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Jeondae moans loudly, knowing the room is soundproof, rubbing her clit as she rides Kyungsoo’s cock.

“Soo... Oh my God…” She bounces on his dick so enthusiastically, like her life depended on it, but it feel way too fucking good to stop. “Kyungsoo, shit! Fuck, this feels so good!” Kyungsoo groans with how much his Professor is sucking him in, and he just knows he’s about to come soon if she continues.

“Profess- Ah, fuck!”

This sounds like a very bad, amateur porn video, but when both parties felt like pure bliss, it doesn’t matter the sounds they make. And the Professor’s room is apparently soundproof, huh.


“Finger me.”


Since Jeondae has her back facing Kyungsoo, she lifts up a very perky butt towards him, and Kyungsoo gets the clue. She slows down her pace as the teacher’s assistant wets a few fingers, before inserting one of them in the hole. Jeondae lets out an embarrassing moan, “Fuck, your fingers are thick. I’ve already dreamt about what they would feel like in me.”

Kyungsoo doesn’t know whether to feel ashamed knowing he feels the same way.

“When you… When you talk to the class, I always imagine what you would sound like when you bend me over and fuck me," she continues.


Kyungsoo takes a sharp breath when Jeondae slams herself back down onto his cock, and she screams in ecstasy. He curls the one finger he has in her hole, before adding another two in and curling them. The Professor cries out his name as she curls upward, and tries to adjust to the intrusion. He crooks his fingers and opens her up, and she takes them all in.

“I know you can… can take it... You can take all of it, right, Professor?”

“Yes, yes! Fuck!” Not only was she still slamming herself down on his cock, but she starts fucking herself onto his fingers as well. Both holes now penetrated, Kyungsoo doesn’t know how she hasn’t even given an inclination that she wanted to cum yet, and he’s about two seconds away from it. As she fucks his fingers, the heat around Kyungsoo’s cock tightens, bringing him closer to the edge. 

“Fuck, fuck, fuck! So good. Fuck!” She continues bouncing back and forth, filthy moans increasing in volume, and she throws her head back as she lets out one long scream.

“I’m about to cum, Soo!”

“L...Let’s come… together…” Jeondae readily agrees and they both soon find their climax, white cum spurting generously into her hole as she milks it dry, and his fingers getting caught in the tight heat of her asshole. It took them awhile for them to calm down, and when they did, Jeondae pulled away and turned toward her assistant.

“I did right choosing you.” She grabs his chin and tips it up towards her, “How do you feel about pegging?"

"You're fucking wet, noona." Kyungsoo rubs into her folds as she continues standing up while sorting out her assignments.

"Because your hands can't keep off your phone. I couldn't even focus." She shivers when one of his fingers sweeps through her clit, then glares at him.

"I thought you liked playing." Kyungsoo cleans the vibrator and keeps it safe for the future.

"I do, but not when you're teasing me relentlessly while I'm trying to teach them about Karl Marx!" Kyungsoo ignores her in favour of flipping over her skirt and leaning into her vagina. Yes, no panties. Don't ask why. He hums and starts licking into her folds, enjoying every soft moan and shiver coming out of the older woman.

"Fuck, you should consider a career change." Jeondae moans as Kyungsoo expertly tongues into her folds deep. She wraps her hands around his head, pushing him in even deeper.

"Make me come quickly; I've got an appointment in 5 minutes."

Kyungsoo lifts her legs onto the table, spreading her even wider and rolls his chair nearer to her. He wraps his arms around her petite waist and takes a deep breath against her clothed tummy.

"You smell nice today."

"Kyungsoo." This is what he likes to do with her, taking his own sweet time riling Jeondae up and finishes off beautifully. Jeondae had always felt good with him, and vice versa, which was why they kept coming back to each other.

She presses him against her clit as he goes to 'work', and the next thing she knows she was half laying down on her table.

"Soo... Three minutes."

She thrusts forward, for more friction, for Kyungsoo to go faster, and he does. The next thing she knows she's gasping for air, chanting the younger man's name desperately. 

"I'm c-comi-" Jeondae shrieks as Kyungsoo swallows every single drop.


Then, there was a knock on the door.


Jeondae has Kyungsoo against her shower wall as she sucks him off; hard and fast.

She swallows him whole as her hands rubs his balls and after she pulls away, Jeondae licks and sucks them instead.

"I want to sit on your face later." Kyungsoo couldn't even reply her as he focuses on not cumming too fast. However, she wasn't satisfied - it's not that day apparently, so she inserts a cock ring (that she always have on hand, for some sadistic reason) and Kyungsoo groans.

"You didn't answer me, so get your pretty ass on the bed and wait for me."


Just like Kyungsoo, she takes her own sweet time in the bathroom, living the younger man high and dry, and when she finally comes out, Jeondae immediately positions herself on top of his face.

"Ready?" She waits for Kyungsoo to give some sort of affirmation before lowering herself right onto his mouth.

"Make me come, Kyungsoo. That's what I'm training you for." She leans her entire weight on Kyungsoo, whose mouth was very much full of Jeondae, and he forces himself to even his breathing through his nose.

"That's it..." She starts moving side to side, pushes herself down even further, and she feels him deep on the inside. "Yes, yes..."

She pinches Kyungsoo's nose, "Next time, answer me. Do you understand?" She feels him nod, and lets go. Kyungsoo gasps for air as she fastens her pace.

"Make me come, Kyungsoo. That's the only thing you're good for."


And he does. Don't worry, Jeondae repaid him soon after, and Kyungsoo feels like it's all worth it for that one mindblowing orgasm.