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The Bad Kids Movie night

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        All of the Bad Kids sat down in Mordred Manor. They had started up a tradition of movie/TV show night once a week. Last week was Riz’s turn in which they watched a really old detective movie that was kinda boring. By the end only Riz and Adaine were invested in the mystery, Gorgug had snuggled up with Zelda and Ragh, Fig was making out with Ayda, Kristen was making out with Tracker, and Fabian was watching the movie, despite his dislike, to try to be supportive. This week was Fig’s turn and she had chosen to watch a TV show called A Crown of Candy. 

    Fig was putting out various bowls of popcorn and candy on the table as the doorbell rang. Fig rushed to the door, Gorgug, Zelda, Fabian, and Riz stood outside. “Hi, guys. Snacks are on the table. I’m gonna go round up everyone else.” The group moved through the doorway, and Fig zoomed through the house, saying “GUYS IT’S TV SHOW TIME!” Fig was excited, she was so excited that she needed to get everybody down to the living room. She had been wanting to get everyone else to watch this show for like a month and now it’s finally her turn. 

    Once Fig finally got everyone down to the Living room she stood in front of the rest of her friends. “Welcome to my TV show night!” The room filled with a small amount of applause “Today we are going to watch… A Crown of Candy.” Fabian slowly raised his hand “Yes… Fabian!” Fig pointed at him “Well, is it a good show?” Fig replied “YES! It had ACTION, ADVENTURE, DRAMA, ROMANCE!” Fabian nodded “Okay, as long as it’s not boring.” Riz also raised his hand “Is there mystery?” Fig nodded “Yes, my intrepid friend.” Riz replied “Well, I’m sold.” Fig said “Any other questions?” The rest of the group looked around and shook their heads. “Then let the show begin!”

    The intro started, talking about a world of food that has been in a tenuous peace for 20 years after a great war. It introduced the Rocks Family, personally Fig loved Jet which made the latter half of the series pretty painful. The first comment in the room came from Fabian as Theo and Lapin were arguing about the missing twins “Damn, those two are sticks in the mud.” The room started laughing as the twins were revealed to have sneaked off to the nearby town of Dulcington. Kristen commented “Hey, is tear-away lingerie an actual thing?” She winked at Tracker and Fig yelled “Get a room!” Everyone chuckled as Theo and Lapin found the princesses in Dulcington and threatened to tell their mother. When it transferred over to Amethar in the room with his sisters and Calroy. Fabian commented “Oooh suave pirate cake, I hope he gets some action!” Fig has to stifle her laughter with popcorn from the bowl to avoid spoiling the show. 

    When Liam and Preston popped up Adaine nearly squealed “Ooh, a pet almost as cute as mine.” She snuggled Boggy in her arms. Liam talked to the two Urchins and then Theo and Limon showed up and Limon recounted his misery. Riz snickered, “Finally, fiction has captured Gilear.” Fig elbowed Riz “Hey, don’t insult my dad!” The whole room is mostly quiet for a while as all the characters make their way back to the castle and the twins get punished for their disobedience. Then the Grand Tournament is announced Riz gasps “The political machinations begin. I wonder who might try to stop Amethar from becoming emperor.” He murmurs theories to Adaine as the show continues. Riz also seems to be soaking in the world building as a sponge. 

    Kristen snickers at Liam, Jet, and Lapin’s back and forth “He is definitely an egg.” Fabian continues to gush over Calroy “Oooh, he’s badass and smart.” Adaine says “But he seems to be exerting control over Amethar, I bet he wants power.” Their argument continues for several minutes during the twin’s saint’s day party. Riz gasps as Lapin sneaks outside the party and smacks Fabian in the shoulder “Pay attention, he could be untrustworthy.” Kristen says “Well yeah, he is an egg.” Fabian replies “Agreed.” as the two of them fist bump. After Lapin’s exchange with the Sugar Plum fairy Riz comments “Well it seems that the royal family isn’t in immediate trouble. But I don’t trust the Fairy.” Adaine nods “Yeah, she gives me creepy vibes.” 

    The entire room is engaged in this argument as Ruby is shot through the neck and falls down onto the carriage. The end credits scroll and Gorgug gasps “Oh no!”