were marching to the ceremony site, you heard a few disturbing things over the coms.

"So if Miranda was the fake Mia, where's the real one?" Someone asked. You were asking yourself that question since Chris explained what happened at the house.

Lobo gave a suggestion, but he could have been much more mindful of his tone. "I doubt she saw any further use for her."

"Oh sure," you hissed into the mic, "talk about your colleagues' potentially dead family member like she's some horror story."

Lobo said a quick apology as Heisenberg led you all into a cave. "I don't get any of this. How did Miranda even know Rose exists?"

"A moldy, little bird told her, maybe?" Tundra joked, but Heisenberg cut in.

"Not entirely wrong, Tundra." Heisenberg kept his voice down as you walked through the tunnel. "Miranda has a lot of sources outside of the village, they would constantly bring us others that were of noble descent or anyone for that matter. A lot of them are actually in Umbrella and the BSAA. How do you think Eveline was made?"

The line was silent for a moment before Chris spoke up. "Miranda is the cause for that too?"

"Eveline was supposed to be the chosen vessel for Miranda's dead kid, Eva." Heisenberg's footsteps echoed on the walls. "She only failed Miranda because Eveline found a family in Mia Winters and the Bakers. Miranda wanted to keep an eye on the survivors, Ethan and Mia, to see if they were infected at all, she thought that one of the Winters' would be the vessel Miranda was looking for."

"...that's fucked up," you sighed and pushed on, staying close to Ethan and Heisenberg. 

Heisenberg was about to say something else when Chris cut in.

"Alpha to squad. I've located the Megamycete."

All of the living people in the cave let out a small sigh of relief. Some good news before you walked to your deaths was always appreciated.

"So now we can end this mess after all."

Chris pulled out a bomb and taped it to a knife. "About damn time." Chris threw the bomb with a grunt and it stuck into the Megamycete. "N2 explosive's armed. There is enough to blow the whole village sky-high."

You stopped listening and decided to focus on the task at hand, getting out of the tunnel. Heisenberg led you, Ethan, and the army through the tunnel until your feet were sore. There were twists and turns everywhere along with objects that did trip you and Ethan, giving Heisenberg a good laugh in the process. 

It wasn't until Heisenberg led you into the newly open ceremony site that you got the best news since you entered this godforsaken village.

"Umber Eyes, this is Alpha." Chris sounded a little panicked over the coms. "Where is Miranda right now?"

It took Umber Eyes a second to answer but his voice was clear as day. "Still at the ceremony site. Whatever she's doing, she's staying put."

"Goddamn. It really is you," Chris whispered, you barely caught what he was saying. The next thing he said had you and Ethan stopping in your tracks. "I'm glad you're safe, Mia." You couldn't move as Chris talked to your missing sister. "Why are you here?"

There was some silence as the rest of the coms went silent for a moment before Umber Eyes spoke up. "Wait, did you say Mia? Mia Winters?"

"In the flesh. What's the situation up there?" Chris' voice had a relieved tone to it.

"Kind of a war going on. Nothing we can't handle."

"EW? Viper? What about you?" Chris asked.

You were currently trying to stop tears from running down your cheeks while Ethan was smiling at you. Grabbing your shoulders, Ethan pulled you in for a hug.

"Situation is fine, Cap," Heisenberg said over the coms. "We just got to the ceremony site and you just made these two the happiest people on Earth."

You heard Chris chuckle a little. "Don't get distracted, you two. Stick to the mission." You nodded at the statement as you hugged your brother. "I'm headed to the ceremony site."

"Copy that, Captain," you said as you and Ethan separated.

Heisenberg gave both you and Ethan a gentle push, something you didn't think was possible for him, and you started to walk forward. You only just reached the first set of gates when Chris had you all stop.

"How much time can you spare, Steed?" Chris asked, acknowledging Heisenberg for the first time since you got the coms. 

Heisenberg looked up at the mountains the sun was going to pop up from. "The longer we wait, the more power she loses. We can spare a few minutes but she might be able to regain some strength from the sunlight."

"Alright, give me a minute," Chris said. "Stand by."

Heisenberg shrugged and decided to not entirely follow Chris' order by pulling you and Ethan to the back of the army. This was always your plan, of course, let the machines do the heavy lifting and kill everything in your path to Miranda. That way, Ethan had as many bullets as he needed and all of you wouldn't be too tired. You were all hoping that most of the army would survive the vines and guards that Miranda had in place but you weren't entirely sure how they would fair.

You and Ethan froze when you heard Mia say your names over the coms. "Are you two hurt?"

"A little, but we're still good enough to fight," you tell your sister as tears of joy start to fall. "Have to keep pushing, after all."

"You never could do nothing, huh?"

You gave a small laugh as Heisenberg put the army into position. "You know me, Mia, always have to keep my hands busy."

"We're so happy to hear your voice," Ethan said, letting his own tears fall. "We thought you were dead this whole time."

"You two are going to save Rose from Miranda, right?" Mia asked.

Ethan jumped in before you could answer. "Yeah, and I promise you, Mia, we'll get Rose back." Ethan straightened up and wiped the tears from his eyes. "We'll all be home and safe in no time."

"I'm holding you to that, Ethan," Mia sighed. "I want both of you to do something to Miranda for me."

"And that would be?" You asked, having an idea as to where this is going.

"Give her Hell."


Chapter Text

The walk up to Miranda was a difficult one. Well, difficult for the army, not for you, Heisenberg, or Ethan. Turns out, the Megamycete didn't want you to get to Miranda so it created enough Lycans and zombie-like creatures to match the army. Or course, they couldn't match Heisenberg. He was able to take care of those monsters with a sadistic grin and a simple swing of his hammer.

Now, the three of you were on a cleared path that was quite obviously Sturm's work. In front of you was Strum fizzing out next to a wall of moldy vines. You knew that on the other side of the wall was Miranda.

"EW to squad, we're in position. Miranda has barricaded herself behind a wall of mold and vines."

"Copy that, EW," Umber Eyes said. "I have visual on Miranda, she doesn't suspect that any of us are this close to her."

"Is it clear for us to proceed, Umber Eyes?" You asked, drawing your machete. 

Ethan pulled out his handgun as Umber Eyes did a quick sweep of the closed-off area. "You're clear to move, Viper."

Just as Ethan took a step forward, Heisenberg put his hands on both yours and Ethan's shoulders. "Steed to Umber Eyes," Heisenberg whispered, "I'm going to make my way to your location. Miranda still thinks I'm dead and I would prefer to keep it that way for now." You furrowed your brows at Heisenberg and he looked down at you. "I'll join the fight when she doesn't expect it so you two can get an opportunity to save Rose and get her someplace safe."

"Alright, be careful," you said as Heisenberg dropped his hand from Ethan's shoulder.

He quickly kissed your temple before using his hammer and his power to make himself float. "Das werde ich, Butterblume. Das selbe gilt für dich." Heisenberg didn't give you a chance to respond as he flew off to Umber Eyes.

"What was that about?" Ethan asked quietly.

You shrugged, not trusting your mouth to communicate, and gestured for Ethan to go through the vines. As Ethan pushed through the moldy vines, you tried to figure out why Heisenberg kissed your head. You two have only been intimate once and that's it. Yeah, you teased each other and you have hinted about doing something with him again but you weren't sure how he'd react.

Feelings are hard.

"Ah, little Eva!" Miranda's voice broke you out of your trance as you and Ethan stepped into the blocked-off area of the ceremony site. "My beautiful daughter! Come to me." Her last sentence sounded sinister as Miranda waved her hands over a pile of black goo. 

Said black goo started to bubble and Miranda put her hands inside, picking up the object that started to surface. "Eva, is that you? Oh, how I've missed you!" Miranda raised the bundle above her head and you and Ethan noticed that the bundle was Rose. You started to fear that the ceremony worked but then you saw Heisenberg climbing up to a hidden cliff and that fear quickly vanished. 

Miranda needed Heisenberg dead if she wanted this ceremony to be completed.

"...What?" Miranda gasped in surprise before groaning and shaking her head. You finally stepped out of the vines and held up your machete as Miranda came to a realization. "My power is leaving me!"

"Rose!" you and Ethan shouted. 

Ethan raised his gun at Miranda and growled. "Miranda!"

Miranda turned around and glowered at you and Ethan. "Interesting, you two certainly aren't normal."

"Give us Rose!" you shouted, venom seeping from your voice. "Now!"

"You will see." Miranda held her head up with Rose in her arms. "Once I kill you both, every-"

A shot was fired and hit Miranda mid-sentence, knocking her to the side. You went to grab Rose but something had a hold on your leg.

"Get her! Now!" Umber Eyes yelled from his position.

Ethan ran forward while you hacked away at the vine that wrapped itself around your left ankle. Grabbing Rose, Ethan carefully cradled her in his arms. He should have backed up a little more before gazing lovingly at Rose because Miranda regained her footing and grabbed onto Ethan.

"Let go!" Ethan said, trying to pull away from her.

Miranda kept a tight grip on Ethan as he tried to wiggle out of her grasp. "I've spent a lifetime creating this moment..." Miranda whispered, venom lacing her voice. "...and you try to take it away from me?" Miranda looked up at Ethan, her eyes have completely gone black as her grip tightens. "I will take what is due."

Finally, the vines let you go. You jumped forward and tried to cut Miranda's arm but she pushed Ethan away and held Rose close to her. "My desires will be fulfilled," she screamed as vines came up from the ground and took Rose to a higher position.

"No!" You and Ethan screamed as you tried to reach for Rose.

The vines entangled Miranda and Rose, putting them in a little cocoon. "Rose is mine."

"What the fuck!?" Ethan shouted as he stood up and grabbed his gun. You weren't far behind Ethan as you held your machete at Miranda.

Miranda emerged from the mess of mold and vines as a nightmare. Her ten, delicate wings have turned into six grotesque versions with bones sticking out at the ends. Miranda's fingers grew to an abnormal length that made them appear as claws. Black mold streamed down her chest, barely covering her breasts, and pooled into the black goo that's making up her legs and hips. A black mask was covering the top part of her face and Miranda appeared twice as tall.

"You two have fulfilled your purposes." Miranda spun around and you tried to catch a glimpse of Rose. "You disposed of my false children and awakened the glorious Megamycete." Miranda barely flinched as Ethan took shots at her head, but you did see blood.

That was a good sign.

"Now, please do not worry for little Rose," Miranda said after you got close enough to cut at her. "I assure you I'll provide her with true happiness." Mother Miranda started to turn black as the mold overtook her body, transforming it. Her wings turned into giant spider legs, but that was the extent of the transformation.

Another good sign. At least, you hoped.

Miranda used her new legs to jump in the air. You and Ethan had to dive out of the way before she could hit you.

"So now you can die peacefully... and permanently," Miranda growled.

You took that opportunity to cut at the leg closest to you. Jumping at Miranda, you drove the machete into her leg, causing her to cry out and glare at you. Miranda took another leg and hit you in the stomach, causing you to fly back and land against one of the stone statues from the beginning of the day.

Ethan called your name as he dodged one of Miranda's attacks, while you gasped for breath. You were just winded and maybe you had a few cracked ribs, but you also knew that your lungs were okay since you weren't coughing up blood. 

"I... I'm okay," you gasped into the coms, "keep going."

Miranda focused all of her attention on Ethan when she saw that you weren't getting up. "You understand the love of a parent to her child, don't you?" Miranda asked as Ethan dodged another one of her attacks. "How can you deny me?"

"Why the hell can't you realize that Rose is my Goddamn kid, not yours?" Ethan retaliated.

You not getting up was a bit of a battle strategy. This was so you could get your breath back and communicate with your allies at once. "Umber Eyes, Steed, can either of you get a visual on Rose?"

"Way ahead of you, Butterblume," Heisenberg responded. "I'm on the other side of the ceremony site to get a different perspective."

"We'll let you know when we see something," Umber Eyes added on.

You groaned and got to your feet, machete in hand. "Copy that."

That's when almost all forms of light went out, all you could see was the machete in front of you and the silhouettes of the candle flames. Miranda laughed maniacally as you and Ethan stumbled around in the dark, trying to dodge Miranda's underground attacks.

"Umber Eyes to Viper, do you copy?"

"Yeah..." you said, whipping your head around the pitch-black area. 

Umber Eyes let out a small sigh as he told you that he has night vision goggles. "I can guide to Miranda so you can land a solid hit."

"I'm trusting you to be my eyes," you said and Umber Eyes gave a small chuckle. 

"Ten paces forward... turn to your ten o'clock...get ready, Viper... Now!"

You jumped forward and held onto Miranda. She screamed and tried to shake you off when you plunged your machete into her back. You held on tight as Miranda flailed and tried to hit you but you just twisted the machete further in. You were even able to pull out your knife and stab the back of Miranda's neck a few times before she turned the lights back on. 

Miranda had vines growing out of the ground, ready to hit you off her back as she screamed die over and over again.

You pulled your weapons out of Miranda's flesh and jumped onto the ground, rolling to a stop.

Let's provoke her a little more, shall we?

"How dare you call yourself a mother when you just let each of your children die!" You yelled, catching Miranda's attention so Ethan can reload. "Eva, Dimitrescu, Beneviento, Moreau? All of them, you called them your children but you let most of them die by Ethan's and my hands!" Jumping away, Miranda barely missed you with her latest attack. "You can't be considered a mother if you don't protect your children!" You cut at one of Miranda's legs as Ethan shot at her again. "You even lost your firstborn to the Goddamn flu! You will never be a mother again."

Miranda screamed in a fit of rage and lunged at you, closing off almost all forms of escape. You couldn't go left or right, so you went up.

You jumped up and grabbed the golden circle framing Miranda's head and flipped yourself over. Brining your machete down, you cut at Miranda's back one more time before backpedalling to Ethan.

"You sure that was a good idea?" Ethan asked as he fired more shots. "She's going after you now."

"Yeah, me," you said, keeping your eyes on Miranda as she slowly turned to you, "the more agile one out of the two of us."

Heisenberg almost shouted a cry of success when you lept out of Miranda's grasp yet again. "Steed to squad, I've located Rose. She's close to both Viper and me." 

"Get to the point, Steed," you said, keeping your machete up.

"It's time for me to join the fight, Buttercup." You could hear Heisenberg's smirk. "Rose is popping out of one of Miranda's legs, do you see her, Viper?" Looking up, you saw Rose's head and torso poking out of Miranda's front, left leg. You told Heisenberg you did and he continued. "I just need to hit one of the joints and Rose will be free from Miranda, be ready to catch her."

"Got it," you said quietly as you could before shouting at Miranda. "Another thing that makes me pity anyone who's had the displeasure in calling you mother, you made one of them hate you enough to want to kill you." Miranda gave you a confused look as you smirked up at her. "It's showtime," you shouted and raised your arms.

Miranda screamed as Heisenberg jumped and brought his hammer down on her left leg. Heisenberg was smiling at Miranda's cries of pain and you jumped forward, catching Rose before she fell onto the ground. 

"That's my line, Sweetheart," Heisenberg said as he pulled his hammer away from Miranda's leg.

You stood up, backing towards Heisenberg while keeping your eyes on Miranda. "It's mine now, Butterblume." You sent a glance over your shoulder as you held Rose protectively in your arms.

"Careful what you say," Heisenberg said playfully.

"Would you two stop fucking flirting for three minutes?" Ethan shouted as he took a shot at Miranda. Miranda attempted to hit you with another one of her legs but Heisenberg swung his hammer and crushed it, pulling you behind him in the process. You had also dropped your machete to catch Rose but Heisenberg thought that you would still need it, so he used his power to return your weapon to its holster.

"Thanks, Heisenberg," you shouted as he took a few more swings at Miranda.

Heisenberg didn't respond because he didn't hear you. He was too caught up in the bliss of finally hurting Miranda to hear anything. 

Miranda was able to back away from both Ethan and Heisenberg's onslaught, and boy did she look pissed.

"How dare you, Karl Heisenberg," Miranda hissed, "I am your mother."

"You killed my mother, actually," Heisenberg retaliated and smirked when Miranda took a step back. "Oh yeah, I remember that little detail along with my sister and father's deaths." Heisenberg gave you a little nudge. "Get ready."

While you were in the factory, the entire team agreed that Rose isn't safe anywhere near the fight with Miranda. Chris suggested that if anyone can get their hands on Rose, then they need to high tail it and run. The others could take care of Miranda with newfound aggression when Rose is safe. Heisenberg added that Miranda wouldn't hold back either if Rose was taken from the battlefield, so whoever had Rose should be fast or should pass her to the next fastest person.

You just so happened to be the fastest out of Heisenberg and Ethan.

Heisenberg let out a battle cry as he jumped at Miranda while Ethan shot at her head, being mindful of Heisenberg. Almost as if on cue, the entrance that you and Ethan got in here from was being pried open by large slabs of metal. 

You wasted no time in jumping through the opening Heisenberg made while clutching Rose close to your chest. You heard Miranda wail as Heisenberg released the wall and you ran down the stairs.

Heisenberg released the metal as soon as you cleared the vines and directed all of his attention to Miranda. He was finally going to kill the bitch. Decades of blood, sweat, and tears were finally paying off as he swung his hammer and broke another one of Miranda's legs. Sure, Miranda got a few solid hits in, but that didn't stop Heisenberg nor did his hostile grin waver. 

This is the day Miranda pays for the Hell she rose.

Your main goal was to get Rose to the rendezvous point as quickly as you could. Chris told everyone that there was a helicopter right outside the village in a small clearing. That's where you needed to take Rose so she could be safe. Thanks to Chris finding Mia in Miranda's lab,  Mia would also be there. You couldn't think of anyone better to keep Rose safe while the rest of you fought Miranda. There were just a few obstacles in the way of the rendezvous point.

Miranda's desperate vines of mold.

Those vines did everything in their power to slow you down as you made your way to the bridge. They tripped you and grabbed at anything they could. You were incredibly grateful that Heisenberg made sure you had your machete on you. Thanks to that, the vines didn't slow you down too much because as soon as they grabbed hold, you chopped the vines away.

You finally made it out of the cave of vines and into the open air. The sun almost blinded you as it peaked over the Romanian mountains in the distance. You took a deep breath and rocked Rose in your arms to try and calm her crying. 

"Viper!" You looked up and saw Chris waving at the other side of the bridge. 

You took a few deep breaths as you jogged on the bridge. "Viper to squad. I have Rose in my hands and, boy, that the sun looks fucking beautiful."

Chris let out a sigh of relief as you made your way across the bridge. "Glad you're alright, let's get Rose to Mia."

You were just about to cross the last part of the bridge when one of Miranda's vines grabbed your ankle, holding it in a vice grip. You struggled to get out but the vine only tightened its hold on you until you cried in pain. Chris tried to get to you as you pulled out your machete and hacked at the vine, but there was a small explosion of rock and mold appearing right in front of you. 

Miranda destroyed that part of the bridge. 

It wasn't long before she destroyed the back end too. The minute you cut through the vine around your ankle, you keyed in onto Miranda's plan for destroying the bridge. 

If Miranda couldn't have Rose, no one can.

You heard screaming and more gunshots coming from the ceremony site as a large vine raise itself above the piece of the bridge you were standing on. Chris was screaming for you to get closer to him so he could catch you. You even caught Chris begging for Heisenberg to send a slab of metal to you.

"Chris," you said into your mic. Chris looked up at you with worry etched into his features. "We'll be alright, okay. Just find us when Miranda's dead."

The vine came down and hit the bridge, causing it to collapse under the weight. You gave Chris a strained smile as you fell into the icy water below. 


Chapter Text

The icy water felt like daggers when you crashed into it. You tried to make sure you landed feet first, as a way to keep both you and Rose from being injured, but you landed on your back. The fall winded you and the fucking piece of rubble that crushed your right ankle didn't help your situation. You and Rose needed air and fast. 

You knew that it might just end your career but you didn't care. You did everything in your power to wiggle and force your foot out from under the rubble. It hurt like hell but you were able to free yourself.

Swimming as hard as you could, you broke the surface of the water and made sure that Rose's body was up and out of the water too. You spotted a ledge downstream and let the current carry you and Rose there.

When you reached the ledge, you pushed Rose onto it and held on. You didn't have enough energy to climb on, nor could you even consider it. You were in so much pain from your leg that you could barely think straight. 

"Ethan..? Chris..? Karl..?" You huffed out as you looked around. "Mia..?" No one could hear you because your coms were waterlogged.

The only response you got was Rose's crying as she coughed the water out of her lungs. You supported Rose's weight as you rolled her onto her side so the water would leave her body. 

You didn't know where you were but you could gauge that you were pretty far from the fight with Miranda. You could barely see her little dome of mold and vines in the distance. 

"I know, Rose," you hushed as Rose kept crying from the cold, "I know it hurts. I'm here, your aunty is here for you, Sweetheart."

You rubbed Rose to try and keep her warm when you heard something come from the dome. Looking up, you gasped at the sight of the dome turning to dust. You couldn't help but smile as you thought that you and Rose were now a priority in everyone's eyes.

"Look, Rose," you stuttered from the cold. Rose kept crying as you rubbed her arms. "Look, y-your dad beat her. The monster's gone." You let a tear fall as you watched the dome disintegrate.

I just have to stay awake. 

~ ~ ~

Heisenberg didn't quite know what to think now that Mother Miranda's stone corpse was standing in front of him. On one hand, he was overjoyed that his life was finally his. Heisenberg could finally go where ever he wanted in the world, he could leave the village and see if he had any family outside of this hell hole. He could finally make his own decisions and not have to go to a 'family meeting' ever again.

But on the other hand, Heisenberg didn't know what to do now. His life's work was to kill Miranda and make her pay for what she did to him and his actual family. Heisenberg felt like he needed to find a new purpose in life, that's when Heisenberg thought of you.

He was a little surprised when your face popped into his head, but he didn't hate it. Heisenberg knew he cared for you more than he probably should. But considering all the time he spent watching you and Ethan throughout the day, he wasn't surprised. Heisenberg knew that you were sexy and beautiful, but he also knew that you were witty, intelligent, sarcastic, caring, and you had a fight in you that just drew him in.

You knowing German was a bonus, of course.

Heisenberg found himself thinking that he wouldn't mind being near you for the rest of your days. He wanted to see you happy and comfort you when you're sad. Heisenberg would prefer if you cared for him as much as he did for you, but he was also fine if you didn't want to be more than friends who would occasionally fuck.

"Heisenberg," Ethan said, snapping Heisenberg out of his little trance, "we need to go."

The Lord of Metal watched as a shadow drifted across Miranda's corpse and he looked up. Heisenberg could only assume that was the Megamycete, it was the exact shape as the Cadou and as the sigils Miranda made up for the village. 

"Let's go," Heisenberg nodded as he summoned two large, metal platforms from the factory. One landed in front of Ethan and Heisenberg while the other landed in front of Umber Eyes. 

It wasn't long before Heisenberg had them soaring in the direction of the rendezvous point. Umber Eyes flagged Heisenberg and pointed down to Chris who was shouting at the water. Heisenberg nodded and told Umber Eyes that he'd get him to the rendezvous point while Heisenberg and Ethan checked it out.

Ethan immediately started to question Chris as soon as they landed. "What's going on, Chris?" Ethan looked around at the damage to the bridge.

"Upset that you didn't get to take a shot at Miranda?" Heisenberg joked as he stepped off the platform.

Chris was angry, that much was obvious, but what really gave it away was when he grabbed Heisenberg's jacket and started to yell at him. "Why didn't you listen!? Where was that fucking slab when we needed it!?"

"The fuck are you talking about?" Heisenberg asked, trying to stay calm. He has never been manhandled like this before and he wasn't too happy about it. "So I tuned out the coms for two minutes to concentrate on killing that bitch up there. What's wrong with that?"

"What's wrong is that you need to stay on the coms at all times," Chris yelled, his face was red with anger.

Ethan stepped in and separated the two before Heisenberg killed Chris. "What happened, Chris? I heard you asking for some metal over the coms but I couldn't really focus on it."

"What happened is that Miranda pushed them over before you killed her," Chris spat, pointing at the water below.

Ethan froze and Heisenberg whipped his head downstream. He couldn't see you or Rose so you had to be further down if you survived-

No, he wouldn't think like that. Both you and Rose had to be alive.

Heisenberg grabbed Ethan and jumped back onto the metal platform. He turned back to Chris and pointed to the Megamycete. "We don't have a lot of time, Winters and I will look for the ladies and meet you at the rendezvous point."

Chris only nodded and ran to the helicopter. Heisenberg quickly made the platform go downstream while he and Ethan kept their eyes open for you and Rose. They finally found you holding onto a ledge for dear life while rubbing Rose's sides. You ended up pretty far from the ceremony site and they already used up a lot of time.

Ethan called your name and you looked up at both Ethan and Heisenberg. The smile of relief that graced your face was, what Heisenberg thought, the most beautiful smile Heisenberg has seen.

"T-take Rose," you told Ethan when he and Heisenberg got to the ledge, "I'm pretty sure she's got hypothermia." Heisenberg's heart weighed down at how tired you sounded. He also couldn't shake off the fact that you stuttered through that entire sentence.

"We've got your both," Ethan whispered as he picked up Rose who started to cry. "Shhh- Shhh. It's alright, Rose. Your family's fine, we just need to get out of here now."

"Come on," Heisenberg said your name gently as he reached his hands under your armpits, "let's get you someplace warm." Heisenberg lifted you out of the water and pulled you into his arms.

Ethan quickly jumped onto the platform and watched as Heisenberg put one arm under your legs while the other supported your back. The platform started to move when Ethan noticed your right foot.

"Heisenberg, she has a compound fracture."

"I h-have a fucking w-what?"

Heisenberg looked at your leg and cursed. He quickly summoned the remains of his hammer, it was destroyed in the fight with Miranda, and used them to make a brace. Heisenberg's make-shift brace supported your leg and immobilized the joint so movement won't irritate any skin or muscle.

"How do you feel, Buttercup?" Heisenberg asked as he cradled you. "I'll be honest with you, it doesn't look good."

You shook your head as best as you could. "I can't feel a-anything," you said with a shiver. "I think I-I'm too cold."

"Let's just get you to the helicopter," Ethan said as he cradled Rose, who had stopped crying and was reaching up to her dad. "Then we can get you to a hospital."

The platform touched down behind the helicopter as Ethan and Heisenberg ran into the open hatch. You were trying your best to stay awake as Heisenberg carried you in.

"Ethan! Rose!" Mia exclaimed your name as she ran. Chris closed the hatch as Mia ran up to all of you.

"Go. Go!" Chris yelled at the pilot. "Take us up now!"

You looked around to try and clue in on your surroundings and noticed the whole team was in the aircraft. Giving the team your best smile, you greeted all of them with a small wave. You also noticed a spare passenger besides Mia, there was a corpse on some military crates. You raised a brow and pointed at it.

"Checking it out now, Viper," the voice you recognized as Umber Eyes said. "BSAA sent down a few soldiers themselves to try and combat Miranda."

"Sit down and strap in, everyone," Chris ordered as the helicopter lurched up and off the ground. 

Heisenberg kept holding you as he sat down next to Mia and Ethan. You heard Rose giggle and you smiled up at Heisenberg.

"Guess I haven't thanked you yet."

"For what?" Heisenberg asked playfully. "For saving you from a bomb?"

"For everything," you said as you snuggled into Heisenberg's arms. "I figured it out. The crates of supplies, the yellow paint, the signs and hints everywhere, House Beneviento, all of that was you."

Ethan huffed and sat back, looking down at you with a smile. "Y'know, that makes a lot of sense."


Heisenberg chuckled as he put you in his lap and use his powers to keep your injured leg raised. He rubbed your arms after peeling off your waterlogged jacket. "I wasn't that subtle, was I?"

"There is nothing about you that's subtle," Ethan said with a raised bow.

Mia nudged Ethan and gestured to Rose. Said child was reaching toward you. "Little Rosemary wants her aunty," Mia giggled as she rested her head on Ethan's shoulder. Mia reached out to you and took your hand in hers. "I'm so glad you're okay, that both of you are okay." Mia finally decided to acknowledge the man holding you. "You must be Lord Heisenberg."

"I'm not a Lord anymore," Heisenberg said as he shook his head. Heisenberg lifted a hand from you and offered it to Mia. "It's a pleasure to finally meet you, Mia Winters. I'm Karl Heisenberg."

Mia smiled and shook Heisenberg's hand after a second of hesitation. You were happy that Heisenberg and Mia were getting along since you did want to spend more time with Karl, but you wouldn't be with someone your sister didn't approve of. Mia had a good taste of character so you trusted her when she said if someone was sketchy.

"Hey, Mia..." you whispered and poked at your sister's shoulder.

"Yes?" She whispered back with a joking smile.

You gave her an awkward smile and laughed a little. "Ethan knows."

"What? How-"

Suddenly, the helicopter lurched and shook. You instinctively reached for the knife and pulled it out.

"Relax, Viper," Chris said with a chuckle, "we're fine." Chris gestured to the window and held up a detonator. "It was just the explosives we planted around the village."

You sighed as Heisenberg used his power to pull the knife from your hand. Heisenberg twirled it in the air and chuckled. "Honestly, what were you thinking of doing anyway if there was danger. You can't walk worth shit like this."

You laughed and hit Heisenberg's chest. "I don't know, it was a reflex."

"Hey, Viper," someone said, you recognized the man as Canine from his voice, "I'm the team medic, do you mind if I take a look at your leg?" 

"Go for it, Canine," you said, gesturing to your leg. 

Canine checked out your leg in silence, he only spoke to ask Heisenberg to move some of the brace away to get a better look. You sat there quietly until the pain started to set in. You were still cold, of course, but you also didn't have adrenaline running through your veins anymore, so the pain was there. You voiced your pain to Canine who assured you that he was almost done and that the first stop is a hospital for you and Rose.

"Oh, my God," you groaned, remembering an important detail from the village. "Ethan, the medicine!"

Ethan paused and cringed at his forgetfulness. "I forgot about that stuff," he said, handing Rose over to Mia. Ethan rummaged through the backpack and pulled out all five of the bottles of medicine that he had. Ethan handed them all to Canine and Chris' team for them to look at. "We just poured it all over our open wounds and the muscle knitted together in about an hour, depending on the size of it. The leaves that it's made of are also really helpful for internal injuries."

"That medicine single-handedly saved both of our lives on numerous occasions," you added on, watching Canine inspect the bottle. "If you can relocate my bone, then we won't be in as much of a rush to get to a hospital."

"I was going to anyway," Canine said as he set the bottle down. "That brace can only do so much."

Heisenberg took initiative and shifted the metal around your foot into a metal table for Canine to work on. He also pulled off his glove with his teeth and handed it to you. You knew what he wanted you to do with the glove. With a sigh, you folded Heisenberg's glove and put it in between your teeth.

"It's a little odd," Heisenberg held out his free hand for you to take. You gave him a quizzical look as you grabbed his hand with both of yours. "I didn't think about it before but the village's medicine shouldn't have worked on you as well as it did. The only reason why it worked on the villagers and Winters is that they've all been exposed to the mold."

You furrowed your brows as Ethan asked what you were thinking. "How do you know that?"

"You two are hardly the first outsiders to enter the village," Heisenberg replied, giving your hands a reassuring squeeze. "Others have come and all of us Lords experimented on them when we could. I wanted to figure out if they could heal like the rest of us with our medicine, but nothing changed, it just worked as antiseptics for them." Heisenberg shrugged and you noticed Canine get ready to relocate your shin.

Here we go, you thought as you closed your eyes and buried your head into Heisenberg's chest. You wanted to distract yourself from the pain that you knew you were about to feel and Heisenberg's chest was a good thing to focus on.

You turned your attention to Heisenberg's breathing as his chest rose and fell. Taking a deep breath, you noticed exactly what Heisenberg smelt like. He, of course, had this musky smell to him from fighting Miranda and working up a sweat in the forge (in more ways than one of course). Heisenberg smelt like sweat, blood, oil, rusted metal, and a little bit of vanilla. The vanilla smell caught you off guard a little bit but it was a nice-

"Fucking Hell!" you screamed through Heisenberg's glove as Canine relocated your shin. Your hands squeezed Heisenberg's as he rubbed your back in small circles. Mia and Ethan even reached over and rubbed your forearms to try and help distract you.

Canine sighed as he poured the medicine over your leg. "If this stuff really works as well as you said, then you'll be just fine in a day," Canine said as he carefully wrapped a bandage around your leg along with a proper splint. "I still want you to get checked out at a hospital or headquarters for some check-ups, just to be sure that you can walk."

"Yes, Doctor Canine," you said, spitting out Heisenberg's glove. 

"Here," Canine chuckled as he handed you one of those first aid blankets that looked like tinfoil, "to keep you warm despite your wet clothes." He also gave one to Mia so she could wrap it around Rose.

You were about to say something again but Umber Eyes called for Chris. "Captain, you need to see this." Night Howl looked up at everyone and motioned to the corpse he was examining. "All of you should see this."

Chris stood came from the pilot's area and walked over to Umber Eyes. You, Ethan, Mia, and Heisenberg all watched and listened as Umber Eyes pointed out the problem to Chris.

"BSAA didn't send soldiers," he said as Chris looked at the corpse. "This is a bioweapon."

"What the hell were they thinking?" Chris scowled at the body.

You felt Heisenberg's grip on you tighten and you saw him clench his jaw. Heisenberg was angry that the BSAA was reckless with dealing with Miranda. With his army, Heisenberg made sure that only he could ultimately control it whereas the BSAA sent bioweapons that Miranda could control. If she was actively paying attention to those bioweapons, Miranda would have had more to work with.

"That's just it," Heisenberg spat, "they weren't."

The corpse on the military crates didn't have any life to it. Its skin was gray and blended in with the black military garb the bioweapon was put in. Its eyes were cold and lifeless while veins bulged from the side of its head. There was a blue logo on the bioweapon's chest that looked a lot like the United Nations logo.

"Orders, Captain?" Lobo asked, glancing at the corpse.

Chris looked up at his team and nodded. "Plot a course for BSAA Europe HQ," Chris ordered as he walked to one of the benches and sat down. "Inform them of the wounded so Viper and Rose can get the medical attention they need. Then Heisenberg and I will have a choice word conversation with whoever thought sending bioweapons was a good idea."

"Someone's gotta pay."


Chapter Text

Heisenberg knocked three times on the door in front of him before he heard you call him in.

"Hey, Karl," you said, putting your book down, "done screaming at executives?"

It's been about four hours since you left the village. True to his word, Chris took all of you to the BSAA Europe headquarters within the day. As soon as you landed, a stretcher was waiting for you and Rose. The doctors there didn't want to risk anything so they asked that you took Rose while Ethan and Mia got situated. You agreed but said that you needed to be in the same room as Rose until her parents got situated and could keep her close.

That was about an hour ago. The doctors checked you out and made you a better splint just to be safe. They also confirmed Canine's theory that you should be just fine by the next day, but you should monitor your leg and not jump into a new fighting season yet. It wasn't a lot of time before you and Rose were discharged and taken to your rooms.

Now you were in a little room with a cot and small dresser on the far wall. It wasn't much but it served its purpose to give you someplace to sleep and relax after the day you've been through. You were just glad that you had a functioning toilet after having to relieve yourself in the snow for the last twenty-four hours. Chris even had a book you liked brought to the room so you didn't get too bored.

"Yeah, but I can't tell you anything about it, though." Heisenberg made his way to you and sat down on the edge of your cot. "That boulder-punching asshole threatened me to stay quiet."

"With what?" you asked, laughing.

"Metal polymer composite bullets and a shit tone of explosives."

Heisenberg was telling the truth. Chris came up to him and told Heisenberg that he couldn't tell anyone what happened in the meeting room. Both Chris and Heisenberg got a little violent when their patience ran thin so a few of the executives that peeved them got a lot of new bruises and metal pens in their hands. 

You kept laughing as Heisenberg chuckled and took off his glasses and hat. Heisenberg set his stuff on your cot and pointed to your injured leg. "How does it feel?"

"Alright," you said shugging. "I get a few pains here and there but I'll live."

"Good, good," Heisenberg nodded and sat there awkwardly.

You moved around so you were sitting next to Heisenberg and looked up at him. "What's wrong?"

"...I need to talk to you and your family about something important."

"Is it about Rose?" you questioned. "Before Ethan and I got to the village?"

Heisenberg stared down at you and bit the inside of his cheek. "You know about that..."

You nodded and explained. "Ethan came in here earlier and told me that when he picked up the flask that you had, he saw images of you and the other Lords reaching to Rose with a sadistic smirk. He also heard Rose crying." You put your hands on your lap and played with your fingernails. "It wasn't the first one he had, there was one more after we put Dimirestcu's flask in that pedestal."

"You mean the Giant's Chalice?"

"Whatever the fuck it was called," you sighed with a small smile, "point is, we know and Ethan and Mia aren't happy with that information."

Heisenberg nodded and let out a strained breath. "I don't blame them..." Heisenberg trailed off as he stood up. "That is what I want to talk to all of you about, that and one more thing."

"Ethan and I are one problem, but Mia is not going to take an excuse, Karl," you warned as you grabbed the crutches the doctors provided for you. 

"I plan on apologizing."

That made you pause. You didn't take Heisenberg as the apologetic type so you were sure this was going to be hard for him to do. He seemed like a very proud man who hated admitting when he was wrong. You weren't wrong, Karl Heisenberg hated to admit defeat and be wrong, but he needed to suck it up and apologize for his role in the Hell you, Ethan, Mia, and Rose went through.

"...Alright," you said and stood up with Heisenberg, "They should be in their room gushing over Rose right about now."

"And what if they're doing the deed?"

You snickered at Heisenberg's smirk before nodding to the wall. "Believe me, I would know if they were. These walls are thin and they had a reunion a little while ago." 

Heisenberg started to laugh a little as you both made your way to the door and into the hallway. You wanted to ease some tension that Heisenberg had so he could get his apology out without much trouble. By the looks of things, you succeeded.

Ethan and Mia's room wasn't far from yours at all. You were right next door to each other at your request. Despite it being hours after the village, you didn't want to be too far apart from Ethan, Mia, and Rose. The people who assigned you your rooms understood and made sure that Rose had a crib in Ethan and Mia's room while you had the small one next to them. 

You knocked on the Winters' door once your little bit of laughter died down. Admittedly, it was a little hard to do while balancing on crutches but you managed. Heisenberg also used it as an excuse to hold you up by your hips.

Ethan opened the door with a giggling Rose in his arms. He smiled when he saw you but that smile turned into a small frown when he saw Heisenberg holding your hips.

"Hey, Ethan," you said calmly, "could we please come in?"


"Mia, can we come in?" you shouted inside, annoying Ethan in the process.

"Sure," Mia came up to the door and placed a hand on Ethan's shoulder. "We were just reading Rose a little story."

"I swear to God if it's the Village of Shadows I'm going to throttle both of you," you said as Mia and Ethan made room for you and Heisenberg.

Ethan shook his head. "It's not. Chris sent over a few children's books half an hour ago, we were reading the Cat in the Hat."

"Cute," you said as you walked by. Heisenberg furrowed his brows in confusion but said nothing as he followed you into Ethan and Mia's room.

This room wasn't as small as yours, it had a king-size bed for Mia and Ethan against the left wall. Chris had Rose's crib from the house moved here and there was a rocking chair and changing table next to it. There was even a bathroom to the right. While you and Rose were getting checked out by the doctors, Ethan and Mia were told that this room was set up when they left the village.

Mia led you to the bed and had you sit down while she, Ethan, and Heisenberg stayed standing. You were pretty sure that even Rose felt the awkwardness in the room. 

After a considerable amount of silence, Heisenberg took a breath and spoke up.

"I wanted to apologize to all of you."

That took Ethan off guard and he narrowed his eyes at Heisenberg. Ethan didn't think that Heisenberg was genuine, he saw how Heisenberg acted in the village. The only reason Ethan even considered working with Heisenberg was because of you. He knew that you didn't want to fight any more enemies than you had to, and Ethan respected that. So he kept his opinions to himself and voiced Heisenberg's issues to you later.

"Apologize for what, Karl?" Mia asked. It wasn't noticeable to anyone who didn't know her, but you and Ethan knew that she was using a dangerous tone. "You've done nothing but help my husband and younger sister save my daughter."

"I'm afraid that isn't true, Mrs. Winters," Heisenberg said honestly. "If anything, I was a dangerous enemy to them when they first came into the village." Heisenberg looked Mia in the eyes and fiddled with his hands nervously. "I want to apologize for taking the flask without remorse. I'm so sorry that I tricked you two," Heisenberg gestured to you and Ethan, "into going in the Stronghold to do my dirty work. I'm sorry for throwing you into my murder maze, Ethan."

"Murder maze?" Mia furrowed her brows in confusion.

"After the quote-on-quote trial, Miranda held for Ethan and me," you responded as Ethan bounced Rose in his arms, "I was put under Dimitrescu's charge while Ethan was put in Karl's."

Ethan nodded and Heisenberg stayed silent for you guys to finish your conversation. "It was full of Lycans and metal spikes to crush or dismember me." Ethan had venom lacing his voice as he glared at Heisenberg.

"Yikes," you said, cringing at Ethan's coldness. You knew he was putting up a facade around you in the factory but Ethan was clearly pissed now. "I think Karl still has some more to say so let's hear him out."

"...fine," Ethan sighed and nodded for Heisenberg to continue.

"Thank you," Heisenberg sighed and gave you a small smile. "The main thing that I want to apologize for is suggesting to use Rose as a weapon against Miranda." Heisenberg's gaze fell down to Rose who was silently watching him. "It was wrong of me to even think that I could use a baby to fight my battles. She was an innocent victim in that shit hole and I would have made it worse if you," Heisenberg looked at you and nodded, "didn't intervene. I don't blame any of you for not forgiving me, that's the least I deserve, but I figured that I should apologize to try and try to make it right."

The room was engulfed in silence, not even Rose made a sound. Your entire family was thinking about Heisenberg's apology. Mia didn't see the extent of Heisenberg's tricks and ploys but she thought that he did sound sincere. Regardless, with the way Ethan was looking at Heisenberg, she wasn't sure if she could forgive him easily.

Ethan was in the same boat as Mia when it came to forgiving Heisenberg, he wasn't going to forgive him after one apology. But Ethan could tell that he was being genuine and that this was a hard thing for Heisenberg to do. Ethan would just let time tell if he should forgive Heisenberg or not.

You had already forgiven Heisenberg for a few things like tricking you and Ethan and attempting to kill Ethan. Heisenberg grew up in the village and that is what he learned to do, follow Miranda's orders to a tee. You couldn't forgive planning on using Rose as a weapon as easily or for not being remorseful when he took Rose's flask, but you could see that he was trying. You wanted to try something with him.

Of course, you'd be out of there when Red Flags started waving but shouldn't every person do that?

"I think I can speak for each of us when I say that we appreciate your apology," Mia said as she put a hand on Ethan's shoulder, "but we can't forgive you just yet."

"I understand, thank you for hearing me out." Heisenberg nodded with a relieved sigh.

You stood up and used your crutches to walk over to him. "I forgive you for certain things, like throwing Ethan into the murder maze and taking Rose's flask." You held up a hand to Ethan when he tried to interrupt you. "I know that you couldn't do anything in those situations because Miranda was watching while you were unarmed, outnumbered, and overpowered. It only made sense for you to go along with her Bullshit. That doesn't mean that I'm not upset that you didn't feel any remorse for Rose when you took her flask."

"Again, I completely understand," Heisenberg said with a small smile as Mia burned holes into the back of your head, "thank you."

"You shouldn't be standing," Mia said your name as she scolded you. "Go sit down and get some rest."

"God, you sound like mom," you teased as you slowly made your way to the door. "I know doctor Mia. Why do you think I'm making my way to my room?"

Mia sighed and Ethan chuckled as you made your way to the doorway. Just when you stepped into the hall, you glanced over your shoulder at Heisenberg.

"Are you coming? You did leave your stuff in my room."

Heisenberg gave you a small smile and nodded. "Yeah, yeah I'm coming."

You gave a small wave to Ethan and Mia as you went back to your room, Heisenberg close behind. When you got in your room, you went straight for the cot and sat down, leaving your crutches leaning against the wall. You picked up Heisenberg's hat and sunglasses from off the cot and put the hat on your head.

"Fits you perfectly," Heisenberg chuckled as he held his hand out expectantly.

"Thanks," you said as you handed Heisenberg his glasses, "I think I'll keep it."

Heisenberg scoffed and he leaned in and put a hand on your head. "Don't get cocky," he laughed as a small idea popped into your head. Heisenberg was close enough for you to reach so why not? 

Before Heisenberg can pull away and take his hat with him, you close the bit of space between you and give Heisenberg a small peck on his lips. Heisenberg paused enough for you to snicker and throw his hat haphazardly onto his head.

"Still have more balls than you."

Heisenberg grinned evilly as he maneuvered himself between your legs and pushed you onto the mattress. You squeed as Heisenberg crawled on top of you and kissed you, being mindful of your leg as he ran his hands up and down your thighs. Heisenberg licked your bottom lip and you opened your mouth as you weaved your fingers into his hair. 

You let out a small whine when Heisenberg pulled away only to lightly moan when he attached his lips to your neck, sucking a bruise over your pulse. Heisenberg's beard tickled your neck as he abused that one little spot on your neck, trying to make the darkest bruise he can while pulling as many noises from your mouth as possible.

Heisenberg loved those noises that you made back in the forge. The sounds you made were music to his ears then and the little sounds you were making now were only spurring him on. There was only one problem.

"As much as I want to fuck you here and now," Heisenberg said as he lifted his head from your neck, "these walls are thin and I doubt your sister will appreciate hearing you scream my name."

You sighed and nodded. "Yeah, she'd kill us both," you said through your teeth. 

"I'm sure she would have," Heisenberg chuckled as he sat up, pulling you with him. You notice something fall from Heisenberg's pocket and onto your cot. Heisenberg didn't seem to notice as he reached for his things and you reached for the paper.

"Karl, what's this?" you asked as you picked up the small piece of paper. You quickly realize that it isn't just a piece of paper but a photograph. Out of respect for Heisenberg and his privacy, you looked up at him as you handed him his photo. You only caught a small glimpse of the photo as Heisenberg took it from your hands with a small smile. 

"This, Butterblume, is a photograph of my family before Miranda's experiments." Heisenberg adjusted his position so he could show you the black and white photograph. Heisenberg pointed out each of his family members as they stood in a small cluster in front of the factory.

Heisenberg's mother, he said her name was Martha, was short compared to her husband. She looked to be in her late twenties or early thirties and had short, light-coloured hair. Martha Heisenberg had kind eyes and there was no other expression on her face other than happiness as she leaned her head on her husband's shoulder and rested a hand on her children's shoulders.

Martha's husband, Klaus Heisenberg, had long, dark hair that was poking out from under the same hat that Karl wears. Klaus is wearing a sweat-stained tank-top and oil covering his muscular arms. He had a huge smile on his face as he held his family close for the photo.

Agnes Heisenberg was Karl's older sister. She was the spitting image of her mother while Karl looked like his father. Agnes was wearing a simple, dark dress with a horse necklace laying across her chest. She looked no older than ten in the picture.

You had to stop yourself from swooning over how cute Karl was when he was a kid. Karl was wearing an oversized shirt, that obviously belonged to his dad, over a dark button-up. Kiddo Karl was also wearing a huge smile on his face that matched his family's. 

"All I remember from the day this photo was taken was that mom needed to bargain with me to dress remotely nice." Heisenberg pointed to the picture of him. "She told me that I could wear dad's overshirt if I had my nice, black one underneath."

You leaned against Heisenberg's bicep as he held the picture. "You look adorable," you cooed and Heisenberg chuckled. "You're also the spitting image of your dad."

Heisenberg paused before he smiled and looked down at you with a small smile. "...Thanks, Sweetheart," he whispered as he placed a small kiss on the top of your head and wrapped an arm around you. "I miss them."

You wrapped your arms around Heisenberg as he rested his chin on your head. Heisenberg eventually wrapped his other arm around you to hold you closer, being careful with your leg. Karl Heisenberg let out a shaky breath as he relaxed into your touch.

"You did it, Karl," you assured him, "you avenged them."

Karl said nothing and only held you closer as he finally let his tears fall. Those words were the ones he needed to hear the most.


Chapter Text

You, your family, and Karl were all standing in the medical bay with Chris and the doctor that examined you and Rose earlier. All of you were waiting patiently as the doctor got the proper files out and addressed the room.

"As all of you know," the doctor started, "I have taken a blood sample from each of you to determine if she is infected with mold or not." The doctor gestured to you as she fiddled with some papers.

Dr. Maria Ramires was a very kind woman. She was the main doctor who checked you and Rose out when you first got to HQ. Dr. Ramires was the one who agreed that you and Rose could stay together while they checked both of you out.

After Karl told you about the whole medicine only working on the infected thing, you asked Dr. Ramires if she could perform the necessary tests to see if you were infected with the mold or some kind of variant of it. She agreed and asked Ethan and Mia to draw some of their blood along with Rose's. When Heisenberg got wind of Dr. Ramires' tests, he offered his blood as a way to check off the Cadou base. Dr. Ramires also asked Chris for blood considering that he's not infected with the mold of any kind.

Now you were here, three days after Dr. Ramires got all of the blood she needed to make a conclusive diagnosis and standing in a circle.

Dr. Ramires took a breath as everyone waited patiently for her to elaborate. "...Would you prefer if I gave this news to you privately?" You thought you knew what that meant, and so did Ethan.

"Heisenberg, did you give my sister-in-law an STI!?" Ethan glared at Karl who raised his hands in defence.

Karl shook his head. "Because of the parasite Miranda put in my side, I can't contract any illnesses. Viruses, infections, and other parasites die the second they come into contact with my immune system," Karl explained with a flourish of his wrist before turning to you. "There is no way that I could have given you an illness or infection of any kind."

"Got it," you said as you turned back to Dr. Ramires. "They're going to find out sooner or later, I don't mind and you'll explain it better."

"Alright... I can confirm that you are infected," Dr. Ramires said your name and you saw everyone stiffen around you. You knew that the mold could kill you or turn you into a monster, so they had every right to be concerned. "But it isn't just the mold you're infected with."

"I'm sorry?" you asked, raising a brow. You'll admit, you were the one who asked about being infected. But hearing the news and confirming that you were infected was still shocking, to say the least. Fear finally set in when you remembered what Ethan and Mia told you about the Baker's house. You didn't want to become that.

"You've been infected with the mold," Dr. Ramires repeated. "I can't say that I know how you got infected thought. Could you tell me if there was any time you came into contact with the DNA of someone who was infected?"

"Plenty," you responded with a nod. "Ethan and I had a system when we were up against Lycans in the village, Ethan would shoot while I got up close and cut at them." You fiddled with your hands as you explained. "Before that, I've been living with Ethan and Mia since Mia announced her pregnancy. I can't think of any situation that involved me swapping DNA with Ethan or Mia though."

"Unfortunately," Karl cuts in, "or fortunately depending on the way you look at it, Lycans, or any other monster in the village don't have anything to pass since their affinity to the Cadou was the lowest of the low." Karl waved his hand around and you thought it was a miracle that he didn't have a cigar in his hand. "...I can think of something that might've infected you... what exactly did the super-sized bitch and her swarms of harpies do to you in that sex dungeon?"

You laughed at his terminology, knowing that Karl was trying to ease you. Your time in Castle Dimitrescu's Dungeon was not something you wanted to remember. Hell, you had nightmares about it for the past three nights and, every time without fail, Karl would pop into your room and check on you. You're pretty sure Karl has nightmares as well and he finds some comfort in you. You also found comfort in him and both of you ended up sharing a bed at night, mainly Karl's since his could support both of your weight. You never pegged Karl to be a cuddler but the death grip he has you in every morning would say otherwise. The bastard was warm so you didn't complain.

It was kinda cute if you were being honest.

"Um... I was stabbed, cut, burnt... bitten..." you trailed off as a shiver went up your spine. You noticed Ethan shudder next to you and put a hand on your shoulder.

"Any burning liquid?" Karl asked carefully.

You looked up at him and nodded with wide eyes. "...did you have cameras in that dungeon too..?"

"No," Karl said as he shook his head, "couldn't get in there without suspicion. No, that's one of the things that man-eating blood-sucker did to make her flies." Karl cringed at the thought. "She pours a combination of her blood and a few villagers, mainly virgin women's, and dumped it over the bodies. I wouldn't be surprised if she had her girls do something similar to you."

"So I got drenched in multiple people's blood that was infected with the Cadou parasite," you said pursing your lips. "Wonderful." Sarcasm seeped from your voice.

"That would do it," Dr. Ramires sighed, shaking her head. "Luckily, I do have some good news for you." Everyone looked up expectantly at the doctor. "Your body is already responding incredibly well to the combination of the mold and Cadou parasite. I can safely say that you won't turn into anything dangerous to yourself or people around you." You sighed in relief and thanked Dr. Ramires. "I'm not quite done. You've been infected with a variant of the same mold as the Winters along with the blood of someone with the Cadou parasite. You have an entirely different virus or parasite." Dr. Ramires walked over to her desk. "I'm not entirely sure of every side effect but I think it's safe to assume you have a healing factor equal to your sister and her husband."

"That might not look good in my career," you commented. "What about the Cadou side?"

Dr. Ramires shook her head. "That's just it, I don't know yet. You might have an expanded lifespan or some sort of physical enhancement but only time can tell us that," she said as she turned to face you. "For each of those checkups that I mentioned earlier, I want to perform a few more tests to make sure that you are okay. We might even find out how the Cadou variant will affect you."

"Okay," you sighed, relieved that you won't turn into a monster. "Let's do that."

"Wonderful," Dr. Ramires said as she started to clean up your file, "and with that, I'd say we're done. Thank you all for coming."

Everyone walked towards the doors with various thank yous and goodbyes. Rose even garbled a little and waved to the doctor which made all of you laugh a little. You walked through the hallway and back to the living spaces with Chris in the lead. You weren't on crutches anymore but you were told to wear an ankle brace just to be safe.

"I'm kind of surprised that Rose hasn't been crying so much," you said to break the silence. "I mean, Chris and Karl both said that she would get a killer headache after the ceremony so should we be concerned about that?"

"Now you're asking?" Ethan scoffed lightheartedly. "Mia and I already talked to the doctor about it and she ran her tests. Rose is perfectly healthy and the fact that she's going to be incredibly powerful has something to do with it."

"Which is what I want to talk to all of you about," Chris said over his shoulder. Chris glanced to Karl, silently signalling him to make sure that no one can hear his conversation through the cameras or speakers. Karl gave Chris a small nod when it was done, getting Chris to continue. "Number one priority will be to keep Rose, and all of you, safe but we also need to be concerned about others and Rose possibly hurting herself and others."

"Redfield and I talked earlier about it," Karl said carefully, "he wanted to know if my power ever hurt me when it first manifested. It did many many times." Heisenberg gestured to Rose who was in her mom's hands. "Best case scenario, Rose is incredibly powerful and can control it reasonably well. Worst case is Rose doesn't know how to use her power without her emotions getting in the way."

You nodded as you all turned a corner. "So, you're suggesting that Karl helps with teaching Rose when her power manifests?"

"In a manner of speaking," Karl explained. "Her power won't be exactly like mine so there will be limitations to what I can do for her. We just need an area that isn't filled with people so no one gets hurt and so no one like Miranda will find out about Rose's and my existence."

"Which brings me to my next point," Chris said as you stopped in front of the hall with your rooms, "I think it's safe to assume that you don't want to be in Romania anymore?"

You, Mia, and Ethan nodded eagerly. Romania was beautiful but so was Lady Dimitrescu and you all saw how that turned out. Besides, you not only needed a home that was safe but also had space for Rose to learn what she needed without being seen.

"Alright. There is a house outside of Berlin that we can relocate all of you to without suspicion," Chis said with a pause. "We still think that there are loyalists to Miranda so only a few people know where you will be relocated. I'll get a burner phone for you and myself so we can stay in contact. Most of your belongings will be moved there within the week. Dr. Ramires is even being moved to the Berlin HQ so you don't have to change doctors."

"Thanks, Chris," Ethan said and he walked by Chris to get to the room.

"Heisenberg will also be living with all of you."

Ethan paused and looked back at Chris. "Pardon?"

"You heard me, Ethan," Chris said, "Heisenberg will be living with you to provide protection and help with Rose's powers. I know you don't agree with it-"

"That's not what I'm concerned about," Ethan cut Chris off. Chris paused and gave Ethan a confused look. "I'm concerned about getting an appropriate amount of sleep."

Karl rolled his eyes and shook his head. "I'm not going to interfere with your precious sleep schedule."

"So you are going to stay out of my sister's room?" Mia questioned, raising a brow while bouncing Rose in her arms.

"Over my dead body," you said, laughing a little at their bluntness.

Karl pointed to you and shrugged. "What the Lady wants, the Lady gets. I don't make the rules."

"Time to invest in soundproofing then," Ethan said as he led Mia back into their room and closed the door.

You, Chris, and Karl stayed silent for a minute before you started giggling. "They're warming up to you."

Karl snorted and shook his head. "Yeah, and I'm a nine-foot-tall, mega-bitch with three swarms of flies for daughters."

"I mean, you got the mega-bitch part right," you said with a small snicker. You ducked as Karl attempted to hit the back of your head. "Chris, since I got a some-what clearance from the doctor for my leg, is there a sparing area here so I don't lose my edge before the next season?"

Chris huffed out a small laugh as he watched you continuously dodge Karl's half-hearted attacks. "I think you're already getting all the sparing practice you need, Viper." Chris pointed down the hall you came from and nodded. "Down that hall, last door on the right. See you there."

Chris waved as you finally let Karl pull you into a bear hug all while laughing. You watched him leave as Karl picked you up and walked to your room. Using his power to open your door, the handle was made of metal, Karl carried you in and dropped you on your bed. You heard the door lock as you looked up at him.

"That was a very rude thing to say to me, Schlamp," Karl growled as he climbed over you. You couldn't stop grinning and let out a small sigh when he ghosted his lips over your throat.

"And what are you going to do about it?" you hummed, feeling a little bold. "The walls are too thin for you to do anything to me without Mia and Ethan finding out."

You felt Karl grin against your neck before he licked a stripe up to the base of your jaw. "You're right," Karl whispered against your skin, planting kisses along your jaw all the way to your ear, "but who said I was going to make you scream?"

A shiver went up your spine as Karl nibbled at your ear and ground his hard cock into your thigh. You went to reach up and hold Karl's head but the bastard quickly grabbed your wrists and pinned them to the bed.

"Bitte, Karl," you said, desperate to touch him. "Bitte lass mich dich berühren."

Karl hummed against your skin before he pulled back. "As much as that does things to me, Butterblume, there is no way it's going to work right now." Karl licked his lips as he gazed down at you.

Karl marvelled at how easy it was for you, the woman that could easily kick his ass if he didn't have his powers and who was so out-spoken, to submit to him. He loved hearing you beg and plead for him to touch you or for you to touch him. Karl loved that you already looked dishevelled and needy for him. You still had that dark hickey on your neck from a few days ago and you were breathing heavily. Karl loved the way your breasts rose with each breath you took. He loved all of your curves, be it bones, fat, or muscle, and how they just made you look like you. The part about your body that Karl loved more than anything else is your thighs, but he hasn't gotten to making them his yet.

That's going to have to be fixed.

"Now, Buttercup," Karl said slowly, "I'm trusting you to leave your hands right here. Grab onto the sheets if you have to, but keep them there until I say to move them."

You sucked in a breath and nodded, not entirely trusting your mouth to communicate. Karl shook his head at your answer and traced a circle in the palms of your hands.

"Benutze deine Worte, Butterblume," Karl growled, making your cunt clench at his tone.

You were absolutely positive that Karl knew exactly what he was doing to you, you were dripping wet and both thrilled and annoyed about it. Thrilled because you've been wanting to fuck this man again since Miranda's death and your recovery, annoyed because you knew he was a bastard and that he would just tease you for hours on end. Regardless of that, you decided to play into the little praise kink that he undoubtedly has.

"Ja, Herr Heisenberg," you sighed.

Karl smirked as he let go of your wrists and slowly moved his hands down your sides and to the waist of your pants. He slid your pants down your legs all while maintaining eye contact with you. Karl watched as you tried to keep your hands down, pleading with your eyes to touch him but you bit your tongue and watched him work.

Karl caressed your legs as he kissed your knees and slowly spread your legs apart. You watched as Karl left lingering kisses on your thighs, trailing up to your soaking panties.

"You're doing so well," Karl said in between kisses. "Such a... Gutes Mädchen."

You whimpered and gripped the sheets as Karl pressed a lingering kiss to your clothed core. He didn't stop there, Karl just kept kissing it and kissing it until you were a groaning, whining mess. You were even holding back some tears and begging for Heisenberg to put his mouth on you.

"But my mouth is on you, Butterblume," Heisenberg said as he kissed the inside of your thigh. "Or do you want me to do something like this to that delicious cunt of yours?"

Karl started to kiss, suck, and bite at the inside of your thighs. He made sure to mark the areas closest to your throbbing core, but Karl wouldn't touch you there no matter how much you cried and begged.

"Please, Karl," you cried quietly so you didn't let Ethan and Mia know what was happening, "please fuck me!"

You have never been this desperate for a man in your entire life. You never needed to plead for someone to touch you like how you were pleading with Karl at the moment. You've never cried for a man during foreplay unless it was to get him to do the right thing instead of vigorously rubbing your thigh. Although you couldn't say you hated what Karl was doing to you, it was exhilarating and- oh my god he stopped.

Karl stood up and grabbed your wrists, pulling you to your feet. Your legs felt like jello with how aroused you were, you felt like you needed this man in you now. Karl took notice of how your legs were barely supporting you and chuckled as he held you up.

"I'm still not too happy with the attitude you gave me earlier, Sweetheart," Karl said as you held onto his arms for support, "but I'll be nice just this once and let you have some form of relief."

Karl pulled out a small chain that looked like it belonged to a necklace. You watched as the silver chain floated into the air and down your body. It snaked into your underwear and let out a gasp when it curled up around your clit and started to lightly vibrate.

Your eyes widened as Karl leaned down to your ear and nibbled at it once more. "Doesn't mean I'm going to make it easy for you. You're going to spar me with this little trinket on and if you win, I'll let you cum." Karl pressed one of his fingers on your clit and smirked when you hissed.

"A-and if I lose?"

"I get to fuck that pretty little throat of yours while edging you with that same chain."

"Don't threaten me with a good time, Karl."

"Deal then?"


Chapter Text

"Are you sure about this?"

"Chris, it's just a sparring match."

"With someone who has the strength of twenty men."

You rolled your eyes and adjusted your hand wraps. "We already discussed it, Chris. Karl will hold back, he doesn't want to hurt me."

Chris helped you fix one of your wraps. Because of the chain that was vibrating against your clit and yours and Karl's bet, you were in a state of arousal and close to an orgasm. But just like in the forge, Karl slowed the vibrations down enough for your orgasm to slowly fade away before kicking them back up again. Luckily, he agreed to wear large weights on his arms and shins to limit his movements so you weren't the only one at a disadvantage. 

"Doesn't matter if he's holding back while wearing weights, you are going to get hurt," Chris said as he finished fixing your wrap. "You're not even in good condition to fight. Look at you! You're shaking and flushed, you're even squeezing your legs together a lot like you're in pain. I think it might be a bad reaction to the mold variant in your system."

You chuckled and shook your head at his obliviousness. "I can assure you, Chris, this has nothing to do with the mold." God, he's worse than Ethan.

"Then what is it?"

"...let's just call it a lady problem, shall we?"


You laughed at Chris' expression and waved him off. "I got this covered, not my first time fighting with lady problems, Chris." You walked away from Chris and hopped into the sparring ring with Karl already in it.

You weren't technically lying, you've fought other women while you were on your period. During those fights, you would get so focused on the fight that every cramp and gush that happened would be completely ignored. Once, you even forgot you were on your period because of how intense the fight was. You lost that one but only because the woman you were up against was incredibly skilled, she deserved that win.

Coincidently, it was also around the time you started your method of birth control.

Karl stood in front of you in a white tank top and black boxing shorts. On his wrists and shins were the weights he agreed to wear for this. He was barefoot and wearing a foam helmet with gloves and shin guards. Karl smirked as you approached and winked as he made the vibrations kick up a little.

You were in similar attire to him, but you weren't wearing a tank top. You preferred to fight in a sports bra that was made for these kinds of things. The only thing that you were missing was your gloves, which were just off to the side of the ring.

Typically, you didn't wear all of this gear when in an actual MMA fight. You had gloves and wraps but that was about it. The helmet and shin guards were mainly used for training and sparing so you wouldn't hurt yourself before a fight. 

"Kick his ass," Ethan called from the sidelines. 

You chuckled as you waved to your family. Ethan, Mia, and Rose were all together and sitting on a bench near the ring. When you walked out of the room with your gym bag, courtesy of Chris and his crew, you ran into Ethan who started to interrogate you. He called it lovingly questioning you while you called it bombarding you with pointless questions. You told Ethan that Karl wanted to spar you and you agreed. Ethan's response was to smirk and tell Mia so all of them could watch you in action again.

"You ready?" Karl asked as you put on your gloves. 

"Born ready, metal man," you said, throwing in your mouthguard.

Chris stepped between you two as you took a fighting stance. He agreed to officiate the fight when you told Chris that you were trying to win a bet against Karl. Chris did ask you what the bet was so you told him it was for chores in the house since Ethan and Mia will be really preoccupied with Rose after the whole village ordeal. Surprisingly, Chris bought it and now he was making sure that there wasn't any foul play in this fight.

Yeah... he already failed at that job if the mind-controlled vibrator between your legs was anything to think about.

"Alright, best three out of five," Chris said as he took his position. "We went over the rules earlier so you know what's illegal in the ring and any use of those illegal moves will be a forfeit. A won round will be if you get the other to tap out or immobilized."

You nodded and turned your attention to Karl who was in one of the worst fighting stances you have ever seen. One would have never thought that he even got in a fistfight before and you think that he was trying to mimic one of the stances Lobo took when you fought him. Karl's knees were locked and he was standing on the heels of his feet. His elbows were out and Karl's fists were hovering in front of his chest. You weren't entirely sure if he was faking it or not. 

Regardless, you wouldn't correct his stance, that would just make your handicap worse.

Chris raised his hand in front of you and Karl, watching both of you closely. You saw him grimace at Karl's stance before he dropped his hand. "Begin!"

You pounced at Karl and threw a sidekick to his stomach followed by a back fist to the side of his head before backing away. Karl was taken aback by the sudden attack so you were able to land two of your shots. Karl thought that he had you figured out when you were fighting Lobo in his factory but this just showed how wrong he was. You were very good at adjusting to different fighting styles when needed.

This is going to be fun. Karl thought as he upped the intensity of the make-shift vibrator.

You stumbled a little but masked it as tripping, cursing the metal chain between your legs. This was going to be harder than you thought. 

Karl started to charge at you like he was Sturm. You snickered, dived out of the way, and swept Karl's feet out from under him. Karl fell back and you jumped forward, landing on Karl's chest. You wrapped one arm around his neck while the other when under his armpit, linking your hands behind his back. Your legs and hips were planted on the ground to the side of Karl. When Karl tried to roll one way, one had shot out to give you more leverage and when Karl tried to roll towards your hips, you planted your feet into the ground. You made sure to keep your head in the crook of Karl's neck, just in case he accidentally headbutted you.

Karl continued to struggle as you held him down. You knew that he was holding back, that was the agreement after all, but it did seem like he was trying to get you off him. The weights on his arms and legs probably weren't helping.

Tough shit, you thought with a smirk. The vibrator between my legs isn't helping me, deal with it, Karl.

Chris called the round and you got off of Karl, offering your hand to him when you stood up. He took it with a smile and a wink, making the chain's vibrations stronger for a second before dulling down again. You gripped Karl's wrist as you helped him up, not because you wanted to make sure that he'd get up, but because of the vibrations.

You glared at Karl as you both made your way back to the middle of the ring, listening to Ethan and Mia's cheering from the sidelines. Rose even let out a gaggle of joy when you waved at them.

"Papa, look," a girl's voice popped up out of nowhere, "you were right! She is here!"

You furrowed your brows and looked to the source of the voice. Canine walked into the training area holding the hand of a little girl. She had long yellow hair and sparkling green eyes, her purple dress bounced around as she ran up to the ring and hugged your right leg. The one with the brace on it.

"Savanah!" Canine ran up to all of you and started to apologize. "Sorry about this, Viper, she's a huge fan and can't contain her excitement."

You smile and remove your mouthguard. "It's not a problem, Canine," you said and looked down at the munchkin strapped to your leg. "Hey, Savanah, could you please let go of my leg? I had a recent injury there and the doctor doesn't want me to get hurt again so quickly."

Savanah beamed as she nodded and let go of your leg. You squatted down to her level and held open your arms. "How about you get an actual hug before I get all sweaty and ruin your pretty dress?"

"Okay," Savanah squeed as she ran into your arms, knocking you off balance. You had to maneuver yourself onto one knee so you wouldn't fall over and take the child with you. "I can't believe I'm meeting you! I've always wanted to meet you and I've asked Santa, mama, and papa for tickets to see one of your fights but you aren't fighting for a while but now you're here and you're fighting that stinky man and-"

"Whoa," you said as Savanah pulled back to look at you, "you, ma'am, need to breathe or you're going to pass out." Savanah giggled and took a few breaths as her father let out a sigh of relief.

"I'm really sorry about this," Canine said again, rubbing the back of his neck. "Her mom's in town for a vacation and I asked if I could see Savanah today."

"Don't worry about it, Canine," Chris said as he pointed to Ethan and Mia, who were both chuckling at the position you were in and how Karl was just awkwardly watching the scene unfold. "You and Savanah can have a seat with Ethan and Mia while Viper and Heisenberg finish up."

Savanah had a look of disappointment cross her features when you rubbed her shoulder. "Hey, Chris is offering for you and your dad to watch me spar. You did say you want to watch me fight."

You stood up and offered your hand to Savanah who took it without a second's thought. Smiling, you led her to Ethan and Mia so she could take a seat. 

"This is my older sister Mia, her husband Ethan, and their daughter Rose," you introduced Savanah to them before letting go of her hand. Savanah said hello when Ethan and Mia smiled and motioned for her to take a seat with them.

Canine came up from behind and took a seat next to Ethan while Savanah watched her dad. Canine patted his lap and Savanah happily walked over to him. Climbing onto Canine's lap, Savanah giggled while you walked back to the ring, waving back to her and putting your mouthguard back in.

"Cute kid," Karl commented when you got back to the ring. "Do you think you'll want one?"

"Maybe sometime, but definitely not now," you responded, raising a brow. "Why?"

Karl nodded to Savanah in reply. "The way you handled that tells me you'd make a good mom."

You laughed as you took your stance. "Thanks, but let's get this over with."

"And change the rules a little," Karl suggests while you and Chris raise a brow at him. "That kid really wants to talk to you, Butterblume. Let's do best two out of three so you can hang out with your fan some more."

"I'm fine with that," you said, shuddering as Karl turned the vibrations back on.

You completely forgot about the chain between your legs. In hindsight, that would have been impossible but you realized that Karl stopped the vibrations so you wouldn't stutter or be uncomfortable in front of your fan. It was really nice of him to think about you being embarrassed in front of a complete stranger so you gave Karl a thankful smile instead of a glare when the vibrations kicked in.

"If that's what both of you want, I see no problem with it," Chris said with a nod. "If Viper wins this round, you lose, Heisenberg."

"I'm well aware, Redfield." Karl winked at Chris and took his stance. It wasn't as bad as last time, because he was watching you, but it was still pretty horrible. Karl's elbows were closer to his body but his knees were still locked. 

You shook your head and smiled as you over exaggerated your stance, wanting Karl to get the hint. Luckily, he did.

"Really kicking it into high gear, huh?" Karl teased as he adjusted his stance and bent his knees. 

"I just have to win this round, right?" You smiled as Chris put a hand in front of both of you. "Might as well go all out."

"Agreed," Karl growled playfully and you soon realized that the vibrations before were just samples of what Karl could really do. You practically doubled over with how startled you were from the intensity.

Chris held out a hand as you brought your hands to your stomach and took some deep breaths. 

"I'm fine, Chris," you huffed as you stood up, "just lady problems."

As Chris started the fight, Savanah looked at you worriedly. She didn't hear what you said to Chris and Savanah could tell from the way that you were fighting that you were, at least, uncomfortable. Savanah's seen the way to fight on TV, you're usually not as rigid or distracted as you were at that moment.

"Is Viper okay?" She whispered.

Canine shrugged while Mia and Ethan laughed a little. While Ethan had no idea what was happening, Mia knew you all too well. She's the one you talk to about everything down to petty pranks. Mia's seen you like this twice before, once while you and Chris were sparing during her pregnancy, you tried to flirt with him to lower his guard but it backfired, and once when you were both still in high school.

"She's just fine," Mia whispered back, "she's just experiencing some lady problems."

"Lady problems?"

Mia giggled a little and nodded. "Yeah, they seem to really be bothering her right now." Mia glanced up at the ring and saw you land a cut kick on Karl's thigh, knocking him down. "You'll learn about it when you're older."

"She didn't seem bothered earlier," Ethan commented as he bounced Rose in his arms. 

"It must have just started," Mia reassured him. "I know my sister, she's perfectly fine if not a little uncomfortable."

At that point and time, you and Karl were both on the ground. He was able to get you in a headlock with his right arm as he was in front of you while you were on your right side. Karl did make one mistake, he didn't hold your legs down.

Karl seemed to think that he won this round from the smirk on his face. "Gonna tap out or do I need to hold ya here for a minute?"

"For someone who spent decades working towards killing one woman," you whispered, pretending to struggle when you were really adjusting your position, "you're shit at fighting."

You pushed one arm through Karl's and used both hands to push his face away from you. Acting quickly, you scoot your butt back to give you enough space to raise your left leg. You wrapped your leg around Karl's face and trapped his head between your knees. The sudden action made Karl let go of you relatively quickly and he started to struggle.

"Gonna tap out or do I need to hold ya here for a minute?" You mimicked Karl's tone from earlier as you squeezed your thighs more. Your legs were shaking from the vibrations but you were able to tune out most of it.

It wasn't long before Karl to slap the ground, tapping out. Chris called the match you let go of Karl with a victorious shout.

Finally, the torture can stop! 

Karl laid on the ground for a minute and watched you stand up. "The fuck was that?" He asked, not caring that there was a child that could understand him in the room.

"That was a headlock escape, Karl," you said as you squatted next to his head, "and please watch your language when there is a child around."

"Rose doesn't know what fuck means."

"But Savanah can learn how to repeat it."

"Hey, kid," Karl shouted, turning his head towards Savanah, "don't repeat anything I say unless you're really fucking upset!"

You rolled your eyes and sighed as you hit Karl's head, to which he retaliated by increasing the vibrations.

"Schneide es aus!" you hissed as Karl stood up. "Ich habe die Wette gewonnen."

"Was glaubst du, was ich tue, Butterblume?" Karl said as he pulled off his helmet. "Ich halte meinen Teil der Abmachung ein."

"Warum jetzt!?" You ripped off your helmet and glared at Karl as he shrugged.

"Weil es dich verfickt nochmal nervt," Karl said with a wink. You just glared at him, waiting for him to cut it out. You didn't want to cum in front of everyone and you were willing to wait a few more minutes. Luckily, Karl wavered. "Bußgeld," Karl huffed as the vibrations stopped.

"Thank you, Karl," you said with a smile and held your hand out to him. "Good fight."

Karl smiled and took your hand, pulling you in for a small hug and pat on the back. You chuckled as Karl gave your back a rough tap out of petty spite but you didn't care. Honestly, you would have done the same thing if you lost.

When you separated, Savanah had already jumped off of her dad's lap and ran up to you. She was practically vibrating while she spoke so quickly, you barely understood her.

"That was so cool," Savanah squeed. "You just pulled him off of you like he weighed nothing and won! Can you teach me? Please? Please? Please? Please!?"

You chuckled as you started to take off your gear. "Go ask your dad first, then I'll show you every basic trick I know."

"Basic trick." Savanah sounded disappointing.

"Rome wasn't built in a day. I'll teach you more if you want to get into MMA, okay?"

The smile that crossed Savanah's face was one of pure joy and you couldn't help but smile with her.


Chapter Text

"Thank you, Viper," Savanah yelled as she waved goodbye.

"You're welcome, Savanah," you said as you waved back. "Remember, only use those techniques when you need to, don't want to get in trouble!"

"I will," Savanah said as her dad pulled her out of the training area. "Bye!"

"Bye, Savanah! Bye, Canine!"

Canine waved with a smile before walking out the doors with Savanah.

"Alright," Chris said your name and tossed a towel at your head, "are you okay with coming here every day until your relocation? I want to do some more physical tests to see if the Cadou variant affects your strength or speed."

You caught the towel and started wiping the sweat away from your face and neck. "Sure, I don't mind. Are you alright with sparring for the last bit?"

"Don't mind at all," Chris said with a smile. "Who knows, maybe I'll finally beat you?"

"I guess we'll have to find out," you said, laughing as you walked to your equipment bag. You already put away your sparring equipment but you needed to put on your sandals and put your hand wraps away.

It's been a few hours since your sparring match with Karl and you spent a lot of that time hanging out with Savanah. You wanted to make sure that she was having fun and was welcomed. Whenever you met your fans, you would do your best to make them as comfortable around you as possible. 

Savanah really wanted to do some training with you so, with her dad's permission, you showed her a little bit of what you did to train for a fight and your workout. You even helped Savanah with a few of the exercises and taught her some self-defence techniques that you learned when you first started MMA. Savanah already knew quite a bit, thanks to her dad showing her what to do, and you think that she had some fun while learning from you.

Chris also used that training regiment with Savanah as a way to get an understanding of your speed and strength. He wanted to make sure you were okay and to figure out if you gained a lot of strength since the village. So far, there was nothing that indicated your strength has enhanced supernaturally. If anything, you lost a bit because of your break with your family.

"Can't wait, Viper," Chris said as he walked over to some of the weight machines. "I'm going to do some training myself, see you later."

"Later, Chris," you said as you threw your bag over your shoulder and waved.

You were surprised how easy it was to forgive Chris for what happened before the village. He didn't tell you about a world-shattering secret after all but he was still Chris. The dumbass made a lot of mistakes and always made up for them or made them work. For instance, you were told by several of Chris' colleagues that Chris punched a boulder to make a bridge in 2009 and it worked. The man was an idiot but he had his strengths.

No wonder Ethan's Military training was shit, Chris was conducting it.

Shaking your head and laughing, you opened the door to your room and stepped inside, barely noticing the figure sitting on your cot. You finally notice Karl when you drop your bag on the floor and he cleared his throat.

"Oh, Karl," you sighed, scratching the back of your neck. "Sorry, didn't see you there."

"I can tell," Karl chuckled darkly.

Oh shit, we're doing this now? You thought as Karl stood and stalked over to you, causing the chain to give out small pulses.

You couldn't stop the stupid smile from spreading across your face when Karl pulled you close. You brought your hands up and wrapped them behind Karl's neck as he leaned down and kissed you.

"I've been thinking," Karl said your name carefully when you separated, "and I need to tell you something before I hold up my end of the bargain."

"Okay," you said with a small smile. "What is it?"

Karl seemed to tense up a little before he led you to the bed. Karl wanted to have a serious conversation with you and he just felt more comfortable sitting down. He was also considering that you might want to sit down too.

"As I said earlier," Karl said once you took a seat next to him and you noticed that he wasn't wearing his hat, glasses, or coat, "I've been thinking."

"That's a dangerous thing to do," you joked, trying to get Karl to relax.

It worked, Karls shoulders visibly relaxed as he smiled down at you. Karl felt like he needed to tell you this before it was too late and he was nervous. When Miranda was killed, he realized that he did want to be near you a lot, but he didn't want it to just be platonic. Karl figured out after your sparring match, that he didn't want to just be your friend at the moment. He wasn't sure how he would feel in the future but Karl wanted to try something with you, he just hoped that you felt the same.

"This is serious," Karl said your name again and you started to get a little concerned.

Karl has barely called you by your name, he's only ever referred to you by that three times before. He's always called you 'Buttercup' or 'Sweetheart' or some variation of that. You gave Karl your full attention as he took a deep breath.

"I'll just get right to the point, I care about you." Karl looked you in the eyes as he told you this. "I know it's unconventional and odd that I care about you like this but I do. In hindsight, I probably just seem intrigued by you but I know what that feeling is. I've been intrigued by others in the village and by your family but the interest towards you feels incredibly different." Karl knew that he was just ranting at this point but he's never really talked to anyone like this before and he might as well start now. 

"Since you and Ethan got out of that mega-bitch's castle, I've been watching you both as much as a could... and I couldn't pry my eyes away from you. You're brash, annoying, and a brat, but you're also intelligent, witty, kind, sarcastic, and strong in more than one way. You're also sexy as fuck but I think I've already made that clear," Karl chuckled and you joined in, nodding. "...what I'm trying to say is, I do want to be around you but I don't want it to just be platonic."

Your eyes widened in surprise and a little confusion. You did have your suspicions about Karl's feelings but hearing him admit it was startling. Putting your hand on Karl's, whose hand was curled up in a fist on his lap, you opened your mouth to say something but he cuts you off.

"Just let me finish," Karl said quickly, keeping his hand closed. "I like you and I want to try a relationship with you. I understand if you don't feel the same way but I figured if I didn't tell you now then I wouldn't get the chance."

"Karl," you said carefully but he wasn't listening.

"It looked like you and Chris were pretty close earlier-"


"-and I guess I have that feeling that you want to be in a relationship with him-"


"-I want you to be happy and if you are with him then-"

You finally had enough and cut Karl off by leaning up and kissing him. It worked for him in the forge, who's to say that it wouldn't work for you now.

Karl froze at the kiss but quickly melted into it. He finally opened his hand and held yours as Karl put his other hand on your thigh. Karl did his best to keep the space between you two closed, hoping that this is what he thought it was but there was doubt.

"Can I please speak now?" you teased when you pulled back from Karl. He nodded and watched you carefully. "Karl, you are an asshole with an ego too big to fit in Castle Dimitrescu." You watched as Karl's expression fell when you listed off those two flaws. "Karl Heisenberg, you have a lot of issues that you need to sort out and the funny thing is, I feel the same way you do." Karl perked up at that. "I guess I feel that way because you're extremely intelligent, you're outspoken, funny, and your asshole side is kind of endearing. Therapy can help with the really bad issues and help you unpack a lot from your imprisonment to Miranda. I guess what I'm trying to say is..."

Karl circled his thumb on your hand as he listened quietly. 

"I want to try a relationship with you too, Karl."

Karl's face broke out into a relieved and joyous smile as he let go of your hand and hugged you. "I promise you, Butterblume, you won't regret this. I was already planning on heading to therapy, the boulder-punching asshole beat you to it, and I will make sure my noggin gets better for everyone around me." Karl gave you a kiss on the cheek before continuing. "We'll be happy together, I know it."

"I know, Karl," you giggled as you hugged Karl back. "We'll be just fine."

Karl pulled away from you and took your chin in his hand, making you look up at him. "Now, I'd say your orgasm is long overdue."

You laughed as Karl pulled you onto his lap and started to pepper your face with kisses. Karl's lips met every part of your face and neck while his hands went straight to your exposed stomach. He gently rubbed your sides, back, and stomach while you tangled your hands in his hair.

When Karl finally connected your lips, you started to unbutton his shirt. You ran your hands up and down Karl's chest and stomach, wanting to memorize as much of his body as possible. 

Karl was very well built the last time you saw him and you could tell that he still was, even though he hasn't been working as hard as before, but there was a subtle change. Back in the forge, Karl had clearly defined abbs. His abbs were still there, but they weren't as defined as before, probably because he hasn't been doing any physically straining work recently.

You quickly realized that you liked it and wanted to feel a little chub under your fingers. 

"What is it?" Karl asked as he put his hands on yours.

"Just promising myself that I'm going to see exactly what you'll look like with a dad bod."

"A fucking what?" You saw a small light go up in Karl's eyes when you said 'dad'.

You hummed and gave Karl a peck on the lips. "A dad bod. It just means that you have chub around this area," you said, circling your hands along Karl's stomach. "It's called that because it's what people associate with dads."

Karl laughed as he pulled you off of his lap and pinned you under him. "Play your cards right and you'll see me as a dad with a dad bod," he whispered in your ear. He used that tone of voice that had you clenching and wanting him now.

"Play your cards right and we'll both see that in a few years."

"Aw," Karl faked a pout, "no baby?"

"No baby," you giggled. "I'm not ready for that yet..." you trailed off as you realized that you guys were still, in fact, in your room. 

Once or twice, Karl has come in to calm you down from your nightmares or he was seeking comfort from his. The very first time it happened, Karl laid down next to you and tried you hold you close. It should have been easy to do considering that the cot was tiny and Karl was a large man, but he couldn't move you before the metal framing collapsed under your combined weight. You both couldn't stop laughing after it happened and Karl fixed it up relatively quickly. Since then, if you had nightmares, you'd go to Karl's bed and sleep there since it was built for his weight.

There was also the underlying danger of Mia and Ethan catching you in the act but you'll worry about that later.

"Relax, Butterblume," Karl assured you with a kiss. "Bed's not gonna break today and I'll make sure your family doesn't walk in."

"...right. Metal powers," you said, nodding and mentally slapping yourself for forgetting. 

Karl laughed as he kissed you again, letting his hands run down your body and to your shorts. You moaned softly into Karl's mouth as he ground his palm into your crotch, Karl took that opportunity to deepen the kiss and started pulling at your shorts.

It wasn't long before you and Karl were both naked and making out on your little cot. Your hands were everywhere on Karl while he had one hand on your breast and the other in between your legs. Karl was slowly thrusting two fingers in you while grinding against the mattress. It was much more relaxed than in the forge but you weren't complaining. Your body was tired from the sparring match and the workout from earlier so the change of pace was nice.

"You know," Karl whispered and you felt the chain against your clit shift, "I almost forgot about this little toy."

"Bullshit," you sighed as Karl kissed your neck. "You just stopped being an asshole for an hour so my dignity could be spared." 

Karl chuckled against your skin. "Fine, fine. You're right," Karl said as he sat up and you felt the chain leave your clit. It flew into Karl's hand as his fingers stilled inside you. Karl fiddled the chain in his fingers and you could see that it was covered in your slick. "Kinda wondered what you'd taste like mixed with metal."

You watched with a slack jaw as Karl dropped the wet chain into his mouth, all while maintaining eye contact with you. Karl twisted the chain around his tongue and started to slowly move his fingers in and out of your cunt. Your cunt clenched as Karl pulled the chain out of his mouth and licked his lips.

"Delicious as ever, Butterblume," Karl smirked as he sat up and stared down at you.

Fuck it.

You sat up kissed Karl so quickly that it knocks him off balance. Luckily, you didn't fall off the cot but got pretty close. Karl was kneeling on the edge of the cot with you on his lap. He held you close with both hands as you ground into his crotch.

"Come on, Karl," you whined, "don't you think you've denied me enough?"

You felt Karl's cock stiffen under you as he worked you over him. Feeling a little bold, you decided that it was your turn to give Karl a few marks of his own. You leaned into his neck and started to kiss it, moving your lips around to see if you can find a sweet spot. It was really easy to tell when you found it because Karl groaned and pressed you down when you kissed the base of his collarbone.

"God," Karl hissed your name as you sucked and bit at his collarbone, "you're good at that." 

"Have you never gotten a hickey before?" you asked, examining the large bruise that you left behind. 

"Nope," Karl said as he shifted your position, "care to do it again?"

You smirked up at Karl before moving to his shoulder. "With pleasure."

While you latched your lips onto Karl's shoulder, Karl shifted your position so you were just over his cock. He sighed as you sucked another bruise onto his skin and closed his eyes. Karl was a little conflicted with how things were moving. Karl has never gone this slow with someone before, it was always 'clothes come off and the show begins'. Yet here he was, holding you close while letting you bite and suck at him. 

But he liked it.

He liked that you were going slowly. He liked that you were kissing him and that you were there with him. Karl also loved the underlying danger of getting caught by your family, but that was just a kink. 

"Let's finally give you some relief," Karl said as he lined himself up.

You whimpered a little when Karl pushed the tip of his cock in your cunt. It felt great that he was finally going to fuck you but the bastard was holding you up with his stupidly enhanced strength.

"Du weißt was ich hören will," Karl said, smirking. He wasn't going to let you get off that easily. You groaned and tried to push yourself down but Karl pinched your hips as a warning. "Du fühlst dich so gut an, Butterblume," Karl said when you didn't say anything. "Bettel für mich."

"Please, Karl," you whispered, giving in. "Bitte berühr mich. Bitte fick mich!"

Karl pursed his lips, seemingly lost in thought before he grinned evilly at you. "Gutes Mädchen," he said as Karl pushed you down onto his cock, bottoming out. 

You almost screamed at the feeling before Karl shoved his fingers in your mouth, silencing your moans. Karl watched you intently as you sucked his fingers, waiting for your body to get accustomed to his size.

"Leise," Karl shushed you, "don't want to get caught, now do we?" 

You shook your head as Karl removed his fingers and carefully lowered you onto the bed. He held you there as he slowly started to move. You groaned but Karl kissed you to drown out your noises.

"Ich kümmere mich um dich," Karl hummed, eying the pillow next to your head. Karl reached for it and pulled the pillow under your hips before he started to thrust into you, hitting deeper with each thrust.

Karl leaned down and started to whisper sweet nothings in your ear in both German and English. It was odd, especially when Karl intertwined one of his hands with yours while whispering what a good job you were doing. It was a nice change of pace and Karl certainly knew what he was doing.

You started to feel your orgasm start to build and held Karl closer. He noticed too and started to go a little faster, urging you to cum.

"Komm für mich, Butterblume," Karl whispered before sealing his lips to yours one more time.

You moaned into his mouth as your orgasm washed over you, covering you in a blanket of ecstasy. It was a lot more relaxed than the forge but stronger than you thought it would be. You were sure that it would be stronger from the constant edging Karl put you through but it wasn't. It was perfect.

All that was left was for Karl to cum.

"Du fühlst dich so gut an, Karl," you said, bringing one of your hands up to cup his cheek. "Bitte, komm für mich, Liebling."

Karl said nothing as he pressed his forehead to yours, groaning as his orgasm swept over him. Karl didn't pull out when he finished, he rolled you both over so you were laying on top of him instead. You buried your head into Karl's chest and sighed, letting his numerous chest hairs tickle your cheeks.

Christ, this shit is long enough to braid. You snorted and rested your hands on his chest. 

"What's so funny?" Karl asked, letting go of you and waving one of his hands.

You looked up at him and smiled. "You, sir, need some grooming. Your chest hairs are long enough for me to braid."

Karl chuckled and you watched him summon the chain and a small horse and horseshoe pendant to his open hand. The pendant looked exactly like his family crest and it matched the chain. 

"I made this for you before we were called to the doc's," Karl explained as the pendant attached to the chain. "Wanted to give it to you as a thank you gift but got carried away before our sparring match." Karl played with the pendant before offering it to you. "Here, call it my first gift to you as a couple."

"First gift to me ever," you snickered and played with the pendant in between your fingers. "I'm going to need help putting this on."

Karl smiled at you as the pendant floated in the air and went to your neck. You raised your head to give it more room and the necklace clipped itself around your neck. The silver horse was resting right on Karl's chest and the chain sat comfortably around your throat. It was a perfect fit.

"It's beautiful, Karl," you said, kissing him, "thank you."

"For you," Karl whispered, bringing his hands down to your thighs, "I'd burn the world down."

"Oh, Karl, you really need therapy."


Chapter Text

"I hate you!"

"No, you don't."

"Fine, I hate what you did to me!"

"Now, maybe you do," Karl leaned in and gave you a peck on the lips. "In a month you certainly won't."

You pouted up at Karl and crossed your arms. "And how do you know that?"

"Because you fell in love with him the last time we were in this situation," Karl said, smirking as he pointed to the room your son disappeared into.

It's been seven years since you got out of the village and life was great. You and Karl started dating and your feelings for each other only grew. After about two years, you were able to win your biggest MMA fight in the US and Karl decided to propose to you when you were receiving your trophy. That had to be one of the happiest days of your life. The other was when your son was born three years ago.

It was a relatively difficult pregnancy considering that you were sore the entire time and constantly throwing up. Klaus really took his toll on your body but you loved the kid to bits. On the day he was born, Karl was doing metalwork in the garage for Chris and his team while you were training Savanah, who decided to pursue MMA. Your water broke when you were guiding Savanah through some routine combinations, she had to call the hospital while you were pacing and practicing your breathing exercises.

Karl rushed to the hospital when you called him from the ambulance, apparently, he was also very tempted to make the car he was in fly over there. That's what Ethan told you when you got out of labour. You didn't let Karl live it down for weeks.

When Klaus was born, Karl couldn't stop marvelling at him. Many times, you would catch your husband gazing down at his son with so much love that you thought it could rival Ethan's love for Rose. A day after Klaus was born, Karl was slowly rocking him after you fed the little guy. You sighed and leaned against your husband's shoulder when you told him that his son looked like a 'Klaus'. Karl cried when you suggested that to be his name and kissed you, agreeing that Klaus was a perfect name.

"Yeah, yeah," you groaned and leaned back into the couch, "still doesn't change how I feel now."

"That's the price of pregnancy," Mia said your name as she handed you a plate of your latest cravings, mangos. 

"Shut up, you haven't been pregnant in almost eight years," you shot back, taking the plate. "Besides, you didn't have a magnetic field surrounding your stomach."

Karl rolled his eyes as he stole a piece of mango from your plate. "I thought that I put up a stronger one to keep the metal away."

"Sure, but then you decide to be an asshole and make spoons stick to my stomach," you said, taking a bite of your mango. 

Being pregnant with Karl Heisenberg's children was a difficult feat when you remember that the magnetism runs in his blood. It shouldn't be a surprise that his kids would have his powers, especially since both you and Karl were infected with some variant of the Megamycete. Speaking of, it turned out that your life would be prolonged like Karl's. The scientists that Chris trusted did a few experiments and they learned that you had a similar healing factor to Karl and that you would age like him, if not a little faster. They said you two could easily grow old together when you asked. It was sweet.

"Mama! Papa!" Klaus ran into the room with Rose hot on his tail. "We made something!"

"Can we show you, Aunty?" Rose said, barely acknowledging Karl.

Turns out, Rose remembered everything from the village. Doctors said it had to do with the mold in her system and her powers. Rose was always a little cold towards Karl but has started to lighten up to him during their training sessions. Karl has helped the situation by giving her space to work things out on her own and if she wanted to talk to him, he'd be there to listen.

"Let's see it," you said and patted the spots next to you.

Rose ran up to you and sat down on your left while Klaus pointed for his dad to sit next to you. He always did love sitting on Karl's lap when Klaus could. You think the dad bod that Karl developed helped. You would constantly use your husband as a pillow or a chair simply because of how soft he was.

Karl sat down while Rose called for her dad to join all of you in the living room. Ethan walked into the living room and stood behind the couch, rubbing Rose's head as he took his position.

You and Karl moved out of Ethan and Mia's house a while ago so you could start your own family and not be interrupted when doing anything. Of course, since you and Ethan didn't really feel comfortable being separated from any member of your family, you've all decided to do Sunday suppers. Every week, either the Heisenbergs or the Winters would host each other for a small supper and game night. It eased both you and Ethan to see each other and your family's okay, but it did concern your spouses and your therapist.

Because of the torture both of you were put through in the village, you were constantly paranoid about the dark, flies, deep water, and, oddly enough, old castles. Your time in Castle Dimitrescu was something you had yet to tell Karl and Mia about, but they both knew that it wasn't good. Luckily, the therapist has been helping your entire family work through each of your separate trauma. Mia with her imprisonment, Ethan and you with the entirety of the village and the Lords, and Karl with all the decades of masking, hiding, and conspiring against an abuser who claimed to love him like a mother. Rose has even said that she might want to talk about a few things that she remembers with the therapist too. 

Things weren't perfect, but there was progress in your lives.

You watched as Klaus climbed onto Karl's lap and held his hands out to the dining room. Karl rubbed his son's arms in encouragement as a small, metal platform wabbled into the living room. On the metal platform was a book that you vaguely remembered.

"Good job, Sweetheart," you praised Klaus as the platform with the book landed in your lap. "You're getting really good at your control."

"You'll be just as powerful as your old man in no time," Karl added on, planting a small kiss on Klaus' head.

You looked down at the book and read the cover, internally cringing at the title. It brought back some less than pleasant memories of the night you and Ethan were taken to the village.

"The Village of Shadows," you read out loud, causing every adult to turn their head to you. "Klaus, Rose, where did you two find this?"

Turns out that the book had a lot more meaning to Miranda when she was disguised herself as Mia than you or Ethan could have thought. Karl explained to you that Miranda thought the tale of the little girl and her parents would be the key to bringing her daughter back. Miranda told every Lord the tale and explained why she needed them to perform experiments with the Cadou for her. It did make sense, the Bat Lord was Lady Dimitrescu, the Dark Weaver was Lady Beneviento, the Fish King was Moreau, and the Iron Steed was Karl. Miranda was the witch who came to be when all the Lords disappeared.

"I found it in an old box in the attic at home," Rose said a little sheepishly. "I remember that lady reading it to me before I was broken in four. I told Klaus the story and we both thought it was stupid..."

"And we fixeded it," Klaus exclaimed, tapping his hands on the book. "Please read it, Mama."

You looked at Karl, Mia, and Ethan for confirmation. You were alright with reading the story, but you wanted to make sure that they were okay too. Your family nodded and you opened the book.

"Long ago, a young girl went with her mother to pick berries for her father who was hard at work. But the forest greeted them with a dark, cold silence, the bushes empty. Yet, determined to find the berries, the rascal broke free from Mother's grasp and vanished into the trees.

"Mother's worried cries faded fast as the girl ran on; over vine, and under branch and into the forest deep. Feeling strange eyes upon her, the girl recalled Mother's scary bedtime tales and her throat became bone dry. Then, the Bat Lord appeared! He greeted her warmly and bit his own wing.

"'Come, child. Quench your thirst,' he said. So she drank the thick, dark blood and smiled with joy.

"Passing through a graveyard, menacing storm clouds loomed and the air turned bitingly cold. The girl was shivering in her thin clothes. Then a Dark Weaver appeared, and with a click of his fingers, crafted mist into a beautiful dress.

"'Come, child, warm yourself,' he coaxed. So she clothed herself and smiled with joy.

"Across waters deep and ominous she went, hoping a boat she found would carry her home. But hunger's grip tightened and her heart grew heavy. Then the Fish King appeared and offered one of his many fins.

"'Come, child. Eat your fill.' So the girl ate and smiled with joy once more.

"Continuing on, she soon entered the forest's dark heart. Then an Iron Steed appeared, bearing a beautiful, golden gear. The creature said nothing as the girl approached... and snatched what she thought was another gift.

"The horse grew angry and summoned the other monsters.

"Terror filled the girl's heart as a wild wind rose about the beasts. Suddenly, a witch appeared- dark, yet regal.

"'Gifts we gave, but more you took,' she snarled. 'So more, in turn, is due.'

"In a blink, the girl was trapped inside a mirror..."

You trailed off as you smiled at the out-of-place colours your son and niece used to rewrite the story. There were a lot of grammar mistakes, the kids were eight and three, and they drew in another character along with the girl's parents.

"Her parents and aunt, though, had searched all day and, at last, arrived. With rampant rage, Father and Aunt fought the Witch while Mother's loving touch shattered the dark enchantment. But the Witch was strong and Father and Aunt yelled at the Witch.

"'She did nothing wrong.'

"'She's just a kid!'

"'Let the child be.'

"'She isn't yours to take!'"

You turned the page again and noticed a new character springing out of the Witch. It was the Iron Steed and it was missing its golden gear.

"Mother bore the child to safety while a figure sprang from the Witch. The Iron Steed had broken free from the Witch's curse and wished to aid the Father and Aunt. 

"'For too long you have kept me as a toy,' The Steed growled and stomped its hoofs, 'more, in turn, is due.'

"With the help of the Iron Steed, the Father and the Aunt destroyed the Witch and burnt her dark forest to the ground. Once the Witch disappeared, a glow overcame the Iron Steed as its hoofs turned into hands and feet while its snout shrunk. A man stood in place of the Steed, weak out of exhaustion. Out of thankfulness, the Aunt helped the man to his feet and all of them walked out of the forest.

"The reunion between the family was a happy one as the Father hugged his child. As thanks, the family gave the New Man a home where he was wanted and loved.

"The burnt down forest serves as a reminder to always keep your family close and to be safe when picking berries alone."

There was silence as you closed the book, but it wasn't a silence of discomfort. You loved the ending to the story the kids made, it was perfect.

Karl wrapped an arm around you while his other arm held his son close. You could see a bright smile cover his face as he kissed your cheek and your son's. He rubbed your arm as Karl pursed his lips.

"That was a perfect ending to the story, you two," Karl said as Klaus turned to face him. "Much better than the original."

"Really?" Rose looked up at you with stars in her eyes. "It's that good?"

"Absolutely," you agreed and leaned into your husband's touch, "so much better than the original. The drawings are incredible too."

Ethan picked Rose up and pulled her into a hug between him and Mia. "You two are incredible writers."

"Uncle Karl, Aunty," Rose said your name as she looked at you and Karl, "will you read it to the baby?"

You paused and stared back at Rose while you felt Klaus climb across your lap and take Rose's spot. Rose has never called Karl that before, she barely even acknowledges him unless she's thanking him for a gift or asking him a question. Karl was also star-struck at Rose's words and was grinning like an idiot.

"I don't see a problem with it," Karl said, looking at you. "What do you think, Butterblume?"

"I think that we can make that a possibility," you said before jumping a little at a small jolt of pain. 

The baby kicked! You realized and grabbed Karl's hand. Carefully, you placed Karl's hand on your tummy and motioned for your son to do the same. Klaus put his hand against your tummy and you all waited for the baby to kick again.

Karl jumped up and moved in front of you when your baby kicked again. He knelt down and put both hands on your stomach before planting a small kiss on it. Karl started to rub circles with his thumb on your stomach and whisper little phrases in German but you couldn't quite make them out with how quiet he was.

Your son definitely had a large reaction to the kick, he jumped and stared down with his hand still on your stomach. Klaus was practically vibrating out of excitement as bounced up and down on the couch.

"Was that the baby, mama?" Klaus asked. "Was that my baby brother?"

You laughed and went to answer when Rose spoke up, beating you to it.

"You're getting a baby sister, Klaus," Rose said crossing her arms. "I know it's a baby girl, I felt it when I touched Aunty's tummy earlier."

If it was anyone else, you would just laugh and say that everyone had to wait and see but Rose wasn't anyone else. You and Karl decided that you wanted to see what the baby would be the day it was born, that is what you did with Klaus and it worked out. Rose sounding so sure of the baby being a girl had you believing that she was right.

"Rose," you said as you and Karl glance at her, "can you actually tell if the baby's going to be a girl?"

Rose and her parents moved around the couch and Rose nodded, looking a little ashamed. "Yes, I'm sorry I ruined the surprise..."

"It's alright, Rose," Karl said with a smile before he looked up at you. "Guess we're going to have to scrap that list of boys' names."

"What list?" You laughed and put your hands on Karl's. "Karl, darling, we've barely thought of any names."

"It's been eight months," Mia said out of surprise. "How the hell do you two not have a name for your baby yet? Ethan and I figured out Rose's name when I was four months along."

It wasn't your fault that you and Karl have been so busy lately... well maybe it was on your end. You offered to help Canine train Savanah so she could try to get into MMA by giving her a training regimen and helping her in person when her dad brought her to town. You've even started coaching other soon-to-be fighters in your area, giving them tips and tricks in between your training time. You loved showing them what you knew and a few have already grown into promising, young fighters.

Karl was asked by Chris to do some metalwork for him and his team so he would spend a lot of time in the home forge that Chris was able to get for him. The metalwork often meant a lot of sleepless nights in Karl's workshop and you had to force him to go to bed at times. Karl has always been invested in his work and using his knowledge to help stop people like Miranda before they do too much damage has only fueled that passion. Karl has made stronger and faster weapons and vehicles along with prosthetics that connect with someone's nervous system so amputees can have a higher range of mobility. Those are the projects that Karl constantly upgrades and perfects throughout the years.

As for you and being an MMA fighter, you were nowhere near ready to leave that. You loved the community and all the friends you made through it too much. You and Karl did have a discussion about it and, while Karl didn't completely understand, he fully supported you and said that he can easily take care of the kids when the time came. Besides, the man loved watching you kick ass and he said that your kids would like to watch their kickass mom when the time came.

Yeah, you loved that man.

"So we've been busy, same thing happened with this one," Karl said as he patted Klaus on the head. "We'll see what comes to us when our little girl is born."

You nodded and smiled at your little family. Things did start off rocky, especially when you told Ethan and Mia that you and Karl were going to try being in a relationship, but things smoothed out. Karl and Ethan bonded over their engineering expertise and started to help each other with builds that Chris needed. Karl even used Ethan's modern expertise to make him a prosthetic for the part of Ethan's hand that he lost in the village. Mia took a little longer to warm up to Karl but they started to get along when she caught him playing with Rose, making sure to not use his power since he knew how uneasy it made Mia.

"Alright," Ethan rolled his eyes at both of you, "but do you at least have an idea?"

You and Karl shook your heads but Klaus obviously knew what the baby's name should be.

"My baby sister will be called Kelly," Klaus said with a nod, "because it sounds good next to my name and I get to name her because she isn't a boy."

"He gets that from you, you know," you said to Karl, raising your brow in amusement. 

"I know," Karl said, his voice muffled because he decided to bury his face in your stomach to try and get closer to the baby. "It's wonderful isn't it?"

You rolled your eyes as you ran your left hand through his hair, the light of the room caught onto your wedding ring and you smiled at it.

The wedding was really small, only your parents, sister, Ethan, Rose, and Chris were invited. It didn't help that Karl's family wasn't exactly alive but you did plan a small surprise. You knew that Karl missed them a lot so you had three empty chairs set up, one for each member of Karl's family. You even borrowed the picture Karl showed you back in BSAA HQ and photocopied it three times, putting an enlarged version of his mother, father, and sister at their chairs. You even made sure to include an altar with the full photo on display and some candles around it as a memorial to the Heisenberg family.

That had to be the most you've ever seen Karl cry in one evening and he made it well known how thankful he was for the memorial.

You looked around at your family before settling your eyes back on your child and your husband. Klaus had found his way to your side and laid against you while Karl was rubbing circles on your baby bump. 

Ethan, Mia, and Rose decided to check on diner considering that you were a little preoccupied with being a pillow for your son and husband. Husband... you just couldn't get over that word. You were a Heisenberg and Karl was now your husband.

"Ich liebe dich, Karl," you said as you looked down at Karl Heisenberg.

"Ich liebe dich auch, Meine Liebe," Karl whispered, straightening up to kiss you, "Frau Heisenberg."