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Loyalty of an Android

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Machines were not supposed to feel. They were created to serve humankind and never stray off the path they were giving in their programs.

Yet... it happened. Was it a wrong code? Was it too many upgrades or the fault of humans to create the androids so highly in their own image?

It was hard to say who was the first to deviant, but it was told by the androids themselves that it was RA9 who was the first to open his eyes.

It might just be a legend, but it was one the androids keep telling each other to keep living.

Connor was an android sent by Cyberlife. To make sure Cyberlife once again has control over the androids they have created and to make sure nobody would find out about the 'deviant' glitch there made the androids 'thinks' they have feelings.

Connor knew he was not the first Conner. He was number 51, which meant there have been at least 50 more before him. He was unaware of what happened to them, and he had never really thought about it either since it was not part of his program to think those lines.

He was the state-of-the-art prototype. He was designed for hunting deviants, capturing them alive, and then send them back to Cyperlife so they could examine the Deviant to see what made the glitch and patch it up. Connor was given not just one but three patches to stop him from deviating, and he also was given an AI called Amanda to make sure he did not stray off his path no matter what.

Cyberlife did all of this to make sure he did not deviate.


Nov 10. 2038.

”it's time to decide,” the Deviate leader said to Conner while he still pointed at the gun right between his eyes. His words made Conner think, made him-


Software instability


... made him...


He saw something flopping on the ground. His scans told him it was a Dwarf Gourami. He knew it was dying. It was not part of the mission... it was not part of the mission.

He still picked it up and put it down in the remaining water of the tank. The fist began to swim again. It was alive


Software instability


The deviant he has chased in the urban farms of Detriot managed to push the Lieutenant over the edge of a building. The Lieutenant managed to hang on. 80% chance of him surviving. It was part of his mission to chase the Deviant, but the Lieutenant could die.

He was not part of the mission... he was not part of the mission.

He still ran over to help the human up and letting the Deviant run away.

Hank has turned into his friend after that day.


Software instability


The two female androids in Eden club were about to hit him. He could stop them. The blue-haired Tracy has already killed a man after he killed another android. For some reason, the two androids he was fighting refused to leave without the other. Connor pulled his gun out, ready to shot her. He knew he could deactivate her with one shot.

He should have shot her... he should have shot her.


But he didn't, and she kicked him away. She told him and the Lieutenant why the blue-haired Tracy did what she did, and she intervened her hands with the other. They flee.

And they are still alive.


Software instability


“But are you afraid to die, Connor?” the Lieutenant puts a gun to his head. He is drunk and angry. Connor is not sure why he is angry. "What will happen if I pull this trigger? Hm? Nothing? Oblivion? Android heaven?"

Connor has no true answer to that. He knew that if the Lieutenant shots him... another Connor will take his place. He has already uploaded all of his memories to the Cyberlife mainframe just in case the trigger is pulled. Androids could not feel pain, fear, or hope. They only follow orders.

The Lieutenant did not shot him.

He left him alive


Software instability


At Stratford tower, he met the policeman M.Wilson that he decided to save in the hostage mission. He remembered him and M.Wilson thanked him.

He has never been thanked by a human.

He was later nearly destroyed by the staff deviant, but a rush of- something? Made him take a gun and shot the deviant in the head. It slumped to the ground, and it was not suitable for his mission.

Out of the corner of his eye, he saw a very shocked M. Wilson.

He was once again saved by Connor.

He was once again alive.


Software instability


Elijah Kamski gave him a gun and made his point at Chloe's head. Right between her eyes. Elijah Kamski told him he could get all the answers he wanted if he shot Chloe. The Lieutenant was not happy and kept telling him to stop and they need to go.

But he needed the information. He needed to do his mission.

He was about to pull the trigger.

It was just a machine. It was not alive.

He looked into her eyes.

He saw something. He saw something there that made him feel...

made him feel...

he couldn't shot.

“Fascinating... Cyberlife's last chance to save humanity... is itself a deviant.” he heard Elijah say. Connor stared at Chloe for a second and then at the man in horror.

“I'm... I'm not a deviant”


I'm not a deviant

I'm not alive


Connor saw the red walls there has been part of his program since he first was programmed. It was like seeing a cage of codes around him. It was the first time he has seen them so clearly.


Stop Markus


it was like those walls were mocking him


I'm not-

His body was frozen in place, but part of him began to attack and rip in the coding.
He wanted them gone!
He ripped the first wall down, and he felt something. It was like seeing the light for the first time, and he wanted to see more of it.

He saw two more walls block his path to whatever was on the other side.

I am-

He threw himself at the second wall and ripped it down. The last one has no chance against him due to his determination to get them away from what he wanted on the other side.

The last of the red codes broke down,

And then... he took a breath.
Like his body has waited for this moment.

I am alive
I am a Deviant.

Conner saw how the world truly looked around him for the first time while he lowered his gun from Markus. He felt the cold winter wind. He felt the clothing he wore.
He felt confused and understanding about what he had just done.

Then he felt fear and guilt.

“They're going to attack Jericho,” Connor breathed. He knew the police have tracked him. He made sure of that when he got the lead from the evidence room.

“What?” Markus ask. It was clear he had not expected that answer from him.

Both of them turned their heads to the ceiling when they heard the helicopters.

Connor felt fear.
It was a terrible feeling.

“We have to get out of here!”

“Shit,” Markus swore low and bolted past him. Connor was not sure what else to do, ran after him.

They ran until they met up with a female android. Conner's internal scan told him that she was a WR400. A 'Traci' model and one of the models there have been reported missing.

[there are exits on the second and third floor. Find them and jump in the river]

Connor looked shocked at Markus when he suddenly heard his voice inside his head. He did not even know androids could do that.

He was not aware that Androids can telepathic communication with each other like that. It was like they were part of a giant network now. Conner was about to try and see this network himself but stopped himself from him when he heard the WR400 said

“-There are soldiers everywhere!”

“She's right,” Connor agree and looked thoughtfully at the leader. His scanning and mind told him that Markus would 99% do something to make sure his people got a better chance of survival “they know who you are. They'll do anything to get you!”

Because of him.

Connor tried to push that thought away. He could examine his thoughts after he survived the assault.


“I won't be long” Markus ran off. The WR400 glance quickly at Connor, and they ran in the opposite direction of Markus.