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Trapped in an Iron Grip

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"What the hell?" Ethan said as he looked around the tent.

You looked around him and saw military equipment everywhere. It all looked like a make-shift forensics lab.

"A research post, or something...?" Ethan looked around some more before staring down at a wiggling tree root. "What the fuck are they doing here?"

"The better question is, what the fuck is that?" you asked, watching the roots wiggle.

Ethan looked over his shoulder at you before turning back to the wiggling root. "It's the mold from Louisiana-"

You shouted as a man's arm went to put you in a chokehold. You quickly brought your hands up and held his arm in place while turning your head to the side, keeping your airway away from the arm. Ethan backed up and took out his handgun as you threw the man over your shoulder and straddled his stomach. You mimicked the position you had Ethan in earlier and kept the soldier down.

"Get off of me!" He shouted as the soldier flailed under you. You kept your hands on his wrists and stayed low so he couldn't use his feet against you.

"Stay down!" you growled as you heard Ethan cock his handgun.

You heard a familiar voice say your name and you shot your head to the right. Leaning against a wall was Chris Redfield. "Mind letting my guy go?"

"Give me one good reason why I should do anything you want, Chris," you glowered. "This man just tried to put me in a chokehold and you want me to let him go as if this is some kind of fucking sparring match?"

Chris nodded as you glared at him. You looked back at the soldier and sighed.

He was just doing his job. He was doing exactly what he should have been doing.

"I'm going to get up slowly," you told the soldier, "any funny business and we will be back in this same position." The soldier nodded and you stood up slowly. You even offered the soldier your hand and helped him up.

"I gotta say, I'm impressed you two made it this far," Chris said, not looking up from his phone. "It'd be a shame if something happened to you now."

Way to sound like the good guy, Chris.

"Sure, Chris, why not?" Ethan growled. "You killed Mia! Now do us and finish the job!" Ethan stepped closer to Chris, keeping his gun trained on him.

Chris finally looked up from his phone and put it away. He walked up to you and Ethan and was about to say something when another soldier walked into the area.

"Hey, Cap," the soldier said, sounding a little worried. "I'm getting some serious motion readings out here. We should move on."

Chris seemed hesitant to turn away from you and Ethan but addressed the soldier anyway. "What kind of readings? What's moving?"

"Unknown, but my guess is we've been here too long and Miranda knows it." 

"Miranda?" You spoke up. "Did you say, Miranda? Like the village cult leader?"

Ethan lowered his gun and took another step forward. "How are you involved in this?"

"Leave it alone, you two." Chris brought a hand up as if he was silencing a child. "You're both out of your depth." Chris turned back to the soldier. "What about the sample analysis?"

"Out of our depth," you scoffed, "says the guy who couldn't even keep us in that fancy transport vehicle." You knew that you said that loud enough for Chris to hear but he ignored it.

"It's definitely related to the mold," the soldier answered Chris' question.

You heard a boom come from outside and you saw the monster from earlier swim towards you. The soldier went up to the window with his gun in hand, ready to take a shot, as Chris ran up to you and Ethan.

"You two stay out of our business." Chris held up a finger as you and Ethan backed up.

"What business? I don't-"

"Watch out!" Chris shoved you and Ethan away and you saw him jump back as the fish monster came barrelling through the tent.

The monster destroyed half of the tent before jumping out of the water to destroy the rest with its size. You screamed as you and Ethan fell into the water.

There was a small current that pushed you and Ethan away from the destroyed tent. You barely saw a dock in all the green water and swam towards it, hoping that Ethan saw it too. Luckily he did and you both climbed out and onto the deck.

You and Ethan crawled onto the middle of the deck and laid down on your sides, trying to take a breather. You were both shivering from the bitter air and your waterlogged clothes. You didn't get to relax for long because you both saw Moreau climb onto the deck himself.

"Shit! Stay back!" Ethan held up a hand to Moreau as you both backed away from him. 

Moreau wasn't wearing his cloak or his crown of bones as he climbed out of the water. You recoiled when you saw his skin. Boils were sprouting from his back that looked incredibly painful. There was even a fisheye on the side of the mound.

"You..." Moreau smiled as he walked towards you and Ethan. "The exit's underwater... you're done!"

"We don't have time for this," you said as you stood up and backed away.

Moreau groaned and it looked like he was going to puke. "It's too late... Miranda's already preparing the ceremony!" Moreau sputtered and cried in pain as black tendrils shot out of his back.

"Miranda sent you to slow us down?" Ethan questioned, deciding to provoke Moreau. "You're pathetic."

Moreau started to throw up as more tendrils made themselves known. "Don't be cruel!" Moreau looked up at you and Ethan with sadness in his eyes, you almost felt pity for him. "It's not fair! I should be with her! Not you!"

"What are you talking about?" you asked, trying to see if you can console this creature.

You and Ethan didn't get an answer as Moreau hurled onto Ethan's lap. Ethan jumped back and got up while you cringed at the smell. One of Moreau's waving tendrils whipped you across the face. It didn't draw blood but you knew you'd have a bruise later.

"What the fuck is wrong with you?" Ethan shouted as Moreau continued to hurl. He was practically spewing vomit as he stumbled away from you and Ethan.

"I can't hold it in anymore!" Moreau stumbled back, crying as he got closer to the water. "Oh, God. Oh, Mother, why? Why!?" Moreau finally fell into the water with a large splash. You noticed a shift in the water and you immediately knew the fish monster was back. 

Moreau is the fish monster

You pulled Ethan away from the dock as the silhouette of Moreau circled to you guys. You shouted as Moreau attacked the dock while Ethan pulled you forward, trying to get to high ground. You and Ethan ran across the wooden platforms and jumped the last little leg onto solid ground, something Moreau can't destroy. 

Pieces of wood flew over your heads as you and Ethan stayed down. Once the wood stopped flying, you and Ethan slowly stood up. You turned to see the entire dock and platforms you and Ethan were running across were gone. 

"I suddenly don't have the urge to swim anywhere anymore," you said, staring down at the Reservoir. "I'm also sure that I'm afraid of lake water now."

Ethan huffed out a small laugh before turning away from the water. "Let's just find a way to kill this fucker."

You nodded and followed Ethan around the Reservoir. You eventually found your way to the Gatehouse. Inside, you found a map with emergency instructions in case of flooding. 

Reservoir Gatehouse Operation Instructions

In an instance of heavy rain, there may be damage to the local aquatic life. It is advised that you drain all excess water using the following steps:

1. Move the windmills with a crank to start the electricity to the gatehouse.

2. Pull the leaver in the gatehouse to open the sluice gates.

After Ethan finished reading, he turned to the control panel for the sluice gates and pushed the leaver up. "If we can drain the water..." Ethan trailed off, but only a red light stayed lit when the leaver was in position. "Shit, there's no power."

"Yeah, no shit, Sherlock," you said as you walked to the room you heard a familiar laugh come from. "Come on, I think I heard the Duke and we might need some weapon upgrades."

"You think your machete's getting dull?" Ethan asked you as he followed you to the room.

"No, I just think that we might need some more explosives for Moreau out there," you said as you opened the door, revealing the Duke. The room he was in looked like a butcher's shop, which was odd in itself considering that you were in the gatehouse.

You and Ethan greeted the Duke with a smile and he returned it with a friendly smile of his own. 

"What can I do for you both?" 

You approached the Duke and glanced at his wares. "What do you have for explosives, Duke?"

"I hate to burst your bubble and not be able to provide for you, but I'm afraid that I only have crafting recipes for pipebombs, mines, explosive rounds, and flashbangs." The Duke gave you an apologetic smile and you waved it off.

"Don't worry about it, Duke," you said as he handed you the recipes, "Ethan and I can make them ourselves." You held up the recipes as you handed the Duke a pouch of lei. "Oh, and thanks for the discount and free water from earlier."

"It's my pleasure," the Duke said your name as he counted out the lei. "I can't have a valued customer dying if I can prevent it."

You chuckled as Ethan took all the materials from his bag. 

You and Ethan began making explosives while the Duke sat and watched. You occasionally talked with him but mainly stayed focused on your crafting. You were working with explosives, one wrong move and you could be a stain on the wall.

Eventually, you and Ethan made as many explosives as you could. You hoped that it would be enough against Moreau. You and Ethan waved to the Duke as you left his room and the gatehouse entirely. You walked down the path and made it to the windmill.

It was a little shabby but the windmill did look sturdy enough for the purpose you needed it for. There was a cart with a crank attached to the windmill. The cart was on a railroad track that went along the base of the windmill. You assumed that that was how you were going the power going.

There was only enough room for one person on the cart so Ethan ran up and stood at the crank. Ethan grabbed the crank and you moved out of the way. He pulled and pushed it while grunting, causing the cart to move a few feet. 

But then the crank broke.

"Ugh, seriously..." Ethan said as he looked down at the broken crank. 

You sighed and turned around remembering a note that you saw earlier in a truck. You walked up to it and pulled the note out, reading it carefully.

The crank is old and busted up.

It feels like it's going to snap any second.

I hope it doesn't break. the only other one we have is over at Windmill Two.

You run up to Ethan and handed him the note. "We're going to have to find a new crank in Windmill Two," you explained, pointing to the windmills in the distance. "Problem is, we can't go the way we came unless we want to bypass the windmill." 

"So we're going to have to go through that," Ethan sighed as he looked down at the water. Some roofs and platforms led to the windmills but there did have a weird placement. "Alright, let's go," Ethan said as he led you into the windmill and down a very long ladder.

You and Ethan walked out of the windmill and onto the broken roofs popping out of the water. While you both walked across the roofs and a rickety bridge too close to the water for your comfort. You and Ethan had to break a piece of wood propping up the second bridge before stepping onto it. 

As soon as you took those first few steps, Moreau came out of nowhere.

"I'm not looking to be fish food," Ethan said as you watched Moreau swim by.

You looked over your shoulder at him and gave Ethan a look. "What does that have to do with anything?"

"Because he's a giant fish- you know what? Never mind, let's go." Ethan gave you a small push so you would go forward but Moreau jumped out of the water again, narrowly missing you.

As soon as Moreau splashed down, you and Ethan ran across the bridge and onto the next roof. 

You kept playing this stupid game of cat and mouse with Moreau. You and Ethan didn't touch the water and Moreau barely misses you when you tried to move. You and Ethan needed to get across certain areas with platforms that had the most disgusting controls. 

Occasionally, Moreau would scream out something as he jumped out of the water. It was usually along the lines of 'I'm the best' and all that. You appreciated his self-encouragement and kept moving, trying not to die in the process.

Eventually, you and Ethan made it to the last stretch to get to Windmill Two. You just needed to get across the water. You suggested using the crane and Ethan pulled the switch next to it.

The crane pulled up an old cargo boat and you just stared down at it.

"Caught us a big one," Ethan said jokingly as she jumped down onto it.

You chuckled and followed Ethan down. You both just got into the cockpit of the boat when you felt Moreau ram into the side of it.

"We need to get out of here," you said as you ran up to the windmill. Unfortunately, Moreau clogged it with his stupid bubbles. 

Ethan quickly pulled out a pipebomb and pushed you back. He threw it at the bubbles and covered his face when it blew up.

You and Ethan jumped onto the landing of Windmill Two and ran inside, looking for the ladder that would take you where you needed to go. You ran around the windmill until you found it and scurried up like a scared mouse. 

You two finally found the crank and Ethan went to grab it when you stopped him.

"We need to turn off the power to the windmill," you said pointing to the old electric line going from the top of Windmill Two all the way to Windmill One, "that's the only way out."

Ethan nodded and started to turn the crank. You watched as the windmill came to a stop, creating the perfect ladder to climb up. 

You started to climb as Ethan grabbed the crank. When you touched down on the roof, you immediately turned to the electric cable. 

Pulling out the hook you got from Castle Dimitrescu, you attached it to the line and faced Ethan who just finished climbing the makeshift ladder. Moreau was jumping up and out of the water, trying to get to you both.

"I have an idea," you said and Ethan gave you a knowing look.

Ethan sighed as he got up close, put one hand next to yours on the hook, and wrapped the other one around your waist. "Not a word of this to anyone," he said as you wrapped your legs around him for extra security.

"Agreed," you shouted as he pushed off.

You held on to Ethan and the hook as tight as you could, silently praying that the line and hook would hold you both. You cut through the air at a good speed and were even able to avoid Moreau when he jumped at you one last time.

When you landed, Ethan went to use the crank on the windmill while you put the hook in your bag. Ethan turned the crank, causing the cart to move forward a few feet and turn on the windmill.

Ethan took the crank with him as he hopped down and looked at the turning propellers on the windmill. "OK!" Ethan exclaimed with a smile.

"Let's drain this fish's tank," you said as you started walking to the gatehouse.

You and Ethan walked into the gatehouse and decided to stop by the Duke before you drained anything. You only decided to visit when Ethan's stomach started to growl. You didn't want to be hungry when you fought Moreau.

"Ah, back already?" The Duke asked as you walked into his little make-shift shop. "Luckily, I have expanded my wares to fit your needs for the next battle."

You raised a brow. "That so? We've only been gone fifteen minutes and you got your hands on something new?"

"Yes, actually, some mines and pipebombs." 

You stared at the Duke with your mouth slightly agape. You couldn't believe both your luck and misfortune. You just used up materials you could have used for ammo and medicine but now we had the recipes in case the Duke ran out of stock.

Ethan started to chuckle behind you as a smile broke on your face. "Alright, let's just get what we came here for."

"And that would be?"

Ethan's stomach growled once again and you pointed at it. "That. We would like some food if you wouldn't mind."

The Duke happily made you and Ethan a Tochitura de Pui but given how much meat was in that fucking thing if either of you tried to eat it on your own, you had no doubt that there would be a lot of leftovers. You finished your meal quickly, thanked the Duke and went to open the sluice gates.

You and Ethan directed the power to the switch with a weird, light-up square puzzle and Ethan pulled the lever. You smiled as you watched the water pour out of the gates, emptying the Reservoir.

And leaving Moreau powerless.