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False Promises

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“—promise me you’ll take them down—even if it means choosing between taking them down and saving me.”

He had promised her that just last night.  It had been made heedlessly, without careful thought and consideration, because honestly, what could have gone wrong?  But he should have known.  For as long as he could remember, everything and anything that had had to do with the Black Organization had ended badly for anyone who dared oppose them.

It hadn’t actually been his intention to do anything rash or reckless with the information he had gotten from following Gin.  As a matter of fact, he had fully intended on taking another look on the outside of the headquarters before contacting all the connections he had and having them deal with it.  He couldn’t take the chance of the Black Organization figuring out that it was him who was behind the scenes—couldn’t take the chance that they would hurt the people around him because over the years, he had learned that he cared about the people around him more than reaching his own goal.  If he couldn’t get the data to create the data this time, then so be it; there was always the next time.

What he didn’t expect—could have never predicted—was for Ai to go missing.

It had been three hours since he had last seen her at the cemetery.  In that time, he had stayed home for an hour to wait for her to come back, and when she didn’t, and his internal alarm began ringing in his head, he had returned back to the graveyard in a hurry.  By then, he found no hide nor hair of her. 

And now, he was constantly checking his phone for a call or for a message with a frantic obsession, hoping that she had gotten cold feet and decided that she wanted nothing to do with his barely thought-out plan of reconnaissance.  Except the nagging feeling in his chest was telling him that she was gone—taken.  He had to force himself to tamp down the paranoia rising within him; it wouldn’t do anyone any good to let it spiral out of control.  It was more likely that she had gone on a walk to clear her mind and lost track of time.

Except that didn’t explain why the tracker on her badge was malfunctioning.  And he knew it could have just been a coincidence, but he didn’t believe in those.

Just as he was about to slip on his sneakers to return back to the cemetery to check one last time, his phone beeped in his pocket.

It was a text message from Ai.

The sudden overwhelming sense of relief didn’t last long because a surge of anger instantly flooded his senses the next moment.  What the hell was she doing, not picking up her phone and being so irresponsible?

Tapping on the notification, a message showed up on his screen.  The only thing sent was a single address.  It didn’t take Conan long to realize that the address belonged to a building in the warehouse district, just half an hour away by train.  Worst of all, half of those derelict warehouses were now abandoned.

A sudden surge of apprehension swarmed through his body as his mind made the connection in a split moment, and he felt his heart race and his heartbeat drum loudly in his ears.  

He should’ve never left her behind.

What the hell had he been thinking?  How could he have been so careless?

In the crows’ eyes, Shiho Miyano was dead—had been dead for years.  In the span of two days, he managed to not only change that, but to also put her in a direct line of fire by being reckless and following Gin when he knew deep down that it was a bad idea.

Instantly, his mind raced through the possibilities of what could be done; it was useless kicking himself for his actions now—there would be time for that later.  Not going after her was absolutely unthinkable; he had promised her he would protect her.  Though, she had also made him promise to take them down even if her life was on the line.  At the time, he didn’t think that it would ever come to this: choosing between going after the Black Organization or chasing after her.

Chances were, the only way to rescue her was if he investigated the address provided, although it very likely could be a trap as well.  But if he decided to have his connections look into the headquarters, then it was also a possibility that the information—if there was any to start with—could go up in flames.  And on the off chance that it was their actual headquarters, no matter how unlikely, then his life as Shinichi was as good as gone.

It was then that he realized his hand hurt from clenching his phone so tightly, and he forced himself to relax.  Catching a glimpse of his own reflection in the darkened glass of his phone, it took all of his self-control not to throw the phone against the wall.

“With your luck, things are bound to go south; so when they do, promise me you’ll take them down—even if it means choosing between taking them down and saving me.”

“Yeah, yeah.  I promise.  Nothing bad is going to happen because I’m not doing anything rash and irresponsible, so don’t worry.”

Their conversation that they had just the night before echoed in his mind over and over again as he stared at the screen, each scenario he could think of running through his mind.

It was another lie to add to his long growing list.

Despite his careless promise to her, he wasn’t willing to take the chance.  He didn’t think he could keep on fighting without her by his side because she was the only one who understood his predicament—she was the only one who experienced what he was going through.  

But he also knew that no matter what happened, he had to accept the consequences of what he was about to do.

Taking a deep breath, he swiped the screen to unlock the phone to dial a number and put it to his ear.  The dial tone rang once before the line connected, and a familiar voice grunted a greeting.

“Akai-san.  It’s me.”