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Love Brings You Home

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Bai Yu fumbles for his keys, one hand against the wall to keep himself steady. He hisses slightly as the motion splits open the still new cuts on his knuckles. He pulls out his hand from his pocket with the key and squints at his hand. It's bleeding again.

He almost wipes the blood against his trousers, but then remembers that Zhu Yilong doesn't like blood on his clothes. It makes him frown, all worried and— Bai Yu doesn't like to make Zhu Yilong feel bad. Did he remember to change his clothes after the fight? He suddenly can't remember and it's a bit late to worry about it now.

He looks down at himself, his clothes are all black and he can't tell. He clutches the key in his hand. He should open the door. Right.

He tries to be quiet as he gets inside. He doesn't even turn the lights on. He doesn't want to wake up Zhu Yilong. He takes a few steps and stumbles on something. He curses and then bites his lip to keep himself quiet. He's supposed to be quiet.

Then he startles when the lights suddenly turn on. Bai Yu grabs at the wall to keep himself from falling, the sudden light cutting into his eyes is making everything sway alarmingly. He squints and then blinks a few times and straightens up with some effort.

He stares at Zhu Yilong, standing there, looking at him. Belatedly Bai Yu snatches his hand away from the wall. The motion is a bit too sudden and it makes him sway a bit before he manages to steady himself. Zhu Yilong is still looking at him, with that tiny furrow between his brows that Bai Yu doesn't like at all.

He likes Zhu Yilong though. He likes looking at Zhu Yilong. It would be better if he could touch Zhu Yilong.

—but Zhu Yilong isn't supposed to be awake. It's late, he should be sleeping now.

"I didn't mean to wake you," Bai Yu says, and his own voice sounds too loud. He cringes slightly and then remembers that he doesn't need to be quiet since Zhu Yilong isn't sleeping.

"You didn't," Zhu Yilong says softly. But he's still frowning at Bai Yu.

Bai Yu opens his mouth to say—something. He's not sure what, but then Zhu Yilong suddenly takes a few quick steps and is standing right there next to Bai Yu. He sways toward Zhu Yilong and then catches himself again. He shouldn't touch Zhu Yilong before he's clean.

Bai Yu's hand twitches slightly, and he stops himself from reaching out and trying to smooth out the frown on Zhu Yilong's forehead. "You're not angry," Bai Yu says quietly, the words sticking together slightly and coming out a bit slurred.

Zhu Yilong takes the hand that almost touched him, his frown deepening as he looks down at it. He makes this little dissatisfied noise that cuts into Bai Yu's heart. He almost pulls his hand away, but he likes the way Zhu Yilong touches him, so gentle and careful.

"No," Zhu Yilong says, reaching out for Bai Yu's other hand too. If he isn't angry then Zhu Yilong is worried, Bai Yu thinks. Something squeezes at his heart.

"I'm sorry," Bai Yu says, concentrating hard on making the words clear.

Zhu Yilong looks up from his inspection of Bai Yu's hands and makes a short noise of acknowledgement before looking down at Bai Yu's hands again. Bai Yu bites his lip and doesn't say anything.

Zhu Yilong turns Bai Yu's hands a bit and then after a moment says, "These aren't just from hitting someone. You should have had them seen to already, instead of getting drunk." Now, Zhu Yilong does sound almost angry, even if his voice and touch are still too soft.

"I…" Bai Yu says, and then his tongue seems to get stuck. He'd washed his hands afterwards, he remembers the soap stinging at the wounds. He wouldn't go home to Zhu Yilong without at least washing his hands first. He swallows. "There was a bottle. It broke," he explains quietly, the words slurring slightly.

Zhu Yilong sighs.

"I'm sorry," Bai Yu says again.

"I know," Zhu Yilong says softly, and Bai Yu wants to— He hates making Zhu Yilong worry. Zhu Yilong lets go of his hands and steps to Bai Yu's side, taking his arm. "Sit down on the couch, so I can see to those cuts, okay?" Zhu Yilong says quietly.

Bai Yu nods and follows along, leaning slightly against Zhu Yilong. It's easier to walk when Zhu Yilong is keeping him steady.

Zhu Yilong is very careful while he cleans Bai Yu's hands. The disinfectant still stings and Bai Yu bites his lip and tries not to make a noise. "I wasn't there," Zhu Yilong says, not looking up from Bai Yu's hands.

Bai Yu frowns. He wants to tell Zhu Yilong that it's good that he wasn't there. He doesn't want Zhu Yilong there for—this stuff. It would be nice to have Zhu Yilong with him sometimes when he goes out, but Zhu Yilong hates nightclubs and bars so Bai Yu never asks him to go. On nights like these, he's glad Zhu Yilong isn't there. But if he says that, it might make Zhu Yilong more upset.

"I missed you," Bai Yu says softly. He lifts the hand that Zhu Yilong seems to be finished with and reaches out to brush Zhu Yilong's cheek. Bai Yu frowns at the bandages that stop him from feeling Zhu Yilong's skin against his fingers.

Zhu Yilong looks up for a moment and smiles sweetly at him. Bai Yu's heart flutters. Then Zhu Yilong looks down at the hand he's holding and Bai Yu feels like someone had just stolen away the sun.

"Are you hurt anywhere else? You changed your clothes, so you probably got blood on them," Zhu Yilong says. Bai Yu cringes, he wasn't supposed to know about that.

"No," Bai Yu says, shaking his head slightly. He doesn't think he is. Nothing serious anyway. "It wasn't my blood."

Zhu Yilong just hums in acknowledgement and then sets Bai Yu's hand down and rises up to put away all the first-aid equipment. Bai Yu looks up at him and can't think of anything to say. He closes his eyes and wishes for a moment that he'd had less to drink. It's too hard to concentrate right now and Zhu Yilong is still upset.

The next moment Zhu Yilong is there, taking his arm and helping him up and saying, "Let's get you to bed."

Bai Yu stops. He shouldn't— "I should shower first," he says.

Zhu Yilong looks at him and then leans in to press his lips against Bai Yu's cheek. Bai Yu swallows, he thinks his hands might be trembling, but he can't look down to check because Zhu Yilong is smiling softly at him and he can't look away.

"It's alright. You can do that in the morning. I just want you to come to bed with me now," Zhu Yilong says.

"Long-ge," Bai Yu whispers, his lips feeling stiff. He licks his lips a bit, but before he can try to say anything else, Zhu Yilong's lips are pressed against him in a soft kiss.

"Come to bed with me," Zhu Yilong says.

Bai Yu nods. "Alright," he says, the word slipping out before he can even think about it.

Zhu Yilong leads him to the bed and helps him undress until he's only wearing boxers and a t-shirt. He pulls Bai Yu down into the bed, and Bai Yu almost falls into it, but that's okay because Zhu Yilong is there to catch him.

"I love you," Bai Yu mumbles, his head resting against Zhu Yilong's chest, Zhu Yilong's arms wrapped around him.

"I know," Zhu Yilong whispers and kisses the top of Bai Yu's head. "I love you too."