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Girls, Guns, Milkshakes!

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Dear diary,
Sorry for neglecting you, the last few days have been hectic! Don’t worry, I’ll tell you everything.

It all started after i got this mysterious scented letter:

My Sunshine,
No amount of camp activities will make me stop missing you, girl!
See me in Borneo Roasters at 5pm this Friday...
P.s: Please don’t hate me if I don’t actually show up =(

A date! Can you imagine? I haven't seen her in SO long.


That day, I walked a short distance from the bus stop to the cafe inon a street corner. Once there, I noticed that Bunny was still nowhere to be seen... Oh girl, don’t do this to me, I couldn’t barebear! it, I thought.

But then, I saw a motorcycle skidding in front of me: it was her!


Before she could say anything, I was already hugging her tightly. She reciprocated to the hug, and I could smell the same cologne in the letter: her scent calmed me down. It was really her, nobody replaced her—unless she was a really smart clone. She tapped me lightly on the shoulder.

“Woah babe, I know you miss me but... Not like I can't handle you...”

“Where have you been? How did you leave? Is that bike yours?” I spluttered. “Tell me everything inside!” I softly guided Bunny by the wrist.

Indoors, the shop was nearly empty, as it was waiting for our arrival. The walls were covered in posters and vinyl records. We sat at a table for two.

“So, to answer your questions,” began Bunny, “if you let me speak this time. I was in a camp, for girls like me; they... gave me permission, and lent me the bike. Yeah...” She smiled a bit clumsily. I was already convinced anyway.

“Does it include girls like me?” I asked.

“No, like me—I mean, oh girl, youryou're too good...”

“What are you trying to...?”

I saw a waiter walking toward us. “Welcome to Borneo Roasters Cafe...! Ohmygod.” He gasped. “Bunny is that you?! Weren’t you s'posed to be...? I mean, long time no see!"

Bunny’s jaw fell. “Oh, it's you... I guess this is your new job.”

“That’s right! I told ya I was gonna get a new one,” the waiter explained as he gave us the menus. “Who’s your lil friend here? By the way,” he added, “how did ya get here?”

“Hi...” I wondered who this guy was, daring to ruin our moment—Also why did he care about how Bunny got here? The heck.

Bunny grunted. “She’s... Why don’t you give us a moment to chooose?”

After he gave us the menus, I placed the menu right in front of my face. I didn’t want Bunny to see me upset, I knew it was childish.

“Girl,” said Bunny, “I... I won’t lie to you that guy’s my ex, but there is nothing you should worry about, okay?”

“Okay.” I read through the menu to distract myself. “Oh look! Milkshake for Scoutgorls (only)©. Have you tried it before? It’s the best drink ever! The perfect top secret mixture of natural milk from New Mexico cows and Bonk© drink.”

“Mmm. I have never been able to finish a large one by myself. What isif we get two straws, if you get what I mean...?”


When the waiter took our order he needed a moment to understand (“...One?”). He left awkwardly, and came back with our order just as awkwardly (“E-enjoy! Nice bike ya have outside...”)

As we caught up with our lives, we drank the amazing milkshake from the same glass. We continued talking until we felt like we needed to do something else, like a ride on a bike, and stay away fronm nosy exes that also were waiters. Bunny announced she was going to pay for both of us.

“Don’t worry ‘bout it.” Bunny took a wallet from her jacket. A glimpse of the ID showed a surly old woman, with bangs covering her eyes—someone that definitely wasn’t her, information that I decided to ignore at the moment.

Bunny gave me the only helmet she had with her, telling me with a wink to not worry, that she was a good driver. I wrapped my arms around her waist and soon we were riding on the streets. When I closed my eyes I feelfelt that we were flying out of this world, until a stranger’s voice brought me back to reality:

“Little girl, it isthat's enough. Stop!”

A beefy lady with a strong accent was riding in a second bike driven by a nurse looking woman. Both wore some kind of uniform.

“Why don’t you turn around, uh, you!” added the other woman, with an accent as well, only different. “We can talk!” and she laughed gleefully. A weird lady.

“You don’t even remember my name!” Bunny snapped, as she sped up the bike.

Our pursuers accelerated as well. I wasn't having any of that: from my handbag, I took a small family gun that I wasn’t truly supposed to inherit yet. “Leave us alone!” I shouted, pointing at them.

Both yelped; the nurse hit the brakes. Soon theirthey were skidding in circles.

“What did you do?!” squealed Bunny. She must have managed to see the gun before I put it back in its place, from the way she swore after that.

We halted in the middle of nowhere to take a break. Bunny said that she didn’t know that about me. Instead of answering, I told her that we could be easily found, as we where still on the same long road as before.

“What do you propose instead, smart girl?”

“Let's get lost in the city!”

Bunny nodded. “Yeah... Then I can return you home. It’s becoming dangeruosous...”

Back on the motorcycle, I tried to argue that it just made things more exciting! For some reason, she stayed quiet until we reached the city, where we were back to gossiping and laughing.

Sadly, time didn’t stop for us. When the sun started to go down, Bunny took me back home (not before giving me her jacket). TehThe ride was long—we got for real lost—and we almost ran out of fuel. We were surprised by what we found at our destination.

A red sports car was parked in front of my house. Carefully, we parked a few houses away—thinking back, we should've left as soon as we saw that scene.

Without saying a word, we both hid behind some bushes in the street in front of my living room window. A lady wearing fancy clothes was talking to my parents. She also wore a headscarf, and was smoking a cigarette with a filter.

Amazed, I almost asked if all counselors were hot too, based on what I witnessed before.

“I’d like her better if she wasn’t such a snob... Good-looking though.”

“Sounds fun.”

She giggled, likely getting my idea. But we needed to do something.

We snucksneaked... back to our vehicle. The motor was on when tall figures (except one) from all directions surrounded us: new counselors.

“Where do you two ladies think you’re going?!” shouted a new sturdy lady, minus a foreign accent... I started to see a pattern. Four some reason, she looked rather familiar.

From farther away, the tallest woman in the group cleared her throat before she spoke. “Let’s get this over with,” she said, almost trheatening.

The shortest one walked closer. “Girls, we can talk ‘bout this, just leave the bike, alright?” she suggested with a softer tone. Nearly convincing.

“Lassies, dunnae try anythin’ else,” appealed to us an one-eyed lady. “That’s nae a suggestion”

Bunny turned around to look me in the eyes. “They are right, please don’t try anything this time...”

“But, they are trying to separate us again...” I babbled, as I heard my voice crack...

“Don’t worry, we will see each other again!” she beamed at me. “Sorry for all the trouble I got you into... You’re a a good girl, I shouldn’t have...”

Hearing that, I clenched my jaw. I didn’t want to give up yet. While I was thinking about our chances, from a sudden cloud of smoke the fancy lady materialized in front of us.

"You've wasted our time long enough," she said.

“What did yuo do to my parents?!” I yelled at here.

“They are fine, except for the fact they are angry.”

I didn’t need to be told that, I knew. Not like I cared.

“ENOUGH of this,” interrupted the loud woman. “Get em' off the bike or I will.”

Wow, wow... No need for dat...” A familiar vicevoice!! joined in.

To our surprise, the waiter got up from behind some bushes.

DID YOU RAT ON US?” bellowed Bunny.

I-I HAD TO! It's my second job!” And like that the waiter went right back to hiding. Things finally made more sense.

“Well, your bike looks in good condition,” said the fancy lady. The soft spoken one nodded profusely, smiling.

“She still stole it! And the other one has a gun!”

“You mean, Bunny outsmarted us.”

In the background, the aloof woman groaned, while the one-eyed one cackled. “If you said so...!” she mocked.

The muscular lady walked closer to her colleage. “My motorcycle.”

“You should be proud, that’s a showcase of her skills,” argued the counselor once again, far too elegant for this type of job. “It’s part of what we do.”

You do, you mean. This is treachery!”

This time the refined woman laughed in response. Too self-assured, I'd love to see her annoyed... Anyway, I was sick of seeing them argue. I simply made the bike move, forcing them to jump out of the way.

Soon after, Bunny took over the control of the vehicle. She stopped in a park and took me by the hand to go with her.

“The sun is almost out...” she pointed out, “Baby”—she grabbed me by meY shoulders—“if you were trying to make a point, I get it now. I hope... Tell me something.”

Instead of words, I caressed her soft face then kissed her on the lips. I hope she knew that I didn’t regret anything, that I was just doing what it felt right in my heart. I think she did, remembering the way she kissed me back that day, again and again. We only paused to see the sunrise on the horizon, embracing each other.


The proof I did everything right came to me a week later, in the form of an invitation letter from a certain summer camp. I can’t wait!

The End ♥