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Fandom: APB (TV, 2016)
Title: Heartbeat
Characters: Theresa Murphy, Gideon Reeves
Pairing: Theresa Murphy/Gideon Reeves
Rating/Warnings: PG. Het. Canon-Divergent.
Summary: Gideon and Theresa spend time together after work one night.
A/N: Thanks to my rp partner, FandomFan, for betaing. Thanks to anyone who reads, reviews, likes, or follows.
Disclaimer: I don’t own APB, or anything you recognize and I don’t claim to. I make no money for writing this story.
Words: 197 without title and ending.


“You’re the heartbeat of the 13th District, Murphy,” Gideon said and smiled as they sat on the hood of one of his cars together. “You’re badass, you carry a gun, and you don’t take BS from anyone.” He reminded her when she looked down.

Theresa nodded and then laughed. “Yeah, that’s true. I love my job and I love protecting this District and its people, but sometimes I need more. Sometimes I want more. I just don’t know if I deserve it.”

Gideon frowned at her words. “What kind of idiot told you that you don’t deserve to be loved? Not only do you have the attributes I mentioned before, but you’re also a kind, smart, beautiful woman..”

Theresa paused and then said, “What about you? I know that you’re a billionaire who’s got Daddy issues and is tech-obsessed, but outside of your ego, you’re a good man.” She said and smiled.

The frown left Gideon’s face and he said, “If I had met you anywhere else, I might’ve acted like a pompous jackass. I don’t wanna do that with you.” His eyes locked with hers and a few moments later, he leaned in and kissed her.

The end.