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Mid January 2012

“Ava.” Tommy muttered.
“So, Isaac and Sophie filled you in on the details then?” Sauli asked Tommy.
“I was told the basics. Name, hair colour and length, how much she likes playing guitar and dress-up’s.” He explained
I could see the happiness seeping back into Tommy’s face as he and Ava hugged.
“We brought tacos for lunch.” I announced.
I then walked into the kitchen. I put our tacos on plates and put the noodles I got Ava into a bowl for her. I then went back out to the lounge with our food. I sat next to Sauli on the loveseat and Tommy and Ava were still sitting side by side on the couch.
“Adam. I really need to go wees.” Ava told me, bouncing in her seat.
“I’ll take you.” Tommy said before anyone else could respond.
He put their plates on the coffee table then grabbed her hand and walked her out of the room.
“What do you think is wrong?” Sauli asked me.
“I honestly have no clue. I’ll ask him once we are alone.”
I pecked Sauli on the lips right before Tommy and Ava came back in, still holding hands.
We finished lunch in mostly silence. Only engaging in occasional small talk with Ava.
Sauli collected our plates up and was walking into the kitchen when Isaac and Sophie arrived home. By this point Tommy had Ava back on his knee, one arm wrapped protectively around her chest and his head was nuzzled into her hair.
It warmed my heart to see them getting along so well. I had a felling that Tommy would love her.
Sauli came back in and upon seeing Isaac and Sophie, detoured from his path back to me in order to greet them with a hug. When they came over to hug me I whispered in Isaac’s ear.
“Can you entertain Ava so I can talk to Tommy?”
“Ava do you want to come check out my drum set?” Isaac asked her.
“Yep Can I play on it too. I promise I’ll be super careful.”
“Of course you can gorgeous.”
She went to get of Tommy’s lap but he just held on tighter. She looked up at his face.
“Tommy you have to let go so I can get up. Silly Billy.”
He let go and she got up and ran over to Isaac.
“Can I come too.” Sauli asked, standing up.
“Yeah. I’d love for you to come Sauli. Do you wanna come to Adam?” Av asked.
“Another time sweat heart. I’m going to talk to Tommy. Have fun.”
“Ok. Let’s go.”
Ava grabbed Isaac and Sauli’s hand and let the lead her down the hall. Sophie following behind them.
I got up out of my seat and went and sat next to Tommy on the couch. He wrapped his rms around my waist and buried his head in my neck. I ran my fingers through his hair soothingly.
“What’s wrong Tommy Joe?” I asked worried.
“I did a terrible thing Adam.”
Do you want to tell me about it?”
“I can’t. I’m sorry. Everyone will hate me.”
“Nobody could ever hate you. I respect that you don’t want to talk about it now, but just know that I’m always here if you need someone to talk to.”
“Thank you Adam.”
Tommy clung to me even tighter and we just hugged in silence for god knows how long. Blocking out the sound of the drums in the background. I wanted to ask him why he was so close to Ava after ignoring her existence for a week.
We parted when everyone came back in.
“It must be time to go home then.” I announced walking over to Sauli and Ava.
“Yep. I’m pretty much tired.” Ava said wiping her eyes and yawning.
Tommy, Isaac and Sophie walked us to the door.
Sauli and I hugged Isaac and Sophie, saying our goodbyes. I then turned to Tommy. I pulled him in for a hug and whisper sang in his ear.
“If, there is a load, you have to bear, that you can’t carry. I’m right up the road, I’ll share your load, if you just call me.”
Tommy shoved me back whilst laughing.
“Cheesy fucker.”
Sauli and I grabbed one of Ava’s hand each and we walked across the lawn to the road where I had parked the car.
“He Adam.” Tommy called out once we were halfway there.
I stopped in my tracks and turned to look at him.
“Thank you.”
The corner of his lips turned upward slightly, forming a small smile.
“Any time.”