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The thing was, Tony had not meant to hide that he was an omega.

It had not really been a conscious decision on his part, it had just... sort of happened.

For context, Tony had been one of the lucky people who did not end up with ‘awkward and mortifying presentation story’. In fact, the entire affair had been rather underwhelming.

He had been 15, the summer before his second year at MIT. Only Edwin Jarvis had been at home with him when he had suddenly gone into heat, and the butler had handled it perfectly, explaining to Tony what it was and what it meant for him.

He would admit that he had been a little disappointed to find out that he was an omega. Howard too, when he had gotten home and found his son’s scent so clearly changed. Howard was a beta and Maria an omega, and they had both been hoping for either an alpha or a beta for a son, though Maria had appeared elated with an omega son anyway.

Despite the slight disappointment all around, it wasn’t as if he suddenly lost all of his value because of his orientation, however. Maybe a couple of decades ago he would have stopped going to school or been married off as soon as he had been classified an omega, but despite his many faults when it came to parenting, Howard was pretty forward thinking. 

His mother had found him some scent hiding strips (which a lot of omega and alphas tended to wear, nowadays, especially among the upper and middle class) and the entire affair was mostly forgotten. When he went into heat at home, all he needed was a cuddle from his familial pack (Howard was very uncomfortable with this part of the whole affair, but he never denied him a jumper or something to soothe his needier side) and he was right as rain.

By the time Tony returned to MIT, everyone knew he had presented but because of the scent hiding strips, no one really knew as what  Rhodey had been the only one who had ignored the ‘social protocol’ and had asked him straight up, to which Tony had answered truthfully. After all, Rhodey had been an alpha since Tony had joined MIT and was the closest thing he had to a pack when he was away from home, so it would have not made sense to keep it from him.

But it wasn’t a ‘thing’, asking people who you weren’t in a pack with or in a relationship with, to reveal their second gender to you, so no one else had bothered. And Tony had not felt the incentive to tell them about it either. Why would he? It really wasn’t anyone’s business if he went into rut twice a year, into heat three times a year, or neither. 

He supposed, with hindsight, that he could have explained himself when the first stories about him being an alpha or a beta started circulating. Many celebrities had done it before to avoid misinformation, but if there was one thing Tony and Howard were similar in was in how little they cared about media speculation. And since it wasn’t as if being mislabelled could cause him any trouble, since he had not lied, Maria had not particularly seemed to mind either.

Howard had not seemed to care about the rumours save to order Tony to get an implant injection at 17 (used to block the ‘alpha voice’), and while Maria had not liked seeing him surrounded by clearly alpha men or women, she hadn’t said anything either.

Peggy Carter and Edwin Jarvis knew, as Edwin was pack, and Peggy had walked in enough pack cuddles to guess, but no one else. Obadiah had never asked, always going with the assumption that Tony was an alpha. Howard just rolled his eyes when the man said it, but again, never contradicted him, so Tony never did either.

Afghanistan was the only time someone other than his pack or family found out about his orientation, which had been kind of terrifying. He was grateful every day that he never went into heat in that cave, because with the constant threats of rape he had faced there, that would have been a horror show.

And by the time he returned stateside, Rhodey had handed him a pair of strips, and with the masks the other soldiers were all wearing, no one else had been any the wiser.

Happy and Pepper had of course known, as they had quickly become pack. They had never asked him either, but they were always with him, and it wasn’t like his sudden neediness for a couple of days, three times a year was not obvious to anyone living in close quarters with him. The two betas had joined Tony and Rhodey pack of two easily enough, and that was that.

Point was, Tony had just gotten used to not explaining his orientation unless someone asked him about it. And in the 21st Century, very few people bothered asking about it because of political correctness (“it doesn’t matter what someone’s second gender is, all that matters is who they are as people!”).

And he could admit, it was funny watching people getting it wrong.

The Avengers had not bothered to ask about it. They had all immediately assumed that he was a beta (Bruce) or an alpha (Steve, Natasha and Clint) - which Tony found a hilarious, considering that two of them were spies. Last time he had hacked them, he had seen that Fury had put ‘beta with alpha tendencies’ as his classification and had laughed about it with Rhodey for like 10 minutes.

Of the Avengers, he and Natasha were the only ones who bothered to hide their scent. Steve was an alpha (was anyone shocked?), Clint was a beta, Bruce was an omega and Thor was sort of an alpha too. Natasha was, according to Clint, a beta, but the woman had never agreed nor disagreed with the statement, so Tony wouldn’t be able to say if he was right or not.

Because of this, Bruce was the default ‘omega of the pack’. The one they all checked up on constantly, the one who they always made sure ate first, the one they tended to cater to at any given time. The man had been a little weirded out by all this fussing and care, as apparently he had not really been into a pack before, not even a familial one, but Tony knew he had grown to like the pampering now.

One might think that Tony would be jealous of the care, but to be honest? He wasn’t. Not really. He had never been one for too much fussing, if he wasn’t in heat and it wasn’t from people he cared about. The Avengers were cool, and it was nice that they were some sort of work pack, but Tony’s main pack would always be Rhodey, Pepper and Happy. He did not consider Steve his alpha, so it did not upset him to see Steve overlooking him in favour of Bruce, or sometimes Clint and Natasha.

The team treated him like he was an alpha, Bruce like a beta, and none of it bothered him too much. His friends knew the truth, and nobody else. It was a balance he enjoyed.

And then Loki showed up.


Well fuck me sideways with a stick, this guy is an alpha.

That was the first thing that went through Tony’s mind when Thor and Loki walked through the doors of the balcony, and he was not thinking about the grinning golden retriever with the hammer.

Rather, he was talking about the sullen looking dark haired man at his side, who’s mere presence made Bruce take half a step back and had Steve straightening up.

Tony had said Thor was an alpha, but he was a weird sort of alpha. Like he looked like an alpha, his voice sounded like an alpha’s voice and he technically smelled like an alpha. But there was a weird alien timbre to it all that almost made it seem like he was a beta playing at alpha.

And while Loki had smelled like absolutely nothing during the entirety of the invasion, everything about him right now screamed alpha.

In a very good way.

Tony remained standing where he was when he looked over at him through sheer force of will. But damn. Tony had dated around, and though he mostly stuck with betas, he had dated one alpha before. And while he had smelled nice, he had not really done much for him.

But Loki smelled surprisingly good, even at a distance and Tony was not sure of what to do with this information.

Thor did not seem to take any notice of the tension the room had fallen in when they had walked in. Or perhaps he had, and chose to ignore it. It was a little hard to tell, sometimes, with the Thunderer. He was a bit of a troll.

“Shieldbrothers, I bring great tidings. As you know, the All-father has reviewed the information friend Tony and friend Bruce obtained, and declared that Loki cannot be held accountable for his actions on Midgard while he was clearly under magical mental control. He has agreed, however, that Loki’s actions caused a lot of harm to Midgard, and like agreed upon with Lord Fury, he shall complete a sentence of two years here with us, helping us defeat our foes.”

Fury had given them a heads up on the situation, yes. However, he had apparently not deemed it necessary to inform them about Loki’s orientation. Not that they’d have said no based on that alone, but it would have been nice to know beforehand.

“Right,” said Steve, after a couple seconds of silence. Loki was watching them all impassively, while Thor continued to smile like it was Christmas morning and Santa had brought him all of his gifts. Not that Tony would know how that felt like, he had never believed in Santa. Steve took a step forward, offering his hand. “Welcome to the team, Loki.”

Loki stared at the offered hand like Steve was offering him some rare kind of disease for exactly seven seconds before looking back up at Steve. His hands remained firmly where they were, crossed behind his back. “Thank you.”

Oh, alpha posturing. That was always fun.

Steve appeared a little irritated and embarrassed as he awkwardly put his hand back down, and Tony had to look away to avoid bursting into laughter at the exchange.

He’d have been the only one. Natasha was staring impassively at Loki, Clint was grinding his teeth so hard Tony was surprised they hadn’t shattered already, and Bruce appeared wary from where he stood between the spy twins.

When the silence continued for ten more seconds, however, he decided that it was time to move on. “Okay, this was awkward enough,” he decided, clapping his hands loudly to bring attention back on himself. He only felt a little on edge when Loki’s eyes fell on him, but he pushed through. “Let’s do this never again. How about I show the Vikings to their rooms? No objections? Perfect, come with me, thing one and thing two.”

He did not bother checking that they were following before he turned around and walked off, but by the time JARVIS opened the doors of the elevator they were both behind him.

Had Tony ever mentioned how unfair it was that Asgardians were so tall? Because it was very unfair. He had to crane his neck slightly to look at them, and there had to be some sort of law against that.

And if there wasn’t he was sure Pepper would make one for him.

Also, this up close, Loki’s smell was slightly dizzying, and Tony moved closer to Thor as subtly as he could.

“Thank you for your hospitality as usual, friend Tony,” said Thor, smiling affably at him. Loki did not say anything, just watching the elevator with polite disdain as the doors closed.

“No worries, Pointbreak. We are all a team, one for all and all for one or something, I don’t listen to debriefings. You’ve already seen your floor before, so I’ll just take Loki to his, and JARVIS will bring you to yours. Cool, J?”

“Of course, Sir,” he said, and Tony felt a flush of smug pride at eliciting the first real emotion from Loki’s face at the sound. The Trickster looked around the elevator with narrowed eyes, and Tony bit the inside of his cheek to stop himself from laughing at him. 

That might get him thrown out of another window.

“Oh, right, Loki never met you,” he said, after a second, doing a bad job at keeping his amusement in check. “Go ahead and say hi, JARVIS.”

“Hello, Mr Laufeyson. I am JARVIS (Just A Rather Very Intelligent System) and I am an artificial intelligence created by Doctor Anthony Edward Stark,” he said. The doors opened, and Loki followed after Tony, head still staring at the ceiling over them. “My purpose is to assist, aid and guide Sir and those residing within the Tower. If you have questions about anything, you can ask me.”

“He is a most faithful and clever spirit, Loki,” informed him Thor, leaning with his head outside the elevator. “Friend Tony built him himself.”

“He’s not a spirit,” huffed Tony, rolling his eyes slightly. “And you’re stopping the doors from closing. Don’t worry, I can handle your baby brother.”

Loki threw him a look at that, but he said nothing, just watching impassively as the doors closed behind a waving Thor before turning to look down at Tony.

Tony wasn’t sure if it was on purpose or accidentally because he was taller than him. 

He hated it either way.

“I was under the impression that your name was Tony Stark.”

“And he speaks!” cheered Tony, not faltering under the flat stare levelled his way. No alpha could ever cowe him, no sir. “Tony Stark is just what I prefer being known as. Anyway, this is your place,” he said, motioning for JARVIS to unlock the doors. “I’ll be honest, I did not really know what you were going to like so me and JARVIS just chose a random green and black motif from a catalogue and ordered everything,” he explained as they walked inside. Loki’s lips curled in an almost smile, which Tony politely did not bring attention to, even though he was cheering inside. Second score for Tony Stark, whoop whoop. “You have an internet connection which is obviously monitored by JARVIS and there is a tablet somewhere in this place. Anything you find online that you like and that is not unreasonable, JARVIS can get for you.”

Loki passed a finger over the green walls, looking over at him. “What is considered ‘unreasonable’?”

“That is a very good question that I don’t know the answer to. JARVIS?”

“A building. Nuclear weapons. A car.”

“Why’s a car considered unreasonable?” asked Tony, frowning at a camera. “I have many cars.”

“A car is an unnecessary expense considering the gear the Avengers already own. If they wish to buy a car, Miss Potts has stated that they can do so with their own funds.”

“Seems restrictive,” muttered Tony, but who was he to go against whatever contract with Pepper the Avengers had? He turned to look at Loki, who was staring at him thoughtfully. It made Tony slightly self conscious, which was a really weird feeling considering who he was. “Well, there you go. Anything else?”

“No,” said Loki, after a beat or two. “Your help was appreciated. Thank you. You may now go.”

You may now go? This was Tony’s building, he would go when he pleased.

But because he had really good self control, he did not say that. Instead he gave Loki a smile that was 100% fake and walked away, not once turning around even though he could literally feel Loki’s eyes boring into his skull.

He only turned once the doors of the elevator were closed, grateful that JARVIS did not immediately start it. “What do we think?”

“Polite,” offered the AI. “Clearly assessing the information and likely to test the limitations you have put around him. He has just asked me to refer to him as Friggason, rather than Laufeyson.”

“Frigga is his mom, right?” recalled Tony.


“There were barely any restrictions, though, what could he possibly try and test?”

“Barely does not equal none,” reminded him JARVIS, which Tony supposed was fair. “I shall continue to monitor him, but everything about him seems to suggest that the megalomaniac from the Invasion and this man are very different people.”

Same conclusion Tony had arrived to. Still an asshole, still uppity, but definitely not about to start killing people in a fit of rage and daddy issues. And also an alpha. That was an important detail to note.

“Would you like to return to the Common floor?”

“No thanks. I’ll go down to the labs instead, I have that update to finish for Pepper and I’m already behind.”

“Very well, Sir.”

With that, the elevator moved towards his workshop.

Just as Tony expected, over the next few days, their new witchy roommate did not show his face around that often. There were also no emergencies that needed the entire Avengers line-up to show up, so they did not see him nor seek him out.

The only reason Tony knew he was still around was that JARVIS had not sounded the alarm and declared him missing and because sometimes he could smell his scent lingering, usually in the elevator or in the gym that he had built mostly for Thor and Steve, or the library - which was both surprising and not. Tony did not really use the library that often, but sometimes he had to since not everything Howard Stark had owned was yet digitised, and well, Loki’s scent lingered.

Steve ranted a couple of times about it and about the need for Loki to interact with them off field to ‘train’ and ‘bond’, but considering Tony himself avoided the training exercises whenever he could, he kept his mouth shut.

Only Thor and Steve were really trying to get Loki to join them, to be honest. Finding out that he was mind controlled did not make Clint dislike the trickster any less, and Natasha was very loyal to Clint. Bruce had confessed that he wasn’t sure what to make of this non mind controlled Loki, but that he made both him and the Hulk antsy.

And Tony?

He couldn’t pretend that he wasn’t very curious about him. Surprising scent and orientation aside, Thor had done a lot of bragging about his little brother, and Tony wanted to know how much of it was true and how much of it was brotherly pride speaking.

Also, he would like a thanks. He had been the only one who had bothered reviewing the footage from the Invasion (what he had seen on the other side of the portal still haunted him, some nights), and therefore the one to note the sudden change in eye colour.

Bruce had been the one to listen when Tony had brought up his theory, agreeing with him that Hulk clearly recalled his eyes being ‘ugly blue’ before the whole violent remodelling of Tony’s living room.

If it had not been for the two of them, Loki would be in prison or whatever evil punishment Odin had devised of him (after meeting Thor, Tony had spent a couple of days reading the myths and just... yikes).

But Loki did not come and thank him, and Tony supposed he could live with that.

“Come on,” said Bruce, pulling him along. “The quicker we finish breakfast, the quicker we can come back to this experiment. I’m starving.”

“I’m not,” protested Tony, even as he allowed the manhandling. It was nice that Bruce was comfortable enough to touch him like that. He did not touch anyone else in the Avengers in this manner, and Tony felt a smug satisfaction whenever Steve appeared irritated by the fact. They might be friendlier now, but it was always an honour to piss off the soldier. Some unresolved daddy issues, Tony was sure. “You know, I survived just fine before you all showed up. I can feed myself when and if I’m hungry.”

“That’s not why I’m dragging you to breakfast. How will I know you haven’t tempered with the experiment while I’m gone, if you aren’t there with me?” pointed out Bruce, eyes narrowed as the elevator doors closed.

Tony gasped. “Do you, perchance, doubt my scientific integrity?”

“Whatever integrity do you speak of?” asked Bruce, just as dramatically, glasses perched on the tip of his nose. “For you have none in you!”

“My honour! It has been tarnished! I bite my thumb at you, good sir,” he informed him, as the doors opened again. Tony was momentarily surprised as his elevator might be fast, but not that fast, before he realised they had not reached their destination.

Instead they were at Loki’s floor, and Thor was pulling along his brother, who looked a second away from hissing like a cat and scratching his face.

Thor smiled at them as he dragged Loki inside, appearing unaware of the way Loki was literally clawing at his arm. He was drawing blood, but Thor was just his usual happy self. “Good morn, my friends!”

Bruce took a step back, pressing closer to Tony, who decided to emulate Thor and pretend he did not just hear Loki hiss. He had almost forgotten how nice Loki smelled. It was really nice, but Tony refused to pay attention to that. “Hello, Thor. You up early, this morning.”

“I have decided that it was time for my brother to truly join us and become a member of our team,” he said, nodding gravely. “We have spent some time together, just me and him, but friend Steven is correct. It is not enough for Loki to be in the same building as us. He needs to join and bond with us properly.”

“You speak about him as if he isn’t standing right there,” pointed out Bruce, with a frown.

Thor did not turn to face his brother. “If he continues to act like a child, I shall be treating him like a child.”

“What exactly is childish about not wanting to waste my time surrounded by your moronic friends?” demanded Loki, which ouch.

“Hey, not all of us are morons,” complained Tony, finally turning to look at Loki. He had stopped scratching, but Thor was still holding him at his side and he was glaring. He turned his glare on Tony, and Tony pretended a small part of him did not want to curl and whimper at that. “Me and Bruce are okay.”

Loki seemed to catch himself glaring and made his face blank. “My apologies.”

Tony blinked, as the doors of the elevator opened. Thor just smiled smugly for a second, before pulling Loki out and proceeding towards the kitchen.

Tony turned to Bruce. “Did Loki just... apologise to us?” he asked, feeling slightly off-kilter. “For calling us morons?”

Bruce looked just as confused as Tony felt. “That definitely felt like it?”

Why the hell would Loki bother to do that? He had not hidden his disdain for everything related to the Avengers ever since he had first shown up, so this was a tad surprising and confusing. Bruce just shrugged when Tony continued to stare at him dumbfounded, not finding an answer either, before they both exited the elevator and went towards the kitchen/dining room of the common floor.

The tension was apparent the second they stepped inside, even though both Thor and Steve were doing their best to ignore it. Natasha had an apple stuck at the end of a knife and was eating it like that, which Tony was not sure if it was usual or unusual for her. Clint was scowling at Loki, not even pretending to be eating. Loki was sat stiffly beside Thor, arms crossed in front of him.

It reminded Tony of detention at boarding school, a little bit.

“Good morning Bruce,” greeted Steve, smiling at him with too many teeth for it to be honest. “And Tony.”


“What’s up, Captain my Captain?” asked Tony, walking towards the coffee machine.

Bruce instead took his seat, a little nervously, and Tony realised quite quickly why.

There weren’t assigned seats in the kitchen because none of them were children, but everyone always tended to take the same seats every time. The table was round - one of those that could be pulled open into a larger oval when company came over - and while one extra seat had been added on account of Loki being at the Tower, the seating more or less remained the same. Steve, with his back to the door. Then clockwise: Natasha, Clint, Thor, Tony and Bruce, who was seated between Tony and Steve.

Loki had taken the seat beside Thor. Bruce had avoided the seat next to Loki and instead sat beside Steve. Which meant that the only available seat was the one between Loki and Bruce, and that was, supposedly, Tony’s seat.

He wondered, idly, if he could get away with just standing.

He was not afraid of Loki, of course. He wouldn’t have accepted for him to stay at the Tower, if he had been. But he could not deny that, unlike everyone else he knew, the man’s alpha-ness bothered him more than a little bit. Unnerved him. He smelled nice, but also pissed him off a little because he couldn't figure out what was it about Loki’s scent that had him on edge like this.

It was like choking on very powerful pheromones, and Tony had yet to decide if it was a nice feeling or not. He had not smelled him so strongly since the day he had arrived, and while he had thought the few sniffs he had caught around the elevator and everything had made him immune, that small interaction in the elevator made him want to get into the suit and fly off until he found Rhodey.

“Here, Bruce,” said Steve, handing him a plate he had clearly left aside. “I made some waffles. I put some honey, since you don’t like syrup that much?”

“I told you, you don’t have to do this,” said Bruce, even as he accepted it. “But thank you.”

“And I told you this is how we used to care for pack omegas, back in my day,” he said, which made Tony roll his eyes slightly. “Something the 21st Century should definitely think of working on once more.” Then he looked over at Thor and Loki. “Do you guys want some as well? I can make another batch?”

“Yes, thank you, Captain,” said Thor, looking hungrily at the plate in front of Clint.

Loki just shook his head, making an apple float from the middle of the table and biting into it, still scowling. You know, in case just biting an apple like that did not make him look like enough of an asshole already.


Tony looked away from Loki, frowning at Steve. “Uh?”

“Waffles,” sighed Steve. “You want any? I’m making a new batch for Thor and whoever wants more.”

“No thanks,” said Tony, the coffee machine finally beeping. He busied himself pulling out both his mugs and filling them to the brim with coffee. Then he pulled out a granola bar from one of the cupboard, tossing a pack of poptarts he found there to Thor, before walking towards his chair once more.

He felt a bit like he was walking to his execution, but he did not hesitate in sitting between Bruce and Loki.

Bruce frowned at Tony’s food. “That’s a terrible breakfast.”

“Doctor Banner, are you calling me fat?” asked Tony, mock glaring at him. “Eat your food and stop shaming me.” 

Bruce just rolled his eyes, digging into his waffle with gusto. Tony instead took a large sip from the scalding hot coffee, almost moaning at the feeling, hoping the smell of his coffee would drown out Loki’s scent. So far, it was not working. “The nectar of the gods,” he said, with a sigh, looking at his coffee. “I have never made a bad cup of coffee in my life. I think I could make anyone orgasm with this.”

“Tony, please,” complained Steve, looking back from where he was breaking eggs, a scandalised expression on his face. “Not during breakfast.”

“I did not know I had to schedule my gross actions.”

“You now know,” said Natasha, one eyebrow raised. “No saying weird stuff until at least 11 am.”

“Now you are changing all of the parameters!” he complained, very aware of Loki beside him, staring at him. He did not have to turn his head to know, he could just feel his eyes on him.

“He’s right,” added Bruce, snickering. “One out of three sentences he says contains some really weird things.”

“I like to make myself interesting,” he said, staring stubbornly at Bruce before he finally gave into the temptation. He turned, pretending to be looking at Thor and instead turning to face Loki.

He did not look away when Tony caught his eye, instead frowning as if trying to finish a particularly complicated math problem. Tony was pretty sure he had nothing weird on his face so...

“Uh...” he tried, glancing around for someone’s help.

“Midgardians do not appreciate staring,” said Thor, elbowing him slightly.

Loki blinked, looking over at his brother with slight irritation. Tony breathed out very calmly, not all bothered. He was very calm. He did not feel like doing something stupid like bare his neck or run off to find Rhodey or lock himself in his penthouse with his things. No sir.

“Is it so? With the way the hawk has been acting, I wouldn’t have guessed,” said Loki. Clint’s glare grew, but still Loki did not look at him. He turned once more to Tony, just as he was about to take a bite out of his granola bar. “My apologies, Anthony Stark.”


“Uh...” said Tony again, once more very confused by the apology.

Loki’s lips twitched in what might have been a smile, and he quickly glanced at Tony and Bruce’s breakfasts with confusion once more, before shaking his head and continuing to work on his apple.

Tony met Natasha’s eye, who just shrugged at the puzzled look on Tony’s face while Thor continued eating his pop tarts, trying and failing in engaging Clint in conversation.

Yeah, he had nothing either.


Because of the fact that he was the only member of the Avengers with an actual job, Tony rarely ever showed up to movie nights. Well, that was the excuse he used. Usually he did not show up because except Natasha, they all had awful movie tastes.

Steve always put some nostalgic oldies on and demanded that everyone keep quiet while they watched them (which Clint and Tony never did), Bruce liked historical accurate fiction (unless Keira Knightley was in the movie, Tony did not see reason to watch them), Clint was a hit or miss with either animation or some ‘classic’ that somehow no one ever heard of, and Natasha either put on a thriller or a drama that everyone pretended they loved and Tony secretly actually loved.

He personally thought that he had the best taste in movies but apparently these heathens he lived with thought that there was such thing as ‘too much sci-fi’.

“What’s your pick, Ken doll?” asked Tony, sitting on one of the free sofas with a bowl of popcorn in his hands.

“Ah, dear Darcy heard of our tradition and advised me on what to watch,” he said, brandishing an unmarked DVD.

Knowing Darcy as well as he did, there could be whatever on there, from a childbirth home video to a rickrolling compilation.

Tony had always liked Russian Roulette.

“Your brother not coming?” asked Steve, putting a couple of popcorn bowls in the centre of the table. He gave Tony a pointed look that he completely ignored, clutching his own bowl tighter.

Tony was far from being your stereotypical omega, or your stereotypical silver spoon born only child, but if there was one stereotype he held on to with both hands was his unwillingness to share anything. The only thing he shared were the things he had bought with the expressed intention of sharing them - if he had bought it for himself, people would die for touching them.

Clint had learnt it the hard way when he tried to drink out of Tony’s mug, and had not tried it since.

Thor sighed, as Bruce walked inside the room. “Unfortunately, no. I tried to make him, but by the time I managed to make it inside his room, he had cast an invisibility spell and hidden from my sight.”

Clint’s head snapped up. “He can do that?!”

Thor appeared amused. “My brother is a mage. There is very little he cannot do, when he puts his mind to it.” Then, as if he had not just made Clint’s nightmares possibly worse, he put the disk inside the DVD player - that Tony had to build because most of Steve’s movies were not digitised - before sitting down on the other couch.

While Loki had come to a couple more breakfast and dinners with them, he still tended to avoid them if he could. His unassigned-assigned seat had become the one between Tony and Thor, and while he had stopped staring all the time, Tony still was not 100% comfortable around the Trickster.

Bruce sat on a sofa beside Natasha, and Tony pouted exaggeratedly at him. “Naw, Brucey come here, let’s cuddle. I need a snuggle bun.”

“He’s mine,” informed him Natasha, putting a possessive arm around him, while Bruce just shrugged.

“Sorry, she got to me first.”

“I can cuddle you if you wish, friend Anthony,” offered Thor, looking over at him and sounding surprisingly sincere.

Tony looked over at the blond, a little surprised, and for a moment wondered just what did Thor think his orientation was. Because while people were mostly forward thinking nowadays, it would still look weird for two alphas to cuddle together on the couch. An alpha and a beta less so, but even that would merit a second look.

“Sure,” said Tony after a second, ignoring the judging looks from half of the room. “Just don’t think you get to touch my popcorn.”

“Wouldn’t dream of it,” chuckled Thor, slipping beside him.

It took a lot of manoeuvring to get them comfortable, and Tony only felt the slightest self-conscious about ending up half sat on Thor’s lap by the end of it.

Steve shook his head slightly, picking up the remote control. “Should I start?”

“Go ahead.”

“I believe that had you asked him, friend Tony, Loki would have turned up,” said Thor, as the credits for Cabin in the Woods started showing. Wasn’t that the movie Pepper talked about with the guy who apparently looked like Thor? Hemmy something?

Clint snorted. “Please. Tony would be the second worst person after me to send to invite Loki up.”

“Would have ended up in a pissing contest,” agreed Natasha, shaking her head.

“Rude,” said Tony, shoving popcorn in his mouth.

He felt Thor frowning beside him. “Pissing contest? I am unfamiliar with that term.”

“They’d butt heads,” explained Steve. “Just like me and him always do.”

Oh, they were still working on the assumption that Tony was an alpha and all that. Tony rolled his eyes, but did not comment. He was willing to wait and see how long it would take for them to figure it out.

“I don’t believe you would,” said Thor after a second, but lowly. Only for Tony’s ears.

Tony reluctantly turned away from the movie to eye Thor. “Are you trying to set out a playdate for me and your baby brother?”

Thor just smiled smugly at him, like he knew something Tony didn’t - which with his 1.5k years of life was most likely true - and turned back to the television.

Tony just shrugged and also focused back up, slapping Thor’s hand away when it got too close to his bowl. As if.


Tony really hated it when Steve turned out to be right about something.

Because instead of gloating like a normal rational person, he’d put on this ‘I am very disappointed look on’ that made Tony feel about 5 inch tall. It also reminded him of Howard because Howard had that very same look, and it made Tony wonder who learnt it from whom.

They were called out on a mission halfway through the movie, just after the Thor lookalike crashed his bike against the forcefield and died (to which Thor declared he would have never fallen for such obvious trickery, but since Tony had seen him stick a fork inside a toaster before, he had doubts). Loki had shown up ready when the alarm had started blaring and joined their fight readily enough.

But they weren’t as in sync as they could have been. Half of the team did not trust Loki to do what he was supposed to do, Loki was unwilling to go anywhere near the Hulk, and everyone was basically doing their own thing.

Doom (who they were fighting) ended up fleeing, but he managed to do much more harm than normal, and Tony already expected some shitty newspaper titles tomorrow morning.

Which was why they were all in the gym now, listening to Steve berate them (mostly Loki) about the importance of training and all that jazz.

“It is not my fault your teammates do not trust me to do what I can do,” informed him Loki, looking bored already of the discussion. It was impressive how little he appeared bothered by the 'Captain America stare of disappointment'. Tony wanted some lessons.

“It is when you don’t bother to show up and bond with the team,” informed him Steve, looking very red and irritated. “How am I supposed to tell you what to do and where to be if I don’t even have an idea of how you fight?”

“Simple: don’t,” said Loki, rolling his eyes. “I know my own strengths and limitations. I will do what I need to do.”

“That’s not how it works, jackass,” hissed Clint, glaring. Tony wasn’t sure why he was glaring, when Loki had literally caught him with his magic when he had almost fallen off a building. “We are supposed to know your strengths too.”

“Why?” asked Loki, eyes narrowed. “So you know how to subdue me, if it becomes necessary?”

“We already know how to subdue you,” said Natasha, passively staring him down. “We send the Hulk after you.”

Thor frowned. “Now, I don’t think-”

“No, let them go on,” hissed Loki, voice low and threatening. Everyone in the room but Thor stiffened. “Speak those daring words if you dare, widow. I am sure your tongue will be quite a trophy when I pull it out of your lying-”

“That is enough!” said Steve, voice full of alpha command.

Thor immediately scowled, as did Loki, his attention fully on Steve now.

Using your alpha voice on an alpha that wasn’t actually in your pack was a big no-no, even Tony knew that. And these two were alien royalty.


“You dare to think you can command me, as if I were your inferior?” he asked, a dagger materialising in his hands and okay, considering the way Steve’s jaw had set and the offended alpha pheromones coming from all three alphas in the room, the situation was about to degenerate, and fast.

“How about we all take a step back and go punch some bags to alleviate some s-” he tried, just for Steve’s glare to be sent at him.

“Tony, enough. This is not the time for your jokes!” he said, with the same voice.

The implants stopped the alpha voice from getting through to his brain and making him feel the need to follow the command, but that did not make him any less offended at Steve for using it on him. And sure, he didn’t know that-

“How dare you!”

“Have care of how you speak to him!”

Tony was not the only one who’s eyes widened as the heroic Viking duo was suddenly standing between him and Steve. Thor looked seriously offended, while Loki was more pissed off than anything else.

The spy twins were frowning, both of them having similarly covered Bruce when Steve had first used his alpha voice. Steve was so surprised by their sudden aggression and change in their stances that he actually took a step back.

“What?” he asked, perplexed.

Tony had a sneaky suspicion that he knew what this was about. He took a step forward, putting one hand on Thor and Loki’s arms, and his suspicion grew when Loki did not immediately push him off for touching him.

“Okay, let’s all take a breath, guys,” he said, pulling them slightly back.

Loki went more willingly than Thor, though neither of their eyes left Steve. “How about we all go to chill and then we properly organise a training session in which all of us will actually show up to, so that this doesn’t happen again? Great? Awesome.” Steve just nodded, still frowning in confusion as Tony continued to pull the two Asgardians. “Hey, guys can I speak to you for a second?”

The other four watched them as they retreated from the gym, but Tony waited until they were in the elevator to finally speak. He looked over at the two of them, finding Thor appearing only vaguely irritated now, while Loki was scowling at the air. “Uh.”

“He shouldn’t have spoken to you like that,” said Thor, arms crossed around his chest. “To use one’s alpha voice against an omega like that is a most dishonourable crime. On Asgard, he would have been whipped bloody for his actions.”

Whelp. So Tony’s assumption was correct, after all.

He looked at the two of them, a little curiously. “How do you know I’m an omega?”

This time both of them turned to face him, appearing confused by his question. “What do you mean?” asked Loki, as the doors of the elevator opened on what looked like Thor’s floor.

“What do you mean ‘what I mean’?” asked Tony, following after the duo. “You never asked me, and I never told you. So, how do you know.”

Loki blinked, before looking over at Thor. “Can Midgardians not scent someone’s orientation on them?”

Thor shrugged, settling on one of the big couches in the room. “I believe they can. Jane knew that I was an alpha upon our first meeting.” 

Tony sat on the opposite one, surprised by the softness of this particular couch. Thor must have found it for himself, cause Tony did not buy him this one, he thought, grabbing one of the pillows. “Well yeah, but you scream alpha. Though your scent is a little bit weird, it’s still undoubtedly an alpha’s smell,” he explained. Then he pulled his shirt down slightly, showing the small skin coloured strips attached to his scent glands. “These mask my scent.”

Loki scoffed. “From Midgardians, perhaps. It is, however, not strong enough to hide it from us.”

Tony narrowed his eyes at him. “That sounds a little creepy, not going to lie.”

“Why would you bother to hide your scent?” asked Thor, appearing confused. “And how does that excuse the Captain’s attempt at using his voice to intimidate you into doing his bidding?”

“Because I was raised in Midgardian polite society and it’s a cultural norm,” explained Tony. “Natasha does it too. And Steve doesn’t know I’m an omega.”

Thor appeared surprised, while Loki nodded, slowly. “I see. That is why he treats you differently from Banner?”

Tony nodded. “Yup. He, Natasha and Clint all assume that I’m an alpha. Bruce thinks I’m a beta,” he explained, playing with the pillow. “Wow, Thor, this pillow is so soft. Where did you get it?”

“You can have it, if you wish,” said Thor, earning a quick glare from Loki that Tony caught. But when he looked at him in question, Loki’s expression had gone blank again.

Tony shook his head, focusing on Thor again with narrowed eyes. “Wait. Is that why you two are being so nice and accommodating? Because I am an omega?”

“Partly,” unashamedly said Thor. Tony kind of liked the attitude, he couldn’t lie. 

“In Asgard omegas are incredibly rare,” explained Loki, settling on the couch beside Tony, but keeping distance between them. “They are to be treasured and respected. Warrior omegas? They are unheard of. If we were on Asgard, the All-Father would have already offered you the title of Lord. Which you might very well hold already, with the vastness of your richness,” he finished, making a vague gesture to encompass the Tower.

“Lord Tony Stark,” muttered Tony, looking in the distance. “Fetch me my horse. Behead the fool who dared raise his tongue against me. Mh. I like the sound of that,” he decided.

Loki appeared amused. “You have a skewed understanding of what nobility on Asgard is like,” he informed him, shaking his head. “But on top of everything I have already said, you are the main reason I was saved from the axe or imprisonment,” he said, voice serious. “I owe you a debt.”

Okay, that got heavy very fast. “No debt,” he quickly said, waving him off. “It was the nice thing to do. Also, Bruce helped.”

Loki scowled. “I don’t like the beast.”

Tony hit him in the face with the pillow before he could even think of the many reasons why that was a terrible idea. When the cushion fell off, though, he wasn’t met with the murderous rage from earlier, but instead just a lot of offense. Tony forced himself to glare at him and not laugh like Thor was at the way his hair was all sticking out. “Don’t call him that. That’s my best friend that you’re talking about.”

Loki’s eyes narrowed. “He used me as a rag doll.”

Tony knew. It had been terrifying, but he couldn’t deny he had laughed himself silly the first time he had seen the footage. “Okay, then. To fulfil your debt to me you’re going to have to treat Bruce nicely, like a person and not call him beast anymore.”

The mage glared, but it was not one of his ‘evil’ glares, not really. Just a little resentful. Then a strange glimmer appeared in his eyes and he smiled. “Very well. As you wish, Anthony Stark.”

“Don’t call me Anthony Stark. It’s too formal.”

“Anthony, then,” corrected Loki.

Tony had not been called Anthony since he was 7 trying to convince Edwin to call him Tony.

He had used to hate it, but something about the way Loki said it made him not hate it as much. Not that he’d admit it.

“I shall treat Bruce Banner nicely, like a normal person from now on, and my debt to you will be fulfilled,” he said, continuing to smile.

Thor had his hand covering his mouth, but there was a twinkle in his eyes that had Tony thinking that he had just made a very terrible decision.

When the elevator landed in the common room the next morning, Tony found Clint standing near the door, looking all sort of constipated. 

“You better not be about to shit on my floor, Birdbrain,” he said, pausing for a moment. “Natasha promised you were housetrained before bringing you here.”

“Not funny, Stark,” said Clint, pointing at the kitchen with his chin. “Something weird is going on.”

Tony arched an eyebrow at him. “Something wicked this way comes?”

“Steve is in the kitchen,” said Clint and then turned to him solemnly. “As is Loki.”

Tony looked at him with some alarm. “Do I need to get a cleaning crew to remove the blood?”

Clint snorted. “Who’s?”

“I love him and think our illustrious Captain is very cool and awesome, but it would be his, without doubt.”

“That’s the same thing Natasha said,” said Clint, shaking his head. “I maintain that if Steve had the element of surprise, he could do it.”

“You’re wrong,” said Natasha, making both of them jump in fright.

“Jesus, woman,” he said, one hand pressed against his arc reactor. “Are you trying to kill me?”

“Sorry, Tony.” She only looked the slightest bit apologetic. When Tony ended up suing her for emotional distress, then she’d know.

“Now stop being babies and just walk into the kitchen,” she then said, linking her arms with both of them and pulling them ahead.

Both of them knew better than to pull out of her hold and when they walked in the kitchen the scene they were faced with was as apocalyptic as Clint had previously stated.

Loki and Steve in the kitchen together, working side by side. Doing completely different things, and using completely different ingredients and weap- pardon, cutlery. The tension was still pretty high in the room, however, even as they both pretended like they couldn’t see each other at all.

Thor was nowhere to be seen, but Tony saw Bruce walking out the elevator just as they walked in the kitchen.

Steve gave them a strained smile when he saw them walking in. “Good morning, guys,” he said. “Made some omelette this morning, and hi, Bruce.”

“Hey,” greeted Bruce, looking a little freaked out at the sight of both Loki and Steve at the cook. “What’s going on today?”

Steve shrugged, the smile on his face looking like it had been painted on. Suddenly, Tony had no doubt that he had been a very good actor during his War bonds era. “Loki said he was making breakfast for himself this morning.” He then picked up a plate and looked over at Bruce again. “Want parsley in yours?”

“No thanks,” said Bruce, accepting his plate from the soldier.

Tony went to move and get his coffee now that Natasha had released him when two mugs were placed in front of him. Tony blinked at the steaming coffee mugs for a second before looking up and finding Loki standing opposite him, with a politely blank expression on his face.

“I... what?”

“Coffee,” said Loki, as if this was completely normal. “I made it the way you always tend to, in the morning. This is your preferred manner of drink, correct?”

“Uh, yeah?” said Tony, still a little puzzled. “I mean, yeah. Thanks.”

Loki smiled, pleased, and then pointed at the pan on the fire. “I have also taken the liberty of making enough breakfast scramble, if you would care for some.”

Oh. Oh, Tony saw where this was going.

He saw it very clearly, but it did not make his neck feel any less hot as he fought against everything inside him to not blush.

Of course, he could say no, that he did not 'care for breakfast scramble'. But it looked nice, and it smelled nice, and an alpha other than Rhodey had made him breakfast, and fuck Loki, seriously. 

He carefully avoided everyone’s eyes on him. “Yes, please,” he then said, before quickly taking a large gulp of the coffee. It was actually the way he liked it, Tony wanted to file a complaint with someone.

He kept his eyes fixed on the mug in front of him the entire time, refusing to look up and meet anyone’s eyes.

You see there were some sort of rules of conduct, when it came to the way the various orientations interacted with each other. They weren’t exactly official, as most of them were remnants of a bygone era (Steve’s).

When it came to meals, alphas should serve omegas first because ‘protect and provide’. Then usually the alpha served themselves and everyone picked for themselves. Steve was into the first rule, but did not particularly care about the second; so long as Bruce was served first, he did not mind who dished themselves up after.

But he also would not serve anyone other than Bruce because then it seemed like he was submitting and alpha macho bullshit meant he could not be seen doing that.

So to them seeing Loki (an obvious alpha) serving Tony (someone they assumed was an alpha) was definitely shocking and confusing.

“Here,” said Loki, placing a full plate of scramble in front of him right as Thor walked in the kitchen. “Would you like something with it?”

“No,” quickly said Tony, still avoiding eye contact. It wasn’t that he was shy or anything, Tony Stark had never been accused of being shy. He had conquered the stage at four years old, for god’s sake.

But. While he wasn’t a walking omega stereotype, he couldn’t deny that something buried deep inside of him was preening at having an alpha’s attention all focused on him like that. And he wouldn’t pretend like Loki wasn’t the alpha-est alpha in the room at any moment. Clearly stronger than Steve, and did not have that weird smell tinge that Thor had.

So Bruce’s alpha was serving him, but the alpha serving Tony - though he wasn’t his alpha - was stronger and cooler and cave-omega brain went brr.

So Tony could not actually be blamed for anything.

“Brother, you have made breakfast?” asked Thor, sounding hopeful.

Tony looked up just in time to see Loki smacking his hand away with a spatula. “You can make your own. This is mine.”

Thor pouted and then noticed the plate in front of Tony. His lips twitched and he looked over at Loki with a knowing look. “For yourself and friend Tony? I see.”

Loki materialised a dagger in his hands. “Want me to gauge your eyes out so you can see better?”

“No, I believe I am all right like this,” said Thor with a chuckle, looking over at Steve’s omelettes. “Is one of those mine?”

“Uh, yeah, go ahead, Thor. I made enough for everyone, but Tony you won’t want another one will you?”

Tony looked up at Steve to answer, and did not miss the way Loki had also stilled and was watching him carefully from the side. Instead of answering he took a bite of the (holy shit, really fucking good) breakfast scramble, and shook his head.

Loki smiled to himself, clearly pleased and Tony quickly avoided Natasha’s eyes, looking down at his plate once more. If he pretended hard enough, he could even say that his cheeks were not burning.


“Loki seems to have a real soft spot for you,” pointed out Natasha, stance open.

Tony had known this was coming from the moment Steve had announced that everyone should partner up with someone for a quick sparring session and she had pounced on him before anyone else. 

“I am a likeable person,” he explained, warily keeping her in his sights. He had no illusions that he could ever beat Natasha without his suit on, but he’d like to think that it would take her some effort to get him on the ground.

“No, you’re not,” she said, and he put up both hands as she kicked at him. “At least not at first. Then people get to know you and realise that you are a bit more than what the media says.”

“My, my, Natashalie,” he said, ducking at her next swipe and rolling across the mat. “Are you saying that you have revaluated me and now you like me?”

She looked at him with slight confusion. “Of course I like you. Why else would I have agreed to come live here and be on a team with you?”

Tony had not really thought that the Avengers did not like him. But he had to admit, it was nice to hear that they didn’t just ‘tolerate’ him, as he had previously thought.

“You’re part of the team, Tony,” she said, before kicking at his legs and making him fold on the ground. Tony groaned, as she appeared in his field of vision with a slight smile. “My report on you was very much biased and you are a far better person than I previously thought. I know we are not really a real pack yet. But we are a team, for sure. No doubt about that.”

“That is the nicest thing you’ve ever said to me,” he said, even as he accepted her pulling him up. She was freakishly strong. “I might swoon.”

“Don’t think I have not noticed you purposefully avoiding the question,” she said with a judging look on her face, as they got in position again. “But, I will figure it out.”

“I’m disappointed that you haven’t done so already,” admitted Tony, just to watch her eyes narrow at him.

He ended up on the ground much quicker the next time.

“Thor?” called out Tony, looking inside the Thunderer’s open apartment. “JARVIS said you wanted something?”

The blond’ head appeared from his kitchen. “Ah, yes. I was wondering if I cooked this correctly?” he then asked, showing him a bowl.

Tony stared at it for a moment before looking back up at the very much unbelievably innocent expression on his face. “You called me down here to ask me if you made popcorn correctly.”

Thor nodded, smiling guilelessly at him. “Yes.”

Tony kept looking at him. “The popcorn you just need to put in the microwave for like 1 minutes and that JARVIS could have spoken to you about,” he reiterated.

“Indeed,” answered Thor. “Are they done correctly?”

It was really hard, sometimes, to tell if Thor was being genuine or trolling. Tony felt like he was trolling about 78% of the time which was not at all difficult to believe considering who his brother was.

“Yes, Thor,” he said, still watching him doubtfully. “You made popcorn properly.”

“Great!” said the blond, looking delighted. “Let us go to this movie night, now.”

Tony had considered skipping this one, but Natasha had let it slip that she was going to be picking Mean Girls and Tony really wanted to see Steve’s reaction to it. He was planning on watching and filming the blond throughout instead of paying any attention to the movie itself.

“Oh,” then said Thor as he and Tony climbed back in the elevator. “Let us stop at Loki’s apartment first, to see if he wishes to join us.”

Now Tony’s suspicion that Thor had been trolling earlier was back in full force. But Thor did not offer any more explanation and excuses, and JARVIS seemed to have chosen to humour him for whatever reason, so hopefully he wasn’t about to be killed by Norse gods.

Not that he suspected as such. Loki had continued to be nothing but relentlessly nice and kind to him so far, while he treated everyone else with mild acceptance but overall disdain.

He and Natasha seemed to have gotten a truce after their sparring session the day before as did he and Clint. Or something resembling a truce, at least (Clint had stopped trying to kill him with the force of his mind alone, and Loki had stopped acting as if he thought he did not exist... mostly). He also did not leave the room whenever he saw Bruce anymore, and actually was some version of polite around him.

He and Steve were still butting heads all the time, and he still treated Thor like he was a mild annoyance he had to suffer through (but deep inside he loved him).

But with Tony he was extremely nice and polite and all cavalier.

And Tony had a lot of conflicting feelings about this. On one side, he wasn’t harming Tony or anyone else with this behaviour. In fact, while Tony was unused to this level care, he didn’t hate it.

On the other side, he wasn’t sure if Loki was being seriously nice because he wanted to be nice or if this was his idea of a prank. Like ‘oh you want me to be nice to your friend Bruce? I’m going to irritate you by being extra nice to you in particular’ sort of deal. 

So, there was that.

Instead of knocking three or two times like a normal person, Thor started pounding on the door and did not stop for almost ten seconds straight.

“Thor-” started Tony when it did not look like the blond was about to stop any time soon. Because Loki might like him, but that did not make him any less inclined to potentially stab his brother. Tony had seen him throwing a dagger at him for touching his plate before, which had nearly given Steve an aneurysm and made Clint shoot him (what kind of people went to breakfast with weapons on them?!).

Thor stopped and then, quicker than Tony had expected someone of his size to move, he was stepping back, suddenly putting Tony between himself and the door.

The door opened a fraction of a second later, Loki holding two daggers in his hands and an almost murderous expression on his face.

What-” he started, and paused, squinting at where Thor was ridiculously trying to hide behind Tony. Tony was not short okay, but Thor was basically a giant so this was dumbness.

“Friend Tony wanted to ask you if you wished to join us for movie night today,” offered Thor, from behind him.

Wow, lying on his name right in front of him?

Loki’s scowl disappeared, replaced by a thoughtful expression as he examined Tony. “You would like me to come to your movie night?”

The original answer was a simple ‘no’, but now that Loki was asking him, Tony did not see why not. Loki never came to movie nights, and it would be fun to see his reaction. Hell, had he even watched a movie yet? JARVIS would be able to tell him, but Tony made a habit of not creeping on the residents of his tower.

“Sure. We’re watching Mean Girls. Natasha’s pick,” he explained. “Uh, Thor made his own popcorn, but usually Steve makes enough for everyone. So you don’t have to make them yourself, if you don’t want to. Or you can, if you do. I make my own. Because Steve just never makes them right. And-”

“Very well,” interrupted Loki, making the daggers disappear from his hands. “I will join you.”

Tony had not actually expected him to agree, but he was, once more, pleased with the knowledge that he was.

Thor was also beaming, watching the two of them with that odd little twinkle Tony had given up on trying to understand.

Their arrival in the movie room was greeted by a sudden silence as everyone became aware of Loki’s sudden and unexpected presence.

“Loki!” said Steve, from where he was holding two bowls of popcorn. “I did not know- would you like some popcorn?” he asked as Tony slipped past him inside the kitchen.

“Anthony claims you don’t make it right,” informed him Loki, which had Tony gasp and looked over at him in betrayal.

“Dude! That was told in strict confidence!”

Steve rolled his eyes. “Tony is just incredibly picky and hates sharing with anyone.”

“Only child syndrome,” explained Natasha.

Loki snorted, but it was not in agreement. “Baffling,” he instead said. “So many smart people in one room, so little brain cells.”

Tony reappeared from the kitchen, his own special popcorn now ready.  

Clint was squinting at Loki in suspicion. “I feel like I was just insulted, but I am not too sure.”

Loki just smiled at him as Tony claimed his spot on his own couch again. “For the foreseeable future, pretend that anything I say to you is an insult.”

Clint shook his head, but there was a hint of a smile on his face. “You are such an asshole.”

“Thank you.”

“Would you like someone to cuddle with again, friend Tony?” asked Thor, looking over at Tony, who had claimed his sofa. He had abandoned the popcorn he had brought with himself, further proving to Tony that he had been faking earlier. Tricky little Thor.

Bruce was sitting with Clint and shrugged at Tony when he looked over at him.

“Sorry man,” said Clint, looking smug. “You should have gotten here earlier if you wanted the best cuddle monster in the Tower.”

“I feel like you guys are doing it on purpose to destroy my epic bromance with Bruce,” he said, shoving a bunch of popcorn in his mouth. “I am onto you little assholes and I-”

“Scoot,” ordered Loki, settling beside him before Tony could even try to complain.

“You could ask nicely,” informed him Tony, even as he tried to push himself a little to the side and make space for Loki on the sofa.

Loki was definitely nowhere near as broad as Thor was, and yet after a couple of seconds of rearranging, Tony found himself almost completely sitting in the man’s lap.

Which was a problem.

Oh, this was a very big problem.

While after a while, Tony had gotten used to the way Loki smelled and just screamed ‘alpha’ in everything that he did, it wasn’t as if they ended up close to each other all that often. It was usually from a slight distance, and that was acceptable and easily to deal with, after enough exposure.

And now Tony was basically plastered against him, and his scent was almost intoxicating this close and yes, this was a very big problem.

“Is this all right?” asked Loki, keeping his voice low. His mouth was far too close to Tony’s ear for comfort.

“Mhm,” said Tony, shoving a bunch of popcorn in his mouth to avoid answering.

The Avengers really were an interesting bunch of people. Because while this had been very weird only a week or two ago, now they did not even blink at it, immediately focusing back on the movie.

Tony would have liked to join them or do good on his promise to observe and study Steve’s reactions, but he was hyperaware of the non-existent distance between him and Loki. His back was against the man’s chest. Their arms were touching. He could feel him breathing against his ear.

This was just not good for his mental health.

“What’s the difference between these popcorns I am eating and yours?” asked Loki a few minutes later. Tony could not have told you what scene they were watching even if he had a gun pointed at his head.

He turned his head slightly to the plate Loki was holding in his hands. “Oh, yours are plain salty. Mine are butter popcorn with crips, because I have taste,” he explained. “Here,” he added, passing his bowl to him.

That did garner a couple of turned heads, but as usual Tony ignored it.

Loki’s eyes widened in slight surprise, as he looked at the offered bowl. “Are you sure?”

“Yes,” said Tony, choosing to believe that if someone decided to suddenly turn on the lights right now, his face would be its usual slightly sunkissed colour and not at all red. Because he was a grown man, and grown men did not blush.

And sure, he only ever shared food with his pack - and even that was rare - but this was nothing, just being nice to Loki.

That was it.

“Thank you,” said Loki, taking only a couple of popcorn and putting them in his mouth. Tony kept staring at him as he chewed, studying every single one of his expressions, trying to read if he liked it or hated it. Loki finally swallowed and nodded at him. “You’re right, the Captain does not make it right.”


Tony smiled smugly, and turned back to face the television. 

If Loki was doing this to mess with him and confused the Avengers, it was fine.

If Loki was doing this because... of some other reason, that was fine too.

Tony would deal with it.

“Rhodey, you need to come back right now,” said Tony, the second the call was picked up.

“What? Tones, are you okay? Did the Avengers do something? Are you in danger?” asked his best friend, voice turning serious immediately.

“Kinda? Not really?”

“You’re not making sense,” said Rhodey. “Switch to videocall?”

“Okay,” he agreed, and a second later JARVIS had switched the call to video call mode.

Rhodey was still in Airforce uniform, and in what was probably his office. He was frowning at the screen, but otherwise looked unharmed. That was good. Tony always hated it when Rhodey was deployed and he couldn’t be sure that the other was 100% fine.

Rhodey squinted at him. “Are you in the laundry room in the penthouse?”

“Yes,” admitted Tony. “I am currently hiding from my problem.”

“What is the problem?”

“You know how Loki has been living at the Tower for like a month, now?” he started and Rhodey nodded. He had been unsure about the arrangement from the beginning, but then again Rhodey had strong opinions on every single resident in the Tower except for Bruce.

“Yes, you said he was a little antisocial but not crazy anymore.”

“Right. What I didn’t mention is that he’s an alpha.”

Rhodey’s eyes widened. “He’s a what?!”

“He’s an alpha,” repeated Tony. “And he’s... he’s doing... things.”

Rhodey looked almost murderous. “Has he put his hands on you? Tony are you safe? What the fuck, I’m getting the armour, I’m coming right now-”

“I’m fine!” quickly reassured Tony. “I think. But he’s being... nice.”

Rhodey had stood up as he was speaking but at this he paused, looking dumbfounded. “What?”

“You know how the Avengers all think I’m an alpha or a beta?” Rhodey nodded slowly, and Tony continued. “Well I don’t know how other than ‘alien bullshittery’, but Loki and Thor know I’m an omega. And Loki has been nice.”

“Okay,” said Rhodey, still walking towards his armour, but now no longer shouting. “Explain being nice.”

“Asgard has this very old fashioned views on how omegas are precious and important and everything good and important in the world,” he explained. “And he’s being acting accordingly, plus adding in the earth traditions he has been picking up.”

“Which means?”

“He doesn’t make meals often, but whenever he does, he makes sure to serve me first,” he said, and unfortunately he couldn’t hide his blush from Rhodey. “And Steve got pissed off at me for something, can’t even remember, and he almost attacked him. He’s being nice to Bruce because I asked him. And so far he has yet to say no to anything I have asked him. Like one of the rules Odin and Fury had was that we could not ever attempt to study his magic - because obviously SHIELD is always power hungry - but I mentioned off handedly how I’d love to understand how he did what he does and he just said ‘okay’ and asked me when. Also, he accidentally scent marked me.”

There had been plenty of other movie nights/cuddle sessions and just as he had claimed the seat beside him at the breakfast/dinner table, if Bruce and Tony weren’t cuddled together on the couch, Loki was always there. Once he had literally made Thor stand up and switch with him, much to everyone’s confusion.

Tony had not even realised that the cuddling had caused Loki to be accidentally scent marking him until Happy had come by to pick up some documents from him earlier and asked him why did he smell like alpha. Which had prompted the current freak-out.

“So he likes you and he’s being nice to you and your answer to this is freaking out?” asked Rhodey, and now he was looking very judgemental.

“It’s not that simple,” huffed Tony. “I don’t know if he’s doing this because he likes me or because he’s getting back at me for asking him to be nice to Bruce. Long story,” he said, when Rhodey looked confused.

Rhodey shook his head, and he saw the video feed switching from his phone to the helmet of his War Machine armour. He would feel bad about calling him back, but he knew Rhodey was due for a return soon anyway, and if he hadn’t been able to, he’d have had no problem letting Tony know this.

“How about you ask him?”

Tony scoffed. “You sound like JARVIS.”

“JARVIS is a smart guy, listen to him, every now and then.”

“I’ll listen to him when he starts making sense.”

“You have programmed me to always make sense,” pointed out JARVIS, from the speakers.

“Stop eavesdropping! This is a private conversation, I taught you better than this, J.”

“You really did not,” said Rhodey, with a snort. “Look, I’m about to fly over. How about you invite me and Pepper and even Happy for dinner with you and the Avengers? I want to get a feel of this Loki guy, since you like him so much.”

Tony squawked at him. “Like him? Who said anything about liking him?”

“I always treat you nicely and pamper you, as does Pepper and sometimes Happy, and you have never blushed like this. Hell, Ty used to treat you nicely when he suspected that you were an omega, but you did not react like this.”

Right, Tony had almost forgotten Ty. He had been the first and last alpha he had ever dated - which, he supposed, built onto the belief that he was an alpha himself.

And he couldn’t lie to Rhodey. “He smells really nice,” he admitted. It was overpowering, that was true, but he had nearly ended up snuggling him while watching Mean Girls. Bruce had once mentioned that he found Loki’s scent a little off putting, but Tony definitely could have seen himself just getting comfy against his chest and falling asleep.

Rhodey’s eyebrows rose in the screen. “He smells nice? Who are you and what have you done with Tony Stark!”

“Fuck off,” grumbled Tony.

“Sorry, sorry. I’ll call Pepper and Happy and organise everything. You stay out of trouble, alright?” His expression then went serious. “And if Loki does something that makes you uncomfortable-”

“I’ll suit up, kick his ass, and then cry while waiting for you to come and finish him off,” listed off Tony, rolling his eyes.

Rhodey’s lips twitched even as he nodded. “So long as we are on the same page.”

“You have been avoiding me.”

Tony nearly jumped at the sound of Loki’s voice coming from behind him. He caught himself though, and when he turned around, the mage was standing there, eyes studying him calmly. 

“Why does everyone in this place just enjoy sneaking up on me like this? Are you all trying to kill me? Did Hammer hire you?”

Unlike Natasha, Loki did not seem inclined to allow a change of topic. Instead he continued watching him, an eyebrow raised.

And if Tony hadn’t known better, he might even said that there was a hint of uncertainty in Loki’s eyes. But Tony knew better and Loki was not one for uncertainty, so that surely wasn’t the case.

“I’m not avoiding you,” he then said with a sigh, crossing his arms. “I mean, I have, but not like... consciously.”

Loki frowned, taking one step back from him. “Have I done something to make you uncomfortable? Because if that’s the case, know that it was not willingly.”

“It wasn’t?” couldn’t help but ask Tony. “Then what do you call the whole... you know.”

“‘The whole you know’?” parroted Loki, appearing further confused.

“You know!” huffed Tony.

“If I did, I wouldn’t be staring at you like I am right now.”

“The cuddling!” hissed Tony, avoiding his eyes. “And the scent marking. And the serving me. Just treating me like an omega.”

“You are an omega.” When Tony glared at him, he put up both hands. “Peace, Anthony. I believe I see what the problem is. You believe I am playing some sort of game on you by treating you the way you deserve to be treated.”

“It’s not ‘the way I deserve to be treated’,” pointed out Tony. “It’s actually kind of old fashioned.”

Loki ignored him. “I will admit, at the beginning it was done in order to see how long it would take our esteemed team mates to notice that something was up.” Tony forced himself to not look too disappointed. What else had he expected?

He felt two fingers under his chin and then his face was raised so he was looking at Loki once more. He was smiling. “Then I came to realize that I actually enjoyed those actions. It is no longer a matter of flustering and confusing the Avengers. I was partial to you from the beginning, but I find myself now genuinely wanting to take care of you.”

That... wasn’t what Tony had expected. 

“I-” he started, just for JARVIS to thankfully interrupt him.

Thankfully, because he had no idea of how he would have ended that sentence without doing something he might regret.

“Sir, Colonel Rhodes, Miss Potts and Mr Hogan are now approaching this floor,” he said.

“Oh, good!” Tony immediately turned away from Loki rushing towards the elevator, with a huge smile as the doors opened.

Pepper was the first to step out, followed by Rhodey and Happy, and Tony beamed at the trio. He saw Happy the most often, but he had still missed them.

“Tony!” greeted Pepper, arms opening and a smile on her face. 

“My beautiful Miss Potts,” he answered, allowing the possessive scent marking and pressing a kiss on her cheek. “I missed you.”

Immediately, something inside of him he had not even known had been on edge calmed down at the feeling of his pack close to him like this, and when Rhodey moved to hug him, he hugged him the hardest, pressing his face directly in his neck. “None of you is allowed to leave this place ever again,” he informed them.

Rhodey patted him on the back with a chuckle. “We are staying until your next heat is over, so don’t worry about us leaving.”

“That’s still not enough time,” grumbled Tony, but reluctantly released his best friend to quickly hug Happy too. “JARVIS, make a note. They cannot leave the building unless I approve of it.”

“Who’s going to get you cheeseburgers when you start whining, then?” asked Happy, rolling his eyes at him. It was fond, of course, Happy loved him too much to be anything other than that.

“I will send a suit,” he immediately said. A sudden light appeared in his eyes. “Hey, do you think I could-”

“No, Iron Man will not be collaborating with uber eats, doordash or any of those companies,” quickly said Pepper, as they walked towards the dining room, Tony once more sticking close to Rhodey.

“Why must you ruin my fun, Miss Potts? This is not what I meant when I made you CEO!” He looked at Rhodey. “Alpha, do something. She’s abusing my rights.”

“Don’t 'alpha' me,” huffed Rhodey. “You know damn well Pepper is the true alpha of the pack, I’m just alpha in name.”

“Damn right,” said Pepper, as they walked in the dining room.

Tony had to bite back a laugh at the scene that they were faced with. 

All the Avengers had polished up in preparation of their arrival. Even Clint, who never gave a shit about what he wore, had bothered with a clean shirt and trousers combo, and he was pretty sure that Bruce had combed his hair. 

Steve was dressed like a suburban next door father of 3, and smiled broadly and nervously at them when they walked in. “Hi! Good to see you again, Miss Potts,” he said, offering her hand.

She smiled back, but she was scrutinizing him with her eyes alone. “Likewise.”

“Colonel Rhodes,” then said Steve, appearing even more nervous. “An honour to finally meet you.”

Rhodey used to be a big Captain America fan when he was younger, but seeing the way he also studied Steve for a second, you’d have never been able to tell.

“Attention,” he then said, and Steve glitched in real life for a moment before standing upright, chest out, and right hand saluting.


Rhodey’s lips twitched. “Just pulling your leg, soldier,” he said, trying to disentangle from Tony to give him his hand. When that failed, he just sighed and offered the other one. “You can just call me Rhodey, or James.”

Steve relaxed a fraction, though he still looked nervous as he accepted the hand. “Thank you. I’m Steve, as you might already know. These are the Avengers: Bruce Banner, Natasha Romanoff, Clint Barton, Thor and Loki.” He then moved to greet Happy, but Tony knew Rhodey’s attention was immediately on Loki.

Loki was merely watching them back, a slight frown on his face that he smoothed out as soon as they made eye contact. Natasha had moved forward to speak to Pepper and Clint and Steve were talking to Happy, but Loki and Rhodey were suddenly locked in a silent stare off that Tony did not understand at all.

“Prince Loki,” then said Rhodey, after a second of silent observation.

“Colonel James Rhodes,” answered Loki, inclining his head slightly and offering him his hand. Tony was pretty sure he saw Steve looking at him in betrayal. “Nice to make your acquaintance.”

Rhodey accepted the hand. “And yours.”

They said nothing else, separating from one another, as Thor also approached, he more jovially than Loki had.

Tony was not sure what the hell had just happened, and at this point he was afraid to ask.


Rhodey had never bothered serving him first unless he had been at a dinner at the Stark residence when they were younger. Maria was a stickler for politeness and manners, and Tony knew she had always hoped that the two of them would end up together.

So when they sat down and Steve immediately started serving Bruce, Rhodey did not imitate him and Tony had not expected him to.

Tony just hadn’t expected Loki, who was seated directly across from him today - since Pepper was at one of his sides and Rhodey at the other - to do it, especially with his pack around. The Avengers were used to this ‘quirk’ of Loki’s, so they barely even reacted to it anymore, but Happy choked beside Pepper, who’s head turned to look at Tony so fast that it could have broken.

Rhodey had been warned, but he too turned to look over at Tony, a raised eyebrow.

Tony, as usual, avoided everyone’s eyes. “Thank you,” he still said, because he was polite.

“You are quite welcome,” answered Loki easily.

Only when everyone else started moving and serving themselves again did Tony look up, not at all surprised to see Rhodey and Pepper still staring at him, judgement on his face, and a simple raised eyebrow on hers. Happy was drinking water, very red faced.

He shrugged at Rhodey.

Rhodey tilted his head to the side.

Tony squinted at him.

Pepper kicked his chair.

They both gave her the same expression, eyebrows raised and lips pressed together.

Happy looked over Pepper’s shoulder, disbelief written all over his face.

Pepper’s lips pursed together.

Happy rolled his eyes.

Tony threw his hands up in the air.

Pepper, Happy and Rhodey all simultaneously sighed.

“Er-” said Steve, looking a little weirded out by their pantomime. “Is everything okay?”

“Yes,” said Rhodey, shaking his head. “Just checking something with Tones.”

“I want to learn whatever it was you guys just did,” said Clint, almost awe in his face.

Natasha nodded, also impressed. “I have absolutely no idea what you just communicated with each other, and I’m usually good at reading people.”

“Me and Tony have been friends,” he said, with a weird emphasis on that word and looking at Loki, for some reason. “Since MIT. With some of the shit we pulled, speaking without speaking became very important.”

Loki looked down at his plate with an odd smile, and how were these two comfortable enough to have their own secret language. What was said? Was this some weird alpha connection thing?

But Steve looked clueless?

Then again, Steve always looked clueless.

Conversation picked up pretty easily after that, much more easily than Tony could have hoped for.

He had been a little worried that the two packs (did the Avengers count as a pack? He couldn’t be sure) would not be getting along, but he shouldn’t have worried. Clint, Thor and Happy quickly found themselves immersed in conversation, while Tony, Rhodey, Bruce and Steve found themselves explaining the differences between the military complex of before and what it was like now. Natasha, Loki and Pepper were also deep in a discussion that Tony was both very curious about and terrified about getting involved in.

“How long will you be staying?” asked Steve, as the dinner came to a close.

Rhodey turned to Tony. “Four days?”

Tony did a quick mental calculation. “Six, minimum,” he then decided. “But I already told you, you’re not leaving after either.”

“I usually make breakfast,” said Steve, “Though Loki does too at times.”

“Don’t worry about us,” said Pepper, with an eye roll. “Tony is clingy, you might not even see us at all for the next few days.”

“Oh, you’ll be staying in Stark’s super secret penthouse that he doesn’t let anyone in?” asked Clint, pretending offense. “I’m jealous.”

“He lets me in, sometimes,” pointed out Bruce, appearing smug in the face of Clint’s mock offense.

“Yeah, but you’re special and his favourite,” pointed out Rhodey, and Natasha dropped her fork on the plate, loudly.

Her expression was one of complete surprise as she stared at Tony. “Oh my god.”

Pepper covered her mouth with a hand, while Happy and Rhodey chuckled. Loki gave her a superior look, while Thor just appeared vaguely amused.

Tony raised an eyebrow at her. “Mhm?”

She shook her head slowly, ignoring the other three clueless Avengers watching them. “How did I miss that?”

“I have no idea,” said Pepper, seriously. “It was painfully obvious.”

“Yeah, we had a bet going on. Rhodey and Pepper guessed someone else, but I had faith in you,” mocked Happy, with a smile.

Natasha continued to look at Tony in amazement, before something shifted in her eyes and she turned to Loki and Thor. “Since when?”

“Okay, am I the only one who’s missing something here?” loudly asked Clint. Steve and Bruce shook their heads, but they were all ignored.

Thor smiled. “Why, since the Helicarrier of course.”

“Since the Battle of New York,” answered Loki, with a shrug. “As the lady Pepper said, it was painfully obvious and he has done nothing to hide it.”

“Damn,” said Natasha, shaking her head. “In retrospect... you really did not.”

“What’s going on?” whined Clint, to which Tony just smiled, sending him a kiss. 

“We’ll tell you when you’re older, tweety bird. Now, off to the penthouse, my beloveds!”

Tony’s heat started exactly two days after the dinner.

Nowadays that the stigma about heat existing just for reproduction had faded and more medication to deal with the pain many packless omegas experienced had started appearing, he could almost function at 100% if necessary.

It was still mind boggling to think that a mere century ago, people were convinced that the only way to deal with a 14 years old omega presenting for the first time was an alpha knotting them throughout their entire heat. Just what were these people thinking?

They did not get everything wrong however. An omega’s need to be with his pack severely increased during their heat, which was the main reason why Tony was cuddled on a pile of cushions in the living room with Pepper, Happy and Rhodey.

They were all comfortably curled around him in soft pyjamas like his, and Happy had had the presence of mind of bringing several microwavable foods and plenty of berry fruit, since those were Tony’s favourite snack.

His head was resting on Rhodey’s lap, Pepper’s hands in his hair as the other worked on something on her computer. Happy had his feet on his lap, tapping them rhythmically as they all ‘watched’ the new episode of Downtown Abbey (Happy was the only one watching; even during his heat, Tony was being tortured against his will). Rhodey was telling him something about his latest mission, and Tony had been listening, as it involved all the ways in which his armour had been awesome and saved his life. 

However, Tony still felt flushed and uncomfortable.

Like something just wasn’t right. No matter how comfy Pepper’s hands were, no matter how soothing Happy’s presence was, no matter how comfortable he was against Rhodey, something was not right.

His skin felt too tight, and he felt too flushed and usually just a hug from Rhodey would suffice at calming him down or a quick solo jerk session. But he had done both and still he felt just on edge.

He was just about to complain once more about how much this was not working, when the Avengers alarm sounded, interrupting the quietness.

“Seriously?” he whined, even as he started to disentangle. “Why can’t I catch a break?”

“You don’t have to go, you know,” said Rhodey, appearing worried. “I can go instead of you.”

“I have gone on missions in heat before,” grumbled Tony, stopping just to grab Rhodey’s other jumper from the couch. “I will be fine.”

“You just don’t look too good today, Tony,” pointed out Pepper, also worried. She had even put down her laptop, looking at him directly. “You’re flushed.”

“I said I’m fine, Pepper,” he huffed, glaring. “No need to be such a worrywart.”

She did not look appeased. “Flushed and irritable,” she added. “Rhodey is right, maybe-”

“Bye, Pepper, bye guys,” he said, walking towards the Iron Man ramp. “You still cannot leave. JARVIS bring my suit and make sure they don’t leave,” he said, exchanging the shirt he had been wearing for Rhodey’s jumper.

It did not do much to alleviate his nerves.

“Sir, might I say that I agree with Miss Potts and the rest of your pack’s worry,” informed him JARVIS, even as he closed the armour around him. “You appear more on edge than usual.”

“All I have to do is kick ass,” he told him, the helmet closing just as the rest of the Avengers arrived on the roof, minus Thor and Loki. “What’s the situation, guys?”

“Doom in Times Square,” explained Steve, looking irritated. “Loki is already at the scene, and Thor flew after him. We need to-”

“See you there!” quickly said Tony, taking flight as well before Steve could finish talking.

While he had gone on mission during his heat before, it had been while he was Iron Man. This was the first time he did so with the Avengers so close to him, and he really was not comfortable with having Steve so close to him while he was like that. The strips wouldn’t hide that he was in heat, and he was already irritated enough as it was. No need to add fuel to the fire.

In that respect Bruce was luckier (in a sense). He never had to worry about heats ever since he turned into the Hulk.

That was one thing he could definitely be jealous of Bruce about.

Thor and Loki were both already there by the time Tony landed. Loki seemed to have gone straight for Doom this time around, while Thor was busy incinerating every doombot he came across.

Thor grinned at him when he appeared beside him. “Friend Tony, hello!”

“Hey, hammer time. Any idea of what Doom wants and if Loki needs a hand?”

“I most doubt it, my brother is the strongest mage in the Nine Realms,” he bragged, throwing Mjolnir at another doom bot and crashing a car while doing it. Tony hoped the owner had Avengers insurance. “Doom claimed he was showcasing how much more able he was than you when it came to metal craft, and my brother took that personally.”

“Aw,” he said, looking over to where the trickster and the wannabe were engaged in combat. “He’s defending my honour? I’m about to swoon.”

“Are you?” inquired Thor, and his eyes went a little worried and upset for a moment. “Because it appears as if ever since your alpha friend appeared back on the scene you have been avoiding my brother.”

Tony kicked a bot with the back of his foot to Thor, who hit it like Mjolnir as if it was a baseball. “I have not been ignoring your brother,” he said, confused.

Thor looked at him disbelievingly as the rest of the Avengers finally made it on the scene. “You have not been come downstairs to have breakfast or any other meal with the rest of us in four days.”

That was true, but, “It’s not because I was avoiding him!” 

Though, he realised as Steve’s started shouting commands and formation in their ears (formations that he had to begrudgingly admit were coming much easier after their training sessions), it would have looked that way to Loki.

He had never answered the man’s question, because Rhodey had gotten there. Then he had spent the rest of the dinner glued at Rhodey’s side and just never showed up downstairs again after that.

He could admit it that it did not look like the reaction of someone who enjoyed someone else’s company.

“Shit,” he muttered to himself, narrowly missing a shot in the face from a doombot. He glared at it. “Can’t you see I am having a realisation, you piece of trash tech?!”

“Iron Man, are you all right?” asked Steve, voice sounding slightly concerned. “You seem a little-”

“Mind your own business!” 

“Damn, who pissed in his coffee this morning?” he heard Clint from the other side of the comms. And when Tony did not catch him next time he fell of a building then suddenly he would be the bad guy.

There was a sudden explosion from where Loki and Doom had been fighting then, bright, loud and very green, before suddenly all the doombots fells to the grounds, powering off.

“Did Loki do that?” asked Clint, sounding surprised as Tony veered down towards said trickster.

Loki was still standing and still looked completely unharmed, but the explosion had been loud, and Tony, as a concerned team member, felt it was better to check up on him.

The trickster looked slightly surprised when Tony landed in front of him, his helmet coming up.

“Anthony? You look-”

Tony quickly inspected him, perhaps coming slightly closer than he needed to. He looked like he was all right, nothing broken or injured at a first glance and oh, Tony saw what the problem was, as his nerves settled at his presence.

Loki’s eyes were wide. “You’re in heat.”

“You made yourself pack,” said Tony, voice full of accusation.

The other blinked. “I beg your pardon?”

“You made yourself pack,” repeated Tony. “That’s why I was uncomfortable and horny as fuck these past few days. You made yourself mine, pushed your way inside my life and then proceeded to stay away from me while I was in heat.”

“You were the one one who was avoiding me?” pointed out Loki, appearing unsure between being annoyed and being offended. “I made my feelings quite clear, I’d think.”

“And then you left me alone while I was in heat so I think this is all your fault,” informed him Tony, decidedly. He smelled even better to Tony's heat brain than he did normally. Tony wanted to lick him.

“I am... sorry?”

“Good,” said Tony. “I am now going to kiss you. Take two steps back if this makes you uncomfor-” he did not manage to finish the sentence before Loki was pushing himself forward, pressing their lips together in a fierce kiss that hit every one of Tony’s boxes.

And definitely scratched that itch Tony had been feeling for the past few days because if normally Loki’s scent was very much powerful, right now it was almost intoxicating.

When Loki finally pulled away from him, Tony could admit, if only to himself, that he was breathing a little more hardly than normal.

“I’m sorry,” said Steve’s strained voice, and right, the comms were still on. “YOU’RE AN OMEGA?!”