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We'll Keep Going On

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Yukina had never thought something like this would happen to her. But, here she was. Being accused of being a witch. She wasn't a witch. But, no one would believe her.

She fled her town before they could kill her. She knew they would come looking for her. She had to put as much distance as she could between them.

She ran and ran for as long as she could until her legs gave out. She was terrified. She was alone in the forest. Alone in a place with animals who would kill her. Was it better than being hanged? Yukina did not know.

She heard something approaching her. This was it, wasn't it? She was going to die. She could smell wet fur. This animal might be a wolf. Yukina gulped and braced herself for the end.

Instead, the creature nudged her, "Hey. Can you hear me?"

There was a hand placed on her. Yukina weakly lifted her head. A girl knelt before her.

"Why are you out here alone?"

"My... my town thinks I'm a witch... they're going to kill me..." Yukina stared crying.

The girl pulled her up and into a hug, "It'll be okay. I'll protect you."

"I'm not a witch..."

"Are you just a human?"

"No... I have some... siren blood."

"I see. My name is Sayo. I'm a werewolf. I'll take care of you."

"Yukina..." Yukina mumbled before she passed out.


When she woke, she was on a soft bed. She opened her eyes. She was in a cabin. Yukina sat up and looked around.

"Hello. You're awake. My name is Lisa. Sayo brought you here to rest. She'll be back soon."

There was someone with her. Yukina stared at her for a while.

"I'm a witch." Lisa continued, "Sayo is kind of my familiar."

"Thank you..."

"It's nothing. We hate when towns do this." Lisa said as she smiled at Yukina.

"Are we safe here? They won't find us?" Yukina asked as she stood up.

Lisa frowned and shook her head, "No... we're both being hunted as well. We've managed to outsmart them for now, but..."


"Nowhere is safe. Hunters are everywhere in this world."

"I know... I wish there was a place we would be safe from that at." Yukina sighed.

"I do too." Lisa nodded, "Would you like some food? I just finished cooking."

Yukina nodded, "Please."

Lisa handed her a bowl. Yukina hesitantly tried it. It was not too hot to each. She slowly ate it, glancing up at Lisa every now and again.

The door to the house opened, "I'm back. Got the herbs you wanted."

Sayo returned to the house. She handed a bag filled with plants to Lisa. Lisa thanked her and took the bag somewhere else in the house. Sayo walked over to Yukina.

"How are you feeling?"

"Alright. Sore from all the running yesterday." Yukina replied.

"I wish we could find a place where people accepted us..." Sayo sighed.

"What happened to you guys?"

Yukina was curious to know how they ended up on the run too. She was not sure if they would be willing to tell her, though.

"My sister and I got found out by hunters. They sensed us and chased us. She... didn't make it..." Sayo whispered.

"I'm so sorry..."

"Lisa was found out when she healed someone. That person was... also killed. She barely escaped."

"It must be tough..."

"What about your family?" Sayo questioned.

"I never met my mom. She's the siren. She just left me with my dad and never came back. I don't know of she's alive or not." Yukina mumbled, "My dad... I don't know what they may do to him."

"I'm sorry." Sayo placed a hand on her shoulder, "He doesn't deserve to die for this. Neither do you or... really any of us."

"No matter what we do they won't leave us in peace." Lisa entered the room again, "The amount of times I've heard of groups isolating themselves from humans and then still being hunted down and killed..."

"It makes sense, but it doesn't. They fear us working together. They fear we'll destroy them all. But yet, even if we've never done that, they won't believe us." Sayo replied.

"What do we do?" Yukina asked, "Running won't work forever..."

Lisa sighed, "I know. I've been researching if there is a way to... remove the supernatural side to people. At this point, it's our best hope of being able to live."

They all fell silent for a while. The reality of that was hard to accept. They had to give up this side of them or die. All because humans refused to believe they were nice.

"We should get moving." Sayo stated, looking toward the door, "I can smell smoke. They may be searching here already."

"Then let's go." Lisa nodded.

After gathering a few things, they quickly left the house and went deeper into the woods. Sayo was constantly looking around and on high alert.

"You have really good senses." Yukina commented, "I guess that's a part of being a wolf?"

"Yes. I can hear and smell a lot better than you guys." Sayo nodded, "We seem to be getting distance on them. That's good. They must have turned another way."

"So, Yukina. I'm assuming you were born supernatural?" Lisa asked.

Yukina nodded, "Yes. Or, I'm told so."

"Same for me." Lisa said.

"My dad was a werewolf and my mom was human." Sayo stated, "I didn't get the werewolf genes, but my... sister did. She turned me when I asked her to. Sometimes I wonder if I should have just stayed human but... too late now."

"Wouldn't they have still killed you?" Yukina asked, "Once they find one family member, all others are assumed to be the same."

"I guess that's true..."

"I'm sorry to hear your family is all dead." Yukina continued, "Being the only one left must be stressful."

Sayo nodded, "It is. I feel like I have to live on for them. To get revenge."

"We'll make all of our families proud." Lisa stated, "I know we will."


A few months had gone by. They were constantly on the move. Whenever hunters got too close for comfort, they had to relocate farther away. Yukina couldn't even recall how far they may have traveled at this point. And she knew this wouldn't be the end. They would travel more soon enough. They would never be down moving around until they died or finally found a place to live in peace.

"So, why are we going into town? It seems risky." Yukina asked.

Her and Lisa were heading into a town nearby their current hideout. Lisa had said she needed things from it and asked Yukina to accompany her. Sayo stayed behind and guarded their place.

"We need food and better items for travel. We'll steal things and run." Lisa explained, "Sayo and I have done this for ages. Back when... the others were with us."

Yukina had learned a bit about Sayo and Lisa. Before she joined them, there had been three others in their group. She knew one of them had been Sayo's sister. The other two had yet to be named by either of them.

She didn't know the details as to how they died. She knew that Sayo's sister had been killed while they had been running from hunters. That was it. She didn't dare ask for more information. It wouldn't be a good topic and she was afraid that would be overstepping her boundaries.

"Are we splitting up then?" Yukina questioned.

Lisa nodded, "Yes. You want food or supplies?"

"I'll take food. You know better what supplies we need. Food is easy. Just grab things that won't go bad for a long time."

"Alright. Let's go. Stay as unnoticeable as possible for as long as you can."

"Understood. Good luck, Lisa."

"Good luck to you as well, Yukina."

They split up and went searching for what they needed to steal. Yukina was taking a slow walk through the area with a lot of baked goods. Bread was probably a good option. Unfortunately there were a lot of people around. This would be a tough job.

She was about to try and steal something when she heard a cry of alarm. Yukina went to see, following along everyone else. She froze in place as she laid eyes on what was going on.

Lisa had been found out. Not caught stealing, but caught as being a witch. That was bad.

"So, a witch dares enter out town?" A guard, at least from the look of it, sneered as Lisa.

He had her pinned to the ground. Lisa was struggling to get up from underneath his foot. She was bleeding from her head.

Yukina gulped. She locked eyes with Lisa. Lisa mouthed at her to run. Yukina didn't listen right away. Maybe there was a way to save Lisa? It was one guard. She could fight him off of Lisa and then run away with her, right?

"Hey, this sensor is picking up another monster."

Oh no. There were more. And they sensed her. Yukina gulped as she saw a weird gadget in the new guards hand. It somehow was able to detect supernatural beings. That was really bad.

"Nobody move." The first guard ordered, "Walk around and see who it is."

Yukina didn't dare wait around and booked it as fast as she could. She heard shouts from the guard as he gave chase. Yukina ran into the woods and tried to lose him. It wasn't working. He was keeping pace.

Yukina made a decision on what she would do. She ran to their camp and stood her ground. Sayo immediately joined her as the guard faced them. He was unnerved now with two of them here.

"Sayo." Yukina said.

Sayo nodded. She shifted and ran at the guard. It took little effort on her end to snap his neck in her jaws. His body fell lifeless to the ground.

Sayo returned to her human form and looked at Yukina, "What happened? Where's Lisa?"

Yukina looked at the ground with a sad look, "I'm sorry, Sayo..."

"No... she..." Sayo sunk to her knees.

"They made machines that can detect people like us." Yukina knelt beside her, "They caught her and... nearly got me too."

"I hate this world..."

"I do too. We better get moving. They'll come searching for me before long." Yukina said.

"I don't want to leave... not without Lisa..."

"We have to live on for her, Sayo." Yukina stated, standing up, "It's what she would want."

Yukina held out a hand to Sayo. Sayo hesitantly took it and allowed Yukina to pull her to her feet. After a long moment of silence, they walked off. Back into the unknown. Down one member.

This world was cruel. That was something no one could argue with. However, if they ever wanted it to change, they would have to keep going on. Keep trying to make a difference until finally someone was willing to listen to them.

Neither of them knew when that might be. They may not live long enough to see it. But, they had to try. Had to try and change things for the better.

It's what their families and friends would have wanted from them. From anyone going through this situation.

So, Yukina and Sayo silently made a vow. They would fight until they couldn't no more. Fight for the world to change. Gather as many others as they could to their cause and change the way they were viewed by humans.

No one was going to die in vein. Their deaths paved the way for the future. They wouldn't have it any other way.

Now, they had a lot of work to do. Everything was about to get ten times harder than it was before. But, they would handle it. Face it head on. Do whatever it took to change the world.